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Correspondence of the Philadelphia Dai
ly Timer
Xne Wheat Crop of Ohio-A Philadelphia
turned Ohio Farmer The Rpuilica
ComtHtbn The Prospects of Freedom
-7-SuubMieillc mid Indiana Railroad- j
True Poli-y of Philadelphia.
Massillon, 0-, Ju'y H. 1855.
Dtar T'mi : To your busiucss men,
th-j new of a heavy crop of wheat, oats,
barley and rye, all over this young Empire
of the west, in the most gratifying intelli
gence that tan be conveyed to them. I
liavo Fpcnt some two weeks of this mouth
ju Ohio, and can bear testimony to the
groat promise of the wheat crop of this
State. It also affords me pleasure to say
lint the gr.dn is all cut and secured be
yond any contingency.
In the vicinity of this thriving young
iity, lives our late fellow-townsman, Col.
T. S. Webb on a large and elegant farm.
Ileie. as in Philadelphia, he is characteri
zed by his affability, energy and public
spirit his profuse hospitality aud fine so
cial qualities. I am glad to know that this
enterprising citizen will be largely reward
ed by bountiful crop3 this season. That
his wheat may never be blasted, aud his
;jrn grow luxuriantly, is the wish, not on
ly of his present, neighbors, but of the ma
ny friends he left behind in Philadelphia.
Happening in Columbus on the day of
the Rr-uublican Convention, I looked in
upon the assemblage
I sec your telegraph-
ie despatch calls it :i ''tree bml Conven
tion." This is not altogether correct.
The assemblage was composed of Whigs,
Americans, Free Sailers and Democrats,
who yuWlast year, (and adopted the name
of Republican,) and by so doing carried
surv .'if r.1i firdinance which declared that
A Territorv former should I
remain free, to nominal a State ticket.- j
Though pledged to freedom, yet, as 1 1
have above stated, it was composed of nun
of till mrtif'j. and will onlv be o&noscd bv
i ' j ii .
,(.l,,,,f(,n,,,,,,fv. 1V,ft,ultwi;ibothe
1 J
same a-t last year oidy more so.
U is understood that all the candidates
a,e Americans, with one exception, uud lie j
yuip-uuises iui ui.n piu. uiunjj i.i'
candidates is Cant. Tlioma-. II. Ford, fori
. . .1... ... A .... ,!.
Lieut. Governor, who made a held, brave j
speech, iu the lute American National
Convention held in your city. Although I
.e entire Concessional Delegation, as l- , . ,,,,t " ?t lw.n ,,,:,,,,,, T ! piece, aud those who answered them per- " c 10 U,'P-
.. .i.. c. l.. i i.. ...I ' " . ; .: i.. ,.i...i.i ,..... i..., i 4. It is stiuplv to wash the animals down every
o electing inc oiyie iicivei uy iieur oue . tI ; j. j dp j le Southerners ove a good 1 ""eui.y, euou.u uto.c a moo . - -
hundred thousand majority. This same j of wiliL,,0 t1o j Th, is ouc tL piece. j eto
party met on the 13th inst., the amnv,r- r t rescmUc the PoutIierncl. The j '1'ho Foposal pleased the company ; and F'nnyroya -not very s rong,
not a candidate, still the people would (trees, blowing down nouses ana Kimug '
have hini on the ticket, us they are now j cuttle, au iueidsnt occurred near Paulding, i
vietcrminod to confer office ou none but the J in that State, which is worthy of record : i
tried champions of freedom. A coinim -j A young married couple were alone in j
nity tliat did elect twenty-one Congress-; the forest, occupants of a new home, and ;
men oi' one Lith, may be supposed to be ! Uiotaut twi miles from the uearest neigh-!
in tamest on the question of the cxteusionj borhood. They had retired to rest, and ';
of tiavery ; and as the population of all i were absorbed iu slumber when the roar j
the free States eutertaiu nearly the same j of the hurricane came, like a sonorous wail-1
views, any party in any free .tate that . iug through the primeial trees, aud the j
tlau a'.u-jipt to U..xlgf this issue, will inust . lit-rcc winds struck the house, tumblingthc j
urtd!y p u the wall. The people are j logs around them. The lady after much j
ihvrugtiiy ar. usrtl. uud demaud tho r;sto- j effort, succeeded in extricating herself, but j
ry.'na to i're.-i,ni of Kansas and Xdras- found to her momentary dismay, htr bus- j
la. aud aixn an J will have it. ! baud entombed ia the wreck of their dwel-'
I ! :.m by thfl Vrul, Times, that the ; Kt aud that it would be impossible for j
lJxi if Pennsylvania refused to sus-' her to relieve him unaided. She reflected j
tain (ji vcruor Rccder in his hon ist and ; 3 monient, wheu turuing to her liu- (
patriotic course. TLis refusal drives and ; baud, tic uttered some cheering wordi, j
clinches the but nail in the coffin of Iim-; and announced her determination to go in ;
fylvauia LocLjcoishi. j qe,t 0f a,istaucc. Forth she went in tho j
A matter too little uuderstuod, 1 fear, j mijst of a howling storm, th wiuds sing-1
v3 juu, uua.u: u..., Uu ci.uun men
immediate attention. I allude to the Steu-:
knr...tll., ..Ii.l I i.rl ..n 1 1 . ! 1
wuimo au luuwiu luimuju. 11 is uuw
1 . I e. o 1 :n .i., -
coiupuueu uo.u uoenuiie, ou ineunioi5ut sl,c heeded not the danger; buoyed;
River, to Newark, and at ihe latter place, ! by a strong affection she moved onward,
couneeU with the Sandusky Ruhoad, run- j an iBCarnation of heroism and self-sacrili-
ning to the Lakes, as also with the Ceu- cing l0VC( tnrongh the hurricane's track, j
tral Ohio, thus, m effect, having a conuec- anJ reached unharmed the residence of her ;
uou witn tue lemon or roaua ot unio. inc i- i
u j
ana, aud Illinois. Like all companies, the
S- & I. R. R. has exhausted all tbe local
V . , , mi. ,
roua, and novv only needs 80OO.OUU to make t
itoneofthemostvalubleauxiUariesof the!
