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K (Ehte. Immcau.
P. It I N C,.L P, L ES
f'f' Sleubenvilte, Olno. "' ;
WY"OSi names ire hereunto subscribed,
do herby adopt, and, agree to "be governed in
our political action, by the followipir princi
ples: kab S?0811' Awer!ci,n to Tula America ,
J Union must be preserved. s ,
3d. Ao Foreigu interfuience in American
MbnmVS c u'" f.v .;;, V.i v.- . . ,.
4th. Ko union of Church and State.
'v'4' Inviolability of National Treaties.
bib.. Persopid murality ludispensible to office-
1 .....
n npc.n. Bible without note or conv
Monti ill all our public school. - '
8th, Thorough reformefthe Naturalization
laws. i., . .-i
9th A capitation tax that will erclude for
eign pauper and. conv lets. V -
1 Ulll. Ko apPQIUtment of fbreicrnera an ilin.
lomatld posts
. e r
11th. Strict economy in the admiiiistratton
f the Government.'- ; '
12th. No Interference with the right of citi"
9nship already acquired by foreigners, and
the protection .of law to all who immigrate
from love of liberty, but uncompromising op
position' to Political Catholicism; whether in
the parson of an American demagogue, or a
foreign Eolesiastical Despot. ;
'. Eallroad Accident. -,
About 7,0'clock, on Friday evening last,
i very serious. catastrophe occurred on the
Steubenvjnec tudiana .Rail Road. The
ISipfes's train going west, was precipita-
Ud into the bedttfCros. Creek, atthe east
. k ,- "1
,.u o. Lue ; unnei, on Becnon la, Dy tne
Bi.a Yyajr ui uiiujjc. mo uuuiiigence
wm immediately dispatched to this city,
by messengers on a hand-car, with the I
statement that'ten or tweive persons were
kiUed. : A soeiial train was immfidiatslB
rw - . ' " 1
v. . ... I
sent ouv.anUbe party from the city spee-
v,V!;-".;,w';v:M,r " 'avorawe opportunity is now presented to The Hughes PRiNtrxo Telegraph
was happily discovered that all were aliveV those who desire a knowledge of this ac- Machines in England. A private let
A number of persons wero more, or less in- eomDlishment. to nlace themselves under ler from London 17th ult.. bv the Cllv
jured. . Doctors Johnsoo,BIcCbok',;f app'an,
Stanton and Mitchell administered to the
relief of the sofferers. The follotvinffare
the narhes of tfie persons who were, injured:
.MntbnMo'oney,Steubenville, Conduc.
tnr ! riJ,P r!nBl -f ,i. a .
not otherwise injured ; walked homo next
mornin? from deDOt. ' ; - ''. '.t'
u In l n ' ' ,r
4 Myrorf Koach,. L6uisville, Ky., foundry-
man. both legs -broken j no other injuries
Whatever. . -r.- .-. .f.s r
Jos. Fleming,. Zanesvllle, an engineer;
tk t,i . .--.-!.. I:...-J
niu vutuu tiaiu - loicrcicil IMIUICII IIIVCI-
.iiv.;fKi vi .1.....
...,,ili.vi.iuulm,i, :.
E,- J.- Cornellfrom near Columbus ; bog
gage master ; wrist sprained, and some
what bruised. ' " :
..Rev. Mr. VVatson Amsterdam, Jeff. Co.;
ankle sprained.
' ' James Jacobs, Maysviile, Ky.; slightly
l''. '. ' 1 " " '!! -. ... .
uruigttu. ,. . ,-.
D. q. Glfl,-Dayt6n, 0.; slightly.
!.'JIre.,Me):editIi, Xenia; slightly. '
; 'Dr. Allen, Belleville Ark.; slightly. 1
" Miss Lyon, EljzabEthlown, N.J. slight
i,-,W. II Moore, Milton, Ind,; bruised an
kle. ; ? ''h' ' ' ;"- '
Mrs., Humphrey, Newark, O.; slightly
Jno. P. Draper, Danville, 111.; Blightly
: Mrs. C. Wainwright; N. J. very slight
CaptJ Barr, of steamei R.F.Sass; slight-
I rut ahnvfinna eve and face. V
" J
Wm, Ramsev. Harrison countv t slitfht-
l"r 7 . i "
kp i II ( c ' k
i. SV EK ho' r!nd
h wound on back of head, and
ui' James M.
dealer tr flesh
aee scratched.: .,)
; Oliver Ormsby,' Vevay, Indiana, cheek
elightly . bruised , , wifa' and daughter not
iDjttreau ,
, ...... 1
Three ladte? names not known ; unmju-
red. T.biee, others fccratched slightly; one
complained somewhat of lameness. , ;
The Herald'? of Saturday, contains the
ionowing aesoripuon.oi mo aiBaster : .
Tn it nnriinn tthn wmild witneflH . tin
scene Jf wreckthis morning, it would
T t Aft a l - ii
as io ine cause oi me uisasier. u was si
1 Jl.t-Sl IV 1 .
first eapposed.that the structure 'from some
(lnditinnvRrud cause, had iriven wnv i hut
it Irfuow ascertained that some of the hind
care were displaced on reaching the end of
u u.iAo mKinli tA.tt ... .m- f
.Uealntlwbw, the ettucture.had to give
W e"UerJ; 'or u"
unrfliv. nMRHRQ nver in rrihev s rna iMnreBS
remained suspended on one end of the
bridge; the hind truck ; having gone down ;
aner it,1 aescenuea tne uaggngo car,' ana
he.two. passenger cars not falling ln.one
mesel hw scattered, abotrt: -Only one' car
wad fhattered topees.- The descent was
after it;"dcscended the Baggngo car,1 and
l!!K-,ter'' th' creek
, , . -
Mr. Mooney and Mrt Fleming, sre now
nncftr,t ,,t P nnnr m1 ,.nWlW rn.
