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? ' 0B BCFRElfl J0DGE.
: . iDURBIN WARD. ' i
roa, common pleas judoe, 8th dibtbict.
;;.';j;H.s. trainer.
vtj i ' ' AUDITOR, . -
i - . "i
3Tb,e Democratio County Coven
tion for this county, was beld at Bloom
field on Monday, the 30stujt., and placed
the ticket found aft the bead of this column
in nomination. Owing to Jhe lateness of
(he hour the copy was received, we have
but time and space to announce the fact.
"lady Washington."
The natives of our quiet city ' were
thrown into a perfect ecstacy on last
Friday evening, by the appearance on
our streets of a IBus, bearing the above
name, and owned by Mr. John Beltz
Not that this is the first vehicle of the
kind ever seen by the people of our city,
but it so far surpasses anything heretofore
witnessed'--for beauty and splendor, that
it attracted universal attention, and ad
miration." The Bus was built in Cincin
nati,, and cost, with the elegant span of
blacks attached to it, only. a little over
One. Thousand Dollars, something more
than half their value. - John isjiow in
the ring and ready to compete with all
competition, both for cheapness, comfort
and safety, r All .bands give him a trial
figrytti, have received a copy of the
" Premiums and Regulations, with the
names of the. A warding Judges, for the
Eleventh Annual Exhibition of the Har
rison county Agricultural , Society, to be
held in Cadiz, on Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday, tho Qth, 7th and 8th days of
October, 1858 ; also an invitation to be
present upon the occason, for which the
committee has our thanks. Amplo pro
visions are being made tor the comfort
and convenience of all. The premiums
advertised are liberal, and the officers of
the Society, gentlemen
Jefferson County Bible Society.
This Society met in Richmond on the
26th Inst."; "Addresses were delivered by
Rev'da. Wm. Davison, D. R. Campbell,
and J. K.' Andre ws, . :
A resolution was' passed, making it the
duty of each Vice President, to name to
the, Executive Committee, one -suitable
person 1 in each School District, in hii
township, to be appointed by the Com
mittee as a local collector and distributor.
The ' Executive Committee, was also
direoted to furnish local agents when ap
pointed, with Collector's Book and In
structions as to their duties.
The meeting though not as large as it
should nave been, was interesting and
encouraging to' the friends of the Bible
Cause. i.oV 1 '. , ' ''
The rieit ; quarterly meeting will be
held in tno Island Creek Presbyterian
Church, 6n the third Thursday of Nov
The Secretary was instructed to furnish
the True American, Union and Herald
with aq abstract of the proceedings of the
meeting, with the Society's request that
they publish it. J. K. Andrews, Sec.
Murderer Caught. We learn from
the Pittsburgh True Press, of the 30th
ult., that. Christian Jacobi, the( man
charged' with -the murder of his wife in
Pittsburgh,' on the 7th of July' last, and
who since that time has eluded the most
vigilant search of the officers of the law
has at last been arrested. It is thought
that the" evidence against him will be
overwhelming. He was expected to ar
rive lu Pittsburgh On Monday night, from
Chicago, in charge of the officers. ,-
G.IDDINQ3 Left at Home. Joshua R
Giddings, afterjwenty years' uninterrupt
ed and, consecutive service in the House
of Representatives, has at last been drop
ped by his'Republiran constituents. The
telegraph apprises us that the old veteran
is to be left at home, and a Mr. Hutch
incs sent in his stead. The retirement
of Giddings from the political stage, and
the reappearance, of Corwin.upon it are
yery .significant : political evonts, s when
taken logether.Piits. True Press.
NV Boots and Shoes at Halsted's
They can . now 6ffer the best stock o
custom made Boots and' Shoes, that lias
.ever been in' this '.market .'which will be
e old, very low for cash : ' J N 0 H U M B U G.
Please call and see for yduself, .
Married On Thursday the- 20th -talt.'t
by Rev.. Campbell; Mx.-Robbrt Thomp
oi; to Miss Nancy Stars'. All of. Jeff.
co. V.-?. f -''' . : '; v-; yV
For the True American.
Lines written during a visit to Hopedale,
at the Teacher's Institute, August 25th
1858: . -v ' . . ..
know a vale where kindness flows -A
deep and silent stream ;
he stranger drinks, his bosom glows
And sings a joyous hymn
or plenty smiles upon its breast l
And with her greeting hand
She gives assurances the best;
You're in a Christian land. .
Does disappointment cross your road ; " '
And doubts your heart assail,
And darkness leave a heavy load 1 , . '.'.';
Which makes your spirits wail,
o Hopedale go i soul cheering place,
And light of joy shall come j
And you shall feel the social grace ,
All comforting like home. ,
Here pride scarce lifts her sickly head
j By avarice unfed j ! .
