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cCnte jbmcait.
Ot TUB '
of Sleubcriville, Ohio.
rWiwiiosx names are hereunto 'subscribed,
dp herby adopt, and agree to be governed in
our political actiou, by the following principles:--
' . ..-.. -
H8!1" one n." Am,!riciln to rale America ,
n 2d,. The Union. must be preserved.
3d, No, Foreign inlcrfeience in American
- 4th. No union of Church and Stntc.
5th. Inviolability of National Treaties.
6th. Personal morality iudispcnsiblo to of-
7th. An open Bible without note or com
ment, in all our public schools.
8th, ThoroughreformoftbeNatr.falizalion
9th A capitation tax that will exclude for
eign paupers and convicts.
10th. No appointment of foreigners on dip
lomatic posts. .
.' 1 1 th Strict economy iu Ihu administration
of the Government. "
' 12th.' No interferer.ee with the right of citi
enship already acquired by foreigners, and
the protection of law to all who immigrate
from love of liberty, but uncompromising op
position to Political Catholicism, whether m
the person of an American demagogue, or a
foreign Eclesiastical Despot.
:v CTWe are authorized to say that the S. 41.
R. E., and the P. t C. R. R., will carry pas
sengers' at half-fare during the Jefferson coun
ty Agricultural Fair.
CThe' very extensive arrangements being
made for a grand parade to be held in this ci
city, at the time of the county Fair, by our
Fire and Military companies, show that it will
be No. 1 affair Companies have been invi
ted from a distance; No doubt exist s, that the
boys will have a good time, if it don't rain.
0. C. Giur, Esq. This distinguished gen
tleman, born ond educated in our city, aud
for a number of years a practicing lawyer at
this Bar, is now residing at Ottawa, La Salic
county.Ili'. It is with great pleasuro we no
tice the many high compliments paid to his
talents and worth in his adopted State. Mr.
Gray learned his Jessous of Democracy in
Ohio, at a time when the parly possessed in
tegrity and independence, to express its abhor
rence to the encroachments of the "hlavo pow
er," and he ha.s carried the principles which
he then imbibed to his present locality. The
" Ottawa Republican, of the 11th inst in
speaking of his position and standing says :
" 0. 0. Gray , Esq., of this city, replied to
Judge Douglas, at Pontiac, on Thursday of
last week. The Seutinel of that pluce pronoun
ces it one of the best speeches, of the Reason.
Mr. Gray deseives Hit) thanks of the Repub
lican party, for having thus uarly in the cam
paign thrown the weight of hi energy and
ability on the side of Right. This is moat
emphatically, a period when the eurtient and
Ardent efforts of all, are required to insuro
Success, aud the telling blows he has already
desk the African Democracy" at Ucnay and
Pontine, will, we trust be coutiuued till the
campaign is ended and the victory achieved."
, MARttitD. On the evening of the 7l.h inst.,
at the residence of the Bride's Father, by the
Rev. Thos. Elcock, John I. Cable, one of the
proprietors of " The American' and Miss R.
A. Johnson, all of Van Wert. The other at
tachces of "The American," after the cake
and sweet meats, , were discutsed united iu
expressions of desire for pi osppi ity aud happi
ness to the young conple.-Vanwcrt American.
DIED. On the morning of the 20th inst.,
Mrs. CATHARINE IIANNA, wife of Mr.
THOMPSON HANNA, of this city, after a
painful illness of many weeks, iu ihu 5Gih
year of htr age.
Mrs. IIanna, in early life, made a pro
fession of tho Christian religion, and united
with the Methodist Church. At an early
period, with her husband, she was identi
fied with 'the M. P. Church of this city,
and remained a faithful member of its com
munion to tho time of her death.
Panegyrics on the departed are not in
good taste; but, to speak of the good qual
ities of our friends who have gone to the
spirit land, and to urge the emulation of
their virtuous acts, is by no means improp
er. Never have we had tho pleasure of an
acquaintance with a lady, whose life and
whole deportment, appeared to bo more
fully conformed to the pure principles of
the Gospel than that of Mrs. IIanna.
Whether we th ink of lier in the light of a
Wife, a Mother, a Christian or a neighbor :
her entire life and conduct was worthy of
the emulation of all. She bore her last
painful illness with that Christian fortitude
which had characterized her former life ;
ond calmly passed away from earth, to that
rest which "romainoth for the people of
Uod. While her bereaved husband, chil
dren and numerous friends are left to mourn
the departure of one bo dear to them ; it is
a consoling reflection, that they "sorrow
not as those who havo no hope." By the
imitation of tor pious example they may,
through the irlerits of Him, in whom
she trusted, secure, with ber, apart in tho
First Resurrection ; and be forever with
the i Lord. Our sincere1 sympathies are
with the bereaved family. '
"The AiLAijTio Monthly for October
has been 'received. This number com
pletes the first year of its exisiente. It
has been edited throughout, with ereal
ability and spirit, and the variety, of its
contents, nukes it a universal favorite.
