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True American. (Steubenville, [Ohio]) 1855-1861, September 19, 1855, Image 1

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:v.M-k.i'l.rl7iiJ-.v K-iV UVtt 1.4 :-i'iL. "Js-rrr it'e'V : W-l :;: ,i' XT''? TX-a '?Vi:i T, i:A'.tvr7'l-: -v.'.S'-"i,ls?T-l l-',
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(,,v .... sr:i-rr,
;;, ; . coRm:,aAEKET"Ain) 4m office ; a :---:A'-:y, ls-;vH-H-
8 T ,D 0 If ;t.H B P
;;. v BY 'viRO'raU; : T0N8NI)'.ji'
' Xun t H ofi an J I lived 'tilope . in ; bur
S "'ittle pottagCiV;It'Vwa8,: the', quaintest V bid
''5 Kouue, 'with Kreen blinds and ;lr'ray cables,
the' wild tine toiling up it,s. sides, with the
r"!"'.'." 'tit ' -a I i- ' IM-. ii. -J. V... 1
scarlet oerries naaning it&e reu Biare aiuuug
the dark green leaves.- f ;:v-'
Then there were two chestnuf-t'rccs thai
Stood all. Bumnier;before; the rfront'dpor,
like tall friars With'grecn Btoles folded .over
their bosoms; and on .either' side. ,of the,
gravel walks, harebells'' and daffodils mado
a ruSling of gold and' purple down to the
: Oh;' It was a happy Uoniito. iue 1(1$
ncT8 ana-eiose,my eyes, aim, luoKuig yigwu
into the far land of my in'euioryIsee the
quaint WeB,;,iieates;'and :'thcv
flolden' ruffliriErshininc- clear .'thrpucli the
Fight and darkness of the years that He be
tween it and the present' I : . v','
; Juat down the road--I could see'itfrpni
my ' chawber-'winddw was; . ::red .frame':
house,, wita. me ,moss -oi uuu : .ccukuijr
crowine thick iJtS-'siomni. robf.XThe
Wilding ' was, ' considerably '' dilapidated i
Btill. it had a toy, old-fashioned lo"0k of a
summers morning,-wnen- ine.,sunsnine
used to gild the eaves, and plate with gold
the trrcat we'ath'er-fltained' front dor.,;.
X. Mrs. Willard and, Harry lived in the red
house,; he wag her .ouly . son, and she was
a widfiw.'Thev wcro .very pooriiH the
villaW knew: this ; but Mrs.' Willard man
aged to obtain a somewhat precarious live
lihood for .'herself and child by. taking in
ntain sewine : 'and as ehe Bometimea fitted
Annt IIimriah',8" dresses V.d mine, and
Ilarry always caiuC for and returned these,
I became acquainted with! him. . ; A .' ''
, Henrv "Willard was a strange boy.'' , De
did not laugh 'Bnd( play as ' OtbcrL.boys of
Ins age ao; no was. ouiy.- iwo, yuaia yiuui,
than 1 ; arid there :;was an air of mingled
pride and timidity in lus manner, a snaq
ow on his'voune face, and a look of triel
annholv earnestness in his large dark eyes,
which arrested "my attentifth; and awaken-
cd my sympatny te nrsi umc inai i saw
. 'We woTe';Voklv naturally '. shy,.;, w
Ilarry Came arid went ,'maTiy'; times ..wlth
thex little bundles ; , anI I at, in a chair, by
Aunt Jtlannan Biae,.geuing surrepuuous
glanoes af the paler mournful ..face;' atid,'
wonderirip greatly "wliy .it was not like i that
of other boys, before .thovleast'overtm;ea
for acqaaintahep was mader,on cither; bU1o.v
T But Aunt ' Hannah, .whoso heart seemed
always overflowing wjth kindness and .Rynj-'
. pathyfor.every 'human' heingj.Vhad. taken
a gTeat fancy Harry" Willard )";One',day
just as he was leavingj' after: having ..dis
charged', the .. commiBsibn .'on ; which ; his
mother had Beit: hira, ' Bljq suddenly ; said
to me i 'AlicevjOu had botter eo out with
Hairty,' and make a bouquet for JlrsiWill
'4 .. Yes, ma'am, very' much $ Ithank you.,"
replied the,bby j .andthcn -his.,eyes ,wero'
fuliiof a strange; beautiful 'light . as ho
placed them full on! Annt Hannah's.
