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Croc iltnrrtran.
Z. BAGAK, Editor.
THURSDAY, JANl'ARY.25, 1855.
JrWe are pleased to learn from the! 8" Among the events of the last week
j St. Louis Republican, of the liutvJ cequi- in Was hiugton," say the correspondent
i red by uur young friend James McDonald i the Union, "was the speech of Mr.
in the difficult tack of executing a bust of
Cl. -TbotC'TJenton. The Republican
For the True American. -One
of the articles of faith taught by
the Roman Catholic priesthood, especially
j seems to claim fur Ft. Louis, the credit of j Massachusetts, lie confined himself to
the artists skill. But we are proud to say j the point, an to the temporal power claimed
I that Mr. Jaraea McDonald is the sou of j by the Tope, which is the turning point of
j Mr. Isaac McDonald, our fellow-citizen, of j the question, and denied for himself and
Chaudlcr. of Philadelphia, aramst Know- M tbc Jesui,H 5(S that t,,c Popeissupcri
Nothiugisin, and in reply to Mr. Ranks, of! r all tho other sovereigns of the earth.
Hie teacning of tins doctrine in tne iving
dom of the two Sicilies, has lately led to a
quarrel between the Neapolitan govcrn-
' If you ask Hodges why it is that the fat- j this place, and was born and raised in this ! his co-religionists, that the Tope has any
toned os spurns its usual bovine diet,hc will j city. Feeling an interest in the progress j temporal power outside of the Papal
toll you, "it is the nature of the beast." i of art at home, and in the success of young I States " What, is the legitimate inference
So is it with curtaiu of our Seuators and j men born on Ohio soil, we publish the fol- j from the above ? Is it not that he claims
Representatives at Washington. For allowing letter from Capt. W. D. IWtor, i for the Popo the exercise of temporal
long time they have been feeding at the jou the subject, wjittcn for the Republican: power in the Papal States? Who will
crib of our common Uncle not the libi- j Editor or THE Rf.vi bi.ioan Sir : j deny it to be the object of the Pope and
iiuitous "Sam," who has latterly been dis-1 Permit me through your columns to draw ' his followers, to make all the Kingdoms
the attention of those who have anv taste ' and States of the earth, Papal Kingdoms,
for sculpture to the bust of Mr. Benton, j and Papal States ? Then, according to recollect that in 1848 they were sent out
by McDonald. This latter gentleman I'Mr. Chandler's own showing, the P0pC 'f the country in carriages ; "but if these
have seen but thr o times, and cannot be; will claim the right to exercise Supreme I ttunP continue, said the. wormy minis.
appointing some of these same Honorable?
in their political calculations and aspiro
tions till now, the savory odor of eight-dollars-per-day,
and its nourishing qualities,
incnt and the Jesuits in that Kingdom.
The former has, for some unexplained rea
son, quite recently thought proper to re
gard this common doctrine among Roman
Catholics ns boing somewhat revolutionary
in its tendency.
Consequently, the Director of Police, M.
Mazza, sent for, Pedre Giusseppe, the
chief of the Jesuits, and told him they
must discontinue this practice, and should
. ; For the True American.
'Twas night, end the wind whistled
through the branches of the trees, stripped
of their verdure by the icy hand of winter,
and howled mournfully around the corners
of the old house, whose bleak and ruinous
condition bore evidence of the many rude
storms that had beaten with all their fury
upon its " time worn walls." Within, a
fire burned brightly, and despite the dark
ness and gloom that reigned without, cast
a cheerful light upon the face of an old
man who sat before it, upon whoso wrin
kled brow was the stamp of the cares and
sorrows of three score years. His eye once
bright with the fires of youth, was dimmed
with sorrow. Ilis forui, once erect as the
pine of his native hills, was now bowed
down beneath the heavy hand of time, and
have become stale and insufficient to grat- j considered as being acquainted with him, j power over the whole earth, whether leg-! ,or " government will kick you out oi 1 a convulsive Heaving ot ins breast spoKC
ify their fastidious olfactories and pamper- j but hope he will excuse the liberty a j islative, Judicial, or Executive. ! tIie Kingdom.' , plainly of the grief that pressed upon his
The Very Reverend father, much dis
tressed at the result of this interview, has
tened back to his convent, and lost no time
in compiling the following protest, which
1. 1 1 1 1 . I mi m .
