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gSolmw (Ccmilg farmer;
j. A. a i:. i:vriLi., it ruMi-rins.
THURSDAY. -.TiTArML, 12, 1S00.
For President,
The Nominee of the Charleston Convention.
Charleston Convention.
A tmr are aware tlie Demo-
rratii;,Nationa1 Convention will assemble
at Charleston one week from next Mon
itor. Every Tenon is anxious to know
who hat tlie inside track for tlic nomina
lion. A majority of the Democracy of
thii county are for Senator Docdla, while
llfSTT.n, CRACKlNniDOF, LANRail'l PlKtiCK
all have friend. Tho Democracy of this
rwinty, we believe without an exception,
are ready to give a vigorous cuppoi t to
the nominee, whoever he rimy he.
We cannot venture a prediction a to
who will secure tho nomination. We
have long since paid that Senator Doto
I ah would go into the convention with
about a hundred vote, and that no ma
terial additions could he got to thnt num
ber, and we have had no reason to change
that opinion. Id short we look upon
his nomination as out of tho question.
So far as tho other candidates are con
cerned wo are inclined to the belief that
Gen. Lank is the utrongost man could be
nominated. We do not doubt that with
liiiu as the nominee the enthusiasm of the
Democracy throughout tho L'uiou would
very soon reach a height that it has nev
er heretofore Bttained. We think, how
ever, that at present Honator IIuntf.r, of
Va., has a better show for tlio nomina
tion than any other man. lie is an un
exceptionable man, but we would prefer
old Jo. Lank.
The Republican and the Methodists
Our neighbor of tho Republican got
himself into troublo by bis lying about
the Demcrats making war upon the Meth
udist church, ami ho is compelled to tell
a dozen more "libs" to get out of it.
Our neighbor has made the thing redicn
lous, so milch so it is not worthy of seri
ous attention, but we propose to bold up
a pretty little mirror to him so that he
may see just where he does stand. Let
v put the Republican against tho Rejuib
I lean :
lief re noon it w.is pnli
New let us see who
were the Ciill'lidateM vot
ed for, Iioi:lc chosen,
Hid hIio li lt j II'. Ilul
W wih here sciiin to ex
iMiicrali! nil n diem In mi
inv kimwlcilge of the is
m m.iiltt in the cniitcat
I' th il cliv. tirpuliliran
if April Uh.
liclv conlrineil him eiven
Kill, tlnit tlmt d iv's .'Ice
tiun.im a rmUrit hrtm-ti.
tlif ijruc.i'rir ami hr Mill,
cliit ('htirch ! Hi'puhli
ran of March 2 M.
Our neighbor exhonerates all of the
candidates from any knowledgo of the
issue itc. Now, there were TWENTY
FIVE candidates for nomination on that
day, most of whom took an active part
in their own behalf; nil whom are exhon
crated from any knowlodgo of a crusade
living made against the Methodist church.
Is there a man in tho county with as
much brains as a pigeon wdio would be
lieve for ono moment that if it was "public
ly confessed and given out, that that
day's election "wis a contest between tlie
proceries and the Jfctmdlst Church,"
that these twenty fivo men could be ig
norant of it. Tho man that can believe
such a thing would surely have no hesi
tancy in swearing lo the truth of every
word of tho marvelous yarns in the New
York Lctttcr.
We lind fur our autliorllv the rnnfe-tlnn of one
of thfl irrocery keepers, mid politic proelannilion ol'
the imttic Ihili, limilc in flat limnn ol iloens
of our citizens, hv those nho acre Inlisud with
the grorerleii that day. Hrpuliliean,
All tho grocery keepers who are Dem
octras deny the Ihruth of the above. We
have inado no inquiry of I lie Rlm k Re
publican grocery keepers, but we learn
from good authority, which we nut al lib
erty to nso if necessary, I hat olio of them
did make a declaration like thai which is
complained of
I'ar J uttic-t of Ihr Viaer tohert Justice mid
Juliu Curhua. The lutU r iu .M. iIi.kIii, aiel wun
Trunlm. Jump Clancy , Jr, fScn. Uhl, fen.,
pnnno'1 burton, Jiiine Oulhoon mnl Johnt'.u v.
