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The Bombardment of Fort Sumter.
NEW YORK, April 18.
fonoriog is digest ot
DnXllav, atAtement. .
' The demand to surrender Sumter was
tnadanivihe 11th and refused, not only by
Anderson.bul by the unaniaMMU f oiee of his
command. On Friday morning at three
elock ibe rebels sent word that fire would
be opened npon ns in an hour, and at 4
o'clock fire was opened on as from every
direction, including ft hidden battery.
The are opened wub ft roller of 17 mor
tars, firing ten. inch, slrells, and shot from
33 gars, mostly" Columbians. We took
breakfast,, however, very leisurely. Toe
command was divided into three watches,
each under I be direction of two officers.
After breakfast, they immediately went to
their guns and opened fire ou Moultrie,
Cummin's Point, and Sullivan Island.
The Iron Battery on Cumming's Point,
Was of immense strength, and most of our
balls, glanced off. Anderson refused to
allow the men to work the guns on the
parapet, on account of such ft terrific fire.
There was scarcely a room in Fort Moul
trie inhabitable. Severn shots went thro
the floating battery, but it was little damaged.-
Two guns on the iron battery were
dismantled. A man stationed who cried
shot or shell w'hen the Rebels fired, and
he garrison was thus enabled to dodge. At
first the workmen were reluctant to help
work the guns, but afterwards they served
willingly and effective against the iron bat
tery.' - The tarrocks caught fire several
times on Friday, but were extinguished by
the efforts of Mr. Hart of New York, and
Lyman, of Baltimore, both volunteers.
On Saturday the officers' quarters were
burnt. The magazine was surrounded by
fire and 90 barrels of powder were ta
ken out and thrown into the sea. When
the magazine was encircled by fire, and all
our materials were cut off, and we had ea
ten our last biscuit two days before. The
tired men had to lay on the ground with
handkerchiefs on their faces to pre'ent
mothering, and a favorable eddy of wind
was all that saved our lives.
The cartridge bags gave out and fire
men were employed to manufacture them
out of our shirts, blankets, sheets, &c
It will lake half a million dollars to re
pair Fort Sumter's interior. Most of their
shots Were aimed, at the flag. '
' The following is the. conversation be
tween Mnj. Anderson and Wigfnll : The
latter said :uGren. Beaugnrd wishes to slop
this sir."
Anderson only replied. "; "Well, well."
.Wigfal!'--Ycuv'e done all that can be
done, and Gen. Beaugnrd wishes to know
upon what terms you will evacuate the
foit. -i.V - v . .'-''.-
Anderson Gen. Bcanguard is already
acquainted with the terms. --!
Wigfkll Do I understand that you will
evacuate on the terras proposed.
. Anderson Yes, and only those.
Wigfall then returned. j
'' A few minntes after, Col. Chestnut and
others camo from Gen. Beaugnrd, and ask
ing if Anderson wanted any help, stating
that Wigfall hnd not seeu Beaugnrd for
two days, hnd had no authority for his de
mand on Anderson; to which the Major re
pled: -' - -.- - ; . '
"Then we've been sold. We will raise
our Hag again.
But they request e J hinl to keep it down
until the commutation was hnd with Eenu
gard. .
The firing then ceased, and three hours
afterward another deputation came, agree
ing on the terms previously decided upon.
On sunday morning- the steamer Isabel
camedowti nod anchored off the Fort, when
II the baggage was put on the steamer's
"clinch. The troops were under arras a
portion were told to salute the flag, and
when the last of the fifty guns were fired,
the flag was lowered amid loud and henrty
cheers of the men, who then formed and
embarked to tho tune of Yankee Doodle.
Two of the men were killed-on the sec
ond round of the salute, by the premature
explosion of one of the guns, and four
wounded,one badly,anl was left at Charles
ton. , The Baltic arrived off Charleston the
morning of Friday after firing commenced
on Sumter. The Pawnee and Pocohdntas
arrived ucxt day. The Powhaltan and At
lantic have not been seen." The steam lugs
Lave not been blown to sea and have not
been seen. . -
The day that Anderson evacuated, prep
arations to reinforce him had been made
for an 'attempt thai "night. A schooner
was seixed, and agreement made to pay
the pilot and Captain 500 to put men in
to the Fort, but the Fort was evacuated
before the attempt could be made.
Capt. Fox had instructions to attempt to
provision the Fort without troops. If fired
on be was to rush in the best he could, out
the gale prevented the arrival of tugs and
transport s. , - .-.
The Harriet Lane is soon expected to
arrive. - :'
' The Pawnee has gone to Washington.