eu stomachs. j ull two generations nave stranger lanes in paying mm merely a jusi i j nis 18 in pertect Keeping witti the lus
fared well, sumptuously even, for home- j tribute to his talents. The bust of Thos. j tory of the Mother Church, ever since she
spun republicans, upon this pay. Few j II. Benton, by the above artist, possesses j became (from a pure virgin) a notorious
have deemed the office, w ith its neroui- merits far above mediocrity ; there is a i prostitute : bv the establishment of reli-
sites, its immunities, and its pay, of so 'truthfulness of expression in all its features Ki0n in Gaul, under Clovis; formerly a was pvi"blijlicd tit Jfnplos, a day or two af-
little allurement, ns not. to tempt them into ' truth to the life. I was struck with j heathen King, who fell in love with Clo-1 forwards :
its path, which in these latter days, has two remarkable facts in relation to this tilda, a christian princess of the house of ; "To his Boyal Majesty Ferdinand II., of
become a "hard road to travel." Hitherto cast. The eye and ear were both charac- Burgundy. The princess consented to: the Kingdom of the two Sicilies,
eight dollars per day has been equally as j teristic of Mr. Bentou. 1 1 is the misfor- j marry only on condition that he would be-1 "Sacred Royal Majesty
satisfactory and tempting to these gentle-1 tune of most young artist?, put to study , come a christian. lie agreed to do so, j -,Sirc With much surprise we have
men, as has been "two dollars a day and j antique sculpture, and it is no uncommon j was baptized, and Christianity became the ! heard our sentiments doubted regarding
rorut beef" to the humble laborer, with ( thing to see an antique ear and eye, plas- j established religion of France. The scenes j absolute monarchy; we therefore think it
this difference, however, that the one has ; tcred or carved on the face and head of of blood and carnage that followed, beggars ' necessary hiunblv to submit our views in
been all the while, a matter of enjoyment " modern statue. The ancients were fan-. description. Papacy is the same in every ! the present page.
the other of most distant expectation. But ; --ifnl iu their sculpture, seldom sticking age, and in every nation. Its march ofj "Majesty, we not only in olden time, but
With the times, men and manners chanw. closely to any one natural object, but on : power would be ever onward, and its t re- -dsn nwntlv on our re-establishment in
Hence it is that a Senator from North j many instauces making up their tout en-, mendous tendency is to accumulation. ! , until the present day, have always ' clom iu silonce 0Tcr t1u'ir mouldering
Carolina has lately proposed in the Senate emble for a variety of object. We, there-1 We have not seen the speech of Mr. j inculcated respect, love and devotion for j forms' nnd "1,ut ,hcm fnrever from llis
to raise Congressional pay to twelve dol- n.V copyists, but few originals, j Chandler, und can therefore only remark j the King cur Lord, for his Government, II!h e-vc Sliincel another page,
lars per day, only an increase of one half, : Among the latter, we can safely place such j Up0n it from tho report iu the Union. ' for the fom 0f th0 sanie that is, absolute TheM hcrnme was written, who had left
which is of course very moderate, and the I men as Powers, Greeuough, and Clark j monarchy her father's house, to follow his uncertain
sovereign people should be thankful that Mills. Permit me to state here, that Mc-1 We ! obligation to our j me (mc ot onh from con. j fortunes; to share his happiness, and soothe
their services can be had. even for such I Donald, too, may be classed among them, j correspondent Frantkc, for his Poetic cflu-, als0 because the Doctors of the ! llinl iu ,he ,,our of adversity; who had
reasonab e compensation. Thinking that i tor like them, lie lias lollowed a single ob-1 .' 1""U"'W inmnnv wiin Brrt .,,.. ,1,, ; lonoweu mm tnrougn me, ami ny ner in-
1 f" . . e !..... "-v " ' '
WUUB 11UU1 Otllltv IIUIIU, 111 llllll-l VCLI
spirits. I'pon his knees ho held the old
family bible. It was open at the family
record, and as his eyes ran over the pages
and saw registered there the names of
those ho should never meet again on earth,
his grief burst forth in bitter sobs. Oh
'twas a sad sight to witness the grief of
that old man, the la.st of his race, whose
name, when he should go to his "long
home" would be buried with him and be
forever forgotten. There wcro traced the
names of sons, who lie had fondly hoped
would be the solace and support of his old
age ; of daughters, whose innocent prattle
had beguiled many wean- hours. Where
were they now 1 Alas ! the grave had
the sovereigns, with their customary dull-1 jeet of nature.
uess, would fail to perceive the necessity The artist could not have selected a
of the increased pay, the Senator favors more difficult task than to have attempted
them with a morsel of his Congressional : to portray iu plaster or marble, the linea
cxperieueo. lie says his expenses exceed ! ments of Mr. Benton's face. His features
his per diem by over S3.000 per session. arc marked aud bold. To mould such a
or Prose, will be gladly received.