The Autocrat of the Breakfast Tuble"
is concluded hi this number. We know
of no Magazine articles that have ever
attracted more universal attention than
these. Their wit, genial humor and do
try of the highest order, have obtained
for i them a, cordial welcome to many
fireside. ' $3 per annum, in advance. 5
copies $10, subscribers paying postage,
Address' Philips, Sanmson & Co.. 13
Winter Street, Boston.
' OCT Notice '8 hereby riven, to all to
whom It may concern, that Jones Hoff-
mayfcr, is now- in the receipt of pne of the
largest, and beat stocks of Ready-Made
Clothing ever brought to this markot.
v Persons therefore,, .wishing to provide
against the approaching Inclement suson.
as also those who desire a good Fall suit,
wojild greatly, prumUie their comfort by
giving him a call. ( v V; , . ;
t-T if. . ;.- ' ' ' ' :''
3T The following persons have paid
the sums annexed to their names on sub
scription to the True Ambrican, up to
the 15th inst, ,
James Hawkins. .. .3,25 to Vol.4.No.38.
John McCartney 2.00 lo
Win, Hosleter 1,50 to
" 3.
" 0.
" 3.
' 4.
" 2.
" 5.
" 5.
' 1.
" 31.
" 4.
" 15.
" 1.
" 30.
T. II. White. 75 to
D. F. Miller 1,00 to
Richard Stock 3,00 to
A. McCaskey 1,50 to.
T. Ferguson ...... 50 to
W. H-Cmnel 1,0 to
Miss M. Ingiebriglit.1,00 to
John McCarty 1,50 to
A. L. Brewer Esq.. 2,60 to date.
J. E. Vance Esq 2,00 to date.
A Queer Organ. TLe Chicago Na
tional Union was established as an Ad
ministration organ. After a while it began
to give uncertain sound and about the
lime of the Buchanan State Convention
in Illinois got so out of tune that Mr.
Sehade was discharged from the editor
ship. Postmaster Cook & Co., then
furni?hed the wind and funds to keep
the Union from Jisolution, and it was
savagely anti Douglas for a few weeks.
Another change has come over the Union.
Mr. Scliade is again editor, the ami-Douglas
articles are all taken back, and Cook,
Rebi, Buchanan & Co., are put under the
ban. What next? ri-eader.
fcJ-We are happy to inform all who de
sire the services of Prof. Miller, that he
will give lessons on the Piano and Melode-
on from Nov. 1st, 1858, to April 1st, 1859,
making a term of five months. Pleaso call
at Jones' Music Btore, or address Prof. W.
Miller, Post Office.
(7-Prof. Miller will visit the residence
of Irs pupils to give lessons.
Atlantic Telegbaph Cable. Pieces of the
celebrated Atlantic Telegraph Cable, can be
obtained, for fifty cents each, of Mr. George
Scott, Merchant of this city. Each piece is
four inches long and protected at the ends by
brass ferules. In the centre can be seen seven
copper wires, surrounded by a triple coating
of guttapercha, theu a covering of fine thread
yarn, soaked in a mixture of pitch, tar, oil and
tallow, and around all an exterior covering of
iron wires, eighteen in number, of seven
strands each. A certificate of Cyrus W. Field,
attest the genuineness of each piece.
Scott's City Boot and Shoe Store.
This superior establishment, has recently
been replenished by a choice Bupply of
Eastern Work, of the very best quality.
There is perhaps, no Shoe Store in tho
Western country, in which is to be found
a more tastefully selected stock of Boo's,
Shoes, Gaiters, Slippers and Sandals, than
at Scott's " tip top" store.
Tho proprietor keeps constantly a num
ber of experienced hands at work, and is
prepared to manufacture work to order, on
tho shortest notice. The quality of the
material used, corresponds with the skill
displayed by the workmen. As an eminent
pulpit orator, with whom we were acquain
ted, was wont to say, when his imagina
tion becamo highly excited by the sublim
ity of his thenie' here we might enlarge'
to an infinite cTtent, but wo leave it to
your fruitful imagination to fill up the pic
ture." One word, by way of application,
and wo are done. Young and old, male
and female, go to Scott's popular Shoo
Store, directly opposite tho Washington
Hall, und make your purchases if you de
sire a first rate articlo for a fair price.
E. G. McFeely, has just received from
the east, a fine assoitmcnt of Boots, Shoes,
Gaiters and Slippers. Those wishing to
purchase any articlo in his line, cannot do
better than to give him a call. As he deals
exclusively upon the Cash System, he is
prepared to sell at very small profits.
He has also, a number of first rate work
men constantly employed, and can do work
to order, on tho shorted notice. Persons
who may be in attendance at the approach
ing Fair, will please .take notice.
. Market st., three doors below Third.
Fall Goods just received" and now
now opening their first supply of Fall Goods
purchased in the Eastern cities, for Cash.
Embracing a great variety of seasonable,
Dress Goods, Black and Fancy Silks,
RobeB do Chevne, Robes a Lez, Robes a
Quillc, printed and plain D'Lains, Meiin-
0C8, Chintz. American, French, and Eng
lish Calicoes, Shawls in great variety.
A very large stoclrof Millinery Goods, and
Trimmings of the newest styles, including
Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, Satins and
Velvets, Head dresses, &c. &c. Also Vel
vet Ribbpns and Fringes, of all widths.
