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Holmes County Republican.
Milleesuuikj,0, e : Aai 3, 1873.
Notice to Subscribers.
Subscribed eaa alsrav Ml how their b
cripttoa account stands, by kinking at the
njreres icr tucir names on me address lanei
lutstnioe uiemargta of ine paper. TkoMtt
ares show Uie exact date to winch subscription
' has been paid. There saay possibly be unt
. , mistakes in the datee. 11 to our eubtoribert
. wiupieaeietusia.wwhatthevare.
Change in Mail Time.
On and after Friday, Xcrvcmber, lst
-' the mail going Xortu will close at 10:45
a. at. All letter for uiat mail nunst oe
In by that time. Mail going South will
close at 8 r. at.
The credit system In the newspaper
business scatters small tarns of money,
- arzreiratina' a large amount to each
publisher, over a vast extent of country,
' rendering collection from tardy debtors
i next to impossible and is therefore pro
ductive or not loss to puousnera.
. Paper, Ink, labor and all other sources
: of expenditures in newspaper otuoea
reaulre cash. -
Better Darters can be poblUhed when
paid for in advance than when the pra
prietawn r pressed for awmey U meet
taexWrr aeaauutda made noon them.
There is little doubt that a law or
Congress will, In a few months, require
postage to be paid on all papers sent
tarougn tne maiia, ana mat u. must oe
paid in advance by the publishers.
In view of the foregoing, and other
considerations wnicn It is not aeemea
necessary to enumerate, the under
signed, publishers of the Holmes Coun
ty BaPCBUCAX and Holmes County Far
mer, agree to adopt the pay-in-advance
system, to send no papers from their
respective office from and after tne '
unless the same be paid for in advance.
Publishers of j
"- ,' Holmes Cocstt Rkpubxcak,
Publishers of Holmes Cousti Farmer.
Through, neglect or earelereneRa. of
some body, perhaps the party who cor
rects the market reports,the grain mar
ket hat been erroneouSy quoted of late.
This laUTt will b corrected immediate
ly, and hereafter the reports may be re
lied on as correct. ' "j "' '
I -
There will be tw6 concerts given at
the' Brick Church,' iu Paint Valley,
Thursday and rrtday7igbteAprill0tb
and 11th.' All are invited. B&lt nights
equally good.; Change of programme
(toad twnlngr Arlmtesian 25 CU. J.
C.'Bushey ..Organist, and A. Johnston,
Leader. ,J. -"., ..,'.- 73w2. ;
ADVANCE PAYMENT. Correction. Bear in Mind.
... Township Trustees- sh6ld;bear .In,
mind that for - the election of Delegate
' to the Constitutional Convention they
... must keep separate ballot boxes, srpa
. rate tally sheets and separate poll-books,
the same as it no other election was be
. -: tog held ab the aaroe time, ana certify
Ufa result Oie same as In the election of
' Tepresentatlves to the General Assent'-
Gone East.
Mrs. E. Ciller started for New York
.'. f and; WHisSpMa, bsyvidaj for t
cii.w aannssraf. faying in-; a large StocU pf,
'.. KUUnerytuW Fancy Goods. Ilercus
'i't '7.lh ..lomers niaj'j'soon'exBiBct upon her
''( helves a-fine' array of-snew styles of
'i u boanetB, bate, fancy goods, such as the
Iadier deBghtr t .ee. -styles tnis
Spring are Mid-to.be .very-pretty, and
. our fair readers wilt seen be flocking
'"'', the Ewselslor Corner to gefca peep at
the 'beauties there. t--" ;
Shoes for the Million.
"' ' 8 rut 4,16 storf. of Shrimplin &
r'.V.Cafrey one koulil naturally conclude on
looking artmntl htm that tfiejr had the
j'l6rrtrsrf jt flirnishing Holmes county
.' wit boota and shoesi' Th'uj ijaay not be
:;,.".'.ltteraJIy thecase-rat tbey sell to wj
' 1 Urge nnmberof poeple.' Tliejr are prer
pared to furuisfi any 'xirdcr'fhat may be
made. Their stock is a weH selected
onayand tJielr goods- give the best ef
Shoes for the Million. Moving Day.
fj Tbe 1st pf April with all it? Joy and
---sorrows ha8 come and gone. :A great
L many people on that day were 'row ted
oat of their houses,and were obliged to.
make their homes on the streets for the
time being until somebody else made
. room for them In tuTn.. Mbting day,
x like .washing .day, ,1s ajwas j a dread,
" and lucky 1t is wiien' lfdoeskiotcome
oftener (han once a ;year. Tliere .were
' a great many ehanges made tliis'ye. f
A Fine Display of Flowers.
-: In passing down Clay street thextber
day we were attracted by the display of
beautiful flowers in the window of our
I towBsasaaC ,F. Nekton, E$q.r.Mr.
Newton Invited ns' lit when! weivere
-,'.BclJy"tonishe(l at (lit deliglitfnrtfa-4
'graoee in, the rooms emitted from, flow
ers. There wen In-rfuli bloom, Hya-
eiatha. Geraniums, Fuclilas, Schrizos
tyloa, Ixlss alud.otbers. .InIr. N's col-
. Wctioa of heiuc plants are or 8 varie
ties 'of. the' Amaryllis: imd Caladlum.
One little plant from the Ohio forests is
waits a novelty as well as a beauty, it is
- we believe a species of the pi centra,
commonly called . "Squirrel Corn."
Thanks to Mr. Newton for a pot of
Hyacinths. -v; i!Ht ,
Teachers' Examination.
At the Examination last Saturday the
following teachers received certificates
William Jameson,
JT. H. H. Crawford
'!. l. Ewlng,- -?-T ;
: Robert Ballagh, ' ' "
John Conkle,
Olive M. Arnold,
Jtatha. Biwhanan, ( f
"18 months.
p?18 " ' "
..ju8 - -
12 :
maty E. iuuni
u..,,, Snyiler Anderson, .
John F.-Anderson,-J "ol
Mary E. Hook, VT
K- J. Flack,
Albert Cross, ' -'
J.C.Owen, .
A. W. Ixgdon,
J. W. Twig,
Allie Lovett,
Caroline Elder,
Laura E. Poulaon,
The Summit City Red Spring.
. ; Tills Is the name of a new Bod Spring
manufactured at Ft. Wayne by A.J
' Em rick A Co., and for sale at the Firr-
" niture store bf Taylor & Sharp, Millers-
bnrg.O. We have tried those spring?
and like them very muelu .Their 'great
practicable beauty is their cheapness,
being only fl a set. - They can be at-
l tached to any bed, and are durable and
lasting. We have seen nothing of the
. kind that we consider so tuc-fnl at such
price. Called ee thein at the
store rooms of Tirylor &' Sharp, ITftr-
ersbnrg, O. - , i D2wJ,
. Voung men can find plenty to do,
If they are only prepared to do business,
The shortest and best -'way, and hence
. the cheapest, Is a course of study at
. Felton & Bipelow's Jfrusincfs Corrcge of
- Cleveland Dido." Parents give yoqr
Sons a practical education and thus fit
them for business life. For terms call
at College ottfi e, or address Felton &
Bigatow, Cleveland, Ohio.
