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"L UAtiAN, Editor and Proprietor.
g. BA8AW, Editor
WEDNESDAY, SJlvr. 80, 1866.
...The Tc AMMioVii in pnblwhud every
WadntwJar. in StBubenvillBi Jefferaon cwmty,
Mv, )T P. B. Qonx, nd edited by I. Rao as,
o thu fcillowing terms:
Oae Ter, invariably in advance, $2,00
CM auare 13 line or Iww. 3 Weeks or less $1,00
v i . Or.
fcrery bjuent iniertion,
One (jur three monmr
Oat tuare tii month,
Que iKjuare one yror
Oue fiiurth column per year
Om third column per year ,
Om half eolumn fut year,
Oue column per year, , .
Prnfauiunal and euiine cards per rear,
WUi. there ia no contract maden and the num
bar of inurtiona in not marked on the curds or
aivertiaemenu at the tune they are handed in
fir tmblication. thev will he con inued in until
llty are ordered oil, and charged by the square,
For Governor,
Lieuteuaut Governor,
JuUi;e of the Supreme Court, fivo years,
Jutko of tie Sitoromu Court, one yearj
Auditor of State,
Treaurr of Slate,
Secretary of State,
Attorney General,
Wcmlur of the Board of Public Works,
Judgo of the Court of Common Pleas,
State Senator,
James h. blink.
County Treasurer,
, Comniiaeioner,
Prosecuting Attorney,
i County Recorder, '
Director of County Infinnaryj
County Surveyor,
At the Annual Suasion of the State douncil,
held in Cleveland, June 5lh, 1855, the follow
ing Platform of Principles as expresnive of the
ejtimentof the Order in thin State, wax adopt
ed and ordered to be published to the world
ever the signatures of its officers :
Wo proclaim to the world the following
I. The unlimited freedom of Religion dis
ennfOtd with politics hostility to ecclesias
tical influences upon the affairs of government
equality of righto to all naturalised Emi
rmnu Who are tliorouehlr Americanized, and
owe no temporal allegiance, by reaon of their
religren higner tnau mat io ine voiimhuhuii.
II. No interference with the rights ol citi
eenship ale'ady acquired by Foreigners, and
the nrotnetion of law to all who honestly em i
irate from love of liberty ; but the exclusion of
foreign paupers and Telou. and a musai to
(tend the right of suffrage to all who come
hereafter untilthey shall have resided 5l years
in the United Stale and complied with the
naturalisation Laws
III. Opposition to all political organisations
composed "exclusively of Foreigners, and to
Forelgo Military Companies, and to all attempts
to exclude the Bible Irc-m scuoois supported oy
the govemmeut."
IV- Slavery ia local not national : we op
poso its exteuaion in any of our territories, and
id increase of its Dolitieal power by the ad
mission into the Union of any Sve State or
otherwise ; aud we demand of the General Gov
rnmant an iiumedialo redress ol the great
wrongs which have been inflicted upon the
cause of Freedom and the American character
by the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, and
the introduction of Slavery inio Kansas in vio
lation of law, by the force of arms, and the de
fctrueti on of the elective f ranch ise.
V. la humble imitation of the wisdom of
Washington, we oppose all Intervention in the
affairs or Foreign states t yet on an proper oo
ssion, wo will oot withhold our sympathy
from any peopio aspiring to ne tree.
VI. VY auppoit American Industry and ge
aiut attainst the adverse policy of Foreiun oit
tioos and facilities to internal and external
eommerM br the improvement of rivers aud
harbors aud tho construction of national roads
uniting (be various sections oi me union
VII The Union of these- States should
roads perpetual by a faithful alloglance to tho
Constitution. ; , ' .' ; ,
vm iu HtuU tMilicv wo lealoualy advocate
Retrenchment and Reform a modification ol
the present opressive systeta oi taxation ana
HUeral system oi ruonc ocnoow.
