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Holmes County Republican
Muxersbcro, O., : Frb. 13. 1873.
Notice to Subscribers.
Subscribers can always tell now tfair nb
criptkm Mniit Muds, bT looking at tbe
agnres after tbelr name on the address label
pasteooa mnufiiioi km paper. 1 home fl r
res snow tbe exact dace to which subscriptios
as bees paid. There mj possibly be iome
mistakes in tbe dates. If so oar subscribers
win piease sec ai anew want tner are.
Change in Mail Time.
On and after Friday, November, 1st,
the mail going North will close at 10:45
a. 31. AU letters for that mail mast be
in by that time. Kail going Sooth will
close at 3 r. m.
A chinchilla cloth glove, the palm
lined with kid. Tbe finder will confer
a Cavor by leaving it at the Post-office.
Tke 014 Reliable Line ia tbe Field,
Grateful for the very liberal patron
age heretofore received, the members of
the German Evangelical St. John's
Church, hereby, respectfully invite their
numerous friends to join them in
grand festival and supper, for the ben
efit of their chnrch, to be given in the
Town nail, on Tuesday evening, Feb.
25th, 1873. Committes.
Knights of Pythias.
An effort is now being made to estab
lish a lodge of this order In Itillersburg,
with every prospect of success.
We had a pleasant call from A. J,
Bebont, Esq., of the Toledo Democrat
on Monday. Mr. Bebont was in town
over Sunday, making a short visit to
some of his relatives here. He reports
the Democrat In a flourishing condition,
If you wish something that is deli
cious, bay a pound or two of prunelloes
at Weston's and try them. This is most
excellent fruit, just what the appetite
craves this season of tbe year. Try
them and you will thank us for telling
yon about them.
Lutheran Festival.
The ladies of tbe English Lutheran
church will give a Festival on the eve
nings of tbe 18th and 19th Inst., in
Town Hall for the benefit of tbe church.
We trust there will be a liberal atten
dance. Everything will be gotten np
in the best of style, and a pleasant and
profitable time is expected. - Let every
body attend.
Lecture by Dr. Lord.
We take pleasure in announcing to
our readers that Dr. Willis Lord Presi
dent of University of Wooster, will de
liver this lecture on the "Origin of Man"
in Town Hall, next Friday, (to-morrow)
evening. We see by our exchanges that
this lecture is very popular wherever
delivered, and is spoken of by tbe press
In tbe highest terms. The Doctor's rep
utation as a lecturer . is first-class
throughout the country. He is elo
quent and profoundly Interesting. We
speak for him a full house, and an ap
preciative audience. His subject h one
of the greatest interest, and when
bandied by such a mind as that of Dr.
Lord, we may expect something mas
terly. Admission 25 cents. -
Prof. Jeffers' Lecture.
first lecture of tbe course of fire
was delivered in Town Hall last Friday
evening by Prof. Jeffers of Wooster
University. The audience was an in
telligent one, although not as large as
should have been, and every one seemed
intensely interested in following the
Professor in his tour through that in
teresting, Oriental country Ezypt. His
discription of the country, the manners
and customs of the people, the river
XUe, the Pyramids, c, was vivid and
highly entertaining. One could get as
much Information in an hour from his
lecture, as he could in a week from
books of travel. Tbe Professor's style
is graceful, and his language eloquent
Those of our citizens who missed bear
ing him, missed a rare treat. And just
here let us say that this course of lec
tures in many places would command
hundreds of dollars.
Location of Houses.
Tbe Science of Health has some sensi
ble suggestions on this topic, which are
appropriate here : "
- Houses should be built on upland
ground, with exposure to sunlight on
every Side. During epidemics, it has
been not'sd by physicians that deaths
occur more frequently on tbe shaded
side of the street than on the sunny
side; and in hospitals physicians bave
testified to the readiness with which dis
eases have yielded to treatment in sun
ny rooms, while in shaded rooms they
have proved intractable.
Let there be no bogs, no mjirshes, no
stagnant water in the neighborhood.
Then let the cellars be thoroughly
drained. Inattention to this subject has
caused the death of many a person.
No father or mother should rest one
moment in peace while their innocent
babes are sleeping in rooms over damp
and moldy cellars should not only be
drained, but thoroughly ventilated,
otherwise the bouse must be unwhole
some. Let the drains also be constructed for
the conduction ofjslops and sewerage of
all kinds to a common reservoir, at a
distance from the dwelling, to be used
for fertilizing purposes.
How to Reprove.
To give a scholar a needful reproof,
so as to recure the correction of his or
her fault, and retain confidence, re
quires skill and more grace, on the part
of the School Teacher. A slight re
proof may be given in a tone of voice
and in a petulancy of manner that will
arouse the opposition and hatred of the
child tending to create a greater evil
than the one it is sought to correct. A
severe'rebuke may be administered in
mild tones and in a genial, Christian
spirit, without giving offense, and fully
securing tbe desired reform.
Upon this delicate point a recent
English writer gives some very useful
1st, It is not well to make too much
of small offenses nor to reprove schol
are for trifles the teacher does not see.
2d. Let the reproof be given in i
most delicate and gentle manner pos
3rd. It should be done without the
slightest possible touch of anger, and
generally not in the presence of others,
to wound the scholar's self-respect.
5th. The best rebukes after all, are
silent ones. The teacher's example is
more potent than his words. Makin;
an apology for little things unintentlon
ally done by the teacher may overcome
the most stubborn scholar.
Free of Charge.
All work retouched free at Harring-
ton's Gallery, Orrville, O. 1 w
Hall the people's Photograplier. tf
New Rag Carpet for Sale.
The Ladies of the Presbyterian
church bave 28 yards of new Rag Car
pet for sale. It can be purchased Dy
calling on tbe Ladles of the Society
The Black River Railroad.
"In time of peace prepare for war," Is
an adage having in its generic idea
much wider application than its mere
military sense. It is the universal law
of self-defence and the road to success
for tbe farmer, mechanic, merchant,
city, county or State.
Even the time of adversity and de
pression in a community, has its value
as the bet of all times in which to
clean out tbe boilers, repair the fur
naces and clear away the rubbish, for
the time of prosperity sure to follow.
As regards tbe present condition of
our county and town, we cannot say
that we are suffering from a surplus of
either money or business. We have
'peace" in abundance, and we think it
a good time to tighten up tbe girths up
on our business studs take a good look
at the surroundings, and prepare for
the dash after something better for our
county and town than has been accom
plished in the past. '
We must fight in self-defence if we
would even hold our own ; forward or
oacawaro are toe alternatives now in
force; cities and towns around us are
growing with unexampled raiwiiiv.and
we may either share in the division of
tbe spoils, or quietly go to rest and suf
fer our estate to be administered among
our more enterprising sister towns.
