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I I1C II Ut3 AUKlKdll.
iC-SCiTizKNs' Bank, still continues to
pay inn rton Deposited.
Jan 4, 54 , D. Moodey.
-WF.ISER'S Dauoerrkan Rooms
bare bn fitted up beautifully. If you want
good likeness call at WEISliR'S.
P. 8 Every variety of pictures taken.
Price Reduced to 25cts. Room eorner of 5th
od Market streets. 0. W. VVmb-u.
may 13-lr
Not Hard to Take. A glass of that
Ice cold Mineral Water, witli some of
those delicious Fruit and Cream Syrups,
to be had at the Medical Hall. 3d St.
QpAny person wishing to purchase on
article in the carriage or buggy line, can
be accomodated with a first or second class
article, by calling at the establishment of
Kendell & Reynolds, south 3d st. They
are superior workmen, gentlemanly deal
ers, and sell remarkably cheap. They
have an excellent variety now on hands.
Selfct School. On, Monday morn
niiig last we paid a visit to the School
room of Mr. Urquhart on North 3d Si.
We were glad lo notice that, although
it wan the first morning of the session
there was quite a respeciahle number of
pupils in attendance. Mr. U. is favorably
known in this ci y, as one of the best
teacers we have ever had, having taught in
our midst for 12 years, and given entire
Tho room which he has procured is
quite comfortable, and the desks will be
well arranged Mr. Urquhart tius now
over 40 schnllars, and those who desire
to send their children, would do well to
make the arrangement to do so at nn ear
ly period.
The Harvest.
Our exchanges from Pennsylvania and
many other states, bring the most cheer
ing accounts of the condition of the crops.
Owing to the cold and wet wenther in
the early pnrt of the season the harvest is
later than usual. As specimens of the ac
counts we receive through our exchanges
.we give the following :
The "Gieene County Republican"
. (Wft)nesburg, Pa ,) says :
The Wheat Crop, we are told by our
IT armors, was never better; a very large
amount was so wen last fall, and ic is said
there will be more wheat harvested in
this county this year than has been within
the memory of the oldest inhabitants.
The weavel as yet las done but little
.damage, and few isolated instances only
can be lound where the crop h injured in
the least. We are pleased to learn this
so are all
The 'Connelisville Enterprise" (Fay
ette County,) says :
The prospect, for m abundant wheat
harvest never bid fairer than it does now;
.the only danger tu be apprehended at
this late day, is the i list. winch we trust it
may escape. The only seiious objection
to the late harvest, is the deferred hop;
of new wheat bringing down ihe high
price of flour.
The "Doyelstown Democrat" (Bucks
Couty.) says :
The crop of .wheat through the central
part ol Bucks county, is considered the
best raised for many years. It stands
very even on the ground, the heads are
large, and the grain bid fair to be of superior-
quality . II e. Oats, and .grass also
prorr ise a good crop, but the corn, though
generally well set and healthy-looking, is
in some localities, small, owing to late
COUOU MEDICINES -'Dr. Keyscr's Pector
al Syrup uures Coughs;
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral .Syrup cures Colds ;
Di. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup cures Influ
enza ; '
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup cures Bron
chitis ;
For Laryngitis, take Dr. Keyser's Pector
al Syrup ;
For Incipient Consumption take Dr. Key
ser's Pectoral Syrup.;
For cold in the head take Dr. Keyser's
Pectoral Svrup ;
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup cures sore
throat ;
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup cures Quin
zy; Dr. Keyscr's Pectoral Syrup cures old
Coughs ;
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup cures all kinds
ot diseases of the lungs and hrount ;
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup cured John
C. Little of an old cough ;
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Sprup cured Lecky
Harper of tho " Post" in half a day ;
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup cured YVm.
II Ul in one night;
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup cured Jos. S.
M. Young, in twenty-four hours ;
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup cured the
Cashier of the Deposit Dank ;
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup cured the ed
tor of tlie Washington Examiner ;
Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup cured J. P.
Barr, Esq., formerly editor of the Chron
icle; Dr. Keyser's Pectoral Syrup cures every
one who takes it for coughs, colds, in
fluenza, and hoarseness. Price 50 cents
and $1 per bottle.
(Prepared and sold by Dr. Geo. H.
Keyser, wholesale Druggist. No. 140,
Wood street. Pittsburg, Pa., and sold by
Jrlening & Melvin, Steubenville.
feb 18. 1857
uancr's vegetable extbact
For the cure of Fits, Spasms, Cramps, and all
Nervous and Constitutional Diseases.
"PERSONS who are laboring under this
digressing malady will find HANCE'S
only remedy ever discovered for curing Epi
lepsy or Falling Fits.
These pilla possess a specific action on the
nervous system ; and, although they are pro
pared especially for curing fits, they will be
found of especial benefit for all persons afflict
ed with weak nerve, or whose nervous system
has been prostrated or shattered from any
cause whatever. In chrnnio complaints, or
diseases of long standing, superinduced by
nervousness, they are exceedingly keneficial.
Price three dollar i per bus, or two boxes for
five dollars. Persons out of the city enclosing
remittance, will have the pills gent to them,
through the mail, free of postage. For sale
by 8ETH S. HANCE, No. 108 Baltimohc
&Tatrr, Baltimore, Md,, to whom orders from
H parts of th (Iuod must be addressed, post
paid. ... msyl3'571y
Died. On the 15tlt insi; Mr Kinsey
Swords, in the 63d year of his age.
Mr. Swnrds, was one of our best citi
zens, a kind and beloved parent and hus
band, a consistant Christian, for up
wards of 36 years ; a useful member of
the M. P. Chureh of this place, from its
organization. His end was peace."
