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, '. I'!
Tbt llrrr ef Wr A ft lie
.c i.U : - U Dalit 1-I4. '
.-, Ta fellawing extract from a letter, dtd
at Corinth en the 6ih ait, ha Ufa eon ma
. Bleated st th New Yotk Etttung, J'ut It
ftJimn, tor publication:
' "Ob bit friend! bow as I tell you of the
torturer that here nearly cra;l ate tor tbe
, last three dajsl Fen ia powerless to (nee.
ti , ward weak to convey ma tula ol the mis
ery I here endurrd. I thought myself strong
before. I lure awn eo much of suffering tbat
I thought my nerves bid grows needy, ami
1 could bear anything", Vat today I am weak
and trembnrg liae a tnghteaed child.
"But do aot wonder at It. My dear hns
Vand lies beside me, wounded onto death per
haps. . I hare I wt all hope of Raring hiia,
though I thank God for the privilege of being
. . Ibis moment beside him. Aod beside this,
all around me the sufferers lie meaning in eg
. ony. There has been little time to tend
them, poor fellows. True, tna surgeons are
' bay all the time, bat all the wounded hare
. not yet been brought in, and it seems as if the
lima will never come when oar brave men
- shall have been made as com fori able as cir
cumstances may permit. It is awlul to look
around me.' I can see every imaginable form
" of suffering, and yet sin helpless to aid t lie in '
any of cooMjuetre.
1 1 "Since niht before last I, have not left
husband's side (or a moment, except to
, get auch things as I required, or to hand
- aome 'poor fellow a cup of water. Even as I
write my heart throbs acbingly to hear the
deep groans an4 shsrnt cries about me. V. is
sleeping, but I dare not close my eyes, least
' he should die while I sleep. And it is to
keep awake, and ia a manner relieve my o-
Terburdened heart, that 1 am writing to you
now uuder such sad auspices.
"Oa the morning of the 31 inst, the fight
began. The attack was made on (Jen Mc Ar
tour's divison, and we could pl&iuly hear the
roll of tbe artilery here, as it ii only two
miles and a half from here. Oh' the fearful
. . agony of that aw'ul day! I had seen F. a
moment early in the morning, but it was on
ly a moment, when he bade me goodby, say
ing hurriedly as he tore himself away. Pray
for me, my wife, and, if I fall, God protect
you!" There was something in his look and
tone which struck a chill to my heart, and
every moment after I knew the fight bad
begun I felt as if he had fallen. I cannot
tell how long it was before 1 hnird tbatOg
lesby's brigade was engaged, but it seemed
an age to me. After that my agopy was in
tolerable. 1 never had a thought of fear for
myself; I was thinking only of F. Then 1
got the word tbat he had been hotly pursued
by the rebels and had fallen back
Late in the a'ternoon I succeeded in gaining
a little intelligible informtion. Poor General
llacktnan was shot through the neck
whilo giving a command, and fell mot tally
wounded. He died between ten and eleven
o'clock the same night, I since learned; Up
to the time of recieving the wound he had
acted with the greatest bravery and enthusi
asm, tempered by a coolness that made eve
ry action effective. When dusk at last put
an end to the first days conflict, 1 learned
tbat General Ogleeby had been dangerously
woundcd,but could gain no intelligence of my
husband. 1 could not bear the Stispertca
: Daik as k was, and hopeless as it s emcd
to search for him then, 1 started out to
the battle field.
"Oh, hoic shall I describe the search of
that night? It looked like m .dries-. It was
ir.adne-e. But all night long I strugled a
mongst bleeding corpes; over dead horses,
trampled limbs, shattered artilery every'
thing that goes to make up the horror of a
battle field when the contlct is over. They
were removcing the wounded all night. Oh
think how awtul to stumble over the dead
and bear tbe cries of the wounded and dying
alone, in the night time. I had to start off
alone, else they would not have let me go.
"As you may suppose, I could not find h iin
either amongst the living or dead. But the
noxt morning, just af.er snniise, I came to
a little clump of timbers where a horse had
fallen his head shot off and his body hall
covering a man whom I fpupo-ed dead. His
face was to the ground, but as I stooped to
look closer I percuved a laint movement of
the body, then heard a faint moan. I stoop
ed and turned tbe face upward. The head
and face were both covered with blood, but
when I turned it to the light I knew it in
spite of its disfiguration. Oh God, the ag
ony of that moment sickened me almost to
suffocation. With a strength 1 thought im
possible in me I drew him crushed and bleed
ing, from beneath the carcass of our poor old
horse, whom we had b th so loved and pet
ted, and dipping my handkerchief in a little
pool of water amongst the bushes, bathed
- his face and pressed some moisture between
his parched, swollen lips. He was utterly in
sensible, and there was a dreadful wound in
his head. Both limbs were crushed hope
' lessly beneath the horse, lie was utterly
beyond the reach of human skill to sav.', but
as soon as possible I had him conveyed to the
hospital.' 1 have nursed him ever since
hopelessly and with a heart breaking with
grief. Oh: how many wives, how many
mothers, are to day mourning the dead and
dying, even as I mourn my dying! He has
not opened his eyes to look at or spoken to
me since he fell. Oh! could he but speak to
me once before he dies, I should give him up
with more resignation. But to die thus
without a look or a word! Oh my heart ii
Negro Labor nt Washington
Negro Political Economy.
