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1. A. A i:. i; 1 II.I.. it liihiihrr.
MILLtltsBflUJ, OHIO, .
THURSDAY, t f : : i : FED. J23, 1800.
For President.
Tlie Nominee c( Die Charleston Convention.
Republican Platform.
Tie Ao tht Xortltern Iirpufdirans
will remain firm, and if 'the TTvInn mut no,
v. "Jet her tit le." HOLM EH CCrUX
The White Black Bird.
A few weeks afro the Supreme Court
cf Odiio,' Juda Gholson delivering thp
' opinion, decided that tho word white in
thenrhool law did not mean Mark; or,
in other words that black or mulatto
' children conlJ not be allowed in onr roni-
Til, mi anlinnl. Ttil. ilnoiuint. u-,. vnt nil.
noxious to many leading Rq.ublicans who
were anxious to have their own children
educated in tho same room with colored
ho that tlie prejudice existing
. . . .,.111
t e.wcen .neo races mvnt . urownr
down. But. on tho decision of the ones
tion bv the Sin rcnie Court, every Judge
being a good Republican, the good heart-land
ed negro equality people wore com polled
to submit, and acknowledge that there
might bo adill'ercnce between white and
black children.
In 1 S."7 Chase was elected Governor
by 1200 majority, and it was ascertained
that he was voted fur by about two thou
sand negroes. Now, the Democrats bate
bad enough to be beaten by whito men
but when they wois voted down by ne
groes they thought it rather muh for hu
man natrre to bear, and accordingly tho
Democratic Legislature elected in 1857
passed a law to prevent muliittoes from
voting. This tho Republicans declared
a great outrage upon the ballot box, for
they hud determined tho wrd white in the
Constitution, when applied to voters, did
not moan white; and accordingly to tost
the matter before the Republican Supremo
Court a saddle colored "pusson" from
Butler county attempted to vote, was ru-iaud
fused, and he took tho ipiestion to the Su- I
picme Court, where it wos decided a few
days ago that white in tho Constitution
was such a comprehensive term ns to in
clude gray , bay Ace. This decision gives
luuluttou a tho light to voto, but it was
nut enough for tho Republican Legisla
ture, for they spent several days in cus
sing and disentitling tho nucuiintUutioiia
law and 'in. illy repealed it.
The Supremo Court of Ohio bus, then,
decided that it requires the pnro white
blood to constitute white children, and al
so that when a person arrives nt voting
a$e that the stttan of tho colored youth is
changed and ho becomes white. This set
tles the long mooted question as to a leop
ard changing his spots and the Ethiopian
his slfiii, at least so far us tho Ethiopian
is concerned. This change tukos place
tho very hour bo completes bis Hist 'oar,
just in time to voto tlio Black Republican
A word of caution to Democrats: It
will, tuider the decision, bo slander to call
a "bay colored person a nigyer after be lias
arnved at man h estato, lor tlio nnprome
Court decides that ho is white; but tho lit
tle darkies you may cull whatever you
pleii.-io for lho samo court bus decided
that they are black and so remain until
they can voto.
Bring it Home.
Suppose the Commissioners of Holmes
lug by it th-y would cei .o I. nil ling
lg-'s and te II the ol I f.niueis to roll up!
their trousers and wade the creeks. 1 f
they did so would lho people of this eouir
County would appropriate $."ill0 out of
tho county Treasury for a glorious, juitii
otie drunk with tho Commissioners of
Tuscarawas and Coslioctou Counties, ami
o that tho tax-payers would lose noth
ty back tbnm up in it? Well, that is the
very principle, on which the Black Repub
lican legislature ai"ts. They took SC), 000
n 1 their time, some 3,000 more, mak
ing in all feH.OOi) for a drunk with the
Legislatures of Kentucky and Tennessee,
and in ouler to keep the tax payors whole
they refuse to lot the people have the read
ing of the laws they expected thorn to be
governed by.
State Conventions.
Thfl Virginia, State Convention was
quite a stoiiny one. The contest was
between the Ii ieuds of Ilrjt ITU and WihK.
Tho Convculioli eb'ifeil 1 irlciles to tho
Charleston Convent inn, and passed a
rkk.,l li. ,1. I, t llli.lf U' 1 1 1 . 1 flliiil.i liv till,
, . . . .i .,, . i.:
decision t thst t onventnui. It Is said
lected are all for llrsrrii
the delegates
for President,
, , .. ; , .,
d 1 homi H. hr.VMuuii for tiovernor und
, , i i i . . ,i v .
elected twelve delegates to the .National;
., ,. i. i I,. , ,
Couveutiuii. It is claimed that eleven of
the twelve delegates are for Docoi.as.
This however is dispute.!.
. I'bode Island elected eight deh'gutes to
; ' the National Convention. 'J hoy uro uli
.. clsilxed fur Dot'oi.AH.
to be Hung.
Slovens and llu.lott, tlio last of the
Harper's Ftiy conspin.tors have been
tried,, found guilly and sentenced to be
- 1 l.'.M l. ti,l. .1... ,.f Af .,,..l,
..,......-, v. v...
at li o'ekwk P. M. lbua nda the last,
.. . J
f that Imnd of deluded victims to Aboli-
'.,... .
of Ari2 l.i:;cji.y, as the Republican can-.olty,
. JiJste fjr the Presidency.
tion fully.
" tTW TlieChk ago Press and Tribune
or.l la a ition !. uder for tho nomination
Come at Last.
