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Viug the duties of supervisors nd rela
ting to toads and hishtrsyi passed
April 7, 1851, and the act 'entitled an act
i . . .. . i . .
iq amerta me act entitled "an aoi prescri
bing the duties of supervisors and relating
td roads and highways," pas.eu April 29,
lliii, are hereby repealed,
- f v N. II. VAN VORHES,
Speaker of the House of Representatives,
;;; . .THOS. H. FORD,
s i .'. 1 , President of the Senate.
April 8th, 1856.
TNo. 125.1 AN ACT
Supplementary to the act providing for
3 the punishment of crimes, passed
- March 7, 1835.
tral Assembly of the State of Ohio, That
if any person or persons shall wilfully and
maliciously, by administering poison, or
causing the same to be administered, kill
any horse, mare, ioal, filly, jack, mule, or
ass, sheep, goat, cow, ox, steer, bull, heif
er, or swine) the property of another, of
the value of thirty-five dollars or upwards,
the person or persons so offending, shall
be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and
upon conviction thereof, shall be impris
oned in the penitentiary and kept at hard
labor, not more than seven years, nor less
than one year.
Section 2. That if any person or
persons shall wilfuly and maliciously, by
administering poison, or causing the same
to be administered, kill any horse, mare,
foal, filly, jack, mule, or ass, sheep, goat,
cow, ox, steer, bull, heifer, or swine, the
property of another of less value than thirty-five
dollars, such person or persons
shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined in
anysumnot more than two hundred nor
less than twenty dollars, and imprisoned
in the cell or dungeon of the jail of the
county not exceeding three months, at the
discre'ion of the court.
Section 3. That if any person or per
sons shall wilfully and maliciously ad
minister or cause to be administered,
poison of any sort whatever, to any horse,
mare, foal, filly, jack, mule, or ass, sheep,
goat, cow, ox, steer, bull, heifer, or
swine, the property of another, with in
tent to injure or destroy such horse, mare
foal, filly, jack, mule, or ass, sheep, goat,
cow, ox, steer, bull, heifer, or swine, the
person or persons so offending shall be
deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and
upon conviction thereof, shall be fiued in
the sum of one hundred dollars, or im
prisoned in the jail of the proper county,
and fed on biead and water only, for a
period not exceeding thirty days, at the
discretion of the court.
Section 4. Nothing in this act shall be
construed to extend to any person who
hall kill, or attempt to kill, in manner
herein provided, any of the before men
tioned animals trespassing in his or her
Section 5. All offences under this act
shall be prosecuted and conducted before
the same coutt and in the same manner as
is or may be provided by law for the pros
ecution of offences of the same grade, in
the different counties of this Slate.
Speaker of the House of Representatives,
Presiden t of the Senate.
April 8, 1850.
Secretary, or State's Office,
Columbus, April 17th, 1856.
1 hereby certify that the foregoing acts
are correctly copied . from the original
rolls on file in this office.
Secretary of Slate.
Auditor's Office. )
" ' Jefferson Co., May 3, 1856. J
I hereby certify that the foregoing acts
are correctly copied from the copies cer-
titled1 to me by the Secretary of State.
-V - J.S.LOWE,
' Auditor Jeffersoli County.
How the Irishman Converted the Jew.
A 'rale hard sinner,' a native of the
Emerald Isle, went to confession the other
day to his parish priest, and to shocked
the clergyman with a recital of his sins
that he exclaimed 'My son, did you
ever do a good deed in your life?'
'I did, said Pat; 'I converted a Jew
'How was that?' inquired the confes
sor. .
You see,' said Pat, 'the long-nosed,
pork-ailing, murthering blaggard fell over
board, and I put after his carcase in a
boat,', I gazed him by the top knot just
asjie went down the second time, and
pulfed his head above the shurface, and
said: ' :'"
'If I save you, will you be a Chris
tian!' .
?'J,Won, l' ay ne; and with that I de
posited his head about three feet unther
"gain. Pulled him up once more and put
fhe question anew.
'No, he answered gruffly.
I gave )iim another dip, and brought
Mm up, puffing and blowing like a por-
poise."';'' 1;. s '
'Will you be a Christian now? says I.
Y-e , says he, and his teeth were
chattering for all the world like a monkey
.that had burned his toes. ,.;
Well,! says I, 'you arc now converted
ad vcVd better die in the faith and so
laying, f jfielj fo junthcr'uhtjf'hie ipjr'jj
ad departed '"", ;,,;
Passing away ! Oh 1 what a solemn
sound. Did it never strike you, my
friends, that we are all passing on t That
each moment we are drawing nearer and
nearer the grave ; and that soon we may
be called upon to pass through the "val
ley of the shadow of death" whence none
We look around us, we view the works
of our Creator, and what is presented to
our sight? Upon every blade of grass,
every leaf and every tree, is stamped in
glowing terms, as with the hand of iron,
Passing away.
Yet seldom we see this lesson heeded.
Few look upon it in such a light, still
wishing, if but for a little season, to en
joy more of the pleasures which this
world affords, intending afterwrds to turn
their attention to repentence. Alas ! that
period never arrives, and the sinner is
hurried into the presence of his God,
without the power to say, with the
publican, "Lord, be merciful to me a sin
ner." Let us take man now, and view him
fiom the earliest stages of infancy, to de
creed old age. First, we see the1 lovely
yet unconscious babe, not even knowing
its mother's gentle care, without which it
must perish. We gaze upon it with so
much interest, so beautiful in its inno
cence, and yet beneath that lovely sur
face, so much sin is concealed, that it re
quires but the slightest movement to call
it forth, as friction' calls forth the latent
heal of steel. Such a picture cuuses a
shade of sadness to fall upon us, and we
cannot help but lift the silent prayer to
the throne of God, that in passing away,
this child may pass unto life and not unto
death. Again we behold him he is
now in all the pride of youth and enjoy
ment of school-boy pleasures, with but
few trials to mar his pathway, and these
are soon cast off by a kind and sympathet
ic word, for youth is not the time for sor
row long to cast its shadowing gloom.
