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IIew luck Phillip Becowerosl Use
Y Jtlal front ik Sc9h.
. k
If tha f toriM of ioctdoota and adventures
currant in any of th numerous camp, in the
neighborhood of Secesbdom could be collec
ted In book form they would make a Ttry
readable work. I may tend you a string ol
uch ai an afloat in our region, at tome fu
tort time, at present I wilt relate one that
came to ay knowledge a few day sitice.
Squire Bailj had the biggest, and beet, and
most docile mules in Martin's Bottom, and
Merlin's Bottom is- about the biggest and
best neighborhood on Qreenbriar river.
Squire Baily was inclined to be a Union
man, and did not entirely conceal his senti
ments, notwithstanding the presence 0
Floyd's army in the vicinity. About tbe
time ot "Fhyd'e "tumultuous flight" from
that region, ha was very much in need of;
transportation, and, according to established I
assges among secesh, he proceeded to levy
on the teams of the farmer. Ol course, a
Union man, like Squire Bailey, was not to
escape; but Squire Bailey, taking time by
tbe forelock, very quiotly one night, removed
to a safe locality, all his live stock except bis
fevorite mule, which he kept for hauling
wood and going to mill. This mule being !
apparently the only support of a large and
increasing family, Squire Bailey fondly belie
ved the Secesh would not be heartless enough
to rob him of it.
But Squire Bailey did not understand Se
cesh. One floe morning along came Quar
termaster BliSe, accompanied by half a doz
en armed mea from Floyd's amy. Squire
Bailey was standing at his gale when Quar
termaster Blifle approached and commenced
conversation with him.
"Good morning, Mr. a Mr. ."
"Bailey," suggested tha Squire. -
"Yos, Bailey; good morning, Mr. Bailey."
"Morning," said tbe Squire.
"1 understand, Mr. Bailey, that you have
a number of horses and mules which you
wish to dispose of to our glorious Coafeder
acy." .
"Mistake, sir," said Bailey, "I have none
to sell to anybody."
"But, Mr. Bailoy, some gentleman inform
ed ma yesterday that you had quite a num
ber of horses snd mules."
. "If you'll believe your own eyes, instead
of some gentleman Mr. Quartermaster, you
can see lor yourself that I have no'hin' but
that mule in the log pen there, and that I
can't keep house without."
"Ab, I see the mule!" said Blifle, looking
through the cracks. "You'd be asking fifty
dollars for that mule, I s'pose. Well, its a
big price, but if you wont take less I'll have
to give it. Corporal, just write a note for
fifty dollars, payable in Florida Swamp
lands, at twenty -fire dollars an acre two
years after our glorious Confederacy achieves
undisputed independence."
"But, Mr. Blifle," remonstrated the Squire
"if you take my mule, my family will freeze
to death, and Btarve to death, too, a'ore
spring. And if I had twenty miles I could
not sell you such as that for less than three
hundred in gold, but this one I can't spare
at no price." , ,,
4 ""We mult all make sasrifijes, Mr. Bailey,
lor our glorious Confederacy. If you only
knew the sacrifices I have mi l?. Mr. TWiW.
The starving and freezing of your wife and
family ire nothing compared to them; but
our glorious Confederacy called, and my pa
triotism responded to the call. Future gen
erations will remember and bless us, Mr.
Bailey, and we will receive the everlasting
gratitude of our glorious Confederacy. Think
of that, Mr. Bailoy think of that."
Mr. Blifle, before his appointment, had
been utterly penniless, and ten times as mean
as he was poor. These qualifications got
bim the appointment of quartermaster; out
of this office be was stealing a fortune.
"Mr. Blifie," said the Squire, with much
feeling, "for the Lord's sake don't take my
last airthly support. Don't you Bee my
children are all cry in and carryin' on.be
cause they know they'll all be in their graves
afore Spring, if you rob me of "
- "Bob!"' exclaimed Mr. Blifie fiercely.
"Don't say rob again, or I'll massacre your
whole nest of traitors. It'a because you're
an enemy to our glorious Confederacy that
you are unwilling to sell the mule at a fair
price, I ought'nt to pay you a cent, but I'm
a generous man, and you ought to be thank
ful to me. Corporal, fill up the note as I
"Hold oa a mtmt," said the Squire. "If
'that paper ia what you are goin to give me,
dont spile it by writin on it. The blank pa
per might be of a little use to me, but the
writin on it never could."
"You're a cursed traitor to our glorious
Confederacy," said Blifie, and he started to
take the mule oat of the pen. It was-hitch-
ed with a halter and had a broad circingle
around it. lie unfastened it, and, without
deigning another word to the "enemy of bis
glorious Confederacy," he was off with it to
leek another farmer's stable.
