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Ctitt Jluuricflit.
: The Citizens' Bank still continues to
pay interest on depogits. D. Moody.
Safe at Home.
On Friday last accompanied by our
Wife wo started on a visit to the home
. of her childhood Waynesburgh, Green
County, Pa. Waynesburgh is situated
22 miles sdulh of Washington, and al
though not so easy of access, there being
r river or rail roads passing through it,
;jt one is amply compensated for the
' slight inconvenience by the beauty of its
scenery, and the intelligence and hospi
tality of its inhabitants. Within the last
few years they have errected a Court
House and other public buildings which
Would do honor to any of our second
class cities. We were informed that
their College is in a very healthy and
.flourishing condition, with an excellent
Library and superior philosophical appa
ratus. , By the application of "Horse power,"
we were landed at home on last evening,
and are again pleasantly seated in our
sanctum. By a free interchange of views
with gentlemen in Waynesburgh and
Washington, we were confirmed in our
convictions that the temporary triumph of
the Pro-Slavery Democracy, in that re
gion, was the result of indiscretion upon
the part of the opponents of the National
Administration. When the true issue is
presented next Fall, Green, Washington,
and Pennsylvania will go in favor of
American Freedom, and in opposition to
African Slaverv and political Romanism,
then shall we be proud of the tecord that
we are a Pennsjlvanian by birth and by
Six horses escaped from their owners
in Monongahela county, Va., on Saltir
day night last, taking &ix slaves with
them. The horses and one of the slaves
were captured on Sabbath, in Green Co.,
Pa. The other five were still running at
large on Monday when we left Waynes
burgh, As the horses are secured we
hope the propeity they purloined will be
landed safely in Canada, and the horses
be held to a strict account.
Thieves About. On Saturday night,
some persons not having the fear of the
printer before their eyes, entered the
liouse of the editor of the Herald, and car
ried away various articles of clothing, jew
elry, &c. They then proceeded to the
dwelling of Mr. B. P. Drennen, and rob
bed it of a considerable amount of mon
ey, (part of which was a Sabbath School
collection,) and also some jewelry and
other articles. The houses of Mr. Frank
Owcsney, John Nath, and R. D. Morri
son, were visited the same night, and
treated in a similar way. No clue to the
perpetrators has yet been found.
C7 Blackwood's Magazine for Oclo
ber is on our table. This magazine is
particularly desirable at this time, on ac
count of its excellent articles upon the
war between the Allies and Russia. The
The contents of this -number are, "North
and the Noctes," Za'ulee. The Baltic in
1855, in which the condition of the Baltii;
coast, at this time is compared with its
condition at the commencement of the
war ; 'The story of the campaign' &c,
Terms of Subscription. Any one
Review (Edinburg, North British, West
minster, and London,) or Blackwood $3
a year. Blackwood and one Review or
any two reviews $5. The four Reviews
and Blackwood $10. Four copies to one
address $30. The present is a favorable
time to subscribe.
Address L. Scolt fc Co., Publishers,
54 Gold Street, corner of Fulton, New
ICfThe Deserted Wife, by Emma D.
E. N. Southworth, Philadelphia, T. B.
Petei son. 586 pages, price $1,25. Thai
Mrs. Southworth is a lady of genius, and
that the productions of her pen possess a
rare fascination, none who have read them
will deny. 'The Deserted Wife," is a
fiction of great power and interest , yet
we would not recommend it to very young
persons. There are some doctrines we
cannot endorse but we must say that in
attractiveness wo have seldom seen its
Cj We have received the November
No. of Arthur's Home Magazine. We
know of no magazine which we can more
cordially recommend to youthful readers,
than Arthur's. Its contents are interest
ing, and its moral teachings unexception
able. C7Pelerson's Magazine for Novem
ber is a splendid number. The engra
ving, The Woodland Sleeper,' is almost
worth the price of the book, and the con
tents are even more than usually interest
ing. See prospectus' for 1856 in an noth
er column. . . .
C7Godey's Lady's Book for Novem
ber is on our table, Godey publishes
the star magazine, among fashionable pe
riodicals. See prospectus for 1856 in
another column.
C7 In the paper of this day is to be
found fho advertisement of Mr, F. Outer
mann, to which wo direct special nt'en
tion. Mr. G. sella remarkably cheap.
Give him a call.
Thd State Central Committee, after con
sultation with friends from various
parts of the Slate, have resoh'
ed to hold the
bration In honor of our Glorious Victory
in Ohio. At Columbus, on Wednesday,
November 14th.
Letters of invitation have been sent to
Hon. Ciias. Sumxeh, Hon. Wm. H. Sew
ard, and other distinguished Republican
oiators, who are confidently expecteoto
be present on that occasion. The sever
al county committees of the State are re
quested to take immediate action to se
cure the attendance of as many citizens
from their several counties as possible.
Our triumph is most complete and over-
wjielmning, and is the dawn of a better
day for the people of Ohio. It is w orlhy
of this special commemoration.
The details of this eelebration will be
given to the public as soon as they are ar
arnged. The Ohio Delegation in Con
gress, the Governor and Lieut. Governor
elect, and other officers ol State who have
been so triumphantly chosen by the peo
ple, are expected to be present. It will
be the great jubilee of freedom. Let the
freemen of Ohio come together on the oc
casion and congratulate each other on this
most auspicious event.
By order W. B. Thrall, Scc'y.
Why should I Give ?
