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The Cadiz Democratic sentinel. [volume] (Cadiz, Ohio) 1854-1864, November 26, 1862, Image 2

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r jDtStuiaaal of fleWeUu-. '
. The eJitor of the Stcubt-nvillg Union
wlq battbeeu for tbe last five jnontli
with Gen, McClt-llan's army,' and has
juj f jtwed t1?. hi homo in Steuben
vill, thu -speaks of the . removal of
7tjf MqClelJun from Lin command:
Tim dismissal: of McCIeMan and the
c jcttaelth.crefor, "in llallcck'a letter,
Lata been Wore the public for mure
than'i wetk. ' It seems to be the same
. iitaavuU, unfortunately, unfortunate
event1 thrtVit soetned when first seeu or
ucarilt.ikv;T the moderate men of
thje eonntrr,' if respective of part)', it is
oncotic most tliseouraging events ot
the -whdle war. ; Gen." McCleilan .was
pre-cunutjotly a bafk central. Iu his
hands there was no fear that our army
vr mild suffer any of those", disgiaceful
reverses that on two oecaaons at least,
overwhelm ned us, ' " ., ' .. .
He a5 He! BRIlLtAXT, say his op
j'osers.' ., Certainly he was not so bril
liant as Pope whose career of the rap
id and daringj.so nmch delighted the
radical", but after promising to Mien
gavt ,'sV iTrrXE, if we call the sua Jit
and the loss little. In his case a rem
it rose with' rrost sublime swoop, but
Ezaled in a mud puddle.
",IIe was not expeditious." . Not so
expeditious ss the' great Pathfinder,
when he ran his army almost to death
in the mountains, and sacrificed the
gaflnnt .advance in a rebel ambuscade.
ncre are t-oi. ivane ana me iucKiaii i
Rifles? : He was not so expeditious as
the, model hero who caught up ,-with
Jackson at Cross Keys and got so ter
RUifwuirrED.' '
"He marched so slowly ,' through
SI iryland.;' o lie marched fast enough
to overtake Lee; he fought ably enough
to whip, with a recently defeated ar
ny, the victorious Chivalry, who were
about to dictate terms at the gates of
Baltimore, Washington, New York and
Philadelphia, . He was able enough,
and brilliant and expeditious enough
to reassurc the country at that tiraej
ot terror, as ho did before, after that
terrible day in July 1861. .
But to be more specific: The sum of
the-charges of Gen. Halleck is this:
that McCleilan. did not obey orders,
Hnd permitted Gen. Lee to escape when
he should have engaged and defeated
him, immediately after the battle of
Antietaniv It is notoriously true,
when Gen. McCleilan assumed com
mand of the army which Pope hud so
effectually disorganized, ho was to be
hampered in his movements B' XO OXE.
Yet Gou. llalleck bits in Washington,
and tells him when, and where he
must -fight. ;, McCleilan was on the
ground; he knew the STRENGTH OF TH 3
EXEMl', and 'all the' surrounding cir
cuiristunces! and he should judge, in
that jpeeuil'tiase, WHEXand WIIEEE to i
fight, and not Gen. llalleck. Ic must
be remembered, that a largo part of
McClellan's army h id been discoura
ged and disgusted by the management
of the "brilliant and expeditious Pope;"
and that another part of it was com
posqd of men , who , one mouth before
were handling tbe scythe and swinging
the cradle men who ' were VSdovbt
KDLY BBAVE, but who never had the
bondfit any thing at all like a proper
training (ox eo iterrible a risk ' as was
then'to btr made: : Delay gave Mc
Clellan numbers, strength anil spirit;
it gaWthe- enemy retreat, discourage
iu;nf'ancl"di3a3ter.' These results were
manifest in tlie series of splendid skir
mitjhea'tnat marked . McCleilan late
advance towards the Rapidan. ; And
who ban doubt that they .would have
told with i overwhelming; power i at the
great battle that was in "prospect, near
GoriionsvilteK--;But an evil genius pur
sued us '-'' An ble general was torn
remorselessly and cruelly - from his
idoliring soldiers; wheh; everything of
hono'rah4,ope,, ung oh the. decision,
of tlw sword Who will dare fo sayj
wheri the fierjK soldiers " of-,tho';Squth
rash to the 'cha?ge -and tlieir deadly
artillery'":59"iSpoiirragi its' leadcrf bail
along our tlnrtRpd .Jle9JthiVt jQe army
of thffPotematJ ' Will- not sorely mis4
the glanttchfef ntlerVwbom at Jlal
vern ilill South Mountain and An
blood,' ut wabla6ned in gloryl
"Tk raUPl,Qf tIi cuntrydoscrvfl
tlio shnid eTefe'ati tnrt e lidp, fdr
the sake gCtUft galutnt men mQ-9r.
the nsiiiik' iletg,-ifcsaMp;ilt till
perch upon tiisithmMM&i
the plans of McCWlaR wUlijp-viiidica-ted;
iot, bis remeval will be. terribly
arenffed.' atti the blood of the Country 1
ill rest'W the 'fittA&r&W
Lincoln and the tell hentlds of jAboli
iion bjr ybotn tip ii go uiica sootrollci).1
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' rWiiurr rrrr err ri Terr.
tin T in l-iih nr nrrm'.ir nl
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uno monin aitrrtue pwrie or vuuo
had,.at tlitir election condr msl , t'.-e
practice of illegal arrests cf citfieii
by the military, . Warren Stanton, of
Ahtatula" Cyunty, was, arrested, '.at
his residence, upon the pretext that lie
had discouraged enlstmcnts, and was
hurried off to the Government Bustile
at Columbus. The arrest was made
in the usual manner, in conumpt and
violation of law. If Mr. Stanton had
violated, any law,, the court of- Ashta
bula county were open to punish him.
There are but one thousand Democrats
in that county, out of six thousand
voters. ; lie could be tried "before an!
Abolitjon Judge and by an Abolition
jury. No Abolitionist will deny that
Ashtabula, even in his StSofi of loy
alty, is a loyal community, and can bt
re.iea upon to puuieh all illegal practices.-
Why, then, is the civil rower
set aside there? Will any ' one pre
tend to snv that it is necessary, even
upon the" miserable plea that of lie
tyrant expediency? - '
We need no further evidence to con
vince us that Mr. Stanton, like every
other man who has been arrested for ii
political offense in the loyul States, is
innocent, has never broken any law,
n4id we do not doubt that after he un
dergoes the, torture of imprisonment
he will be discharged without a trial
as an innocent man! He was probably
arrested at the instigation of some ma
lignant and cowardly Abolitionist in
Ashtabula county, who wanted to vent
hia personal spite. Discouraging en
listments! That is a pretty broad and
extensive phrase, that can be made to
cover almost everything which the
Government dislikes! . It is like its
counterpart, ""i loyal practice," which
may mean anything or nothing, as a
whim or caprice may suggest, and un
der which the party in power might
arrest and punish every body who dis
approved of its policy.. We : can as
sure this Administration that the deep
est and most intense feeling of indig
nation is being created by these arbi
trary and despotic acts in the loyal
States. They have heen condemned
by the people in thunder tones, and a
severe retribution avait3 all those who
have had any agency in them. Enq
X FrcHclim.t noil Aiuericasi
An eminent military gentleman of
France, now traveling in the United
States, has written a series of articles
on American affairs which are attract
ing much attention. . In a letter dated
from New York, the 10th ult., the wri
ter explains with great ' clearness the
distinctive characteristics and orgnn
ization of both the American armies,
and the reasons why, in his opinion,
both have alike so often failed to reap
the expected fruits of their respective
victories. After summing up on both
sides with great ability and imparlial
itv. ho terminates thus: "And now,
what' is the' conclusion, which we feel
ourselves compelled to arrive at, from
this impartially sketched picture of
t both armies? It is that the war; in
this country is a war entirely devoid
of all hope of a. result:, that, victory
Carries with it no' fruit, no future', and
that these great battles must -continue
tu remain hetacombsof human sacrifi
ces, devoted to, a contest wliu-li threat
ens to bo eternally ineffective;" 'Euq.