V -'
Ah kind of pictures at Hall's gaf-
A New Arrival in Benton.
We call the attention of the people
of the eastern part of Holme county
ia partienmr to the now and, large
stock of goods just received by Li Rott-
man of Benton. He has purchased
early on account of getting ready to
put up a new building about the first of
May.. See his advertisement in another
column; -. - .
Legal Advertising.
The new advertising bill, which
passed the State Senate on the 16th,
fixes - the legal "square" at 240 ems,'
and the price at 2 for the first in-
sertfoa and 40 eenU for each additionaL
The bill requires that the matter of the
advertisement shall be set up in a com
pact form, without unnecessary head
lines, etc. The bill applies to all sorts
of legal advertising except the Oelin-
qoent tax list, which' I already provi
ded for by law. '; !
Brakeman Killed.
As the local freight train No. 5 was
entering Gambler coming north on
Wednesday last,' "a brakeman named
Charles Mxlntire of MarshallvUle, O,
wbib elimbing to the top of a carlo-
draw the brakes,- fell between the cars
and was run over and killed instantly.
It Is said that one of the iron railings
by, which. fliey climb up, gave away
and let him down. He leaves a wid
owed notlier and brother and sister.
Brakeman Killed. off for Goods.
Mr. D. A. McDowell left on Monday
morning for the eastern cities to pur
chase a Spring supply of good for the
Excelsior Corner., They expect to bay
a heavy stock, as 'they Intend to do a
large business. Mack knows how to
buy so as to sell cheap, and where the
laugh comes In, be always bny the
very best in the market. Tne result is
a crowded store when his goods reach
HUlenburg. v k ' ,
Good Bread.
.The best place to .buy good wheat,
rye-ind 'graham' bread is at Lang's
Bakery;' Having bought -oat B. J.
You ng'g Bakery, and Provision Store,
lam now-prepared with the aid of a
practical Baker to supply the public
with everything In tluuVtiaM, and for
cakes, pies, crackers anil pretzels, yon
win always find a fresh assortment.
I havo bow flour. Give it a trial, and
yon will want no other. Farmers will
finU this .a good place for a lunch.
The highest price paid for all kind of
country produce and provisions. Give
me a trial and yon will go away satisfied.-
Cash system is my motto. S3 w2.
The Soldier's Home.
Sergeant Major Power, of the Sot-
iers' Home, at Dayton,' reports that
there are at present 1,486 imnates in the
Institution, of whom two have lost
both legs, one a leg and arm, 93 one
arm, 136 one leg; 33 are totally blind,
25 totally insane,, and '26 partially in
sane; 1,168 were treated in the hospi
tal during the year, among whom 101
deaths occurred. , The' pensions paid
the Inmate during the year was $86,
893.! The1 library was increased dur
ing 187ST, ifiOi , Volumes, and now con
tain' fJOtvolamejU'-A contribution of
1,000 has oecn. raised by the Inmates
for the purpose of erecting a monu
ment forty feet high on the grounds, on
which will be placed a life-size statue
of a private soldier, fully equipped and
standing at a rest.
A Surprise.
A very pleasant gathering convened
at the residence of Mr. Geo. F."Newton,
Esq., on Friday last, March 2Sth. The
happy occasion was the celebration of
the fortieth anniversary of the wed
ding of Mr. - and Mrs, Newton. Their
children were all present, who bad pre
viously arranged articles for a good
meal, unknown to them. Near about
the time for dinner they all appeared at
the house, No; little was the surprise
daughters opened the stove to examine
the well-dressed turkey that was being
prepared for the occasion, i A beautiful
dinner was set forth,' and much good
cheer prevailed, indeed "all went mer
ry as a marriage bell." ' , ; :
Torty years witli taeir Varying-light.
xmr oioaus aaa lueir lunay wtfainer,
Save circled their ceane, ftiaceayoutofal
nair '
Set forth oa Life's journey toget&er.
A. G. S.
Sympathy is very soothing to the
heart. It is something we all long for,
and without wbich.it Would seem im
possible to live..1 It 14 sweet to know
that others , feel for too. understand.
and oomfortoa with cheering words
and loving acts. - Yon go to your dear-
cstjrierids, and mate your secret trial
and sorrows; " and: ft eases., your heart
thus to ubtarden Itself. But how often
do our bes frlcnda lacM sympbtby for
ns, and treat things that seem very hard
and heavy to-usi afi light and easy ; or
say In an indifferent tone, "Very trying,
I suppose, but nothing compared to my
troubles.- rThatT fe ther world's sym
pathy. Each one Is so engrossed with
his own trials, that he .pays little heed
to yours; and you begin to think that
the work! ts very eold and unfeeling,
and that you will never again Seek sym
pathy from any one. But you have one
friend to whom you can always go with
all your sorrows, and who will always
be ready to hear and sympathize. Our
Heavenly Father is not like an earthly
friend who grows' weary of outtory
No, He wishes a to come' to Him. He
asks ns to come. Go to, Him burdened
ones who have sought vainly for earth
ly sympathy and comfort, go to Him the
great lover ol mankind, and tell Him all
your secret woes. Yes, at His foot-stool
fall where the heart can tell its story,
and find sweet sympathy and consola
tion. J
Good Society.
The od adage, "Tell me with whom
you associate. and I will tell you what
you are," contains much truth. As the
character of your associates is estimated,
so willNyoursv be estimated, j You can
not associate with disreputable people
and frequent . their haunts .of
coming la contact with tliem. You
might as well try to keep your person
clean by working in a eoal mine, as to
tft to keep "our character unspotted by
associattngviththe vicioiin. If your
company iHrlivf Injl caprse, you cannot
await theerip! 4 f honorulile persons.
TherefonV it-red "would keep alive
your self-esteem, and wlu the esteem of
others, you should enter" good society.
By good society, we do not meant tlie
rich . oi''cTrreascdTrhoso favor you
sboulii secur by. flutter and servile
obeisance, but wo menri persons of good
morals, .otliristiau, Jirjnciples. Yon
will find people of thtiktnd everywhere ;
and to aitiociftto with tliem will ennoble
ypn,sTreh9flleijront ;good. resolves In-
stal of-onering yon the many tempta
tions' 'you will, find, among low 'com
pany. ; Rather live a hermit's life than
associate with those you can pot respect.
nut If you. seek good society, you will
'in r Ttrr n a
'.'.'.!r'rJrJr,ict,,fe " HaU' Gallery, tf
Painters brushing up. ' ;
Housewives on aKtare"-r-np. "
March went out like a lion. ;
Subscribe for the Bjetcbucax.
Buy aa Estey Organ and yon will
never regret it as long as yoa live.
- If yon w&ni first class dental work.
go to 1. 1. fierce. - .J . i )
The rain on Tuesday made moving
very uisagreeaoie work. -i.
