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Holmes County Republican. [volume] (Millersburg, Holmes County, Ohio) 1856-1865, March 29, 1860, Image 2

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THURSDAY, :::g:MARCH gg;i8gq
'"The Iblloirine shows llie time of departures
sad sJTrvsh ob trie C. Z. k C. R. R. mt MiHero
fctarg BdrC8ewld '
"Rcjfxnta Noith. The AceommotlaUon leaves
lCllernburg at 1.33 P. M.,and arrives at Cleve
laaclat7.35, Tfc xtriuftrea MUlentborg at 6.45 A. Sr.,
asrraiT f irfnrtrnWKm lpayes l4eTe--l
laad at 3. A. in., ma imra as iummrai
U4Jr: M,!i Mt'J--vr ;',?
, Hrprmt tarees Cleveland at 8J5 P. M and
arrive a Millerdrarg at 12.45.
: ryTbe Bxprat traiu mooing Jfortlt con
BBctaatOrrriHe witi the Eaat sad Wast MM
aaraBa'PFt: v?.aadC. - r -!,
i. u- n Ft. W. Jk C. R. R. . ; 5.
, fMblnhi fabU fiee the tin af antral tad aV
Barter of trains ob tbe Pittsbeif, Ft. Wayne Chicago
BaUeea.aarrlDo;- ' i
! c: BlXO TUT.- ,
t.I. Mail ..... ?J2 A. B".
- fasti agar Train - ' UIhIIjUM.
t ci .:eiNa e AST. ,
.Xrpreea ... ... - .- wsr.K. .
V.k. Msit lsesenref - M.WA.M.
Republican Township Ticket.
believe it ia inteaded to pot ia Bomisa
tma KepobUeaa Township Ticket, far thia.
Hardy township, to be voted for at the coming
Spring Hettioa, the first Monday ia April.
fopeUieans of Hardy township will please
fetWaottee."'' ' - ,
t- i ii
r-Wt mi remiaded of aa error in Mr. Skde
XBm'lcomninniesiioB, published last week. It
ia there stated (hat the amount paid into his
haads as Kissioaarr money, was 50 each,
'when Itabeold read that that was the whole
atoftant paid by .tb four subscribers.
J aBn.tnre, The Ohio Legislatare adjourn
ed ob Monday last to meet again on the first
Xoaday ia. Jasnary, next. , ,
''HfKJoetn MaDowit, fermerfy Clerk of the
Crqrt of Common Pleas of this county, died a
itw days since at 'Wasbington city, where be
tas'been, employed for few years past, as a
Clerk in the Treasury Department.' .. '"'
6 Awrrt Victtm. A Hisa In man, of Seita
afe,R. I.) let a fluid lamp drop the other sight;
the flanwecMgntfcer dress, and she was a corpse
fn a few honrs afterwards." .
A ire at ftockford, Illinois, on the night of
the 16th instM destroyed Winnebago Hall and
several adjoining buildings. - Loss estimates at
t60,000-insured for $13,500.
ITarigalioB U open betweea Dunkirk and the
Western part of Lake Erie. Vessels are run
ailig aetwoea Dunkirk and Toledo. -.
' ' r ...
vA fiat eearred at St. Paul, Uin'neaota. on the
.16th tast; which, destroyed 34 buildings ob
askson aad Robert streets. The Joss is esti-
eaated at 100,000. j.-Jj v. . , . t,.;
k;-' --
f Oa Monday sight . last, the Steamer S. M.
Maaning, oa the Ochmnlgee river, Ga., exploded
er ouiiwr. j. x ivc " uua hu 6ibi ucgrucs fwi
lpOsd aad several others wounded. : . ,
Hjae.Baptists of Hamilton, Ohio dedicated a
sew .Charcl) on the 1st' inst., the erection of
which cost $12,000, It was all paid for, wirtr
exception of $1,000. . V. , .'
Vetoid. Governor Bte watt, of Missouri, bas
agna tetoed the Tree Kegro Bill, passed by
the Legtslature of that State! He' is plucky.
TkeXegislatnrv finled to psas it orer the veto
7 ' ,. . f -
r Hobbjbu. -.The dwelling of Humpbery
Owens, a Jew' miles north of Salcra. Ohio, w
destroyed by f re on the sight of the 13th insC,
aad fire of bis children perished ia the flames
-"" : -.' r.
Oa the 13th net., the steamer judge Porter,
aa its way front MoBtgomery Alabama, to .Kent
Ori aana. was bomad aa Lake Ponchartraia,'aad
tei of her passengers were drowned. '. "- '
( i -;..'. i t 4 ; : v .
Jlih qoartz diecoveries hare bees made ia
the Sou than pari of Oregon, causing intense'
excitement, 'One company had takes out $125,.
wo. - , , : ..,-:i
Show The Rochester Amriemtaj: "Last
evening, Thomday, 22d,) the snow at Syracuse
. WBBaleven'inches; at Lyons 'eight inches, and
the train was delayed a good deal." '" , ',' ' 1 . .
