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Crtie American.
This Citizens' Bake still continuta
pay interest on deposits. . D. Moodt.
Blank Deeds, Executions,
Subpoenas, Summons, &c, exe
cuted in superior style for sale at
Conn's Job Office, Steubenville.
BQ.The following named gentlemen are
requested to act as Local Agents for the
Trao American :
Wamuton, John M' Adams.
Mt. Pleasant, John Woods. '
Smithfield, Win. Mathews.
Martinsville, A. Martiu.
Now Alexandria, Dr. ortlungtou.
Lagrange, J. A. Mahugh,
Cross Creek, J. Moore.
Bloomfield,' Dr. Cole.
Salem, II. Laforty.
Island Creek, J. DcIIuff.
Jeddo, J. W. Ragan.
Knoxville, J. Woodruff.
Mirchol's Salt Works, P. Cable.
EHiottsvillc, II. B. Stewart.
Wcllsville, Stephen Fasset.
New Lisbon, It. M'Caskey.
Fairview, Guernsey Co f Wm. Georget
Cambridge, " " J. Sarchct.
Wuyncsburg, Green Co. Pa., J. Porter.
Cadiz, Harrison Co., Ym. Millignn. -
Wheeling, Va., James Lancaster.
Should it be iuconvenient, as it evident
ly would be in many case? for subscribers
to hand their money to cither of the above
named gentlemen, they will please for
ward it to us by mail, at our risk.
5L,U. S. House. We sometimes speak
theoretically of the excellent accommoda
tions to be had in public Hotels, and in
10 doing, we may unintentionally over rate
outers but in the case of (hcU. S. House,
we say that all of our senses must have
repeatedly combined to deceive us, or it is
one of tho best and most comfortable pluocs
lor good living to be found in tho We.t.
We have often partaken of the hospitalities
of Capt. Earl, the gentlemanly and popu
lar "proprietor, and we thcrcfure speak from
experience, when we commend this house
to the favor of the lovers of good living.
We would advise all confirmed dyspeptics
to avoid Capt. Earls table.
Sr Since Mr. Blackburn has taken
charge of tho Eaglo Hotel on tho corner
of Sd and Adams streets, there has been
u decided improvement in the morals of our
neighborhood. Property should rent fur
at least 10 per cent higher than formerly.
He keeps one of the most orderly houses
in the city, and wo are happy to learn has
a good run of custom. lie is a good land
lord and entitled to a liberal share of pat
ronage. Blackwood's' Magazine, for May. Re
published by Leonard Scott aud Co., New
Co.ntknts. The Length of Human
Life, Zaidcc Poetry of the war The cam
paign of a French Hussar Modern Novel
ists Notes on Canada and the North
West States of America The royal Seot
ish Acadamy The CM Shade Tho Sto
ry of the Campaign Price $3, a year-Blatk-vood
and any one of tho four Reviews $5,
Blackwood and four Reviews 810.
Please step into Scotts Shoe Store on
Market St. It is there you can bo accom
modated with a neat Boot; Shoe, Gaiter,
Slipper, or any article in that lino. The
assortment is said to be excellent. We have
no doubt of the fact.
JJtaTA Potato measuring 8 inches in
circumfcrcnco and weighing 5 oz. of the
present years growth lias been presented to
us by the tavor of R. S. Moodey Esq. It
is said to have grown ou theIsland of Ber
muda. Our opposition to foreign immi
gration has not prevented us from testing
its quality, and wc must pronounco it a su
perior article of the potato line.
Foreign news by Te'cgraph is unimpor
tant since our last issue. The Allies aro
making some slight advances uponSebasta
pol, bnt nothing very decisive. We think
it improper to fill up our puper with long
Telegraphic reports which are entirely un
satisfactory. When any thing of moment
occurs wc shall promptly adriso our read
ers. Ashtabula and New Lisbon Rail Road.
The report of the chief engineer upon
.the locating furvoy of the route of this
-road from Ohlton to New Lisbon has born
received . here, and is highly encouraging
mid satisfactory. -I .
The new line will save in cost, over the
one formerly run and reported upon, about
$30,000. All the erponsivo bridging over
the meandering j of the Middle Fork of Lit
tle Beaver Crock are avoided the distance
shortened curvature of a greatcr.radius
the lino more direct-ond no grado between
New Lisbon and the Lake to exceed 31
feet to the mile. Tho whole cost of ma
sonry on this, the expensive portion of the
line will not exceed $7,000 per mile. This
will be cheering news to the citizens and
business men of New Lisbon, ns it most
certainly puts tho early construction of the
road within their powerVJJ ",,:,;' , ,
So soon as tho abundance of the ap
proaching l.arvot is rendered, certain,' the
friend and officers of the road will make
another effort to raise tho balance of(. the
funds necessary to complote the entlro line,
and put jt in readiness for the rail, All
' that is neoessory is for a few of our enter
prising atid alio farmers, (and tha.t a very
few) to put forth a helping hand to secure
the completion of im grand .enterprise,
and we feel assured that help will not be
denied. Buckfo Stati ,
i Railroad Meeting.
We wcro unavoidably prevented from
being present at the meeting of the Stock
holders and Birectors of the Steubenville
and Indiana R. 11. on Wednesday last,
hold in this city, and are therefore indebt
ed to the. Daily Herald of Saturday for
the following: -
"Tho meeting of the Stockholders of
the Steubenville und Indiana Railroad,
which assembled in this city ou Wednes
day Inst, attracted more than ordinary in
terest. So much so, that many of the
friends of the improvement were here from
distant counties along the line, and the
Court House was crowded with spectators,
Judge Shaw of Coshoctun county presi
ded, and Joseph Sharon Esq., of Harrison
and J. S. Patterson Esq., of Jefferson ac
ted as Secretaries.