And noisy ostentation's dead
For want of falsehoods aid. '
But knowledge here delighted grow
Beside so rich a stream i
And lovely truth forever glows
Beneath true, wisdom's beam.
f words have an internal light.
A beauty they convey ; ''
A power to guide the mind aright
In learning's beauteous way j
When Eloquence, these symbols, joins,
By Grammar's noble art,
Each sentence gives immortal coins
A treasure for our heart.
M. M'Intosh, JefTcrsoo County Ohio.
The Demand of the South.
The Southern public has just waked up
to tho fact that if the Dred Scott decision
will carry their slaves into new tcirito
ries ate, and into the states of the union,
that still they need additional legislation
to protect them, when there as they say,
under the protection of the constitution
hence, they demand that Congress shall
enact laws' to protect the ownership of
slaves, and a penal code for their punish
ment. lira vo for squatter sovereigns!
i this will not keep the discussion of sla
very out oi Congress then we know not
what will. It will certainly occupy ten
years of congressional legislation to enact
a civil and criminal code for slaves under
the Constitution of th'e United States.-
f then the Charlcstown News, Richmond
inquirer, and all kindred papers insist
upon it, we suppose that this will be the
issue of I860, to wit . The Democratic
nominees shall be pledged to the complete
protection of slavery in all the territories
of tho United States, and that the Demo
cratio nominees for Congress shall be
pledged to enact a federal civil and crimi
nal slave code
The Richmond Enquirer sets forth its
programme as follows :
The right of property in slaves, in the
Mate?, is now placed practically, as wel
as legally, teyonu the reach of federal
egislative encroachment. But in territo
ries the case is different. It is not suffi
cient that the decision of the Supreme
Lourt prevents Congress and all its dele
gates from the promoiion of slavery in the
Territory. There must be a positive le
gislative enactment; a civil and criminal
code for the protection of shve property
in the Territories ought to be provided.'
lo a limited extent this is already provi
ded. In every Territory containing, a
majority of pro slaveiy men, the power
of the Territorhl Legislature is all 'suffi
cient for the purpose. In such a case of
omission,' and under the present state of
federal legislation, much, if not all, must
depend on the loyalty and efficiency of
the nesident of the United Slates. He
it is who appoints the Territorial execu
tive and judiciary. It will bo the province
of this judiciary to protect blave property,
as tar as possible, under the laws of the
federal code for the proteotion of property
generally ; and it will be the business of
the Territorial executive to uphold and
enforce the authority of the judiciary. It
wU be tno duty of the President to hold
both functionaries to a zealous perform
ance of their several offices. Hence, we
cordially unite with the Day Book in the
assertion that the next, Democratic nomi
nee for the presidency should be pledged
to the protection of slave property in all
ihe Territories, .
And we go further. . : It is very desira
ble that Congress pass additional laws for
the protection of slave property in the
Territories. This woald not operate to
force slavery upon an unwilling people.
It would simply protect slave property
wherever it was actually found it would
not prevent the prohibition of slavery
when a people came to form a State
Constitution; in short it would secure
every constitutional right, without arbi
trarily attempting to contravene climatory
laws, from the halls of the federal legis
lature. The present code of federal leg
islation is insufficient for this purpose.
The general provisions of the civil code
afford but an imperfect protection to this
species of property, and the criminal code
may be described as almost useless for the
Reraembei,' all this ten years of Con
gressional legislation is to be invoked in
order to remove forever the discussion of
slavery from the halls of Congress.
' danob's veoktablk extract '
For the care of Fits, Spasms, Cramps, and all
jNervous ana UonnUtutioDai Diseases
"PERSONS who are laboring under this
distressing malady will find H NOE'S
only remedy ever discovered for curing Epi
lepsy or f alling its.
i, These pills possess a specific action on the
nervous system ; and, although they are pre
pared especially for curing fits, they will be
found of especial benefit for all persons afflict
ed with weak nerves, or Whose nervous system
bat been prostrated or snattered from uny
cause whatever. In ehronio complaints, or
diseases of long standing, superinduced by
nervousness, they are exceedingly beneficial.
Price three dotlars per box, or two boxes for
five dollars. Persons out of the city enclosing
aYemittunoe, will have the pills sent to them
throngh the mail, free of potU(ro. For Hale
bv SETII S. HANCE,. No. 108 Baltimore
StRtw. Baltimore, Md., to whom orders from
all Parts of the Uuion must be addreoKed, post
paid. .. , . . . uue , ao-ly
Partizan Comment.