Once more we behold him he is now
in all the vigor of manhood, when all
those dreamy visions of youth are to be
realized. He looks into futurity with
pie rcing gaze, as though he could with
earnestness behold each coming event
which is to characterise his life. He
commences to see the world as it is ; he
sees what it never dreamed of; and may
we ask what that is ? That wickedness
reigns supreme. He mistrusts all, and
wonders where he can find a friend in
whom to repose with perfect confidence.
Ambition rises within his breast, and he
would tower above all others. The idea
is formed that none care for him, and he
will care for none. His ambitious spirit
governs him, and carries him on. He
soars and soars,,until he reaches the pin
nacle, but there, alas ! his hopes perish,
and he is dragged into the abyss of ruin
and shame, from which he seldom rises.
Then remorse, that bitter feeling, takes
possession of his soul, and unless there
are those around him, who have pity in
spite of his feelings towards them, there
is little hope.
Aud now, for the last time, he is pre
sented to us. His gray hair and totter
ing limbs are fair tokens of infirmity and
old age. He begins to have feelings of
anxiety concerning the uncertainty of life,
and the state of his immortal soul ; and
wondeis that he has been permitted thus
long to figure upon this earthly stage ;
that, in reality, he is Passing Away, His
days are numbered, and it perhaps would
bo preferable to make use of the remnant
left him, to that time be not lost. Yes,
he looks upon the past, he sees the way
wardness and ficklenss of youth, and if
that time were spent over again, Oh!
how differently would he apply himself.
But too late ! alas, he finds
"Tis not all of life to live,
Nor all of death to die."
Victories or the Press.-MucIi has al
readybeen accomplishedin morewaysthar.
people are aware, so gradual and silen1
has been the advance. How noiseless is
the growth of corn ! Watch it night and
day for a week, and you will never see
it growing; but return after two months,
and you will find it whitening for the har
vest. Such, and so imperceptible in the J
stages of their motion, are the victories
ot the press.
Samuel Sidebottom.
HAVING purchased the stock of H.
Rohm, in this store, I have made
large additions of carefully selected Goods
and wish to call the attention of custom
ers and the public to my . establishment,
where I intend always to keep on hand, a
genera and superior assortment of all
articles in the Grocory line; also Provis
ions, produce, meat, dueensware, Sic, &c
which I flatter myself I can offer on
as good terms as any similar house.
To my friends from the country, I soy,
bring on your produce, for which 1 will
give you the highest market price.
To mv city friends I say come one
come all, and, examine for yourselves.
By a cheerful attention to your wants, I
trust to deserve your patronage. :
Remember, 8 a mu el Sidkbottom's,
Market street, first door above Jefferson
BranchBank Marchl2-.ini
fPhe Ob-Partnership heretofore existing
under the name of Hottel & Sidfbot.tom in
theOrocery busineits, waft dissolved on the 27 lb
nut ., by mutual consent.
ItTThe business will be continued hy the
subscriber, who has made some additions to
his stock of Groceries, and respectfully solicits
the attention of customer to hi xror.
April 2!)th, f SAM'L SIDEBOTTOM.
Market St., next door to the Uopk;
Saddle, Harness and Trunk manufac
tory, Wholesale and Retail.
TVO. 137, Market street, opposite Wash-
spectfully announce to their customer! and toe
fiublio generally, that they have now in Store a
arge and splendid assortment of Sad del rv,
comprising the following article : plain and
fancy Saddles, Bridle, Martingales, harness,
Trunks collars. Whips, Lashes, 4c, Ac., man.
ufactured of the best material, by the most ex
perienced workmen. Also, Mattresses of vari
ous kinds, made to order on the shortest no
tice. Dealers in the above articles are respectfully
invited to call and examine our stock before
purchasing, satisfied that we can accommodate
ou the most reasonable terms for cash.
Steubenville. Ja.i. I. 'M.-ly.'
J. Little, Merchant Tailor,
Clothing and Furnishing Store,
T170ULD respertfiilly inform the public
generally that he ha commenced business
in the above line with a large assortment of
Cloths, Cassimeres and Vesting of every va
riety, which he is prepared to make to order
in the best style and shortest notice. Also, a
arge assortment of furnishing goods consist
ing of Shirts, Drawers, cravats, collars, pocket
hdkfs, Stocks, etc.
Also, a good assortment of cheap Ready
Made Clothing got up in the best stvle and
well made and adapted to the Fall and Winter
The advertiser having experience and prac
tice of cutting for along time he feeis confi
ent of his ability to serve the public. Try
pm he will give yon a good fit. oct. 24-t.f
N. & J. S. DIKE,
At the old stand of M. Andrews &s Son,
ORN AMEN TS of Memory Elegantly
Bound and Illustrated.
cenery of the United States do do
Sabbath Belle do do
S lie English Orphans by Mrs. Holmes.
Tempest and sunshine do
Cleve Hall
The Winkles
Beauty for nslies.