Bo', w6 went into Jhe garden together )
and , there";, we talked ior; tlie-first time',
while I eathered rnienorictte' and' roses ?
and Harry-Tieldthft' flowers Vlien l tied
(the blue'tibbpn rqund tho.tcnisV;t';;c'
: ' 'After thiaT- onr lTeserve. wore "gradually
'away, and Harry bedame a frequent, al-
. s . ' i'.sj Ji.-'.LlL IvAniA : tC
ways a welcome, .yioitor uur uuuni1,. io
would sit for hours,"undcr the' great rest-'
. Jess BhauovfS ot ao cnesmut wees,.- w.nue
he ' wodld' tal,to me in his s trange, dreaniy
way of the stars,1 that'scctaei to: bim like
golden' stairs m ;whioh r the ange: came
down to earth i' Of the ' s'tfange mnsi6is
;heart could Jieaf -intlie ;.wind,.'musict;that
rose m the .springirae.into.a mighty ju
Ijilfej; antl i flovped 'over. the; fields, .and
thev irrew, crcea't and thc' violcts opened
tueir eyes; ana maae- puipioi aiMius tir
0rass.:'ln the' summery 'Harry ' said tyw
muBio'grew' into;aVRloTiou8psalmV; filing:
the. forest: and .the;; wqods $ n4'. wcn
autunm;'came;;:ifyBwelled'int6 tt. -grand
ttmtd't thot'wciit rolling; up the hills, and,
albng the :, valleys j,'tind wa'snothipg
.like -it hut)ho moan'-of 'the great prgau,
floatins tlirouchthe'aisles of tte'Wlwga
.churehwhen .theo
I And HarTy'tf bfowuiyes' Would' ttow so
, large, ana Kinaie vnu fucn a siniue gu'
is ne 'talked of the'so tliineilaod' then lie
would, stop Etiddenly'ahd thertold 'shadow
an sadness wouiu, cpmo juto tnom, aua, no
would tell rne ipwheloved to .'reaiji bookj
and hpw there was a fitrange, tangry; foeln
.4og fci his beari'fo'r.lnowlediie ; 'ad hijW.
the huDg'cr SQirietirncsgro'iuto a fire there,
'wbiohhe could ii6t; describe and he. wo'd
bay, In'in tbna'of gxioh'touphing, mburuful
. rathos, that it nlwavx. brought the teard JnV
ItMT tm to hear him i.But, Alice, you
. e,uwe are Very poor, and I cannot go .W
echool ; and nobodj! knows bQW, I foel;
"ktid.'finbo'dv cares, for mo' but mamma.''
' 'And then, I woui'dr dniw'up close. to Har
. ry, and sayi Pou't talk ao$.,plcaso, Hai1
'iy, for t makes uie feel bad ; besides, it
yvnew.dbll,r butiib "true fr-His mother;.
id-.'said to ''me7''-''I noticed" she suddeii'iemorrhago at. the lunga,:;' !;: '.' j!
isn't true, for "Aunt' Hannahv.iovbs i you, silver the backs of the chairs ; , and in the
and so do 1 atnl I know-; you'll grow up half dark'uessa, fear camp 'oyer' mc'l
to De a great man, unu nave ae many uooss icuuiu uui, cuuuio... mo . hiuiul-bs uui iu
as'y'ou wantl'ahtf 'eudy'.'e I'M ghostly taoonliglitsci, ! seized my. bouflet)
Then' Harry would lift bis face to riiine, and followed, Aunt ; Hannah as rapidly as
f' ' r" . ' V ' ' . i ".' ' . M' . tl''.' . IV 1 : '.11 . !i . ."L.V,-. '
ana there wouia, De ;8nch a glow .alJ(over my nempuug. umDs.wpuiu permii.;, v.
; it I . 'And his liu'vfouid auiVcrwhen lie- I shall ; n'evercease1 to remember tl
said :','Aliy, yur 'ord scene wliichj presented itself- ai entered
iSef'iappy QoA ..blesi;: joii Y. '.''and . 'iay 'the!'re'd ho'usoAxtors;
neart ''always ,beat lijctter .wtien 'h(i': said in a chair jrfbiie corner of . the; long," old-
the'w5VV-v' V'V! -.'"fV &iiiipuiB.d pailbr,et. -ixed reHting'.oB' Auii'
But one'daywhea Hannahs tioeW;!
picking pyersmp.'gw
' rT :i--Lt l..' T.? (,..;, ;.v;... Ifrntn'linr nrtiifa lino ' , TTorrv'a"' wnrdo wprn
apron fot
Harry' hi
seemed ery 'thPughtful: after ; this ; and1, ; f lit once the diiii'eyes unclosed, and the
at last,' 1 looked" up,' and saw; she was run- cold fingers moved convulsively. V 'Harry,'
the pah of goMcberries'and I said :; Aunt cd his jiead, 'with a heartrbrcaking; sob,' in
Ilannah.you're thinkihgabout something.' her ;,lap,!,r am going' iiomo.'vvOh,, God,
,'.; Rhfl mifod : her ; own- sweet. lovinc forced not 'thv. covenant , "with the father-'
iilc,nd bend'ing down,;; to
i,:i:no,l ' (.raiintiA '.'o'nil ' aaA ' ""'Vfmv. linrfl I riilHirKlv ' amid hia brnwri curls : there WaS'
guessed 'rigutly. was .trying!;' to 'deyise I a fuihtigh j the head leaned mpreheavi
some method by which j-can send Harry Iy on' Auut Hannah. Harry Willard was
Willard to schobb but this is, hot so'eosy .'m6tKerleM I ';. '. 5 H ' ;,i vV .': v.?.
