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CfevCiitt .- American J
.f;;i ".ii-. i :;i ;. . : i;r the;: .'.;;.
.: ,.-o. Stlubenvill?, Vhidl .'. .:
whwb norms pre hereunto subscribed,
do herby adopt, add agree to be 'governed in
our political action,, by the following princi
p lea ;J- ' ; ' l t ' 0 v ' '
1st. IjTone bu.Alfiericans to-rulo America;,
1 '2d, "The Union must be preserved. '
134.;Jf6 Foreign lutcrfoience in American
a?1' .pi , "
4Ui. Ko union of Cliurch and State, ' '
,..;K 5th, Inviolability" of National Treatie8,.i,
6th. Personal morality iudispensible to of'
7th- An: open Bible without note or com
ment, in allour public schools. ... r
8th, Thorough reform of the Naturalization
Laws. V ,': - -i -; ' -. r ..
9th A capitation tax that will exclude for
eign pauper and convicts.- ,i t . .
I Olh.- No tippbiutmcnt of foreigners on dip--Joaatic
posts., i :': 1 ;1 '
II th Strict economy in the administration
.of the.tJuvernnicnU' ; '. .,'. -'
12th. No interferei.ee with the right of oiti
xenship already acquired by foreigner, and
.the protection of law to all who immigrate
from love. of liberty.tbiit uncompromising op
position ;tq Political Catholicism wholheriu
.theporHoa of an American demagogue, or a
.foreigrjlcsiatical.Despoi.' . .
6 i ftjy 6;: regret tcr announce; that Mr.
Roach, one the persons injured by the late
accident td the 'cars on the 8. & I. R. R.,
died about ou tfclocfr,Arif onday morning
- Inst,' aMhe Washington Hall,- in tins' city.
"Hiia 1 the; only case, wb believe, hat lias
iprijnated. fatally, to any of the passengers
.or -othersv -from injuries austarned oh that
Uj(The fifth. Annual Fair of the Farmers'
and Mechanics' Industrial Society , of, Brooke
County, rill .be held on WedoesdAy Thura-
aay and Friday,' the 2f2d, ?3d, and 24th of
September' 1858, at, their Fair Grounds ear
Wellsbbfg' Excursion Tictets will be issued
xat all the rier Stations on the Cleveland it
Pittstmrg Railroad, 'at half the, "usual rates,
good for this Fair. The-Manager 'are using1
every exertion to nakatliQ coming, exhibition
of theF.4 MJndustrial SbCiety ot Brooke.a very'
attractive one in all its varied departments,
and cordially inyite the public generally to
attend on. thp days above specined; and enjoy
the festivities of ths occasitm. The prospect
for a god display of fine Stock of all kinds
Is Very flattering and a spirited; competition
in thialinoimay be anticipated. " "
. ..D3". Some graceless wretch, in order no
doubt, to gratify personal "malice. ' entered
the Office of 'th.e''" Cadiz' Republican" on the
nighlofthe Otlvinst,., arid so far damaged the
Printing Presr.'BS-to pieveut tlio issue of a
full theet last week. ' The Republican thus
apeaks of-the afTaif'.;;1-.' vy j , v;
- ,;"Our!ofTice ,waS entered, on- last Thursday
( night, and our press broken by some scoup
' drcl. : As it 'reqrtired two days to mend it,
Ve- ate compelled to issue a half sheet this
week. ' The principal part of the matter con
tained in thia Issue was intended for the ou t
Side. Consequently we give but little of. a
news character.:' But we havo done the very
,t best we could under the circumstances." .
' V" - mn
t ' Atlantic TjM.tGaAPH Cable. Pieces of the
celebrated Atlantic Telegraph Cable, can be
. obtained, for fifty, cents each,, of Mr. George
Scott, Merchant of this city. Each piece is
four inches long and protected at the ends by
bfAss ferules.' In ho centre can be seen seven
copper wires, surrounded by a triple coating
Of gutta perch at then a covering of fine thread
yarn, soaked In a mixture of pitch, tar, oil and I
... " - . i .
tallow, ana arouna an an exterior covering ot
iron wires, eighteen in number, of seven
strands eaclu' A certificate of Cyrus W. Field,
attoets.the genuineness of each piece X ' '
. i Scott's City Boot and Shoe, Stork.
This superior establishment, has recently
' heen replenished by a choice supply of
Eastern Work, of the very best quality.
.-There is perhaps, ho' Shoe Store, in the
Western country, in which is to be found
a more tastefully selected stock of Uoo's,
Shoes, Gaiters, -glippra. and Sandals, than
ajt Scott's-f,tip top" sto're.;.- ?"U5. M.'.jj
. v The proprietor keeps constantly a liirm
ber of experienced hands at' work, , and is
. prepared to manufacture work to order, on
the y shortest notice,' .The quality of.tho
.material used, corresponds with the skill
. displayed by the workmen. As an'eminent
' pulpit orator, with whom' we were acquain
ted, was wont to say,, when his imagina
tion became highly excited by the sublim
ity of his theme; ' here we might enlarge
. to Van infinite extent,'-but we leave, it to
;.yqur fruil jm,agination to fill up the pic
,.turflV, r One word, by way of application,
' att'dr wo ar6 . dpnei .'Young, and old, male
- and female,' go to Scott's popular Shoe
-Store,, directly opposite the -Washington
i Hall and make, jour '.purcllaees 'if you de
' sire a first .rate article for a fair price. '
E;CfvMct'KLY-, has just received from
' the east; a flrieasabrtmehVof Booti, Shoes,
Gaiter jnd. Slippers. - Those. wishing to
purchase any article in his line, cannot do
5 better than to give him a call. As he deals
' exclusively Vpon tlie Cash System;, he is"
prepaid tjo'sell at very small profit. - '
M " He has jlso, a number of first rate work-
men 0Btantly employed and can do'work
td'oTdeV'ph 'the Mdrteal !nbti'ce. Persons
tyho np,y be . in attendance .'at the approach;
, ing Fairj wjll please take notice. ");
t Market si.; thred door below .Third.
,: opsiimo-GEORGE SGOTT &CO., are
new'openingthelrfirst supply of Fall Goods
. purchased , in thq Eaatem cities, for Cash.
v Embracing a great, .variety; ofspasopahle,
Drfss 'Goods; .'Black '.and - Fancy' Silks,
Robps de Clievno, Robes a, Lez, Robes a
r Qtiillo', printpd and plain D'Lains, .Metin-
'oes,' Chintz.('A'mericap, Fronchand Eng-
liBji CaltcqesShawls: in great' varioty-
Vttj tarjd stdckof MilliheryjGdods,''and.