; Cardinal Ballarniino, and many other the-
; ologians and publicists of the same, have
ft3-To our Waverlv e rrespoudent. C. ; ruljlic'.v taught absolute monarchy to be
we sav send on.
fluence, had shielded him from luring
temptations. She too had gone. Death
had laid his cold hand upon her beating
i fl i im.. ii.
the best form of government. ne;,rt' H'"1 1,hC " mnur IU!U flafi Im ine
.-This we have done, because the inter- i cmm" .",as,h 01 l,.,p m,rui' "nc nnK DC'
r.4 i ti v.... i . ... i-.i ' .if i neath his touch, withered and died.
aw n icanicu geiuicuiuu vvnrj, umicu , nai economy oi me company is monarcni-; y
, For The True American.
"American Shall Bole America."
When roorcennry legiom pour'd
' Like torrents o'er our hind ;
With murderous hearts and UDsbeath'd eword,
With manacle and brand ;
Our fathers nobly, proudly stood.
To meet their foreign foe ;
Firm as the rock in ocean's flood
They braved the impending blow !
Like thunder rolled from mountain tops
ITicir watch-wnrd and reply :
" Americans and tbey alone
Shall rule America!"
Those echoes swcll'd with gathering might
Along each hill and plain ; -And
cannons roar on Bunker's height
Gave echo back agaiu I
The God of war in anger frown'd
Upon this dark array ;
And like the voice of death, that sound
Spread terror and dismay.
Americana! behold there stands
Upon our very shore,
A foe whose mercenary hands
Are red with battle gore !
From Foreign climes, with foreign hearts
The thronging hosts appear ;
They've slain the giant freedom there,
And they will slay it here I
Look out along the horizon
And mark the coming storm!
Then Freedom's glorious armor don
And for fierce comb&t form.
So let our fathers' watch-word ring
Along the vaulted sky :
" Americans, and they alone
Shall rule America!"
Jan'y. 185S. F. It. A. X. C. K. E.
CSf The following Address was deliver
ed before the Steuben Social Degree of tho
Ladies of Temperance, and ordered to be !
published :
Sister Presiding, and worthy Sisters
and Brothers: So much has been said on
the subject of Temperance, that it is not
to be expected 1 should say anything new;
yet I will endeavor to comply with your
requirements. That intemperance is an
evil, no one will deny; lor who docs not
sec daily the evil effects of the use of in
toxicating drinks upon our community?
Every where, and in all time, their ruin
ous influences have been felt the same.
We have had facts and arguments suffi
cient to convince every sane mind, that al-
If tins be true, he must be either very , s'iO.Ket, the characteristics oi expression ; a Bhort time since, if he kuew what would : eal, and therefore we are by maxim aud by ! lh"t gay he had laid her in the tomb, cowc drinks should be fnrever banished
patriotic, or strongly attached to Senatorial j necessary to be developed, must be correct j curc a corn on the toe, replied, I have education devoted to absolute monarchy, ""-'1 th her, the last link that bound him from RUr What can be done, more
life, as well as blessed with an abundance ' or !t iconics a caricature. For a young I studied philosophy and astronomy, botany, ; in which Catholicism, by the wisdom and I to life was severed. As he sat thus, look- tian m i)0erii to p0rSuado tho people to
of this world s goods. Most men. m whom : artist, theu. to nave unucrtaKon tms, was, physiology and pathology. I have travel-: ZOal of a pious King, can alone have se-' 'g upon the name ot her he loved,
the fire of patriotism docs not glow quite ' at most, a bold attempt, aud that attempt ed hy sea and by land, in ships and steam- cure defence and prosperity. ' thoughts of the past came sweeping mourn-
as bright as it did in the early davs of our ! 'lap epn perfectly successful. Having j boats, in staire coaches and rail road cars, i "Maiesty, that we both think, and be
country, would straightway abandon the
Ship of State, under such distressing pecu
niary circumstances. But there is a rea
son for all this. We have Nabobs. North
had the good fortune to visit those places j and after my extensive reading and study, iive, and sustain that absolute monarchy
throughout the world, renowned for fane my travel and research, I have conic to the 1 is the best of governments, is demonstrated
1S4S. We were the victims of Liberalism,
m ; because all Liberals were and are well per-
Pkkmaxsiih'. Ladies and Gentlemen j sunded aho (hat the Jesu-lt!J arc tlie sup.