The object of the meeting was to pro
cure additional subscriptions to meet exi
gencies, and to make some additional im
provements in the way of putting the road
in first rate order. . ...
Ou the opening of. the meeting, the
President, Thomas L. Jewctt, gave a very
clear, lucid and satisfactory report of the
road, financially and prospectively, which
was by no means discouraging but, in
consideration of tho times, rather encouraging-
Col. Collier followed, in a very excellent,
well-timed, and meritorious speech aud
gavo the meeting some idea of the labors
of the Board, of which he is a member.
The amount cf gratuitous labor performed,
and, that they had backed their opinions
of tho practicability of tho improvement
ovinced their interest not in words alone,
but by the "all essential," money and
that too, iu liberal sums and, they were
with the united action of the citizens along
the line of the improvement, ready and
willing to still do more.
After remarks of several other gentle
men, a committee composed of one repre
sentative of each township in the counties
along the lino of the road, was appointed
to procure additional stock and, we arc
pleased to know that they are meeting with
remarkable success. The amount subscri
bed already, for the objects set forth above,
exceeds eighty thousand dollars.
Every confidence is thus manifested iu
tho road that it will when an Eastern
connection is made, be, not only ono of
tho best improvements of which Ohio can
boast, but one of the best paying roads in
the country the stook of which will in
due course of time, be sought for by cap
italists. Tho result cannot be, possibly, other
wise. There is no other road iu tho State
of Ohio, which passes through better im
proved, richer, or more productive agricul
tural districts. There is no Railroad re
gion in the eastern portion of the State of
Ohio, which,' for fertility of soil, will bear
a comparison with that through which the
Steubenville and Indiana Railroad passes.
Such being tho htate of the facts, tho.se
who havo capital at command along the
line of the improvement who have prop
erty, and consequently an interest on the
road should not be ''found wanting" at
.this, tho "eleventh hour" -but give un
mistakable evidence of their good will, by
the liberal nnd free subscriptions of' stock
emulate the example of those who have
already, and, within a few days, "piled"
up the sum of eighty odd thousand dol
The Northern Enow Nothing Manifesto.
Wo publish the following, from tho
seceding members of the National Council
of Kuow Nothings which recently termi
nated its session in the city of Philadel
phia. This we may assume to be the position
of the entire Americau organization of the
North; and it is manly, dignified und lib
eral. We will now havo a phalanx of
freedom not to be trodden under foot, nor
to be scoffed tt by the sneering Oligarchs
of tho South. There is a freedom of speech
of thought aud of action therc is a
To the People of the United States.
The undersigned, citizens of various
States, assembled at Philadelphia on the
13th day of June, 1855, feel constaiued
under the existing state of affairs, to affirm
the following principles.
1st.. The unconditional restoratien of
that time Loaercd Compromise, kuown as
the Missouri Prohibition, which was des
troyed in utter disregard of the popular
will a wrong which no lapse of time can
palliate, and no pica for its continuance
can justify.'. And thatwc will use all con
stitutional means to maintain the positive
guarantee of that compact, until the ob
ject for which it was enacted has been con
summated by the admission of Kansas and
Nebraska as Free States.
'2nd".' That the rights of the Bottlers in
Territories to the free and undisturbed ex
ercise of the elective franchise guaranteed ,
to them by the laws under which they are
organized, should be promptly protected by
the National Executive whenever violated
or threatened. And that we counot con
scientiously act with thoso who' will, not
aid us in the correction of these National
wrongs and who will not even permit their
fair consideration and thoir full discuss-
wn.,r . "... . ;!
8 rd. We further deelaro our continued
and unalterable dfitermination to use all
honorable tfforts to secure such modifi
cation of the Naturalization laws, aided by
suoh au elevation of . public sentiment as
will preserve- the trus Interest of the ! Na
tion, and will guarantee the three vital
principles of a Republican Government:
Spiritual freedom, a free bible and
free schools thereby promoting tho
great work of Americanizing America.
4th. That we invoke the arm of legisla
tion to arrest that growing evil, the depor
tation by foreign Authorities of paupers
and convicts to our shores, und that, or our
National Constitution requires the Chief
Executive of our country to be of native
birth, we deem it equally necessary and
important that our Diplomat ia Representa
tives abroad should also possess noforeigu
prejudices to bias their judgement or toin-
fluenco their official action.
Massaihussetts. John E. Recs
Henry J, Gatdincr
Henry Wilson.
Bushnell White
Wm Oumback
Schuyler Colfax
Goodlove S Orth
J L Harvey
F D Allen
Jus R M Bryant
T C Slaughter.
Israel Cogsholl
M A M'Noughton
W WDanehower
W II Young
H S Jennings
D L Eastman
William J Phelps
James Thorinton "
William Laughridge
Rho e Island
Jacob C Knight
Nsthanies Green
Wm H Sweet
David B Booth
Thomas Clark
N D Sperry
D C Wood
R Chandler
C W Cook
J W Foster
A C Carev ,.
James Buffintou
A A Richmond
New Hampshire
Anthony Colby
Jesse Mann
S B Sherman
Evelyn Picrpont
Joseph H Barrett
Rylund Fletcher
R M Guilford
Jo D Hatch
Horace Kingsley
Louis O Cowan
A S Richmond
John L Stevens
John S Sayward
Jjseph Covcll
James M Liucolu
Ohio ,
Thomas II Ford
Joshua Martin
J KMaliby
Geo R Morton
A McKay
II M McAbbo.