THOS. SPOON ER President,
Joair E. lUba, SecreUry,
Vefore Irs commenced the publication
Of tli Trot Amorittin, vr tontractod with
Heckb Joimtal $cb to intri
Mr. Pi B. Conn a practical printer to
do i the i niccbanical jjork on the paper for
one yean Mr. Conn entered upon the
work the first of January last, aud publish
ed the paper for about four months. He
then became dissatisfied and expressed u
desire to be released from the contract,
and in view of the accomplishment of his
desire, proposed to ns that we take charge
of the press and typo and use them for an
indefinate time, for a inodcrate and rea
sonable, rent, he being tho owner of the
property. Ws accepted his proposition and
released Since then matter moved
pleasantly and prosperously until Wednes
day, the 36th inst. On that day Mr. Conn
made a demand of five dollars per week
for the time we had been using his press
and type. Relieving the demand to be
unreasonable, we refused to pay it, aud
propdscd a reference of the matter to three
disitttorrcstcd persons, but ho refused.
Subsequently, on the samo day, in our ab
sence and without our knowledge, he went
into our office, took the lever from the
press and prevented our hands from work
ing off the issue of our paper, thus putting
us to the inconvenience of bavin" them
worked off in tho office of the Horuld.
The impression intended to be made by
an article in the Daily Union of tho fJtli
inst., via : that wo were in debt to Mr.
Conn for his services j as publisher of the
paper is not true. Hu has acknowledged
a full consideration tot all his labor as the
publisher of tho paperl and has reduced
his dvmund to two dollars and fifty cunts
per week for the wq oi his press and type,
which demand we linvd paid, although it
is duuble the amouut ta which he was fair
ly entitled. This we Jiavc submiUed to
do rather than to be aniLyed by litigation.
Wo are using all.pinper diligeuce to
procure a press and type, and hope in a
short time to be able to announce to our
patrons TUitocon Tins 1 hue American
that we arc established upon a footing
which will not subject ui to such caprices
at) that indicated in the Conduct above de
scribed. Our expenses ill be considera
ble in the purchase of press and type, and
if some four or five hundred of our sub
scribers srlio have not paid us would have
the kindness to send us, forthwith, their
subscriptions, it would be most gratefully
Who Wrote It I
Some people ei press doubts as to the
authorship of the recent "address of the
Democratic Central Committee of Jeffer-
sou county, suppressed by the abolition
usurpation of A. Stuart & Co." The bom
bastiu; nonsensical style of the address,
which, Stuurt refused to publish, because
he had aeuse enough left to Bee it would
be a disgrace to even the huuker demo
cratic party, may well leave doubt wheth
er it was written by "Joseph M. Rickey,
Chuirmau oi tho .Democratic Ueutiul Uoui
uiittce of Jttii'ersou couuty ' and Demo
cratic oumliuate for Couarx tiuuvYu,
or by J H. S. Trainer, office holder aud
Democratic candidate for1 Pr secuti.no
A'iTuriNBY. The whole concern is so sii-
ly, ruliuuloua, hcusoicss, toohsu, that it
were nurd to tell whether KiCKtY, the
Surveyou, or Trainer, m Prosecutor
is best (juahtied to produce such a point
ier pack of stuff. W lieu it is decided
which of tho geutiemeu uaa strongest
claims to windy iguorauco aud bombastio
fooiishucbs, wo may then bo reojly to bet
ou the sublime authorship. Meantime wc
say go it Rickey go it Truiuer 1
AsJ APOLOGY. ln consequence of the
uuexpeoteU treatment received from Mr. I'
B. Couu, as stated iu another article, our
bauds have beeu prevented from workiug
for four days. It is therefore only in our
power to issue a half sheet, the present
week. , .. ..' V
Our subscribers will please bear with us.
