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suppose she ..... right iu rejecting toy
But why, U.11 me why, did she kick Mil down
stairs 7"
IIai.locE's "Discarded."
The wing ofmy spirit is broken.
My day star of hope lias declined;
For a inouih not a word have I spoken
That's eiihcr poliie or refined.
Wy mind's like the sky in had weather.
When ini.-i clouds around us are curled ,
And, viewing myself altogether,
I'm the veriest wretch in the world!
1 wander annul like a
I spend half my lime in the street ;
My conduct's improper and flagrant,
I quarrel with all that I meet.
My dress, too, is wholly neglected,
My hat I pull over my brow,
And I look like a fellow suspected
Of wishing to kick up a row.
In vain I've endeavored to borrow
From friends oine material aid,
For my landlady views me With sorrow,
When she thinks of the bill that's un
paid. Abroad my acquaintances flout me,
The htdies cry, 'Bless us, look there ?
And the little boy cluster around me,
As .sensible citizens stare.
One says He's a victim to Cupid j
Another, his conduct is bid
A third, He is awfully Stupid j
A fourth! lie is net fee lv mad !
And then I am watched like a bandit, !
Mankind with me all are at strife ;
By Heaven, no longer will I stent! i',
But quick put an end lo'niy life !
I've thought of the meant yet I shudder j
At dagger, at ratsbane, nr rope!
At drawing with lancet inv blood, or
At a razor without any snap
Suppose I should fill in a duel.
And ihus leave the world with eclat !
But to ibe with a bullet is cruel
Beside, 'twould be breaking the law !
Yet one way remains: In the river
I'll fly from the (loadings of care;
But drown! oh! lite thought makes me
A terrible death, I declare ! shiver; i
Ah. no! I'll once more see my Kitty,
And parry her cruel disdain
Beseech her to take me in pity,
And never dismiss me again.
Frightful Railroad Accident.
The Troy times gives, the following
p. mint of sin neiMdenl nil the lath inst..
c i . n i u ,i i
-.i S !, I an, Ko and i
.1, ' ll.i.a,,,, ,'l, Htm J
Railroad. New York :
"As the train came in sight of a cover
ed bridge, one mile north of Shushan, :
the engineer saw a man on the top of the
bridge, motioning for him to slop; he
immediately reversed his engine with a ',
full throttle, ami whistled on the brakes;
by ihe time the engine got to the farther
end of the bridge, ihe train came to a dead
stop, and the bridge then went down to
right, cairying the train with it. The ;
bridge was about 120 feel long and cross- j
ed the Battenkillj it was some five feet ;
from the water, and the water is now
from four to six feet deep. The train
consisted of engine, baggagec r ami oi e
paesenf er car. The train and bridge lay :
'promiscuously' about llio liver, both be
ini a mass of ruinr.
There were about thirty passengers on
board. The bridge was undergoing re
paits, and there was one of the wntkmen
on top of the btidgc the other men
were on or somewhere abotH the bridge,
When the train struck the bridge the i n
gineer ane fireman saw that ii WuJ going
down with litem , they dropped down
against the boiler, and so Wi III down with
ihe engine and bridge. The mail agent
tried to open the door, but could not, so
the went down, The baggageman and
brakesman Went down the pltnfnrm, aud
thought there was no use in jumping as
il was sine death any way. The passen
gers and men got out through the rubbish
and fragments, some nret and considera
bly frightened. No one was killed or
mortally wounded. The man on the lop
of the bridge went down with il and was
severely injured. Tito expressman had
his head eut badly, and one passenger re
ccivetl some flesh wounds in the face,
and one hand was considerably injured.
Seveial other passengers' received shgbi
injuries. The cause of ihe accident was
ihe carelessness of ihe men who hud
charge of the repairs ot the bridge. They
kail removed a bolt from the bridge, and
had omitted to put oul any signals to stop
the trains,
A Ueactiful 'I'lionoirr. When 1
gaze Ma die stars, thev look dowi. upon
nieuiih piV from iheir serene spaces,
like eyes ffKlfening with tears over the
I idle lot of man. Thousands of genera-
Uotis, all M noisy as our own, nave uetn
araUataad bv time, and Inere remains no
record of them any more, yet Arettirus L
t)i Kin. Sit ins and Hie I'leiads aresim sin-
ningin iheir cotnees. clear and young as
when the shepherd lirsl noted them fro.nl
the plain of ahtuac What tlianuwi we
are, aud what shadows wo pursue !
A Piuiaiu Suit. Mr Thompson of
Kansas, has just completed, so it is stated,
a prairie ship or wanon lo he propelled
by the wind, in which he proposes lo i
make a voyage to the Rocky Mountains
Thirty pas-rntrer w j ! I entbart in June
next, on the voj ao. . j
Saveral yoa..s ajjo a geni..;in:in, wlmj
then repiff ttied ihu 8tsie nf Illinois ;;
the-flt ne'e nf the United Kt.iics, invented
n ship of the s:.i.m kim!, and Intlulged the
belief. thaA-ihe experiment m' n,- ig-oino
the prairies ol ihe West by imiivrm ami
WMitl yyould prove siu ri's fi.l. li we re
nioijiher cnrici'iv. the wheels of the con
cern did move with a stiff breeze, hut the
realization of the gentleman's hopes was
never i cached.
'No I don't play on any instrument,'
o n il nil Cw'tanA Trtm Prmnrla ' in inSii'iT
JT! ,t Li. L k i '
. mu, hi.i.u... ....
came discouraged by a slight misroneep-1
tion, when I was a young man. I wasn't
appreciated, you know, and all that sort !
. ' '
of tiling. .
And over our friend's large honest face
stole a look of quiet drollery and amused
recollection, which roused our curiosity. ,
'Well, you see,' said he, in reply In au
other question, 'It was about twenty j
years ago, when I was studying law, and
mv brother was a medical student, that!
we both fancied we had a wonderful tal-1
en t for music. So John bought a flute,
and I a fiddle, and turning one of the at-
tics into a study, we practiced there half
the night thiongh. We didn I want any
. i i :. .t.n.. . ft,, I,.
1 .
er. who had very strict notions as to the
value of time; and to make him think us
usefully employed, I had quantities of
law books heaped up. and John had a
skul and all sorts of bones scattered about.