Gilfillans Third Gallery '
The dewdrops
Representative Women by Baldwin
Aspirations by Mrs. Maimers
Ida Norman by Mrs. Lincohn Philips
Questions of the Soul by Wecker,
Wisdom, Wit & Whims.
Fitzgeralds Exhibition Speaker
Richard the Teachers
The Lances of Lynwood
Molly & Kitty
Young Americans abroad
Pleasant Pages for Young People
Love of Country
The Guiding Star
Oriental Story Book
Wit Bought
And a variety of additional Juveniles
mniaturesand Toy Books Just received and
orsale by J. R. SLACK, $ CO.
Woolen Factory For Rent.
THE subscriber living on Cross Creek
wishes to rent his factory about five miles
from Steubenville on the Railroad, either for
money or on the shares, op reasonable terms.
Jan. pcl.HU St ANDREW EKEY Jr.
William D. Sherrow, Barber,
1170ULD respectfully inform his friends
and the public, that he is readv at all
times (Sabbath excepted) to wait upon custo
mers in his line. Rooms South 4th Street, one
oor north of the Norton Hotel.
New' Cheap and Best EeadyMade Cloth
ing to be bad at E. Frohman s & Co.
THE UNDERSIGNED have for the
Winter and Spring sales a very general and
universally admired stock of Ready Made
Clothing which can be recommended!, being
manufactured at their own house in Cincinnati,
made expressly for their own trade, thev are
prepared to give bargains to customers and
hold nut better inducements than any other
nominL' estaniishment in toe county, i oev
now boast of an entirely complete, and almost,
exclusively new stock, comprising all the la
tl nvles and descriptions of Pants and plain
cloth dress, Frock coats, Box, Sack, rnd Busi
ness coat. They have a splendid variety for
men ana ooys.
Magnificent Vests plain and prepared Silks,
Satinet, cloth, and velvet; all colors and
shades. One Thousand more articles of cloth
ing for gentlemen's and boys's wear, embrac
ing all kinds of fashionable and serviceable
goods, at the cheap rash Store of
E. FROHMAtf A Co..
Washington Halt Building, Steubenville.
nov. 14, '55.
House Fainting, Glazing;, &c.
OERRY COYLE would notify the pub
lie that he is still ready to wait on his pa
irons in the business of House Painting, Olaz
ing, Paper Hanging and Graining. Sign Paint
ingdone by journeymen. Shop on Market st
south side, opposite Kilgore's new Hall.
Steubenville, Jan. 1, 1855.
J. . SLACK & CO.,
" PAPER DEALERS. Market street, above
Fourth, south side, Steubenville, Ohio, keep
constantly on nana and lor sale, a large and
well selected stock of Miscellaneous and School
BOOKS; Plain and Fancy STATIONERY;
Writing and Wrapping PAPERS, BLANK
BOOKS, etc., etc.; all of which thev will sell
on the most favorable terms at wholesale or
Country merchants and other dealers will be
supplied at very low wholesale prices,
J. R. S. & Co. are prepared to furnish the
best A nerican Magazines, as early as they can
be received by mail. They also keep on hand
choice supply aof Sukkt usio. Jan, 1, ,55.
"PERFUMERY. The Subscribers have
now on hand a large and choice assortment
of Purfumery and Fancy goods which will be
sold very low. HENING MELVIN.
first instalment of 58 cases of Dry and Va
riety Goods. It consists in part of
Patent Thread, Slate Pencils
Shoe Thread, , Hair Brushes,
Spool Cotton, Ivory Combs,
Sewing Silk, Snuff Boxes,
Handkerchiefs, Hosiery, , .
Boot & Shoe Laces, Gloves, '
Corset Laces,' Ribbons, :
Gum Suspenders, Galoons, '
Hooks A Eyes, Needles 4 Pins,
Violin Siring,' Buttons,
Tooth Brushes, Bonnets,
Knitting Pins, Purses,
Percussion Caps, Pocket Books, '
Fish Hooks, Port Monies,
Shaving 3oxes, ' Razors. .' " '
Rnzor Strops, Scissors, Pen and
Warren s Blacking. Pocket Knives,
Lead Pencils, ' Skein Cotton, '-
German Silver Spoons Shaving Soap, ,
Hair Oils, Whale sones,
Envelopes, Note Paper,
M "Lane's Medicines, Silk Lace,
SilkVeiU, ; '
Also, Muslins, Ginghams, Prints, and a
genera! assortment of Dry and Variety Goods,
Violins, Acordeons, and Musical Instruments.
A larife stock of Gold and Silver Watches,
Silver Ware, Jewelry, Ac. . I 1
The early attention of Country- Merchants
and other is particularly directed to the above
stock. ' . ,
' 4th street, above Harket, Steu'tnvlle,
apriMuMvD , ( . .
United States House.
"R W. EARL, Proprietor, corner Mar-
ketand gl i streets, near IheRiver.Steu
Will.; Ohio i V :
pORMERLY the "Black Bear" on 4lh
Street, near Market, Steubenville Ohio.
The Proprietors respectfully beg leave to In
form the traveling publio that this house ha
recently been thoroughly refitted and complete-
guests. It is the earnest desire and intention
those who may favor them with their patron
vge. A liberal share is confidently expected.
n . niiirPD9 D. : .
October 17th 1855.
BooktelUr$, Staliottri, Paper DeoUrt, Blank
Book Manufacture rnd Book Bindert,
T)EALERS at Wholesale and Retail, in
School.' Classics!. Medical, Theological.
Miscellaneous, and Blank Books, Ruled and
Plain Cap, Post and Note Paper., Printing and
Wrapping Papers, Wall Papers and Borders,
School, Counting-House and Fancy Stationery.