( ( Squire Bailey looked sad as he turned to
go to the bouse, and, in the bitterness of his
feelings, so far forgot himself as to d- a
"the glorious Confederacy."
ft "Snugly concealed in Squire Bailey's closet
' was -Jack ' Phillips the up-to everything
Ohio scout. As the Squire entered the room
he called out: "Com out Jack, they've gone,
and the infernal scoundrels have stolen my
'niole."'' ' ' y " v,-: '
"I told you they would," said Jack, ma
rking his appearance,, "and if I hadn't in for m-
ed yott last night, they'd a got all the rest of
'm that you sent off." . , ;
' -That's so Jsck; bat I'd give a hundred
.dollars to have that mole b-ck." :
Jack looked steadily at the fire for five
minutes. jt4',t.,: -n-u-i xt it !. .
" "What did yoa say, Bqaire?" ; ' ; ;
.X"I said I'd give a hundred dollars to get
that mule back, but I'spose three : hundred
wouldn't get him";! 'UlTfQl
n ,"l don't know," said Jack abstractedly,
And he looked in th fire for -five minutes
more; Suddenly1' Jack tautened up. and
"Give me the hundred duilarr, Squire, at.d
'"111 bring yott your mule to morrow .'.night or
your money shall be returned."
", The Squire looked amazed at- Jack for a
moment, but seeing he was in earnest?, put
r five double eagles in hi iand., , in, a few
1 minute Jark left th boused dreawd in lia .
Uy pants, wums and a coon -skin cap;
X I Hext day, ai Jack was walking leisurely
up the road, by a coincidence, probably
brought about by himself, he met tbe qnar-
tennaster nd hia men, returning with tht
proceeds of the expedition Jack smiled a
happy smile when he saw BUfle behind the
rest, leading the Squire's mule. 1I walked
quietly along nntil he cams opposite the
quartermaster, when he darted suddenly off
to the side of the road, looking at the mule
as if frightened.
"Blasted scoundrel!'' exclaimed Jack.
-Who? Who is a blasted scoundrel'
asked the quartermaster.
"Ain't that the mule old Bailey had?"
asked Jack, moving stil further out of bis
"Yes, but who did you say was a blasted
scoundrel?" inquired the quartermaster, very
naturally taking all such compliments to
"Wby, old BaiUy and the mule, too, for
that matter," replied Jack.
What's tbe matter with the mule?" ask-
el Blifle, whose former occupation had not
made him much of a judge of live stock.
-xne maiten wny, ne'll Ktit you a'ore
you get him home. You didn't pay the
old sinner anything foi him did you?" in
quired Jack.
"Certainly; I paid two hundred and fify
dollars for him." This is what the sacrifi-
cing patriot intended to return him at to the
glorious Coafederacy. '
"Lord a mercy!" ex:latmed Jack
"But what's the matter with him?" asked
Blifle, looking at the animal half frightened.
"That ere mule," replied Jack, "has kick
ed down, in bis time, every panel of fence on
old Bailey's place! You found him in a
pen of big logs, didn't yon?
"Yes; why?" inquired Blifla.
"And them ere logs are fastened with big
iron bolts. It's the only thing that would
ever him. He has killed all the rest of old
Bailey's stock and-the old rascal has kept
him on purpose to swindle some fellow with."
"I heard," said Blifle, "Ait he. used to
have more stock."
"That's what become of it," said Jack.
"Didn't the children cry and didn't old Bai
ler whine and carry on about losing bis tbree
hundred dollar mule?"
"Ves, they did, at a grest rate."
"I knowd'd it," said Jack. "The old wo
man spanked them children, and sent them
out at the nick of time to help the old ras
cal in his swindle. And to cheat our glori
ous Confederacy in that manner! He ought
to be hung!" and Jack winked his off eye.
"But if he's so vicious," giid Blifle, hope
fully, "how did they get tbe halter and cir
single upon him?"
"Chloroform, sir, chloroform. I've actu
ally seen that mnle kick his collar off."
"And did they give him chlorororm to get
the collar on him?" asked Blifle.
"No!" replied Jack. "They put some oati
in the bottom of a barrel, and laid the collar
across tbe top; the mule ran his head through
the collar to get of the oats."
'The devil!" ejaculated the quartermaster.
"Yes, continued Jack, "and I seed him
him kick that collar off. Ever since that
he kicks every barrel to staves that he gets
his eyes on."
"But he has seamed qniet enough since I
bavo been leading him," interposed Bli fie.
"Have you any liquor about you?" asked
"Yes, a little in my coat pocket; why do
you ask?'
"That's what he toilers you for, and it's a
wonder he hain't eat you up body and breech
es afore this, to get the liquor. I know'd
that mule to kick the lock off old Bailey's
cellar door, and go down thar and git as
drunk as a beast. Fact, sir. . That mule
can kick your hat off, and you on his baok.,
"That can't be so," said the quartermaster
"Try him," said Jack. "I've jist got a
cool hundred dollars to give you if you'll ride
him a rod."