The annexed paragraphs furnish admi
rable examples of the reliability of the
comment of partizan papers : '
The Baltimore Clipper of the 27th
says: A wonderful lilt in debate was
had in Ottawa, III., on Saturday last, be
tween Lincoln and Douglas. Ave hae
tried but failed to make room for a portion
of its spiciest part this morning. ' At the
conclusion of the debate, when Mr. Lin
cola walked down from the platform, be
was seized by the multitude and borne
off on their shoulders, in the centre of a
crowd of 5j000 shouting Republicans,
with a band ot music in Iront. Ihe
Chicago delegation scattered for the cars,
and so ended the great debate. V
The editor of the Joliet Signal was at
Ottawa, and heard Lincoln speak, and he
thus comments thereon':
As a'speaker the word orator would
be entirely out of place in connection
with his name Mr. Lincoln is very far
from passable. At ho concli'sion of the
discussion, we really fell constrained to
look upon Mr. Lincoln with feelings of
sincere pity. For it ftrould be difficult to
imagine a position more mortifying than
that which ho occupied when Douglas
ceased speaking,
. Horace Greely's Present Position.
In a speech delivered at Ulster, New
York, the leader of the Republican party
of that State, whose name we give above,
made a speech upon the present aspect
and necessities of politics and parties
from which we quote the following :
Whatever might be said of the policy
of excluding a slave Stale, he. thought
that they would never be able to exclude
a slave State on the ground of its being a
slave State. When a community is form
ed, and with slavery, and, says, we pro
pose to come into the Union as a State,
they would not be ablo to go behind her
own action, or interfere with her sover
eignly, so far as to prevent her coming
into the Union with slavery, so long as
she was republican in form. He stated
this, not as bis opinion but as a deduo
tion from history. For instance, suppose
Cuba should come into the Union, (and
be u:d not desire that she should ; he de
sired that she should not,) and had form
ed e Stale government, they never would
be able to keep her out because she was
a slave State. ,
"Another point. He .thought that ex
perience had settled the matter, whatever
we might say of popular sovereignty or
ot the rights ot the people, that the prin
ciple obliquely laid down in the Cincin
nati Platform and more deliberately ex
pressed in the President's Message, that
the appropriate time for a State to decide
for herself when she will have or when
she will not have slavery, is when she
comes to ask admission into the Union
was practically settled. He did not say
he would not like to have it otherwise
but it was so very difficult to determine
when Territories should decide this ques
lion for themselves, that he saw no other
course of action than to say that when
they come lo Irame a Stale goveinment
they shall decide for themselves whether
they will have a slave Slate or a free
The Habitual nse of Spirits
The British Foreign Medico Cliirurgical
teview shows that the -habitual use of
sjii its arrests that metamorphosis of (is
sue which is necessary to health, leaving
he ctlete tissue as a useless burden to the
body, to be converted into that least vital
ized of all tbe organic constituents, oil and
fat, till finally life itself is clogged at the.
fountain head. Thousands of men, accor
ding to the Review, who have never been
inebriated, annually perish, having short
ened their lives byi tippling a little every
day. l he dram arrests the metamorpho
sis of tissue; another dram is taken before
the arrest ceases; the reaction thus post
poned, becomes more intense; the depres
sion is excessive; more drams are taken;
and so, in the end, without ever becom-
ing intoxicated, the tippler sinks into his
gravo a victim of ardent spirits. It is
different with the man who drinks wine,
it is rarely used except at meals, and the
effects have time to pass awsy before a
second dose becomes due, and hence no
craving for an increased quantity is ex
pertenfied. Men are now living in robnst
old age in consequence of having taken
the same identical number of glasses of
wine daily for half a century without feel
ing it necessary to increase the quantity.
JEST There is trouble already about .the
management of the Atlantic Telegraph
Company. It is not likely that Cyrus
W. ield would have resigned his post
tion as Director of that Company in con
sequence of, his ill health, if tiiere. had
not' been something objectionable in the
style of managing the business. The
Boston Journal is bitter on the British
electricians at Trinity Bay. ' It says :
"They seem to be an arrogate self con
ceited, self opinioned clique with the gen
uine old fashioned John Bull prejudices
againsv i aniiees ana i anitee inventions.
. r f r I
But while British electricians' Are tarn
pering with the cable, and blundering
with inefficient instruments, .American
science demands a more unrestricted field
for the exercise of its powers, and Amer
ican interests call for a more independent
line of telegraph to the old 'world. We
want a telegraph which shall be wholly
under our own control, and which our
government can use with a conviction
that its communications are inviolable,
and that it wilt not be turned against us
in case of war."
The Traveller also assails the English
electricians.- It says
"There conduct is just like that which
has attended all their movements since
the cable was landed and placed in (heir
oharge. They may be, and undoubtedly
are, scientific men in their line of btisines,
but evidently belong to that class by far
too common in society, whose airogance
and superciliousness render them of little
esteem in the world, outside of their own
mutual admiration circle.
