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Holmes County farmer. [volume] (Millersburg, Ohio) 1857-1926, March 08, 1860, Image 2

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ap.iuv.5 iiflmujj jrnnu
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J. A. W Jl. i:i l II-L.ti l'uhti-lior
Mii.LF.nsui r;, tHH,
MAIiClt 8. 1800'
For President.
TV.., V..ni-; n nf t'n Ch"r'.i :!nn Vnrr nficn
l-"'"'' i ' """"""""i""
Republican Platform.
11' hope the Xt'Tthrrn. Kvpu'ilimni
w7 rrn nln tinn uitZ''ni!
.. ;,,rr,4."--U(.LMi;SCULNOl-nied
. .
Prairie Township.
The Pemu 'inev of IV liiie T'n-liipnill mrrt
ii. r.r.. i ibe -S !,.,! Ilop.in the to,.., ot ,
iL.l.i.fw-; . nn .S.iiniilni' lite 2 1th of nuorlt. Hi .
............. .... . .. ,
1 nVl"Ck r. -u ., rorthe piiiioeor nnminntmt'
v.i .-u.. i ... i.l, ..
rmr '" r . ! : -n : .
mi inn -i oi .iprii, i .-uu. j .'ini.i .
- -..-.t I
Hardy Township.
i : ..in . :
iprHU V HI linmv i-mii.eie win m.-.-i
The Pi
i il... r . in IbniVe en Siitnnliiv .Math Ulih.
im ,i il.erp Li noin male, l.v liaM.it. h'tivpeni
" ' '
a of I o clock P. el- si "l " eiiiek r. Ai.,
1'.. lii-il4.tti Itl. I'lTtri I r II I I' i-T'IUL
i 1 ' " ' ' ''' " ; ' .... "
t' , . Mli.i ni in "CI I i i" IM f illl. irt II.
A!-o at Ibe swne'tiinn ami i la.c tlip Jeniocra
vol t'.e r-.r,.l..l vniae ol ...ioc-o.o
r .......! i.i iiniiiiiiatu in the simc iiruuwr n ticket
I,. (' .-r on oftiPCrs to l.e K'ti'l for lit tin' I
Kl.-.-ti..'i tor Township ellicr.' m Al-mlay the J
,',, (,f ; SfitJ.
MANY DEMOCRATS. The Slavery Agitation---What
has it Done! What will it bring
About! How Does it Effect the
White Race!
averv- . 'lesrioii. in nii'i oui ui . uiiuu-nn,
, . . ., 1,. j ,
11 lieei, ,1. .. ra -
Vi'e insi.-t that tlio agitation of the
of bi'ili tiie white man and the negro. In
the ngit.it ! n f this vexed question mil
lions of dollars have been spent. hoction
11! strife, hatred nnd ill-will have been en
frendored churches haveb.-eu broken t'p,
H.ice'tios divided, fnmiliea milnlcl ed the
I'liiuti of rb', Stales aioiiud nhicli ccti-
tics a1.', tho hopes of tho American peo-
1 1.1 1 ... l l ..... 1 . 1
, ie, un i tno .town .mime,, ,i ..ppiesM.,
U every climo has beeu shaken to
deep,,! fout.dation-but not a Muve has
I....... i;i...rnteil n,.r will thorn bu bvanv
been liberated, nor Will tllOlO 1.0 Hy an
.,,,,1, ;,,-(rmpnt,iliii..s il.eP
hllCll instrumentalities IIS IIICSC.
It is well for the svmpafhet.c to f.,1 for
too oppressed no Is poor, indeed, wno;,
. . r . . ,
has not a heart to feel for other's woes
but tliUMJ kindly feelings hhould bo di
rected with judgement and guarded with
discretion. Those who think that slavery
in itsulf, is sinful, should goon their er
rands of mercy as sensible men, and not
ns fanatics or lunatics.
It is almost universally conceded
1 o. ...t :..
the tdaves in our Southern States aro in
a happier a bettor condition than tho
Mime number of negroes aro any place else
011 the whole face of the earth. They are
iulinitely better off than the free negroes
of the Northern States, or tho dogradod
and outlawed hordes of Canada. Then,
tho put of Christianity would seem lo be
to leave them alone until it was made
evident that their condition would be im-
proved by a change. Thoso who have
Icon stilen from the r-otitli have, nsainn,
general thing, become a disgrace and a
buiden to the community in which they
located. The laziness, idleness und
thieving propensities, to say nothing of
heniuus crimes ol daily aceiineuee, among
the negroes 'of 'aiuula has rendered them
n iiuiscanee that cannot, bo much longer
Mibmitted toby the white population. Jn
( lliio there is one negro to every fccvcn
litindred whiles, and, strange as it may
seem, with this trrcat disparity in iiumbnrs
about one tenth of the inmates of the jails
poor houses and penitentiary of the State
Hut the evils of this agitation do not
slop with tho negro, or even rest with en-!n,l)ro
latigeiing tho government. The ill-will
engendered among different Slates of the
confederacy bus seriously cll'ecled intor-
1 '11... C ....1. n .
.IIILMMIIII I.UIII.Iie. t IT. 1 IIU .1.1. .Ill .111.111 u
any longer to bear the insults, abuse and
' . .
wrongs tho North has perpetrated in (he;,,
inline M. 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 1ICUHOIII nave to a con-
rddcrablo extent cut oil' their trade with
Northern merchants and manufacturers,
and a great number of wot thy mechanics
have been thrown ont of employment.
. ,. , , , 1
It was this that caused tho reduction of
the wages of ahoeinnkers in Massaeliu
n .
setts to starvation prices, and com pel led
1 e . , ,
more 1 hut n 1 1 01 s d o t c 1 t o uiuko a
Strike to prevent, starvation. Jl is llik
Hgitatioii I I1.1t lias forced the Sou) born'
Slates to expel the free blacks from I heir'
midst to prevent (heir being miido (ho,,
. r .i r i
tools ol Aloihtloliisls 11. the work of la-
Tlieso worthless, ,e-
.... . . .
graded blacks must be thrown noon the
. . , .
i co HiiiiuMiii.i 1 1 1 c i . taiior in ougiit in com-
j iiie and murder.
jntitmii wiih tho labor of white men.
Tho blacks are content to live in poverty,
degtedatinn and tilth, and a heavy influx
of them would irresistibly ding the while
of the Notth down to a common
level with the degraded negroes.
this eoinos, as eonin it must if the ngila-
lion is eontiniiiid, Ohio must receive,
start with, at hoist two liuudied thousand
, , .... . .
- ...i,n. it iiii, ill, mm ii , .l.'Lr.i..
, will not allow a lu'i'io to settle iu the
, . ,. . ,
ni... . -iiii. mii-i tiiao more lliail
due Mono, tion or admit the sau, i,...
,.f il... kl - .i.... i i-
j-w...j v. ..... . iiiiii.uii. I
one we are for prohibiting tl.eir in.mi.rra-'
... t.. , . , ' K
lion 10 una nam, ami in lavor ol statu-
tary provisions to prevent it. We
posed to compelling the while laborers
thii State to compete will., work with
and be degraded by the introduction
"nil mill Iml no. l j. . ll i e .1
..W0.OO0 or -100,(1110 f-ee blacks of the
S.i.ii.1, t.-n ,...,..,....1 ...