We hope to be fairly under way in a short
time. We have not yet introduced the
ivOd "fail" into our voonbulury. The
prosprrjts for the triumphant success of our
paper al well u the party, and principles
It advocates, never were better tbanat the
present timet ,' Cfcsb from those in bur
debt is all ire need, in order in certaiu suo
cess. Send it orJ friends, it ill add much
to your cofoit, ; and great) to our inter
' The Fusion of Huikcrisfiii
'file scheme which we foresaw long ngo,
and announced in our paper last spring, is
fast ripening to maturity. The old hun.
ker silver-grey whigs, and old hunker pto
slavery democrats, are uow foruied over the
whole Union, walkiug arm iu arm ; con
sulting together, and fighting the same but
tle. The game which 4 has recently been
played in different . localities, by a fusion
of the hunkers of the oid parties, and funn
ing a new party with the Rotuaus and foi
feigntus uuder tho leadership of President
Pierce & Co., and resulted in Maine, iu
the defeat of the . American Republican,
Morrill, is to be tried iii Ohio to befdat
Chase. . .
It is surely a strange meeting of ex
tremes. Rut nevertheless, the fusion
progresses. Gov. Mcdill, the ultra, pro
slavery, administration domocrat, flud'a
Ex-Governor Trimble, the old silver-grey
whig, a must es. nimble friend, and broth
er politician. Mci.ary's Statesman, tho
Cincinnati Enquirer, &c, can scarce find
laudations sufficient, of the splendid orato
ry of the old whigs, "liooby" Johnson, &o
Iu growing terms do the democratic or
gans anuounee, and magnify Trimble whig
meetings. And on every side, iu the most
endearing terms, do W0 find those extremes
of 'old huukerisui, engaged iu the loudest
Thus consolidates pro-slavery hunker
ism against truo American Republicanism.
Iu Ohio, the fogy whigs are tapering off
ou Trimble, to find themselves soon uuder
the leadership of Pierce, Medill, Medary, i
& Co. Tobesure, such things look strange,
but they arc ucveiilieLss true.
Iu this county, we are pleased to uott
the number of whigs who thus put them
selves uuder the control of heretofore ha
ted democratic leaders, is VERY small.
Iu Jefferson county, the Trimble scheme,
which is intended to break dowu tho Amer"
ican Republican party, and build up the
pry-slavery administration party, finds but
very little aid ana comiort. ine won
cannot hide his deformity here. The fu
sion of huukerisui is too apparent.
The Cooing Doves I
Week before last, when the State Fair
had gathered a big crowd in colunibus;
liaudbills were posted about tho city, an
nouncing that Col. McCook, democratic
candidate for Attorney General would make
a public speech in the evening.
With the evening, and the crowd which
had nothiug else to do, came "Billy" John,
son of "Yaller Creek notoriety," and oth
er old silver-grey whigs, who are stumping
the State ostensibly for Trimble. '
Finding those old whigs on haridd, Mc
Cook, the democratic CANDIDATE AND OR
ATOR, cheerfully surrendered, and gave
place for Johnson & Co. Not that the re.
dontable Col. felt uu inward conciousuess
of the superiority of thd oratorical abilities
of Johnson, Anderson & Co ; but with the
strong hope that if they could do anything,
they might disaffeot some Chase votes, aud
secure thetti for Trimble, thus adding to
tho chances of Medill.
Thus is it becoming daily more apparent,
that this Trimble movo is only a scheme
to take votes off of Chase, and thus hi cure
the election of Mcdill. True Americans
and honest Whigs will give it no counio
atjr'i'ho Uuiou admits, that the hanker
democratic meeting which was to havo been
held iu Knox township, last Saturday week,
was a lailure. Scarce a corporals guard
came out to hear the champions of huuker
democracy. Time wus, wheu it was not
so iu reliable Knox. But a chaugu has
come over the spirit of the deruoorutio
dreams. This failure to attoud tho sum
mons of the leaders, is only indicative of
the result al the approaching election.
Knox township is good for a decided ma
jority for tho American Republican ticket.