Among the many incidents of the Battle,
is that of Mr. Hart, a volunteer, who when
the flair was shot down, and the rebel fire.
concentrated on the flag staff, gallauily
nailed the Stars and Stripes amid a deadly
fire and cheers of the U. S. . troops: As
the Baltic came up the harbor, salutes were
fired from all the Forts and an immense
throng on the balterry were nearly wild
with exciteimnt and enlljusia.-m. Ander
son's brother officers express the deepest
indignation at spcr?inns cast on' their
brave comninudi-r. . ' . "
- Numerous friuuJs waited on Anderson
and other Sumter officers during this after-noon-and
the appearance of any officer or
soldier from Sumter in the street was the
. signal for a crowd and enthusiastic cheers.
The 6th regiment paid their respects to
Anderson .this afternoon, to which he re
sponded from the' balcony of the Brevor
House, by returning a single military sa
lute amidst the cheers and vociferations cf
-thousands. .-- I -
Both the Major and his command show
the care worn effects of their gallant seige.
ibe following is Maj. Andersons lis
patch to the Scc'y of War.
Sir! Having defended Fort Sumter 34
hours, until the quarters were entirely
.burned, main galea destroyed by fire, gorge
wall seriously injured, magazine surroun
ded by flames, and its door closed from the
effects of the heat, four cartridges of pow
6A only beitiff available, and no nrovisinn
T 4 f . . I
but pork remaining, I accepted . the terms
of evacuation ottered by - Gen. Beaugard,
being -the same offered by him on the 11 lb
- insL, prior to. the 'Commencement of hos
tilities, and marched out of tbe Fort Sun
day afternoon, the 14th inst-'with colors
n i l A li..' i
nying ana -arums ueming, uringing away
company private property, and saluting my
flag with fifty guns, i -
Major 1st Artillery.
The Defence at Washington.
We have reliable private advices from
Washington) received by apecial messen
ger from that -city at a late hour last
night, that the, successful defence of the
national capital against ano - attack that
can be made on it is certain. . No matter
what may be the movements organized to
assail it, tbey will be baffled and repelled
until tbe reinforcements now on their way
to strengthen it will render it absolutely
impregnable. Philadelphia Prut 22
The Military Enthusiasm of the
Loyal States.
Never since the War of Independence
bas tue nation been so entirely imbued
with the spirit of war, as at this time. This
feeling is cot confined la those hitherto re
garded as eligible to military seivic?, but
is shared in an equal degree by tbe aged
and the young by the high and the low
the rich and the poor-u-tho married and
the unmarried the man of business and
the laborer. Nor is the adopted citi eo an
exception. The sons of Erin and tho ex
iles from "Faderland vie with each other
in tbe exhibition of loyally to the govern
ment of llieir adoption. The patriotic
sons of brave Old England are as ready to
fight under (he Stars and Stripes as if "to
tue manor born. In short, our adopted
citizens,-from all the various nationalities
of the earth, aro ready and eajer to tip-
bold the Flag of the country in iholand of
tue rebels. Our exchanges bring accounts
of rapid enlistment everywhere iu the loyal
Stales. The indications are that, if the
Government will receire them, a quarter of
a million ngnting men will respond to the
proclamation of the President. Millions
of money are being tendered by banks,
bankers and capitalists, whilst thed fferent
btates are appropriating unprecedented
sums. Relying upon the justice of their
cause, with "Liberty and Union" for their
motto, our volunteer army will speedily
crush out rebellion wherever found, and
cause the national flng to be respected
throughout the length and breadth of the
laud. - -
Mr. Clemens Safe.
The Wheeling Va, Intelligencer of Sat
urday April 20th says: . - -
Our delegates, Messrs. Clemens and Hub
bard, arrived home yesterday from Rich
mond. Their h-aving was sudden and up
to an hour of their starting, was unexpected
even to themselves. ; They do not, feel
themselves at liberty to disclose particular,
but enough hns been gnt bered from lliein
by their fellow citizens to know that -they
hud good reason to look well to their per
sonal safety. The revolution of treason
was bursting out in all its fury upon the
streets, and that night on winch they left
there was to bo a graud mob procession of
all the fug ends of treason that could be
scraped together. This mob was knowu
to be capable of anything and no Union
man was safe where il could reach him.
Tbey had visited Mr, Carlisle's boarding
house previously, flung halters up in the
trees before his chamber window, and in ev
ery' way insulted and outraged him thai
they could.
Cannot be Accepted.
'.Colored citizens have applied to Gov
Dennisou for leave lo raise military compa"
nies, but Gov. Deunison has replied to
their request by saying that the State cau
not accept colored troops. This decision
is eminently proper, and whilo we would
not impugn the motives of theso colored
citizens who wish to raise military compa
nies, we very much regret they had not re
frained from asking the privilege. .- ......
The enlistment "of colored troops would
dampen, if not, kill, the ardor of the mass
es now rushiug lo arms, and it would add
a feature to the present complication of
our troubles which, more than any other,
would embitter the present contest, and
render utterly hopeless any prospect of
peace. - .