ITrlnralnjf pf'the' he weBt styles,' tncluding
' llibbone, (Fldwors,' Feathers"," Satins ''nd
' ' VelVetSi'IIead 'dresses,1 dec'.' &e. Xl'o Vcl
r. vet RibbonB and Fringies, ofatl widb. ,
Stoubenville, Sept: 15th T58. '' .....V. -'
', fc$;W invite tho attention of oiir'read.
''er. to1, the advertisement .of MrW . J.
Saob, in this paper, jfl. has an ass'ort-
far surnaBsinganything'h'eretofor display
ed it onr cUyl Call arid exa mine lor voir.
,. ..r-ViU K i. k. k.v. 4.
t. A6iUPii. t J .
fjAVo are finjiptoVfV that Profes
sor Miller has maJo arrangctnenU to re
main in our tity during tKi and the month
of October. lie) will give leesons in Music
froin'Noy. J, a tcrrrt of fiyo. monhi.-', He
will give lessons of '' instruction, ri ..the
Piano, and Mcloilcon; A favorable op
portunity; is'now' presented to ahosd' vho
oVsire1 a knowledge' of this tccompiish-
mont, piace tnern6Clvc3 under tni; In:
structiori of one of the best Teachers of the
art in the llnited States. Information In
regartF to terms, &c., can be had by call
ing' at Jokes' Musio IStobb, Market
Street. Vv-V'""- r-'f'i '
iTJt Pitisburg h , Trm Prm the
bost.daily paper, published in Pittsburgh
reeeived every"' mornirjj'by Wm: -P.
Lewis.: - Price One Cent. : Also all tie
late PerioiUcals. ':'' '..
--'i ' ," ', ,' Fpr the True American.
i.r The Heart's Surrender, -.', , .',',. ',
' By w.' k, uiiQunAat. ,. ! . '" ,
r'v Jescs calls us to ills service ; ,-tv ' ,
.'" N' Calls us to it now ; ' . " .'
.. Bids us leave our sins and follies, v ' ,
' t; .'And the world's vaia show." ; ,.,.' " '
Bid us do the work of duty , .. . '
')' . Work, and Watch, anil Pray'; i" : i '
j '. : Work for.him who died to save us ,. ' i . '
i Work while it is.day.- . ,!' -. o :
t !. ."..j.-.'i ';
Sliall liis voice In vain address us ?
Shall we still delay ?';j";i'-' . ''"? '
No I with earnest, faithful purpose ,
, , , WeWill how bbey." " "'.'i ,. ,.
' .'"Selfish counsels firtn ypjectirtg,'';,v.r;'A:
, '."No more led astray;' ' '
i We will do the work or duty,, ffj .' '.1 T
Work, aud Watch, and Pray. ; . ,
':.'. f ;,';('(! v vH)i J-.-iK icr.A ;?
(v: Jesus, Sdn of God;;obr Master, : i. j
a j- Holy One, Divine v . a '
.t Heart and lifo we'here 'surrender .1 ..'
i . i 'i To be'wholly thine1." jf !.., ! ;
; Crofs.and crown, and graoe our symbols :
- Cross to vanquish Bin, ; i....i . . i'
Crown to fix bur gate on heaven,
i Grace to lot us in, W.. : ., ;
, . a . . iu , '.'. ..-..
The late Hailroaoj Acpident near Stetf
., . .' v. cnvile A Heroine.' (s . " '
,' The Ooluinbua (Statesman, of Sept. 12
says the exaggerated account of the acci
dent telegraphed to the Cincinnati papers
yesterday morning, produced the utmost
excitement among the people expecting
friends on the unfortunate train, and sev
eral persons came here from Cincinnati
almost distradtcd. - One gentleman from
that city knew that his ,lwo little' girls
were' aboard the '.fain,, and, he awaited
their arrival here in art agony of Suspense.
His feelings upon seeing his children Step
from the cars safe and unirijured one
with a crushed and shattered bird cage,
containing three canaries, in her hand
tan only be . imagined by those. placed
under similar circumstances. Tire wound
ed and frightened passengers while here,
were treated with the tenderest care., . ,
.' After the shock; of the ailing train had
passed away those among the paasengers
who were unhurt busied themselves in
rescuing the. others from the rubbish of
the ruined cars, and conveying the help
less to a neighboring farm house. Con
spicuous among those who exerted them
selves in this work, was Miss Ellen C.
Bxrtlett, of Nottingham, New Ilamp
shire. All the passengers we spoke to
expressed their unqualified admiration of
tho noble conduct ot this young lady, one
had been stunned and bruised by the
shock, but immediately ' recovered her
elf-possession and worked among the
ruins with a coolness, judgment and en
ergy which nobody else could command.
All night long she toiled among the
groaning sufferers, regardless of her own
comfort alleviating to the utmost extent
the misery around her. It gives us pleas
tire to chronicle the well-merited praise
she' received for the noble part she bore
on that gloomy night from those who
witnessed it. The parents and acquain
tances of Miss BAtiTLEfT in New Eng.
land, have reaaon (o be proud of so noble
a daughter so brave a friend, and i it
gives us pleasure, to transmit to them the
grateful thanks pf tljoso who havo felt
and seen . the influence of her heroism,
kinduess and sympathy. ' , ; . ' '
' , Rev. W. A. ' BELt. The numerous
friends of this excellent yoting" minister
will be sorry lo learn that declining health
has made it necessary for him to retire
from his work ; not finally, we hope,' but
for the present . only, if the Lord will.
He was successfully prosecuting: a new
church enterprise for the Asbury Chapel
congregation in this city, and hisbss to
that -people ;will be . severely felt.' . Wo
know that he will have the earnest sym
pathy and prayers1 of the Church in his
affliction. ' His address will be Cambridge,
Guernsey county, Ohio. (Tilts. Ch. Ad.
''Infallible ' Remedy '.for Scurvy.'
Puring tw,o; ayvful, win tors in the region
of eternal ice, the5 - efficacy of Braoo's
Arctic Liniment,' aa' a cure for scurvy,
was fairly put to the proof j and when it
is understood that, the late Dr. Kane wa9
tho person who tested it,, no one1 will
doubt, that, the; oideal . was a searching
one. i The liniment was invented express
ly for Dr. ' Kane's expedition, and Dr.