Where God is forgotten, it is pitiful to
see how riches harden the heart of him
who gains them. Sometimes the man
who was liberal while he was poor, be
comes niggardly as he becomes wealthy.
The tendency of gain 3 to nourish sel
fishness if the hand that bestows it is over
looked, and the thirst of selfishness can
never be shaken. The reservoir of the
coAetous never overflows. Recognizing
no obligation he yields to no claim. A
man of this sort once said : "Others nev
er give to me, why should I give to oth
ers ?" Infatuated man ! is there none
that ever gives to thee ? What hast thou
fiat thou hast not received ? Who gave
thee reason, life, success? Who pros
pered thy plans? Who gave thee power
to gel wealth ? Who has kept thy dwel
ling safe ? Who has warded off from
thee a thousand calamities which have
overtaken thy fellows ? And art thou
indebted to none has none a right to thy
bounty? Wilt thou rob God ? Shall he
have no share of what is his own ?
Difficulties in the war to be fear
ed from Louis Napoleon. The prime
difficulty in calculating the future of the
present European war is not the uncer
tainty of the German powers, nor the
doubtful position of the ancw Czar, nor
the instability of administrations in Eng
land, nor the questioned ability of the Al
lies to take Sebastopol ; but it is the in
scrutable purpose and way of Napoleon
III. He is embarrassed by no parlimen
tary opposition or commissions of inqui
ry. He has an army five times larger
than that of England, and can make
new levies at pleasure, 'while England
finds it impossible to keep her present
ranks full. As the remarkable success of
his late popular loan demonstrates, he can
raise money to any Extent required. He
has the advantage of all the moral power,
of the superiority of thp French military
genius as demonstrated in thepresent Cri-
incanc ainnn'gn. For all the purposes of
the existing war, or of any war, he is far
more necessary to England than England
to him. Neio Fork Courier and En
quirer. A Few More American Victories.
Huntingdon County is American to the
core, electing the whole county ticket by
six or seven hundred majority Dr. Win
trode, a true blue American, is the Ass
emblyman. Armstrong County gives a majority of
from four to seven hundred for the whole
American ticket. Phelps, the American
candidate for Assembly, received the lar
gest vote.
Indiana County rolls up a large major
ity for the American ticket. Robert B.
Morehead is elected to the Legislature.
. Somerset elects the American ticket by
a small majority. Jo nas Augustine is
the Assemblyman.
Mercer County elects the entire peo
ple's ticket, and gives Nicholson a small
majority .-Passmore Williamson had 400
Lawrence County gives tho American
and Peoples ticket from six to eight hun
dred majority, and secures the election of
Messrs. M'Combs, Crawford and Imbrie,
Americans, to tho lower branch of the
.Juniata County gives Dr. Crawford,
American, about seven hundred majotity,
and secures his election to the Legislature.
Lebanon County. -The whole Amer
ican ticket is elected in this county. Dau
phin and Lebanon stand side hy side up
on the American Platform. and both
counties will be represented in the Gener
al Assembly by sound American Legisla
tures. Butler County gives from three to four
hundred majority for the American ticket.
In the district, tho American candidates
for the Legiflature, M,'Combs, Imbrie,
and Crawford, have about one thousand
An amiable young lady, a teacher in
ihr Csmibridjrc Mass. Grimmer School,
l.-v' just n"ivf;l inriMiiuiiir.n of a' bnqnesl
of 870,000 from a rojncicd suitor of hers
recently deceased, in Paris, Brazil,
True American Office,
Steuben ville, Oct. 31
Flour By wagon load $7.50
Corn Meal 75(31,00
Grain Wheat. . . .! 1 ,60 1 ,7.r
Corn 3510
. .2225
Butter Fresl
Dried Peaches
Dried Apples
" Sugar cured.
I bush.
F, GUTTERMANN'S, Market Street,
One Door below Fourth.
rpiIIS Establishment as usual offers the
best assortment in this city of Ready Made
Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Hats and
cans, Travelling Trunks, Cnrpet Bags, fec.
The subscrtber is respectfully soliciting the
patronage of his friends ofid the public at large,
and invites purchasers to the examination of
nis sjock.
The superiority of his goods in telection of
material and careful manufacture, is a long
conceded fact, and being determined to please,
ho is offering now the best stock of Clothing,
at lower prices than any other house in this
If you wish to save money and time in pur
chasing a nrst rale suit ot clothing, call at
Market st., one door below Fourth.
. oct 31-3m.
Still Greater Attractions !
Especially devoted to the wants of the
Ladies of America.
IF this Magazine is taken in a house, no
other is wanted, as it comprises all that could
be obtained by taking three oilier Magazines.
New Feature for 185C A new and very in
teresting story will be commenced in January,
by Marion Harland. author of 'Alone,' nnd
'Hidden Path,' two novels that have created an
immense sensation in the literary world. Also,
Miss Virginia F. Townsend will commence
In February a nouvellelte, which we know
will strongly interest the readers of tho 'Book.'
Stories by on English authoress.
How to rnnkc Was Flowers and Fruits.
With engravings.
Tho nurse iu:d the nursery.
How to make a Bonnet.
Troubles of an English housekeeper.
The art of Sketching Flowers from nature.
With engravings. To be copied by tho learner
on paper 10 be colored.
Maternal counsels to a Daughter. Designed
to aid her iu tho care of her health, the im
provement of her mind, and the cultivation of
lier heart.