a niattef "as'iseej,, byy ihesparklingof : ..Two' (lays later, they buried Mrs: .Will
those blue ybs, that you tliink it. is. flar- ard.', It was a pleasant autumn day ,"and
ry Willard's mother was. not always pobrj the winds sighed'througb the tangled grass
as she is now f 'and she i is very proud, too) 0f the, church-yard,:. and, ' the :sunbeams
and, unless I could represent his going'iu glinted brightly aloug , the' marble,1 where
the light of a fayot. done to me, I do not . Harry's: mother waylaid down ' , to' ; that
think I could obtaiii; her consent to this slumber, which no sunlight could pvei ' wa
ma'tter.'v ::r'''''-t-'' ten.' Poot Harry 1' He did not weep then,
" ' f'But , you oun ..think' of sonie wa; ' I but he .stood thero, his whole frame quiv-
ku'ow'you can Aunt Hannah. "Harry so er'mg like, a wind-broken .bough, when the
tongs to go 1 I .'eagerly ; answered, fotf 1 1 plods rattled on. the coffin.;.. -.., ,
rlaoed th most uhbaundei faiiarAunt l .'Thbre wai acor.nei in.that samfl' e)ii
Hannah's' diplomatic respurces.: ,f: yard to. which' Aunt Hannah and I glanc-.-';'vWell'vAHv.''i
had just thought' of. a ed often through bur tears) for.tb.ere; nn-
plan when you spokp tp mej;'which,',up6n der ' those r drooping .pillows,.; jrith their
reflection,' appears , the;' bcst calculated ,pf wjutobai foidedmlyoyw their hearts,
arty to succeed, vl have felt for some tiiiio ;my fatherand .mother, were sleopipg that
that mv darling ought to' commence' sbine .Bleep i which knows" no earthly, waking. :.,
as he tan toward the hott6b.'vv;V: ! C v cat; 'about-whom thCfashionikble: ord is
;LiyG pod-bye;.! AJiy'f r. r. f , i;!,f. ; jus t ' np. in'f perfect Jecstaaies 5 ; and ' ybu
v !'Gpod-bye, Harry", l.'"?:-, couldn'tof bburseexpect .us'-vb - present
ve Btooavunaer.ine smaii yine-wrappea you to lum.t',;Jtut you .can- maJje' yourscii
porticp'..and he kissed nietwic, and then! .useful iisbme'
ran btotily toward :tbe gkte, for-th( driver Vants ' will : jbe ,'very-' -busy ;' ami afie the
whs liltA AnA nroRs: ' -T k'ard rfin in'inililinti' mWnvl,ira ill rri'irnd t-riu Wi tin inti
of '.wheelfl,.and saw. 'through, my tears' the. tbe: diing-toomnd Aan'geVba
go into
the cloakfr
forward with dread ; td that finkloOl bon-
Eight yeira had passed since hVoriffon,''!.
ing,' whcn Harry i Willartt and I murmur- J j' 'bowed, iny hcad , (1and -Icffc Ihe room;
ed pur:tcariul- farewells .under ytbe.'viiue forthetear8.!were';6omiug;cand X .would
wrapped, portico; ; ! They hadnot been all . noi that they'shou'ld, bco' tim'l
bright? years to me '-tf ere ;was;!.a; great' r (Oh;' aunt Hannah :! . Atiiit Hannah i if
..I rrom' V'lilnipr 'dvfitv dav : but none
iX interrupted,- springing looked in the!boy: sad eye could doubt of
mv bandsman invbluuta- the ereat 'heartache' beneath ! them. .'.
higher studies than those she is learning We could not dissuade liarryjrom siecp:
A- : '." t...; ;..'''JS2 ."i':iih I lirmaa 'iiiRk rlnwn the road l'
soiibol. and "'' K?!;; r'-fi?'' !; but be' past most1 of; (be week . subsequent
' .'-'Ana vou are going 10 nave uarry gu, io us niomoi :o uculu u .y.
An: tn tnW'ftnrnV)f ioift ! Oh I'tU SO dad-
Auut Hannah!
ii n and clsnBini
. o ... , . . -,. .. ... " ,..::,.';..; . " 1 .. " '. i
'rv1 ebullition of iuy .excitbd feelings.: :v :i. VOne morning," he ; came over ;aa usual,
't ").:-.'. i 'i -1 'liiJ.' " II; i.'i aw' I i'Li'-iC'viUn Ito Tinil tin rel-
shewent dbwn'to the red,' house, .and had ativefi (how; his , vpibe trembled) ' to keep
alone-talk wlth'JdrslWillard:! bim'tbCTe.tf
'! The star wa just coming oyer the great I It was all uselos's trying to dissuade him
. i Vii .'i .1". ' ' 1.:.' v 1.1. I V ' j.l:L u V.Atti Vionr't. nrna Rfit. on
mil at me siae-ox. our uuiue,. mjuum irom iuia, ivr uo,uv. o - ---
cn : drbn in :!that ( sea1of blue, when'; Aunt eoingV and besaid" he had lain awake,' in
Uniiuun reiurnca,' ttnu .iuioru;u;iiic lum juucnueoo uu ,ummi -v
,v ., i..; ' ' ' i. . . . '...,.S,' .I,'. U'!. il.:..i.:'' km nnlilrl ; linrV'O'nHt.