Aftor the Llaek Republican paper gen
orally have" got ashamed of tlioir lying
about Democrats voting for a Know Noth-
, . . . . t ruary
ing for Speaker, and "caved in on that ,
question, I. nskey conios out in last week s
paper for the first tinio, and makes the left
charge. It has been proven false so of- the
,i . .. . . .1 t -i i i only
ten that it is not worth our while to do-
vote much spaeo to it. Wo will there- inK
fore content ourself wi'h stating that the such
charge that Ml. Smith is now or ever was ! only
i r .1 i- vm- i 'for
member of the Know Gibing order, ,
or in.torbod tuoir aoctnno, is imquatinoa-
ly false. During the contest for Speaker, ! own
V. E. Mann lq., Hhuritrof rasquotank j
county, the residence of Mr. Smith, who
was a member of the order, addressed the ,,,.
lollowin card to the Kicl.maud Whig: ltriWi
.V for and mak- M
;r Vwrei 1: ;:i n -t
Sni UoT Wm! I T
7-,. . t,:i:ir ii t H U
lu the AUitor J lUt Winy.
Kevina a notice this morn,,,;,' in T,
one o your my papers, inat mo W";.
lien 1 cans wuru seeamir ior, nun iiihk-i
mg gi-eat exertions to
the llielllljcr liom tllO 111
"r " 'r 1 T ...C, can
x0thing," eo as to be aWlo to withdraw ,
tlie support of the Dcmom ntic party from ' at
'him, allow me, an humble citizen of Mr.
Mm rH imn- i't. in kav. i mi i nm npr-;
.,.,,:,;,, wit.him. hav known ,u
him for the last fifteen vears. was a dele-, K"u"
41.. 1 ..,:,nl f!,;Miwith
voted against tho nomination of Mr. folly
Smith on the grouml (and the only one) ;
that lie vug not u Know 2othtn' , 1 being
, ril . . ' ., " and
Tiir.s and now ono of that fitamp. J here
t ...,.,. l.;,,i, .;.i.i r.,r
christian, and talented gentleman living j
within the borders of North Carolina; and '
since his namo 1ms been spoken oi for
Speaker, not a democrat in my county'
i...0 ,. ai'n
has any objection to his tilling that office; I
ami in tact tuvor it. ii tbey cannot get;
oun in muir own s'.anip. j.uine, upium u , ijeon
to Mr Smith's nomination, and seeing I
that the Black Republicans wer trying to 1
do him great injustice, is -the cause" of this
communication. If Mr. Smith should be
Speaker, tho House of Representatives 0f
will never have had a more honest, up-
right and impartial man, and one that '
will reflect more honor on tho body that j
electod him.
Yours, v.
Pusquotank Co. N. C.
In addition to this wo might add that
Messrs. Viilluudighuui, Cox, Pendleton
a conservative man in favor of porpetu
others, who were authorized by Mr.
Smith, stated on tho floor of tho House
that hi had never voted for tho Ameiican t10
party und in no wise indorsed their' senti- l
The Democrats voted for Mr. Smith on I
the ground that be is an old lino wlii
ating tho Union, and stands on the com
promise measures of 1H50.
I I,,.. ,1.1.,,,. r!Mb.u iu lmiMMftn.l (lint I .
...... .....j,. ...... v,.l; ... i the
a Democrat should voto for a Know
Nothing. Ofcoursoho nover voted tor
ono. llo'll givo Helmick fits for aiding
in tho election of a Baltimore "Plug Ug
ly." That he will. Our neighbor is vory
much attached to our adopted 'citizens.
Wonder if ho lias any recollection of
using, in the streets of Millorsburg, some
thing liko tho language following:
"Tho Republicans are making converts
of the white voters of this county, ami
could carry tho county if it wasn't for
the tide of ignorant dutch that is constant
ly coming in.
In order to refresh your recollection,
neighbor, wo will remind you that you
used the ahovo language, or words to (hut
effect, while on tho pavement near tho en- of
tranco to our office, and about tho tinio of
tho lust October election.
Post Office Appropriation Bill.
The Post (Hlico appropriation bill has
finally passed both Houses of Congress,
and been approved by the President, thus
affording tho material relief so long do-
I sired by the mail contractors und other
creditors of tho Government on account
of tho l'osfollico Department. Tho bill
as it passed, appropriates $4,290,000 for
supplying lho deficiency iu tho revenue,
j and dului) nig tlioexpcuses ol tlio wopurt
bri f""- ',,U undiug with Juno last;
! f"r millions towaid the support of tho
iu payment of tho suluries of officers and
clerks, transpoitulion of the maila, wrap
ping paper, bugs, stamps, cVc. Tho mail
contractors are to receive interest at the
rate of 0 per cent per minimi from the first
of May last to the time of payment, ex-
' franking privilege, but tho Houso voted
Department for the year ending lu Jitnel
next, and tho further sum of 82, -100, 000 j
cept for tho lust quai tor, the interest to bo j
paid only to tho contractors themselves,
so that other persons who have purchai-od
such claims, cannot receive interest. Th,-
hill nlso contains some provisions icla
bill through the Senate, that body uttach-
i cd to il mi itlnciidineut abolishing the
live to tho Piinting of Post ollb'O Blanks,
calculated to cm tail lho expenses of thut
item. 1 leviotia to tho passage ol tho i
it down by more than a two-thirds voto,
and tho Senate bad to roivdo. A sepa
rate bill for that purpose, however, lias
. been introduced and is pending in the
i . ...... ...
J'cnato. Will our good Republican,
. . . ,, .. . . . .
,! neighbors tell us bow Mr. l.ulnuck voted I
, .
on inn aiiiciioiueiii ior mo uuoiiiion oi uiu
flanking privilege; and if ho voted against
it why he did so?
United States Troops.
Tbe iimin body of t'uo troops in Pub t
will not bo moved till about Apiil. Gen.
.lidmsoii will command them until they
reach tiieir new destination in Texas and
(,iau,, la,,m.ue in,;,,,,, lt)tw,0ll'tlcr
our iiuimiio anil lin. l.lt'Aillliint Wllli'll UIU
'. . .