When the strong holds of the huuker de
mocracy fail to eorno Up, what cad ' they
hope for in the weak I .'".''
J3?Don't neglect to notico the card of
Mr Wm. Winn in this paper. It is eon
fidoutly asserted by thoso who have teBted
the matter) that his Oysters, Pigs Feet,
Tripe, Cakes; Candies, etc., are not excel
led by any establishment in the city,
G ive him a cull and satisfy yourselves,
that in the future (acre may bo to contro'
ferf uyn the lufjttU
Prospects of he Coming Election.
From every p"arVof the State the news
are of the uiost cheering character. The
friends of Freedom and America are filled
with confidence ; and the rottcu Dcmocra
cy behold with staring eyes the dark cluud
cf obliviou that will soon envelope them
iu its dusky folds ; leaving nought but the
memory of their sins behind. Thd Ainer
icuu Republican ticket is composed of men
who can neither be bought by the smiles
or awed by the frowns of a corrupt admin
istration. At its head Stands the name of
a man ; ever a fearless advocate in free-
cause who never bowed his tut
to a coiuneru jukc, or nuieti to expone
their nefarious schemes. Next comes the
fearless Fdrd, au American in heart and
one of the noble bund that refused to aid
in binding his bretliem to the car of lu
Mery, and taught the South to kuow that
there was a party at tho North that would
not bend, like the pliant Democracy, ut
their will. The balance df tho State tick,
et are good men and true, aud their elec
tion will do honor to the 'Buckeye State.'
That they can be electfd, does not admit
of a doubt. The Democrats themselves
know it, and hence the avidity with which
they seize upon the forlorn hope of creating
a division between 'He Anterlcans and Re
publicans. Take notice, every one, of the
sudden love with which they are attacked
for "Old Clay Wuigs." Tlio dear old
men ; what a 'change has come o'er the
spirit of democracy's dream, within the
last two years. They (the Whigs) are no
longer "Blue light Federalists," 'Tories,'
dfce. Oh, X) ! "Wc want your help this
Fall, in order to enable us to live ut the
expense of the public a littlo longer, and
if you will only vote for us, you will bo a
Nom.E set of fellows, but if you dou't
well, we'll keep quiet until after the clec
tion, and then stand from uuder. ' What
sympathetic beings democrats are, anyhow.
In the plenitude of their generosity, thoy
even euibraeo Father Trimble, and exhort
the Americans to voto for him, and vindi
cate their honor by permitting Medill to
occupy the Governor's Chair for another
term. But it won't do. The attempt is
a little too barefaced the cloven foot sticks
through the shallow covering, and shows
the strait to which the inventors are re.
J Tl VVI,:,. !.,. fnl.lu,
face to face with the self-styled Democra
cy ; and know them too well to be caught
iu such a silly trap.
As for Trimble, it Is sheer folly to think
of wheedling Americans into tho support
of a man dominated by a feW pro-slavery
citizens of Cincinnati, and then to cap the
climax, they try to palm him upon a par
ty for which he huB no sympathy. We
do not believe that Trimble will receive
thirty votes iu Jefferson County.
The Election on Tuesday Next.
Never since the adoption of tho first
Constitution for the State of Ohio, has
there been held an election so important
in all of i's bearings as is the election ou
Tuesday next.
The Slave Democracy has urged upon
the voters of Ohio, the catholic question,
and charged that this is the main issue
Should they be successful in any locality,
it will be cluimed to bo a pro-slavery and
catholic victory over anti-slavery freedom
and American Protestantism. In this view
of thequeHlinu, may we uot confidently ex
pect every friend of the dowu trodeu slave
and every friend of Americuu Protestant
ism to bo up and at work iu every city
county, village, and township in the State,
hot the frieuds of . freedom und our free
institutions RALLY TO Tin TOLLS, and
give a death blow ta pro-slavery huuker
dour, by the triumphant election of the
American Republican Ticket..