1 O BARRELS Linseed Oil, In store
A and for sale at the lowest cash price
by i IIkmsq & Melvi
' april 28:58.. :.v .1 i ' .-. -
CJ II AWLS fe CLOAKS Of every kind
and quality, very cheap atT '
OCtSl-tC DOUQtHRt y in Bko ,
Ohio Stats -and Union Law Colletre.
npillS Institution has been removed to
Cleveland, Ohio. Degrees are legally con
ferred. and Students upon graduating, may
be admitted to practice. For Circulars ad
dress, at Cleveland . II. A. KING.
dec 2357-y Secretary
Ayer's Cherry PectoraL
For the rapid cure of Coughs, Colds,
Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Whooping-Cougb,
A8thma-and Consumption, is uuivcrsally
known as the best remedy ever yet discov
ered for every variety of Pulmonary disease.
So wide is the field of its usefulness and
so numerous tho cases of its cures, that
almost every section of the country abounds
in persons publicly known, who have been
restored from alt rm ing and even desperate
diseases of the lungs by its use. When
onco tried its superiority over every other
medicine of its kind is too apparent to es
cape observation, and where its virtues
are known, the public no longer hesitate
what antidote to employ for the distressing
and dangerous affections of the pulmonary
organs which are incident to our climate.
By its timely use many, nay almost all
attacks of disease upon tho Lungs or throat
are arrested and thus are saved manv
thousands every year from a premature
grave. No family should be withont it,
and thoso who do neglect to provide them
selves with a remedy which wards off this
dangerouB class of diseases will have cause
to deplore it when it is too late. Proofs
of tho surprising efficacy of the Cherry
Pectoral need not be given to tho Ameri
can people they have living proofs in
every neighborhood. But those who wish
to read the statements of those whose
whole health has been restored and whose
lives have been saved by its use, will find
them in my American Almanac which the
agent below named has to furnish irratis
for every one.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER. Lowell.
Maes., And sold by Heninq & Melvin,
oteuucnvine, unio. sepi.l-2m.
THE essential ingredient of this valuable
remedy is not new, but is well kntiwn to
iuu meuicai hcuoois oi r rance ana uermnny,
and has been employed by the females of the
principal courts of Europe, and bvnll themont
distinguished physicians in this speciality for
the last ten years. My motive is not to offer
any patent discovery, but siraplv to present to
the mothers and daughters of our own land a
simple bnt sure remedy for those diseases to
wuiuiituey bib iiuburuuy Buujeutcu, iu sucu a
form as should obviate the necessity of those
medical consultations, which are justly looked
upon by women as a violation of their roost
sacreu feelings, and to avoid which they often
risK the most leartul consequences.
- i nave increiore prepared mis spec mo in
the neat and simple form of a pill, and put it
up in small, flat boxes, which can safely be
sent any distance by mail in a common envel
ope, hach box is accompanied with full di
rections and explanations., enabling everv
woman to understand her own case and the
proper treatment and the proper time.
'Ihe Virgin Pills possess such powerful
penetrating properties that none of the diseas
es within the range of their action can with
stand or evade them. They cleanse, purify,
and invigorate every portion of the female
organism, correcting its diseased action, and
restoring its healthy functions, They effect a
certain cure for fulling of the womb, whites,
pnlnfnl suppression and irregular menstrua
tion, diseases of pregnancy, all nervious com
plaints caused by disordered uterine organs
weaknesses, Ac., the symptoms or which are
fully explained in the directions.
For any of the diseases of the treproductive
organs, they may be taken at all times, kxokf-
tino during the earlier stages of preg'
nancy, when their effect would be such
as to produce miscarriage, which fact
is more fully explained in the directions.
Thoir action on the system will be felt imme
diately, and the flush of rosy beauty, the true
index of health, quickly rising in the cheek
of pallor, will at onco convince the patient of
their effect.
Price SI per box, and will be sent post paid.
by return mail, to any part of the United
States, on receipt of the money. The money
may be sent by mail, at the risk of the sub
scriber. DR. A. G. BRAGG,
may 12:58 Saiut Louis, Mo.
' A Card to the Ladies. Dr. Dupon
co's Golden Female Pills are infallible in
removing stoppages or irregularities of the
monsuB These pills are nothing new, but
have been used by tho Doctor for many
years, both in France and America, with
unparalleled success in every case, and he
is urged by many thousand ladies who have
used them to make the pills public, for the
alleviation of those suffering from any ir
regularities whatever, as well as a prevent
tative to those ladies whose health will not
permit an increaso of family. Pregnant
females or those pupposing themselves so,
are cautioned against using these pills, as
the. proprietor assumes no responsibility
after the abovo admonition, although their
mildness would prevent any injury to health;
otherwise these pills are recommended
Directions accompany each box. Price
one dollar ; sold wholesale by M. L. MIL-
LLR, 1 hird streo steubenvile ,
Ueneral Agent for Jetterson Lo. v.
