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Email Fruits for Garden. - ,
A correspondent in Meigs Co., .ks us
to name a few of the lest varieties of 'small
. fruits' for garden culture, suth as Grapes,
. Raspberries, Strawberries "&a adapted to
, Southern and Ceutral Ohiiv ; We will do
o quite briefly, confining our selection ta
inch Varieties as have been well tested, aal
can bo obtained at most nurseries. ; .1 '., j
, Of Grapes, then) arc onljr two timls
tho ,I.abelU and Catawba that are well
know a and deserving of cultivation in the
.open ground in this climate,"" These are
both A merican varieties.- Those of foreign
orgin are 1 liable' to mildew, that it is of
little' use to' plant thcuv The .'"Delaware
Orape" asit is called lu these parts j' has
' thus far escaped this .malady , although in
appearances aud delicacy it 'resembles' the
foreign varieties. There are no plaots of
this for said as yet that we know of." "The
"Concord Grape" recently brought iuto
notico in Massachusetts, .'resembles thels-
abella ia appearance, and ripens little
earlier than it, but is not quite equal to its
'..quality,. :", i-..-.
' RA?PDEnRlES.-"Tho varietiis of 'this
, fruit are becoming quite- numerous, by
the production of now ones from seed. We
f aro not able as yet to speak very definitely
in regard to its qualities of manyof ,,the
uow varitics: buUfor our owu use : Bhould
adopt the true Bod Antwerp, FasaplfJ and
Yellow Antwerp; tho. first two for the main
. supply,and tho other for variety in color.
. Tho Fassolf is considered au improved va
riaty of the Rod Antwerp it is a little
larger, of a purplish color, very productivo
and good.,.; , 1 ' - '
7 Corbants. The common red Dutch,
and the White Grape, are the only well
. known varieties we should care, to have in
a garden; although some of the newer kinds
mar deserve to be added whenever the
plants can bo obtained at moderate pri
'ccs." .; v - . '; ' '
Go08keereiis are of bat little account,
owing to tho mildew, in this climate. ' The
variety called Houghton's Seeding is the
vuly kind that can be relied on; and tho
fruit of this is rather small, and of but lit
tle flavor when ripe 5 but it bears profusely,
and is excellent for cooking when green.
Ohio Cultivator. - 7 - '- ' ;
t-:au:-.r.rL;. js-.-. . r 1
the tokdid reply.
"I do t think it a selfish act if I oc
cupy this wWle seat myself, as I am to
travel all thk long,, warm day said I to
tho lady nearest me, oue saltry', morning,
as I iock the out of tho way end sat, iqt
' i . ... - .-
tho cars at Buffalo for Albany. ; '
; 'Certainly not," was the reply, as I put
iny shawl, books, papers," fan', buquet, &o.j
in the' one end, aud nesthid myself down
in tlio other.' I soon wearied 'of couvcr-
sution aud reading, aud had sunk into a
fitful slumber, when a goutle tap on my
shoulder, and a low, "please Miss," made
mo wake with a sudden start. v
Tbecar was filled to overflowing, and a
newly arrived party had entered, aud a
pale little -woman with a fretful baby m
her arms, stood asking pennissiou to "sit
beside me. With more of pity thau pleas
ure, I shared my seat with her, yet I spoke
but few words, and sulkily forbore taking
the ' restless littlo creature,, to ease . her
poor, wearied amis f but merely smoothed
its yellow hair, and patted Its pale, baby
cheeks," ana said alary wa3 a gooa and
sweet name,
'; For my own comfo'rt I bad opened th
wiudow that I might more distinctly catch
those picturesque views, that flitted by so
quickly that they seemed like glowing pic
tures, without one imperfection to mar,
when my attention was drawn to my com
panion, who was incessantly coughing.'
7 "I do wish you would let down that
window," said she, "the coal smoke makes
my cough bo much worse."
I am ashamed to- confess it now, but I
fo!t tho angry blood burn in uiy cheek,
and a flashing of tho eyes, as I replied
"I am quite sick, and so wearied, and
troubled, and hungry, and thirsty, and
crowded, and hero you come as an intra
dcr, and would keep from me the mite of
cool, fresh air that I am trying to get,
Do you think you are doing as you would
bo done by?" said I, tartly, and without
waiting for a reply, I Tose and was letting
down tho wiudow with an angry crash, as
a naughty child would slam a door shut;
when she laid her poor, wasted little hand
on my arm, and said,' " Oh dorftdvit then,'
and burst into tears, and leaned her head
down ou her baby, ami cried bitterly. The
woman in my heart was touched, but put
ting on tho injured air of a martyr, I com
pressed my lips, and took up a paper pre-
tending to read. Pretty 'soon my eyes
crew so dimmed I could not 'sec without
crushing the tears often, and I resolved to
ask her pardon for my uukindncssj but
' . ", , Sowing Flower Seeds. , t .. .
The season is very backward, that but
ittle can be done in the flower garden. It
ft best to wait until the peach trees are in
blossom. . before sowing flower seeds. In
the meantime have the ground spaded to
au extra depth, to guard against drouth,
and. enriched with old stable manure. If
at all clayey, so as to bake on the surface
when dry, put an inch or two of mellow
rich earth on top, for seed to vegitatc it.
In arranging the flowers, many persons
take great pains to intersperse the different
kinds as much as possible throughout the
gioundi;: but a much better effect is pro
ducedaccording to oar taste, by sowing or
planting most of the kinds in masses of a
yard, or more in width, according to the ex
tent of the grounds especially the low or
spreading kiuds of flowers, like verbena,
portulacca, petunia, pansy, pinks, &c, and
back of or next to these may stand masses
ef taller kinds, like aster, balsam, larkspur,
pholx, marigold, cW 1
In towing flower seeds, remember to
ahado the ground where the smaller kinds
are deposited or a day of hot sun may pre
vent their coining np, or destroy the young
plants, y A handful of small bushes laid on
the ground, as a shelter from tho wind and
a partial shade, is of great service in many
. x Fur llie True American.
