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The Cadiz Democratic sentinel. [volume] (Cadiz, Ohio) 1854-1864, October 11, 1854, Image 4

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pujv atrial wj !! .. - LJ
T Wf..tL,itl',oiriDg"Eteufor iUeJulors"
afloat, d P. a a lawful prize. Our reader
Brit p-tf liifif mra tirauoa ua i: TLr
'ft saiut in by of its sorrccl n--. ln thing.
Vow.tw, M pretty ce.uitv, it his Um'iw I
la the actual mm of sUtur in tlms "lauor day.
I do sot Mssm WWjc,
If b ld a sia! life;
Tlx 7 tb girl or a j' brought e.
R cul support a Wif
Tiro tu wfacc jhl could cvd nJ
. And wuh and tw sou iw,
Bat do thjr hs lo ksep nisii,
11 thrjr fear ugkt ta dj.
1 do aot Warn ib bach-dor j
flj ceurag mm; b rat.
Ta think to wed a modern lai-t.
If tuali b lu tifcuj.
Tun was when wiv would hw!ji ta ly
The land they'd, help to till,
And saddle Dobbin, shell :!io orn,
Aud tide away to mill.
The bachelor is not to blame,
If he's a prudent man,
lie now must lead a einI U.b,
And ds the brst h cau.
What has become of all the Mc
n. y.
The Herald started n inquiry lie oilier j Moonifield
dny that we should like lo nee' nuswereJ, I ij,!,,'.
and that is, "'wlLtt lias lieuoinu of hII llie ' srhort Orecl
money T jOtKUIIiUliaiHg U.l.llorma has
during tl.e nast four t ear t.oure.1 , 90(i
.... o . . .. .
Clllhom 01 (Injurs into the country, the
banks ave no more sptcie ou ticpoiit now
then they had in 1852. Some may imag
ine that the funds have Coaled off lo Europe,
but that is not so. Th batiks of Kntstnii
aud France are like our own they possess
less specie than they Jul two yems nyo.
We imagine that a larye qtmutiiy of the
gold has found its way into liumintry, such
s ijo!J spoons, gold forks and ioid slop
bowl:). Gold leal has also consumed u great
quaaii'.y of bullion. That upreiid about die !
i'rescoU House nost over 6 10.UUO. Willi
an influx of Cahtornia jjold, cume an influx
rf rv in ntttirt! ut 1. id ilii,l.ia Ij' ....... '
thing towsar h auriferous a.spect.i
LooKuiirlasses f rew liotn lour teet cuuare to
twenty feet the whole fenced in with a
fiame, the mere gilding of which ui-ed up
doubloons enough to keep a poor lami'y iu
breeches and butcher's meat, fur a twelve
month. Jewelry has also used millions of
'dust." Immediately after the Uliloritia
deposits were discoveied, a involution took
place in ou watches and urcountreiuents.
From "bulls eyes," they suddenly grew to
the size of targets while their pri. e went up
from to 30U, Fob chuius, ten years
ago, were models of lie Alness. A I the pn-s-iit
tirne they are large enough for ox chains,
end frequently cosbenou'li to buy a yoke
of muics with. We saw an article of this
kind the other day at Jacobs Broadway es
tablishment valued at 90 dollats In 1840
fifteen dollars was cousideied a large price
10 pay foi this sort of ornament.
it is in this direction that the Herald must
look for a solution to the question. It you
inquire at Ball, Black & Cos., you will as
certain that since 1850 they have worked
up into tea kettles, &9U0,000 worth of gold.
. The one presented to E. K, Collins co-it if
wo remember correctly, over- S 10,000.
Here then is where the money bas gone.
' It is locked up in milk pots and sugar dish
es. If Ball. Black Sc Co., have used up
nearly a million in four years, you can easi
ly figure out what must have been the con
sumption of the whole republic. The gold
11 in the country, but it is not at the ptcs-i-nt
time in a shape to bo used ss currency.
A little hard times will rectify ail this, l:ow
tve'r. Tea-pots will go to the crucible and
eome -out iloubioonf . Alilk-pois will take
the shape of beefsteaks, while slop-basins
will be transmitted into mutton-chops and
. Tin may commit errors, but be always
florrects them. He brought pride in 1850
ifLich made all the world wild and foolish.
In 1S54 he brings a tight money market to
restore us to common sense and economy.
. Dutchman.
To CtBAN Biia8. Clean a brass kettle
before using it for cooking, with salt and
viiu' I'M. Brass and irons should be done
tip tu paper and put in a dry place dunna
the summer. Vinegar of vitrol water mix
ed rotten Btone is a good prepe ration for
easing Drass ot any kind.
Bon, toes Molassks. When Molasses is
used in cooking, it is a p-wligous improve-
meutto 0011 ana skim it belore vou use it
It lakes out the unpleasant raw taste, and
mattes 11 almost as good as sugar. Where
molasses is used much for cookintr, it is
well to prepare one or two gallons in this
wy at a time. .
Hobsk Radish. It easy to have a sup
ply of horse-radish all winter. Have a
' quantity" grated while the root is in per;ecl
, lion, pui it to. bottles, till it with vmigar,
una keep il corked tiifht.
It is much improved by keeping in this
way 11 kept irom toe action 01 the nir.
Brittama Wars. Brittania ware should
be first rubbed gently with a woolen clo'h
sod sweet oil; then wnsh in warm suds and
robbed with soft leather and writhing.
Thus treated, it will retain its beamy to the
J8t. . ...
j3T Bys continue to be shipped in con
tiderablo numbers jn many sailing vusst-1-t
Jfew York, in anticipation of the passage
of a law by Cougress providing for 'heir
' control, ana compelling ship masters to take
3T Rev. J.iekin J. Bushnell, professor
of mathematics in Bsloii College, Wiseo i
ia, has lately giveu $5,000 towards the en
dowment of his own professorship
'3rMrs. Bliss, a daughter of General
Taylor, recently stated to bie dead, was lute-
f 0 L .. I.L . l -.lt -. ir
17 in one neaitn, nna wvn uer sister. Mrs.
Wood, wss on a visit to Waaliington eity.
' t&T Tbe editor of the Iv-nosha Tele
graph says: "Last year we had a tree which
bore one apple. This year the crop of the
free is doubled." , '
Ji. washiko Woollens should be washed
in very hot suds, and not rinsed. , Luke
warniwa'.er shrinks them. '
i3T Wtti, Parrot, who fouglit tinder Gen.
Washinton, died near Lursy, Va , on the
SUtl) alt., aged 100 years and 7 months.
To Pbbsbut Suer. Stifit keeps good al
the year round, if chopped and packed down
n a stone jar, covered with molasses.
j 60 a? ii Use hard soap 10 wash yur clothes,
and sot to wash Jrur tinor. Sjft s-vifi is
. so. slippery that it waste' a good dial in
sliiogelothca.t,. ,tt,, ;,,
JJkdbh.Bbds Bar! -yitraw is th best
" for beds; dry corn 1m ks slit into shreds are
better than straw, i ,
, JtiZT Melhonrne.. the capital of Australia,
bM po t00,0J0 ichabitanhi. - '
Democratic Sentinel.
Editor and Proprietor.
tiiai or iciieiimos.
