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Z. RAGAN, Editor, and Proprietor.
'" From Black rood's Magazine.
Within two hours of the birth of Paul
Yedot, his mother died; and as her bus-!
band had departed this life some six months '
previously, little Paul was left an orphan
almofst as soon as ho well could be ; and
but for his grandame Truquct, manufactu
rer and vender of eabots in the ancient town
of Amiens, in the department of the Som-1 with all the energy and distinctness swift i depend he was rock adamant. j overgrew and dimmed its radiance. Lu-
ne, France, the little fellow must have been speed nud ardent affection permitted, the I Error, Monsieur Paul Yerdot ! A young i cille was h fel a dissembler, in ono im
convcyed to tho basket of tho enfans-trou- j hopes, tribulations, wishes, anxieties, ox- j nnd pretty widow, and especially a French Portallt particular at least; the child whom
ve. and. consigned to the mous care of the cited in his bosom by the too charming ; widow, aware of how and where, and when. ! shc P1 iu suc& rigorous seclusion, always
good nuns attached to that anti-Malthu-, Lucille.
sian establishment. Kind Dame Truquct! 'You do not . know, then,' replied that
having wrapped her tiny grandson careful-, much amused baggage, 'you do not know,
ly up in her lap, carried h'm safoly home, j then, my poor loitcux, that' .
and by dint of careful nursing, unstinted ; 'Boi'eux !' echoed Paul, springing iu
scolding, and stripes not a few, contrived j dignnntly from his knees to the full height
to bring him creditably up to young man's , of his best leg 'that is true; still, if one
j n t
estate, with onlv oidv one niishan of nuv
; L
consequence. 1 his oocurred one day when
Paul was about three years old. Madame
Truquct kept a stall in the market place on j
Saturday, for the more ready disposal of.
her wares, and one or two likely looking
customers coming up as she was dandling j
Paul affectionately in her arms, she too '
hastily popped him down up a lofty and J
loose heap of sabots just deposited on tho '
narrow stall, which, unable to support the '
earn-in the child with it. who fell hcavilv
r.Tjuprfti.lha j.atmont' vaA JawAn . J-lgh;isuled, aeiued oiuiding. n, .his .eava. Qi'jju
leg. Thfs unfortunate tumble resulted in
permanent lameness, the wounded limb
when cured being about two inches short-
cr than its fellow a calamity not without
its compensating benefit, inasmuch as - it
. . at
rpndnred Paul forever ineligible as a can-
- w - - o
didatc for military glory; in other words,
deprived him of tho honor of contributing
. ;Kn ti nA0iit: l;
a unit to the conscription lihts.
Nothing otherwise especially note-wor-
thy is especially recorded of Paul's boy-
hood. Ho very early mastered the art and
mystery of the sabot manufacturing, and at
s i :
hts own request, was apprenticed to n cor-
donnwr, so that he might thereafter be 1 tho Borlaso family these fifty years, who
,, , ,. i( . .' , - , 1 ,, ,
able to .combine the twin trades of wood I tell you so.
and leather shoe-making. Paul finished!. Paul was very much better the next
, . 1 ii'ji i . ,1 n k 1 ii- 1 i
his tunc at twenty, and but for a mishap morning: the fires of love aud liquor had
which bcftl him at that susceptible age, he
'Hi 1 l l -.1 r v,
ii-niil.l nt nnon luivn hm mir. U'IMi 11 t nr.
l.WU.Vi AV .... . w " ' - ' ..... ...... .. ..Q-..
onrt' Kl-n ntlicr vmino- niMi of liifl fliiss.
for a two or threo years' tour thro' France,
to acquire experience in his craft, and such world spite of all tho Lucillc's in creation, the measuring stick was six or tixty inches . . P P ' ' '
general knowledge of the ways of the world Paul did not, however, get farther on his long. Presently, however, ho became more onnno Bay tho 8ani'. jUC' " 5 n yCt
as would qualify him to settle down quiet- road to the metropolis thau Abbeville, ; composed, the sabots were fitted, and th0 know it is the weight of the accursed
ly nnd comfortably nt Amiens, with 'Tm-, where he found immediate and constant i result of the meeting was, that half an hour , f0"0.1 'ou so jealously guard, that issmk
quct and Yerdot, boot, shoe and sabot man.! work, and such agreeable associates, that had barely passed before Paul had once more m n me the abyss of low vice, which I
ufacturcrs,' over the shop-door. This first : he remained there contentedly something , offered his hand to tho Lucille who, in a lorasmuc as you do.