Taxes atd State Expenditures. .
I now come to. the fourth head of the
iirposcs for w.hich th citizen, ia reqiiued
to contribute from - )m private wealth.
axes, whether m money, in kind, as
tithc3, or Jubor, as the two days work on
the roads are a portion of the private
means of each . citizen collected uud ex
pended for such purposes of general use-
ulueas concern all efjually, within cer
tain limits more or less extended. As I
b.ve already said-, . the propriety of a tax
depends upon the necessity or usefulness
of the purpose to which the tax is to be
pplied. I will here add that liowever
useful or necessary tho purpose, the ques
tiou must bo modifed by one other elc
mcut," viz, .the ability of the community
to accomplish the proposed undertaking,
he wasto or mis-appropriation of the
funds after they are provided for a proper
purpose can neve? rclato back and render
ic tax itself improper, any more than the
reckless waste of the . accumulation of
years of care and economy by an individ
ual could vitiate the industry and pru
dence by which they were acquired. J
I have in the previous three numbers
treated of tho taxes for the support of the
T?ISIirit . & M'FELY kave just re
A teived, and it now ooinz a prime lirt of
Boots tad Shovx ul Try Tanely, ta which
tln-y invitttho Mtentioa t their rioud 4id
the public in general.' auving purchattid for
cash we will Jjo-enabled U uffer greuiei induce
ments lhan eri. ,v, - -
Ladies' lasting Gaiter from 1 5S cent np
ards. ChildreBH Slioee, from 25 Cfit up
wards. Truuk, Carpet Bag, etc., at low pri
ces. Cull tl. .11 ou HS1R t IltHlll,
war, 29, 1655, On Market st. below Tuird.-
Landreth's Garden Seeds. ,
A SUPPLY of Landrcth's Garden
. Sneda. inclndinir Veeetnble. flower and
herb seeds uf the cboicest kinds, (or sale at the
JJook Store ef . - , - J, R. SL4CK t CO.
March. 29, 1855. , . .. - -v.-
general state government, for and on ac
count of the principal and interest of tho
State debt and for the support of the com-
inonschool system. ' These taxes are main
ly levied by a uniform assessment through
out the State.
' In this number I shall trtat of the lo
cal taxes and their purposes. .These taxes
are compressed uuder tho general heads of
Couutv; Township. City, Town, and Bo-
rough taxes, and are again in some instan
ces, subdivided according to the purposes
for which the money is to bo expended
These taxes aro, withiu certain general re
strictions, assessed by the several local au
thorities, placed upon the county tax du
ilicate and collected by the County Treas
urer with all other taxes.
Below I give the local taxes in the
County of Jefferson for tho year 1854 by
way of example. They were as follows :
County tax .......510,387,80.
Bridge tax..... ....5,650,96.
roor tax 5,050,96.
Township tax.... .4,333,00.
City tax, Stcubenville......... 7,844,26.
City Bail Road tax, Steub.. . . 5,013,09.
Township Kail Road tax, :
; Steubcnvillc Township.. ....4,235,75.
Barbers and Fancy Hair Dressers,
milE subscribers Would announce to
llie citizens of SleubtHlVilU) aud vicinity
that they haye entered into co-partnership in
the above business, and are reaay 10 jviin, 011
customers at ilioir establishment, where prompt
attention willbe gWen to those who ravortliera
with a bH ' ' .
Shop on the North east corner or J bird ana
uarket streets, under the lit ore of Messrs.
Dougherty, SteubenviHe, Ohio.,, '
Mar. 29, 1855. ; LEETCH & 1IOPK1NS.
Closing tip and Selling Ont.
Great Bargains Ifore goivg East.
' T ALLEN annonnccs to the Ladies and
Oi'iillemen of ih .itYund vicinity, thnthc
has conimenced seijjiig ofl the baiuiice 01. a
large and beautiful. slooK 01 wry woousfc rem
nants, also 30 remnants rarpers.. oaie u kuu
tiniie fur 2 weeks. All who are anxious to get
good bargains will call at the store of 4. Allen,
corner od street, near raarsei, oieuoenruie.
March 29, 1M5.
To encourage tho literary lalent of the
cuiitrv, as well as to keoune'the best avail
able matter fur their columns, the proprietors
of the New York. Saturday CoSrier have deter
mined ta award a prize of One- Hundred Dol
lars fur the best, and Fifty Dollars fir the tec
oud best tale that is furwarded (post-paid), to
their office on or before the 1st oi May next.
&aid stones luaj M in any o:ay c l.oca.
ted in any country, ur relate U any period;
they most make nut less than tm columns of
the Courikr. Each rnuft be nccompanied by
theuanie of its authur in a bealed euvelooe,
All tales handed in are l become the proportv
of the paper, aud will be used in its columns if
deeujedwurthy of publication. Tbe award will
be made without reservation, by a committee
of ireiitlemen, whose high literary standing will
be a guarantee of the sincerity and fiiirne.su 'of
Uiw proposal.. 1 heir names areii. 1 yn yuuek
eubos, formerly. Editor of the N. Y., Literary
Americau. Chaunccy C. Burr Editor of the
JN. 1. national democrat, and ine JCdiinr 01 (he
K. Y.Saturday Courier. Knowing that tale
writers who complete for newspaper prizes ore
oi ton disappointed by the chicanery or dishon
esty of the parties concerned, the undersigned
would add their personal assurance taat llie
strictest impartiality will be observed : the en
velopes containing the authors' names will not
Deepened till after the judges have decided;
aud the award wili be a fair one if it is iu the
power of human effort to make it so. ' :
Send in your manuscript on or before the 1st
or May.' -- v ' 7
OTCountry Editors may secure a reuular ex
change by inserting the' aboye, together with
iaH clause. xj ' 1
F.jTVISSCHER A Co., Proprietors,
' v : 346 Broadway, New York.