, , , . . , ,
weanny depots tut it, Biictj puwor as tins
would give to oppress and reduce to vas
aalage tho white laborers of Ohio
re opposed to having the whito race do-1
gra in I l y the vile msociati jiu t,f
I LIhcIc nnd still moro ore wo opposed to
Iiavinf.lll0(inKWon looA lc;ntnnin.
ated by an adraixu.ro with that ol the
.... i,
I iia) A. f........ '
nwit ...lieu.
n.. . . i
ihe humanitaiinn argument in opio-!
sition to law p.nbibi.ing their immigra-lheld
tion is that tlicv are driven from the South '
tu,f ,nnst have some place to 8tay.ir.nv
1 J J
j We want to hear no niicIi cickly nenti-
'. .i: ,1.:. If .... 1
.. ..-. j
vians our lirst duty is to Kmird the inter-;
lest of oniKclvcs and neighbors "No who
U ow n household hath j
the faith and i... worse than an in-Uiasni
i ... . '
K,.n.ii,i.. .,.. (bkn -ln ,.P :ed
from tu'lgment rather than from impulse,
LviM sin, t(() w.,lit(, M(,0 ;n.n n;n morfi I
, .
particularly the laooilllg poition, through I ,
lA... f... 11... .1.
iwii iui in..! i'iwn.
. ,
1 roui the lircsent leirislatnro WO bnvi-
,. ..r , , .
notuitig to cxpoct. j uai iiouy lias M.
n 1 J
pealed the law to prevent millaltoes from
Ivntln nn.l nwsspd n lii'.l tn r.vnvnnf tIii. i
. c .. , ',
reroverv ol lnuilive s hives i linden f,.
r - -j
votin-. and nassed a bnv fn r.ipvonf H,
Then, ii l.oei.n.e.. .11 !
ilii Stjit.
.... .. . ;
nn. 4 in, ... ....... . . . ...1. :. .11
'"o in" ..MM., nun hiu nniiu, hum
in.-n..ul l.i.. I . . II. . .
ii" r i" I'i'tviVt ivj i't; viLJiiHilt in i ill! IrO '
r ....... .
teilionof their lights. To this end we
icratiu Mato Con-
Lium, .mi.) von
: ill tho platform to I
,,ropose that the Democratic
VCtltlOll place a 1'I.T.llk
'..,., ,), .n,.t , ,.f ,.
', - 0 ...... .....
War With Mexico.
i ,, ,. ,
eoinu now isven.lin'nei d.borC, hk -v"'
..oino new is y cmIu .1 n nubboi I asma . , ,
Ihe files ot his paper during tho pendttll-1
il.n M.t.-i.i..,. .....r t.n. i
..........M-i.i. ..... r.iv...n p.. iiiv;
... ... . .,'
Rifle. 'S ulileli nr.. in pYnel. I.nn.iiin' ui i
.... . .. ... ..i
bloo.ly Imil'ls ntl'l hospitable grave"
. . . . . .
i ... i . . , i ..... t
..... im .....,.,,.,.... .,..,.. ,,,,
Movien " ll ., .
Moxi.o. lie Ml).,.
I "Hon-toi lis eetiinc his Ten nnlinnire nwiilrln L
... .
cut his way I., the city of M-nicoj and llii.hanan
is hiitri ing tlic ti.ini.rt lioin L'taii down lor ihe same
i-hiit General Hi.rhro.v U ine-litatingn !
descent ntion tho eilv of .Mexico is neivs !
... ,..,., t 1 ,. '
- ..... . .
, jmj; o(h(?r t,mn (jnr Wonder
,w Wt t , ,.erIill
( y T,.1(.K,.n,h. t vo,.y
f .,,.,. .I.,., tl ,nPrrsJ,l ,.nt s tnlcinir I
i ,
, , . .1... 'I'....... r... I
j tlio troops irotti 1. ian to me iuxss iron-,
U( ,ob(J
. , . . , .
1'icHidont ho may need them, under tho ;
I . , , ... .
direction of a liepuhlicaii Congress, to
"abolish" those "Twin relics of liar
bai isni 1'olygaiiiy nnd Slavery," spoken
(of in tho Mark Kepublieuti platform.
! Hut our neighbor grows sarcastic; ho says:
j "What n noble deed it would be for a powerful
nation like ours to whip Alexico, a country with
tlmt!""1" ;rum...t. without means to carry ou a
I war, 01 soldiers to li'-l.t her I attics. '
Now, neighbor, this is the stylo in
which you talked of Virginia hanging old
John Buown, your abolition co laborer.
On this principle a small, feblo man
might murder a strong man, and his
WeukUOhli Lo a good defense in a Court of
jI1Btice Jf tlio President and Governor
j Hors rov are convinced that the Mexicans
1 hllV0 a rigUt to Mllr(nr American citizens,
stcu tIl()ir ..0,.,'y liml Coii.,ign thoir
,111;,, t, the Haines, as has been done,
t1Jlt d,,, weakness of the Mexican
nation is a justification therefor they
surely will not punish them. To this
end, neighbor wo propose that you send
each of them 11 few copies of last weeks
Iftihaen Caitnt'j ppulili-an which will
surely convince, convict and convert them.
Neighbor, supposo you copy from your
files some of your old articles on the
Mexican war.
It has not been long sineo Republican
papers not. a thousand miles from this
towll W0. publishing glowing accounts
0f tho wrongs tho Mexicans wore perpe
uro trating upon the people of Texas, and
censuring the President for not taking
efficient measures to redress them,
, Tho lilack Republicans are hard to please.
Republican State Convention.
1 1 .- ... 1 1 ,1 .- . - .
(,'onvonti on at Columbus on the first inst.,
, r , . 1,1 , .
for tho purpose of electing Uelegates to
.,, . ,. . , , ., ,.
the Chicago Convention to bo held on the
Thu Republican of this Slate held a :
Kith of May. I). K. C.uu riMt, Thomas
I Si'OONi.ii, V. P.. HoiiToN und C. liitoAit
Ihki'k wore elected Delegates for tho State
... !.-... fl-... r. .It i-.iuf.tiilir.li ,1'nu
i , . , . r.u.w . -.1 .
adopted by 11 vote of .10 forto 1 2 against
1 ',, , , .... ... , ,. ,
1 Himili'i l, 1 lint tho l!eiublicans of O.iio, while
they will cue iluir uuiud and eariieal supixirl to
1 Ihe monii.i c ot the ( liicuuo eou etion, iuidoattias
1 . . .1 .
tlien lirst cli'Mce, sod recommend to the said eon-
. v. nlii.ii the iianie ol'rialinon V. t'liaso, of Uluo.