The Delegates from Pennsylvania and
New Jersey will also present a Northern
Platform. Not a Stato North of Mason
and Dixon's line represented there, save
perhaps New York, ' will submit to the
Platform adopted by tho Council.
Establishing and providing for the regula
tion of the Markets in tho Incorporated
Village of Mt. Pleasant.
Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the Council
of the Incorporated village ef Mt. Pleasant
That it shall be the duty of the market
master to take' care of the Market IIouso
iu said town, to keep the same in proper or
der, by thoroughly sweeping out said Mar
ket House, the day previous to each mar
ket, aud it shall be the duty of said market
master to attend at 6aid market house on
every market day, and open and close the
said market house at the house herein af
ter named for the opening aud closing of
the market. He shall receive an allow
ance for his services at the discretion of
the Council of said Village.
Sec. 2. That from and after the 16th
day of June, there shall bo established a
market, to be held at the niaiket house in
said village ; said market to bo held on
Tuesday and Saturday of each week, from
5 o'clock A. M. till 6 o'clock P. M. of said
Sec. 3. That no person or persons shall
be permitted to sell or dejiver at retail,
fresh meat, provisions or vegetables ef any
kind in said town the day previous to the
market days; nor shall any person or per
sons sell or doliver at retail, any fresh
meat, provisions or vegetables of any kind
within the corporate limits of said village
on said market days, except at the market
house in said village ; any person or per
sons offending under the provisions of this
section shall be fined for every such of
fence, upon conviction, any sum not exceed
ing $5 nor less than $1 .
Sec. 4. That any person or persons at
tending said market for the purpose of sell
ing tresh meat, provisions -or vegetables of
any kind, and offering the' same for sale in
a putrid and unhealthy condition, shall up
on conviction thereof be fined in any sum
not exceeding $10, nor less than $1, to be
recovered in a civil action before the May
or of said villago, and the market master
of said village is hereby authorized and em
powered to immediately seize and remove
from said market any such putrid, or un
healthy meat or vegetables at the cost of
tho owner thereof. " ' V
Sec. 5. That any person or persons at
tending said market, and selling any; fresh
meat or provisions of any kind by weight,
are hereby required to weigh the samo on
balance scales having the State seal on the
weights thereof. The said balance scales
to be subject at all times to the inspection
of the market roaster ; and any person or
persons selling any provisions or vegetables,
of any kind by measurement, in said mar
kct, shall use a measure, or measures for
that purpose, having the State seat . there
on, subject at all times to the inspection
of the market master. Any person or per
sons found guilty of using any false weights
or 'measures in the weighing or measure
ment of any meat, provisions or vegetables
sold in said market, shall be fined in any
sum not exceeding $5, or forfeit his or their
right to tho use and occupancy of said mar
ket house, at the discretion of tho Mayor.
Providedy That nothing in this ordinance
stall be so constructed an to interfere with
regularly established grocers or merchants,
in the sale of provisions,' at retail.
This Ordinance to take effect and be iu
furue from and after tho 16th day of June
A. D. 1855
Attest JACOB STAMM, Mayor.
Joshua Marsuall, Recorder.
J'Miss Sally Chappel, of Louisville,
has sued General Tickell. of Mississippi,
for breach of promise. The damages are
laid at $10,000.
Rather a tickell-ish affair for the Gener
al ' '
MissE. Cuuodo has recovered $1000
damages front Geo. Robinson, in Butotourt
county, Va., for breaoh of Promise of mar
Trve Amkrican Office, 1
June26 855.
Flour. By wagon load .9.50
per cwt 5,00
Cum Meal 00
Grain Wheat, red l,G5-while, 1,70
Corn 95al00
Oals 45
White Beans V bush. 3,00
Potatoes Neshannocka... bush. 1,25
bush. 1,00
Butter Fresh....
Lard ,
-xrf.fdoi. SO
'Dried Peaches...
Dried Apples....
Seeds Clover. , .
Purk W cwt. 3,754,24
Market Street, Opposite Public Buildings,
Steubenville., Ohio.
WM. MOSSGROVE, Proprietor.
The abovo house has been thoroughly refitted
and furnished in tue most modern style.
June 20.
A t mv instance a Writ of Attachment
was this day issued by Joseph O.M'Clea
ry a Justice of the Peace'withiu and for War
ren township Jefferson County Ohio against
the good. Chatties, Rights, Credits, moneys,
and effects of Joseph C. M'Clure an absent debt
or ainouut claimed to be due twenty eight dol
All persons interested will please take due
notice, Biid govern themselves accordingly.
DANIEL AMMON . June 20th, '533t.
TIIE House and lot formerly occupied by
- William Kirkpatriclt Esq. in Warrenton
Jefferson county Ohio, is offered for sale or Sent
this property is pleasantly situated in the Cen
ter of the town and is above high Water murk
and is the best business house iu the plaee hav
ing a good celler and a Ware lloora attached
any person wishing to engage in the Mercan
tile business would do well to examine the
premises ; possession given immediately En
quire of JOSEPH O. M'CLEARY.
Warrenton, June 20th '55 3m.
National House,
Coi ner of Main und Lisfon Stmts,
Welt.svii.lp, Ohio.
T. W. WHITACRE, Proprietor.
HAVING again taken this old establish
ed Hotel, the subscriber would respect
fully tender his acknowledgements to a gen
erous public for the very liberal patronage
heretofore received at their hands. Having
thoroughly renovated and refurnished Hie house
he hopes to be able to accommodate his patrons
in such style as will give entire satisfaction.
Tht stabling is large and extensive. A liber
al share of patronage is respectfully solicited.
Ladies oi gentlemen can be accommodated with
single or double rooms nt thoif discretion.