Igrowtng mjre frequent and dangerous,
land to repress ludiun mitbi'caks. The
foice to iciiiuin in Utah will consist of one
company of flying artilleiy, three cf cav
and six of infantry, undor command
fo C j1. C'LaiIuj P. Stuiili.
Now Mexico. Ono object of this inovo-
iiient is to throw a bugs force on the Rio '
The Ajournment.
Tho Republican caucus tins fixed upon
I'ith ol .Martu as the day of adjourn-
t: to meet again 1st Monday iti Job-1
'(51. We (car time has not been
' j , , , . 0f thia
KesKioii, for there should bo no business
over for the adjourned eossion, savo
districting of tho state. -In truth the
commanding necessity tor a sessieu
' . . ..,. ' r l!io.ri....
10 t;tatu nll,ier tl.onext census. Fori
purpose the adjourned session is not
excusable but absolutely necessary,
wotrustthoRenublican tmrty of Oh
f"'ViiV .Cl!- .1?!. nnon I
, w, it tlie ,nRtter ln it8
hands. Cleveland Iferuld.
qi,0 n1)0vo is from one of the loading
Uepiibiican papers of tho State. Wehk
,. t InnV at. ft ramliillv. It is
BH tho JemM S(4V8, tjint all the !
want of the census, and there is no l
, , , ,.
y i , : ? vo- wen, ml
"'I l" , 1 .1
i 111 i i.n s ..
business should be done up at this session. I .
g b districted this winter i
, . , , .
A il wc 11,0 l"csflIlt L"
islature. The only reascn for doing it
that timo, as tho Herald plainly inti
diildrpn, ritcs, is to gain political advantage
..... ni ti . .1 i?
,orm,nK amnvr . 1MT ' !
mo K 1
their Concessional and Legislative :
hanging over them with their
p,mwn rni.ln ami llnlnerism to answer for.
, . ,, . , ,!,,.
to secure power they think theio is a
1 J
"comiiiaiidinsriiecesHitv for a session next
winter" for tho exclusive purpose of tli-1
viding tho Statn into Congressional dis-1
t..ct(( ftt a cosl t0 the people of at least ;
Are tho tax payers of Ohio, from whoso :
pockets nearly ten tnoiiHiimi dollars
(ii,.mHi or ft drunken spree, ready
j willing to contribute to the Black
6 1.1
Republican wiroworkers two hundred
thousand dollars moro for the purpose
"jerrymandering" tho State so that tho
(J wil ,,e unfllil.iy represented in
' , ...
retiresontalivo npurovo 01 sncn con-,;.
1 11 I
A'MI 41, 1., 1....1, r,n ll,
1 111 1IIU "JV'IIU llj HIV . w
publican party in Mich infamous doings?
The World Renowned.
We recently picked up a copy ofaLon.
paper which gavo a full account of
interview between the Emperor Na-
nUl Professor Gardiner, tho fur
f'aniod New ICngland soap man. Tho ae. ,
()mit y.us illustrated with a cut of tlio j
Loautilul silver medal presented by his1;,,
Majesty to Professor Gardener after test-1
tho qualities of bis incomparable '
.1 I.' ....1. ....!.!
soap. I lcro is mo l .iiipeior b si-uu
"Professor Gardner, allow me to pre
sent you this silver modal ns a token
esteem for you ns a gentlemun, und i
also, to show tho high estimate I place j
upon your unrivalled soap. I have, sir,
thoroughly tested your soap, and been,
sir, fully convinced that tho happy coin-
l.:....i;.,.,L ....ii liuvn I'aiitnridl in it. Will IIU-
.if'y the system, promote health, happiness
aud long life; bal'llo ago in accumulating
wrinkles und add boauty to the beauti
ful." Tho account also contained a cut of tho
gold medal presented to tho Professor nt
World's Fair in London. This mod
al cost nearly $100.
Professor Gardner, is now lecturing
and selling soap in tho principal towns
this State. Wo have not had tho pleas-
uro of hearing him but the papers are loud
his praiso. His plan is to deliver a
public lecture and at tho closo if any want
buy his soap tbey can do so. I lis im
passioned eloquence will at once gain tho
attention of his audience, and then, hiJ
inimitable wit and side-splitting jokes is
feast of innocent fun that is to bo imag
ined bnt not described. Wo may add,
too, that his lectures uro listened to by
ladies and gentlemen, old aud young,
gravo and gay. His wit is notof tho low
or vulgar order, but so chasto and rofinod
that tho most fastidious can not tako th
least ofl'oiiso at it. Wo hopo tho Professo
will visit our town.
Negroes Expelled from a Canadian
All tho negroes havo been summarily
expelled from tho township of Anderson,
Essex county, Cauoda, a few miles from
This township was as thickly
populated with negroes as any in Canada,
put they have lately become so bold iu
thoir depredations and crimes that tlioir
presence was no longer endurablo. Ac
cordingly tho authorities of tho township
petitioned tho grand jury last fall to tako
action relative to them, and tho jury in
consequence presented them as a nuisance.
1 heir outrages culminated a tow weeks
since in an attack upon a number of peace
able and defenceless citizens, and now the
day of retribution has overtaken them.
Tho whole lot have been summarily driven
out of the township. They had been
given homes, but they so abused tho kind
ness extended to them that tho authorities
, .
are obwod. in onloi to pi otoct thoir lives
e ' ... ,
a,l property, to drive them out as they
,hui. J v
.would hi) many Wild beasts
Security of Public Moneys.