The following was tlui voto against the
resolution :
fAW Ih-hiu-m, "; Clnrk, II; Clcrnioiit, t;
Darke, li; Dcliw.iic, Hi Kiviute, I; (been.', !;
lbunilli.ii, f; Kn.i,4; !,.. ivnc, -J; l.ickini', 1;
l'ilioii, '.; Muooi, Alonipimer) , :jj I'uka-
i, i ihui'i ., i iisMiiint i.i., ,,,111.111, i,
Wwrru. :t NasV... l:lnk I.
i .. . . . .1. . .. .... . i
J!y this it will be seen that their is .i
South to t lliio llhu k Ib-publicanisni ; all
. thn votes, except one, against Cn sk bo-
ing from counlios south of the Packbone.
j Gknkiiai. Ankknv, and Dr. Ivsos rep
laborers i resumed this comity. We are unable to
'hen;lell how they wore appointed,
The Stiitvuiimn in speaking of the reso-
lution of instruction for Cii vsk says :
,"A" 1r'."'k",,'1i', m " '
tvliosnsliiiiied it lhera wits not moral eoiim(;e
f a. tlL'.t 111 ...u tOIII. '1111.111 Ul .lrnu,Mi n Mini' ' t.
l'lllti"1.1 ' "duit-on lo llconu lolnwd lo as .u. in
M, den id tlio L. uli ill lh .Iclcpitcs or a lnt t rm
a lur ttic imit. nor luul unv ilcle.'aie the honest v
''"".'"' l"oiose si.cl. a ihim; on his
s ..'..
i-,.iu,,i.ii,iiitv n,t t.i i iii, li. mil hii i.u,, ... ....i.,
....;.'., ... ... ....... "i J...."'
ih. .nniiiiiH.it. jl. .Mill tr.i.'c.. tur wtiiio.-mi); i-.ui-
V'1"" .- tt..pijiiUii- li i.my have
.desired that son.cihi.ig .,..t'ht l.e sanl, wll Uk ...
v lor tin-cnuiiemlloii ol u sinirle iirineiiile. Fur
ik.. ii.i.M. , ,..vn..iiv m, i il.. ..,.i, ...... Ii. ii,
rttmii,. ,) uuHiempt of all luinest iiiiu of every
of ; m,u; ..,.! ,,,0,, u K,o.l t,ior..U and H-.a,al h,teB.
"'I.I'I'f ' V', r-.:' i:.. ..-.rJ
..f ' Jld li.vhrld u.in.-. in and .ut(.'lwsu in noiiiiiiatioii.
1 Muu'd ' to the Democracy of Ohio the
,., lu can, hy t.eni, live .hoe.-nd
llt.llolltV. Let till, t lien 'it t :.i.icili.tnn cat it w t ll,
. act ol the Dino Ciiiiveiilioii uv we."
, .
MO' 1 ho engine house and repair vhop
of tho Worcester railroad, togothor with
six locomotives was burnt at Hoston on
the U't.d iobtant.
The Old Keystone.
Tho Democracy of Pennsylvania held
their Stato convention At Reading on the
T , , J
'.... ... T ..... ...... f 4l.il 1..... ......
111SI llisutlll. ll .IKS tine ..i inu
, . .
nnd most enthusiastic convention cver
in the Stato. Senator Hicu-.n, Hon.
.1o..n L. Dawson Hon. Win. Montcosi- !
nnd Hon. .losnn I!. I'.aklu worn j
elected delegate to the Charleston (,'ou-
...,..:.... f...- il... Vint.. n, ll..
... - , 6v
Ilf.siiv If. Fostkh, ol N estmorclnnd wan!
unanimously nominated for Governor.
To hivo our readers an idea of thu cnthu-1
and good feeling that character!.- j
. . . . .
tluwonventioi. ,..,v frn il. vnJ
. . . :w
ported proceedings tho following: ,
Af,(,r ,1ie ,),!) i,nt, there being no election,
Mr. Uetriili, of I.vcomiiig, rose, and in a loud,
mj-lmtic voice, moved that Henry l. Toster, of
etniorelimil. te iioininntee hv iipelntnntin.i
.. ' - . J " -
inetnouou w,ia re?K)ii(li:a to by tremendous
,.V,...,r;,. 'ii. .n.u.. .... (....:.. ..'...n...i t... I
.... '.r-"T .
i iicuvnuiij m u wu n
lent, ol'lil 1i.ti.rri
After a IoiijT Interval 5ome little nnler was re
rescinded to by a uiuuunioiis yell. 'J lie contu-!
Ii.... ... ,.;i.r... ;, r..iu.. ,i n i. .. ;
n... ......i., iiiiiii ru'l. i in.
stored anrt Hi.. President rut the motion. It was
IWidoiii .lecl..ied Mr. Foster as hiviiii; iei.
iioiiiuiaiefi lor i .overuoi- ov aeeliunulioii.
re. ...... . .
i on niinoiiiieemeiii was renuveil wuti preat an-
l'"'lrT. I IIU V '1 1 1 I IP II 1 1 1 Pill I tT'JII LI I 111-. IllJinilil-
,- ,, , . ' ;
standing the ellia Is of the Clmirmau to preserve
WI',r n1"pl,-r "rnewhat rptor-d. a d.-leeat.-
movp.l that a vote bo taken mpo row in onler to'
re alti.m and tbot pininanently secure M,s Foster's ;
no.nuin.io.i. i ins i.s awul lo. ,
On (lie voto l.eiop. taken, every d.lejriite nn-,
" ' , "! """""! '"") " ,
IhelrcMdent ..pun jl.te.arj-.l Mr. roster as
uimiiiiiious.y iiniiiinateii. j ins aiinoiiiiccineHl
"as ii'sin ri'sjHii.dcd to with the wiidest acclauni-
"c-'-s were ,, na.le ,,v Lewis C. C:,.si-"y
, VM ,)l1(!,1(irVi William Monttron.erv, !
William Midler and Kiehant Vau, all exprissinj;!
their irr.itilx.ition ill the usiiltand i.rooheswni.' a i
..,.. 1 1 I
iurirn-iimras were 11a111.11 wiin
tii.erMr.f...eil wi. h tnti.m l.. . ... 1. ....
I ' .' -'
the tunt voeilerwos bursts of nj.plnuse, anil were
... .. '.: : .. '
,., ,, , sil
funeral oration. I inter. d to bury old f.cciiij,i.,n.
and, in the same grate, I intend to bury ten tlhou-
I .... .Inn. ...!! ................ o... 1
r...... ..... ..v.,., ......... ..... ,. r...... ......
tend t.) have a sort of taa party or love feast, at
whicli the Jjetompton and itiiti-iiccomiitoii man will
open liis heart and tike him in. All bitter feelini's
';''''''' M7 l,oM,ka, rt,!,u"'c-
ss..', , i.;i....i.,'i.; . h .,.;.! i. n,..nn,i i,i.
the ueiiil..,7, i. iuet nrec-ded him. and
.111. it 1 . . .
. IIU IMU..1-
lcncy. The election of .
would hurv old Lccoiiiptoa and ami Leuumpton
side by side, (Cheers.) j
J ho Convention expressed no prefer
ence for tho 1'rcMi
Senator !i..i .-n on tlin firat ballot, bv
1 .1 1.. .1.!
very large major.ty clearly indicates tiie 1
.,of Punn Vlllift a roXmvUi:0 lo j
Mr. Dou.ilas. 1
Military Force for Rio Grande.
If tho present disposable force should
bo found insufficient to protect tho fron-!
, r , 1 1 1 . . .1 11 . . n
tier of tho luo Grande, tho President will
bring, it is said, tho subject to the niton-i
tion of Congress in a special message.
In tho absence of I ho necessary informa-
tion relativo to events in that quartor,
members generally arenot willing to make
an appropriation to bring the Mounted
Pv("'imeiit of Texas Volunteors. heretofore
authorized, into tho service, nor to resort
: 7
tJKN. lliibsroN, it is said, has reeoivod
moro than eighty applications from gen
tlemen desiring to raise volunteers, lie
has adviseil such companies to bo raised
and officered in every frontier county; that
a system of espoinago bo agreed upon,
and in case of alarm, pursuit bo given,
and tho invaders and thieves, whetli.u- In-
,. nr.- 1 1 . . . !
dians or Mexicans brought to justice. ;
ii- . ,
1 iieiu are iiireauy nine organized coinpa
nies in the field. A truly alarming con
dition of nlliiirs on tho frontier of Texas
is represented.
The Pacific Railroad.