' Xaar hp Order. The salt Lake Valley To
Bays that out of over two hundred aurrdera
eoamitted is that territory within the past three
years, sat a single offender has been coBvicted
or punished, t" ' ' " r. '-i;
. "i ' 1 r a ' ;
j lKntts JliSSAcaE-oroe 2tX) Indians, men,
- women and children, have bees massacred in
Southern Oregon, by the fermers in Eel River
eounly, who. have suffered from Indian depre
datiess-dariBg the past years. -
"TntST at" Dobxixlsville. Oa Wednesday
Bight of last week, the shoe-shops of Mr. Brown
Bad 'Mr.; Trorobo, and Dr.' Baker's office were
destroyed by fire at Donaellsyille, Clarke eouni
ty ' The .fire originated ' from an ash parrel ia
Mr, Brown's shop. ' The loss is estimated ai
e-EiuVT.the Editor of the Ashland Cms,
UueaUns to leave the party ia the event af
Docoxas' ainrnsation. Tut, tut.' man. where
wsuld you be goiagt The Rcpablioaaa don't
Waat y ou, for they hare enough of your kind
alseady, rasn who, ualaes their BvroritisBeai
iaated, are aeady to leave the party. - i;--. J
,eirti am ii i i la.w au' . i v : i.'w
I. PrrwaCBOB Bpwi8a AtUention is directed
tothe Arertiaemeatof Jame Takses, sq..,
FJaUbarghjisaaathaT'calnma.J la tie qoaati
ty, ajnality-aad rariety of goods kopt, .BOfltW
heaaa Seat or West probably excefetbat of Mri
T'WOiTeita.tnaL : io! ,;-;.V: l.-.Z Uh 111
Haw Fasc All the Railroads leading ' to
Chi oago, have agreed to earry passengers to and
finm thai city, on the oecasinn of the 2tTationai
JWb.lian, CoBvestioB, on the 16th of Mar,
fotoae up the round trip. . This redaction of
fare will doubtless iadace a large crowd to via.
St Chiaagooa the oocaaioa of the Canveatio,:i,
It ia said that the prospects for the admission
of Kansas into the Vsipn, under the Wyandotte
Constitution, at the present session of Congress,
are brightening. .The Administration probably
fcara to take the responsibility tif keeping ler
fnif WHu uus wieviewoi weakening toe Keptro-
Ucaa strength at the Presidential election.
" On the' 17th inst, s treat eaeouater took
pVaca at JeffersoB- City, Missouri, beweea
Jaiam Haghea, Depaty Warden of the Peniteat.
wry, aaa Mr. Bumtu farranriy award in the
fdaOB which raaulted is the almosUmmediate
sleath efoth. ,. Aa eld grudge, aggravated by
eeaj paiiUcai ditfaremees, was tbe oaus. Both
jearsiamUies. : c . ." ; -, : . . 1 ...
.'TSfrnf member of Congress who voted against
'the Homestead bin represents a slaveholder
1T 1. .1. ',1. 1- . .
coHaiAiuvuvjr, wwje i&ui udj oouuerner wuo
- Voted tat it 'was Mr. Craig of Missouri.
The rota was 114 to 66. ' Only two Buchanan
itee were on the affirmative side. . x' "
r- . .wat Tim-CarmcBB. jn succeed.
-laa Salnsdsywae tte dT'dsf J
soldi qfrl the Demoomtie Primary uecupaa i
thia Im, (o o4ect eiadidafce taks aopportHI
br that party tor the aererairtowadrtp alswsa to
be filled thia" Spring It was disMjered rljr:
is the boramg of ftat ear. iiaar s temtam
bad BBtlertakea the nnutagemeat af the whole
thing, aad that whatever adriee or eQggestieaa
-taBST. aataide":af-'taie- CssCbb attaVBsassjssaBsBe.
not heeded,. UwB also ebaared that the
dnakers were aa aaad earlier taaa a anal.
aad ieWrer ferae tfcaa ateaaanaoaattavaahn
PrimarT MeeUaga. Ther seemed tomdnataad
exactly what they earoe for. showing puialyt
0mrthtrt3ltn mm m lalltwj m u aha
subje befota fla Liquor-was powred
aa44faai.;Byl;iCertaB SMs aat sw
aaij' U Ifakjas eat for offer, toot theirjilasa
at the bare of fbeaa eViaAiac ,establiahaisnni
aariy, and. atopd at their jpoat ftraoghoui the
whole day. dealiag out rat-gut. whiaky bser,
Ac .a all arse wasted taWbiak, nritbaat money
aad aritbovtpraaxn'n iiJ 3:f r-J ia sr.::;
Before aoaa fc-was -pubfidy aoalaaaed and
rivea eat, that that day 'selection.
0 mfeenm end flU JfeOodut kana
There were on. she TicioU as pnated and eur
cnlated, trie sum of mrre ar iour mno
mat Chtmh, and aeady as many ajere ef each as
were supporters ofit.orin other warda,ira wbe
leaned &at way is their preferences' amongst
the Churches of this tows. JSffiy milf holk
dattd, wuwibtn nd''tpfet 'tri' fcsw
Showing rtcarTy thai it' was 'premeditated and;
understood beforehand Who were' td be chosen'
The successful candidates all received about
the same number "of votes, the" tickets having
been prepared by a few of the initiated before
they were "distributed, and the whJe; planIts
progress and. in- its results, shows .it to have
been well prepared as it 'was well executed.; '
. We do not knew , that any. of, the . success
ful candidates were conversant with the pro
gramme for that day or not, some of them, we.
are certain; did not understand it or they would
have labored to defeat it Such men as Hksbos,
Juenoa or Oaa, would not be found linked with,
any assneialaotr. whose abject was the breaking
down 4 a retractable) religious deaommatioa.
or the fostering and aBcausaf eweat of dniakra
aeassad amorsliry iawnr ssidat. t-h , -f'r
Welewvetbiaaurrieet witaent farthareomment
titan to say thai i exhibits a rery . lanentable
at ate of thrags ia! MiUersburg. when m pant of
9 eitiaeiis bsnd - together - for the purpose
of : fcieakiug ' down', paliHeanyl their - aeigh
bors and friend, for no cer'trrrse fn (be fctt-
ler', than hal fliey "befcmg3 to.'-or are the well
wishers of a large and respectable religions so
ciety locate! In bur roidst. ( And the strangest
and roobt to be regretted fratufB1 of the Whole
affair, is, thai these men could find enongh oth
ers to co-operate wtt n them', to give success to
their plans. ' '"','."
The Divinations in Mexico.