A funeral dicourse was delivered on last
Sabbath, in the 5th St. Church, by the
Kev. George Brown D. D., from the 37th
verse of the 37ih Psalm. " Mark the
perfect man, and behold the upright, for
the end of that man is peace. The text
was appropriate to the occasion, and the
sermon was excellent.
May the beteaved family, find that
consolation and support, that the Christi
anity of the Dible promises to all who
properly trust in the only wise God.
Bowman's Vgoitaole Compound.
This Celebrated Medicine is said to hav
performed cures that it is almost incredi
ble to relate.
Hear what the following gentlemen
say of its effects in their own cases :
Philadelphia, Aug. 13, 1856
Last Spring while in Pittsburgh I had
a bad cold anil cough which troubled me
much, and a friend of mine gave me a
Dottle ol bowman Vegitanle compound
for diseases of the Throat and Lungs
which I commenced taking and found re
lief almost immediately. I had taken
many things for cough and hoarseness
bui never got anything to help me as it
has done. I believe it to he the best an
tidote for cough and hoarseness that is
out, and cheerfully recommend it lo the
public. Thos. II. Stocton,
Pastor of the 1st P. Metli. Ch.Phila.
From Judge Vanhorn, of the District
Court ut Cincinnati :
Cincinnati, May 4, 1850.
I have used Bowman's Veritable Com
pound for Bronchiiis nnd cough, and be
lieve it to be the best medicine out, for
those diseases, and the only one I ever
got to give me permanent relief. It will
cuius. I recommend it to the public as
an honest and efficient medicine, and will
perform wbatil is published to do.
Wm. Vanhorn Esq.
To the Public.
I have used Bowman's Vegatable Com
pound in my family for coughs, colds,
and Ministers' sore throat, and believe it
10 be the best thing that I ever got for
those complaints, and cheerfully recom
mend it to the public.
Rev. Jacob Gaston,
Pastor of the Clinten si., M. E, Church,
June 10, 1856. Cincinnati.
Sold only by Henning & Melvin.
Editor "True American," John Bar
rel' Esq , of Wells Tp. is a candidate for
Clerk of the Court of Common Please of
JefTerson county, subject lo the will of
the American and Republican nominating
convention, MANY VOTERS.
Editor "True American": James II. Blinn
will bo a ciiiididiite lor re elention to the of
fice of Sheriff, subject to the decision of the
American and Republican county conven
tion. Many Voters.
Editor "True American": John M'
Ailams will be a candidate tor re-election,
to the office of county Treasurer, subject
tothe decision of the American and Repub
lican county convention. Many Voteus.
We are authorized to announce the name
of Dr. Wm. AI. Worthinoton, of Cross
Creek Tp., as a proper person to be sup
ported tor Representative in tho Ohio Leg
islature, subject to the pleasure of the
American and Republican convention of
.lellerson county.
July 15th.
We are authorized to announce the name
of Robkrt McIntykb. of Cross Creek
Township, for re-election to the office of
coroner, subject to the will of the conven
tion representing the Americans and Re
publicans of Jull'erson county.
July 15th.
EDITOR of True American.
Please announce the name ot
Iha Dalrimple of Wells Township, as a
suitable person to be elected commissioner
of Jefferson Co., subject t the will of the
county convention representing the Amer
ican and Kepublican parties.
Many Voters.
We are authorized to announce the name
of Hon. Cyrus Mendenhall, as a suitublo
person to be re-elected to the Ohio Legis
lature, subject to the will of the American
and Republican nominating Convention of
Jenerson county.
Editor of the True A nierican:
You will please announce
the name of A . J. Cuadwell, as a suitable
candidate for Ihe office if Clerk of the Court
of Cum moil Pleas, subject to the decision of
the Convention representing the Republicans
and A nicricaua of Jeffeixon County, and
oblige Many Voitas.
J 03. C. M'CLEARY of Jefferson Co., will
be a candidate lor Statu Senate, bubiect lu the
decision of the Senatorial Convention, repre
senting the Americans and Republicans of
Jelle'son ana Uolumbiaua counties.
JAMES ELLIOT will be a candidate
for nomination for CLERK OF THE
the ensuing American an d Republican
Convention for Jefferson o tinty.
Editor of the "True American :"
You are requested to announce tin)
name of Robert Boalb, of Steubenville,
as a candidate for the office of Coroner, sub
ject to the decision of the American and
lujpubhcan county convention, and oblige
many voters of
Steubenville, Cross Creek & Smithfield.
Wn nr mithnrizail tn nnhliah the nnmn
of Robweli. Marsh. V.kci.. of JoU'eraon
County, as a candidate for the State Sen
ate, erm.ee t to tne decision ol the senato
rial convention representing the Ameri
cans and Republicans of Jefferson and Co-
lumbianu counties.
We are authorized to announce the name
of Josiah Glovkb, of Smithfield Town
ship, as a suitable person to be elected to
the next Legislature, subject to the decis
ion of the American and Republican con
vention of Jefferson county.
Editor of the "True American,"
In accordance
with the desire of many friends, Col.
William R. Lloyd has consented to have
his name announced as a candidate for the
office of "Probate Judge," subject to the de
cision of tho convention representing the
Republicans and Americans of Jefferson
We wish to say to every person who
reads this that there is an article known as
Dr. Stanford's lnvigorator, or Liver Reme
dy, which can be relied on as certain to
cure liver complaint in any of its forms,
such as Jaundice, Dispepsia and numerous
other complaints, described in another col
umn, besides which it is one ot the greatest
preparations or cures fur consumption, ta
ken in early stages, that is now known.