Jr. Tlio hmt nuiucil Is a McUiuili.,1, uli UHH
bestfii. liipuliUran.
Tim truth of it is that neiiher John
Carv, Jr., or John Coiihus aro meiubors,
of the Michudist ('hiii'i h. !
IIiitn crr on the tick I l'"r CiMHt.ihle there'
eit at priimil uml cin u were lour iMisli.l:iie.H, j
luleil, die iimucul din e'diie, ol ih. in m i-e .Melhi
r.r four ni-niU-r ol ih II
lit. One ol' Hie.
M , ,
ml nun vu inher,
one of bntK ih'W
lirrt and Hipvortrrt, vrr
" ii limii il. Hrpubli-
n J AfrU iHh
Uatrn ! UtpuUtcon if
March Wli.
Our neighbor declared on tho '2!)th ol
March that every member of the church
was beaten. On the 5ih of April ha ad-
nutted that two were nominated. How
much confidence is to be placed in the
statement of a paper that o glaring con
tradict itself ?
A Rebellion in Massachusetts.
The good people of Massachusetts are
in the enjoyment of a small rebellion
gainst the United States authorities. It
appear that Frank H. Sanborn, one of
the contumacious witness suhpranord by
the Senate Harper' Terry Investigating
Committee, watt arrested by officers at bis
residence ii Concord, on Tuesday eve
ning. Sanborn created a terrible rumpus
ud the entire town was soon in violent
commotion, and one man's death I said
to have been occasioned by Iho uproar.-
A writ of habea corpus was sued out by
Hanborn'a friend, ia tolon, ml fUr
hearing tho prUoner w discharged. -
I tie .Macl
ichunett IgiUtiire took tip
.nd ,i:,.i,l .l,.lu,m...,fiv0,l
, ... w
the Bti'e to defend Sanh n
A Rebellion in Massachusetts. RHODE ISLAND REDEEMED!
If the opposi.ion can rejoice over a bare
escape from annihilation in Connecticut,
by fhould not the Democrats rejoice
over the redeption of a Slate that has
een in the hand of tho opposition since
1852. The Democrats have a fair work-
majority in the legislature. The vote
lor Governor stands :
Pprapte. Prmncmt
Paridlefunl, Kcpubllcmt, . .
Democratic Minority.
. .19.00ft
Tho vote is the largest ever polled in,
tho State. Uhode Island con be set down '
certain for the nominee of the Charles- j
ton Convention. The woik of revolution is
has .begun in tho Northrcn States that '
will sweep ltlack Republicanism from ex
stance in November.
The Great "Mill."
The great, am! we may add disgrace
ful, fight between lleenan and Shyers is
to come off on Monday next. We will
hear the result about the first of May. We
are of tho opinion that lleenan will be
whipped. We would, however, prefer a
n met em. result, ,mi oiny on me ground ;
that wo don't want an Englishman to get
the belter of ono of our own country men.
We regard the affair as demoralizing and
disgraceful, nnd aside from national pride
we don't cure a "cuss" if both are whip
ped. All cx biilige 'liys the "Rcliieia
Roy" is certainly in fine condition. Mr.
Wilkes writes that in his I. oxing exercise
the American Sampson hail just dislocat
ed Ciisick'i, jaw, while a red bump upon
the forehead of Jack McDonald, which
he brought into London, was attributed
to an unintentional but playful left hand
ed tap from tho tians-Atlantic giant.
These gentlemen aru his "trainers," and
probably tho more they get battered the
greater is their pride in their pupil.
The Laws.
The Legislature did not repeal the law
which provides for ths publication of the
general laws. They disemtsed it until ihe
discussion cast lie people more than the
publication of the laws would cost, and
then let it slide. Wo are asked almost
every hour why the iho liiwsarenol pub
lished. This wo aro unable to delinilely
answer but we give it as our opinion that
it is because thero is tint one cent of money
in the Stato Treasury. Under the man
agement of the I Hark Republicans the
great Stato of Ohio is "dead strapped."
Fine stato of affairs.
Fillibusters in Trouble.
Two of I he subordinate officers of the
Knights of (ho Golden Circle, at New
Orleans, publish n card denouncing a
General Riikley, tho commander-in-chief
as an imposter. About l,f00 men were
enrolled at New Orleans, under tho mis
representation that plenty of money would
bo furnished lo assist them to join Juarez
in Mexico, where, for their aid, land
grants were promised, This induced
many to join, but there is no evidence vol
of any actual movements.
