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. FIVE CENTS . , '
Medilg Journal, gelteb to American ntcnsts, f ilerafe, Eunice, anir feral nielligewe.
Z. RAUAN, Editor and Proprietor.
VOL. 12.-
' For Steadfastness.
' O.ltion Unchan gable I
'" ' ' 'Habit in roe ;
Then shall my fickleness
Banished be. v.
,, Then shall mortality's . ,
Ebb and its flow,
Idle and impotent,
" Under tne go. :
' Seasons and periods
8parn my control J
.. . Elements versatile
Oorera my soul..
Now I am vapor-like,
Now like the.rain :
HaRtening Heavenward,
'' j . ". Falling again. I
" J have. as Nature has, ;
: Spring-lime and Fall;
Not her stability :
. Under it all. ,
" '". 0, Thou Unchangablel
'Habit in me ;
Chen shall my fickleness
. Banished be.
As for me, I've be' tfrtF hsppy hus
band of cousin Jennie Tor (wo months ;
and of course don't care a straw for all
the pretty girls in America, because (in
my own opinion) I am the proprietor oil
the best and prettiest wife in the. whole
Life for life.
" Father, is there no hope for him t
Is the British General so heartless as to
troeuiTRTEasoKs haoazine.
jOne Day's fihopkeeping.
for your daughter's. wearV It'll lart an I procuring a pair of long handled pincers
agel" ' ' from the coal bin, I made 8 plunge into
"Well, she ll want it to wear a pretty the Cask with them. Nothing whatever
good spell, I reckon; a body can't afford came up to reward my efforts ; and I was
I to buy a gownd every day, yon. knowl maiung .preparations for a seoond dive,
"Vi course not, marm; ot course not i wnen aown came my nam looking menu
But this will look sweetly on your pretty to see how I was getting on.
daughter, no doubt she's pretty resem- " Put yer hands in ye abominable
Ibles htr mother I dare say!'' I had young dandy t What are ye afraid of, I
heard it said that a little judicious flattery wonder T In with yer hands!" My
never comes amiss with the ladies. friend was a little out of patience with
"Law bless your heart, sir, Sally ainl me.
nowise handsome! she ain't nigh as good- I could not bear the appellation of w me onusn uenerai so nearness as to
looking as I. was in my young days! bet dandy, so I plunged my hands and arms condemn one so noble, so brave, so yourrg,
nose is too crooked, and Her hair's red ! into the pickle Hnd brought up a whole t0 without mercy i
hnl IhAn Nam . arbtnn hinb iho't an on. hvAr n nnrk ..vv wwv uaou wj a 'BIO
deriferous I That's what he says, 'any Instinctively I looked at my wristbands. rcar'uI 6ir ofL 8 nif, in the middle
way." Lucky that Isabel Uichborn wasn't there T " '. 11 w 8
"JNo doubt, marm, but Mr. Jackson is to iook also I l tore them on and hung
a man of taste probably a connection of I them into the furnace, glad to -escape a
Andrew Jackson, the patriot and pjesi-. second sight of their fair (i) proportions,
dent! How many yards would you like?" "Served ye right!" said my hard
and I flourished the yard stick with a looking friend, with evident satisfaction,
professional air, which would have done " a man has no business with such dum
my diddles particularly if he goes poik
u......g. ii,,i e ,i .k ; .wki.k
I seized the pork and held it ready Tor "T" ' """V
deliverv. cuuiu uo seeu spanning oeyonu a grove
. v 1 I kn I ffnni a A tia tt.rnTlinr ten.. II it .1 1 1 nt t
Vnil'll liova in frn.l ma li.J.if . "wiw u.o u wbhiiik, ucni milium,
tingency. However, there would be no the money to spare, jest now 1" said he, "V? ro, . "r "
,i;ffi.,i.- Kn., tn. iio.ii ...a i, bin, th. n..,i,o o,i ,Bbi flr emotions, for she was bis only child, snfl
uiuibuiij aufu vnnij lift a. nil imu onm 1 nw univunow aim iimniuu uu lli lit. lT 11
k rannfia iudm oti i i.;n f3inn.ii ,iAni i rt he feared that her youner heart would
iav K"vuo vi v 011 inamou sit 1'iaiii 1S- i ivu hii v y a. 0bivnuiv4 oitbi i, . , La.111. tl l J
nroa nn f turned .nmnaor.ll0 tk tU n7, him. '.non nf that ! wfl .Inn'l nrP.lit t' wtlen he to'U "er all the Sd flOWS,
I -. . . . . . ... 1 I K t tat? rA riaairiln kia tiAnvl
attached to the cloth. The old man said nothing, but laid '"J1 "f """"J ',,
.--m . i .i i r niu if rni pr tpii m o isj
"1, b. z. '. down tne porK on a box, and went out.