stumble, as it may bo called, upon the over tix years, during which time ho con-! days gono by, had so scornfully rejected it. '"v hat accursed secret ? Surely '
threshold of life, was caused by the bewil-' trived to savo about eight hundred francs,
dering black eyes of Lucillo Borlaso, a j tho best possible proof that could be giv
young shoo-bindress employed by his mas- cn of his general steadiness and sobriety,
tor, nt whoso dwelling poor Paul used fro-, During that long period he had outy paid
qucntly to call for tho work which had j two or three brief visits to Madame Tru
been given out to tho mischievous damsel, iquct ; nnd nil he heard of Lucillo, was,
'nnd he was only too happy, when occasion-1 that she had married Dupre nt the time eyes with tears as she spoke; 'but you were
ally nsked to sit down nnd wait nwhilo till ' indicated, nnd soon nftcrwards left Amiens j always kind and generous; and I hopo ad
it was finished. At those times, ns Pnul with him for Paris. Paul Yerdot then j vcrsity has somewhat improved mo. My
subsequently confessed to his indignant ! had been residing at Abbeville approach-; past wedded life was not a happy one,
grandmother, he felt Lucillu's.merry glance
shoot through and through his hcaat and
Aack again, just ns her bright nccdlo pierc
' ed in and out of the less tender biuding
she was 6cwing on. This resolution, made
on the day his apprenticeship expired,
would hardly, perhaps, then havo bubbled
over his lips, but for tho great ndditioutd
fervency imparted to' his passion by the
numerous wine-cups ho had been draining
on taking final loavo of his camarades de
boutique. '
'Lucille Boilase !' exclaimed Madame
Truquct, with explosive wrath, ivhy,Paul,
you must havo lost your senses ! The Br
lascs have been children of tho devil time
out of mind. - Tho men, sots, idlers, spend
thrifts; tho women, two-faood, dissembling
hussies, that would deceivo Satan himself,
much uioro a poor gawhy liko yon.' ' . -.
'Come, como,' broke in Paul, with grcnt
hent, 'not such a gnwby'.as you may sup
pose1, bonne mere. Besides, a gM isn't al
ways a saiut for having been brought up
iu a convent; aa for Lucille, varlku! she
ii simplicity and candor itself. Qno can
see it in her looks. , 0 h I' , . . . ,
Tho long-drawn sij;h with which Paul
concluded, completely overset the old. la
dy's patience never too steadily balauccd
and she replied to it in a way not un
common with her when very angry, by (shy
ing a sabot she was varnishiug at the de
linquent's .head, accompanied by a, volley
j of expletives not necessary to repeat.
Frequent practice enabled her grandson to
easily avoid the dangerous missile; and her ;
words went, equally astray of their mark i
after a few moments, as Paul hastened '
along towards tho slandered damsel s resi-
dencc, and, arrived there, poured forth,
is a little lame
'One may be six feet up ono side,' in-
tcrruptcd Lucille, with the same delight -
ful mockery of tone as before.
o doubt; but I would say, if permit-
ted, that you do not know, it seems, that
I am betrothed to Jaqucs Duprc, tho ma-
son, who can cam ten francs to your five,
my friend, and that we intend marrying
next week.'
Paul heard no more, or, at least he would
: hussy's merrv lauch. bv which he wasnur -
j whilst recounting his discomfiture to Mad-
j nine Truquct.
j -Console yourself, Paul,' said the dame,
j H.a handed her afllictcd crandson aspi-
j CC( nj.rht-cap, and tucked him up comfort-
wwm .
i.i; i.i.n.Mn ..ip
IIII1V ill KJUll VjUlilJij IUUWWIi lltityn 1 1A t I
I nl.lirin Kn.l Uncn n vmirsr. F mnn nnrrmt!