: The following is from Washington corres
pondent of the Cincinnati Qaieile.
"Over two thousand able bodied black re
fugees are employed in the Quartermaster's
Department here, and upon the defenses of
Washington on reduced wages. The a
mount saved on the difference between their
pay and that of white laborers is much more
than sufficient to support tne nve or nix nun
dred colored women and children in Govern
inent quarters. This is derive 1 from official
person, who say the contrabands are really
a source of Government profit."
From this it appears tbat the Government
is emDlovine negroes in preference to white
men. from motives of economy. To white
men1 out of employment, and others whose
wages are reduced below the living point
in consequence of negro competition tbi
news is interesting. And then negroes
work so well! It is absolutely surprising
Two thousand of men ara not only able to
support themselves but to support five or six
hundred women ana ennaren.
Of course we are not told how they loori,
but how they earn or eather how they move.
The correspondent of the Gazette does not
seem to' be aware that employment is one
thing, earning another, and payment still
another. "" ' !
Everv white man In the South supports, on
an average, four, persona b side himself.
Two thousand able bodied male workers rep
resent ton thousand persons to be fed and
clothed.' These negroes have run away
from their wives and children, or have
thrown them upon tha Government, or left
them to sbilt tor themselves i . ; .
Therefore negro labor is economical.
There fore tha Government is encouraged
to employ aegroei.. , -
Tbersiere tbe negro has proved himjell ao
intelligent and telf supporting laborer.
' Therefore should negro labor fix the Stan
dard of wages for whit labor. '
' Therefor the negro labor experiment Is
successful, and. mancipation ought to be a
Divers). ..-- -." ; ' :- '
It does not appear, however, that the Sur
plus earnings ol the two thousand able
bod lid black refugees actually go to the sup
portof tb five or aix hundred women aod
children-en Important (act in the calculation
of the economise of the enterprise. On the
contrary, we presume, It is quite tbe reverse:
Fro white labo rarer pay for tbe food and
and olothmg of tbeir wive end children, re
fugee black ones have their Dikwahb and
picanitinies boarded "in Government quar
tare " and clothed at tbe cost of Treasury.
Tber may bt tome thine vary tublim ia
this style of preceding; but when looked at
without tbe philanthropy, it doesa't recom
mend itpclf quit ao highly, and tha tree,
white laborine tax payer may not very n-
reasonably grumble a little.
J. C Ffrauoiat In Favor ol Frre
Speech aavd Free Press, sua 4
ARnlnsI lb Spcoaioia of the
John V. Fremont has lately made a no
ticeable speech in St. Looia, From it it is
clear tbat this distinguished Abolition leader
is not in favor of the encroachments which
the Administration ha made upon individual
liberty, open tbe right of free speech and
free presa. He it against the whole system
of arbitrary alrests. Hear him:
"But while vou give the wealth and pow
er of the nation to maintain tbe integrity of
its territory, and while you stand by your
constituted authorities with invincible ndel
ity and hold them inflexibly in position, you
must, with equal determination, maintain
those safeguards which have been thrown
around your personal liberties. Tbe strength
ol the nation to rise superior to every as
saultliesin tha maintenance of individual
liberty as it stood under the supremacy of
tbe laws: in the freedom of speech and free
do in of the press. Every invasion of the
laws is a usurpation, dangerous in revolution
and not to be justified on any plea ol tempo
rary expediency. Obsla prinds stop tbe
beginnings and stop them decisively, re
membering that, if you fail in this duty, you
surrender the sword, and the people fall.
"God placed in the hands of angel, at
tbe gates of Eden, a Uaming sword, turning
on every side, to guard the way to ihe Tree
of Life. So has he placed in your hands a
sword, which pou must keep always bare
and flaiming, and turning every way to guard
the approaches to that liberty which is tbe
tree of national life."
Mr. Fremont may, perhaps, recollect that
in 1856, when he run for President, tbe mot.
to of his party was 'Free Soil, Free Speech,
Free Press, Free Homes and Fremont,' He
is now a-hamed of tbe apostacy from this
platform by tbe Lincoln Administration.
. moral Stinslou.
There is nothing lika moral suasion. It
has grown to be a greal and controlling in
stitution. The best example of the same
occurred in San Francisco recently.
An acquaintance of ours was junior part
ner and occasional talesman in a firm whose
business It was to sell fish hecks, cod lines,
rope's ends and other odds and ends. O ia
day 'a John Chinaman, followed by a train
of about ten of his countrymen, ranged tan
dem fashion, entered the establisment, and
after peering around for a few seconds, ex
'Cotton seine twins got him?' ,.
'Yes,' was the answer.
'How much takt?'
'One dollar a pound!'
'Uui! give give fifty cents!'