Bring in your sale bills and we will
print tnem on short notice. j
Trr our newlisrht Conrtncv Atv-
pieton's. - . . . i tf
Every business man should have
printed Bill and Letter-Heads.-
The first of April Is here and bo
ploughing done yet. " -
GotoT.L. Pierce for your dental
worK r irst class work guaranteed,
Send for a catalogue- of the Smith
viue Align scnooi.
When will sprihe make her an-
School closed'
Hayesville last
The sosmd of the earncntcrs' ham-
awr onag gua-njaing to ear ear.
' a-Oh.what nice ohotonaDhs' Where
did you get them ot Cleveland ? Ob,
o; a voartaey m Apple t en s. : ; tr
D. Camnbeil has bnened ont a new
Candy end Notion store, out doer w-V-
ot tne nrst national Bank. "
Ia Tennessee tbey have planted
potatoes and other spring crops. The
fruit trees were In bloom last month.
Examination of classes in Uairersf-
tr of Wooster took place last week.
iney now nave vacation
Have your return cards wrinted on
your envelopes, and von will be saved a
great aeai or unnecessary delay often,
To sret rood officers, vote for the
oei meninsKaa ot I nose woo election
eermoet. . ". i .
Dr. T. L. .Pierce Is Drenared to do
uentai wont ia all it oraoclMX IU the
nest possioie manner. i
Tuesday, the first day of April was
very wet day. A thunder shower
passed over about noon. . . y I '
Go to the polls on Mondav and vote
uis nepuoiacan ticket, as it ia eomnosea
oigooumen. . .. .
-ascho ddlBOaiiikriave moved In
tlieir new room. Tbev now have an
excellent store room and are preparing
uo a large ousiaess. -v i . .
Fellow w bo don't know anr better
read the copy on the "Copy-Hook" in a
printing oflice. , Gentleman. Who will
take a moment's thought won't do so.
The press and the palpit maV aaV
what they please, but a man in doe-
eoiorea pants and patent-leather boots
not a fit person to adjust a tab for
catching rain water. ' j
W aresent se-dav the Benublican
ticket for the ' sprinc election, and it Is
sufficient to say that enery.fnaa on it is
sucn as can receive tne neurty iiMlorse
ment of the party. ' -x I " " '
There is a set oi ereaf bi2 Ioafin?
boys in this town that had better pull
off their coat -and o to warkL . They
are a disgrace to' their parents! and to
themselves. ' "'"'-'
Our friends thron shout the conntv
will confer a favor by commuhicating
as the facts of any accident or other
matters ot local Interest which mar
come under their observation. 1 1, !;i
& G. Adams Tiiye eot into their
new Bantcing Koem. K Is not entirely
finislied, hut looks already verrlmnd-
some. The finish of the- woodwork is
tasty. v,
The . London ville Indenendtnt'hWl
ariseu again from the asiies and-has'
made its appearance on our table. We
hopeiit may soon entirely recover from
the effects of the fire. --' I
In Boston, a poor man who less
than one year ago had only one suit of
clothes, went into the newspaper busi
ness, ana now nas eignt suits, seven ol
them are lor libel. .
We say again to bur subscribers
who are in arrears that now the ticst of
April Is past, we should be glad to cred
it them with two,. four or six dollars, a
the case may be. - - . ; ,i
Some fellow was In J. A G. StdJuaV
new Banking room the other day and
thinking that the windows were open
doors, went np to one of them and spit
great mouthful of tobacco spit upon
. i . . . -.
uie line piaietl glass. ' a 4
n ue, uo you Know, tliat a save
got the pneumonia?" .."Sew mania,
indeed! Such extravaganee 1 Yoa'-re
Uie spendtliriftiest man I ever did see,
go' and lay out money ror such trash,
when I need a new bonnet so much."'.:
The spring styles of bonnets are
certainly superb.- The ladies are show
ing increased excellence ol taste, and
they are to be commended. ' The latest
bonnet Is a trine higher than. frelh.s
our railroads, and as graceful in
proportion. , ,
Workmen conuneoeoU tearittrdown
the old Cri tcb field Block on tlfe 1st of
April even before the families had time
get ouu a ney expect . to pnsn uie
wore en rapidly, and soon a line new
block will make Its appearance where
tne oia rickety one stood, j i , .
A vonng ladv' of ML Vernon seek
ing a situation, was Interested in an ad
vertisement tor some one to do light
house keeping. So she wrote to theaU-
verttser, asking where the light-louse
was, and 11 there was any way of mt-
We call attention to the new airrer
tfeement efWhoir akAsVers;" These
ladies hava-treood ttock'of MUHnerv
and' Fancy-Goods on hands, and are
cohtindaDy adding to their stoclr. Xooki'
out ror a line assoKntem oi newsprl
styles. iy --..
The jtroa Valle Reporter, nuUIished
at Canal Dover says: "Some parties!
are delivering coal, at one dollar and
ninety cents a ton, which is between
seven and eight cents per bushel, rTlus
getting coal at something about tlu
Old price. ; ;-
We are glad to notice that Benton
improving in the way of new build
ings. L. Rottnian expects to put up a
new store room on his present site. Will
commence tearing down about the first
of May. During the progress. , of the
building be will oecupy Mr, Win." Legi
on's old store roona.--- ;
There is a man in ML. Vernon whose
name is Schcikughwaukirati. It is all
right enough as long as he is kept iu
Mt. 'Vernon, but be is going West to
found a town, and the hrakemen out
there will soon liave an opportunity to
uick uieir uu&rui auu sprillg llltur jawK
.C-ChUdren sdfler terribly frort ear
ache, wheri there is1 a remedy and gen
erally certain remedy. Take a piece of
fat salt pork, and make a plug half an
inch long in such a shape that one end
will fit in the ear like a cork, the other
end large enough to keep it from slip
ping in. .
Everybody laughed at the prophecy
of six weeks' rough weather some time
ago, just beeanse wo bad two or three
fine days, bnt the laugh is on t'other
side now. - rreeae,. then snow, rain
sleet and mud, make matters about.?
uncomfortable as tne ground-hog or
any omer nog couiu uesirc. I .y
It Is none too early to talk about
street cleaning, preparations cannot
be made in a day, a week nr a month,
for the plies or rubbisa- that have been
accumulating during the past winter
are too nuge in tneir dimensions to melt
away under an attack ot brief dura
Hon. ... -
Wm. Domer appears before our
readers this wee!; In the form of an ad
vertisement of the Singer Sewing Ma-
cmne. Mr. uoiner is .known threngh'
out the county as being formerly an
agent oi tne rover 62 Uuker machine.
But thinking the Singer a better ma
chine be dropped the Grover A Baker
anil tooK now pi the Singer. We call
attention to hi advertisement
Bembrandtsr-Coartncy & AppU
ton. j tf
-We furnish Envelops -with a Busi
ness Card thereon, nearly aa cheap as
uie Dions envelopes can , ue purchased
elsewhere, i , . . II
School Examinations.