port costly establishments for the enter- j plastic art. I have heard that these busts j wishing to improve their Chirography and I p0rters 0f absolute monarchy,
tainmcut of foreign miuisters and foreign fell for but ten dollars. The time, trouble ' acquire a systematic and practical "hand" 1 "These things, oh, Majesty! are well
and South, among us, who once quartered and by comparison, Mr. McDonald may:
upon the Government at Washington, sun-1 well felicitate himself on his success in the I
guests in a princely way, and all for the
honor and glory of American republican
ism, plain buff as it was in the days of
The Tailed Africans
A few years ago, it was reported thut a .
French traveler had discovered, in Central j
Africa, a people who are graced with a ver- j
itablc tail; an anomaly, if true, in the
physical history of man. This reported
discovery was believed by some credulous
persons with a great deal of wonderment,
and by others treated as a hoax, not half
so good as the "mooa hoax'1 of Locke, or
even the "woolly horse" of Barnum.
Another Frenchman, M. Du Courct,
under tho name of IlAi.!i-Am-Kr,-llA.M-ED-Bey,
has just written aud published a
book, entitled, .-1 Jturnty to lie Country
fully over his spirit, lulling the storm of
grief that caused his feeble frame to quiver
with the agony of bereavement, and dried
statuary. I have had an opportunity to see; conclusion that the best way to cure a corn bv the damage we suffered in tho year j the tears that were rolling down his fur-
and judge of the beauties others read of, is to cut it off with a razor. 1 1S4S. We were the victims of Liberalism, ' rowed cheeks. He closed the book, laid
it on the stand, bowed his head upon it,
and was lost iu a reverie on the past.
His dog, that for years had been a faithful
friend, coiled himself at the old man's
feet, and looked wistfully at his master.
All was quiet. The old man moved not;
and his regular breathing showed that
sleep had at last locked him in her sweet
embrace. He dreamed. He is a child
again. Once more his mother follows his
childish form with her anxious gaze. At
night he bends his little head upon her
knee, and repeats after her, his infant
j prayer; then creeping to his cot, sleeps
as innocence alone can sleep. Time flies
swiftly on, and he passes to boyhood, the
scenes of which, come often to the memory
of old age, and with bright visions of the
past, cheer many long hours when the
lamp of life burns but dimly. With a gay
heart and light, foot ho mingles in the
sport of his companions, forgetful of the
precious hours that are.flecing away to re
turn no more. He looks forward with im
patient longings, to the time when he shall
be a man, when he can cast aside all con
trol, and mark out for himself his future
career. Life with its joys lay before him,
and all looked fair as the morning sky ere
a cloud has dimmed its brightness.
"A change conies o'er the spirit of his
dream." Manhood, though moving with
and talents required to develop a bust oi win ao wen to aitcnu iioicomns pmaie ; cnown) au(i hiberals would more easily be
the character made by Mr. McDonald, Writing Class. It meets Tuesday, Thurs- j jpve sun wou,i not r;ac to-mor-i
meets at that rate with but a poor reward. day and Saturday evenings, at T o'clock, j roW tiian ajmjt that fa Jesuits could fa-
short-clothes. Well, if these son-ants ofj We only find here and there great sculp- j in the North pubnc School building. vor tjCnj. anj therefore every time they
the people, only theoretically speaking, of' tors. These men have always at first been All are invited to visit his Class. attempt a revolution, their first object is to
course, will belie our institutions and mis-' self-taught, and were compelled to remain, j ' ; '"' j (Jepoil the Jesuits,
represent our people to a foreign nobility, i with but few exceptions, a long while in Message to the egislature i u reason the Liberals, by an in
let them do so, but at their own expense, j obscurity. The taleut for sculpture is one ; of Massachusetts, Gov. Gardner gives the of
and save us from any participation in the 1 of that character but seldom manifested in I t"1Iowlng clear and correct view ol Amen- j . Q or
desecration of the memory of our n-publi- any community. In Mr. McDonald, St. cai1 l,oucy : ,mon thcni.