" The reeent ifiteHigeaas freni Mexico indicates
that affairs are rapidly approaching a crisis ia
that errantry, "which may lead to the most im
portant remilts, and perhaps precipitate upon us
another great war with the distracted antion up
on OUT swrrthwesTrv border.; In the for strug
gle that has been 'Aepf irp by (he rival parties,
headed Tespecrrvely byrJuarei and "Mhramonj
there is little doult thaf the mner4apni8e8a
ed the best' constitutional Wight; to' govern the
eeunlry.and that a large majority of the people
of Mexico have been disposed to respect his Gov.
eminent; but the uilitary power and skill pos
sesseU. by Mirarpon and bis adliercsts, aided by
the money furnished by. the grc.it church inter
ests they support, have enabled them to main
tain uninterrupted possessiB , of the, country.
audio, capture . nearly erery otTr important
town except perhaps, s few oi the seaports, . The
stronghold of Juarex has always been Vera
Crux, and if the recent attack upon it made by
Miramoa had been suacesstoLTthe Oonstitation-
al -Gevernraent woul.d .have been, for the time
binly:drttroyed. .8, j.
i Tb iffiqultiia obsj .haliao .of; the Rie
Gxaade, united ,wi)h reuV occurrences at
Ker f4aa ayhescsoraalcad ewsats of
stortliagfarreBt,lficulV'y , "respj.
lectad tfrnt a atraasorgaBiaatioSfia ah-eatly said
toesist im ouviaanstr aaxieas to. fas. f the aa
sistaace 'M'9uaKsv oad.- UaiHha exana are
butuiag with) snapstarBce'ttt eevrage the aggres-
sioasvpon theis harder.! .,.:v! j! fi
-t There is Co doubt that the Federal Adminis
tration and the lender of the Democratic party
aesira to este 'upon a war with Mexico, ia the
hopef thereby saving Themselves from defeat in
she approachiAg election1 at home; and of re
faniag power, Whifch the people of thia country
are resolv ed 'shall bo-longer remain- in their
hands:' Tb'fhis- end TBr.1 Buchara last year
begged forTDDMons of donars.'and unrestricted
control of the army and navy. n To this en, the
fcroocs pToposirfon of establishing a protecto
rate, wbich Mexico ncoeraBed for, was devised.
With the samelmqwscV Mr. McClanes treaty
was negotiated withSenor Juarex. iu order that
under it, we might have s pretext for invading
and occupying that eounlrj-. ' The same ibtrn
tlon ia risible in the orders lately issued to di-
regar4 tire blockade of Vera Cruz'abeut . to ,be
established ty Mmon.asa rjart of bis attempt
to take tpsV townjrom. the Constitutional party,
ad tjiuabang the Jong-standing civil war to a
period.. .It is avxdent aaall hands that, if s sw
ficieatly plauaibla, pretext fan be found, pie
President and his adviser are resolved to. make
war upom JtesicQk as swans ofjafluencing the
ending rfeetiaBa brrac UZv.si oa ':
Nebraska Goes Republican.
of niembers f.jha ..Cosrentipn ,to frame a
C&Hf rtntoa for Ksbisaka, . The Popular Sorerr
InerrlnIered,. with Pip-Slavery
Ijfeeatwe; reto.'ls evidestjlyietaBg U rery bad
edrjji'H tbe Territories, Governors Black sad
Medary.havegiiiea, suel practical illustrations
of the pet doctrine of Douglas as to teavt )
aorn'iar Mistake about its teal character. The
eiestioii' of delegates to a Canatitutisaal Con
veotion.'Tndf r1 a-legklative act approved by
the Governor, took "placa as Xbn 5th inst The
Hrtuvnk ' rndioata that tb territory baa gone
Republican by about 1 J00 majority.
aiaBiiai.l '. no , .
Tha iCiaoinssU Gaxettt eontaisea the letter of
Hon, Jfdwjfrd. .Bates, of Misaourt in reply to
questions propounded to hiut by tho delegates
of that State to the Chicago Convention. The
lettcT js eaadid.and to the point, and appears to
havp been weir received.; , It wilj doubtless iar
crcsse'Mr Bates prospect for nomisatioB at the
7 . i r " "? r. -'. ;
u FoaTrsf TiyoaKD. Oae of the oil wells in
Pennsyfvanik Is Towncd" byrvaBs,yjtlack
smith, an a fiSatf maff."'Hs"'Tir6sceutedXl:tho
work of Wkgllmse!lf) I aa'd struck' s Tcis of
oil at a "distance of.seveBty eet.c' He has beeki
offered; it is 'said, 'S0fi0fftd bis weH,'but bas:
declined selling on these terms. i'1''' 1" ';r. "
. " '
1 "Ioboaa" ia (he loteat aanso propoeed for the
Pike's Peak Territory. The wevdisaais to be
of Indiaa origin, and to' mean -dwellers on the
mountain peaks.". Perhaps it does. But do
the people af that tar-ofT country really ' pro
pose to "dwell" in the places afore aid? ' ' "
Adjacent Count Notes.
Maastkys.- W
Oaahuilrediidav-hei !e tesmawere ia
the eberbi Hftia a oae Saturday:
boais as at rjrsouaiaj.'and a rw detail houses
iaUi ? BNastrrnck Wb M the two
narmaaaa.. aliUilismrftU i Hrrij.''
PoRael Cocrrr. Frura the Rarcnna Demo-
eref we leani as follows:
ter of Mr. Ebeneacr Olmstead 6;)J ,fm -iht
stage and was a. kadly iajtrred fkaTfor
her life was despejped oC - - t-.-t-tt j -m -pkaskeeB
Uacovfwd ia Fsedericksbvrgk
ahUt foirlesWfcrPaimyra.1 3
A yuursayaBaaaaaweamker hBayhiinaiilf,
AlUance, a few days since; he hung himself ea
a small sized tree, which stowl at an angle of for.
f5ye.3rfreesihe evidently laid himself oa the
tree, Jala. weight bringing t rAeariy horimntal,
tjiea Readjusted a hukerchicf to his neck.thea
toaamsU limb,' and then lolled aff his 4t
nearly touching the groaad. . He was a drink
ing dba, and melaacholy. j Hif mother lues is
Coiumbiaaa county. .i.ii":7
.aaamed $ritl on stole a horse of Mr.
