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Kotbrv hai Xht bird tluU nettled
-, Lovingly upon tiy breast,
Abided up hi little pinion,
And in darkaetB gone te rest f -C
Ksj.th gave b dart and dreary,
- But tb kt m b not there ;
Bear'gt thou not its gentle vhuper.
Floating on the ambient air ? .
It fe near ftipe, gwtfe mother.
Near tbw at the evening hoar;
Its soft kiss is in the ephyr,
It looks op from every flower.
And, whea night's dark ebadow fleeting,
- Low thou bendeet thee in prayer,
, , And thy heart feels nearest heaven.
Then thy angel babe ia there I
XaideBv baa fhy noble brotfaerr
On whose manly form thine eye
' - Lored full off in pride to linger,
On wboee heart thou coultTst rely,
Thoogh all other hearts deceived thee.
All proved hollow, earth grew drear,
Whose protection, ever o'er thee,
Bid the from the cold world's sac
Baa he left thee here to straggle,
AH maided on thy way ?
S ay, he still can guide and guard thee.
Still thy filtering steps can stay ;
Brill, when dangers borer o'er thee,
, He than danger is more near ;
When f n grief thon'st none to- pay.
He, the sainted, marks each tear.
Lover, is the light extinguished
Of the gem, that, is thy heart
Hidden deeply, to thy being
AH its snnfthine could impart?
Look above ! 'tis burning brighter
Than the very stars of heaven ; -And
to light thy dangerous pathway.
All its new found glory's giren.
Wfth the sons of earth commingling,.
Thou the lored one may'st forget r
Bright eyes flashing, Ucascs waving,
May have power to win thee yet ;
But e'en then that guardian itpirit
Off will whisper in thine ear,
And in silence, and at midnight,
Thorn wilt know she hovers near.
Orphan, though most sorely stricken;
Of the mourners thronging earth,
Clouds half veil thy brighter sunshine.
Sadness mingles with thy mirth. .
Yet, although that gentle bosom,
Which has pillowed oft thy head,
Kow is cold, thy mother's spirit
Cannot rest among the dead.
8 till her watchful eye hi o'er thee
Through the day, and still at night
. Hers the eye that guards thy slumber
, Making thy young dream so bright.
Oh 1 the friend, the friends we're cherished,
How we weep to see them die 1
All unthinking they're the angels
That will guide us to the sky I
[No. 114.] AN ACT
. To incorporate the Bank of Ohio and other Bank.
Section 1. Be it tnaeUd r tie General Juemblf mf
the htmU Okia, That it shall be lawful for natural in
diridural persona, not fewer in number in any case than
five, to associate and form companies for the purpose of
carryng on the bueiocas of banking, each at such place
in this State as shall be designated in its articles of asso
ciation, and in the certificate hereafter required to be
made, suKject, howerer, to the contingencies, restrictions,
conditions and liabilities prescribed in this act.
Sec 2. To carry into effect the provisions of this act,
Win. W. Scarborough of Cincinnati, FranjElin T. Backus
Of Cleveland, Chauneey N. Olds of Circleville, J. R. Finn
of Columbus, and Samuel Forrer of Dayton, shall be, and
they are hereby appointed commisfiioners, and tbey, or a
majority of them, after taking an oath dilligently, finth
fullr and impartially to perform the duties awigued them
by this act, a certificate of which oath shall be filed and
carefully preserved in the office of ihe Secretary of State,
halt constitute a board, to be designated the board of
bank commissioner; which board-shall continue until
the organisation of the Bank of Ohio, an hereinafter provi
ded for, and thereafter the duties which tbey are required
to perform by this act, in the organization of (-ranches of
the Bank of Ohio, shall be performed by said bank, and
the duties in the organization of independent banks
which they are required by this act to perform, shall de
volve on and be performed by the auditor, treasurer, and
secretary of State, who shall be commissioners to perform
such duties, and if any of said commisrionerH shall refuse
' to serve, shall die or resign, his place shall be filled by
the general assembly, by joint resolution, if in session,
and if not, by the governor. -
Sec 3. Said commissioners shall meet in the city of
Columbus, at such time, within thirty days after the sec
ond Tuesday of October next, as shall be appointed by the
governoi, who shall notifiy each member of Disappoint
ment, and of the time and place of meeting; they shall
when met, appoint one of their number to be their presi
dent, who shall, under the order of the board, sign all of
ficial documents; and tbey shsll cause a fair and true
record of all their official proceedings to be kept in a book
to be provided for that purpose.
Sec 4. I'eTsonsassocutiiig to form a bank shall, under
their hands and seals, make a certificate, which shall
First- The name assumed by such bank, and by which
it shall be known in it dealings, in which name shall be
included the name of the city, rilhtg or town in which
its banking operations shall be carried on;
' Second The amount of the capital stock of such bank,
and the number of shares into which the same is di
vided; Third The name and place of residence and the num
ber of shares held by each member of the company;
Fourth The time when such company shall have been
Fifth That such company has elected to carry oa its
operations as an independent bank, or, as a "branch of
the Bank of Ohio," as the case may be, which certificate
shall be acknowledged before a justice of the peace or
notary public, and shall be recorded by the recorder of
the county where such bank is to be established, in a
book to be kept by bim for that purpose, which shall at
all times during office boors be kept open for the inspec
tion o. any person wishing to examine the same; one
copy of which certificate, duly certified, shall be trans
mitted to the secretary of State, who shall record and
carefully preserve the same in his office, and another to
the board of bank commiisionere.