By this time the quartermaster's attend
ants had got out of sight, and his avaricious
soul prompted bim to make an effort to get
Jack's gold, thinking be cou'dn't be more
than thrown off any how.
The night belore this meeting Jack had
qnietly stolen into the mule's stable and
carefully placed a leather dog-collar, driven
full of pointed sparrow-bills, under the
mules cirsingle, putting a piece of light leath.
er between the points of the nails and the
mule's back 'so that a moderate pressure
would force them through into the animal's
Ignorant of this, the greedy quartermaster
moved the mule to the bank and sprang on
him just where the dog-oollar was placed
J ust as be lit on mule, a boulder lit on bis
head, and he lit in tbe mud. The mule,
frantio with the pain of the nails still stick
ng in his back, sprang off the side of the
road, knocked down a dozen pannels of fence,
and ran furiously across the field, rearing
kicking, lying down and rolling over, jump
ing up, and plunging about at a terrible
rate. .
"I told you so," said Jack, coolly, as the
quartermaster scrambled ; up, rubbing his
bruised head, and brushing-at the 'mud on
his besmeared clothes. ' ' . J 1
"He's worse than seven devils, ain't he?"
said the discomfitted quartermaster.
, ,"In course he is," repjfed Jack-
" Wbat'll yon give me for tha chance of
him?" asked the quartermaster, as be saw
another string of fenoe go down before the
maddened mule, , "
"Don't know," said Jack, "the halter
might be worth a dollar or so, if I could get
close enough to shoot bim before he tears it
all to short strings." t ,,'.,..'
'But whero's my horse?" asked the qnar
tennaster, looking around ia astonishment.
wif'Don't know,'! replied Jack f "the mule
gave bim a byste with his beela just as he
started, and I haven't see d the boss since."
"S"I wish the devil had old -" ' ' .
' '"Hello, quartermaster," shouted a man in
Secesh uniform, who was coming up tbe road
at the top of hia speed; "hello, Mr. Quarter
master, the enemy is coming right down en
camp and general wants you immediately.
Our army is running like all possessed, and
the general wants you to help save the plun
der. Hurry back as hard as you can run or
the enemy will be betwixt you and our fel
lerS." i C " ' " " ;
" Blifle waited to hear no more, but broke
for his camp like a quarter horte When he
arrived, and found that the story was all false,
terrible was the vengeance he vowed but
before he had time to execute his threats,
Floyd's army was in a remote part of the
State. .' : ' " '' -.' ' v:' ' ,
" It is hardly necessary to add, that the
measengar who sent the anarter-tnaster off
to fmclpiUblj wu aa associate of Jack's;
and that Jack had turned the quartern! ti
ter's horn with his head op the road, and by
a sharp cut with a whip sent hia off out ol
sight before Uuflt recovered from bis confu
Squirt Bailey got his mule again, little the
worse for Jack's tricks, and he is as quiet
and useful an animal as there is in all the
country. : , ,
The double esg'es Jack returned with the
mule taking the quartermaster's horso as
compensation for his servicer.
Jack Phillips says he would like to have
an opportunity of inquiring of the self-sacri
ficing patriot of the glorious Confederacy,
whother it hurt much when the mule kicked
hia hat off. Tl'illn'' Spirit of the 7imu.
a i mm
A Philosophic iiikey.
A correspondent of the Cincinnati Guzelte
writing from the Cumberland river, gives the
toilowihg humorous account of a colloquy
with a philosophic darkey:
I noticed upon the hurricane deck to-day
an elderley darkey with a very philosophical
and retrospective cast of countenance, squat
ted upon his bundle toasting his shins aeainst
the chimney, and apparently plunged into a
state of profound meditation. Finding upon
inquiry that he belonged to the Ninth Illi
nois, one of the most gallantly behaved and
heavy losing regiments at Fort Oonelson bat
tle, and part of which was aboard, I began
to interrogate him upon the subject. His
philosophy was so much in the r alstaman
vein that I will give his views in his own
words as near as my memory serves me:
"Were you in the fight?"
"Had a little taste of it, sa." - , .
"Stood your ground did you?"
"Xo, sa, I runs." ' " T
"Run at the first fire, did you."
"Yes sa, and would hab run soona, had
I knowd it was comin."
"Why, that wasn't very creditable to your
"Dat isn't in my line, sa cookn's my per
feshun." "Well, but have you no regard for your
"Reputation's nuffin to me by de side ob
"Do you consider your life worth more
than other people's?"
"It's worth more to me, sa."
"Then you must value it very highly?"
"Yes, sa, I does more than all dis wuld
more dan a million ob dollars, sa, for what
would dat be wuth to a man wid de bref out
of him? Self preserbashuin am de fust law
wid me."
"But why should you act upon a different
rule from other men?"
"Because different men set different values
upon dar lives mine is not in de market."
"But if you lost it, you would have the
satisfaction of knowing that you died for
your country."
"What satisfaction would dat be to me
when do power ol leelin' was gone."