'tret out!' said the junior partner, with
nenacing gesture, and John Chinaman de
parted followed by bis tail and countrymen.
The train passed the 'door several times
and at length reentered. John looking
around as though he had never been there
before, again inquired:
'Cotton seina twino got hiiu?'
'How much take?'
'One dollar a pound.'
'Uni! give seventy-fire cents,
'Get out!' cried Che excited partner, and
the Chinese population departed as before
The wild geese procession paraded past a
few times and re enterad. The spokesman
after gazing around some, lifted up his .voice
a third time, and he spoke:
'Cotton seine twine got him?'
'How much take?'
The salesman whispered to Patrick, the
porter, to hand him a cleaver. This had,
he grasped the astonished John Chinamen
with his left hand, and raising his cleaver
with his right, exclaimed.
'One dollar a pound!'
John gave one look at the cleaver, another
at the face of the salesman, and yelled out:
'I take one hundred pound!'
The bargain was thereupon closed. So
much for moral suasion.
OrA woman calling herself Ellen Wag
ner, of fine person, elegant manners, accom
pl'shed pianist, fluent talker and good edu
cation, has lately been detected in rvew
York as a thief on a large and novel scale.
The New York Post says she lives at tbe
most fashionable boarding houses, and can
act the lady to a charm.
Ellen peruses every day the morning pa
pers, looking for advertisements for domes
tics. Selecting a suitable one, she asHumes
an humble garb, and goes to secure the
pi ac. When she sucoceds by her atten
tion and obliging dispositions she wins upon
her lady employers, till she learns where
their silver are kept; and then some night,
with the aid of accomplices ontside, the
silver, valuables and prepossessing maids
servant would simultaneously disappear.
This feat accomplished, Ellen would re
turn to her boarding house, and recuperate
with a week or two of fashionable life,
talking frequently about her "husband at
the war." The police have been for over
a year on the track of this very clever
young lady, whose career as a swindler is
for tbe present at ltast, at an end.
The Bashtoi. Mas. Doesticks thus de
scribe bashful young man. " 'First call
bell ringsenter bashful young man evi
dently his flist attempt at a fashionable visit
came in with his hat in his hand put it
behind him to make a bow dropped it
tried to pick it up stepped in it put his
foot through it fell over it and, in his
frantic struggles to recover himself, burst
his coat, fractured his pantaloons, untied his
cravat, demolished his shirt collar, and was
finally borne to the hall by his sympathizing
friends, minus his patent mustache, ona half
of which was afterwards found in ' Laura
Matilda's scrap book, aod the rest discovered
in a coal shuttle.'
fJtr'My gracious' said Ike, if some (airy
would give ma wing, wouldn't I go round
araone ihe planets though. I'd go to Mars
and Venus and Jupiter, and the rest of them
'And Satan,' said Mrs. Papington, striking
in, "and I'm afraid you'll go there whether
yon have wings or not.' i -
lke whistled, and turned tha subject to
an orauge too old iady had.
OCT A little girl went to camp meeting, and
when she got homo she said the sisters in
the various tents told ber a good many things
and asked her questions about tha bible. On
being pressed to state what they had- told
her.sho said one thing they told her was
about Peter "who swore three time before
b cro wed." :
OCTAa Irishman, catching a thief's hand
In his pocket at the post-office the other day,
knocked the rascal down, and began to tram
ple on bis carcass at if he was dancing a
Fardownsr'a jig. 1
What's that fort said a bystander.
Oh!" said Pat, 'it's small change the fel
low wanted, and faith, I'm after giving him
a. few pott tfflct itatnps.'
An IsisTrnmos. A boarder was seen to
pick something out of a sausage be was eat
ing. 'What is it Ben?, asked s boarder sitting
'A little piece of bark:, I believe," replied
Well, old fellow, it's my opinion you'd
better not hunt any longer, or you might
find a f total pretty soon.
(KrDaniel WebsUs said; If the Aboli
tionists ever get power in their hands, they
will override the Constitution, set the Su
pre tne Court at defiance, change and make
laws to suit themselves, !ay violent hands on
those who diner with them in opinions or
dares to question their infallibility; and fi
rally bankrupt the country and deluge it in
blood.' How has this dreadful prediction
been verified? Honest men are getting wi
ser. A Miracle Promised. Tbe Governor of
Illinois gave his official promise to the Pres
ident, that if he would proclaim emancipa
tion, the suckers of that Slate wonld be in
stantly transformed into 'flaming giants.'
Flaming giants would make capital soldiers.
But as yet we hear ol nothing bat suckers
from Illinois' Hurry up the giants. We
need 'em.
OrA lady from Boston says: 'A ragged
1 ttle urchin came to my door not long since,
asking for old clothes. -1 brought him a ve't
and a pair of pants, which I thought would
be a com'crtable fit. : Young America took
the garments and examined each, then, with
disconsolate look, said: "There ain't no
watch "pocket."
OrSpecking of the exploits of a celebra
ted dancer at a certain managerial testimo
nial, Quizibob, who has just returned from
his summer wanderings, in a state of insan
ity, says, equally regardless of grammar and
propriety, that 'tbe fra!t she displayed were
not only extraordinary, but the legs ditto."