Erwinv of, RaadolphboA the- day after was
eougbt is "JSdiaJurghndj thea oojoouitcd to
Miss. Lewia af Shalersville, while wader the
iaflBiBiee ai ehlaraaurm, had twenty teeth ex
tracted, aad the end of one of her great toes,
arith all its sail removed. r. cinsiio r-. -
'Lasccst Aonrnoxs to ths Chcbchks. Our
' z 'v
Ohio, Indiana." Illinois, Missouri aad Western
exchanges generally, give accounts of extensive
revivals and accessions to the 'churches in their
localities." 'The work has been especially man
ifest ia the Methodist denomination," and the
Chicago Christian" jldrorwie estimatos tha there
have beea at least 10,000 person admitted into
the churches in the West since January 1st. '
. Mfst o to CHASkcsro. The JL, Y Journal
of Crnngrct a a Denaocratic organ, and it pre-
BoaBora 4ke raroor that the Dessosraxie lis
tioaal Convention woaid probably be changed
to some other locality than Charleston, as aim
ply ridioalaraa . Th place was fixed by vote of
the Cincinnati Convention, v The Committee
was empowered to fix Ike time, but was entraa
tnl with no-authority wbatevev sa to' the place
for holding the Convention. The Journal siys
it is autooruced to state that this is the view ta
kes of (he subject by (he Chairman offhc Com
mittee, nd that no thonght n or has been en
tertained of making a change. '-
BcHoov.Nortcsj A ttention u directed to. the
Advertisement in another column, for the ?Mil
lersburg Academy."", .' We hope it may receive
sock' patronage' as to warrant the ' gentlemen
setting out -in the enterprise, in keeping it up
from year to year increasing its .usefulness to
thia. locality, and its margin oi profits to those,
having' it in charge ,T 'l:,,--.-'o
Mr. Rosursox is a memlwr of the Junior Class
in Keayoa College, and Mr. MccnKHES is a
graduate of the .same institution, and also of
Uuian College, J?ew fork, and during the past
winter has: been Principal of Millwood Acade
my, Caos County. Both are experieaced teach
era, and we hope ell our citizens friendly to the
saecess of' the School, will make an effort with
their friends and acquaintances in the country
fohwretbem send in their children. - ! !!.. I
- -t f.a v
,'Wuix.Si:riTiAGE.-We notice that a strong
effort is .making before the New York Legishv.
tta extend 'suffrage to woman. The Com
ottee haying the. petitions on that; subject in
charge, invited Mrs. Elisabeth Cady Stanton
daughter of the late Judge? Cady-to'.'addreas
thenu The Senate: Chamber; was crowded,
ladies eoropesing a very large part of the audi-e
caee. t-.r;.; ' --. ..-j r1 ft r- -Ai .a L.t ,
A mn has passed the Pennsylvania Senate
which provides that in all actions for the sale of
spirituous, vinous or malt Gquors,orany admix
tures, thereof, t shall be competent for the de
fcndanf in . every suck case tp prove thBt .such
liquors or admixtures thereof were, irppurej vi
tiated prad ulteratedj shall amouuf tea good and
legal defonce to the whole of the plaintiff's den
mand. ' " ' ' .. .
Wile too TW 'CHABLisresl The Charleston
?fdoci riof bare a'Very high opinion of the
character of its foltew' dernocrats1 in the Iforth
ern States. '. It . says ' of those attending the
Charleston "Convention that kniajority will be
"of sack a character, nno! manner" that; 'if they
were to come here individually,' again and again,
ft would' never be thought; by a respectable man
of bar city, to admit anybf them within his
doorsJ V Really this i complimentary to the
Northern democracy. .Tertker 6a ia the same
article, the Kent speakSj.of those who will, at
tend theCoBventioa a;"ouUiders,." classify-;
ing diem as "ilackgnarda, affice-seekew, pick
pokcets and rowdies generally." ' '
'!! .! m" . . i! -''J
t TbQ speech of .the;Han,1Tnoua Corwij de
livered in the House .on the 23d and 24th of Jan.
last, has at length beea published. It covets
an aims of 52 colums in, ike Globe,. It is said
tobecne of lh most remarkable productions of
bis life, and that Ike'' Bepuhlicao - members of.
Cengraai have ordered aa editioa of fire million
of eo'piM for distribatioa.V We shall publish a
few cxtraels from ft next week. : .. 'w : '
"'Ait Executive' Veto of the Hotnestend Bill, is
aiready foreshadowed "tkrotlgk the" Presidents
official organ;' ia tke event that . it passes the
Senate..' The leaders of that party ' have al-
ieady laid down the doctrine) that a negro has
no rights that a white man is bound to respect
and by their perei.itent opposition to the "Home
stead Bill" they' demonstrate to the Vortd, that
apoor white roan lias no rights which it is their
duty or intention to respect, 'j,"'. ."
. ' - f " ' j' ' ii T,',iil.-'r"lj.l
' w ,V .1 b.'.i V"!' r.i ! 'r
havft received the, first, number of this new and
beaqtifully illustrated cditjoa of the Bible, th
publicatipa of which has just been commenced
as JXit Xsrkt Jby Mr. Jokn CasscU, of London, ;
who hao-acquired a wide fame ; as the publisher
of baauUdgefoT.Uifi .niUotL,ju.lBgznX,, The '
number before us contains the first eighteen
chapters of the Book of Guneaia, with 32 beau -tif
ul and large eats-aUustraUng as many differ- j
est scriptural "suhjactsa .Tw nnrnkcrs wiU be
issued moBAly. iiBtirflis wkole is finished, at
Ike remarkably low price of 15 ecBis persium-
ber: It is no donbt the cheapest illustrated Bi
ble in the world, and k well wortk the atten.
tiarj of those woo desire to secure such s work. '
Of tk woA Ae 3TeW York Chriaian Advocate
ayUWK,, e.-.i:!- P:. J. ..,'
xCSasseR, ther fsraoos London publisher, is now
id tkisilyrDokingrmngeqiBtforaB Amer
ican publication of his illustrated editioa of the
Bible. , This is an extraordinary work, ' Its U-.
lustntfions are all original," and by good artists,
onca-as ,GlUCabaseoBii Harmond,. Dure,
Haardi fttcv-, TJwy .sr aagraved by; Linton,
Williams, PetpsoB, Peancmaker, Sergeant, etc.