can fathers and their brilliant deeds. We j Louis possesses a young man of no ordina-1 "Jo dispel trom popular use every tor-1 i(jn je4U;tjJ jn tne ;jncjoin 0f
can see no good and sufficient reason why i ry talents. He may yet (and there is in ' eign language, so great a preserver of un-! aj,os jave alWilyS ght it to be unpar
Congresaioiud pay should be increased. A ! my mind no doubt of it,) live to fasten iu I assimilating elements of character to print i fomu to make revolutions for the pur
sufficiency to compensate for the time and i immortal fame the lineaments of many of j all public documents in the English tongue 0f changing the absolute monarchy,
labor ought to be the measure of official i our great men. The subject selected by i alont to ordain that all schools aided by j tj10 re;gri;Ug dynasty has always
wages, except iu certain cases where ex- i him is a happy one for many reasons. In I the State shall use the same language to j luaintajne(
truordinary expenditures necessarily ac-i the first place, Mr. Beuton, like all of our disband military companies founded on j lf this should not ho sufficient not to
company the administration of the duties 1 statesmen of long standing, has become land developing exclusive foreign sympa-iiJ(, t'1(mrnt Liberals, we humbly pray your
of office. In this country, offices are not j identified with the history of our country ;j tides to discourage imported political j M;0f;ty to point out what further we ought
imposed upon the people, but are generally j in many respects he is a remarkable man, t demagogues, the broken down leaders of! to tf( j)e Jt!licvocl decided absolutists,
sought after. Office-seeking has become and among h's characteristics is his oppo- insular agrariauism or continental red re-) (Vrtainlv the Jesuits have never been
... . I .. . .. , IV ...... ...1 1 !.. i. . ..J ' ' ' ' '
a trade, as legitimate as any other, now-a- sition to monuments ot stone or marble. ! puoncanism, wnose u.iue nere is 10 pui,t anv time or in anv place accused of
. . . ' .... . .1 i ..11 if. '
days, and the continued clamor for more His features are bold and well marked, and j themselves at tue neau oi tneir ut-iiiaeu , Jljcrolisni ; and what motive should they
and better "fodder" is entirely consistent j there is certainly strong expression in his . countrymen, to organize prejudice, to l,.lV0 fr not loving and defendim; the ah
with the "nature" of the trade and its ma-; face, hard to depict, and yet Mr. McDonald . talizc foreign feeling and morbid passion, f,()ute p0Vcrnmcnt 0f the august monarch,
thinery. ; has been enabled not only to fasten the j and then sell themselves to the highest i p,V(;iniinj JI., w,0 ias covered them with
; features correctly on the plaster, but there ; partisan bidder to purify ana ennoble the j )f,m,f;ts ?
is the expression, life-like. elective franchise to adopt a carefully ! ymu. Majesty, of this sovereign be-
.1 . til 1 V i j1 ... 1. i il i
X ours, witn respect, , guarueu enecK list uirouguo.u m nanon , n(;fic(IKc wc huvo JiaJo no otllcr usc tian j lardy Btcpgf has at ,enplh arrivcd. With
W. D. POBTEB. j to cultivate a living and energetic nation-1 f()r fl(i m of Chrisliun 11Mrality aild Ca. j a smiling fnco ho sit8 loneath a v-mcvM
Capt. P. is said to be well qualified totality to developc a high and vital patn-! tllolit;UV) lin(1 tk, nrn;n;, dvm,Bty to pro-! roof," his thoughts wandering away, and
form an intelligent judgment in respect to . otism to Americanize America to retain ilnmutuUo Meitj to the'aljsoluto mon- j lingering long at anothcrs side. Anon,
art'lstic "ki1 ' tl,c iu our common schools to keep I h 0 hj h do'elarc ourselves always ! the scene changes. With a fair maiden at
Tur. Mediation.- It is stated that the ! C"tirC tl,C st;Paraiti,m of church and state j mi wc h()po your Majwty will his side, he stands before the holy man of
French Minister, at Washington, has in
timatcd to this Government, that the Fiin
peror will not listen to any proposition for
mediation upon the part of this Govern
ment between the belligerents of Europe.