: Last week the Schools closed. The
examinations we are told were credit
able to both scholars and teachers. We
are sorry that business calling ns away
from town prevented our being in at
tendance. The year that has just closed
has been one of hard study, and rapid
improvement on the part of the schol
ars in general. Qf course there have
been a few exception a is always the
case. The teachers have faith fully
done their duty, and we are glad to say
that Miilersburg has as fine and ably
conducted schools as any of our sur
rounding' county ""towns. Let 'parents
keep an eye to the welfare of their
children, assist their teachers fcll they
can, and great good may be done.
School Examinations. Thermometrical and Barometrical Observations
School Examinations. Thermometrical and Barometrical Observations for the Mouth of Marth,
Obset rations made at 7 A. M.' . - -
Tfer. Bar. Wind.
1. 24d'. 29.3 W. aoudy. .
2. 24
3. W
'JU.l N.E. Snow ing.-
u.a ir.iiu.i. . i
. 4 "
7. 34
8. 40 "
9. 30 "
29.4 W. -Clear.
29.6 S.E. Clear. ,
Ht) A S. Clear.
29.4 S.E. Clear.
3.9 WV High Wind.
Cloudy. ;
Clear. .
, Windy." :
10. " 23
11. 36
29.- E.
28J "tt'.'
29. W.
293 S.W.
.29.. W.;
29.1s W.'
29.1 S.W.
29.4 W.
29. aw.
28.9 W.
27 "
13. 22"
14., 25
73. 36 "
16. 34
17. 20
18.. 33
Clear and calm
19. 30 "
29.- 40 a
2L , 22 "
28.7 S.W. 'Earning, f
ao f o nr m i
2SJ S.W. CkMidy.
29. S.E. Hazy. '
28.0 ..E. Cloudy. '
28.9 Ckmdv. "
27.5 W. ' Snowing.' i
22. 30"
34 -30
84 -
29.2 W. Cloudy, c
w.i . uear. '
284 W. IUining.
30.' j 285 Wa Clear.
Sl; 38 28J W-, Wiady.. ; . : -
. Average temperature, SCM.
Height of Barometer, 29.03 inches.
Reported by Dr. J. G. Bigham.
An Awful Story.
There was once an awful littkglr4-
wbo had an awful way of sayingawfur
to everything. ; She lived m an, awful
boase, ia an awful street,: in an, awful
village,' which was an ' awful distance
from evtrf?ollr-awful place. She
wea-tan awral'cthool, where she
had an awful teaeer,:wo gave her aw
ful-lessons ont of books.' Every day
she was so awful -hungry that she ate
an awful amount f food, to that she
1 1 j. 1 1 - ' . ' . .
iuokcu swim rarge. mie went to an
awful church, and her minister ' was an
awful preacher. ,, 'When she took an
awful walked she clibmed awful hills,
and when she got awful tired she sat
down under an awful tree to rest her
self. In summer she found the weath
er awful hot, and ia winter wful cold.
Wlieq It didn't rain there was an aw
ful droughtind when the awful drought
waa ever, there waa an swiui rain. So
that this awful girl was all the time in
an awful statend if she don't get over
saying "awful" about everything,I 2m
etrhidae wilTbyandr by come to an
iwfnlendyi u;i i I A .t
New and Cheap Goods.
Chehohnes,ls:'Ti6rJreceiving his
new stock of Spring and Summer Boots
and Shoe, of the very latest styles.
Best' roods' at die? Jowesf firiees in the
- - r-r. .
market. All being bought at panic
prices. ' Look ; out for bargains at the
Cheap Cash Boot and Shoe Store.
Important Railroad Meeting.
A meeting was held last Saturday In
the Interest .of the, Sandusky, Ashland
tad Tosearawas' Valley Railroad, when
it mas 'esolverT to -make all necessary
jEara4opusb the enterprise vigorously.
( The meeting was duly organized, and
foUowing ftiuers regularly elected.
f resident, alaj. if. II. lopping; tsecre
tary, Dr. ,J. B, F. Sampsel; Corres
ponding becretary, ucu.r Y. siocum.
On motion, Judge Bnslinell and G. W.
Ryall'-wereappiated' committee to
prepare1 -statistical f Tlitttiis Rail
road enterprises) arliidh; hove been agi
tated. ilk the 4yt "we're itiscusswl, and
fli aeafiiUUtty. Af Ktjiei.'psbposed road,
shown in a munner that left no doubt
as to Its perfect practicability; : On mo
tion tho following resolution was unan
imously adopted : i
' Eetolved. That as citizens of Ash
land comity, we will use every honor
able influence to raise S2WMJUU to aid In
the bnildin? of the Sanduskv. Ashland
and Tuscarawas Valley Railroad. On
motion the meeting adjourned to meet
al the call W the President.
G. IL. TOPPING, Pres't.
G. IL. TOPPING, Pres't. J. B. F. SAMPSEL, Sec'y.
'l"ha necessitv of -another Railaaad
ihroogli Ashlund,' and "one ruuiiing in
the direction of the proposed route is
no longer a matter of speculation ; but
it is demanded, not only by Uie business
men of our eity, but it is of such im
portance to the farmers and stock deal
ers that this enterprise : win be prose
cuted with an energy that is bound to
make, it wTp.., Wb.ea mi juuterprise be
comes a imMfe-' jenefltt -ws in this in-
pBsnriewimMoBger ny doubt of
HReaireraiaiv caiw;taaa e can now
luut wiwaiu aim en'tslnty to the time,
and at nd fllseint date'whea this im
portant .road will pe completed. Aah-
tama Xiraom. r -m. j .,,:t.
Among the Indians.
XleptlTerndoii teTls ni hat no tribes
aooriglries'aec' fooad -In the deepest
forests- of South- America, ' from - the
Andes to the Atlantic coast, that do not
have and use Doct. Aycr's medicines
and IowellTottons: "TremonL'f "Snf-
hfolk,'' Boon," are seen -stamned in
Oot adr pju tetters upon their
garments, while Aver s fills and uner-
ryrectorai are among tne treasures oil
their habitations. Tlieir. sative eoil
furnishes them all their food and most
of their remedies, but they suffer from
some .afllictiniis whiclf-iiiusli have tlie
--Better nictures. tliah
1 ever ajourt-
ney a Appieron .
11. ..'...:., Cash System.
We, the undersigned.: Grocery and
Provision men of MiHorsburg, believ
ing it to be our interest and thcinterest
of the public, agree that-on and after
the 1st day of April, 1S7W WLU ear.
tablish a caeh system in our business :
fiflnrirft Sehnnrr. Wm. TT. flnnl. 5
Charles Hose, Frederick Fritz,
George Sehuler. H. S; Weston, "
Awuwi,y uoiiii ii uciyn
'-tlalf'the people's Photograrihcr.' tf
i.To all who sro in need of Dancr: en
velopes, &c., t)laln or -faiicv. i we-would
state, that w have a good assortment
on hands, and are fittins iid the room
back of the Post-KMnee, wberecamples
of our-stock can be seen, j The bent
brands of Cap, Legal Cap, Fools Can
Aoieiicads, lilll Heads, letter Heads'
Note and Letter Paiier.alwavson hands
Envelopes of all styles and colors. Our
paper and envelopes are of the best
quality, aud will be sold at tiro very
lowest, ugurcs. jrersons wishing to nave
tlieir cards printed on their eiivcloiics,
or.lettor hoads-.-an have it done at lit
tle expense. Please' remember that all
kinds of iStatioiiery can bo had at
wholesale or retail.
l 'IT
u Shadtocfiotares atr Hall's Qollery.