Steubenville, Sept. 15th '59. ,
03 We invito tho attention of our read
ers to the advertisement of Mr. W J.
Sage, in this paper. Mr. S., has an assort
far surpassing anything heretofore display
ed in our city. Call and examine for your
3T The Pittsburgh True Press, the
.best daily paper published in Pittsburg!;
received every morning by Wm. P.
Lewis. Price One Cent. Also all the
late Periodicals.
Hanoi's veoetablk kxtbact
For the enre of Fits, Spasms, Cramps, and all
nervous anu uonstitutionai diseases.
"PERSONS who are lnborinff under this
distressing malady will find H NCE'S
only remedy over discovered for curing Epi
lopsy or Falling Fits. . ,
These pills .possess a specific action on the
nervous system ; and, although they are pre
pared especially for curing fits, they will be
touod of especial benefit for. all persons afflict
ed with weak nerves, or whose nervous system
has been prostrated or shattered from anv
cause whatever. In chronio complaiuts, or
diseases oi long standing, superinduced by
uervousuess, they are exceedingly beneficial. .
Price three dollar per box, or two boxes for
five dollars. Persons out of the city enclosing
a remittance, Will have the pills sent to them,
through the mail, free of postage. For sale
by SETH S. BASOE, No. 108 Baltimore
Stexst. Baltimore, Md., to whom orders from
all parls of the Union must be addressed, post
pBidy . . r ;. juneaaa jy.
03" A correspondent of the Chicago
Press says that a serious, if not fatal acci
dent occurred at Lewislon, Fulton co.',
111., on the 16th. Mr. Douglas spoke to
the crowd, and in the evening a barrel of
fire-works had been procured for a 'demon'
strntion,' became ignited accidentally, and
exploded in the in i dot of a crowd. Five
persons were knocked down instantly, stun
ned and badly burned. A Miss Paine, a
young lady residing between Lewiston and
Havana, was struck in the neck by a rock
et, which almost immediately buret in hor
lace. She was taken up senseless; her
face was horribly burned, her bonnet and
part of her hair torn off, and a ghastly
wound inflicted under her right ear. She
is still living, but the physicians are doubt
ful of her recovery. ,
Kidnapping a White Man. The Bur
lington Gazette gives an'account of the
kidnapping of a blacksmith of thut place,
a short time ago, by a couple of Missouri
cng, with the assistance of a city officer.
John Pendleton, the man who was kidnap,
ped, had been in Burlington two years and
a half, working at his trade, and had al
ways been regarded and treated as a white
man. X wo iuissourians camo there a short
time ago, and under the claim that he was
an escaped slave, induced certain persons
to aid them in decoying him into the coun
try, where they handcuffed him and start-
td to Missouri.
More Harmonv. In the Iowa Dem
ocratic State Convention, on the 24tli
tilt., a resolution indorsing the "ripe
judg.nent and preeminent wisdom" of
President Buchanan, offered iu behalf of
the minority of the committee on resolu
tions, was laid on the. table by a vole of
1G3 to '112. The minority however,
remained after the convention had adjourn
ed and passed the defeated resolution,
with another indorsing Senator Jones,
and a third accepting the ticket made by
tne urn convention.
NOTICE is hereby given to the quali
fied eleotors of the County of Jeffetson,
State of Ohio, that the nest annual elec
tion will be holden according to la in
the several townships in said County, at
the usual places of holding elections
therein, on the
Second Tuesday of October, 1858,
being the l2tli day of said month, at
which lime and places the qualified elec
tors of said County will vote for
One person for Supreme Judge,
" Attorney General,
" Comptroller,
Board of Public Works,
Congress, 21st District,
Common Pleas Judge,
Probate Judge,
County Auditor,
County Recorder,
County Surveyor,
County Commissioner,
Co, Infirmary Director,
And pursuant to the provisions of the
act of the General Assembly of the Slate
of Ohio, entitled "an act relating to Ju
rors," passed February 9th, 1831. I
hereby give notice to the Trustees of the
several townships in the said County,
that the following is the apportionment of
Jurors for the ensuing year, made in con
formity to the act aforesaid :
apportionment of jurors.
Steubenville Tp. 25.
Island Creek
Saline 1
Cross Creek
Knox 1
Brush Creek 1
Mt. Pleasant
The Trustees of Townships will also
take notice that they are required by law
to select ol good, judicious persons having
the qualification of electors, their appor
tionment, as stated below, of persons to
be returned as Jurors for the Probate
Court ; the list thereof to be returned to
the Probate Judge, by the Trustees re
turning the poll book.
Steubenville Tp.44.
Island Creek Tp. 14.
Saline . ' " 8.
Ross 5.
Salem " 15.
Smithfield 14.
Warren 14.
Cross Creek " t5.
Knox 10.
Brush Creek
Springtield "
Wayne '
Mt. Pleasant "
Sheriff. Jeff. Co. Ohio.
Sheriff's Office, Sept. 22, '58-te..
C?When the American Colonies shook
off the Government of Great) Britain, and
adopted a liberal form of National policy,
the civilized wot Id enquired, " what has
been the cause of this great revolution ?"