We knew thai Uj) lit our 'study,' no one
could hear us but Betsy, the housekeep
er, and as she was our old nurse, we fell
sure she would keep our secret. One ;
morning, after we had been wbiling the !
long night linurs away with out music,
to our own mutual delight, wecamedown
late to break fast, looking, I suppose, some- j
what unrefreshed.
'You must not study loo hard, boys,'
said our father considerately.
Yeisir,' said I, gravely.
Just then, Retsy appeared at the door,
and looked mysteriously at my mother.
Yes, what is it V said mother surprised
at Betsy's excited manner. -What is it
Wtll, ma'am, I wish to say, ma'am'
Betsy always spoke in that short nipping j
way, when she was called worked up, j
'I must leave yon, ma'am.'
'Leave me ! why ?' asked mother.
Yes, ma'am, ii's twenty-five years that
I've been with you, ma'am and it is the j
boys at last, ma'am. I can't stand it and '
I ain'l going to. It's not Christian-like, j
ma'am. '
'What have the boys been doing?, ask-'
cd mother.
It's Mr John, ma'am, and sometimes
I think Mr. Tom helps him. He's got
some pmir ereiur upstairs,
mu am am! lie .
torments him awiui. ne iwbb
groans all the night through. It is worse j
nor the heathens, I've stood it for more
nor a week. I didn't get a wink of sleep j
last night, and what that poor creator went
through was dreadful. I know they say
such things must be don by doctors, but 1 j
ain't going to stay where it is, and I nev
er thought that John was the one to doit.
r t If . I r,,,.
And here Betsy gave my brother a look
of withering condemnation.
My mother was acute enough lo know
that something unusual was going Oil in
nut study, and tellingBctsy that she would
inquire into it, dismissed her for the pres
ent. That was the end of our musical prac
.. . .1 I ..t .bo lala for
. thni''ii
m ",ct"" '
father tiink enre we should hot forget
Tt was a Ions time before we heard
last "f the Iur CWlur u; stairs
The art of milking well not latight
in a hurry. It requires long practice m
milk properly, and therefore nil the young ;
! people on B farm ought to bp shown bow !
. the 1 thor should be done. It is quite im
I portanl that ihis branch of the dairy sli uhl
be particularly atteniled lo, for a good
! milker obtains at least a quart more from
: the smic cow than a poor milker.
The first lesson to he inunlit lo young.
; people is gentleness end kindness to the
1 cows, They never need be tteated harsh
, ly in case the business is properly com- j
menced. Cows thai have 'been caressed
and uniformly well treated,
are fond of
haviiifl the mill; drawn fiom the udd'tr at
the regular time of milkintr, for it gives
them relief from ihe distensions of the
milk duct.
Lei young people he put to milking
the farrow cows first, or such as an: Bonn
dried and then the loss from bad milking
will be less injurious. The hand should
extend to ihe extremity of the teals, for
ihe milk is then drawn easiei.
Young people should he taught (o milk
as fasi as possible. More milk is always
obtained by a rapid milker than a slow
one. Thev should therefore be taught to
Lhiuk of nothing else w
milking, and
conversation be permitted in the milk
' .
yard. They should sit up close to the
.1 ,.l ra.Mha eft arm ireul V llTaillS
.,v. .w. .... j q
her shank. Then if she raises her foot,
as she sometimes will, merrly lo change
position, she will not be likely lo j.ui
it into ihe milk pail.
In case of a disposition to kick or rath
cr to raise her foot on account of pain ac
cafioned by sorenrs of the teats, ihe nearer
the milker sits to her and the harder he
presses his left arm against her leg the
less ri-k will he run of kping injured.
Cows may hp IWlgi.t t give down ni
,.e .nil ihey may he might to bold ii
a long while, :i!id to he siri.pnd iudeli'uile
I.'. The best way is to milk quick and
not use the cow lo a long stripping.
Northern Fanner.
Tins Western Reserve gave Ghase
uiajoriiy of 15,000
OFFICE Corner Third and Market Sts-.
Suubeiivillc, 0. Jn. 1.
A TTOttNKST ' AT LAW, Steubenville.
m, 0liOi officecrnor ot Ma.ketand Fourti
streets, second story." Jan. 1, MM.
AlT0UiV ? ttflh
Ohio. Office under Kilgure Hull, M irket
trect. i Jan. 1, 1;55.
Bank Exchange,
On in. Ovstera wholesale and retail, also,
ivyskno notions. iau. , .w.
E. M. ST.WloX.
ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Steubenville
077Si,IKB. b. ksuun.
Thatcher & Kerlin,
second door below Maikel, blclibenulle
qWo j., co,lstamly for sale and make up to
,.r.l..r. Rlnth. Raisiuwrus. and Yetting. Also,
Suspenders, Gloves, fcli i rt.-. Cravats, Hosiery,
. kUi itihiiiir Good, oeuerally. DOrUeni
and furnishing Uoou-. gencr.ui
respectfully solicited.
Jan. 1. '00,
JOHN A. UIVdtlAM. U-uV1'
ATTCRM. AT LAW. Omcoattke
comer ol third and Maikel si reels, oppo
site the Court HoUtc, Suubeliville, Ohio.
January 1, 156.
TTOUNEY AT LAW, Stenbenviuo,
Ohio. Kefers :o Hon. v ilson hliannon,
Hon. Win. Keuuon, sr., Hon. Beiij. S. Cowan,
and Hon. T. L. Jewctt. Office on Maikel st.
below Thud street.
,Tan. I. '55.
IT LAW. Office, Marsot street, opposite
Wa-liingtou Uall, BteUDeliVUie, unio
Prompt !
itantion lo Collecting and securing I
Agents for obtaining Pensions aud Bounty
Lands, band Warrants- bought and sold.
January 1, iTitj.
Marble Establishment,
VILLE. Ohio. All kinds of Marble Work
done to older. Oil hand at all times, Water
Lane, Plaster Paris, aud the besl quality of
Grind Stones. L. BOuLaND,
Stoubetiville, Jan. 1, lb55.