Very explicit. Like the Hebrew Bible Directly be returned with Deacon Cutter
to me, but I took a moment to consider, and Squire Brown, with both of whom I
I'd put it low enough, I thought, to in- was acquainted.
Here s my bondsmen, said he, lead
ing up the gentlemen ; "Squire, what's
my stanuin i
'Worth at the least calculation Char
credit to cousin Ihrrv himself.
"Oh, stop a minnit: I ain't decided
about it yet. What's the price !"
Very true; there .mutt be a price,!
i . ... . . . - i
supposed, but 1 had forgotten such a con-
freedom a home on our own beloved soil
Daring that period when cruelty was but
too prevalent among both parties when
tones, American born, weYe if possible,
more relentless and cruel than the British.
The father, a noble looking man of a
middle age, turned a glance ont of tne
window which opened towards Long
Cousin Harry is as handsome a fellow ,iaCe her to trade : and it wouldn't tin to
as the most fastidious among my lady appear as if 1 didn't understand my busi
readers would wish to see. , and that is I ne8,, j minht lose eafe with the old
savine a rreat deal ifor wism narry,1 uflv.
. ! 1. .. ... I i i j s.r I 11
when one takes into consideration tne Well. ' saidl, "though it s a groat ley," said the squire, turning to ne, Vat pieaaing lor mm, out lor your saite, wouki
recherche taste of the nineteenth century. Lacrifice really giving it away I'll let the least calculation, two hundred thou- be almost willing to die in Nathan's place."
Speak, Father, tell me, is there no
hope ? I will go myself, and kneeling to
the tyrant,' will plead for the life of him
whom I love only as woman can love !
she continued.
" Alas ! my child, mercy is dead in the
British General's breast his heart is
callous to pity ! I have risked much in
. Harry is a country shopkeeper a gro- yj have t for one shilling per yard!
eery dealer, lmean; that is, he sells porK, Dun cheap, out as it is for your pretty
beef, fish, oil, molasses, and such articles, daughter, I'll put it down below co!ll I
upon one side of the store, and calicoes, wouldn't do it," said 1, leaning down
de Wines, sheetings, muslins, and a very over the counter close to the old lady's
few silks, upon the otner siae. green calash -"1 wouldn t do it lor an
Harry's custom was very extensive a other person in the world 1
handsome young man in a dry-goods My answer sremed to please the old
tore is. in himself, a sort of a Bizn: and lady. She turned tire fabric over and
a good looking clerk is worth a hundred over, felt of it upon both sides, tried the
1nllftrn a vear more than an uelv one. I strength cf its texture with her thumb
It is a lamentable fact, and I am sorry to and finger, and at lost gave the order,
record it ; but it is so.
sand dollars!"
"And you wouldn't trust him for ten
pounds of poik, eh, Charley!" laughed
Deacon Cutter ''but that's too good !
ha ! ha! I declare !
So much for appearances ! Ever since
then, 1 never see nn old, ragged man be
longing in the country, without saying in
myself, There goes a man of property!"
Cruel, cruel fate ! When is he to
die ? There must be some hopes of hi
rescue. He was a favorite with Wash
ington, and be is at Wbit-PAain I will
go to him."
Alas, my child." said ner father,
" nerve yourself tor the news. It is
already too laie."
Dead, dead 1 shrieked the poor girl
"J l . . ft e .1 it i l .,,
After this, cusiomers came in so fast V? Ia,n"' W1? 18 . 0 ,
that it would be impossible le particular- L my cmiu-i canno, i ne a
ize. I sold almost everythiiiff ; from silk "l D"7oc' " 7"
east hesitation she cut the long glossy
tresses of hair from her head, and in a
brief period bore the appearance of any
young man of eighteen, not more than her
age. Having made these arrangements
with a rapidity that only a desperate
resolve 'could cause, she instantly left the
house, passing down the avenue, before
ler father s face, he little thinking that
the spruce young waterman who chose to
breast such a storm, was the person of
his accomplished daughter.
Hurrying down to a boat house which
fronted the avenue she loosened one of
those small light skiffs which are still the
models of the pilots at Hurl gate, hotstecn
a small sail, and ra a few minutes was out
upon the Inst of the flood tides as freely
and boldly as if -she had been in a stout
ship, instead of so frail and small a boat.