0r"Burns beautifully describes a lass he
met in a country ride "as blithe as lint
white on a flowery thorn, nnd a? sweet and
modest as a new-blown primrose in a hazel
KrThe newly horn in'ant of the Queen
of Spain has received 124 names. Exchange.
Nearly as many as the Republican Abo
lition party. ,
OirThe Abolitionists' say, 'John Brown's
soul is marching on.' The people ol Penn
sylvania, Ohio and Indiana have decid. d to
let it march.
OrA young lady who was perfectly thnn
derstruck at hearing of her friend's engage
ment has since been provided with a light
ning rod.
GO" An Indian out West was heard lo
make the following exclamation, on seeing
one of our fashionably dressed ladies: 'Ugh!
much wigwam.
0O"'I don't care so much about the bugs,
said Mr. Wormly to his landlady, 'but the
tact is, marm, i hain't got the blood to
spare; you can see that yourself.
have ona request to make of you,
my dear Mr. Grant.' 'My dear widow, I
will grant anything you say.' 'Well, sir, 1
want to be Granted myself.'
Kr 'Boy, why don't you attend school?"
'Caue, sit, daddy is afraid tbat if I learns
anything now, I shant have anything to
learn when I come to go to the academy.'
FOR I860
Preparations for a Large Trade!
C3r O I ID 33 1ST
& T O 3R. 33 !
174, Main street. Wheeling, Va.
TONE & THOMA8 announce to their
friends and the public that thev ara In .
ceipt of their stock of Fall aud Winter Good
embracing Dry Goods in all their varieiie'
Carpeting, Oil Cloth and Carpet chain, Millin
ery Good of every variety Notions, and Va
rieiie generally, comprising tne Inrgest, and
in some respect, the most dnsirable we ever
brought; to the city. Our customer may rest
assured thai they wl!l reap all the advantage
lht fatir dialing, a lone experience, close at
tention to business, careful buyine. and bnvina
with Cash, can give them. We buv moat of
our good with cash, directly from the man
ufacturers ana importers, and from close cash
Anction honxes, thereby saving a large per
centage. We have ample facilities for doing
a large Jobbing Trade, and invite tbe attention
of Merchants to our nock before buying, and
Tailors to our slock of Cloth, Cassimeres ind
witnout particularizing, we will tav we
keep the largest stock in the city of the follow
ing a wen aa ail gooo.
Dress dime, oi every iiyie ana price.
Millinery good, silks, velvets, ribbon Ate
, rrench Merinoes, ol every shade.
French Printaand Goods,
Goods for Friend' wear and traveling
Bhawia ol every grade and price.
Plaid 5c Print. & worsted fabric for dresses
Cloak and Cloaking, Prints, Ticks, Muslins,
Flannel, blankets, and gooi'e for Men a d
Bov' wear generally. No
Good House shall sell cheaper.
Our stock of FURS will befouai! to be verv
desirable.. We ask attention o our aloak of
Carpeting, etc., which is v. V lull and at tow
Dricaa. , ; ?
Ail goods sold at a small advance on pur
chase. .
Person making purchase in the city will find
it to their interest greatly to give u a call b
lore buying.
Parcel ht 10 any part or the city ran.
Remember the aign of the "Golden Pe vUive,"
near tbe Suspension Bridge.
Nov. 7. 1861-tf .
A small lot jot received and for ssle by
Ang. 13.11)62 J. K. CRAWFORD, Ag't. ,
6ds aad Natimsjnst received a
63 tas
W. r. Hire ............ ........ 1. 1. Taeaai
ATTonJtETfl -A. T ' X.A.MT,
CADIZ, OHIO. - , .
OFFICE ea Marker street, two doom above
G. B. Barre it Jewelry Store.
All proenional bnainraa ia this sad adjoin
ing counties will receive Temt.atteniieo -Oct.
15, 1863. ' . ,
Attorney and Conirselor at Law,
Cadis, .Ohio.
Orrirs In the room formerlr occupied by J.
tl. menim. raq., maraet street.
Cadis, Ohio, June 4, 1863., .'
Attorney and Counselor ntLnw,
Orrict On Main street, opposite Beall'e
Oru Store.
Collections in this and adjoining counties
carefully attended to, and special attention
given to coavivaxcme. . eepa'bo
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
3r Will practice in the Court! of Harrison
April ii, w 1 1 : ' -
Attorney at Lnw.
Orrics On Main street, over George's Gro
JrStrict attention to all baaineas entrusted
him in Harrison, Jefferson, Belmout, and Tut
rarawaa Counties.
Office in Ihe Brick Building, opposite the
Mansion House.
Jan. 85. I860-
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods,
Market st - - ' - Cadiz
Nov, J4, 1860-ly, '
J Market, directly opposite tlifl "Cadiz
House" where one, or both of them may be found
at all times, ready to receive calls from all those
desiring their aervicea. Teeth put ap in the
msst approved styles warranted and repaired
for one year free of charge.