We take it for granted, as experiment
has proven, that disease of the lungs aro
not generally the first cause of consumption,
but a debilitated system caused by the im
proper action of the liver, reduces the pow
er of the lungs to resist or throw off dis
eases caused by cold and irritation, leaving
the lungs at the mercy ot one disease, be
cause the liver has incapacitated them
from performing their proper action ol
throwing off diseased matter caused by
cold, thus to prevent consumption, cure
tho liver and keep the system strong
enough to throw olf slight diseases of the
Thero is not in the world a better liver
remedy or a cure for debilitated system
than Dr. Sanford's lnvigorator, for it has
been fully known, and now it is offered as
a tried remedy, and one that can be relied
True Amkrican Office.
Steubenville, July 22.
Butter, good table, V 15c
Cheese, new milk, W lb 15r
Eire, 13 doz 10
Beef, by the quarter $bfiOT,00
" fresh, fib I2
corned " " 8Uc
" dried " " IBc
Pork.ty lb 7i?c
" suited, J lb 10c
Hams. V lb 14c
" sugar cured 16c
Shoulders and Sides 1012c
Veal, f lb C7c
Mutton $ lb 58c
Lumb quarter 5075c
Lard f lb 12lc
Chickens, each, I51Hc
Wood, per cord, $2(p,50
Sugar, brown, V lb He
" crushed, lb 18c
Maple sugar 18
Coffee, old Java, $ lb 18c
" Itio " He
lea, young hyson. lb 50ctf0
" black, oolong ' 5U75c
Kice, f lb 8c
llay, per ton, good common, $9,50
good Timothy $8,50
BcaiiR, peck 50!5Gc
Hominy, quart, 5c
Potatoes "tf pt'CK 50c
Onions, y puck, 25c
Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Wheeling
It A I L li O A I).
ON and alter Monday, July 13th 1857.
Trains will run daily, (Sundays except
ed,) as follows :
Leaves STEUBENVILLE, goin North,
9.22 A. M. Mail Train, stops at Way
stations ; arrives at Pittsburgh at
12.311 P. M.. Philadelphia 6 A. M.
New York 10,(10 a. m. Cleveland 4.00
p. m. Toledo 8 p. m., and Chicago at
7 next morning.
4.04 p.m. Express Train, stops at way
stations except Jeddo, but will stop
at that Btation on signal, arrives at
Pittsburgh at 7.45 p.m., Philadelphia
at 1.00 p.m., Sew lork atop. m.
and Cleveland 9.35 p, m.
R etuming-Leaves STEUBENVILLE
going South.
r.(l6 a. m. Express Train leaves Pittsburgh
at 2.50 a. m., stops at Weltsvile,
Yellow Creek, Steubenville, and all
stations between Steubenville and
Bellair, arrives at Bridgeport at 6.15
a. ii., Ilcllair G.yt) a. m.
12.42 P. m. Accommodation Train, leaves
Pittsburgh at 9.40 a. m., Cleveland
at 7.00 a. m. stops at all way stations.
arrives at Bridgeport at 1.52 p. m.,
llollair 2.05 p. m.
G.2G p. m. Mail Train, loaves Pittsburgh
at 3.00 p. M., 'Jloveland 2.00 p. h.,
stops at all stations, arrives at Bridge
port 7.38 p. si. Bellair 7.50 p. m.
Are made with Baltimore and Ohio Rnil
rond at Wheeling, to and from Cumberland
Harper's Ferry, Baltimore and Washing
ton city, and with central Ohio Roilroud
at Bellair to and from Zanesville, Lancas
ter, Wimlingtnn, Columbus, Cincinnati,
Indinnapoliu, Dayton and St. Louis.
At Cleveland with railroads and steam
ers to and from Toledo. Detroit, Chicago,
Rock Island, Burlington, Dubuque, St.
Pauls, Erie, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara
Falls, New York and Boston.
At Pittsburgh with the Pennsylvania
Central Rrilroud to and from llarrisburgh,
Lancaster, Baltimore, Philadelphia and
New York.
(t-.No chnnge of cars between Steuben
ville and Pittsburgh.
fjFor tickets to all points apply ot the
Ticket office at the station. J. Duuand.
Sup'ts Office, C. & P. Railioad, ) Sup't.
Cleveland, June 20. 1857. J jyl5:tf.
Spring and Summer Clothing.
RESPECTFULLY inform their friends
and the public generally that their new
stock of clothing for the Spring and Summer
Trade, manufactured for the Steubenville mar
ket at their wholesale establishment at Cin
cinnati, has just arrived. It is larger and
moro vanea, ana embraces nucr articles man
The stock embraces Coats, Pants, Vests and
Hats and Caps lor men and boys, handker
chiefs, Cravats, Gloves, hose, Shirts, and a full
stock of Furnishing Quods, trunks, Valises,
Carpet sacks, Umbrellas, dec.
Fsoumau & Co.: also keep on hand a fall
stock of Cloths, and Vesting, and manufac
tures clothing to order, on thort notice, at pri
ces that will be satisfactory to purchasers.
Jits warranted.
Thankful for the very liberal patronage here
tofore extended to us. We ask for a continu
ance of it, and beg to assure the public that it
will be our constant aim, by Healing Honora
bly, to deserve it. We may be found at the
Washington btand, Market street, one door
east of the Washington Hall. Give us a call.
may 20, 1857. b. trohman ot Co
School Examiner's Notice to Teachers.
EXAMINATIONS will be held as fol
lows: In Steubenville, on Saturday
the 8th of August ; In Richmond on Fri
day tho 18th, and in Smithfield on Satur
day the 19th ofSeptumber; in Steubenville
on Saturday the 31st of October; in Rich
mond on iriday the 4th, and, in Smith-
field on Saturday the 5th of December.
beginning in each case promptly at 9 o clock,
A, M.,
By Order of the Hoard.