PUBLIC, WarreiiWin.Ohlo, will carefully
j ... k...:..uu .,,! in. ti ll to ii hi in i lie
:',R r iw-. uarriHonaud Belmont, in
the Stale of Ohio; and Broo'leand Ohm conn
;ics, Va. Otlice opposite the Western Hotel.
January 1, lt55.
street betweeii Thirdand Fourth, up aus; lour ,
doors below Li. mo bote, ruiltiueipnia.
January 1, tto.i.
17. G033ETT,
Deafer in Ftnuij Urucerie nnd Confix
tionnries, Market, street, between 6th
and 6th, in Dike's Buildings,
Stcubenville, Ohio,
lias j ;st received n fine assortment of Fancy
Groceries, CoiifeCtioiinries, etc.
The stock comprises iu pari the following:
Flesh Fruits, Pickles, Sardines, Spiced oys-
Tomatoes, Cap'fs, Pepper Sauce, Lobster-,
Sparkling Catawba and still Wines.
Crackers niul rheiu, fine ciuis uod ohewtug
Tobacco, and Fire Winks.
The public arc respectfully requested ineau,
and examine our stock. N . OOSSE I' I
July Itlh lfio If.
ornerof Market aud Ohiosta ; (Fur
ineily occupied by John S. Lacey, F.-q.J
VVm. Milloas. Prop'r OadiR, .
ETThe above named house has been thor
oughly refitted and repaired, and every alien
lion nll be paid to supply the wants of llll
traveling community. Thosiabllng is large ami
MTteusivu. A liberel share of nntronaire is re.
speclluliv soli
Cited. 21. .Ml LL1L Ari .
Cadiz 0. march 21st "55.tr
VRRER and fashionable lmir dreRsei
Rniors set, and all kinds of
strum, oi- put oi good order,
tic Mechanics' Saving Fund, M
llittWuahilliitoll hall, between 3d
Surgical in
(loom under
iket si neat
and -lib l
upril 3tli . l-."5
. Missouri House,
WATER Sl'ttiiET, (oppwiio the Pass
cngor Depot of 1 1 j - s U. cc P. Rail
road,) WHLLSVILliE, Ohio.
WJ1. WI11TA0EUB, I'mnrietor.
N succeeding Capt. CimZBlt in the
"Missouri House," the present Proprietor
bv nttentlon tn busiiiis, to retain (lie
popularity nni
ustly merited t
rums priih'Ci'i
pa.trounge which the house so
iiiler the auspices of his "IlluM
or.'' June 6, 'ii
Market Street, Opjmiin Public Uuildtiiyi,
StvubetiviPe, Ohio.
WM. MOSiJOROV-B, Fropriotor.
Tho above bouse has been thoroughly refitted
and furnished in tnu must uindei u si vie.
J 911.
Kational House,
Corner uf Mont und Lidun Stretti-
Wkllsviux, Uuio,
T. W. WIUTAURE, Proprietor.
j A VINO ngaln taken this old establish
ed lloicl, Hie subscriber w ould respect'
fully tender ins acknowledgements to a gen
cious public for the very liberal patronage
heretofore received ni their bunds. Having
thoroughly renovated and rofurnlshed ihe house
he hopes to be able to accommodate Ills pnlroU"
Insuoli style as will give, entire satisfaction .
Ths stabling is large and extensive. A liber
al share of patronsge is respectfully solicited
Ladies ot guuileineu canbuiiccommodiited with
single or double rooms at llieli tliscretioii.
June 13. T. W. WHIT ACRE
FORMERLY the "Black Hear" on 4th
Sneet, near Market, Steuben villa Ohio.
The Proprietors respectfully beg leave to in-
frm m travebng public lhat lhl, bouse has
i ei-e, .,: u-mmf .iwani man t wir
( , I ..... l,,,v, i,,,u- riMOV In SHA. II'..
guests, it is i ne earnest aesira him inieniinn
Of the "roprielois to give entire RlisfaClioit lo
those whu may favor them With their patron
eye. A liberal share is confident ly expected.
c. A. UOWKUS, Proprietor
October 17th is;,5.
Cottage House.
UENRY B02J I'i has token oharsto of the
j ! Cottage lb. use, ami is jirepared lo accoin
i in. ite t li pub lis.
i Ht hits refil ruislled the principal rooms, nnd
in lauiy other respicts sddwd lo theoortifoM
orii.n h i ise. (tn table will at all limes be
- applied with tho bsist '.he market affords, li
is ins H3teali.ni and -hail be In- constant cure
o rrii'ier hi- linns, iu every rospoet, u;l that.
niuV be d. -lo d by hi- guest.
Uoaid r- and I'iett'iue Panics accominoduted
on leu-onable .ernis.
Sept, l9-6m.
United States House.
j W. KAIlti, I'ropriutor, corner Mar
kel and Sigb Slretts, JUrRT ihe River, Steu
1 bvuville, CHiio
Jau, I, '5
The Watson House.
C WATSON, having almost entirely re
furnished and fitted up anew his spacious
hotel is the town ot New Lisbon, is now pre
pared to accommodate the travelling public in
the best style. His table will bo always fur
nish: d with the most choice products of the
season, and the treatment of his guests will al
ways be 8Jch us to give full and general satis
faction. Call at the. sign of the CROSS KEYS, New
Lisbon." June 13.
. Wholesale Drug House.
TlfH subscribers have on hand a large
1 tad well Selected stock of Drugs Chemi
cals, Paints, Dve Stuff. Oil, Vrtitsfa,BfUl
.s. Patent Medicines, Perfumery, Surgical In
struments, Daguerreotype -lock, (ihisswurc.eUv
etc., which they offer very low either wholesale
or retail: Deojers will rind it to their Interest
to exunine our stock and prices, as we are du
lemoned to sell lis low as my house in the
West. Orders proinpdy executed. aud personal ;
nllemion nnid lo shililiinu'
DWJQ EM I'OUIUM, Market street two doo
below the Jefleraon Branch Bank,
Rteubenville. Jan. I. 1855.
House Painting, Glazing, &c.
PKUKY OOYLE would notify the pub-
lie that be is still ready to wait, oil Ins p 1-
trons in the business of Housa Painting, Qlas-
; log, Paper Hanging and (irainin
Sign Paint-
south side, opposite Klljrore's new Hall.