Sec 6. No company shall be permitted to commence
or carry on the business of banking under this act, as a
branch of the bank of Ohio, unless its capital stock shall
he at least one hundred thousand dollars, nor shall the
capital stock of any such liranch ever be increased to ex
ceed four hundred thousand dollars, except as specially
provided for in this act. No independent bank shall be
organized under this act with a less capital than fifty
thousand dollars; nor shall the capital stock of any such
bank ever be increased to any sum exceeding two hun
dred thousand dollars, except as specially provided for in
tli in act. At least fifty per cent of the capital stock of
each company shall be paid in gold and silver corn, or
their equivalent; one hslf of which fifty per cent at leapt
hall be in gold and silver coin, and shall lie in the actual
possession and bona fide the property of the company at
ihe time of the commencement of its banking business,
and at the place designated for carrying ou such business,
and the remainder of the capital stock of such bank shall
he paid in installments, each of at least ton per cent on
the whole amonut of the capita subedited, as frequently
s once in every four successive months, from the time
of commencing "business until the whole amount of such
capital shall be paid up. Provided, that the directors of
the bank of Ohio may extend the time for the payment of
mnch deferred installment, or any part of them, to the
branch hanks, when satisfied that the public interest does
not require them to be paid as frequently as almve provi
ded for, and the governor may grant to the Independent
banks the like extennnu for the same enue
Sec 6. If any shareholder or bis assignee shall fail to
pay any installment on his stock when the same shsll be
required to be paid, the directors may sell said stock at
public auction, having giren three weeks previous notice
thereof io a new spaper published in the county where the
hank is located, to any person who will pay the highest
price therefor, not lets than the amount then due there
on; and the excess, if any, after paving the expense of
the sale, shall lie rvfund-d to the delinquent stockholder. ;
If no bidder can be found who will pay for such stock tbe
amount due thereon to the bank, and costs of all adver- !
tisement iM sale, tlie amount previously paid shall he
forfeited to the bank; and such stuck may be sulmequent
ly sold in such manner as the directors may order.
Sec 7. The board of bank commissinnors'shaH examine
the certificate of the formation of lianks, tnuim.itt.-d to
them ait required by the fourth section of thin a-t, and
hall, by one of their own members or other seial ageut
appointed by them for that purpose, who shall not be a
stockholder in any of -he banks formed under this art.
Immediately proceed to examine the condition of each of
the banks which shall have transmitted to said board the
required eertiacate; and it shall be the espocial duty of
mch agent to carefully count or othemise ascertain the
amount of money paid in on account of its capital stock,
to ascertain tbe name and place of residence of each of
the directors of such bank and that their stockholders,
directors and officers are nu n of resnonsUJlity and integ
rity and entitled to the public confidence, and the amount
of" capital stock of which each is the bona tide owner,
whether such bank has complied with all the require
ments of tills act necessary to entitle the bank to engage
in tbe business of banking; and shall cause to he made
and attested by tbe oath of a majority of the directors,
and bv tbe cashier of such bank, a staUmcnt of all the
material facta necessary to enable the board ofliank com
moner to determine- whether surh bank is Iwfully
entitled to commence the business of banking under the
provisions of this ad, and such agent shall immediately
report to the board f bank commissioners such state
ment and his proceedings in the premises.
See. 8. IL upon a careful examination of the the cer
tificates of association, and the report, and statement of
the special agents appointed to ascertain whet her the
SnkVso orga!ued haV. complied with the Provisionsof
this act, it Khali appear tliat anysuh banks vebeen
forcedand that tbstockholdeTisdirecrs aiid offcmra
ETmcaof responsibility and integrity, and entitled to
pblTLofidenS, and that such tanks or y of them are
U-fttllv entitled to commence the business of hanftSig,
Jmmisrs shall certify tbe same to tlx governor,
Bac- ft No tank h.H I orwari nnder H ' j "
lh . Um enpiUI Uum. fl hundred th"a",?"'1
ny I crr.wd to ny .urn not "
niinoa of lUim. Not dull uj independent tank be
orgsniMd nnJor this act la aid eonntr, irith Irm capi
Ul thu two hundred tad fifty thonnnd dollar, vhii-b
naT be increased to any mm not exoBeuing fir. hundred
thonrand dollar; provided, that in no cam where the
capital etnek of of an independent hank u named in tbia
act, shall the n-rtificatra of o)4ic debt required to he
deposited be rarh bank irith tbe trrararrr of State, be
treated or rtrarded as ane part of nirh capital stork.
See- 10. o hank shall be eetaUished nnder this act
as a branch of fbe bank of Ohio, in tbe counties of Cot
ahopa, Montgomery, Franklin or Luna, with a capital
less than thro. hun!red thousands dollars, which mar b.
increased to any sum not exceeding six hundred thou
sand dollars, nor ehaH any independent bank be estab
lished in any of stld counties, with a capital of lean than
one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, which mar be
increased to any sum not exceeding three hundred thou
sand dollars
&. 11. The capital stock of each bank shall be drri
dca into shares of one hundred dollars each, and shall
be asniTOsl.le on the books of the company, in surh
manu-r aa its by laws shall prescribe, but no shareholder
shall have power to sell or transfer any Fhsres held in
his own right so long as be shall be liaWe, either as
principal debtor, surety, or otherwise, to the company
for any debt whito. shall Le unpaid; nor in such case
shall such shareholder be entitled to receive anr divi
dend, interest or profit on such shares, so long as such
liabilities shall continue, but all snrh dirideud.4, inter
ests or proHts shall be retained by the bank and applied
to the discharge of such liabilities, and no stocks shsll
he transferred without the consent of a majority of the
directors, while the holder thereof is indebted to the
Sec. 12. No bank shall take as security for any loan or
discount, a lien or any part of its capital stock, but tbe
same security, both in kind and amount, shall be required
of shareholders as of persons not shareholders; and no
hank shall be the holder or purchaser of anr portion of
its capital stork, or of the capital stork of anr other in
corporate company, unless such purchase shall be neces
sary to prevent loss upon a debt previously contracted in
go4id faith, on security which at the time was deemed
adequate to insure tbe payment of such debt, indepen
dent of any lien upon such stock, or in tbe case of for
feitures of stock for non-payment of installments due
thereon, as provided in the sixth section; and stock so
purchased shsll in no ease be held by tbe bank so pi
chasing for a longer period of time than six moths, if the
same can he sold for what the stock cost, or at par.