Steubenville, July 11th, '57. td Clerk.
Corner of Washington and 4th sts.
Steudenville, C hio.
03-AH kinds of repairing attend uto
on tne i. wriest notice. may 27-3m-
Extra White Wheat Flour, in store, and
for sale by . , STERLING, KSLLS & CO.
apr i
William M. Stoakes
Alexander Phillips et. hi.
IVY virtue of a writ Vendi Exponas, is
" sued out of the Court of Common
Pleas of Jefferson county. Ohio, bearinsr
date June 22ud, 1657, and to me directed.
I "ill expose to sale by public vendue and
outcry, at the front door oT the. Court
Mouse, in the city ot steubenville, on
GUST, A. D. 1857.
at 1 o'clock P. 31. of said day, the follow
ing Described lands and tenements lying
and being situate in the county of Jeffer
son and State of Ohio, to wit ; the South
West quarter of section No. 2$. in town
ship 8, in range 2, and bounded as follows:
on the South by land of David Robb. on
the l!,ast by lands belonging to the heirs of
James Andrews, and on tho West by lands
of John Downey, on tho waters of the
town fork of Yellow Creek, containing one
hundred and sixty acres of land, be the
same more or toss.
Terms ot sale, cash.
Sheriff 8 Ufkice, Steuoen ville, Obio,
July 14th, 1857. (
Printer's feeJ5,00
. T O T II E P U 11 L I C ! !
Patented October 28, 1856.
WIIIS new and extraordinary tub may be
seen and tested at the shop of the un
dersigned.on Adams Street, Detween 3d
and 4th, Steubenville, Ohio.
The public are respectfully invited to
call, examine and test it. This tub wash
es by the circulation of the water only,
without friction ; will not injuro the finest
fabric, and will wash the wristbands and
collar of a Blurt, or any part ol a garment
without washing the balance. The tub
may be operated by a child of twelve years
with perfect ease.
The subscriber, having purchased tho
patent for Jefferson county, 0., is now sel
ling individual and township Rights.
Wherever tins machine has been introduc
ed, it has been universally approved and
adopted. The best references given
Directions for using Mumford & Wilson's
Rotary Washing Tub.
To the bulk of twenty-five or thirty
yards of cloth, add water sufficient to make
the disk ride easy upon cloth, soap enough
to make good suds j then give a half rotary
motion. jy.8-3m.
Will he Guarantied to Fi?st Class
II. E. R. & Co. give exclusive control
of selected sections to the Agent ; and the
books published by them arc sold only by
Subscription. Application in person, or by
letter address R. E. James. Steubenville,
Ohio, with postage stamp enclosed, will
meet with prompt attention. j.8-2w.
and Roach Expeller warrentcd supe
rior to any now manufactured iu the Uni
ted States or elsewhere.
This expellor does not contain one par
ticle of poison, and is a safe articlu to use
in all places.
Rats and Mice will not die in their holes,
but come out and die.
Beware ol counterfeits and base imita
tions. A circular with terms to wholesale deal
ers, particulars, &c, sent on application
to any address.
Q-Sold wholesale and retail by
Medical Hall, Steubenville, Oiiio
selling at Ea stem Prices.
17RI3SH ARRIVAL of Hats, Caps and
Straw Goods, at the corner of Market
and 1' ourth streets. The subscriber know
ing well the wants of the citizens of Steu
benville and vicinity, would inform them
that he has just received by express a
hundsomo assortment of head covering for
gents , youths and children's wear, and di
rect from Philadelphia, which enables him
to supply the wants of tho most fastidious,
and at extremely low prices. His stock
consists of silk and soft felt Hats. Also,
received, a beautiful assortment of gents',
youths' and children's caps of the latest
styles, such as Pearl Drab and Black Rag
lan Cups, much admired. Also, Pearl
Drab, Brown Liberty and Station Caps,
forchildren, a beautiful articlo. No cut
tings or old stock of odds and ends gather
ed up to palm olf on the unknowing as new
ly laid goods. Stock fresh and direct from
the manufacturers. Please call at the cor
ner of Market and Fourth streets, and get
the worth of your money.
jy8:tr G. W. GLASSGOW.
Fourth St., Four Doors South of Market,
East Side, Steubenville, Ohio.
MR. IIOBUS, Marble worker and
' Sculptcr, would call the attention of all
persons wanting Marble work: such as Monu
ments, Tablets' Grave Stones, Post and Chain
Fences, Mantles and Furniture Slabs, to his
establishment, where a general assortment
will be kept on hand. Having no agents em
ployed to travel the country soliciting pat
ronage, he will be able to sell fifteen per cent
lower than any other Works of the kii.d, in
the city. Being a practical workman he is
prepared to get up designs of Monumental
art on tho shortest notice.
CT Cemetry work done to order.
S. L. Sharp -Removal.
erin tobacco, snuff and cigars, Market St.
one door above the Bank, near Fifth Street,
Steubenville, Ohio,
Orders respectfully solicited. ja 17
DR. SIES has removed his Medical Of
fice to North 3d St., first door North of
Allin Carpet Store, west side ; where he
will attend to calls iu his profession at all
hours, Dr.Sies.
July ,'S7. t-f.
w II? 1 i?
4$ '1'
The Greatest Medical Discovery of
. the Age.
Tn. KENNEDY,' of Roxbury,has dis
covered in one of our common pasture
wi(ds remedy that cures
from the worst scrofula down to a common
He has tried it in over 1100 cases, and never
failed except iu two cases, (both thunder
humor.) He has now iu his Dossession over
two hundred certificates of its virtues, all j
within twenty miles of Boston. j
Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing
sore mouth.