Pennsylvania Railroad. It is the onIy
road in Ohio thathas a uniform guage with I
c 0 I
the latter. It rnsses throutrh the Tusea-
rawas Val , the most productive and for-
tile part of the State, a trade that, hcrctv
fore, has ull gone to New York, over the
Ohio Canal, oad which can be diverted by
eimply building a bridge over tho Ohio at
ritcubenvillc. Eminent Engineers sav i
that it is the ouly spot on that river where
-i v I
a bridge can be built, that will not con
flict with the decisions of the Supreme
Court. Certain, it is. that tln imrt u:t.
und advantages are apparent to tbe rye of!
any oue.
The 'shipment of flour aud graiu, alone,
to New York city, is the great cause of its
prosperity. By simply bridging the Ohio
at Steubenville, one and a-balf millions of
barrels of flour will pass over, aunually,
that and the Pennsylvania Railroad from
Ohio aloue. Let me csplaiu. An exten
sive miller ou tho Muskingum, told mo, he
shipped, annually, one hundred thousand
barrels of flour alone ; that it now went to
New York; that owing to frequent hand
ling, it seldom arrived iugood order: that
ny rout that could carry his flour without
re-buippm;; would get it, eveu if it cost
ten cents more per barrel. For, said he,
I lose wore than the ten cents iu charges
for cooperage, and the unsightlinog of the i something that interests, aud the some
barrels when it reaches the market. This i thing to be proud of; these arc the attrib
is the feeling of all manufacturers of flour; j utes of the man loitnd to be loved.
and now the question arises wbother it is " ; ,,
nottho interest of the Pe.,n,vlvania Rail- noPe paves thego den way to bliss,
, , ... , J and cnecrtulncss ia the lamp that lights
road, whose revenues w.ll be ;,0 henvily in-1 the beauteous walk.
creased, by a close connection with this
Ohio Road, and the business men of Phil
adelphia, to immediately set to work and
raise this Company S500,000, by endors
ing their bonds, subscribing stock, or in
some other way.
We all know it will be years before the
Iletupfinld Road is completed , and when
it is, its capacity will no more than do the
business that comes over tho Central Ohio
Railroad, and Marietta and Ciucinuati
Any one familiar with Ohio and her
Railroads, will see at a glance that the
Steubcnville and Indiana Railroad is the
most important Road, so far as the inter
ests of Philadelphia are concerned ; and
yet, strange to say, this valuable contribu
tion to our commercial greatness has been
almost wholly overlooked by your press
and your people. I trust, Messrs. Edit
ors, that you, in conjunction with your
brethren, will call the attention of Phila
dolphians to this, to them most important
matter. Fataskxa.
Anecdote of Webster.
Among the many anecdotes of Mr. Web
ster, thcro is one which, though reflecting
slightly upon his negligeuce of pecuniary
matters, is still very Webstcriau in its
wit :
On one occasion it is related that he was
the guest of the Southern Senators and
ieprcsentatives in the city of Washington, !
1 1 J - K.n I
aud they passed wanj compliments upon
jliul auj auujcj fmjueutly to his bcin
like the Southerners in his habits and fei 1
iugs, and it was all an accident that lie
was born in New Hampshire. At last Mr.
Webster arose. 'Gentlemen said he, 'it
has been stated that I resemble the South-jswer
eruers in manv respects and I mu,t con -
... ...t . .. i i . i i !
, T ' T ? !
iv, auu I HUi again cuiiiess mat x um i
vcr of the lcautifuli T!lis I1!a'Kl,s tw0 j
-u rcscmljlance ; but there is a third I
, , x , , ret.en,i,l0 them.
n.i c. ...i . : i - I.-:- '
i lie rouincrneis li is saui, never way li vh
, , ,
aeots , ana tne same nas aiso uenn saiu vi ;
me. Ia these particulars, gentlemen, I ;
, , , ,, th Suutheruers.' Shouts of
1;mrllter f0iowej this sallv of wit audi
(,ooJ imm,,i
The Right Sort of a Wife.
During the late dreadful tornado which !
passed over the Mississippi, tearing "P !
,g a requiem over tne ruin u eauseu, auu j
the stately trees crashing in their fall be-;
. . . , . . !
;re tue oiiiiupotance ot tuo tempest.
.. ....... . .
,,n;i,i cu ,.., ,-A,.m,i n-nA
Ubjuuui iiiniiiuu into I'kvwutvvti utti
i.r lmsbaiid restored to as true a wife as
j cvcr hallowed with felicities the life of
A Mother. Round tho idea of one's
mother the mind of man clings with a fond
afi'tL'tion' II is thc firat thoueht """"M
:..fi 1.. 1 .i 1 ..r. j
i urn our ,UIanl liean wllCn Jct K0" anu
i CaPalle of ruceivi" the laost ProfounJ im"
1 1''". anJ a11 llle aftcr feelings of the
i world are more or less light in comparison
I do not know that even iu our old age we
do not look Lack to that feeling as the
sweetest we have through life. Our pas-
J i . i .... .. ! i . i i e
sl"s aD" 0Ul W1II,,1UCS 1MJ " us Iar
from the object of our filial love j we may
learn evcu to pain her heart, to oppose her
! wishes, to violate her commands : wo mav
beCOm.e W'IJ' Leodstron aud a,W at licr
I councils nr I'nnositinii : lint, u-linn lr;itl
has stilled her monitory voice and nothing
but calm memory remaius to re-capitulate
her good deeds, affectum, like a flower
beaten to the ground by a past storm, rais
es her head and smiles amid her tears.