:::Tr' "-r:.V:7.
vBnn(, .air. ivoaci lyipp; m
Washiiiiitoh Hall, in this city .'in a very
critical condition ; indeed his life is des-
jl" '
frLr :
rwiBuoui can. uevise, is ouiug given io ii m,
lie order'to deviate his sutleLgs, and, if
in order'to deviate his sowings, and, if
joksibloy ti 'restore blm'to his family; and
fi.r ..-.) --o.. , ., '
Wtlnghls Ume 'and attention to the suf-
ferersi with" the same deep eolicltude that
'natural brother would feel for a- brother
. . - - , :. . .: ' '
t?iV'': :' ':;ki:' V;,'
V From all we are able to leant, not the
luiiiiniiiEiiqii w m.uio vii
.f thafficersof;,the road. It . is one of
.fuo .auiorcseen events 10 wjucu wo, are
.1 ... . ...
11 llabla as we ioarnev along the slippery
path of life' Wr ; r ."";, ',, ' ', J
TheS.fe. I. Il.Ri. has been Sonera-
iton tot1 abou t ' fi'vV yeirs j during , that
passed over U; and th, we, .bol.eve.is the
-.- -.:.rT"". """
injured by any mishap or .Hie cars. Is
tr..rnnthftrrnd Intha Unitorl Smn.
winch the samo can basaid 1 We think nou
w,: V-' - ,.r
fj-E. K ttOUMAS is Vxr., have, just re
,'cei ved rich Furlpljf yfi ready-made Cloth-
.ing, suitable for tile Seasoh, and are said to
bo seliln rema"rkably cheapi'1 ' ' "
seem jniracuioiua, mac me. passengers anu jiiiihi. tujijr huui vym, uj rresiueni, aim mnae a giowmg speecu. ,
employees'on; the Ill-fated train were not the Times, of which publication he is, it T - ..- . ;,,!,
Ikilled instantly,1, -The span of the bridge f, ' ' Infalliblb .Rf.medy for Scurvy,
Wninetyfeet.''1'. : ; ' ; 8 eems, a regular contributor : Durinrr two awful winters in the recion
S'tr Thn fMlrimirin, hflrtnnl It -.m rn'i,
the turns annexed to their names on itib.
ecript'ton to the True Amkrican, opto
the 15tlt Inst. -'- ' ''' '" '.'
Jno. B. Bayle..l,00 to No. 10 Vol 0
J. Glover. 1,50 to No. 9 5
Dr. H.L. Sook...l,00 to No. " 6
Jacob Hull ,...3,00 to No. 1 V.'! 5
J. D. Keith,... ..3,00 lo No. 1 4
M.A.CatnpuelU., 1,50 to No, 1 . " 5
James & Beck... .5.25 to date.
John Morr.iw..4,50'lo No I Vol
J. Culman 1,50' to Ho", 33 "
Nimrod Teaff.i.2.00.to No. I "
J. D. Damn. ..wt. 50 to No. 1
George Hanicli... 1.50 to No. 85
Wm. Winn 1,00 to No. 28 "
J. D. Filson... L. 1.50 to' No. 29
Hon J.A.Bingham7,50 to No. 1 '
W. J. SAge..f ...1,50 to No.37, ' "
Isaac Welilay .V. . 2,00 to No.16.
Oy-We have received an invitation by
Hon. W. A. Looms and 529 other gentle-
mpn. fnrmprl in- r rM,.mM.n. r-B
Ohio, hnt nn ri,lln In n.rf. . J
: 6 . 'I
u,ccl luen, ,?w nisoon, on mo na
.udi.,bv i.m vuu"y rair wniun is w oe
held at that time, and thus have a Grand
We shall take great pleasure in comply-
ini with the kind reniinut if nmMir.hln.
" ""I r l
By. the wav. we are inclined to think:
that f!nl.imhin rn.,n ni .u hor'.uif
rmat'VMlit fhi. .n.nn h ,inn f
thB l..Hi'.ir. f rna.om iim
m '"-. ''
ICy We acknowledge our obligations
to Danicl Hbaugh Esq., for the presen-
tfttion of a complimentary ticket to the
w - . .
"'F :
6';"""o'i, jour lauuime Biucrunse.
... fcVWe are happy'to learn that Profes-
sor Miller has mada arrnnoempntn tn ra.
main in bur city during this, and the month
,.p n.n. n- .iii i, i .
w WWMOlt A1Q IT li Kllv JCHHUlia Ui 111"
. I
struct ion on the Piano, and Mclodeon.' A
the instruction of one of the best Teachers
of the art in the United Stales. Informal
tinn in rr.i ... .V. h.
bv calling at J Music Storb. Mar.
ket Street : "
i I? ah Goods .JB8T received and now
openinc(. GEORGE SCOTT &CO., are
.. i . . ..J .
now opening tneirnr8t supply ot all Goods
LrA00j .!, p..i uj- fn.u
pmbracing a great variety of . seasonable,
6 , , '
n.oa . n. .. . . . . Jother mtruments fhe first message
" "w ..v-s "-'I uuo
rMI. , 1 J Tviy IT-
f..ureu uu p..... m.u,
rM,;. a-.! w.-.i. j w
.....ix,. ouiniwu, iviiii, uuu iuug-
nan uancous, onawis in great variety.
A very large Block of Millinery Goods, and
Trimmings of the newest styles, including
Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, Satins and
Velvits, Head dresses, &C. ice. Also Vol-
vet Ribbons and Fringes, of all widths;
' I
(-We invite tho attention of our read-
era to the advertisement of Mr. W.
Sage, in this paper. Mr. S., has an assort-1
far suroassinr anvthinff heretofore disnlav.
tli innnrrit.. rjnii .ml 0Tmin w ,.
v .
fj-S. B.Teaoarden, will preach at the
Disciples' Church, on Dock Street, on
Thursday evening at 7i o'clock. The cud-
Ho are invited to attend. .
L : I . '
I TVTw rhflvlflB ' A efAV Pviaffiri Virrtif a o I
' V"R"V" .8
I ' ' 1ITIBI. '
" no' ''ten l'ut or'ena"the pleasure
of ieiding a hero's own account of his
-i . - - j
me cnampion wno lougnt ana tne oara
wno sung nn ngnting were not usually
comu,nu in me same person.. ; uur toes..
it i
are days of progress; and even so con-
servatiye and scholastic a moralist as
Mr. 0. Astor Bmsted cannot escape the
escape the
Benerai infection 0f ,he aje.' 'Accordingly
hAu,lB bo '..,,.,! n bo .nbiAin,l
. ... r .
account of Ins prowess tn a recent duel,
k n h n. Ann bva am a n r avi
I '- T. ...... 1 .. K lOCO
uuu in, aue., u. inoo.