, . ' . 1 ,
.1 !'' ... 1
Asa re met v for Brnnchl.il Afim..
ions and Chronic diseases of tlie Lungs
nothing- ever before discovered equals
Pr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.
Win 1
Cheapest school In the country at
.7.11111 vine.
For the REPUBLICAN. Temperance Cause--A Voice from
Monroe Township.
There is a time for everything, and
it does seem, judging from the viola
tion of laws, the disturbance of peace
in our community, the desecration of
the Sabbath, and the danger to which
our life and property are often exposed,
that the time had come for agitating
this subject until those who love jus
tice and arc law-abiding people, will
run and demand the execution of law,
the maintenance of right, for we veri
ly believe that it will never prevail un
less those who know themselves to be
their brothers keeper, will come to the
rescue. '
We cannot hope this evil will die out
of itself, since it is on the increase, and
bringing In Its train vices, which make
the heart of every true American citi
zen tremUeiaiul Jer. J know many, of
yonr readers will treat this co ntemptu-
ously. Others will think of It while
reading, but fail to make any thing
praetical TBcm' the suggestions, while
some who would like to have a better
state,, of things, and, have attempted
something towards reform, will say,
"but what can we do! ! For when we
speak to ear neighbor of his dissipated
habits, we generally receive the answer,
that wtrare aeddluig with other's busi
ness, and we need not trouble ourselves
how they spend their earnings.." Rath
than have any fuss we leave them
alone, But is this a wise aud just con
clusion t ! The maa who has any inter
est in his country, in his community
and urhis chHdren FtH. answer, iV
What man wants to raise his family
under the influence bf this evil? 'TKlio
wants to be insulted with oaths, when
sees his neighbor oh the street, or
when ha goes into some town on busi
ness? Yet, this is occurring daily and
any one say aught, why he Is Inter
fering with the constitutional rights of
liberty. Where in the Statute--law,
does it give a man the right to starve
family, beat his wife, and insult and
fight bis neighbor? The liquor seller
Bcewsg to-Jako o- an do these
things, but-"' the drunkard as none,
therefore he must bear the largest share
the blame. f
This modifying law of "fines," is only
aggravation, nuless the judges of
other counties estimates the adherence
law ; the peace and order of society,
a higher, rate than ourg, for their
wives maae more than tne nnes amounj
to while their husbands went to pay
cost. Since there is no doubt about
.unconstitutionality of this traffic,
wny uon t'you, wno are moral men.
lovers of humanity, take this into con
sideration? The Constitution of the
United States declares that the objects
this anion, are? to insure the domestic
tranquility, and the general welfare.
Have you not the right to oppose and
down anything which prevents or
destroys these privileges ? " . .
In union there is power, and we can
expect one man, nor a few men, to
much, but let all who arc voters
expression to their opinion wheth-
Is in accordance with civil liberty to
the rum-seller license to destroy
peace of our families, and ruin the
souls and bodies of their fellow-man.
can deposit your"yeas" and"nays"
license or no license, irrespective of
party, when you meet for- township
election. Let the Trustees demand this
every place in the county, whether
be Republicans or Democrats. This
not a thing lor politicians to decide,
for the community, aud let them
and know their responsibility. ,.
Pictures In all kinds of weather-
Courtney & Apple ton's. it '
Economy Is the Bead to Wealth. .
Tou can save money by buying your
Spring and Summer Clothing of Isaac
Marx. He sells retail at wholesale
prices, small profits and quick sales, is
motto. It is money in your pocket
give them a trial before buying else
where, . Remember the place of the old
S. Clothing Store, two doors west of
Court House. 2ms
Cameo pictures at Hall's nailery.
- : '
. . Public Sale.
A. Wolgamot will offer for sale at his
residence, a-half mile west of Miilers
burg, on Saturday , April 5th, 1873, the
following property : 12 head of horses,
liead fresh co;, 3 breeding sows, 1
Chester boar, , 1 lot stock hogs, 1 Com-
bi(iedt JJxeeJsior Machiire, plows, culti
vators and harrows,' &c. Li-t..
S. F. Toorhes -having sold his farm
sell his goods and chattels at the
same time and place. 32wS
. e .
India Ink pictures at Hall's Gal
lery. -' i' 18tf
f;- - 1 1 1.1.
: y Sewarsl of MeriU
te fallowing strong certificate as to
curative virtues of Miss Sawyer's
Salve, we clip from the Patten Voice:
"We are harrov to Ivr- before our
readers the following cure, effected by
use of Miss Sawyer's Salve. ?,
jar. buna jfryatu oi snerman, nas
been afflicted for years with what the
doctors pronounced a scrofulous cancer.
consulted the most skillful physi
cians in vain, and was finally induced
try Miss Sawyer Salve aud now af
ter using the fourth box, he is entirely
cured, and enjoys perlect neaitn. tr
Ferrotype picture at Hall's Gallery.
The copartnership heretofore "exist
between H. S. Weston and James
I'raxer is this .day dissolved by mutual
fvtnnri r i v . a-a m av aaisnaT
M .
ri. Weston lias tills (lav associated
with him in the Grocery am Froviaion
"basfness MrrM. I". Tliiston. Tha Iwsl
ness to be carried on at the old rooms
opposite Post OlUcoi Style of flrm,
Weston A Hnston. - H. a. Westok,
March 15,73-31 w3 M. P. Huston,
nTjDoVoy6nr'illtcrcst.: If yon want a
sewmg Jtssun goto me .Messrs. nuns
hcwompiearry -opposite the Post Of
fice, said get a good one, one that Is easy
enerato and easy to ran. The cheap
est and Jest machine in the world nev
er out of order, aad is universally liked
wherever known, ana one that will last
lifetime. - . . 4tf
iw-iiwim irrnoieai saiirtney & Ap-
H he Purest and Sweetest Cod-Li ver
Is Uaxnnl Caswell's, made on the
snore, rrom iresn, selected livers, by
Caswell, Hazard &, Co., New York. : 1 1
absolntoly pare and sweet. Patients
wno nave- once" taxen it prefer It to
others. Physicians have decided it su
perior to any of the other oils in awr-
kot, - - . t 3Sw4,
The eomplainti of disgusting odors
and Injurious cnects produced by the
nse of raranne Oils on machinery are
Inexcusable, so long as manufacturers
can obtain tne pure Hix-rm and Tallow
Oils -made by H. Kellogg, of New
one, as-s.ua-auw artces nc aarurtlser.
Threshing Kachlues, Horse Powers,
ucnpins; anu Mowing Machines, Sulkv
llay Kukcs, riows, Koad Scrapers,
rarraueiiH r castings ol almost any
kind can be bought at the shorn of the
Miilersburg Machine Compauy,at great
reuueeu ri.-a. utt
Ilall the people's Photographer, tf
The following letters remain uncalled
for in the Miilersburg rost.Offlcc, April
Jacob Arnold, John G. Burt,
Eugene Uroarer, Antonio Cardano,
at. r. uroich, Lizzie Duncan.