Itt-iMittiic.t l.iix-i'iy.
" About the worst and meanest case of
imprisonment under our .Republican
letters de catchet appears to bo that
of Mrs. Brinsniade, a young lady born
in the North, but married in New Or
leans. H iving come to the North on
a visit, she was picked up in Washing
ton, carried to New York, and there
imprisoned, without the liberty to com
municate' with her relative,' 'for forty'
days, m a police station, among thieves
and prostitutes. Nb offense -was alle
ged or intimated, and the only author
ity for her capture and detention was
the will of a subordinate epy of the
Administration, who made no report of
hw acts to the Government, nor would
permit her to take any measures to gain
her liberty by an appeal to his sdperi-
ors.rEnq;!,:,v :'v:': ..v
I"'."-, TO Hie 1'olltt. r.A.r'
r The Democratic papers of this State
concur pretty , well jn adjudging , the"
Cificirihati Commercial to be thet pnin
cipal; OrGA' : 6iv AsSAisTIio
Ohio, The JZaneVviLle cjty. .TimesV el-
itcd by .Mr. Glessner, a Union uinem
ber of the Legislature,' speaks of it as
,w..v .... ,. .... i . ...
,. i "The'CdmmerctaTis 4 , vicwua pa
per, that panJert (a Ihejexy : wpjsl otaion'6f
men, ana irotu ine mon sonut viovvti, ni.u h
.is. beneO tolie expected tnat e'yen' tbo bea't 01
mop win noi escape us cnuruniea,
f aJelf D.ayia. haabeomf iojs.
gusted-with the Union swutiirient tliatt
is rising aft wi in -v wuwir,
talis verTI 8tEonglvf' th'i?ng thut
iftflntfr4 vM'ot US te'ou'flier st. Cwt
icoeraiy. ea vwM.awii5'uB-ier
suit xif;
qause lain more trouble to; keep his
aoYcrnmcnt totbrerthlttf ' the ar
; ' t-f 'tt'- -- , ' '.a '" mi'
,m roies hehastOiContend withThegen.3Mf''t;i tw.f'.t
li. 'nine Union sentiment , u DOW raereas'iftg, 'jj,, people of 0ho ara becoming tea
ApUlj, W S0OtB.it i ii i. ta Jwi aaxala. Tbef d Jooftr iihatbsjr 25xli '
;.aiW Vl It Vtd ('.
fi ,jtv
"r-r- frtrn TTTT'ttrtTBr trrpTt
e invite atu ntio. to tltc able and
patriotic k-thr tf Ex-SctMor ti.gl.r,1
if FciittfrjlvaiiSa, npotrpoiitie:il Jfi'ui:,
hKli we give elsiwlicre. pjr. I5i:Ir
is well entitled fo a heuinit fnm toe
1 1 . a... tit k.
patriotic pc?ij,'e of jao country I Co
man labred larder " than slie id In
Congress, in 1861, to compromise our'
present difficulties, if all of our Con
gressmen had been Biglcrs, tnyg the
Enquirer, -we .-houW L4 ketfc Viiii-i
ted, happy and prosperous people to
l i
would not
promise, cren after the fc'oatlvthrough j
Jeff D.iviV bn,I oir..re.r fa take itJ Mr. 1
j v-
Uigler iati-odueedn bUl knbniittjitjjto
the people of the'f luted States, on a
direct vote, the ' Crittenden ComprO
mise.". This the Abolition Senators al
so voted tlowu.- They would not com-
nninfa- neither would thev allow the
promise, neitticr w wui mey puow ine
tlmt the Apoil. ott ' ORtors I QurguLbojta bva 0-trowU tba town of 4oi l0 the coumri?- to not so re.dilvUi... , i- ..,ir at..tib. n.tura of u J.t .,JS2!40iW.HmMt,ttttOI
accept, the Crittenden CuOl- St. Mary, Georgia." " " answered.-'Jhe uul reVpn is, God fcaows ! the coi flUa in irh'ch we are tnvastd.- Wo of -i... ,ha-.n:. .-i ! ff:
people a chance to to heard 'on ti c Idesiire i.rguuiki-bafa Ucd- paud ; not build up. It may ' chastise and s.Heric fnuuibr cf the, Stii- iuijugi and .buni.il
oUL'ation ', i twiea certain. Deiooctatie- b'deri in thia the it-Lola in the Csld; but itfunnot, .mak iaie tlie c'tlierir, then ibey could hot' Iie to-
' ':- ' ' ' ' ''- J. '"'"-"' '"' ' ' ' city and the head trai-.or at. Iticbmond." ui-.ion ol State; it can not reKtore confidence ge-Ni ajua1ii and litondsv for tbe aubjugar
-if - i n lri" v. !
KJJmm i, t omiu uuuiMuiti n vv a I
Sentinel some extracts from -a careful !
and elaborate sketch of the"' campaign,
of General MeClclluii, 'which begsn
with the evacuation : of Jlauiissas by
the rebel army, and ended with the ro-
treat from before. Pichinond' written
by the Prince De Joim ille, who was a
e, wbo was a
member of the General's staff during
the organization ,of the 'Amiy- of - the
Potomac and the Peninsular campaign: '
The Tiii ce's views have been careful
ly prepared by One versed in the high
est military science and diplomacy of
the age, nnd whose statements of facts
will not be called in question. AVe
bespeak for them, in advance, a cares
ful perusal. . !" ..." ."' , :
Meets an next Monday. The country
will nrain be affiieted.' but thank 'Tlie 1
Lord, it is the short session,, and mutt
terminate on the 4tli day of March
next. .Within that time ..it will iio,
however, an immense amount of mischief..,-'
, '. , ; '.
We shall not be able to publish tbe
President's' Message 'until week after
next. ' - ' ' '-' 'a:-- . ' ;-""'
jgyTiie ;New Philadelphia Demo
crat is In favor of every man in Ohif),
who. voted last fall against the Aboli
tionists," eigning the following petition,
and huving it forwarded to' Ooltimbus
against the first .weelc" in Jatmary next:
To the General Awntbhj of Ohio: .
; Tbo nnileisigned voter o , county,
remon,M'ate aKinst..tba election of any per
nn as S, 8enator who has an. Abolition
Record, nnd we pray yoiir honorable-body
1 to elect a true,. Univn-lovini;, Couiieivaiive,
wl o in in avdrof piostcmins the war with
in the limits of tbe.unsiinition.( and. fjpo-
8id to a severance of the .Stated under any
pretence whatever.-;-.' iu'-r i :
Let such a petition as the above be
fieely circulated in every. township, in
Harrison county, and sent to either our
Senator Mr. Welch, or Our Keprcscn
tativc, Mr Latham. ' ' . M - ' ' '
Greeley's ;' lending "'-editor,'
Charles A. Duha ' has been Appointed
Assistant Secretary of War in' jiluce
of C. I.Wolcott,: of Ohioj : resigned.
This is another triuhiph of the Jree
leyitcs bvcf'tht corifiV-rvatives., ", . ,
Gold i'liss ji-pa, taik .Ui KaiAi. One
item of the State expendittius ol .Wi.-uonv
gin, last Tear, was. lor g' 1(1, pens and gold
cases,'. costing $18 .each, furnished, lor,, tbe
State officers,-- gffiu Uerqtl,- ,i. . , :.
SgTlint was .donej.Mr. Herald, in
the Republican State Of Wisconsin.' '
BuThe; .Democratic .papers', of
Ohio, almost without exception, at e in
favor 'of the- next 'l)emocratic State
Convention being held on. : the 8th of
Janaary. AVe linpe the State Central
will fix upon that hme. : ;...-...-..-t ..