Nearly every page 'is illustrated;" Dome of the
pictures representing: incidents of the (extsbut
Bsost af fcaem vreseatiag' real foots ia topogra
phy, archeology, etc. A commentary alsaaa
capipanjes the text, designed to be exempt from
sectarian objections. Jt will be issued in firty
eight nuTokin, quarto, at fifteen eeata eaabv ;
Address, Cassbu, Peters 4k GalfSiw, 37 Park
Row, Weir Tork. ' 1 '""' ' -' ' 7';
Facts and Figures.
airme'fenia..-IS- 'VOOwiOOa
tka aareral
It professes to poBlish ti for Ue brwfi of
tke UbarlesfOB vonreniinw. i '
am vwl
-' vkl li-S.
DemTbUl T
Vote. Vote.
New York 35 253,000 553,000
Petnisy tvnnir. 27 31,004? ldw
..23 , 47I.Q00 , 355,000
13- -. 118,000,- 234000
M assacbusetts
13rrr0.00ttA 167,00a
.121 A,W)fJJl44.tOa
CleTeJand,P ZWrr publishes
126.000 252.000
fi.Wo-iB '- -nO --64.0001 106.000
i 4
North Carolina. oo.uuu
Missouri-.l-'-l' S 48,000
1 113,000
6 47,000
Maine :Lt..? 8':3 ,000
Mary land T-'-lX 9ryT8,m 87,000
Sottth" CBroTiBS-, 8 80JD00' S0,000
New--Jersj:t?Ty r5,0d0 'ff105,000
Mississinpr..-i:''7-' 34,000'- iSfiOO
Michigan T.Z . , 6 -X 86,000 121,000
CbnnectieuT:!ti S.OfJO
LonUiaBS?- .lV tl.OOff'
WistoBsin j?. ?S'J 5 -HJO.OOflr
NeHsmjbrr? S- 85,0005
Vermont .Jl2V.r 5 s '14,000'
lowr--irl.e--vz 53,000
California ::! . 1-4 f 93,TjO(T
u 43,000
J 71,000
- 51,000
Texas, i
Rbode Island.
18,000" 39,000
- l.OOO-35 33,000
' J 18,000 ,A 82,000
'1 11,000 r' 23,000
Oregan.;.::.i '3 f ",.6,000!i 11,000
-1 t-i;
,00O 1,000
i--pTolar:f..f303: 2,096,000 4,126,000
' It suWivljes vote as follows
Democratic rote of the "North East."
including all the Free-States east of '.
the Ohio rireT.'..i :..:'...... 1. ..J.'.7ffi,000
North-west Democratic vote .701,000
South Democratic vote .. 649.000
. It rather Lints ibao asserts opposition to
"rnatiy leauuig . Democratic papers lit the
South, and many Southern .Senators and
Representatives n Congress' i bo claim
the right lo 'construct tie' pszty plaJiorm
and nominate the party's Presidential can
didate, i It sees clearly, .bowerer,.wbat tho
Republicans bare aH along asserted, that
the Uemocracy of Uie Jsorth bare pros
trated their-'once' towering: majorities and
perilled their jrerr existence as a party in
"fiVutwrftba battles of the South," and
that the Democracy of the South "by their
peculiar political news oi tketr own pecu
liar' irjstuutiootv rjertinaciously adhered to
in Congress, in ConveotioDa, ereryvhere;
ever making them uppermost in all assem
blages of the Democracy, and the test of
political orthodoxy Jn all places and st all
times, have erery otlies question; beyond
the pale of pablic xoosideration - or party
dlSCUSSlOO. a, L':ta .x ?: ,: ; ;
-.-Tb South, through the Democratic or
jramzntion, has ruled the country for coun
try for years, and we are. not' astonislied
that the Democracy of the North-West is
becoming restive under (he. vassalage im
posed upon ' them. . . Tho Plain -..Dealer
says;:.. V v. . -p I
t.-'" With .50,000 less . Democratic voters
than we of the West, and 43,000 less
than one-third of the Union, th South aj
a section asks us to "adopt without ques
tion' or dispute, the. platform it snail pre
sent," (see Richmond .f RWMryCbarleston
Mercury, News, and others) and to s'ne
cuiub without compfaint to any candidate
it - may- propose. ! -Has ' the .Republican
principle-, that majorities must rule"
for which our forefathers fought, got to
be reversed now,' ia order to 'accommo
date the South I ! But let us see : what
claims in a geographical point of view this
section has to the Presidency. j FolIowinof
the sama division of the Union, the bistor-i
icai facts are theses ..Reducing lot Conve
nience the time' of .Presidential .service to
months it stands tuns':: - v
The Sooth hare had the Presidency 577 months
Ttte .North-east ; i r i " ;! .t.woi !.svr
The North-West, .. f ,., .. 1 -&,
- 'And this one month of Presidential ser
vice was by an Opnoeitiod .President. , . So
it seems a section oi the Unios, numbering
less than one third of the Democratic vo
ters, has monopolized the Presidency over
three-fifths of tho time, while the Demo
cracy of. th ;Nor,th-west, with now more
Democtalic voters (.ban JU the Slave States,
have bad so. Pbesidkst ai iifi Breth:
rani fhesa tilings ought pot so to be. These,
gross inequalities cannot , any... .long exist
without tnnkiog just and universal com-,
plaints.-! sThe census now about ;to; be ta
ken will show that, the..'4 JNortkWest" is
uGreatr.-Bot of ly id extent and weakh, but
will out. number : anyj other section pf the
Unionto population. !; ,c,:;, xi-.