Round that idea, as we have said, the mind
clings with fond affection ; uud even when
the earlier period of our loss forces mem
ory to bo silent, fancy takes the pbice of
remembrance, aud twines tho image of
our dead pareut with a garland of graces,
and beauties and virtues which we doubt
not that s'ro possessed.
&TBcauty has but little to do with en
j gaging thc love of woniau. The air, tho
j niunner, the tone, the conversation, the
From the Carman.
living by One's Wits.
Nine persons sailed from Basle, down
tho Rhine. A Jew who wished to go to
Shalampi, was allowed to come ou board
aud journey with them, on couditiou that
ho would conduct himself with propriety,
aud givo tho captain eighteen kreuzers for
his passage.
Now it is true something gingled in tho
Jew's pocket when ho struck his hand
agaiust it ; but the only niency there was
therein, was a twelve kreutzer piece, for
the other was a brass button. Notwith
standing this, he accepted tho offer with
gratitude. For ho thought to himself,
semething may be earned, even upon the
water. There is many a man who has
grown rich upon the Rhine.
Duriug the first part of the voyage, the
passengers were very talkative aud merry,
and the Jew, with his wallet under his
arm, for he did not lay it aside, was tho
object of much mirth and mockery, as,
alas ! is often the caso with those of his
nation. But as the vessel sailed onward,
aud passed Thuriugeu and St. Vcoit, the
passengers, one after the other, grew si
leut, aud gazed down the river until .one
cried :
'Come, Jew, do you know any past time
that will amuse us ? Your fathers must
have coutrived many a one, during their
long stay iu tho wilderness.'
Vnvv ic l-n tinirt ' thiturrl
Now is tho time thought the Jew, 'to
shear my sheep.' And he proposed that
they should sit round in a circle, aud pro
pound very curious questions to each oth
er, aud he, with their permission, would
sit with them. Those who could not an-
the questions, should pay the oue
: whu propounded them a twelve kreutzer
honim? to divert themselves with the Jews
wi orstuniditv. each one asked, at random !
whatever cntead his head.
Thus for "ample, the first oue asked-
"How many soft boiled eggs could the gi
ant. (iuliuh eat unon an eumtv stomach '
t- i
All said it. WM inmnSsil,! to answer I
- i
thut question, aud each paid his twelve
ut the Jew said, "One; for he who
I bus eaten ono egg cannot eat a seeoud up
.! on au empty stomach, and the others paid
him tWclvc kicutzer8.
.in,,. il,nll,i t.n,,,t T will
try you out yf thc New Testameut, and 1
thiuk I kIiuII win uiy piece. Why did the
p0Stie pauj wl.;t0 tue guconJ Epistle to
(j0l.intjjjans ?"
Xhe Jew said "Beeauso he wae not hi
(j.,,,, . otherwise he would have apokeu
t0 y0 wou unotier twelve
tuu .j saw tijat tue jew was 80
vei.suj ju ijC he tried hiui iu a
djgVreut way.
i.yu0 prolous his work to as great a
iengtll auJ 6till completes it
- t:)uu y
-j;.e r0pG.uiakcr, if he is industrious,"
y t j w
ju the mcauwhi!e they drew ucar to a
ylkgQ) aU(j oue Silid t0 tbe otner ,lXLis
fourth asked "In what mouth
do tk, of Bailllach eal the ienat r
TLe Jew aaiJ) Iu FebrUary, for that
moulh Lm only twt,uti..eigilt yi."
Th(. fif,h sa.;d..xhere are two natural
ljrolLc and ouc of tbcm ia uu.
' "
1 tlc-
m JcW ..xLc uncle is your
fathcl,8 brotLer) aud pur futh,r ia wot
your uncle
' A fisU now jumped out of the water, aud
the a,ktdW hut fish have their
; eyes uearest together?"
The Jew said, "The smallest."
The seventh asked, "How can a man
i rule iroiu Basle to J3crne iu the Ehaue, m
. . 1 4l , .
j tho junnnor time, when the sun shines?
ihe Jew said,-U hen ho comes to a
! whcro, thcW ? "M bbude' he m"8t
1 dismount and im nn tont.
dismount and go on foot,
The eighth asked, "When a man rides
iu the wiuter time from Berue to Basle,
and has forgotten his gloves, how must he
manage so that his hands wil not freeze?"
Thc Jew said, "lie must make fista out
of them."
l 'i'i. ....... a.. n't.:.. i.
j ",ulu " J0 luu iU,B
i ed "How can five persons divide five
eggs, so that each one shall receive one, j
i and still one remain in tho dish ?"
The Jew said, "The last must take thc
dish with thc egg, and he can let it lie
there as loDg as he pleases."
But now it come to his turn, and be de
termined to make a good sweep. After
many preliminary compliments, he asked,
with an air of mischievous friendliuess,
"How can a man fry two trouts in three
pans, so that a trout may lie in each pan?"
Not cue could answer this, and one af
ter the other gave him a twelve kreutzer
But when thc ninth desired that he
should answer it himself, be frankly ack
nowledged that he knew not how the trout
could be fried in such a way.