It was no new thing for her to be upon
the water, being reared cIobo to it, and
hundreds of times she had been dancing
upon those waves but never in such a
gale as that. Yet coolly she steered her
tiny craft, avoiding the dangerous whirl
pools and rocks, and heading towards the
frigate which, impatient for a pilot, had
fired another gun.
Within less than twenty minutes from
the time she - started, she had luffed
alongside the man of war, having caught
the lines cast out to her and fastened the
boat, she mounted ihe vessel's side and
stood upon the quarter deck in the pres
ence of the commander.
Are you a pilot T" said the latter,
" 1 am, sir," was the reply.
" Young for such business. Could
you take us through Hurl Gate ?"
"As well as my father, who has been
a pilot here these thirty years," was the
" Why did he not come out instead of
sending a boy like you, in a blow as fresh
as this I"
" Because he is laid up with the rheu
matism, sir, and then be knows lean
pilot you through as well as he can. Sir
Henry Clinton knows me, sir.
Ah ! does he well, that is all right.
Can we bear away yet ?"
"No sir not wuhin an hour till the
tide runs ebb."
' That is had this gale keeps rising.
one quick glance towards JIeaen and
the disguised girl cried : . ,
.' Port port hard !"
The helmsman obeyed. The vessel
eased off before the wind, and flew on
with accumulated speed for a moment
and then was no more ! With a crash
that sent her tall spars tumbling over her
bows and sent her crew reeling to the
deck she brought up on a huge rock near
a perpendicular shore to the right. Then
amid the rush of waters, the curses of
officers, atad the shoats of frightened men,
was heard the shrill cry : ;
' If any of "yon survive this wreck, go
tell your British General that Nathan
Hale is avenged, and that by a woman
too. Sink !--sink ! and may my corses
go with you all!" :; :
And before a hand could have reached
her bad they wished it, she leaped into
the edying tide, and ere she sank, the
frigate with its shivered spars and sails,
its flag still flying, and its crew of stout
men, was going down into the cou, curt
waters, and the murdered Nathan Hale
was avenged 1
And Urns this brief sketch is closed,
The guns of tbe sunken frigate rest be
neath the waters of Hurl Gate ; but the
Patriot Pilot lives in more that one breast
Aa Arkansas Father's Advice to Ms
Bob, you are about leaving home for
strange parts. You re goin to throw me
out of the crame, and gn it alone. 'Ihe
odds is agin you, Bob, but remember al
ways that industry and perseverance are
the winning cards: they are the ,4bowers."
Book hrning and all tbat soit of thing
will do to fill up with, like small trump.
but you must have the bowers to back
'em, else they aint worth shucks.- If luck
runs agin you pretty strong, don't cave
in and look like a sick chicken on a rainy
day, but hold your head up and make
believe you are flush of trumps; they
Fanning t Widow Under Difficulties.
The Bucyrus (0.) Journal spins the
following yarn, which, however faulty in
its facts, is readable as a romance. The
editor was prompted to ''perpetuate" It,
by observing in a Pittsburgh paper th
marriage announcement of a couple, who
formerly resided in Bucyrus. The yarn
is reeled off in this fashion ; . . ; . :
Twelve years, ago the bride' was a
young lady of twenty, the daughter of a
wealthy merchant in Washington, Pa.
In her father's employ was a young man
named Robert , who. the vounir
ady being bewitching!? beautiful, as in
duty bound, fell desperately in love with
her. She reciprocated ' the attachment,
and they were betrothed. Unfortunately.,
the young lady's father entered his pro
test. against this pleasant arrangement,
and accordingly the young people put off
the happy day indefinitely; About
year afterwards she received a most
tempting proposal, which, urged by her
father, she accepted, and to the eternal
despair of poor Robert, was marrird.
Hut alas tor the poor btide-rroomi .
Scarcely three months had elapsed when
a kick from a vicious horse killed him.
Robert consoled the widow, and deter
mined at the end of a year or so to marry
her. He had too much respect for her to
press his suit immediately, and did not
tor ntteen months, when he proposed.
To his horror, sire informed bim that she
was already engaged, and ihat in three
months mote her second marriage would
be consummated. Two years ' paised.
In the meantime tbe widow and her has
band had removed to Syracase, N, Y.,
and Robert possessed by some Strang
hallucination, followed them. That sea
son the choleraswept that city, and among
its victims was the second husband.