Connecticut and Rhode Island.
-( The State election in iConnacticut takes
ther place on Monday, April. 2d,;, and the
Rhode Island election April 4th, , In both
Stales the contests are very animated In
Rhode Island the Democrat.' have formed
a sort of coalition with the Americans, and
hope to win by it. The-r. Republicans are
active, and determiped to .keep Little Rho-
dy' all right ! i -u V
The Democrats are making tremendous
efforts , . to recover,, C0nnectiout. .Caleb
Cusbing, Mayor Wood Jrf . :Newiryork, and
ether' prominent stumpers of -the party are
working night and day .Ih. Republicans
are '.'Wide-Awakes," andbusy as bees.
ioni fuorwui) PjvStaatont.of Kansas,
Senator. 7W ilson Truman .. Smith, ; and
host of local speakers are everywhere talk
ing to thw bigs meetings-1 iofe4he, people.-rr
Corwin is a great tard wilJt.tha. Connecticut
beys, and be cracks W 8nckey..whip after
Gushing and Wood right meriilesBly. .--..It
is stated that, the' RepuWieau- State
Committee bar completed.J.heir canvas of
the State, aad figure up 1200. majoriiy for
their ticket and thkt thV.J)eraoc ratio figur?
ing falls: short of an election,-t-Zacfer. -
-i:ifc4n ij ' ai t . . 1
'J 111 nam- of thrTicn and beauti
ful Bridgeport, Ct widow who married the
aegro-F rancis, is Mtsp Catharius Beatb.--
Her lirstbuadand was- av: respectable mer
chant of that city : When her black hus
band cam- to Ketaeat at HaKford, . for ier,
sbe said she would stick lb' him through
thick aid thin.57 fhsl n y.l rfnar
We uaderstano that jKround. has bees par
chased wjthin tke corpoxja JimiU of Millers
bnrjr, on which it is proposed, to erect- brew
ery. fiomof,pu.r.siteM talk of prereatiig in
some way, orri sereanl ways, J( one will not
bring it about,) the building up in snr midst
of wliai ii.ay rftnaitkirJhB be s groat "Biiiftnnve "
r Fe,sortaiBly hs; grnggeries aad intsiaperance
anojigtt airearjy. ,,our taws, audMghtjp be
rT Titk tolarating-wkisky paBufaotory,
in it, without adding any thiag else to our bur
den u that line. To nut upa beer manufactory
here also, would be a little more thaa we should
bo asked to bear silently.- - -
From the Cleveland Herald.
Practice Against Theory.
s?i?aaTIM s .i
tmr nanrli hin-' of tiaPlalm Dealer has
lwodrtoOraykr4-ori'.- them is a
iWn"tira-oilier Wt The "Deacon"
attended a meeting of the sympathizers
with the Harper s rerry victims, down
, efh-oBerTjsyss-s reporter I
for lln-Plain-Dealer. Knowing the Dea
con's weakness was to make himself agree-
able to to the company he was iu, an Asbe-j
labutaSrw of liibertv, "--t ,U repealed
SUCKtingsxie, Tan vjrjty wnnpiwi.
Redpaui, Jonn Urown, Jr., uwen crown,
and UODDOC loe jenerson iXbo re
ports the speech of lhe "Deacon. Editor
of the Democratic Fugilive Ijtwj' pred
Scottpaper, as follows': ' . ' " ,: ";
He f the "Deacon"! could not believe, al
ter the courtesy ha had root m Jefferson,
that this ludience had called Dim out tor
the putjKwe of hissing nim down.? '(Cries
or No! No! Po 6nfec.) ff thef. could
tee ha heart they would know that he was
not so far" in feeling from any of itiem, as
theymight think.' He had' noihing to?
object to in lhe remarks of John Brown,
or in the? quaint, odd speech of Owen, and
although he did : not endorse' the t)osition
. 3 . .... ,,- ,t
of Mr. Kedpatn, ne naa no quarrel wita
him." He would not make a speech, but
asked lo be let oflfby telling a story: They
mifbl know that there were two fcrrays
J..W." Gray of tho Plain Dealer, Mi him
self, or Deacon Gray, as people called him.
(Laughter.) 'He (the speaker) was once a
Deacon of the Presbyterian Church at
Pittsburg. One day he saw a negro limp
ing along, and a white man following with
a drawn revolver in his hand. ' Now, said
the speaker, -mind you, Tm not talking of
theories but practice. ' (Laughter.) Ibis
negro - was a - fugitive, and had once
before escaped into Pennsylvania, but was
followed, shot down and taken back.- - This
was the second time he had been captured.
"- These two men black and white were
crossing a covered bridse - at " the end - of
which was the Presbyterian Church. ' As
the negro was somewhat ahead," he (the
Deacon managed ' to push him into the
Church door, at which lhe Sexton happen
ed to be standing. They then locked the
door and -ran the negro' np- the steeple;
and there thev" looked down" upon the
slaveholder, who was passing about in all
directions, in trying to find where "the ne
gro had gone to.1 " -" ' .'''':
The Sentinel says three cheers were giv
en for Gray's Democratic practice. -'
"'.The speech was wonderfully well re
ceive. " The Deacon s humorous style of
telling the story and his1 cool confession of
practical liypocricy were inimitable in tneir
way. ' : '- -"' '
'- John Brown, Jr., rose and asked Mr.
Gray if Tie would be willing to answer a
Question t ; '.- ' .i-.- i
1, The whole audience became still and the
Deacon rose with a rather uneasy and de
cidedly serious face, and said certainly
' 'John Brown, Jr., "Well sir, let me nsk
you if you. did not feel nearer Heaven
when you were np in that steeple with the
negro, tuna while standing on the Utncin
nati platform !" ' .