'DiAlt Spirit :-A bold but unsuccess-
fnl tii.mn ia Hr.'.K .i. f
correspondents was made this week. The
M.i.,;. Ad riM;rr T.fa...,;. . i
,.m....u. ......
"u,uc"' '"UD.uo
Ln rl: Sn,v l.r f M, at;
i ... w. ---r
wTiich your'compositdr had unwittingly
Uggravatta by . giving bis name a most
inodorous termination , Of course, "Bar-
inodorous termination , ui course, "Uar
cos: was ; Willing," only 'stipulating for
pi8,08 .. Rnd for ohC8. lhe: Fthmh ha(l' to
aow lhftt their rgIeg W6ra not the rules!
of all the world.: So over,' we went into
x'tuiiuo, uuu uuu a pop at cacti uuier.
Nnhn,' . nrUnnlJJn ftt,fl BP(.nn(!,
. . . f .V--- - .
wnicus somewuat remamaDie consmer.
mg my great experience in the weapon) -
made it no amicablv.and shook bands all
rOuhd. ' Some, other time Ibmay give
' , - - - . ''"
L7J r:rt n-n,;v.Xi
i " ..
) is, decidedly a brick in
that the Marquis is, decidedly a brick in
h'8- afld lbatfmy ,Pr,evi0U8' remarks
about, him were foundod en erroneous
.,' V ' . , . . nt. Ritusnv.
' ;: y, - " ' rr:.
A Man. vVitiiout - Hopn.-r-Noihing
more horrible can be conceived than the
Bitualionof Myers; who lies under-sen-
. ; f . f.n,llrtlllia . the Jour,
v,i i.d, ;., , ., ,, . . , . . . - .' .
7 He seems to have lost all sense of roa-
- . .
soning;wiin any person wno mentions or
fries lo converse with him as lo the future
- -or even gives him; hope for pardon.-
rhe. same stubborn nalure which mani-
fc9ted profound silenee, froni the ' time
he committed, the -murder, still retains
of pentance as idle, and remarked
pardoned, mere eon aoa no cnange in
hj. future life.. ,Hehinks all attempts to
f - Uu.. n o. n.t
and honor, all he ever possessed, are Uken
; rrom him, and it would be better to die
- tiar, jiva nde! such firetnnstances. He
ay8 H' wlVole Of his niislbf tunes tdliqtt'oi.
his first mis-step, hiring himself as a bar-
keeper.'' " ' ' 5 " ' ' "'".'x''
A. Largo Vessel Interferes with tha At
lantic Teleerapn, .
The following from tht London Times
describes the meeting of one of our Liver
pool fleet with the telegraph squadron.
Our men wero bound to see all that wai
io be Recti, and had not the slightest re
spect for English 'gunpowder. The Chief
tain called from Montreal with a load of
74,000 Detroit staves, which were taken
down to her hy the Star of the North in
Miy last: ; ": ' ' '
During the afternoon an American three
masted schooner, which afterward proved
to be the Chvflain, wa seen Mantling
front tlie-eastward toward us.- No notice
waa taken of her; at first, but whmi lie
was within about lulf a utile of t!ie Asa-
memnon the altered her coarse arid bore
right down across our bow s. A collision,
which might prove fatal lo the cable, now
seemed inevitable, or could only be svoi-
ded y the equally hazardous expedient
of alteringihe Agamemnon' course., The
tf I 1-1 1 - I a 1
aiorous siuameu aneaa ami nrcu a gun
fr ' 10 le8V9 . which, 88 fillB did not
innflQV lr falza mil oh nntirta rf nr a a nilirula
foowed fa fc f fc bQW of lbe
jjgamemnon and a second and a third
fr0m the Valorous, but still the vessel
held her course, and aa the only resource
left to avoid a collision, the course of the
Jlzamtmnon was altered iust in time to
Pas within a few yards of her. It was
" . . i .
evident that our proceedings were a source
of th greatest possible astonishment to
them, for all her crew crowded upon her
deck and. rigging. At length they en
dently discovered who we were and what
we were doing, for the crew gave us three
hearty cheers. 1 hough the Agamemnon
was obliged to acknowledge these con-
gratulations in due form, the feelings of
annovance with which we recarded the
vessel, which either by the stupidity or
carelessness of those on board, was so near
adtlin2 falal 8,1(1 unexpected mishap to
the long chapter of accidents which had
. I I f !
ilxanln an nnur, Inoas I M A ImnifinAll
of Baliimore,- states that the' Hashes
Printing Telegraph machines wereplaoed
upon the line of the Electric Telegraph
.Company, between London and Liverpool
on the Uth msl., and bad greatly astoo-
'shed the telegraph managers, operators,
etc.; by their wonderful performances
working with the most perfect regularity
. .. 6 . , 6
at tne rate oi miny nve io lony worus
net minnte.- between the two cities, not-
withstanding a heavy rain, which had
asled for two, davs. and d sab ncr all
-B-.i,fl A t lun tin nab o frnm Tr n Is hnx,
...v . -".w - j ,
flaml 1 hrniKrh to London bv tha
.V . . .... .
Hughes machines, me speea ot tne
Hughes machines id about three hundred
per cent, creator than the1 English ma-
chines, which do not record the messages
uansmitted, whilst tne 11 ugnes machines
P,inl evefy word in P,ain clear Ci,Pi,al
etiet We are 8,80 atifiecl to.,e.wn
hana' haan nnannrl Kn (ha A MnntiA P.im
pany, looking to a purchase of the patent
-of the Hughes invention, with the view
to tho immediate use of the machines
upon the AtUmic cable the agent of
nofessor Hughes being willing t guar
rantee that tho machines will transmit
inlelligence two hundred per cent, faster,
ana wun more accuracy, man can ue
dono by anv other system. In fact, Pro
fe?sor Hughes confidently expects to bo
able to write through the cable at the rate
of from-five to ten words per minute.
