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From, tbe Parin Journal.
' "Swing Clover 8eed. .
Th,diiou!tiea of saving tho teed are
ijnaginarj,, the process ia aiinptts and easy
After the tlover field boa been cut or gra
let the second growth conio on. When
about two-thirds of the heads bare 'turned
brown, cnt, with a- cradle, throwing the
grass itito double swaths, and cure.' When
cured rake up in the. morning while 'the
dew continue on, into convenient parcels
for loading with a pitch fork, and as soon
as all danger from beating id obviated, get
it under shelter, either iu tlio barn, or pro
tected in the fluid. Bo careful not to put
it away whilo any moisture remains in the
plants, and, on the other hand; don't ban"
die it rudely when verv dry, where you
don't want the seeds to fall, lor in that con
dition the beads shell freely. Having shcl
. tared it you may wait if you choose, till
winter affords leisure fur threshing, or trea
ding out.
Tbe second crop produces more seed than
the firtt, and hcuco the economy of first
cutting, or gruzing the field, though from
that cut for hay, a prudent, oareful bus
landman might easily save enough seed
for his own use. It is believed that, more
need may be saved by mowing when about
two thirds of the beads have turned brown,
than at any other period; cut soonor, too
many of the seeds are uuripc, and if later,
too many scatter out of the heads in crad
ling and handling. If tbe beads break off
and fall through the fingers iu cradling,
cover with cotton or linen cloth: Every
fawner may easily save bis own seed. There
is abundant time for clover to make good
heads, well filled with seed, after the hogs
have been turned upon the rye, or after the
first crop of buy has been taken, and it
would surely be eeouimieal to preserve a
hujull portion of the Hold i'cr saving scud.
Save Your Plums Now.
We begin to thiuk this cau be done
without Mr. Matthews, if not with Lim
Ye were yesterday ou the grounds of one of
eur best horticulturists, aud saw the appli
catiou and have some faith in its success. 1
Our frioud thinks there is no chance for
mistake about its efficacy. He informed
us that heappliedit last year, af'er the cur
eulio had lYgun iis ravage? and that it only
saved iho.-e which were unstung, but many
of the plums ou which the insect bad left
bis card healed up and ripened well. The
liquid entdrs the opened wound and destroys
the egg. This is the only remedy he has
ever fuuud to avail against this slippery en
emy of one of our best fruit. His reocipt
. One peck of unslaekcd lime, Six pounds
of salt, On barrel of water.
The mixture is to bo applied with a
common garden syringe. If one application
ie not Huffiirieiit repeat it. A single appli
cation answered with him last year.
No time i to be lost; us the young plums
are already set, aud the enemy has begun
to show himself. If a syringe is not to be
had sprinkle on the liquid iu some other
way. Tbe mixture is cheap aud easily op
plied, aud every man who has a phim tree
should try it. This is the most pbilisoph
ical remedy we have yet seen suggested,
and we commeud it with more confidence
than uiout new things to the notice of fruit
growers. If it answers our expectation?, it
will be worth millions to the country,
riutus can be grown ou loose, Bandy loams
as well ru clay' soils, to which they have
hitherto been mainly confined, on account
of tli ravage of this insect. Tbe cultiva
tion of this fruit indefinitely extended, and
we may make our own dried plums instead
of importing them from France. Those who
have Mr. Matthew's remedy in keeping
should hurry up their secret, or they will
be too late for the fair. American Ajrl-rulturiit.
Prom the Syracuse American Organ.
Mr. Howell Cobb, of Georgia, has writ
ten a letter on the present state of Nation
al polices, which we find copied with ap
proval in many of the Southern Democrat
ic printi. :
The extension of Slavery ia to be with
them, the real issuo in tha coming political
etmpaign The specific point ou which it
la to turn, will be, as Cobb cays, tbe ad
mission of Kansas as a Slave State into the
"The admission of Kansas is the para
mount question of the day." Tho potation
taken by Georgia in her last Legislature,
is that no man is worthy of political fellow
ship who denies the right of Kansas aud
all other territories to come into the Union
with or without Slavery, as their people
may dctermiue. This is tho doctrine of
the Democratic Party of this State and of
the sound Natioual Democrats of the north.
Upon this basis the National Democrat
ic party will staud iu the coming contest.
Id her ranks there will be lo place for
Free Soilers and Abolitiouists. Tbe man
who denies this doctrine should and will be
deemed unworthy of fellowship in the
Democratic ranks. Presenting as the Na
tional Democracy do, this Catholic platform
to tbe couutry, the question comes home
to every Southern man as to his individual
duty in tbe matter. If, wo desire the ad
mission of Kansas and seek to establish ou
a firm and lasting foundation the great prin
ciple involved iu the question of her admis
sion, why should we not uuite with tbe ouly
party that can and will enable us to effect the
Being in the minority iu Congress, we
ar powerless to carry any measure except
by votes from the North. The policy i
profess affords the only practicable mood
of securing the admission of Kansas as a
Slavo State. If it fails, we would be iu the
same position as if we now abandoned our
friends at the North aud commenced at once
to rely upon our uwn resources. If ou the
contrary we succeed, we shall have carried
our measure, secured our equality and just
rights aud at tho sauietime preserved in
violate that American Union which we
hold '"secondary in importance only to the
rights aud principles it was designed to per
Having stated the question in this ex
plicit and unequivocal way, Mr. Cobb calls
upon tho people of tho South of every par
ty and name te rally to the staudard of the
old Democratic party. lie reminds them
that the patriotic Whigs of Virginia sac
rificed their party prejudices tocoalescoiu
tbe election of Wise, tha'. their success
should encouriigc tbe whole south to place
themselves in a position to defend the south
ern policy, on the question of Slavery, and
rally as a unit on tbe Democratic National
Platform as upheld by the administration
of Gen. Pierce, and as promising most for
the South, most for success in the coming
Presidential campaign . Fusion is here pro
posed with "the Democratic party on the
ground of Southern leaning, no less than
a common opposition to the Ameoiean par
Americanism in New Jersey.