WU.t A. BIK'OHA). - 'I.'-- - W. R. LLOYD
A TTORNEYS AT LAW. Ollico at the
corner of Third and Market streets, oppo'
site the Court House, Sleubeuville, Ohio,-
January 1, 1855. ' .':- , 1 i
WARPER'S. Statistical Gazette of the
" World, particularly describing the United
States. Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Sco
tia, illustrated by severul maps. 1 vol. Royal
octavo, 1950 pages, full sheep. Received and Lu-U8ted to- them. Office, Kilgore buildiugs;
. - . J..& I. M. SHAKE.
A TTORNEY'S and Counsellors at Law;
will nromntlv attend to all busmeMS en
for ale bv M'Doweh k co.
Booksellers mid Stationers SteubenviUe ohio.
March 29 1655. R . 7.
Administrator's Sale. 7
Total in Jefferson Co. for
local purposes ...58,121,48.
Total for "general purposes ' '
in the County 48,791,51.
fN Saturday the,21st day of April 1855,
at 3 o'clock, p. m.,-at the front door of the
Ooiirt House, in the city of SteubenviUe, will
be sold to the highest bidder, the following
premises, as the property of David Foster, dee'd.
to wit : Being part of lot No. 220, in the city of
SteubenviUe, in Jeffersou couuty, Ohio, begin
ins at the north-cast corner of said lot, and run
ning thence southerly along the west line of
f ourth street twenty Itet, and extending uacK
westerly twenty feet in width, to the west boun
dary line, as conveyed by Joseph O. Davidson
to Justin G. Morris, subject, to the annual pay
ment to the widow of said David Foster, as and
for her dower therein, the sura of $25. Apprais
ed at 733 dollars. '
Tiumk of Sale. One third cash aad the resi
due m deferred payments of one and two years,
to be secured by mortgage on the premises.
' Adm'rafDuvid Foster, dee'd!
March 22, 1855. 4-t. ... - ;
Market Street, SteubenviUe Ohio.
January 1, 1Sj5.
TN evtVy .ketiuu t-f 'tlio Visited States
tt sell the nioht elegant and uneful .Volume.
of the year, Sears gfuat Work uu Rusia.-
ust publishedr au lllustraUid description of
the itussiuu Empire. ; liuiiig a l'hysiwil aud
'ulilical hihtury of Us Ooveruuients and pro
vinces, productions, resources, imperial gov
ernment, commerce, literature, educational
meaus. reunion, people, manners, customs, an-
iquities, etc , etc., frum the Lu c--t and mNt fcu.-
liieutic sources. Embellished .with nbout 2110
engravings, and maps of Furopean and AMatic
Itunsia. .X lie whole, enmpieto m one largo. te
tavu volume f about "Ull pages, elegantly and
uostantiuw uquua. iieuui price, J: .
- This work has been several years in prepara
tion, and will, it ia believed, meet iu the fullest
acceptation of the word, tho. waul so' univer
sally felt for reliable information ou the history
and internal resources 01 a country - occupying
so large, a portieu of the Eastern Hemisphere,
and holding so formidable a position at the
present time to the rest of Europe and Asia;
but, oi wliicli lur;le8 is Known tliun of any
other European natiou., 7 ' ,, . . -; -:,
Also, a deeply interestincf vulume,. entitled
'Tin) remaikuble adventures of celebrated per
sons, embracing the romantic nicideiiU aud
adventures in the lives ef sovereigns, states
men, generals,, princes, Warners; travellers,' ad
venturers, voyagers, itc, eminent iq thhistory
of Europe and America, including sketches of
over fifty Celebrated heroie'eharacters. Beau
tifully illustrated with, numerous engravings.
Una vol. 4JIU pages, royal Vi mo. cloth gilt.
Price, $1,25.
Ihe sulifccrilier miblishes a number of most
valuable Pictorial Books, very popular; and. of
a moral ami relimotts character, that while good
men may safely engnge iu their circulation,,
they will confer a public benefit, aud receive a
fairouip'ensalion for their labor. y .
' I o men of enterprise and taet, this business
offers an opportunity for profitable employment
semooi 10 oe met wun. . - -
Persons wishing to engage in their sale, will
receive promptly by 'mail, a Circular, containing
full particulars, with, ."Directions to persons
disposed to act as Ageiits," together with terras
ou which they will bo furnished, by addressing
the subscriber1, post paid. . , .-.
' . ROBEltl' SEARS, Publisher, .
: '181 William St., New York. '
, J. E. SLACK & CO.,
PAPER. DEALERS, Market street. above
Fourth, south side, SteubenviUe, Ohio,, keep
constantly 011 hand and for sale, a targe and
well selected stock of Miscellaneous and School
BOOKS j: Plain and Fancy STATIONERY;
Writing and Wrapping PAPERS, BLANK
BOOKS, etc., etc.; nil of which they will sell
on the most favorable to rata at. wholesale or
, Country merchants and other dealers will be
supplied at very low wholesale prices. o
J. R. S. & Co. are prepared to furnish the
best American Magazines, as early as they can1
be received by mail. TTbey also keep on hand
a choice 6upplyof Si'iket i'hc. Jan. 1, '55.
ATJB02A, . 7
f- design and principle, lor burning Coal, has
an extra large oven, a good draft, and easily
cleaned; construction such as to meet the expec
tations of all, and guaranteed to give satisfac
tion to the purchaser. Will yon call and see hi
, Nos. 3 and 4 Extra Coal Cook Stoves. .
," 1 ," 2 Hartley " " , do. ,
" 3 " . 4 Air Tight Wood do.
, , 2 4 Premium du. . do.
, . " 1 " 2 Cook or Bachelor Stoves.
Egg, Parlor arid Chamber Stoves of beautiful
design, Funcy Grates, Fenders, etc.i etc., all at
reduced prices, at the Ohio Foundry Wart-rooms,
Market street. . SHAEP & CRAIG.