j thoro nro protiicr tes in Amiens than
j cvcr bcamc(i un(er tho cap 0f LxxciHc B0r -
i -i, .i T. ii ii v
, .,SCi Besides, as I told you, they arc dis -
semblers to their very nails ; you shall as
easily find out their secret meaning, as
what is hidden under a conjuror's palm,
Goodnight, mon brave : you have had a
, , . . T i i i
lucky escape, and it is I, who have known
cooled sensibly during the night, and bv
1 .vi I- 1 -,
lm win otnvrlilv mnminiKF nliincT uii 1
11 1 T V ' I ( 1 1 1 llllll UlUIUllJ I. .11 1 V ' . q '
' l-!t irannA 1a liia U,Ar nn trirt vonrl
1 to Paris, determined to bravely faco tho
i ing to seven years, when n letter reached
him to the effect that his graudmothor had
been seized with a sudden, and it was fear
ed, mortal illness, and was very desirous
of seeing him beforo sho died. He sot off
at onco for Amiens, and arrived there bare
ly in time to close the eyes of his kind and
nged- relative, and to hear her faintly mur
mur, in the hist words that fluttered on
her lips, nn -injunction 'to avoid tho revo
lutionists, and to bewaro of Lucillo Dupre,
Tho Revolutionists ! Yes: Paul com
prehended "and acceded to that without ef
fort. It was tho beginning of the year
1792, under which date is inscribed the
bloodiest pages of that frightful history.
Amiens, like other towns, had its Saint
Pubiio nnd guillotino in vigorous execu
tion, and drunken snatches of Carmagnole
m Candra penetrated to thatsick room,
and mingled with tho death-sobs of tho ex
piring woman. .,' But Lucillo Duprc, wid
ow ! Ho would not conceal from himself
that tho last word had excited, oven at tho
solemn' moment when it was iiUcred, somo
score of feverish pulse beats; but what of
lonrral, $tM is. American Jnsi$, feature, 3tuut, m)s
that? lie would, upon reflection, be nsland Lucille wcrii married; and a very
cool as ice, obdurate as granite, to any ad-! happy, prosperoAiflenftge that at Numcro
vance from that quarter. Lucille had j 13, Rue des CaphinP, proved for a con
madc a fool of him once, long ago, when siderablc time ; ndversity had greatly inl
he was poor and inexperienced, but noAV he j
was rich comparatively so, at least, (two
thousand crowns had been accumulated by
Madame Truquct not to speak of the bu-
snicss and stock in trade,; and, moreover,
know tho world, Lucille Duprc, veuve, if
she entertained any thought, as his deccas-
cd relative's words seemed to intimate, of
hooking him for second husband, was mis-;
jernbly mistaken; upon that point, she might
, ,
she once drilled a hole in your susceptible j appearing restless and agitated if even he
heart, will, if it bo worth her while, rco- a'essed few Words to her ! What hon
pen tho wound in a way that all the defen-! est cause C(5M. th be for tliat ? nis
hive armor in tho world can avail nothing grand-mother's, .warning of the deceptive
against. It so fell out. Paul Yerdot was impenetrable character of the Boilase fain-; his eye fell uprn the smouldering frng
ftnndins; at his shop-door one afternoon,
ily, constantly recurred to his mind in!mcntgof a letter, rendered visible in the
smokinsr s
crenely, spite of the hurly-burly
of ficrco politics raging in all directions, of;
which he kept himself studiously aloof,
, whcn all in a moment a pair of eyes that
j had not their equals in all France flashed
upon him, and a voice which he bad never
ceased to hear in his dreams, exclaimed in
softest, sweetest tones, 'Bon jour, citflyen
, Yerdot ! Ah ! I sec you do not remember
. old acquaintances as well ns I do. I'm in
: want of a nice light pair of sabots, and I
thought I might as well give you the pre-
: 'Lucille!' exclaimed Paul, letting fall
hj.Hiipe andjtnggQrtng back into his shop,
as if struck by a blow. 'A thousand par-
dons ! that is. I mean
Madame Lucille
Dupre, veuve,' ho added, mechanically re"
ncatinsr a sentence that had been seldom
ut 01 Jlls liea1 fiince iladamo Iruquct s
I UUai-ll, SUI11U 1IVU 111U11L11B lieviuusiy.
death, some five months previously.
A, V
j 'ITelas! yes, monsieur,' was the reply ;
' 'and for nearly a twclvo month now ! A
v n -13 t t -n u i
, light varuished pair,' Lucille added a
' bright smile chasing away the demure ex
j pression into which she had momentarily!
constrained her features, as she seated her-
self, and extended one of the prettiest feet
e i , ,v.
in Amiens for admeasurement. '.Not of
that Wagoners size, ray dear Paul so far
, , T ... t iii
had Lucillo Duprc, veuve, got already
'not that Wagoner's size! Surely my foot
1 1. i
is not such a monstrous oner
1 It's my firm belief that citoyen Yerdot
ij-j l i ii, l ! i 1
did nnr,. nt. tnnr. nrnnmn mninpnt,. fcnnw
...... " - ...... - - - w ........ v '
! whotlin.r rio st.md imnn his liond nr hU
, heels, or tho foot to which ho had applied
This occurred in the sitting-room, at the
rear of tho shop, where the young widow
had allowed ram to induce her to taKo a
glass of wine nnd some cake.