Mrs. E.V. Evans, Miss Lizzie Gass,
R. A. Henderson, ; W.Harford. I
Mrs. N. A. Irwin,' Miss I. A. Johnson,
r-mmit j oily, 2, H. A. Kitsmiucr,
Mary Kenoppe, John Krouso.
Miss Lizzie Kelly, Richard M'Andrew.
Marion Martin, 2, Mrs. Sarah J. Miller,
Anthony Mayers, Miss Mary Myers,
Lewis Miller, , Daniel J. Miller,
Miss Sarah Men ton, James B. Riley,
Renner 4 Cox, Elizabeth Splcher,
Rebecca Slentz, 2, William Spurgen,
Miss M.A Shifi'ehly,Mrs. E. C Smith,
Joseph D. Sprout.
M. Hoover, Altonia, Bates Co. Mo.;
Mary Gross, Dundee, Toe.O. ;
John H. Kilmer, Winesburg, O.;
E. W. Purvis, Wellsville, Mo.;
B. T. Barfeot, Dekorah, Iowa. ;
Thomas Burden, Knox Co. O. ' .
Persons calling for above lctteri Vfrl
please say "Advertised."
'' ' :
R. C. & J. T. Maxwell have moved
their clothing store to the room lately
occupied by S. H. Cherryholmes. They
have refitted the room and have made
it very convenient for their business.
Call and spa them.
... ; :
Phrenological Journal.
The Pbrenological Journal far April, take
it all in all, is one of the best numbers yet is
sued of a macazime Oat isJasUy aistiagnished
fornsefulness. The table of contents Is of a
character to attract all classes of readers, al-
inooga "sensational nr seems to el Sim no
iaee nierein. lerms p a Tear. s. a. wens,
lew mn. 1 a.
Am. Historical Record.
For March, edited by Bensoa 8. Lossinr.
has nine illustrations and lire faa simile auto
graphs, with a number orhittorical papers and
notes, accounts of seTeral historical societies.
obituary notices .and literary and current
notes, rauusnea By Chase a Town, rhifadel.
phia,Pa. H T
Wood's Magazine.
ine April number or this Interestine- and
useful magazine has reached onrsanotum. We
bespeak for the publishers many easterners,
and long life and a happy one. 8uecess to the
enterprise. It is a sniiseaoid magazine. Pub.
lisneu niontnly, at -Nowburgu, Hew York.
Ballou's Magazine.
ztaiiou's jsagaziae lor April is issued, and
a alee amaber .nr ia, am J Ja. panted on the
whitest of paper, with the blackest of ink, and
is now one of the hamttomest magazines as the
country, an filled witbthe-meas.interesting
mwar. is suns aii sastes. - aaomes laiDOt,
Boston, Mass. tl 0) a year
Demorest's Monthly.
Tne April number of tins popular period-1
icai eosnes to as Jzesa as a sprug u&iajp, ls.ss
Teryntara ealarged and every way isnprored
and we gnes6 the ladies' are right when they
say It contains as mach geauiae information
as all tae other sasaioa Ma-asines put tbgeth.
er. ioumci ahkrica sor. Aorll rulius- uu
nromiseof its past. It it an excellent Jate-
aile magazine, bright, live and instructive, as
well as- entertaining, far! of amusement for
sue iti.ro lutaa. - j ,
Eclectic Magrine.
Tne aeiecuc tat Asvu is eaweiiunea wiin
aiae portrait om sseel of Professor Owen
Amon the literary contents are additional
chapters of Too Soon, and papers on theVa
ublished Letters of the Princess Charlotte.
'he Year of the Great Snow: The Great Fair
ana jHarKec oi curooe: simtn in coins.
M jl. ji. fewMs, aew lorn, a year.
Scribner's Monthly.
Tae atecord of an iloar Among, tne bsaaat
haeks,1n8eribner's (or Aarifc is as entertain
leg a a story. The unnamed author certainly
writes from thorough acquaintance with his
subject, and rrres, with she akl of iHotusev
tlie hest account yet published of the "norfcings
the currency department. Miss rroctor's
promseir illustrated oeseripsicw oi awww
and Southern Bnssia, will be read with pecu
liar interest at this time, as well as the sketch
An Emperor's Vacatieai at Viehy. Nature
anu science ana a-tcning, "
interesting than nsnal. t4 a year. Scnbner
Mew lora.
Scribner's Monthly. Calaxy.
Tne Aptu Buntner oi tne iij is mn ex
ceptional, y good one, ooat&ixir&ff in its Tmried
bill of Are chofo morseUto suit all tastes.
The most prominent artfcle in the number i
and Loui NapoleoD, infrbrcbt.igHitvnCsrv
review, uie circumbianriri) wnicn w uie
rise ol' the Kmperor to the bead of the Fraarb
nation. -The poetry of tlie nomber it excep
tionally good. The departments ofliteratore,
science anil gossip arc as entertaining as u-
The Republic.
A moutbly luagazine devotea to the dis
semination of Political Information, is ths ti
of a new magazine at ts ayear, published
the Republic Publishing Company, Wash
in rtoo. I. c It contains matter of areat val
to the politician, which can easily be dug
out from the gorgeous language piled around
and made available for practical use. The
itannrt in full, a fair lesiune of the work of
the Vartv-Secood Contrress. and a number of
other summaries of tlie lionn Book sort, aU of
great convenience ami vuiue lor reference.-
The Bright Side.
Kvery lamiiy in wnicn mere are youag
people should have a weekly paper designs.!
esposinlly for the voung folks. We know of
nothing betttn-adapted to their wants than the
Bright Side ana Family Circle, published uy
the Bright Side Co, Chicago, III, at $1.60 per
vear. It contains nothing sensational, hot -
ery number wbue very .bitertsting jsv iUlea
with most instructive matter, anecdotes or an
imals, articles on natural history, biographical
sketches, stories that awaken noble thonghts
and purposes, and puzzles! enigmas, etc, to
sharpen the wits. It numbers among its con
tributors some of the best writers for the
young, and is Justsncb a pairasvery parent
may salHv put into the banfof -his children.
feeling tnat IIWSI PaMimj picn.- uui iiw.nn.i
them . In addition to the attractions of the
paper, every subscriber has a beautiful Chro
mo of the Calls Lilies. .,.
Centaur Liniment.
There Is no pain which the Centaur Liniment
will not relieve, no swelliug it will not subdue
and no lameness which it will not euro. This is
strong language, but it is true. Where the part
not gone, its effects are marvelous. It has
produced more cores ot rheumatism,neuralgia.
lock-jaw, palsy, sprains, sweu.ngs, eaaea-
breasts, scalds; burns, salt rtruem, ear-ache.
ao-upon the human frame, and ot strains.
spavin, galls, Ac, upon animals In on year
than have all other pretended remedies since
the world began. It is a counter-irritant, an
all-healing pain reliever. Cripples throw away
their crutches, the lame walk, poisonous bites
are rendered harmless aud the wounded are
healed without a scar. It is no humbug. The
eeipe is pablbhoil r.round eaxk bottle. It is
selling as no artlcleeser be fore sol d,asd it sells
because it does Just what 'ft pretends to no.