ner mishion, nac ueeDS',' buuuubbiui wuc, nouse? iiuuiuiig nw- .v-..-. --t
aiid!,th'at Harry and I were to enter the Ms' oWn .fortune f WiV,.00'
vnmtre HChool on me ensuing vcMu vu, ocasea ncr vcrDai oppusHiuui uuoc vf,
iV'-V M A.;.lU';'.Uv..'a annlirvlii oliAtiP tint. I nAl'Kmi'f Tfonnrintr thn hhv fc Wardrobe
theroad rlcading ; 'the pillage "school, Ht was. iin October, morning. ;ne great,
. ', ' ' . ' 1 P . '.. . .1 . . . ' . J HHitln ni, W ' , 1 1 1 . .1. Jlmntnn ' rlntim.
pausing every ,iew roue w -nouu mii v i iruiwaacu omucuco -.. "'iT'b uy!"f;
a kiss iio 'Ami Hannai,!,who" stood in the ward, 'aJmoBt within oirr reach; when Hat-,
shadow ' trailing througa the .'Jatcr 'oucs.-: vou cPvild' see your . little, Alice ''.now U .1
uutii this ;was lost, swallowed tip in' darl- groaned1!!!; the: agoriy pf. my heart,'nB'l
.iiess, the darkncss!of deith-tf- laid: 'my fiirebbiui; head' Vn 'tho5 ariusl
Our-honie,' ,our darlmgf 'cpttage.,hoine ; rapped 'togeiher pntKb tablc.''-;-';.vv ;';; ,
went firHt'.'' Heu'ry, ' thb';'former w
thft nlanfi.' was a hard man. and the mil oi bwiuii' to hit villuffe nome. tnoucn . an aub
sale was lost, so it fell into his hands.. V light'had gono out ofit. ; Now iriy health.
ft''Aunt Hannah struL'clod !' Very hardly to, whicli' I', had net'' gained when I came to
bear - up : under this bli w but. it ;'wasa iuy aunt's, Was restoreii;'!! thought J could
verv' hcavV biie leaving the home of her establish, an infaut schopl in n'y .old home,
father j -itidiifir.it, : elieli alway'BrnUed ! a und for aup t , Haunah's ",Bake thq ibi-:
sad.'ratibnt, heart.brokbu sinilerthatbrP:t tan ts would aid.me m tins matter.,;
the .fears into my eves, arid aaid'; 'God'a ;Mt was evening'. : All alone in
will bo' done'!": ' ; ' ') ' ' ,'-;! chamber at one corner of '.the rnausion, -I,
'' Her 'health,' which lmdhecu.failing lier could hear ':the';'"hufryingf ;toVind fro jpf,
i 't '-i. -'!l- i'i"..i. .i" fiil.l- 1 ; .'.'.-. "VViA ..uvuViliviflF flit in'uv
lot a long lime, gave way stx iuaw xuurt; muuy ibcv,, uu , tuo lumiiiug v w-.
bamo another a'utuini day'; and thp: wind rlage wheels',. 'as theyewnp,
soUghed thr
alone "the.
dona in a dav far diwh in inv memory, and .flowing oVef tajt' young btow ana
willows'to sleep. ' ." " ! ; ;:'l-around ' fhem. F thought: or the light-
"After this. I. too, was ill for a longtime hearted girls there of my own age; and i
witha fever ; and some : kind1 neighbors bnvied theia not their happiness, nor their
took me to their homcs',;:and watched1 over rioes,but the lore that wia denied to me;
me during thaV long illness almps(as- ten-, and soetimes, when a, swell of rich, ea:
dcriy'as'iiunt Hannah wculd havo done gerlauglter, wodcom
';: Mv father had'a widowed sister; whore- winding stairs V, my hanibe'r I would
sided at the' eapiteiand'of whom I set I bury my facb in niy handsand eep.And.
dora heard j' but; 1 Knew, tnat aunt an- someumua, tuuugu m .v ..r;
Uh' had written her a few days before she this beauty and' chivalry were'.assfembled
left me, although she did not reveal to too and then 1 would, wonaer ir,;amia.aii jnuu
t.iir, riftture (if. her communication.'' '.' ' homage, and adulation, his Watt would not
But . when I was able .. tp ' eitnp, they grow mournful a moment, ;were he to know
bugh the Ita'ngled grass of thb d'oorv 'Wwe) f knew, tjie chandeliers
; 'and tlij sunlight glinted were pouring their;tideB;.of-suvery.;lignt
white marblo; Vust ; as' ithad through ; the ' magnificent ' drawing-rooms.
lips of both and , then jwif h 'that voice, '
the inemories of pthet days rushed darkly,
over my heart,! jid.'tfie teare IftnMl not
res'trainlHrnmed .over my .-eyes. .