This will most likely end this latest pro
ject, and is a speedy way of knocking the
of the NiamXiami, who arc a people i wind out of the sails of our Quixotes.
in Central Africa, with tails M. Du Cou- rri 7, , A. . T, , -n
, ,. ' , , . t"lhe Buckeve State, edited bv R.
ret says he did not reach their country; ,, , . . . .
' f 1 iluii niir ilil 'mil lntlrmitd trmiirl. is
but fouud one of them at Mecca, and ex
amined his tail. A Reviewer of his book
says : "He likewise presents a great mass
of testimony, tending to establish the rea
sonableness, or at least the possibility of
Lord Mouboddo's long ridiculed theory."
Jna)fA gentleman writes to us, in order
to know if we inteud to "play fair" in our
paper, by giving the proscribed party an
opportunity to defend themselves. To
this, we nay, wc know of no proscribed
party iu our paper. Proscription means
the depriving a person of that which of
right he possesses, or that to which he is
fairly entitled. Pleaso dont beg the ques
tion at bo early a stage in the game. Our
paper is a paper of free discussion, and
every writer shall be treated with due res-
. JteiTThc Boston Olive Branch ono of
the tip top papers of the nation ; ' long may
it live nnd flourish.
a highly reputable paper, and ought to be
liberally patronized. Although, on some
side issues, the Buckeye aud True Amer
ican may honestly differ, yet, on the main
question they are most thoroughly one.
:Thc Newark Times is a well con
ducted paper, aud highly advantageous to
us as an exchange.
N.W York, Jan. 2J5, Flour easier
but not lower; good Ohio and southern at
former prices. Wheat unchanged at pre
vious rates. Lard firm; kegs at 10 j, bbls.
9J. Sugars have advanced , Orleans 5
Cincinnati, Jau. 24. Flour firm at
7,807,85. Whisky 28 1 Hogs, 85,
very few in market. Cheese, 9J(a lO.
Provisions firm, but dealers unable to come
to terms. Nothing ne,w in other articles.
River fallen four Inches. Weathpr mild
and eloiidv.
HI UilUI.MUllJ.U UUIU1U IIUIU1 illl.C, 1111U
i to educate before either to guard against
citizenship becoming cheap all these con
I stituto a work transcending the ordinary
J platform of party, and ranking with the
i great movements that originally founded
We understand, the object of the Amer
ican party is not to exclude to shut out
the inhabitants of other countries from the
blessings of our form of government but
simply to Americanize them. Americans,
to your posts, and guard our civil and reli
gious institutions from the attacks of those
influences which have been "nursed in
customs and creeds antagouistical to Re
publicanism." C.
Thirty women of Ostego, Allegan Co.,
Michigan, backed by about fifty men,
marched to the groggcries, of that town,
with axes in hand, and soon cleared them
of all their liquor, by smashing the ba rrels
and spilling the rum. The landlord of
the village tavern came down, without a
fight, and promised to quit the business.
There had been several aggravated ca
ses of abuse, arising from tho influence of
tho rum holes, which led to this summary
process. .
The Tribune says that New York now
contains 700,000 inhabitants, and Brook
lyn 200,000, Right smart villages I
graciously permit us to confirm this scnti- God, to pronounce the vow which binds
men t at your Majesty's feet by word of j them ever one. Still the old man dreams.
mouth. Fair children prattle round his knee ; his
"The present page is signed by mc, by Mary, ever faithful, adds to his joys and
my 'Father's councillors' (Padri Consulto- j soothes his sorrows. But the vision grows
ri,) nnd all others present, in the short
time there has been for collecting the sig
natures; and if your Majesty desires the
signatures of all the Jesuits of this province
of Naples, they can speedily bo obtained.
In so much, wo who sign this are a full
guarantee for their devotion by all proof
to the absolute monarchy.
"ClUSEN'E Makia Paladini,
della Corapagnia di Gcsu Proviuciale,"
(And 23 others.)
"Collegio del Gcsu Nuovo, Napoli, Nov. 21.
SWc have just examined the Febru
ary number of Peterson's Ladies National
Magnzine, and have no hesitation in say
ing that it is fully worthy of its extensive
patronage. The volume for 1855, will
contain about 900 pages of reading matter;
a steel plate and a colored fashion, month
ly, and 400 other illustrations. The sto
ries will be from the first writers, soroo of
whom write exclusively for this Magazine.