Then it was maintained that this was
unfair in the Jew; but lie stoutly affirmed
that there was no provision for it in the
agreement, s ivc that he who could not an
swer the question should pay tho kreutz
crs, and he fulfilled flic agreement, by pry-
ing toat sum to the ninth of his comrades
. . t . . .
who had asked himself. But they all be-
. . . f
jngncu inmuauis, ana gratetul lOfUuf
amusement which had passed an hour or
two very pleasantly for them, laughed
heartily over their loss, and at the Jew's
Now, as it will bo no difficult matter to
compute what the Jew gained, we leave
this for the reader to do, merely putting
them in mind that tho price of his passage
was eighteen kreutzcrs.
Rest. Is there oue. word in the whole
vocabulary more precious in its import, to
the. "tired denizens' of this working world,
than this little mouosyllable rest? Man
of labor, child of toil, tell us. At the beuch
or the plow, at the desk or the counter, at
tho bar, in tho pulpit, or iu daily or night
ly rouuds among tho sick and the dying
in life professional or unprofessional in the
pent city or open country in heated rooms
or in freezing winds or the heaving uea
or the stable earth where wanders or la
bors the man or woman to whom the thought
of rest is not full of pleasure. Rest at
night or at noou rest from hand-work is
the constant craviug of the weary body aud
sonl. No wonder that the thought of rent
enters so largely into the common antici
pation of a blessed future. After life's
day of toil the "rest that remaineth" shall
come with its unmeasured boon to the
To Keep Fmebfrom Horses. These
noblo animals arc often greatly afflicted
whilo on the road, or in the field, by flies,
which annoy them continually during their
task-work, aud which prove a source of no
little perplexity to the teamster by ren
dering them intractable aud restive while
iu the gear. This, however, is a difficulty
that admits of an easy remedy, and one
which common humanity, as well as self-
aroma of the plant to the parts on
J which it is applied. This is a certain rem
edy, uo fly however savage, will alight whe'
it has been diffused. The leaves of the wal-
; j nut, plucked green, and mashed till the
. , . i i .i e
juice can be expressed by the pressure of
i. i,,wi ,uh,A i,.,;. .. ti. t
Thk riviiiBiToiiY Law in New Vokk.
mi i i , , !
There have teeu large uutnbers ot ar-
nsts for drunkenness in New York city,
Brooklyn and other town throughout thc
State. The course of the magistrates uu
der the law is very plain, yet there seems
to be quite a difference of construction
among them in regard to the maimer of
proceeding under it. There will be uo
d oubt soon be a settled construction of the
law, and its efficiency tested beyond con
troversy, as the liquor dealers are deter
mined to resist it to thc utmost of their
power. A strong hold is hard to overthrow,
and the besciged grog sellers will fight us
hard and hold out as long as thc Russians
at Scbastopol.
That Last Bad Act. "That last bad
act," so repeated a mother, us she stood
over the corpse of her boy, who was bro't
home to her from the pond where he had
been to bathe. She had charged him, on
leaving home, not to go near ilie river, as
the banks were steep aud thc current strong.
Rut ho disobeyed her aud died in the deep.
What a sad thought was that for thc moth
er to carry with her, that her little boy's
last act was oue of disobedience. It was
a bad state iu which to die. The hist act
was a deliberate breaking of the fifth com
mandment. And it was not strange that
his mother should repeat mournfully, as
I she looked upon his lifeless form, -0, that
i last bad act !' Any act we perforin may
be our last oue ; and there is no way to be
sure of dying in the performance of good
acts but by performing nothing but good
I. 0. 0. F.
0. 0. F. meets every second and fourth
Fridays, at 6'j' oVUck, p, m., in Jefferson
Lodge rooms, on Third Street, over Garrett's
Store, D. B. Burchard, W. P., Ceo. B. Means,
S. W., John Waggoner, Scribe.
JoflVrson Lodge No, 6, I. 0. 0. F., meets
every Tuesday a' 6 1-3 o'clock, p. m., in their
hall on Third street, over Garrett s store. Geo.
li. Means N.G.. i. L. liolion, V. G., Jas. O'
Neal, jr., Secretary.
Good Will Lodge No. 143, 1. 0. 0. F., meets
overy Thursday at 61-2 o'clock, p. m , in their
Hall on Fourth street, over Bcitty ft Steelman's
Store. A. 0. Worthington, N. G., D. Filson,
V. G., T. H. Koberlsou Secretary.
Feb. 8. 1W5.
Sevastopol Not Taken!
lEIST, Market street, has in store an
excellent assortment of CONFECTIONE
RIES, ifcc, purchased expressly for this market
Huisins by tho pound or box; Crackers, choice
brands; 'Jurrants; Candies; Dales; mines; Lem
ons; Figs; Citron; Gum Drops; Know Nothings;
Jenny tiiuu ilrops; Lakes ol all kinds; JNntsol
all kinds; Fruits: Fire Crackers, Torpedoes, 4c.
Parties furnished wilh Pound, Fruit, Lady Cake
and lee Uicain.
Great inducements offered to Country nierch
ants and others, who wish to purchase by the
quantity. ;or bargains in Uuteclioncrieg,cul
at . FEI ST'S,
Jan. I, '55. Market st., Steubenville.
House Painting. Glazing', &c.
pERRY COYLE would notify the pub-
lie that lm is still ready to wait on his pa
trons in the business of House Fainting, Glnz
ins. Paper Hanuine and Graiuing. Slgu Paint
ing done by journeymen. Shop on Market Bt.
south side, opposite Kilgoru's new Hall.
Steubenville, Jan. 1, 1B55.
(Corner of Market aud Ohio sta. ; (For
merly occupied by John S. Lacey, Esq.,).
Wm. Millcan, I'rop'r Cadiz, o.
tTThe above named house has been thor
ouL'hlv refitted and rcpairfd. and every alien'
tioti will be paid to supply the wants of the
traveling community. The stabling is large and
extensive. A liberel shine of patronage is re
spectfully solicited. WM. M1LL1GAN.