,,He '"jn'ade a sign ,to ir?J.wto'Wood
siarlpg from bub" to Vanothefj tp' 'leavb us
saying''Iwiil join yg'u 'soon .'Au' then
hecamb close 'nie arid 'putting way
tlievcurls from my, forehead just as he had
ti; in'VKft 'ril.iori" rimrt ' 1lift;"i!'llfl-'p'. '-f. ,'.'
'.vAlic'e, my BweeVchndngel,' what' has
brought ybu here ? J Aidwhat 'has taken
theVuiilo out'of those blue -cyfe', and bro't'
.. ' ' i -: ." ' . : : i . '.i j .. f .
mis sauness over. : inc , i;ice, ueuuur iaue,
tliatlias alwayiihauntc mydreanisfJolt
upj.darling; aiid 'tll
,!;But' Idid not' lbok,up;;aid cbuld hot
fraife sc'enhini itlMi,' for', niy rtlinding
tears but I laid my Head otthiaarm;
while liedrew the' other around me, , and
i saidv' yytyfct ?.N
('Jilarry'our bld.hbmj is. gone; and aunl
friendless; audyerywrfetched."v '
tvJ'Butrie'ndles 'n6 longer,' ;Alice,";, he
ausw'cred;'in liis.'
"Bid you think'I could'forget you-f YQir,
whose 'memory". Iuib 'dweltas "constanj in
my licart as the darJt. prewn curj you gave
me has risen and tallen witu its every pui-
' 'l; '.? i r ' 't." f i.lJ,i:'l.":i:';i'
sauon since i :;.iiara i vuuy uuvo uuvy ti
ed! my ;abspnce, and, I must leave you.
Alice say notuing w uuy one ui. tma hjccu
inc 'ii' rwilU.come to you again. ' When
? ' ..- "" r
shall Vou be alone ' "' .
, "To-morrow evehing: l said, recouept"
ing that my aunt and cousins were engaged
IjfT.tj. ' ' 'ii 'V if V T' ; !, 1 1 ,
at mat time. . j iiiivr cikuu x . euui uo
nlaced a -letter.
ivn TV nnnfuinnk tin Snvit.nt.infl- I lifai'tfld ornnan Erirl. 'was.' sitting, with-no
frSisd to think ' It was a bordial one) from oompanlions: .but her , memories 1 am; per
this aunt to"Tnak fier' residence my 'future. 'eeare t'-ri liKWY'WJ'Z
'Wn"-i;v:'M n !' '. - , y. At'last.' I crew. very uneasy, and sitting
' The kind family 'witl whom I had re- thero with my head leaning on my hands,
fiidfid since' mv aunt's death .were not I fell 'asleep, ana areatnea i was. sutuig
rwi tinrtAf thm rnr tne
eyes 'until we ;wcre 'but of; sight.:'i;"., ii.fimVi'.''t 'A t yV
r!Very ; tappywere' we;too, for thp vnext ',:' XoU will not quio forget ;me,. Harry,'
: -r ' ",-'' :'.i'.ri.i j'i'ili iAVf.,i .oo T :4'' awullmmin'rf 'irlnwn 'tiiA 'mh that was
six months, ' Very icnucr uuu uimui m j. oai,v,u vts,- ,, -, - , - - .
HariyS barbfor me'an in mythrpatj. "whe-n you aroWfar away;
watt.Ham!8VnroirteM and you!wili. think, sometimes i.of he yillr
tancing!all, his claesmate andgroatiy sut-' ageYecbM
pr(sing the teacherV while; the Jigh. beam- trees where w'e! used toiit j.'won't you,?
ed robHghtly'nd : the shadow went . "Forget you," Ally. 1',' and bis :nv was
iil'Lj 'tiiiji. ' ' i&C.'.A'i viiihh; Tift' JnwA:'iirmin'(iv':.ai8L''' and i.tKe'btOw'n
iL ;vmat;m: -'nnii' ftii'v'in I ftvpi Unlfflfl'flarheBtlv.&lmostrebrQaohfulh
'tttere'cameHhe.'darknewof.thff.rtadow.otl tta
Jtial.ivjen u!'aatfnt:'Ha
i;nM;:fkl1v''t!ilfiJi.indo:and he Wm6rapeof;httlo!fthe;ri
by lier:side; wu!tch)tfg the rpund" $K)U;(w! less Jllyi', j;: ,We'pWcaJif hap
eanieSlowly up!!tho p'iest Jiours oftoy life:withyou;'ahd.n,
inAno'i 1 Jrhn'f-Trmi Vivrt Wfi one of - those'lons curls
pie ot his'wnito jaco seemca.woimug m nv-j. . v.:v (J--v. -j,
it.vi ;UnwWlv. s'bhVrleMe inir down my-chcek's,: as I'tpok aunt Han-
' i ' !. :f ' v ... ,- ,".';." i:- '' I nn Vd irnrrtiui 'RriiSRors.