Ifottcc t rnroIcd l'i-ittOHcrs.' '
Heapquarterb U,,8: PAtiiu:D Fontus,) ;'
. Coi.umuus Oiiio,' Nov.' 17, 1804.. , J ,
Special Drdsr No. 110 1 ,, .;; .,f'.
; cAlt ifEcers, non commit siored i-fltcers and
privates, who have ben paro'ed.anil ordered
to report at Camp Chase, or Camp Lew ,V'al
Wee, and who ura sbsciit from duty, whether
wiih or without leave, Ve hereby command
ed forthwith to report t 'bo Last, meoiioncd
camp.' ', ,' ', ' V yr ,..;,, ..,,';.
, An exchange of, ptist-ners , paving ,btfn
igreed on batween, the Uiiitei , Slates, and
the o called Con ledei ate States, all'paroled
prisoners, ordered to -either ol the , above
campB' will t speeiily sent forward their
old regimen's,. l, ":; ' ii't' y'l-
.".OihVers neglecting.; Iq ..obey lbU,.oruer
promptly wi'lie reporle .tii (he Necretaiy
ol War, with a, fecominendation'. tat -they
he dishohombly'distnissed from the Veryjc.
Non commisbioned offl ifl and privates who
shall fail to report in obedience, to his order,
will be punished by cohrl ipat tiaf, by with
holding their pay 'orj.oiherwise, according tp
the eharacter and' aggrijvalio'n ' ( jlieir, re'
apective olTonarsy'l ' , ' ' "4.
.Oy command tt CrigOeli '1 , uoperj'epm
'.v-''''r! 'M; Yosr &k :'.
U . A Gell'L
ni l .v.w, r U' l-,M.;4--,-Y?HA'
UgADQUASrtias. M i!,tiAnr,G' ix vpkb 1 e-.
Ml !. CowHW Q-.tNuvtitVo 189j4it-jtiut
-Qeneral-UrcWri $A-:11 l.riow-iW'UO-wtuiBl
; 1. ' AU epWiurt bseit from theirregimeniB
onj Discharge fFwlQtigUi nvusti.aininediately
report;a Citing Ubasesor CampJ-WiuiiHis to
re examination iOr ibt, -.eooSidered dasertors,
ind treated as siichi i j noi'a ji;uirtf9 i:a a.
1 Alt "AiLdiers. whoibv bee absent from
thajr restuietustftr bpspHals, and ar pot able
to Report at Cp.CbefiiQampti)iinson
,' ;pWbxaH,i,haft sppifcauoiHilwvdis
lobarga to line diifH wiibotn ths interpowtimi
m.Jkni bwje ora4i)nt, aaruritsuieiaesH
.IWWWWWWW" awawaest,
Jt.fV,w tiwfiaiiniM.iawHiia-tiFiM' ai iieteiD(f,'duags'iyl)'e
lions ill
tlilliA SCllt tie. Aajltf.UkteiHlffltflra.,,ttjTt AO.I
F ,tTi.-r.-- 1 Trw t- , -
,f.jjliW;-,V snil 4M.JJK.tuPiiWi.'i wt
Caprain 15tb, UvS. .J; Military Comniandet.
0 Papers wili confer favor. by inserting tbs
abate. .' osaa'iiai.ff.H t.iri
?ij'?'J a-'-j if ii i.tr- i
. .
.r lnt,,li; ts t:e il t fi i '. fot n
LCe.it rrt Jri( ll urn, 4. Utwara
L nsftrcet. .. : r ) ?',
t : JaVi -v. I T J wi I
fc&Ka mi vJLjutu:uif rt itr n enct-.
... . J5 - v I,
Vv- L. . !
t hiUI band Ol juomlUt art gain at
Lfilwri. Vl ' ' i
100 loafins iJfcmri L. Wn dnuiaicd ',
. .
from iba vervico.
TTcbhha niup ity u-ojmilaB ( f
or ine main xracK ot txio Dainicgro Mua vuiw,
Scv?nty-fio oi Morg
t,ircd 0B-rt.2?J
yVl", -
Brags' Huckner's and U,alaB. fcW-
were at Murfrtefcboioon the 19h? '
i m ' -
The tv
a oi k Triottitv's
iialit ii.'
Hie .Ntw ltoik irioure oi loimav. ccn I
' ,",m(, ouU,e lt""e'1 ctt,KrM" annt-uneii.k .
,.(f)M H h(J crotliul)le j,,ft-a.MwB.'.iL clan-,
t.im d a floulile ka.led editt rial aiiat-oneii.k S
itiat ii hid rrmlitaLla iiiforii.aliDH,,'lLaV cla-
The 1 1 ibune proceeds to piTe tl.e piopesca ,
i. -t. .r i.--.lCt. nn " I Y. en .dtmxA ti :
the Tiil urfe's srttclu .was'eBt(.ver tlta.opun-
trv hv ttleiMsi'h JliMidur fiinoon, i- X.he
tlii ciiinaii linauirer of 'yeterdavY ii kit ar-
tide cn the m lire's neSl." discovered t7 He
Tri'une, sayar '..'., ;,':,, , s . ;
1'bo substsnce of the t-rotended IKtmo 1
cltLc proposition' hh contained in
a public
speech ol the lion, John Van Buren, dcliv- i
red since the election.' 1 Mr." Vaa Buren ;
lnere -uggested fo the Bouth that they had j
beater better ctma bm-H into ih Lmcn, up-1
' n ..Ion snmnn liut uimilni' if. thut didolnsed
I a .. ... .. . . ,.nt . al ,H .n l dfAr.l, tf i. aim ! .- . . . ? . ..t 1 n . ..Jlj
(TaiiIraia1 U aoon I i.fr'ai H Hrrff an. I I nm. ' vtiiny nvviiu, v tiv i vavi-uii .miua rit('tt nnnrriUIl!l Hir He II It IIlcll I ill UUUB' IV innamni ik.t . . . . ' .
by the Tribune." ; - . - ' ' j cslainniiii-s menaced the nation,.. I was for
' This is true as far as it joes, but John Van peacefuf means to avert 'the Mow.' TKoii
Huren borrowed tho notion Irom the New our prent nilTering and kacViflces eodld have
Yoik Tribune. The ffgf, or whatever "the j been avoided and,:as t bolieve, the unity of
articles are, in the mare's nest oyer which ' the Stales. piecned lor gi nerMicns, Without
Mr.Greeloy is ciacklii.g, y loudly, were the facrilice of principle, or bonor,- tif eon
dropped by himsel', on the 'ZtUb f Septeui isclenre on eiiber side; passion prejudice ai d
ber, in an ariicle bud lined "Inklings of J lonaticism only, would have been required (o
Ptace." In this article it was declared that j give way; and I Mill thii k, nay: 1 aiti ure
the reliellion did not pay, and wuu:d huVe to j the other means betide .war- ie ...ccevsary
be given up, and that tlio .itbcls would cer- to save our country- our "whole coon rv
'ainly find that out, and bo leady lo become fiom prcenl lifllicliona and iiitpcndiiig ruitt.
tecomiled. As to the ttiuia ulaiijuJnientjihe j 1 know how easy it is to talk about war
Tribune said ' it seems lo us very ay ..to ; and carnage; . about. stta!egic, jo,iii; ns and
setile the terms," and 'proceed as ful!os 'to; brillihiit Vicloriic; aUiurif'6 ptoiiipt niljuga
; show how it wigh bo dcijo: ,',.:. ' j
"V lienever jlbo rebels roauy Oisiro per.ee, I
thev have but to notify the Oovcriiiiieiil that ,
they bio ready to return to . lovlty, and to I
that ei.d have abrogated all ordintuces, acts,
and oat ha nt -ulieginnco incopsi ,tent thete
Willi. President Liuqoln , would ' then Iel
wariantcd, we , doubt not,. in issuing a ptoc
lauiation of ' amnesty,- invitinjr the States
lately in rebellion to elect members1 of Con
gitss as il no lebellion bad existed. The
1 ebels would need 10 further assurance ol
immunity; tbeir Irimds ol the Vallam)te;haiii
persuasion would gtmranteo tlietn a -practical
ascendency in the Uoue il not in ilie Sen
ate alfo, and thus shield the in from all 8i-ri-ciis
hanih .And if , they should: choose to
have a convention to revise the Kederel Con
stitution, we have no doubt that this would
be easy ol attainment, tlicuti we should pre
ftr to have no stipulations on tbe subject.