"Then patriotism and bonorare nothing to
"Nuffln whatever, sa I regard dem as
among de vanities."
"If our soldiers were like you, traitors
might have broken up the Government with
out resistance."
"Yes, sa, dar would hab been no help for
it. I wouldn't put my life in de scale 'ginst
any Gobcrnment dat eber existed, for ne
Gobernment could replace de loss to me."
"Do jou think any of your company wo'd
have missed you if you had you been killed?' '
"May be not, sa a dead white man ain't
much to dese sogers, lot alone a dead nigga
but I'd missed myself, and dat was de piut
will me."
It is safe to say that tha dusky corpse of
that African will never darken the field . of
, . A Short Clergyman.
A few miles below Pourghkeepsie. IT. Y.,
there now lives, and has lived for several
years past a worthy clergyman, a man how
ever, very short in stature. Upon a certain
Sunday, abeut eight years ago, this clergy
man was invited by a pastor ol a church in
that village lo fill his pulpit for the day.
The invitation was accented, and Sundav
morning saw Mr in the pulpit.
Now it happened that the pulpit was a high
one, and accordingly hid the poor little cler
gyman from view. However, the congrega
tion, out.of respect managed to keep their
countenances and with over pious faces seem
ed religiously anxious for the text. They
were not obliged to wait very long for a noso
and two little eyes suddenly appeared over
the top of the pulpit, and a squeaking tremu
lous voice proclaimed in nasal tones the text.
" Be of good cheer, it ia I b not afraid."
A general roar of laughter followed the an
nouncement the clergyman became confu
sed, and turned all aorts ol colors. Many,
in the general uproar, left the church; -and it
was a long time before the minister could
proceed with the sermon so abruptly broken
Afternoon came and the little man, stand
ing on a footstool had a fair view of his au
dience. The text was anounced in due form:
"A little while ye shall see me, and again
a little while, ye shall not see me."
In the course of the sermon, he repeated
his text with great earnestness, and stepping
back lost his elevated footing.and disappeared
from his hearers! The effect may be more
readily imagined than desoiibed.
Since the Connecticut election, the Hart
ford Press throws off its mask, and it is out
against "the restoration of the Union as it
was," because it fear? that in such a Union
"a Republican President Cannot be elected."
Government officers are engaged in run
ning negroes from Western Virginia into
Ohio. If they are to come north, thero
is no place that should take .more of them
thon the Western Reserve. They ought to
have tbe luxury to their heart's content. ;
nmss Carts,
Attorney and Counselor ot Law,
Cadiz Ohio.
KrOrlice in the west end of the building occu
pied by the frubate Judge. , .
Cadis, Ohio, June 12, 186U .,. i. A
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
CADIZ, OHIO. . ., ..
OrncE On Main street, opposite Beall's
urue (store; e s - r -a- rv
Collection! In' this and adjoining eountlea
caroiuiiy f.uenueu 10, ana special attention
given to cowviVAHcino. ; . . : tepS'CO
R: s. moody,
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Kr Vill practice In the Courts of Harrison
ejumy--...... .
April 11, 1855-
. JESSE II. irieiTIATII, .
Omct, Mjskkt Street, Cadis, Osto.
frJrWlLL attend to all buslnea in bim nr..
feasion entrusted to his care in the Counties of
Harrison,, j aecarawae, J eneraon, Carroll and
Wov. 30, 1859. ' ' . - v
:'; Attorney at Law.
' Cadiz, onio.
Orvics On Market street, over Conwell'a
nop wo aoors norm ot the post office
FRESH fragrant Teas, of the latest imports,
ti on.
epf H. S,McrAUDEN 4. CO
' . IN " ' ! .
of jLiTi Kiisnps.
(1. II.
Has recently returned from New
York and Philadelphia, where
ho purchased from the
Importer the largest
and best Stock of
in his
line ever brought to Cadiz It is
unnecessary to cnumerato
His customers may rest
assured that
HIS GOODS are nice & FRESH
and that they will not have to pay two prices
lor any article tney ouy ol him, simply
because his Goods were all bought
and Importers, and
not from
. . jPttllart.
iiTRepairing of all kinds done on the shor
est notice, and in a workmanlike manner.
Cadiz, Ohio, Dec. 23, 1861,
FOR I860.
Preparations for a Large Trade!
- 5
S TO IF2. JU !
17-1, Main street. Wheeling-, Tsi.
STONE ft. THOMAS announce to their
friends and the public that they are In re
ceipt of their stockof Full ud Winter Gooda.
embracing Dry Goods in all their varietieaj
Carpeting, Oil Cloth and Carpet chain. Millin
ery Goods of every variotv Notions, and V.
neties generally, comprising the Inrgest, and
in some respects, the most desirable we ever
brought; to the city Out customers may rest
assured that they will reap all the advantages
,i..r; l -i .
tnsi mir onung, ione experience, cioso at
tention tobusineaa, careful buying, and buying
with Cash, can give them. We buy rtost of
our guoda with cash, directly from the man
ufacturers and Importers, and from close cash
Anction houses, thereby saving a large per
centnge. We have ample facilities for diing
a largo Jobbing Trade, and!nvite the attention
of Merchants to our siock before buying, and
Tailors to our siock of Cloths, Cassimere and
Without particularizing, we will tay we
keep the largest stock in the city of the follow
ing as well as all goods.