Steobenville, ,Ian 1. 1855.
oi.. (loot. Iiv uon iievmeu. oooo
on Market st.
Ssvastopol Not Taken!
IflEST, Market street, has in store an
excellent, as-ortnient of CONFECTIONE
RIES, tfce., purchased expressly for this market
n..i.:..a u., ,i. ......ml nr bov LrArkiini. choiee
i ixaisino n iot , - , -
brands; CurranUCandies; Dates; Pruncsj Lem
: iois; Figs; Citron; Own Drops; Know Nothings; I
: .Tnn l.iod D.-oiis; Cakes of all kinds; Nuts ot !
all kinds; Fnnts; Fire Crackers, Torpedoes, ic.
Parties furnished with Pound, Fruit, Lady Cake
and Ice (Jrcani
Great inducements offered to Country merch- '
ants nnd others, who wish to purchase by th
miimiou fur hnnrntna iiiConfeclioneries.cn
. - . FEIST'S,
Jan. 1, 05. aiarket. St., otcuuenviiie.
t n n p
0. 0. F. meets every second and fourth
Fridays, at G1.; o'ekek, p. in., in Jefferson
Lodge rooms, no Third Street, over Garrett's
Store, I). B. Burcltnrd, 0. P., Geo. B. Means,
S. W.. John Waggoner, Scribe.
Jefferson Lodge No. C, I. 0. 0. F., meets
I every Tuesday a' C 1 2 o'clock, p. m . ill their
hall on 1 lllld sii-eei, omt .lanen s sunr. v.u.
It. MeHhs N 0., J. L. Holtoii, V. 0., Jas. O'
Neal, jr., Secrelnry.
Good Will Lodge No. 143, 1 0. 0. P., meets
every Thursday at 6 1-2 o'clock,, p. in , in their
Hall on Fourth street, over Bently ft Steelninu's
Store. A. 0. Worthington, N. G., D. Filaon,
V, 0.. T, II Robertson Secretary
8. 1853
" 1
L li
No. 54 Wood Btiibet,
Have now in store a full assortment of
Which will be Opt WELL ASSORTED DDE'
Sept. 6, t! in.
U. 3. Sltavin? and Hair Dressing
Erap num.
T EWIS STKVKN8 would reRpectfullj-
inform his fiends and the public that he
has lakeii a room ndjoining Ihu U S. house I
where lie is r.-ady at all t lines lo wail (ill his I
patrons In his Hue, in the most polite manner,
end would lie pleased to receive a liberal winre
of pal roiinjta.
upril 34l Ii 1855
UFi subscribers have on hand, and in
tend keeping on hand a iniod supply ol
oril, O ils and Mill feed. Also n food "Upplt
cf Omceries, generally keiit ill grocery eMail
iiishmeiils, South west corner of Fourlll l:kI
lAdllllis sheet, Sleubenville Ohio.
Sky Light Dguerrotype Room.
W. WISER, respectfully utinouhees
"to the public, that he has recently refitt
ed ami refill nisi ed the rooms, coiner Fillh
and Market streets, in a style inferior to none.
He llllspered no pllllis or I Jtpeliso to make his
rooms plea-ant, where one and nil may lake
pleasure ill visiting, nnd where nil w ho wish
may be supplied with DaguerreotypeR of the
finest tone, Hue to ihe life, st veiv leasounble
rales, mid will lake ureal pains lo please all
win. iimy favor loin with their patronage.
0K.H.ms corner ol Fillh and Market streets,
immediately over BaUted'i Shoe Store
Steubouville, Jan. 1. I'-'''
J. R. SLACK & CO.,
PAPER DEALERS, Market rnw, above
Fourlll, south side. Steubenville; Ohio, keep
constantly on hand and for sale, a hisae and
Well si I eled slock of Miscellnueolls and Sel I
BflOKS; I'lain and Fimcv STATIONERY :
Writing mid Wrapping I'APEHS, BLANK
HOOKS, etc, etc.; nil of which I hey will moII
on ihe mosi favorable terms ai wholesale or
Country mershanlR and other dealers will be
supplied at very low wholesale prices,
J. If. S. A Co. are prepared to furnish tin
best American Msgaaines, bs early as they can
be received by mail. They also keep on hand
a choice supply (If Sheet usio. luu. 1, ,55.
Bookttlhrt, iitiitioittr, Piper Dialers, Blink,
tiimk Stanufcelurert mid Bonk Binders,
KXKAU'llLS at Wholes;;!,! nnd Rotttil. in !
n i
"School, Classical, Medical, Theological ,
Misccl aneous, and Blank Books, Ruled and
Plain C ip, Post and Note Paper.', Printing and
Wrapping Papers, Wall Papers nnd Borders,
school, Uouni.iug-Uouse nnd Fi.iicy StniOnory,
Merchauts and other desiring to pun haso,
will do well to call and examine our slock.
The highest UUtrkel price paid for lings.
' North side of uket, above Fourth street
Steubenville. Oh in. Jan. I, '55.
Comer of Fourth and Washington S:rcets,
STEUBKNVIl.tkn Ohio.
Carriages, Phoutons, Huftgies, Sulkies buill
tu order. Also Peddling Wuguna
and ravin Wagons. All work
Sept. l'J,-f)t.-pd.
Winn's Oyster Saloons & Confectioary..
Fourth stbkkt, Sti (Oknviixi
f.UM. WINN boos leavu to inform the
"f piili'ic that he has filled nphis Oyster S i.
loons, and wi'l pommencu servinij tin' public,
i in ihnt Hue, on Saturday uvenin, Sept 2D
havitltt sepent'a apartments, purlies can partake
i of refre-hmeiils wiihout , belnil in any wnv in-
tin .ed upon by others. Plfi Feet -auced ;
Cakes, candies, etc. cigars of the choicest kind,
Remember the place First. Confectionary
south of the Norton hotel. Tables set lllirillg
all reasonable hours, and ovcry nttentlon jjiven.
oct. :i---'t Wtf.WlXX.