June 13. T. W. WHITACRE.
The Watson House.
C WATSON, having almost entirely rc
furnished and btted up anew Ins spacious
hotel in tbe town of flew Lisbon, is now pre
pared to accommodate the travelling public in
the best style. His tabic will be always fur
nished with the most choice products of tbe
season, aim tlie treatment oi lns-guoals wm al
ways be such as to give full and general satis
faction. Call at the sign of the CROSS KEYS, New
Lisbon. June 13.
Fulton Foundry, Steam Engine & Car
V1TBAM ENGINES, Steam Boats, Steam
Feny Boats, hulls and wood work com
plete, steam boilers, sheet Iron work, mill ma
chinery, and castings for grist aud saw mill.'',
rail road car wheels, rail road cars of every de
scription made to order. The proprietor of this
establishment having twenty-eight years of
practical experience together wan extensive
privileges, feels confident that he can do work
as well and as low as any establishment in the
east or west. All communications will meet
with prompt attention. P. F. 6EISSE,
June 13. Wellsville, Ohio.
Harlem Springs.
hese well known Mineral Springs in
Carroll counlv. are now open to visi torn.
From Juno 19th, a hack will leave the Cadiz
junction, ou the S.fc I Railroad, on tho arrival
or the curt, every 1 uesday, Ihursday and Sat
urday. Fare 1,50.
A Stage Coach leaves Steubenville, for the
Springs, every Monday, Wednesday and Fri
day. Fare 1,25.
Every effort will be made, during the pres
ent season, by the proprietors, to afford com
fort to the afflicted, aiuuscmennt to tbe lovers
of pleasure, agreable a and chenp entertainment
to all who way be pleased to become their guests
June 14th4-t. HILBEltT ZOLLAHS
l'roprieiors. Summer Dress Goods.
I ALLEN has just received a splendid
Kssortmcntof ladies' and gents' dress goods,
including the very latest styles, also, a splendid
lot of Ladies Silk and Lace Mantilas, just the
thing for summer. A large variety of bonnets
and trimmings, Ldies' and Children's Shoes,
AC. . y ,
A general assortment of carpets, matting, oil
cloth, Rugs, Ac Now is the time fur bargains,
at the Store of J. Allen, Corner 3d, near market
street, Steubenville, Ohio.
nay 30, '55.
Corner nf Third and Adamt Streets,
i Steubenville, Onio.
" house formerly kuown as the "H juud Corner.S
and has refitted, it up in comfort t'.Ie stla an"
now asks a share of patrohage. Hills low and
accommodations equal to .hose hq make mora
preteuces. ' . , may '55
: ' Guardian's Sale. .
BY virtue of an order of the Probate
Court of Jefferson County, ohio. I will aril
'the undivided half of a land warrant of 160
acres, No. 79,560, at the door of the Courthouse
in Steuhenville mi Snturday the 14th day of
July, between the hours of 10 o'clock, A. M.
and 4 o'clock P. M.
" Terms, one half cash, tha balance in three
months with interest. '
. Guardian" of Geo. W. Montgomery,
Jbn'e 13 4t pd.
'."' V Missouri Bouse,
WAtEK' STREET, (opposite the Pass
' ngorDopot of the C. & P, Rail
. a raid,) WELLSVILLE, Ohio.
WMv-WlUTACERE, .Proprietor.
TN. succeeding, Capt. Croze r in' the
'"j'JIifsouri House1 the present Proprietor-
ItODtftt. btf UtlHntliin th hllRinPflR.- ffv mtum fhn
popularity and patronage which tlie house so
justly rorited under ,tbe auspices of his "illus
Jefferson County Infirmary.
TVUMRER of out-door Taupcrs nud
received temnoiarv relief. 35 1
Number of Paupers ix Infirmary, June 1 Si 50
do Admitted dwihg the year. 65
do At present iu infirmary, 61
Average number during the year, 68
DeHih in li.firniary, . 5
Births do 3
Deaths out door patipcn; . 15
Amount paid to out door paupers aud
for temporary relief, $2,433 CO
Amount paid for groceries and provi
sions and feed for stock, 1,754 66
Salaiy of Directors, Superintendnnt and
Physician, 747 50
Dry goods and clothing, 247 17
Reiuoviiii; and briiia-in? paupers to coun
ty infirmary, 17G00
Paid for slock furnished, B6 50
do coal, 107 25
do Tinware, hardware and furniture, 13172
do Farming implements and smithing, 10635
uo r uneral expenses,
do Drugs and medicines,
do Sudlery and harness
do Uepairs to infirmary;
$5,978 70
Amount of expenses paid for tempo
ry relief by oilier of county Commis
sioners 264 14
Jackson Winters is retained at a salary of
I .1 .1 .1 1 . . .
uvo nunureu auijars, ns superintendent. Jo
seph Sheets retained a physician, at one hun
dred and fifty dollars.
E. II. M i'EELY, ")
John hartford, Directors.
Approved by County Commissioners June
1st, 155.
Joseph m'cov,
william cllman,
john a. db huff,
Superiatendant of Jeff. Co. Infirmary.
Amount raised on farm :
corn in the car, fail urc,
133 bush.
250 do
240 do
5 tons.
7 bush.
10 do
150 do
12 bbl.
3593 lbs.