New stylo of illuminating windows and
lamp shades, with engravings.
Poetry and history of Finger Rings, illus
trated. Shells for the Ladies, and where they
come from, with engravings,
Modelling in Leather, with engravings.
This is only giving an idea of our intentions
forlSSC. New designs of interest to the ladies
aro springing up every day; wc shall avail our
selves of anything that can interest them. In
fact, 'Godey's Lady's Hook,' will possess the
interest of any other three magazines.
In addition to the above will be continued in
each No. .
Godey's splendid Steel engravings.
One hundred pages of reading.
Godey's challenge Fashion Plates. In this
as in evcy other department we defy rivalry
or imitation.
Embroidery patterns. Any quantity of them
are given monthly.
Model Cottaecs.
Dsess making, with diagrams to cut by.
Dicss patterns Infant's and childrens dress
es. All kind of crochet and netting work
Clorks, mantelets, tuliuas, collars, chemisetts,
Under Sleeves, Bonnets, window curtains,
Broderio Anglaise Slippers, caps, cloaks, even
ing dresses, fancy articles, head dresses, hair
dressing, robes for night and morning, carriago
dresses, bridal dresses, Wreaths, mantillas,
walking dresses, riding habits, boy's clothing,
capes and cloak of fur in season. Crochet and
netting work painted in colors.
Diawing Lessons for Youth. 1000 designs,
Music, $3 worth is given every year ; the muse
and tho nursery, with full instructions ; Go
dey's invaluable Recipes upon every subject.
We would adyise all who intend to subscribe
to send iu their orders soon, for if we do not
duplicalo stereotype pla'cs it will be difficult
to supply the demand. We expect our li-t for
185G will reach 100,000 copies. The best plan
of subscribing is to send your money direct to
the publisher. Those who send large amounts
had better send drafts, but notes will answer if
drafts cannot bo procured. Letters had better
be registered it only costs five ceftts extra,
and their safe reception is insured.
One copy ono year, $3. Two copies one year
5. Three copies one year 6. Five copies one
year, nnd on extra copy to the person sending
the club, making six copies, If). Eight copies
ono your nuo. an extra copy to tho porson send
ing tho club, making nine copies, 15. Eleven
copies one year, and nn extra copy to the per
son sending the club, making twelve copies 20.
UTTho ubovo terms cannot be deviated from,
no matter how many are ordered.
Godey's Lady's Uook and Harper's Magazine
both one year for $4,50.
Godey's Lady's Book and Arthur's Home
Magazine both one year for $3,50.
The money must bo all scut at ono lime for
any of the clubs.
("Additions of ono or inoro to clubs aro re
ceived at club prices.
ETA specimen or specimens will be sent di
rect to any postmaster making the request.
ITWe can always supply back numbers for
the year, ns the work is stereotyped.
HTSubscribei s in the British Provinces, who
send for clubs, must remit 3G cents extra on
everyvsubscriber, to pay tho American postage
to the lines.
Address L. A. GODEY,
No. 113 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
October 31.
Administrator's Notice.
BY virtue of an order of sale from the
Probate court within nnd for tho county of
Jefferson in the State of ohio, und to me di
rected, I will offer nt public sale on (he 28th
day of Nov, A D. 1855, between tho hours of
10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p, m., on said
day at the residence of Mary Oosnell (widow)
in Wells Township, In the county aforesaid,
all the right, title and interest of Henry Gos
cell deceased in the following described real
estate, to wit : Tho undivided eighth part of a
part of the north half of section no. 17, in
Township no. 5 of range no, 2, in the district
of land, sold at Steubenville, ohio, containing
one hundred & 50 acres, more or less, being the
same tract or pnrcel of land of which the late
John Gosnell died seised, subject to the widow
Gosnell's right of dower in said premises. Al
so at the same time nnd pluce I will offer at
public sale all the right, title and interest of
the said Henry Gosnell deceased, in the follow
lug real estate, to wilt The undivided eighth
part of a part of the south east quarter of sec
tion no. 93 in Township no. 5, of range nn. 2,
in tho district of land sold at Steubenville)
ohio, bounded and described as follows, to wit:
Beginning at a limestone in the south east
corner of said section, thence west 163,3 perches
to a sand stone, thence north 98 perches to a
sand stone, thence east 163,3 perches to a lime
stone, thence south 9rt perches to tho place of
beginning containing olio hundred acres,
moro or less. '
Terms of sale : Ono half of the purchase
nionoy to be paid at, the ti'mc of sale, the bal
ance in one year wi;h interest, to be secured
by note and mortgage on said premniN.
Adin'r of the estate af Heury Gosuell, dee'd.
Warreuton ot. 31 '55-5t. ' 1
Forfeited to the State of Ohio for the non-payment of Taxes.
- 0
Sec. What
In whose name forfeited.
R. Tp.
Castner Ras sella Heirs. . .2. . . .7. . . .1
Stewart Stepheu ....2. ...7. ...5 pt.
l un js
STETJBENVILLE, In lot. Out lot. Iu what
Roberts Matthew 1239.
Wards ad. to
Same 393. .
Sam 25 426
Wilson Francis P 113
Same 114
Orr Johnson 162
Myers George 16..
Carpenter Reuben.... 12..
Bnrr Catharine 174..
Mallernee Catharine.. 74..,
Frazier Arthur 1...
Loury Adam 32..,
...do. "
Ross 1st ad.
Grey '8 ad.
Newburgh whole...