Fight on Federal Hill.
"Webnve received the Baltimore Clipper
of the morning of April 19lh the day of
the fight. It contains interesting detni Is
of the troubled night that preceded the day
of violence and bloodshed. A big Secession
meeting was held in ihe evening, at which
speeches were made urging immediate or
ganization and armed resistance to the pas
sage of Northern troops.- At the close of
the meeting an adjournment was had lo the
headquarters of the Minute Mun (Union)
and attempt was mndeto haul down the
Stars and Stripes. The attempt Was frus
trated. . Secession badges were dis day ed
and caused frequent fights between Union
men and Secessionists. At one o'clock in
tbe afternoon one hundred Secessionists
planted a Secession flng on Federal Hill and
saluted it with cannon. Five hundred
Minute Men attacked iliem, destroyed the
flng and threw the cannon into the dock.
During the night armed bodies of men
of both parlies were in the streets and
there were frequent threats of collision.
Gov. Hicks issued a proclamation counsel
ing peace and promising lhat no Marylnnd
troops suouiu De sent out of the State, ex
cept to defand Washington.
Result of a Century's Change.
One hundred years ago there was not a sin
gle white man in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana
or Illinois, Territories. Then, w hat is now
the most flourishing part of America, was
as little known as the mountains of the
moon. It was not until 1759, the gallant
and adventurous Boon left bif homo in
North Carolina, to become the first settler
iu Kentucky. Tho first pioneer did not set
tle until twenty years after that time. .
A hundred years ago Canndi belonged
to France, and the whole popnlstion of the
Uuiled Slates did not exceed a million and
a half of people. A hundred years ago
tbe grent r rederick of f russia was per
forming those great exploits which have
made him immortal in military annals, and
wilh his little monarchy was sustaining a
single banded contest wilh Russia, Austria,
and France, the great powers of Europe
A hundred years ago the United States
was tbe most ' loyal part of the British
Empire, and on the political horizon no
speck indicated the struggles which with-
a score ot. years tuereaiter estaoiisnea tne
great republic of the world. A hundred
years ago there were but four newspapers
in America; steain-ongines bad not been
imagined, and railroads and telegraphs bad
not entered the remotest conceptions of
man.. hen we come to look at it through
the visla of history, we find that the cen
tury which , has passed has been allotted
to the more important events, in their
bearing upon the happiness of tbe world,
than almost any which Las elapsed since
uie creation ot tue world.
Xyrbe Board of Trade of Chicago has
dnpropnatcd ?5,000 to tbe war fund.
Officers Dismissed.
Yesterday two officers, who bad been
ordered to embark on - the expedition at
New York, waited ou Gen. Cameron, and
requested to be informed what was the ob
ject of tbe movement and whether it was
intended to operate against the seceding
States. With the utmost coolness, the
Secretary of War replied, "Give me your
commissions, you are dismissed from the
service from this very hour." Such will also
be tbe fate of every officer, in either
branch of the service, who having put his
band to the plough, looks back in this
hour of our country's peril. Washington
dispatch to the Philadelphia Inquirer.
A Homkspcjt Party. Colonel Dcnald
of Lake county, Mississippi; recently gave
a novel party to the young people of his
neighborhood. The tickets sent to each
young lady required lhat she should come
dressed in Mississippi manufactured appar
el, in the manufacture of which she must in
some way be assisted. The young gentle
men were also required to dress in the man
u fact u re of Mississippi' made in Leake and
Attala. There were one hundred of both
sexes in attendance, all attired as directed,
The scene was not brilliant, but the papers
say it was patriotic.
The Spirit of the Press.
The following from the Cincinnntli
Times, is but a fair sample of the spirit
which is exhibited by our exchanges, North,
South, East and West. There is but one
feeling in this mailer. '
Ou Friday, the Secessionists declared
war by open hostilities. On Saturday the
PresiJent Issued a call for sevanty five
thousand volunteers, expressing a determ
ination to retake the forts now held by the
traitors. This kind of work at the Capitol
suits ns, and we mnst use a very common
Western phrase, and declare "bully for Old
Abe." Ohio can furnish the number allied
for by the President, foa fully that number
are now "spiling for a fight" with the ene
mies of the Union.
So long as Lincoln says fight, we are all
Liucoln men.
Special Notices.
Z. & C. R.
Trains leave Millersburg:
Arrire at Millersburg:
Acornmrulat ion . .... . .
..6:13 A. M.
.11: 15A. JJ.
..4:21 P. M.
.10:10 T. il.
Leave Orrville, GOING WEST.
Fat Express : P:10 A, M-
t n.nr r i
3t an ............ .... i . ji.
Express ....j 6:19 "
Mail ......... 9:37 A. M.
Fast Express 3:31 P. 51.