Bragg had the . pleasure of learning, from
the distinguished voyageur's ow'ri lips,
that he was more than satisfied with the
efloct3 of the remedy, and considered it
also iu'valuabfe as an antidote to all ecor
butic, ulcerous and cutaneous diseases
It is for sain by Honing Sl Melyin. V
,fTuE PoETY of Physio. Doses have
al ways been associated in our minds with
wry. faces, and medicine has seemed from
the tla!i' 6f .childijood, another lybrd for
nausea and disgust.! Its remedies were
the worst part of sickness;' and pain was
not so hartLto bear as the revolting por
tions we tvere compded to swallow for
its relief, Dr, , Ayer r preparations her
altLanotlier era. J His Chctri) Pectoral is
like honey on the tongue,, and healing
balm on the atoitach. ; Ili lill ! Try
them -they "are sweet morsel' to; the
lastej and glide 'Sugar-shod over the pal
ate, but'their, energy' although, "wrapped
ur, i there, snd strikes with telling-force
to'', jilie" "feVy; foundations pt dlseaVe.'r
Cincinnati' CiliwOi '')Ks"t
;.'.;-r'.5f.-r. '-.''! " i',:,,,'vV5..i.
sHESirr's'paociAMATioiT. .-
. ; NOTICE Is hereby gini!p. the quali
fied electors of .((he. County of JeiTeisjin,
State of Ohio,: that the next annual elec-
(ion'Villibe;fiolJn'acpirdmd W law in
the several fownsli'ip'a4 iri said IJounly!, 'it
Hie iuiuiit places of ; holding 'elections
therein, or) the V " ' - .. - A :
: Second Tueulup flf .Oclofat, I8.r)8
being" the' 12th" day of said month. Tal
which lime and places tlie qualified elec
tors ofsnid Count? wjil ote for' " ' '.
One person for, Supreme Judge, ' V !
- . ' . V 4 . f4 ... I i. ' !
r Anoniey Muncriii, s
' Comptroller,-. N-
"Board of Public Works,,
;'. Concress, 21st District. "
"i nit V t'Ommon Pleas Judge;
' '.-'.;' '.Prvbate Judge,
-,. '. w .: County Auditor; '
j ' ; '" 'bounty Recorder'-, ';'..,:
' County Surveyor, ? ' '
" h ,.' - County Commissioner,
'' " " ..'.'.', Co: Infirmary Director,
And pursuant to , the provisibhs of the
actof the General' Assembly lo1'the State
of Ohio,' 'entttled ,Vai act 'rolaling to Ju
rors,',' passedi February Oth 1831. I
hereby give notice to the Trustees ol the
several townships in the said County,
that the following is theapportjonment of
jurors jor tue, ensuing 'year, made; hi eon
fofmity to the act aforesaid.:. ;'fV
Steubenvillo Tp. 25.
Island Creek - Tp. 8.
Saline ' : i'.4,
Rd'ss . ,-"; ' " 7. " 3.
. Knox.; ' " 6.
Brush,Creek3.1 '4
Sprjngficid; . ;r
Wayne . :.'.-;7,
" Mt. Pleasant';",' ;7'.
Wells? c.
SniUkfiolcl. . . ..".ai.
Warren ' . " 8,
Cross Creek . ,,,',', 3.
. , fftOBATB COUBT.l ,
j The Trustee of Townships , will also
take notice that they are Required , by law
to'selcct of good, judicious person having
the quiilification of electors, their appor
tionment, as; Staled beloiy, .pf per?oj) Jo
be ' feturne'd ' as ) Jiirfars for' the ' Probate
pourt j .the lint thereof to be 'returned tq
the Probato Judge, - by tho Tiustees re
turning the poll book.,
CI. -l iini '
oiuuuenviuu ip.vi,
Knos ,''10.
Island Creek Tp. 14.
Saline - '(' 8.
.Brush Creek !"
Ross " ' 5.
Salem - . Mv 15.
Smithfield .14.
Warren f'jAi.
Cross Creek " 15.
SpringHeld ;
Wayne l si.
Mt. Pleasant i M
Wells '
', :; -: r .7.8heriff. Jeir. Co., .Ohio,
Sherifr' OfficeSept. 22. '58-te. . '
, ; , SHERIFF'S SALE, , i :,..;.;
DY VIRTUE of an order of sale issued
J out of thei Court of Common Pleas of
Jefferson County, State of Ohio, bearing
ttato soptemuer Utli,,JH.w, and to me di
rected'. I will cxDuseto eala bv nublic ven
due and outcry', at the front door of the
Court House, in the city ot Steubenvillo,
O0. r ' V ' . i ' i
TOBElt, A. D. 1858,
at 1 o'clock P. M. of said day, tho Mow
ing real estate, to wit : Situate in tho
Township of Steubenvillo, in the County
of Jofierson, and State of Ohio, and par
ticularly described as follows : that is to
say, beginning at a point on the eastern
boundaty line of the farm lately owned by
James Means, deceased, and which point
is the south-western corner of the tract of
James trazier, upon which premises he
now resides, thence with the boundary line
of the Means farm due south one hundred
and fifteen (115) feet, thence south 71 de
grees, east two hundred njid fifty-six 256)
feet, thence eou'Ji 10 degrees, west one
hundred twelvS and a half (1124) feet to
Elias A. Shelly' corner, thence south 71
degrees, east three hundred and ninety-six
(398) feet with Elias A. Shelly' northern
boundary line to William B. Collier's wes
tern boundary line, thence north 19 de
grees, east two hundred twenty -two and a
halt teet '4'4Ji) with said Collier's weBtern
boundary line to the south boundary -of the
said James Frazier's promises.thence north
71 degrees, wost six hundred and eighty-
six (OBoj Joet to the place ot beginning;
containing . two acres' and three-fourths,
more or less, together with the right per.
potually to use and enjoy a right of way,
and to pass with horses, cattle and war-
ons, over a strip of ground twenty-five feet
wme, having its eastern boundary line be
tween Joseph C. Spencer and Roswel Marsh
and'Joseph C.'Spencer and : William" B.
Collier, and extending from North street
to the southern boundary line of tho prem
ises conveyed by Joseph C. Spencer to said
Holton by deed of 23d of December, 1852.
Terms of sale cash. ,
Sheriff's Office, )
Steubenville, Sopt., 2let, '58.-ts Fee". $9
Jefferson County Agricultural Fair.