What we want is more manufactur
ing capital. Trade and commerce, while
they have their uses and benefits, never
yet mane a new dollar on tbe face of
the earth. They are the necessary
nanaraaiaens or manufactures but only
tax the consumer for brintrinir to him
that which somebody else created else
We want our bills disemboweled and
their pent-up' forces converted into
roaring steam: our iron ores tortured
into whirling shafts, and labor-saving
machines, the mud of our fire-clays
squeezed into bricks for our furnaces,
pottery lor our kitchens and roofing
lor our bouses, and then wilt our fields
rroan in paiu parturient in bringing
forth tbe needed harvest to support tbe
grim alcnemists wno transmute our
very soli to gom.
But bow shall all this come about?
We bave gold locked up in our hills
without measure, but as yet we have not
the key to unlock the doors and bid it
sally forth. The magic key is capital,
ana we condition upon wntcn it will
come to as is safety and the chief ele
ment or sarety is a wide open door in
the shape of largely increased facilities
for transportation without which there
is neither certainty nor safety. We
know this in our past experience, for
we have tried the experiment to our
We need the Black Biver Road in or
der that Holmes county coal may help
snuna tne pipes or commerce on the
Lakes, and In return bring as back the
Lake Superior ores to coax our coal
from out lu hiding places in the hills.
Tbe Directors of this road have for
the past week been endeavoring to set
tle tbe right of way through our town
ship as a necessary requisite before the
cost of the road can be ascertained, and
tne question determined wnettier It can
be built or not.
All they ask is to be met in that spir
it of fairness which they believe is just
ly due the enterprise in which they la
bor, and we hope and believe that the
owners of the land through which the
line may pass, rortunately, we honestly
believe, will look at tbe matter in tbe
light of our county's best interests and
not endeavor to cut the goose before it
has laid for us the golden egg.
A Bold Claim for Pittsburgh.
The "People's Monthly" of Pitts
burgh claims, with its new type, new
heads," and tinted paper to be the
most beautiful, and appropriate illus
trated paper for the home in tbe whole
country. All its illustrations and read
ing matter, are chosen with the family
view. The "Household," and "Boys
and Girls" departments especially are
full of interest. At the end of the
year parents will have a collection of
home illustrations and home reading
which they could .get in no other way
so cheap. An increase of circulation
amounting to a hundred per day, and
nearly two thousand ministers on its
lists, attest the. popularity as well as
the character of this attractive paper.
Every subscriber at $1.50 receives more
than the value of the paper in ehromo,
or engraving. Premium list as liberal
as any in -the land; -commission to
agents larger than any. Three months
trial only 25 cents. Send for sample,
and agents circular, to "People's
Monthly," Pittsburgh.
For fine retouched Photographs, go
to Harrington's Gallery, Orrville, O. ,
Railroad Accident.
Last week our Orrville correspondent
was congratulating' tbeC Mt. V. AC.
R. B. on behig freerrbhi accidents for
years. His words were hardly cold
when news came that tbe mail train go
ing north on Wednesday .Jast had sev-
eral of Us car throw-or from tbe track
and that one man wa$ VTlled and seven
or eight wounded. - Mr. Peebles the
conductor bad bis band lacerated. The
names of the other." persons hurt, we
have not been able to obtain. Their in
juries were slight, however. Tbe acci
dent was caused by a broken rail, which
caused the passenger car to jump the
track and roll over down the bank. Tbe
mail coach was partly off the track also.
The man killed, Mf EJUian of Mar-
shalville, was thrown through the win
dow, and was crushed by the car drag
ging over him.
Crayon pictures at Hall's Gallery, tf
Notice is herebv -given- that the firm
of E. Herzer fe Co. has this day been
dissolved by mutual consent. All per
sons knowing themselves to be indebted
to said arm are requested to call on rJ.
Herzer who is authorized to make all
collections and settle all bills.
Feb. 3rd, '73w3 G.W.ASHTOX.
-All kind of pictures at Hall's gal
lery. - 18tf
Again We Greet Ton.
A. Sbrimplin is offering his stock of
Boots and Shoes at greatly reduced
prices to get ready for spring trade.
Look out for bargains again. Come
and see me.
I also kindly ask those who are in
debted to me to please call and settle
up, as it is money we are in need of at
present. A. Shrihi-lix,
Ferrotype pictures at Hall's Gallery.
18tf --
We furnish Envelops with a Busi
ness Card thereon, nearly as cheap as
the blank envelopes can be purchased
elsewhere. B
The Western Rural.
To any one paying us $3,50, we will
send the "Westcru Rural," the popular
and excellent rural and Jamily weekly
of the west, for one year, and credit one
year's subscription paid to our own pa
per. The "Western Rural," alone, is
$2,50 per year, and every family in the
west ought to nave it. -
Hall the people's Photographer, tf
New style pictures at Hall's gallery
Chapped hands, face, rough skin
pimples, ring worm, salt-rheum, and
other cutaneous affections cured, and
the skin made soft and smooth, by using
tne mumper lar rkap,made by Uaswell,
Hazard & Co., New York. Be certain
to get the Juniper Tar Soap, as there are
many worthless imitations made with
common tar. . . lumo3.
Uproar thunder.
A bad catch a cold.
Manufactories pay better than
A first-class life policy Keep out
or debt.
What do you think of an open win
ter nowr
Removing a landmark washing a
airry race.
Valentines are appearing in the
snow windows.
Ice dealers say this has been a
splendid winter.
Why do women talk less in Febru
ary than in any other montb ?
Weighs that are dark seventeen
Hundred pounds to tne ton.
Those who have light in tliem-
selves will not revolve as satellites.
The wife of Chas. H. Uhl died last
Wednesday and was buried on Friday,
The most useful thing in the long
run bream
Secure your houses now 'for the
next year.
Old Vesuvius has had another at
tack of Epizootic. , i
Echo is the soft and beautiful moon
light of sound.
Rest satisfied with doing well, and
leave others to talk of you as they
This is tbe right sign of the moon
to get job work done. Send in your or
ders. If money is the root of all evil, this
section of the country is in uign moral
Talk about the modern falling off
of home affections ! Our wives are be
coming dearer every day.
London underwriters refused to in
sure a vessel because it was named "the
A man who is not ashamed of him
self need not be ashamed of his condi
tion in life.
" I see through it," as the washer
woman said when the bottom of tbe
tab fell out.
Valentine's davis approaching, and
sentimental lads and lasses are prepar
ing for the occasion.
"Gentlemen's pantaloons uphols
tered here," is the sign near a skating
park lu Titusville, Pa. . ------- i
It is said to be a sure sign of an
early spring to see a cat watching a
small nole in tne wall.