Cadiz O., u urch 21st '55-tf
'plIE subscribers have on hand, and in
tend keeping on hand a good supply of
i toi II.
corn, Oats and Miil feed. Also a gooci supply
i of Groceries ,'ifenerallv kept in crocery estab-
1D1eDt', "'l'1 ,wcst.,porf,er of Fourth tnd
; Adams street, Steubenville Ohio.
v Jan. 1,1655. ME1KLE ANU 5IAKK.
I uut suiucicuijy go ns w cuiuuiuniuuie uiu
OFFICE Corner Third and Market Sta.,
Sttsubenville, 0. Jn. 1.
A TTOMEYS' AT LAW, Steubenville
Ohio. Office corner of Market and Fourth
ttreetn, tecoud story.
Jan. 1, 1855.
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Steubenville,
Ohio. Office uuder Kilgore Hall, Market
trett. Jau. 1, 1S55.
Bank Exchange.
v SALOON, Wm. Pattkrson, Proprietor, op
posite Citizens' Bank, Third street, Steubenville,
Ohio. Oysters wholesale aud retail. also,
Tuysand Notions. Jap. 1, 1855.
J. k G. O'NEAL,
(Soooessors to Alexander Doyle,)
MlSblOiN MERCHANTS & Steamboat Agen
Ware house corner of Market aud Water streets
Wharf boat at Market street Landing.
January 1. 1M55.
ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Steubenville,
ril.ir. nffiu nn Thiril atront Vint seen
Market and Washington.
VUIVl VlUuV VII Hhw wwvwaa
Jan. 1, '55.
B. RBUllN.
Thatcher & Kerlin,
" second door below Market, Steubenville,
Ohio, keep constantly for sale aud make up to
order, Cloths, Cassiuicres, and Vestings. Also,
Suspenders, Gloves, Shirts, Cravats, Hosiery,
and Furnishing Goods generally. XTOrders
respectfully solicited. Jan. 1, '55.
Wesley Starr & Sons,
Wharf, Baltimore, attend to the sales of To
bacco and all kinds Western Produce, Pro
visions, Ac, fcts !auA' .
ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office at the
comer of Third and Market streets, oppo
site the Court Houte, Steubenville, Ohio.
January 1, 1B55.
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Steubenville,
-Ohio. Refrs :o Hon. Wilson Shaunon,
Hon. Wm. Kcuuon, sr., Hon. Benj. S. Cowan,
and Hon. T. L. Jewett. Office ou Market St.
below Third street. Jm. li'55.
J. & J. M. SHANE.
ATTORNEY'S and Counsellors at Law;
will promptly attend to all bubiuess en
trusted to theiiL Office, Kilgore buildings,
Market Street, Steubunville Ohio.
January 1, 1855.
j7uTmilii;rT" a. bheruauk; Ja
AT LAW. Office, Market street, opposite
Washington Hall, Steubcnville, Ohio. Prompt
attention to collecting aud securing claims.
Agents for obtaining Pensions and bounty
Lauds. Land Wurrnuts bought aud sold.
January 1, lVbi.
A. H. DOHRMAN & Co.,
pORWARDING & Couiiiiissson Jlcr-
chants, for the sale of Flour, Grain, Bacon,
Buller Wool.eedn, Dried Fruits, Salt,
Kails, Window Ulasb, Merchandize aud Pruduce
iu geueral, bteubeuville, Unio.
Fraxicr & Drenueu, Steubenville, 0.
H. H. Collins, Pittsburgh, l'enn.
Win. Holmes it Co., du.
Hoea Frazier, Cincinnati, jan. 11
Marble Establishment,
VILLE, Ohio. All kihJy of Murble Work
done to outer. Ou hand at all times, Water
Lime, Plaster Paris, and the beaf Quality of
Gri iid Stones. L. hOItLAND.
Steubenville, Jan. 1, 1855.
PUBLIC, Warrentou, Ohio, will carefully
attend lo all business entrusted to him in the
counties of Jefferson, Harrison aud Belmont, in
the State of Ohio; and Brooke und Ohio coun
ties, Va. Office opposite tho Western Hotel.
January 1, 1855
Dr. Louis Xclls.
HAVING concluded to remain in Steu
benville, will continue the practice of
medicine and surgery an heretofore.
OfFiCL Market Street, opposite Washington
Kehidencil 6th Street, North of Washington.
Dr. John McCook.
flFFICE on the second floor in front of
v the Union Office, 3d street Steubenville,
und onnnsite the Citizens' Bank.
Office hours from 8 a. ro. until 12 a.m., and
from 1 p. in. until 6 p. m. At all other hours,
unless necewnrily absent, he may be found by
those requiring bis professional services at his
residence on 4th street, three doors south of the
Catholic Chapel and opposite the North Public
school housn. anril 54 '55 3t.
J. C. CABLE. M. D.
rkFFICE at his residence, on Fourth, be
tween Market and Washington streets.
Bteubenvillo. Jan. 1, '55.
BookselLrs, Stationer, Paper Dcaltrt, Blank
Book Manufacturert and Book Bindert,
PEALERS'at Wholesale and Retail, in
- School, Classical, Medical, Theological,
Miscellaneous, and Blank Books, Ruled and
Plain Cop, Post and Note Papers, Printing and
Wrapping Pnpcrs, Wall Papers aud Borders,
School, Couiiliug-House and Fancy Stationery.
Merchants and others desiring to purcnase,
will do well lo call and examine our stock.
The highest market price paid for Rugs.
North side of aket, above Fourth street,
Steubenville. Ohio. Jan. 1, '55.
Boots! Boots!! Boots!!!