Express 9:03
The folong is an 'extract fmm it letter written hy
Eev. J. S. Holme, pastor ut the I'ierrcpoint-Street Hap
tist Church, Brooklyn, N. to the '-Jtiunul and Mes
henger," Ciiuinnnti, nnd speaks TcVuiiwin favor of
the wo rW-renowned metlirioe, Mks. WixslowV Sootu
ixc SvBtTFOieCoiLOREX Tketiiixc::
'We see n advertisement in roar colnmns of Mr.
Vixslow's Sootiiixu Sviifp. "Xow we never nahl a
word in fovor of a patent-medicine before in our life,
bat c feel couielled to any to your readers that thin is
no hatnLuj xkk bxyk tkikd it, jisd rxow it to be
all it claims. It U probaMy one of the mont kucccph
fui medicines of the day, because it is one of tiic Wt.
And those of your reader. who hare babies can't do
better than to inv in a supplv."
For sale at tho HOOK SfoHE.
A GRKAT SPECIFIC. Wilson's Pills are not only a
celebrated specific for PrsiCppiiftud Headache, but by
rcryin the mode of administering them, t'jeir action
may be so diversi:1ed as to render the Jill cpclal in
Nenraia.f 'oslivenc?,Colie, Deprave J Apititc,N'au.sea.
Diarrha-a, Dyteatarr, Khcaniatim, Plruris . Influenza.
Catarih, Fcrcr and Ague, and manr othc ui. ei5cs. - See
Hi uide to Health,' to he had pmtw of acenlo. of ibe
proprietor. B. L. FAHNESTOCK k Co.
No. M Wood St. Pittsburgh.
Sold by II. YEKUIN and J. K. R.UK
- . Millerburj;. Ohio.
Ijomcopatijk llcmcMcs
HAVE now been before the pnMic for five years, and
have every where, won pobien oi-iuious from the
many thousands who hare oscd them.
Simple, free from intricacy, technicality, or danger,
they have become the resource and aid of the p: r nt.
traveler, n'ire,or invalid, and have become the fantilv
phyMcian and medical adviser, of thousands of families.
No where have they been tried without having been
approved, and their highest appreciation is amonj; those
who have known them hmgest. and most intimately.
N. B. A f ull set of II umphre's Homeopathic Speci
fics, with Book of Directions, and twenty didcrent leai
edies, in large viaX, morocco case, &5; Uit '.o. in plain case,
$4; cave of lifteen boxes, and Book, 2. Single boxes,
25 cents and SO cents.
These Remedies, by the single box or case, are sent
by mail or express, free of charge, to any address, on
receipt of the price. Address
lr. ft. HUMPHREYS fc CO.
No.562 Rroadwar, New- York.
Sold by H. TiRGIN MUlcrsburg. Ohia.
March 22. JhliO 31 '
-Catarrh! Catarrh! Catarrh!
What is it? How Cured.
Thousands of persons suffer all sorts of annoyances
from Catarrh. Most people know what it inconvenience
and results are. but few know how it can be cored. It
is simply a chronic irritation, vnd often enlargement of
folliclf, and consequent thickening of the mucous
membrane, lining the nasal cavities, frontal sinuses. and
sometimes extending into the throat and luns. From
this tightness and often vertigo of the head, obstructed
nose, or a proiuse now i mucus, toss oi is men, uasai
voice, and, of ten Impaired hcatin; and taste.
The old-school remedies have never been able to do
anything for it. Nasal injections and inhalation are as
painful and expensive as they generally are worthies.
Yet Hlmiurkt'8 Catarrh SrEciric, a simple Sugar
Pill, taken two or three times per day, promptly cures
the milder cases; caresat once all cold in the. bead, and
radically cures, by persevering ue, tbe most obstinate
cases, as is proved by the experience of hundreds.
Price, 60 cents per box, with diretions.
Sent by mail or express, free of charge,' on receipt
of (he price. Address
Dr. F. nrapnitrrs k Co.,
So. 562 Broadway, New York.
See advertisement in another column. 26.
: Home Testimony.
" - RrXDSUCRO, Wayne co 0., July 27, 1859.
Da. C. W. It o hack Dear Sin I havo been afflicted for
about eighteen years, with Rheumatism in my left thigh
and hip, and in that ti oe have tried a great'many rem
edies and at considerable expense, without much relief.
A short time since, I was induced by your agent in tbis
place, J. W. Grtndle, to try yoorScandinnvira Blood
Pills and Blood Pari tier, and am happy to say that I ob
tained more relief from them than from any other mod
kine I ever used. I believe that the cWitiucd use of
your medicine would entirely cure me. Y our, fce..
See advertisement in another column.
Marriage Notices.
HARRIED. Gb Thuraday ercning April 1Kb, hy
(be Rrr. J. A.E. Simpsox, in thf Ellison House Millrn
UcCUI.LOUCH, both ot Holmn conntr.