. The Americans of Trenton are sound !
At a receut meeting of one of the Couueils
in that city, resolutions were passed con
demning the action of the National Coun
cil in adopting resolutions favorable to sla
very, denouncing tha repeal of the Mis
iouri Compromise as an infraction of the
plighted faith of the nation, and deniand-
ng its restoration, that settlement of
the tdavery question effectod by .such pat
riots as Clay, Calhoun, Monroe aud Adams,
should be very sacred to the American
people, mid its disturbance by those trait
ors to freedom, Pierce and Douglas, and
their fellow conspirators, be condemned
and dvnouoeed by every true friend of
Freedom. The proportion of tbeAmeri'
can State Council of Pennsylvania to hold
a National Council at Cincinnati iu Janu
ary next, was endorsed, and a resolution
adopted . approving of the action of thoso
delegates from tbe Free States who pro
tested against und opposed tbe adoption of
tho Slavery rcsolutiou iu the Philadelphia
Convention. Wo repeat, tbe Americans
of Trenton are sound, and New Jersey
will bo found on tbe same platform with
tho Amerieaus of the other Free States.
HAVE received their new frpringand
Summer Goods, to which they invite the at
tention of the cily and country trade Being
determined to Mil our goods as low for caBu as
any other house in the ir tie.
Steubenville, May 1st '55.
BONNETS 1 BONNETS ! ! A beautiful
assort menr received this day hy '
DRESS GOODS All the new and varied
styles for sale cheap for cash,
BOOTS AND SHOES A large assort
mpiit nf Hit khiHa fur Ladles. Slices, Child
ren, Men and Boys for sale as low as any other
house iu the city.
HATS AND CAPS A good assortment
just received at . .
B AllU ELS UT1CA LIME in store
DEACHES BO bushel dry Peaches just
A received by '
pounds just received and for sale by
Onn DOZEN BROOMS in store and for
OFFICE Corner Third aud Market Sts.,
Steubenville, O. Jn. 1.
ATTORNEYS' AT LAW, Steubenville
Ohio. Office comer of Ma'ket and Fourth
stivets, second ntory.- Jan. 1, Ifr55.
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Steubenville.
Ohio. Office under Kilgore Hall, Msrket
ireet. Jan. 1,1503.
Bank Exchange.
v SALOON, Wh. Patterson, Proprietor, op
posite Citiaens' Bauk, Third street.Skeubenville,
Ohio. Oyster wholesale aud retail. ... alsa.
1 oysand ftouoim. . Jan. ,1, 155,
'sale by
RtraiT ton Making Rice Bread
Ouu an l a half pounds of rice put in a gal
lon of water aud stirred till it becomes
quite soft, then mix it while warm wiih
14 pounds of flour, and at the same time
add a tcaspouiiful of salt and tbe usual
quantity of yeast. Let it eland to rise,
then make it into loaves and bake it iu
the usual way. We have found the above
quantity of Hour and rice to make us twenty-eight
pounds of excellent bread, and in
dependent of the great saving, we like it
letter than bread baked in the usual way.
To Mark Yeast. Take one handful
of hops, one apple, one potato sliced, boil
ed two quarts of water; while hot, strain
off and stir in wheat flour until it is thick
us paste coarso flour is the best. Grate
one largo apple, one large potato, place
them iu a gallon jar, pour in the battor,
when sufficiently cool, add n littlo yeast;
in twelve hours it will be fit for use
Ohio Cultivator.
Limk will Dkbthoy SoKREL. Ed
mund Ritfiii), gives in the last number of
the Southern Planter, tbe ixperLuce of
thirty-four farmers, ou the subject of lime,
as a remedy against sorrel. Their experi
ence is from nine to thirty-six years, and
their unanimous opinion is, that marling
or liming, iu proper manner und quantity,
will entirely destroy the growth of sorrel,
and prevent itrf return.
Inconsistant lovers are like the look
ing gla'3 which receive nil images and
prtsrve? n ne.
The Way "Sam" works in Vermont.
In the Green Mountain St.te, meu true
to American Ptiuciples true bs steel to
whateverjeausc they espouse arc to be found.
There they take pride iu practically carry
ing out what they profess. To show how
they do their work in these degenerate days,
we extract the following from the Middle
bury Register; and commend it to general
The Windham County Council of the
American party met in convention at New
fane, on Friday of last week. The council
was fully attended, and tho proceedings en
tirely harmonious. A' committee upon
resolutions was appointed, who made the
following report, which was unanimously
1. Resolve1, That it ia the pi imary ob
ject of our enterprise to procuro such a
modification of our naturalization laws us
will limit the elective franchise to native
born citixens and such foreigners as have,
by long resilience, divested themselves of
all foreign allegiauco, either political or re
ligious, and become fully Americanized
2. Riwh'fd, That while wo contend for
the exercise of our Native American influ
ence in political matters, we would cheer
fully leave the free exercise of their relig
ious views open and sacred to all.
3. Resolved, That wo do not war with
slavery in the slave States, but wo will use
all lawful and constitutional means to pre
vent its introduction into New States or
Territories. '
4. Jte.ofved, That we approve of the
Platform of the State Council lately held J
at Burlington.
Tbe convention then proceeded to ballot
for candidates for the different county offi
cers, and made tho followiug nominations:
Fon Senators-Asa Keys, Brattleboro;
Horace Fletcher, Townshend; S. P. Flagg;
Foa Assistant Judof.s Geo. Fisher,
Fewfanc; Joseph Twitchell, Townshend.