'It's very kind and generous of you,'
replied Lucille a real emotion filling her
, Paul; but with you, she added, in a gay
,er tone, 'I think I may venturo : to hopo
We will skip, with tho reader's leave,
tho next two or threo minutes, ns non-essential
to the story resuming the conver
sation when Lucillo is readjusting her cap,
which had been in some way slightly dis
ordered, nnd putting on her gloves prepar
atory to Paul escorting her homo. 'You
will bo charmed, Paul,' tho young widow
is saying, ns sho gives a final finger twist
to ono of her dark curls, and turns smil
ingly away from tho glass; 'you will be
charmed with my beautiful and gentlo Lu
cille.' 1 'Your own Uatigh tor?' exclaimed Paul,
greatly surprised. .
Lucillo scorned to hesitate, and her face
flushed vividly as Paul afterwards remem
bered ; but sho rcpliod, 'Ycs-I thought
you might have been aware of that?'
'Not I,' replied Paul. 'But what thon !
I shall love all that belongs to you, dear
Lucille; wo shall bo hnppy, us three, I
make no doubt, as pcoplo in a .fairy talo.'.
: Precisely ono week from that day.'Fau)
T .
proved Madame -Verdot, than whom a
morc kind, prudent, notable, industrious ;
wife, could scarcely be. She was soon
able to manage the businces, and guide the
house much better than her husband could
pretend to do,ind every body said Paul
had obtained a' jewel of a partner. lie
thought so himself; the brightest and
most precious in the world but tor one
flaw there, which, in his eyes, gradually
, sPltc & nnnsell. i hen the child, who ap- j
Pcaroa 10 06 aB?ul B1X J'eiir8 01 a8c U1U not j
in the slightest degree resemble cither ot .
her reputed patents. Ihcy had both olive
complexions, :and dark hair and eyes,
whilst tho ydung Lucille was a boautiful
blonde, with finely chiselled patrician fea
tures 'Like Paul would sometimes mur
mur, 'like the haughty impress of himself
with which a proud aristocrat might stamp
with shame an honest family. Worse than
all, it came Taul's knowledge that his
wife had receivpd several letters through a
! private chaqnpC with respect to which she
ijgu 7js,;232n tnCT,gazc of the unfortunate man, and for a mo-
j camo T0 a relative ofa daughter d, nnd
dlcl ll0t 111 tllc sllontcst oegrco concern any !
i 0110 c,sc certainly not her husband. All
, this had m ev!1 eircct uPon rul Vcrdot's
' i i
inlilfil I I j-i I nmn v i tn.lfi 11 rr mil r. II 111 i-iVrt
"""" '"-'l""
tt n .1
, an ougnt 10 nave ao 11 winc-snop
i nc 1 01,1 i"UI' kCPl D i'onsn,Psi
. a.ud th!s, , cou' to frc. aIcrcn"
I uons witn n s wne. vjic morning, aucr a
late brcaKtast, during which lie had listen-,
intA hmn rtiic iliiimm rt- h iili iiv iinii iK'fnn
ed in moody silence to his wife's earnest
remonstrances upon his growing habits of j
1 '
haggard face, from tho hands m which it
tiifnnmnnnnr.n li r in.Liil lilts Tinl.l .il.iirto
, ' .
something of end sternness, said : 'Lucille,
j 0 d I
j v ' cn wecrc nianie gave you eery-
thing; I do not mean alone my worldly
, , , , ., ,,
; ' ' ' . & '
and has been ever since, ns you know,
' '
m01' y0U1'8 than ,mn0, 1 SUV0 lM
hcart conhdcncc J cvc,7 th0"f 4
, 'The child !' cried Paul, starting to his
! foot, nnd nddrcssing his wifo with passion-
late nnd imploring voico and gesture.'
Tell mo in what way it is connected with
you who tho mysterious correspondent of
yours is ; let mo know the worst, if worse
there bo I will bear anything for your
sake, beloved Lucille even shame if
you will but bo frank and candid with your
husband '
'Shame!' repeated the wife, rallying
with tho sting of the word. "How dare
you address such a word to me ? I will
toll you nothing.'