HAS on hand, aud is manufacturing,
Gents' Freneh Calf Stitched and Pegged
K!d and coarse Boots aud Shoes. Also, Ladies
Misses aud Childrens Gaiters, Kid, Morocco
and Calf Boots. Buskius aud Slippers ; and
keeps in store a large stock ef Eastern work of
the lawst style, an oi wnicu ne wm sen iow
for Cash, at his fashionable Boot aud Shoe store
Market Street, Steubenville, Unio.
Feb. 1, 855-3mon.
New Boot and Shoe Store.
EA. TON N Ell has on hand tho larg-
est and best assortment of Boots, Shoes,
Hats and Cups that have ever been offered iu
this part of the country, b he is doiug exclu
sively a cash business, he can and will sell
wholesale aud retail cheaper thau any other cs
tablishment in the city. All who wish to pur
chase, will please call at the new Boot and Shoe
Store of E. A. TONNER,
Market street, between Fifth and Sixth.
Steuheuvllle, Jau. 1, 1855.
A larre and splendid stock of Goods in the la
dies' Departn-ent ; also, a very heavy stock ef
Goods tor men and ooys wear, id our tioia ana
Clothing room, which will De sold at low prices
n ru it tho times.
N. B. 5000 yds. Carpeting of every grade
and pattern, wnico we can uispuse oi u unven
to suit evcrvbodv.
Store Rooms Comer 3d. aud Market street
opposite Public Building,
pril, 5-3 mo. DOUGHERTY A BRO
By Adams' Expsess,
TIIIS day, Ladies' Straw and Silk Bou-
nets and misses' flats, and bonnet ribbons.f
a good assortment for sale low at the storeo
June 13. J. ALLEN
fPEA 5 chests superfine Green and Black
Tea just received by
XOTICE to shippers:
Transportation Office, 8. & I. R. R. )
Steubenville, April 16th 1855. J
4 FREIGHT TRAIN is t ow running
to Newark, leaving Steubenville daily,
(Sundays excepted,) at 5 o'clobk a. m.
Shipment to all stations, except TJnionport,
Cadis , Falrview and New Market, Urichsville,
Port Washington, Niw Conierslown, Lafayette,
Ceshocton, Adams' Mills, Dresdeu and Newark
must be pre-paid.
Shippers will please'concludetbeir shipments
and receive their consignments previous to 6
o'clock each evening.
sp 17, 1855 General Freight Agent.
1 RUNK WAREHOUSE, No. 101 Arch
street between Thirdnnd Fourth, up airs; four
doors below Union hotel Philadelphia.
January 1, 1855. '
ARBER and fashionable hair dresser.
Razors set, and all kinds of Surgical in
struments put in good order. Room under
the Mechanics' Savins Fund, Market st. near
the Washington hull, between 3d. and 4th. st.
apnl oth, 1P53.
V. S. Shaving and Hair Dressing
LEWIS STEVENS would respectfully
inform his friends and tho public that he
has taken a room adjoining the U. S. houe
where he is ready at all times to wail on his
patrons in his lino, in the most polito niunner,
end would be pleased to receive a liberal share
oi patronage.
april 24th 1855.
J. R. SLACK & CO.,
u PAPER DEALERS, Market street, above
Fourth, south side, Steubenville, Ohio, keep
constantly on hund and for sale, a large and
well delected stock of Mixrellaiipous nnd School
BOOKS; Plain and Fancy STATIONERY;
Writing and Wrapping PAPERS, BLANK
BOOKS, etc., etc.; all of which they will sell
on the most favorable terms at wholesale or
Country merchants and other dealers will be
supplied ut very low wholesale prices.
J. R. S. & Co. are prepared to furnish the
best American Magazines, as enrly as they can
be received by mail. They also keep on hand
n choice gnpply'of Shkkt vein. Jan. 1, 55.
WASHINGTON HALL Building, room
formerly occupied by J. fc D. Bcott, Market
st., Steubcnville, ohio.
Just opened the largest, best and cheapest
Stock of Boots, Shoes, Trunks, Carpet-Hags,
etc, ever offered In this market. The subscriber
is determined to do business on the Cash Sys
tem and offers great inducements to Cash Buy
ers, and will make it ihe interest of all to pat
ronize the City lii'ot and bnoo clnie.
unX- ll1 D. SCOTT.
Wholesale Drug House.
PPIIE subscribers have on hand a large
and well selected stock of Drugs, Chemi
cals, Paints, Dye Stuffs, Oils, Varnishes, Brush
es, Patent Medicines, Perfiimmy, Surgical In
struments, Daguerreotype stock, Glassware, etc.,
etc., which they offer very low either wholesale
or retail. Deolers will find j! to their interest
to exiniine our stock and prires, as we are de
termined to sell ns li.w fts any house in the
West. Orders promptly executed, aud personal
attemioli paid to shipping.
DllUG EMPORIUM, Market street two doo
below the Jefferson Branch Bank.
Steubenville. Jan. 1. 1855.
PISHFR & M'FEKLY have just re-
ceivea, ana are now opening n prime iui "i
Boots and Shoes of every variely, to whirh
they invite the attention of their frionds und
the public in general. Having purchased for
cash we will be enabled to offer greater iuducc-
ineuts than ever.
Ladies' lasting Gaiters from 1,25 cents up
wards. Childrens' Shoes, from 25 cent ops
wards. Trunks, Carpet Bags, etc., allow pri
ces. Call then ou FISKK .t MtFEELY,
Mar. a! 1&55. On Jiiirkel elt. hlmw Third
riMIE American Monthly .Magazine for
March, Devoted to Literature, Biography,
Sketches, Stories, Travels, Adventures, Arts,
Sciences, General Intelligence, Ac. Together
with a variety of editorials; correspondence, mis-,
cellany, the whole making, when bound in a I
volume, as large a collection of good reading
matter as can be found in any Magazine in the
country. The present number contains a life
like portrait of General Sam Houston, together
with a Biographical sketch. Tkbms $3 per year
in advance. Single copies 25 cents, A liber
al discount made to agents.