, Monrocville whole...
Salem whole...
Carr's ad. to sraithfield. fraction.
TVotice is hereby given to all concerned, that if the taxes, penalties and interest charged
on the foregoing list be not paid into the county Treasury, and the Treasurer's receipt pro
duced therefor, before the Second Monday of December next, then and in that case, euch tract
so as aforesaid delinquent, on which the taxes, penalties and interest as aforesaid may remain
unpaid, will on said Second Monday of Deceniber (being the 10th day thereof,) be offered for
sale at the door of the Court House in said county, in order to saii-l'y such tax, penalty and
interest. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock A. M., and continue from day to day until the tracts
shall be Bold or offered for sale. oct. 31 -4t. J. S. LOWE, Auditor Jeff. County.
Cheap and Fashionable Clothing!
wholf.salk and retail
Market si. Three Doors above Fourth,
The best assortment of Ready Made Clothing,
Hats and Caps ever offered in Steubenville.
flMIE UNDERSIGNED has just receiv-
and is adding weekly to his large and gen
eral assortment of Ready Made clothing, the
latest styles as tliey come out, to which lie di
rects the attention of his friends and the pub
lic, assuring them that ho is '.prepared to sell
every discription of goods, at rices lower
than has ever been purchased in this section
of the State. In point of style, quality or du
rability, his Goods cannot be excelled in this
0 r any other Western Market, His prices are
uniform, and the public may feel confident that
they will at all times receive the worth of their
It will be to the interest of all to call and
examine before purchasing elsewhere, as his
Clothing is made to order, he is satisfied that
ho is able to sell better goods at lower prices
t bail any house in the city.
J. HOFMAYElt, Market street,
three duors above Fourth, Steub.
oct- 21-Iy.
NewFalland Winter Goods!
G. & J. SCOTT'S,
FOR 1855.
llfE are now opening in our new build
' injr, on Market St., one of the largest
nnd most extensive stocks of Fall and Winter
Dry Goods, Trimmings Ac, ever received.
Our stock of dress goods wo believo is much
fuller and richer than any we have heretofore
received, coinnrisins the newest nnd richest
goods in Market. Wack Dress and Mantilla
Silks, from 40c to 1 ."5 : Rich Hai red nnd
Striped do ; Plain and Fancy colored Silks of
extra fine aualitv and new styles; trench
Merinos and Cashmeres : Erench Delains of
the richest patterns ; American and English
do j all wool plain delaines Persinn's, tc.
French Merino Fluids, new patterns ; Ging
hams, prints, etc., will be sold at the lowest
possible price.
Domestic Goons. Yard wide Crown Muslins
ni HI,' "onto . hi.nw fir, 7 tli Kl ! hlPilP.liei! flO.
good article.' fi. cents ; fine do 10 to 12V. ;
1'illnw Casn Muslin anu wnen ; oneeung
Muslin and Liuen,3 yards wide; Diapers and
Crash, Tickings, checks, ctc.j.will be sold nt
very low prices.
lio.vNKTs ! Bonnets 1 A largo and extensive
stock of Fall nnd Winter ltonnsts, Bedford
and English straw, colored Brilliants and Bel
grade, Split Straws, with rolled edge, etc., etc.
Millinebv Department. We aro manufac
turing extensively under the personal super
intendence of Miss Armstrong, from Now
York, tho latest Erench styles of Satin, Silk,
Velvet and Mourning Bonnets ; Dress caps and
head dress, a svtock of which is kept constant
ly on hand and made at the slim iest notice to
order. Every pains will bo taken to please
the taste and give satisfaction to our numer
ously increasing customers in this department.
Bonnets of the late French patterns now re
ceived. Shawls ! Shawls ! Broehn, square and long,
of tho richest patterns ; Stella do, an entirely
new article ; Printed Cashmere long and square
Woolen Shawls at very low prices.
Trimmings in every variety. Wo can offer
at this time the most extensive stock of Dress
Trimming in the city ; Watered G'alonns from
6J to C2e., of black nnd the richest fancy col
ors ; Mnrabo and Moss Trimmings, something
very rich and entiroly new ; Velvet, Plush and
fancy trimmings in every variety ; cords and
Tassels, Fringes, Trimming Laces, Gloves,
etc.; hair Fronts and Curls, Mohair head Drops,
etc., etc.
Embroideries Superb French Collars, chom
isetts and Undursleeves, Jacconct and Swiss
Edgings und Insertings, new patterns; Swiss
and Jaccouet Flounciugs, etc; a large assort
ment of full nnd half mourning collars, chem
isettes and bleeves, ic.
October 21, '55.
PLOAKS ! CLOAKS ! There will be
opened on Monday, the 22 of Oct., at G. &
J. Scott's, a large and beautiful stock of Rich
Cloaks', of entirely new patterns. oct. 24
ed at the Rooms of G. & J. Scott, one of
the largest and richest stocks of Fitch, Stone
Martin, Lynx, Siberian squirrel and Coney,
Victorincs, Pelerines and curl's, which will be
sold cheap. oct, 24.
J. Little, Merchant Tailor,'
Clothing and Furnishing Store,
llOULD respectfully inform the public
cenerally that ho has commenced busiuess
in the above lino with a large assortment of
Uloths, Cassimerej and Vestingsof every va
riety, which he is prepared to make to order
in the best stylo and shortest notice. Also, a
large assortment of furnishing goods consist
ing of Shirts, Drawers, cravats, collars, pocket
hdkfs, Stocks, etc.