Amount sold off the farm :
received for pasture,
54 lbs butter,
103 lbs lard at 8c,
Beef hides and calf skins,
674 lbs lard at 8c,
3 shoats aud 2 sheep,
1 cow,
$15 00
8 24
13 59
54 24
11 51
15 00
$124 60
Amount bought for use of Infirmary :
Dishes. $5 97
1 12 doz. brooms, 3 00
Paid S. McMillen on Infy ac 8 40
7 lbs hops, 2 30
Ipig, 2 50
2110 lbs sugar otGc. 12 00
160 1 bs cofffo nt 12c, 19 20
34yards muslin at 9c, 3 06
42 do blue drilling ntllc, 4 62
PaidB. W.Viersodlnfyac. 8 24
150 heads cabbage, 1 50
43 gals Molassas at 35, 15 05
Cash to Grafton Covle, 1 00
210 lbs sugar at 7c, 14 70
Pd V. Priest use of sausage cu. 50
20 yds, culico at 10c, 2 00
1 gall Onion Sets, 50
24 yds. muslin at 9c, 3 06
4 com hues, 2 00
1 Milch cow, 15 00
Accepted June 1, 1655.
Directors of Jefferson Co. Infirmary.
An Account of the Receipts and
Expenditures of Jefferson Coun
ty. Ohio, from Juno 6th, 1854, to
June 2d, 1855.
Balance itmainim in I he Tnuiotr net let
Iktmenl m lib A.tlly. Tr June 6Hi! ISM,. 171 UU
County knd j p. Tax cu duplicate osltaud, 18 056
BriiliitTux, do to ,UI Itt
I our I ax, do lio fr.O'l IU
Tuwrihip School Til, d do 4 04il ti
Unruuuh 'Ixx. do do SU6US5
Buioucli Railroad. do do 'iJ
lowtuhip Railroad, do do 8W H
bpxoial School, du do t,Uo 11
Bulino State Com. Bohool Fond Or 1863, Ma SO
CUie Com. Sthool lurid lor )bl. 14,976 0X1
Bitlance Mate do do lee'd May 'f, ba5 76
rtuta Com, dchool Fond, derived (torn bliow
Liotnio. 47 M)
Oounty'i proportion or Three per eent. Fond, 08 W
Interest on eotion 16, reieivtd livm tin c, ECio 14
do do do do Townihipi, i.lll 15
Ferry Lfcenie, 2J UU
Amount of r'inei and Com collected, 04 K4
do Unclaimed l'ou rciunde l, IS K)
do Com relundid by John Bray, E.o Dfr3U
Delinquent lux oonecteu on peraonai pro
perly, delinquent Street Tax eollected,
Cotti paid by Jamei Lverton. on reviewing
Freight chared on School A srului refun
ded, Amount received Tor rope, ii.ve ind Iron,
told by County,
Amount paid for Wltnett feet, 1284 3i
lout ol pronecutiom, including the feei of
Bhentf Clerk, Juuiuea and Conitable .m It)
A ooui.i paid lor Jurnre leei, 12
Proirouunx AllOHwy'a feei, 4iHj Ou
Aiini(i in proa cuiidx and defending oria
inali, Si 00
Jail eipeniea Including medical serviced j. II
or't leei, ololliing and watliing, 078 31
County Coimnwiiontra'lecs, 8jI DO
election expenses, Hl'i 77
Laying out and altering Bonds, (Viewers,
tiurveyoie. fee.) 9S SO
Boad damages pard, l.WOUtl
Apprvprnttiuaa lor Roads. 140 Ml
Costs ol' Coroners' lnu.ue.tl, Ml 41
Lunatio rxpenses, boarding, boarding, remov
ing to titlura,ato. 4-il 69
reei of special Coi'SlabWa a .tending on Court lt3 Ou
Printing and aivertismg. . itHUs
Repairs and incidental expenses about public
. imiUings, Ml 8)
fuel, lights and furniture, Tor public ofices, ll:i9 fa
taut improperly oolleuted and telundeii. Hi 46
Aaauei remaded lor lands and town lots
erroneously sold lor inxes In ls4K, 133 08
Balanoe O' Auditor's lees fur ihe yearonding
June, 1SJ4. 815 CO
Armor's lees for tbe year endiug June 1st,
IS5S. ...
Cm fixtures, freight charges, eto., for public
otltois. 9i j)
Books ami Kuiionay for publie officer, 1
Audtio.-'a ollioe. 65 8tt
Probate Judge's office, Sri It
Pr.xeuutirg A itorney's office, SOU
Treasurer's olloe, 13 77
Recorder's ollice, 81 SO
tShci.tr 'a olfioe, 1 64 41
School run J due and paid to other ooumiet.
i'ie tent and salary ol Probate Judid.
W4 2V
8(7 110
Amount piiniinc iiiiierenl Townships, mulud.
llorough, Borouali R. It , Tp. R. R anJ
Townshin Twaa irera lor makiu'c annual est.
tiein.-nt wuh Auditor.
Direoiora of Infirmary for extra services,
Agricultural Fund paid ool,
Poituge I'or Auditor's office,
Balance ol surplus revenue in full, with inter.
CO 00
146 10
3,540 61
HeU Ou
IS 81
JJ1 67
. 31 50
44 00
III 10
Bjhool Examiners' leea, futioneVry, etb.
Appropriation made to Teachers' Initlia
rust installment ' Hock ia UeinnCemt
esl. mud In Mm.
township Assessors' lees lor the year im.
i iro do do IaH.
Freight and Exprtfs; ehargea orl Bohool Li
brary Hi iks und Apparatus,
Balancala lull fV farm, b-aht for- InArraarr,
Hiaie's u'ouorllon or delinquent Ux,
Attorney's roM lor oounsel to Treasurer in ool.
lading Hunk tax.
Water ten! for publio Offices, court homo arid
Amount paid for Jnltdirg Bridget, '
do do Keaniring do
do do tfupcriMendrng Rrlf't'ei.