WILL be . held at the Fair Grounds',
lower end of Third Street, Steubenville,
on. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Sep
tember Si) and 30, and October 1st, 1858.
1 Discritionakt Committees will be appointed
on the several grades of SnsRp. not mentioned
in our List of Premiums, Fat Sheep, Sec, 4c.
Those who compete for Field Crops must
nave the necessary vouchers, that all may
stand on on equality ; and the Committee act
understanding!, and for , the benefit of all
who may enter for the prize. -
J, L. Hoirow, Secietary. v.- sept8-td
; v - Executor's Notice. : '
TUOTtCE Isj.herOby given that Samuel
' Oill. has been SDDointed and onnlifipd
Executor of the lat will and testament of
Isaac Parker, late '6f Mt- Pleasant towqbhip,
jciterson county; unto, deceased all persons
indobted to 'BOid estate, are required to make
immediate payment, and those having claims
acainBt said estate, will nrcscnt lhcm ! dulv
authenticated for settlement; within one '.year
liom unio. - iSAJUUllilj U1LL,
sept.22,1858 3t.: r-'-M'.1" j Executor, 4c.
. , , Kotico.,. v
RS.. DR. ORAIIAM; of Pittsburgh,
; Pa., respectfully announces to the ladtrt
or Steulienvilie, that sho stopping at the
Washington Hall, Market street, where abo
will toacli the art of dress-cutting', 8ask-cu
ting, and furnish ladles with patterns, and
cut drosses to rdor. ; - 1 , .... -
TTOTICE i hereby' given that-John J,
Carrel has been appointed, arid quali
fied, as Administrator of . Ae Estate of
Tilghman U. Uorgoy, late of Steubenville
township, Jenerson county, deceased,, ; All
those indebted to said eetato are required
to make Immediate ... payment, and those
having claims, will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement, within one year
from this date. .' JOHN J. CARREL., ,
' sopt 15-3tp ' ' : ' Administrator, &c.
SUNDRIES. .--.' '
Q ' " 350 dbsi Esscniies Pcpefmint
and cinnamon 300 Inks. ' "
. ' j---..." ..'.7 180. Castor Oils ; :
v , ' -Htk" Batematt'i Drops, ;
fox solo by ,ce,2) ;jElNa Jt MELVIS;
a; .. 'i.-' '''.I'i'A 'W-v:..- vv.'J v- --ir ;
. Special no twes. ... .
'Ohio State'. anct "TJnion Xawblleje
HjHIS Institution, has been removed to
fcrred. am Students upon graduating, mtiy
be admitted to practice For Circular ail
dress, at Cleveland M. A. KING,
..dec 2357 y ; ' ' " Secretary
.f.;;r "y Ayer's Cherry PectoraL i' v-'--
For '-the 'rapid cure of CongliB' (Jblds,
lrJarsoitcss, Bronchitis, .Whooping-C.ough,
Astlima, and Consumption's' unjvcrsally
known as the boat .remedy ever yet disco v
ercd for every variety of Pulmonary disease..
So vrdo is the- field of its usefulness Bud
so numerous .the cases pf Us , cures that
almost every section of the country abouhds
in persons publicly known, who have been
restored from alarming and even desperate
diseases of the1 lungs by its uso. When
p'neo tried its superiority over every other
medicine of its kind is too apparent to' es
cape" observation and where 'its Virtues
are knpwn; the public no longer hesitate
what antidote to employ for the distressing
and dangerous affections, of the pulmonary
organs which are incident to our climate.
By. its timely use! many,; nay' almost alj
attacks of disease upon the Lungs or throat
are , arrested 'aiid thus are ' saved many
thousands every year from a premature
graved No I family should be withorit it,
atid thosq,' who 0 neglect to provide them
se;ves with a, edxiwliicV. wards off this
dangerous class of disease's will have cause
to deploro it .whqn it is too.late. , Proofs
of 1 the.. surprising icificacy of tW Cherry;
Pectoral need not be given to the Amen
Can people they have living proofs in
every 'neighborhood. But those who wish,
to; ''Mad' tho statements', of those '.whose
whole health has been rcstorod and whose
lives have beep saved by', its uso will find
them m my American Almanao'which the
agent below named has to furnish gratis,
for every one. ;,".', : ,,''';.! ,, ' '
. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER, Lo-vell,
Mass., And sold by Henino (& Melvin,
Steubenville, Ohio. . . "'. sept.l-2m.,;
THE essenlial ingredient of this valuable
remedy is not new, but is well known to
the medical Bihool s of France' and Germany,
and han been employed by. the females of the
principal courts of Europe, and.by all the most
distinguished physicians iu this speciality for
the last ten years. My motive ia not to offer
any patent discovery, but simply to present to
the mothers and daughters of our own land a
simple but sure remedy for those diseases to
which they are naturally subjected, in such a
form as should obviate the necessity of those
medical consultations, which are justly looked
upon by , women as a violation of their most
sacred feelings, and to avoid which they ofted
risk the most fearful consequences. . ,
' 1 have' therefore prepared this specific in
the neat and simple form of a pill, and put it
up in small, flat boxes, which can safely bo
sent auy distance by mail in a common envel
ope. Each box is accompanied with full di
rections and explanations, enabling every
woman to understand her own case and the
proper treatment and tho proper time, '
. 1 he Virgin Pills possess such powerful
penetrating properties that none of tho diseas
es within the range of their action can with
stand or evade them. They cleanse, purify,
and invigorate every portion of the female
organism, correcting its diseased action, and
re8toriHg1ts healthy functions, They effect a
certain cure for falling ofthe womb, whites,
painful suppression and irregular menstrua
tion, diseases of pregnancy, all nervious com
plaints caused by disordered uterine organs,
weaknesses, 4c, the symptoms of which are
fully explained in the directions. '
For anv of the diRcnnna nf t.ha ttvmm.li.nCt-a
organs, they may be taken at all times, exckp
tino during the earlier stages ofpreg
nancy, when their . eject would be such
as to produca miscarriage, which fact
is more fully explained in the directions.
Their action on t.hn aucfnm will rul, in....
, ' ..... wu .WAV IIUIUO-
diately, and the flush of rosy beauty, the true
of Pallor, will atones convinr.n tllfl nnt.innt. nt
their effect. ; -? i -. '
Price $1 per box, and will be sent post paid;
bv returu mail, tn anv nnrl. nf tha ITnitul
States, on receipt of the money. The money
may ue sou. uy Ulttll, ttl we riSK 01 106 BUD-
scriber. DK. A. Q. BRACii. '
may 12:58 v y. ..; Saint Louis, Mo.