Thev mifilit hove had one without' 'objection
in lbGl; they can liiive one without, siipuls
linn in 1SC3.". ; r
- The Tribune," of Monday, nmes the fol
lowing as the poin's orming tlie bssi't of the
"Clandestine nejioiatior.s" between the leni
oeiatio Waders iu Nw Yoik City 'sad -tba-j
bead trai'.ots at Kichuiond:! f, . - -
1. The S'.ates now-in rebellion are to elect
inemlcrs to the present Congress, who dre to
preseni themselves at Washington: and claim
peats in said Congress on or betoio the 1st
dav of January next, ''t he -members' so
chosen are to hi? lully in the rebel ' iiitcrcstp'
but ate not to be person's" who have so cons
picnou.-lv participated th' afliVS'tVeason as to
be liable lo Cuirviction as t'rwiiOis, -wi hin the
tie st iit4iinuoii l2lbs.l)Vd.rt ijCvnsttfi) 4l
.: - '
11. n
2. The Monse, bt-ing so filled; will at 'n'rVce
have a cut jnint tonservative aiid lebel tifa
j. iity, who, will pliceid lo hotl'y the 1'rcsU
dent thai trie rebellion is sunsianiiuiiy er.cjed;
(hat the icbei titates are a 1 auiy represent.-
cd , in the . House; that, 'confcqtienlly-, "his
iiriictan ation ot licedotii 'is'nul and void, ahd
slavety fully under Uie protection 61 the Con'
miti-iion1. .'' '.' ''
3. OorgTeits, thus reconstiiu'e'l,' is to pro
reed forthwith to rc eal all acts healing hard
tipon the tiaitois of the last two' years, nnd
to pasS fcucn.o Tiers as msy be 'necessary to
s'scure pcritct . immuntiy ana unpunny to
ihein all. -. ;v ',!. '. :'.', ; :';' '
4. A cenvertion ol 'the States is1 to 'be
cnlltd wheicin the united ' "Conseifative,'"
Dtmoriutc and rebel s'ieng'h is es'peced
to be overwhelming, ar.d is to be .'pledged lie
'orehand lo mako whatever' changes'. m the
Constitution the blavchelciil g and slavebreed
ing interests may d'iem essential to their
own future security aiiJ permanent wolt bo
ing. ; ' : ' '. ' ', " ', ' ,". ', ' ' .'7 ' '(",' . '' '
The family likenes tiftwejttn'! tbat' wliich
the 'i'nbune suggested in September and iha't
wh ch it di covered in Niiveinbef is'1io strong
to be mistaken ,' Tho Sngacious 'mmiset 'o
the Tiit tine, evidently al er some '," thing ,'ol
feline strategy, has eucciedAttin ratclii'ng the
tip 0' his own tai1.'--'tVnc(iiriar Cti'mwieiciu?,
meet i 11 Sf , o t t Ii c Dem 0 c rattc Slti le
. 1 .1 .t'ctilriil Coin in U Icci 1;
The DcmoeratlC State Ceutraf ComrliitWo
had a piife'ting at thd "Ame'ncaft ! !Iotel,','itT
his city.'On Thiirsdaj-; Ioveml er 20lK."
Tlie Chuiiman" abd Secretary being absent,'
Judge Chapfy.-nl ibe Seventh Cortgre'sionn I
Dislr-'ct, was nmde Chairman pro tern," and
Krai.1i-H.: i!iitd,' E-rj ; of Ihe' Thirtet'nth;
DiBtrCt. was appointed 'SecVeiar j 'iro tim.'
Several of the "members' being a'hsYtrt, ,th'e
Comniiitee, alter an 'interchange of views,)
adjijurred'trt meet In this city, on ' Tuesday ,
December 2d, 102; at'' tori' ' O'clock 'At,'"Vt"
when1 It- Is hoped tberei will be a' lull attend '"
ante.-'Wo7?)iorr.y' ..!"';. 'f-T'"'
i, pin, Thursday evening la't, there .cam to
tbe village ol Lewision, from Canada; an "ill
matched p iii," in anarch: ol,, unebaving
authriiy to units .them in .the; boly .'bancht
O' nialrtinoBi . uThp: wfuhl be roino w-i a
''nasty, big greasy: BtggerffiOMrni feet lib,i
and ibo. proposed briln. aj idmuOre jlookiog
little, to( Kt'l.-IwlweeB. thiitteuaurt lutir-
teen jears ol agi 1 rXiia-. ad' oh Clergyman J
and Justice ol ihe.Vaace ws sought 111 fain
-rrnot one of theiu 10 their credit ba it mid.
would lend, hiinseH.to this pululion of the
aacied, rite '.,; j t4iniul 1 bstiin mi-it
, .The fact , eomini io.ihoiiawo6 some 10I
the youiig nwn of the vvt d lbup reolvd I
iu tnmit-re iii.tpo iiwuer.q Accojauigir. itiey
spWbput the black,:ooutidMl,i.iiook 1 tbo
eb,i(d ewayJt'oni hito. anO gave bim brief nu
lice to quit. , This ha did, .making, the tallest
kiod 01 time tor the bridge, over , the met,
ffl..o 10
iaHmm VWnret.ia-?n'llib cWargrfolPoft m fetwtst . tbl Wfc.oal.diJ"
1 A.An.WUX .r-TH ,.wfct.llit..:l
-1 ..... - Wl JVJ 1 1 X, I if Ba LI I D 1. I I UI UK IiaiL.I
pToMotition-firt'VueH offences cW1 bf.d
-rea. ! -in tins ne concurs wn
snb'in a TsuJ charge w'ntltt
tin it trynvef-
"Trr!,;1 ii-muinrc 'firnm'tiff iimTr
An ItiK lK'sliiti; l.rlU r liom n Untiui.S it tuty ito- ; nd were I in Cm j
i j:i-imif of Hie ' (rt.-. 1 M1..11M kostaia lliat .Mure of r
'..... . a..i..r . i nt., ttJ that vni ll at d Bf r1r it to lh I
i'-i Cl uMv.it, Trss.. 1. ,.6.
M .. v.ti t I n I a -.. (.., nt I
, .w
.Weivrghtlf ittferjad. I do not mrd t.Uiuduced w todolXTbWo. euarante
I a car.Uidato lor Liv td Sla'ts Senator alt
the romine ileohon, .nd bava to tx(,tttd !
mTaelr 10 (lienClOO all Kroner Occasion? I i
; tnTEelf to diencaoo all proper occasion: I
hTe "umber of icason. public and private .
- . .
for this coune, one of which i that the cist
cv4 u?eY)o iVi4tc at Ur tiuie.