Robert allowed a year to pass, and was
on th point of srging his claims, wben
he received an invitation to her weddimrf
She was to be married to her late hi
band's partner. Robert remonstrated.
nn'l nlav an UnrA arvin rmt I 'va livpd
anil traveled nrnnnil unmn ttnh and I've
The lady assured him that her present
found out that as soon as folks thought 8tep W.M nol,?nfi r love but Pure,y f
you had a weak hand, they'd all buck ""J' Fariuersnipaniirs other
agin you strong. So when you re sorter
weak, keep on a bold front, but play cau
tious; be satisfied with a p int. Many s
the band I've seen eucred' cause Ihey
play'd for too much. Keep your eyes
well skinned, Bob, don t Ie! em "nig" on
late lamented, were in such a state that
settlement was impossible, and to save
immense losses she had determined upon
marrying the surviving partner. She
assured htm, also, that her sentiments to
wards him were unchanged, anil that
" o I "vi wwm ui"n"J w.j vtniig 1 1 vui oil it I , . i IIa I t I --- D i
Eieht yards and a half, eood measure! dresses down to clothes-iiins and nnv blble to look at ere he was summoned I8 there no anchoraee hereabouts !"
and silk to sew it up with." whisiles. My saccees in drawing bar- wore his Maker. "No sir not within twenty miles
I cut off the desired quantity, folded gains was remarkable, and it was near For a moment ihe poor girl stood silent abont, where your anchor would hold,
six skeins of sewing-silk inside it : the sunset, and yet. I had no dinner for the not a tear came from her eyes ; but a " Then we must go through I"
iauy pam lor it in ouu ninepences ami oay. , ineiaeioilt was, that flinner wnu iigni iiiuiiiwawm mem a wxh " " " . lemnerat- never iret drunk for ihen no WM mamea, ana in a short time removed
andl bowed her out of the time I was so full of customers thatl bright asnre itself gathered over both lace .1 would, not turn it till then, tor it tne r . ' h ou with her third husband to Detroit. Mich.
didn'tliketo lea-ve the store for fear of and brow-she clenched her fair hands currem (Humid catch you on either sioe 01 . . j. . . . igan. But a fatality seemed to pursue
ire!" I . . r-j -' . . ihar Hnsir..ji,n.i....i
Last summer, I was up at uncle John's
but the fine straw-berries and raspberries.
with which the kitchen garden abounded
were not usually despised by me.
- ' I
One morning, Harry received an urgent sixpenses
junvmnna ta Attend the cnuntv court in a store.
. I . . ' . . t i. . I ..... .. 1 ( -1 . . . 1 . I- . ,,, ' uv ' VJ uidi ivi uviu vw nw.i.u. r
neighboring town, as a witness in an tm- Enter customer no.'i. a seeuy-ioomog loosing a trade, and now I found myself together until uie nans seemea 10 oncer xne oow, you a go on in tocks, ure : . , f . , . ner. Herself and husband were on board
liar lUnBlllU lOr lr" j ,u a"1! nun vviuf viirvi nw J" -
IIHUVUI W'Ut UWU W VIM "S I 111 a ' '
. CT . I ahnnl H ahai m tf ah i. . i J . -
you. Kecollect the game lays as much -"-- - - wiuow again,
with the bead as with the hands. Be ouo w"u' K" ' ne preierence. She
oortaut case. He was obliged to go off man, in a grey oiouse, togei two cents possessed ot a singular longing
in a hurry, and having no time to look up worth of black snuff. grant tea and hot biscuit. I knew
a substitute in his store, he appointed me
to (he dignity.
"You can't fail of doing right, Char
ley," said he, patronizingly; "the goods
are all marked in plain figures that is,
I searched around awhile anions the nrcttv cousin Jennie would ha sure to I " Life for Life I I shall be revenged can go through.
: I J L I. . I . . .i i .1 I .. 1 M I il 1.. .:.'
mysienouu uoses auu uarm, ami m ibsv i nave ootii reauy lor irre. ves urepij icicugcu i oc, on
nitclred uDon the slronsr-smellintr article. I was mat cnnirraiiilatinir mvmlf nn mv " Child, dear child, be calra, satd the And
? .. . .j j , .
WraDDed up a couple of ounces; delivered food luck for the dav. and thinking how fond parent. on w
it to mv custoner. and received in return sumrised tlarrv would be. when hnl "Father, lam calm very calm ! patriot
. v L T . . . . r . . . . . n.i . t. !. i j i.. :
,i. . a 4.. ..j !,. ti. two coppers, wmcn oan migoi nave returned, at hnaine so much o his sum- im as ne is, muiosi. anunww in wS
for fiftv cents' ner callon snear ten to oine(1 in lhe Ark wm,e WRit'Dg for dry mer stock disposed of-when in rushed hall be revenged, if my own hands have watching for
rnnr,L i. ifm!? i wnrth nn shill- weather. the identical old lady who had boueht to reach the tyrant's heart who sealed But what
his doom! I loved. Oh. howl loved him then I
know the earliest possible moment weanoljjer
be a misdeal or something wrong.
low voice,
And ,lemer 'hat was wrecked near Buffalo,
thing Bob, (this was spoken jn B omY 1 , , 1 a" hU80"nd perished .