Tho House Gou.mitteo on Military Af
fairs have had tho subject of tho Pacific
Railroad under consideration, but have
1:111110 to no conclusion. As a prelimin
ary they have instructed the Chairman,
Mr. Curtis, to nsk for tho printing of the
several bills referred to that Committee,
including that matured and agreed upon
by tho Select Committee last session, pro-
vidingforn central route. Tho idea is
entertained of uniting this with a central
router The plan of aid is in tho form of
postal aud transportation advances by the
United States Government and by private
.. .. ,,
' ' . b J
piuu 01 consii uciiou.
The Campaign Opened.
At the ( barter election in Marshall,
Michigan, on Monday last, tho whole
Democratic ticket was elected by 100
. ' .
maioriiv. This is a Deinociat.e itain of
' '
Jllll since last, fall
Galena, 111., has gone Democratic by
lSl) majority. Itcmoetatio gain since
last full UIU).
Hi:SAToll llt'.NTIMl ON WlllTK T.Alloll IX
jTiiK hoi. ill. Mere is a word just spoken
by Senator Hunter in tho henate: "Nor
iisitlruo that tho institution of slavei v
makes manual labor on tho part of the
whites despicable iu the slaveholding
States. There is no country on tho earth
in which honest labor, ua 1 beliovo, is
more respected; and of this I am certain,
,, . i -. i i i .1 i t ti
that every white laborer In tho slaveliold-L..
nig States is more nearly ou aii equality
with every other men in the community
than every whito laborer in tho North is
on terms of eotiality with evory otia.,.
1 '
man in the North.'
The way the Money Goes.
MM f. . .
Vi?"' I '" RpooiMT. Kent 'rvw;d
and rselson l-raukliii. tho I (iniuussinii-1
I . .... , .
cm ttiiollllCi I lO SCICCI II. 0 UO IOT a 11CW
iViiitnitinry, present a bill for ft:ill days
I. .... ... ..,.,;'
...j , .,...... ........v..
. for exiieuses the sum of S'.lti.'i. makintr in
all t?H,ltfl!l for the job, which they have
j oouinleted by makiiiL''a maiorit v and
minority reimrt ! It is dinicult to iinag-i
, iuo how these gentlemen could waste three
hundred lllld thirty-six days ill the bllsi-
' IURSi or bow they could spend 0d5.
I .... ... . J . I . . . .
They ought to havo petformed the duties
assigned them in one third of the time.
Hut they aro retrenching . liepublieans of
K ,",J,ys"ll ,U,1.,, l"ry. f",K0
and when this fact is known,
no eno will bo surprised at the enormous
bill they have rendeicd..SVi(ff.;)iu;i.
News of the Week.
Thr National Union Party liavo fixed
. 0(, fM , ,
the 1Mb ol Way as tho day tor holding
, , .
uiuii i7n iniiiii ni j.aiumoro,
r"K Co'teni" !h in f"n l,os-
"PWI? 01 11,0 14,0 Ur,,,llJ ro,lry. ''
conti"i" depredations in Texas.
"Wn.ix at Williams, " (ho gMter lip
of linrrna l,nnl.o ! nil" f..- 11 I
- -n . -...rt
'"" loung must look out for the Mor-
The Southern Mwnwn, heretofore a'il
IJcpuhliean ahoet, has abandoned that
mon currency.
... .. i .J
J', onu eiuoiio.1 iiscii
the Democratic! bannni'
fI, . , ,
1 UK Democratic caucus of tho Jlftry-
l.,.,! 1;lntiirfl 1... ..omlnnln.l Hon .T
4 t i . . .1 T- . 1
'V. lunrs lur rc-cieclion 10 1110 CllllCU j
s,taleg Benftt0i
sued u call for a meeting at Mansfield on
01 y'on- l'NR lor tlio I icsnlency Have is-
ontunlay next.
Gentlemen friendly to tho nomin ation
Thr I'resident. has written a reply to
1 1IIV. I I II IPIIJ I H 1 tl NT. I'I'ltNl T llir 1 111 I IIIV. '
r "
',... l... . i . rvi
:Cinoi s jdan nt raising volunteers. The
President thinks that to he the business !
.,, I
of ('onr,,ss- . 1
A pedagogue, in Kenosha, Wisconsin,
. ' ' .. .. .
n.-e. iiLiy ki i u. K ..no is pniui., K" 1 j
. . .:, COwhide.
drawing blood with every titrokq. Her
'"'"" 6'"" during
school hours. '
..... :
Tltr. M'Laiie Trent v with Mexico is
1 , ...... 1 1 v., 1. ...1 :,.
iwjiiniiii-u'i. ... 11., 1.... Mi ..-..il niinu in
i in S.ni.i .1 .n nil .1.1 . iii-i iifti' . nn i-. '
.....i...... ....i...i ....j ....... .iv. .......
ox was ate lo five hit t tit) nossesKions i
. . -. ,
I which thev promised for the Mlllplo rea-
. r , , ,i
; Boll that tllC' (I li. II Ot OU 11 1 110 ill . !
-it,. ....... t. K(1(.iJon ljr)sq 0 .!
IUM ' M " MUlon UnSS " ,l10 j
Day ton ix Aciiia road, was murdered ill n 1
saloon nt Iavton on Sunday night nt!
' i, 4n... .......t;.., i....i,..,i i.i. .t,..,.!;
, ... ., ', .1....
111111 .1 uuul'h 11 1 11 1 4 .1 1 113 11 iiitic t;in uiu ul ,
r,. ) ,, f rj,... f'
(J 0VeriIr of Pa-f ,,ro,i,lco,l unbounded I
governor oi la., juixluceil unbotiniletl i
!... . , ...I
rejoicing nt nis nome, . reensuurg. AH
. e
, 1 .n.4nrl. 1 1
id mostofthedwel-
,1. , ,.1 t;u 1 ji i;h. 1
" ' ' ' " 1 , "
...... v ,...,....
. , ,, ,. ,-, lh. ,,: ,,f
a,'1 111,3 RltL'r tno rC( ept.on ot the ,
gialitying but unexpected news.
T1111 'cntminlser Jit victo states tlmt 1
Whitelleld, tho great revivalist preacher, i
. , , .. . . I
; wtts at one tune n slaveholder 111 Georijiu!
being, at his death, tho owner of fifty
slaves, men, women and children, whom
j ho left in his will to the Countess of Hun
j tingtoli
Inn Kepubliean State Convention m j
Si;um,0ta has elected deleirales to the i
1 1 .t 1' ....1 .... ...! .1
1 ... ,., fur vV. 1 r Sewird for President '
I.. . . . ur "tit.ird loriiohidciu.,
1 no isconsiit . ueiegaies aro .ai.o lor
Howard. The Niiehiiran deletrates will bo
o u 1
thnt way. Aftcrall.it is by no means
money in Newark. Fifty-five dollurs in
. ..
spurious bills on tho Rank of Wheeling,
certain that Seward will not bo tho nom
inee. A young man named James Drown
wus atic.-.tcd nt Columbus Friday night.
barged with having passed counterfoil
..... ... 1
spurious Dins on tno name ot w Heeling
wero found upon his person. A confed
erate of llrown's has been arrested at
Tins Napoleon Xurtliwest gives nn ac-
count of tho rescue of a little girl by a
name of Robert
ou iuni;iiu 01 u iniiu jjin uy 1. 1
tor in Henry county, by the
lobcrt McCanhy, win, phingod
, , . J: .. .
under the ico of the river into which the
the child had fallen, and saved her life.