See. 13. In all elections of directors, and in
deciding all questions at meetines of the stock
holders, each shall entitle the owner to one vote,
stockholders mav rote bv nronm Hiilv nut hor.
ized in writing, but no officer, clerk, teller or
book-keeper of the bank shall act asrtroxr. and
no stockholder whose liability to the baHk is
past due and unpaid shall be allowed to TOie.
Sec. 14. The affairs of every bank organized
to carry on the business of banking under the
provisions ot this act, shall be managed by not
less than fire nor more than nine directors. Ev
ery director shall; during his whole term of ser
vice, be a citizen of the United States and a res
ident of this State. At least of three-fourths of
the directors shall have resided in this Stale one
year next previous to their election as directors ;
each director shall own in his own name and
right at least one per cent of the capital stock of
the bank up to two hundred tnounaud dollars,
and the half of one per cent on his capital over
two hundred thousand dollars, lbe directors
of each bank, collectivelv, shall own at least one-
tenth of its canttal stock. Each director shall
take an oath, that he will so far as the duty de
volves on him, dilh'genllv and honestly adminis
ter the affairs of the bank, and not knowinglt"
violate or willinglv permit to be violated any of
We provisions ot uus act; that ne is the bona hde
owner, to his own right, of the stock standing in
his name on the books of the bank, aud that the
same is not hypothecated, or in any way pledg
ed assecuntr lor any loan obtained or debt ow-
tng, which oath, subscribed by himself and cer
tified by tlie officers betore whom it is taken
shall be filed and carefully preserved in the of
fice of the Recorder of the comity in which the
bank is located; but no person shall be president
of more than one bank organized under this act,
at the same time.
Sec. 15. The directors of any bank first elect
ed shall hold their placed until the first Monday
in January next inereaner, anaunui rneir suc
cessors be elected and qualified ; all subsequent
elections shall be held annually on the first
Monday of January, and the directors se elected
shall hold their places for one year, and until
their successors are elected and Qualified: but
any directors removing from the State, or ceas
ing to be tho owner of the requisite amount of
stock, snail Hereby vacate bis place. Any va
cancy in the board shall be filled by appoint
ment by the remaining directors; the directors
so appointed, shall hold his place until the next
annual election; and if from any cause an elec
tion of directors shall not be made at the time
appointed, the bank shall not for that cause be
dissolved, but an election may be held on any
subsequent day, thirty days notice thereof hav
ing been given in a newspaper printed in the
county where the bank is located.
bee. lb. i.very bank authorized to carry on
the business of banking under the provisions of
mis act-, wneiner as a orancn 01 me oanK 01
Ohio, or as an independent bank, shall be held
and adjudged to be a body corporate, with suc
cessirn until the first day of May in the year one
thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven, and
thereafter until its affairs shall be closed; and
by its corporate name shall be competent to con
tract, prosecute and defend suits and actions of
every description as tu 1 ly as natural persons, and
process against sucn uanjt may oe served upon
its president or cashier, or by leaving a copy
thereof at its usual place of business during the
usual business hours. Each of said banks shall,
under the first day of May, in the year one thou
sand eight hundred and seventy -seven, if so long
it shdU comply with the provisions of this act,
hav& power to loan money, buy, sell and dis
count bills of exchange, notes, and all other writ
ten evidences of debt, except such as it shall be
propibited by this act from buying, selling or
discounting; receive deposits; buy and sell gold
aud silver coin and bullion; collect and pay over
money, and transact all other business properly
appertaining to banking, subject, however, to
the provisions and restrictions contained in this
act; may acquire, hold aud convey such real es
tate as may be necessary to the convenient trans
action of its business, and no more, but may,
howover, acquire title to any real estate pledged
to secure any debt previously contracted or pur
chased on an execution or order of sale, to satisfy
any judgment or decree in its favor, or which
shall have been conveyed to it in payment of
any previous debt, but shall not hold any real
estate so acquired longer than is necessary to
avoid a loss of any part of the debt, interests
and costs, for the collection or security of which
it was acquired, but at any time before selling
the same, upon being tendered by the last pro
ceeding owner, or his legal representatives, such
sum as shall be necessary to save such banks
from loss of any part of the debt, interests, taxes,
costs, and other necessary charges for the col
lection or security of which such real estate was
acquired, such bank shall release to such owner,
his legal representatives or assigns, all its rights,
titles, and interest therein.
Sec. 17. Kotos of one dollar, two dollars,
three dollars, five dollars, ten dollars, twenty
dollars, fifty dollars, and one hi.ndred dollars
each, and nonoteof anyotherdenomination may
be issued by any bank or organized under this
act ; of the notes issued by any such bank, not
more than ten per cent of the amount shall be in
notes of one dollar each; not more then five per
cent in notes of two dollers each; not more than
ten per cent in notes of three dollars each; not
more than twenty per cent shall be in notes of
all denominations tinder five dollars; net more
than fifty per cent in notes of all denominations
under ten dollars.
Sec 18. No bank organized under this act,
shall, at any time, issue or have in circulation
any note, draft, bill of exchange, acceptance, cer
tificate of deposit, or other evidence of debt
which, from its character or appearance, shall be
calculated or intended to circulate as money, ot h
er than such notes of circulation as are by this
act described, and which such bank is expressly
authorised to issue for the purposs of being cir
culated as money.