A Card to the Ladiks. Dr. Dupon
co's Golden Female Pills are infallible in
removing stoppages or irregularities of the
mensus These pills are nothing new, but
have been used by the Doctor for many
years, both in Franco and America, with
unparalleled success in every case, and he
is urged by many thousand ladies who have
used them to make the pills public, for the
alleviation of those Buffering from any ir
regularities whatever, as well as a prevent
tative to those ladies whose health will not
permit .an increase of family. Pregnant
females or those supposing themselves so,
are cautioned against using these pills, as
the proprietor assumes no resDonsibiiitv
after the above admonition, although their
mildness would prevent any injury to health;
otherwise these pills are recommeuded.
Directions accompany each box.' , Price
one dollar ; sold whplesale by 111, L MIJU
LER, Third streosteubenvile. . .
General Aeent for Jefferson Co. 0. ',
! All ( orders must be addressed to the
above General agent who will supply tho
rada at proprietor's prices and send the
Pills confidentially to Ladies by mail on
receiving 1 through the noat-offioo.
N.B. Dr. Duponco's Golden Pills, Sig
nature J. Duponco on every bo -none
other genuine. ; For particulars get .Cir-
cuar ot Agents- ., l, . aug,12tf ,
'.' Prepared from a prescription- of
' -j '! BlR J.OLARKE, M. ., PHY8I0IAH EX- t
THIS invaluable medicine is unfailing
lj.l . .1 .. . .
. in me cure 01 mi iiioso painiui ana aan
eerous disorders to which the femalo consti-
ution.ls subject. It moderates all excess and
amoves all obstructions,' and a epeody cure
may uo rcneu on. ' -
''.4 1 TO MARRIED LADIES, , ; v
t is peculiarly suited; 1 1 will In a abort time
bring on tho monthly poriod with regularity
' Each bottle, price one dollar.-bears the Gov
ernment Stamp of Great Britian, to prevent
counterfeits, :.: ' -' '..
:-'!!i'j.-.'-'i!- ' CAUTION. v,'
These Fills should not be taken by females
that are pregnant, during the first three months
as they are sure to bring on miscarriage j bat
at every Other time and in every other case
they fcre perfectly safe. , , ,,''.
Sole-Aeents for this coiintry, ' V , - "
JOB MOSJEg, late I. 0. Baldwin, Rochester,
N. Y. .-,
N. B. 11,00 and 6 postage stamps enclosed
to any anthoriied agent, will Jnsurs a bottlo
of the pills by return mail, ; , ..- .
Pet sale wholesale and rotail " by, Hening 4
Molvin,' Steubenville, 0., and by Druggists
genelaly ' -dcclO II
T3AINT BRUSHES, 'improved . styles,
also a, good lot of wall, counter and
dustirirr bmshes.' ' Hetho 5 Mrxvui.
8TnirBEjfVltr.E EfeTAlt MAsnrr.
. , Thi s Amurcan Office, j
'r - '.' Suulicnsillt. "o.'.JS, 1
riniiiif-wa, ) iroi ,.
do Superfine, pbW ;..-'.' v.'
BuUer, gdod tublb,' ft . i .t. , .",
Cheese, new milk, $ ft
Eggs,$ dor..'.....:,... - 8
eef, by the quarter,. ...... . . ., , .$5,0r.7,0O
A " fresh, yib, .'. V&V2
" corned " " ..'.,:.....,..,:
" drid . "
rork. ft.'...:..:.'..":.' ..'...
44 suited: ft. . . .. ... . iiv
Hams. ft.'.... . 1-2
h sugar cured.. i ICo
Shoulders and Sides. 10 12c
Veal. V ft.. :' ' :. fitf.lf
Muttou .$ ft. ......'......'... 5(diSe
Lamb & quarter i ;....5075c
Lard ft . . . . .. . . . . . . ,
Chickens, each 15lSc
Wood, per cord,, , .,.$22,50
, , ' OROCCaiRS. , ,
Sugar, brown,' ft. it'.'.I. .,.". 10o
-- crushed,!) ft.......:....;.,..., 15c
Coffee, old Java, ' ft.', .' Vit
"'Rio 14c
lea, young hyson, $ ft..'...'. 50c81
" black, oolong - " .....5075c.
C7 When tho Amorican Colonies shook
off the Government of Great Britain, and
adopted a liberal form of National policy,
the civilized woi Id enquired, " what has
been the cause I of this great revolution ?'
Td.ejansvver Was,' ''Taxation Without Re
presentation i" and the world was satis
fied with the answer, iAVhph tlie Inquiry
is now made, "why is it, that duiing the
great pressure of the times, when one
large firm after another is being driven to
the wall, Pr61irnari"&yCt i .still continue
to do a flourishing business in their ex
tenaive Cjoing EstaUislim.enf 'on ,tbe
corner of 3d and Market Streets t" v The
answer isfc'!!'fhey have; a large and well
seleetod. stock of. Ready Made- Clothing,
and sell remarkably cheap.V The answer
is ; satisfactory; and aU 'flock to Fr6hman's
i-f Willi .the exception' of those who are so
unwise as to slay away make their pur;
chases, and return home satisfied with
their bargains. The people are delighted,
Frohman feel? comforiable, and everything
moves on harmoniously.'
Tuomas GoRsucn,.M'arket Street, above
Sixth, has just received a supply of choice
Cincinnati Flour, and has on hand a tup
ply Of choice Fine, Supetfinb and Unbolt
ed FlourKCorn Meal, Corn, Oats, Screen
ings, and an assortment of Mill Feed. .
All Flour sold by him is warranted.
The highest cash price paid Tor Corn
and Oats.. Call arid see.::; ; ; ; ."; .; ''
JfFor; the: special advantage of all
concerned, wo. give, general notice, that
Benjamin Pkarce, keeps constantly on
hand, and for sale, Flour of the very best
quality, Cincinnati brand, at wholesale
and retail. ' We have tried it and there
fore speak advisedly.. JNonli 3d Street,
Steubenville. .
DANCE'S V0TABU extract .