... .
The Reason Why.
Some Rlack Republicans are profuse in
their praise of the Ohio Lcgblatuio for
adjourning a few days earlier than usual.
This, at liist sight, seems to have liccn n
commendable a t on the pint of thai au
gust assemblage, but. when we consider
that they remained as long as there was a
dollar in the Treasury, and when it was
empty broke for home, we think they are
deserving of little credit for an early ad-
pm turnout. Ruts adjoin n horn a lurmerV
crib when the corn gives out.
A Learned Official.
.'dm Caiy, who lepieents the ninth
Congressiuiial Distiict, composed of the
Counties of Ciuwl'onl, Wyandot, Seneca,
ike, recently sent a bundle of documents
to Martin Wagner, of TilVni, with the fol
lowing written on:
llcrciwdi I send e.2 pei-he fr your destruction."
It is lo he icgieltcd that the Rlmk Re-
i t: ...... .1 i i n .i . .
I'll ill l l l 'l, l l , p III Ml 1 1 m, ii p III i i ue 1 1 nsi
' ,... .
mini in intelligence on soapiocKCii iiamlies
and dickering yaul.ees, and leave the heads
of some of their Congiessmen barren as
, gooso pastures in winter
Connecticut Election.
Some Republicans pretend to be highly
pleased with the result of tho Connecticut
election. If ihuy aie indeed gratified with
it they manifest a commendable thankful
ness lor small favors.
Tho following table shows tho Repub
lican majorities in Connecticut for the
last four years :
In 17
Ill I Hi,
In l8iU
In li-titi
No comment on these ('gores is uects
sary, Jf ) Republicans are satisfied
with ihe way they are progressing "over
the left" in the Nutmeg Slate, the Demo
crat certainly cannot complain.
u ,
Remember It.
for It a,,,! v. M
i , ,
....... ...., .. lu mwl
urn uppiopria.ioii ol over six ttmu.an.l
dollar for the Legislative drunk was em-
bodied in the general tpprepriatioii till
anU thnt every llepublicaii in both Hoiihc
t . , .v,., .un.il
'galutl It.
News of the Week.
vi"n- o.-enpie.! by . family named Rna
ing WIW testraytA ly Co on Tuesday of
with it will bring not only wealth brt civ
as ilization to Africa. The great drawback
the want of proper harbors for vessels
along the coast.
It the month of March ninety-Fix
counterfeits were put in circulation in the
United States.
U. S. Marshal Johnson recently arres
ted Amos Uurden, a lawyer at Alliance,
for obtaining bounty land warrants by
forging papers. He was taken to Clove
land and lodged in jail.
Of the two hundred and sixty million
souls, the population of Europe, one hun
dred and twenty-five millions are Cathol
icssixty millions are of tho Greek
Church sixty millions are Ti otcstaut
and fifteen millions aroMnhomednns.
A Dispatch from Orion, Hiohland
county, Wis., states that a house in that
last week. Si c children perished in the
mes. Tho eldest was sixteen years old.
A I.r.TTF.n from an offi-.-er of the Alri-
can squadron, says tho discovery of coul
Liberia, all the hilly regions abounding
Iris said that the Territorial Hills will
be defeated in Congress, owing to the
House of Representatives attaching to
them as a rider the celebrated Wilniot
1'ioviso, to which the Senate of course
will not agree. Said proviso has been
declared to bo unconstitutional by the Su
preme Court of the United States.
Intkiikhtinu dispatches to tho S.ndin-
Waii,,,, nt Washington, announce i
j, !H ,1.., fixed determination f Vi.
tor Emanuel, in spite of the opposition of
the French Emperor, to receive the Ital
ian Slates proposing annexation to Sar
dinia. Another war may he the result.
Mil. Sr.wAim appears to he looked upon
as the inevitable candidate of tho Repub
licans for the Presidency. Since he made
his speech on party relations, he has ceas
ed to take any interest or part in the Sen
ate proceedings, hut he entertains mini
hers of friends and strangers at his House.