AGENTS. Good, smart, industrious agents
wanted in every town and city in the United
States Office of the Magazine, 5 and 6 Scollay 's
Building, Trcmont Row.
Send in your orders as soon as possible.
Boston J. Federhcn A co., Fetridge A co.,
and Win. V. Spcucer.
Pew York Ross A Jones.
Bhiladelphia J. . Roberts Arc.
altimore Wm. B. Crowly, A co.
TheGreen Mountain Rotary.
4 COOKING STO VE designed for far
mers and hotel keepers, burning wood and
coal, and guarantied to give satisfaction tu pur
chasers. Also etxa air tiuhts large ovkm and
the Star of the West. The stoves arc far ahead
of any yet introduced for baking and roasting,
in respect to saving fuel and for durability are
unequalled. Manufactured by A. Bradley,
Pittsburgh. The subscriber keeps constantly
on hand a lare-e assortment of all kinds of tin
Sheet-Iron and Brass Ware. Persons in want
of anythiug in his line will save monev by giv
ing him a call. Spouting roofing aud all kinds
otjoo work done to order and at, tne lowest pri
ces. The highest prices paid for old copper A
pewter. Store South 4th street nearly opposite
the Norton House. J . H. LINDSAY,
april 24th 1855.
Misses GEORGE & SCOTT have mi
tered into copartnership in thc abova businens.
in New Alexandria, and beg leave to announce
to the citizens and community that they are
prepared to give general satisfaction to all who
mny give tiiem u call id their line of buisiness
Misses Geokge& Scott,
New Alexandria, Ohio. April 5, '55
ITARPER'S Statistical Gazette of the
World, particularly describing the United
States, Canada, New Brunswick and Nov a Sco
tia, illustrated bv several maps. 1 vol. Roval
octavo, 1950 pages, full sheep. Received aud
lor sale by W Uowill & co.
Booksellers nnd Stationers Stcubeuville ohio.
March 29 1855.
design and principle, for burning Coal, has
an extra largo oven, a gooa uriiit, and easilv
cieaueu; construction bucu as to meet tne expec
tation oi an, ana L'uarnmeea to trive satisfac
tion to the purchaser. Will you call and see it?
a os. J and 4 hxtra Goal Cook Stoves.
" 1 " 2 Hartley ' do.
" 3 " 4 Air Tight Wood do.
" 2 " 4 Premium do. do.
" 1 " 2 Cook or Bachelor Stovef
Egg, Parlor and Chamber Stoves of beautifi
design, Fancy Grates, Fenders, etc., etc., all
reduced prices, at the Ohio Foundry Warerooms
Market street. SHARP 4 CRAIG.
Steubenville, Jan. 1, 1855.
Sky Light Dguerrotype Room.
W. WISER, respcotfuiiy announces
to tho public, that he has recently refitt
ed Rnd refurnished tho rooms, corner Fifth
ond Market streets, in a style in ferior to uoim.
Ho liospcred uo pains or'expeuso to make his
rooms pleasant, where oue and all may take
pleasure in visiting, and where all who wi.h
may be supplied with Daguerreotypes of tho
finest tone, true to the ltfe.at'veiy reasonable
rates, and will take great pains to please all
who may favor him with their patronage.
0"Roims corner of Fil th and Market street
immediately over Halstcd'i She Storn
Sreubenvilhl, Jan, J.lRbl,
YV are now receiving one of the lar-
gesl and best selected Stocks of
ever before ottered. Our Slock is ail new tin
Spring, and comprise the latest and best styles.
IteonsisU in part of , ; '
of new tnd beautiful dexigns."
Chamber Papers,
in every vmiety of style and quality.
Transparent Window Shades, Figured
and Plain, with Putuans Patent Fix
tares; Plain, Green, and Blue, and
nnd Firebonrd Screens, in great variety of pat
terns. With an extensive assortment to select from,
ve expect to pleaso those who may give us a
Booksellers, Stationers and Paper Deale.
Market Street Steubenville, Ohio.
March. 1 15&.
0. & J. SCOTT.
OF 1855.
0 cases of ne at goods now received aud
" opening at the old stand, comprising the
the richest and most fashiouuble selection of
Dress Goods, millinery, straw goods and Trim
mings of the present season. Having been pur
chased at the present greatly depressed price
iu New York aud Philadelphia wc are enabled
to offerour customers greater inducements than
ever. SILKS. Good black silks from G2,! to
1,75. Plain colored black silks from 75 to 1,25
Striped and bar'd do. Satin de-cheue. pure
satin black and white watered mantilla silks Ac
Challis, Persians, tho richest und most beauti
ful clmllis, Persians, all wool delaines, bar'd,
striped, do. giiighuin's, pvinU Ac. Good prints
selling at 6 to 6 cents per yard, fine from JO o
12'.. MUSLINS and SHEETINGS Good yard
wide muslins at Cj cents, heavy sheetings at
8 cents por yard. Bleached muslins, good ar
ticle at CJis fine do 8 to 10. Extra 12 to 15c,
Pillowcase muslin aud linueii sheeting. Checks
tickings aud Uannel's at very low prices. Mil
linnery goods, 50 cartons of NEW BONNET
ribbons in every variety, 40 ps Bonnet Silks
of the most desirable colors. Crapes. Pultons
and Florences. 150 cartons French and Amer
ican FlowciB Bonnet Frames neatest shapes.