:e.) don't go too much on women; f uu BUO e,CBP?u om7 uiroaga the super-
fourteen cents; butter is worth one shill- weather. the identica old lady who tiad bought
j ..... rk..iA.. i i 'HjiAmAra rvn : wra ran nisiir.Tj. ran.i inn up. upfk in ine ettriv nun ni tun nav.
dozen, but don't cheeked girls one with butter to sell, the She looked furious, and bore in her hand and were not our betrothal vows plight
lk readily in cold other with a pail of eggs, destined for the a bundle, which seemed suspiciously like edfl will act as a widow as the widow
1 reiliem- me one sue nu cameu away irom me u,ul" uxg"
i 'j -1 1 1 . . . . . . .
' .. . . I niian !a ltinil0.'nnni torrid Iha mnrn vnn
nuuiao exertions oi friend who hao-
while the hnglish captain turned J , . ' nened to be onboard, tku rr;A
i, , ( .. " .... ,u iibyo oi em, me worse ior you , you r . "
speak to one of his officers, the I . ,. . ' ' t voune. unmarried, and his r 1ntr. in.ni.
uiiwi vainuy nvii. u. .w , 11. : ' iL.li TBU BUCQ BenilQienti in thn hnm r !)
, and looked over the sides as if . I. . ' , . . w,d0w, that she marr ed him hf. Rns.
,i i j i i va uiiv ki i cat o bi uui is a j ota euvui niiu i . .
lhe,charige of tide. ... . . . f . . . ert had time to claim her.. When he
was passing in her heart
ing, store pay; and mind you, Charley
eres are twenty cents a
take anv unless they'll sink
i-- .u... k. MffM. nn bnnw I aamA mimniH Ail the hotter. I I
n,l AWbuttflr. too. don't take anv with- bered Harry's injunction about the eggs, store that morning. . My dear child, you will bring mm
There were between three and four
hundred souls in that fated vessel. She
out putting in a fork into each ball to try butter, nold water, and fork-pric
it it might te rancid; and above and for the lile of me, I couldn't
icking; but ' Hand ever my money 1 it's nothin' on our heads."
- j . . . . . -
above all. Bob, be honest, never take a ,e"D8.a !,e BU ' he was some
man's trick wot don't belong to you, nor whal ina't5nn. but she told him the cir
"slip" cards or "nig," for then you can't curastancea and managed to satisfy him,
I nr. Ir trnni main in iYta fan anrl aa Un thai. I with the promise that if aha ever beeama
had lost the only loved thing, besides her the ca8e lliere.B fnn lhe gme . iu widowed again she would most positively
father on earth, when Naihan Hale was ...... i.. ...... i. . o. n.u marry him. The ladv with h fnunl.
hung as a spy on that morning. She was rarewen remeinber wot I tell you. end bosband settled upon a farm near Bucyrus
A I : 1 " 1. . ... I Whlln W nkn.l 1 . K . ( '
rouiuTeu 10 tviansneia that :
near her. In the eonrsa of
Hand I will go to my room and pray, and thinking of the mothers, sisters and wives, - . a year they removed to Pittsburgh where
think of him who now lies cold in death." in England, who would soon mourn lor the husband went into lhe mercantile
recollect but' four pence cambric 1 Mrs. Moss, Not upon yours, father ; but to me, no t thinking how many hearts would be vouii b. .., t0 w; .n(i -.e vnn j..,, while Robert
a"--"- i ... . ... .. . I.. , . . . .1 ... . . n ... ., .i, .. .. .. .14 J ii
over all, my boy, be polite to (lie pretty which was to be applied to the butter, me aressmauer says so i you young cneai what is ruin now i dut i win not oe rasu oroKen oy ner, inienaea act ; was no. 8ftrvel you right jf you get 8kunked." no ""s"1 09
ignity. "the storm, and the trees which already began avenged. For her own life she cared not ana retire to bed again, being all the while to Watch theohances closely. One day
ing is villain- to writhe beneath the force of the rising thought not-not even did she think of MleeP- Ihe Archbishop of Bordeaux he was passing the store of Mr. ,
nfehaanigb gale, like some huge giant wrestlmg thai worshipping father, who sadly paced mentions a similar case of a student, who when he saw a terrible commotion. '
ir, her nose with some unforeseen power. hia room, believing she was praying for g0' UP. ' compose a sermon while asleep Ru,hing in In saw Mr., a man
m 1 fft ...... sU. I mLI.I, Ia Iia Amiwa UMnauii T Mnnral I At a nomn I VA ClPnoi VPH ma 1
rit i a i urwwi.nv a ami npnrv ni i um ur wu u j hi iiio ckko uuncci i natiwu v( n K . , ww mukw & nm sew ivwib buu ssari i t"iifc .