Merchants and others desiring to purchase,
will do well to call and examine our stock.
The highest market priee paid for Rags.
North side of aket, above Fourth street
teubenville. Ohio. Jan. 1, '55,
Fnlton Foundry, Steam Engine & Car
OTE AM ENGINES, Steam Boats, Steam
Ferry Boats, hulls and wood work com
plete, steam beilers, sheet Iron work, mill ma
chinery, and castings for grist and saw mills,
ran road car wheels, rail mad cars oi every de
script ion made to order. The proprietor of this
establishment having twenty-eight years of
practical experience together with extensive
privileges, feels confident that he can do work
as well and as low as any establishment in the
east or west. All communications will meet
with prompt attention. P. F, GEISSE,
June 13. Wellsville, Ohio
Cheap and Fashionable Clothing!
Market si. Three Doors above Fourth,
The best assortment of Ready Made 'Clothing,
Eats and Caps ever offered in Steubenville.
THE UNDERSIGNED has jnsireceiv
and is adding weekly to his large and gen
eral assortment of Ready Made clothing, the
latest styles as they come out, to which lie di
rects the attention of his friends and the pub
lic, assuring them that he is prepared to sell
every discription of goods, at I rices lower
titan has ever been purchased in this section
of the State. In point of style, quality or du
rability, his Goods cannot be excelled in this
o r any other Western Market. His prices are
uniform, and the public may reel confident that
they will at all times receive tho worth of their
mot ey.
It will be to the Interest of all to call and
exan Vie before purchasiug elsewhere, as his
Uloth 'ie is made to order, he is satisfied that
he is a h to sell better goods at lower prices
than a. house in the city.
HOFMAYER, Market street,
three doors above Fourth, SteuV
oct- 24-fv.
The Greatest Mcdidal Discovery of
the. Age.
HR. KENNEDY, of Roxbury has dis
'-'covered in one of our common pasture weeds
a remedy that cures
from the worst scrofula down to a common
He has tried it in over 1100 can, t,nd never
failed except in two cases, (both thunder hu
mor.) He has now in bis possession over two
hundred certificates of its virtue, all within
twenty miles of Bnsson.
Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing
sore mouth. '
One to three boftles will cure the worst kind
of pimples on the face.
Two to three bottles will clear the system of
Two bottles are warranted to cure the wors
canker in the mouth and stomach.
Three to five bottles are warranted to cure
the worst: case ol Erysipelas.
One to two bottles are warranted to cure al
humor in the eves.
Two bottles are warranted to cure running
oi me ears anu Diotcnes among the liair.
Four to six bottles are warrauted to cure cor
rupt and running ulcers.
Or.e bottle will cure scaly eruptions of th
Two to three bottles are warranted to cure
the worst case of ringwotm.
Two or three bottles are warranted to cure
the most desperate case of rheumatism.
Three to four bottles are warranted to cure
lie salt rheum.
Five to eight bottles will cure the worst case
or scrofula,
A benefit is always experienced from the first
oottie, Rnd a perlect cure is warranted when
the above auai.titv is taken.
Reader,! peddled over a thousand bottles of
mm iii ina vicinity oi uosion. I Know the el
feet of it in every case. So sure as water will
extinguish fire, ho sure will this cure humor. I
never sold a bottle of it but that sold another ;
after a trial it always speaks for itself. There
are two things about this herb that appear to
me surprising ; first that it grows in our pas
tures, in some places quite plentiful, and yet
its value has never beeu known until I dincov.
ered it in 1046 second, that it should cure all
kinds of humor.
In order to give some idea of the sudden rise
and great popularity of the discovery. I will
slate that in April, 1851, 1 peddled it, and sold
about six bottles per day in April, 1054,1 sold
over one thousand bottles perdav of it.
Some of the wholesale Druggists who have
been in business twenty and thirtv vears. sav
that nothing in the annals of patent medicines
was ever like it. There is a universal praise
of it from all quarters.
In my own practice 1 always kept it strictly
or humors but since its introduction asa gen
eral family medicine great and wonderful vir
tues nave oeen louna in u mat I never suspect
ed. Several cases of epileptic fits a disease
which was always considered incurable, have
been cured by a lew bottles. O, what a mercy
if it will prove effectual in all cases of that aw
ful malady there a.'e but few who have seen
more or it than J have.
I know of several cases of Dropsy, all of
mem ageu people, cured oy it. J) rom the vari
ous diseases or the Liver, sick headache. Dys
pepsia, asthma, fever and ague, pain in the side,
diseases ol the spine, and parlicu arly in dis
eases of the Kidneys, eto , the discovery has
dond more good than anv medicine ever known.
No change of diet ever nececessary eat the
oest you get and enough or it.
Manufactured by DONALD KENNE
DY, No. 120, Warren St. Roxbury, Mass
Price 81,00.
Wholesale Aeents. Jew York City. C. V.
Clickner, 81 Barclay street; C. H Ring, 192,
Broadway, Rush'.on A Clark, 275 Broadway ;
a. b, u. sanas, iuu ruiton street.
General wholesale agents Western PaGee
u. neyser, nttsburg, and Ja. r. rieming Al
legheuy City. T. H. Loean, Wheeling Va.
For sale by R. D. MORRISON and
HENING & MELVIN, Steub., Ohio.
July 11.