' On dollar and fitty ornu vf Aunfci. If nut paid
s tirictlr in advance, twodoilars will always b ehar
; rtt Itus rule will be lived up io at ail times.
Any person procuring eihi reepousible subscribers to
'.he Sttrotn, will be euuiied uj a Mjjy in U same
cr.fTh ot tune, in.
! TEB3T1 Of iSTTn iJINa.
'- fur a whole eolunin, lone yaar) 30.P0
I halt eulunin, (one year) 18,Wu
i Quarter, " (one year) 12,00
i f Jt 11 lints, or less, (three inscruoni.) I,u0
! do do (one luH'rU'juj 50
I Kortach additional insertion, 25
r or 11 lines, or it, (one year)
' fill tunntl
. .S.
.. if,ui
(six month)
I T ail
O.S W'EEELY Ksrirj-R5.
suNicribers in Uie county wiiere published.
More than 50 miles distant, cw. par Quaner.
(rur 5ii. and under 300 mill,. . . 10
Over .) and under 1,000 15 "
(Jer 1,01K) and under 2,CH JO " " "
The following na:ned gentlemen are our authorized
igeutH to reriv subecriptions, advertisement, and
ii.o or. c nnpe tney win prove themselves to
itynou. .igems. All contraeu uietle tiy Uiem will
trictly fuliilled by u:
Frcciort Jo-k-nn Allen
Westchester William Hemina.
A. Jul. Schreiber.
Dr. E. Conawny.
acob Uutsltall.
hort Creek Asa linlmea.
I S-ck jnmes noaglana.
! AUieti-Ir. Thoma. Findley
. vtcnuan jonn urown.
North A. F. Croskev.
Monroe Henry 11. lie Her.
I ci.A ta fills and Verinifui;e
tite must docu
J.IX lar tiwdu'inc ol the a:
for sale by
nuv. 2.t WS
I?acy .Skai's, Pkrhjmekies, etc., a !ar?e assort
? nient for sale cheap by J. UEALL.
ttpril i'0, 1S50.
MASO.N's OKllilNAL CUALLl.MiK Ulackiku, a large
and frtsh supply for sale cheap by
april 20, loW JOHN BEALL.
A7liITb;, Krd and black Lead, L"inseed""uir,
V Lacker, Turpentine, etc., a fresh and large
supply, at (april 20, 1S53) JOHN BEALL'S.
INKS Arnold's Hover's, Harrison's Morrison's
Blocksom's, &.C., lnree and small bolth's. a fine
supply cheap byiaprSO, '531 J. BE ALL
iS'luSltp, by' aU8W j'
; nov. 16 1853.
ami improved at-
A 1 ISE. or how to get, save, spend, give, lend,
anil Urqueath money, for vale at reduced price, by
iiov lt'53 J BEALL
LIARKEU S, series of popular school books for sale
J hV ""v ' J BEAM.
U, LEi TEH, Conimorcial. Notf. mill
paper for sale low by J, BEALL
nov 16 '53
1, FAMILY, SCHOOL and fancy bibles a irood
ety cheap at nov 16 '03 J BEA
M1LLAKDS TRAVELS in Egypt, Araia'Pe"
trara and the ijply Innil, a new ani irerv pop
ular work tor sal by, nov. lfi '53 J BEALL
SPELLERS, Towns, McGuflios, Cobbs new" and
United States, all for sale by J BEALL
nov 16 '53
FANCY SOAPS, a good variety, for salecheap ly
nov 23 1.S53 J BEALL
COLOtiNEST'iiiiousptitU'rns and qualities fo
sa'echeRpby nov 23 I81i3 J BEALL
SKLLCliS Guugii Syrnp, an infallible remedy .'
coughs colds itc. tor salt by J BEALL
Dll. HALLS Bal9nm for theHvimfrsTthis article
werhatis has a greater reputation for curinc dis
eases of the Lull's than anv medicine of the kind
novvm use, for sale by nnv 231853 J BEALL
CASTER OIL, in bottles, and on draught, a prime
article for sale by nov 23 1H53 J BEALL
TjABERS Cedar Pencils, the best in use for ssle
J cheap by nov 23 1853 J BEALL
CJTEEL PENNS, large assortment cheap at
O nov 23 JjS53 i BEALL
Ql'EEL PEN'S, a large and fine assortment, vnri
kJ una brands, cheap at JOHN BEALL'S.
SANIJ PAPER, a prime eastern article, and a
large assortment by (apr 20, '53) J. BEALL.
CAP, Letter, Note and fancy Papers, Slates, Pen
cils, etc., etc., tor sale cheap by
Bjrinfti, iwax JOHN HEAL!..
ClAP, Post and Fancy Kote Paper, various kiuds
J ami qunliiivs, a large supply, at
umv 4, J3j3 JOHN BEALL'S.
jAVCiAii'b&riaua ana rancy, a
new simply.
VJ cheup at (may 4, '53)
v a iresn supply, lor sale at
may 4, 1653 JOHN BEALL'S.
I triili I EBS. Venitian Red Eng., just received and
JK for sale cheap at JOHN BEALL'S.
mny 4, 1S53.
l AY UUM a Tine article for Barbers use, for sale
(may 4, lo53)
'"CANARY Seed and Cultle Fish Bone, a newsup-
J ply cheap at (may 4, '53) JNO BEALL'S.
T iji'ijji LBS "Epsom and Glauber; " SALTSC
AWvyvf prime white article lor sale cheap at
may 4, 1853 JOHN BEALL'S.
I JA KKER'S series ot school books by the dozen or
X at retail, at tne lowest prices by J br.ALb.
JJEMP Seed tor sale cheap by
1 K.tt COPIES MeUunW Schoo, Books
JLtfW sale cheap by the dozen, or at retail.'by
JU'y I J BtiALib.
PHOSGENE Uas Lamps, anti explosive, giving
a clear beautiful light, (Expense of lias) about
equal to candles, for sale at the slore ot Wood St
smith. Also Ethenal oil Lamps from 25 cts to$l
each, at W OOD At SMITH'S,
april 19, 1854
BLACK, ami Green leas at
april Ml, 1854 WOOD & SMI TH'S.
t OOO ctiewing Tobacco and ail kinds ot l.niuiy
V J Groceries at WOOD &. SMITH'S.
april li), 1S54
BERAGEand bared Uelunes. very nice and cheap
april 19,. 1354
SILKS nearly all c dors from 7 cents up. at
np lt lr(54) WOOD . SMITH'S
IHl.MAZKTl'S, UndersleeVMS, Ladies couar
KJ Laces and Edgings, Tidy, colton, Linen Hdk,
in enilless variety at WUULI & S.WITU'S
(np 19 1S54)
fTfi BBLS. Lake and Pittsburgh salt for sale by
(Tli BOXES soap and candles for sale at Pittsburg
t9J gnd Wheeling wholesale prices.
Jiny Vi O & II JUT AUPfcN.
TEALEIt in all kinds of Dry Goods, Uocrien
-IS. 1
fcc, which he sells cheap for Cash, or gsod
June 9. 1852.
KliADt MADE CLoTtllA'U The best and
cheapest assortment ever brought to Cadiz, for sale
at a26.) JOHN McCOR.M CK'S.