P. . ' 1 i i . ... ' !. I jkLIU 1va w.MlH T Isi,yiV ktk nva mo mnnov I i&v I il,;tr Um alinAau lioo in taolh M in lnn-lani urhnurnnM irtnn mnnrn fnf CLEEP WALKING. A Ct86 W MlfttBU 01 1 thft till Rfl Ami
thinkin that an ngnn ctergymvn wao usea to get business on Lilrt tri..Ui h
the cab which was to take him to the termined to do something with them. man who had purchased the two cents the father still stood looking out upon the soon she would join him in the spirit UP in tne night, light his candle, write eter,in Allegheny'city. Robert followed
depot; - ' Afier a few moments' consideration, I worth of snuff made his appearance waters, which were dashed with a rising land, and that dearly would his loss be SJ! WnidVwMIe h eaiplovinetit.determiiied -
" Vvr..n a;..A-.. it ntn,red . fork and nierced each and all ' Sir," said he, with dignity. ' the storm, and the irees which already began avenged. For her own lite she cared not T'!a'n:' ?n U Ah! h"e V the-ohances closely. One day
tnWmiitf- fmm th- rtnk of . nrivate to of the erzs separately-and the result was nu 7? 80ld rae thl! morn"!?
r-... r . ... r -i nna h link nennur. mid mv wi Ii
thafbr a capta.n-and l went up to my ...on..n.g , . - . r.. r r ,
. inkti'i Tnr anrvAtt m mv nosiuve v in a Biaie oi aecomDosiAion : - - " " - Kv.. .... ...0 ... . - , - . - a
3P.rCY occuoied bv remarkably large as a turkey's egg. and Meanwhile his daughter had gone up patience to bear his loss. . . "JT. LTf'. Acaskofrice'
.oni. .irioht Inrail neo. well-vrawn iuveniles of the fowl race ; r01"? rger ever7 mmuie. to her room in one ot the cheertu gaoies Meantime, mere were mese inree or - -i-r wnicu waa oeing noiaied had fa en and
myself, though some straight-laced peo- we igrown juveniles oi me iowt race , 6 b , ..w..1.j i. a rnrat. f.., kh,i r k.nn, hrt. h-.tina read it, made corrections on it, scratched Unhid him inni u. :
Blemlffht think tvanitr in me to men- and tl.e remaing nve were smeinng aeci- , - - " ... ..... -.,. out lines, .n.l .nl,.htn.H othfir. i '"' u ""7
k.,f .11 ,. tri. . . nd it i dedlv old oere woman. ung to pray, in the maa wmuii oi ner witn giaaness tnai mey nau goi over a " v l L l j l r.-; 7 '"" nu own sen w acquaint h s wire oi
.tionivbutallthe g rls ssy so, and it is dedly old. mB m monM!.. rrifili A. n. L.l! tt,,.inff n.,t nnon lnnr .ml. !rk.ninv .nva and soon would place a wotd which had been omitted, the accident. Yt th. iu L.l
gersly conceded that they are compe. The but.e; : iuffman. ' ' . T torm which was no? wilder than 'ihe be anchored before the sheet of green, composed mask wrote ,U accurately down, llftrted. Lookin- Qnce more S.
Uw.e;nfenbancin,my personal at- JiTSM GW, me my money 1 yelled a little tumult in her own heart. sven though the storm over them . SS ?XZ who "X
n t.ij.i . A.n.. . n( .l u i . ,i0.:,i ii..rf urchin, ctmbioir upon a crate 01 earthen- urora net eievaieu posiuus tun vuum ai iwi. hw iwwuj wwui u uuuii 1 . . iv.j, uu, uuuen sianea ior At ecbenv ,
ractW.Idded torn; dress a over the tree tons and the serid in which she was born-she knew it was in the habit of get ting up every night, fact hi. lee. could carrv him. gThI :
. -isiDinas. iaon s ihukiw uu- won unt ao to tftKO enner me uuuer or ..-".r . . .... .... , .. ... 3.