Oo'inly Inflrrnary and pauper expenses, in
eluding Sulvy of Superintendent, Uiieufort'
and I'hvsioinn, clothing; or visions', etc.
Treasurer'! per oenl, on amount at I percent,
do do Vo I do
Postage for Treasurer's offioa, '
Bl nt io nary da do . . i .
Treeauroi for recording elghi tftlcrri boadi,
US 1 3
15 45
II 75
41 00
10 SO
i w
111 -)
Meai as
6.841 H
, 48 10
8 51
' 486
. 4 W
Blnet remaining ia Treats ry tkUday.Jeee
s IMS. . . ;
(.49 :
4.8I ti
Fx j nine d, settled and approved, this Ilk slay ef
t f. ton K, Ate.
ILUAJI itlatOll,
jiiis a. oi ucrr,
Steubenville and Indiana Railroad
ZidilSSS, tl.e MAIL TRAIN' will leave
Steuofiivifle daily (Sundnya excfpletl) at 7 o'
clock, a. tn., and arrive at Newark at 1 0 o'clock
p. m., connt'Oting iriih t nihs for
Columbus, Sanduskj,
InJiiitKijjoli, Cliicitgo,
Cineianuti, Iast.-llo,
Mouut Vornon, Hock Island,
Toledo, Saint Louis.
Leave Newark at 12 o'clock M., and ar
rives at Steubenville at 7.10 p. M., (Pas
sengers by this train leave Cincinnati at
6 o'clock A. M.)
FARE. From Stoubenvillo
by Rail Itoad,
To Columbus $1,45
" Cincinnuti , 0,50 '
" Mouut Vernou 3,75
"Mansfield 4,75
" Saudubkj , 6,00
" Detroit.... 7,00
' Chicago 12,75
" Kock loland 17,75
" Saint Louis 20,75
For through tickets aud further informa
tion apply to F. A. Wells, Agent, Steu
benville. The Cadiz Accommodation Train,
Leaves Steubenville daily (Sundays ex
cepted) at 4.05 P. M arrives ut Cndiz at
6.48 p.m..
Leaves Cadiz ut 8.37 A. M. arrives at
Steubenville at 10.05. A. M.'
James Collins & Co., Freight and Pass
enger Agents, No. 114 and 115 Water st.,
Pittsburgh. ,
J. N. Kinney, Freight Agent, Broadway
P. W. Strader, Passenger Agent, Broad
way, Cincinnati.
ltichard Hooker, Passenger Agent, New
ark. F. A. Wells, do. Steubenville.
Lafayette Devexnv,
Gcn'l Fr't and Ticket Agt.
E. W Woodward, Supsriutendaut.
May 23, 1855.
Administrator's) Sale of Real Estate,
Q Saturday the 14th day of July
1855, at 9 o'clock in the afternoon, on the
premises, in and near the vilWo of York in
Jeffurson County, Ohio, will be sold to the high
est bidder the following real estate, as the prop
erty of Godfrey Miller, deceased, KitUnte in
said County, free from dower, to W it! Being
part of section 34, of township 8, of range 3,
beginning for said Iructatthe north-eat corner
of said section, running thence north 89 detreea,
west with the north boundnry thereof, 175
poles to a poRt, in the middle of said north
boundary thence south 30 minutes east 76 poles,
opposite tnC middle of the main street of the
town of York, thence SCM'th 68 degrees east
85 and 210 poles to a post on t!i ffethiinV nf
the run, thenee south 1 degree east 34 and 4-10
poles to a stone Dear the point, thence south
72J degrees east 102 poles to a point in the
east boundary of said section , thence r.orlh 1
degree west with said east boundary, 176 poles
to the first station, excepting and reserving out
of said metes and bounds so rhuch of the same
as is included within the limits and boundaries
of the town of York, aud as lies w'estof the said
town and bounded by main atreet,. conlaiiiintr.
exclusive of said reservation 127 acres irore
or less, appraised aionu collars.
Also another tract of land adjoining the above
desrjibed tract, and described as follows : Heine-
part of section 35, of township 8, and raotro
Q I ! ! f -- .1.- .1 1 .
i, oegi lining inr too same nt tno soutn ease cor
ner oi shiu section oo, tnence north one degree
west, with the eastern boundary of said section.
21 perches to a stone, thence sou h 8S) degrees
west iia and a-iu perches to a stone, thence
soutn J decree east witn tho western boundary
of the south ea-t Quarter of said section. 21
poles to the south-west comer of said quarter
ncuuuii ineuce riuriii uegrees ensi, wnn tns
south boundary of said section, 175 poles and
5-10 to the first station, containing 23 acres more
or less : appraised at 910 dollars.
Alt-oloH numbered 45,46,47,48, 49,50,51
52, 53,57, 58, 59 and CO, in said town of York
each appraised at twenty dollars.
Terms of aale: One third in cash, and the
residue in deferred payments of one and two
years with interest from the day of sale, secured
by mortgnse on the premises.
Administrator of Godfrey Miller, dee'd.
June 14th, '55 4-t
Administrator's Sale oflteal Estate.
Qn Saturday the 14th day of July 1855,
v between the hours of one and fonr o'clock
P. M. at the front door ef the Court House, in
the city nf Steubenville, will be sold to the high
est bidder the following real estste, situate in
Jefferson County Ohio, to wit : Lots numbered
123 and 136 in the town of Steubenville, Lot
Ifo. 123 being subject try tre payment annually
to Martha Devenuy the widow of said Alexan
der Devenny deceased during her life the sum,
of S8., and appraised at six hundred dollars.