Mr. Stanly has inlrodueod an import
ant bill in tho Senate, to provide for tho
tutter ivgulaliou and sale keeping of the
public money t-.Vi'tvuw Acmn'
As we understand that bill it does not
provide ugsinst J'dack Republican Legis-
does it provide against tho present
;.. i.,.,i,Q.i
lJuyL9lu.KKliV tuuiiu n.i.iio n-w
. B . . .. , . . ,.,
thousand dollars out ot the In
to boueiit Black Uepublicau Congroision-
latures voting tho public moneys out o
tha Tres-my for a drunken spree. Nei-
enable them to have an extra session
tho legislature next wiutor for the .rc-
tin a rinrtmse nl'dii.tlietillif tho State SO
i I c.
Security of Public Moneys. Stick it at Them.
men"' or t-ori
tnrolina, a
Knew Nothing,
olll. together with the entire Uepr.blican
' the 0rth, voted for 1 eiiington,
'' .w" t ofTn o Mrvlnd
olothing, and for IIotTman of Maryland,
slave bolder and ono of the leader, of
and asserting that be is
( ifttrh ts false, I stick ,
Democrats, when you hear Black Ro
nnblicans pinto about the Democratic
meniliers of Congress voting for Smith of
it at them that tW Ashley, liljAKh,
Bhtrltam, Carey, Cortrin, K'dfertvn, Hur
ley, Helmirk, It'tchins, Sherman, Stanton,
TrhMe, Thenker, 2'homplins and Wade,
all Kcpublican members of Congress from
the Baltimore I'ltig Uglies, for Sorgeant-nt-Arnis.
Keeii these things prominent
Mr "cimiok did not voto for Hoffman. I
before the people. Wayne Co. Demoerat.iavito
Onr cotempcrary is in error so far as
Ilelmick's vote for Hoffman is concerned.
aml wellt 10 a H1SS0"" "cnu
complam ng of a terrible ;( Vi e Jar,
that he intended voting for lloflman and
a. . . . ... iiui
u was trouii oil with a weakness in tne1
. . . ...
htin tho vote was about being
'taken, and went to a Missouri Democrat
1 tr ,,.,, v , :, 11.11 nt
, Tr ;-, . .. ... .....
w..-u mu. -"o ; t0
asked him, the said Missouri Democrat,
to pair off with him, the said weak-backed
William Itelmick; which was accordingly
done. Fifteen minutes after the voto was
you ever saw.
News of the Week.
A man is on trial in Georgia for Belling
f,Co negroes into slavery.
, . , , , r
It is said that 1,0(58 shoemakers of
T ynr) tio grpat jiftSf!IM,nnsoot9 ,00 town,
lmvejilftvehtnick for higher wages.
!.,;,. M,eri.d contnu ts to bo made as
, ,
l.t.i na l.t'itli'n ho, mtiiF
o - r
Mokf.y is said to be very scarce in Eng-1 .
w w j 0 1
Apvk ks from Havana state that the
introduction of Coolies is prohibited b'
Royal decree aftor tho olst of December
Tiie new Usury law of Minnesota fixes
aoouttcn per cent gam on iouo.
Oct of lho German population of fifty
thousand in the Stato of Wisconsin, there
is not a single individual from tho Fador
uients. land confined in tho Penitentiary.
Tw.) persons, husband and wifo, died
Steubenville, on Saturday, from the
tho rate of interest at seven per cent., but i
The total emigration from all foreign
countries into tho United States, in 1859,
was ono hundred and sixty thousaud,
efforts' of a quantity of whisky, supposed
to have contained strychnino, which they
Tun Republican press of tho State is
generally opposed to an adjourned session
of,oft,i(j j islutm.0i They seem to think
" . '
that one short session ot a Black Rcpub-
0.000 strong with 52 pieces of artillery
lican law making power is enough
Yen a Cur flat to tho-l(Hli says Mi-'
rsnion's forco threatening Vera Cruz is
Juarez's forco is 5,000 strong with 250
pieces of heavy nrtillory. Active prep
arations are making for defenco.
Tim lower Houso of tha Now York Leg
islature has passed a bill authorizing ne
groes to voto in that Stato. So wo go.
Tho "irrepressible conflict" party is go-
iug tho whole figure. Oboilin is no doubt
in extacies.
Is tho Senate, on tho 17th, tho bill to
repeal the law passod by tho Democratic
Legislature, prohibiting nogroes from
voting, passed by a vote of 21 to 1 1. Mr.
Harrison, was tho only Republican who
voted against tho repeal.
BitowNsvn.i.K advices to tho 9th inst.
state that important unpublished disclo
sures have been made us to the complicity
of tbe Mexican authorities with Cortinas,
which, is beliovod, will docido tho ques
tion of wur.
Mr. Cook, of tho Ohio State Journal,
has been awarded a portion of the bind
ing for Congress at such prices as wil
make it net him some ), 000. Ho has
just concluded that odicial corruption is
not a crying evil.
Mr. Husitv W. Bkkchf.r is in the
opinion of tho N. Y, Tribune a man of
"excellent intentions." As tho dark re
''rlrtiiii luilnii iil'u littVAil U'itli tliut k!Art tf
j , . ,
llllll, 1. 1 li 1 1 1 IV iim , I n'lifip iiiv.ni. iti.ti,.,
itablo in thus, with cruel sarcasm, baud
ling its personal friend.
Somk papers are making great ado ovor
tho i peoch ma lo by John Forney, tho
night after h,s election to the Clc. kship
of tho House of Representatives. They
ought to remember that John was a little
"mellow" that night, and folt particular
ly glorious. Ho thought that ho was
about to fill a higher office than old Buck
Col. Rt sii Floyd, of Virginia, briber
of the Secretary of War, died suddenly of!
of the heart, oil Wednesday night
of Ust week. Ho was on tho point ol
starting to tho Democratic Stato Con voli
tion, at liuliinoud, wlicu tie was attacked
by a violent pnui of tho heart, of winch
ho died ill a few minutes. ,
im-H"Vii.ins a.o moving cvciy vuuig
movable to get the l uitod Mates Ag-
rieultural ' Society to locate their next
Fair at Cincinnati. Leading business
men, horticulturists, manufacturers und
horse men are urging tho mutter. The
Society seems undecided whether to hold
the Fair there or iu Washington City.