What is the difference between fix
ed stars and shooting stars? The one
are suns, tbe other darters.
The greatest friend of truth Is time,
her greatest enemy is prejudice,' and
her constant companion is Humility
An exchange asks, "What beeotoes
of all tne cotton r- - wo Know a ieiiow
that knows, but be doesn't like to tell. -
-This is what the man said that had
tried both ways in doing business :
M Re wbo or hU trade would rite.
Must read the newt and advertise. "
We do not want precepts so much
asDatterns. says Pliny: an example is
the softest and least invidious way of
commanding. . . '
udee Henry T. Keith, elected last
fall, took bis position as Probate Jndge
of Richland County. Monday, vice
Judge Myers, whose term has expired:
The following notice was recently
found on the gate of a New 1 erk luna
tic asylum : "Jurors supplied in any
quantity on the shortest notice." - -
St. Louis is going to bave extensive
steel works. Ex.
New York has bad extensive steal
works for several years past. . .,. ; ,
They say. cider -is an antidote-for
fevers. That will
never do. Every-
body will be down with fevers and the"
cider will hardly go round.
The worst coughs yield, as if by
marie, to the wonderful curative pow
ers of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medieal Dis
covery. . . 59i.
A young man went to see his girl
the other night. The next morning he
found a spool of thread and a thimble
in his coat pocket.
There is nothing like a good defini
tion, as tbe teacher tnougnt wnen ne
explained the meaning of "old maid"
as a woman who had been made a very
longtime. " ' ... "
An extraordinary run has . been
made by the clipper ship Young Amer
ica, from Liverpool to San Francisco, a
distance of fifteen thousand miles, in
ninety-nine days.
In the Supreme Court of Ohio, a
decision was rendered holding the Pitts
burgh, Ft- Wayne and Chicago Kail
road amenable to the general legisla
tion of the State. .
Bauphman Post Office, In Wayne
county, has been changed to Burton
City, and the name of Fairview village
. - . . . . ,.e
cnangeo to junou vi i , m wum w
Mr. J. P. Burotn.
Greelev hats no longer meet the
miblic zazc. Never was an article of
wearing apparal so quickly and so uni
versally abandoned. We doubt wheth
er even the remnant of one can be
found in the land. - -.
The editor of the Mt. Vernon Ban
ner says be has not heard of a single
case of sun stroke for the past ten days.
We read a few days since ol a case oat
west where a son struck his father over
the bead with a club. 1.
An adjourned meeting of the Eld
ers' Convention for the Presbytery of
Wooster, was held iu the Presbyterian
Church at Wooster, on Wednesday and
Thursday, Feb. 5th and 6th, 1873. The
exercises were very interesting.
One hundred and eighty-five stu
dents are in attendance at the Wooster
University this session. This is one of
the best colleges in the land, and the
number of students is increasing every
session. ' "
An attempt to raise a fund to build
a monument to the memory of Thomas
Camnbell. the poet, who was born in
Glaszow Scotland, has met with but
Dartial success in bis. native city, only
five hundred pounds having been sub
scribed. . . J . ' - ,
The officers of the Wayne county
Agricultural Society are: President,
G. P. Emrich ; Vice President, J. C.
Kurtz: Managers, Alfred Hughes, Q.
Jones, J. C. Brown, C. Stoll. Tne Sec
retary and Treasurer win ne elected Dy
the Board of Managers.
Blessed be he wbo putteth sawdust
on the ice in front of his habitation,
and more blessed he who putteth ashes
thereon, for the same shall prevent
much backsliding, whereby tbe neither
man is iujured, and the wicked are
made to laugh out of their mouths.
The Republicans of Wayne county
are making elaborate preparations for
the celebration of Washington's birth
day. XI ley intend to throw the Demo
cratic affair of the 8th of January in
the shade. Gen. John A. Logan and
W. H. Gibson have been invited to be
A deacon who keeps a grocery
having instructed bis clerk, when out
of a desired article, to call the atten
tion of the customer to tbe next nearest
thing, was not a little astonished when
bis pastor called anu inquired lor new
molasses to hear the clerk say, "we
have no new molasses, but we have got
some nice new rum
It is very gratifying for the Repub
licans to know that the finances of the
Government have been so successfully
managed under President Grant s ad-
Ullllisi.1 nuuu ua iv jioe uir vicuiiui
the United States higher in the money
markets of the world than ever before,
the entire five per cent, funding loan
having been taken at par almost as soon
as offered.
All kinds of swindlers are opera
ting through the country, and we would
warn our readers to keep clear of them.
Do not sign your name to any paper
without thoroughly understanding its
contents. If any man wants to sell
you, for a trifling sum, a recipe or pat
ent for making your fortune, or to sell
you goods at less than cost, set bim off
your premises, n you are auie. .
Two bovs ware drowned last week
near Mt. Vernon, while crossing a tun
that was much swollen by the melting
snow. The bed of the sled came off
and let them float down the stream.
V We think the following notice or
something similar should be put np in
our churches: "Nonce: Persons chew.
ing tobacco will 'please spit in their
bats!" w-t-- -T.
A dor, with two tails was seen in
Millersbarg tbe other day,- One be
longed t an ox. and was carried in tbe
moutn or tne dog; ,
Earrings -are. now fastened to tbe
ear by a screw, and an addition to do
mestic noises Minuay morning is in tne
shape of "Mercy, me: .where- that
screwdriver?" i.
A successful merchant, n'rtanbeing
questioned as to the reason of his suc
cess, replied : " At night 1 store my
mind, and during the day 1 mind my
store, and always aaveruse.
The office of the Loudonville Indt-
jnVittith.iti 'entire onttnts,n a
dwelling owned by mt. i arnau, were
burned on Sunday evening week, anu
another dwelling damaged. Loss about
$3,000. The fire was caused by the ex
plosion of an oil lamp. No insurance,
Threshinr Maclunen. Horse Powers,
Reaping and Mowing Machines. Sujky
Hay Rakes. Plows, Road Scrapers,
Farm Bells, or castings of almost any
kind can De nougnt at toe snops oi toe
Millersburg Machine Company .at great
ly reduced prices. zon
Judge Welker and John Zimmer
man, Esq., were in town several days
last week, trying to get the right of way
tlirougb tne county for the proposed
ltke tne, ooster a 3luskingum V at
ley Railroad. In most cases they suc
ceed very well. . ,
' The road to Columbus is laid for
about half the distance. The winter
has been a hard one fof this work, and
matters bave progressed slowly. But
so soon as spring comes the track will
be completed and nady-toran to Colum
bus. Jit. Vernon Hepuolican.