The answer was, "Taxation without Re
presentation and the world was satis
fied with the answer. When the inquiry
is now made, "why is it, thatduiing the
great pressure of the times, when one
large firm after another is being driven to
the wall, Frohman & Co., still continue
to do a flourishing business in their ex
tensive Clothing Establishment on ihe
corner of 3d and Market Streets ?" The
answer is, "They have a large and well
selected stock of Ready Made Clothing.
and sell remarkably cheap.". The answer
is satisfactory, and all flock to Frohman's
with the exception of those who are so
unwise as to stay away make their pur
chases, and return home satisfied with
their bargains. The people are delighted.
Frohman feels comfortable, and everything
moves on Harmoniously. .
Thomas Gorsuch, Market Street, above
Sixth, has just received a supply of choice
Cincinnati Flour, and has on hand a sup
ply of choice r ine, buperhnb and Unbolt
ed Flour, Corn Meal, Corn, Oats, Screen
ings, and an assortment of Mill Feed.
All Flour sold by him is warranted.
The highest cash price paid for Corn
and Oals. 'Call and see.
' JC3TFor the special advantage of all
concerned, we give general notice, that
iJENJAMitf, Pxarck, keens constantly on
hand, and for sale, Flour of the very best
quality, Cincinnati brand, at . wholesale
and retail. We have tried it and there
fore speak advisedly. North 3d Street,
Dieunenvuie,-. , ' . ;
Ohio State and Union Law College.
'pHIS Institution has been removed to
Cleveland, Ohio. ' Degrees are legally eon
far red, and Students npon graduating, may
be admitted to practice. , For Circulars ad
dress, at Cleveland : M. A. KING,
dec 2357 y - Secretary
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
For the rapid jjcure or Coughs, Coids,
Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Wliooping-Cough,
Asthma and Consumption, is universally
known as the best remedy ever yet discov
ered for every variety of Pulmonary disease.
So wide is the field of its usefulness and
so numerous tho cases of its cures, that'
almost every section of the country abounds
in persons publicly known, who have been
restored from alarming and even desperate
diseases of the ungs tiy its use. When
once tried its superiority over every other
medicine of its kind Is too apparent to es
cape observation, and where its virtues
are known, the public no longer hesitate
what antidote to employ for the distressing
and dangerous affections of the pulmonary
organs which are incident to our climate.
By its timely use many, nay almost all
attacks of disease upon the Lungs or throat
are arrested and thus are saved many
thousands every year from a premature
grave. No family should be withont it,
and those who do neglect to provide them
selves with a remedy which words off this
dangerous class of diseases will have cause
to deplore it when it is too late. Proofs
of tho surprising efficacy of the Cherry
Pectoral need not be given to tho Ameri
can people they have living proofs in
every neighborhood. But those who wish
to read the statements of those whose
whole health has been restored and whose
lives have been saved by its uso, will find
them in my American Almanac which the
agent below named has to furnish rrratis.
or every one.
Prepared by De. J. C. AYER, Lowell,
Mass., And sold by Henino & Melvin,
Steubenville, Ohio. sept.l-Sin.
THE essential ingredient of this valuable
remedy is not new, but is well known to
the medical schools of France and Germany,
and linn been employed by the females of the
principal courts of Europe.-and by all ihe most
distinguished physiciaus in this speciality for
the last ten years. My motive is not to offer
any patent discovery, but simply to present to
the mcthers and daughters of our own laud a
simplo bnt sure remedy for those diseases to
which they are naturally subjected, in such a
form as should obviate the necessity of those
medical consultations, which aro justly looked
upon by women as a violation of their most
sacred feelings, and to avoid which" they often
risk the most fearful consequences.
1 have jtherefora prepared this specific in
the neat and simple form of a pill, aud put it
up iu small, flat boxes, which cau safely be
sent any distance by mail iu a common envel
ope. Each box is accompanied with full di
rections and esplanatlous, enabling every
woman to understand her own case and the
proper treatment aud tho proper time.
The Virgin Pills possess such powerful
penetrating properties that nono of tho diseas
es within the range of their action can with
stand or evade them. They cleanse, purify,
and invigorate every portion of the female
organism, correcting its diseased action, and
restoring its healthy functions, They effect a
certain cure for falling of the womb, whites,
paiuful suppression und irregular menstrua
tion, diseases of pregnancy, all uervious com
plaints caused by disordered uterine organs,
weaknesses, ifcc, the symptoms of which are
fully explained in the directions.
For any of the diseases of the treproductive
organs, they may be taken at all times, excep
ting during the earlier stages of preg
nancy, when their efj'cct would be such
as to produce miscarriage, which fact
is more fully explained in the directions.
Their action on the system will be felt imme
diately, and the flush of rosy beauty, the true
index of health, quickly rising iu the cheek
of pallor, will at onco convince the patient of
their effect.
Price $1 per box; and will bo sent post paid,
by return mail, to any part of the United
Slates, on receipt of the money. The tnouey
may be sent by mail, at the risk of the sub
scriber. DR. A. G. BRAGG,
may 12:58 Saint Louis, Mo.