The Chase Platform.
The Abolition Convention having en
unciated no platform furthor than subser
viency to (Jov. Chnso, wo must look at
his past record for the platform of tho
parly. When he accepted tho silver
pitcher from tho negroes of Cincinnati, he
said, "true Democracy makes no inquiry
about the color ol the skin." He further
said "I regard the exclusion of tho col-
I ....... 1 .ii.n.ilo rr,.i,i it... ,I.K. lii'A IV m.li iua nu
,...'iii', ".' 'in . . '". ...' ......... w .ir.r no
1 incompatible with true Deinoeratie prui
ciples." and aain ho said "The exclu- i
sionof the colored children from the!
...1. ...1- :u ;.. ... ;,..t.,
,(,nt of tW Constitution. nn,i a I
! ,1Bh,i,i0 breach of trust." Such are the I
' views of tho man whom the Ai10iition
.. ...... .:f!.. 1 1 1. .1...
i' ""v.-..i.i.. 1. K. ........... ...... ... ....... ii.-,
! 1 . II . 1 . 1.
iform tl Drl.utcK ondorRi-l. How
llie puojile liUo it? Statesman.
The Texas Disturbance.
General Forbes llritton, bearer of des-
patches from General Houston, had an
: interview with the President an.l riocre-
j lury 0f War on Wednesday, lie gave
them a full ami truthful statement of the
! condition of uil'airs ns they exist along
I.i i i .i . i r . .
. T l" ' UBlwr'
If., uti.t.w tlmt. ...leu t.n.l Acnifo.l U'nr ..o.
tlmlly oxist ,ul(l ,utt10 IIW.,1, 0f Texas
desiro to know whether the I nited States
j intend to interpose iu their behalf, and
j protect them against the merciless and
infamous Mexican banditti. J! the Lmtcd
. , i.,:m. , ...r.,.a ,i. ...
I Mates cannot and witl not interline, then
1 ,lly wi tako t!,0 law in their own hands,
nd if necessary carry the war into the
enemy country lliey ilosire, however,
: .i. ........... '... . ..i i.i
tlmt t ie United .statss government should
take the matter into its own hands.
The most that the President can do i.s
to concentrate a large force along the
Mexican frontier. 11ns policy has inl
and orders to
1.1.UAI.HU 1.U...IU1. .'.
,, , .,,HI)tuli
., ... ' ... ,',..
.iinw eitoci win prouauiv no o
iirouabiy no tioHpatouod
a (iMv ur twi. w nrilitr ofttirt War
L l,,,i.l lll.r n lbrl t nrtili.MU bat
I'- w j ... ..f,..- -
a : T,-!. ,,llly,l,,lT' 'or Kld 8l'r
" " 7 "w
I - - - j n--- J
been ordered from Fort Leaven worth to
t ort llrown, lexas, without tlelay, and
. . . . ...ti . . ... r 'i
... , .
-imm it t. 1 ..! a ... a
m.v vo.r iiu.s.,uor tusaeytuoa t.. H.u
n,.l ..t 1.:.. .1... ..... i-;.. .. ...11.....
u..v ... .... mil lll'U.l mil uoilliail ii'imvpivf
citizens by technicalities. lie claims we'
j did not pet forth the offence iu the exact
, wor j, thereof. Well, we didn't pretend
to. U wa, merely the .ubstanc. of his
I ,
! ,vmark' 8v- e,ghbor have you
i any other defence?
Cincinnati Correspondence.
CINCINNATI, March 3d, 1860.
" ' T ' "S lnn-UI
nine o'clock, our c tv wni startled by the report
(In Thiirldny morning last, between nichl nnd
that St. Xavlot Church, on Sycamore itreet had
tell nnd crushed ft large number of people In the
ruins. The first impression ujion tire minds of
those who heanl It seemed tp be utter Incredulity,
. there did not . accmpany the rc,.rtany assigns-1
... 1 . . . . . 1 I L
,.mlv know o that the buiWiuir was beinif tern
,,. to mke nmrn foralnriferb.illdii.fc. Slieht
Lin ran-e that nurh a calamity could ecrnr in such
aubatnnlia1,well-trieUbulllii.R. Itwasnntgcn-
WM " "'"" i vcd that the current of the pop-
"'7 lt "nC, iVmf"n ' '"'':;lll celerity of
t.iriMiin am anvlniia fiipfi. Aliifl. imlpfinilft fl flip
and unsiitirtliiKtory as the report at liist apieared,
mo:mn '" inoeiimie as me
f Wll.. on arrivlnff ia U,e npkdiborhood.
the email auU contusion and tad liewt rending
wails of sorrow that roisc above the Hole, all In-
diCHted, loo truly, that a terrible calamity had
r.nun ........ i.. xt.. ri i. ...... .1..... .....l
ti, .in unror everr losMihle reinirt obtained
uit t,ou uprunr enry kwioii. n port oumiuiu
credence. Yet, after tho wildest reports were re
f"u'11 an'1 ,ho ft Jvel..pel, enough wasleain
.1. ....... A1 .........It. 4.1 ......I. I
(he actual casualty itself to cast the black shadow
into nmiiy homes :uid the bleakest grief in hun
dreds of loving hearts.
Tin- Church was a heavy fubstantial building of
'"-iek, nml in onlcr to take it !o n, the always d.i.i-
this way the front and rear w alla were taken down.
On Tuesday iiicjit and Wednesday it rained very
(,! nll,l tu. stnding walls were penetrated with
. , . , . ,
moisture to a considerable depth, till llmrsdiiy,
when the men went to work, this Important fact
apjH-ara not to huve beeu considered, nnd fiffecli
jneii set to work to undermine, br removing with
,., ;,i nfntel,. ,t, .,. ;.'i,.!,t w.
the foundation. The wall stood twenty feet above
r.nm.l...i..n and no props or other means ap-
pear to hnve been set up to prevent its Kv,ng way
,,"1',,'",.v' TllF progressed, and, in an un-,
evncctiil moment, even before it was thoucht the
u ..... ,.,.,. ..!,. . .,,1 ,!. ,,, .i,.
- v. .. ., .
'"f. """' ' 1 ..... . u.m.-.
oi tue iMukiuiR stoon transiijuM witn horror, but
!,,, , .,. ,,,, ,j, ,. , , ,i, . ,,i, .,r ov
they soon rallied and r.i-l.cd to the work of ex-
hiiiniiiir their comoaiiions fnuii beneath the brick
and debris. In a few minutes hundreds of strong!
.,,. ;,,: , , . oa ,.,,, ,
... , ,,,. , ,
,i XOl.till .,,. ,.,,, Pl',Iltllll,,i
i . t.i .:n .1
"... .,. ..
nmvr br,mi,i tl. m.iiep int.. r..i,uiil.m .,.,1
forced Uieewd oB he ruins in order that
,, , ...
1...1 .... r..,i.. i:e...i ....
w.uwu-o.-. "... nU. t.K.u.v
1 .....
inei ussoo.i reuoiiiii.uu .iiviii, 11111. i. nan n b.uj niej
b . .
mchin, scene ,0 see wives prostrate themselves
, , , . , of tho bus-
"f"" ,lwcr,""",'J """""'i iomis 01 me nus
,,ftniis f11)m,om they hau pa. ted but a couple of
hours biti.re full of life mid hope; and as children
r,1!'1,01 "J learn w bat tbey most Oiemk-a to know,
" S:P"C f 8'u,m'S! u"1 BO,TOW lllat nil!ltud
tho most obdurate hearts, and even men were
, , ,,
moved to tears
Of the fifteen men engaged in undermining the
wall thirteen were killpd upon the sHt, one taken
out not seriously injured, and one esenK-d.