Dress Silks, of every style and price.
Millinery goods, silks, velvets, ribbon tc.
French Merinoes, of every shade.
French Prints and Goods,
1 ' Good for Friend's wear and traveling.
Shawia of every grade and price.
Plaids & Prints, Sr. worsted fabrics lor dresses.
Cloaksand Cloaking, Prima, Ticks. Muslins.
Flannel, Blankets, and goois for Men a d
Boy's wear generally. Wo
Good House shall sell cheaper.
. Our atoek of FURS will be fouii' to be very
desirable. We ask attention 'o our etooK of
Carpeting, etc., which is ve v lull and at low
price. ' ,. ' .
All goods sold at a small advance on pur
chase. " '
Persons making purchase In the city will find
it to their interest greatly to give us a call be
lore buying. ! .- ..
Parcels ssnt lo y part of the city hies.
Remember the sign ol the "Golden rt-Hive,"
near the Suspension Bridge.
T Nov. 7, 1861-tf- - r
Benjamin Watkinson.
OFFERS hi erviceto the citizens of Cadiz
and urrounding country, in the artof
House raintlng-.Gralning, Paper
; Ilangluer, Varnishing:, . .
and all kindsof Imitation in Wood, Stone and
Marble, Also, Sign painting attended to, on the
most rerasonsble term.
Those wishing to have Painting done in the
beet aid most modern style, would do well te
give him e call, ae he endesvorsto do his work
in a neat, subnantisU and workman-like man
ner. i. 7.. Cadiz Ohio, May 17 lei
I ' : S. B. SHOrWELL,
Attorncrnt Lnvvnnd Solicitor In
a ,(.-.: .. Chaucery.., ,
CONTINUES to practice in Harrison ant
adjoining eountk,", and give especial tnd
prompt attention to Collecting, business of Ex
ecutors, Administrators, Guardian, Wards,
Partitions, Sales of Lanes, settlement of Es
tates, Titles, to Rest Estate, Conveyancing,
Suit at Law and in Chancery, loaning and in
vestment of money, and all ether professional
business placet! in hi charge. -
WHeis Agent for the Stat Bank of Ohio
and other, lor loaning money, Ac., etc.
KTOftice in Xilgore'e Corner, on - Market
Street. -1' - n-.-A. ;r -, (.....t..
January 35, I860., . - i'
- J . . CADIZ, OHIO. . ,
HAS removed to hi new house' on Market
Street, opposite the fresbyler'an Church.
' Uec.4, mi. .,
Dealer ia Produce and Agricultural imple
ment. . r., . 4 f -j r .
. Cadiz, Ohio.
Mr Warehouse at the Depot.
April its, I860
hi mi LI
JVatches, Ctdchs,
Notions JYotions
and and
S.R.'TC fllllKST
HAS now on handsa good assortment of Goodi
the above line, which haa oeen oongnt low, and
consequently, he will sell them at very
low price. Ilia gooda are all nice and :
fresh, and cannot fail to please
buyers, both in quality and
, , prices; he thero fore solic
its an examination .
- ol his slock and
before purchasing elaewhere in eo doing, he
feele contidoni that he will merrit a large share
of public pntrannge. He keeps no Watches but
wha tare selected with great care, and con
sequently, all watches sold are warranted time
keepers or no tale. Kine Uold Hunting English
jeweled, from t $7S toJIOO
Fine Uold Hunting Swiss Leeers, full
jeweled, from 33 to 55
Fine Gold open faced Lever and Le-
pinos, from SO to 35
Heavy hunting Silver English Levers,
full jeweled, from 35 to 40
Heavy hunting Silver English Levers,
seven jewels, from 27 to 35
Hunting Swiaa Lever and Lepines, four
jewels, from 13 to 16
Silver open laced Levers and Lepiiies.. 8 to 12
Carving: Finger Kings, Br 'si Pins
in grost variety ol style and price.
Lnriit-s Uold Chains and Lockets
Gold Vest and Fob Chain)
Oold and Silver Spectacles.
Hold and Silver (Spectacles.
Gold and Silver Spectacles.
Oold and Silver !pectnclcs.
Oold and Silver Spectacles.
Oold and Silver . Spectacles.
Oold and Silver Spectacles,
silver, Gorman end plated table and tea
spoons Pocket-book and Portmonic in great
variety, hne pocket-knives, shear and
scissors, tine Kazors, coral glass on wax
spoq Lot ol other nice things too
numerous to mention. Call in
friends, everything sold
is warranted as repre
sented. Main St., Opposite the Fnblic Buildings.