Fresh Arrival; Fisher & M'Ftely
have just received, a splendid stock of uew
goods, of the test and most fashiouablu
manufacture, styie o., eousisuug oi a
dies Gaiters, French morrocco, uud Kid
Boots, aud shoes, of all description; gen
tlemen's, Boots & Shoes of the best ma;
torial, Trunks k Carpet bags oi all sites,
and a little the neatest shoes fur' children
that the city affords. Call and examine
for yourself. Thoy aro gentlemanly deal
era and will five you first rate articlo far
cash. Store' On market one door Ukw
Third Strttfc ' - t':
OCTOBER 3, 1855.
. We mut Rally out Forces. .
The second Tuesday of Octocer is near,
and all who are desirous of freeing our
State from the rule of the sham democra
cy of 1855, should be 'at work. If every
man who is dissatisfied with the present
administration, both Stale aud National,
will hilt put forth a 'slight effort, they will
be drjveti like chaff before the wind.
What Tl-no American is williug to Bubmit
auy longer to the political despots, who
now bold the reins of government? We
ask every thinking man in the tate are
you prepared to support for our State offi
cers, men, who endorse the course of uu ad
ministration that Iihs bceomo a reproach
to our boasted free institutions? The or
gans of the "sliiiiu democracy" iu Ohio,
may exert all their ingenuity in covering
up its multitude of sins, but they are gra
veu on tho hearts of a people that thev
wi l uo longer be blinded by falsehood.
The day of reckoning is at baud, aud they,
tremble at the thought of the ovei whelm
niug defeat, that, surely aWaits them.
RALLY EVERY man of yoc, and march to
the polls ou the day of th election; aud
we must wiu the battle. The enemy is in
the field, straining every muscle for the
strulc They arc canvassing the coun
ty, eudeavoring by every species of dishon
esty and lui.srepre.-etitatiou, to discourage
the frieuds of the Americau Republican
ticket. They are industriously engaged
in tryiug to produce the impression iu the
country, that the Americana in this city,
are fa.-.t deserting their standard. But wo
assure you that such is NuT the case. We
ureat least ONE HUNDRED stronger than
we were one year ago, and still they come.
Tho flames burns brighter than ever aud
will continue to increase until not a ves
tige of Medill i Pierce democracy remains.
Up uud at them, the victory is ours !
tesTWe a.-ik the attention of our read
ers to the advertisement of H. II. Ryan
of Pittsburgh in another column. Mr.
Ryau is a man of indomnitable perseve
runce, and one of the most enterprising bu
siness men in the couutry. Twice in four
years, his cabiuet and chair manufacturing
establishment has been reduced to ashes,
with littlo or no insurance ; and for the
last nine mouths, his business has been al
most entirely suspuded by the failure of
his partuer, who was engaged in another
business. Notwithstanding all, bo is about
to commence again with rc-doubled ener
gy has the largest cabinet factory in the
country, and with the aid of the most per
fect machinery that cau be found, he will
work a revolution in the furnituro trade in
this country. We reccominend our friends
who visit Pittsburgh, to give Ryan a call,
whom they will always find gentlemanly
and polite whether they want to purchase
or uot.
Fair Grounds.-Mr. Wm. Harter
is erecting a temporary boarding house on
the Fair Grounds, in the southern part of
tho city. This gentleman will bo prepar
ed to furnish regular breakfast, dinner uud
supper to all who may desire accoiumoda
tioiis on the ground, during the Fair.
Meals can be furnished at all reasonable
times during the day or night, at his tem
porary boarding establishment, and on
reasonable terms. Refreshments, choice
fruits, &c, cau also bo had. Tickets can
be procured from him prior to tho fair, or
during tho time of its continuance. Those
who are acquainted with Mr- II., need not
bo informed of the fact that everything in
his line is always done up by him in the
very best style.