Fulton Foundry, Steam Engine & Car
UTEAM KNGINK8, mm Uoata, Stettin
1 Ferry Boats, hulls ami wood work com
pine, stciitu hsih-rs, shtet Iron work, mill ma
chinerv, and cast ina for ttri-t and Saw mill-,
rail road car whi rls, rail road cars of every de-
serlpiion insde lo oi iler. The proprietor of ihi
e-l i.lilisliiui'iil liavnii; tw,.nly-eii;ht year
practical experiel togethvf with extensive
privilege", twh coiifidvut that he can do work
as well and rs low as any establishment iu the
cast or wi'-l All eoininuiiicalions will meet
with pronipl Rlteutiop. P F.OEISSE,
Juue 13, Wellsville, Ohio'
Hew Fall and Winter Dry Goods!
TS receiving direct from the Eastern cit-
ies, his first genera) assortment of Dry
Goods for this Fall's trade, comprising every
thing new, elegant and fashionable, to be found
in the Eastern Markets. This stock is the
largest and best W hsve ever recei' ! and will
be disposed of at such prices as will nnke it
the interest of all persons wishing til purchase
good Goods at low pr ces to call and examine
I lie styles mid prices lh assort inent ci.oi.iins
Ladies' Dres Goods if nil descriptions White
Goods. Embroideries, l.aees and Edgings
Dress Cloak and Mantilla Trimming' : lion-
net Ribbons. Artificials, Fringes, Braids, Oimps
etc. etc. Housekeepers will find Wf full j
sines oi nouseKccping nnu I'omestic ti iocis.
A full assortment of best makes and qualities
Irish Linens and Shirting Muslins kept Con
stantly on I, 'in I ; also, rrenen utotlis nmlJUns
hpJjjL fctlneU. with a general assortment of
Cents' Furnishing goods.
The sew Piiii.aiiei.puia Blankets. Thespex
cellent Blankets will be kept constantly on
hand throughout the season.
The Cash System has been adopted and will
be henceforth rigidly Adhered to, as being for
the mutual advantage of buyer and seller. Our
motto, therefore, tor the fi'ture is Cheap for
The inducements offered are, it is thought
sufficient lo amply repay the trouble of an ex
amination, which is respectfully solicited from
all persons whether desiring In IveCnmc pur
chasers or not. ALKX. CONN.
oct. 3. '55.
HAVING taken the large and convenient
three story brick house at the west Corner
of the public square, and fully repaired nnd re
furnished the entire establishment, the under
signed offers Itto t lit; consideration of the pub
lic. He assures those who may patronise hiln
that every effort will be made to render t hum
perfectly comfortable, and that fair bills only
win be ennrsjeu
Newark, A n l;
He resis his rlaims with th
B, '.". tf.
ftM) PAINTERS. Wo have received a
large lot of Paint Brushes, from thecolebra
l.d Manufactory of J. G. McKensv it Co , to
which we Invite your especial attention. These
Brushes are unsurpassed for durability and
elasticity, We have also a new article ot Paint
Brush for paint n Run fx of houses, boats, (fcc
Also a fine assortment of Blenders, Graining
Brushes and lirick Liners.
PERFUMERY. The Subscribers have
now on hand a large and choice assortment
of Purfuiuery and Faucv goods which will be
-old very low. 11KNING ,t MELVIX.
SPONGES. A fine nssortiiien't of Toilet,
1) Bath aud Carriage Sponges on hand.
10 u iinuJ and will be sold to ihe I rude very low
Medical Hall Re-opoiied.
rjll. LOUIS KHLLS having re-opened
" ibis well known DriliJ esliiblinhment, soli
cits he attention of Physicians and ihe public
generally, to his Well selected Slock of Dine.-,
Medicines, Oheiuicals, Perfumery, etc. It
ihe design to render this ustablishineiit all linn
can be dcsir. d in a city Prescription an I Retail
Every care and attention will be given to
Prescriptions, and no medicine diseucd with
oul having been previously siiliji c ed lo a -iiki
exiimiualioii Evnry facility wdi he a (To did
Physicians in exaiune aud test llieqiiHlityi.fi
any article supplied by ibis .lore Determined
to keep the best quality of everything m this
line ol business, the public can confidently re I
lv upon any articles parch Iscd at the
Aug. I, ly. .MhUlUAl, HALL
William D- Sherrow, Barb3r,
IXOULI) respectfully in'" mi his Irion Is
and Ibe public, that he i ready at all
times (Sabbath excepted) to wait upon custo
mers in his line Room- South 4th Street, one
door north of the Norton Hotel,
Barbers and Fancy Hair Dressers,
fllli'', subscribers would announce to
the citizens ol'
S'ellbeliville and vicinity,
red into en partnership in
that ihey hsyfl ent
the above ImsiuesR, nnu nru 'enily to wail on
custoiners iii their establishment, where prompt
nitentioti will be given to (host who (kvoi i.hein
j with a cull
Miop mi Hie Norln-e;is corner ot I ho. I an
UurKct streets, under Ihe store of Messrs
Ooughertv. Sterbonville, Ohio
March 2.1. 1833 MlSPOrT A ROPIfTtS
Merchant Tailors.
WE now resaiivod, direct from Phil
udelpiiin. their Spring and Summer stork of
Roods, colislstiuir in leirl of cloths, a'l shades,
price nnd qunlilv, Drab D'- Elw ami Italian
ells for mourner wear, eassimer. plain, b'nek
nnd fancy, a full complete, nnd beautiful ass
ordntenl of linen Paiitiilloon.'rv, VetiiiifS, Snt
i mt plain, fimcy and figured S'lks su extensive
I assortment uf plain while Amirvd and fsncy
innnelllea uoslery, SUk, Liale thread and cot
t oi, plain f.oicv nnd tiured POtloil. ('.hives,
Plain nnd colored kid. Silk Lisle thread nnd
j Under Shins and drawers, Silk, Lile thread
' Onuzc Plnunell. Linen, nnd cotton, cravats,
Satin, plain and Rgureil silk, senrf", D -join-
ville Scarfs, plain nud figured silk, plain and
figured linen hdkfs, shirts, stiind'nir nud
Ryron cnllnts, suspenders, etc , R full nud gen
j oral assortment f Cents furnishing floods, to
which we would most respectfully invite the in
tent! mi of purchnser calllnglhls way, loex.un
i . ' . .. i . . i ......
me our largo ano wen seiecten sioea, nun piuife
for themselves, all of which for ihe "m e.l-
the irrnnd CRsh, we hope to be utile to sell
cheaper than ever before offered ill llos market,
may 15 y
The Green Mountain Rotary.