Cadiz, Wee. 22.-1858-
il S. WOODBRNS wishes to Inform the
J. public thai he manufacture all kind of
Agricultural Implements,
Consisting of Sander's (with White's improve
ment) Horse unite. Alfosiemmons . (aizure's
patent double-shovel iron corn Plough and i-on
Cultivator. All kinds of Agriculture! Imple
ments made or mid on commission by said
Woodborne. Ail kinds of repairing of Muweisn
Threshing Machines and Mill Work done ois
short notice and on reasonable terms. He
also spent for Boll's Mower and Keaper.
May 89, 1861
fffWUi L,5S N.O S-L'G.Ait;
UUU 1000 lbs Rices
2000 gallon N. O. Mola..ses;
100 blithe Is Ciovei Seed. '
50 " Kentucky B lue Gras Seed;
50 Timothy Seed;
50 " Dried Peaches;
50 " Dried Apples; ' '
Just recei ved and for sale by
Cadiz, Feb. 12, I8GI.
To Teachers
Examinations will be held as follows: com
mencing at 10 o'clock of the day mentioned and
continuing ono day and a half. April 26, May
24; June 2d, Aug. 30, Sept 27. Oct 25, Nov. 29.
1861, and Jan. 24, Feb 21, and March 23, 1862.
The June examination wilt be held in Deer
villa the. ivlarcli examination ain Ilopedale and
the remaining onot in Cadiz.
! :: M. K. TUKNKtt.
i W. U. McCOY. . -epril
10, 'CI Kxaminei 1
JP ort jg-Lxna-ter
A wn''a tns preparation 'necessary are
t- making and the work is being done, our
must be sold, as I have one of the largest
and finest stocks of every description ever
offered in thia market which J am determined
to sell to 'uit the times. I am prepared to make
to order the best and moat fashionable work
now in use, having none but the best of Work
men in my employ end working the very best
materials that can be bought I can safely war
rant my work, and all work sold in my estab
lishment. Rips sewed gratis. Thankful for
paat tavorl respecttully solicit all wish'ng to
buy to give me a call belore buying elsewhere.
..May S9,'61. . , . . ,,. , , .
THE SPRING TERM U3 week) begin
, April 1st, 1802.
Instruction given in tho Common English
branches, Penmanship, Elocution, Grammar,
etc. Special attention is given to training
teacher In these branches, and fitting them tot
the successful management of school. The
higher Academic branches Algebra, Geome
try, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Physiol
ogy, Botony, Logic, itc, dec, taught a here
tolore. -: '"' . .. . j...,
Latin and Greek language taught.
Vocal music taueht.
" Instruction on Piano and Melodeori at usual
rates . , 1, t..
. v Lewis's ivew gymnastics," to useful to
teacher and student, practiced and laught,
Lectures are given each term on the "Art
ot Teaching," and the "Management ot
'Schools" and other subject of interest.
The continued prosperity of the School is an
assurance to the. public that the labors and ex
penditure of the teachers are appreciated.
, For Catalogue or Inrther information, address
' Jill WIN REGaL, Principal.
or Prof. W. BKUiKKIUiOFF.
Uopedale, Har. Co.,0 Oct. 2J, 1861..,
4 a. received ana tor aaie cneap uy
. K.CKAWFOKD, Agent. 1
Market sireet, Cadiz.
March 13
WIMDOW til.. and Putty, a large and
fresh arrival of each, tor sale at very
low figure nt BEALLU
Ij .HW ..l.h nt"notrr
Cheap Durable and Neat.
tuvcMcrcasas axe Ptauaa ia
PoDoalte the Public Bulldinc a. Cadiz. O.
MAKE and keep on hand tha 6nrt qualitv
of 'Ladies wear, lao fine Boota and
Shoes, aewad or pesreed, eqaal in style to the
beat citv make. Our r-prin stock of first
class Eartern Work conaitia of nie lot ol I a
die' uml Misaea -Heeled Slippera, Kid Healed
Boot, lieelp.l Gaitr, and almost errrv alrle
of Sho for Mm, Women, Boy and Children.
Ladies Rid and Gaitera of th fined material.
Work made to order and warranted .not to rip.
We tit up and keep the laat for oach regular
cnatomer, always inanring a perfect fit.
W heeling Money taken at par.
May 8, 1861.
Main Street, Cadiz, Ohio.
f "AS always on hand the
following, it very
I I low prices.
l artaric Acid
Root & O. P
F.po-! hall
Cream Tartar
Soda Super Carb.
do Carb.
Window Glass
Sperm and Star handles
Extract Logwood
Lamp Black
Wash Blue
Shoe Blarking
Cooking Extracts
Concentrated Lye
Also a good rdpply of Painta, Oil, Brush
es. Dyes &c, &c. School Books, Miscet
Isnoous Works, Bible and Testaments The
largest and cheapest stock of Wall Paper in
the country, links. Pens, Pencils, raper, Toy
Books and Notion, a good variety and cheap
Call and examine them. Dec. 19, 'GO.