All orders must be addressed to the
above General agent who will supply the
railo at proprietor s prices and send the
Pills confidentially to Ladies by mail on
receiving II through the post-oihee.
H.U. Dr. Duponco'i Golden fills, Sig-
niatuTe J. Dcponco on every box none
other genuine. For particulars get Cir-
cuar of Agents- .aug,12tt
rFHIS invaluable medicino is unfailing
in the cure of all those painful and dan-
trerous disorders to which the female const!
ution is subicct. it moderates ail excess ana
emoves all obstructions, and a speedy cure
may be relied on. . .
t Is peculiarly suited. It will in a short time
bring on the monthly period with regularity
Each bottle, price one dollar, bears the Qov
ernment Stamp of Great Britian, to prevent
counterfeits. . -
: , CAUTION. : ;
These Pills should not be taken by females
that are pregnant, during the first three months
as they are sure to brins? on miscarriage ; but
at every other time and in every other case
tney .re perfectly sate.
Bole Asronti for this country, "'
JOB MOSES, lata I. 0. Baldwin, Rochester,
' N. B. $1,00 and 6 postage stamps enclosed
to any authorised agent, will insure bottle
o,f the pills by return mail. '
For sale wholesale and retail by Eenins A
Melvin, Steubenville, O., and by Druggists
genelaiy : deciu 1A
S. L. Sharp -Removal. '
" enn tobacco, snuff audOiaAas, Market St.
one door above the Bank, near Filth Street
Steubenville, Ohio, . : v'
Ordeers respectfully solicited, maySO
. Truk American Office, )
Sleubenville, Sept.
Flour, exti a, $ obi. .... . G 00
do aupernne. foni ?.uu
Butter, good table, V tt Ibt
Cheese, new milk, TO ft....' l2o
EesR, 19 dos 10
Beef, by the quarter,..
5,60 7, 00
..... 10c
... . 12)4
fresh, -VTb,
corned " " ....
" dried " ...,
Pork, IP us..........
salted, $ &...,
Ham.f). S
" sugar cured.. ,
Shoulder and Sides. .
Veal. V n
Mutton $ lb
Lamb JE quarter..-.
Lard lg B
Chickens, each
12 12 We
Wood, per cord,.
Sugar, brown , V ft) ......... .
..... 18c
...... 14c
crushed,?' lb
Coffee, old Java, f ft i..
mo "
lea, younhyson, $
mace, ooiong "
C7 When the American Colonies shook
off the Government of Great Britain, and
adopted a liberal form of National policy,
the civilized woild enquired, " what has
been the cause of ihis great revolution V
The answer was, ''Taxation without Re
presentation ;" and the world was satis
fied with the answer. When the inquiry
is now made, "why is it, that duiing the
great pressure of the times, when one
large firm after another is being driven to
the wall, Frohman & Co., still continue
to do a flourishing business in their ex
tensive Clothing Establishment on the
corner of 3d and Market Streets I" The
answer is, "They have a large and well
selected stock, of Ready Made Clothing,
and sell remarkably cheap.'' The answer
is satisfactory, and all flock to Frohman's
with the exception of those who are so
unwise as to slay away make their pur
chases, and return home satisfied with
their bargains. The people are delighted,
Frohman feels comfortable, and everything
moves on harmoniously. . .
i The Pittsburgh True Press, the
best daily paper published in Pittsburgh
received every morning by Wm. P.
Lewis. Price One Cent. Also all the
late Periodicals.
Thomas Gorsucu, Market Street, above
Sixth, has just received a supply of choice
Cincinnati Flour, and has on hand a sup
ply of choice Fine, Supeifino and Unbolt
ed Flour, Corn Meal, Corn, Oats, Screen
ings, and an assortment of Mill Feed.
All Flour sold by him is warranted.
The highest cash price paid for Corn
and Oats. Call and see.
3TFor the special advantage of al
concerned, we give general notice, that
Benjamin Pearck, keeps constantly on
hand, and for sale,. Flour of the very best
quality, " Cincinnati brand, al wholesale
and retail. We have tried it and there
fore speak advisedly. North 3d Street,
JISTEvery man of Genius, Taste, Re-
nement and Good Breeding, desires to
be thought well of by the World and the
rest of Mankind. This disposition is the
natural cause which keeps men honest,
and prompts them to the exercise of a
audable ambition ; hence the desire to be
approved of, which suggests to many the
proper subject of " Dress and Appear
ance." . To look well, we must be well
dressed ; to be well dressed, one must
have good clothes ; to got good clothes
at greatly reduced price, the Great Mam
moth Clothing Establishment of Mat &
Rothchild is THE PLACE, mv 12.