4 COOK IN J S'lOVK desiiriiuU for far
niers and hotel keepers, bnruliiH' wood mil
coal, and guarantied IokIvo satisliiclion t.. pur
cliasurs. Al-o ktk aiii tights lanre nTRR and
I he Stnrof the West. 'I'll e Moves are far iiheiul I
or any Vet introduced for baking nud roastiuK.
in respect to saving fuel and lor dntshlllty are
unequnlied. Maiiafnclured by A. Bradley, j
PillMiur(li, The subscriber keeps exist ant ly ;
..ii hand a largo assortment of all kinds of tin
Sheet-Iron and Brass Ware, Persons in want
nf RllVlbl'lg ill his line will save money by fl V
ing him ii call. Spouting roofing and all kinds
ofjoll work done lo oldei'and lit the lowest pri
ces. The highest prices paid lor old coppci'A
peWtei' Store South -1th street Uenilv oppo ilo
ihe Norton H'oise. J. 11. 1.UN'LiAV.
upril 84th 155.
Jk NEW COOKING 8T0VE, new in
design and principle, lor huruilig Coal, hns
an extra large OVall. a good draft, and easily
ch lined; Construction such us to meet the expec
i iii inns uf iill, aud guaranteed to give sat isfne
lion to ihe purchaser, Will yen call and see lit
Nos. 3 and 4 Exita Coal Cook Stoves,
" 1 2 Hartley " " do.
" 3 " 4 Air Tight Wood do.
" 2 " 4 Prerriit lo. do.
" 1 " 2 Yt Cook or Bachelor Stoves.
Egg. Parlor and Chamber Slovos of beautiful
design, Fancy Unites, Fenders, etc., elc, nil
reduced prices at the Oh In Foundry Wareronrria
Market street, stAHP t CRAIO.
Steiibeiiville, Jan. 1. ,8M.
New Boot and Slue Store
A. TONNK.K has on hutrd thii larg
si mid l.it assortment of 'Bonis, Shoe-,
lints i
anil taps lli.il lime liver oi-en oueieo in
1 1ll s. purl nl' ihe coOntrv ,.. s doing exe.lu-
of.sivelya cash business, he can and will sell
wholesale and retail cheaper than any Other eS
tablisliinenl iu the city All who wish to pur
chase, will please call at the new Built nud Shoe
Stoie of E A TONNER.
Market street, between Fifth and Sixth
Sleubeuville, Jau'. 1, 1C55.
The Greatest KcJidal Discovery of
the .Age.
DR. KENNEDY, of Roxbury has dis
covered in one of our common fastus wkkds
a remedy that cures
from the worst scrofula down to a common
He has tried it in over 1100 ease, nnd never
failed except in two ca-es. (both thunder hu
mor.) He has now iu his possession over two
hundred certificates of its virtue, all Within
twenty miles of BMon.
Two boitles are warranted to cure a nursing
sore mouth.
One lo three bottles wHl cure the worst kind
0r' ,,,,,.., the lace,
fWolo U.rec bottles wi
ill clear the system of
Two bottles are warranted to cure the wors
cankir iu the month and stomach.
Thr.-e lo five bottles are warranted to cure
ihe wor'. case ol Erysipelas.
One to two bottles are warranted to cure a .1
humor iii the eyes.
Two bottles nre warranted to cure running
of ihe ears and blotches Rmnng ihe hair.
Four to six bugles are warranted to cure cor
rupt and running ulcers.
One bottle will cure scaly eruptions of the
Two to thren hollies are warranted to cure
the worst case of ringworm,
Two or three bottles are warranted to cure
the mot desperate case of rheumatism.
Three to four bottles are warranted to cure
tin- salt rheum.
Five lo eiyht bottles will cure the Worst case
of scrofula.
A benefit is always experienced from the first
bottle, ajul a perfect cure is Warranted when
the above qua., lily is taken.
Header. 1 peddled over a thousand hollies of
this in i he vicinity of Lio-ion. I know ihe el
feci, of ii in every case. So sure as water will
extinguish fire, so sure will this cur. humor. I
never mild a bottle of il but that sold number ;
after a trial it always speaks for itself, There
are two ihing , about ibis herb that, appear lo
me surprising J first that it grows in our pas
lures, in some places quite plentiful, aud yel
Its value has never been known until I discov
ered ii iu 1046 second, that it should cure all
kinds of humor.
In order to give some idea of Ihe sudden rise
and great popularity of Ihe.disc.ivei'y, I will
stale thai in April, 1C.V!, I peddled it, and sold
about. SIX hollies per day III April. 1054,1 sold
over one thousand bottles per day of it.
Some of the wholesale Druggists who have
been in business twenty 1111(1 ihirly years, say
that nothing ill the annals ot patent medicines
was ever 'ike it, There is a universal prai
of il from all quarters
In my own practice I always kept it slriclly
for humors but since- its introduction as a gen
eral family medicine great and Wonderful vir
I lies have been found III n thai 1 never suspect -ed.
Several cases of cpiieplic tits ,1 disease
which was always considered incurable, have
been cured by a few ImiI les, 0. what a mercy
if il. will pi.iVu effectual in all cases of I hat aw
fill maiady I here a e but lew who have seer,
more of il than I have.
I know of scleral ca-es of Dropsy, all of
I belli aged people, cured by it. Fr ihe vari
mis dlseilsfs ot the Liver, -iek headache, Dys-pep-ia,
llslhiua, lever ami ague, pain in the s'de,
diseases of ihe spine, and purlieu ally in d.s
eases of ilu Kidneys, eic , the discovery has
done hi i ii I- if ooil ill .ii nev medicine evei known.
No change of lliel ever nececo-'
1 besl voll !J"i and eliuiltfll of it.
eat lln
Mauutiicluiid by Dt). lu ivtt..iv
I)Y, No. Ii), Warruu .St. il xbury, .Mass.
Price 81,10.