Pennsylvania Legislature and
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup. Rossi
the correspondent of tho Evening Chroni
cle, in a letter to the Editors, peaks in the
following commendatory terms of Dr. Key.
ser's Pectoral Syrup, for sale at the Drug
Store of llentiing & Melvin, in this place :
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup is highly
extolled here. I havo to note the fact as
glvdi to me by several of the members,
who have made use of tho Syrup. They
state that by the use of a bottle of this in
valuable Cough Syrup, thoy havo been re
Moved of a distressing Cough that caused
them much trouble. It is but justice to
the Doctor to say that they aro loud in
their praiso of this medicine,, and sbotild
tho Dootor deem it advisablo to appoint art
agout bore,, it would be to his advantage,
as tno Syrup would meet ready sale, it is
pronounced jyooJ. '
' -
(Drncnil Jnttllif nice. ;
Arrival of the Washington
Fcrthkr Particulars or the Battle.
. New York Sept., 27. The steamship
Washington, from Southampton arrived
at 3 o'clock this P. M., bringing London
and Liverpool dates to tho 12 h, and 300
. Gen, Simpson, in a dispatch dated, Se
bastopul, Sept. 9th, says: jjabostupol is in
the hands of the allies. ,
The enemy evacuatod thesuuih side af
ter exploding the magazines, setting lire to
the towu, and burning all the ships of war,
except three steamers.
The bridge, communicating with the
uorth side, was destroyed, i
A dispatch to the Frerieh Minister of
war, says: Karaheluiu, and the south part
of Scbastopol, uo longer exist.
The enemy perceiving our solid occupa
tion, evacuated the placo, after blowing up
nearly all the defences.
The chief honors of the dav me due to
Generals Bosquet ' and Mabhmahou. A
dispatch from Varna says:
The , ahiktiff aud Redan batteries of
Careening bay were carried by storm
On Seeing tho French eagles, floating
over the Malakoff, Gen Dosales made two
attacks upon the central bastian, but failed.
Prince Gortsehakoff telegraphs, on the
9th, that lifter sustaining a most iufernal
tire, and repulsing six successive assaults,
we found we could not drive tho enemy
from Malakoff, of whiehthey had possess
ion. Our brave troops resisted to the last
extremity, The enemy found nothiug iu
the southern port of the towu.
When ' ho intelligence of the fall of .Sc
bastopol reached Loudon aud the provin
cial eities, the greatest demonstrations of
joy were manifested.
When the facts were announced, at
each place, bauds struck up th National
anthems of England and France.
France. The life of the Emperor was
attempted on tho uight of the lUth, .wheu
some person fired two pistols ut tho car
riage, iu which it wus supposed he was.
The ussassiu.uamed Bellemaiu w.is arrcs
tod, aud is evidently a maniac.
Additional by the America.
New York, Sept. 28. The city of Sc
bastopol was attackod in four different di
rections. The British ottcmpted to storm the Re
dau. '
The French and Sardinians made a ttni
ed attack on the Ccntrul Battery .-Tho at
tacks were all made simultaneously with
great spirit aud energy, and were most em
inently successful.
Cue wus made by Gen. Bosquet and
Macniuhou on the Malakoff.
Both the Redan and. Central Batteries
wero at one time iu the bunds of the allies,
but it was found impossible to hold the in;
under the accurate and murderous lire ot
tho llussians.
A dispatch fiom the Sea of Azoff, states
that the Allies are doing immense damage to
Russian vessels and merchandize along the
coast. Tho fisheries are almost entirely des
Two British steamers were about uscen
ding the Gnlf of Oukliouk to destroy the
Government stores collected on tne coast
FlUNCE.-Thc would be assassin will not
be tried, but will be scut to 'he lunatic hos
The Emperor was to leave Paris on the
18th. for the Camp of St.' Omar to review
the troops destined for the Crimea.