School Examiners' Notice to Teachers.
EXAMINATIONS will bo held as fol
lows: In Stcubenville, on Saturday, June 26th, 1858,
la Richmond, on Friday, August 6lh,
In Smithfield. on Saturday. Aucunt 7th.
In Steubenville, on Saturday, September 18th,
in uiciimona, on nday, October SJyth,
in bmilnueiu, on Saturday, October 3Uih,
In Steubenville, on Saturday, December 4th.
Beginning id eacu promptly at mne o clock
. m.
By order of the Board. .
Steubenville, June 9th, 1858 td.
A Benevolent Institution, established by spe
cial endowment for the relief of the sick
and distressed, afflicted with Viru
lent and Epidemic diseases.
TO ALL PERSONS afflicted with Sex
u o . i o
inal Weakness, Impotence, Gonorrhea,
Gleet, Syphilis, the Vice of Onanism, or
Self Abuse, Ace, &o
ihe Howard Association, In view of the
awful destruction of human life, caused by
Sexual diseases, and the deceptions prac-
uhhu upon me uniortunate victims ot such
diseases by Quacks, several years a so di
rected their Consulting Surgeon, as a Char
table Act worthy ofthelr name, to open
Dispensary tor the treatment or this class
Of diseases, in all their forms, and to give
Medical Advice Uratis.to all who apply by
toiLcru, vtuu a utjBuripiion oi ineir conai
tion, (age, occupation, habits of life, &c.,'
and in cases of extreme poverty, to Fur
nish 'Medicines Free of Charge. It is
neeaiess to add that tna Association com
mauds the highest Medical skill of the aire
and will furnish the most approved modern
treatment. ....... v. : .. . ,
The Directors, on a view of the past, feel
assured that their labors In this sphere o
benevolent eitorl, nave been of great ben
cfit to the afflicted, especially to tbe vounsr
and luey have resolved to devote themsel
ves, with renewed teal, to this very lm
portant but much despised cause.
Just Published by the Association, a lie
port on Spermatorrhea, or Seminal Weak
ness, the Vice of Onanism., Masturbation
sr self-abuse, and other diseases of t.'ie sex
..I flrrrnnn riv fhA inrtnatilttniv an-rvaAn
which will be sent' By mail, (in a soaled
letter envelope,) l'reoot Charge,, on re
ceipt of two stamps tor postage. -
. Address, for report or treatment, Dr
flnnrrrft II. flnllimin fnnoiiltinfi Durrrann
UWVI q V a vwm'Vuu) wvnHUikHIg SUISUUU,
Howard Association, No 2, south Ninth
street, Philadelphia, Pa. ; . ,
By order, of the Directors
' Oeorge Fairchild, secretary.
Oct, 7, Ezra D lleartwell, Presiden
for Every .Wound." ;
m produced by Dr. BBAGO t
fh nqsMt ot Dr.. Kane, wUes
tboot to poeetd to the v- . . ,
rfli and wtt nied by him daring thrt
' . periloui TOjmgo. thui ni gire
,. I IV I- . r
"? which hat made
have tested .
and ar Kjoielng la freedom
from long lingering . .-
which other remedlea had &Hed
' "1 lo cure. Hare yon the '
Rheumatism, Scrofula ?
Have jo the
$?V . . Are yoo afflicted with
Old JSox-ow,
tnlTerlng from
Arotlo Llnimrnt
will afford joa inttant relict
Everybody U liable to
And in fear of them dread-
fa) accident! the
ahonld be
Kept en hand,
for it afTordi sure and
often saving from death. It
n cran
Sore Lips, Pimples,
It If eiceUent for the Hair,
EiVUH It a BI1LTBT. fllflOT
r Amuaisci. It it
. It Ua aoTeretgn remedy for
Diseases of Horses,
Stringhalt, Wounds, Spavin,
Swntxr, Bra-nun, Rrao-Bow,
. Pou-Evu, ic.
Over 1,000,000 Patients.
Ercry purchaser of a Collar Bottu of tho ARCTIC
LINIMENT receives, at Dr. Braeg's expense, tho UNITED
STATES JOURNAL for one year. He lias arranged for a
department in each issue of aaid paper through which to
communicate with his patrons, said department to be de
Toted to answers to correspondents, carefully-prepared
prescriptions, and other valuable items of information
which his long experience and tho peculiar casos from
time to time presented to his attention shall suggest The
JOURNAL Is published in New York, and is one or the
oldest and most popular newspapers in the country. -. A
certificate of . subscription accompanies each bottle.
BRAGG Si BCROOWES, St, Voxdi, Bio.
Niw York Omca, No. 871 BROADWAY.
Communications should alwaji be addressed to St Louis.