State's ATTon.NEV J. N. Baxter,
High Sheriff "Walter Taylor, Rock
ingham. Ilion Bailiff David 0. Gale, Londonderry
J i'dge of Probate, Westminister
District Abishai Stoddard, Towushend
Judge of J'wbule, Mjib'ro District
George Howe, Brattleboro.
Yutml, That the resolutions and nomina
tions bo sigued by the President and Sec
retary, ami a request made to the newspa
pers in Windham county to publish, the
1 tvt CI ITT TXT ' 1- .
Hanging and Quartering Democrats.
Such is the threat of the old Hunker
Democratic ("Journals which are constant
ly denouncing the K. N.' for their waut
of liberality.
A lato number of the Richmond Exam
iner commences an article iu this wise:
"Know Nothing Democrats We are rc
queutly solicited to hutij and quarter the
unoitunate Democrats found lurking iu
the culverts where they were broken open
at tho lato election, and their contents cx
posed to tbe gaze the public. They ap
pear to be regarded as unhappy prisoners
of war, to whom all of thejritntye and
riqlds of 'captives shouldle denied.
Such Is the right in which old Hunker
ism regard all who have had the manhood
to leave its embrace aud to take position
in the American ranks.
All priviltyns and rights are denied you
old Democrats and your eolaborers iu
Democracy are determined to "hang und
Sec to it, that they have no opportunity
in Ohio, of putting their benevolent inten
tions into practice.
A Hit at Somebody. The New York
Sun snys "we have heard of ladies who
will pay sixteen or eighteen dollars for a
uew bat in Broadway, and yet cut down to
the lowest possible figure the price of work
which they give out to poor seamstresses.
They will pay five dollars without a scru
ple for the mulang of a plain dress in a
fashionable Broadway establishment, where
girls sew ten or eleven hours a day for
three dollars and a half a week ; and u
they are afterwards obliged to employ an
unpretending dressmaker to alter it they
"rumble at paying her a fair remuneration
for her services. Fashion is a heartless
thing, the fruitiul source of folly, extrav
agance and dishonesty."
Poi'I'Lation of Texas A letter from
Texas to the Journal of Commerce, says :
"Our population is now estimated at up
wards of six hundred thousand, and it will
doubtless reach a williou before 1860.
Five religious deuominatious are uow rep
resented in Texas iu the department of re
ligious newspapers. We bavo two tem
perance and one ogrieultural periodical.
Tbe various religious denominations and
benevolent associations arc all succeeding
Dry Qoods at Reduced Prices.
ALEXANDER CONN invites tbe at
tention of hU numerous customers and the
public generally, lo the fact, Hint he is now di
posing of the balance of his large and attmc
ttve stock of Winter Dry Goods at gr-t reduc
lions from former rices. The assortment, com
prises in part, French Merinoes different shade
and quelities, Cnburgs, Parnmetlas, Thibet We
rinoes, IYrsian Twills. Wool Delaines, figured
and pluin Cashmeres, Bomhazoies, black Dress
SMk. nlain. bnrredand figured fancy, plaid and
figured do., Ginghams, Prints, elc.etc. Also,
a lull ana compieie ussoriiiieiiioi jiiuuiuiuniM,
White Goods, Itibbous, Gloves and Hosiery
TriintniHP. Notions, etc.. Shawls , in great
variety Hud ut very low prices, consisting of
fine Broche, Thibet, Cashmere and the Bay State
LongJhawls. Also, our usual excellent atocK
of Houwkeeping Goods, comprising nearly eve
rv 1 1 1 i 1 1 ir in the L)rv Goods line, needed in fam
Hies. Call and examine before purchasing else
South west corner Fourth and Market sis,
Sleubenvillc, Jan. 1, 1855.
J, & 0. O'NEAL,
(Successors to Alexander Doyle,)
TliSSIOiN MERCHANTS 4 Steamboat Agen
Ware house corner of Market and Water Directs
Wharf boat at Market street Landing
lamiarj 1, lbia., .
ATTO'ltMiiS AT L.W, Steubenville,
Ohio. Office on Third sireet, between
Market and W ashingum. Jan. 1, 5a.
O. it. TBATCh"eU. . B. KHUUN.
Thatcher & Kerlin, '
second door below Market, Sleubenvillo
Ohio, keep constantly lor sale aud make up lo
order, Cloths, Cassiuieres, aud Veslings. Also,
Suspenders, Gloves, bin lis, Uravute, Hosiery,
and Furnishing Goods generally. lD"Ordera
lespeaiuny soiicueu. Jan. i, aa.
Transportation Office, S. & I. R. R. )
' Steubenville, April 10th 1855. J
4 FHKlGIiT TRAIN is now running
to Newark, leaving Steubenville daily,
(Sundays excepted.) at 5 o'clohk a. m. .
Shipments to all stations, except Unionpnrt,
Cadii.Falrview and New Market, Unchsville,
Port Washington, Nw Comerslown, Lafayette,
Cesliocton, Adams' Mills, Dresden and Newark
must be ore paid. , i, t
Shippers will please concludetheir shipments
and receive their consignmeuts previous to 6
o clock eaca evening.
ap 17, 1855. , General Freight Agent.
cinatKS r. Tnncnsit. .. kobkbt a. woDOior
street between Thlrdand Fourth, up dirt; four
doors below Union hotel Philadelphia.
January 1, looft.
Merchant Tailors.