Twelve of the dead leave families who were de
pendent imcn them. Measures are taken for
public expression of sympathy for the bereaved
and for the pi.nK.se of establishing a fund t(, ai(,
'them tliroie'h the fearful trial that has fallen unon
.... . . .
.. KxcIl.lur0 flI.u nmlsjM .rr.,l!Jan,CMto to hi-
., .r.... ..... ......... ...
1. lieu me iiiie.iii i.i uiu 111. u. iiiu xiiibMi. .11.
'riuultural Society in this city. The committee on
Ways and Means report that they have Kuaraii-
can raise any iimuuntlhat may bercouircd for the
object in view.
Charles Clawgon was tried during the past week
oT tl,u 1""'lii;i,le , K- T- acquitted.
Till aeiitiitl.nl was bused lliiOl. thn ta'eCedelit efl-
lalilioliod in tlio fatuous tickles case.
.11 .j ji.-wiiin
leed subaeriptioiis to the amount ol $1 3.1)0(1, and
. . .... ,, . , .....
Yours respectfully,
Gen. Joseph Lane's Boyhood.
Senator from the Stato of Oregon, was
(.Jen l.ano, one of the bravest Generals
of tin- Mexican war, and now United States
oo.iaior noin ma mam ui vregou,
the son of a revolutionary patriot, noted
' bravery and his tough, iron con-1
stitulion. He bad several boys, of whom
Joseph was one of the younger. It was
the old gentleman s delight to tell Ins
boys all about his hard scrapes and tough
scenes during the war ot the uovolution,
and it -wus their pride to become "us
tough us father." Ho lived ' with his
boys on the side of one of tho mountains
north-east of hake George, in the town
of Chenter, Warren county, in this Stute.
(tno of tho recreations of the boys was,
ubun in the corn field, to take turns in
standing 011 a stump and let thu others
pelt him with stuns, and thu one who
could stand this pelting longest was most
like father; tough and lit to bu a soldier.
1 "7 tt", 1,1 u m wl ", "!u ,,,uu"
flln J't younR Jo His remark to
thoiu, when he got 011 tho stump, was:
"This is my post, and 1 will never leave
lt all.v.u-" Sure enough, ho never would,
and his detormniod will ami bravery com
. inc to his lather a curs, ho claptiod him
...,.,-,.. ,A- i,.u
u,fl T'1' 7mgf,,IHB . , I
. ... , , i
no use, boys; do. wi i never yic u;
tvm .no u.si, .o.vii. ...ar.o n
yet." Tho old gentleman did not live
to see his prediction fulfilled, but do. did
make a tieneral, and a brave one, too,
make a General, ml a brave one, too,
well as a noble man, and a Democratic
Senator Ironi one of tho young S"it
States of the cst.A. J . .W,
Strength of Parties in the Pennsylvania
In tho Pennsylvania Stato Convention,
the lirst test vole, which decided the rel
ativo position of parlies, was in the elee
-, .. . ,i i.
ti on of permanent 1 resident w Inch result-;
u. , w.
-.'. ir i l e ' . ci
elsh. of ork county, St.
,' Cunuingbam, of Beaver, 4-1.
Mr Vekh was supported by
friends of Mr. JUichaiiun, and all who
voted lor uini luuoisea um ivuiuiumiia
tion in its foieign and doinestie policy,
while as Mr. Cunningham was also asup
poi tor of tho President, many of the Ad
ministrat ion men voted for him. Tho Ad-
. . d .
ministration majoiity in the convention,
fi.lltt fioiiuted was as lour to Olie. .tn-
xwuiovnV JJemorut.
TmcDemOOlatio District Coil VCUtion
. i r- . .
. . p. . .
; for the SOth C ongressional District, met
at Warren, Trumbull county, on the first
day of this month, and tinaniinousl v eloc-1
ted David Tod and Dr. Wood, tho" Dele-
i i i r
t .... I'l.- rlAl.ltn Aviiras an.l a rrnfir.
Ka.o. v, v - i
I ltninrlua onrl And or ami
.v. '"'f. .....j,.
Cincinnati platform. Thia wai the dia-
trict in which the Central Committee re-
forred the elcctiouheld ou the first of De-
cember lar.t. back to the people, tbera be
promises, I .
j ing a contest in relation toth firat tUc
News from Abroad.
People of noto aro not always
T"Sir," said a burly fellow of no
.. I 1. .1 tt I 1. . A .1. I
largo. The height of ) neon Victoria in
fivo feet one inch. Napoleon 1. wasj
ahont five feot suven inches. The Duke!,
of Wellington was ahout five feet eight
and a hall inches in stature. i
enviable eliaractor, "I have the largest
neck of any man i.l the city." Very
M !
likely," said iis neighbor ; "and I saw
yesterday the largest mpe in the city put
that and that together."
X-P What hidden treasures lie within
tho family circle 1 How many hearts
miR,t bo made (rlail that are now sorrow
f1 i( ... trn.,1,1 rnrpi. it.- ..Jrll
j ifi?-Tim tornado of Feb il wna voi
8CVore in lll0 80Ulllern rrt 0f Lo,.ftin
Connty. In HuntingtDn, buildings were
ull,.0()fu,l , (;liimney toppled over,
: r .....i c-. .11 1
LIU.ni,llli.ieiu-i:niiinti.iLUU. l;Cit3lll.HOail
1 . 1 i.i.t. 1 . 1., ,. .
oi CBiiiu were Kiiicu. nun .ur. l.ocr cal-
at homo. It is to that source we must;
look for all true reform ation. If you
would live right before the world, com-
mence the work at home.
iCdg" Col. Pander of the Overland snr-
17 U J'?,l ,I(lden tVf'1
on a mulo without rest; foucht the In-'.n
dians, theMormoi.8 and the griiosV
gone three days without fooAvalki!
thousands of miles afoot over alkali plains i
but never knew what it was to be miser-!.
able before he suiroied from sea sickness, j
JtrAMr. Atwood, tailor, spiritual-'remedy
1st and free lover, living at Darton, Vt., I
recently discovered that there was nol
spiritual affinity between himself and his !
wife, with whom he had lived for twenty i
years, and told her so. Last week ho i
eloped with a married woman nnmed Col-
liston, for whom he had a true spiritual i
! kins had three libs broken by a barrel :
i " cuhci.i,
Mr. l'eabody was killed by a fa ng tree,
i t -i r i- t.- . i '
wh,G feeding his stock. ,
.... ....... ...
Fir i is ew tore t ntmrnn- il in
' ', , '-'""'rci.n.i.ll, in
noticing the death of Its "oldest Sllbscil-i
, ! nor, J laviil A- JJcmarest, a t;entleman
J of Kreftt plwiHantry and genial humor,
..!askH: "-ftn any journal 111 tins country
i boast a subscriber for sixty-three cotwee-,
..... . 1 . ..i 1
nnvn vnni'u u- in noa nmii ovtv nnnnn
1 -' . r ' ""V-' " "":
tU1? r?"T V on. ;
! " " ' 1 ' " J "l A 1.1 V I Bill 1 I UHU
i tho paper.