SteubenviUe, JiTn.'l, 1855.
: . Dahlias are easily raised from seed, and
if tho seed is taken from good double flow
ers, gol yarietics may often ho - obtained
in that way. If the seed is sown in March
orApril, in a good hot-bed, the plants can
be so forwarded as to bo planted out the
latter part of May, and will flower the same
eason. . Or the seed may be sown in good
mellow- soil in May, and tho plants trans
planted in June, to where they can make
a fair growth, then in autumn dig up the
roots and bang them in a dry part of the
cellar till the next spring. We are prom
iaed a package of choico imported Dahlia
" seed from Messrs. Thorburn k Co. of New
York in a few days. ' Our Hyacinths ' re
ceived from them last fall, blooming beau
tifully in pur" sitting room during the past
two months; one of the roots produood
even stalks of flowers, and was greatly ad
mired by all who' saw it. Ohio CuUiva-
minute after minute glided away, and
wo soon reached her place of destina
tion, and she rose to leave. I rose too,
and tho words wcro on my lips, when a
gentleman came to acsist her out. She
turned her gentle aud tearful eyes upon
uie, with a sad expression, and bowed so
sweetly that my hands wero almost up
raised to appeal to her forgiveness, the
words were just dropping from my lips,
but she was gone, it was too late, and I,
a woman with a woman's heart, was left
with that stinging little barb sticking in
it, and the sweet words and wasted little
hand that alone could remove it wero gone
from mo forever. I sank back on my scat
and went bittorlv.
" a
' The gentleman returned from assisting
her, and as tho car was full, he took the
place she had vacated. I inquired who
the lady was, and he replied, "her home
is in Wisconsin, and she has returned to
he home of her childhood, to die. The
whole family of brothers and sisters died
of consumption, and she, the last one left,
is going too." . '.. 7 '..
Oh I I turned away sick at heart, and
tried to shut out from remembrance that
pallid, appealing face, as I resolved, and
re-resolved, never again in this poor life of
mine to speak another unkind word.
Total for all purposes $97,912,99.
There are 257,3191 acres of laud in the
Couuty valued for taxation at $5,788,005.
Towu lots aud improvements... 1,130,401.
Personal property exclusive
,. of Banks.. 3,588,805.
A NOBii Spirit. Two little, rather
forlorn-looking girls, went into the house
of one of our citizens to sell, matches.
The servant girl, in the benevolence of her
Irish beart, suggested, to her mistress that
; the poor little things were probably bun-
1 grjand they would perhaps, bo. glad of
some eold victuals, "Oh, yes,"; paid the
. lady, 'if they want them." Whereupon
they were questioned as to their" needs.
, They conferred together a moment in whis
pers, when the younger one replied with
childish, dignity :..."No, ma'am, thank you,
we work for a living. Chicago Prat.
"If you marry," said a. Roman consul
to bis son, "lot it bo a women who" has
iudcement enough to iuporintond the 'get-
". ting of a meal of victuals, taste enongh to
dresa hei-self; pride enongh to wash before
Lreukfusl. aud sauae euouch to hold her
tongue when she has nothing to say."
Total tax duplicate of tho Co. 510,507,271.
Tho average valuation of land is $22,50.
There are about 25,000,000 acres of land
now valued iu tho State for taxation at
about $450,000,000 or an average of $18
per acre. The total available grand du
plicate of the State for-1854 may beset
down at $750,000,000 and at the average
of Jefferson County would produce an
amount of $7,000,000 in taxos.
I see it stated in a paper having I pre
sume access" to later information than I
have been able to command, that tho total
amount of general and local taxes in the
State, exdecded $9,000,000 for 1854. If
so, the local taxes have been much heavier
iu other parts of tho State' thau in' Jeffer
son County. ' I cannot but think, howev
er, that there in somo error in the state
ment to which I refer. " Some of tho ex
penditures for which these taxes are col-
cctcd are 'permanent iu their characters
and their amounts may be increased or di
minished according as
Guardians' sale of Bead Estate.
TY virtue of an order of the Probate
- Court within and for Jefferson County O,
I will expose at public sale on Saturday the 31st
day of March A. D. 1855, at the front dcor of
the Court house iu Ste,ubenvillu tho following
described lot of lnid and premise situate in said
county described as follows: being a lot of
ground adjoniiug thetowu of La Grange in said
county, being on the north side of Ross Street,
beginning for tha the same in a 1 ne with the
east side of High Street on the north side of Ross
Street, thence with the North line of Ross Street
S. 70 E. 140 feet thence N. 20 E. 60 feet thence
N -7n W lid tl,,m3 QO W. KO font. t( thebe.
ginning with the anpartenances, subject to Vhe
payment of -eight dollars and thirty three cents
annually to Mary Hildebrand. There is a com
fortable frame house in the abive described lot.
Terms. One third in baud, balance in two
eaual annual instalments with interest frnm
.1 - . . . , .. .
day of sale. rossesRion given inimeataieiy
Guardian for the heirs of James Long, dee'd'
March 1 ltio5.
Executor's Notice.
TVOTICE is hereby given that the un
' dersiirned has been duly qualified as Ex
ecutor of the last will and testumcut of Samuel
J. Miller, late of Jefferson County Ohio deceas
ed. Persons having claims against said estate,
are requested to present tneiu uuiy auineuuca
ted for settlement, and those indebted are re
quested to make payment without delay.
March 1 1855-3t
Sevastopol Not Taken I 7:
"CUEIST, Market street, has in store an
"- excellent assortment or CONFECTIONE
RIES, tc, purchased expressly for this market:
Raisins by the pound or box; Crackers, choice
brands! Currants; Candies; Dates; Prunes; Lem
ons; Figs; Citron; Gum Drops; Know Nothings;
Jenny Liud Drops; Cakes of all kinds; Nuts of
all kinds; t runs; Fire Cracker-, Torpedoes, Ac.