The terms are 82,00 in advance. Address
Charles J. Peterson, 102, Chosnut Street,
Philadelphia. We would, with pleasure,
publish tho prospectus of Peterson's Mag
azine, if wo could obtain it. ' '
darker, he stands beside an open grave,
where they have laid the form of a bloom
ing boy. Ilis heart is riven with fierce
anguish, and he heeds not a soft voice,
murmuring, "Thy will, not mine, oh God
be done." But afflictions cease not. One
by one, his cherished children are snatched
away, until none arc left. But ho has
learned to "kiss tho Hand which smites,"
and can yet thank his Heavenly Father,
that the wife of his youth, the last and
dearest of earthly tics, is spared. He
notes her silvered hair and sunken check,
but the samo love light, beams on him
from those clear eyes ; the same clear voice
speaks soothingly and- tenderly. As he
reaches forth his arms to cmbraco her, the
vision fades, and with a sudden pang he
lifts his head, to gazo only on a vacant
scat, and the dead embers on his hearth'
stone. Chilled in heart and frame, the ol
man awakes to find his joy tho "basolcss
fabric of a vision." Tears flow fast and
silently from those dim eyes, whilo he
muses on his lonely lot, and his soul sends
forth its earnest plea, "Oh Father take
mo home". ' ' M,
Stubenville, Jan.' 20, 1855. "i " '
abandon the manufacture and sale of alco
hol, when it is the cause of so much dis
tress and misery ? When we think of the
vast amount of grain so kindly given us by
our Heavenly Father for our good, being
converted by the distiller into that which
destroys both soul and body, is it any won
der that our country is visited with drouth
and threatened with famine?
Yet, in spite of all that can be said and
done, immense quantities of grain (which
might supply many who arc now suffering
with hunger) is sold by our farmers to feed
the distillery, knowing at the same time,
that it will be made into drink, which will
utterly destroy those who partake of it.
Our farmers ought to be the best of men.
If they were prohibited sellingtheir grain to
the distiller, then might we expect the evil
to be remedied. But that will never be ac
complished as long as men professing tem
perance, but who are not really temperance
men, arc elected to office, and afterward
betray their trust.
Why do not our Temperance men drop
all party prejudice, aud unite on this one
great and important question, and vote the
icense system out of existence; put liquor
out of sight, out of reach ; say that it shall
not be made or sold ? We who have never
acquired an appetite for strong drink, can
tell nothing of tho great temptation those
are under who have once formed the habit
Many, no doubt, have resolved, and re
resolved, to "touch not, taste not, handle
not ;" but how can they save themselves,
or how can they pray, "lead us not into
temptation," when the temptation is placed
before them at almost every step? I have
heard some of my near and dear friends
say, although engaged in preaching tem
perance to others, they have often been
made to tremble, lest in an unguarded mo
ment they might again be led astray by
the tempter. We must put it out of their
reach, stop its manufacture, turn the grain
into flour instead of liquor; then, indeed,
will our glorious Union be 'happy and free,'
and the smiles and blessings of our Hea
venly Father will rest upon us as a nation.
Worthy Brethren and Sisters, let us
strive to do our duty. Let us not weary
in well doing, for in "due time we shall
reap if we faint not." That we may each
live to see that time, is the prayer and sin
cere desire of your sister in truth, love,
purity and fidelity. e. c. n
Many a Truth Spoken in Jest.
Tho 1st of January decapitated railroad
deadheads. "Invisible Green," of tho
Cincinnati Times, after buying a ticket
from Columbus to Cincinnati, for which he
paid tho old price of 83 and two $hillingt
more thus tportively tells what actually
will prove true. He says:
"But during this last trip, from some
cause or other, I could not see things as I
had seen thorn before. The train seemed
to have lost its easy motion, and I was nev
er so badly joltod in all my life. The cars
too, did not look near so genteel as those
I had formerly traveled in on the same
road, nor was my scat comfortable at all.
And tho whistle kept screeching, tho ma
chinery rattling, and I expected every mo
ment to bo pitched off the track and smash
ed topieeen. And the oondurtor,ho necro"
ed 'polite' no more, nor the brakeman 'at
tentive,' nor the baggage master 'accom
modating,' nor the engineer 'careful while
every one connected with the train had a
down right mean and sordid look. To add
to all this, I never saw the 'old man' once,
and almost come to the conclusion that the
road was fast going to destruction." ;
It was unwise in the managers of Ohio
railroads to raise the fare, and it wu a
great blunder in entirely cutting off com
plimentary ticket. But in all our Amer
ican reforms we plunge first to one extreme,
then to the other, but finally get balanced
properly between the two.-Cleve. Her.