Denmark. It is reported that Aus
tria has offerod her mediation to Denmark,
in the difficulties with the United States,
concerning tho Sound dues.
Very Latest. The Paris corrcspon
denco says, it is reported lliat "25.00U
troops embarked at Bahikluva for north of
aebustopol; also that the missnrns arc iu
lull retreat towards Perekop
The Paris . papers ; arc discussing, the
question, whether feebastopol is tenable by
the ullics, while the Russians are masters
of tho forts on the north side froiitiujj the
A dispatch froni Dunt.ic, dated the 14th,
says tho blockade ships are' exEeotcd to.be
ordered home Immediately.
It is .rumored to-day that the allies found
1200 guns in Sobastopol; also tbit the
ltussiaus were tailing duck ou JUucKsiiu
Sorao; but French rumors siiy the Russ
ians still certainly hold the North tide of
Scbastopol, and will to tho last extremity.
Iff was also rumored, at Pans, that tho all
ied Admirals, have decidod, that it is uot
Constantino, froni Fort Alexander and
Artillery Bay. .
. r . f y:.,- .
expedient to enter the harbor of bebaeto
polt until Fort Constantino is silenced It
is probable that the allies will attack Fort
'- i , -.t.-iJi -.-
fcjjrJ-Ity-W'ay &ritew;','b ox eeUorrt-
tale which we commenced last. Wock. wiir
be concluded in our ux', issue. '
.: ; ' FlUST STOCK df ...
New Fall and Winter Dry Goods'!
TS receiving direct from the Eastern cit
i(.s, hU first reneral assortment of Dry
Goods Tor tMn Fall's trade, compri.-ing evi-ry-
tlnng new, eu-gani anu ianiutiauie, lu rm lound
in llie EhUtii Markets. This dock is ton
liirfst and bent we have ever recci' -d and will
be di-puHcd of ut such price an will make it
the inleivht of all peron wiMniiirtu purchase
good Good ut luw pr Ce to call and exauiiae
the it Ties and price ; Hie ahoriinent cuiiUkih
LaditV Ores Goods "f all dt!criptionn ; White
OoimIj, Kiiibruidi'ihs, l.aes aud.dgiu;
Pick Cloak and Uanttlia Trimmings; limi
ne! Ribbons, Artificials, FniiKeK.Biaiils.Girupi
etc., etc. Housekeeper will' find a very full
stock of HoiiKckeepiiijf. aud Doiuenc (inuds.
A full uasortuieut uf ben t makes and qualities
Irish Linen hud Shirtinjf Muslins kept con
Kiantly uu hand ; also, French Cloth h aud Cas
aimercB, Satinets, with a general aaaortn.eat.of
Gent' Furnishing good.
Tut new Puilaullpuia BnsTS.Tbte ex
cellent Illaukete will be kept constantly ou
band throughout the Keason. -'
The Cash System haa beeu adopted and will
be henceforth rigidly adhered to, as being for
the mutual advuuiageof buyer and seller.. Our
motto, therefore, tor the fi'.ture is Com fob,
The inducements offered are, it fa thought
sufficient to nniply repay the trouble of an ex
amiiiailoii, which ih rusp!Cllully solicited fViii
all persons whether desiring to liccomv jn ir
chasern or not. ALFX. CONS.
oct.3. '55. - -
1855. Fall & Wiri er (Soods: lo3;
- AT
I UST opened, the largest, Lest aud chenp-
est stock of Fall and Winter Goods ever re
ceived in this city, comprising all the newest
styles of Ladies Dn 8s goods ; Shawls, oi
broideries Hosiery, oloves, MittM. Mull and
U'isit Kdgiug. Irish Linen, Diaper, Table
ClutU, Hilk and Linen Udkf'a. French and En
glih cloths and Cav inn-res; Plain and Fancy
VeMing; Sattinets, Tweed, checks, Tickings,
Muslin all widths, qualities and prices.