"'""i"" " ' . ' ' ,"f,i. . . . . .. , . Ii m, i.nl ,la,lilo imntm' tarhafhor in. HA I ClOtldS. fig llkfl battlini
feel inir waders' -'C7 were emoroiaerea ihe eetrs. iso 1 turnea to tne iroiu part j ... ....; ......-.. ------.- - - t
lee ing seaaer, , i kb - ha .nd mam c0l)era9 inatid 0f I to the charge, amid the 1
unit nresenua to "j j j oi ma 1 g umn, uumi wo um, ui , . j. , ,
.anil. ureBoiiicu wi . .... 'I P ' . . . ..r . ..J T1.1. ond P,ll anI ik. fhAV rnA nil anrdail at.hl
1 one hand, and tbe but- """I y ' , ' . 7' ', . ai , rV ,
( - w m. . w. . J ...1.1 j I .1 .lUtllTia I) QDUCU Tf llill 1 BIIU UaUU 1 a Kill 1 ' vuuiu bwv v viiii"
tache. I aalliea .out. : ler m me oiDer .a?..'.. -,:.u k:.i- uA sm ku . Th- anmnmnrlA rrtivA ih- npopfl.r
r . jm r.;M 1 . t 1 1L.1 1 a 1 inn inmnipg hii iiwht wilii liih iiaruitciieri 1 iiuoviiitf nnu wnu isj iiq iwam vq, " no viuiuwuuvi a- 1 . . - . .... 1 " bii luumui ljiuh ui
Tfte-mow.Hf rZ , Vm-T rj' Sir.Ie.1fldtoretmvmonevraaid as driltine snow, in the air-the breakers order to hi. lieutenant, and the next " !", "'"P rK-tl nis.lraae! side they ran, unUI they reached the Hind
iiB mb re luu-iuu um vui . . ' , . -. . ... - -; . ... ui.i, ir I ik. I- i.oil .h nk h.A h..n nu ur. riooaiu 01 m tarraer, wno boh .,,., kd. ti.. .i.a . .m.i 1
fair for urnMfl . -,T,d ,h. butter-we don't take ' 7WMW waistcoat you wu....g P g. . . . .. - -of h8(1 ,, . r- "r'?r' ' " ..w" ""80U.ro
bold mariner s view. sheeis eased a"way,and the veisel heauea -- "-" "wu psta loll by the year passed without delay."
l . 1 . a. .t 1 1 iiiH wrii ih KiiHfln. if r. n rpk nnr. nn nna 11 1 1 ii. l .
Suddenly, the sound of a cannon was r me narrow cnannei, wnere a wousauu -7- "-7; - - - "T' r Z", n reaorrea vne noase. wia , We heart-
heard ; and as she looked upon the sound
she saw that a ship of war had hove to
g host marshalled would be her last-she turned and went attending to his usual avocation at the gmc.erk WM ony a aead of M
sulphurous amoke to the commakder and said mill, then 'eturnmg to bed 5 on swaking tnd Rober, knowin. ,h importiBei wf
hwart th sky. The tide is slack, it changes suddenly, inL,het m1orn,BB1he reoollected nothing of fog in time, from pail experience, and
. ... . ... ash! kail noaaod nnii rti fkA vtinrnf Maa. m - . . 7
,4I am sorrv ahem I that is, I regret
erito clouds , cast tbeir boding shadows that the eggs are too too old for our
ovV tne1eor,arn . F-- . i . . r '. " loW me lnd,w in8tead 0f blue vitrio
mv success. 1 arraoRou uiocn ''".: ..o: " .-ni :.i .u. ,1.
.the counter and waited for customers. you should hsve seen the pretty young ' 7 ' u
lldiai' f.maa KI.va iib 1 'I'hn Ansa ttilh Wl wwiuain
I ,'ha etriri mntiered aomethinir about "citv ""ana 0T mJ money 1 eameu
I DO O . . 4
greenhorn V and tbe butter girl exclaim
wn. nau pa.seaaur.ng the n.gm. wer- fearing tbat th, cler-k hid '
tinet speaks of a saddler, who accustomed lhe wjdow m ik(J j gw PJ :
la vioa im hi olan mnA aAilr m w kiaa f i1 I . .
rhfttnmi.r No. 1 intered. bhe was
middle-eged I woman, to bay fe beg e for
her.dartesa:;)wnd''T '
I was all. alacrity to fulfill ber com-mand-,
,1 piled t he ounters with wbat
I supposed to be dt fcege, a sort of thin,
gldsiy, rattling stuff; and with all my
eloquence I expatiated on it wonderful
mertts. -
"There's silk in it ain't there T nne-
tied the bid lady, putting on her apect
.nle. : tnr k closer elimination. "Miss
Moss, bur dressmaker, said aol", .1
!aiik'i tA ha sure 'there isf id I
iramcdis.tely . taking my cne, (it doesn't
dQ-;o contradict a laay.j bub. i wyy
All .ntr ih r.nl. fine Italian boiled , silk.