; The- Deacon dropped as if he had been
shot through the hearty and the-: whole an
dience rose and cheered. sr.
War with Mexico.
- Our venerable President seems ambitious
of originating a war witn Mexico, in imita
tion of Mr. Polk.- News from New Orleans
states the arrival of the Mexican war steam
ers Miramon and Marq'uez, as prizes of the
Gulf- Squadron,': -It' will be. reccolected
that these vessels recently left Hnvana for
Mexico to Aid the cause' of the church par
ty aqd it was reported that they were fit
ted !onl"by Santa "Anna for' that - purpose.
Certain it is however, that ; these vessels
and the American Gulf Squadron' - had a
battle off, Anton Lizardu, and, that they
both; were captured. ..; Great , excitement
existed at Vera Cauz in Consequence of
the conduct of the American Commander
IB this affair, and the Irencli and. bpanish
residents were particularly indignant., , The
Exequalor. of the American Consul: at
Vera Cruz had been revoked, but no reason
is assigned.
' ' Will Mr.' Buchanan imitatVIr.!Polk
in another particular, and send in a Mess
age that "war exists by. the act of Mexico!
State Journal.
Virginia Taxation.
The hew law to impose a tax of one per
cent.' upon the sales of merchants is raising
quite a breeze at Kichmond. lhe Balti
more American says that in the matter' of
sugar," molasses and rum, ' the '. Southorn
States would ' be ' discriminated " against,
whilst the same articles from the West In
dies would be exempt from the tax.",' J'
'.The Richmond Whia says: '; ; ' Vs y,l
s" "It. will be observed thai this tax? is5 Jrri-
posed not upon the profits,' hut '.upon" the
actual sales, whether there "be liny returns
of Drofits or "not. .Thus," a merchant in Tir-
ginia, who sells, in" the course of lae year,
ten thousand dollars worln of gooJs, nas
to Pav one hundred dollars lax,' whether
his profits be large or 'small, or nothing
And the man' who sells a hundred ' thou
sand dollars' worth has to pay a tax'of one
thousand dollars, and so on. ' Under, the
provisions of the "bill, there is one large im
porting firm in Richmond 'who will have
10 pay a tax of over ten thousand dollars."
ri The Virginians wilr discover ere long, if
they have not already done so, that playing
soldier over John Brown was an expensive
6neration.!f .-":: A i-.-'4J i -:--!
Virginia Taxation. Return of one the Berean Exiles
to Kentucky.
-, J. G. Hanson, one of the party expelled
from .Berea, Madison - county, Kentucky,
about two moDtos since, has relumed luitn
er, and, under date of March 13v writes to
the Ceutreville (Ind) Republican ,' an ac
count of his reception. Qn Saturday, March
3, he arrived in Berea, and en Monday, the
5lh, County Court day, was warned on by
the following Saturday Tor abide the conse
quences. - When her received this notice bo
was preparing to resume work .bis saw
mill, n Not succeeding in diposiog of it, be
remained until Friday, when ;he. bad", bis
trienda farewell and started ostensibly- for
Cincinnati but, took up .his .abode. wiiJ. a
irienu in toe mountains ot itockcastl coun
ty, whence b Addressed aa appeal againtt
the persecution tc which he( was subjected.
On Saturday a mob of about forty persons
armed ! with -guns, . assembled at Bereaj
where they made furious speeches, but com
milted -no. act. 0 violence, . Oa Sunday
Mr. Hanson attended Sunday school in
Berea, and preacbedjtwioi in the churcli.
He is. still in that place, and ahinks that a
reaction has taken place in public sentiment,
s be has not as yet been disturbed. Cw.
Gasn 24. ; ;.',
A Scared Southerner.
The House was in an excited state to
day ovtJ&, report in The &oStvf violent
Iantruare fesexyestorday by Kenben Dava
of Mississippi tewards Mri fan Wyck 4f
str ' , rt-J 1 : i -I i" 1.
jMewlor. vyoiBiBMan!iy ww aemDers
weresBware ofthocBarac"tet of the language
till the iepsle was published & &u. TLt.
Davis uneasily marched about the Hall all
the time tho House was in session 16-day,
carrvinaua cane.AnticipalionoCfiirlher
dilnculty was entertained od" Dotn siaes,
but the subject was allowed to pass in ai-
ence... . . . -- -..
MrTVkn WycV.SIr, indulged
no unkind remark to wound-the feejings of
any man, but lhe charge must be met, and
history j vindicated,., let .the .consequences
fall where and as they rnay.'. ;,0Be. gentle
man spoke ot Alassnchuselt burning witcnes
in tho ancient times. . Does, he- aotlnow
that yeur own people burn slaves at .the
slake, and it seems to waken no horror - is
your mindsV j. U ,'wc-" ijT.'T I
Mr.: Bavis .:of. Miss. (interruptiDg)-T-I
pronounce ' the gentlemen a , liar aud. 'a
scoundrel., -1 proBOunco tne gentleman a
assertion false. -. ... . ',. . " '", ' '
Mr. .Van Wyck My time is short, and
I hope tot to be interrupted. '. '.
, .jir. uavis ot miss. tou nave 00 rigai
to utter such foul and false slanders. .. . ','
Mr. Gartrell I rise to a point of order.
It is thal.no member upon this floor has a
right to libel the people of any section of
this country, and then, deny . to the. rep
resentives of that people the right , to re.
piy 1 pronounce me, assert ion ,maa uy
the gentlemen false and unfounded. , ,
, (Cries of a"Order7, on . the Republican
ide.) 1 a ....... ,t
.Mr. Van Wyck I have heard such words
before, and I am not to. be disturpetl nor
interfered with by any ' blustering of that
sort. - I am not here to libel any part .of
.U.' VT " ' ' '" '
Mr. Davis - (MissA Will' you go out
side lha District of Columbia and test the
question of personal courago with any
Southern man? . ... '
m Mr. Van. Wyck I travel anywhere,
and wilbout fear of any one. For lhe first
eight weeks of this session you stood upon
this floor, continually libeling the North
and the people oflhe Free States) charging
them witb'treason and ail manner of crimes;
and now you are thrown into a great rage
when I tel you a few facts.