Sec. 19. Each independent bank shall re
ceive at par, at the office or banking house of
such bank, in payment of debts due at such bank
for notes of hand", bills of exchange, or other ev
idences of debt, discounted or purchased by or
belonging to such bank.the notes of circulation
inaned ly any other independent bank author
ized to issue such notes by this act, which shall
at the time redeemits notes in gold and silver
coin, and every branch bank of the bank of
Ohio shall receive at par at the office or bank
ing bouse of such branch in payment of debts
due at such bank for notes of band, bills of ex
change, or other evidences of debt, discounted
or purchased by, or lielonging to, such branch
dank, the notes of circulation issued dy any
other branch of the bank of Ohio.
Sec. 20. Each dank shall at all times have
on hand, in gold and silver coin, or their equiv
alent, one half at least of which shall de in gold
aud silver coin, in it vault, an amount equal to
at least thirty per cent of the amount of its out
standing notes of circulation; and whenever the
amount of its outstanding notes of circulation
shall exceed the above named proportion, no
more of its notes shall lie paid out, or otherwise
put in circulation, by such licnk, nor shall such
hank increase its liabilities by making new
loans or discounts, other than discounting or
pnrcha'Oiig bills of exchange, payable nt sight,
nor make any dividend of its profits, until the
required proportions between its outstanding
otes of circulation, and gold mid silver coin, or
heir equivalent on hand, shall lie restored.
Actual deposits with nny solvent bank or bank
er, of entablisbed credit, in the ci'ies of New
York, lwton. Philadelphia, or Baltimore, sub
ject, te be drawn against nt sight, payable IB
. . . r .T. . BM
gold and silver coin, wneuevei n-iw- ...
used in this act.
See. . 21. No bask organized under this set
shall at any time be indebted or in any way
liable to an amount exceeding, if a branch of
the bank of Ohio, two-thirds, or if any independ
ent bank, the whole amount cf its capital stock
at such time actually paid in, and rcoiainiHg as
capital stock undiminished by losses or other
wise, except on the following accounts that is
to say.
First On account of its notes of circulation ;
Second On account of money deposited with
or collected by such bank;
Third On account of bills of exchange or
drafts drawn against money actually on deposit
to the credit of, or due to such dank;
Fourth Liabilities to its stockholders on ac
count of money paid in, on capital stock and
dividends thereon.
Sec. 22. No bank shall, either directly or in
directly, pledge, hypothecate or exchange any
of its notes of circulation for the purpose of pro
curing money, to be paid in on its capital stock,
or to be used in its ordinary bankingoperaliens,
or for the purpose of purchasing certificates of
state stock to be deposited with ihe Treasurer of
State, or with the bank of Ohio: nor shall any
bank apply or permit to be applied, hypotheca
ted or pledged any portion of its capital stock
to the purchase of certificates of State stock, to be
deposited with the treasurer of State, as collater
al security for the redemption of its notes of cir
culation. Sec. 23. No bank shall, during the time it
shall continue its operations as a bank, with
draw or permit to be withdrawn, either in form
of dividends, loans to stockholders, for a longer
period of time than four months, or in any other
manner, any portion of its capital stock; and if
losses shall at any time have been sustained by
any bank, equal to or exceeding its undivided
profits thenonhai.d,nodividendsshallde made,
and no dividend shall ever be made by any
bank, while it shall continue its bonking opera
tions to an amount greater thap its net profits
then on hand, deducting therefrom its losses and
bad and suspended debts; and all debts due to
a bank, on which interest is past due and 'in
paid for a period of six months, unless the same
shall be well secured, and shall be in the pro
cess of collection, shall be considered bad
suspended debts, within the meaning of this
Sec. 24. The directors of each bank shall,
semi-annually on the first Monday in May and
Novemder, declare a dividend of so much of the
net profits of the bank as they shall ludge ex.
pedient; and, on each dividend day, the cashier
snail make a lull, clear and accurate statement
of the condition of the bank as it shall be on
that day, after declaring the dividend which
shall be verified by the oath of the cashier, pres
ident and a majority of the directors; and simi
lar statements shall also be made on the first
Monday m each month, in each year, which
BiaieraeniB suau contain,
First The amount of capital stock actually
paid in, and then remaining, as the capital stock
of the bank;
Second The amount of the bills or notes of
the bank then in circulation, specifying the
amount of each denomination;
Third The greatest amount in circuLition at
at any time since the making of the last previ
ous statements, as shall have been exhibited by
the weekly statements ol the cashiers, specity
ing the time when the same occurred;
Fourth The amount of balances and debts of
every kind due to the branches of the bank of
unio, the amount due to other banks ol the
State, and the amount due to banks not of this
Difth The amount due to depositors;
Sixth The total amount of debts and liabili
ties of every description, and the greatest amount
since the making of the last previous statement,
specitying the time when the same occurred;
Seventh The total amount of dividends de
clared on the statement;
Eighth The amount of cold and silver coin
and bullion belonging to such bank, and in pos
session, at tne time oi taxing uie statement,
designating the amount of each:
Ninth The amount subject to be drawn at
sigh, in gold and silver, then remaining on de
posit with solvent, specie paving banks or bank
ers, in the cities of New York, Philadelphia,
rjosion ana nammore;
Tenth The amount, then on hand, of bills or
notes, issued by branches cf the bank of Ohio,
the amount issued by banks not of this State ;
Eleventh The amount of balances due from
branches of the bank of Ohio, the amount due
from other banks of this State and the amount
due from banks not of this State, excluding, in
the latter case, deposits in the cities of New York
Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, subject to
sight droits, payable in specie;
Twelfth The amounton hand of bills bonds.
notes, and other evidence? f bebts, discounted
or purchased by the bank, specifying particular
ly the amount of suspended debt, the amount
considered bad, the amount considered doubtful,
and the amount in suit or judgment;
Thirteenth The value of the real and person
al property, held for the convenience of the
bank, specifying the amount of each;
Fourteenth The amount of real estate taken
in payment of debts due the bank ;
Fifteenth The amount of the undivided prof
its of the bank.