A Few new ingl Buggies tor sale by "
CURVvENS Laws of Ohio now h force, with
note and refereuce to the Judicial decisions
SWANS Reviied Statutes of Ohio, of a genera!
nature now in tbrce.
A few copies of the above work for sale by
Mcdowell Co.
. Succesors to S. W. McDowell,
Market st. Steubunvilie, 0.
CK RPETEVfi lii(ramt venitian ami liat eariiet-
in, for aale hy S. fc, . M e K A D D K N .
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE in hereby given that the subscriber bas
been appointed and duly qualified by the Pro
batey.'iiurt of Harrison county Ohio, adtnisirntor of
the estate ol John Latl'erty, late of said couuty,
decease'i. '
hep. 8. 1M.J.JOHN J. RF.A. Adiuini-trator.
"I CC Cords of Shingle Bohs-cliesnut, wslnut
.1. ) t popular or oak for which the lughen price
will lie given in cash. The Wis must be cut 15
inches Ion", and 6 inches iaco.
Ca.Hr.. May 31. 1mm C. DEVILBISS.
Cashftr Wool.
ft OOA LI?S' WooX w"m,!a flr which we
T ? .r T will,P"y the highest price in Cash,
that th Market will justity,
June 31, )X54. H H'McFADDEN
Corner Market and 5th Streets
t SViWitl.YVMLLi;, o.
I'elB-tiiiry 22. lH54-fim-pd.
art on Hotel,
south fourth Street,
B0YER & BRAY, Proprietors,
. norrt j. w. Hovrff
IClLttl IS ILL Ilnl or
ivo. 176, MiKKLT sr., WIUU.1NO, V s.
WE w ish to call the aiuntiou ot the citizens o
Cadii and the euxroundir.g country, 10 ou
establishment in the City of Wbei-iin. Our nous,
deal in vry description of DUY lAXllid, W
will be prepared early in the wason with a Slendid
stock, suitabl tor Fall and Winter Trade, It will
contain every tlunj new and fasliionahle in Fancy
Goods. Wgeiher wuh all kinds ol b 1'APLE di DO.
MESTlC ARllCLtli, such as are suitable for lam
i!y un.
One of th firm will be in the East a food deal ol
his time o that w will be receiving l rih Goods
every tew days throughout the season. We will be
able lo otfer induce men is in prices which but lew
houses have in the Western Country.
We solicit a call at our Store when you visit oui
City, and it' we do not satisfy you that it will be tu
your interest to deal witb us, then it wilt beoui
(eult, W. D. MOTTE 4i BliOTllER
Wheelini. Seot. 14. lnS lv
lor Sale.
N excellent Bauerrean apparatus ready fitter
OL up for operating, will be auld on moderate
terms to any young man, who wishe to learn the
Haguerriun art, lo see Uie world, and make a for
tune. fow mtiie time ta tto it.
1 still lake rust class pictures and at niodcratpiee,
cea, and always keep on hand a variety of tancy ca
se. ii iiii.NiMiui.cut;aBVI VOUrBCH.
Cadii, Julyli 1"54. L DAVIS.
"3 ron SALE
THE subscriber offers for sale his house and lot in
the town of Hopedale, Harrison county, Ohio,
a'i'lie house is a good onestory frame, 30 by 16, with
cellar under the whole building The lot contains
bout liirce-tourthsnf an acre, has several valuable
ruiiirecson it, ami is well enclosed with a food
Doarii icnce 1 Here is a spring close to the door.
Persons wishing to purchase would do well to call
soo l, as I am ueterimiicn lo sell cheap.
llopeilale, Pino, August 2, lHW-3tpd
Cash for Hags!
WE will pay Four Dollars teb ih'xdbed us.
Cash, for all clean cotton or Linen Rags delivered
at our store. WHEAT & CHAPL1NE,
Jobbers ol Notions, Paper, &.C., 26 Monroe street,
ap 26 Wheeling, Va.
Bbl's Molasses,
-v 5 iih'ds prime sugar.
One tierce of rice.
Krupp'a vegetable extract of coffee,
A choice lot ot superior fresh teas of the latest im
portation, 25 bags of Rio and Java coffee, for sn le by
ap26 S. & H. McFADDEN.
Cask for Hags!
CASH, for all good clean cotton or linen Rags, de-
uvereu at our paper nun in steuoenviiie.
Save all your raes and send them to the stores In
Cadiz, where the highest price is paid.
T. 11 Aft JM A At SONS.
Stenbcnvillc. O..May 10, 1654.
HE B.ar d of School Examiners will meet on th
last Fri day of May, and of each succeedii'i
month, until further notice is given, in the town
Cadiz, commencing at 10 o'clock A.M. precisely
Teacher would do well to come prepared to stanJ
tberouh examination.
j. I . WUl 'U.
Mav 4, 1S53 1.
The War
tr fin.
WOOD & SMITH ar now dailv receiving bv
Rail Road, new goods by ihe wagon load, which thev
are selling at astonishing low prices, so much so that
many wonder ihey do nt break up, still by selling
so many they keep moving on, benelitiing every
body around, making their customers better olf ev
ery year. A gsncrai assortment, all new, nice and
dog cheap.
No time to enumerate this wi nk: cnll and see and
oblige yourselves. WOOD &, SMIT H.
Cadiz, ap a, iat4
humher Wnted:
THE subscriber wishes to purchase a large lot of
seasoned lumber, suitable lor all kinds of Wa
gon ami Unrnage making, ore. lor wlncli the very
highest price in cash will bo paid, if delivered soon
v, , vi !.,,.,,-,' 1,1,,,. I.. ...... 1. ...,
(..auiz, June at3, looH-jt is. ri.iN.n.
Attorney imhI otiu'lti- at I.iiw
attl io'itcitor in Chancery ,
IT7"1LL practice in Harrison and tlm adininini'
VV counties. All business entrusted to his care
will receive prompt and diligent attention.
Sir Office In the Probate Judj-e's building, ovor
iim oAarjtei iiouso, uauiz, unio.
September 8, 1852.
Groods received by
Hail Road this day.
OA PIECES of Lawns at 12X cts. per yd., wortli
eU 25 cts.,
2 pieces, blk Siik Fringe,
2 do;.., Mohair Mitts,
30 pieces prints,
20 ..do Muslin for lining.
Those goods will be sold at reduced prices.
Juno 8 r, '54. S & 11 McFAIJDF.N.
To iiousekeeijeris,
offer this season, the largest and bust uaRort-
rmnt ttf Wntl nnnfir windnw nnriora horJwa
" i ' r-"-""'
etc., we ever mm.
Every description of LmH?a, GentP i nd Childrens
JYalionai 'liolei,
Pittsburgh, Pa.,
OPPOSITE the landinir of tlio S.t. I.oni.. l.nni,
J viilo, Cincinnati. Wheeling, Brownsville and
West Newton, Steamboat Pacaels, a few doors South
ot the Mononganela House
Good Siabling attached. Board $1, per day,
June 21, 1854
. .JUU.N A. ei,1iilA.1t
Allorii4ys iiihI 4:MtiicMi(ii iu ,:hv.
n ml Solicitor in !i:iim''I y .
tTTILL attend to all matters entrusted to them, in
VV tho county of Harrison and adjoining counties.