'Then I am a lost man !' exclaimed
Paul ; and seizing his hat ho rushed out
of tho house, and in a few minutes was
seated in tho wine-shop. He was still
thorp when evening fell very early for
tho month was January, and tho weather
unusually dark and cold nnd had been
drinking ficely nil day, when a message
arrived from Madame Verdot, who wished
to speak with him without delay. Paul
roso silently, nnd followed tho messenger
homo. Tho establishment ho found was
closed, tho work-people dismissed, and his
wifo .dressed as if going out. Sho was
very pale, and seemingly excited, but her
manner was unusually kind and carcasing.
'Paul,' sho said, laying her hand on his
arm ns ho fell into a chair, 'I nm going
out I nnd tho child ; a fincro is waiting
for us nt the back gate, nnd I shall not
probably return for sovcrnl hours.' The
husband mado no reply, nnd sho went on :
(I have given Jcannctt leave to go home,
and I hope, therefore, you will not go out
again. And, Paul, added the wife, kiss
ing his forehead, 'I feel I have been much
to blame in having any concealment from
you, and I promise you that to-morrow you
shall know all.'
To-morrow I shall know all, you prom-
'I do, solemnly,
for a while.'
And now, good-bye
She went out, and presently Paul Yer-1
JUL. UJJU liiuuutijy X UUI V Ml-
' , 1 , .
o smack of a whip and the
, , , L .,
parting wheels from outside
, . jr i f
dot heard tho
sound of depa:
VonTrTTft vA nfrn n nn Tin aof rtnn
,,. . - , , i I
siuerable time in a sort of confused, dozy
, , , , . , , ,
Vlltlllif MUU HiC HHS UtLlI! IVJIVy lit"
himself, raked tho embers together, threw
on two or threo fresh logs, n"d re-seated
himself, his wife's promise, as he described
it, gradually wanning about his heart ; 'I
shall know all to-morrow,' he audibly ejac'
ulatcd, nnd as the words passed his lips
far corncr 0f tie chimney-place, by the re-
newed fire-light. To start up, seize it,
0luj jevour jtfl contcnts, as far as they
coui De discerned for the fire had oblit
erate(j u tut few detatched sentenccs-
was tho work of a moment. It was signed
'Auguste ;' and 'chore Lucille' was implo
red not to loso a moment in coming with
'our child' to Sclis, a hamlet about a league
from Amiens, on tho northern road, and
to bring 'as much silver money' and
'clothes' with her as possible, instant flight
being indispensable ! The accursed words
secracd- to sw;m jn firc tcfore tne frcnxicd
, mcn, was pandyzccTty the terrible dis
covery : for a moment only. 'Infernal
traitress !' he vociferated ; 'I know all to
night, and may reach you yet.' Ho then
bounded up to the stairs, found that several
bags of ecus, which he knew were there in
the morning had been taken away, and
that most of his wife's clothes were gone.
There needed no further confirmation of
lh lett and j fivo j ut g paul y
; jot wa8 on tl10 road to Salis armed.
Tf. rrna nlinnt. li'tlF.rtncif iivnn nnnnrdnirr
to Bontomps, when PauH crdot returned
! . . , tT
to the wine-shop. He was as white as a
' "
corpse, and there was a largo
welling on
his forehead, as if ho had received a vio
lent blow, or had fallen down nnd struck
himself heavily, which ho said was the
case. He told Bontemps that his wife
would not return till the morning, nnd as
there was nobody at home, not the servant
even, he felt so lonely that ho wished to
sleep at his (Bontemps') house. This was
acceded to, and he went to bed at once.
Ycry early in tho morning a message came
from Madame Yerdot, that breakfast was
ready, and her husband anxiously waited
for. Bontemps delivered the message
himself to Paul, who started while he
spoke like a man in a dream, but said ,
nothing, got up, dressed himself, and went
Paul Yerdot, but for the strong shud
der which passed over him as he encoun
tered the surprised yet cheerful look' of his
wife, looked more liko a stone imago mo
ving by automatio power, than a living
man. 'Sit down, dear Paul,' said Lucillo;
soothingly, 'I have good news for thee.
Ah! I see how it is,' she added, 'thou
hast seen this piece of a letter which I
found on the table I dropped it last
night, I suppose; and it has put wicked
thoughts in that jealous pato of thine.