Sixteenth The total amount of the liabilities
to the bank by the directors thereof, collectively,
specifying the gross amount of such liabilities
as principal debtors, and tne gross amount as en
dorsers or sureties;
Seventeenth The total amount of liabilities
to the bank of the stockholders thereof collect
ively, specifying the gross amount of such lia
bilities as principal debtors and the gross amount
as indorsers or sureties; which statement, should
be forthwith transmitted to the Auditor of State.
An abstract of every such statement showing
the condition of the bank, in some newspaper
printed in the county where such bank is situa
ted. Sec. 25. The general assembly shall never
impose any greater tax upon property employ
ed in banking under this act, this is or may be
imposed upon the property of individuals.
Sec. 26. Every bank organized under this
act may take, reserve, receive and charge on any
loan or discount made, or upon any note, or bill
of exchange, or other evidence of debt, at the
rate of six per centum per annum on the amount
of any such note, bill of exchange, or other evi
dence of debt so discounted, and no more; pro
vided, however, that interests may be reserved
or taken in advance atthe times of making the
loan or discount, according to the usual rules of
banking, or as calculated in liowlctt. s tables;
and knowingly taking, reserving or charging on
any debt or demand discounted or purchased by
such bank, at a rate of interest greater than that
allowed by this section, shall be held and ad
judged a forfeiture of such debt or demand, but
the purchase or discount ot a bona tide bill to
exchange, or note payable at another place than
the place of such purchase or discount, and the
taking or reserving of interest thereon at the
rate aforesaid, from the time of such purchase or
discouut, until the mat urity of such bill or note,
shall not be held usurious, although exchange
on the place where it is made payable, is at the
timeof such purchase or discount, worth a premi
nra; nor shall the discounter purchase of a bona
fide bill or note, payable at a place, between
which and the place of discount or purchase ex
change is in favor of the place of discount or
purchase, and the taking in addition to the rates
of inter est aforesaid, the rates of exchange be
tween such places, be deemed usurious; provid
ed, no more than one half fmrTJer- cent shall
be taken as exchange upon any such paper pay
able in this State, and no more than one per
cent ujxin nny such paper payable out of this
State, and in no case shall more than the cur
rent rate of exchange between such places be
Sec. 27. The total liabilities of any person
or of nny company or linn, (including m the
liabilities a company or nrin the liniuliry ol
thpRevcnil niemiiers thereof. to anv bank or
ganized under this act, inclusive of liabilities as
acceptor or acceptors of buna fide bills of ex
change, shall at no time exceed one-half, inclu
sive of liabilities as acceptor or acceptors, one-
fifth, and exclusive of all liabilities on such billB
of exchange one-tenth part of tbe amount of the
notes which such dank is authorized to circulate
at the time of such liabilities.
Sec. 28. No bank shall, at any time, pay
out on loans or discounts, or in purcnasing oi
drafts or bills of exchange, or in pay ment of de
posits, nor shall it m any mixte put. m circula
tion the notes of any liank or banking company
which notes shall not nt any time lie receivable
at par in payment of debts, by the bmk so pay
ing out or circulating such notes, nor shall it
knowingly pay out or put in circulation any
notes issued by any dank or banking company
which, at the timeof such paying out or putting
in circulation is not rendemincr its notesiu mild
and silver, nor nny notes issued by any bank
out of this Hl.ite.
Sec. 2!). All notes, hills, and other evidenc
es of debt, excepting billsof exchnnge, discount
ed by any bank, shnll be made by the terms
thereof, or by special indorsement, payable solely
to such bank, and no such evidence of dedt
shall de nssignndje except for collection, or for
the following purposes.
Frst To pay and redeem the circulating
notes of such bank;
Second To pay other liabilities of the said
bank; and after such liabilities shall have been
Third To divide among the shareholders on
their stock. ,
Sec. 30. No bank organized nnder this act,
shall issue any certificate of deposit, order,
draft, bill of exchange, or other evidence of
debt, payable in currency or in anything less
valuable than gold and silver coin, except re
ceipts for special deposits; nor shall any such
bank keep any account in currency or anything
less valuable than gold and silver coin, except
accounts for special deposits.
Sec. 31. No bank organized nnder this act,
shall be permitted, in receiving payment at its
banking house or other place than where the
same was payable, or auy other note, bill, or
other evidence of debt, due such bank, and pay
able at a place other than at its banking house,
to receive in addition to the amount of such
debt and the legal interest due thereon, any sum
whatsoever as premium, exchange or damages;
provided, nothing in this section contained shall
prevent such bank from receiving the damages
allowed by law upon any bona fide bill of ex
change, duly protested for non-acceptance or
Sec. 32. All transfers of notes, bonds, bills
of exchange, and other evidences of debt owing
to any bank, or of deposits to its credit; all as
signments of mortgages or other securities on
real estate; or of judgments or decrees in its fa
vor; all deposits of money, bullion or other val
uable thirg for its use, or for the use of any of
its stockholders or creditors; all payments of
money to eitner, made alter the commission of
an act of insolvency, or in contemplation there
of, with a view to prevent the application of its
assets in the manner prescribed by this act, or
with a view to the preference of one creditor tc
another, except ia payment of its circulating
notes, shall be held utterally null and void.
Sec. 33. If the directors of any banks or
ganized under this act, shall knowingly violate
or knowingly permit any of the officers, agents
or r-ervants ot sucn bank to violate any of the
provisions of this act. all the rights, privileges
and franchises of said bank shall thereby be
forfeited; such violation shall, however, be de
termined and adjudged by a court of competent
jurisdiction, agreeably to the laws of this State
and the practice of such court, before the cor
poration shall be declared dissolved; and in case
of such violation, every director who participa
ted in, or assemea to me same, snail be neld
liable in his personal and individual capacity
for all damages which the company, its share
holders, or any other persons body corporate or
incorporate, suaii iiu e. subuuneu in consequence
of such violation.