Office in Bingham's block, corner ol Main and Mar
ket streets, Gaurz, Ohio.
Cadiz, July 30, 1852 ly.
Atlorui'ysn a oil CouiiM'lltM'K ill l,i tw;
linxi iiucnoris in iiiiiu'i-i y,
WILL practice in Harrison and the surroundin
counties. 5t" All business entrusted to thei
care will roceivc prompt and diligent attention.
Office on Market St., three doors below Stewart's
corner, mar261y
rnvy tnul CouiiM'llor m l.mtv.
it nil Solleilrtiiii 'lia nctrry.
t inx. OHIO.
IT7TLL attend promptly to all business entrusted
VV tolas care, in litis "r the adjoining counties.
Office In his new brick building, tir.-it llt or, op
posite ihe Mansion House.
Attorney &' CouueHorat Law,
ILL practice in Harrison and the adjoining
counties. Collections, the business ot Execu
tors and Administrators, Guardians and Wards, Pe
tiiions for Partition, settlement of Estate, and all
other business entrusted lo his caie, will receive
Ins prompt attention. I I lice in the old stand oppo
site Barrett's llotel oci2!)-ly.
lJt. 8UOXWJ.&,'
Will givp prompt attention to all professional bu
siness eii trusted to his care.
DS'fitnce, Kilgore's Corner.
Cadiz, May 24, 1854.
Turner & Rowles,
HANIG formed a partnership in the practice of
their profession, will attend promptly to all
business entrusiod to them professionally , in Harri
son and the adjoining ouunliee.
Office nearly opposite the Mansion House up
stair. .
Cadiz, Angtist 3. ViS '
. ':.;8.'. House,
, Market street, near the River,
B. W. EARL. Proprietor.
This house has been thoroughly repaired, nd fur
nished with new beds ami bedding throughout.
Charge moderate, August. 2, 1853-ly
tTTphillips & SON,
Dealers ia Boots, Shoes, Leather, etc., , i
maj tram, orrosin thi rvauo inutiMs,
catisx, Obt. , '(
riMIE subscriber would respectfully inlorm the
X citizen of Harrison and the adjoining counties,
that he intend to ni auuiacture in the vety beat
style, all kind of
Sulky', Gigs, Wagons, 4c.. cn the shortest notice
and on reasonable terms. His work will bo manu-
lauiuicuill iiivvvM, ... ... .. h.i . Liia, i. w jiiw-
cured, and in point of finish shall not be surpassed
by any establishment in the State. Those wanting
a good job wiil do well Jo give men call Ail
ki.nds of repairing, painting, trimming, Ac, dun
at the shortest notice.
CTShop nearly opposite the Douglas House, and
in the rear of 11 Siemtuous' Blacksmith shop.
Cadii, Ohio. Aug. 9 '54tf
i fatches 4 Jewelry
Market street, Cadiz, Ohio.
HAVING purchased the
Watch and Jnwelry es
tablishment formerly owned
by John Lsflnnd, 1 will keep
constantly on hand a lart'e as
sortmen of Gold and Silver
Watches of every description; (ja
Jewelry ot all kinds, it Glocks 1
of the best manufacture
All Watches and Jewelrv re it nlj in tliestman
ner, and at the shortest notice. All work either suid
or repuired by me will be warranted.
Cadiz, July 11. 1854.
Hnving'sold my Watch and Jewelry e.-tablishment
to Mr. U. B. Barrett, who has been in my employ
lor a number of years, I take great pleasure in re
commending him to all of my former patrons, as a
good workman and one worlliy of their confidence
and esteem. John Lofland.
Cadiz.jtily 12, 1354-tf
& J. TAGGAHT respectfully informs then
customers uud the public generally, that they
always keep on hand a eoud stock of Hats of their
own manufacture, in addition to which they have re
ceived a very large stock of hats and caps trom tbe
east, consisting ot tine Mole Skin Hats of the fall
fashion, fur and wool Kossuth Hats, a great variety
of silk plush Cnps, of the latest styles for men aud
boys; also a great variety of boys and children's cloth
Caps, which they will sell at prices that cannot fail
lo satisfy the buyer. U. cc. J. I AOUAK l .
uacux, sept, ay, 185 ly.
Furniture and Mattress Ware
, Mfmh,
"TTTOl'LD respectfully inform the citizens of Cadiz
VV and vicinity, that he is now tnauutacttiring
and intends keeping constantly on hand a generi.1
assortment of Cabinet Furniture, which for style,
finish, durability and neatness cannot be surpassed
in the county. He also manufactures every article
of spring, huir, shuck cotton and straw mattresses,
which are gotten up in the most approved manner
and for cheapness and durability, are without paral
lel in this vicinity. All who wish to enjoy ienlth
and comfort should avail themselves of this opportu
nity of procuring a good mattress. He also manu
factures and repairs Venitian Blinds, and keeps on
hand Gilt mouldings for looking-glass and picture
By executing all orders in n superior mnnnerand
selling his wares at in idernte pricts, he hopes to
secure a liberal share of patronage.
Ware Room corner of Sieubenville and Warren
St s opposite MuFuddrn's store.
Cadiz, O., April 5, 1854
Cheap Goods!
ERPECTFULLY announce to tlie.pubicl that
they are now receiving their stock ot ot KHMj
GOODS, which has been BOlected express. y for this
market, und so purchased, that they will be able to
sell them on the most reasonable terms.
Our stock is full and embraces everyfhf kept by
the trade. We respectfully solicit an exanll'on
of our stock bofore purchasing elsewhere.
Cadiz, April 12, 1S54
IrestSi Drug s
' I 'E subscriber is receiving his stock j,.-JL
1. of Sp -Mid mid Summer DftVss, wliich
nave all been selected by himself in the 5teS
itstern cilice; and is much the largest
..saortnent of the kind ever brought to '-!'"k j!!
this market, und in point of quality, price, ..will
compare with any stock in the country. H tllsell
ns low as any establishment weBt of tho n, ....itann
for cash or approved country produce. Persons
wishing to purchase any article in the
It O ( It O It l It II U I, I iV F
would do well to call and examine his ftoclc before
purchasing elsewhere. JOHN BEALL.
Cadiz, april 2fi, 1854.
Wheat & Chapline,
JOBIiEKS of School and Blank.ilooks, Wall, VV in
dour and Writing PaK'rs, Hosiery and Gloves,
Buttons, Threads, Pins :tud Needles, Brushes, Cut
lery, Combs, Suspenders, Perfumery and every de
scription of notions and variety goods.
Agents for J. H. Nuyes ceiubruted United States
copy book.
Rags, Ginseng, Beeswax, ITaxset d and Feathers
wanted. april S.
. j r r o ts .v u r i r jl .1 n
t :nll . , O la io.
COLLECTIONS made in Harrison.JefTerson, Tu.
curawus, Carroll, Belimmnl and Grsrnsoy comi
ties. Strict attention given to the business of Executors,
Guardians, Partition und Sales of Laud, of settle
ment of Estates, etc., etc. Oliice Mardet
poors east of Main street. npril
MANUFACTURERS of boots an-i shoes, an
dealers in Trunks and traviling sacks, Mo
roco & kid-skins lining and binding do, Pcggs,
Nails, thread aud shoe-findings generaly, keep con
stantly for sale an assortment ot ihe above ticles,ar
at their old stand oposit thepiiblic oflices.Cndiz.O
Michael Feist,
PRACTICAL Confectioner, Wholesale and Re
tail Dealer in Candies, Cakes, Nuts, Raisitu,
Cracker am Imported Cigars, nearly opposite the
bank, Steubenville, Ohio.