Tuk excitement iu Northwestern Penn
sylvania, wheio valuable oil springs have
been found within a few mouths, is con
stantly on the increase. New and ap
parently inoxhaustablo eprings are being
opened, and the greatest tioublo soems to
bo to get barrels to hold tho oil which so
t'tccly llows out.
Columbus Correspondence.
COLUMBUS, Friday, Jan. 17th, 1860.
En. FMn: I am desirsd to give jour renders
some account of the Lrfdslntlve upree which com-
menced hero aud ended In Cincinnati, a short
time ago. I fenr that I cannot doorilie it in so
graphic a miuincr now an I might have dune about
tiuc it oectiiTed.
The Lcginliturcs of Kentucky and Tennessee
decided that they would cele'irntc the complutiou
0poniiig of the Louisville and Nashville Kail
Rwd, ly going to Louisville and partaking of the
hospitalities of the city. As soon us this was
known, Cincinnati invited them also, and made
necessary arrangements for entertaining them
magnificent style. The Republican Legislature
Ohio, not to be outdone by these Municipalities
scuta Committee to meet them In Louisville, aud
tltem t1 tllig cily becomo the guests of
State, at the public expense. They accepted
invitation, und reached hero on tho 2Cth of
month, and were welcomed to Ohio by Cover
uovemor UnomN, of Kentucky, rcg,xnucd,
.onbehull of hU State, thanking our Legislature
aud our pcoi,ic ror 11,0 6,,,cnaij nmi c,,tim9i'istio
TT Tresen.ativesof twogreat
Tl..u... . : . 1. ll-ii .. r . 1. 11 f Dnna,B
ii..i..ir'u.lt 111 lull Jia Ul lut liuuao vi m- .s-
... , ,, . . ,
iseulativcs, in a regular Vmon-saving speech, ac-
cimlinf!U) no,,ubllcan parlance.
Governor Mahon, of Kentucky, responded
' oi" of ""Phoned oto-
(uU..ce,wU.euure.iueu auueuuu nouic ucvohou
the Union.
Southern States were received by the State of Ohio'
spoke of the Union and the Constitution, and
their valuu to all sections, deprecating all at
tempts to wruken or iniiuir them.
Lieutenant-Governor Newman spke for Tcn-
Hon. Mr. Brow, of Kentucky, the yf"ing Con
grcssman elect, made a splendid speech, In which
paid a glowing tribute to the Constitution and
. r . , . ,. , , .
its framera. lie thnnked the I ml i pa who crowded
. ,'. . , . ...
. .,pl(la ..,p ,l,.,1P nnian,l(.(i. ami naul fliom aoimi
0 , r
very hnndsomo and graceful compliments.
A number of others were culled out, and make
eloquent and patriotic speeches.
lu the evening, there was a grand ro-union at
the Statu House, when speeches were again the
onlcr of the hour.
1 lien followed supper at the several Hotels.after
which the splendid Ban.uct wns attended at Odcon
Hull. Appropriate tousts were read, and patriotic
and clnnent responses were made.
The Republicans wore so liberal as to furnish
all the Ohio speakers but one. They put up Dks
nisos, Chase, and Delano, to speak for the State.
These gentlemen prnfvMnl great attachment for
tho Kcntuekians and Tennessecnns, and for the
Union, w hile the party they represented were ma
turing lcgidhitinii, denying the South their rights
under the Constitution.
Gov. ALvGOFFmind Lieutenant-Governor New
man were the guests of Gov. Dennison, during
their stay in this city. Mkwman hud a very like
ly negro servant with him whose name is Jack. lie
dre.sFca fully us well us his nm.-tcr, und nourishes
nnegouwutehw-itha ,cugoidcham,andh,sjkunknecHaml
plenty 01 money to spenu. i ne morning alter the
Bunethe,., Gov. Nkw.ua alud Jack, whether
theaboliiionisishadn'tgothimytt? Jack replied,
in very knowing way, that they had not, but thai
he thought they were in a fair way to get "Mussu
Nkwman," for he had seen two of them escorting
hjm down street but a few minutes before! Gov.
Ciiask and Gov. Dknnihon hud been walking urm
iu mm, with Gov. Newman!
There were many incidents of this kind, thatoc-
currcd during the stay of our Southern guests; but
I will not write them down here, for j ou would not
be able to find space to give them a place in your
valuable paper.
On the UTth of January, the guests of the State,
together with tho Ohio Legislature, Governor
the State, and the newspaper correspondents and
reporters, w ent to Cincinnati on a special train,
and became the guests of that city, and enjoyed
her splendid hospitalities They were escorted
from tho Deot to the Opera House by the Military,
tluo' streets lined with thousands of people. At
the Opera House the ppceehcsoi'wclcoine, and the
responses thereto, were made. In the evening,
the grand Banquet came oil' ut the Bcrnkt House,
which w as attended by a thoiuPnd guests. Appro
priate toasts were read, und patriotic aud eloquent
speeches were delivered. Tho following morning,
the guests witnessed an exliibition of the Kiro De
partment of tho Queen City, which was highly
satisfactory. Then the Legislative niree closed
with u. splendid Reception aud Banquet at Nicholas
The entire sprite will cost the State nearly
UlutunauU dullare. The appropriation has hot
been made to pay tlio bills; and I huve no doubt
but that some of thoso who drunk the most wiuo
aud were more drunk than lho rest, will vote
lluncoinbc) against the appropriation
The Legislature lias done nothing, as yet,
the interests ef the ISlule. Thu Republican ma
jority is resKjnsiblo for tho waste of time
money, aud the delay in the business of Legislation.