Wholesale Agents. New York City, 0. V
Ulicknei, el Barclay Mreeti 0 II Kiug,.l!)2,
Hn.ailwav, Ituslltoil it Clark, 'Ji j Uroadwuy ;
A II ib D. Sands, 100 FllltoU Sm el
(lenerill w holesale ajM Ms Western Pa0eo
II. K.y-er. Pittsburg, ai d Jas. I1 Fleming Al
h-gheoy City. T. H. Logan. Wheeling Va.
. or sale by R. 1). .UURRI jUN alio
lllvMNti &, MELVIN, Stoub., Ohio.
.Ink n.
Mil'', iindersiffned w upd respee ful'v in
form ihe Bulilic din lliey have elite ed ill
in co partnership and uruearryi ng .... Ihe ntinve
b'iiuess n I he si and fornierlv oeeai"l by H
M liii-l r, South 3d St., between Adtlltls anil
Market St I eels. Fr heir kno'ledge of III
li sines-, ihey hop 'to hi' abb' to give -ati-lae
tioli in llieif pillions,
A libi'ial share of custom is respectfully so
licited. . Jons Kevio i.i.
Oeohi r Q7th '55 Ly, A J Rkvholos.
if MULDOON k CO. corner nMih
and Market Streets, keep constantly on
j hand a hiruc nod splendid -tuck of all kinds
of marble work.cousi-t.iugof Mi uuienl. Tomb
and II ad Si - M uhl" Muujles Ac . ibe
They are pr pared loexeciite every variety
lofdesnxn, in Ibe lasst possible "tvh'i
Work will lindol t Eastern pi ices and full
: sat i-faci Ion given to customers,
Steubenville, Oct. 17th '55 1 y
: lirilOLBSALK DKALBU in Boots,
' Shoes and liro.-an ; I'ahn Leal and L-i;
horn Ha -. B'.tiiiels, cap-, etc., etc., no 105
Wood st., Pittsburgh, Pu
llav. Iinndllielirgnsl fresh stock of good
1 iu Piltsburifh, pnr.'ha-ed direel from ihe man
I ofactnrers for wish, and will bo -old as cheap
as any boil east or west. Philadelp,,ln and
Naw Yoik lolls duiillcated,
Administrator's Notice.
V"0TI(1I"3 is hereby irivoii that th, tin
derslifned has I n appnlnt. d nsndinhiL
trator of the estate of Heurv Creamer, late of
the county of .1. ff. isoii, llhiO, di'Ci'll-ed All
persons knowing theuielves lo be indibiid in
said esinlo will plea-e nnke immediate pay
ment, ai d those having clahiH iigaii.st -aid
tale will plea-e pie-cut I hem for payment. In
legal form. W. W. S PILLS, Adiii'r.
Warrenton. oct. 3-4t.
1853. Fall k WlNTBti G:ud.s.
I UST npnued, the larvst. best nnd che ip
est srk of Fall sod Wiiter Goods ever r
Oelved in ihi- city, comprising nil ihe newest
siyh's of Ladles' Drs- iroods t Shawls, Km
broideries Hosiery, gloves, M'tn Mull nnd
Swi-s Kilgiug, Irish f in Diaper, Table
Cloths, sdk and Mnen Hdkfs. PnyiCh nnd Rn
eli-h clolllH lllld Cas-hiii'ivs; INain Slid Fancy
Ve.tlng; Sitlinet. Tweeds, check-. Tickings.
Muslin all widths, qn diiies and prices.
Per mis Wishing giind. by the yanl or piece
will find it greatly to iheir lldvillitNge by call
ing alibis bouse before purchasing i heir goods,
ocl. 3. 11.0. (.Alt RETT, Third st.
S. L. Sharp,
Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist.
I7EEPS constantly on h inds all kinds n
manufactured toliACCo, cigar and snuff
Article sold by him are warranted to be of the
best qunlil v.
Shop on Market-street, South side, one door
below sixih street, and opposite Nash's new
Steubenville, sept 19 '55-ly.
Cnriwr of Third and Adorn Street,
Stkuiiknvu.i.!:, Ohio.
JOSEPH BI.AHKHUItV lu- fafron l
' hoUSt fill "oc'lv known as the "it n.ll I Corner,"
and Im- ' li'i' d il up In etonfort i de , le an I
I...W i-k. ii -li!" of pierohaue. ltd. n nnd
n"i'oinm idalioiis equal iu .lo. o iio in.. lie lien .i
pretences, inn) 55
Parks House,
Ctz Junction s. & , It aii.ko
JOHN L GUIRE, Proprietor .
ri Ills II., ns is new, and overy conveni
ence afforded to guests. Passengers on all
the trains oat at the Purks house,
ETMeal - only twenty fivecutits.
sept. l9-3m.
(civil engineer and land surveyor,)
Bounty Land Warrants carefullu and
judiciously located ; also lHnii(ht and sold.
Lama eniereu ror nctusl settlers, or invest
mi nts on time or for Cash. Taxes upon lands
of lion residents paid. Lands sold, DeblS col
beted, Ac, dte. Personal Htlention given to
all bu-iness entrusted lo me. Commissions
uniform aud moderate.
()n all orders sent for location, the fol
Inwrn feiM mint accmnpany ,he warrant,
which covers all expenses of entry, selection
and location : jf
For Warrant of 40 Acres $5 00 Jb
! 60 8,00
i .. po . jniiQ
" 130 " 13,00
' 160 " 15,00
Hon. 15. Tappan, Ex U. S. Senator. Steuben
ville Ohio.
Jas. A. Frazer. Grocer. Cincinnati. Ohio.
Hon. II. H. Leavitt, U. S. District Judfe,
Cincinnaii, Ohio.
Kiuncv, Espy A Co , Bankers, Cincinnati, O.
Dr. John Aidrews, Prest. Slate Bank Ohio,
Columbus, Ohio.
Mi. Abner L.Ely, No. 65 Maiden Lane, New
Y.'rk City.
Robert Garret .fc Son, Baltimore, Maryland.
11 I' S. WiNou, Dubuque, Iowa.
Oct. 17th '55 lv.
Stcubenville Foundry and Machine WorKs.
And all kinds of
Railroad Work,
And every variety of
Switches ; Mill Gearing fur Saw
Wrought hint cast Frojfs ; nnd Grist Mills.