IT AVE now received, direct from Plul-
adelnhia. their Sprinir and Summer stock of
Loi(H, consisting in part oi cioius, an mihul-s,
price nnd quality, Drau Ue fctie ana Italian
oths for summer wear, cassiiuers, plain , Hack
and fancy, a full complete, and beauiilul ass.
ordmeiil of linen Pantullooiwiy, Vesting, Sal.
lut plain, fancy and figured bilks, aii extensive
assortment of plain white figured and fancy
marsuilles. uosiery, bilk, Lisle tmeaa anucoi
ton., nlain fanev and figured cotton. Glove?
nam and colored Kifl, sua x.isie uircau unu
Under Shirts and drawers, Silk, Lisle thread
Gauze Flannel). Linen, and cotton, cravats
Satin, nlain and figured silks, scarfs, Dh join
ville Scarfs, plain and fijMircd silk, plain and
figured linen hdkfs, shirts, stand.ii'' and
Bvron collars, suspenders, etc , a full nnd gen
cral assortment of Gents furnishing Goud.i, to
which we would most respectfully invite the at
tend in of purchasers railing this way, loex.im
ine our large ana well selected siocs, anu judge
for themselves, alt of which tor the "one need
ful," the grand cash, w hope to be able to sell
cheaper than ever belore ottered iu wis marcel,
Wesley Starr & Sons,
JL MISSION' Mh'RCH AN I S. Ni 4 I.iirbt. Sl.
Wharf, baluuioie, ailtnd to the sales of to
bacco and all kind . Western Produce, Pro-
vision, lie., tc Jan. 1,
John a. binouam. w. a. iloip
A TTOKN iu 1 IS A I LA . Ulhco at tbe
corner of Third aud Maiket streets, oppo
bile llix Court liousu, Steubenville, Ohio.
January 1, leoo.
11ARBER aud fashionable hair dresser.
Razors act, and all kinds of Surgical in
strumentH put iu good order. Kooui under
the Mechanics Saving fund, Market at. near
Ike Washington ball, between Jd. and ttn.si.
april 5th, 1P55. -
U. S. Shaving and Hair Dressing
... Emporinm.
T EWIS STEVENS would respectfully
inform his friends and the public that he
has taken a room adioininirtlie U.S. house
where he is ready at all times to wail on nis
patrons in his line, in the most polite manner,
end would be pleased to receive a liberal share
of patronage,
april 21th 1855.
TTB are now receiving one of the lar-J
- get.1 and best selected Stocks of
AND '' ' ' .' V
I! a : . I
ever bofore ottered. Our Stoi'k U all uew thi
Spring abd comprise tfcilaltsVand bestatylea.
Iteoniiataio part of, -- t , -
of new a'nd beautiful designs.' : ' e t
I and ''.:' f
Chamber Paper.sZ
in every nlety of style and quality.-. ; y
Transparent Window Shades, Figured
and Plain, with fntnans Patent Fix
tures; Plain, Green, and Blue, and
and Fireboard Screcni, in great variety of pat- .
With an extensive assortment to select from. .
and - ,
we expect to please those who may give ut
Booksellers, Stationers and Paper Dealet..
Market Street Steubenville, Ohio.
March. 1 1855.
ATTORNEY AT LaVV, Steubenville,
"Ohio. .Refers :o Hon. WiUou Shaiiuon,
J. E. SLACK & CO..
PAPER DEALERS, Market street, above
Fourth, south side, Steubenville, Ohio, keep
constantly on hand nnd for sale, a large and
well selected stock of Miscellaneous and School
BOOKS; Plain and Fancy STATIONERY;
Writing and Wrapping PAPERS, BLANK
BOOKS, etc., etc.; ell of which they will bell
on the most favorable terms at, wholesale or
Country merchants and other dealers will be
supplied at very low wholesale prices.
J . R. S. & Co. are prepared to furnish the
best American Magazines, as early as they can
be received by mini, ihey also Keep on nauu
a choice supply ot bUKET tisio, jan.i, oa.
Hon. Win. Keiinon, ai.( Hon. Benj S. Cowan, WASHINGTON HALL Building, room
aud Hon. T. L. Jewett. Office on Maikei al. VI formnrly occupied by J. & D. Scott, Market
below Third street. ..""jjjj.5.?:. St., Steubenville, ohio.
J.lUS fiUANk. JAMliS M.
J & J. JUL. oaANE.
4 TTORNEY'S aud Couusellors at Law;
i- will nninintlv attend to all business en
trusted to them. Office, Kilgore buildings,
Market Street, Slcubeuville Ohio.
January 1, IbaD.
Justotiened the largest, best and cheapest
Stock of Boots, Shoes, Trunks, Carpet-Bags,
etc., ever offered In this market. The subscriber
is determined to do business on the tash ays
tern and offers great inducements to Cash Buy
er, and will make it the interest of all tu pat
ronize the City Boot and Shoo Store.
iiny.Jst. u. auiii.
I. u. miller. R- sherbabu; la W li nl A-nTfl Tlnio- Wnnsfl '
mtttthd x. eTrFBT? aut wnoieaie urug nouse.
4 TTOKN El'S AND COUNSELLORS TDE, sucl;bc(rs, biVC. gQf arg-C
A Vi u w nffien Market street onnuite and Well selected stock of Drugs, Cllenu-
Wasln in Sa.l SbJKfi OhtlCS i'Wfttf.W
es. l aiClll nieoiciliux, I l'lliilllry, ourKieui lu-
atteuiioii w wuwuiig nu..u8 vi ...- K.rlllm,llU.Da!?uerreolvUeslock. Glassware. etc.,
AgeuU or ub Uiiuug tension, aim uouoty , . , ff , .h uholesaie
Lauds. Land Warrants bonght and sold. ,'.:, n.W will n-1 ii to th.-ir interest
i IUf! v .w.w... - -
.lauu.iry j , jowj. , ..vninino our stock and prices, as we are de
termined tn sell as low as my house in the
A. H. DOHRMAN & Co.,
170RWARDLNU & CoinuiiHSSOU Mcr- Vrest. Orders promptly executed. aud personal
chants for the sale MPOWUMarket street two doo-
Lard. Butter, VVool. Seeds D. ed t ruiU, Salt, Branch Bank.