N-B. Wedding and other parties furnished with
Cakes, &.e., on short notice. May 10, 1854.
or Tin: iiioiLE.'
TO examine the cheap and nice Goods just open
ins at VV'm. Hogg 6c Cos., when their numerous
customers, and almoBt every person else say they
can always get good itooub, at very small proms.
Cadiz, March 28, 1854.
Our 3d supply of Bonnets.
JUST to band, ou r third supply of Bonnets among
which are some nice plain traw, French, Bril
liant and Fancy Silk, also panama Halts, call & see
them, we will eell thern cheap. WM. HOGG &, CO
r.ndii. Mav 24. 1854.
JiTew , and Splendid
ASSORTMENT of Daguerreotype Stock just
received. Including all sizes and kinds from
.t.. it.. n;fr.,- t.anu u
IllO CUIJiniWll Map lUIIt. aiurioiu lADlvl uuy
gratified on tho memt reasonable terma, caii and.
August lb, 1854. H, DAVIS.
Take Notice.
ALL persons indebted to me, by not or Book ac
count, are requested to call immediately and
settle th same; if i-ol attended to they will be found
in th hand of the proper officer for collection,
COT Also : Tlie Book accounts and Note of A. II.
Bttrtch, have been assigned lo me, and will be col
lected without delay . K. J. BENNETT.
Cadis, aug. 7 '54 .
Timothy Seed wanted, to which
the highest price will be paid
that the Market can afford, at
AniriMt 30, 1854. 8 & H. McFADDEN.
u.: --fi-ier n : 1 ".i- i'
.'KEcin r aimiyir lour aopi constantly on hand,
.."r- I t
C and tor sale at (ap26 1954) McCOfl
-r SgttL
TIE ereat Medical Discovery c4" th age. Thi
uuly and most wonderful Medicin ha been
uccessiuly used in Europe and" At for many
years, and warranted to give immediate relief and
diosi siieeuv cure lor irouciuus, oww iuium
ma, Colda, Pulmonary consuption, and all atl'ccuou
Ml the Lung and Breadi. cousumption is often
cured in the first tages; and even in the worat
siai-e, great relief mav be had.
To Minister, Singers, and Public Speakers they
ar invaluable, a in two hour they remove all
hoarseness, increase the power aud flexibility of the
voice, and enable them to speak, or sing clear and
Certificate frcm Rev. Dr. Luckey.
To tbe Methodist Church and her Clergy, and to
Speakers and Minister generally: The following
is from one of your aged, most extensively known
and giticO .vilnistera, itt v. ui. A.ucay, oi uie r.aa
Genesee Conference, N. Y.
"1 un hiocv to acknowledge the substantial ben
efit 1 have received trom the use of Dr. Locoes'
Pclxonic Wafers. 1 had a severe cold attended
with symptoms of fever Tho usual remedies
prescribed by my physician, kept the lever under;
but my cough coniinued alarmingly severe and ob
stinate. The morbid stale of my stomach rclusing
tho preparation the Physician deemed it necessary
to employ, my son procured a box of Locock's Wat
ers, and advised me to try them. 'The use of them
gave immediate relief. Alter using Iwo boxes It
was quite restored, which I have every reason lo
beiieve, was the result ot tiieir ellicacy.
Rochester, Dec. 2d; '52 SAMUEL LUCKY.
A Voice irom the West.
Vincennf.s. Ind.. Jan. 18. 1853.
Mr, E. Taylor & co.: Df.ar Sir: Having sold
vour Pulmonic Wafers for the last six mouths, 1
shall briefly stnto unto you the unbounded success
ot the same in relieving uougns, colds anu an ins
eases ol the Lungs. 1 hey have been t led by our
most eminent Clergymen w ith entire satisfaction in
every instance, ll necessary 1 could getcerlilicates
enough to till a volume, but they want none, as they
willseil without pulling r advertising. They need
only to be used to make litem sell. Send on more
Water immediately. Respectfully yours,
DruL'nist. Vinceunea.
BEWARE! The rapid sale ot Dr. Locock's Waf
ers, censequeiil upon iheir world-wide reputation,
has tempted Heartless speculators in llie l no anu
bealthot mankind, to palm ort upon tite unsuspect
ing a worthless mutation ol Dr. Locock's Wai'kr's.
Be sure that you ask for Dr. Locock's Wafers, and
see that the name ofE. T'avluk, the Proprietor be
wriueu on the lop oi each box. SfJHoae other can
b ) genuine.
Auents. Kellsa & Caldwell, General Agents,
Whoeling; John itealltiud McLican and Knox, Cadiz;
I j.,ewi3,"Geoi geto,-,n; J P and t 11 Waison, Mar
risvillo; Atkinson a.. 1 Wcnuard, Now Alliens; Thus.
Green, Frecport; S and A T'aggurt, Tippecanoe;
John T Cramblot, Deersville; A F Cruskey, New
Markcl; Wni. Stinger, Jcll'orson; T J Brown, Aloore
licld; E andj Phipps, Smyrna; K Thompson, Thomp
son's Tavern.
December 14, 1853
I WOULD rodpccttully announce to the citizens o
Cadiz that 1 have aain taken my old shop on
Market street, directly opposite McCormick's store,
which was recenily occupied by Jones and Roper.
1 would respectfully ask the public to give me a call
al ''Number two.''
Once a week per quarter (3 months) $1 09
Twice a wek do do 1 50
Three times a week do do 2 25
Four times a week do 1 do 2 50
Single Shave, li.U
Hair Cutting, )::
Shanipooiiing, 5
Sharpening Razors, 12.S
Hoatiing Razors, ;;1
All who have betirus to cut or hair lo cip,
Just call on mo ai my old shop;
Yes, friends, I'll teil you what to do :
Give mo a call at 'Number 'Two;"
At noon or eve, by night or day,
Or any time that you can stay;
Bui give mo lime, dear sir, lo rest,
Upon that day that God has bloMec
My room is neat, my towels clean.
My scissors sharp, and razors keen,
And everything 1 tiiink you'll liml,
To siiil the lasts and piua.se the luttid,
And then 1 move my liand as true,
As any barber e'er can-do,
With rapid toucli I'll smooth the face,
And dress llie hair with equal grace,
And all that art and skill can do,
Your money will procure tor you.
October 8, 1851. LOT WILLIS.
WILL be paid to any person who will buy a box
of iK. TEKKLL'S Healing Ointment, and
use it according to directions, if limy will call at my
office and say, with a clear conscience, that it will
not completely cure chapped hands, chilblains, chaf
ing, Sore Lips, Burns and Freezes, Sores on children,
ami greatly alleviata, if not entirely cure Saluheiioi,
I'iies, Inlluuialioii of Breast, bites of Insects, Piinpluj
on the Face, and all diseases of the Skin.
MON ROE TERR EL, Nauc.a tuck, eoiin.