One o three bottles will cure the worst kind
of pimples on the face.
1 wo to three bottles will clear the system
of biles.
Two bottles are warranted to cure the worst
canker in the mouth and stomach.
Three to five bottles are warranted to cure
the worst case of Erysipelas.
One or two bottles are warranted to cure
humor in the eyes.
Two bottles are warranted to cure running
of the cars and blotches among the hair.
Four to six bottles are warranted to cure
corrupt and running ulcers.
One bottle will cure scaly eruptions of the
Two to three bottles are warranted to cure
the worst case of ringworm.
Two or three bottles are warranted to cure
the most desperate case of rheumatism.
Three to four bottles are warranted lo cure
the salt rheum.
Five to eight bottles will cure the worst case
ot scrofula.
A benefit is always experienced from the
nrst bottle, and a perfect cure is warranted
when the above ausuiilv is taken.
Reader, I peddied over a thousand bottles
of this in the vicinity of Boston. I know the
effect of it iu every case. So sure as water
will extiimuihh hru, so sure will tins cure mi
mor. 1 never sold a bottle of it but that sold
another ; after a trial it always speaks for
itself. I here are two things about this herb
that appear to me surprising ; first that it
grows in our pastures, iu some places quite
plentiful, and yet its value has never been
known until I discovered it in 1846 second
that it should cure all kind of humor.
In order to give some idea of the sudden rise
and great popularity of the discovery, I will
state that iu April, 1853, 1 peddled it, and sold
about six bottles per day 111 April, lba4, 1
sold over one thousand bottles per day of it.
Some of the wholesale Druggists who have
been in business twenty and thirty years, say
that nolhinir in the annals of patent medicines
was ever like it. There is a universal praise
of it from all quarters.
In my own practice I always. kept it strictly
for humors but since its introduction as a
general family medicine great aud wonderful
virtues have beeu lound in lttliat 1 never sus
Several cases of epileptic fits a disease
which was always considered incurable, have
been cured bv a few bottles. O, what a mercy
if it will prove effectual in all cases of that
awtul malady there are out low wuo have
seen more of it than I have.
I know of several cases of Dropsy, all of
them ngva people, cured by it. roiu the van
oua diseases of the Liver, sick headache, Dys
pepsia, asthma, fever aud ague, paiu iu the
side, diseases ot thu spine, nnd particularly 111
diseases of the Kidneys, etc., the discovery
has done more good thau any medicine ever
No change of diet ever necessary eat the
best you get and enough ol it.
Manufactured by DONALD KENNEDY, No
120, W arren St., Koxburv, Mass. J'nce $1 ,00
Wholesale Agents. New York City, C. V.
Cliukner, 31 Barclay street; C.H. King, ISW
Broadway ; Rushton & Clark, 275 Broadway ;
A. 11. & u. sanus, ion button street.
General wholesale asjents Western Pa. Geo
II. Kevser, Pittsburg, and Jas. P. Fleming
Allegheny City. T. H. Logan, Wheeling, Ya
For sale by R. D. MORRISON, 11EN
OLIVER KELLS, Steubenville, Ohio.
1857. H. G. GARRETT. 1857.
Una insr. received and now oncninir. a
j 1 OF
large and beautilul stock of spring and
suaimer goods, Consisting in part of
Plain Black Silks,! lirilltanis plain and
.. rancy.
t Lawns in great var
"j iety,
'.Crape, De. Espang,
Fancy dress"
Black, all Wool, De
Prints a large assort
olorcd De-
iJackonett, Plain and
cruvellies "
Ponline. Plain
,'Linen table cloths,
.1 cotton " "
and . . , w .
irisn ljinens,
6 r1pedc.1a1. es ; l he( M j.
Plain, F.g'd and co djTjck,
our tea T.inrtn iSllfifir-' . . '
. 1 . 11
Pillow cassing, jchmcre
Also a general assortment of French and
KnoTish cloths and cassimeres. all colors,
qualities and prices casinetts, pant Lin
en, cottonades. Lasting drab, deta and a
variety of othcr.goods for men and bnys.wear
too tedious to mention Bonnots, ribbons,
Hosiery, Gloves, mitts, collars, Silk and
Linen Handkerchiefs &c, i$-c,
The above goods will be sold to suit the
times. for cash.
ap.l5'57-ly II. G, GARRETT.
Cheap and Fashionable Clothing: !
Market st. Three Doors above. Fourth,
The best assortment of Eeady Made Clothing,
Hats and Caps ever offered in Steubenville.
THE undersigned has just receivdd and
is adding weekly to his large and gen
eral assortment of Ready Made Clothing,
the latest styles as they come out, to which
he directs the attention of his friends and
the public, assuring them that lie is pre-
nnrp.fi tn snll avnrv rlpunri nttnn nf Poodti. &t
prices lower than has ever been purchased
in this section ot tne state, in point 01
style, quality or durability, his Goods can
not bp pvfpllrtil in this or &nv other Wes
tern Market. His prices are uniform, and
the public may feel confident that they will
at all times receive the worth of their
It will he to tho interest of all to call
and examine before purchasing elsewhere,
as his Clothing is made to order, he is sat
isfied that he is able to sell better goods
at lower prices than any house in the city.
J. HOFMAYER, Market street,
three doors above Fourth, Steub.
april 22-ly.
fMIE undersigned would respectfully in-
form the public that they still carry on their
business at the stand formerly occupied by H.
M.Brister. South 3d St., between ildaras and
Market Streets. From their knowledge of the
business, they hope to be able to give satislac
tion to their patrons.