. - ..v. ....... .. . .
on i
ms urunua mv wc mvc uuc in uv
re- !
i clear yie m on. ibe ; otuation; , and it is i,ot :
.ie?en - certain inas jiio i Annninmririon
jWHUnclon bag a well.detkuA yoKei fo tbatis,iu,f, , lim t,cei.?S '1 bo flta qurUai.
fend, I have oome-llinujrhU on the sulicQt 1 ,i0 w,. ini,nit. dJ deb-a. iu liava.aJl
which I do not hesitate to give' you." - '1 :e.r J
0lT we,n to 5'0U crudf , and on afme; point ;
t .''ien novtl ard atartliag; (tut lbiy are ij ef tlien itissfea that theirs to bo ih (iials
-"'( rt'sult of tome rilledion. " ,' " . of ,iU Xuribofn a.t jo riglita; (ovoreignty
inlay, ccn I 'ilie iWard.ia the only eney kt a1dWani) dignity.' f ces any ona believe tbaituch
J lie aaru ia ine oniy aancy ai .oin.--.,,,)
lue sworn
of dtsuruction.
Hot the swoid ;annot do all; . It to an awnti
of destruction.. It can tear down but can
ana iraiernnr-aroona; no- pvcpw vnrangeu
"irul ar-uatd UOm ain onicr . II. ilia war
was .against the. leaders in tbe 5uth only, as
ninny at the liegmirg stt pom-cr, then trie war
might put iheiu down and the oa.--iif -could
leturn to ihiir allegiance. But the conflict
tuiri-out id be'with the whole mass 'of the
jieopto wiinm me revouc raiatcs, om aru
young, maio auu lemaK', .nuinoenrg many
millions. Uh such a power, Sooner or
later, wo shall :haa 0 .treat -and necotia'e
The swoid alone will ccm restore tlus .eq:
pie to.ti.e union. .
Vr.n wpll know ' fl.at ivhen lha'- nresont
tion of thrf South by the i rU.;how Lasant
n may .fet-in 10 iouie iu u .ai in uie c,oiuion
cut rent of ixciitment ond passion;.' and
especially bow unpleasant, if rjht uht.a e, It it
ti t din I Ii w I illrt. it ill. I bfl I imn . w rninii'ir.
if it be not now, wben the man wbp. wot Id
lender his coun ry a s'lb.-tantial cervice nitm'f
do ibid-1 lie must look al the . wjmle.'i work
befoie us, and strike 'or the riaht, riyardUks
of clamor or consetjuences to'bimctt'persbn.
ally; ;!t.-."; j. , -: ; j : :;.-
have bad. war 'or e phteen months, tl.e
the itlto ol Which the woi I 1 has Relcom wit
. ... .,.... ,T .w.... t-y
rentid be'iric, to .stislain wbicli a national
debt of star'linp mnpnitude, winch must
nai;g over ros ei uy limit into uie tu'u e, ntia
atreiiay. ueen creuia, hiiu uiuie tiinti a
it r millions ol invaluable; Jives! aaciiticed on
ibe Union side alone, in'adiiinpn !o the many
thousands that have been crippled r diseas
ed lor lie; and jet but little, any. substar-,
tially progress has bceii. muds in the gool
wuik of re establishirg the Union, or: even
of maintaining the Federal authoijty ; with n
the levolttd States. . lias i.ot, then, the ex
periment of .wflr. as a mean's tff extricating
the country (roin its present, deploiablecbn-,
diliun,. been aiieady tested tested at,
to such an eX'.ent as to provs its ottef ' futil
ity; unaided by otber means. ',) "; !;-i;i.i;
- It Wjis a Ji'tppJ' thoogbt of Presidi ixti Tin,
coin,' expressed in hi- Inaiigiiral, that if we
went to war we oru'd not hht always 'nnd
when, alter mm h loss on lo b tides and no;
gun i : n either, j-nu cea'so, fliihtiii, he ideifli
cal old qu stioiis as to lerum of in'ereo'ur-.F
ura diinit, iii.iin VM1 " Tllis4 l,r. libp at..l
r'.p""' ....... jiv-; -f r. p... Fv,wiii
nigtil. S'linincani teMiinerii sn w s inat t ven
M Liticoln,- le oru tlie war epni'sn'foip H
....1.1 A I.. i. ..rlul .IhI... :.
ted tlie lin e, in caseii- nm -nepin; - - wtien it
would 'be 'Mooasary to pu t the w6rd kt'Vesi ,!
at least loi,;a beason, iu Order; w. resume the
identical old qileslions ahoi'f in eicuinse and
setth merit. It diies not f-eetn to have 06 '
'em isd to ' biift t)il Uie fiword Could do tho
whole wok, but that, inevitably, we -would
have to come back to the or ginal point 10
coinproinisa ai d settle.;'.. Jt, .then, we raniiot
fight uhvays, what amount of. fi jilting is.no..
cessary to lender H " proper to ptepaie to
cease or suspend ir Older to consider ttflnw
of reconcili.'.on,,; Theie has alieady. "been
iiiueh loss on both sides and no gain orf eith
. r;"'nnd while the lime to cease -fl'ghims may
not be yet, the 1 criod has siiti ly c:m.e when
ether means, beside the sword should bo cm-
fdojed in the' effqrr to-se vhe 'Govern
ilienl and con 11 try.,,'; Certainly; .tho , objeot : q(
the war, at d tho extent to whi h it is to go,
should be r'ellhi ely known to the countr ,'.-
ll.it be intended to subjngite; tUu:Stie, iin
rebellion, . and b Id, tiui. as Slates, inthe
Union, but coMiuered provinces, then the
swoid must bo kept in constant moiioii, ai d
war and carnige be tho orik-r of , the day
Now levies and iite-fh supplies may be proper
ly raised,'' ft k ' will require ' .tttrtindable
army ro each 01 the seceled S ates to execute
and maintain Ibis scheme-" i
'"Ilex eriiiinaliuti be' ibfe 'Objeb'j then! the
sword stiMill) have"" uniestrltiiied lieei'Se' to
deal dea h and'dvsnuetk'n artiong the rt-beis
In all pans 01 their country, regaroli-sg 01 mx1
or' age,. un conditen; -. Tim wither ol , the
put poses, il practicable, f would Jt establish
iho union, toinpocea ei ccriatn mates tnir,
Si;heti th yuiop W ie-slablsbjd, tlie'ihou.li
as well as ihefNurih iuusI be iu.i.i the lam
ity ol' 'States iirust cxiit as hefefolorO, else ii
will tot be the Unhru;uljout.ibich: we,, haw
talked so much, and for w hipb st many biaye
men have i il'ureJ up licit' 1 Ves. " T he pbti
cat tiiuiiiph ul tbe Nul'ih over the Snuh- in
ille held, as Uie .Nor ill in Uie, e ml miy tn
uiiiph.is not the w hole ofhe task! Tho States
must-be brought totieiei; rhe teeliugSof ihe
people ot both seat inns iriirs, he sp coustfaiit,
Vd and moderated that 1 hey oun ".lialennze
and live togetherj t-Ise the Un.oti"is g!n'e lor
eVerj.To subjujjule ,ihe (Svt"ihorp; Stales
arid so hold II, em could feubsnva no go.nl
"tntj, 'or either ection, and in nO" way,' that
that 1 can di-covei, tttftalic lB8"Wel are ,01
the Xortii: lor hO 1jh' as the Soiith -wa so
held; then 'hate tl tlu Nortti wi'iild incieas,
and while tlio .sorih 40.' Md, tlie' ToutU ,ii
kiitij -I., v...-. Is.-ViL ..1....' i.;t-
UU J UU UUV 111 HO 11.-1. , 11, l in, ,11 9 jp J1H, ,
teiijl interest must bmuish and Uie.' liut.
inJddition, such S VIuttrTy Tiiconsis
tent wait ifits bfeilifas eV'tfur'TWiifu't
codl'd scarcely Ian to lead ''tu'their'tfiier' per
version atrd' ultimata 'bVerthTd'w," arbiinW, to
fhe jL-Slaiiiities ot" disunion, the' 'saiVri(it:i T Ipf
fri Botreriiinent ' ' Cotiquo'st ahd ' e'liioire.
however magn ilicent,1 cquld ' not1 coilipefiWte
n-aiti.k''a -Tnf'J -il ' '",J VU.-L -V i
l-aV eUteMinkte ' ihe"'inhablian1ts!'o'f "the
South' woulc be, aidelibetat einasVulatiorl 6f
the iUnion, rei dormg us reeoftstruciron at
cmca tuprii'cHic'fttjle5 Biid'hopeTesshd'invuU'e
4' Work ol tarbarhy 'front which , 'the "Nprtb"
errf people would snifnii ffi Uurror, The ex
tstencer of ihe.Southern states ih'Some, form.'