For the cure of Fits, Spasms, Cramps, and all
Vn.ff.ii b ..J n : i : 1 n:
mcmvub aiiu vuunblbuiiiuuui xlHUatlus
PERSONS who are laboring under this
distressing malady will find H NCE'S
onlv remedv ever discovered for rnrinir V.ni.
lepsy or Falling Fits. : ' ;
These nilla nnsspsa a sneKifl- ooltnn nn
nervous system ; and, although they are pre
pared especially for curing fits, they will be
found of esnecial benefit for nil nor ami nffllrf.
ed with weak nerves, or whose nervous system
has been prostrated or shnttered from' any
cause whatever. In chronic complaints, or
diseases ot long standing, supenuduccd by
nervousness, they are exceedinely beneficial.
Price thtt'e dollar, nprhnv nrt.tvn hnvutt fnv
five dollars. Persons out of the city enclosing
a remittance, win nave tue puis sent totnem,
throneh the mail,, free of postage. For sale
by SETH S. HANCE, No.-108 Baltimoee
Stsect, Baltimore, Md., to whom orders from
all parts of the Union must be addressed, post
paiu. ' - une,B-Jy.
' - : NEW GOODS!!! '
laneoiis, Blant and School Books, just
received, also Wall Paper and Stationery of
every description. The following is a list of
a few of the articles. of Stationery kept con
stantly on hand : -. .. 'v-
PAPERS Letter, Cap, Legal, Bath, Post,1
Commercial Note,. Bill, Sermon, Brief Coun
ting Ilouse Cap, Fancy and Embossed Note,
Post Office, Drawing, Oil, Tissue, Printing,
Hardware, Wrapping and Treasury Blotting.
Pastelle Monochromatic, Bristol aud Paste
boards. . ' . , . ,. ,,
Common.Faucy, Legal, Wedding and Mourn
ing of all sizes and colors. Also a choice lot
of Folios, Cards, Ac. A variety of Gold, Steel
and Quill Pens, Ten-Holders, Pen-Racks, Pa
per Weights,' Pocket and Desk Inkstands,
Black; 31ud, Copying, Carmino and Indelli
ble Inks. Common, Oval,, Porcelain and
Transparent Slates. - v -' -- ;4- '
' BLANK 300KS-Cash and: Day -Books,
Journals, Ledgers, Records, Dockets, Hotel
Registers, Memorandums, Pass ' and Time
Books, Indexes, Receipt Books, Diaries. Copying-Books,
Blank Notes and Drafts. Pen.
oils, Rubbers, Sealing Wax and Elastic Bands.
WALL PAPER From to 75 cents per
bolt,- Velvet and' cheap Borders, Plain and
Oiunmental Window ; Blinds, Fire' Screens.
Ac. Ac. !'''1 .' ' ';'' : -' '.J
i 'All persons desirous of making purchases
in tho Book and Stationery line, will do well
to give lis a call and secure bargains that can
not be had elsewhere. Country merchants
desirous of purchasing without the troublo
and expense of going East, can be accommo
dated at reduced prices, by . caU'yig at the
wholesale and retail establishment of, . , , '
, ' " ',' ",'-. : '"'. W. J.SAGE..y
- septl5-4tp ' (Successor of McDowell Co.
A Grain Separator, SmuMIachine and
r' .":', Fanning Mill,' ; v" ' ;.'-,
-7 Manufactdrkb bt -r-
- A. G. RcsBELt & Co., RaveioB, ,v'hro, i ;
James STABa,New Lisbon, Ohio,
Conle & Suannoh, Stoabouvillo, OliioV"
yoLviNd Screen Grair Separator)
V ' wtfAAh a osr onutATioir. ' : ,
1 Chaff and Smut,, , ,
, K..9.Rat Manure, Stubble Ac..'- ,
V " J 3', Cockle aud Chess, i !'' ?
'; ' . . ; '4 GrassSeed,- , '' "(:
-'. r 1 - ' 5 Seed Vheat. '
It will also clean Clover-Seed, Flax-Soed, Rye,
Oats ane Timothy. It will clean 30 bushels
Wheat per hour, porfectly clean; fit for seed,
atone operation. Price $28,00. x i .
Its form and size is similar to the old fash
iojed Fanning Mill. OLD FANNING MILLS
altared over and refitted, with Separator Ao.,
for half prico, by Conley A Shanuon.tU at.,
near Market, Steubenville. ' . v ' V .'
Farmers in Jefferson and adjoining counties
haviog tld1 Earning Mills, can have them
refitted to perform, as above and warranted,
for $14, by bringing, or sending them, -in to
Conley A Shannon by Railroad or River;
freight free to SWubeovillei ' V ! ? '
U C.rOOtE. Piop'r.ofia. oouuLiwiu'ohk.',
Frcdcncktowo, Knox, Co. 0- , cpt 8 3m
- r
. ? - J- , . -. . v v: - - .
.' ', V- a d 1
ut. - i . ' - --V" ! I
,1". -li , " -rW
m for Every Wo and." '
wo prodiicsj by fr. BRAGO it
. tte requfSt of fit. Kane, mbm
,tH5ot k)fnctxl tthfl f,- ,
jf anil ni ned bj blm duj-lcg tb.t
1 prilom joyngtu Thai wu glrw
xo IM woria UjU womlerfil .
bloh hat made ..
'.v ' h" tostrt
ITS viatnis.
. and are rejiclng la btdom
from long lingering . . ?
other wnediM had tailed
to cura. 1 Hare you tt . v-'
.1 DDnntnuiTio airnnaipn .
3 Rherimatlam RnrnfnU o
tmTo you tne
k; 4r?t ' '" .' "'-Are jou afflicted with
nRtrrstei rptiiK-u mnva
' aula ma, trusst i
tBS :
Arotlo Iilnlment
wUl afford joo Instant relief.
Everybody ti llkbl to ' " 1 ,
' anouia oe
Kept on hBkO, :
'' for H aOords sure and ' .
rr bj '';
bore nipples, " .
' Sore lips, Pimples,
4c, to.
t the Hr,
W&43 girtng It a aaALxar,
mfrV'ZmZ ArrWaM. ' It to
: It to a iovreign remedy tor
- Diseases of Horses,
A Mnngbalt, Wounds, Suarin.
JjJJft Emrjtsr, Dio-muD, Euru-BOira,
aia isnai usr of , ., " ', ,
Orerf 1,000,000 Patients.