Also, a good assortment of cheap Ready
Made Clothing got up iu the best style and
well made and adapted to the Fall and Winter
Tho advertiser having experience and prac
tice of cutting for along time ho fee is confi
dent of Jiis ability to servo the public. Try
him he will give you a good tit. oct. 24-tf.
Dunlap & Coble,
IT AVE just opei.ed an extensive stock
of we'll selected Dry Goods, comprising
nearly every articlo in that line, together with
a full supply of Groceries, Queensware, etc.
Believing with others that the ready pav
system is for the mutual advantage of both
seller and consumer, tbey will therefore in fu
ture confine themselves to it as much as poss
ibledeparting from it only with careful dis
crimination in order that promptness may be
secured thus enabling them to offer their
goods at a small advance on cost. That the
purchasing community may be assured that
bargains are to be obtained, they are respoot
fully invitod to call at tho corner of Fourth
and Adams streets, and judge for themselves.
oct. 24-6m. DtlKLAP & COBLE.
Market Street, Opprn'te Public Buildings,
Stftubenm'ltc, Ohio.
WM. MOSSOKOVB, Proprietor.
The atmve house has been thoroughly rofittod
und furnished la tne most tuodern'style.
June 20.
pt. Sec.
A. Value Tux, Int. & penalty.
S. W.. . .
S. E
2150... 576.. 51 3
Town or add.
,20bylCa ft.. 500.
part 2500.
whole. .
2200. ..135. .14..
975... 63.. 39..
. 10.,
. 12.
S. Fide 18 ft..
N. part. . .
, 200.,
, 112.
2,.4G 8
45.. 1..32 2
202.. 6.. 42.
45.. 2. .37.
M'Conncllsville whole ... 6.. ..8G 9
M'Connellsville whole.... 6.. ' ..86 9
Auditor's Office, October 29lh., 1855.
Now is the time to make up Clubs !
The Best and Cheapest for the Ladies!
THIS popular Magazine, already the
cheapest and best, monthly of its kind in
the world, will be greatly improved for 1856.
It will contain 900 pages of double-column
reading matter; from twenty to thirty Steel
Plates ; and over four hundred wood engrav
ings ; which is proportionally moro than any
periodical, of any price, ever yet gave.
Its Thrilling Original Stories ore pronoun
ced, by the press, the best published any
where. The editors are Mrs. Ann S. Stephens,
author of 'Tho Old Homestead,' 'Fashion and
Famine,' nnd Charles J. Peterson, author of
Uvato Aylesford ' 'The Valley Farm,' etc., etc.;
and they are assisted by all the most popular
female writers of America. Ne'V talent is con
tinually being added, regardless of expense, so
ns to keep 'i'etersou s Magazine unapproach
able in merit. Morality nnd virtue are always
Its Colored Fasion Plates in advance. It is
the only Magazine whose Fashion Plates can
be relied on. E'Ch number contains a Fashion
Plate, engraved on Steel, colored a la mode,
and of unrivalled beauty. The Paris, Loncon,
Philadelphia, and New Yolk Fashions are de
sciibed, nt length, each month. Every number
al-io contains a dozen or more new Styles, en
graved on wood. Also, a Pattern, from which
a dress, mantilla, or child's costume, can be
cut,' without the aid of a maiitua.maker, so
that each number, iu this way, will save a
year's subscription.
Its Superb Mezzotints, and oilier Steel En
graftings. Its illustrations excel those of any
other Magazine, each number coutaining a su
perb Steel engraving, either mezzotint or line,
beside tho fashion plate ; and, in addition, nu
merous other engravings, woodcuts, patterns,
itc, Ac. The Engravings, at tho end of the
year, alone are worth the subscription price.
Patterns for Crotchet, needlework, etc., m
the greatest profusion, are given in every nuin
ber, with instructions how to work them ; also
Patterns Embroidery, Inserting, Broiderio An
glaise, netting, Lace-mukihg, etc., etc. Also,
Patters for Sleeves, Collars, and Chemisettes ;
Patterns in Bead-work, hair work, shell-work,
handkerchief corners : names for markiau and
ituflnl.. TV.-!. n tji
miLiuia. x.auii iiuiiioei vuiuuuia n ruour r lower
with directions how to make it. A piece of
new anu lasiiionaUlo Music is also published
eveiy month. On tho whole, it is the most
complete Ladies' Magaziue iu the world. Try
it for one year.
Terms Always in Advance.
One copy for one year $2,00
Three copies for one year 5,00
five copies for ono year 7,50
Etghi copies for one year 10,00
Premiums forgetting up Clubs. Three, five,
eight, or sixteen copies, make a club. To overy
person getting up a club, and remittieg the
money, our 'Book of Plates for 185G,' will be
given gratis; or, if preferred, a cony of the
Magazine for 1855. For a club of sixteen nn
extra copy of the magazine for 185G will be
sent in addition.
Address, post-paid, Cuftni.ES J. Petersox,
No. 10a Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
"Specimens sckI, gratuitously, if written
for, post-gaid.
DTAI1 Postmasters constituted agents. But
any person may get a club.
Persons remitting' will please get the Post
master to register their letters, in which case
the remittance may be nt our risk. When the
sum is large, a draft, should be procured, the
cost of which may bo deducted from the amount.
oct. 24, '55.
Public Sale.