Never mind ; I am now going to explain
everything, and satisfactorily too, as thou'lt
'Brandy !' gasped tho husband, faintly;
'brandy !' It was given him, and his wife,
though apparently much astonished, pro
ceeded :
'After nil, mo foi, tho explanation is a
very simple one. The child was the daugh
ter of tho Comto and Comptcsso Auguste
do Vervay. They are proscrits, as you
know, and tho child was confided to me
under a solemn promiso never to divulge
its namo to a living soul, for fear of those
Paris bloodhounds. . Tho Countess has
been long confined to her bed with illness,
so that they could not till lately leave tho
concealment they had found, to attempt
escaping from the country. . That peril is
now, however, surmounted, and they are,
I trust, beyond the reach of their porsccu
tors. Tho letter was, of courso, from the
$2 P
ttxi iitdnte.
Count ; the clothes were required for the
disguise of the Countess, and the' silver
money was also essential ; nnd sec, mor
vaisc tde, here is the exchange I have
made,' added Lucille, who had a keen eye
to the main chance, displaying, with great
glee, several jewels, evidently of great
The mental pallor of Paul Venlot's eoun
tenance had not been in the slightest de
gree diminished by his wife's revelation, to
laii 111
I which he only faintly replied, by saying,
, , , .
I 'Go on, go on! H hat more r
I f , n , x. . , .
'What more ! Parleu, that surely is
enough ? There is nothing else to say
. A z . . . . . ' n. ,.
that I know of, except that tho Chevalier
Meudon, a friend of the Count's, who has
been living perdu, not far from tho back
of our premises, and who has frequently
slept in the stable, unknown to you, when
apprehensive he was beset, will, I fear,
find it difficult to get off, as the Count in
formed mo pursuers had obtained a hint of
his hiding-place. I thought it possible he
might havo sought shelter hero last night,
and that was one reason I sent everybody
away, and asked you to stop at home, who
I knew, would never betray a poor hunted
fugitive. But, heavens, Paul, what is the
matter? Help! help! My God! he is
dying !'
He was not dying, but rapidly losing
consciousness; which, however, a glass
restored sufficiently to enable him to say,
in a rapid husky voico, 'Listen, Lucille,
and hear how your accursed secret has
destroyed me. I found that fragment of a
letter, pursued you to Selis, nnd could
nowhere find you there. I returned, cra
zed, in mind, utterly crazed; for I swal
lowed Erancly nt cveycaEarcf upoinhe
road. I burst into the room, nnd, recli
ning upon the canape there, saw the figure
of a man asleep. . In my frenzy I rushed
at, grappled with him and was grappled in
return. A fierce, terrific conflict ensued.
Several times I dashed him upon the floor,
and at last received this blow on the fore
head, which rendered mo insensible. How
long I remained so, I know not. The cold
nir revived me. I got upon my feet, pro
cured a light and saw that I had killed my
antagonist, who was stone dead. Its use
less screaming, Lucille. In my horror
and distraction, I hit upon the mad expe
dient of placing the body in a sack, bear
ing it forth in tho dark night and casting
it into the Sommc. I did so, amidst, ns I
distinctly heard, the mocking laughter of
demons human devils they were not, or I
should have been pursued. All! all is
known, nnd I nm lost !'
The entrance of a sergeant of the com
mon guard was simultaneous with this ex
clamation of Paul Yerdot. 'Don't be
alarmed, my friends,' said the sergeant;
'I have called upon a slight matter of
form, nothing more. But upon my word,
Yerdot, that was a droll freak List night.
Tncrc must nav0 bcen nn umisuarjy hrc
number of petit vcrrcs in that head of
yours to have put such a fancy there.
Shall I tell?' continued the merry func
tionary. 'Yes to be suro,' stammered Paul, ut
terly confounded. 'What do you mean?'
'Fegurez-ronz citoymne' said the ser
geant , blandly addressing Lucille, ' this
charming husband of yours, who, however,
not a bad fellow, coming home in such a
state, you being absent, as we know, that
upon finding, decently laid out upon this
canape, tho dead body of
'Dead body?'
jjcau Dody, parbieu ; that ot tho pros-
crit Mcndon; and as dead, I'll warrant, as
Louis Capet killed by a couple of bullets
from tho patriotic muskets of two of our
armed citizens, who had started the aris
tocrat from his lair. Another glass?