Professor. WliUehotise, wno is working
i it i I.
ine came, ciai.ns io oo ao.e to w. fk n
.... P W
but the great difficulty of controlling his
peculiarly constructed magnets, occasions
,he loss of a great portion of each day in
Drobllbly be put upon ihe cable line early
in September. ..
AmrAM Rtatk nAHVBMTIft. .J...
I Mini m wa f j
geni7 The attendan
nee at the
American State Conventiou.is v
The Convention was called to
very large.
Tne uonveniiou was caiiea to oruer oy
Hv B. ,'Nonhrup, President of the State
vouhuii, a cuuiujii.cp uu jjciiubiuk,
Cani2atl0n was appointed.
Daniej Ullman wa, eIecletl permanent
. - . . J
i.-.ll, r t...
01 ewra!i ,ce' in8 e"lcac' 0 "
was fairly put lo the proof; and when it
. .1... .l. r. ir
, unuersivou www;m w
the person who tested Jt, ; no one will
dult 'that the otdeal was a searching
i . ... " 1
one. ( : ihe liniment was invented express
ly for vt, llane expedition, , ana Mr
Brsgg hat
,iin- 4;.if,,
106 ,8llt
tl"( be-wl
Brsgg had the pleasure of learning from
lisliDguished voyageur s own, t lips
was more tbna satisfied with the
effects of the remedy, and considered it
a so l vaiuaoie as an anuuoie m an nuur-
L ,.:. ,,
OUIIO, Ulcerous 8I1U CUiaueuuB uwbusc.
. , bv nHnjnir & Melvin:
!" ' V,
I ' ' Tui Vokthv nt Pnvsnnl Doses' have
0pann;ai,l tn m m!nd with
. . .Ui . , ,
the day, o childhood another word for
nLausea "d iwf?
tho worst part of sic
'sickness, and pain was
as the revolting por
ll0M wo coro
lions we were compelled to.swallow for
us relief. Dr. Aver s preparations ber
alj anolief era; . H8 Cherry Peclorat is
.... . , ' , ,
phoney -on the. tongue and heahng
balm on the stoaach. His Pills I 1 Try
. i hum thPi M iwmi mnrReiR in in
ind dida Siiffar-shod over the Da!
' O " . . ..
- u..'.i. .H.hnitK r.nnml
' , ? . ' iv.i r
P " anJ
to tne very .ioudobmou-. vi cia. .
Cincinnati Ciliien, 0 . ; ','; , ', , ; -
L . r; - .. .
The; can no w offer the best stock' of
l.a. h mA ShnflS. that has
" " 1 v : J-
ever been in thlS market i WlllCU wuiuo
eold very low for cash. RU . UUM1JIJ.U
, .riease oau anu see. tor youseii.,,,
,'iTi'X'rTtiii!iU rr.a. ,mrJ iiea'
1 mro a good, lot of wall,
dusting brushes. , v.IIcmho
'taprif S8i58 ' .
1 . . : 1
counter anu
. ----- a
ICJWe direct attention to the adver-f
Usement of the County Agricultural Fair,
in thin paper, , We hope all will feel such
an interest in this praise worthy object
as, will indues them to spare no paint to
render it at once creditable lo the County,
and worthy of the emulation of onr neighbors.-
' ' ' ..... .
.. . . bancs' vse mailt txTRACT '
For the cure of Fits, Spasms, Cramps, and all
.i Nervous and Constitutional Diseases.
TpEUSONS who are laboring under this
dintresHing malady will find H NOE'S
ouly remedy ever discovered for curing Epi
lepsy or rainug ri ' ; . : :
'I'hote pills potsess a upecific action on the
nervoutf aystetn ; and, olthcuitfh they are pre.
pared especially for curing file, they will be
luuiid pf especial beueflt for all persona aflliot
ed with weak norvesj or whose nervous system
has been prostrated or shattered from any
cause whatever. ' In chronic complaints, or
. i 'in., .!,! u-
nervousness, they are excerumiay Lenenciai.
Price three dollar per box, or two boxes for
five dollars. Persons out of the city enclosing
a remittance, will have the pills eut to them,
through the mail, free of postage. For sale
by SETH 8. HANCE, No. 108 BAtTiMoat
Street, Baltimore, Md., to whom orders from
all parts of the Union must be addressed, post'
paiu. - ' 1 uue a-iy,
Ohio State and Union law College.
WlHS Institution has been removed to
Cleveland, Ohio. Decrees are legally con
ferred, and Students upon graduating, may
be admitted to practice. - For Circulars ad
dress; at Cleveland M. A. KING, ;
dec 23,'57y . . , . Secretarv
' Ayet's Cherry Pectoral. . ' .'
For the rapid cure of Coughs, Colds,
Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Whooplng-Cough,
ABthma and Consumption, is universally
known as the best remedy ever yet discov
ered forevery variety of Pulmonary disease.
So wide is the field of its usefulness and
so numerous the cases, of. its cures, that
almost every section of the country abounds
in persons publicly known, who have been
restored from alarming and even desperate
diseases of the , lungs by its use. When
onco tried its superiority over every other
medicine of its kind is too apparent to cs
cape ' .observation, and where its virtues
are known, the public no longer hesitate
what antidote to employ for the distressing
and dangerous affections of the pulmonary
organs which are incident to our climate
By its timely use many, nay almost all
attacks of disease upon the Lungs or throat
are arrested and thus are saved many
thousands every year from a premature
grave. No family should be withont it
,and thoso who do neglect to provide them
selves with a remedy which wards off this
dangerous class of diseases will have cause
to deplore it when it is too late. Proofs
of tho surprising efficacy of the Cherry
Pectoral need not be given to the Ameri
can people they have living proofs in
every neighborhood. But those who wis!
to read the statements of those whose
whole health has been restored and whose
lives have been saved by its, use, will find
them in my American Almanac which the
agent below named has to furnish gratis
for every one. . ;. ,
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER, Lowell,
Mass.,-And sold by IIenino io Melvin,
Steubcnvllle, Ohio. . sepi.l-2m.