- ' : National .House,
Corner of Main and' Lisbon Streets,
Wellbviub, Ohio;
T. W. WHITACRE,'Propriotor. -II
AVING again taken this old establish
"ed Hotel, the subscriber -'"would rexpect
fully tender his acknowledgements to a gen'
eroup public for the very liberal patronage
nerelolore received at their hands. Having
thoroui(hly renovated and refurnished the Iiihihp
he hopes to be able to acruniinodaiu hi pnlroi
n such style as will givo entire Naliiii?tion,
Tht stabling is larire and extensive. A liber
al share (if patroiiMire is respectfully milicited
Ladies 0 geiitli-ioen enn be accommodated Willi
single op double rooms at then diNrrHion.
June 13. ' T. W. WHlTAURE
Dairies for 1856. V.;
I. R. SLACK A CO., have Just recevied
"aaug asMortinent, of Dairies for 1855, Cora
prists tfelve dJAwot BtyJ", D w&fip,
. SB. 8. R0THACEER.- ,..it
OFFICE Corner. Third and Market Sta
Ktonkanvilla O .Tn 1
A TTORNEY AT LAW, Steubenville
Ohio. Offlcecorner of Market and Fourth
streets, second story. Jan. 1,1855.
Sank Exchange. ' '
SALOON, Wn. Pattkbsom, Proprietor, op
posite Citisens' Bank, Third street.Sleubenville,
Ohio. Oysters wholesale and retail hIko
Tuysand Notians.
Jan. 1, 1855.
H. BTANTOM. q. w. m'coox.
STAHTOW & w'punir
A TTORNElfS AT LAW, Steubenville
r- Ohio, Office on Third street, between
Market and Washington. Jan. 1, '55.
TTOKNEYS AT LAW, will prompt
lv attend to all business enl runted tn
them, in Jefferson and the adjoining- coun
ties, umce in iiiigore Buildings, Market
Street, Steubeuville. marl9nollv2.
ATTORNEY AT L.VW. Oifioo at the
corner of ThirU and Market streets, oppo
site the Court House, SLeubenville, Ohio.
January 1, lwa5.
Marble Establishment,
VILLE, Ohio. All kinds of Marble Work
done to older. On hand at all times, Water
Lime, Plaster fans, aud the best quality ef
Grind Stones. L. BORLAND.
Steubenville, Jan. 1, 1855.
J. U. MILLER. B 811 KB BARD, )&'
AT LAW. Office, MsrKct Street, onpo-
site,, Washington Hall, -Steubenville, Ohio.
prompt attention to collect ini; and securing
claims. Agents for obtaining Pensions and
Bounty lands. Land Warrants bought and
sold. Marl 9 1855
PUBLIC, Warrenton, Ohio, will carefully
attend to all business entrusted to him in the
counties of Jefferson, narrison and Belmont, in
the state of Uli to; and tirooke and Ohiocoun
ties, Va. Office opposite the Western Hotel.
January I, lon'o.
QFFICE in the Drug Store of Brngh
" & McOutcheon, Market Street Steuben
ville Ohio. Residence ou 4th, between Logan
nd Clinton streets.
March 8th i855.
Corner of Market aud Ohio sta. ; (For-XMl-liv
nniiirtiot Vtt Ts1in ft T nnon T? n
(II V I J VVlll) Ibu lfj UUIIII h- unvtj ) -jnv,f J
Wsi. Milloan, Prop'r Cadiz, o.
CTTlie above named house has been thor
oughly refitted and repaired, and every atten
tion win be paid to supply the wants of the
traveling community. Thestabling is large and
extensive. A li betel share of patronage is re
spectfully soliuited. WM. M1LL1GAN.
Uailn U.. march 21st 55-tr
Corner of Third and Adams Streets,
Steubenvii-le, Ohio.
JOSEPH BLACKBURN hu. taken this
"house formerly known as the "itjund Corner,"
and has refitted it up in comfort.iole Mle and
now asks a share of patrohage. BilU low and
accoiuinodatious equal to Jiose who make more
pretences. may 5a
MarJcet Street, Opposite Public Buildimjs,
bleuuenville, Ohio.
WM. MOSSGROVE, Proprietor.
The ahove house has been thoroughly refitted
anu lurmsiied in tne most modern style.
June 20.
Missouri House.
WATER STREET, (opposite tho Pass
enger Depot of the C. & P. Rail
road,) WELLSVILLE, Ohio.
WM; WIIITACERE,,.....Proprictor.
TN succeeding Capt. Crozeb in the
"Missouri House," the present Proprietor
hopes, by attention to business, to rPtam the
popularity and patronage which the house so
ustiy merited u mler the auspices of his "illus
rious predeces ror." June 6, '55
Cottage House.
Martinsville, Ohio.
HENRY BONE has taken charge of the
Cottage House, aud is prepared to accom
modate the public.
He has refurnished the principal rooms, and
in many other respects added to the comfort
ofthe house. His table will at all times be
supplied with the best the market affords. It
is his intention, and shall be his constant care
to render his house, in every respect, all that
may be desired by his guests.
Boarders and Pleasure Parties accommodated
on reasonable terms.
sept. 19-6m.
PAVING taken tho large and convenient
" three story brick house at the west corner
of the public square, and fully repaired and re
furnished the entire establishment, the under
signed offers itto the consideration of the pub
lic, tie assures thnxe who may patronise him
that every effort will be mado to render them
perfectly comfortable, and that fair bills only
will be charged. He rests his claims with th
public. T. D. HAMILTON.
Newark, Aug. 8, '55 tf.
Sky Light Dguerrotype Room.
W. WISER, respectfully announces
"to the public, that helms recently refitt
ed and refurnished the rooms, corner Fifth
and Market streets, in a stvle inferior to none.