Well, yes; as you say, tho weather is bit
terly cold this morning. Well, madanie,
as I was saying, wnat docs your amiable
husband do whilst we are gono to procure
means of fetching the corpse, but come in,
pop it into n sack, carry it off, and pitch it
into tho Somme 1 Did you ever hoar of
such a droll Jog, eh ? But, seriously,
you will como by-and-by to tho Hotel de
Yllle, and sign tho proccs verbal, or there
may bo difficulty in apportioning the re
ward, which is handsome- Be it so, lmtd-amo-r-I
cannot refuso a lady; though, ro
alby, three glasses, one after tho other, is
no matter. Here is to our glorious Re
public, ono and indivisible t , , .' , j
E 11 A N N U M.
' 7
As the door closed, tho Lusbynd and
wife threw themselves with bursting Bob
into each other's outstretched Vms;
Lucille, as soon as her choking ntttviuico
permitted, whispered, brokenly' Never,
never, Taul, shall there again bo an un
shared secret between us.'
A Political Jokz. In a neighbui inu
county, one of the political parties had, for
over twenty years, been in the habit of'
holding their county nominations at the
house of Mr. G .
lie happened on a recent occasion, for
the first time, to be in when they had fin
ished their business, and hoard a little del
egate from R. move that 'this convention
do now adjourn tine die.' .
'Sine die,' said Mr. G , to u person
standing near, 'where's that ?'
'Why that's awny up in the northern
part of the county,' said his neighbor.
'Hold on, i; you please, Mr. Chccrmau.'
said G., with great emphasis and earnest
ness, 'hold on, sir. I'd liko to be heard
on that question. I have kept a public
house now for morc'n twenty years. I'm
a poor man I've always belonged to the
party, and never split my ticket in my lie.
This is the most central location in -ft:o
county, nnd it's where we've allers lield
our caucuses. I've never had, or nske'd nn
office, and have worked night and davfor
the party, and now I think, sir, it's crm--
temptible to goadjourning this convoutiOiCii.
m rt
inosE uream lakes. A .man, sn
tho Boston Messenger, was seen lastWi
.1 i 1 fl . i
iiesu iv to sracsrer ncav vamnnsta wimn
of a rtorc in Washington street, shivering
a large pane of glass into fragments. Sev
eral persons ran to his assistance, and one
more anxious than the rest, inquired tho
matter. V -
'Matter,' hiccupped the rce'ing pedes
trian, 'matter; why I-hic eat some c-crcam '
cakes, nnd they don't agree with me
'Hadn't you better take something?'
suggested another. '
Take something, hie, why, I have t-ta-ken
something; I took c-eight glasses of
brandy mid water; b-but hie, it's r.o use;
them cream cakes have got the upper hie
hand of inc.'
A SrmiTirAL Story. A lady at Co
lumbus, Ohio, recently inquired of the
spirit rappers how many children she had.
'Four,' rapped tho spirit.
The husband, startled nt the accuraev of
the reply, stepped up and inquired ,
'How many hnvo I ?' f
7ro.f' rnswered the rapping medium.
Tho husband and wife looked nt cachV
other, with an odd smile on their faces,
for a moment, nnd then retired, non-believers.
There had been a mistake made
8STA bluff country fi'i nicr, meeting the
parson of a parish in a by-lane, and not
giving him the way so readily as he ex
pected, tho parson, with nn erect chest,
told him 'ho was better foil,, than taught.'
'Very true indeed,' sir,' said tho farmer,
'for you teach me, nnd I fedd myself' Ti
J5STA coxcomb talking of the transmi
gration of souls, said: 'In tho time of
Moses, I have no donbt I was' the golden
calf.' 'Very likely,' replied a lady, 'and
time has robbed you of nothing ""but tho
Pfdin?-' : ;
SSTAn eminent writer says: ''It is my
firm opinion, derived from experience, that
tho period of courtship ennnot bo too short .s
I hnvo reason to say, when you have hook
ed your fish, the sooner you use your lnnd
ing net tho better."
85An old author quaintly remarks:
Avoid arguments with ladies. In .spinning
yarns among rilks and tatint, a man h suro
to be worsted and twisted., And when a
man is worsted and twisted, ho may con.
sider himself wound up.
, ..The Ruling TASsioir.-lrAn editor be
came martial, and wns created captain.
On parade, instead., of .two" paces in, front
"Advance !.'J he unconsciously bawled out,
"Cash two dollnrs a year in advance."

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