The Machine Shop of B. Barrett
& Co., oi Wooster, advertised in this
paper, has an extensive run, and is do
ing a large business sending., out some
oi uie nuest yeaguiest ooiiers, ex., in
the country. Parties desiring goods In
tbelr line woaicrJtnd K M their ad van
tage to call on tbem. ' 4 3
A propositfoif to tnlrd stcoal rail
road from tbe-Hoi mas county coal re
gion to connect tfith tuel'ictsburgh 1 1.
V ayne & Chicas-railr&l. atLakeville
is now said to be -beld- favorably under
auvisemenc- oy 1 resmsuc scott, oi tne
n nsylvanta Company Mcrald,MaM--We
hav AlVtSe'4rtt two cop
ies of the "TartJ)3eMf DerAotrat," pub
lished at Crestline, Ohio, by Jennerand
Reid, as editors- -ancf proprietors, with
G. Z. Cruzan, as- local editor, !h Jolyi
Hudson. Jni charts of he uataahlcal
deparOBtbti 1 TJiei DenkitaiiauauiitS
with a full corps of editorial, reportor
ial and mechanical workers, and bids
lair ror success.' parying its politics we
predict its success.
The editor of the Mansfield Herald
says ve i.ost our bat at tlia4aDQ,ueX orM
tbe-everrtn f the""dedirfaflon ortffeT
Mansfield Conrt House. The editor
will doubtless be glad-to know that ilia
party taking the hat rturtJ?afar bajf
an honrf perfectly irinOcent of the fact
that he was wearing an editor's bat, al
though he acknowledged that all the
time he was out, he felt constrained by
some misterious influence to return and
report the proceedings of the meeting,
something with in saying W-riWwiitKT
The Best Stove in the Market.
The Inland Empire and the Arlington
the best stoves in the market, can be
bad at Voorbes . Bros. Stove and Tin
store. Read what they say In another
column. t .;'-"Z-
Six Splendid Chromos for Every
Arrangements have "beenr. made by
rwhich we can offer a year's subscription
the JNew lorK ananaavat York ana
Eclectic Weeklf, with - tbelr six magnif
icent Chromos? ruood .. Alorning,"
"Carlo in Mischief," "Spring Flowers,"
"bummer 1 lowers, and ? "Asleep and
Awake," together fun oar .own jour
nal;for $4,50.
As the Chromos alone are worth from
$10,00 to $15,00, and as the New York
publication is every way first-class, it
presents an unusual opportunity to our
subscribers. The Chromos are made by
Prang and otherv celebrated artists, and
will ue forwarded -promptly by man
prepaid. ,r - f
Should any of our subscribers desire
only the two first named Chromos, they
will be sent with -the to-flications
for $3,75. V J
Remit to the publishers of this paper.
To all who are ttt- need of Daner-fa
velopesy&c.", plam'qr fantjwewonfiTt
state, that "we nave a good assortment!11-"-
on hands, and are fitting up the room
back of the Post Office, where samples
our stock can be seen. The best
brands of Cap, Legal Cap, Fools Cap
Xote Heads, iU i Heads, Letter.Heads'
Note and Letter Paper, always on bands
Envelopes of all styles and colors. Our
paper and envelopes are of the best
quality, and will pe sold at tne very
lowest tiguieaj Persons) wishing to
theirx-ards bruited on their envel
letterheads. an have it done1 at lit
tle expense. Please remember that. all
kinds of Stationery can be bad at
wholesale or retail.
- - Keward of. Merit.
The following strong certificate as to
the curative virtues of Miss Sawyer's
Salve, we clip from the Patten Voice:
" We ar bnppy to "liy . Before ourt
readers "theT fbllowiiig "cure, effected
tlie use'of Miss Sawyer's 'Salve."" j
.Ur. hilas Bryant of Sherman, has
been afflicted for years with what the
doctors pronounced a ' tGroJuknu-caricer.
He consulted the most skillful physi
cians in vain, and was finally induced
to try Miss Sawyer's Salve and pow af-,
ter using tbe fourth .'bpxj be is entirely
cured, and enjoys perfect health.- 'tf '
The following letters remain uncalled
for in the Millersburg Post ' Office,. J"eb.
12th, 1873: yi
Benton. L R Hoffman. Sallie E
Brown, Mrs Amanda Johnson, Miss Annie
Urunv. Anna Barbara Johnston, A B
Cross, A Jones, John J
Carlton, Wra ,,. Lewis,MisaSA
Cramer, John Moore, Mrs Nancr A
Callen, ltichard Miller, Daniel M
Durbin, Leander - Manchester. Isaac
Ditwiler. U W .
Dorr, Peter
Fulton, John R
Pultun. Josiah
Falkner. Will
olmstead. Will II
Powell, Mrs MXrg-aret
Peterson, C J.
Sbanibarsrer, John
Smith, M
Shepler, M arion
Smitser. Miss M
Webber, S B
WelchDr . -
Glass. Henry
ttonman, j
Haton. Joseph
Henley, Patrick
Persons calling for above letters will
please say ."Advertised.!', I
Not Over-Estimated.
We hare received from the publishers of Our
Fireside Friend, Chicago, the: Cbrotno 'Cute,1
which they give away to every subscriber to
their weekly. We havo read much of the beau
ty or this picture before seeing it, and we now
say.with pleasure that its valne and beauty
has not been over-estimated; we find it as
good as represented. Our Fireside Friend has
successfully reached its third volume and is
already highly prized and widely known
throughout the Union.
Codey's Lady's Book.
This most excellent companion in the parlor.
drawing-room, and wherever the rcliied lady
is seen, comes to us to cheer us during the
long winter hours like an old and true friend.
Send for it and get the Chromo 'Our Darling'
L. A. Godey, Philadelphia.
A Very Beautiful Paper.
arejnst in rocelpt of the Kclu-uarr'num-ber
of the Peoples Monthly of Pittsburgh,
which, now that it is printed in its new type
and on tinted paKr, boldly claims to be the
most beautiful illustrated paper for the home
published in this or any other country. This
nnmberertainly teems to beur oot the claim.
It has no less than eight engravings, .stme of
them and especially the frontispiece being
very beautiful, in brief, we can say that the
Pe oples Monthly is a pure, wholeiieuie ami at
tractive home paper, and well Reserving
hearty and genurous western support. We are
not surprised to learn that its circulation is
now increasing at the rate or one hundred per
day.' (1 60 per year. ' Subscriptions received
at the post office Call and see specimen cop
ies and enemngmncent premium engraving.