He haspered no pnlns or expense to make his
rooms pleasant, where one and all may take
pleasure in visiting, and where all who wish
may be supplied with Daguerreotypes of the
finest tone, true to the life, at veiy reasonable
rates, and win take great pains to please all
who may favor him with their patronage.
O" Rooms corner of Fifth and Market streets,
mtnediately over Ualsted's shoe Store
Steubeuville, Jan. 1.1H5V
TUST received at the City -Shoe Store,
"A Splendid Stock of Boots A Shoes suitable
foa the Winter trade never should go barefoot
ed when Shoes can be bought at the City Shoe
Store so cheap for cash.
Washington Hall Building Market Street
Steubenville Ohio. D. SCOTT.
'Traveling Trunks a complete assortment.)
YMRBER and fashionable hair dresser.
" Razors set, and all kinds of Surirical in
slruments put in good order. ' Room under
the Mechanics' Saving Fund, Market St. near
the Washington hall, between 3d. and 4tb.st
aptiloth, - i
p. GUTTERMANN'S, Market Street,
Oat Doot below fourth.
THIS Establishment as'iisnal olTers the
' : best assortment In this cltv of Roads UA
Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods, hats and
cans, Travelling Trunks, Carpet Bags, Ac. '
The subscriber is respectfully- soliciting the
patronage of his friends and the public at large,
and iiivites purchasers to the' examination of
his stock- ' ' ' ' " . I-' :.
The superiority of his goods In selection of
material mid careful ii amil'iirtiirp, is a long
conceded fact, and heiiiir determined to please,
he is offering now 'the best stork of Clothing,
at lower prices' than any other bduseln this
citv. ; ' '-' ' w- i v
If you wish to save money and time in pur
chasing s Irst rate suit of clothing, rail at
Markpt 8t , Oue door feelow fourth.
- JAMES T. , SHERIFF, Propriety .
rpHE Subscriber respectfully, informs
his friends and the publio generally, that
he has erected and established,' immediately
adjoining the "Franklin Machine Shop," a
For the purpose of supplying tire public with
verything in that line, such as Brasses for all
kiuds of 'machinery Brass corks, Valves, hard
Biass Bearings and lioxes for Shafting Bells of
different kinds and sires, also, Friction Metal.
All woik done with quickness aud dispatch.
Orders respectfully solicited. : .. ,, , ,
Market price paid for old brass, copper, zinc
and lead. '." ' ' '' !' 11
. N. B. No old metal bought trom minors, or
other irresponsible persons, without an order
from patents or guardians.
nov 14,-ly. J AS. L. McDKVITT, Agent."
IUST received a prime lot of W. R
Cheese, Young Hyson Tea,' also a lot of Ju
' usWoods Pearl Starch and for sale by
. Dec. 5 '55 C; f . HO LLP WAY A CO
THE Subscriber has a large lot of coa
that he wishes to sell by the acre, about
two miles west from Steubenville. Also
another farm, the beet coal farm on the S.
& I. R. R., about eight miles west of Steu
benville, and thin best chance to ship on
the Railroad, which he offers to sell at a
very low price. Please give him a call.
Jan. 30-5t pd.
The Green Mountain Rotary.
A COOKING STOVE designed for fur-
mers and hotel keepers, burning: wood and
coal, and guarantied to give satisfaction to pur
chasers. Also ktna air tioiits large iivkn and
the Stnrof the West. The stoves are far ahead
of any yet introduced for baking and roasting,
in respect to saving fuel and for durability are
unequalled. Manufactured by A. Bradley,
Pittsburgh. 1 be subsrntier keeps constantly
on hand a lanre assortment of all kinds of tin
Sheet-Iron and Brans Ware. Persons in want
of anything in his line will save money by civ,
ing him a call. Spouting roofing and all kinds
of jot) work done to order iinii tit the lowest pri
ces. The highest prices paid for old copperA
pewter. Store South 4th street nearly opposite
the Norton House. J. 11.
npril 24th 1855.
S. L. Sharp,
Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist.
17EEPS constantly on hands all kinds of
manufactured tobacco, cigars and snuff
Articles sold by him are warranted to be of the
bent quality.
Shop on Market street, south side, one door
helow sixth street, and opposite Nash's new
Steubenville, sept. 19 '55-ly,
'PHE undersigned would respectfully in
form the publio that thev have ente ed in
to co-partnership, and are carrying on the above
Dosinehs at the stand formerly occupied by H.
M. Brister, South 3d St., between iidaius and
Market Streets. From their knowledge of the
business, they hope to be able to give satlslac
tion to their patrons.
A liberal share of custom is respectfully so
icired. Join Kkniikll,
October 27th '55 1-y. A. J. Reynolds.
Successors to Frazif.r & Dbknne.v.1
Valuable Farm for Sale.
flMIE undersigned offers for snln a farm
containing 10.1 acres lying in Cross Creek
Township, Jefferson Countv. Ohio, situate on
M'Intire'8 adjoining Sweringeu's lower mill.
There are 61 acres cleared and in good repair,
with a fine orchard of choice grafted fruit.
Tl i r :.. . ce i i . i
j uu duuve jni in ik iMiereu very low, anu easy
terms oi payment win oe given.
Ian. 16-4t.pd. ANDREW EKEY Jr.
f MULDOON & CO., corner of 4th
and Market Streets, keep constantly on
and a I a we and splendid stock of all kinds
of marble work.coisi-tingof Mouuinenls, Tomb
and Head Stones, Marble Mantles c., fcc.
Thev are prepared to execute every variety
of design; in the best possible style.