Parties furnished with Pound, Fruit, Lady Cake
and Ice Cream. . -
Great inducements offered to Country merch
ants and others, who wish to purchase by the
quaulity. For bargains 111 Confectioneries, call
at ' ' . FEIST'S,
Jan. 1, '55. Market St., SteubenviUe.
Cry Goods at Reduced Prices.
ALEXANDER CONN invites the at
"tention of his numerous customers and the
public generally, to the fact, that he is now (lis-
dtsing of the hiilanci! of his large and attrac
tive stock of Winter Dry Goods at great rcduc
ions from former rices. The assortment com
prises in part, French Merinoes different shades
aud quelities, Coburgs, Parnniettas, Thibet Me
rinoes, Persian Twills, Wool Delaines, figured
and plain Cashmeres, Bombazines, black Dress
Silks, plain, barred and figured fancy, plaid and
figured do., Ginghams, Prints, etc. , etc. Also,
a full and complete assortment of Embroideries,
White Goods, Ribbons, Gloves and Hosiery,
TrimtuiHgs, Notions, etc., SHAWLS, in great
variety and at very low prices, consisting of
fine Broche, Thibet, Cashmere and the Bay State
Long Jhawls. . Also, our usual excellent stock
of Housekeeping Goods, comprising nearly eve
ry thine in the Dry Goods line, needed in fam
ilies. Call aud examine before purchasing else
South west corner Fourth and Market sts. '
Sleubenville, Jan. 1, 1855. :
Saddle, Harness and Trunk Manufac
tory, wholesale and Ketail. .
TVO. 137, Market street, opposite Wash-
and . CARPETS, Third street, adjoining
Court House, SteubenviUe, ' Jan. 1, '55
New Boot and Shoe Store. .
"P A. TONNER has on hand the larg
est nnd best assortment of Boots, Shoes,
Hats aud Caps that have ever been ottered 111
this part of the country. As he is doing exclu
sively a cash business, he can and will sell
wholesale and retail cheaper than any other 1
tablishment itr the city.. All who wish to pur
chase, will please call at the new Boot aud Shoe
Store of ' , , iu. A. TUAi PiImv,
Market street, between Fifth and Sixth.
Sleubenville, Jan. 1, 1855. ; ' . .
' TIlElproent (January) number jboni-J
metici's thy 5tli volume, and the 3d year" of
Pu, nam's monthly. In commencing the
undertaking, the publishers were fully a-
ware that in a tinio of immense tnteHectuai
activity, and in a country of great and va
rious literary rivalry, where, ia the absence
of au international tx'pjrighi, iLa choicest ,
works of the best foreign genius are to bo
had for the taking, the task wai not easy,
of founding and sustaining a magazine, at
once universal in its sympathies, and na
tional in its temd. vThe continued and in- J.
oreasing favor with which the monthly has
been reeeitcd, is the bo.-t possible proof
that the task ban been iu some-degree ful
filled. The new volume of tho magazino
commences under tho best ' possible aupi-
r. . .' ... ... J . rr
ces. Its position is now nssureu. a wo
yeaw have demonstrated the extent of its .
circle of friends, uud that circle is constant
ly wideniug.' The magazino has nof only
the sympathy, but the actual literary sup-'
port of the most eminent authors in the
oountry. . The greatest care is exercised in "
tho eclection of articles for its pages, from '
tho immense number of inss." received
number now amouuting to more than 1800.
In so great a press of material to be con
sidered, the publishers appeal confidently
for patienco to all who favor' them ''with
their contributions, while they heartily
thank them for their good will. While care
is taken tbab nothing in the remotest de
gree offensive' tpropricty or good ta3to de
faces theso pages, and the ablest talent is
secured to mako a magazine, which; for va
riety of interest,, and exccllenco of tone,
shall be surpassed by no similar publica
tion in the world, the publishers assure th
public that their motto is still Onward, an
that every year's experience will 'enable
them inoro fully to deserve the favor which
they so gratefully, acknowledge. ' ' 7
v11knkwl or SuBscairoox. Subscribers will
please observe, that, under a necessary rule, tho
magazine can be seat only so far as the sub
scription is paid fr. - The neiy volume com
mences with tho January numbe, It is intend
ed that the fifth volume shall be tho best yet
issued. A fine portrait Till be given in every
second number or ofteuer. ..; r
Tehms. $3 per annum, or 25 cents per num
ber, Two copies for $5; fie copies to one ad
dress IU. Clergymen and rosimasiers suppli
ed at 2." Those remitting $1, promptly in ad-;
vance.will receive the nisgazlnc free of postage
The publishers have no agents for whose con
facts tlicy aro responsible. Those giving or.
dew to agents or to tneir respective DooKseuer
will look to them for their supply of the work'
AimBTixtHtsTS. A limited numocr ot ad
uertiseineuts relaiiiigto literature or the arts.
will be inserted, if received .by the 5th of each
month preceding publication, lenns per nag
AFFICE South Fourth St., netrr Conn's
" Dry Good Store, Sleubenville, O. Jan. 1.
Ohio. Office corner of Maiket and Fourth
streets, second story. ' Jan. 1, Ipoj.
- - "Bank Exchange.
SALOON. Wm. pATiKasoN. Proprietor, op
posite Citizens' Bank, Third street.Steubeuville,
Ohio. Ovsters wholesale and retail. Also,
Toysand Noi.ions. Jan. 1, leoo.
J. & O. O'NEAL,
f Successors to Alexander Doyle,) ;
Ware house corner of Maiket and Water streets
Wharf bout at Market street Landing. ,
January 1 , 1855. " - ' -' .
itifftnn ITnll Th nnHnrKiirued wnnhl res.
A S it is the intention of the undersigned nectfully aunouuee to their customers and the
tn leave SteubenviUe the 1st of April, she public eenorully, that they have now in store a
wnnld resneclfullv call the attention of those in
debted to her, and request of them immediate
payment. MKS. M. ItUoll.