Centaur Liniment.
t There ii ao pain which tbeCeotaarLinlment
'wtlf net relieve, no swelling It wilLnoteakdae
aaitao lameifcaa which it will not cure. This is
strong language, bat it is true. Where the part
is not gone, lu effect are marrelooi. It hat
produced more cares as rhfnmatm,neuralgia.
lock-jaw, pals J, spraun, swellings, caked'
breasts, scalds, burns, salt rhaem, ear-ache,
Ac, npoa the hsmaa same, and of strains,
spavin, galls, Ac, apon animal in one year
than hare all other pretended remedies since
tbe world began. It I a oooater-irntant, an
all-healing pain reliever. Cripples throw away
their crotches, the lame walk, poisonous bites
are rendered haradeni and the wounded are
healed without a tear. Itmaohambag. The
ecipe is pahlubod around each kettle. It is
selling as no article ever before sold,and it sella
because it does Just what it pretends todj
Those who now lunar .from rheamatttm, pain
or sweBtng; deserve to suffer if they will not
nseCeaaturUnimear. More than 1030 certifi
cates ur i-egtsrkabl tsres, inolucUig frozen
limbs, caroaie raenei nasi . . mnningtu.
mors, ajo, hare been received. We will tend
a circular containing certificates, the recipe.
Ac, gratis, to any one requesting it One bot
tle of the yellow wrapper Centaur Liniment is
worth one hundred dollars for spavined or
sweenied horses and mules, or for screw-worm
in sheep. Stock owners this Liniment Is
worth your attention. No family should be
without Centaur Liniment, t. B. Boas ft Co.,
XewTork. . ,
Caatorte is more than a substitute flsr Cas
tor Oil. It is the only sale article in existence
which is certain to assimilate the ood, regu
late tbe bowels, cure wind nolle and 'produce
natural sleep. It contains neither minerals,
morphine or alcohol, and is pleasant to take.
Children need not cry and mothers may rest.
B.J. Young has sold out bis Bakery
to M. r . .Lang, wno will take cnarge by
tne nrst oi April.
Look to your interest. If you want a
SeKiof JfaiJune go. to the Messrs. Hull's
new room, nearly opposite the Post Of
fice, and get a good one, one that is easy
to operate and easy to run. The ckeav-
ett and best machine In the world nev
er ont of order, and is universally liked
wherever known," d one that .will last
Wholf Millbooge.
Mrs. Wholf and Miss Abbe MUlhouse
having purchased the .Millinery and
rancy store oi Jira. iioxwortn ox tvoi-
gamut, announce that they have just re
ceived a large stock of goods, and are
able totfupply their-ewstomen 'with tab"
qch L ve til hint in.: that iin oi
ness. llyl
Attention! Premiums!!
We have just received a few copies of
'Great Industries of tbe United States,'
a splendid volume of over '1,300 pages,
fully illustrated, which, we are prepared
to offer as premiums for subscribers.
Any person sending tne names of six
new subscribers to the Republic. with
twelve dollars will receive a copy, of
wis rnagnmcent wore.
Now is the time to cm to work. Tt Is
no trouble to' get subscribers, as the
Republican introduces itself wherever
it goes. - - -
We will send, the book toanv efour
subscribers tcAo are not in arrears for
the low price of $3.25. and to any one
sending us $5.26 we will send the work,
ano credit tnem witn a years subscrip
tion to the Refcbucax on our books. -
we will send tbe work alone for S3. 50.
Address, Whitb t Cunningham,
Millersburg, Ohio.
Cameo pictures at Hall's Gallery.
India Ink pictures at Hall's Gal
lery. .. . , I8tf
The purest and sweetest cod liver
Oil is Hazard & Caswell's made on the
sea shore, from fresh, selected livers, by
Caswell, Hazard & Co., New York. It
is absolutely pure and tweet. Patients
who have once taken prefer it to others.
Physicians have decided it superior to
any of the other oils in market, 16mo3
Shadow pictures at Hall's Gallery.
18tf , !( , .
.Ciiivi - : Z- i-" :.:-'iS.:li:
Maine owes $7,187,000.
Ohio's debt is $8,582,000. . r rv
: Vicksburg" has 15,000 dogs.
St Louis had 394 fires in 1872.
The debt of Illinois is $1,700,000.
"Too much salt irritates the stom
ach.- i. ' .-'.'. V. ' '
Augusta, Ga., has had fine skat
Florida, ianauas ripen iverj
Pastry and cakes produce consti
A New York lady has" a'p'et lintte-
Iowa has over 3,000 'miles of rail
Nebraska has 1,300 miles of rail
road. - ' '
The shortest verse in the Bible is
John is. 35.
Bass wood is now made into book-
aper. in .. .;.!:
Pacific steamers employ eight en
gineers. .
There are 500 female postmasters
in the country.
Baked potatoes are more healthy
than boiled ones. '
n r i ; ? - i i . if '? '
There are; 82,000 postqfflces in. the
. states.
Fortvjrpnjen are, employed in th:
Massachusetts built only 52 miles
of railroad in 1875. .-; -
t The turninr of Eome.in tho veax
94, slaated rgbtdays?- " ,
By and-by the country will get
used to $1000,000,000 fires.
i. There are nearly 5,000,000 negroes)
in the United States." "
' r . ' ; r r' r; '
A Wisconsin Judge recently grant
ed himself a divorce. ,
A bill before the Wisconsin legis
lature makes.it a misdemeanor for a.
State officer or a member of the Leg
islature to accept a free railroad
pass. , s . , 4-,
The widow bf John Lay of Logan
111,, who broke his neck while intox
icated, has recovered $1,209 from
the saloon keeper who sold him the
Pennsylvania railroad, bills have
smooth passage through. the Legis
lature. Une authorizing an increase
of capital stock was legalized yester
day without a dissenting voice or
call of the yeas and nays. . .
The moral and political status of
Utah is growing so bad that Presi
dent Grant thinks Congressional
legislation is needed to guard against
Mormon usurpation.and it is stated
that lie will immediately urge Con
gress to give the matter attention
The Akron Beacon says that iron
ore beds are being developed in tbe
vicinity of that city and felicitates
the Akroninns on the prospect of
soon raising their own ore, besides
shipping the article to outside mar
kets. .
Mrs. Charles Sumner is occupy
ing her time in Europe chiefly in do
ing good to others. More than one
American family to whom dire dis
ease has come in foreign lands has
found a Jatthful and efficient nurse
in Mrs. Sumner. In one instant.
she travels from Florence to Vienna
to ' nurse several members of an
American family of whose scriuus
illness occurring a.t the Bamo. time
she had heard. " 1 .
Mr.Butler has an acquisitive mind
He thinks Mexico will be added to
the United States during the next
generation. Let us hope that Mr.
ISntler does not intend to spnn
this issue upon as now. The Sand
wich Islands and Cnba are enough
for present consideration.