Work will be done at Eastern prices and full
satisfaction given to customers.
jStfiihpqville, OctlYth J55-1
Notice to Shippers aud Consignees.
4 FREIGHT TRAIN is now running
J-'L to Newark, leaving this Station daily,
l oi r. ,,r. ,
Shippers and Ciiiisitrnees will please con
elude their shipments aud receive theit consiir i
ments previous to 4 o'clock p. in. as no freight
will be received or delivered after that hour.
Freights for Cadis must be deliverek at the
Depct previous to 2 o'clock p. in., otherwise
they will uot be forwarded until the following
oay. JVU.SH I . flMLSUS.
Freight Agent
Drugs ! Drugs! I Drags !! 1
J) K. SKULKS, Wholesale Druggist
(Jnrner Wood A 2d btreet. VHtsburgh, Pu
sept, an no-iy.
rVO PAINTERS. We have received a
larce lot of Paint Brushes, from the celebra-
I'd Manufactory of J. G. McKsnsy tCo.,to
which we inviteyour especial attention. These
lirushes are unsurpassed for durability and
elasticity. We have also a new article of Paint
Brush for painting Roofs of houses, boats, Ac
Also a fine assortment of Blenders, Graining
urusiies ana iirirk Liners.
Paper Manufacturers, Bteubenville, Ohio.
January 1 , 1855
Wholesale and Re ail Grocery.
South Third street, nearly opposite the
wtizen s Bunk, Steubenville, Ohio.
aprl6 WM. McCARTY, Proprietor
Wholesale Drug House.
HE subscribers have on hand a large
and well selected stock of Drugs, Utieini
cals, Paints, Dye Stuffs, OiU, Varnishes.Brush
es, Patent Medictnos, Perfumery, Surgical In
slruments. Daguerreotype stock, Glassware, etc.
etc., which they offer very low either wholesale
or retail. Deolers will find n to their interest
to examine our stuck and prices, as we are de
termined to sell as low as iny house in the
West. Orders promptly executed, aud personal
Hueiiiion nam lo snipping.
DRUG EMPORIUM, Market street two dob'
below the J effersou Branch Bank. .
' Steubenville. Jan. 1.1855. 1 ' '
Btenbenville Foundry and Machine Works
. , ; ; And an k nu ot
Railroad Work,
. ahu every ynneiy oi j
Switches ' ; ;M'H Gearing for Suw
Wrought and cast Frogs J - and UriSt Mills, '
Car Wheels, variouB : Shaftings and full
.I'riicna... ' ' . ; . eve. i i
Car Pedestals. Cast Iron Fronts.
Car Oil Boxes, hubs, " ' ; Window enps, sills
Iron Rridiros. '. sml eoal Vaults. '.
Hack Wliei-U, - - -(-.; Bolt and nuts, cut'
(Jual rar Wheels. , ,..:.-aiidl iirning, Plan
Ttireshinir Matihines, ; inj;, Si-rew cutting
Uj uuriai-itiiies lor worn are not surpassed
Kv. Hiitf hIioO ill the Stale, uiul nnr filnrb a
Patterns being lurge, all orilers' for the above
work ty II ho tilled promptly an4 ij1 the
.' ; ... . :; v, :?;p)-.i$
'JUST received sulendid l.aoa Curtalnsj
i)ninask do, at" .- " i , , ( c
ift ,u DOUGHERl'Yjty m8in
I. 0. O. "TV
O. -O.'Fi meet' everyjsseoDd.', 'and fou
Fridays, at 6H o'clock, p. -itr-Jefferson
Lodge rooms, on Third Street, oven Garrett's
S'ore, Benjamin rearce, l. t, J. A. Walker
W.', John Waggoner, Scribe. 1 i (,.'
Jefferson Lodua No. 6. I. 0. O. F.. meets
every Tuesdny a C 12 o'clock, p. ra., in their
nail on ""a "'reei, over uarreu g store. , Jas
O'Neal, jr., N O.. H. 8. S. Trayner, V. Q.,
Geo-. B. Means, Secretary. e , ( . j
Good WillLodgeNo.l43,I.O.O.'F'meets
every Thursday at 6 1-2 o'clock, p. m., in their
Hall on IJourtn sireei, oyer ueauy SSIeelmari's
store. D, Filson. N. G, 0. M,, Thatcher
V. G., Win. A rbough .Secretary.
Feb. oVlBfta. ""'v
The Watson Souse.'
S WATSON, having almost entirely re
furnished and fitted up anew his spacious
hotel in the town of New Lisbon, is now pre
pared to accommodate the travelling publio in
the best style. His table will be always fur
nished with the most choice products of the
season, and the treatment of his guests will al
ways be such as to give full and general satis-
taction. : ' "
Call at the sign of the CROSS KEYS. Hew
Lisbon. June 13.
WANTbE-lO.OOOt bushels good sound
Rum. lor Which tlln hiirhuat mnrt.t r.i-i,..
w bo pa d in cash.
37 . ,O.T. HOLLOW AT
Steubenville and Indiana. Railroad.
and after Monday, March 3d,
" 1856. Passenger Trains will leave Steti-'
benville daily .(Sundays excepted) as follows:-
Mail 1 rai u at S 49 a. m. arriving at Newark
at 4 IB p. m., connecting with trains of the
Central Ohio and Sandusky, Mansfield .and
Newark Railroads, for the principal cities , ia
te noithwest, west and south.
Rm-RsrNO, will leave Newark at 11,40 a. m..
and arrive at Steubenville at 7 07, p. m.