A liberal share of custom is respectfully so
icited. John Kekdkll,
april 857 1-y. A. J. Reynolds.
piCKLES.A largo lot of tho bed
' of Pickles (Cucumber) put up in cider
vinegar, for sale by
PRESCRIPTIONS carefully eompoun-
(tea 81 an hours either day nr night by
. Olivki Kills, Medical Hall,
may 6 Third Street
E4SH ALL KINDS-Salt and Fresh,
constantly on hands, at the Grccery store
of spr29 STERLING, KELLS & 00.
Colds, Coughs, nnd
BurartlU), Mam., Xlh Dec, IMS.
Dr. J. C. Ayer : IrionothotitatatomT
th bMt mnalY I bare ever found fur
Cough. UutmriiMt. Influenza, anil th
eoncoinltftut rnuptoms of a Cold, It your
my practice and my family for the hut
ten year haa ihown it to pouem np
rlor virtuea for the treatment of tlieae
complaints. KBEN K.MUHT, M. D.
A. B. MORTLE Y, Ksg,, of Uric, N. Y write: "I hae
oaed your Pkctorai mjivlf and in my family e'er line
you Invented it, and ki'lieve it th Uwt mwficiu for lu
pitrpoae ever put out. With a liad cold I ahonld sooner
pay tweuty-fve dllara fir a botllu than do without it, or
tuke any other reincdy."
Croup, Whooping Congh, Infloenza.
Si'EiMmi.n, Mm., Keb. 7, 185S.
Brother An : I will cheerfully certify your Pecroail
in the best remedy wo poaeeM for the cure of H7ionpi'nfl
Onigh, Civup, anil the chest dieeaae of children. Vi e of
your fraternity in the South appreciate your kill, and
commend your medicine 10 our people.
AMOS LEE. E.10...M0NTIMT, Ia.. writes. 3d Jan..l8S6:
"I had a tedious Influenza, which confined me In doors
six weeke; took many medicines without relief; finally
tried your I'ectorai by the advice of our clergyman.
The firnt done relieved the soreness tn my throat and
lunge; less than one hair the bottle made me completely
welt. Tour medlv-inos are ttie cheapest as welt as the beet
we can buy, and we esteem you, Doctor, and your reins
dies, as the poor man's friend."
Asthma or Phthisic, and Bronchitis.
Wkrt Mancushtkr, Pa, Feb. 4, lft."0.
Sir: VourCncRRT Prctorai is performing marvellous
cures In this section. It has relieved several from alarm
Ing symptoms of consumption, and is now curing; a man
who has labored under an auVction of the lungs fur tbs
last forty years. UE.NItY L. PARKS, Merchant
A. A. RAMSEY, M.D., Albion, Moxros Co., Iowa,
writes, Sept. 0, 1805: " During my practice of many years
I have found nothing equal to your Cimnnr Pictoral for
giving ease and relief to consumptive patients, or curiog
such as are curable."
We might add volumes of evidence, but the most con
vincing proof of the virtues of Oils remedy Is found iu it
effects upon trial.
Probably no one remedy has ever been known which
cured so many and such dangerous cases as this. Boms
no human aid can reach ; but even to those the CaoutT
Pictoral affords relief and comfort.
Aktor llocss. New York Citt. March 6, 1R56
Doctor Atcr, Lokcll: I feel it a duty and a pleanure
to inform you what your Citr.nRT Pictoral has done for
my wife. She had been five months taboring under the
dangerous symptoms of Consumption, from which no aid
we could procure gave her much relief. She was steadily
failing, uutil Dr. Strong, of thie city, where we have come
for advico. recommended a trial of your mcdicino. Ws
bless lilsklndneHS, as we do your skill, fur she b:ia recov
ered from that day. Hie is not yet ue strong ns nlie used
to be. but ia free from her cough, and calls horaelf welt.
Yours with gratitudo awl regard,
Cbntumptiva, do not despair till you have tried Aykr's
CiiKRny 1'KCTOitAL. It is mado by oueof the best medical
chemifits lu the world, aud its cures all around us besjieak
Ihe high merits of its virtues. l'hBaldphia Ltdger.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
TI1E sciences of Chomlstry nnd McdlcinB hava been
taxed their utmost to produce this best, most perfect
purgative which is known to mau. Innumerable proofs
are shown that these Pnu have virtues which surpass in
excellence the ordinary medicines, nnd that they win un
precedented upon the esteem of all men. They are safe
and pleasant to take, but powerful to cure. Their pene
trating properties stimulate the vital activities of the body,
remove the obstructions of its organs, purify the blood,
and expel disease. They purge ont the foul humors which
breed aud grow distemper, stimulate alngglsh or disor
dered organs into their natural action, and impart healthy
tone with strength to the whole system. Not only do
they euro the evory-day complaints of every body, but
also formidable and dangerous diseaws that havo baffled
the best of human skill. While they produce powerful
effects, they are at tho some time, in diminished doses, the
safest and best physic that can be employed for children.
Being sugar-coated, they are pleasant to take; and being
purely vegetable, are free from any ridt of harm. Cures
have boon made which surpass belief were they not sub
itantiated by men of such exulted position and character
as to forbid tho suspicion of untruth. Many eminent
clergymen anil physicians have lent their names to certl.
fy to tho public the reliability of my remedies, while otli.
era have sent me the assurunce of their conviction that
my Preparations contribute Immensely to the relief of my
afflicted, suffering fellow-men.