AN Tuesday October 30th, nt my rest-
dence in Saline Township, Jefferson coun
ty Ohio, I will offer for sale the following prop
erly, viz : Milch cowr, horses, cattle, 20 hogs,
Wagon, Buggy, harness; Farming implements ;
coin, oats, rye, and Bees. Also othor articles
too tedious too mention. Sale to commence at
oct. 21-lt.
Bounty Land Warrants carefully and
judiciously located ; also bought anu sold.
Land entered for actual settlers, or invest
ments, on time or for Cash. Taxes upon lands
of non-residents paid. Lands sold, Debts col
lected, S:c., &e. Personal attention given to
an business entrusted to mo. Commissions
uniform and moderate.
On all orders sent for location, the fol
lowing fees must accompany tho warrant,
which covers all expenses of entry, selection,
ana location :
For Warrant of 40 Acres $5.00
" " " 60 " 8,C0
" " " 80 " 10,00
" " " 120 " 13,00
' 160 " 15,00
Hon. B. Tnppan, Ex U. S. Senator. Steuben
ville Ohio.
Jas. A. Frazer, Grocer, Cincinnati, Ohio.
. Hon. H. H. Leavitt, U. S. District Judge,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Kinney, Espy & Co., Bankers, Cincinnati, O.
Dr. John Andrews, Prest. Stnte Bank Ohio,
Columbus, Ohio,
Mr. Abner L.Ely, So. 65 Maiden Lane, New
A'ork City.
Robert Garret A Sons, Baltimore, Maryland.
Hon. T. S. Wilson, Dubuque, Iowa.
Oct. 17th '55-ly.
Notice to Shippers.
Transportation Ohfice S. & I. R. R. Co.,)
Steubenville, April 16, 1855. C
4 FREIGHT TRAIN is now running
to Newark, leaving this Station daily,
(Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock a. m.
Shipments to all Rtations except Unionport,
Cadis, Fnirview, New Market, TJhrichsville,
Port Washington, New Commerstown, Layfay
ette, Coshocton, Adams' Mills, Dresden and
Newark must be prepaid.
Shippers will please conclude their shipments
and receive their consignments previous to 6
o'clock each evening.
oct 524-tf. General Freight t gent.
United States Kou3e.
! V. EARL, Proprietor, corner Mnr-
" kel and High streets, near the River, Steu,
bcnville, Ohio Jan. 1, '5
I am prepared to reccommend TourjPiUi.
joliet," Win Co. 111., Feb. 25, 'S4.
Mr. R. E. Sellers: When I resided
in Pittsburgh, I was cured of an attack of
Liver complaint, which had preyed upon
my system for eight years, and reduced
me so much that I was compelled to quit
'- During the lime of my suffering, I had
the advice of several physicians, but their
treatment failed to eccomplish a cure. A
friend recommendad the use of your Liv
er Pills, and after using two boxes of them
I found myself entirely cured. Whilst
suffering from Liver Complaint, I was al
so afflicted with the Piles, wnich I nev
er felt afterwards. As my wife ami el
dest son are now verv much afflicted with
n ilpr.iniT(.(l Qtatfi (if tlifl Liver. I a 111 very
anxious to have you make an agency for
the sale of your Liver Pills at tins place.
After the cure of my own disease, I am
nrenared to recommend your Pills, and
very many persons in this section wotd:
freely try them if they had a chance
Yours respectfully, A. Sarveh.
To the Public. The original, only
true and genuine Liver Hills are prepar
ed by It. E. Sellers, and have his name
in black v ax upon the lid of each box,
his signature on the outside wrapper
all others are counterfeits, or base imita
tions. R. E. Sellers, & Co., Pro's.
And for sale by Hening & Melvin.
TIIE subscriber would respectfully in
form his friends and the public, that be has
purchased the interest of his late partner and
is now Role proprietor of this great Cabinet and
Chair Manufacturing Establishment, the most
extensive and complete of the kind in the coun
try. With a stock of over one million feet of choice
lumber well seasoned, and a strong force of
first rate mechanics, he will commence opera
tions in a few davs. when he will be ready to
attend to the orders of his numerous friends and
A variety of new styles of Furniture will bo
introduced and sold at low prices.
Particular attenti on will be given tn tho man
ufacturing of Furniture suitnole for Steamboats
andHotels which will be sold on accommodating
terms nnd at prices that will defy competition.
Cane Seat Chairs made at this establishment
so much admired for durability and neatness
of design u ill be sold at the reduced price of
$5,50 to $8 per set.
Scroll sawing and Turning of ull kinds done
to order.
IL7Hooms with Steam power to Tent.jrj
Veneers, Varnish, hair cloth, Mulllny and
Cabinet Makers rinding generally always on
hand and will be sold to the trade at a "small
advance on Eastern cash prices.
II. U.ltYAN,31, Fifth st..
oct. 3. Pittsburgh.
J. I . on.LlfrrtlC' A. FINKB1NE.
I OOKLN'G GLASS Manufacturers and
" Dealers in Looking Glass Plates, Piute ghss,
Engravings. Combs and Fancy Qoods, No. 76,
Wood Street, Pittsburg, Pa.
ICOii hand and made to order, Gilt Pier and
Mautlo Glasses; Mahogany, Rosewood, Wal
nut and gilt Frames, or Moulding of every de
scription. "Steamboat Cabins decorated aud gilt.Q
sept, 2G-Jm.