THE essential ingredient of this valuable
remedy is not new, but is well known to
the medical schools of France and Germany,
and has been employed by the temaies or the
principal courts of Europe, and by all the most
distinguished pnysiciaus in tins speciality lor
the last ten years. My motive is not to offer
any patent discovery, but simply to present to
the mothers and daughters of our own land a
simple bnt sure remedy for those diseases to
wlncbtney are naturally subjected, in such a
form as should obviate the necessity of those
medical consultations, wblch are justly looked
upon by women as a violation of their most
sacred feelings, and to avoid which they often
risk tne most tearful consequences. ..
1 Lave tlierelore prepared tins specinc in
the neat and simple form of a pill, and put it
up in small, fiat boxes, which can safely be
sent aiiy distance by mail in a common envel
ope. Each box is accompanied with full di
rections and explanations, enabling every
woman to understand her own case and the
proper treatment and the proper time.
n'i Tr- nn- ' I. p..l
iue virgin t uis possess tuvuyneuui
inetrating properties that none of the diseas
es within the range of their action can with
stand or evade them. They cleanse, purity,
and invigorate every portion of the femalo
oreanistn. correcting iU diseased action, and
restoring its healthy functions, They effect a
certain cure tor railing of tne worao, whites,
pauilnl suppression and irregular menstrua
tion, diseases of pregnancy, all nervious com
nlainta caused bv disnrdred uterine orcans
weaknesses, die, the symptoms of which are
fully explained in the, directions. ; . ; , . i
.for any or the diseases or the treprodiicuve
organs, thev mav be taken at all times. EXCEP
TING during the earlier stages of pregi
nancy, whetrtheir- effect would be such
as to produce miscarriage,' which fact
is' more fully explained In the directions.
Their action on the svstem will be felt imme
diately, and the flush of rosy beauty, the true
i - . , ... .1.. . ! .. .i . . 1 ..I.
inaex oi neaun, qmcaiy rising ui iuo vuee
of pallor, will at once convince the patient of
their effect'-;.': , ' w '
Price &1 Der box. and will be sent nost paid
by return mail, to any part of tha United
r, , . e . i ! ... nn,.
otaieg, on receipt oi uia uiuuey . uu ujyucj
may be sent by mail, at the risk of the sub
scriber. ; . DR. , A. 0. BRAOO,
may 12:58 t5aintloiiis, mo
' A Card to tub LADiss.--Dr. Dupon
co's Golden Female Pills are infallible in
removing stoppages or Irregularities of tho
meneus These ptus are noining new, out
have been used by the Doctor for many
years, both in France and America, with
unparalleled success in every case, ana ne
is ureed. by many thousand ladiea who have
used them to make the pills public, for the
alleviation of those suffering from any ir
regularities whatever, as well as a prevent
tative to those ladies whoed health will not
permit an increase of family. . Pregnant
females or thoBO supposing themselves so,
are cautioned against using these pills, as
the proprietor assumes no responsibility
after lhe above admonition, although their
mildness would prevent any Injury to health;
otherwise these pills are recommended
Directions accompany . each box. Price
one dollar 1 sold wholesale by M. L. MIL
LliiK, lhirdstreo steubenvile. 1 :
; ' General Aeont for Jefferson Co. O.
' All ' orders must be addressed to the
above General agent who will supply the"
rade " at proprietor's prices and send the
pills confidentially to Ladies br mail on
receiving $1 through the post-office, h
K.B. Dr. Dupouco'a Goldou Tills, Sig
nature J. DoroNco on every box-none
other ..gfinuine.;. foi particulars, get Cir?
coir of Agents;"' . V " ug.!2tf !
TjtcB Amehican Orrict, )
"''''" Sleubenvilte. ' Sept.'IS. )
Flour.extta, 1 obi.....
do Superfine. bbl....
..........k 5.00
Butter, rood table, V B
f..- "74
Cheese, new milk, &
..;.,;.... itygc
Esres, do..
3eef, by the qnarter,. .'. .
. fresh, VOj
.V.V.V.'.V.V.V.'.V.V. 8(guc
corned '.' "
flri(t "
Pork, lb....'....
. salted, p Jb..
Hams, y tt........
sugar cored..
Shoulders and Sides
Veal, f lt.
Mutton lb......
Lamb V quarter...
Lard fib...
,...;...'......'; "c
,i, lUc
............. i4
i ..50(u!75c
. .1j18c
... 10c
Wood, per cord,.,..
Sugar, brown , lb
crushed, w lb........
............ 50c8t
Colfee, old Java, V K...
Rio "
lea, young hyson, lb
DlacE, oolonj; ' " ..
C7When the American Colonies shook
off the Government of Great Britain, and
idopted a liberal form of National policy,
he civilized woild enquired, " what has
beoit the cause of this great revolution
The answer was, Taxation without Re-
nresentation S and the world was satis-
r : .. ,
fied with the answer. When the inquiry
is now made, "why is it. that duiing the
great pressure of lhe times, when one
large firm after another is being driven to
lhe wail, Frohman & Co., prill continue
to do a flourishing business in their ex
tensive Clothing Establishment on ihe
corner of 3d and Market Streets I" The
answer is, "They have a large and well
selected stock of Ready Made Clothing,
and sell remarkably cheap.'' The answer
is satisfactory, and all flock to Frohman's
with the exception of those who are so
Unwise as td slay away make their pur
chases, and return home satisfied with
their bargains. The people are delighted,
Frohman feels comfortable, and everything
moves on harmoniously. ( ', .1 '
. r 1 hrsTtt
. JEST The Pittsburgh True Press, lhe
best daily paper published in Pittsburgh
received every morning by Wm. P.
Lewis. Price One Cent. Also all the
late Periodicals. ' " "',, ,
Thomas Gorsdch, Market Street, above
Sixth, has just received a supply of choice
.Cincinnati Iour, and lias 011 band a sup
ply of choice Fine, Supeifino and Unbolt
ed Flour, Corn Mal, Corn, Oats, Screen
ings, and an assortment of Mill Feed.