July 18, 1860.
ca.tiz, oiiio." ' "
ri AS removed to his new house on Market
XX Street, opposite the Presby ter'an Church.
Dec. 4, 1861. -
Dealers in Produce and Agricultural imple
ments. Cadiz, Ohio.
W Warehouse at the Depot.
April '5, 18ti0
Attorney nt Lnw nnd Solicitor In
CONTINUES to practice in Harrison an
adjoining counties, and gives especial and
prompt attention to Collecting, businessof Ex
ecutors, Administrators, Guardians, Wards,
Partitions, Sales of Lands, settlement of Es
tates, Titles, to Real Estates, Conveyancing,
Suits at Law and in Chancery, loaning and in
vestment of money, and all other professional
business placed in his charge.
jTlle is Agent for the State Bank of Ohio
and others, for loaning money, &c.,&c.
SCrODice in Kilgore's Corner, on Market
January 85, 1860.
Capital $1 500 000.
ILL take risks on favorable terms. Insure
vour propertv and rest secure.
July 23, 1862. ' 1 ' V
Cigars,-Tobacco, Snuff, &c.
JtT'OULD say to avery one, that he has
IV oDened out in the room next to 8te
wart' store,, and directly opposite ihe Court
House, a regular siore for the sale and manufac
ture of all kind ol . .
His stock of Tobacco. Cigai, Ate, ia full
and complete, and will be old at the lowest
price. Whatever he sell he warrant to be a
Mo. 1, article.
Grocericaand stores supplied with everything
in his line cheap a they can be pnehased
anywhere. Public patronage respectfully oolici-
lted. A large ioioi gooa ary wram Vigar on
always oo hands. ' , ' .'.'.., v '
Cadiz, Mayzv, KM.
Wall Paper J Wall Paper!
THE subscriber takes pleasure in calling the
attention of the public to hi larze and
well selected stock of. Well Paper, just recei
ving for the Spring and Summer trade. Hie
stork consist of 20,000 piece with 400 differ-
en. pattern, ranging in price Irom bMesiit tc
Sl,ou per piece, together with every variety ol
Borders, Window Curtains, Decoration for
fannel Work, &c, &c. -... . ..
Il has also on hand a complete assortment
of School. Historical, Medical, Religion and
Miscellaneous books, Stationery, Blank Books,
Slc.. oie.. abich will be sold wholesale and re'
tail aa cheap aa they can be bad West of the
Mountains. ; tuive me a eau, - - ?
March 9-'59-
YT70ULD inloim the people of Harrison and
W adjoining counties, that be has on handst
Bnd ia finishing up a superior lot ol Uarringea,
auggie and Wagon, which fordurabilily can't
be surpassed anywhere. Repairing done on
short notice. Also
37123lo Harness,
to sell to suit Carriage. Person wishing any
ol the above articles will do welt to give him
call before purchasing elsewhere, as be intends
to sell to suit tbe times. All work warranted.
New Market, May 2d, I8626m -, .
Maxwell, Campbell & Tingle,
v .'. "AKD DEJkI.SB lit
PR O 13 XJ O E!
Muin Stv Wheeling. Vn.
March 5, 1868ly ; . '...' ,-. - -, i
Crotchet Needles,', .
, Knitting Needle, - .-
Sewing Needle, extra good,
Pen knives of all kinds,
Table Cutlery, .,: , . ;
An assortment ol the ctlehrated India Rub
ber handled table cutlery warranted to wind
hot water, at bAUUETT'S.
WA T C H E 8
At very low prices and Warranted.
New stock received at . BA RKE'lT'S.
A NEW LOT ol all kind of Whips just re
XJu ceived and for aale by
btaut Apru v loot
ri i? at tl aa
NKORM the ciiiseae of Harrieoa and adjoin-(
lac coaaties, that they eipect lo be ta Ca-
ait at tit KatiMal Hoaae so et. w stain
ov. tl aad f December IT, aaa soar
wards every moBihretalerlr as notice will be
Iivea Iron time umm. , iw w- -j
honorable coarse lo merit a share of r"Oli pe
tronare. Dyapeaaia and E.irer Disease.
Doyen riae with a coated tongue la the awn
ings withl bad tme in th mouth. and poor ap
petite for breakhaif Do ywa feel when yon
first gel b ao weak aad Uagaid oa cease area-
If get abcatl ix you nave oh
head at times and often a dnlaeaa, with head
ache ocaaionallyt. Are yont bowels costive
and irregular and appetite ehangsblel Do jroa
raft an wind from the stomach and de yon bloat
ap often! Do you feel a fuUaeaa alter eating
an a goneneaa when Ihe stomach iaemp'yl
n. r.l ! aniritad aad look on tha dark
me ef thtagvt Are you not unuaualy nervous
at Unreal Do you not become reatleas and
ofienlmy until midnight before you can go to
sleept and thea at rtaroa, don't you feel dull
and sleepy moat ol the timet lsyourakindry
and sealyt also sallow? lu short, is vour lite
not a burthen, full of lorebodinyai Now. these
... ik nnniMiu eenenllv present, but not
always all of them, and there am thousands
who are euftering daily from them, and we
pledge ouraeivea, in irum r'-'r-tiona,
to drive them all away and completely
.nn. ih r..tij-nt. ehanmna their whole rhyaical
and mental nature, and thna make a blessing
instead ol a burthen. We ek those who saiii
tried until tired end discouraged to give us one
fair trial and we candidly can do just what ia
above set forth. Try two oreacriptiona aad we
can in that time aatiafy the moat increduloue.