' ." My Mother knows best.
A party of littlo girls stood talking be
neath my window. Some nice plan was
on foot J they were going into tho woods,
and they meant to take oak-leaf trimmmgg
pick berries, and carry luncheons.," Oh, it
was a fine timc'they meant tobavc. "Now,"
said they, to one of the number." "Ellen,
you run home and ask your mother if you
may go. ' Tell her we are all going, and
. , . 1-1, 1 . 1 1 ' -
you must. - JWien, wun ner greau cupe
bonnet, skipped acrosss the way and went
into the houso opposite. Sho was gone
some time ' : : - v'
The little rirls kept looking up to the
windows yery impatiently. At length the
door opened, and iillcn came down the
steps. - Sho did not seem to be in a hur-
ry to join her companions, ana tney enca
out,-" You got leave? You are going, are
you?" Ellen shook her bead, and said
that her mother could not lot her go. 'O,"
cried tho children, "it is. too bad! JNot
go! it is really unkind in your mother."
"Why, I would mako her let you." "O!
O!" "I would go whether or no." "My
mother knows best," was Ellen s answer
and it was a beautiful one. . Fer lipquiv-
.,) vnnr littln fiT T nnn'moA fihn'wsn.
m .v.j ...wv, , rc
ted to go, and was much dissapoiuted not
to get leave;, but she did ' not look angry
or pouting, and her voice. waB very gontle,
but very firm, when she said, "My mo
ther knows best." There a " crcat many
occassions, when mothers do not sco fit to
cive their children leave to go and do M hero
and. what they wish to; and how often are
thev rebellious and pouting in consequence
of itl But this is not the truo way. for
it is not pleasing to God.
economy, liberality or parsimony shall pre
Others are temporary and by a judicious
application of the public revenues should
soon bo materially lessened and in a few
years entirely abolished. Of this class is
the State debt with its annual interest.
Twenty years should extinguish the debt
and place the net iucoaae of the public
works in the power of the State to be ap
plied to sustaining the government, the
school system, or to Buch other useful pur
poses as time may develope. By a judi
cious and permanent location of our prin
cipal roads, all our streams requiring it
should in a fow Jycars be permanently
bridged and that item rendered merely
nominal or only occasional. Two or three
years more will complete the public build
ings of tha State and a present expendi
ture of about $150,000 per annum will
no longer be required. - Our rail roads in
this county will soon bo completed and
should the enterprises be as successful as
has been anticipated, instead of requiring
an annual -tax and expenditure of some
$10,000 per annum they will yield hereaf
ter an annual income which will supply in
part the Bums now raised by taxes for other
purposes. It must be borne in mind, bow-
ever, that whatever is dark in this picture
must be encountered with unfultcring en
ergy, aud whatever is cheering must be re
alized by rigid economy, wise foresight
and the strictest accountability of every
one entrusted with the public business.
large and splendid assortment of Saddlery,
comprising the following articles: plain aud
lancy isaauieM, rvnuies, marungats, Harness,
Trunks, Collars, winpi, hashes, dtc, an., man
ufactured of the best material, by the most ex
perienced workmen. Also, Muttresses of vari
ous kinds, maue toorueroo me soonest nonce.
Beiilfira in tha shove articles are resDectfullv
invited to-call and examine our stock before
purchasing, satisfied that we can accommodate
ou the most rcasonabto terms tor cash. , ' .
SteubenviUe, Jan. 1, 1855. 6m .' - '
Grist Mill and Grocery Store
T HAVE in operation at the "Union
Mill," west end mai ket street a run of stone
for erindhie corn, rye, barley, Ac. I am pre
pared to sell com meal, at wholesale or retail
at the mill, and at my store, wncre 1 Beep on
hand family groceries and produce at low pri
ces for cah or country produce . , :
tieuvcuviiic iuuiuu . ...... ..... . t t . ttt A HTmTT
EZRA BRUGH, M. D. - 7 A NUMB?R of enterprising AUJiNTS,
. .. -rv n. 1 ! " to sell eimer uy ,uuscnpuon or at hik'".
rri iu iiiu xiuji uw.o "'"fi" "Colicn's U. S, GAZATKEa, a highly valuable
U McCutcheon, Market St., Sleubenville, C, ail(j popiRr wrk ; which has given general
T7.! J L.lm,.nn t .,n inH Ol mint) I . X ,
iveiiiuence uu uu, wran ' ' L 1 satisfaction wncrsver circulated, ana is an in
strcete. March 8, 1855. di8r)ensable nppendutre to every man's Libraiy
' . ... v - n 1
Alen ot experience iu mis ousinesr, may nnu
1 n t. .. ..1
Sion will no auowea, roriurmer particulars
address W. F. MCMASTKK8, Local Ag't.
Jan. 18, 1655. . . , s Steuben villa , Ohio;
..'"PROP OSALo.n,, In nrnfitable employment, as a liberal commis
"OROPOSALS will be received until the 1 sion will be allowe
A third Saturday in April next, for the build
Ing of a substantial board fence, around the
Exhibition Grounds of the Jefferson county Ag
ricultural society, f or description, euquire at
It. mack E co., oti-uofiiviueunio.
Y, 1 . . ,. - T ...... J .. ' '
VY oraer oi ine mimu-. . -ii.
Eoots! Boots!! Boots!!!
IT AS on hand, and : is "manufacturing,
Gents' Freiieh Culf Stitched and Pegged
KiD and coarse Boots and Shoes. Also. Ladies
Misses nnd Childreus Gaiters, Kid, Morocco
and Culf Boots. Buskins and Slippers ; and
keeps in store a large stork of Eastern work of
.1 r, . . . , 1 , Ml ..,1 I.....
me latest Btyie, an i wmcu ue win sen ww
for Cash, at his fahiounble Boot and Shoe stole
Market Street, SteubenviUe, Ohio.
Feb. 1, lc55-3mon. . ..... .... .-j . .