Car Wheels, various Shaftings and Pull
sizes, J eys,
Car Pedestals, :Cnst Iron Fronts,
Our Oil Boxes, hubs, ; Window cups, sills
Iron Bridges, ; nnd coal Vaults.
Hackwl Is, ; Bim nnt is, cut
Coal ear Wh.-els. ; and Turning, Plan-
Threshing Machines. ; lutr, Screw enning
inrOurfm'llities for Work are not surpassed
by any shop in Ihe Stale, and our slock of
Patterns being lni'ge, all orders for the above
work w II be tilled promptly and in the
best manner.
Sept. 12-yl.
Steubenville and Indiana RailroadT
fS mid al'ie.r Thursday, 27th Snpiein
ber. 1m,"i5. a Train will leave S'euboii vilto
dsily, (Sniidayi excepted) as follows :
Mull 'I rain al 7 15, n. m. arriving at Newark
a: 1 45 p in., connecting with trains for
Columbus, Sandusky,
I ndoooipolis, Chicago,
Cincinnaii. L.i Si lie,
Mount Vernon Rock Island ami
Toledo, St. L misl
RUTVRvrxo. will leave Newark ai 12 M., nnd
arrive nl Sieubouvillii at (i 45. p. m
l o Coin oibus. . .
To Cine mi i! i . . .
To Mi Venom..
Tn M iinsfield.. . .
To Sandusky . . .
I'assenger. by
reach UiuciiuiHti
SI 45
D.noit 1 7 00
. (i 5(1
. ( 75
.4 75
. Ii 110
I'.. Clin. nr.. ...12 00
I'o Ito. k Island 17,00
To Si Louis. . .17 30
he 7 o'clock morning Train,
ii M.20. same even inn
roriiiroiign tickets nnd nirther ntormatioa
i nqoiicof F. A. Wells, Agent, Steubenville.
Cadiz Aoomtmoaation Train
Leaves I'lldiX al 7 .;li a. m arrives at Steuben
ville iii 111 "J I a. ill. Returning: Leaves Steu-
i ville at 5 p m., and arrives ut Cadiz al 7
o(j p. in.
Am xi'- James Collins .fc Co., Freight aud
Passenger Agi'lrts, Nos. .14 and 115 Water
-ireei , piti .burgh.
J. N Keuiiey, Freight Agent, Little Miami
It. ii. Depot, Cinciiiimtl
P W. Sirader, Passenger Agent Broadway,
llichii'd Hooker, Newark.
F A W.lls. S eubeuville.
Lilaveite DeVeiniy, Ouneral Orelght and
Ticket Airuut,
U IV. Fulton, Superiiitendeiit f 2 4 tf
Notico to Shippers.
R R Gi ,
iG. 155.
Steulauivillc, April l(.
l ihltJll i I It A l.N i- ii w riniiKiiir
to Newark, leiivlng this Station
(h"nilavs exe. ii i d) a' 5 n c'"ck a m.
Shipmenis in all -lalion- except Unionport,
Cadit Fairview, N'.-w Market. Dhriebsville,
Port Wiishington, NT. w Collimerslnwu, Layfay
etti, Cohiicton, Adams' Mills, Dresden and
Ke ark miisl li" prepaid.
Shi per-will please conclude their shipments
and PCeive their c.iusigi.ii'.eiits previous to 6
o'clock each eveninif,
net 01 H' General Freight gent.
Legal Notice.
S unit 'i Uiuks 'j
vs In Partition
Ibieliel I'rieoKt nl. )
NOTMlh is heroby given fn Josiuh Price
ind Itiiollel Price his wife Thomas Hanson
and Klizabi'lh Hanson his wife, of .Jeffer
son ('.unity, Ohio, Jacob Pool and Mary
Pool his wife of Monroe County, O uo, Jo
soph Gross and 8irali Cross, his wife of
town County, .Michigan; and Joanna
I lick's, David Ilijlcs, Isaac lliuks, Klilibeth
Hicks, Fi ni'is C. llieks. and Martha
llicks, children of John I licks deceased,
.f Jefferson County, Onio, that on the
.'Sth day of August.' 1855, Samuel Hick's
die I in the offieo of the Clerk of the Court
it C mi ni n P.eis for Jefferson Cuinty, 0.
i ;ai ist tli -in his petition which is now
pi'iiding wherein 'he said petit inner demands
p ii'tiii'in of tin following Itail Bitato, sir
ute in JlrT.irsiii C unity; O ii , of which
;e Jiihn Hicks late of said County died
i.'t idt i wit: Tiro Sooth West Quar'or
if Seetion No 1-4. in Township Ten aud
.. .... .... . . i . n
liangv. I in iv, anil tnai in toe next lonn
of the Court of Common Pleas for said
Courtly nf Jefferson, said petitioner will make
application for an order that partition may
be in.idi) of s iid promises.
Sept. 5 (it Mis Attorneys
rPlIH subscriber would respectfully in-
form his friends ml I be public, that he has
purchased the interest of his hue partner aud
I- now sole proprietor of tins great IMDIOfl and
Chair Manufacturing Establishment,, the most
extensive and complete of "he kind in the coun
try. Willi a stock of over one million feet of choice
lumber well seasoned, and a strong force of
first rate meehauica, be will commence opera
tions in a few (lays, when he will be ready to
ai lend to ihe orders of his numerous friends and
A variety of new styles nf Furniture will be
Introduced und sold ut low prices.
Pari icnhir intenti on will be given to the man
ufar luring of Fun.lnre siiitsole for Sleaniboats
aiiilllolcls which willb.- sold on ar.comm .dating
erilis and at price- I li.it will defy co op.'l ition.
Dane Seal llfnlirs made ill llos establish men
i so much oil ni I for durnbiliiy and neatness
of des .oi "ill In' -old at llii. reduced prices of
$5,511 lo s8 per set.
Scroll sawing OTd Turning of nil kinds dono
to order.
Jj"ltooins with Steam power to rent
Veneers. Va-ni-h, hair cloth Mullbiy and
'labinet Muker- finding generally nlwnys on
bund and Will b. sold lo the Ira lu at a small
advance on Eastern ca-b prices.
11. U. KYAN.ai, Fifth st..
oct. 3. Pittsburgh.
' :. i ... . ,
"VlSITMiirT' ii'rt il :" '
J.mlli. m.

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