Sec. 34. Every president, dirictor, cashier,
teller, clerk or agent of any bank, who shall
embezzle, extract, or wilfully misapply any ot
the monevs, funds or credits of such bank, or
shall, without authority from the directors, is
sue or put in circulation anv of the notes of such
bank, or shall without snc& authority, issue or
put forth nny certificate of deposit, draw anv
order or bill of exchange, make any acceptance,
sign auy note. bond, draft, bill 'of exchange,
mortgage, judgment, or decree, or shall make
any inise entrv on anv book, report or statement
oi uie oanK, wit.n an inxent in cimer case to in
jure or defraud such bank, or to injure or de
fraud any other company, body corporate or po
litic, or any individual person, or deceive any
officer or agent appointed to inspect, the affairs
oi me Dans in mis oiaie, snau ne deemed guil
ty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction there-
oi, shall be connncd m the penitentiary at hard
labor, not less than five nor more than ten
Sec. 35. Stockholders in banks organized
under this act, shall each be individually liable
to the creditors of a bank of which they are
stockholders, in a sum equal in amount to the
swck owned by eacn, and should any such
bank become insolvent, and its assets be found
insufficient to pay its debts and liabilities, its
stockholders may be compelled to pay such de
ficiency, in proportion to the amount of stock
owned by each, and should the whole amount
for which stockholders arc individually respon
sible, as provided in this section, be found in
any case to be inadequate to the payment of all
the residueoof the debts of any bank after the
application of its assets to the payment of such
debts, then, and in that case, the" moneys due
from stockholders on account of their individual
liabilities as such, shall be distributed equally
among all the creditors of such bank, in propor
tion tne amount due to eaeh, the pensonol lia
bility in this section provided for. is over and
above thetock owned by stockholdere, and
any amount unpaid thereon.
Sec. 36. The General Assembly may niter
or repeal this act at pleasure, but no act altering
or repealing this act, shall impose any injustice
or wrong upon the stockholders ot any bank
organized under it.
Sec. 37. Every corporation organized nnder
uus act, snail nave power to make ail necessary
and n roller bv-laws for the management and
control of its business and to fix and regulate
the rate ot charges for making collections. Ihe
bank of Ohio may revise the bye-laws and also
revise flic regulations of the branches concern
ing charges lor making collections, and cause
both to lie made uniform among the branches,
or as nearly as mav be deemed expediei t-
Sec. 38. The corporations organized under
this act shall continue to exist so long as necessary
for the settlement of their affairs, notwithstand
ing the repeal of this act; and no law shall ev
er be passed diverting or appropriating the as
sets of any such corporation to any purpose oth
er than the payment of its debts and liabilities,
and the distribution of the residue amoung its
stockholders in proportion to the stock by them
severally owned.
Sec. 33. "Whenever, from the insnection of
the certificates transmitted by banks to tlie
board of bank commissioners, it shall appear
that any number of said banks, not less than
five, have made their elections to transect their
banking operations as branches of the bank of
Ohio, and have complied with the requirements
of this act preliminary to the commencement of
oanKing operations, men ssia commissioners
snail immediately noury eacn oi saiu nanus
thereof, end within ten days after receiving such
notice, they shall each appoint in such manner
shall prescribe, one per
son to lie a director of the bank of Ohio. But
no person who is not a citizen of the United
States, and a resident of this State, and who
has not resided in this State at least one year
next previous to his appointment, shall be such
Sec. 40. The directors of the bank of Ohio
who shall have been appointed agreeably to the
provisions of the preceding section, shall, from
the time of its organization until the first day
of M.iy, in the year one thousond eight hundred
and seventy-seven, and thereafter until the af
fairs of the several branches of tlie bank of Ohio
shall pe finally closed up, be a body corporate,
with succession, and by the same of bank of
Ohio, capable of contracting and prosecuting,
and defending suits or actions as fully as natural
persons, and of doing all other acts and things
necessary to effect the object contemplated in
this act by the formation of said corporation.
They shall meet in the city of Columbus at
such" time as shall be designated by the board
of bank commissioners, who shall give ten days
previous notice to each branch of the time of
such meeting: tncy snail eacn take an oatn dil
igently, faithfully and inipiu li.illj. 10 perforin
tbe duties imposed on them by this act; a cer
tificate of which oath shall be filed and preserv
ed in the office of the Secretary of State. They
shall organize, provided two-thirds of the whole
numlier shall be convened, by electing some
suitable person as president, whose duty it
shall lie to preside at meetings of the board, and
sign its official documents. They shall elect a
vice president, whose duties shall be prescribed
by the bye-laws of the corporation. They shall
apjioint a secretary, who shall keep a fair and
true record of the proceeding of the bank.
Jhey shall keep an office ia the city Columbus,
which, together with their books, papers, re
cords and accounts of every description, shnll
at all times be open to the inspection of any
committee of the general assembly, or either
branch thereof, and of nny commission or com-mi-isioners
especially appointed for that purpose
by the general assembly, and of any person ap
mtintofl bv nn v one of the branches. Thev
shall procure and furnish each branch with
notes for circulation, and decide on the amount
to be furnished from rime to time to each, with
in the limits and agreeably to the rules and re
strictions prescribed bv this act. They may
prescrilics rules for Bctllonient of balance be
tween the branches. They shnll have power
by themselves, or by a committee of one or
more members of their own body, or by a stie-
cial agent appointed by them fortlint purpose.
whenever, anil as otten as niey snau iiiiiik pro
ner. to visit any branch, inspect its Irnoks. re
cords and accounts, and all the evidences of
debt due to and securities held by such branch;
examine and ascertain the amount of money
and other property held by such branch; exam
ine on oath the president, vice president,
directors, cashier, and Ml other officers,
agents, clerks or servants of the branch touch
ing its condition, means and liabilitii-s. They
almll have power to require any branch to re
duce its circulation or other liabilities, within
such limits as they shall, after full inquiry
into its condition, deem necessary to secure
from loss either the dealers with such branch.
or the branches of the bank of Ohio. They
may require the officers of each branch to make
out, under oath, and transmit to the office of said
bank at Columbus, statements of the condition
thereof, in such form as such bank shall pre
scribe, and as they shall deem proper, which
statements shall be recorded in a book or
books to be kept for that purpose. They may
appoint an executive committee of not less than
three, ol whom the president, or vice president
shall be one, to act in behalf of the bank in
such cases, and perform all such duties as shall
be prescribed by the by-Liws of said bank not
inconsistent with this act.