To whom all Orders should be addressed. Sold
also by the Principal Druggists and country Mer
chants generally
Wnot.KsAi.is Dixors. 0 V Cliekenner llk co., No.
81 Barelay-si., New York: A iMcLuro & Co., Alba
liy, Fleming & ilrothcrs, Pittsburgh; Win H llrown
and Bro., No. 4 Libeny-st., Btilliniore; T W lyoil
and Sous, Philadelphia
Ae.'Ts. John Beall and S Hamilton, Cadiz,
sep28 l53-ly
mi; ou)i,it 01
tut; tot;
Tl'Oft t'ie cure
r of.-altrlu-uni
clnll blaiiii",
comuion Sores:
C happed o r
Cracked Hands,
burns or Sculds,
cuts or wounds,
Piles, iilanima-
f 1 o 11 oi the
Breast, biles ot
l Face, and
X Breaking o n I
ami nores on
children; and
all diseases of the Skin.
This Ointment will cure theSaltrheum, and Burns
or chapped hands, quiciter and surer than any other
mer iciiies of the kind before the public.
To substantiate the above, I can givo hundreds
of certilit'utus, but 1 consider it m use, as (any per
son can do the same, it they have friends tor even
a worthless article,) I rely solely on the merits of the
Ointment for the public patronage,
N. B. A single box of this Ointment will keep any
Blacksmith's, Farmer's, Sailor's, or Mechanic's
hands, let them chap or crack eve so bad, sound
and in good working order all winrter.
Prepared and sold by MONROE T'EKREL,
Naugatuck. Conn.
Wuolesaei". Depots. C VCIikenrur & co., No. 81
Barclay St., New York; Fleming & Brothers, Pitts
burgh; Weeks & Potter, 154 Washington St., Boston;
Wn H Brown & Bro., No. 4 Liberty St., Baltimore;
T W Dyott &, Sons, Pliiladclphh.
Sold also bv the principal Druggists, and country
Merchants. Price 25 cents per box.
Agents. John Beall &. S Hamilton, Cadiz., A.
FCroskey & M Jolley, New Mnrket. Brown &
Banihouse, New Hagerstowrt. A Jul Schreiber,
Mooretield. E J Phipps Si. co., Smyrna.
sep'28 1853Iy
moffitt .
, w. MOFl'lIT
G. W. & J. W. M0FFIT,
RESPECTFULLY inform th citizen of Cadiz
and surrounding country, that they have enter
into partnership, and are prepared to execute ei
ther mechanical or surgical Dentistry, in the latest
and most improved style. 'Their work is perform
ed in the very best manner, with strict regard to u
tility, durability, convenience and neatness.
Ail their operations warranted, and are repaired
free of charge. Odice Steubenville street, nearly
opposite the Republican office.
Cadiz, December 8, 1852.
THE subscriber having purchased the entire in
terest of Francis Morey in th tannery of George &'.
Moray, is authorized to settle all the claim ot the
late lirm. The business will hereafter be continued
by th undersigned. 1 have now, and will keep con
stantly on hand a large and extensive assortment of
all kind of leather, to which 1 invite tho attention of
lie public.
T he highe t market price will be paid in cash for
P. 8. Those having land to elear, would do well to
save their BARK, us it will pay the expense of clear
ing. . . S. U.
Cadiz, O.March 83, 1854. '
j. t. scottT7""""-
No-157, Main St., Wheelw, Va.
ANEW and large assortment of th above goods
. just received. All kind of Watches, Clocks
and Jewelry, carefully repaired and warranted. ,
Wheel ing. ep28 1853-ly. ' ; v
Mackerel & Herring
TUST received lol of Mackerel and Herring and
U lor aie ny ., ska Met ADUfcJX,
Hello There!
Whei care) ou going? I am Going
lo Mevvart h to uuy some of his
new and Cheap Goods!
HAS just received th largeM and most beautiful
ever brought to Cadiz, which hava been (elected
wiia great ear Irom tne recent Importation io
Philadelphia, and will be told for cash or stood oro-
duce at a very small advance above Eastern cost.
rurchaser are respccuuiiy otirued to give inem
an early call, and secure good bargain, as llie stock
consul of a general assortment of uie following ar-
French Merino and Thibet Cloths;
Coburgs, Paramates, and Persian twills-.
High colored de lames, cashmere and Gail plaid;
Mohair and ilk lustres, alpacas, all colors;
Bombazine and Persian cloth do do
High lustre plain black silks, all widths;
Brocades, satin plaids and watered silks;
Black and Chamelion silks and 'l ark satins;
China Silk and Poplins, plain and figured;
French and American Ginghams, all prices;
English and American chiuizes and calicoes;
Needle worked culf collurs, chiinizetles and capes,
Embroidered, plain and liein-slitched linen cam
bric hdkfs;
Silk pocket hdk'fs, cravats and neck ties;
Gloves, mitts, hosiery aud suspenders;
T ickings, checks, bleached and brown muslins;
Irish Linen table cloths and dumasks:
Bird-eye and Russia diapers, very cheap;
High colored dress and sack flannels, plain and
Cloths, Cassimeres, Satinet!, Kentucky Jeans,
and Vesting;
Bonnets and Bonnet Ribbons at bargains;
Spring and Summer Shawls, general assortment;
Crash and towels at 50 per cent, below regului
Red, white and yellow flannels, very cheap.
Also a general assortment of Cueensware, Groce
ries, itc. Bring on your trade.
Cadiz, Ohio. April PI, 1854
iuo 1-ii.t. i-oit -;. ( i vis.
NEW ERA in medicine, no more imposition or
exroriion, no calomel. Dr. Towasend's uni
versal health pills. Each Box ontnins lou Pills, at
the astonishingly reduced rate of 25 cents per box.
'The poor need no longer be without the remedy lor
Tho Proprietor of these PILLS, therefore, justly
bluims to be a Philanthropist, and the Great Pioneer
in the work of providing lis: tho snlfcring, not only
an Infallible remedy, but of placing this remedy
within the means of all, however destitute their con
T he Pills may be used with safety at all times:
they ate never violent in their operation, but always
through and efficient. 'This dusiraole result is ac
complished without the aid of Calomel, or the many
druslic purgatives usunlly employed. The public
may rest assured that Mercury, in none ol us forms,
enters into their composition.
AKS APA RILL A, in a highly concentrated state,
forms a prominent ingredient; the remaining ingre
dient ere Balsams and Gums, long known and val
ued ill the Medical profession; the whole forming
a compound unequalled for all
Impurities of the Blood, Costiveness, Jaundice,
Female complaints, Sick Headache, Pain iu the
Bnck, Bilious Alfections, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism,
Constipation, Pains in the ilead. Pains in the Side,
Liver complaints, Febrile Alfections, Piles, Irreg
ularities, Pains in llie Breast, Pains in ihe Louis,
The Purifying properties of thes Peslil are believ
ed to surpass tint power of all other medicine. Ou
! erating always thoroughly, yet without the aid of
mineral poisons, lliey are peculiarly anaptcd to tain-
ily use; sale and salutary m their imprcssi in upon
the system; they may be taken at all tunes, and by all.
Now tor these, and kindred diseases, Tuwnacnd's
Pills are tho one Great Remedy.