w''nt.'-V.w4 ' oA i Voi manv 'nmnhntio with nunt Hannah bv Pur old CPttage-Win'
nnhMvincrsJl resolved w accent the home dow onco.more:V;.v?lH';Vr'r
ich Wbeeaoifered me'-i.came to (it.mdstav? beenery toettl
thb city,'-eader
ou t a fr,iend' outsidle' the li ;tle yillago, which n'y slowly setting up from 'the dining-hall
it'almosVbrokomyhparl to leave, '- inthf - pailortandnie the
Knr, thft nroua mansion, wuose wi siuuu. ishk .wunn uiy. vu"3u "rb ' r t
ront!'ioo::.id'lj and i sternly upp'ri f Beizcd alight ind turried down, the back
mo when I ascended 'th broad steps, atid 8Wti.wtQ.'thy
glana'ed upatit for hcpst lme teVme:8cene:of.,jp8$
home to me. 1 .a spon p rcciyea. tnat uiy nopeies cuniuaiuu, uu
aunt and!her two fair, h lughty daughters I oejeiargmge ;'garnient8 BO; tbey
regarded me. as afl'unwUoemc dependent fwcultt readily be recognized, by ..the
unon their bounty whprl it would 'n'no-' efclwbfiiViettrC; fpptBttpjybasfil 'ap:
wise avail their interest I Jtec'pgnie ' and prpaobing, fthe iipfi-, andyainly . lypked
sometimes I wished that I; was lying unl round U foido.aeof'.eg;;'?'
der-tbe willows, olpser-oh; sp. very close! vrqudid well; Lee, to fmugglo.meout
v-TheBj1 liiiii vpu are surb .we may do-' of 'my' fi'ostess and her .aughters. . Here
ir ttnree w-it n,a are our nam ,- uuj, ' o vu.u -"f,; ;
.tfn'Kl W': I'-ptoo'in one. corner; with!' Ibegbt ia
jilr! Iicewhb !mj. band;'sothe
intimate-, uieua, nie,,; pua wan " VJ'y,vubTn;-Tf
m for next 'Tucs" -myi4f.tbi'yei thoYybungcr ,of Ihp
-unt Hannah, seized a Bhawland. hurried comO' DacK tp you wocii i yc grown
fter' larryy Vho- ladrushbd'.cut'of the to 'be'spmebody yo(i'll be!prPud pf and
ouseVV';;::l!t;!::;.! bis ririlatcd.ut hark JThore;"cpics
t '..'.' i '.-ill. i.ftA'nii' tlio stnim. and nunt llannah is-ca insr : .
lookinfi in a'.' the window, and piatin'swith -I aud .the tears trickled on hj licuvyiaslies,
presence t
; 'Perfectly ;8p;;; Annio.1
is;,' ybu know,' his' most
says wb may rely upon h
day,'t)ieugh be had tp re
t'L-. WiZ.-tL--. U-J.-.' 'aJ..' ' '' I'
lnvnauons in-oruoi.w woji vumr. :.i,
ne ib
'use several bther
b.thef meny wbo''bad.;preyiouBly vBpok
'How aainVsayinfe1:!;
''': :"v.";"-,,'.',i-K''--'(l-.f.'Vi'i 1?' '-ii.tJ--.'
efeu ana. worsuiiiuou'oiYnucic ,
....... ... v. .... 1 - '. . -..''. 1 J
I'm 'Bure. I. shall .be grateful . to JRlr.' Leo corner,'; ana ; naai;..mgu foen,yit;
fprteV&An4l!m Madam;V';,He; p
Bhailbethetmbst.'fcrillmntpH had dw&vejed' mofXyi,
adistincufebed eue'sticrtainlT demands ': 'I lifted iy eybsf and thp 'light fell full
am ''extra ' etprt'' bn!''6ur prt?:iy!0.ea itne; oi lS features iplweitoMlbeW.fl
Alice? 1 - had : rauito" if'ortotten ' yovl Vuand
Ihb'toiibSrid thb'giahc
6$ tkVremttk' were ample; evidbnee that
tpv;;my 'Vousin.
think'of! entering the parfprencxt Tuesday
evohine The society' . there' will 'bbv Bp
very unlike anything to. which ypu have
.been accustomed iri ''that littl6out-ptibe
world 'villrigehat ybu would find ypursblf
sadly out pf place!- Then there w a yQu'ng
and eliingoibhciofjiloirta' be prc'B-'
brpathle) into thpse.brpwfl; 'dbep'eycs
hixaii . n tJiu-auniivuw , "fjva j j -,ti v-vMy,
oh npndM'.'-Ikdew; bitoTiuie
had' mouldfld t pontp
faie into that;pf early foanhocd,' and ispftjj
enodand deepened the.light.of tnose wbu'.