For talt by oil rapertable Dniggiitt and Dtoien.
An aeent is wanted in everv town and vil
lage Applications must always be accompa
nied by responsible references. -
tt . . i . . l . n i ,
nening s jueivin, Agents lor oteuoenviue. .
may 12:58
Compounded Entirely from GUMS,
fve the public.
These QUMS re-,
One dose often re
peated is a sure cure
for CnoLBEA Morbus,
move all morbid or
bad matter from the
system, supplying in
.md a preventive of
Only one bottle is
necessary to throw
out of the system the
effects of medicine
their place a healthy
flow of bile, lnviuor
atingf the Stomach,
causing food to di
gest well, ruaiFYiNo
after a long sickness
and health to the
whole machinery, re
une bottle taken
for Jaundice removes
moving tbe cause of
the1 disease effect-'
all sallowness or un
natural color from
the skin.
ing a radical cure.
Une dose taken a
short time before eat
Billious attacks are
cured, and, what is
ing gives vigor to the
appetite and . makes
better, prevented, bv
the occasional use of
the looa digest well.
the Liver Invigora
une dose oleen re
peated, cures Chron
ig xiaiiiwa in iia
worst form, while
! T . ....
Only one dose ta
xes before retirin
Smnrui and Bowel
prevents the NIGHT
O0MFLAIOT8 yield al
most to the first dose
Only one dose ta
A few bottles will
ken at night losens
the bowels gently,
and cures Costive-
- I,
cure Dbofst by ex-
icitmg the absorb
88. : '
One dose taken af
we lake pleasure
in recommending the
ter each meal will
medicine as a proven
tive for Frvaa and
Aguk, Chill Fbvib,
One dose of two
tea spoonsf ulwill al
ways relieve SIUE
HEADACH.E. and all Fevers of a
KiLLious Type. I op.
eratcs with certaiuty
Only one dose ira
and thousands are
mediately relieve s
willing to testify to
Colio, while
its wouderiuiyiriues
All tolio use it are giving their unani
fnous testimony in its favor,
Mix wator in the mouth with the In
vigorator and swallow both together.
DR. SANFORD, Proprietor, No. 345, Cr.oad
way, Mew.iorx. . . , .
iteiautju oy au uruggiau. ooia aino vj
Uknino it Melvin, .
i. M. L. Miller,
Steubenville, 0.
And J. C. WRIGHT, Knoxville, 0.
. june 23,58.Iy
Qflfifi YARDS of Carpots
OUUU Superior Styles at pjices to ei
the times, just received and lor sale e.t Zj
per cent lessthan former prices, at i
Dry Goods and Grocery Store, corner of
f ourth ana Adams Bireeis oieuocnviue,
Ohio. ajpril 23:08 fimo.
"A Balm
'4g, THE c:eatest
9 v A
"J Iff1!!
i LI fcJ Ik tl Li a-J
YR. KENNEDY.of Boxbury.has di--
covered in one of our -commo p-rmt
wE0 reim'dy that cures - ' '
from the worst scrofula down to a common :' '
pimple. , . . .... -
He has tried it in over 1100 cases, and never
failed except in two cases, (both thunder
hnmor.) He has now in bis possession over
one hundred certificates of it . . value, all ,
within twenty miles of Boston. . 1(
Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing
sore mouth. f '
Oue o three bottles wilj cure the worst kind ,
of pimples on the face.
Two or three bottles will clear the system
of biles. - - -.
Two bottles are warranted to ears the worst
canker in the mouth or stomach.
- Three to five bottles are warranted to cure, ...
the worst case of Erysipelas.
One to two bottles are warranted to cure all
kind humor In the eyes. :;.J
Two bottles are warranted to oure running J.
of the ears and blotches among the hair.
Four to six bottles are warranted to cure
corrupt and running ulcers. ' v . ,
One bottle will cure scaly eruptions of the. .
skin. f . ..,; ,
Two or throe bottles are warranted to cure
the worst kind of ringworm. . - . ;
Two or three bottles are warranted to cure
the most desperate case of rheumatism. -
Three to four bottles are warranted to cure
salt rheum. . ... ,. . ,:
Five to eight bottles will cure the worst cas
of scrofula. - -'. -
benefit is alwavs experienced from the
first battle, and a perfect cure is warranted ..
when the above quantity is taken, . - -.
KoxBoar, IUA8S.