Sec. 41. The president, vice president and
secretary of the bank shall each receive such
compensation for their services as said bank
shall allow, which shall be assessed upon the
several branches or the bank of Ohio, in the ra
tio of their capital stock. The bank may also
allow the executive committee such compensa
tion as it shall deem just and reasonable, to be
paid by the several branches in the same man
ner; and the expenses of procuring plates and
printing notes of circulation, shall be paid by
the several branches in the ratio of the notes of
circulation, received by each.
Sec. 42. Each director of the bank shall
continue in office until the first Monday of Feb
ruary, next after his appointment, and until his
successor shall be appointed and qualified; va
cancies in the board shall be filled by the
branch by which the appointment vacated was
made, fn voting, each member shall be enti
tled to oue vote, and to one additional vote for
every fifty thousand dollars of the amount of
capital stock paid in to the branch represented
by him over one hundred thousand dollars, at
the time of such voting. The president and
vice president shall hold their offices for one
year, and until their successors shall be ap
pointed, but they mav be removed by a resolu
tion of the board. They shall tak'e and an
oath faithfully, diligently and impartially to
fulfill the duties of their appointment and" not
knowingly violate any of the provisions of this
act. 1 hey may be required to give bond in
such sum, and with sush security as the
bank shall prescribe; and all vacancies in said
appointments shall be filled by the bank.
Sec. 43. All notes issued by any branch,
intended to circulate as money, shall be paya
ble at the branch by which they are issued, in
gold and silver coin, the lawful currency of the
United States, or either, at the option of the
branch, on demand; they shall be signed by the
president or vice president, of the bank of Ohio,
countersigned by the cashier of the branch by
which they are issued, made pavable to bearer,
and shall be negotiable by deliverer; all other
evidences of debt, issued by any branch, shall
be negotiable or transferable in" the same man
ner as if issued by a natural person, and shall
be binding on the branch, whether under seal
or not, and all such evidences of debt, other
than notes of circulation, shall be payable to
the order of some person therein named.
Sec. 44. No branch of the bank of Ohio
shall at any time, have in circulation notes ia
tne similitude ol bank notes, to an amount bear
ing a greater proportion to the capital stock of
saia orancn actually paid in, and at the time
remaining undiminished by losses or withdraw
al, than the proportion hereinafter specified,
tnat is to say,
On the first hundred thousand dollars, or any
lesser amount of its capital, not more than
twice the amount of such capital.
On the second hundred thousand dollars or
part thereof, not more than once and three
quarters the amount of such capital, over one
hundred thousand.
On the third hundred thousand dollars, or
part thereof, not more than once a half the
amount of such capital, over two hundred thou
On the fourth hundred thousand dollars or
part thereof, not more than once and a quarter
the amount of such capital, over three hundred
tnonsand; and
On any amount of canital over four hundred
thousand dollars, not more than an amount
equal to such capital, over four huddrcd thou
sand. Sec. 45. Notes signed for circulation shall
be delivered by the bank of Ohio to each
branch, r . written order, signed by the pres
ident and a majority pt the directors ot sucn
branch; such orders shall be carefully preserved
by said bank in its office; an accurate account
ot all the notes s. delivered, the amount of the
notes of each denomination so delivered, and
the date of such delivery, shall be kept by the
bank of Ohio, in a book or books, to be provid
ed and kept in its office at Columbus; all notes
so worn, defaced or mutilated, as to be unfit for
circulation, shall be returned by the branch by
which they were issued to the bank, and an
equal amount of new notes received therefor; all
such notes so returned by a branch shall be
credited, and all new ones delivered in their
stead shall be charged to such branch on the
books of the bank; and the notes so returned
shall be burned to ashes in the presence of the
president, and at least two of the directors of
said oanK.
Sec. 46. Before the bank shall deliver to
any branch, notes for circulation, it shall re
quire such branch to pay over or deposit, to the
credit of said bank, as said board shall order,
either in money or in certificates of the stocks
of this State, or of the TJniTed States, at their
current value in the city of New York, but in
no instance above their par value, an amount
equal to ten per cent, on the amount of notes
for circulation which shall be delivered to such
branch. And so. from time r to time, as any
branch may, by the paying in of an additional
amount on its capital stock, or by not having
received the amount of notes for circulation
which it was previously entitled, be authorized
to demand nn additional amount of notes for
circulation, such branch shall deposit it with
the bonk ten per cent , on -the amount of notes
so required: and the stocks and money so de
posited shall be denominated the "safety fund,"
and shall be invested as hereinafter prescribed,
and held by the bank as the property of said
branch, in trust for the benefit of the several
branches of the bank of Ohio, and as a fund
for the redemption of the notes of circulation
of any one or more of said branches t hat may
fail to rcdem its notes, to be applied to that
purpose in the manner pointed out by this
Sec. 47. All money so deposited or paid to
the bank on account of the safety fund, by any
branch shall be, under the direction of said
bank, invested by such branch either in stocks
of the State or ot the United States, or in bonds
secured by mortgages on unincumbered real
estate situated in the county where such branch
is located, or in adjoining counties, oi at least
twice the value in each case of the amount se
cured thereby, exclusive of buildings destroyed
by fire, by floods or other accidental occur
rences, of of timber, mines, or minerals sub
ject to waste; which bond shall be payable on
demand ot the bank ot unio. nnd shall bear
such rate of interest as shall be agreed ou by
the parties, not exceeding seven per cent, per
annum, payable semi-annually. Each branch
shall be entitled to receive the interests accruing
on the stocks or bonds in wliich its portion of
the safety fund shnll have been invested; and in
ease of the insolvency of any branch, the stocks
andbonda. iu-aslwh the money of such branch
shall have been invested as aforesaid, if the pro
ceeds of such stock and bonds shall be sufficient
to redeem its outstanding notes of circulation,
shall, as far as practicable, lie first converted in
to money nnd applied to that purpose betbro any
port of tlie satety fend belonging toother branch
es shall be so applied.