A Card to the Ladies. Dr. Dupon
co's Golden Female Pills are infallible in
removing stoppages or irregularities of the
mensus These pills aro nothing new, but
havo been used by the Doctor lor many
years, both in France and America, with
unparalleled success in every case, and he
is urged by many thousand ladies who have
usgd them to make the pills public, for the
alleviation of those suffering from any ir
regularities whatever, as well as a prevent
tative to those ladies whose health will not
permit an increase of family. Pregnant
females or those supposing themselves so,
are cautioned against using these pills, as
the proprietor assumes no responsibility
after the above admonition, although their
mildness would prevent any injury to health;
otherwise these pills aro recommended.
directions accompany each box. Price
one uouar ; sold wholesale by M. L. MIL'
LEIl, Third streo steubenviie .
General A cent for Jefferson Co. 0.
All orders must be addressed to the
above General agent who will supply the
rade at proprietor's prices and send the
Pills confidentially to Ladies by mail on
receiving $1 through tho post-otlice.
N.B. Dr. Duponco's Golden Pills, Sig
niature J. Duponco on every box none
other genuine. For particulars get Cir
cuar of Agents- aug,12tf
HHHIS invaluable medicine is unfailing
in tne cure ot all tnose paintul and dan'
eerous disorders to which the female consti-
ution is subject. It moderates all excess and
eraoves,all obstructions, and a speedy cure
may be renea on.
t Is peculiarly suited. It will in a short time
bring on tne monthly period with, regularity
Each bottle, price one dollar, bears tho Gov
ernment Stamp of Great Britiun, to prevent
These Pills should not be taken by females
that are pregnant, during the first three months
as they are sure to bring on miscarriage ; but
at every other time and in -every other case
mey re penectiy sale.
Sole Agents for this country.
JOB MOSES, lato I. C. Baldwin, Rochester,
W. x.
N. B. $1,00 and 6 postage stamps enclosed
to any authorized agent, will insure a bottle
oi me pills by return man.
For sale wholesale and retail by Hening &
Melvjn, Steubenville, O., aud by Druggists
geneioiy . deciu 1A
DA1NT BRUStf improved styles.
also a good lot ' wall, counter and
ousting brushes HgninC tauMiLViN.
april 28;58 , ,
True American Office, )
SteuhcnnillL Sept 29.
Flour.extia, old..
do Superfine, $bll..,
Butter, good table, 19 lb.
Cheese, new milk, lb.
Eggs, f) do....;
3eef, by the quarter,. . . .
" fresh, $ lb,
' " corned " "
" dried " ' ,
Pork,$ lb
" salted, ft
Hams. $ ft... ,
" sugar cured. ....
Shoulder? and Sides
Veal, p lb...
Mutton I?" ft...:
Lamb V quarter
Lard $1L
Chickens, each,
Wood, per cord,
Sugar, bro,wn, V ft
" cribbed, $ ft.....
Coffee, old Java, ) ft...
' Rio ...
...... $5,r'0 1,00
......... 8!2
.' eS9c
, 7i?c
, 67c
. lCc
Notice to TaxPayers.
rpHE TAX-PAYERS of Jefferson
county will take notice, from tho follow
ing Section of the "Act to provide for the Semi
Annual collection of Taxes," passed April 12,
1858, that all payments must hereafter be
made at the Treasurers OfBoe, to wit:
'Sko. 11. The Treasurer's Office shall be
open for the receipt of taxes from the time of
the delivery of the duplicate to the Treasurer
until the final delinquent list is made up in
August." .
Tne old law, allowing the receipt of taxes
at the several places of holding elections, in
the respective Townships in the connty. hav
ing been repealed tax payers will comply
wijh the present law. by paying at the office
of the county Treasurer, Steubeuville.
sepl29-3t JOHN McADAMS, Treasurer.
Is a great Natural Sightess Doctrtss,
AND has been pronounced the wonder of
the world, by all the crowned heads
and nobility of Europo ; telling thefn correct
ly, their Past, Present and Future lives. This
extraordinary and gifted woman,
Has already performod many miracles and
wonderful fures throughout the principal
cities in the United States, and takes pleasure
in announcing that she has engaged rooms at
The Washington Hall, Steubenville,
See Sign at the Front Door, and at the
head of the atairs on the door of
her Room, No. 9.
Wh ere ladies and gentlemen who are desirous
of consulting hor in relation to past, present
and future events ; also goods that are lost,
are invited to call.
This Marvellous and talented woman is the
person who ,saw iu a vision, the great and
terrific disaster of the Steamer Central Amer
ica, when and where she foundered at sea,
and gave particular notice of tho fact, which
proved to be true, even up to tho hour of her
going down. This mysterious lady is olso an
adept iu
She will also give you a faithful description
of your partner' in marriage, and describe
them as well as though ihe had known then
her lifetime, and also give advice on
Madame II, predicted in the ycarjlS34,
that Gen. Harrison would be President of
the United States, and die in 8 years, und
her prediction Was verifiod.'to a day.
When young, she was known by the
name of the "Mysterious Child." She is
no rortune leller or Mesmenser, but a
natural sightess, ind uses no books or cards
This lady is a descendant of Marv Ann
Hamlett, the great natural sichtess, who
foretold the Revolutionary War 33 vears
before it came to pass.
All Come and see her.