? n tl '.M V.1U f!,l
....... ..,........,, ..,
1 nblin.b.nt tmno nf milclratlvur in a 15o..i.l
- - -j.-.. ... .. ..i...u
J ctoto iu ;,! i ).. b., ,....l .!;.
t.te is sai.l to have been recently discov
ered. It was found 111 a quartz ledco.
and on breaking open the rocks the pores
and cavities were found to be filled with
the liquid. Great excitement prevails in
the vicinity of these discoveries, and
crowds were rushing there.
jCiT An attempt to kill one of the Pen
itentiary guards was made by a convict
one day last week. Tho convict ap
proached the gourd from tho rear, and
made a lunge at him with a lingo knife.
btitut that moment other prisoners' who ;
tho all'air shouted, and tho guard
, lPl hlo, thus saving his life.
A cor,resP.OI"',;,'t of nn
..1 !... 1 l 1 A r .
,111111 Li.un, incive.i 1111 a. ..el L'D, mr Ullb-
' , . ,. , , ,. . , , ,.
I shone tlio diamonds of Oriental ladies.
ernor-General's Hall, a lady appeared in
a dress which had the appearanco of be-1
ing on fire. In countless diminutive bags j
of gauze, she had imprisoned hre-tlies,
As sho walked in tho more dimly lighted
alleys of the gardens aud grounds, she is
said to have made a beautiful appearance.
Stophcd Whitney, the millionaire
who died in New York, a few days ago,
at the ago of 84, began life ns a poor Con
necticut boy. At his death ho was the
second, or according to other accounts, j
the third richest man in tho city in which !
' ll"e was acquired. His wealth is
: h(al(Hl ' ouo paper at two, and m anoth-
i - , -
, 4"" jnatenal but the true estimate w
JW, be found between these e
; ironies.
er twelve millions. Ihe difference is
mi H'l . Il 1 1! 1 - ll I
v me nep.ioiiea.is e.ui.n to ...now
Jerlerson. Rut they forgot his I
purchase of Louisiana, and that in doing1
so he added slave territory to tho Union. I
Were ho President to-day, they would.
of Buchanan,
trump.' Tom Cor win.
ho President to-day, they WOllld j
ICC llis action illst ns they do that!
, . ,'. A -ii ,
hanan, in seeking to acquire I nba,
tvli eh isa so slave ten- torv even thorn.' 1
W IUI U IS a.SO Slave It ll liory, evtll luyngll
it. wotiiii uo away won 11111 inst, vesufe 01
tho slave trade! Most beautiful philan
thropists! JCd 'I have concluded to stand by
Sherman until Gabriel blows his last
We arecoing to stick to Shornian un
til li 11 fruo.OH JVotii Klinro to bhoro.'
Hep. J)fcmer of Cowrpss.
Ah the Uppuhlu'iuiH, incliitling Corwin.
liat'it al.nnilminil Kltrirtnnn aii.l irriiiA Aimi' !
.. . ..... vw i
tO 1 CntilllgtOIl, It IK tail' tO J resume that
iH.thoftltoalmvoih'li-litfttl ovouts liavc'JV
t ra n s pi red . Lawrence Sentinel.
JCif Saturday afternoon two sons of
ne the Kev. .1. S. Wei.e, at I.ithonolis, Fair-
fichlGounty, were jdaying ill a room of
, thl,ir fllth(,r.8 ilollM ,vhen one of them,
; 1 1 ... . ra ..li Iook ., . .... .vh:lA,
as I .111.,i;., ; ,i,., ,.,.,.,. n,i i...fiiHv ro.
as ; st,llliillK ;u tho co,.ner ,. piayfuiy ro.
mftlko(l to n;H i,ro,her, G vears old, that
Jl0 W0UKl sUoot liini. an.l tovt-linf? tlie Km !
! ,. , Wowi , ,vlu,,0 ,lft)f of"1, j
little fellow's head oil", killing hiin in
stantly. The older brother did not dream
of there being a loud in the gun, only
raising and leveling it in sport, but it
was heavily charged with shot nnd the
aim was too true. Air. etzo was in
i itiiii whs too iit.o. lur. tt wu-.o tvnw .11
, . . ., .. e ., . .
' t .iliini uiu nt ll.rt ri.nn ..I tlin at.lnntul
! fratricide Mrs. Weizo was nearly fran
m.U , withh(r tricfandthe surviving
brotl,Pr ill not bo consoled. Tho gun
tie, , (, . , piou..-
; s 1
April Elections.
Tho Democracy of Ohio should remom-
bcr the importance of prompt attention
. ,i... l....i i..,:. I, ..A-
..... .,., ...... wi...- ".-.
------- -
,noutjli 1 1 1 the habit of our opponents
,,,l o ..;...! .1... i, ..;.,
v NlicilU III vl KJ DillV.il I mi. nuilllK lfV
1 tioim than the Dtunoi'rutu do, ami hence
. : fui ny iiiBir iiiiui oura iiiev aru nov run-
it.i t... .
: :.i liy i.tuir ll.iu. ii.ua ..icy aiu nu. co.t.-
M w ho)0 om. Dcmoura(io follow
i citizens in all parts of the State will look
... ...... .
to this matter, and aee that the Democratic
nWM and at the polls at the
nni". vni uii luiiviiw m u
! " ...
sure to be on hand, and in localities whore
thf..... . ...1.. .....
QflV nave HOI II.O UOWtir IU BIBCI HIB.r own
they have not the pov
man, they will preach against the elec
tion of party men to township t.fticea; but
where they have the power they will he!
certain to elect their own men. Jt the
Democrats do'he tame thing, and (elect
and elect good men or the various posts
iu t'o mivv..' ..it,ii.wii.
Tlio coat of a horse i the gift of nature,
flint ,f nn am iu nffnn tl.n ......Ir r . , -1
or I
A femalo slave in Wythe County, Va.,
'w? fow ,lay B t the advanced ago of
l'at thus pnvr) his testimony in a riot
co thim: "Bo jahcrs. the first man I saw
' wiCKiiaw.
inquired a young housekeeper about to
."Kn" ft w servant. "Why yon see.
roP,ie m'O afplieant, "I was too
trood looking, and when T or.enml tlin .loor
.. r7. --- - I .
tn lea took tnt- l,a tni.i. "
in old lady being askod to subscribe
to a iiespnper, declined, on the gronm!
that when she wanted iiewa she niaiiufac
tured it.
VKti.a. Black lace Toil can be recover
ed by washing them in tea, letting them
soak a few moments; then take them out.
and as soon as dry enough iron thorn.
An cJitor wh tl)ink, h
t in his colnmn(! tlmt liene.
er . KSIJg fcWKe . ,mckg( we pre.
sumo lie prefers selling.
Bbbl". f the California Golden Era,
1 . . -e
' ?T n
An Cl'ltor Mftine ,,as nPVor been
"now t0 ,,nk any water. He says he
'never heard water was used as a geneial
but once in the time of Noah
when it killed more than it cured,
,,r, , .
. " V," 8 fraid?" said a young man to
'"msi-1f' 0,'der ,01''ff n'9 courage to
t,'!!1 8tl(;killK l,oint- "Why you are,"
Fnltl tl'e object of his filTections, "or you
V!mU have taken courago six month
Why did yon h.-ave your last place?"
"Well, Jane, this is a queer world,"
pimu ouo to ins wnc --a sect 01
phi osoidicrs has inst sprunir un " "ln-
i.."........ nan josi npriuig "p. in-
deed." said Jane, "and what do they
..'t-l, .,... .1,:. ... : .
J oi.biikoti iiuug "i umuru,
., . . ,,
KnW lMUr Uruen.