Abo at tbe rfridence of Mr. I'lirmxo, on Thnrtday
creninc A.ril 18tb,hy the aanis, Mr. KDWAKD T1PLER
Hotines county. - - -
DIKD. On tbe 22d Inst.,, of scarlet fever, EVA,
daughter of A. and 3 B. Isgles, aged one rear and niue
OBITUARY NOTICES. Commercial Matters.
Millersburg Market.
MILLERSBURG, April 25. 1861.
Flour 3,50$6,00 Clovorsoed. . $3,50
Buckwheat dour. $1,50 Flaxseed $1.00
Ryeflour $cwt. $1.50 Timo'ydo $1,75(200
Whcnl S0(l.l0 Grecii Apples 50
Cora. 30 Dried Applc....75
OaU.., , 20 Dried l'e.iclie. $1,75
Rye ........ - .45 Smoked Hams.. ....8
Burlcy.... -10 Smoked Shoulders.. 6
Butter .... ..1...12)i Smoked Sides ;. 7
Eggs , . . . . . W Ure sd Pork 4,50(25,00
Lard , ,,,.o
MILLERSBURG, April 25. 1861. New Advertisements
' To Cash Buyers.
Propitious Time for Purchase.
IJfVITES tlie attention of closebuyeM from
all parts of the ountry to his
Large and Veil Selected
Assortment of Housekeeping and general Fam
ily articles, which are offered at PANIC
PRICKS. The Stock consists in part of
Packages of
Domestic Goods, Sheetings find Shirtings.
Domestic Goods, Tic-Kings and Checks.
Domestic Good, Flannel and Diaper."
Domestic Good, Carpet & Coverlid Yarn.
Domestic Goods, Batting and Towelling.
Domestic Goods, Seamless Bags-fcc, &c.
St ii pie
Dry Goods,
Dry Goods,
Dry Goods,
Dry Goods,
Dry Goods,
Dry Goods,
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Dry Goods,
Dry Goods,
Dry Good-,
Merrimac and
- Prints,
10-4, 11-4, 12-4 Toi
let Quilts.
Ripka's Caftonands
Nnnkceiis, Jacquered
Denims and Curtain
Stripes, Salin,Jean dec.
Dross Goods, Gro-de Rhine Black Silk.
Diess Goods, Taffeta S.Iks.
Dress Goods, Faucy Dress Silks and Fou
Dress Goods, lards.
Dress Goods, Rich Embro'd Grey Goods,
Dress Goods, (New) -
Dress Goods, Rich Priut'd ClwIK and De
Dress Goods, "Xaines.
Dress Goods, Organdie,LanrD,Gingh'ni itc.
White Goods, Richardson's Irish Linens.
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White Goods, " ble Damask.
While Goods, Damask Cloths & Napkins.
While Goods, Swiss Mull & Book Muslin,
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Sup. French it Ger
man Cloths.
Doeskin Cassinjere.
Rich Vestings and
Boys' Wear,
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Pant Linen & Cash
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vil Cassimere A-c.
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and Oil
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Smith's pat.Ing'n.
Lowell and Eng
lish Three-ply.
Thompsonv'le Super-Superior.
Hemp & Collage
4-4, G-4 and 8-4
Floor Oil Cloths.
Crockery and Glassware. Looking Glasses.
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N. B. To Cash Buyers Great Iuduce
ments will be Offered. Our aim is to se
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Bedsteads of all kinds '"
Toilet, Work and Wash gland.
- CriN, Sofas, Tot e-a-Tetes
Ottomas, Rocking Chairs, tc,
All of which will be sold oa the most Reasonable Terms.
JTUcy also manufacture O CD JE UT I 3ST S of all styles, and allend to funerals
- prompt J v, with the best HEAKSK in the countv.
March 14, 1861. 30 "FARRA TOTTXG.
MAY l expected an wmrta watber approaches, and
and tttry person should
Birtwc, and places of basincra, from tbe dancra of
And why slioalJ anr. with t eir Ctn!Il4,ndare lho
disreabtc reeling of . .
when it coat o HltJe to feel secure with a good copper
or iron Lightning rod.
batsoaa excellent conductor of Lt;libiin, as wallas
of the water that is damaging tht inundations and
paint of jonr but Idings, a'ml which should bo condnetcd
to a cistern or awar fruiu tlia building. 1 am prepared
to do all aueh wo:k as
Cheap as the' Cheapest.
So come in lime to th Miiloraunrg Stove Emporium.
Sign ol tue Big Coffee 1'ut.
1 , me 1 inner.
March 21, '6131
ALICE WILD, the Raftsman's
of Kentucky Life.
CEDAR o W AjVlr, or wild JNats
Romance of Squatter Life.