"Woodwell's Furniture and Chairs,
WHOLESALE and Retail, embracing
every variety of Furniture, in Rosewood,
Mahogany and Walnut, suitablo for Parlors,
Chambers and Dining Rooms, equal to any in
New York or Philadelphia, and at lower prices;
every article made by hand nnd warrentcd.
CCabinet Makers supplied with any quan
tity of Furniture and Chairs on reasonable terms
Hotels and Steamboats furnished at ti e short
est notice.
Warcrooms nos. 77 and 79 Third Street, Pitts
burgh, sept. 26-ly.
npilAVELING and Packing Trunks, va
lises, Lndies' Bonnet Boxes, etc., comer of
Wood and Liberty Streets. also comer Wood
and 5th Streets, Pittsburgh, Pa.
ID Wholesale orders promptly filled at the
owest poisibltf prices. Repairing donn In the
best order. sept. 26-Gm.
No. 54 Wood Street,
Have now in store a full assortment of
Which will be eptWELL assorted dur
Sept. 5 -3m.
Time is Money.
HAVING received this day from tho
East a consignment of goods in my ine,
consisting in part of Gold and Silver Watches
nnd Chains, rich Mosaic nnd carved Bracelets,
Ear and Finger rings, Odd Fellows and Mason
ic pins. Studs, Emblems, etc.. which having
to bo closed out in 30 days, will bo sold unro
sonably low for cash. I would therefore call
tho attention of try patrons to the same as ha
time is to bo lost.
J NO. B. CRAIG, Jeweler and
Silversmith, no. 15, Fifth street, second door
from Market, Pittsburgh.
N. B. Watches, Clocks nnd Jewelry repaired
in the most desireable and neatest manner.
rFOOTU ACHE is readily cured by Dr.
Keysers Tooth Ache Remedy. Sold at Hcn
ning & Melvin's, and prepoVed by Dr. George
H. Keyser, wholesale Druggist, Pittsburgh Pa.
sept, 26-ly.
Drugs! Drug3!l Drags!!!
RE. SELLERS, Wholesale Dru-gist,
Comer Wood & 2d Street, Pittsburgh1", Pa.
sept. 26 '55-ly.
Steubenville Foundry and Uadhlns WorKi.
And all kinds of
Railroad Work,
And every varioty of
Switches '. Mill Gearing for Saw
Wrought and cast Frogs ; and Grist Mills,
Car Wheels, various
Shaftings and Pull
eys, Cast Iron Fronts,
Window caps, sills
and coal Vaults.
Bolts and nuts, cut
and Turning, Plan
Car Pedestals,
Car Oil Boxes, hubs,
Iron Bridges,
Hack Wheels,
Coal car Wheels.
Threshing Machines.
ing, Screw cutting
D"0;ir facilities for work are not surpassed
by any shop in the State, and our stock of
Patterns being large, all orders for the above'
work will bo filled promptly and in the
best manner.
Sept. 12-yi.
IF MULDOON & CO., corner of 4th
and Market Streets, keep constantly oh
hand a largo and splendid stock of. all kinds
of marble work, coisistingof Monuments, Tomb
and Head Stone, Murble Mantles Ac, io.
They aro prepared to execute every varioty
of design ; .in the best possible style.
Work will be done at Kastern prices and full
satisfaction given to customers. ,
Steubenville, Oct. 17th '551 J. -
1 1 1 1 !
.The Greatest IlcJidal liscorery of
the. Age.
DR. KENNEDY, of Kolbflry has Mi
covered in one of uurcoos tantt wiivt
remedy that cure , ,
frnrd the worst crofula down to a cooiinod
He has tried it in over 1100 c-,'aJ nrvrf
failed except in two cue, (both thunder hu
mor.) He ha lio in hi possession over tw
hundred wrtifi cafes of Its virtue, nil withia
twenty mile of Bossort.
' Two bottles are warranted to cure nursing
sore mouth.
One to three bottles will cure the Worst kind
of pimples on the face.
Two to three bottles will clear the eysteta of
Two bottles are warranted to cure the wort
canker in the mouth and stomach.
Three to five bottle are warranted to turf
the wiirrit. tit KrvsinelftA.
One to two bottles am warranted to cure ai
b J" S
Two bottles are warranted to cure nionini
of the ears and blotches among the hair.
Four to 1x bottles are warranted to cure tor'
rupt and running ulcers.
Oi.e bottle will cure scaly eruptioug of the
Two to three bottles are warranted to cor
the worst cose of ringworm.
Two or three bottles are warranted to cure
the most desperate case of rheumatism. .
Three to four bottles art warranted to curt
the salt rheum.
Five to eight bottles will cure the worst last
of scrofula.
A benefit is always experienced from the first
bottle, and a perfect cure is warranted when
the above quantity is taken.
Reader, I peddled over a thousand bottles of
this in the vicinity of .Boston. I know the ef
fect of it in every case. So sure as water Will
extinguish fire, so sure will thii cure humor, t
never sold a bottle of it but that sold another ;
after a trial it always speaks for itself. There
are two things about this herb that appear tv
me surprising ; first that it grows in our pas
tures, in some places quite plentiful, and yet
its value has never been known until I discov
ered it in 184G secoud, that it should cure all
kinds of humor.
In order to give some idea of the sudden rlsd
and great popularity of the discovery, I will
state that in April, ld53, 1 peddled it, aud sold
about six bottles per duy iu April, 1854, 1 void
over one thousand bottles pur day of it.
borne of the wholesale .Druggists who have'
been in business twenty aud thirty years, say
that nothing in the annuls of pateut medicine
was ever like it. Uiere is a universal pramtf
of it from all quarters.