All Flour sold by him is warranted.
The bighesl cash price paid for Corn
and Oats. . Call and see.
. iSTFor the special advantage of all
concerned, we give general notice, that
Benjamin Pbarck, keeps constantly on
hand, and for sale, Flour of the very best
quality, Cincinnati brand, at' wholesale
and retail. We have tried it and there-
ore speak advisedly. North' 3d Strecl,
Steubenville. ! - r ;
1VTOT1CE is hereby sriven that John J.
Corrcl has been appointed and quali
fied as Administrator of' the Estate of
Tilffhman II- Dorsey.late of Steubenville
township, Jefferson county, deceased. AH
those indebted to said cstato are required
to make immediate payment,- and those
having claims, will present them duly au
thenticated Jbr settlement, within ono year
from this date. JOJIN J. CARREL, j
septl5-3tp Administrator, &c.
laneons, Blank and 8chool Books, just
received, also Wall Paper and Stationary of
every description. ; The following is a list of
tew or tne articles or Otauoiiery Kept con-
stanlly on hand: ' ' '-(;' "
rArERS Letter, Cap, Legal, Bath, Post,
Commercial Note,- Bill, Sermon, Brief Coun
ting House Cap, Fancy and Embossed Note,
Pott Office, DrawiDg, Oil, Tissue, Piloting,
Hardware, Wrapping and Treasury Blotting.
Pastelle Monochromatic, Bristol and Paste
boards.- -v ' -i '..V-l- i ,:: 1. .,
ENVELOPES,-. ' ; ' . .
Common.Fancy, Legal, Weddintr and Mourn
ing of all sizes and colors. Also a choice lot
of Folios, Oardp, Ac. A variety of Gold, Steel
and Quill Pens, Peo-Holders, Pen-Racks, Pa
per W eights, Pocket and: Desk Inkstands,
Black, Blue, Copying, Carmine and Indolli-
Die inks. uomraoD, uyai, rorceiaui ana
T ran anarent Slates. - - - '
BLANK aOOKS-Cash and Pay 'Books,
Journals, Ledgers, Records, Dockets, Hotel
Kcgisters, -Uemoraodums, lass and Time
Books, indexes, i(ceipt Books, uiaries. Lio-
pying Books, Blank W otesand Drafts, Pen-
clla, Rubbers. Seal) ne Wax and Elnstio Bands.
WALL PAPIt 'fom to 75 cents per
bolt, Velvet and cheap Borders, Plain and
Ornamental Window Blinds,' Fire ' Screens.
Ac. Ac. ' -";..''
All persons. desirous of making purchases
In the Book and Stationery line, will do well
to givo us a call and secure bargains that can
not be had elsewhere. " Country merchants
desirous of purchasing without the trouble
aud expense of going .bast, can be accommo
dated at reduced prices; by calling at'Jne
wholesale aud retail establishment of '
; ; .' W. J.SAGE.
septla itp (enccessor of Mefroyon- q0(
A Grain Beparator, SmutrMacMac and
, v' - ' Fanning Mill: :';..',..
nA' -(--ii;v MiKcrAOTUBBD jirVi.;.- .i ?
1 A. 0. Russill A Co.. Ravenna, Ohio, ' , j
James Stass, New Lisbon. Ohio.
Conlkt & Suanmox, Steuben villOj Ohio. ' ';
WnjanT & beans patent re
volviiio Sckexn Grain Sepakator,
, I, v ' SRVARAT1CS At OSS OPIBATI0M .. , . , '
, I ChatFand Siput,, . , - , '.
. ; . '. 9 Rat Man ura. Stubbie "4c.: '.; ' , ;
,. ;". :'.;-,4 Cockle and Chess, ' '
' .' ', . . r , 4 Grass Seed, -' ,'.',.JJ
"-';.' l & Seed Wheat. ,
It will also clean Clover Seed, Flax-Seed, Rye,
Oats ane Timothy, It will clean 30 bushels
Wheat per hour, perfectly clean, fit for seed,
atons operation.; fries $28,00.,. ,.'... f ;
. Its form and sise is similar tn tha n1l fash.
io.ied Fanning Mill. OLD FANNING; MILLS
altered over and refitted, With Separator Ac,
for half price, by Oohlev k Shannon, tU St.,
near Market, Steubenville. . . -. - v , .
Farmers io Jefferson and adjoininjr counties
havine Ud Eiuniog Villa, can bare them
refitted to perform as above And warranted,
for $14, by bringing, or sending them, in to
v-oniey s onannon by Kailroad or River;
freight free to Steubeaville, ;; K .
II 0. FOOTE, Prop'r of 50 counties in"Ohl0,
Fredericktown.Kuox.Co. 0. ' sfpt3 3m 1
Jefferson County Agricultural Fair.
WILL, lie held at the Fair Grounds,
lower end of Tbtrd Street, Steiibenville,
on JVtdnnsday, Thursday. and Friday. Sep
tember 23 and it, and Oetober 1st, 1858.
, , JAMES COLLI ERy. President.
J. L: IIoLtos, Secictary. sept 8-td- ;
A Balm fox Every Wound."
u produced by Pr. BRAGO a
tha nqimt of Dr. Kan, wim
bout to proceed to the
l and wai oJbj blm daring thai
. 3 ptrilona TOjige. Tuu fu glrca
I to the world thii wondtrral
Which fcai made ;
'' : bar lotted
ITS, VIETDK8,:..;.
and at rejoldnj in boodoat
from long angering i . . i '
which other raiMdia had atilod
to euro. Hare jroa the
Rheumatism, Scrofula ?
Havtjwtbt -. , ii 1
Are you afflicted with r
. Old Ooroai,
' faffering from
TBS .-
Arotlo Liniment
will afford yon lutant ielie
ETeryhody If liable to - '
lyjg AMD iALE):
And in (ear of theaa drd
fulaceidenUthe I
Kept hand,
fi, fur It afforda ture and 1
ii often savlog from death. It
IT Ctrm . :
Cam TJvim VMmmIm.
exnlleDt for th Hair.
' u .
v.U armuAscB. It la
It is a sovereign remedy for
Diseases of Horses,.