Aai s.w iuUow Ulasa, iuercnaiiaize anu rroaucc - iivvivn j. mrr vtv
in geueral, Steubenville, Ohio,
Frozier t Drcniien, Steubenville, 0.
H. U. Collins, Pituburgh, Peitii.
Wm HoIiium & Co., do.
Hozea Frazier. Cincinnati, jan. 11
Steubenville. Jan. 1. 1855.
"PISIIFR & M'FEELY bave just re
ccived, and are now opening a prime lot of
Boots and Shoes of every variety, to which
they invite the attention of their friends und
the public in general, uavmg purcnasca lor
SiGur,Mi Case. It is thought that
the engine which exploded on the Vermont
Central road, throwing the cars off the
track, and causing the death of three em
ployees, was sti-uck by lightuing. The
train was going at full speed, on a high
embankment, through a swamp. "Jersey
li"htuin2' is ofteucr tho cause of these dis
asters, than the natural clement which
comes with the storm cloud. Such a cas
ualty from lightning, may not be impossi
ble, but that it was the effect of careless
ness as or inattention to duty from some
cause is more likely.
ta5Tha Philadelphia Enquirer says :
Some of the largest hotels in New York
have contracted for supplies of potatoes for
tho coming fall and winter at one dollar
aud fifty ccuts a barrel which is less than
the cost of a bushel last spring. Wc con
gratulate the consumers on the prospect of
cheap bread &c, soon, und producers on
the proepeet of such abundant crops that
eveu low prices will give them a liberal re'
turu for their toil.
Irviner' 8 Life of General Wahington
'I'UllS work will be published iu Three
Volumes, oclavo, of about 500 pajres each,
handhomoly printed on hue paper, in large pica
type, with 1'ortraits aud J'laces anu ncany
bound in cloth : it will equal iu all respects in
style of binding, typography, etc., etc., either
Prescotts' or Biuncrol't's works.
The first volume will be ready for delivery la
about ten days, the second in August, aud the
third in November, it will be sold exclusively
bv acents. Price $2 per volume.
Considering the reputation of the author and
the nature of the subject, it is couhdcntly ex
pected that this work will meet with a heaity
welcome fioin all clashes of the community.
Havini: received the agency fur the counties
of J efforsun and Harrison, for ,he sale of the
above work, we are now prepared to receive the
names of thoso wishing to subscribe, all orders
by .mail promptly attended to.
"Specimens of the printing, biudary, etc., etc.,
can be seen al our Bookstore.
Juno 6. 3mo Market St., Steubenville, 0.
I 0. 0. F.
ft A P moritJ ounru Da.tiunl nnl f..nvttt
j , v iiiiw v i j aw, unu miiis iuuiiii ,
Fridays, Bt G) o'rhek, p. in , in Jefferson
Lodge rooms, on Third Sireet, over Garrett's
Storo, D. B. Burchard, U. P., Geo. B. Means,
S. Y, Juhn Waggoner, Scribe.
Jefferson Lodge No. 6, I. O O. F., meets
every Tuesday u' 6 1 2 o'clock, p. ni , iu their
hall on Third street, over Garrell s store. Geo.
B. Means N.G.. J. L. Ilolton, V. G., Jas. O'
Neal, jr., Secretary.
Good Will Lodge No. 143, 1. 0. 0. F., meets
every Thursday at. 61-2 o'clock, p. m , in their
Hall on Fourth street, over Beatty & Stcelman's
Store. A. 0. Worthington, N. G., D. Filson,
V. G T. U. Robertson Secretary.
Feb. 8. 1E55.
Sevastopol Not Taken!
IEIST, Market street, has in store an
excellent assortment of CONFECTIONE
RIES, tc purchased expressly for this market
Raisins by the pound or box; Crackers, choice
brands; Currants; Uaudies; Uates: l'runes; l.etn
ons; Figs; Citron; Gum Drops; Know Nothings;
Jenny Lmd Drops; Lakes ot all kinds; 3 uts ol
all kinds; fruits; r iro racKers. i orpeuoes, rc
Parties furnished with Pound, Fruit, Lady Cake
and Ice Crruin.
Great inducements ottered to Country nierch
ants and othurs, who wUb lo purchase by the
quantity, -or bargains in Couteciniueries.cal
at .nioio,
Jan. 1, '55. Market St., Steubenville.
COUTH b'OUR'ill ST., yTEUBEN- cash w w,n becnabluJtouffur greatcr 1 e'
1 . . . ' . ,,.,. mcuts than ever.
7 VlLLE.Uh.o-All K.nas o Mamie wow Lrf. . , . Gaiters from 1.35 eenta up
Lime, Plaster Paris, aud Ihe besf quality of
Griud Stones. L. BORLAND.
Sleuueurille, Jan. 1, 1855.
PUBLIC. Warreiitou, Ohio, will carefully
attend to all business entrusted to him iu the March, 1
counties of Jefferson, Harrison and Belmont, iu Sketches, bt
the Stale of Ohio; and Brooio and Ohio coun
ties, Va. Office opposite we caiern xioiei.
January 1, 1855.
Dr. Louis Eells.
wards. Childreiis' Shoes, from 25 cent ups
wards. Trunks, Carpet Bags, etc., atlow pri
ces. Call then on FISER it Mi FEELT,
liar. 2! 1&55. On market elt. sbnw Third
''pIIE American Monthly Magazine for
- Mni'Mi n,.vnt,.H tn I.itpi-Btiirc. KinrrrunhV.