A Memphis, Tenn., paper states that
so extensivo ai'o the arrangements for
building the present season that fears are
entertained that materials enough cannot
be had to complete contracts already
made. Ri ick readily command 1M0 per
thousand, and are scarce nt that, while
lumber is very dear also.
Tnr. Davenport Gazelle says that a
singular disease has attacked the cattle in
that vicinity, chiclly the young ones, w ho
had been fed on Juno hay. Six yearlings
some of them very valuable, have died.
The first symptoms of the disease were
lameness and a swelling of the hind or
fore quarter. It generally proved fatal in
about twenty-four hours, resisting all
medical treatment.
Kw'KNTi.r a fire broke out in tho woods
on tho north sido of Clinton N. V., and
fanned into a terrific flame by the high
wind which prevailed, it destroyed a track
of young wood estimated at ono mile
long by a half milo wide. Tho lire ap
proached a number of dwelling houses on
the margin of iho wood, which were sav
ed from destruction by the energetic lu
bors of the fire department. The lire was
filially subdued,
Catiiakinu Riiannon died at her resi
dence near Pittsburgh, Pa., a lew days
since, at the extraordinary age of 1(1-1
years. She was horn in Donegal, Ire
land, in lTTili, and came to this country
in IIX'2. Refore her dealh she hud re
ceived her second sight, tun! could read
well will t spectacles. She had lived I
'upward of three gciiciations, mil had
witnessed many si ii ring events in tho rise
and progress of the Republic.
Rrigham Young has furnished tho Rev.
K I ins N'asou of Mcdford, Mass., the fol
lowing facts concerning his personal his
tory: "I was horn in liittingham,
Windham County, Vt., Juno 1, 1K01.
I have living four brothers John, Phin-
eus 11. ami Joseph, older than myself,
and Lorenzo D., younger, and a sister
named Nancy, all of whom live in the
Great Salt Lake City. My father's name
was John. He was born in llojikinton,
Middlesex County Mass.
Til rt town elections in all sections of
Maine, show a great change in public sen
timent. Towns which have not given
majorities for the Demociacy for years
now levciso the older of things and elect
Demoenitic officers. At Portland, J is
eph Howard was chosen Mayor hy forty
eight majority over Mr. Jewel t, the Re
publican candidate. Tho Democrats elect
ed four out of seven Aldermen, and
twelve out of twenty-one Couucilnien.
Portland has been the stronghold of Re
publicanism for years.
A.N Illinois editor challenges tint Slate
to produce a w ife equal to his for smart
ness and muscle. Among the mony things
enumerated which she easily performed
, , , ,, . ..
one morning before breakfast, arc, whip-
ping the editor, spanking nine children.
kicking over the table and breaking all
i'18 dishes, wringing a neighbor's nose
for interfering, cutting off a dog's tail,
! ;,, ..,.,., ,.;.i : i : ,
...... m poi .nut pill iiiiii .on iisii-iu
and tm niiiK doublt boniuisault through
kitchen window.
tiT W are rejoiced to liml that tho
renowned Chemist of New England, l)r.
Avr.H, has at IcDlh turned his allention
lo the disorder which hang like a blight
ii our coiiiiiiiiiuiy . inr section in as
l,Iby s nv other, will, one .ingle ex-
eention. mid that is tho Fever and Ane.
which haunt us on every side. Hut this
remedy do cure, as we should know it
"". .! " "u """l0 L Hst 0,11
distemper Iroin alining us, ami our u
onaiil I iu iivii lin.t hii.iIm hi 1 1,.. Mt
V, . , ., .....,
Sentmel, f airfield, lava.
Erom the Cincinnati Enquirer.
The Covode Outrage upon the
President--Indignation Meeting
President--Indignation Meeting last Evening--Denunciatory
Resolutions--Remarks of
Hon. Wm. S. Groesbeck and
A largo and enthusiastic meeting tin
der the auspices of the Young Men's
National Democratic Association, was
held in llannan'a Hall last evening
James J. Farnn in the chair to take
some action on tho Covnilo resolutions,
recently adopted in the House of Con
gress. The meeting was called to order
about half-past seven o'clock, when, on
motion of Mr. Gallnger, a committee of
live, consisting of Thomas J. Uallager,
Alexander Long, Lewis Sill'ord and Da
vid Snelbaker, was appointed by the
Chair to prepare resolutions expressive
uf the sense of the meeting.