. eewingsilk, marm, imported expressly
the infuriated, snuff man.
J.l..ud. ....... -uive me my money money-
WH w . 1 1. ' J iL- .kM Ma in
"What better could have been expected n ey 1 roamu .uo jw... ...
c' ....l rus. '
iroiu aueii a,w-ej - ., u ... - ....1. , u 1
I was fain to conciliate them , by the 1 "Pr,,"8 " - "om me spanaer gau.
crafts have, ere this,
laid their oaken occasion, rose trom oea, w wntcn ne naa rending news, and obtained a solemn1
retired at an earlv hour, cam into the pledg9 frora widow beforJ ,h() c,erJ
mo- above the narrow gorge of the gate. A As ah approached the channel. nd ri tK UlrT- a SV", l 10 bar
cho- signal for a pilot was flying at the ioretop, saw the black rocks, the whirling .edies, JJJ t. promise, and after a W had paswd, Ihey,
..k.k.,i nf Si n.nr fl. ik. ..n.;n. ,l,.hinv hiirh on e wem with a pleasant song, with were married. As all her busbanda died
.u ........... w.. i .-....b p--- out anv of them autnet in it t hat he was .i .u...t
every band, the officer, and crew 10.M . - r.", r r . h, n mauv
1 WBI lain iu cuncuiHus mem, oy uie 1 . -r; - o ... "r." r e-" . I
..... - m . - iaa.MAi.i..jajaMM aniialn II afftf in ln nnn. I llTiik Ar Ramas In irvhl t ha I ail I. v..t Ihn rlanrratt ' KilR mn AO.
ift of three slicks ot oaody a piece, and ""-b .. , : . " WV7 L ."s- --"s;-- woke, the east recol ect on pf What be wiii .ccomlii-i, m
telling them I brote the eggs by accident, way, and never stopped unt. I ws. safe gtrl bounded from the room. - fearless seemed the ypung pilot that d ' , . , wo will accomplish. , , : ;
After tbe girls, came an old gentleman on the sofa by the aid. of aympath.a.ng " Life for 'Ufe Nathaniel Hall eijall reassurance had a home in every hea t- U.at fa th? disastrous y.,JokB Mn vii tall m. th. d;
in o.iflst nf nork Jennie. . be avenged." ' 1 ' so clear above the gale his bugle like - sir i. m. minT 0f the 1 "John, can you tell me tha differ-
"SlSJiS 'the -home' made, native Harry told me afterwards thai my day'- Whaf washer idea! Within-another voice sounded as he gave the ordert,- Z&lS&'Z JJT&W'
pork-norre of yer .Western hog cholera shopkeeping cost him fifty dollars, beside room id the .house wa, the coh.ng frf. ' Port, .teady M-I.fi t Pont.etc'- roarch willl their irJJea. lS?
:...p ; In. inff rnravnr Hia pimlnn of two nrettv Drotner. wno nav oeeu i.u nauer ma inev were more uma unit mruuiu.
....AT If 1 I In.inir
IUU. ,. , ..,...:.... ' . -------- . - r- -v, ... . . ... a ., m.. . I! L. 1. f .,. . o t.
I made a tour of the suspicious looking girls who had ' brought the butter ; and sou ; ana to uu room u.u, uu wm i ne lumoung ?mnn inn r u..
Ifl? tbe Ola ue OCge woman soon nrrajeu in .uui 111 oiiuu viuiiuug aa uuw 1 niiu i.re "'(; uu
barrels in the cellar gazed apprehen- highly offending
sivelr at my wroueht wristbands-found and her red-haited daughter, Sally, inclu- the young men generally wear when they passed ; a few hundred fathoms more and
a barrel which smolt of pickle and ding the illustrious Sam J.ckson. go on a boating excursion. Without the they would be safe from danger. The
II. -1 I q . .... m wiuuwill
X3T The Albany Knickerbocker can- man to the ground, and the attraction cf
lions four black cats that are continually 1 oobesion prevents his gelling op sgain
serenading in the back shed, that there is ; '' 1 -v
a sausage shop two door, to the right I I love the gentle spring time "

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