"!- r- o -j
one. Travels, Adventures, Arts,
Sciences, General Intelligence, itc. Together
with a variety of editorials; correspondence, mis
cellany, the whole making, when bound in a
volume, as large a collection ol good reading
matter ascan be found in any Magazine in the
1 he present uumiier contains a lite-
G. & J SCOTT. ' '
OF 1855.
60 eases of neiv goods, now received and
opening at the old stand, comprising the
the. richest and most fashionable selection of
Dresa Goods, millinery, straw goods and Trim
mings of ihe present season. Having been pur
eliBBed at the present greatly depressed rices
iu New York and Philadelphia we are enabled
to offefour customers greater inducements than
ever. SILKS. Gc d black silks from G2 to '
1,75. Pluin colored black silks from 75 tu 1 ,25
Striped and bar'd do. Satin de-cheue. pure
satin black and white watered mantilla silks tx
Challis, Persians, the richest and most beauti
ful chnllis. Persians, all wool delaines, bar'd,
striped, do. gingham's, prints &c. Good prima
selling at 6 to o cents pel yurd. fine from 10 o
12,'vJ. MUSLINS aud SHEETINGS Good yard
wide muslins at 6l cents, heavy sheetings at
8 cents por yard. Bleached muslins, good ar
ticle at 6 fine do 8 to 10. Extra l2J to 15c,
Pillowcase muslin nnd liniien sheeting. Checks
lickings and flannel's at very low prices. Mil
liimery goods, 50 cartons of NEW BONNET
ribbons in every variety, 40 ps Bonnet Silks .
of the most desirable colors. Crapes, Pultons
and Florences. . 150 cartons French and Amer
ican Floweis Bonnet Frames neatest shapes.
Illusion Blonds; silk trimming lace's, crown li
nings. Merchants aud Milliners supplied at
Eastern prices. SILK and STRiW BON
NETS.' 20 cases of the newest shapes and
styles of spring bonnets, gone, bonnets from 25 -cents
to one dollar, fine Jo from one dollar to -$6.00
comprising English straws, swiss braids .
Napoletan laces AC. Silk Bonn eta of the latest
f reuch styles andoi me ncnesi quuiioes irom
the lowest, to the finest French bonnets ever
opened in this cily. TBlMjirsos, The finest ,
stock of Dress Trimmings of every thing new
and desirable. Embroideries of ihe finest qual
ities Frenre collars as low as GJc and upas
high $5,50 chemists undiT sleeves, tacinet and
swiss insertings Ac. Lisle Thread, silk aad best
quality of kid gloves. Iloiscry of all prices,..
some as low as 6 per pr. Removal, on the
1st day of April we will remove into our lie"
building, one door west of our present 6tortP
room, which we are having fitted up in the
most modem style. The second aud third
floors we are havinir fitted up for our millinery
department, ami having secured the services of
... .1 e f .1 .
ail t'Xiierieueeu iiiuiuur ii.un mm ui me iiiub,
fashionable niilline'y establishments in the city
of New York lo superintend thai department,
when we will be enabled to supply our custom
ers with every thing new and desirable in that
department. G. it J. SCTT.
March. 29 1855.
vi a VTVfi nni,,.lmli!ii tn n'liKiin in Stcu- country,
beuville, will continue the practice of like portrait of General Sam Houston, together
liu uii'K null 11,111 O.CI II. .t.uu ivi .....
in advance. Single copies 25 ceuts. A liber
al discount made to agents.
AUhJiTS. Good, smart, industrious agents
wanted iu every town and city in the United
Stntpu OttWiil'ilm Mnpuzitie. 5 and GScollav's
mcil iVii.i. mill surift'l v as helctofore.
Office Market Street, opposite Washington
JIksidknce 6th Street, North of Washington.
A Hit. At tho late Columbus Rcpub
lican Convention, Mr. Loiter, of Stark Co.
said : 'The plutfurni adopted was one which
all could stand upon. The old liue De
mocracy formed their platform, but they
killed every man who got upon it. They
ought to stick up a card over their plat
form similar to that ou railroad cars, 1'as
scugei'5 arc requested not to staud on the
Dr. John ILCook.
OFFICE ou the second floor in front of
the Union Office, 3d street Steubeuville,
and opposite the Citizens' Bank.
Office hours Horn O a. in. uniu a.m., ana
from 1 d. m. until b d. m. At all other hours,
unless necessarily absent, he may be found by
those requiring his professional services at his
residence on Hh street, mree uoors souui oi me
Catholic Chapel and opposite the North Public
l l I - nr.. 1 nA
wnnol nouso mnu ........
States Office of the Magazine, 5 and GScollay's
Building, Tremont, Row.
Send in your orders as soon as possible.
Boston J. Fedcrheu & co., Fetridge & co.,
aud Win. V. Spencer.
Pew York Ross & Jones.
Bhiladelphia J. . Roberts A co.
altiuiore Wm. S. Crowly, & co.
The Green Mountain Rotary.
A COOKING STOVE designed for far-tnni-d
ami lintel tremors, bnrnincp wood and
OFFICE at his residence, on Fourth, be- coai( at,d guarantied to give satisfaction to pur
tween Market and Washington streets, chasers. Also etna aib tiuuts large ovkn and
Jan. 1, '55. ihe Star of the West. Th e store are far ahead
wniAmuTi . nn ot anv vei introuucea cor DaKim; ana roasunK
n , vv .- o n ,; nint ia respect to saving fuel and for durability are
BoohdUrs, Stationer,, Paper DtaUn, Blank Me Manufactured by A. Bradley,
Book Manufacturers and Book Binders. pburgh. The subscriber keeps constantly
riLALERS at Wholesale and Retail, iu nn vnil a a inrM 0f all kinds of tin
-'School, Classical, Medical, Theological, Sheet-Iron and Brass Ware. Persons in waut
Miscellaneous, and Blank Books, Ruled and 0f anything in his lino will save money by giv.