(Continued next week.)
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sponge or woolen cloth, and, alter few min
utes, rinse with cold water.
For Habd Water, put your clothes in soak
the same as above. But for boibng clothes, put
n your water; slice in a few thin slices of tha
Chemical Erasive Soap; let the water boil, but
remove the scum; then put clothes immediately
into boil, and proceed as above, recollecting to
use more of the soap for hard than soft waters.
For sale at the BOOK STORE, Millcrsburgh.
Ohio. Aug. 21, 1856.
Wm. A. Batchelor's
ON KEY 'S parrots and dogs may be taught
to imitate some of the outward forms and
actions of humanity rand foxes manifest aa
aptness in stealing quite equal to the generality
of manking but to man alone is given tho
ability to originate, contrive and construct, and
even the animal seems to divide by his owa acts
his tpeeit into the different geni of men, or or
ginators, contrivers and constructors and mon
keys parrots and foxes, or imitators, pretend
ers and speculators. Mark the exemjd iication :
Wm. A. Batohclor.of 233 Broadway, New York,
having by perseverance and years of toil and
costly experiments, succeeded io producting a.
Hair'Dve, for which he has received fifteea
Meddafs aud Diplomas and, by all, admitted
to be perfect in all respects, a host of imitming;
monkeys and piratical pretenders, who always
beset Uie paths of genius and toil, and to take
advantage of tlie wit they do not possess them
selves, have sprung upon the trail laid out by
"Batchelor." With peculiar pertinacity they
beset and worry with pretentions stones and
bravado, every one who will listen to them, and
they frequently succeed in gaining credit for
themselves aud trash. To guard the unsus
pecting, the original and genuine Wm. A. Batch
elor's Hair Dye is now put up with costly steel
plate engraving, and his signature thereon on
tour sides of the box, ana the address, 233
Broadway, New York.
f'For Siile in Millershnrgh. at
CASKEY'S oa the Corner.
Aug. 21, 185G.
The Great Russian Remedy.
EVERY mother should have a box in the
house, handy in case of accidents to the
children Raiding' Smsian Salve. It is a Bos
ton remedy of thirty years' standing and is re
commended by physicians. It is a sure and
speedy cure for bums, piles, biles, corns, felons,
chilblains and old sores of every kind; for fever
sores, ulcers, scald head, itch, nettle rash, bun
ions, sore nipples, (recommended by nurses)
whitlows, sties, festers, flea bites, spider stings
frozen limbs, salt rheum, scurvy, sore and crack
ed lips, sore nose, warts and flesh wounds, it is'
a most valuable remedy and cure, which can be
testified to by thousands who have used it ia
ihe city of Boston and vicinity for the last thir
ty years. In bo instance will this salve do
any injury or interfere with a physician's pre
scriptions. It is made from the purest materi
als, from a recepe brought from Russia of ar
ticles growing in that country aud the propri
etors have letters from all classes, clergymen,
physicians, sea captains, nurses and others who
na.'e used it themselves and recommended it to
others. Redding' Russia Salve is put np in
large tin boxes, s'ampca me cover wim a pic
ture of a horse and a disabled soldier, which
picture is also engraved oa the wrapper. Price
25 cents a box.
S-For sale at the Eooi Store, Millersburg.
Aug. 21, 1856.
"ITTHAT lady or gentleman would remain un
der the curse ofadiagreeable breath whea
by nsing the "Balm of a Thoiumtd Flomn" as
a denti trice woula not only renaer it sweet out
lenve the teeth white as abthftster! Many Tier
sons do not know their braath is bad. and the
subject is so delicate that their friends will nev
er mention it. Pour a single drop of the
"Balm on your toothbrush ana was tne tertn
night and looming. A fifty cent bottle will
last a year.
A beautiful complexion mar easily be ac-
ynirod by using the" Knltn of a ilmstmif flomrs.
I will remove Tan. Pimples and Freckles from
the skin, leaving it of a soft and roseat hue.
Wet a towel, pour on two three drops, and wash
the face night and morning.
Shaving Made Eaty. Wet yon shaving-brush
in either warm or cold water, pour on two or
three drops of "Balm of a TTmuamT J-lotrm."
rub the beard well aud it will make a beautiful
soft lather much facilitating the operation of
shaving. Price only fifty cents. Fedridge A
Co.. proprietors.-New York.
For sole at the Book Stork, Millersburg O.
Aug. 21. 1856.
Fine Cutlery.
TH E best lot of Fine Kni vrs and Scissors ever
before offered in Millersburg, just reeeived
at the Book and Variety Store. Also about
three hat's full of Portnionies, cheaper than
beef at a cent a pound, hoofs and horns throwa
in. Aug. 21, 1856.
The Burning Rays
OF a summer's sun may be kept off
rale with any of -the" delightful and cheap
Parasols to be found at
CASKEY'S. on the Corner.
Aug. 21. 1856. -
You can Always Find
VVERY uire and very cheap arrortmcnt of
lonir and short Mits at
Jong ana CASKEYUoB Corner.
Aug. 21. 1S56- , '
good article yon are- wire to gH. 'Ton T

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