Mr. Davis of Miss. Mr. , Chairman
i The Chair The gentlemen from New
York cannot ba interrupted except by a
point of order, and tho Chair appeals to
gentlemen of the Committee not to violate
the rules of. the House. The Chair trusts
they will not do so.O '. - I
. Mr.' Davis of Miss. I. shall; observe
them, Sir, if others' do not ; but I certainly
will not permit Southern people - to be
slandered. 1 1 !.- ' ' : i
Mr. Van Wyck If gentlemen are 'so
sensitive in regard to their own feelings,
I ask them to be as sensitive as to the feel
ings of others; if they were, we would not
not have had such wholesale denunciations
of lhe people of the ! North as-we had
during the first eight weeks of this session.
Relations with Spain and
"The prisoners; captured in tho ..Mexican
steamers by Commander Turner have. ar
rived at New Orleans in the- U.- S. ship
Preble, and if -pirates as is claimed; . in jus
tification of their capture, tbey shouldj be
punished as such. : That they will.be, is
scarcely, .pretended.. They will probably
bo liberated by the President, who, if call
ed upon by Congress, it is slated wilL in
form tbat body that - Lhe seizure has no
connexion whatever with tlie present imbro
glio in Mexico. ,.. ; -... '
It is further slated from Washington
that the Govern ment'is determined to de
mand of Spain whether the . captured ves
sels were filled out at Havana, with I the
cognizance of the Spanish officials, for .the
purpose of, interfering with our commerce..
Some pretext for the seizure of Cuba and
war with Spain has been sought by the
Administration, and unless Spain disavows
the, fitting out . of tlie Mexican . steamers,
lhe suspension ;of our neutrality laws, so
far as Spain is concerned, is, threatened. .
"One 6f tbe organs of the President in
Washington call on tbe Administration
to avenge the insult of allowing Miramon's
fleet to be fitted out at Havana, by seizing
on' the Mora. The Baltimore Patriot, in
sists tbat the plan is already matured to
seize upon Cuba by force, and predicts that
unless the President i restrained .by Con
press, Cuba will be in . possession of the
United Slates, and. war will be raging with
Spain, before the 1st day of,, next .tuiyv
- Gov. Houston has made a formal lender
of 5000 Texan VoluBtecrs to ther general
Government, to repeal invasion; both from
the "Indians arid Mexico;: .Ha : asks, the
Government, however,- for : 2,000 'percuss
ion rifles, 1000 Sharp's rifles, 3000 Colt's
revolvers and 1000 cavalry accoutrements,
to arm his volunteer force.- The President
informs the warlike Governor f : Texas
that there are now in' that State ready for
active service, 2,621 troops, which are to
be increased soon by tbe addition of 842
men from New Mexico. This the . Presi
dent thinks sufficient to protect the .Tex
as frontier.-' -' l- -li '
In regard to arms, tho quota due Texas,
under the law, is 159 muskets,' which' in
an emergency may be doubled bv anticipa
ting Toe quota tor tbe - next year. .These
will' be delivered upon -requsitkn.: : The
cost of the quota "Gov. Houston calls for
would be within a fraction of $100,000.
The President pronounces' the- requisition
impracticable, and Informs Gov. H. that "he
conceives he has "-already performed-his
whole duty in the' premises under the cir-
. IS... T T 1 I O T . -
cuiusiauces. now 01a oan. stacinto. will,
relish the rebuff remains to be seen. ' It is
pretlyjevidenthe will have more men than
munitions of war at command in case Tex
as concludes to make a raid on Mexico.
Cleveland Leader "' . ' : : ' '.
Suicdks. Mr. Baugbman, a jorneymon
shoemaker at Alliance, hung hirnsolf in
the woods a few dajs ago, wiih a handker-
chief. . Intemperance., and cleprssion ol
spirits the supposed cause. , Jobs Shoufier,
about 25 years of age, shot himself through
ths head with a rifle on the, 10p ,ja Dal
ton, Stark County. . He was , engaged Jo
be married, failed to get money lie ,hd
loaned out, oonoluded be could not sup
port a wife and resolved not tosuppon him
self."! ..j.'. 1 i .:. i if J.'-) ;
.Mr. Philo P. EvarLa thrifty and ener
getic farmer in Berlin, Delaware CoUBly,
hung himself pn the 2lst. .No cause for
Mexico. New Advertisements.
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y f. i& new in New
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ranted perfect. Among bit plow. way te found tbe H ianr.
Eajrle, tbe J. Lmt, audibi Woar, aU well known, ta
be ttrat rate r? Iowa. AIm, .
of varicn? catterns. leapt oa hand for'salav
Harrta 42, 1MO. - - -
Sxaall -Fraits.
TTAVINO fot ntsej fasnrvaioVsaocUl attest ian totta
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furbisb. in small or bue qoanULies, tbe-CuUasrinf ral
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Over one hondred Tarictiqs, amaiaetna; noartv ail tan
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soil, sod that produced with, hinvat tLe rate of 560 bnsh
els to the acre. s.-"-'.-. - v
Other rarieties pmportionatelr low. and ffreat in
dwenianta-etleTetl to thoea wanting larjra eamatities. j
Raapbcrrirs. ' 3 " .' " j
Brim-no's. Orange, $1,60 per deienT f7,0e per 100,
Faxtolo; Rircrs' Lsrgc Fruited Mnntiriy, kaoratf s CsaaSj
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.v. Blackberrlea. . , .-. ; . ,
SEW R0CHELLE, 0RiJ&i0X:, i
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discount. -' 1 - sit'i --i
.. -.- j Plauta by BlaJk , f.
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per dozen hsff the number. For $1 we wiU also send Six
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Spring and Sontaaar.' We Bare the assas
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