" 'Farewell , till then." He bent down
bis lips to my forehead, and the .next mp
ment I was alone-f-alonb, but no longer
wretched.-,' - ' . ;, . v
' Tt wascveninar asain : "there, was a' deeh
hush "in the- stetely .'parlors, and a single
lamp poured its soft,." dim; .light' over - the
massive furniture and among the gorgeous
flowersof the barpet; as 1 stole, spftly into
themland awaited, with heart throbr tha't
almost alarmed' me,' the! coming bf Harry
.'.'" ', I"--' . ' ' :". 1. ii li'
.1 did not Keep a long watcn-xnai nignt..
In a' littlo .while,' we were. 'seated together,
in onei of the dimi; alcoves'; of , the 'great
ropm' ,my band was lying in hisjand 1
was telling him: the story of the years sinoe
we parted.,.., -:.y ::'.; ...'
'; It was'a'mournful historyand the tears
often .ciw'ked! ftjinisl .wtoV.olbsedi many a
paragraph. C At (last. I -conciuded it with
the relation of 'the previous night's suffer;-
ings, of the unkind. woSrda' my cousin Jiad
spoaen, anu oi mywonaonng li even vue
KreaVoraton' whose naine I did npt know,
would, not have felt a aipmentary pa'hg.fof
my.rorro'ws. "T'here .was; a longeilphob af-
tor i naa saiu iuib, uuv ui naci .i.iu j vivm
?Alice,"; be said, and tbore was a took
In 'thejeyefj bo tbent ;bh .nicthat brought
thelids over miucV -'while .the world has
been' dealing thus hardly with you," it has
been very kind tomo; .after a year or two
of hard iBtrSiggling,. which , it' jpatterp not
nbw,to talk of. .. Alice; have you.fprgptton
th'tf werds". that'i said tp'yotf under theeld
poafAree; !the '.morning-' that "we 'parted?
'4. love you oetter inau any., omvr ,iu ,uu
world.' ; 'And the heart of this man-echoes
to-night tb? wprds bf .'the. toy.; v'Alice,'my
beautiful, ;,.loved!; with'. atruc,,.chan'geless
ibver-iny!-; firsthand' my- lustrfduring all
the!lbntt years- of bur Bc'paratibn,;w,ill you
Uake" this' love-will you' bo 'nwief''-J.,
I-; -V i'. -1 "' .tl-. "t.'sLJ.. ---.
? JL could not , mane wiiu' uuu iui uijr
tears? but i laid notu ,my muui m u
andbe-was satoa.fiejlir- : .-f'
.'Tbey have sent for. you to come , down
' said a ;sc'ryarit,: jutting her 'head : bto.jny
rrtnm'ttio next merninff.' while I eat'there
XW.pndor,iiig! greatly what y uni and
00U81U8 COUld want X uuucvuuuu ,vy u
mrior : out, i nearu my uuui y,
fcred-rv; .M'K'S '
"'I iur conpdent Mr: Willar you will
noifaid thuperson the pno, pf. whomjou
r'vPermit mo, mudam, and young ladioa,-'.;;.-'
to rpree'ent to yon Alice Mornin,. my affi-, :
anced bride v "
vNoversliall i J ;fbrget the look.bf JtoWr'
gl.ed surprise en JconKtornation which sct-
tlbd over tny aunt's 'and'cbusins' .'features ;,
it jrvVi'-i" kii ' iiO' ' :f
as joey jnearp ,iu ueciarauyuv; y, ,-.v
hy, didn't yp tell us, Alice ? -..Why.-
didn't you- tell .us '!" 'I they simultaneously v
ejabulatjjd';. and then a light began grad-'
ually' to !da,wn' ou my roincf'. I looked ii ' .
Harryy.and, the, rmiscluevous light that. UIK
'rr.-' " ' .1 "i'. ."? 1 j';i i 't ' i 1'-
lic was. tnc-.'uisiiuguis iiea oiuwr ju wnusv ,.
honor rny cousins' tpirpt had ', been given;, .
Ghll! shed proud ;andhappy; tears, before-'',
them all whbn i'kbew it.;:-!"r-''.!f.S :' v -
rirjly haughty!! fdaUyM. "never wporerei ' ,
fTpm the mortification .whioh . Harry's rev- . .
Elation .'gayev'tbeinl' b?thi prestige of .my.-;.;
' ' i.r I?. -.:'" ..i. i.il''V..
reiauonsnip ,was uiscpvereu i"u
I waa'voverladehwith .attention, and ca" ;, ,
r,ess'ed for the' "remaining few days, of my , .
sojourn rwith them. ;x Harry and, ,1 were
married the next week .at his friend's Mr.-.