" ' cntixd
Stringhalt, Wounds, SpaTin,
Sirxurr, Bio-nuo, Rixo-aoin,
Fou.u, he. :
bis Brrras usi ot . : -' .,..'
Over 1,000,000 Patients.
Every .purchuer of a Solub Boma of the ARCTIC
receives, at Dr. BrsKf's expense, tho UNITED
ue ass anuired for a
department in each issue of said paper through which to
communicate with his patrons, sniil department to be de
voted to answers to correspondent!!.' earefallj-prepiirel
prescriptions, and. other valuable items of information
which liis lonjt experience and the peculiar cases from
time to time presented to hie attention shall loggest The
JOURNAL Is published in New York, and is one of tha
o!det and most popuUr newspapers in the country. A
eertiScata of subscription aacompuriei each bottle. ,. ,
BRAGO & BCIUtOWKS, St. Lonls, Mo. '
New Yobs Omcs, Ne. S71 BROADWAY. ,
Communications shoold slwa js be addressed to 8t Louis.
For $ale by all rapedable Dniggitti and Dtaltn.
An asent is wanted iti every town and vil
lage. . Applications must always be accompa-
uieu by responsible Jeferencea... .. . ,
. h - "O - - - .
may 12:58 , ,. , . . "
. , , , THE LIVER 1
Compounded Entirely from GUMS,
I TiVE and LIVER MEDICIXE3 now. be-
fnra ilia' nulilii '. ' . '--
These GUMS re-,
. One dose often re
peated is a sure cure
for CnoifcRA Moibus,
and a preventive of
move all morbid or
bad matter, from the
SYBtem, supplying in
their place a healthy!
flow of bite, invigor
. Only- one bottle is
necessary to throw
ating .the . Stomach,
causing food., to di
out of the system the
gest well, ruEirviNo
effects of medicine
after, a long sickness
ana neaun to tne
une . notue tik-en
for Jaundice Amoves i
all sallovness or un
whole machinery, re
moving the cause pf
the disease y. ettecV
ing a radical sure.
natural color from
,'Jaeskin. '
. 0"S dose- taken 'a
short time before: eat
ing gives vigor to the
appetite' and makes
the food digest well.
Biutocs Attacks, re!
cureu, and, vhat is
better, prevented. bv
the occasional use of
T.ivar Tnvlrrnre.
Une dose oltea re
tor. ' V l
peated, cures Chron-
- i t ... ! T,."-;
Only .one dose ta
4V SV1ISIIIWB) k asi 1 m
worst , fontu while
SuMuut and liowt
Complaints yield al
most to the first dose
ken before retiring,!
prevents the NlGHT-i
Only one dose ta
A few bottles will
ken at nieht losens
1 cure Daopsy by x-
citinor tha - ahanrh.
the bowels gently J
and cures Uosrivs-
nibs. v''.
ents, ) . f
We take pleasure
in recommending the
mediciaa as a preven
tive for Fcvsa aud
One dose taken af
ter each meal will
cure dvspkfsia.
One dose of two
cm Auua, COiLt Fiver,
p land all Fevers of a
tea sjtoonsf ul Will al
ways relieve SluK
' Only one dose im
iBiLLioimTvpB. I on.
erates with certainty
ana thousanas are
mediately relieves
willing to testify to
its wonderful Virtues
Hnlin. whilA '
All who use it are giving their unanu
mous testimony in us favor.
' Mix water -in, ibe mouth with thIa
vlirorator and awallow both topetber.'-
DR. 8ANF0RD, Proprietor, No. 345,' Uroad-
, way, New lork , . v. : ;. w ,
Retailed; by all DiuegistSe - Sold alao by ,
Av.j '"!, Hbnisiq'& Mslvw,. .
J 'K V M I.' Miller, v '- '
.' '":' '', : - : Steubenville. 0'.
And J, ,C.,V IilGHT,KuoikVulg, 0.v
. jone 23'58:ly ;t
DR. S. ROTH AG K EU, Riclimon4
.TofTrann Pnnnt Ohlnl
rf it.v
if R. KENNEDy.of. RoxbtiryiaR lli
covered in one -of our commos r'AiTtca
wxxn a remedy that cures .
EVElty KIND.OFnUilOii. :.
from the worst lerofula down to a cpmmon
pimple. r ,..''. ' .' ' '. '. ' '.
t He hat tried It'lrt over 1100 casev and iicrr
failed except in two. rases, (both thunder
humor.) Ha has now in his rjoasessioa aver
one hundred certificates of Us ., value, all
-""Mi vmy units 01 ioton. . .
' Two bottles are warranted to dure a horsing
son mouth.;, -t r.n f-.'H .'.! :.i:' '
. Oue,othree bottles will ewe thsVorst kiwi
of pimples ou the face. ,. : ', : t t
, Two or three bottles will clear , the system
of biles.- j ; ' ' 111 - :' .- ;
Two bottles are warranted to cure the worst
cankerin tb. mouth of. stomach! s ,: r
Thres te firs bottles are warranted to cue
the wofst case of Erysipelas.
One to two bottles are warranted to cure all -
kind humor In the eyes. ; ., t' 1
lo Dottles are warranted to eiire running
of the ears and blotches among the hair, , . '
rour 10 six comes ere warrw,teii to cure
corrupt and running ulcer. ' '
Una bottle will curs scaly eruptions of the
Two or thre bottles are Warranted tn
the worst kind of ririgworan , ' , : ', ' .
: Two Or three bottles are Warranted to cure
the m'ost desperate case of rheumatism.