Plain Uap, rosi ana note rape, mining aou ,g nim R caii, spouting roonug and an Kinu;
Merchants and others desiring to purchase, pewtcr. Store South 4th street nearly opposin
will do well to can ana examine our siwit. me Norton Uouso. J . ii. MlNuaai
The highest market price paid for Rags. april 24th 1855.
Nerth'side of akct, above Fourth street,
Stcubeiivillo. Ohio. lan. 1, aa,
BUY your Roodsfrom II. O.OARRETT,
dealer in Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, No.
100,3d Street, Steubenville, Ohio, where you
will find I he largest, best, and cheapest slock
of Plain, Black, Barred, Striped. Watered aud
Colored Silks, from 50 cts to one dollar rnd fifty
uer vard. Lawn, a fine nssorlineut, all culms-
and qualities, from 6Ulo '25 .is per van Ba
rage, Beiege do Laius, Plain, Barred indiriped '
fivm 10 to 25 cts per yard. Prints, good Mad
der Colors, Warranted not to fade, from i t 121
cts perjyard. Challis, Tissues, all-wolle Da
Luins and 1'ersiuu 'Jlotlis, ciieaper tuaiio n.
Two Hundred and Fifty Bonnets, embracing
all the newest styles of the Seasoi , from 25 cts
to lour dollars each. Ulutiis, i;asnneres, ura
vals, Irish Linen, Sheeting, Diaper, Pillow
Muslin, Check, Ticking, Tweeds, Jeans, Flan
nel all colors, Umbrellas, Parasols, etc., etc.
Also, Hoisery, Gloves, Mits, Collars, Spencers,
Under Sleeves, Linen Cambric, hdkfs., Rouuct,.
cap and Velvet Ribbons, 1 louncmg. 1 hiead and
Cotton Lace and Edging, and in a word all the
ooods usually kept in a Fancy aud Staple Dry
oouds House, can be found here in areater Va
riety aud at Less Prico than ever beifore offer
ed. H. G. GARRETT, 3d street.
May 8, 1855.
Boots! Boots!! Boots!!!
Misses GEORGE & SCOTT have en-
tered into copartnership in tho above business,
in New Alexandria, and beg leave to announce
to the citizens and community that they are
House Painting, Glazing, &e
PERRY COYLE would notify the pub
lie that Iih is still ready to wail on his pa
trons in the business of House Painting, Glaz
ing, Paper Uauging and Graining. Siu Paint
ing doue by journeymen. Shop on Market st.
south side, opposite Kllgore's uew Hall.
Steuben villi', Jan. 1, 1S55.
samo. -,. A. . ovv aia, rrcsiucni.
' JgrXight dreams are the many colored
mental patch-work uiado from the fhnvp
'clipping of our day thought,.
TllE cdiUr of the Louisville Democrat
buecrs at the Know Nothings fur ackuuwl
tJiog in their platform that men are de
pendent upon God. The Journal replies
that tho Democrat' a very particular friends,
the "Turtyrs," who mako up much of the
strength of the Locofoco party, deny that
there is any God to depend upon. f
! , -
S& Nothing like water for an hoticrt
Corner of Market aud Ohio aid ; (For
merly occupied by John S. Lacey, Esq.,)
Wm. Milloan, Prop'r Cadiz, o.
!DThe above named houso has been thor
oughly Hilled mid repaired, and every atten
tion will be paid to supply the wants of the
traveling community. J liesiaiiling is largoauu
extensive. A liberel share of patronage is re
spectfully solicited. WM. MILLlGAN.
Gadit P., march 21st 55 -if
rpHE subscribers have on hand, aud in---
tend keening on baud a Rood supply ot
corn, Oats and Mill feed. Also a good supply
of Groceries, generally kept in grocery estab
lishments, South, west corner of Fourth Hid
Adams street, Steubenville Ohio.
Jan. 1, 155. ME1KLE AND STARK.
Ho 1 i ,i ,i Su r,,..Tinfiptiirinif prepared to give general satisfaction to all who
AS on land, and g mauufacturing y b bu.g.nes
... G"t8 Fr?m"h Calf. S'.llched R.' d KvWd b Mimu C.mak Scorr.
Kin and coarse Boots and Shoes. Also, Ladies
Misses and Childreiis Gaiters, Kid, Morocco
;ir ItiYnU. Buskins and Slippers : and
keeps in store a large stock ef Eastern work of
the latest style, all of which he will sell low
for Cash, at his fashionable Boot and Shoe store
Market Street, Steubenville, Ulnu,
Feb. 1, c55-3ruon.
Lightning Roda.
WIIE undersigned would respectfully in
form the public that he is prepared to put
tin LiirhlniiiL' Rods, furnished with Franklin
Tips, tiiuuiiiactured at the city of Philadelphia
Orders from a distance will be prom lly attend
ed to. All work warranted. K. B. SM11H.
Mt. I'ltasaiit Jefferson co., ohi
May 156 mo. pd.
Ii W. EARL. Protnietor, coruer Mar-
B ket and Hii-h streets, near the River, 8teu.
i -'.v. iilf, Ohio. Jan. 1. a.
Missks George & Scott.
New Alexandria, Ohio. April S, '55
HARPER'S Statisticai Gazette of the
V-vf 1 A nnrtifttilnrl Aacr Vln rt (Via TTnifAil
Slates. Canada, New Brunswick aud Nova Sco-
lia, illustrated by ikvem maps. 1 vol. Royal
...I iflEA - ..II .1 t ..J
zz r a 3 o'L... oi.... I uumvu. ju I'aUVB, mil Duirrif. xvcceivcu anu
Xiew Jiooi ana ouuo oioic. forftihtf kt'Dmu Am.