4Ut. ...l,.V,rfT.';lA.f.o14irf.lt a''...,MU'1I.l L .'.
nnrtrr -1 am. in ere in re: iaint. eir fli111m.11.
rnouiiisrn ota.es; ar wqaueieu proymces..--T
-WW .I.AH'Vah IMi'V.xaJ nti ..i.'.-, 'A-.
11 ) ttVl
tisrint casion. 1 am 'or rtnuoino ns we. ynipn. t hut esiJ.,iseB.IViKtiti"St stHiwsilous fSUtIi.S nrm
tn justictf Net j as ft was, or masinga wniuo us -similar as that has ever beeu practiced upon tbewoHd. lp
nM r,,..:: XT'JL1'AUilri,kll-l.W Mialtla lj Fwr, l J ,ntJ I m" -11 1 .1... - I'Nfll I
ilr, r J..W lt?,'.lr!"i'"'" '" r,"rJ"i rst" ivl l vv an anow, uuwir, turn .many, very l
to.,, utk'.k SnotluarnMcDiailat down tbtir
' i i. . . i. a T. I -11
iron fin gdipo wck ipto vu d;i wm
yn reoa'lhat I would not ba willing , th right to have iuchdomeKtio' Inaiiiuii
gnit ,hem. But do w to ny indication , ai u may choow; and a croixKiiion t!,
f rh ralnrn lo miedn and dutvY lfin!;.a tl.;.,J.j ,r.i .. coS
" . . , ...
,nd I expect to Ma none, aalong u
jjj, kB.orj S onarompanied by agects for
lid L lit 111' 1 1 b atiu UCC. IIUCV UUI PIUIJ
cnt to 11 ex ico it was accompanied br a
npara rntnmikiiion. in order to embrace the
we may uwrofJraea Oil iiaaih i the field,'
Tanrt M a-eUartltW-coiiiplieations;
Sgulhein Stales bat k into tbf .tUuion ,.on
ii,e t, rina 0) i;
e u.n iiiutonf Jl we a,
uicnilv. 1 ces anv ona Delleve tlial tucu u
. '.rk'ion can lie established and maintain- :.
,n.v ll.e sn-orri aim a? r Should kerlain
(td are always t: er.euucs ol , tlie..tut)uga
tofs. ' Wt.ea all ibo Males; tht'retorc, icsum
ed tLcir loMncr n.'lationu, . nf r.owl relations
of union and it.ieioourse, it must le ths i t
-..r'::n -:r I. K... - . lt.'t.'. i.,.. U A
ui uu, 11 uie fecit iwmcufc la iu u wvuiiacn uua
, .. ,; V - ,
I have l.earr) a great deal .iibout la'c) ire
t-p a (lkhcnoiable peace- about 'the humilia
tion and ditgiace to the Koi tb tnvoWed ill
any and eveiy propomion-, lor , pettlemeni .
and there is not bin jj t) at j said about the
I haVa leH !
VJ l u- I
allavis of the Owihtry for bieh
lesoect, r h ik even held by some
a disloyal citizen, Who Feeks lo ri establish
the Unien by other means than - the woil. :
How pbfttid! i The swoid be ben. at woi-Vi!
its upercy 1 as fcctn tested, vipon usly , aud
lei'iibly tested ai.d h6w stand .the Stiitea
dow that stii'uld be. in t p iiion.v ? :i The" tad,
ie pon.se is, U heie they wre nlien tlie war
bi.an, aliased in piim and'relfentlesii bns'.iN
i ty.. i 1 en why urmp oiher asennes to aid
in the g od .nikf -i In, the . woros, ot.. Mr,
Lir.Ci In,' e i'ai'nr t 'Blit'"!ont'CrA unless 'We
can dt po.as a uif anS ol 'nttinate TJnlon and
leiman n', peace ,., ,
What i an be done?
,. . j I , : A ,., ,
and I re;ret thut all
that should be dtbi'raa nt be aedunirilifli'ed !
pninptly., ' The svatts .now, in the ,L'iiioii
sltiuldle in convention, or have, delegates
tehdy to go ifto convention,' in-order to ' re-i
Hi i in the 1 1 r e -e 1 1 1 cnsiitutii nal: lelaiioiis
'ain nir the h.ta'es. with I'XuUnalinn On con
'u. . .1 . . ' m; !.. i j i ' v. '..'... . 1 .1.
i.viutci iru J" I in iu luil.itivii piiiii uen if
Ia'ii'hs as iriay be Itu'iifj Bifess'aiy, to btin' ,
together and tetatrt all the' Notrs. '" 1 he
rl'i a
S'Rte Ltgis'a'Uids riuld petition vobgtcss
.for s'uch u , Cjt-n'vi'ri'ion.'as'. providi-'fi1 by the
(nstitiitiorihiid CotiyKVs could inake he
neessiy 'j rousiot 8 (or if lefblc. the cliff ot
the toininjr sss!i n. l4'iot'n"?i'ie .legislatures
as Jo iittt inoct In ' Llei" rk'lilaf. Older' rpiilil
sptcfatly Ct f vci'e; bt;d' te'n ' (t.e I.eccssaVv
nuinbrr 0 Uta'es peinioa," it 'obltgalbrj.
on tJoiijtiess lo fccniply
The body thus cons itpted woM i e com
petent p Mljust ai d otfle all. complies
t oris whi n ix.w bect tS.
In the midMt :otWin(re'ulM '' c.' "--'
war, then, we sh 11 Id be , prepared to lticuc .
peareV wT.'neuc, v lit h 1 T.e times ccn;o foil
seillement, in ilio shsttire of such a bodv, -U !.
m'i;hl le ou.-id that we have 110 compete.i t
aniboriiy in cxister.ee to do the things that
may be necessary.' "-Neither Ctngres-, nor
IF.e Kxeeulive, .nt!,, the two togethei', ;)inve
1 Itihtltil authority to charge U10 old or m ike
!' rll-itii'iis atrtnng tho Stats'. ''Cor.gless
may submit amend meBtS; to 'he Const i: 11 lie 11
for the (ratification of the. States, and 1. be.
lieve the prrVent calatnnilies of the ' nation
could fcave been averted in! that way ;in!-the
winter ol but now the di.-oiders oi the
eoiintry are pri'liuhly" too couip'ica ed td bo
reached in that form; ,;" Ji.l; ; :i-i; .'