During tho abscence of the committee
the meeting was addressed by Hon. Win.
G roes beck, who said he regieted the ex
traordinary and wonlon a-taaiilt that had
been made on the fflici'd character nt the
1'iesident. .There is no impunity from
ollicial or private crime, hut there is a
settled plan of proceedings provided in
all such cases to seen re a fair and satis
factory investigation, and protect char
acter from wanton and irresponsible def
amation. A grand jury that would
make and publish a report in any other
form, and so scandalize certain citizens
whom it might wish to injure, would not
bo safe in our midst. The House of Rep
resentatives of the United States is but
the grand jury of the nation, Biid if the
President has committed an impeachable
offense, he should bo impeached by the
House and tried by the Senate, All this
is plainly laid down in tho Constitution.
There is a legal way to proceed against
tho 1 resident as well as against a citizen,
'" " '" '-'' ways are illegal and return r-
aide. The obje. t in view was not to ini
peach tho President, but to investigate
"whether he has, by money, patronage,
or other improper means, sought to in
lluence tho passage of any law appertain
ing to the rights of any Stato or Territory
and also investigates whether any officer
has, by combination or otherwise, pre
vented, or attempted to prevent or defeat,
the execution ol umj law now upon the
statute hook; or whether the President has
failed or refused to compel tho execution
of any law thereof" If Mr. Covode is a
lawyer, and should say ho has been ac
customed to drawing what are termed in
chancery "iisiiiiig in us, wo cion l toler
ate such practico in this part of the coun
try, If some one has not tho courage lo
stand up in the House and make a specif
ic charge, such a resolution as that ol
Covode should not be tolerate I for a mo
incut. It was not the design to impeach
the President, but to servo a party pur
pose. The election is near, and the Dem
ocratic party must be wounded in the
erson of their President.
Mr. Groes'iack alluded to the resolu
tion of condemnation and censure passed
upon (Jen. Jackson, ami the zealous man
lier in which Mr. loichanaii had then la
bored to have it expunged, lie now ask
(aid Mr. G.) lor himself only that fair
treatment whi'h he most earnestly ile-
mauded for his great predecessor, lit
protests just as Jackson protested; that i
all. Ue demands lair play, and ho should
have it.
At iho conclusion of Mr. Oroesbeck's
remarks, which were warmly applauded,
Mr Gallagher from (he eoinniiltco on Res
olutions reported the following:
"The Democracy of the city ol' ('uicinunti, feel
ing thnl it hns hecu the iriissiun ol' the Democratic
pin ly In sustain the honor una inanity ot out
live I'Hlil ot Kjvc rumen!., In mi Us IoiiiiiImIiiui,
against nil nmiiills of either foreign or domestic
I'liemies, cannot now consent that the otlice ol'
President shall he deruled cither hy jiurtUaii
iiialace orpcrn'in.d malevolence;
"t'.Hlitualinj; the ('ovode Committee inovemi lit
in I'oliercM to he uilhout honest intention, ami t
siiliscrvc milisan hi-hciucs and personal ill-will,
merely; Willi die iev, tin rel'ore, to the lii.ehiii
of our lllltl 11.4 citizens oC the United States, to up
hold die national liuuor thus assailed in the reck
less mid wanton attack upon the olhcu aial charac
ter nl the I'lc-i'lcnl , hy Covode and hid lellon
"Helpers" ' hiTchy
"I'lS'iee, that the Democratic party U now, as
it always has heen, the party of the people, its ha
sis mid its Hiwer resting upon the hitcllip'iit find
honest action of the masses; jeiilous, therefore, of
ualioiiid honor, it is swill to vindicate and sus
tain it untarnished, wheresoever, or by whomsoev
er assailed.
'Ixrmlnif, That we feel it lo he the duty of all
w ho rceoiii.e and sa.-it:tili Democratic principles
to unite in one patriotic expression of rehuke to
the nctii ti of tlie "John Covode" Committee in
its endeavoTto promote partisan interests, rec.ud
less of die national honor, and to sustain the I 'res
ident hi his legitimate ami constitutional defence
of the high trust committed to his keeping hy the
"AVWrW, That the President has well said
"That lu make the accuser the judge is a violation
of the principles of universal justice, ami is con
demned hy the practice of all civilized nations."