I heaul it Republican say a few days ago, thuttlio
Legislature hud done nothing but get on a "uiu
uut'NK," and elect Chase United States Senator!
If the members of this Legislature were all,
even a majority ot tlieni, liKe your wortliy
able Itcprescntutivo, Mr. Tanevhii.l, business
would progress as it should, and tho w ants of
Slate would bo met, and tho General Assembly
would adjourn and go home, without gutting on
iikunks, and speuding tho people's money need-
lessly and foolishly. Mr. Tanevhill stunds
high here with the opposition, as well a with
own purtvi for ho minds ids own business,
attend- to the wants, wishes, and interests of
,......;....,.. ii.. i-i.,,i,i.. iwei-,,1. ,.,.,1
ous Representative. Would thai there were
;.. nt li.., ; .1,., !...tw1,...,.i1.. ii,.. li..r,.s
of the Staw would be bettor rega.dcd.
The Senate adopted a Resolution, some
ago, to adjourn & on the 1st Monday of March.
t .....i i: i. i. ,,i. k..,i ..i ,i,
uM ft aH, ,o M(, M
sessiou, beginning ou thu 1st Monday ot
1 n n J
,. .,. n
r cbrnarv, and to adioiirn this session ou thu
Monday of M uch. The Senate Kesolution
been referred lo a select Committee in the Houso,
which Committee reported it back last Wcducsday,
amended so as to conform to the Caucus decision
of tho Republican members. A good portion
the dav was occupied in discussing it. It
''ually adopted; so amended, however, as to
I vi,U' B Ji 'li"ncut ou tho 2nd Monday
oi luurcu. iui lour I'ciuiicrats vniiai uuiuhi
fine die adjouiiimeul Messrs. h'LAua, House,
-pi, Democrats Uu.k the ground that u adjoura-
ed session ought not to beheld, and a number
j tho Kopubticms acted with them,
A Gorman .in Cincinnati, whilo
tempting to diive some cats out of
premises, got one into a cornor and
cat flying into tbe German's face
a number of severe wounds, of which
man died iu a few hours.
Thu official report of the Committee
on Klocliona of the Kansas legislature
the census returns has been received
Washington city, and gives a population
of only about 70.000. The Republicans
increaso this by estimates to 97,000,
will on these estimates try to force the
of Kansas at tho presout toim.
News from Abroad.
tW A writer in the Chillicothe Adver
tiser snggc&ts Hon. Wm. 8. Oroesbach,
of Cincinnati as the man to receive the
Charleston nomination. Ho is a good
An Iron car has just been Intro
duced on the New York Central Bailroad.
It was built in New Jersey and cost $3,
000, and is said to be lighter, strongor
and firmer looking than thoso built of
wood. In case of collision the danger to
life would probably bo much less in it
than in wooden ones.
iMTGon. Itobt.BuTi.F.n, Assistant Ad
jutant General to Oen. .Jackson, at the
battle of New Orleans, died at his residence
r.t Lake Jackson, near Tallahasse, Florida,
on the aftornoou of January 1 '2. Only
jthreo of tJeneral Jackson s prominent of-
C . iL.i t.-..l- .
ncers ai uini laie uauio now survive, viz:
Oen. Wm. O. Butler, of Kentucky, Maj.
Shotard, of Miss., and Col. A. T. llayni),
of South Carolina.
JCiP An unfortunnto mnn namod John
Sherman, of Ohio, recently endorsed large-
;ly for ono Helper, an absconding debtor
i from North Carolina. Sherman has for
tho last eight weeks been pursued relent
lessly oy a Missourian, named Clark, on
account of his endorsement for Helper,
and on Monday, Jan. 30, poor Sherman,
ana on Monday, Jan. J'i, poor Sherman,
in a fit of despair, jumped overboard, and i
yProfessor Lovoring, in ono of his
late astronomical lectures before tho Lo
well Institute, said that the great Comet
of 1G50 which caused tho abdication of
, 1 it f c oj .1
Charles V of Spain, is confidently expect-
. . . . '
ed to reappear during tho present year,
. -. i . J
and f renen astronomers
are even now on
tho lookout for it. If no error has been
made in tho revised calculations it will
probably be seen from this planet during
., k 11 0
tho fall of 1860.
j5T The Wctmnka (Ala.) Enquirer
says that on last week thirteen slaves be
longing to Gov. Fitzpatrick, accompan
ied by Mr. Gunn, tho overseer, brought
their cotton to market, and sold it for a
srra amounting in tho aggregate to $992
92. Ahab,another ono of tho Governor's
negroes, with tho others, will soon bring
theirs in. This money is their own, not
ono dime of it going into their owner's
pocket; and he feeds and clothes them bo
sides, and provides for them in old ago.
tW Benjamin M. Woolsoy of Salem,
Ala., writes to the Savannah Republican
an account of hiuperienoe with tho
came). He thinks that npon paved streets
as in Now York or New Orleans, they
would last longer and do better than the
nitili. anil ii'niil.l nr. t.r. u,.t,innl , A 1 I
tiseaR0Hof foo, d
: thfl, ,...,..,.. n, tha , .,, 0,
i ;or w,,jgilt strength of the camel cm-
:,., i t him for tl.n nn.t nn.l ,1,. ii
can carry on his back as much as can be
lin Telegraph, apeaks of the generosity of
packed in a two horse wagon
JfT Dr. Cahill, in a letter to tho Dub-
Irish servant girls bore in sending money
to their relatives in tho old country. Ho
has visited tho different office in-
city for the transmission of money to Ire
land, and from tho statistics thus obtained
estimates that during the year, 1859, the
Irish servant maids now working in Now
York and ftrooblyn, have sent to thoir
ofj j,nrent8, brothers an'l sisters tho enormous
sum of ono million three hundred nnd
fifty thousand dollars.