We call especial attention toour annum invai
uable treatment in the above diseases. "Prove
all thinge."
We claim positively to cure every case of
these diseases. Tlila is a positive fact, and
we will pledge ouraeivea give $50 to any
case of the kind that we cannot cure and we
generally cure with one presenptioa.
Incipient Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma,
Throat Diaeaae. e., e
We call especial attention to persons afflic
ted with those diseases to the fact that we
have an almost invaluable treatment in those
affections which has been lately discovered.
We have succeeded on thia route in restoring
cases of thia kind in a lew months who have
been treated for years to no effoot, and others
nn umior traatmeni and are rapidly being
reatoredt aa in fact to usefjtheir own worda.
they aay they leel themselves coming up veryo
A.u Wi rin not nnailivelv claim that there is
no case so lar auvancea dui mi w van y
and make them more comfortable, protang life
and the moat of cases can be auoceeslully cured
il taken in any kind of time. Rememher, this
ia au age of improvement, and remedies are
being discovered that disarm disae ol many of
many ol its terrors. We invite those who are
threatened, or have any form of Lung Disease,
to give us one trial, when we can prove all we
have said in ine above.
apr!0,'6l. ' : .
Have opened out In R. J. Bennett'? old store
room opposite the public buildings, tbe largest,
finest, nicest and cheapest assortment of
uttir ;q-oo:ds,
ever exhibited to the people of Cadiz and Bar
risoncounty. Their stock embraces everything
in the Dry Good line, and being bought at
Will be sold in the same manner.. We wish
to make no boast, but we say without (ear of
competition, to all persons wishing to purchase
any kind ol Dry Goods, Queonsware, &c , that
if they will call and examine our stock, we can
satisly them that we can sell goods cheaper
than any other store in Cadiz.
I he highest market price paid lor an Kinasoi
Now, if you want bargains, bring along your
produce or cash to our store, and you win re
ceive beiur bargains than you ever received
before at any store in Cadiz.
. l Lj iTtnucnu j. no
May 7. I8fi2.
J. dock of
Amons which mav be found Ladies' Dreat
Goods, of a great variety, consisting in uart ol
plain ana lancy sii s,inaiiies, ooragei wm
Print, Jaconett, Organders, Delaine, chintz
BarguRnbet Jaconett Kobes, otc. -i
Including a full assortment of Whiter Goods
Brilliants, Jackonettea Lawn. Swiss and Mall
Mareoille, Thread and Jackonett Edging and
Insertinee. A lame assortment of Mens and
Bov Wear. Ladies and Children Boots, Shoes
and supper oi an vaneues.
Coffee, Sugar, Tea, Rice.Tobaccb. Pish, Molat
ses Syrups, Candle, Soaps, &e.
Oct. 9, 1861.
tSpring & Summer
U. S. MoFaddsk... .K. W. Kinsev
. II. S. fli'FADDEX dc CO.,
ARE receiving th largest stock of Ameri
can, English, French and German Cows
ever offered in one season to the people of II ar
rieon county, and at price much lower than
wa anticipated one month since. Our slock
consists ol all the varietiee of the season. We
invite the people to call and' judge lor them
telte. ' Particular next week.
April 30, 1862. . "'
Confectionary and Variety Stoi
Opposite the Publio Building, ,
v -,.. i Cadiz, Okie
S FEttGUSON !repctfully ' informs h .
friend that h is still in the buainenn.
the building directly opposite the Public Builc
ings, where he offer for Bale a large and we
elected asosrtment of Confectioneries, &e.
among which may be found the following:
Common & fancy Candieiof all kinds, Almonu
Filberts, Cream and Pea Nut, Raisin, Fig,
Date, French Currant. Sugar, Soda, But
., tar and Water Cracker. Western Re- .
' ... , serveand English Cheese, Ground , .
and Bark Cinnamon, Pepiier,
" ' Uingsi, Alspice St Starch, ,,:
. ' - Fine and Common Ci
; gar, Tobacco and -Snuff,
Pulverized White Sugar, assorted Pick
le and Pepper Sauce, Comb. Port Moniea,
and Pen Knive, Visiting Card and En
valopei, Watch Chains,. Kays and
Guards, a fine lot of common
Jewelry, TOYS of all , ,.,
description. ' ,
$TA he intends to sell cheap, he hope hii
friends and th public generally will favor hux
with their patronage. -
Country Conlectionaria can be supplied
st biaestabliihoient on tha very best terns.