The kidnapping trade.which has
been plied with great vigor and suc
cess among the Polynesian group of
islands is receiving the attention of
fjreat iin tain. . Advices from Mel
bourne mention the fact of three
privateers -having been recently
Bcizeu wune actively engaged in
General Walker late Surrerinten-
dent of the Census is strongly in
lavorortaKtng a census in 187a
He thinks the. opportunity a good
one to show the progress of the
country in wealth population and
industry daring tbe century in view
of the centennial anniversitv of
American independence.
A Xaanessea philosopher has made
the discovers that our solar system
traesaboM the star Alcyone in an
elliptic orbit, taking twenty two bil
lions of years for the trip. He
claims that this huge cycle has its
spring summer and winter, and that
in its changing seasons the vegeta
ble and animal life on the earth are
liable to be extinguished to be fol
lowed by a new order of things.
Millersburg Market.
Feb. 12, 1873.
FLOCH, fi bbl. Retail,
WHEAT, White $ bush,
ui ii l t -m 1 . t . L
SSSOa9 00
- - - . M0
imi. hum,:
IXJJU, a hash (asr -'
- m
K1L. " -
BARLEY. - - - -
fi 00
" 00as,
- 1 50
OATS, new, bush.
TIMOTBY iEEB, . -.4- . .
r i.. v r.i.
HAY'Ston, ...
EGGS. V doz
1 75
- - 15 00
- S5
BUTTER, (in roll) W lh.
. IS
W In
PAKSD M U iiks.; - ' t ' .
itaesrw nr. " - .
- 85
S 00
SALT, rtbbL retail, -WOOL,
$ lb. -WOOD,
per cord,
S 50rtp4 (JO
4 50
Cleveland Money Market.
CLEVELAND, Feb. 11, 1873.
The following- are the closing rates of Speoie
ad tjoerntaec Securities in this market:'
Bnvinr. Sellin r
Gold 113 114
Silver larg-e ins no
Silver small 105 log
Sixes of 1881, coupons 111L; 115
Five-Twenties j4) coupons lltfi " ' - 115
Five-Twenties (IMS) coupons in;; lis
Five-Twenties (1865. coupons 114 115X
Five-Twenties (1887) coupons 115j 116
Five-Twenties (1853) couuons 115 117
Ten-Forties ex. in. coupons 1142 115,j
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 11, 1873.
.COTTON Middlings Kfii
xiAju it-, western so,wa4.5
Ohio 7.45S9.50
WHEATSpring 1,65
Ked amber 1,681,70
OATS : 5Sa51c
BUTTER 10al5
CORNVjiak.,- .-.r.. - 6ia63c
BEEFv.....w . .-810.e
PORK-.T7... 114.35
EUUS 34a35c
Railway Time Tables.
Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne & Chicago R. R.
Tbains Coins West.
No. 1 No. T No. 5 No. 8
Fast Ex. Pac Ex. Mail. Night Ex.
1.40A.M. V.1UA.H. -I.1UA.M. l.Wr.H.
10. " 8.40 "
1.3UF.M.11.4G "
S.07F.M. 1. 4ir.lt.
3..M " S IT "
MS " 4. 3S "
6.15 "
6.51 "
8J5 "
5.2S "
7.08 "
7.84 "
9.11 "
9.40 "
d9.40 "
5.40 G.U0
6.10A. X. 9.50
7.56 " 11.15 "
Forest. 10.05 '
l' Wan,
12.08 r.M. 9.15 " 9.05" 12.17 A.V.
1.10P M. 11.55 " 11.50 2.40A.M
4.45 " 2.55A.M. S.35r.M. 6.05 "
7.50 " 6010 " 6.30 " 8.20 "
Tsaims Goino East.
No. 8 No. 2 No. S No. 4
Mail. Fast Ex. PacEx. KightEx.
6.15A.M. 9.20A.M. 5.30r.M. 9.40P.M.
9.15 " I2.02P.M. 8.55 " 12.50 A. M
ft- Wavne. 12.20r.M. 2.20FM 11.30 " 3.25
Lima, 2.45 " 4.07 " 1.18A.M. 5.16 "
Forest. 4.00 " 5.08 " 2.27 " 6.2S
Crestline, IIJOa.m 6-50P.M 4.15a.m. 8.25a.m.
wooster, 1.401. a. ...11 - o . iu - iu.,i, -
.Orrville, 2.13 " 9.20 6J7 11.06 "
Alliance, 4.20 - iu.00 - o.u - l.iur.a.
iochester, 6.67 1.12a.m. 10.42 8.39 "
8.111 " 2 20a M 11.45A.M. 4.46 "
No. 1. Daily except Monday: Nos. 5.7, 8.2,
and 4 Daily except Sunday; Nos. 3 and 6,
F. R. MYERS, Gen. Ticket Agent.
F. R. MYERS, Gen. Ticket Agent. Cleveland Mt. Vernon & Columbus R. R.
Goiko North.
Ex-arcs. AccominO'tn.
Leave Mount Vernon,
7.36 A. M.
-.uemttier,-- - - -
" Howard, , .
- ' Danville, ' "-
Gann, :
" Black Creek.
-.")- - '
8.25 , "
8 50 -
- 9.20 "
10.15 a
10.45 "
, 11.10 "
11:46 "
12-08 P. M
1:15 "
2-00 "
2:35 "
8:55 "
5-40 "
7-90 "
" Killbuck,
- Millersburg,
6-24 A. M.
Fredericksburg, 6-51
- Apple creca, o-oo
" Orrville,
" Marshaliville,
" Akron,
" Hudson.
7-00 "
7:14 "
8-08 "
10:10 "
Arr. at Cleveland,
4-06 P.M.
6:28 "
saa "
7-05 "
7-90 -7:44
8.-01 "
8:18 "
8-27 "
Leave Cleveland,
8-50 A.M.
12-00 M.
AnDle Creek.
12:46 P. M.
Fredertcksb'rg, 2:40
Holmesville, 8:05
Millersburg; 8-26
Black Creek,
4 .-00
Arr. at Mount Vernon, 7:17
Carries U.S. MaiL
R. C. HURD, President.
G. A. JONES, Superintendent.
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific R.
The direct route for Jouet, Morris, OtUwa.
Lasalle, Pern, Henry, Macon, Peoria, Genne-
seo.Moline, Kock Island, Davenport, Musca
tine, WasuingtonJowaCity , Grinnel, Newton,
Des Moines, Council Bluffs and Omaha, with
out change, where it Joins with the Union Pa-J
eiflc Railway for Denver, Salt Lake City, Sac
ramento. San-Francisco, and all points west
on the Pacific coast. Trains leave daily, viz:
Omaha, Leavenworth a Atchison Extress,(ex-
ceps -sunoay.j.