"A'miv7, That while we favor and, as a party,
h ive ever urged ihe strictest economy in nil Ihe
departments of our 8 tale und Kcdernl (iovcru
aieiit. mid Ihe fullest and most searching scrutiny
into ihe conduct and hone .y of all public ollicers,
our intelligence will not permit us to ho deceived
hy "Kant Komu and gold spoon rcHrts" on tho eve
of a I'rvsincutial elruliiai."
Mr. Gallagher addressed tho meeting at
some length in support of ihe resolutions,
denouncing tho mean, sneaking attack of
the Uepulilicttiis upon the charactor of the
Prcsiilnnt in unmistakable terms.
General Lytle also spoke, in responso
to numerous calls, and was frequently
ami warmly applauded.
The resolution was then unanimously
adopted, and, on motion of Clmrles Rule,
(he Piesidcnt of the Association was in
structed to transmit a copy of the same to
the President of the United States.
On motion, the meeting adjourned.
The Rhode Island Victory.
A victory has crowned the efforts of
the Democracy in Rhode Island. The
ci ho that came from old Connecticut gave
them life and vigor, and hence ihey came
into line. Of this every Democrat ouedit
.... ,,,..,,.,, i iiu rn-iii I ii u ' tin Hi in v ,iii -
,..,:,,,,..... ,i -i .i
.lie' ticut was not hm lt con b idcri uir the vote
i,. I,,. ,,,-.,,,,! Ti... 1..I'..... ;.. i -
' . . 1 1 . i -i.i .' hi .i
polled the largest ever pollci
in tm
Stato. lilunlti Island bus not been riiht
iiii' H'rJ. not bm anse she ha I not voles
eiKiugh w ithin to make her ever conser-
and liatiniial bcr udoiited vole
could alvvavs do that, and furthermore
! had the pioperty qualilication been re
move. I 1 1 ii in Iter she would, lorlicinocia
cv, have been invincible but that her pic
tended Democracy were not faithful to
iheir own pledges and interests. o
this grand victory has shown them
that tho "adopted element within" inn al
way give them aid and comfoit, and that
now they will do for the adopted citizens
of Uhode Island what thev deserve. We
hope ihey will, Ha ('nnneclicttt
for us as "brave little Khody," the friends
i line,
r 'oust itni imi would now be in
e olTcr lo Uhode Island our th,.
an. i iht uuopien voiers ciimiiy uui
I longretiilatiomi. Xtu Vurk Xewt.
i.. I I....I . ... ii
At the 1 n t n election for Supreme Judge
in Wisconsin, paities were fairly divided
on the question, shall tho Constitntion
of tho United States bo maintained?
Jndgo Dixon, who in tho Rooth case ro-
fused a writ of habeits coriwt to take that
scamp f'om the custody of tho Uni-
ted Stn'es Marshal, and who decided that
tho Fugitive Slave Law, being declared
constitutional by tho highest Court hav
ing jurisdiction, must bo obeyed as such,
was refused a nomination by tho Aboli
tionists, llo was taken up by tho Dem
ocrats and conservatives, and on the
question thus made, at tho late election I
in Wisconsin, was triumphantly elected, j
Tho issue, as stated by tho Milwaukee :
Vf'., tho Democratic organ, was ,-tho j
and Constitution, with Judge
Dixon as tho standard bearer, on the one!
hand, and Nulilication, represented by i
.ludgo M.oan, on tho other." tin tins
issue tho battle was fought, and Abo
litionism was badly beaten. Jutiutml
Democrat of yesterday. J
Covode's Smelling Committee.