tW A Sandwich Island boy recently
deserted tho whuleshin VimM'Lun
twenty-eight miles at sea, Jumping over-
about eight o'clock at night, and
swifumimr all niwht for tha laud. 15y
daylight he was within half a milo of
shore, but there encounteied a strong op-
posing Current, and alter Imitating tho
waves in a vain effort to reach the boaeh,
bo saw a sail several miles to the leeward,
changed bis course for tho vessel, striking
out to sea again, and was on her deck by
nine o'clock Friday morning, nothing
harmed by his fourteen hour's swim.
m,n- ii . iv. ,
tW Gov. Chase tolls tho story that
i t-, ii xt rn. '
when Lieut. Gov. Newman of leunesseo,
was iu Columbus with tho Kentucky
, m T . . . , '
and Jenncsseo Legislatures, he was ac-
... ..
companion! y ins "body sorvnot, a
, . , '.
sprightly .saddle colored "boy of about
bitty, who was consc.oua o his dignity.
. "'"r , '.' " ","a " l" , J' '
ing with him familiarly, accosted him in
tho hall of tho Neil House, just before the
dopaiture of the guests, with a "Why,
Jack, haven't any of tho Abolitionists
carriod you off yet!" "Yah! yah! Mussu'
Newman, (quoth Jack,) "when 1 seed
yon gwino down do street, arm in arm,
wid Guliner Dennison and Gubnor Chase,
I tot you were gone sure."
lho Lxecutive Council of Judges
iu Upper Canada havo recently passed
an act providing for tho extradition of
very : criminals wuo aro nigiiives iroin justice
his ! Hitherto the list of crimes liable to the
and provisions oi tne extradition treaty were
his I l,,lt livV m,mbcr" viz: Murder, piracy,
in.iiwtri.lfoW'y. ft'""" nd robbery. All other
offences, among which aro the most hen-
ions on the calenda.-, wero exempt, and
tl,B criminal had but to cross the river to
days '"'"l 1,11 punishment. Now It will be
I1?: ft"'1 ftl1 1.lk'nc,,,S 'h"h ?re nn
ti... ishable in Upper Canada by death or nn-
I pi isonment at bard labor, render the crim
!....i i: .i.i.. ... .1.1: ,i, r, ,,
next , . . r, .
I inr.h.M ai, a ln,ii',,mnnl vnt 1 11 1 ul 1 1 1 n
Vud 1
disouso of
Fatal Accident. A man named John
Lore, in Morgan township, one day last
week lost bis but in his well, and having
no means at hand to recover it, 'wns low
ered bv ono of bis friends into the well;
but when part of the way down ho was
stricken with the poisonous gasses which
aro sometimes peculiar to old wells, and
fell lifeless and senseless to the bottom,
head first. It being impossiblo to extri
cate him by ordinary means, a neighbor
volunteered to go down after him, but
also was overcome by tho "damps," and
was with difficulty drawn up and resusci
atod. .Mr. Lore, who wont down after
his bat, when drawn out, was found t
be dead. 1 le had been married bnt a short
time, and entered tho well against tbe
his earnest remonstrances of his wifo. Mi.
I trnoi jieptibtiean.
Important Decision.
The Supreme Court of Ohio, lately de
cided that a railroad company acting as
inisiou ,. . I .
iiniiiinAn fArriiil fit live StOCK. Cannot
, 1 ..,.-. nrnn' m Yiiinntinn frnin
special contract, proc.re exemption irora
...o...xn.,'l.1 ftw Iuwas tnuliur frnm
' f.i " i... i- 1.
own neglect of the duties incident to such
Such common carrior is liablo for dam
age resulting from defective and unsafe
cars, or vehicles ot transportation, not
withstanding an express contract to
Washington News.
Reports from Washington say it wa "
determined In the Cabinotto order Col. '
Kanntlnroy to march United States Trope .
into Chihuahua for the protection of
American citizens against outlaws from V
Dnrango, br.t tho order has not yet been
issued, It may be in consequence of the
absence of Secretary Floyd from the De
partment. It is said that 3,000 Americans arebe
foro this time in Sonora in possession of
thegovernmont of the State.
The Administration have not the slight
est idea of issuing instructions for tbe
lnllillncr of trnnn. Arn . Vam 11....M - '
.......... n - - ........ ' , (. I VI'. ' 'I I, , V
having anything to do with the Miramon -
Tho Committee on Agtienltre will .
report a Homestead bill. It will past
tho House, but its success in the Senat
is uncertain. k
Tbe friends of Protection are confident
that tho Committee of Ways and Means
will soon teport a bill authorizing specifio
instead 'of ad valorem duties, wherever
the samo is practicable.
Thoso who have closely scrutinizeoUhe
subject, say the House is nearly equally
divided on the question of the franking
privilege, but that tho preponderance of
feeling is ajajnstits abolition.
lho House Committee on Tomtom?
have under consideration the subject of
territorial governments for Nevada. Pike'a
territorial governments for Nevada, Pike's
Peak and Dacotah. Bills, it is said, will
be reported in these cases presently in the
last named.
The Effect of the Recent Decision
The Effect of the Recent Decision of the Supreme Court.