Peru Accomiuodat ion, (except Sundays?,
5.00 P. M .
Omaha and Leavenworth Express, (except
Saturdays). iu.uu r . a,
rwnnt corner Harrison and Sherman streets.
Ticket ottice 33 West Madison street, Sherman
The Chicago, Rock Island and Paeino Rail
road Company have now opened tbeir South
western Division between Leavenworth, At
chison and Chicago, evnnecting at Leaven
worth with Kansas Pacifle and Missouri Pa
cific Railroads, and at Atchison with Atchison
Topeka A Santa Fe, Central Branch Union Pa
cific and Atchison ft Nebraska Kauroaus, ror
all points in Kansas, Indian Territories, Colo
rado and New Mexico. The company nave
built a full complement of Palace luawing
Room and Sleeping Care, which for external
beauty and interior arrangements for the com
fort, convenience and luxury of passengers are
unequalcd by any other cars of the kind in the
world. Through tickets tor sale at all princi
pal and way ticket ontces.
HueR RinDLV, General superintendent.
A. M. SMlTH.IUeneral Passenger Agent, IRI-
cago,IlL.. -.. -
Want a cook.
Want a clerk, i
- Want partner, : -
Wsnt a situation, .
Want a servaut girl, i.
' Want to wll a piauo.
Want to sell a carriage,
i Want to buy or sell a farm.
Want a hoarding plsre, i
Want to sell town proiterty,
Wsnt to sell groceries or drugs.
Want to sell household furniture.
Want to sell dry goods or carp ts,
Wsnt to flud .Austouters ior anything,
Advertising .will gain MT. customenv
Advertiniiig will Keep old customers,
Advertising liberally always pays.
Advertising makes Sucre eny.
Advertising bugots eonddence.
Advertising snows energy.
Advertising shows pluck.
Advertising mean bis.
Advertise or 'hunt,"
- . v-' Advertise loag, j MV ..
' " Advertise welL
Advertise .
Look Through One of the
Most Extensive Stocks!
In the United States,
Our On Hainfaclnre
No lour stain to climb, as we have Two
Steam Klerators. ooe for carrying oar custom
ers and one for handling Furniture. So it is no
iron oie fo iook ac gooo on ue upper noon.
103, I05 & I07 Water St..
Factory 30, 32 A 34 St. Clair St,
Tie Fist, Cfaj6st4B est,
And Most Perfect Machine Made in the
World.. . . ,,
ALSO, A - '
And one that will make
Button-Holes and Do Over-seaming1,
coxbivxd is oss.
Like all machines, when first made, and that
did the work for which they were intended,
was rude, nnconth and imperfect, but the in
rentive genius of man, stimulated by protec
tion, has not only improved them, but the last
having the advantage of the defects and im
perfections of the nrst, hare devfced and orig
inated new ones, that are alUxutltAr better, more
iniplifdj tuattr and cheaper, so that we can
present to you amacnineiuat,at a giance,you
would pronounce perfect. At all events- they
will do work superior to hand work, either for
neatness, durability and beauty. This we do
American Sewing Machine,
Which will do all work that is done by any
Sewing Machine, and besides, simple and plain
not hard to understand, easy to run, (either on j
account of their mechanical construction, or
not being complicated, or ooin, i seiaom or nev
er out of order, and will last a lifetime.
The Splendid Mechanism
Of this machine, and the snpenor skill, work
manship and materials employed in its con
struction, are a guaranty of accuracy, strength
and durability, and runs with such ease that it
maces a woman laugu.
me snuttie, rioing in us carrier, is suojec.
to no wear, and the friction oi a "race" is
avoided. The tensions admit of such nice ad
justment, and with such ease and certainty,
that one of the irreat difficulties met with in
ordinary machines is entirely avoided. The
ieea is aajustaote, so tuas it win worts who
equal facility either light or heavy goods.
This beinr comoarativelv a new machine
neraons would naturallv be a little suspicious
of buying a machine they knew but little about
out oy reierring to uie ioiiowingnamea per
sons who have these machines in use, you can
be better satisfied:
Miss Ann Mill bouse.
Mrs. E.G. Saunders,
" George Kahler,
" J. Mc Kirov,
" A. Hen as,'
" J. Carpenter,
Mis Louisa Korna,
Mrs. Elder Sharp,
John Hitnna,
n Joseph Axe,
" Wra. Fox,
' J. Erst,
" John Stiffier,
" Enning,
H. S. Weston,
Miss II listed,
Mrs. Robert Karr,
" (J. U. Parkinson,
" Urich,
" Wra Weaver, .
" Barnet.
" L. SeedeU
' B. Beegle,
H. G. white,
Mary Ernest,
John Reid,
Mrs. J. carv,
" W. 3Iartin,
W. Harris,
Miss J. llarter,
" S. E. Williams,
" O. Crawford, jr
" J. fhiHips,
M Us.J. Piitterson ,
Mrs. T. B. Moore,
m. w. Brown,
James Martin,
A. B. Frey,
M. Low,
B. V. Calhonn,
Jos. Adams.
" A. Ingles,
w . . uourniey,
J. C Duncan,
" Jos. Achemive,
James Murrv.
" Purdy,
a. Mcuinre,
J. Poulson.
Miss Sutherd,
Mrs. G. Evans,
" Miles,
. isames.
" H. Hillver,
Wm. Johnston.
Miss J.Poloek,-. . .
Mis. C. S. Terry, ,
" iiriiMnsii, .
" H. Martin,
S.J. Wller,
wnii Kberman
Miss Steinbrlng,
' MuryMoran,
Mrs. Thomas Barnes,
" iteoert rowers,
G. W. Mitchei.
iw jonnston.
One evidence ol their worth is the success
that attends thera, whereTer they go. other
machines hare earned a reputation and sell on
their reputation, (and are entitled to it) but the
world is wide and we want a reputation too,
and are willing to work for it, and that is what
we are aner to-aay.
We warrant these machines to be what they
are represented, and if you will try them, you
will nuuiney win suit you.
J. W. HULL, Agent.
These machines can be seen at tbe new room
nearly opposite the Post Office, Millersbiirgt
Om where also eaa be seen the
Wilson IVIa.cliine9
Which comes Cheaoer. and cives alI!action.
Call and see them. Prices ranging Irom sfta
upwarua. -
Sewing machine attachments, needles and
oil kept on hand
Fancy Goods,
All .Veto Style: Call and See Them.
Something Very Nice In
Gold and Black Wristlrla. Nock Chains of a
Ileautllul Style.
Also. Ladles' law Collars. Kanojr Hows, an
eosaoiatni new In a ate 1 1 ior u
October 9U, lRa.
n. p. Mccormick,
Latest Styles
All Kind of Repairing Neatly Done.