Lot No. 12G being' subject tn a like payment, of
s dollars, during the life or said widow nud is
appraised at 2400 dollars,
i I krms ok Sa'lk One third cash on day of sale
and the residue in deferred payments of one and
twoyearswith interest from the day of sale, se
cured by mortgage on the premises.
June 11 4-t Hksrt J. Hvklll.
Administrator of Alex. Devanny, dee'd.
Irving's Life of General Wahingon.
r'PHlS work will bo published iu Thi-ee
Voliimec, octavo, of about 500 pages each,
handsomely printed on fine paper, in large pica
type, with Portraits and Places and ucaily
bound in cloth ; it will equal in all respects' in
stylo of binding, typography, etc,, etc., cither
I'rcscotts' or BrancrofL's works.
The first volume will be ready for delivery in
about ten days, the second in August, and the
third in November, it will be sold exclusively
by agents. Price $2 per volume.
Considering the reputation of the author and
the nature of the subject, it is confidently ex
pected that this work will meet with a hearty
welcome from all classes of the community.
Having received tho ageucy for the counties
of Jefferson aud Harrison, for the sale of the
above work, we are now prepared to receive the
names of thove wishing to subscribe, all orders
by mail promptly attended to. -
Specimens of the printing, blndary, etc., etc,
can be seen at our Bookstore.
M'DOWELL & Co., -JunaC.
3ino Market at., Stuubanville, 0.
WASHINGTON HALL Building, room
formerly occupied by J. AD. Scott, Market
St., Steubenville, ohio..
Just opened the' largest, best and cheapest
8tock of Boots, Shoos, Trunks, Carpet Bags;
etc., erer offered in this market. The subscriber
is determined to do business oh the Cash Sys
tem and offers great inducements to Cash Buy
ers, and will make It the interest of alt to pat
rotiixe the Citv Boot and Shoo Store, i .''
Dr. John McCook.' ' ' ";
QFFICE on the Beeond floor in front of
lha Union Office,' 3d street Steubenville,
and opposite the Cituens'Itauk. , . ; . ,
. Office hours from 8 a. m. until 12 a. in, and
from 1 p. m. imtiUjnm. At all other hours,
unions necessarily absent, he may be found by
those requiring bit professional services at his
res luetic on 410 street uree doors tout it of the
Catholic Chapel and oppoeite the North Public
scnooi noasv.
.- in.iti.,.
' STKULINO l duklap
HAVE 'received - their new
Summer GooJs. M vkicb ihrv invite the at
tenlion of the citr and country trade. Being
dilermined Jo as-ll onr (rood lw lar Usu sm
niij umcr uuux in im- v. i
8teuleniIW. Slar 1h'I3. t s "
BONNETS 1 BONNK'J'S 1 U-X btraatifl
siftortmHir rectlved this daV by .
may I STEHLIS0 4rrjtAi'.'
DRESS GOODS All the new and varfcd
styles fir Rile chip for at.h. i.
tniyl ........ .; S1ERL1IO ECSLAl". ,
BOOTS AND SHOES A r larKc sort.
"fttent of nil kinds fur LadieK.1t iswv Child
ren, Men sftd ltii)s for tude as low u aiy stW
house iit the i'v. - - ,
msyl, " 3TERL1K0 & DCNLArV
HATS AM) CAPS A good assortnient
just received at " 'r-'A '! ' ' VI
iuiiy STERLING & DUXLAP, , (
""and for sale at '
DEACIIES 60 bushel. Axj Pmhea jut
. ruceivvd by , . , - ..
may STERLllfOand I)USLAp: '
pounds just received and forsale by : ' li
Oaa DOZi:N UUOOMS a etqrc aud for
Wsaieby - ' ' '
. ! Merchant Tailors.,, .
UTAVE now recijivod, dirout frmn Phil
""ailelphia, their Spring and Summer Ktofkdf
Goods, consisting in part of cloths, all shndes.
price nntl quality, Drub De Ele and Italian
oths fursuiiiiner wear, cassimors, plain, black
and fancy, a full complete, and beautiful as.
ordment of linen Pnntalloonery, VjNtings, Sat'
mt plain, fancy and figured Silks.' "Aiirxtriiaive
a,ortmciit of plain white figured and fancy
marseilles. liosiery. Silk, Lisle thread and cot
tun,, plain t'.im'v aud figured cotton, OloV,
Plain and colored kid, Bilk Liale thread and
Under Shirts and drawers, Silk, Lis.li) thread
Gauze Flaniiiill, Linen, nnd cotton', cravats,
Satin, plain and figured silks.; acarft. De join
ville Scarfs, plain and figured silk, plain and
fijiire l linen hdkfs, shirts, ' stand ng aud
By ron collars, suspenders, ete ; a full and gen
eral assorlmeut of Gents furnishing Ooods, to
which we would most respectfully invite the at
tend u of purchasers calling this wayloexm
ine our large and well selected stock, and judgu
for themselves, all of which for the "one- need
ful," the grand cash, wo hope to be able to sell
cheaper thau ever before offered in this market.
inaylS y ' -1
Lightning Bodtf. i ': i
nplIE uudcraigned would rtpectfuliy in
form the public; that he is prepared to put
up Lightning Rod, furnished with Franklin
Tips, manufactured nt the city of 1'hiladelphin
Orders from a distance will be prominly attend
ed to. All work warranted. R.B.SMITH; '
Mt. Pleasant Jeflcr.ou co., ohio
way lar 6 nm. pd.
G. GARRETT, Las just receh'cd
and now oteiiin? a lunn unit r.d,.
ionable stuck of Spring Goods, having been
pnrebased in the Eastern Cities trilbin the Jar
b1 days at reduced prices, 1 am prepared to off
er customers greater bargains than ever. Th
Stock consists in part of 1'lnin Black and Fair
cy Colored Silks aud Satiua, from. 50 ct. t
$1,50 per yard, Striped aud Barred Silks, Ac.