Stoves ! Staves ! !
lias the largest and most com
plete assortment of
rJmbrar'irig every
variety and quality, both
for Wood
Coal, that has ever been
brought 10 Cadiz. He also has every- .
thing belonging to tne nusiuess,
such as
Brass and Copper Kettles
if all aizes and qualities,-and adapted to every
purpose lor whish such' kettles cafi be used.
House Soulinyr; (tooling, Ac.(
done on short notice.
cf all kinds always kept sn bona, or made to
order In short, everything belonging to
tbe business will be found in hit store.
Kepuiring all kinds of Job Work
done on the shortest notice
and most reasonable
HE ,
sells ev
ry thing in
his store at prices
ranging from 10 to 25
' . per cent, cheaper for Cash, than .
such snides have ever before been sola
in the place. When you need anything in his
line remember the place Market St., opposite
Brown's "(tore, snd seven door south ol the
Cadiz. Jan 23, 1361 -ly
Saddle and Harness Making
At tho old stand of Wm. Knox
On ftliirkct Street. .
I Keep constantly on hand an assortment of
and alt other articles in my line Repniring
done and work mudel'i order 011 the shortest
notice and of the best material a .id workman
ship. Please call before purchasing elsewhere, as
all work is warranted to be at represented ,
and as cheap as at ntiy oilier place,
j. it. iUA w ruitu, Agent.
Cadi., Aug. 8.6:ii.
N FORM the citizens of Harrison and adjoin '
ins counties, that they expect to be in f.a.
diz at Hie riBt-oriBl Honf e 1 s- sptil 26
again Moy 31. and again Jv1, and eiier
wsrds every month resularly as notice will be
given from time to time. They hope by an
honorable course to merit a sha-n or public pa
tronage. Dyspepsia mid lAvcr Iieic.
Do you rise with a coated tonene in the morn
ings with bad taste in the mouth and poor ap
petite for breakfast? Do you leel when you
first get up so wek nnd langnid you canstarce
lyget abtui? Do you have a dizziness in the
head at times and often a dulnss, with head
ache occasionally?. Are your bowel costive
and irregular and appetite changablel Do yon
reft op wind from the atomach and do you bloat
up often! Do you feel a full.iess alter eatinz
and a gonenoss when the stomoch isemp'yl
Do you feel low spirited and look on the dark
siue of things! Are you not unusualy nervous
at times! Do you not become restless and
oftenlay until midnight before you can goto
sleep! and then at times, don't you feel dull
and sleepy most ol she timet 1 your skin dry
and ecaly! also sallow! In short, is vour lile
not a burthen, full of forebodings! Now these
are the symptom generally present, but not
always all of them,, and there are thousands
who are suffering daily from them, and we
pledge ourselves, in from three to five prescrip
tions, to drive them all away and completely
cure the patient, changing their whole physical
and mental nature, and thns make a bleesing
instead 01 a burthen. - We ask those who Aq
tried nntil tired and discouraged to give us one
fair trial and we candidly can do just what ia
above let forth. -Try two prescription a.id we
can in that time satisfy the most incredulous.
We call especial attention toour almost inval
uable treatment in the above diseases. "Prove
all things." ' ,
. We claim positively to euro every case of
these diseases. This is a positive fact, and
we will pledge ourselves It give $50 to any
case of the kind that we eannut cure and'w
generally cure with on prescription
I.-u.ias Disease.
Incipient Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma,
Throat. Disease, dec, ate.
We call especial attention to person afflic
ted with those diseases to the fact that we
have an almost invaluable treatment in those
sflections which has been lately discovered.
We have succeeded on this route in restoring
casee of this kind in a lew months who have
been treated for years to no effect, and other
are now under treatment and are rapidiy twin
restored; as in fact to use their own word,
they ear they feel themselves coining up verye
day -We do not positively claim that there is
no case so far advanced but that we can help
and make them more comfortable, prolong life
and the most of case can be successfully cured
il taken in any kind of lime. Remember, this
i an age of improvement, and remedies are
being discovered that disarm dines" of many ol
many ot it terrors. We invite thosewho are
threatened, or have any form of Lung Disease,
to give as one trial, when we can prove all we
have said in ihe above.
0 Fkg's M. K. Raisins, in half and or.
boxaa. Also Furs. Prnuaa DatA. Aimonrls.