Tho Republicans of tho "irrepressibTs -school,
and comprehends almost the whole
of that party in the Legislature, are, it is
said, delighted at. the opinion rendored
j1 the Supremojeourt on Tuesday, to the
Aftnrt Hint, a tinrnnn with lama tilnnlr than
effect that a person with less black thart
white blood in bis veins, is white, and
entitled to vote, ahd are already setting
about to prepareilegisltttion in harmony
with tho opinion. Tho law prohibting
mulattoes from voting will of course be
repealed, and such legislation amendatory
of tho school law, as will pormit mulatto
children to enter our common schools will
be enacted. Tho .white ff.ople of Ohio,
will bo sot apart and assigned as the homo
and residences of all tho pauper negroes
of other States. JWlus the majority of
the pooplo of Ohio have been unfortu
nately led to confide in the Republican
party, and have invested it with power
and authority in this Stato, under the
supposition that they woro opposing "the
extension of slavery into free Territory,"
now find that they have been instrumoif-
tal in placing in the legislative, executive
and judicial departments of the Stato
Government, a body of men, who are bent
0,1 breaking down all tbe barriers that
have existed between the white end black
jvncCH in t,lis tat0 Bn placing the latter
on terms of social nnd political equality
with iho former. Had the Republicans
iTfinl linfnfrt tlin a1arAvct ff thta Sitatn i..!t 1
jft frallk n,i hone,t confession that snch
was their purpose, and if entrusted with
all tlio departments of the Stato Govern-
tMsLjent. they would exceroiso all their of-
jRciul functions to produce this equality,
the peoplo ot tne State by a largo majority
would have rejected them. But the true
objoets and designs of the Republicans
were concealed from the voters of the
Stato, nnd when charged with tho design
"of favoring "Xeyro Equality," they in
dignantly denied tha charge. Now the
fact is made apparent. It stands out in
bold relief, and tho white people of the
STa-t4wAll be compelled, to suffer and en
board duro a stato of things never contemplated
I by thorn, until in exorcise of thoir con-
stitutional rights they will "be able to
produce a reform nnd eject from official
I position, tne wnoie Horde ot men who
havo so shamefully betrayed and deceived
them. That they will correct tho evil
and resi tho fraud and insult which thov
i havo received ftom the bands of their
j public servants, w henever they can do so
j at the bauds of tho ballot box, cannot
i bo doubted for one moment. To suppose
.i . ,i , , . . ., 1 r,
that they wilt tamely submit to the deg-
I .. ' i..,. ' ,,. , , 6
valoriiT.i ii'liinh rnnic tkiiKlwt unvviinta Hau
ign, would be a
- .
! and i atnotism
. . , n -
nocessary to correct thorn could all havo
b jJ(jd ,f th(J warni of Dem0.
Lralic 8tatesmen bad been heeded-for it
has been repeated time without number
radatiou which thoir public servants des
ign, would be an insult to their intelligence
These evils and the labor
that such was tho design of the republican
party of Ohio. It will become the people
to correct that evil and they will do it.
A Silver Wronixo. Hon. G. W.
Bolden nnd Lady of this city, on Satur
day Inst, celebrated the 25th anniversary
of thoir woddinar. There was some 50
persons present as guests. Tho Silver
Pitcher, plates, etc., presented on the oe-
casion by their children, wore splendid
and the snppcr was ot the first order.
j After spending a few hours vory pleasant
ly in social converse and reminiscences
of the past, all left, pleased with the oc
casion, and hoping they may enjoy health
and happiness for 25 years more, and
joy a golden wedding with their friends
who may then be in the land of the living.
We cannot hope to be among them.
Canton Repository.
B L AN K S .
We keen cnustnntty.on hund .hutioos' and Con
utiilkKuT itlfuik-i. Warranty, Mortage and Quit
Claim Dcotls.SiiminoBS, Kx.tjvutiuiu,Aabpoeaaa,lioft
1.1. persons nru herby notiiiMl nut to purnhat
lour nntes kivimi bv mu. thu mHlursiynml, to
Kliruheth .Miwhuli.dtiteil February Hli, A. I). 180.
tmlmuf f.r tnrue Uuuilredilullars, as naid noto WF
ubuiiit'd bv tuisruprosuutatiua anil fraud a vi ( Tm
(liilernuued nut to pay thum, miluss umvilKi.t by
1 AMtNKKS, within anil f'ir tho Connty of
Hnluies will h ihl meeiiuKj in Millornl.urgoo th
luili oi Mui-eh, Slst uf Mii'cli and the llth of April
A. 11. lsui, fur tho examination of applioanls M
te'uoh'itrs uf C'oiuuioii htfUuuls.
N It Nottpiiliwinl-" aibuitiuu after IU o oIopr
' u" 1 KOUKKT JUSflUK, Clerk.
Fobruary lst, INSi. wJ.
Male of Ken I INtateby Order
ut Probate Court.
OX Saturday March Slih. A, 1). 1-U. st 1 o'clock
iu tlio alteruoon, nt the dour of the Court
ITnuso, in the town of Millori-liurn, liolmos Cuuuty,
Ohio, will be lotd to tho highest bidder, the fol
lowiiiK rotil estuto ai: the property of John Mellow
ell, deceased to-wit: The west pnrt of the north
nest iiirl ol the Lot No. 1 iu tho Sid quarter Town
ship .No, li, of ranao 7 of the Coiuioctiout Western
Reserve Jnhool I. u nils in Holiuea County, Ohio,
the wost iue .it tuiu lot
; eollliuviu'llix HI n pusi nil inn w,i. .iup .ii Mill iu. w
DY I n.,r.,liu. un.l -Jo link. ,tl, nf hi norlh-wcst eurner
"I iit lot, theni'e noulh 1 J re. wut " perobe4
nil 4 liuk;,u. ,,n8ti theo.e north m dcureoi ..
ifu ! 1iA mr.lu.a tn n,.t t h fiiMA lmr l h 1 U A I'frrBUi at
I. lUpereho. and 17 link U. a po.t: thene. north S
duvrem we't 1W pervhea to lbs place of begiuuiuf ,
oontninin Xt aorea.
Said real esUU appraieil at S430
Termiof wlei One third oanh iu hand.one-tnlra
in one year aud une-third in two year, with in
i.l trow date, the deferred eilyiuenla to a MurU
LYDIA Mt DOWEL. Adminiu-Kr.
of John UcDonaU.deo.
Fb.3, lSo,-nlw6prfl.04. . ,

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