SET Ii J ONES, or the Captives
of the Frontier.
CHIP, the Cave Child.
MALISKA, the Indian Wife of
the White Hunter.
THE REEFER of '76.
" OF
At Millersburg, Ohio. .
HEBRON" Ac SON hare jnt received at
tiifirStorv: a larfro and mipeiior stock of Hard
ware, Iron, Nail, Cutkry.GlaM. Window Sach, -
And In short, -erjrthinjf u.ina.Ir kept in a Hardware
Store; to which they utrite public attention. Tbeir
stock U cor plete, embracing in the Hardware line, and
haa. been carefully selected from the host mark eta.
rromiAjngto diapose ol tncur stock at unprecedented
They respectfully solid t a share of public patronage.
fhey are agents for the KirbT Keaper and Mow
er and for other Unchinra. . llF.BRON i SON.
April IS, 1S61.-35 - . . . .
i Grand Mm Meeting!
ToLeheldinliUleralthif, ercry d.ty and evening, Sun-
. oay excepiea.j .
-A. O1 THE
"Youn? America" Clotbin? Store!
anJ other alilo Kiicakers, ir!H address the aemUage of
Castomersand convince them that his large and com
plete stork of
Spring and Sommcr Trade, -
Iabetter and cheaper than can elsewhere be purchased.
" ' ' He ban just received hia ' -
purchased at cheap prices in the eastern cittca, where
Money in King and will therefore be enabled to sell
the people hi choice selections of ready-made Clothing,
Ilata, Caps Shirt,. Crnrata, Collar, Glove, 3ock',
Ttuuka, Valines and travel iug Bnga, at lower figures, h
Lelieres. than any other establishment in this or nr
ronnding country.
Come and cxaiuine my stock before purchasing els
wherc "
Yon cannot help but Mire money hy buying your Cloth
ing at the prices lam .able to sell them
CyXo trouble to show goods. J
C0nX3 Voung America Clothing Store, at the old
stand, on the Corner. -
on tbe shortest possible notice. Kits warranted no fit.
no tote. B. COHN.
April 11, 1861-rM ' .
A Fresh lot received by
BKAV, the Iinncr. which was raised in a warm
Claimate. . ,
Sign of the Big Coffee Pot.
April 11, 1361-34 -" . -
Thnj Import Strength; they Annihihte Pain, '
yield readily to the motion of the
motion of the body, absorb perspiration
and throw off all" offensive coagulated
Imparl ties of the system. They abonld
be tued for all Chronic Pains, taint nets
Pyspcpaia, Colds. Constunpt on, Rbev
matiFin, Female Weakness, etc. Tbey
retain their active properties when
stSV ftll mpphed pain canaC exist . ery fami-
thice sizes on leather. 8amp.es sent
by mail, on receipt of 25 cents.
t. S. BAKXS,
13 k 13 Park Row. Ji. T.
2b Dimes
t en. 2i, looi ii - .
Administrator's Notice
NOTICE is hereby given that th undersign
ed Las been apoin(etl nnd qunlified ns
Administrator of the estate of John (Jlick, dec'tl,
late of Hol'Des county, 0.
" J. I. SPKJf CB.
April 9, 1SG1 34 . - ..
Of the same kind kept Inst yenr, wbicli all
grew and yiulded well. Just received at
tho Book- Store.
size of glass.. 10 by 14, ;
.- i .t
" THAN '
Come and See!
Watches! Watches! Watchesl
Jlade to order lor
A. B. FRY,
These watches are
see! An ztra Article!
There ara
to their cost.
SEE I Also, a Large Stock
together with . .
SEE Clocks, Jewelry, Silver-Ware
SEE I iN .otionsl
vblcbwnibsMld -
SEE tjicqpcr lm i'yc Ci)eqpeat
elsewhere. Call anj sco them.
gr g A few doors East of Koch't
I vomer.
Mi'lersbnrg, Ob"k), March 28. 1861 32 " -
7000 BOLTS,
Just opening at the Book Store!!!!
Book and Variety Store.
Our Seeds are all fresh and mew. "
ODFltEY ITNEKhasrtmored his
Grocery and Provision Store,
the Rooms finmrlr occupied by Frj's Jewelrjr Store.
nil goo-da are of the Terr be uto. nahty, carefully select
ed and will be sold on Short Profits. . .
All who want to buj the best ouslItT ol
should call. CITNEIt.