The Agent below named is pleased to furnish gratis my
American Almanac, containing directions for their use and
certificates of their cures, of the following complaints:
Coativeness, Bilious Complaints, Rheumatism. Dropsy,
Heartburn, Headache arising from a foul Stomach, Nail
sea, Indigestion, Morbid Inaction of the Bowels and Pain
arising therefrom, Flatulency, Loss of Appotite, all Ulcer
ous and Cutaneous Diseases' which require an evacnant
llcdirino. Scrofula or King's Evil. They also, by purify
ing tho blood and stimulating the system, cure many
Complaint" which It would not bo supposed they cuiild
roach, such as Deafness, Partial Blinilniws, Neuralgia aud
Nervous Irritability, Derangements of the Liver and Kid
neys. Oout. and other kindred complaints arising from a
low eUte of the body or obstruction of its functions.
Do not be put off by unprincipled dealers w ith some
other pill they make mure profit on. Ask far Atir's
Pills, and take nothing else. No other they can give
you compares with this In Its intrinsic value or curative
powers. The- sick want the beet aid there Is for them,
and thoy should have it.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER,
Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Musi.
Pricj 29 Ct8. per Box. Fits Boxes rua 1.
Heiiinfr it Mclrin, Steubenville,
J. B. Siruinnrall, Bloomingdale ;
F. Irisher, WinterHville ;
W. Price t Son, Smithfield ;
W. II. Crew it Co., Richmond ;
M. C. Morgan, Hit. Pleasant.
And alt Druggists and dealers iu medic ine
everywhere. sept.3
Howard Association Philadelphia.
To all persona afflicted with Sexual Diseas
es, such as Spermatorrhoea, seminal weakness,
impotence, Gonorrhoea, gleet, Syphilis, the
V ice of Onanism, or Sell Auuse,, esc, vc
Tho Howard Association, in view of the
awful destruction oflniman lire, caused hy
Sexual diHeasea, and the deceptions practised
upon the unfortunate victims 01 such diseases
by Quacks, have directed their Consulting
Surgeon, as a Charitable act worthy of their
name, to give Medical Advice Uratis, to all
persons thus atHicted, who apply by a letter
with a description of their condition, (age, oc
cupation, habits of life, etc.,) and iu cases of
extreme poverty and aulluiiug, to Furnish
Medicines free of chargo.
The Howard Association is a benevolent
Institution, established by special endowment
for ihe relief of the sick "and distressed, afflic
ted with " Virulent and Epidemic Diseases.'
It has now a surplus of means, which the Di
ectors have voted to expend in advertising
the above not'ee. It is needless to add that
the Association commands the highest Medi
cal skill of Ihe Age. and will furnish the mots
approved modern treatment.
Just Published, by the Association, a Report
011 Spermatorrhea, or Seminal Weakness; the
vicr of Onanism, Masturbation or Self abuse,
and other Diseases of the Sexual Oigaus, by
the Consulting Surgeon, which will be gent by"
mail, (in a sealed envelope,) Free of charge,
ou the receipt of two stamps for postage.
Address, Dr. Geo. It. Calhoun, consulting
Surgeon, Hownrd Asjociation, No. 2 South
Ninth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 15y ordor of
the Directors.
Gko. Faibciiild, Secretary,
Kxba D. Heam'well, President.
Townsend's Sarsaparilla,
Howe's Sarsaparilla,
Tobias' Yeuitian Liniment,
llarrell's Indian Liniment,
Terrill's Ointment,
M'Allister's Ointment,
Maker's Pain Panacea,
just received by J. C. MAIK3.
may 20T7
1 1ST RECElVliD this day A large
Jassortment of BONNETS, UIBBOWS,
FLOWERS ice, SILK CAPES new style,
Hosiery, Silk Mits, Brass Hoops, Ladies
Colars Embroideries &c.. will be sold
cheap for cash.
may27 ALLEN.
PHYSICIANS' Prescriptions careiully
compounded by
may 13 JOHN C. MAIRS.
perior article, just received and for
sale by JOHN U. MAIRS.
may 13
Carpets I Carpets ! i
I ALLEN has just received a splendid lot
"of Three Ply and Ingrain Carpets beau
tiful styles. Great Bargani for Cash and
nomistako. . roay27.
CINE3 now Mor tbs public, nirsely, J's. Bai-
row's lyruKis-iTo or Iiir Remedy, tbst sets u
Cotsortu. SMisr, mUoor nd mors tffcwtrsl tbs,f My
otbar icsdicins known It is sot 0'ilr a Q.'-atrtie, but
00 a Ltrr reoxdr, setinf first on ths iur to sjest it
(1 sorbin1 mstisr, tfcam ca tbs -n:h and towsla to
'csrrT ol tbst mst'tr, tbu omr-!Unj two purpo. '
Oms sfTectuallj without anj of tlx iurul fselicgs rx
periencsd in th operations of must Cathartic. It
strengthens tba system at th aanw Urn that tt paig
Jlt, an1 when taksn daily in moderate doses wilt
atrengthen and build it up wrth unusual rapidity.
Da- 8AnroM1 IxnauuToft. I onpoaoded entirelj '
from new articles of medicine, namely, Oua.
-i Soma idea of the itrenjrth of these (rums may V
formed when It ia known that one bottle el tb In
Tisorator contains as mneh atrength a ou hundred
doie of Calomel, without any of Its deleterious etWa. ,
O Though poaseasing rare medicinal powers, thee
Gums hire oeen but Httto known to physicians, and
nerer used in theu- prescriptions until awd ia the
w form of the hvuTator, which mat with such anp
L3 eedented suoosas as to Indue th proprietor to itfe
V ,, .. . f.mi! mKdlciue tried and known in lu offeota.
It has rarely err failed to our Uver CompUlnM la
their worst forma. ...
u Indigestion belog caused by a deranfM er a
S cured when th lirer is (cltad to action.