.ATTORNEY, AT LAW, SteubenviUe.
-Ohio. "Oflicc under Kilgore Hall, Market
Jan. 1, 1S55.'
B-W. EAUL, Proprietor, corner "Mar-
icet and High streets, near the Rivet, Steu
binville, Ohio. . . 1 . ', Jan. -I, .o.
I. H. 6TANIO.N. ' ' . " . W. Ji'cooK.
X Ohio. Office on Third street, between
Market and Washington.,- 7 Jan. 1, '55,
O. M. TUATCHKH. ' ,. : s , O. B. KBBL1N
, Thatcher & Kerlin, ,
$30: half wee U20.
" V - . . urn . m,
Cvmpkte Sett of futnams Magatme.inn
first four volumes cemprise upwards of 2,700
largo pages of choice 'Literature, by eminent
American writers. These volumes are equal iin
quantity to 20 ordinary duodecimos, hither.
volumo may stilt do uao, neauy oouna iu ciutn.
price $2. For tho present, the publishers . will
supply itew' subscribers with the four volume,
In cloth, sost paid, including subscriptions for
volumes hve anu six, on receipt oi u. , viotn
rovers for binding either volume supplied nt .'
25 cents each. . ' ..- - i. tj
10 Park Place, Xew York. Jan. 1, 1855.
How is tha Time to Subscribe ! :
,.' ly Periodical of Literature, Art, and Fash
ion ; edited by Mrs. Ann S. Stephens, ai.d Chas.
J. Peterson. Peterson's Ladies' National. Mag
azine, contains nine hundred pages of oritoHtl
double-column reading matter yearly, abou;
thirty Steel Plates, and. over four hundred Il
lustrations en mved ou wood. Its thri lling orig
inal stories no other Periodual publishes sucli
Thrilling Tales or such Capita) Sories of Beat
Life. Mrs. Ann S. Stephens, the celebrated au
thor of "Fashion and Famine," is one of the
editors ; and she is assisted by nil the best fe
male authors of America. All. the stories pub
lished are original, which can not be said or
any colemporarv. Morality and virtue are al-
" i i . ' ml - .. J
ways . iiirtucawu.'., ! n newpnoer press niiu
the ladies unite In pronounce it the most relia
ble ol the Magazines. It superb Mezzotints,
and other Steel Engravings, .are the best pub
lished anywhere ; are cxeciiteU tor it oy me nrs
arlisls ; and, at tne enu oi tuu year, are aiona
worth the subscription. Its. Colored Fashion
Plntes are the only reliable ones published in
America , and are as elegant as tney- are cor
rect, being magnificently engraved Ste'e! Plates.
The Paris, London, Philadelphia, and New
York Fashions are described, at length, each
month.. It is the text-book of Fashion in Bos
ton, New York, and Philadelphia., Its depart:
mcnls for New Receipts, Crotchet-Work, Em
broidery, Setting, Horticulture, Acting knar-
ades, Knitting, and Female Equestrianism, are
always well filled, proluseiy illustrated, ana
rich with the latest novelties. It is the best
Ladies' Magazine in the world, try it for one
year. , TERMS always in advaoee. One copy
for one year. Two Dollars j. Three copies lor
one year. Five Dollars ; Five copies for ont
year Seven Dollars and Fifty tents ; Eight cop-
i r n-... n..it..... . c:v,A..n
les lor OHO yrnr, icu Asunnia , uiAioci,
for one year, Twenty Dollars-. ' Prcmiulns for
getting up Clubs To every person gcttiug up
a Club, our "Gift Book of Art for Jb55," con
taining 50 Steel Engravings, will be given gra
tis. For a Club of. Sixteen, an extra copy of
the Magazine for 1855 will be sent ia addition,
Address, post-paid, . , - v :-' .v i; .
. 7 . ' CHARLES J. PETERSON, f. , :,
Vo. 103 Chestaut St , Philadelphia.
BTThe Volumes begin with tbt numbers for ;
January and. July, but subscribers may com- ,
mrnte with y month they pleas. Back Dm
brs furbished if desired. "' "'' " '
lilE'RCHANT TAILORS, Third St., ATTORNEY AT. LAW Steubenvillo,
second door below Market, Sleubenville Ohio. Refers :o Hon; Wilson Shannon, (
lirE are now receivine one of the lar-
M.l nl l.nut UI.1f.AtA,l fitflf ftf
S" "U o .
i AND 'f
l LI
. h. iiaua. -"-,- a. rauKMU): ta
IT T.AW nffico Market street, onnosite
I Washington Hall, Sleubenville, Ohio. Prompt
attention to collecting ana securing claims.
Agents for obtaining Pensions and Bounty
Lauds. Lshd Warrants bought and sold. ;
January 1, 1855.
TLTE American Monthly Magazine for
. March, Devoted to Literature, Biography,
Sketches, Stories, Travels, Adventures, Arts,
Sciences, General Intelligence, so. 'logeiner
with a variety of editorials;correspondenee, mis
cellany, the whole making, when bound in a
Volume, as larce a collection oi coou reuuiuir
mutter as can bo found in any Magazine in the
country. Tho present nmnler contains a life-
,. , .. r. t r-. TF . . 1. n
like Dortraiioi uenerai oato ouuwn wkviuci
with a Biographical sketch. Tbsms $3 per year
in advance. Single, copies 25 cents., A liber
al discount mado to audits. .- . 1
AGENTS. Good, smart,, industrious agents
wanted in every town and city in the United
States Office of the Magazine, 5 and 6 Scolluy's
Building, Tremout Row. ,
r JA1UJC3 O. 1 U I IIaCi a 00.
, Scud in your orders as soon as possible.
TJoHton J. Federhon b to., Fetridge & co.,
and Wm. V. Spencer. r , , , , .
New York-r-KoBS B Jones. , , v v
Philadelphia J. A. Roberts A Co.' .
Ualtimoro Wm. 8. Crowly, & co. , .