Thres to four bottles are warranted to cars ;
salt rheum.. 1 , t ,, ..:. -. ;-.r .1 . -
Five to eight bottles will cure the worst ess
oi scrofula, i ..
benefit' la always exnerlenceM fmm thn
Erst bottle, and a perfect care is warranted
when (he above quantity is taken! ;.:,
ikoxsuar, Mass. t
Dk Madam : The rerjritation of tho Med
ical Diseovwy, in coring all kid of hu mora,
is so well established by the unanimous Voicu
of all who have ever used it, that I need not
say anything oh the suhjcct.as'the most skil
full physiclaua' and the most, careful Dru- ,
gists in the Country: are uuauimoca irl its '
praise..! .!'!-. " .f .r;t : ,.- '
, In presenting the Medical. Disoevorv
your nutice, 1 do it with a full Vnowledgs of v
ts curative power, in reicavtng an, auu cur
ing most of those diseases' tn which you are
unfortioaatly so liable That roost excruci
ating disease to an affectionate mother, '(' 1 s
WUKtJIiNU, bUIiE MOU i U.v,? ,
is cured as if by a miracb? ; your own temper
is restored to its nntural sweutness, and yuf ,
babe from short and fretful naps to calm and
sweet slumbers ; and the Medical Disci'very '
becomes a fountain of blessing to Tour huh"
band and household .,..n. x,
In the more advanced states of .-.
C A N K E R ' '- ; V1
itettends to the stomach, causing ' '
' : D Y S PEPSI A,'.' ";M. "
which Is nothing but cai.ker ori the stomach ';
inen 10 me imesunes ana ' v - '
m.-? KID N E Y 5vr -rjO -creating
a sinking, gone feelings and ari in
difference even to the cares of your family,. i.,
Your stomach is ' ' ' ' " ' '
' " KAW AND INFLAMED!" "1' ' 1
your food distrerees yon', and yon can nhly '
aae ceruun sinus, ana eve oi uint yoor
systom dues not get half the nourishment it
contains a thaacrituonous fluid of. the can-.,
kereatait up ; then your complexion., losas
its bloom 'and becomes sallow or greinish,'
and'your best day is gone.'" For want of nour
ishment your 8ystemAecomes loose and flab
by, and tbo fibrea ot your body becomo rela$-.
ed. Then follow a trnin of diseases which tbo
Medical Discovery is, peculiarly adapted to
' '.-- (J TJ R E ; - y -Palpitration
of the heart,' pair) ia-.thc sida.
weakness of tjie spine snd small of the dack,
fiain in the hip joint when you retire, irregu
arity of the bowls, and also, that most excru
eiatiug of diseases, the : ; ' ' -
' PILES . ':''" vil-.-i
How many thousands of poor wo.nea ars
suffering from this disease and pining away , a
miserable life, and their next doorueiglAor
does not know the cause. ' I wish to impress
on your mind that good 'old proverb,-"An
ounce of preveutiou is better thaa a pound of
cure,V; ln;th; :, ;..vo. t . n ...
you have both tho preventative and tho eure, .
with this Great and good quality, that it will
never under any circumstances, do you any in- -,
jury.' ;:-.!.-' ,';' 4 i i.j.tl. ;-..;!. ii.-;-:-; ul ..
1 No change of diet over weeesaarf at tie
best you get aud enough of it..,, . ,,.,'.,,
Dibkctiox roa iisn Adults one table spoon
ful per day Children over ten years dessert
spoopful children from five to flight years,
tea spoonful, As no directions can be appli
cable to all constitutions, taken aufflfienHo
operate ou the bowels twice a day. .
- "; --' Yours truly
' '."') (?,'.! ;'. ii ;v DONALD KENNEDY
-.Price $1.00per bottle.-: vi, ;u jj:-. ;. 1 .. i .
; 1 Yot salo wholesale and " etail by K. D.
aud JH. L. MILLER, Steubenville; Ohio.
,,aup;28.,57;-lK. ; . , .' 1.: y,
r.: '' . ; PIIIADELPHIA, ' , ,! ' ,
A Benevolenttn'stitution, established by spa- ,
cial endowment for the relief of this, sick,
; and distressed' afflicted with. Viru-,, .
' lent and Epidemic diseases;
If 0 ALl, P2RS0NS afflicted with Sex
ual Diseases such as Spertnatorrhin, Stm- -trial
Weakness, Impotence, Opporrhqui,
Gle&t, Syphilis, ihe Vice of Ooaoism, or
Rir il.... ' i 1 '.1 ".'.' i. '.
The Howard Associatfoft, in ylevir ef ttio
awful destruction of human life, caused by
flp.vnnf liaAnaA 1 kffl f hn Afc4M Lnhi. t.M.A ,
tised upon the unfortumto victims of such
diseases by Quacks, several yara ago di
rected their (Jousulting Surgeon, as a Uhajr-;
itable Act worthy of their name.' to opon
a Dispensary for the treatment ot tliis class
Of diseases, in all their .forms, and to give
Medical Advice Grati?,to all who apply by
lettorS,'with a description of their condi
tion, (agd, occupation, ljabits of llfei'&ci,)
ana in cases oi extreme poverty, to Fur
nish Medicines Free of Charge. 1 It Is '
needless to add that the Association com-'
raanda the highest Medical skill of the agb,
and will furnish the most approved modern
treatment.- : . .-: . i l .
The Directors, on a view of the past, foci
assured that their labors in this, sphere o
benevolent effort,, have been of great ben-,
efit to the afflicted, espopially to the young.
ana uiey nave resoivea to uevote themsol
yes, with renewod zeal, to this very' im
portant but much despised cause. -t -r.,
Just Published by tho Association, a Re.
port on Spermatorrhoea, or Seminal Weak
ness, the Vice of Onanism, Masturbation
sr self-abuse, and other diseases o the sex
ual Organs, by the Cqnsulting surgeon,
whicn win oo sent by mail, (in a staled
letter envelope,) Free of Charge, on re
ceipt of two stamps fof postage. . ' "
:- Address, fof report or ' trouttnent,1 Dr.
Goorg U. Calhoun, Consulting surs:coh,
rl i . !.:. X' .1 ' . . .
street, Philadelphia, Pa. j , - (
.. Goorge Faircli-UA, Bfcretnrv.i
oct. 7, Ezra D. Ilcarwell, proaident
cuxDriEsiT- ""7 ;;:vv- ' '''- : 1
k)- - 951) dos T-r-Tr.X'
and cinnamon" 3C0 ; ink. 1
. ;V; i 180, " ilastorOils. ;
'4" " Ustcman's Drop, .
for sale by (dee 2) HEN IN Q A MEIVIS
711 mIP A

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