'They most, speedily aud cliectually Ho tl:e work,
subduing lnllautaiiuiis and Fevers, opening ob-iruc-tcd
pores, protiioiin' perspiration, and sooi'hiitgmor
id sensibilities. In shoi t, ihey are warranted Bel
ter llitin ail others cheaper tlian till and destined
lo supercede ttil! 'Try tlioui, invalids. stitl'en.-rH, one
I and ail and rcocoiuiuend the Tills lo your lieigli
; bors.
i BcrDirec.'iims accompany eack Box. A F Pal
I mj.k. General Agent Siotiinton. conn,
j Remember tne Price, One Hundred Pills of Twen
i Iv-tive eents!
for Mile by Patterson & co, and JH Logan &.co.,
Wheeling Va.
A.t.Ts.--John HjMI and S Hamilton, Cadiz, &
F Croski y uud A J ley. New Market. Brown,
lluniliouse and VV Walters, Now Hagursl ow
A Jul Schreiber, S ebeid. K J Phillips con
Smyrna. sep. Ie.j3.-ly.'
Confectionary and Variety Store
MRS. M. DlVlNErespcctfully informs ner friends
tout site has coniiueuceit business 111 the build
ing directly opposite tlie Public Buildings, wuere she
oilers or sale a iaryiiatid well suUetotl a.wontnnitt if
c o n F e c r 1 o n A u 1 es, vtc, among which Inay be
found tlie Iblluwintj:
Common and fancy Vandies of all kiuds,
A linonds. Filberts, ream ami Pus Nutu,
Raisins, Figs, Dates, French :trra!its.
Sugar, Soda, Mutter aud Water Crackers,
Western Reserve tout EnglishNhoese,
Ground uud Bark Cinnamon.
Pepper, tiing-ir, Atspieu and Stttreh,
p'ine and Couiiuon Cigars, Tobacco and i'iiiu.l,
Pulverized White Suear,
Assorted Pickles and Pepper Sauce,
Comb., Porte Monies, and Pen Knives,
Visiting Cants and Envelopes,
Wutcli Chains, Keys and Guards,
A tine lot ot Comiium Jewelry,
'TOYS ol all descriptions,
vy- As she inUinds to sell cheap, she hones hei
friends and the public generally will favor tier will
their patronage.
SO" Country Confectionariea can be supplied at her
establishment on the very bent terms.
mar u-ly.
8 ha r ing! tShar ing!
New Barber Shop!
Geo. Iendf.uno.n & 1.0. I.awson.
WE would respectfully announce to tho citizens of
Cadiz, that wo have commenced the above business
ill the room formerly occupied by Messrs Con well
& Do Graugc, opposite ihe Mansion House whete
we intend to cary il ou ill the very Ixtst stylo.
With razors sharp, and lather line,
We'll shave you in the shortest time.
And dress your liairso line and neat,
You can't but think, we do it cheap!
Our tdiop is not liko thai below,
Where they hoc, spit, and inukc a blow.
. But sirs, we have things lo suit your kinJ,
And nothing obnoxious to the mind,
Gents. just call, anil see how uiceand trim
A shapu, wc keep our razors.towtlij, and scissors in.
Shanipooiiing 25 cts.
Hair cutting lo do
Single shuve 5 do
Apiil2 1S54L G. H AV. E. L.
ivui,i:iii.i: am m i' ail,
No. 182 Main Street, Below Monroe iiouso,
WiiKELi.va, Va.
THE undersigned would respectfully call the at
tention of the Public, both in and out of town
to their New Clothing Emporium, where they tint
ter themselves that they will be able to otler bet
ter bargains than any other establishment in Wucul
Our Good are always purchased on the fcest term
from the first Manufacturers, and made upatou
own Establishment iu Baltimore.
Our Stock too largo for enumeration, co npri
very article, Fine and Course in the
Branch of Walte, Bio.' Clothing House, Bai
timoro, Md. W ieeling, Sept. 14, 1853,-ly,
THE undersigned takes this method ot informin
the public that he has bought and is now parma
nently repairing ana fitting up the Carding, Fulling
and Manufacturing establishment lately owned by
R. Teal, three miles sou lb of Cadiz, on the road to
New Athens. He expects to bo ready to do all the
Carding that he may be favored with this season.
Wool will tie taken in at the store of Wood &
Smith's, in Cadiz, and returned promptly, and all
work warranted. A liberal share of publi patron
age is desired. Prices as low ns other responsible
establishments. JOSEPH R. JOHNSTON.
May 11, 1853.
N. B. Coverlet and Carpot Weaving done on the
most reasonable terms for customers at the above
establishment. J. R. JOHNSTON
THE undorsigncd would respectfully
anno mice to hi old friend and cus
tomers and the travelling public in gen
eral, that he has again taken possessipn
of his Old 'Tavern Stand in Cadis, (the
National House,) one square west of th Public
Buildings, where lie intends to accommodate ail who
mny please to favor him with a call in tlie beat man
ner that he can. No pains will be spared to make
hi guest comfortable. 'Thankful tor past favor
while engaged in tite business, he hopes to merit and
again receive a liberal share of public patronage, a
he intend to devote hi whole Inn and attention to
that object. , ,, ; , THOA C VINCENT, ,
April 28, 185'2 ly. Owner and Proprietor.
Received and for Sale, . -
OCT BBLS. N. a Moljiy, .w '
Q0 20bbla.4Macketal, , ;,' ,, ., ;,. .'. ',. .
. 6hhdaN.O.Sugar, " '"'" "T' '."j-A
" 18 bg of coffe. WM HOGG & CO.
! P. S. Also icythes, sncaths, forks, rakes sad Mil.
tar's grain radles. ; .W.iliiCO,
lyui,u S-i
' n'-r . U j.
THE subs'-rir.Tery thankful !cr fast favor wou'.f
respei'ttaily iiif-rm hisold customer and llie pub
lie ft?ticraUy, that he has ujw on hand a most antea
did aasoruuent of Boots and Shoe, Sol and Upper
Leather, Calf Skin, Morocco Lining and BindLcg,
Skin, Nail, T'hJead; ud almo every arudo in iu
Also Iadie' and Gentlemen's Gum Over Shoe.
Mm's Buffalo Over Shoe, all of- a superior style, and
will be sold on very moderate profit for Cash, Hide,
or almost any kind of merchantable Produce.
N. B. Persons knowing themselve indebted eith
er by Note or Book account, of a longstanding, wil
uleae call and settle up, as short eltlentcut make
long friends, and in some case aT coal.
Cadu, March 10. 1852. S. 8.
rTAY LNG permanently located himself rn Cadii,
JLL respectfully tenders hi professional service lo
the citizen, and those of the surrounding country.
He is at all time prepared to execute eiiiier mechan
ical or surgical dente!ry in the latest and most im
proved tyle All wishing ucb operation per
formed, will do well io give him a call, as they wiil
unu ciraigoa luoueiaic cuiupareu to service render
ed All his work warranted and repaired free of charge.
Ollie-e on Steubenville street, opposite tite Mansion
House , in Mr. Sharon' new building, up stair.
Cadiz, April 12, 1854-lyr.