Xorth Carolina is mors extensiv'elr nn.
gllgod in the cotton tnnimfactnre "than
any other State in the South. From tho
statist ica it appear that in 1859. about
nil rinii 1 . i r i r
-.',uu oHics oi couon were mnnuiaciuren
into cloth in North Carolina. In Georgia,
t 1)6 1111 111 Oe
the number of bales was 20,000.
Jnliarp little bov : "Why does Pa
!.:... ' o ' ' 1
A ...
Because he loves
Affectiofiato mother:
me, mv dear."
Sharp little boy : "Well, then he loves
our cook, too, for I saw him kiss her
morn'n forty times last Sunday, when
you were gone to Church."
iC-fTThe Washington correspondent
of tho Ciiicago Tribune relates the fol
lowing: "The blacklegs nre reaping a rich har
vest since tho members have drawn their
pay. i hey have cleaned out several al
ready of every dollar they received from
the Treasury. Night before last a mem
notieod jber from a Westein State visited one of
the fashionable hells. Bofore morning
tie was stripped 01 5Z,boiJ, being his cn-
'l'--. 1M 1 ,. ...
", n'y nm' mileage duo him, which
Kam, day. He was
carried home towards daylight in an oh'
Iivious stato of intoxication. In other
words, dead drunk nnd clean plucked.'
In press,""""
And Mill be Published, on March 17th.
A now Work by thn dintinpiirtheti
With an Autiibinrnphy of the Author.
nil's. LJIMA I. L. , Mill HWOIiTll.
AfTimit of -thk i ost iu:ntKss'
-iii.r.n 1 r.l, nii-r.." ".hissim. uiiiok," '1NIIA"
-wire s vit-rouv -ki:thiiu tion," '-ci itois
ur ii.n;nnr "I.I.A" TUK -I'll 1. 1.1
ur...v line, l.ivi.1 fiFTIIB il.,..
i;tc, k i'c.
Complete ill one lnrRO duodecimo vol
ri.oiuas unio uenily bound in cloth, lor One
loiJiir und Twenti-I'iio t ents; ot iu
lwo volumes, jinper cover, lor i.
rr-HK PubllsWrr. takn (treat pl,....re In belR !! to
r.-nt to th Ami- loan .-.'.lic n'.lhr new an.l
rharniuiK werk liy the pofiui.tr AinericaD Author.-!...,
mi i. umki d. k n. souiiiwun.i. she u cicaik... ..
"'i'gi-"" -i'i-' ' '" .!. iitiivIw m rms rmm
hl,, , ,.,,,, the one le.,I and liumtMst on the oitar;
mitt though wu iii'M-t with inrciMu aro ut ver iljirt til
with iiiil .t-l laiir.'ii.iP.'u. Jl-r charnctiiiii arc rnrt'ly un
dvT hut lu-vrr tiveiilritwn. Her cones nre lifr )rturini,
her hiuicU-iitu futiiiai 1 on fiuM, hii 1 liur st'Dtiini-itU ar
ftturafit ri.ttl ly n t.inlc uriiy both nf conception uiitt
vxprioi). .sin lias thu run f;tculty-of na.v:ii( vh:tt aim
m.;ii!i3, himI of riayiutf it In m U a rutau-.-r h taut h r
ninanintr cannot Ik inisintiTirL'ti-il. In nhort, tic um)
r-(if iu mt eitniKiit tit'Kri.-e tnoc rHiuicaiionH nhiuh aru
tin. ptipuliir priTOffiitivti nf a jmo I wrlt?; whllf nhe tits
WfihtK the rtJi.ler'e iitiairiiiHtmn with her ilcurriptive bmu
l , she n).la:4 lionirt truths u their uh(ltstiLliltng with
the Tore- nt nttoual conviction. The "ll iuntett U(imt-
tut" h&i bui'u proiiouiicfd Jy ttium- who have read tho
iiiif-hh'-fU, to he 1 1 ' K I'L-til work, 'i'hl in nulltcieiit to
enmmt'iMi it tu permial, and we anticipate for it a Breat
H1HllarUy. Kot B'llf In Hll H'M)(ik'tlt-.
U i',,,,!,.,, ,jf eith.-r e.l.tion of tiie w.irlt, will he Kent
o any prtnfthe l ulicil Statw, frf w'Wiif', on re-
Uiv' ,,iil ist.lotho
i'ltl'liiteij ttiuji.r H lie at the 'i.t'tVu'np Ar..?'i..'.-
m em hi
:!( 4 hi'stiiiit Street l'hilmlel.hirt.
- COllllll
Ami M. t.f it
CoIiiihImis I'uriicry.
tiie tirient vartetli'n; aliio IVuch,
all kimU utteil to u. climate.
U' h M lnli-WHre, iHatia, Con-
cord, Kfhwa( lnKKn, ete. oe our De.tytivu Cat
Iuk'iip juM ptiiitiil.
hM.Vl.l. FUril'!4 Turran, deveral new and Improved
varieties; Gntnebi-rlei, blaekburrti. Haepberried, tvur
al if w unrt; tUrawberrien, ii't vanetii-n, ete., etc.
UoieM. ele., in rrat vnrietie; aluu Douhlo iMh ta,
Yerhtiitis and other Howeriim pi unit at low prtr. .
(Send for a lencriptive Cat iIokuc.) Articieii aecurely
packed, no an to go by canal nr raili 'ad alinntt any tlt
Ui.ce w.thi-afety. M. M. 1 A'l'KH M A Cit.
n;tw.. Cohimli'ifi, (Him.
loSTri! iriiiAijiT:-"
l,L ttinse in.tiht.-d to llie uii-lfrnljneil by j ito or
honk micouiit srt- ri'ft.ecttully inforiuid that .
must h.v raiinrv, anil tlijl lliclr acr.aiinu mist h" 1. 1
Ikd oillimit d.inv. I.M1KA A V0U.NG
MoU'i.tmra, Harah 8th, 11.1. .
"' A'OTIfili. "
V I.I. porsnns are hcrhy nntifi.d not tft purirhits
!. f,,ur ni.tns iiivod ly m. tho un.lrsisno.l. t..
Klitaboth MiUh.-ll,.lto.l Fxhruary nh. A. II. 1-sio.
..;., fr three hundred dollar, aa said rmt.oi.wero
nn ii
,.hu.in-d r iunruirnseiuti.,u and fraud and lam
d-tcrmmud uot U. pay tueui. UI.I..W cooir... t-;n l.y
law l I. .1.1 II ri ll
u n i i a w vi .1 ;t.
ON thMS,hday.tr..nWviA.n..SSil.,h, p,.s:-
v '.
.. - . . a. . . .. .... ....
I ourl ol llu.nit'f cimn.v tDio, c..tiou ui.. ...-o
i th .tate w um uud.r.iK"'d, io- aiioumc.-,
.11.1. ... ....k. ?.... .in... .h(..-a meutirtnrd Oi
, Ulty wltt ,,, tntuicd i.. payn..nt.
liid Ulllj lava fc viw
I ww--,j
uimon HEiTKR-e P".-viva..ta umhrii..,oi .ii .t"..
'"i. lh SOOK KTOH K, M.ll-rRtiira. 1 Q t. ra..'l
1 : ..TJ.,.,.J1 h Ih... artlrla niadt la th C
lai are undoubtedly the bt artlrla aiadtln lha oounliy,
n.oember la 'IMMa
Stove rolisti.
Dae. 1 W-.t
HOKSE BILLS. Neatlv, Cheaplv and ex
padicioualy axecuted at thia emce. Gi
ua a call,

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