' , 1 : t -1 ... iMnp.Mt Mtui nr thi
rfauuuic u mum vj i" -
Liver, and as a proof that th wtioobatoi rUve
F-ithis disease tot any on troubled with Jaua.il o Uk
th lnvigorator regularly en waa, anu tuaw taw
will begin to assum its original color.
Coativeness can bo permanently eured by th Io
vigorator. Tak it in small do on retiring, and it
. . L . . . il T 1 tl A. .
Bassists nature m nr perauona. nj gnwuo. -minisbing
th dose, tb bowels are left in a healthy
and active state, and work as regularly as clock work.
r mSick Headache is Try soon relieved by taking a do
Lu ble doe of th lnvigorator, which oorrecl all aculiiy
ri and loumMi of the stumaeh
K Kor an nrer-loaded stomach It has no equet, a It
relieves all oppros-lre or uneasy fselinr after eating
heartily. For a family medlcln generally, all U
baaj iuc it speak in the highest terms.
Dr. 9A.vTOBD't IxriooaATOi cum to ns reeomroenl
Medaaacur for Liver Complaints, and all diaaas
1 arising from a Diseased Liver. The tMUnvmiala of ev
many of our rhi sldans in its favor, induced ua to try
it, and now conviction is certain that it is on ot th
Tt) greatest blessings ever given to Dyspeptics, fori
made a complete cur before th first bolt! ai takea
" and now w can eat anything edible without trouble,
Q while oefor nothing but the lightest food would di
gest, and often that gav pain. Now what w want
to say to all our readera in, if liver Complaint or Dye
pepsia trouble you. de not fail to try Oiii the great
remedy in th world. Jtialt Put. t
There haa never been trlsd In our family a remedy
f which haa met with auch unbounded suueesa in
cur of diseases incident to children, aa Dr. Sasfoud
r Ixviooratok : ncr 1 it alone fur disease of thildraa
M that we us it ; for It acta as a Cathartic ao mildly
and gently, and seems to rtnovat th system a
-m thoroughly that we think w are doing a servia to
-aU in advising them when they need medicin to try
this remedy. Then are ce that hav eon under
liour notice where great benefit has Wen received I
Wji, t .1. - T . . U . 1. an, llnw.l. ,. . t.
other remedies failed to five relief. M hr become as
useful In our family that wa will not be c.thout
JuckimvUU, Ala. KfpuMom.
raioi o.T douai mr soma.
BANFORO & CO., Proprietors, SU Broadway, Ks Teck.
Oliver Kells, Agent for Steuben.
John D. Park, Cincinnati, nnd
Geo. H. Kevser, Pittsburg, Wholesale
A gen is.
may 13'57-ly-clily.
Circulation One Hundred Thousand
Copies fVeekly.
Who lias had 10 years experience as a Bank
er and Publisher, aud Author of
a series of Lectures at the Broadway
when for 10 aucccssive nights, ovar
HT50.000 FeonlejTi
Greeted him with Uojnds of Applause, wLila
he exhibited the manner in Which
counterfeiter execute their
frauds, and the su
rest and
bhortest means of detecting them f
The Dank note engravers all say that he is tb
greatest judge of paper money liviiio;.
" sent Century for
Describing every genuine bill in existence,
and exhibiting at a glance every counterfeit
iu circulation ! 1
Arranrred so admirably, that REFERENCE in
ILTNo Index to examine, no pages to hunt
up. But so simplified aud arranged, that ths
merchant, banker and busiuess man cause
all at a olancl;.
English French and German.
Thus each may road the same in hit own native
Also a List of
All the Private Bankers in America.
A complete Summary of the finance of Eu
rope and America will be published iu each
edition, together with all the important News
of the Day. Also a scries of
From an old manuscript found in the East.
It furnishes the most complete history of
Describing the most perplexing positioni in
which the Lndies and Gentlemen of that coun
try have been so often found. These storiea
will continue throughout the whole year, aud
will prove the most entertaining evci offered to
the public.
OJ'Furnished weekly to subscriber! only, tt
$1 a year, All letters must be addressed to
JOHN fc DYE, Broker,
Publisher and Proprietor Wall Street, S;
York. april 15,'57-ly
' Spring Stock.
' " 200 boxes of Tobacco, assorted,
20 Kegs of Twist,
150 Halt' Chests Teas, assorted.
140 Boxes Starch.
Also Sugars, Molasses, Fish Salt, Spices,
Wooden Ware, Oils, Wails, GIbbs, &c,
Ate, to which we most respectfully iurita
the attention of Dealers. .
mar. 18 C. T. IIOLLOWAY CO.
Manufacturers of
Post Office, Curtain and Hardware Papers, and
Straw Boards. Wytndank Hills,
Cuyahoga Falls.Ohio. May 1357.
DOW BLINDS, is now offered for sale, by V
apr39 Booksellers and Paper Dealers'
respectfully inform all to whom it may .
Knnenrn. that, hia Sulnnne are In readiness for
the teceptiou of guests at all suitable hours
Thankful for the very liberal patronage
heretofore received, be hopes by careful attu
lion to the accomodation of his guests, still to
their furorabte cousideraUoa. ..
son Branch Bank. , WM.WINN. .
jel7tf ; Proprietor.
MEDICINES. A full supply of Pom
and iWADumaATKD just received at ths
a nirtJW OTDPPT nasa.l AnnKall. S la m. 1 .t '
Medics! Hall by
may 0
BRUSHES. A large lot of hair, cloth,
scrub, whitewash, shoe, paint aud dus-
. 1 1 r 1 1
ling urusiies, wriaie cneop oy
may W JQliNC, MAIRS. '

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