At his old stand again,
IS prepared to do all kinds of Blacksmithing. Horsa
Shoeing, Arc, in thebt st manner, and on tli
most reasonable terms. He keep constantly un
hand and for sale cheap, the following at ti-jtm:
'Two horse Wagons, and Buggies,
Hall and Speer's Iron cenler Plows,
Iron double shovel plows,
Steel tooth Cultivators.
He will keep an assortment of plows and point
constantly on hand. Ho can furnish hill-side and
sub-poll plows, on the shortest notice.
Ciidiz O. April 2fi, 1854. -tf.
Fashionable Tailors
"ITTould respectfully inform the citizens of Ca-
V V diz and lite surrounding couutry.that they
are now busy carrying on the above business in Ps
all of its various branches m the new bricli. building
up stuirs, back room, opposite the Mansion House,
'1 he.) will warrant their work to be made in the very
be' style, as they will keep none but ll best of
-workmen in their employ.
'Pom William's latest New York and Philadel
phia Fasbimiuat received:
Cadiz. O. April 12. 'hr4
Jla :mt (.iii'Hnwtii'e Slori,
No. 28, Monroe Struct, Wai.fi.ink, ViniiiNt
riHE subscribers respectfully give notice that they
X have imported direct from the manufacturers.
large and complete stock of tbe above ware, togeth
er with an assortment of Mant:.k Ornaments and
Fancy Goons, some of which are of exquisite taste
and beauty. Iron. Stone, China, and Porcelain
Breakfast, Dinner, Tea and Toilet Ware of an entir
new pattern; Solar and Lard Lamps and Lantern ol
every description; Hiininnia Ware, Cutlery, etc.
We shall at ail times keep as complete an assort
ment oi Common Ware on hand, for the city and
country trade, as can be found at any other store iu
the West, and by giving our personal attention to re
packing the same, convince all who may lavor us
with their patronage, that they cannot do belter a
wny other establishment in tho country.
Flint Glass Manufacturers, Wheeling, Va.
. 'nnuury 7. 1.VJ. tf.
Latest Newi from the Seat of War
"VT f IS 1 1ES to inform Idstriends and the couitmi
VV nitv generally, that lie shall continue to man
lilai'ture Boots and Shoes of all deseripliotis at his
old sitind. one door s utth of James Stewart's store in
Cadi.. He warrants hu work to he equal lo any
made in tlie county, and be will sell a li'.lle cheaper
than Ihe cheapest for cash; Persons whirling to
purchase any thing in Ids lino, w ill find il lo their
interest to call and examine his stock Hell's work
made lo order in the best oi ttvle, or the shortest no
tice, and at tho lowest cash price.
Cadiz, O., May 17, 185-1 ,
rrillAT have ever been offered at John McCort-
i Jiii.'tc s cnonp cash store, can now ue so. mi
stock is full and complete, embracing every variety
ot Spring and Summer Dry Goods, Ready made
clothing. Groceries, etc. His stick Ins been selec
ted wiili gnat care, anil at a cost which enable! him
In soil cheaper than ever belore. Give hbo a cull
before purchasing elsewhere, and you will not g
awcy without buying sotnethiiig.
Cadiz, O. April 2fi, '854.
, Npien did imrn itm e.
'"P.l IK undersigned wotiitl rcspecifuily inform th
I. public dint he keeps constantly on hand nil kind
of Cabinet Ware, manufactured out if llie bust ma
terial and finished in the neatest style, which he will
dispose uf on the most ressonsblo terms.
tie lias also recently received Irom riitsniirn
a large assortment of Fau-y and Common ChairsV
Looking Glasses, Plutcsol all sizes, Gilt Mould-
112 for LookinL' Glasses and Picture Frames, ele.
He is prepared tc tumiib Collins of every kind, and
will carefully attend to funerals. He has the only
Hears in town for the accommodation of the country.
Cadiz, March 29, 1854. J. W. GILLESPIE.
N. B A niccRockaway Carriage for sale cheap.
J. W. G.
Attention, Gentlemen!
Destroyed by Fire
I BETWEEN the years 1S30 and 15(, large ami
) vali'able tracks of timber have been cut down
and sacrificed to tho flames, for the want, of pioper
machinery to make it valuable.
Having purchased ihe right to man iifactura and
use Wood's improved shingle machine in die county
of Harrison, we now offer lor sale . township or indi
vidual rights on favorable terms. Thi justly cele
brated machine will make and joint from 80 to 100
shingles per minute, and do its work well. Testi
monials can be produced from the highest mechani
cal authority in the land. Specimens of its work can
be seen at W in. Hogg's or J. P. Wood's, Cadiz 'To
individuals wishing to purchase right of this ma
chine, wo warrant it t" tnnke in value as ninny
merchantable shingle as will pay for machitio aud
right in one week; or sve will refund die money.
May 10, 1853-firo. pd.
A COMPLETE, new and well selected
stock of Hardware, Cutlery, Carpen
ter's and builder tools S
?.r and matnriuls. and
kinds of Hardware, se-
Huildiugs, which will ho sold for Cash lower than ev
tr before offered in this place.
Carpenters, Bricklayers, B!ackmitlf Saddlersv,
and all kinds ot Mechanics, and also those who wisn
to build, are invited to call and see my stock., Which
will al wuys be kept complete, and sold at as low rates,
as can be purchased at the River
I will always keen on hand, us well as a general
stock of Hardware, a complete assortment ot Nails.
andiron, vCTOail and seo. K. J. ISfcNWfc i.
Cndiz. P.. December 15, 1852.
A RON FORM AN thankful forth liberal pat
Xi.ronage heretofore extended to him, would an
nounce to the citizens of Harrison, and the adjoining
counties, that he is now better prepared than ever to
manufacture to order Family Carriages, Baronches,
Buggies, Gigs, Sulkies, and Wagons, of all kind and
sizes, which, he feels confident cannot be excelled by
any other shop in tlio country.
Having a io;k of material that Is really unsurpas
sed, and having a full knowledge of the business in
all its branches, he respectfully asks those who may
wish anything in the above line, to give him a call.
His shop is in the roarofMr.Slemmons' Blacksmith
Shop, and nearly opposite tlie Cadiz Hotel, wlwre he
may at ail tunes oe roaiia. ,, ',,,,
Cadiz, October 18, 185. ;'-" . '
MeMechen's Literary Depot.
TH E undorsigned ' has , removed hi Liter art
Dtrcf to No. 4. Washington Hall, Morrrae St.,
where he constantly kesps on hand, books station,
ery varieties: also, all the popular ALngazineSi News
or Literary Papers of the day. A choicer selection
of the latest Popular Puiimuations cannot bo found
in any establishment in the West, He invite his
friends from Ohio to give him a call. . .'
" Wh'soling, sep28 1853-ly
' A beautiful lot of LADIES homemade drea
. Gaitor Am. leutai. aivUui. and warrailtsd
wars wslL Also KMiem-do at very low prica
1 pillu's 4, boh.
j3s? ter'sand butluer s tuouw xnerjA
yiffWW "nd tnatnriuls, and nllM t
(gMVfkw,, kinds of Hardware, se- r?
.fe(L lected for quality and f ,
Is SI cheapness, just receiv-
a i? i"K at tbe sign of tho BIG BAD-
U fi LOCK, at the old stand of Welch
&3 & Phillips's, opjK)ite the P ubl
"I ' l " - , . . t
V -' WW

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