Those who now suffer from rheumatism, pain
swelling, deserve to suffer if they will not
use Ceataar Linsmen. . Mors than 1000 eertiS
catesof remarkable cures, including frozen
limbs, chronic rheumatism, gout, running tu
mors, A(, have been receiTea. W will send
eireul arson tarsias cartlucates, the recipe.
Ac, gratis, to aay one requesting it. One bot
tle or the yellow wrapper Centaur Liniment is
worth one hundred dollars for spavined or
sweenled horars and mules, or for screw-worm
in sheep. Stock owners -This I.inhssrat ' p
worth your attention. No family should be
wtttoat Centaur Udtment. J. B, Bosa A Co,
HewTork. - "
Cafitorun is more than a. substitute fer Cas
tor Oil. It is the only safe article in existence
which is certain to assimilate the food, regu
late the bowels, core wind colio . and produce
nataral sseap. ; it- coasaiaa-tief ther minerals,
amriihinaer aloohol. An ia akasant to take.
Children need not cry and mothers may rest. .
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific R.
The direct route for .Toilet, Mnri.OtUrw
jjBMiiiu, i "aril, iiciiiji snu. rsiurisa, itrpnr
seo, Muline, Kock Isinn!, OaTenport, Miica'
tine, Wasbin8rtoD,IowaCU5,rim.el, Newtoo,
Wtv fsloinssf (Jouncil lilulTm ami (imaha. with.
outchaiiee, where it joins with the Union Pa-1
ci lie Kiiuway ior ienver, pais iaKeunv. ao-J
rnmuno. n rwucar-cw, simi mti iminu ww
on the Vacillc coast. Trains leave daily, vii
Umaua. Ieavcnwortn A Atchison ..Tiress.(x
cpptSiinlaT . JO.UOA. M.
Peru Aocommotution, (evept sqmiayiii.
; s no p u
Omaha and Icaren worth Zxpni. (oiaep,
i Satunlays), ' , ; . $a.m i'M
Depot comer HnrrfMm an4 SbtwiiiariTciivtna.
ticket office 33 WetMjuUoa street, Sherman
Uona. - ; - m . I A,;- f
The Chieaoo. Rock fetitiM. ami PaciHe Rail.
mad Company have now opened their Sooih-
n estcrn iMTUrtm wwen i-.e.venworui. At
chlHn ami (hicAjru, cvnnectin-r at learen-
worth with KiuinaVH Pacitln and MitisonH ln-
cillc lUflroails, and at AtehlMin with AtcUiaHa
'IVsTYttira A. SiLiitat B,te.(JenLral ItMnnh IT n inn Pat.
rltk,end AtcUlMB t Xebxtt&fca. UallmaiH, Ibr
an poiuut in naiiMiN. luiiiun i erriwritsW, .r-'
ratio and New alexir-o. The C'entnany have
mill l a 1UU Dvunpiruiviii. oi I lllaix Luawiur
lUtom uA 8l(inK Cftnx which Ibr oxUraaU
lieatitv and interior arraiiireinenni fortbeeem
Tort, convenience and luxury or iaenfrei- a
iinequuled by any other car of ibe kind rn the
woHd. Thruiiffh tlrkcU ior ttie at all nrlncl-
A. M. Mrru, Ueaeml Pmmfpt Agent, iM
oago. 111. l.'xwuit iv i -"'
c. i. beegle;
' Plain Jl Ornamental
Work warranted. All orrtert jirmnntn' ex
ecuted. Union to be lelt at J. J AaTaV
Look Throuch One of thai
Host Extensive Stocks
, , 4 - . - ,.. :
.i'riiaO'i.rli ? '
In the United States, .
t 'J: !rT:
ALL or i.
i'.Ji J. V
Oir 'OBI Manfaclm!
Ho Ion sr stairs to dhnb. as .si have Tn
steam a-ierators, one lor carrying our enssom
ers and one for handling Furniture. So it Is no
Mvuoie tu an at guuus on uie upper aoon-
103, IOS t J07 Water St.,
8 A . - - , - t
Factory SO, 32 S4 St Clair SL, . -
, - - . . 'M , .
e.-s r iiita
T r i
Fanoy Goods.
h T
UMt 0P
J-Aif-jrei3tyiet ;aIl and Set Themi
fU IU CmiLS&cr.v
Something Very Nice ; In
Jewelry. ,. .
fif .i9t'ifl; I .todiOUJ:,. .1
Golc! and Hack Wristlets, Keek Chaia of a
i rf aveauuiul style.
j . . . -. i - ' i -
Also, tadies' tce Collars. Faner Bows, and
leaunhing aew in a Heck Tie tor Ladies.
n.-fS Una s-iooO , ''
f.IZi ..a a.-..;ta.R ''' '
... ,'. E
October SO, 1871
Yon ' Can . Fihti- the
First Arrival bf ,
Usw Spiiag. Goods
fi: :i j. v. ! x'.,.x
'-' .....
- ,,,,Reps,,.
Black Silks,
Figured Alpacas, . 1 ;
"V i' f"v' ,-' -
Fancy Goods,'
Trimmings, .
t Insli Poplins,
rf bW . -1 :l i.
K . t - ,1. 11. iki i , ' 1
. il lj U ) "ti 111 ! '
:Bu8hia Crash,
fltl 1 -,airf i , ..tf '
- :n ,-,-.7..'af wi
All of htch" will 'he sold Cheap
J tst ir j9.
lO fei 20 '
: -,i!;
. S,f!3V
BUCCY, for Sale Cheap,
r: .... At ' "
' aBBBBatBmstBaiA
W. Jacobs
; Has last received a large stack :
. I-.. .31 tl . CQf f r ' 1
. Gold ami Silver Charms ia aban
dance. A larye assortment
i oi HtiuLs Buttons fine q
Gold and Silver Rings
Gold Bracelets, fine ft
Gold Jewelry
i-wts, . f
; Ctaarns, 811 ver ThhnWes, Gold
Feus, Suectaclev, Nickel and 4
Plated Ware, Ac. We ,
., coattButosell Egim , E
and Waltham
' Watches at fae- ; S '
tory list - ft
prices. ' 'J L
; Call and Seeotir stock of Goof's,
before pnrchaslny elsewhere.
: KtoUUper cent, saved . , jt
ny so aoinsr. ne uo w
as we wf sn to be ,; .
done by. All m
' good war- i I
( rauted, , , ; r
Repairing I
Watches. Chronometers. Clock. It
; Jewelry, tic, Repaired en short
ouee. m
IfiaLook for the Biz Watch
1 anil Snawtiil iftlim. .
i ar - W
Xiia Sbttt,
'i i. i
-ii H 1 -
In. n -rid Smpiro.
Izilond Saapiro.