Meanwhile tho president, ami ,C(;ngros
sbonlrl pr one lie way 'or seitlt ment. n
dtcd. by consulting 'tTe people thriiugll the
1 a , I u t 1 1 . x they i ght make, a., stjti luiL'nl.
iohe ra died. by 'he States thereafter. Let
him 1'ieridi m pro) iiS). an avniiMie",' for ' the
ptir(,o-e n consuli-iit.gfOiiie proginitiiue Of re ,
union ai d settleun tit , in wh'ch the leelings
itrd Hgbts ui 'he nra'ses lri the Snilth 'shail
bS duly, ppie!:led a: d pmvttled fofn .Invite
theiu to come buck i.p ilie c'ndi'ipns of the
Consii-mion.w ith explicit dWirti leiis on con
ftiivvpted points, or 0111 ew-oonditions; wiih
the I a. I e't. a-suianee of justics and tqtia'iity
w h n they do ho Ciotie. ' Lit 'him do this,
and challengo tbe ribcl uu horiiirs to submit
.such piopitbions as umy be agreed upon to
an uniestia-ned' vote of the Southern Mla'es,
is ho will, at tlie "-'some lime, submit
such prepositions to a vote -ol those of tbe
Norttein State s'w i.th the iitjderstaDding that
if a muf.i ity Of slnVe States1 'and ' a miijori;y
of IrfO SialeS : cctpt the proposilion, its con-,
ditions should b binding until latified or
mpeiseded "by 1 (He State. ' Suppose the
Cuin edeiate fttithoj iesi reject , this,! or... any
similar n p"Si ion, no burin could enMie 10
the Not thei 11 ' atisc. ' ISiich action w-oriid onlv
leave (hem in a wt rse'liht before the world!
anil the bnvei nmcut at VV a (niitoiv in ilie
belter. : The preliminaries lor such a move
r'nent cniilil be let.dliy arranged by Coiiiaiit-
sinu rs lelec.Ud or llutt purpose-
It iiBiy biK4bt wjiia .f'jnsiantlyi.ili.
viiing He Soui bein people to .lay dowp their
arms, ai d coiiih bick' into tbe Union, aiitl
this wouj Seemtt ko-- bs .eoiwlot.iy0,:''bti'. it
tnus. not bo Iprjroyep, that tfiey reMle.d (a..
cause, "as 1 bey Bay, the parly now in .power
t Vas.hui(i;lon tvOufcf nut'per'mit Oietn to en-'
j iy in peace, the rml'Cinfftions..,nd, cove
nan's 01 that Union, ai d hat tin le is 110 evi
dence that thr-y Jiild 'fare bfetter no. ' He
side, be has si id ibd. huinan ba.ture. toa poor
purpose, who can not discover that uncondi
tional aubuiiH"ioii invjIVes a' degree 61 hum il
ia 'ou to which, they will never come so long
a they have. ary uuaijS of 1 iesis.tnce. In
the eft rt to giiin bark even tlie masses, ibei'r
pass vr.tti and pii le,:and wit iepcct may j be
wively. consideie(lf (,,ye, t iiiu-it, give ,lbem
some niw gioiind, Some pretext, it not'eom
pleiuaud utistamial gtfai antes,;betote ' WO
can eXj ect, tip ui iQ?ertei .lain the idea of., for.
saking their eeiit linlcr's, 'uiid siiibraqjnj;
the old piofniHcntv '..til Vt.ri.ull
1 11 10 fully aware pf the itidiatiatinn. tnd
even contempt, with which lhee suggestions.
win oe peius a oy some in ntnn seetiotis, dot
t Ciiie run; are we noi eneaged in an effort to
re establish apd ii.aimain lite Union, and ate
n 4 trie keceded Btaies td "tiOiiipose ' pai t ol
that Union?; S &bori wliy .not endeavor tv res
cue them from deHtiuciiun and cultivate good
lelations witb theiii?1 J :'.',;"" ' '"'
... When ihe' Stiiliy of States agSfn exishv i
h'eietojore; ihey must b,coinf jour bretheren
afd our equals in. every particular. . JvS'hat
pleasure, tlien Can we haw iln their 'destrue-
tioit or! huiniliaiionV . Ii-iIuJiIb be. any Irionds
ot Uie old nag and Ilie old Uovernmept with
in'the seceded Staies.'fhey shoilld cultivate'
thei Fains spliit toward tbe North. - TheBbv
sent element -of .. eubsla'ntial. Unioa is . fra
lernttyanioiig the' p'eopfeind that "can neve r
be raimsnsu uy, Mio sword.:.Again;)in'..llie
wbrds o trie. jLi ncom "tuera has teen mucn
JoS on both sidessiml ho eain "on either'
,-f' LL t .l i,j.ii . . .l..-.i-.u. .v. .Li.. .
in -moKtictti om iievttuiias 10 'ieriiis-vi
iti(erc,otire fre upoprtisMiwa hbquld:seek
Sole adjust .'the in, as i,o' re establish. tlie Uo-
ihlaaim itn.,.riiuihui. Tkii&tlxu
r ,nui,, bastV4 writor - tht
Unipnr .Are we sure that thise 111 anthor-
iiir.iiia''1e1si? l b'V; eerfainlv'r
Abiii(lcls-;antbl aili'lbtiia to-hei
8;t J'l,J?,!a'rwvi,,:t,,urii,".lJ?i!;
dliooieil'.W lult relfreirCStC
tTrrrrris-Bf: rrh.i rrrv..,. Tr:::.:
.rrt .lereV.e. o tLe h.;jt)I1 e,h,
lui flit..!? vp!'Pi,c:" whr
c,i9 t,U i, cl!.;ei,n, jKw
all KW. Utk 4 n'Unioo on ,t.
terms cf (U Conitiitlon, avhkb tb.
SUie. ql0d.alikoawe;;, each
.i.ii luucutuututt ui me cocicern i.n.
It wight be intereatin? a woll ai instrust.
J! rV1 h'Weriw efa oertaiuyhpt
.ohliaSskwlAiafe !( trf si KamWal
me war lor me Union. It is painful-
"itive shve.s. are.fcatur oek.:rv..;.ji .
tion which they conduain and abhor. Ua!,
ween tlii tr.aint.ifpanee'" of theae and' tlie '
recognition o,: the: ,Southra i Conladeraeji-i
a any of lhen in my jiidpment, four to auo .
would pre'er ths latter. Their averlion fu'
thece clan4i of .tho Gon8titotioirj w4 .nrW i
i wary cause of the alienation and hiiit,i .
of the South, and I fear they' woiilil not y ial j ''
. t .:. .-j. , ' . ... ,. f
. . lf.7w.Hv!?' w,mt
it once wa?. ; Let Mq, Lincoln. try this (qeario
tion if he wouM solve the problom of the.
nation's iinbinglio. ' -DuhiK' :mJ
Do not understand me that I wniilj-yieldlj
the swoid or any other moans calculate 1 n
rihder the Union what it watr. What I
mean v, that, if lha Utjon, and At- only n il
-the cbjcct.tho sword will , never find the;
linliirnra in a I.... -4 .....L4-
. ,. i ... :.,
mate that wot k than i they ars now, wl that
o .icwi i-tHPiiiiuu 10 conuin-
o her apfnetes should be Dromotlv eaiBlovpd.
I yield to no man in devotron in.l loyalty tn .
tbe Union as it rfaa; and. Wthe jKihciplei of -1
povernment transmitted to usbv our latliersi
The maintainance and perDetuation of Ihcsa
- hB" J N object hearest my hrti Whether
tste'etn. I remain, YhorHtrulv.
.r:Mi.rflWVIV HIOLEu:i"i
To 8. D.Asnit8oKklEs(j. iTfibdolphia 1'eoB.
Fromilieiirea'AdVrfiser.5 ' if'"rj''1'rl
ftObe'pKd times hare some." -Kvir'y
bodv bark, and tyet jb;jdy-akes tveryf,
body's paper. '-''"' ' " -'" ;
,, Pa ntniTioir ' aum OrixibM's' SaKk' '
lepublican tlriend a(ouS hum it ih downrighk i;
proscription lor the le'nO"rcy-u cirry v- .,
ery thing as they hiive been recently doing.' "
OOne of our o'd Democratic Iriehs'ftty's'1"
bis repub' ican neii;blors ;'j(hed ttars an larpi
s '.vintcr ptj pins" over the- sti ces of j the
Dimneracr-,-.flufO :e it la say lie' 'feels' good. V
OCX Ah s.on as anybody aavi nyttinj dii-,"'
respectful,. at Waslijnston, of ,ibo, Adimnis.)
tTtinn; be is 1 "arrVrtftfc''1 lviit'; down, the
screws, gentlemen! '. n d: ot -Jiijj't -,t aiJM'f.