Waltham arvdl
American I
At LowPrices.f
Millersburg, 0 Sept. 10, l&li.
TJERK you have a sarve ccmbinirrf; ootWrja; and
XX healing properties, with no dangerous ingred
sbdi. A remedv at hand for the manv pains and
aches, wounds and bruises to which flesh is heir.
is more easily appnea man many oiner rnneuiw,
sever producing a osa enea, out always ra"s
pain, however severe.
U M prepaiva oy mm ounicr, wno dbb nv
a her own extensive treatment of lbs sick, fur
nearly twenty years, with great success.
The principal dueases for which this salve i rec
ommended are. Chilblain. Bhewatatikrm, Piles,
Scrofula Old Ulcer, Salt PAmrn, Sprains, BmrnM,
Fever Sores, Felon, Pimple, Erynpel, Son
Eyes, Barber's Itch, Deafness, Boil, Ring-worms,
Corns, Bites of Insects, Cancers, Toothache, Ear
ickc. Sore Alpple, Bahlness, Stcolten Breasts,
OCA, Scaia Uta, leewng, ,nappei ajvmuw.
Scalds, Cuts, Bruise, Croup, Cracked lips, sod
Sore on Children
It never fails to en re Rheumatism If properly
applied. Rub it on well with the hand three times
OitV- in nevenu cave n im cun-u uibitu muu.
For Pile it has been dtooovered to be a sure rem
edy. Persona that have been afflicted for years
bave been relieved by a few applications. For Ery
tipcla It works wonders, allaying the tnflammatiod
rod quieting the patient. For Chapped Hands it
sroduces a cure inunedintelv. Let those with Salt
Rhrum obtain this 8lvr. and apply It freely, and
Jtey will And it invaluable. It Is good in esses of
Scrofula and Tumors. Cancer tiare been cured
grim Ifc. I. lie m-A, onno iuituku n ajsnwis
Breast snd Sore Hippies. No way injurious, but
are to afford relief. Sore or Weak Eyes Rub it
n the lids gently, once or twice a dsy. Cures deaf
mm l,v nnttinv In tbe esra on a niece of eotton.
For Felons this is superior to anything known.
For Pimples this sets like a charm. For Bums
snd Scalds, apply the Salve mt once and it gives
bnmediate relict: For Old Sorts, apply once a
Xrt among the least of the invaluable proper! le.
of Mish Hawykr': Salve are its beneficial effects
on the hair. Rubbed on the scalp, in Are or six
different parts, it promotes the Kfuwth of the hair.
Srevems u turiuusf gray, ana on oaia pota it pi
iiccs a new growth of bnir. No lady should
ithoiit this invaluable article as an IndUneniuihlo
cosmetic for the toilet. It eradicates dandruff ami
dfeeasc from the bead, and blotches and pimples
from Um face.
From Ars. ELIZABETB COOMBS, BntnsvicJt.
Brunswick, April 4, 1MT.
lit as Sawtoi : I received your letter last evse
trig, and was very glad vou oouetuded to let toe
take your Halve. 1 think I can do well with H, and
k will be quite an accommodation to my husband,
aW cannot aet alamo tcUAottt it. He has tried
even' thing else and has never found anything that
bealvd his leg as that Salve of youra. and we have
both found It to be ult, and even mors, than fou
rummendltto.- we nave nau it in tno nuniiy
five or six yeara, aitd have smtl it for everything,
and can truly maw test hire merer found it evwU.
I use H for a weak back, and tt acta like a cliarm.
Mr. Coombs has had a Ferer Sre em Mis Ug Jor
thirty wtarm. and uxmtd be a cripple Uhdnu. if h
had not found t remedy in ywrr iSalre. U keepa
H htakd. ami takes out the li rtammauon. proud
flesh and swelling, and does for bim all that he can
ask. I ran n-eommend tt for a rood nuuiv things
that yuu have no), for I uae it fur everything. 1
consider h invaluable In a family.
If your Druggist Is out of the 9a!re, and iisgiseta
to keep supplied, send sixty cents as directed be
few, aud rwelva a box by return mail.
mt up fn Large Boxes at BO COTita seen
( nearly three times as lanre as die box represented
above). Prepared by C- 8AWV1K, aod
put up bv L. M. BOBBINS, WbolmU
and RetaUl Dnnreiat, Bockland. Ma.
A Trial Box sent free by mail on receipt of sixty
cents, oy i at. iiudduo! nsooaianu, ate.
All persons knowing- theossolTOS IndebtrdV'
the nndorsis;neil lor profnisional senricoa, will
please call and settle br oash or note, between
litis and the ant of April, 18TJ. UHo, days
erv Satunlar altsmoon.
It Frwlsrlcksburs; , W ajn Co unto.
M am 1
New lid
In Coils
MQeil)nT FnriiitnT6 Sddhis
rpUE snbscriber !s prepared to fill orders of
X. 11 kinds in his line with promptness and
dispatch. He keeps constantly on band
From the cheapest quality to the finest, a lit
tle cheaner than the same article can benro-
cured elsewhere. A splendid article of
Bed-Room Fnrnitiire
Kept constantly oa hand.
(S REPAIRING NeaUy Done on short
Special attention given to the business of
Metallic. Excelsior and Walnut Cofilns kaot
constantly on hand. Coffins manufactured fe
order. T tvo good Hearses kept constantly in
readiness to attend calls.
20tf fi
XTew Goods.
Has boagbt at the beat time, a fall line tt
Queensware & Groceries,
Which he oilers tor -
Cash and Trade Z
Please call and examine. I flattermysclftfaai
I can oner von the cheapest stocA of coeds evef
in Hillersbnrg.
I also oar as rood a mice for produce, in cash
or trade, as the market will allow.
Fall aaa Winter Dry Geotls.
GltO CERIES, &c,
J. E. KOCH, Jr's.
At his Old Stand, on the
Jeg-Call early and seenre Barzains.
"Quick Sales & Small Profit"
J. E. KOCH, Jr.
Millersburg, O, Oct. . 1S.
Life Insurance Co.
Purely Mutual.
So rnsnensarr Restriction. Cnoqualoa
" Litwralltj.
ASSETS, JAS.l,tera,
0n,4O,oas 10.
Dlreclors' Offlca:
tt Conrt Strcot. Boston, Mass.
flenrr Crocker.
aniel Sbarp,
Waiiint H. Hollister. -diaries
II. Brewer,
D. L. Uallup.
Ckief Clerk.
J.C. Sharp. M. D.
Medical Examiner.
ri. r. Bartaa. Snperlntendent of Agencies.
oeneraf MaaaaorOhio Branek Oflloe, 16 West
benerai asr S(rert tinolnnaU. ,
tUDOlTB HOL2BRDIK, Special Afent.

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