EA. TONNER has on baud the lnrg- Bookiwillers and Stationers Steubeuville ohio
si nnd bust assortment of Boots, Shoes, March 29 1855.
Hats and Caps that have ever been offered ml ' AURORA
re.5 a clh b; 1, caV-and 'l,U sell A ?W Kl , S'f 0VE' "7fcfa
y . i -i '. I . -. 1 I Hufiiirn nun nrinnlili. Inr Iniriiiiiir final lifla
who esalo anu retail cneaper inau bhv uiuerea w.b.. r.. .-. ......B .,.....
tablishment in the city. All who wish to pur- an extra large oven, a goa arait, ana easily
.. . .1 . II J Ul..
HG. GARRETT, has just received
and now opening a large and fash
ionable stock of Spring ooods, having been
purchased in the Eastern Cities within the last
8 days at reduced prices, I am prepared to off
er customers greater bargains than ever, Th
Slock consists in part of Plain Black aud Fan
cy Colored Silks and Satins, from 50 cts. lo
$1,50 per yard, Striped and Barred Silks, Ac.
Challis LawnsBarege, and other Dress ooods,.
cheaper than ever before offered in this market.
ap. 5, '55. H. G. Garrett, No. 100, 3d st.
C HEETING and Pillow Case Muslins
all widths, qualities and prices, Sheeting
Muslin fine quality, from 8 cts. to 12) j cts. per.
yd., Bleached Muslin, good article from eta.
: .ft . i i "r I T: T.
to iu cts. per. yu. jrisu xiueu, pure linen,
from 31 cts. to 75 cts. per. yd.
ap. 5th. '55. 11. G. Gakbett, 3d. at.
1) ON NETS, newest style, Bonnet Sat,
Silk and Ribbon, in great, variety, Collars,
Spencers, Uudersleeves, hoosiery, oloves, Mitts,,
Lace, Edging, ailk and linen ban. 4c. call at
B. G. GAuawr's, 3d. street.
. I i.l.iunil. rnni,Mll..llitl Rllnll flu tn mMt. rhA prnn
chase, will please can anne uow muu ou . .. rr--
Ki,. .,r E A. TONNER. tations of all, and guaranteed to give latisfac
M arkel street, between Fifth aud Sixth. Hon to the purchaser. W ill you call and see it?
Steubonvllle, Jan. 1, 1855. ? Extra Coal Cook Slovea.
, n " " 2 Hartley do.
3 " 4 Air TiL-ht Wood do.
,i 2 " 4 Premium do. do.
" 1 " 2 Cook or Bachelor Stovef
Egg, Parlor and Chamber Stoves of beautifi
. a , . . I .If J . 1 I '. la.
A lame ana 8P"-' 1 stock e d'nn, Fancy Grates, Fenders, etc., etc., all
dies' Department also, a very heavy stock e ,u.nu:n vn,.An w.,.v
OnniU for men and bovs wear', in our Cloth aud
Clothing room, which will be sold at lu prices
o su it the limes. , ,
N. B. 5000 yds. Carpeting of every grale
and pattern, which we cau dispose of at prices
lo suil everybody.
Store Rooms Corner 3d. and Market street
opposite Public Building.
pril,5-3mn. DOUGHERTY & BRO
Bv Adams ExDsess.
HIS day, Ladies' Straw and Silk Bon-
Beta and misses' flats, and bonnet ribbons.f
a good assortment for sale low at the atoreo
June 13. J. ALLEN
IEA 5 cheHts superfine Green and Black
Tea just received by w
reduced prices, at theOhio Foundry Wareroomt,
Market street. SHABP CRAIG.
Steubenville, Jan. 1, 1855.
Sky Light Dguerrotype Room.
GW. WISER, respeotfully announces
tt ta tttiVtlin that htaa roAunllv tnfift
ed and refurnished the rooms, corner Fifth
nnd Market streets, in a stj le inferior to none.
He haspered no pains or expense to make his
rooms pleasant, where one and all may take
pleasure in visiting, and where all who wnh
may be supplied with Dauuerreotvnes of. the
flu est lone, true to the life, at vety reasonable
rates, ana win lane great pains to please all
who may favor him with their patronaire.
ILTRoorus corner of Filth and Market itrectii
ttumeaiaieiy over uaisted'a Sliotj Store
Steubeuville, Jan, 1, IPS..
By. Rev. T. H. Stockton.
fpHIS highly interesting book contains
420 paces, neatly executed, with Small
Pica type, ou fine paper, 12mo. Price iu clotk
1 i in sheep, $1 ,25 ; in half morocco. $1,50.
A liberal discount given tn agents and book
sellers, by A. H. ENGLISH fc CO.,
Jan. 1st 1B55. Ho. 78 Wood st ruts. ra.
Grist Mill and Grocery Store.
T HAVE in operutiou at the "Union
Mill)" west end market street a run of stone
for grinding corn, rye, barley, Ac. I am pre
pared to sell corn tueal, at wholesale or retail
at the mill, and at my store, where I keep on
hand family groceries and produce at low pri
ces for cash or country produce
Steubenville March la Iohn M Fkklt
A T Fisher & Me Fcely's, market street
Steubenville, if not the largest, the BEST
assortment of New Boots aud Shoes yet offered!
in the city. Thelissortruent is complete; all ar
ticles of men'i wear, from the slipper to the
California boot ladies, a choice stock of tbe
substantial, thefiue and the fashionable, all
warranted work, and at Lower Prices Than
Ever I For a neat or tasty a substantial boot,
shoe or slipper at prices to suit the times, if
not ata cheaper figure the place to buy, and
the only one where you can get more than th
wOrih of your money, whero the new and fresh,
stock are just opened at,
, f)n Market, below Third street.
P. S. Flease, call in a pleasure to exhibit,
and no charge mad fur allowing good.
- april 17iU IF5V

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