Admission $1. Children half urice.
Hours from 7 a. m,. to 10 p. m.
OHN N.. MYERS, begs leave to inform
the public, that he has removed his estab
lishment, for the manufacture of
Saddlery, Harness, Upholstery, Jk,c,
To the North-West corner of Market and
Fourth streets, in the room recently occupied
byG.H. Glasgow, where he is prepared to
furnish his former patrons, and the public in
eneral, with a better slock of all articles in
is line than heretofore, aud UTat reduced
iLritememoer the place; sepJ:tt
Jefferson County Agricultural Fair.
MHLL lie held at the Fair Grounds,
lower end of Third Street, Steubenville,
on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Sep-
InrnW 91 on,l '111 nn.l fWM.nr lot lfci.a
DtscavriONABY Committees will be appointed
on the several grades of Sheep, not mentioned
iu our List oirremiums, H at Sheep, &c, &e.
ThoseMwho compete for Field Chops must
have the necessary vouchers, that all may
stand on on equality, and the Committee act
understanding, and for the benefit of all
who may enter for the prie.
J. L. Holtok, Secietary. . sept8-td-
Executor's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that Samuel
Hill liaa VinAn nnnmnlnil anrl ntlolifiprl
Ezecu'or of the last will and testament of
Isaac Parker, late of Mt. Pleasant township,
Jefferson county, Ohio, deceased all person i
iuuuuiku io Bam esmio, are required to maae
immediate payment, and those having claims
against said estate, will present them duly
authenticated for settlement, within one year
irom date. SAilUKL (JILL,
??PL2S?ll858 3t Executor, 4c.
laneous, Blank and School Books, fust
received, also Wall Paper and Stationery of
every description. The fallowing is a list of
a few of the articles of Stationery kept con
stantly on hand :
PAPERS Letter, Cap, Legal, Bath, Post,
Commercial Note, Bill, Sermon, Brief Coun
ting House Cap, Fancy and Embossed Note,
Pout Office, Drawiug, Oil, Tissuo, Punting,
Hardware, Wrapping and Treasury Blotting.
Pustelle Monochromatic, Bristol aud .Paste
Common .Funcy, Legal, Wedding and Mourn
ing of all sizes and cslofs. Also a choice lot
of Folios, Card?, to. A variety of Quid, Steel
nnd Quill Pens, Pen-Holders, Pen-Racks, Pa
per Weights, Pocket and Desk Inkstands,
Black, Blue, Copying, Carmine and Indeli
ble Inks. Common, Oval, Porcelain and
TratiBparent Slates.
BLANK 200KS-Cash and Pay Books,
Journals, Ledgers, Records, DocketH, Hotel
Registers, Memorandums, Pass and Time
Books, Indexes, Receipt Books, Diaries. Co
pying Books, Blank Notes and Drafts, Pen
cils, Rubbers. Sealing Wax and Elastic Bands.
WALL PAPER Prom 6 to 75 cents per
bolt, Velvet ond cheap Borders, Plain and
Ornamental Window Blinds, Fire Screens.
&e. Ao.
All persons desirous of making purchases
iu the Book and Stationery line, will do well
to give us a call aud secure bargains that can
not be had elsewhere. Country merchants
desirous of purchasing without the trouble
and expeuse of going East, can be accommo
dated ut reduced prices, by calling at the
Wholesale aud retail establishment of '
scptl5-4tp , (Successor of McDowell A Co.
R. S. KOT1IACKE11, Richmond
Jeff.irson County Ohio , ,
t i - .
for Every Wound."
wm produced by Dr. HRAGO
tli reqocat of Dr. Kane,: fUM
(boat to proceed to tli t
rr ' a"viavi ttfiuiuo,
IrftT I t W nd wm nied by bin darbi tt
Yif3 Priloui voyage. Thm iu K'fe
to U world Uifc wonderful . '-'
J - y" wiiioh liu made
bare tested
and are rejoicing in fxeedon
from long lingering
tatm ivn rircp icr
i V-S. ' - - which ottier remedies had failed
siftrJI to cure. Hare yon the
-K . . 1 - .
wi " Hare you the
Are you afflicted with
Old. Soros,
uttering from
Arctlo Liniment
will afford you Imtant relief.
Ererybody la liable to
And in fear of thou) dread
ful accident! the
should be
Kept on hand,
for It affordi sure and
1 4 iLhi& lithe
rr ccris
&&,$WM:: Bore Lips
kSmfl&tw.-i?: Itliexeellci
Sore lips, Pimples,
fiSW excellent for the Hair,
WVWyHiW '''-.' gw
giving it tuutnrr, closbt
JlPrKilUSCE. It ii
- It i a aoTcrelgn remedy for
Diseases of Horses,
ISp Stringhalt, TToundj, Sparta,
Swexxy, Bio-uttD, Rrxo-BOyi,
Poix-Evil, tc.
' Orr 1,000,000 Patients.