April 50, lWB.-n37tf
Blood Pill awl Blood Partier,
V5T ri IX
A3 S .HA
TTTIEN Dn. Bosun, the celebrate Swedish. PhysJ-
f eian, introduced his Blood Puriner and Blood Ptlla
in the L'nited States, he set foith in plain tasraure theer
curative propertie. 1 hia was years ago. The task of
recoiamendinybom has since been i-ie enle asiseads
cnngnicnen men wnosecnarcferiorsoonajuuguwiu.nw
pbileaophy givna theiropinionsweifrhtin the cosssnnnrty,
nvn who nWrr. n.Ant. and m&ka "unaiM dowbls
sur.'" before thee decide are everywhere approving and
raing tbe useol these wonderful Preparatiome. All whe
confide in the wisdom and honesty ol this cTaae, or whe
chose to investigate, for themselves are s)tw of t arasf
on inisunportani suujecr. -
The evidence in the possession of thv Boback, which
is at all times accessible to tho puBUcetaMiahoa th
been proved by analysia to
Contain no mineral;
That Uiey cure the almost universal complaint, '
. lypeila- . "
with sraerrMiy "ii i f and In a very short tlide. That
after all other medicinea have proved useless. Ussy relievo
- . . Eilrer Complaint,
and restore the health and strength of the suSerer. That
Sick Featalea,
who hare languished for years in helpless weakness anal
despondency, recuperate with great rapidity under their
inrigoratiug operation. That all sexuvl disabilities are
removed by tbeir cordial and genUe stlmulatingproper
tlca. That they recruit .
... Sbattercd CoustitnUonsv '
however theymayhave been trified with and abused; lhat
their direct tendrticvis to lenctlien lie and render iteu-
royable. That operating directly upon the etass f dss
tctt in lit Mood, they
Cause Soon to Heal,
and discharge from the system, every t lnt of Scrof uh
whether hereditary or otherwise. T hot they
Reeralt tbe BeaQptntests -
andtliatthereisno disease.ofthe Stomach and Bowels
the liver, the nervous system, the skua, the glands, or
muscles, .
Arising from Impurities or Obst faction of
the Blood or Sccrctloua.
which ther do not give prompt reKef, and (if ad
ministered before the very citadel of life haa been ta
effect a pninless and perfect cure.
uoar in mind tuac tne acancinavian cirevsuie snow
rills aro endorsed bv thecxperienee of thoosanda of lis-
lng witnesses, who' in letters, affidavits, medical Words,
and by word of month, proclaim tbem to be tbe very best
preparation oi me mna ever ooereu so tne bhiwwwi
victims oT ill health. They hunt disease through every
avenue and organ ofthesystem,and to expel itthorough
anu permaneniiy.
No one can doubt their superiority after ono singlet
trial tbey are nrt only better bnt, in fact, cheaper than
ony othar Pills, for it takes a less nnmberof them to pro
duce a better effect.
Price ot the Scandinavian Vegetable Blood Purifier,
$1 per bottle, or $o per half dozen. Ot the Scandinaviaa
Vegetable Blood Pills, ii cents per box, or 5 boles for H-
itead Dr. Roback'sSpeciaJ notices and Certidcatee, puh
lishcd In a conspicuous part of this Paper trfaa tint to
time. ...
Dr. ItobarVs Hedlcal Almanac and family Adviser, con
taining a great variety of interesting and valuable Medi
cal information, can be had gratia of any of his Agaota
the country.
In difficult and complicated cases, Dr. Robaek inay he
consulted personally or by letter enclosing on stanp for
the reply. .
Dr. Roback's Stomach Bitters.
A new and delightful Stomachic or Cordial, for tiWnf -tone
to tbe Stomach, anf the prerention of bilious coat
plain U iacideiit to the Western country. Try it.
Aa morniog drink.- to aasiat digestioa ao4jeUen
D.TFpepsia. it haa bo equal. Try it.
In flati'Ji it ia amitiOR to all other Bittern Try It.
The formula of these Bitten, now (1S61) tbe aolo pro
perty of Dr. Robaek. orrieinated with one of tho olfeat
and most eminent Medical Practitioners of the Woat,
and it ia directly predicated opon the wants of Weaterw
The bitters derirs tbHr rtiranlna from the powerful
tonic nature of the roots and herbs of whksr tbey srw
conposed, and as they axe, by allaying unoataxal eat
ioga of the itoaaach, directly promotiTe of
TEMPERANCE, - . . . .
the present proprietor believes thai Sn making them
widely known the pablls welfare is mi-Wi-retf.
It will sonn be for anU by sit of Dr. Kobaetfs Sumsr .
ens Agents, and at Hotels, tku, tbe country over. I
the meantime, orders will be filled direct from Cindnnar
in any qoanrity, and at the lowent rates. It is put aw .
quart bottles, ana securely pauaa in one aawoa lmiii
Half dor. sample cases, will, howerer.be packed and sent
any address, if desired. -
Retail Price. $1 per bottle, or six for $5. -
Psinr.! .AiM Mrl nlpcjmn Via. II Kmmt Pnurth atrMft
buUJtng from Main street. Cincinnati, Ohio. Lbor-
atorr. ,o. 32 Hammond street.