Cadiz Accommodation Train
Leaves Steubenville at 3,30, p m and arrives at
Cadis at 6,16 p. m. . Returning : Leaves Cadis
at H 00, a. m. arrives at Steubeuville at 11 Op.
a. ra.
To Newark $3,50
To Columbus.... $4 50
To Cadiz. SI, Q
To Detroit. . . .$ 7 00
To Chicago.... 1 3 00
To Rock Island 17,00
To St. Louis... 17 3U
1 o Cincinnati... . 6 50
To Mt. Vernon.... 4 25
To Mansfield 4 75
To Sandusky 6 00
To Iowa City.. 19 25
I o Louisville, Ky... a
To Indianapolis 8 3d
To Lexington..... .9 50 To Dayton... '....6 50
j,o Piqna 650 To TJrbana 575
For through tickets and further Informatioa
apply at the Depot on Washington st, to John
T. Neilson Agent. -
Lafayette Devenny, General Greight and
Tieket Aitent. '
O. W. Fulton, Superintendent marl-tl
THE subscriber having resumed the
JOINER BUSliVESS, at his old stand, cor
ner of Hank Alley and Clinton street, is
prepared to do all kinds of Jobbing in his
line al moderate prices. Thankful for past
favors would further solicit the patronage?
of his friends and the publio generally. ;
murl8, 1 JOHN BILES. .
Juat Rec'd and on the way 500 bbls. N. O.
Molasses. , ,. .
Just rec'd 50 hds. N. O. sugar. ' ,
Just rec'd 75 bbls. white sugar assorted.
Just rec'd 40 kegs sup. curb soda. ..
On hand 754 chests teas assorted quali
Just rec'd 200 bags choice Rio Coffee. ;
Just rec'd 17 bbls Tanners machine oil.
Just rec'd 75 boxes starch. Being au
thorized Agents for the starch, will sell at.
manufacturers prices.
In store 200 bbls. fto. 3 mackerel. - ..'
Just rec'd 75 boxes choice brands tobac
Just rec'd 20 kegs 0 twist.
Also a general etook of all finer grocer
ies which lie will sell at as low figures as
they can be bought, and he most respect
fully invites the attention of dealers to our
stock before purchasing elsewhere. ,
April 9 Steubenville O."
ly begs leave to inform the traveling publie
that this house has recently been refitted and
completely renovated, and he is now ready to
receive guests, it is the desire and Inte'itioa.
of the proprietor to give satisfaction to thus
who may favor him with their patronage.
North 4th Street, Steubenville Ohio.. Former
ly occupied by John Shane.
Apnia H M. BRISTER. Proprietor.
Market Street, Above Fourth. , , ,
Steuhen'-ille, Ohio.
WOULD respeetfully invite attention, to.
their extensive ahiortment of .-;
Comprising the latest and most desirable,
styles to be foond in the Eastern Markets.--Their
slock of Wall Papers has been selectsdi
with great care, and consists fn part of the
following: , ...
Common Brown and Ornund Papers;, '
Sai iti Papers, in great variety!
Oak, Marble, Granite aud other styles
, Column Papers, .,...';
With Base and Ctp Borders to match, suitable
for Halls. Also, a choice lot of Imported Pa
pers, unrivalled for beauty of style and rich
ness of coloring. - Together with a full assort
ment of ' "''I
Suitable for the above Papers. Also, a fine
lot of Plain and Figured . t 1 ' ' "
The entire stock is tht best we have ever re
ceived, and will be disponed of atscoh prices
as will make it the interest of -all who wish &
good aitklH in this linulo call aud exaualn.s
before purchasing elsewhere 1 ,1; oi
Booksellers and Stationers, Market Street,,
Bbove Fourth, Steubenville. pr9n!4va
, MAN DEL &.H1NEMAN, .. ;
MANUFACTURERS of Lard Oil, Soap,
& Cun!les, Fourth Street, between,
Market & Wasnington, Steubenville, 0.
Ayril9-ly ;. t
1850. NEW 8HRI.NO GOODS. ... 1850.
... H. G, GARRET, Third St., i .1
as just received one of the , largest eM
bent, assorted stocks of Siirinir and Sura
mer Goods e'ver offered In this market'.
Having purchased them in New York and
Philadelphia, within the, last ten da vs, I
am prepared to offer silks, Satins, l)ere.
ges, Uelanes, Lawns, Hrilliants, Cliintz,
Mulls, Ginghams, Prints, Irish Linen,
Shirting,; Bonnets, Ribbons,,, Paraspllf,
Hoisery, Gloves; and-all other goods usa
ally kept in a Fancy and Staple Dry Gdodi
house at least ten per cent lowel thin ev
,er before offered. ,:; ;
,april9 H. G. GARRET, Third St. ,
Saddle, Harness, Trunk; .and XIf-trs
JOHN N. MYERS,1' r 3
Successor to Gw. Mahon. -
, HAS now in store a arM and; aplendid
assoAtment of. Sadolory.
Haines, Whips, Matrasses, fee., all made
of the best materials and flinahed wttli the.
o-reatest oare,i,.t,,' - , '. 1ji :?
He fluUrtrs himseir that he cart wis
ereat inuuceineiiw iu - y
cstablVfttimnt in tho wesu- Patronage W
.uectfiilly .JnHoHed. ,., .,.:'
rrr-Remember the name and place, Mouth,
FonrUi street, two doors beloW MaVket
f.Tv " V JOHN N,' VER3v
.....k..-t1U. nril tfl-lv ' . .
.f.r'HV'vv rr.'" nnf i'Li e eu aviv

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