In my own practice 1 always Kept tt ttfictiy
for humors but since its introduction aia gen
eral family medicine great uud wonderful vir
tues have been tounu iu u unit l never suspect
Several cases of epileptic fits a disease'
which was always considered incurable, have
been cured by a few bottles. O, what a mercy
if it will prove effectual in all coses of that aw
ful malady there are but few who have seen
more of it than I have.
I know of several cases of Dropsy, all of
them aged people, cured by it. From the vari
ous diseases of the Liver; sick headache, Dys
pepsia, asthma, fever and ague, pain iu the side,
diseases of tbe spine, aud particu arly in die
cases of the Kidneys, etc., the discovery has
done niore good than any medicine ever known.-
No change of diet ever nececest-ary eat the
best you get and enough of it.
Manufactured by DONALD KENNK
DY, No. 120, Warren St. Roxbury, Mass,
Price 81,00.
Wholesale Agents. New York City, C. V.
Clickner, 81 Barclay street) C. H. Ring, 192,
Broadway, Rushton t Clark, 275 Broadway )
A. B. 4 D. Sands, 100 Fulton Street.
General wholesale ageuts Western Pa Oct.
H. Keyser, Pittsburg, and Jas. P. Fleming Al
legheny City. T. H. Logan, Wheeling Va.
For sale by R. D. MORRISON and
HENING & MELVIN, Steub., Ohio.
Steubenville and Indiana, Railroad
rN and after Thursday, 27th Septem-'
" ber, 1855, a Train will leave Steubenville
daily, Sundays excepted) as follows '.
MaPTrain at 7 15, a. m. arriving at Hew ark
at 1 45 p. m., connecting with trains for
Columbus, Sandusky,
Indianapolis, Chicago,
Cincinnati, LaSelle,
Mount Vernon Rock Island and
Toledo, St. Louis (
Retubnino, will leave Newnrk at 12 M., and
arrive at Steubenville at 6 45, p. m.
To Columbus. . . ,$i 45
To Detroit. .$7 00
To Cincinnati.... 6 50
To Mt. Vernon.. .3 75
To Mansfield 4 75
To Sandusky...... 6 00
To Chicago.... 12 00
To Rock Island 17,00
Tu St. Louis... 17 30
rassengeri by the 7 o
clock morning Train,
reach Cincinnati at 8,20. same eveuinj.
For through tickets and further informatioa
enquire of F. A. Wells, Ageul, Steubenville.
Cadii Accommodation Train
T r-.i:- ... n 'ir . : . c. .
xjt'itvca v.uui6 nb i rfv tt. in. nruvKi, nt oicuocu
ville at 10 20 a.m. Returning': Leaves Steu
benville at 5 p. m., and arrives at Cadis at 7.
36 p. m.
Agents. James Collins & Co., Freight and
Passenger Agents; . Noe. 114 aud 115 Water
street, Pittsburgh. , .
J. N. Kenney. Freight Agent, Little Miami
R. R. Depot, Cincinnati.
P. W. Strader, Passenger Agent Broadway,'
Richard Hooker, Netvark.
F. A. Wells, Stcubeuville.
Lafayette Dcvenny, General Groight and
Tieket Agent
O. W. Fulton, Superintendent- oct. 21-tf.
THE undersigned would respectfully in
I form the public that they have ente-ed in
to co-partnership, and are carrying on the above
business at the stand formerly occupied by XL
M. Brister, South 3d St, between j4 darns and
Market Streets. From their knowledge af the
business, they hope to be able to give satisfac
tion to their patrons.
A liberal share of custom is respectfully so
licited. Jon KstibKLiu
October 27th '55 l y. A. J. Rktnou.
' Shoes, and Brogans; Palm Leaf and Leg
horn Hats, Bonnets, Caps, etc., etc., Ho. 105,
Wood St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Have on hand thelargest fresh stork of good
in Pittsburgh, purchased direet from the man
ufacturers for (ash, end will be sold a cheap1
as any house east or west Philadelphia end
ftew I oris bills Uuplicaiea.
oct. 3-2m.
fjith & WlSTEB GOOOS;
I USt oponed. the largest, best and cboap.
est stock of Fall and Winter Goods ever re-
ceivod in this city, comprising all the newest
T . J!-- TS. . CL.1. V
allies VI Ajnuirs yina guuu , vjitw,, ,!
broideries Hosiery, gloves, Mitts. Mull end
Swiss Edging.. Irish Linen, Diaper, Table
Cloths, silk end Linen Hdkfs, French end Ett'
elish cloths and Cassiraeres; Plain and Fancy
vesting; samneis, iweeua, onecci,, iicciog,
Muslin all widths, qualities and priee.
Persons wishing goods by the yard or piece
will find it greatly to their advantage by call
ing at thin bouse before purchasing their goodt.
oct 3. H. O. GARKETT, Third st
S. L. Sharp,
Wholesale tod Retail Tobatfcronlst
TfEEPS constantly on bands all kinds 6f
manufactured tobacco, cigsrs end ennff
Article sold by him ere warreuted W be of the
best quality. - , ,
Shop on Market street, south side, one door
below sixth stroat, and opjot,iU cct
building. '
Steuben ville, sept. 13 '55-ly

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