CEPHALIC PILLS, an Inlatiiole cure for
Head Aohe, for sale by.
i. -- GrOClJS
JVatches; Viocks
' ,- , r-
HAS now on hands a good assortment ol Goods
the above line, which haa been bought low, and
consequently, he will sell them at very
low prices. His goods are a' I nice and
fresh, and cannot fail to please
buyers, both in quality and
prices; he therefore solic- .
its an examination .
of his stock and
halnra mircha'ine: elsewhere in so doing:, he
feels confident that he will mcrrit a large ahare
of publio patronage. He keeps no Watches but
wha tare selected with great care, and con
sequently, all watches sold are warranted time
keeper or no sale. Hue Ooid Hunting English
I .avars. full
jeweled, from 75 tot 100
KniflOold Hunting Swiss Leeers, full
ieweled. from .....35 to M
Pina Gold open faced Levers and Le-
nines, from : 80 to 35
lleavv huntina Silver English Levers,
full ieweled, from 35 to 40
Hnaw huntina- Silver English Levers,
soven jewels, from 27 to 35
llmiiiny Swiss Lever and Leoines. four
lawala. from 12 to 16
Silverouon laced Levers and Lepinea.. 8 to 12
Carviugf Finger Hi iirs, lir'st Pins
in ereat variety ol stylos and prices.
L alit-s Gold C'hniits and Lockets
Gold Vest and Fob Chains.
Gold and Silver Spcclnclcs
Gold and Silver . , Snvrtneles
Gold and Silver Spectacles.
Gold and Silver Spectacles.
Gold and Silver Spectacles.
Gold and Silver Spectacles.
Gold and Silver Spectacles.
Silver, Gorman and plated table and tea
spoon Pocket-book and Portmoniea in great
variety, nne nncKei-Knives, iincars ana
scissors, finu Razors, coral glasa on wax
spsoq Lots ol other nice tilings too ;
numerous to mention. Call in
friends, everything sold
l warranted as repre
sented. Main St., Opposite the Pnblic Bnildings.
Cadiz. Deo. 22 -1858- . .
"gkeax " assortment
In Wm. 1. Fry's nil shnp, went end of Main
street, Cadiz, Ohio.
A CARSON, respectfully inform the old
friends and customer of Win. I Fry.
deceased, and the public generally, that he oc
cupies the old shop, where he is belter prepared
than ever, to nil all orders in his line ol busi
ness. He has now on hand, and intends at all
tine j to keep, a general assortment of every
ihing in his line of business, both of homo and
Cincinnati make.
His present large assortment consist of
Sofas, Ceuler-Tables, Brcukfast
Tables, Side-Boards, Bu
reaus, Dining-Tablcs.
These, with every other article in his li.t
will be kept constantly on hand.
' Coffin of various sizes and finish, with
hearso always in readiness on ihe shortest no
tice. He hope that all who are in need of Cabinet
Ware will givo him a call, ae he i satisfied he
can please them both in price and quality.
Cadiz, Ohio, June 11, 1862-lyr.
Cheap Durable and Neat.
tlpposite the Public Buildings, Cadiz, O.
MAKE and keep on band the line; l quality
of Ladies wear, also tine. Boot and
Shoo, sewed or pegged, equal in style to the
best city make. Our !pring tock of firsi
class Eastern Work consists of nice lot ol la
dies' i.nd Misses Heeled Slippers. Kid Heeled
Hoot, fleeted aiter;, and almost every style
oi anoe lor men, women, coy and Children.
Ladies Rid and Gaiter of ihe lineal material
Work made to order and warranted nottorio
We tit up and keep the lasts for caca regular
uuoiumtir, always iiiaarillg a period ni.
Wlieoling Money taken at par. ' a :"
May 8, 1861. ,
Have just received a large and splendid Hock
of all kind of Ready-Made Clothing, Gentle
men' Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps,, Gent'i
Shawls, of nil kinds; also a tip top stock ol
French Cloths at an astonishing low price.
They respectlully invite their mime rou
Iriend to call and examine their tock, and
tney win not tail to purchase - Our goods were
purchased witb great care at astonishinv low
price, and will be sold cheaper than such goodn
were ever before aoldin this market, tor cash
omy." JACOB CKAHd ol CO.
Oct. 9. 1861. ' i i ..... i - . .. ;
: New Boot and Shoe Shop.
WOULD respectfully inform the citizen ol
Cadiz and vicinity that he haa commenc
ed carrying on the Boot and Shoe business in
th room opposite Coleman' stora, where he in
tends to keep a full supply of
Custom Made Work, . ..
consisting of all kinds oi Boots and Shoe
Nc Eastern Work kept in hi sliop. All wor.
warranted. He will aell a low if not .lowei
than any other ahop in town.. Th public are
respectlully invited to call.
' ' rlENRY HAGQEDORN, -Cadiz,
Ohio. August 10,1859-
J ., . Arubrotypes encaad lor
4J " Carte de Viaite pietnres for ;
: ; Card Photographs for
These are furniahed at -
July 83. 1863; ' -
40 Pk
,B' M. R. Raisins, in half and or.