Le-;;'! !'; .v;; ! :-:;! r,:; .-:-
-Where hia old. home, once stood, a nne -
Grecian vilk, now!; rises' ; tbe;' columbine
' '" - .'r .' " 'i.-i.i ' : :-' ; '.-.til
wraps its balconies, - and, tne npncysucKity
its porticp, and. .'at! nlhtfulf, Harry and; 1
wander througn tne long garaen isles, unu.
the 8tars look down upon us with theeuiuo
smile 'tfiat they,wor.p inour ehildbood,aiid
Harrys eyes arq nnea wiin tupir oia ugn
as!l lean on hw'arm, ' and we talk about
the' old.days,' and.the bid ted house .f'just '
down theioad!? n '-
i. ?' ::.',. Hint to Pentiflti: -.;'! . & ! .
,To dt RtiBts who may. be in want of a lii- !
tie practice, just "to keep their hands in," ,
the following anecdote may afford a, useful,
hiint. ; -A "good cat pract icb might be worth i
picking up it woufd certalnly.be, i-nieui-
Lslngl 'Olt jTiodeinann,: the fatoous Sax'--
ondohtistbad avaluable tbrtois-shell cat, .
tnat lor aays u;u noming ounnoau. vuueo- .
. V .. - ... .v..' ' ' ' ' V'.'
sing the cause, he looked into its mouth,
and seeing a ilecayei toothy soon relieved
of . its! pain, The following, day tbqre : v
were at least tencats. at his doorthe day
afteri ! twenty ; and . they went on increase .
ing at' 8iich.atate that he was obliged to
keep a buU-dpg to drive tneni away. - juut
notuing'' Would help them.; A cat who had, .
the toothache would .come any number, or
miles lo him." " It, would eome-' d3wa tho-
chimney even, and ' not leave the room till
:''- .V"':' i. v.: l. :J:;'f.i:.J ......'
ho had taKen ua toom out..'. grew euvu
a nuisariocat last,.- that he was never free
from one of these feline pationts 'Jlowcy '
er; being one mprning very nervous, hb ac-
cidcuuuy proKe.tne jaw oi au muujr.
The ncWs of -this spread he wildfire.-- .
Not'iViugle -'oat everpame.to'bim .'after.
' iVJ1 '' .:-:"::"' ' ':' :" ,-? '"''' '
iNOEKlo'nB .Ra6Cauy,V-A wine mer
chant ; in Paris teeently rboeived a npte aa
lOUOWa : t -; is ' - 'f! . ' ' '' ., .
girey iBom e time y ou , have been rob
bed at retail; we have nowjresplved to rob
you by Vbolesaie, ' t hereby , notify ybu, .
that,- to-morrow bight;, 'fihpuld you not, a
dopt 'measurea topreyent it,'; your cellar '
will, be entirely' drained. ' :':; ,' ' ..
' "Saorei'J.bricd tne" merchant; and la
load'od biaf pistols and ' at' the appoiuted '
night desoended into the cellar, ana seat-.
ed himself, between two win casss. ev
erything in the'beilar remained safe, but
pnfotuxning tome'iu the morning, be found
every room' in bib hoiue rifled, and all hia v
plate; nionoV and eiothe'si 'purloi'ned.H The!
thievcB had persuauea j , ,
his ociiar while the'y'shpuld rob bis house ' . ;
rous eyes put x Knew incy wcue uarry
8, 'j ',- v 'V' -1 . ( .
-'aiarty ?' sr t v
iorm.aiioa win- prupauy v,hau
Bimilanty'pt namiCf vi;" 'f -!':
!-"'jiiy aunt "andliei ; '"daughters', ! Mr, .Lec
The wbrdtj tivtne invpluntsrily to the
and Harry, Wore all thercl'fAs eboh as
the latter aaW me; he T06C t0oK mn(l
' ."' ." "if ' ii..';.,'i,,:)i "!.-.
and, leading uie uj.' ww, '
ScjNi, The crowded deck of auAmciV
i4n:pacWto;Caiifprnia-;': '
j ni:fC:.:i i.v -4l a SVtmwiCT ' slinnlil"
like lo ' liistyb a 'Bleeping ber you
eaBe.V"Vvr'-;'v'i' 'rfv'"'.''!'1"''-"'
SkirperVhy; wherp. have you! been '
eleoping, these , last , two. nights, since we
vCalii'prhian-'y'eli;, I'yP , bcon; slcfing (
on the top of. dsick man; bnt be s getting. -better
nowvanibe;,OB't 'eUn(l it'auy .ion-v.
L.'i- '.V'-V'-- "v 'a-VV;-;'-i- ''.' .- .. i' . ?
'"' 1 :':"'"r ' '' ' ' " " ! ":'r;-'i'
jarit' is eaidthatono house in Oiiicin
hati has mado between two'and tlirca bun-;-.
dred thoutlaud dollars by tho recent great .
nab in' sugarV.';. Of course' tho consumers,
the great ma'ssof.tho people, pay Uussuni;
U ajldition to a.Pjjr I'f.K-s, fr the ?let
-. i
i -'
i, -1:1
, i r " '
' J ;
!' :
: I i :
ij -
i ',
Ml .
fi V
" t
3' l
: f
'"'" i
. ; . ?
:, 1

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