Every purchaser of Doha Bonn of the ARCTIC
I.TNIMEXT receives, at Dr. Driurg1! expense, Die UNITED
STATES JOURNAL for one year. Ho hae arranged for a
department in each Issue of laid paper through which to
communicate with his patrons, said department to be de
voted to answers to correfpoudente, carefully-prepared
proscriptions, and other valuable items of information
which his long experience and the peculiar cases from
time to time presented to his attention shall suggest. The
JOURNAL is published In New York, and is one of the
oldest and most popular newspapers in the country. A
certificate of subscription accompanies each bottle.
BRAGQ & BURROWES, 8t. Louli, Mo.
New Yori Oraia, No. 871 BROADWAY.
Communications should always be addressed to St. Louis.
For tale by all rapectable Drugguh and Dealers.
An Agent is wanted in every town aud vil
lage. Applications must always be accompa
nied by responsible references.
HeniDi; it Melvin, Agents for Steubenville.
may 12:58
Compounded Entirely from GUMS,
fore the public.
These GUMS ro-,
One dose often re
peated is a sure cure
for Cuoleba Mouous,
move all morbid or
bad matter from the
system, supplying in
their place a healthy
flow of bile, invigor
ating the Stomach,
causing: food to di
I nnd a preventive of
' Cholera.
k' Only one bottle is
necessary to throw
r out of the system the
gest well, rutuFfiNa
iue blood, giving tone; ! after along sickness
i icnecis oi medicine
and health to the
One boltle taken
whole machinery, re
moving the cause of
for Jaundice removes
all sallowness or un
natural color from
the disease eject
ing a radical cure.
the skin.
One dose taken a
short time before eat
ing gives vifi-orto the
Billioi'S attacks are
cured, and, what is
better, prevented, by
appeti'e aud makes
the food digest well.
the occasional use of
the Liver Inyigora
Uue dose olten re
peated, cures Chron
ic uiarnosa in its
worst form, while
Summeb and. Bowix
Complaints yield al
most to tho first dose
Onlv one dose ta- .
seu ueium muring, .
prevents the NiOaT-i
Oulv one dose ta
J A few bottles will
L cure Daorsy by ex-
rnrinor ilia nhnni-h.
ken ''at night losons
the bowels gently,
and cures Costivk-
One dose taken af
ter each meal will
We take pleasure
in recommending the
medicine as a proven-
live for Feveb aud
Auue, Chill Fkvbb,
inrid all Covers of a
One dose of two
tea spnonsfulwill al
ways relieve SI'JK
HEAPACUK.' Onlv one dose im
"9 j..Lioi;aTf i'K. I' oo-
eratea with certainty
nud thousands are
willing lo testify to
its wonderful virtues
mediately relievos
Colic, while
All who use it are giving their unanU
mous testimony in its favor.
Mix water in the mouth with ibV In-
vigornior and swallow both together. .
TLE. .
DR. SANFORD, Proprietor, No. 345, Broad-
wav. New York.
Retailed by all Druggists . Sold also by ,
Henino B melyin,
M. L. Miller,
: Steubenville, 0.
And J. C. WRIGHT, Knoxville, 0.
june 23'58:ly "' , . ?'
,; , u ; . Notioe. 'v
MRS. DR. &RAHAM, of Pittsburgh,
Pit., respectfully announces to the ladies
of Steubenville, that Bhe U stopping at the
Washington Hall, Market street, where she
will teach the art of dress-cutting, Bask-cut-ting,
and furnish ladles with patterns, and
cut dresses to order. - -
A Balm
1 JVtt '.J
" MLEDWA &C " '
R. KENNEDY.of Koxbiirv.lias li-
""vureu in ono oi our COMMON FAaTL'ac
ww"li remi-dy that cures " '
'JPiji the worst scrofula down to a common
. We has tried it in over 1 IOC casea, tnd never
failed except in two cases, (both thunder
humor.) lie has now 16 his possession over
one hundred certificates of its Value, all
within twenty miles of Boston.
Two bottles aro warranted to cure a nursing"
sore mouth. 1 i , i
One o three bottles will cure the worst kind
of pimples on the face. ..
Two or three bottles will clear the system
of biles. - . -
Two bottles are warranted to cure the worst
canker in the mouth or stomach.
Three to five bottles are warranted lo cure
the worst 'case of Erysipelas. ,i r .
One to two bottles are warranted to enre all
kind humor In the eyes. - .' . .
Two bottles are'warranted to cure running
of the ears and blotches among the hair. ,- .
Four to six bottles are warranted to cure
corrupt and runuiug ulcers. ' r ' -
One bottle will cure scaly eruptio.'.s of 'the
skin. .... . . -. , . . ..... -. .
Two or thre bottles are warranted to c'ure
the worst kind of ringworm.
Turn nr thrtta ti.itfloa aru gn.n(.J A
i r - . ' '
- v ' .v ..iiauwu bv WU1D
the most dexperale case of rlieuuintiHm,
Three to four bottles are warranted to ears
salt rheum. . ; . ... , . .
Five to eight bottles will cure the worst cas
ol scrofula. - . -
benefit is always experienced from the
first bettle, and a perfect cure is warranted
when the above quantity is taken. , , :
. r . . Roxbuot, Mass.
Dkar Madam : The reputation of the Med
ical Discovery, in curing all kid of humors,
is so well established by the unanimous voice
of all who have ever used it, that I need not
sav anything ou tho subject, as the most skil
full physicians mid the most careful Drug
gists iu the country are unanimous iu its
praise. . ..