Dkar Madam : The reputation of the Med- .
leal Discovery, in curing all kid of humors,
is so well established by the unanimous voice
of all who have ever used it, that I need not , .
say anything on the subject, as the roost skil- .
full physicians and the most careful . Drug- . '
gists in the counyy are unanimous iu its "
praise... 1 ' v ; . c v. :":
la prescntine the Medical Discovory to , .
your notice, I do it with a full knowledge of ...
its curative power, in reieaying tui, auq cur
ing roost of those diseases to which you are '
unfortionatly so liable. That most excruci-
ating disease to an affectionate mother. -...Jlll
is cured as if by a miracle ; your own temper
is restored to its natural sweetness, and your
babe from short and fretful naps to calm and -sweet
slumbers ; and tte Medical Discovery ,
becomes a fountain of blessing to your bus- ,
band and household
In the more advanced states of. - '. "' "" -' ''
it extends to the stomach, causing
U o r l r 8 1 A ,
which is nothing but canker on the stomach ;
men to lue intestines and t ,.
KID N E S , , ...
creating a Binking, gone feeling, and an in- .
difference even to the cares of your family.
Your stomach is ' '
your food distresses you, and you can only
take certain kinds, and even of that your ;
systom does not get half the nourishment it
contains as the acrimonous fluid of the can- '
kereatsit up ; then your complexion loses
its bloom and becomes sallow or greeuish,
and your best day is gone. For want of nour- . .
ishment your system Decomes loose and flab-.
by, and the fibres ot your body become relax -. '
ed. Then follow a traiu of diseases which the 1
Medical Discovery is peculiaily adapted to
C U 11 E ;
Palpitration of the heart, pain in the side, .
weakness of the spine and small of the dack,
fairi in the hip joint when you retire, irregu
arity of the bowls, and also, that most excru
ciating of diseases, the
How many thousands-of poor wo.nen are
suffering from this disease and pining away a '
miserable life, aud their next door neighbor
does not know the cause. I wish to impress -on
your mind that good old proverb, "An
ounce of prevention is better than a pound of
cure.'' In the
you have both the preventative and the core,
with this Great and good q uality, that it will
neveruuder any circumstances, do yeuany in-, .
No change of diet ever necessary eat the '
best you get and enough of iU .
Dibkction roa use Adult one table spoon
ful per day Children over ten years dessert
spoopful children from five to eight years, '
tea spoonful. As no directions can os appli-
cable to all constitutions, taken sufllcieut to .
operate on the bowels twice a day.
. r Tours truly', '
Price $1.00 yer bottle. , ' ,
For sale wholesale and retail by R. D. ,
and M. L.' MILLER, Steubeuville, Ohio. '.'
augSO.j-ly. '
001 AND
The subscriber would respectfully inform - -the
citixens of Steubenville that he is euga- ,
gedin the manufacture of Boots and Shoes, '
and is prepared u supply lo Order on short
notice, tie keeps on hand the best material, -
and hopes to be able lo give satisfaction to all
who may lavor hirawith their patrouage.
apru vo, oa-iy a. ihui v.
17KESH Gajdeuaiid
Flower seeds fc
sale by 1
IIehimo As Melvih.
april 28:58. 7,1
DERFUMERY. New. and handsome
- atvles. of the various kinds of Derfuma-
ry lately received, and tor sale, at the Drug
Emporium of f dec 21 Eenino A Miltim.
fJEORGE HANTCII, manufaciurei ,
". and deder in Havana, Yara, Principe, ' .-:
German. Half Spanish and Common cigars ; ...t(
Rough & Ready ElDorado. Diadem. Twist.'
Oronocc, Yirginius, Black Fat Cavendith," Al
ma, Xante Doodle, Sweet Orange, and Con-
gress fives ; John AndersonA Co. Solace and .
E.Goodwin & Brothers, celebrated, Fine Cut , '
Chewing' Tobacco, also a superior article of
Smoking tobacco, Pipes, Snuff and Ttobacoo
boxes. Cigar Cases, Cigar Tubes,, Ac. Ac. . - : ,
Market street, below 3d, and near the Post ..'
Office, 8toubenville, Ohio.. .''.
X. B. An extra article of common cigars on ' '
baud at 40 cts. per hundred. apr8ti:58 , . -
THE undersighed having recently replen ,
ished his Livery Stable by an increased :
nujiberof Horses Carriages and lluggies, ;
and by the great improvement of his entire
stock, in quality as well as quantity, would '
most resnectfullv invite the attenitnn nf
the traveling public, and pleasure takenrs, '
thore-to. 1 Office and stable on Jail Alley. . '
North of Market street. -
MCIIWtr . H IY1 KIlAlfl' - 1'rnnriOtA.
Spring Stock.
M 200 boxes of Tobacco, assorted
. ao Kers of Twist, '
; ;' . 150 Half Chests Teal, assorted.
140 Uoxos Starch. '
Also Sugars, Molassos, Fish Salt, Spicus,
WooJon Ware,, Oils, Kails, Glass, Ace,
Ace, to which w most respectfully invite ,
the attention of Dealers. '
mar. 18 C. T. HOLLOWAY & CO. "

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