For Sale in Holmes eoantr br H. Tenn. aflUers-
burg; J. Kndr, Berlin; J as. Uanna, Hobnetrile; G. Qtf
bcr, mneshorfr; H. Pomerene, aliddletownrJf C, Long
shore, Kftshrille; H. Be idler, Lakerille: Jos flaty. Ssl
tillo; G. W. Conyer, Oxford; Aaron Keim, Carlisle; and
Druggists and Marchanta general l"y thinghoat Uo
Lnton. v - - -
AprU 11, 1861 M
Phoenix Bitters.
rflHsThirh and envied celeontr which theso i
ncnt siedicioca have Acquired for their invalnahto
eutcacy inall the Diseases which they protewe to care.
rendered tne usu-u practice ot pumng aoi ouy -steccssrybut
nnworthy of them -
In all Vatct
Asthma, Aetfte and Chronic Rhramatism, Affections)
ot tne riladuer ana Kiilneys.
- Etftioia Fmr and liter VomplainU.
In the South and Went where these diseases prevail.
they a ill bo found invaluable. Planters, farmers and
others, who once use these Medicines, will never after
warca he without them.
Eiilimi Colic, Serous. Lootenat, Etu. toaxre-
nc. Cold and Conghi, Colie, Corrupt Humeri,
Droptir. - ;
Drsrs-siA. Xo person with this diatre-in disease, -should
delay v ing these Medicines immediately. -.
Eruptions of tbe Skin, Erysipelas.
iEvtn An Acre. For this scourge of the Western
country, three Medi ienes will be founds safe, speedy,
and certain remedy. Other medicines leave tho system
subject to a return of the disease; a cure b these medi
cines is permanent.
Try them. Be satisfied and be cured.
ForijfrM or Coxixxxiox
General Debility. Gout, G'tJcRncu, Gravd.
Headache of every kind. Inward Fever, InHamatory
Kiieumathjm, Impure Blood, Jaundice, Loss of Appetite.
MRRtujaiL Oiskasks Never fails to eradicate entire
ly all the ellects of Mtrrury, infinitely sooner than tho
most powerful preparation of sarsaparilla.- . -
jY;p(f Stccatt, iicrvou Complaint af.liU JtsWs,
1 Organic A ffection. . S
Tiijes The orifnal pr- prietor of these Medlciene wan
cured of Piles of 3d years' by the use of these Life Med
icines alone.
1'AI NS in tbe Heal, ?Me. Back, Joints and Organs.
RuEnf atisx. Those affected with this terrible dis-
ease, wilbe soreof reln-f by Ihe Life Medicines.
Kush ot Blood to tho Head, Scurry, Salt Chests,
3wellings.- -
Scrofula, or Kings' Evil in Its wont forms, fleers of
every description.
Hoausof kinds are effectually espetled by these Med
icine, f arents will do well to administer them when,-
their existence is expected Relief will bo certain.
The Life Pills & Phoenix Bitters
thus ttmiovaUdusa, from th, system.
Prepared and sold by s
Broadway, corner of AhTbony Street Ksw York.
r or sale oj su i.&it .
April l.Xl n34yl - - ,
ATIXS had eansidorabl, experience ia the oil ba
dness, peraonsllv, w, are prepared to make all the)
neerssary for boring wells, sad ntrmplhg oil, and oar
PortaU, aa well as stationary
decidedly abend In rrjard to power, or fuel used to
obtain tho power. . -
either in st lo of Engines or price. We make engine.
1 to 100 horsepower, for which motive-power a re.
voeii S3f ..
oosier, i.-ivu - .
' Aniron'k Orricc, Holmes Coanty. O. I
slillsrsburg. arcn 21 h, lasl. (
avroTif. & is nereoy given tnai snoeoairny Cessna
era of holmes county. On did at their starch s
authorise tbe levy of a tas of one half of one sail,
each dollars varnatke of all th, rest and personal
property brought oa the grand Duplicate ,f IbFeWMtj,
the yearlBol, for Reed purposes.
Tbey also ordered that all labor he done oa the pahtie
way, betweea the Bret day of April and tho tret daw
October, and that each person charred wish a read tas.
sonnes w in, nam. oeiure ua wis uaj oa easaa.
The townshin trustees of th loTcral townahina ara
hereby aotiaed that if they desire any additioaa) Rone)
toey wi i ceniuy ne earn, in tosa ,aaa,a re-.
tne tint oay owuae nexs.
j;ttcsN, Co. And..-;
March , 3wi
otic I Uharabj irirea that the- aaeWrsigaeel
haa hfMin anhnintod ao.i nnnlrimail aa at
minUlrntor g ibje eatate of Jacob Btohatxhtdaa'd
f Hotncou.tOhic, . ,
April 17th, 1961. 33. ' v '

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