" '''' ' ' M ...... , ,.
' iv.. ..I. i - !-..! '. J, '
The BEST. STOVES in the
'' -; Market, I
- il' :-. ,.. : .,'
!.'.- :.- t-T,',;,uh ,;
' ; ' Call and See Them, at
'n ii! .: iii',: . . .. . . .
; -i I '
The First National Bank
Capital Fiid ia
ROBatRT LONG, Prassldant. .
I. c:ROrN. Caahlar.
Baaiass I.oaat w. M. Oissoir,
B.Ai Iiosn, Isaac PCTaaa, .
J.'tanaraoLVtn, ib k. Kuca, J
Ua. Joil Pousasxt. ,
Discount Xotet, Jtttiive Vtpot
itti, and Transacts a General
Banking Business. . ,
I ylv VEHT
; Important.1 "i ,i
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r ;...;,.... . ,
KillsrsbuTs;, On Sept. 10, UHL : -.
too hare a salre eombininc aootlilpe: snd
healmc ptvperttaa, with no danferooa itigmi
A raniedT sa haad for tlve nunr Baina ant
aetwe, wounds mad bralsea to which aeeh la heir.
ia more but appiiea man many otaer reTreare,
pKkthKtnf a tad effect, hot always reUeruif;
oaio. Ii
It la prepared by Mxt$ Sawyerx who has need tC
her own eztetasire tree rat us of She akx. fu
warty twenty years, with great socceeai.
'i s prineiwai oiaeases tor waiea una saire ss rec
irmended ara. CkUblaimm. SAsmmaiiM. PUet.
Scrofula, Old Ulctrt, Salt Rhemm, Sprain, Burnt,
Ftwtr Sorw, JeionL PinxpU, Erytirxlaf, Sorm
aTyss, Barber' tea, Dtafntn, Boil, Kino-worm t
Comty BUet of assete. Concerts TboCAocAsf, Ear
ec, Sort KippUt Baldne, Swollen BrtatU,
netXy aeaia neaa, icngt unappea nana
Scald, Cut, Bruit Croup, Cracked Lip and
Sore om Children
It never laila to enra IUienisataBi If properly
applied. Rah it on well with the hand three times
day. In aeveral eaaea it has eared paiated Umba.
For Pile it baa been diaeorered to be a mra rent
dy. lretwn that hara been afflicted ftr yean
have been reiieved by a few appHcatioiia. For fry
npeUu H works wonders, allaying the inilanunatioa
id qoasAiaa; tlM fitaiieiit. For Chapped Hand it
sroducea a cure iimnediniely. Let tboae with Soft
Bhernm obtain this Sal re, and apply it freely, and
hey will find it inrmlnable. It is good in cases ot
Serofklm and TVstsrs. Cancer haw been eared
rith it. The best Salve ever invented for Swollen
Breai and aore Niovte. No war mrarioos. but
toretoatabrd wciitf. Sorm or Weah Bye Bub tt
a the lids fently, ooce or twice a dav. Coradeaf
Mas by patting in to earn on a piece of tXfttoa.
For Felon this la snnerior to anvtbina? known.
fat Pimple this acts like a charm. For Bum
and Scald, apply the Salve at ones and it eivee
Immediate relict. For Oid Sore, apply once a
day. ' s
Not among the least of the Invaluable properties
of Mum RawvehS Halve are its beaettciaJ eOeets
on tba ksir. Uubbed on the scalp, ia Are or six
different parts, it promotes the growth of the hair.
its is turning gray, and en baM spots it pro
a new arowtl. of hair. No tadr abooM be
without this iuvahnbw articie as an indisppnaablw
eoametie for the totiet. It eradicatea danirnir saai
disease from the head, and btotebas and pirn pica
From Mr, ELIZABETH COOMBS, Brwumiek.
BntrMwiek, April 4, 1887.
MM BAvm: I received yonr letter last evea
tns, and waa very glad von concluded to let me
tske your riaive. f think 1 can do weU with it, and
It will be qtirte an aoatwnaaodataon to my boaband.
m he cannot gat along without it. He has tried
erverytblnf etos and aaa never lomum aaiyt&tnf that
beaded his leer as that Salvo of Tours, and we havo
both found it to be ail. and eten mare, than pom
it to be- We Dave Had it in joe nuniiy
five or six years, and have nsed it for everything,
and eon twlmw we a are newer Jbmnd iteauU.
I nee It for a wtrak back, and it acta like a charm.
Mr. Ooosnbs has had a feter Sru-omhiteo tor
thirtm pear sik! would be a tryjpU to-day, if he
had not found a remedy in yomr Sivre. U keeps
it Itealed, and takes ont the inflammation, proud
flesh and swelling, and does Ibr htm all that be can
aak. I oaa lwemsnai it for a rood manv things
that yon have not, for I use it war everything. I
ccwkWr ft mvatoshie inn nuniiy.
. Yours, 4c, LiZAJTH COOMBS.
If yonr Drmrgist la ont of the 8alve, and neeleeto
to keep supplied, send sixty cents aa directed be
low, and receive a box by ivturn mail,
Pet sb in lasree Box on at 50 cents each
(nearly three times aa asrne aa the box represented
shove?. .Prepared by MISS C. 8AWYKH, and
put sp by L. M. BOBBINS, Wboleeale
and Bet&il DrusvUt, BoclrituKl, hie.
A Trial Box sent iWs ev mail om rsesiptof sixty
cents, by I. U. ROBBI Koatland, Me.
Li. DSALadad IH MJO)iUXlvi
v Mylin
ratrunoB ofthk
THE subscrirwr is anparad to (II nlvs at
all kinds in ais line with lromptnas and
dupatca. lie keens constantly oa band
Tram tlw ekesanat ftsslity sal the Inest, a lit
tle cheaper than the same article ea. be pro
cured elsewhere. A splendid articl. of
Bed-Room Fnrnitar
Kept eanstantlT ea haad. ,. , .
SaVKEPAIKING Neatly Poh ea short
aouceH . t .
Special attention five to the business of
Metallie, Enehlor awl Walautroalin kept
eanstantlT w hand. Coaina manurartured lo
order. Two (rood Hearses kept coastautty la
readlaess to attend ealla.
as. rwr sOasaa.
Eta1Xihet in 1838.
' Ite-Establtehetl in 1S9.
C.G.lIaramep &c Hon
Maanraetarer. or Fine and aledium Furniture
of every description ami price, naad.aiaik.and
superior in sty W and euality tba. found ia
ssont wr any other Furniture noose this aide ot
the mountains.
Photographs and Price Lists sent on applica
tive, or when tat the citv dna't rgrt the place
Sijm or tho Larre lioldea Lhair, 4i, 48 and at
SCTcnlh Avenue, Pittsburgh Pa, Axjrl
v. Agents Look Here!
1 eace tor aa ateacv lor
UTirtratone'a 28 "Tears in
. ; - Africa. '
JrWI3 W. Outfit tl 011. Address
J. K. LOWRIE, Pnblisk.
.-' Xo. ai Public square, Cleveland; O.

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