Persons wishing goods by the yard .or piece
will mid it greatly lo their advantage by call
ing at this house before purchasing their goods'
oct. 3. H. C OAK KETT, Third at.
Winn's ujster Eab ons & Confeotioary.
Foiarn s'1uju.t, aifcUartviLLK.
Ujn. WLXN bogs leave to inform the
public that he has fitted ud his Cvstcr Sa
loons, and will commence serving 'the public
III tliut Hue, nu Saturday oVfumg, Sept. ''J
bavin'' sepera e apartments, parlies cau partake
of refreshments without being in any way in-
triijeil upon Ly. diners, rigf feet sauced;
Cakes, candies, etc. cigars of the choicest kind,
Kemeniber the. uke'e Fifst Confectioner?
south of the Norton hotel. Tables net during
an reasonable nours, ana every attention given.,
oct. O-il. WH. VVIKM.
Pittsburgh. . t
fpiIE subscriber, would ros'pefc'tfiflly in-
- form his friends ind the public, that be has
purchased llm interest of hia lutfl partner uud
is now sole proprietor ot tins great Uabiuet aud
Chair Mauulacturing Establishment, the most
extensive aud complete of f,he kiud in thd coun
try. ith a stock of over one million feet of choice '
lumber well seasoned, and a Strong forte of
first rate mechanics, be will commence opera- '
tiona in a few days, when he will be ready to
attend to the orders of his iiuiuerous friends Ind
A variety of new styles of Furtiilure will be
introduced and sold at low prices. "
1 articular attention will be given t the man
ufacturing of Furniture suitable for Steamboats
audHotels which willbe sold on accoiniu idaiing
terms and at. prices that will defy competition.
Lane Seal chairs made at tins establishment
so much admired for durability and neatness
of design ill be sold at tliu reduced pricey of
$5,50 to IWJ pur set.
Scroll sawing and t urning or all Kinds done '
to ordor. ...
ETltouins with Stcaro power to rcnt.J
Veneers, Varnish, hair cloth. Miilllny and
Cabinet Makers rinding generally always on
hand and will be sold to the tra le at a small
advance ou Eastern cash prices,
H. a. KYAN, 31, Fifth at.,
bet. 3. - . Pittsburgh.
Shoes, and Brogans; Palm Leaf and Leg
horn Hats, JlounelH, caps, etc., etc., uo, 104,
Wood 61., Pittsburgh, 1'u.
Have on hand tuelargvst fresh stork of goods
in Pittsburgh, purchased direct from the man
ufacturers for cash, aud will be sold as cheap
as any hoQs east or west. Philadelphia and .
New York bills duplicated.
oct. 3-2m. ;
Adminietrator'i Notice. -
IVOTICE is hereby giveu that the un- 4 ,
dursigncd has been appointed as adminis
trator uf ihe. estate of ileurv Creamer,, late of
the county of Jefferson, ohio, deceased. All
persona knowing themselves to be indebted W
said estate will please ruuko immediate pay
ment, ar.d those having claims against i-aid es
tate will please present them for payment In
legal form. W, W STILLS, Adiu'r. .
Warrvnt6n, oct. 3-lt. ' '
TO tho creditors of the estate of Ilcnry
, Stoneceiffer, deceased. The subscriber has
been nppoidud by the Probate court of Jeffer
Mm county, ; comiui!iiouef on' the teUta of the
said Henry SloueBeirrcr, deceased, which has
this day beeu represented Insolvent. A further
period of mx wouUm trwti this date are allow.
id to creditors to bring ia and prove thuir ao
Counts against a!d relate. The undursigned ,
will therefore aiteud at bis office In Warruniort .
in eaid.county of Jeffeiaou every Saiurd ay, un '-,.:
til the expiraliou, for the purpose of eVcelviou ,(
claims Ae. . ., loatjtf SVCtrnTOrj.
VTanciitm, ottf. ff-lt. , ' ,'.
- . . - j i
- if

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