Cream JNuts, Peanuts, nglisb Walnuts, ic,
ike., at O. at. W
j BBLS. received and fur sale by
aalt, ,11. B. Mcr A UUbN W
xa- '7 Pro orann in tnis .Market lor
Cadiz, obio' -
UJi aala at oar Warahouaa naar th Drart. "
Double Ultra k'.mit mA Z'Jt,,i.1 s
FLOUR from ,ood Wiw'VSS
beet auality. Cora meal.; Mill h4 aad Brt
old ai lew figuras ia qawuMa Mtt pmikm-,
Cuatom Work don with dimateh, aad Mti. '
faction warranted. - UKORU
iaet i
April 2S, 't0
Cigars, Tobacco, Snuff, &o.
T. O. :M-AJR,SEL" ' -
WOULD say to every one, that ho ha
opened out to the room anriar Gaorgs'e .
Grocery, and diraetly opposite lb Santiaal af '
rice, a regular siora for tbe sal and maaafao
turaof all kind ol
Hi atock of Tobaceo, Cigars, ie., ia fall
and complete and. will be aold at ths lowest ,
prices. Whatever he sell he warrant to be a '
No. 1. article.
Groceries and stores supplied with evsrrtrtlar
in hi line as cheap a they can be pnchaaM
anywhere, fubite patronag respaouully aoue
ited. A larga total good dry Common Cigar
aiwny on nanaa.
Cadiz, May 29, 1861.
unss c. OJ.
.JOS'rl 0. UTTb
1881, ' 1881.
' ' ..and:; ' -' ' 7
J. G. ORR & CO.,
"WlxooHnBrt "Vv. .
TE have just received a heavy atoek al
VV Wall Paper Borders. Window Shsd.s,
itc. Having the largest and best assorted stovk
of .
in tho city, we are prepared to offer unp railed
inducements to '
Country Merchants! t
Our stock of Stationery consists of Cap, Lel
ter, Note, Ladies Parchmeut, Reoord Cap,
Legal end Flat Cap Papors.
-Envelopes of all styles and grade, and
everything belonging to the stationery j line. .
School Books, Law, Medical, Military, Tho- ,
logical and Miscellaneous Book always oa
We ore agents for the American Tract ISoci. -ety.
Sunday School Union, and Presbyterian
Board 11I Publication.
jerllighesl price pniil lor Rass.
106. Main street, Wheeling, Va.
Snntomlwirll IHCIJlf .
Is the place to purchase your
CcntIeiMcii'9 Furnishing Roods. .
would invite your attention to the fact that
my present slock is not only the
That has ever been brought to this town,' but
that they were Douglit at '
And will be offered to my friend and th pub
lie, cheaper ' linn any stoek that has ever
been ofl'ered in this market. ,
Reforo purchisins elsewhere. Den't mistake
the place. One door above Brown At. MeCur
mic It's, Market street. I..BRILLt&.
C'. 9, 186).
(lave opened out in R. J. Bennett1; old store
room opposite the public buildings, ihe largest,
fi ieat, nicest and cheapest assortment of ,
ever exhibited to the people of Cadiz and Har
risoncnumy. Their stock embraces everything
in the Dry Goods line, anl being bought at '
3? A-NI O-:-id'
Will be sold in ihe same manner i We wish
to make no boast, but we say w ithout fear of
competition, to all persins wishing topurchss
any kind ol Dry (Joods, Queenswara, o., that
it they will call and examine our slock, we can
satisfy them that we can sell good cheaper
than any other (tore in Cadiz. : u
, The highest market price paid for all kindsof
country produce:
- -- t
Now, if you want bargains, bring along your
produce or cah to our store, and you will re
ceive better bargains than you ever received
before at any store in Cadiz; i"'
Oct. 9. 1861. ! ,-...,.(, i; ; ,,;..,?
J; CRABB & C0;i
-;': f sr.'; 7 .-' ' rt
Have Just received a large and splendid stock
of all kinds of Heady-Made Clothing, Gentle
men's Furnishing Goods, flats, Caps, Gent'
Shawl,' of all kinds; also a tip top stock of
French Cloths at an astonishing low price. 1
They respectfully '. Invite their: numerous
friends to csll and examine, their, atoek,, and
they will not tail to purchase Our good were
purchased with great care at astonishlny low
prices, and will be sold cheaper than such good
wereever before soldirr this market. for cash
s Oct. 9,1861. :,.,. .-....,,; t.-..r
New Boot arid' Shoe Shop. -
tTTOULD respectfully Inform the citizens of
VV Cadiz anJ vicinity that he haeeommenc
ed carrying on the Boot and Shoe business to
the room oppssite Coloman'aatoro, where be in
.tends to keep a full supply of, . ,(
Custom Made Work, f
consisting of all kind -oi Boot -and ' Shoes
Nc Uastera Work kepi in hi shop) All wor.
warranted. He will salt aa low if not, lower
than any other shop fa town. ;, The public are
repectlull invited lo call. -
Cadial, Ohio. Augu 10, 1859-t t--,.-
tinLBS- VV o1 A'wine, 4uu airpCUi
UU .Shear of tuperiof aualitv.'aia Sr.
hep hy
it S. .Hcl'ADJtiN'auiJj

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