In presenting the Medical Discovery to
your notice, I do it with a full knowledge of
its curative pow"er, in releaving all, and cur
ing most of those diseases to which you are
uuforlionatly so liable. That most excruci
ating disease to an affectionate mother : r
is cured as if by a miracle ; your own temper
is restored to its natural sweetness, and your
babe from short and fretful naps to calm and
sweet slumbers ; and the Medical Discovery
becomes a fountain of "blessing-to your hus
band and household .....,
In the more advauced states of
it extends to the stomach, 'causing J "
which Is nothing but canker on the stomach ;
then to the intestines and . .
creating a Rinking, gone feeling, and an in
difference 6ven to the cares of your family.
Your stomach is
your food distresses you, and you can only
take certain kinds, and even of that your
systom does not get half the nourishment it
contains a? the acrimonous fluid of tho can
ker eats it up; then your complexion, loses
Its bloom and becomes sallow or greenish,
and your hist day is gone. For want of nour
ishment your system Dccoraes loose auoV4lab-'
by, and the fibres ot your body becoruo relax-
ed. Then follow a train of diseases which the
Medical Discovery is pecullnily adapted to '
CURE; : , '
Palpitration of the heart, pain in the side,
weakness of the spine and small of the dack,
pain in the hip joiut when you retire, irregu
larity of the bowls, nud also; that mostexcru
ciating of diseases, the
How many thousands of poor wo.aeu are
suffering from this disease and pining away a
miserable life, and their next door neighbor
does not know the cause. I wish to impress
on your mind that good old proverb, "A
ounce of prevention is better than a pound or
cure.'' Iu the
you have both the preventative and tho cure,
with this Great and good quality, that it will
never under any circumstances, do you any in
lvVl' .
JNo cnangc of diet ever necessary eat the
best you getand enough of it. ..
Diburrrmtf van iTRvAltilta nn. fnl.lA n
ful per day Children over ten years dessert
snoonful child run frmn fiva In oinkt
I 1 "-' .ikuijcaiQ,
tea spoonful. As uo directions caule appli
cable to all constitutions, taken sufficient to
operate on the bowels twice a day.
lours iruiy, -DONALD
Price $l.U0per bottle.
VitT nnln wlinlnsnln nnil oImI !, D n
I It 1 XtirYWIki.. a ... ..
anu iu. aj. iuiijjjCiU,steaoenvuie( Ohio.
niigt). o;-ty. . . . -
BY VIRTUE of an order of sale issued
out of the Court of Common Pleas of
Jefferson Cotiuty, State of Ohio, bearin
date September liOth, 18.r)8, aud to roe di
rected, I will expose to sale by public ven
due and outcry, at the front door of the
Court House, iu the city of Steubenville,
on -
TOHER, A. D. 1858,
at 1 o'clock P. 31. of said day, the follow
ing real estate, to wit .-Situate in the
TownshiD of Steubenville. in tha C.nnntv
of Jefferson, and State of Ohio, and par
ticularly described as follows t that is to
say, beginning; at a point on the eastern
boundaty line of the farm lately owned by
James Means, deceasod, and which point
is (he south-western corner of the tract of
James Frazier, upon which premises he
now resides, thence with the boundary line
of the Means farm due south one hundred
and hlteen (115) teet, thence south 71 de
crees, east two hundred and fiftv.air (9RR
feet, thence sou'.h 19 degrees, west one
nunareu iweive ana. a ualt llt) Jeet to
Elias A. Shelly's corner, thence south 7X
durrrees. east threo hundred nnd ninMoji
(3JG) feet with Elias A. Shelly's northern
uuunuary une 10 u uuam D. uoiner g wes
tern boundary line, thence north 19 de
grecB, east iwo uunurea twanty-two anu a
half foot (222i) with said Collier's western
boundary line to the south boundary of tho
..i.l I.,n..ll.S...n.nn.l... .!..
.... -- " ------ - r- - .vug U LIS
71 degrees, west, six hundred and eighty
six (6eJ6) feet .to the plage of beginning j
containing two acred and three-fourths,
more or loss, together with the right per
petually to use and enjoy a right of way,
i. A . 1 n.ci., n.i.k lw. - . 1 . 1
! wivu ijuioub, coitio ana wag
ons, over a strip of ground twenty-flve feet
wide, having its easte-n boi-ndary line be
tween Joseph C. Spencer and lloswel Marsh
and Joseph C. Spencer and Will iara II.
Collier, and extending from North frpr
to the southern boundary line of the prem
ises conveyed Dy Josepn u. opencer to said
Holton by deed of V3d of December, 1852.
Terms of sale cash. ' ' - ' '
- - .... Aiiiao n. viisxzs,an tt, ,
Sheriff's Ofci, , 2 Foe
Steubenville, Sept., 81st; '58.-te f JI0.65 ;
W a M ta If TIY VTLTfeY Mi a
J O BARRELS Linseed Oil, Jn store
a,nd lor sale at the lowest cash price
by ' HkNI.SO & MKLV1. ' '
pril 28.58. . . .-.-Wi'';

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