Illusion Blonds; silk trimming lace's, crown li
nings. Merchants and Milliners supplied at
Eastern prices. SILK and STRW BON
NETS. 20 caes of the newest shapes and
styles of spring bonnets, good bounds from 25
cents to one dollar, fine do from oue dollar to
$6,00 comprising English straws, swiss braids
Napoletan laces Ac. Silk Bonnets of the latest
French styles and of the lichest qualities from
the lowest, to the finest French bonnets ever
opened in this city. Tiumhinos, The finest
stock of Dross Trimmings of every thing new
and desirable. Embroideries of ihe finest qual
ities Frence collars as low as (i'c and up as
high $5,50 chemists under sleeves, jaciuet and
swiss inscrlings Ac. Lisle Thread, silk and best
quality of kid gloves. Hoiscry of all prices,
some as low as C1 per pr. Removal, on tlm
1st day of April we will remove into our new
building, oue door west of our present store
room, which we are having fitted up in tho
most modern style. The second and third
floors we are having fitted up for our millinery
department, and having secured the services of
au experienced millner fromonuof the most
fashionable millincy establishments iu tho city
i of New York to superintend that department,
when we Will be enabled lo supply our custom
ers with crery thing new aud desirable in that
department. G. & J. SCTT,
March, 29 1855.
1 ) U Y your goods from II. (i.GA lilt ETT,
"dealer In Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, No.
100, 'Id Street, Steubenville, Ohio, where you
will find the larirest, best, and cheapest stock
of Plain, Hldck, Barred, Striped, Watered and
(Jolorod sinks, I ruin 3U cts to one dollar r ud titty
per yard. Lawn, a fine assortment, all colors
aud qualities, from G lo 25 zln per yarr Ba
rage, Beiege de Lains, Plain, Barred and Striped
fn-in 10 to 25 cts per yard. Prints, good Mad
der Colors, Warranted not to fade, from it' 12J.J
cts perjyard. Challis, Tissues, all-wolle De
Linns aud l ersian ';iollis, cheaper lliauo n.
Two Hundred and Fifty Bonnets, embracing
all the newest styles of the Seasoi , from 25 cts
to lour dollars eacb. Ulotlm, (Jasomeres, cra
vats, Irish Linen, Sheeting, Diaper, Pillow
Muslin, Check, Ticking, Tweeds, Jeans, Flan
nel nil colors, Umbrellas, Parasols, etc., etc.
Also, Uoisery, Gloves, llits, Collars, Spencers,
Under Sleeves, Linen Cambric, hdkfs., Monnet,
enp and Velvet Ribbons, Flouncing. Tin end and
Cotton Lace and Edging, and iu a word nil the
Goods usually kept in n Fancy and Stnple Dry
Goods House, can be found here in Greater Va
riety aud ut Less Price than ever lei fore offer
ed. H. G. GARRETT, 3d street.
May 8, 1855.
HO. GARRETT, has just received
and now opening a large and fash
ionable stock of Spring Goods, having been
purchased in the Eastern Cities within the last
8 days nt reduced prices, I am prepared to off
er customers greater bargains than ever. The
Stock consists iu part of Plain Black and Fan
cy Colored Silks and Satins, from 50 cts. to
$1,50 per yard, Striped and Barred Silks, 4c.
Challis Lawns.iBarege, and other Dress Goods,
cheaper than ever before offered in this market.
ap. 5, '55. H. 0. Garrett, No. 100, 3d st.
d 1IEETING and Pillow Caso Muslins
all widths, qualities and prices, Sheeting
Muslin fine Quality, from 8 cts. to,1;,' cts. per.
yd., Bleached Muslin, good article from 6t cts.
to 10 cts. per. yd. Irish Linen, pure linen,,
from 3t cts. to 75 cts. per. yd.
ap. 5th, '55. II. G. Gaurktt, 3d. st.
Ti ON NETS, newest style, Bonnet Satin,.
Silk and Ribbon, iu greal variety, Collars.
Spencers, Uudersloevcs, hoosiery, Gloves, Mitts,
Lace, Edging, silk and linen hau.&c. call ut
H. G. Gaurctt's, 3d. street.
By Rkv. T. II. Stockton.
PJMIIS highly interesting book contains
' 420 pages, neatly executed, with Small
Pica type, on fine paper,12ino. Price--in cloth
1; in sheep, $1,25; in half morocco. $1,50.
A liberal discount given to agents and book
sellers, by A. H. ENGLISH fe CO.,
Jan. 1st 1855. No. 7a Wood st,. Pitts. Pa.
Grist Mill and Grocery Store.
T HAVE in operation at tho "Union
Mill," west end market street a run of stone
for grinding corn, rye, barley, fcc. I am pre
pared to sell corn meal, at wholesale or retail
at the mil), and at my store, where I keep ou
hand family groceries and produce at low pri
ces for cuh or country produce
Steubenville March 15 , loux M Feklt.
AT Fisher & Mc Feely's, market street
Steubenville, if not the largest, tho BEST
assortment of New Boots nnd Shoes yet offered
In the city. The assortment is complole; all ar
ticles of men's wear, from the slipper to the
California boot ladies, a choice stock of tho
substantial, tho fine and the fashionable, all
warranted work, and at Lower Prices Than
Tver ! l or a neat or tasty a substantial boot,
shoe or slipper at prices to suit tho times, if
not ata chespcr figure the place to buy, and
the ouly one where you can get more than the
worth of your money, where tho new and fresh
stock are just opened nt,
On Market, below Third srroet.
P. 8. Please call in a pleasure to exhibit,
and no charge made for showing goods.
pril 17th 1855 ?

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