Cliullis LawnsBarege, and other Dresa Goods,
cheuper than ever before offered in this market,
ap. 5, '55. H. G. GAaant, No. 100, 3d t.
.;TliNW and Pillow Case Muslins
all widtliS, ""nlities und pr;e:, Sheeting
Muslin fine quality, from 'C Cls tu 12 cU. pet,
yd., Bleached Muslin, good nitirlefroic(leta;
to 10 cts. per. yd. liish Linen, pure linen,
from 31 cts. to 75 cts. per. yd. , u
?E'iiV'5i: H. G. GAaacrt, 3d. st
1 ONNETS, tiewest style, Bonnet Satlu,
Silk end Ribbon, in great variety, Collar,
Spencers, I'ndersleeves, hoosiory, Gloves, Mitts,
Lace, Edging, silk and linen han.Ac. call at
' H. O. 0mm', 3d. streets
Jlkses UEUiWE &, SCOTT haTo ca
tered into copartnership in the aboy bnsiuess.
in New Alexandria, aud beg leave to announce
to the citizens and comimuiiiy that they are
prepared to give general sntit,raction to all who'
may give them a call iu their line of btiisiricss.
Misses George & Scotr.'1'
New Alexandria, Ohio, April 5, '55. ; r
JUY your froodsfroiu II. G. GARRETT
dealer in Fancy and Staple Dry Goods,' So.
100,3d Street, Sieubuuvillo, Ohio, where- ysru
will find iha largest, best, aud cheapest atocl
of Plain, liluck. Barred, Striped. Watered an
Colored Silks, from 50 cts to one dollaf r lid fifty
per yard. Lawn, a fine assortment, all color
and qualities, from bi to 25 sts per yah'. ' Ba
rage, Berere de Lains, Plain, Barrei-antrt ried'
fri'tn HI to 25 cls per yard. . Prints; good Mad
der Colors, VV'armiiied not to fude, from ?t ' 12 1
eta per; yard. Challis, Tfikiuea, all-wolle De
Lams aud Persian Cloths, cheaper tbnuo n.
Two Hundred and Fifty Bonnets embracing
all thu newitt styles rf the Stasut . from Si'gta
to four dollars each. Cloths, Cashmere, Cra
vats, Irish Linen, Shwetingi Diaper, Rllow
Muslin, Check,. Tiekiijg. Tweeds, Jaaus, Flan.'
nel all colors, Umbrellas, Parasols, etc., etc.
Also, Hoisery, Glovt; Kits, Collars, Sjn'ikWt.
Under Sleeves, linen Giiwbric, Hdkti., vriuet.
cap;nd Velvet KibUns, Flouncing. Tbri-s'd aAd'
Cotton Lace and Edging, and in a Word all the
Goods usually kept in a Fancy and Staple Dry
Goods House, can be found here in Greater Va--riety
and ut Leas Price thari ever beffore offer
cd. H.S, GARRETT, 3d atreti.
May 8,TS5.V ' .
'pIIE- subscribers havo tort hand, and In
tend keeping im hand a good auppl of
corn. Outs and Mill feed. Also a good supply
of Groceries, generally kept itr preecry eslab
listvnvt'nls. South west eeoier of Fourfh ud
Atlams street, Steubenville Ohio. , '
Jan: l,lrj55-. ; ME1KLE AND STARK:
Grist Mill and Grocery fitorev
J HAVE in , opcratioa at i th' .'Uniju1
Mill," west end mar ket street a run of stone
for rrmditrsr corn, rvej barlev .t- ' f .m
pared to sell corn mual,- n vbotoaale it russil
at the mill, and at my store, where 1 keep on
hand family groceries' nnd produce at low iri
ceti for eaifir country pruduce n-,A'"
Stnbeville March 15 , I0n M
AT Fisher & JWo Feelj's, market (streef
Slenbenville, if not the largest, th BEST
assortment of New Boots and Saou yetlo'ffered!
in the city, The assortment is C(imnlAi.liu..
tide of men' wear, from the slipper id the
California boot-ladO, a. choice atotk tif ihe
substantial, the line and the ihionable all
warranted work, land at Lower Prices Than
Ever I. For a neat or tastia ibaiaDtkl it
Bhoe or slipper at prices to suit tho times, if
not at a cheaper Sgnre th pluci tobtiyVaodi
tbe only one where you can gut .morei than rth
wonh of voiir mouev. where tlm
.B O" Market,, below Third si root.
P. S. Pleas call iu a nleastir to i'-vt.ii.ii
and no charge mads for showing p.otJ,t ! Jl
' 1 i ' ii i ir
House Faintinff, Gkgufc, &&.
pEURY OOV'LE would noWy the ubV
lie that In is atill ready' to wait oa hiM
trott in tbe businesa ef houae"Paimig, ja
ing. Paper Hanging and GraiiMnj(.; 6lim r,n,t.
ingdowt by ioui'nevnTen. Shoo on' XfarV.rf
aputli sia,.i)ptiu Kilgaru'aaew HalLv: t
ateubeaTflle. Jan. ),l855u 7? . ... t . .
, JBy Adams' zbscaa. Vi t uf
THIS day, Ladies' ;Strau and SUV UoiW
nets and.lui8M flutsoknd bonnet ribbons r
a CTood asaurtraeut for sal I.xm. .1... ..
-t ... .v v "iviro
:vtntit i,,r,.,,.t 1
store t
-".I -iJ.'ALlUN.

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