,,5f,'3UiurehMr of Bolutt B" of ARCTIC
JSrnvSV' Sneg'' " fWTKD
HATES JOLRNXl, for ono Tear. He baa arranged for a
department in each imue of aaid paper through which to
eommnnicaU with hi, patrons, aaid department to be de
voted to anaweri to correspondent, oarefillr-prepared
prescription, and other valuable items of SKonnation
which hie long experience and tho peculiar eaaea from
Vmm vlTm? ,o W attention shall suggest The
JOURNAL la published in New York, and to one of the
o.dest end most popular newspaper in the country.- X
certificate of lobseriptlon accompanies each bottle. .
BRAGG cfc BUimoWES, St. Lonla, Mo.
Krw Toaa Omat, No. 871 BROADWAY. '
CommnntcatioM should alwayt be addressed to St LonU.
For tale by atl rctpectalte Dnyghit and Dealtra. " :
An Aannh ia ttranfr4 in ovarv fi-inrn aJ
lago. Applications must always be accompli-
fi'loA ViTT flicnrtnail-.ln Wnfain1nB .... f
- J ivi'uuniutv lOIUIDUtiCSt i
may 12:58 ....... '.
Compounded Entirely from GUMS,
p ufiKi ur the; besx rUKUA
fore the public
These GUMS re
'One doso often re-
move all morbid or
bad matter from the
system, supplying is
their place a hcalthv
nested is a sure enre
for Cholera Mobbus,
and. a preventive of
Cholera. '
flow of bile,' invigor
Onlv one bottle is
ating me btoruacu,
Causing food to di
neceesarv to throw
out of the system the
effects of medicine
after along sickness
One, bottle taken
for Jaundice removes
gest well, PimrFifiNot
and kealtlr to - the
whole machinery, re
moving the cause of
the disease effect
ing a radical cure.
all SalloWncss or uu
natural colojr from
ilheskin. V '..
One dose talren a
Billious attacks are
cured, and, what is
short time before est-
lnsreives visor to the
better, nrcvented.bv
arDetife and iiinkc'i
the occasional tse of
the food' digest well,.
the, Liver Irivigora
Onlr one dose ta
. una nose oiten re
peated, cures Chron
ic Diarhcoa in its
Worst . form. - whiln
ken, before' retiring ,1
ScMiiti and 'Bowii,
:are. Only oii dose, ta
ken at nicht losens
iCoiifLAtNTS yield al
most to the first dose
A few bottlos will
c"ure Dsopsy by n-
the bowels-. jfently,
and cureB' Costivc-'
mss, ''; '' ',',!
' One dosd taken af
ter each ;mal will
cureovsptWiA.; v
..One doe of. , two
tea spoonsful will al
ways relievo SJUK-'
' Only one dose im
merliatcly relieves
Colic, while .'Vi '
'ciUns the absorb.
'ft? fcnts," ' - '
- We take pleasure
, in recomraenQing1 the
ft ttive for Fives and
Aouc, Cmu,. Fivbk,
'iTut-tous Tirps. L OD-
orates with certainty
ana inousanas are
willing to testify to
its wonderful Virtues
All who use it are giving their unani
mous testimony tn us favor. y . .
Mix water in . tho mouth with the In-:
vigorator and swallow both together.
" "' TLE. ',;','i v' '
DR. SANFORD, Proprietor,' No; 345Broad
wsy, New York. '
Retailed by all Druggists.'. Bold also by v
i. Ubnino & MctviN, w
. ; ' ' 'M. L. MlLLpit, v.:. --
:'' j ,' ( ,." Sleubenvillo, 0.
And J. C. WRIGHT, Knoxvill, 0,
June23'68:ly . : .....-..; ;.
OA A A YARDS of Carpets T ' V
OUUv Superior Styles at prices to su
the times, just received arid lor sale at 2a
por cpnt less tlian former prices', at f r '
.., ,w. vDUNLAP i&. COBLE'S J
Dry Goods and .Grooery Store, corner of
Fuuilh and Adams uliotU Slcuhuaviiiu,
Ohio, . , - april :&S mo. ;
V"' ; ;.
- --'--- fj
1 I . H B I
covefeil in ona; nfr.nr ... 1
; ;., everV Kwaoiiupi?"..,,
from tlie worst scrouja.dpwn to a r.gmmon
.jurrlple.-' '' ' r . J
i Ho has tried it m over 1100 cases, ami i.cvi r
failed, xcept iu. two) cases, (both ihunftr
humor.) He has jiow iu fcis p8esitB. bvsr
one nunarea caitincates il its Vakc, J1
withintwenfy miles of BOslofl. ''";' .' "
i Two bottlt'sdre warranted to core n"nHlr?g
sore mouth, .-,.-; ; ,-it;-.-rn s.i
Olie'o thrpn linlfln will HIM ll.. nmJI L.'nrl
or pimie8 on the fact.. ' (
' wi or tnreB bottles will clear thV sysUin
Or DUOS,.' , :W :iil-l il;:t- v : , n .
, .Two bottle ara warranted to'cWthd wwrtt
canker ip the mouth or 8tojaeh;, v I" :'i '
Three to five bottles are warranted to C'i
the worst case of Eryiipelas.H';' . , . ,,.","
One t two bottles ar warranted to core U
kind huihor4n the-oyet., ' - (,: m,i .i J-'-4.
Two boWlcsre wafTflnted fp.Oure running
of the ears and blotches among the Jiajr.t :
1 Four! to 'sir' bottles are; 'arfai.fcd.'to c'tiw
corrupt anil rtmningtlcriinr1' ,'y-.
.j.Ona.bpttle.will.cure stfalr emp'tloiH of lit
ty,t -.. . . ,. ,,,., r. (,-.
Two or thrAet bodies are warraitod to cum
the worst kind' of riugw'onn.'; '. ' " '; '
- - . n t. ii li:u iu turn
tbs mpst despoTDle; csseoi riaumaiiArn.iS'i si-
'I I r i ..i . , .
saUrhettm. ;. , , . .'.',',;. ,., .,,
Five t(i eiirht buLtlm' n!14 I'ur.il,. n..i
- a . ' w .. . v u nyiQi vb.
of scrofula. :' c.'f! -'.-i -: :-.." vm " ',-
... ,i. benefit. is always ejperienced front Tthe
Pt.botUe, and. perfect , cure, .is, jursrf anted
W:h ' ''' 1 " Roxbort," Mass '
Dkas Madah :The reputationof the Med
ical piscovery, iik curing all kid of humors,
of all who have ever used it( Isiat 1 need.BOt
av .nwll.lhn An IL. 1 .1 , .t
.i.jv,,,, uu it Buiiji-cijns me mosi sjcii
full Dhrsicianst. and tlii mntf .ofl J
gists in the country are unauiraous lii ' its
'Iri hrcspnt.ino- )1ia fnrli'il n
I . o ...... i. 1i.iwjiyir.. U
yoTir notice, I do it with a full knowlodga of
. r, , loionTiiig mi, ana cur
ing most, of those diseases to which yoo are -unfortiouatly
so liable. That most eicruai-
ating UiKease to an affectionate mother. ...
is cuTed as if by a miracle ; your own temp?
is restored to' its natural sweetness, and your
babe from short and fretful 'naps to Calm and
sweet slumbers j and: lbs Medical Discovery
becomes a fountain of .'bjessini' to vour hua
bahd and household ' ? , w
la the more advanced state's of I ''
S. -I :QANK R ft -av- !':'
it extends t the'stomacbcausi' .! '! V1
ir . . ... . ' O . ' . .