OCT lom lloader, ol,.hfi.JUrian Jlirrofi'U i'1
." - sii,rsiine ;iir uif iiiiowire: j
i. t . , . . ii.
J?an,Mid(iirya 1. 01 i.ii? t.h 1.T
5Cr.' Yankeq,Kct:on.n,.aa had ,ww ,$r-r
the cirls, thjt the niaou'acture of. butsti' is
laa-id by tie he-w'lr.w. """'' 1 ,
OiT'i'be only priy in itrerlci' Hint 'evef-1
sttt'itipted' to p.ince lestrict ions .upon the right- j
of volirg. was tme'-of the predecessors ol the
present Abolition parly. .n-.;r.tJ(it'''
OiT No ma tit e ri 'i ba t nrh "I h e c p psit ihh
sgita ihe Democracy, they
tWMS. u-blur, tt,
(KTThe pr.fr;Vhkt Fny il Crc'U n srcr-;';J
i'y of, tags :; i'l le rw bw t Iiei';hnt keis- v
owe us rou-.etl.ji g, fi-r their W iin cares
the cost of cu'i9.;T 1 ' ,J,!l" k ' "" '
. ftyiien Siantcn tnil'T-tEw'ttfj utr qi';li
re 1 1 i r g 0 v r f I e , . . C It 1 a Vi h ' p. . ' U- p'-1., d a t'
f biloh. Il is a 'great pity that (ten doe" apt ;
at once go 'I'iAo ll-.05seivicfc: :Etui how ;' lit w ! ''
Ileitis are,. wn. ' 'i v;ir:- . J .u. '' i
fjrOna af our lief,ublitn jf he;?;8sy;
tbe rerent Di tin crutic vicii i ie aie merelv
t'artifh iil.victlf.rteB'." Old AtVOnce said ibe "'v
'crisis, wis AHlkitl.";,,;,,,,:,,; v,l.,..,.j
(tJrThe tbtidin County 1lemoprat,,fi.)ji,.; '
that a Vfito'Waf ro"'enliy' taken fri'.two con pal''
i lia of the lotli Oliin. - lit ilia kiih COm'piinHS 1
here were cto . w-ho voted, Tlt-y.jll'qn nv
And still' the. Abo!itiths.s claim tlie sol, .
dicrs'. 'i''' .'.' r MVfj'-'i fi"!j ) iv Lit'.-".- Ji.-;
- 05"A mn in low recentlvihungbj.mself.ij
ffo had been a constant reader of iho New ,
Yni k Tribune--which was cause enough for ' "
suicide,,. !,,. ; M !.r.!i.,ri i,:
Democratic Jollifications are t be order
ofthe day hi Southern Ohio. ; ''The yar of '
Jubilee."! .-.i..i.::,;!ri!f3 fi'vi'i-ivj-.'j svi
A Mammoth CAVB.--That of. Kopublican-, i.
Hm in:'1862;.' ' 3 ' " ' .
' (KT'I'liei'snre .a half detsiv" town ships iiprii
Ohio where I he Abolition Sti'e ; Ticket .,, this ,, (
year did not feceiVa a Solitary vote.' '
:, OCT Kven Fremont in a mild Way delimit'' t!t
ces the atliitpfiiy arrot . of .uaiasos wirhiut'i'
tiial! "Straws tho the' way the wind
blows."- : '1 K;r:-n;t!i ill S". Jli
Orilad Gea ml M.-Qlellan -.'stolen a nitf- tu
ger or twd, nd boasted of it, the Abolition, ' .
iiits would to a uisri have been Tit's- support- ' ' '
CIS. ,. - ;-,,.v -i1. : j ,r .v y'J,,,
t.t ; "Ab ilttion 'Oielrri&r'o:
tUnder this va J,f .thei'ew:! ITiHadelnhiay' -!t.
I'uscarawas countvrZ)rHcroft 91 the .31.i.-
ull , has th follnWinirr' '- ' ";. '
, f TT' ho I'oH'. in ast e it ai; R i w- t i I le, i !i 1 1 , is do !i n -! : -ly-reccived
from, the Pcp.irttnent, at y4bw ,
irgion anMfdi r fi'r liis'iemVval, S'r.f- t)ie ra-'
moviil ol the ;P istrtBco to JfeW Bouforil. CU'1' ''
sl,;iCt,,nco.mty.,i Lr.f ,(; .,um jf
I he reason lr ths removal, as stated in
the orderi was'the disloyalty of the commu
nity. This .is Ut eily groundless. RSIHtlte
Mv rea-ort is-ihe large Demon 'imioflt
that township iave at tho lata eleetiW.-i
No doubt -ihts W the woik of some'of' tfcB'e
tweet s.-enttdl Jbnirham Abilitioninw of th'fs
section, who are e emully up lo that kind of
mean trlokS.CTb. removal ot ibrfthWifra
great inconveiiiO ,110 fo about 'fwO 'HirhdreiT
cuiz-ns. who i.v will Rave to go teur'mifes
lor their mail matter. V
' . !")i,'i . a d a 0-.ul.iih'.
Com p I i 111 c 1 tt ry to 1 Ii e W h I Jj Fa r
. Hirr8 l Hi Noi ili.
'M'A CorspondentOf tlh-X'oW "York THbirni'--'''
writing frpin Cp.riqth,.whnsa letter,, j Copied britt
into the, Ohio State Journal of yesterday,
sicakin -of! t ho ' 'nerOes.f ;ay8:i''tMan'f of "ri
thfiii.si fealty shrewd, .withyaii Jbir,tg tOv.
I'Oianee, and would, be. as cauable of corduot-
ifrg a fanti s otita half 'of ouf JMdrthern' lir'."
tueiik'TrttT -f.rtj;'.i??iw3tf .vtiiftsm tj-ior
,..We aie pf,,tbe.opinn tbaour-ilsiofllifre.ij.
raVroers. will ptifisider s, as r. ery epu)-,,,,.
plimentBrjj's'tfll it fs'the honest opinion of ' i
tbe AbolirHihTstS' kHo1 cndiwt-' "th'e--'!3Vijfr'' H
and' iauMia.-viTbs- wbBs men TsU le"lIoftbf Zrtil
will soon be regarded as telow:tb htet?, b)i.u-,'a
these men, unless.l.bey.bjjbsfs , exceedingly
well. I 1 Progress townrij the A ricAli s ayjAvd..
is rapidly being inade-?-iS(iemnn. aloatlxonV!
v. .,,' i-.aa- u " t!,fO.
, (pp Another head rns rolled into ths bs,j.i
ket.' The venerable fiajor General John Jinibt
Wool has been relievqd Irom bis eomiitfjid, of ,,
Iba, Maryland Dcparimeni, and 0nrla,
Ibibsrt ,C. Scbenck aejected to succeed" kiiyst;i,iT
General Scbenck is thj Republican raembeta li;
elect To the next Cont-ress. in the. JL'hii..tf
rjiHtrjcTofOhio. M,.8l1,y
HjATSJaoNiAL STAMr-Commissloner fioiitJ,5!
Well h'liS rlaeiilAd that all lnArt-infra rprLiB. .j
csles Will be invalid ifnlesa atamped with al,n
w V"1 iainp. v nai n.'av, uouiiinsBioBB. jj)
-7 k -
" ,'r Dissolution.- a.a
oonnrtnewhio "heretofore eiiatlifirtl
1' : aVeeniha aaderidtned, under the firmv
''' a nam. la aeuleme .t. ,41 " A
p-weas knowing themaalvea indobied o'tha .
wi 'i pieaee cart immdiatly and Ula

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