Sevastopol taken by Storm ! Know
VoTiiiNoa Triitmpiiant ! 1
The following is a list of candidates
elected on Monday, as far as heard from,
up to the time of going to press :
Mayor J. L. Sangston.
Clerk G. W. Sights; no opposition.
Treasurer R. W. Harding; do.
Superintendent of Water Works J. C.
Vennum; no opposition.
Sergeant J. L. Sangston.
Street Commissioner S. Amick.
City Surveyor Jas. Gilchrist; no oppo
sition. Captain of Night Watch Jas. Trislcr.
Lieutenant of Night Watch Thomas
Clerks of tho Market 1J. Gullctt and '
Joseph Forsyth.
Wharf Master Robert Hamilton.
City Weigher Moses Ford ; no opposi
tion. Collector of Assessments F. A. Burke..
Collector Water Rents Josiah Powell..
Flour Inspector John French.
Lumber and Coal Measurer E. Rath
bun. Curator of Market Square Geo. Bulger.
Curator of City Hall Joseph M'Gfll.
Overseer of Chain Gang Geo. Bulger.
Sexton E. II. Burt.
We have only time to add that every
nominee of tho K. N.'s, from Mayor down
to the lowest Ward officer, with but one
exception, (Maclane, Aid.) has been elect
ed ha sweeping majorities.
Aldermen elect John Ewing, Amos
Wright, George Dulty, J. L. Newby, and
William Baltzell.
A list of Couneilinen aud minor officers
to-morrow. G lory enough for ono day.
Wheeling Young America , 23d.
A Know-Nothing "Victim."
In a strong Democratic county in Penn
sylvania, which usually gave that party
about eighteen hundred votes majority, a
Know Nothing Council was formed, pre
vious to the Inst election, and soon num.
bereel some eight hundred members. Tho
time for making the nominations toon
came on; a committee was appointed to
look up n candidate for tho Legislature,
for, as there were only eight hundred of
them, none seemed disposed to seek tho
anticipated defeat, which seemed inevita
ble. The committee deemed it all impor
tant that they should secure a candidate
whoso standing in the community would
command 'out-side votes' sufficient to make
a respectable show ; one, and another, and
still another was called upon, but all 'de
clined the honor.' At length some one
suggested the name of the teacher of tho
District School, a young man of sterling
worth, who was receiving a salary of 8300
per annum, as teacher; and who was a
warm advocate of the principles of the
new party, and every one knew him to bo
a 'raal live Know Nothing.' He seemed
to be the man for the emergency. Ho had
nothing to lose in being a candidate no
popularity no business. He was a proper
person to be the 'victim' of the weak party.
The committee waited on him, and asked
him to 'run.' The young man expressed
his willingness to 'stand' the canvass, but
said he was unable to pay the expenses of
printing the tickets, &c., if the committee
would pay the expenses, he was willing to
allow the use of his name for the good of
the party. The bargain was made the
tickets were printed the election came
on the ballots were counted and the
'Victim' of 'Know Nothingism' received
sixteen hundred votes majority over both
Whig nnd Democratic competitors.
TnE Enquirer says that money matters
in Cincinnati are easier, notwithstanding
the influence of several failures which have
taken place since tho 1st inst.
After a full examination by the county
officials, it has been discovered that
Shrock, the absconded Treasurer of Holmes
county, is delinquent in 820,500, instead
of 840,000, as at first reported.
The New York Tribuno confidently
predicts the re-election of Gov. Seward to
the United States Senate.
A good Toast. Tho following toast
was given at the recent New England din.
ner, in Charleston :
" Woman God has made her to be lov
ed. Sho exercises a sovereign influence
over the sterner sex, when she keeps with
in her proper sphere. Iler influence di
minishes in proportion as she 'pantt for
notoriety.' " . ,
-a A Telcgraphio despatch from New
York, January 12, says, that Hon. J. Y.
Mason, our Minister to France, diod at
Paris from a paraletio stroke on the 28th,
of Peer mhor.

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