M. R.
boxe. Also Fig, Prnue Date. Almonds,
Cream lSutt, Peanuts, English Walnut,.
ete., at G at. W
IN DOW Ula.s and Putty, a large and
Ireab arrival of each, lor aala at
low figures i BE ALL'S.
tlftaUf otocoji i w aartu. -vnooM.
., !!! '
. tl j i'l Uiil nt rjf1 T
AT : i.
' i ..-H
u i.
WE are now receiving and have In ate
very large stock of OKOCEKIB lo,
which we lnvita the ailantion of K ETA It.
DEALERS and all o'hers who wish to pureaxaa
for their own consumption.
The following is a list of leading articles ja
hand: '
N O. Sugar
Crushed do
Powdered do
- Eatra PSttaanrff It
Buar cured Hank
; nan cured .- ate
Dried Bae, .. ,, ,
A.B.ftC Coffee Sugar
xv. u. molasses
No 1 Mackerel
No. a do ;
No. S do - p. -Labrador
Lake de '
White Fish
Burr & Son' Syrup
mo (.ones
Carb. Soda
Sal Soda ' '
Suices, all kind a ,
Mesa Shad
Uaskeisand wooden war White bead
Lubricating Oil LI 1 seed Oil '
Wool Twine Paints around in I
Wrapping Paper, etc.
The hithest market uriee wtil be nald; faa
Butter, Kggs, Baeon ana all kinds of Country
Produce. UEOKU E St BRO.
Cadiz, May 21, 18 .,
Cadiz, March 26, 1SC2
Sloi'cs! 'Stoves 1 7
Tames A.3?Vial
las the largst and most com
jjleto assortment of '
Embracing ivry variety and quality, both
for Wood nn Conl, that has ever been
brought to Cadiz. ' lie alao haa every
thing belonging to the busiue,
such a !..,
Brass and Copper Kettles 1
if all aizes and qualities, and adapted to avery
' purpose tor wliish such kettle can l ased.
House Souliiii, Itwonu,Ac.f
Uune oil short notice. . -
cf all kind always kept n bona, or made ta
order I., short, everything belonging le
the business will be found ia hit tvr. "
Repairing ail kind of Job Work
done on the shortcut notice
aad moat reasonable
tlE . ,
- soil ev- ' ' ' ' :
rything in , . ; ,
his store at price
ranging from 10 to Si '
per cent, cheaper fur Cash, than
auch articles have ever before been sold , ,
n liio place. Wiiun you need anything in hi
line remember the place Market IM uppoaite
Brown's Store, nd aovan. door south ol the
comer. " '
Cadiz. Jan 83. 1361-lr
Saddle and Harness Making"
At the old aland of Win. Knos '.
Oh 7titi'kt Slieel.
I Keep constantly en hand an assortment el
SADDLtS, ': !
, JAPANNED AND , ,....
H-iSLlfLlNr 1113,
LEATHKR WlflPis, "
and all other article in my line Repairing
done and work made to order On the shortest
notice and ol the best material ajd workman
ahip. . , .
Please call before purchasing elsewhere, a
alt work is warranted lu be a ropresentsd,
ind a cheap a al anv oilier place,
Cadii, Aug. 8-6in.'
, 3PjiixVTI2NTO-, ;
Benjamin Watkinaon. ,
OFFERS bi service to the citiaenaof Cadis
ind urrounding country, in theartof . ,'
House Palntliie,Orniutn(r, Papci
Hanging, Vnrnisliliitr, ' ,'
and all kindsof Imitation in Wood, Stone and
Marble, Also, Sign painting attended to, on tha
moat rerasonable term. ' ' : ; . ' ' t
Those wishing to have Painting done in the
be: and most modern style, would do well to
give him call, as he endeavors to do hi work
in a neat, subitantial, and workmau-like maa
ner. ' Cadia.Ohio. May 17 M '
' ' Kssr or theib stocs or ''
..... . r ... ( I ......
IIorses,Biaggls, SIeigh
For Hire at the Lowest Bates.
IWTbe BAYS are still alivcfl i '
Ian. 16, 1861-iy , .. , . . ...
31. TJ M 33 33 3ti
A RE contantly receiving by railroad, i
T large supply of all kind of Lumber,
(both dressed aud undreased,) Door and' Win
dow Frame, Sash, fee, which they wairant,
to be of an excellent quality, and which they
will cell cheap,
Cadix, Jan, 6, 1861, , ( :iu i i it.to )
OacXIss, Olilo.
merlykept by Mai. Lacy, and mora receatt
bv Tho. D. Grime, will be found by th iratv.
elling community to posses all the advantages
of tbe beat conducted hotels. The Hou (
been thoroughly tilted and , furniahed, ia In,
moat approved atvle, for the accommodation f
gneatai and it ia the determination of the Pr
prietor that none who- may favor him with),
their patronage aball have reaaon tocomplain.
in any particular, ar go away diMainfiad. t '
rrBill moderate. i'i-'t' . r -'
or Baggage uken to and from th Depot fire
ol eharg.
October 17,1W0.:
j vi .

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