,, . : u I :o. & r s 1 A i, .a? .:.
whioh is notlllui? liut rai.tnr nr K.'un.n.t,.
then to the intestines and . : , . .:;
-. kid ne t s ,,; ,;
creating a sinking, gone feeling, and an lu
differonce even to the cares of your family,
Your stomach is
your food distresses you, ' and jrou can only
take certain kiinla. pnd i r.t ..
' , ' m .iiuii tod r
systom d,es not get half the nburiahmeit it
coMtains at thaacrimonous fluid of the. cau-
ber ents St nn tlmn . i...:. 'i
-.11 r.! i J """!un ioses
Its bloom and becomes sallow or greenish,
anil Vnllf YlOet tin im nnm I? K
7'-- j v j ,. i w nuub oi aotir-
J "J v. uuvuu.lj l&UU HilD
by, and tha fibres otyour body become relax-
u. nun iuuu a tnuu oi uisesses wmcn tue
Medical Discovery is peculiariy adaptedto
u - vj t) ii c. '
Palpitration of the heart, pain is lb aids
weakness of the spine and small.of thadack
pain in the hip joint when you retire, irrea-u-lanty
of the bowls, and also, that mosteicru
elating of diseases, the '' ; ' , , -i
;. . i: PILES . . .-j-"-' '!;
How many thousands of -poor wo.nou ars
suffering from this disease and pining awa
miserable lifo, and their next door neiithbor
- mw vhudc. niaii irspuss
on vour- mind iknt onnA . nn V- . .. .
ounce ofprevsiiUoB is better than a pouiid of
"s .tt t.un,. ,. i i. r: ,i . , V,
" ' '-nil,,.., .,.:......' '.
, MEiviuAj, viauirvjmr
you have both the preventaftve and tho enro.
with this Great and good Quality, that it Wfll
never nmtair any circunstaJK!s, do yoo an y toA
JurJ'' ' ,-' -i.':'.'i s,.i-ti-'-i5i,.'
Ko change of diet ever nccsary eat the
best you get and enough of it. - vT
ful per day-Cliildren over ten years dessert
SDOOnful chilifrpn frnm. fi ;:!..
tea spoonful. As no directions canTe apDli,
cableto all constitutions,' taken sufflcisutto
operate on the bowels twise a dav." '
.- . V . i ; .
- , i: . ' j iiiuni un v t .-.
Price fl.OOper bottle, , .,.;,,
For salo wlmlpnlo nn1 . r tv
Morrison, hknino xr v
and M.' L. MI LLElt, Stauhenvillo, Ohio.
PHlAnV.r.PITIa ;-'- . r
A Benevolest Institution, established iry'spe-' '
,uu euuowmenn tor tne relief or ths sicK '
i.. and flmtrwMof flfHiAiAri w . .'i-U-'i
- wuivivu tv i iu i iru -
'' lent ud EDidemrif itla-a- 'i-l
. "-'i"J omiuieu Wl'.n Cjpx.
ual Diseases aoirli m9iu,.iai r.
Inal . Weakness, Impotence, iOonorrhaa,
Gleet . Mwn i Ho !. v; p ,., ...".
Self A.buse,&o., &5 ,-;(i.-,. ;. ;.'.,,,
.Tho Howard Association,' in viewpfth
awful destruction .of human life, cjiused br
ooxual diseases, and thn iliwnt,l
Used upon the unfqrtHnato. victims Qfwicb
uiocoBco Uy uacRs, several years no dU
reeled their Consulting Surgeon, tt atjhar:
Jtable Act worthy oftheir name, to 'open '
. T.. r -v """ MMUflnui oi mis class
of diseases, in all their forms, 'Md to tiva
Medical Advico Gratis.to U wh0 apply b
letters, with a doecription bf their condU
tion. (nrrft. nrrnnntinn k.kU. it:t-.
and in cases of Oxtremo . poverty, to Fur5
nish Medicine, Free, bf ! Chtje, .'. I
needless to add 'that tho Association "com,
mands the highest Medical skill of thesirB
and will furnish tho taoBt approved modern
;?eatmer- n... ; );.-. ..
TheDirectc-a, o:& vievoftne1,ast, foel'
aseurew iiiai men laDors In this sphere o
benevolent ofl'ort, hav been or great ben '
efit to the afflicted, especially to the yeunr '
an4 they havo resolved to devote tliemsel',
yes, with renewed teal," to tljis very im
portaht but much despised cause. ,
Just Published by tho Association'; a R8.'
port on SpormatorFlicsa', or Seminal Weak
riess, tho Vice oj Onanism, Masturbation
sr self-abuse, and other diseaees bl the eex-J
Ual Organs by tho Consulting sunreon.'
which will be, sent by , mail, (in a sealed
lettor envelop,) Free of , Charge; on rew
ceipt of two stamps for postage, v a
1 Address, for rnnni-t a ..... ',
Georcre It. Callmun. n.nnanin
HoWard Association, No 2, south j',nth
etreol, Philadelphia, P.. -: - 1
,.fll.,i...l. ,.r.i.- it. .
. tsj uruor ui mo iircctora.
I .1 Georgo Fairchild, secretary '
6ct. 7, Bzra D Heartwell, PeiJuit!-
- S.' L- Sharp -ScrWal.
t V HO LES ALE A N D UET A I f, p R A L.
trio tobacco, sNi-ri-and 0IQAH9, Maikei at.
one door abv4l,e Bnnk. Mr Kii, .-,.. V
bteubeavllle, Uliio, . ..-....., '1
; Ordf.crs respectfully solicited, : : .

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