" My Rev. T. Hv Stockton. ,
Ohio, keep constantly for sale and make up to
order. Cloths. Cassinieres. and Vesting. Also,
Suspenders, Gloves, Shirts, Cravats, Hosiery,
and Furnishiner Goods' Generally. ITOrders
r(Mctliiliy soiiciteu. .,. um,. a,-,
ever before offered. Our Stock is all new this
Spring, and comprises the latest and best styles,
It consists in part of - ,
of aew and beautiful designs. '
v . " "... ' ,(.,
Chamber Papers,
iu every variety of stylo and quality, .
Transparent Windotf Shadeg,' Figured
and Plain, with Putnam latent f ix
tures; Plain, Green, and -Blue, and
and Fireboard Screens, in treat variety of pau mTITS l.inrhlv interCstinR book contain
terns. ' ' ''' " " ' ' I J. Ann a nont.lv pinrutpd. with ("tnall
With an extensive assortment to; select Jrom, n. . "jj-b Daoer.l2mo. Price it . .-th
tt sn
Look out for counterfeit 10's on the
Western Reserve (O ) Bank. ;Thcy aro
alterod from 1'b.
vs expect to please thos who mny give us a
all i . M'DOWELL Co
Booksellers, Stationers and Paper Dealers.
Market street HieubnTUle, Ohio.
March, 1 1655.
s A liberal discount riven to agents and book
f ellers, by "" 7' A. ti. tauusu w
Jan. 1st IBM. ssa. o wooa it., rum.
Ppor JIaoufactureni, 8teubonvillo,JOWo.
Jauuary 1, 1S55. , '
Hon. Wm. Kennon. sr.. Hon. Beni. S. Cowan.
and Hon. T. L. Jewett. . Office on Maiket at.
below Third street. - ; ;. Jan. 1,'oS.
Wesley . Starr & Sons, : '7
MiQmrnV MERCHANTS. No. 4 Liuht St.
Wharf, Baltimore, attend to the sales of To
bacco and all kinds . Western Produce. Pro
visions, Ac,, 4o , - . - ! h
A.' H. D0HRMAN & Co.,
"PORWARDING & CommifisHon Mcr-
chants, for the sale of Flour, Gram, acon,
Lard,' Butter, Wool. S eds, Dried Fruits, Salt,
NailS.Window Glass, Merchandize and Produce
in general, oieuueuviue, vmo. . t
-: .' ftEFEaENOKS. . . ; K . 1'" .
Frazier A Drennen, SteubenviUe, O.. ;
H. H. Collins, Pittsburgh. Penn. .. .
Wm. Holmes & Co., 7 . do. ; - : .' .' . -.-Hozea
& Frozior, Cinciunati. jan. 11, '55-t
. Wholesale Drug House. ..7.,:, ;
- ' L J .
THE subscribers huyo on hand a large
. A -j .u ...leeteti stock of Drues. Chemi
cals, PainU.Dyo Stuffs.Oils, Varnishes, Brush-
Pot,,t Modiciuos. Perfumery, Surgical lu-
vo, ........ . -
struments, ijagucrreoiypesiocK, vnun
il,v n(T..r vurv low either wholesale
or retail. Dcolers will find it to their interest
to examine our stock and prices, as we are a-
termined to sell as low- as ny nouso m tne
West. Orders pron plly executed, aud personal
W I i- L . . i A. J
DRUG ICM rUKtu l, JUar sireaf, vw uoors
bolow the Jeffersou Branch UatiK.
7: ..- . HEXING A MELV1N
Steubenvillo, Jan. 1, 1855...... . , ,
- 7 UORTON ,H0UL, : " ' V. ;
South Fourth Street, SteubenviUe, Ohio T.
D." Haiiiltom, Proprietor, i Tho abovs named
House is situated midway between the Steam
boat Landing and Railroad Depot, rendering
it a convenient stopping place for Travelers ana
others visiting the city. ,,v , Jau. 1, '55. ;
..:: A I. 0. 0. r. .
O. 0. F. meets every second and fourth
Fiidoys, af 6 o'c-lcck, p. in.; lu Jefferson
Lodge rooms, on Third Street, over Garrett's
Storo, D. B. Burchard, G. P., Gen. B. Means,
S. W.. John Waggoner, Scribe; '' rv'"' v '
Jefferson Lodge No. b, 1.-O..U. f. meets
every Tuesday a 6 12 o'clock, p.. to., in their
hall on Third- Btrect, over Garrett's store. - Geo.-B.-
Moans N.G., J. L.Hollon, Y,, G. Jaa, Q':
Neal.jr., SecreUry. ,
Good Will Lodge No. 143','t. 0. 6. P., meets '
every Thnrsdsy at 6 1-2 o'clock, p. m., in their
Hull on Fourth street, over Bently Stoelman's"
Store. A. O. Wortliington, H. U., V. Jfilson,
Y. G., T, H. Robertsou Secretary. .,v, , ,17 -
Feb. 8. 1855. ' ' ; ' ,0
. Marble Establishment, ' '
VILLE. Ohio. All kinds of Marble Work
l,.nA a order.' On hand at all times, Water
Lime. Plaster Paris, and th best quality of
Grindstones. ' L. BORLAND..
Sleubenville, Jan. 1, 1855.
prrnTin W.onfn: Ohio, will carefully
attend to all business entrusted ferhlra i tha
counties of Jefferson. Harrison and Mmont, iu
the State of Ohio; and uroouo i.u v..."
ties, Va.' Office opposite tho. Weslorn Jlotal.,
January 1. 10 jo. .,7 7 ... . .-. ; . ; ". .
n , n a urv ki : 11.
rkiFFICE at his residence, on Fourth, be
tween Market and
Washlni;ton streets.
- Jan. l,-'55.
OFFICE Maidot. Street, between Third
and Fourth streets, Steubenvills, Ohio.
'jnuary 11, 1855. .; . '; '.7,.?:r.7'''

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