Tho dirty attempt of an obscure, bar
room politician of Pennsylvania, named
Jons Covoui:, to manufacture capital for
the coming Presidential contest by inti
mating charges against Mr. Hi (Hasan's
honesty is meeting with a just and with-
ering rebuke from honorable men of all
purties. The Clack Republicans aro great
on "Smelling Committees" which servo
the purpose of creating intimations and
suspicions where there aro no grounds for
charges. The Moston Courltr, an oppo
sition pa or, speaks of this ullitir in the
follow ing language:
It is manifest, from this view of the
subject, that the President not only is
right in tho points presented by him, but
thai he discharges his simple (Inly as the
Executive head of tho nation in ollering
his remonstrance to tho insidious, and tut
parliiiineiitary, and dangerous method
adopted hy the I louse to investigate vague
charges against him. Such an investiga
tion we hold to ho altogether inconsistent
with the principles and provisions of the
Constitution, and in itself of the worst
possible example. If there is in posses
sion of members of tlio House serious
loundation for grave charges against the
conduct of the President, in the adminis
tration of his high ollico, this would con
stitute ground ol impeachment, which is
the only constitutional means provided
lor trying him. If there are such charges,
they are cither definite aad specific, or
they are not so. Jfnot, they should not
be countenanced by the Home, which
otherwise becomes a starchiimber, an in
quisition, or grand jury for inquiry, not
lor accusation. If they aro bo, then the
course of procedure is chilly pointed out
by iho law, in tlio way of impeachment.
Tlio President claims that this po ver of
impeachment is tlie only authority pos
sessed by the llou-e in the premises, and
lie is right, fit f.u l, the people cannot
legiird with too much in ligimiion the con
duct of tho House, ll it had any sense
of justice or candor, a matter of this sort,
it anything so lndeliuile were counten
anced at all, would have been referred to
a .standing committee not to one raised
to gossip and plot over such an affair.
II Mr. Covode, who made the motion, had
any stMisi-ol ilcln-H-y or honor, lin woulil
bo asbatuml to ml on tho ioniiuitU! ap-
ioiuto. lor Kiu h a jiurpoM! on his own !
motion. Mr. Sherman, who first com-j
on the tn.'ssntf', wc proirivo tool-t
ishly ami falsi-ly naiil il .lortriiie wasj"
like that ol ( 'hai Ion i, which ro.t him his ;
licnil. nam.'ly, "Tlio Kiiifr fan tin no
wroiiK. J ucrn is iioutitifr o tm, son in
ilul inassn'Tc. llt'siilcs, tlio 10iieli..li Tin
iiiltni'iit op'Mily nti'l man fully iinpi'ni'lit'il
tlio Kin, ntiil triml him in tlitioyt-s til'tlu
worlil, upon jilaiii nml sjx'r-ilii! clinrjros,
insti'Hil of NiiPiikin; into a lobby to hps
what I liny rnnlil liml naiimt lii in . 'J'hu
innsNiifjii ofthtf I'rPhiili'iit is in itself a ilitf
nilit'il nml cdiK'liixivo iloi'iimont. Wher
ever olso ho may ho wrong ho in right in
this, in tho name ami forlho chiino of tlio
pnoplo ainl tlio Constitution. Wo spo it
took tho llottso hy KiupriHo. We havo
no iloiihl it nin.st have ovorwholmod them
with coiilnsioii. Ainl it will ntanl, whilo
surh proppoilings as t hoy have instituted
deserve anil will timloiihtoilly ho visited
with public indignntion and contempt.
Hom. Howell Cobb.
in dishonor first and ruin aitorwardii tip
vaiive ' on that portion of the country where our
i uitf the govei nuiciil if possible ourselv
Ii"h cs nt lcit fiout the dishonor and ruin
diine'witli union and' lfarnioiiy among
lion, llowoll Cobb, in his lottor with
drawing his name as a candidate lur tlio
I'lesideiicy, bays ha does this to secure
union and harmony among the Demoei at -
io party, as he would not accept the uom-
inutioii at Charleston ll Ins own istatt)
was opposed to him. 1 Ins letter, which
is ft long one, closes Willi tlio following
"In common with "our hrcthoren of the
South, wo approach a contest involving
the issues of life and death, Fanatical
nnd unscrupulous enemies, leagued to
gether in a political orgaiiiotmu fortiiid
aide in niiiiibers, despeialeiu its lorttiues,
malignant in its purposes, under n leadcr
worthy in every respect of his associates
and followers, threaten to take possession
of the Federal (Joveiiiuieht that (Jov
eminent which our fathers formed for the
protection ol all. llns parly socks to
! control it for the avowed objoct ol hrin-j
, lot has been cast. To meet and over-
throw this enemy, by the aid of the friends
of the coiistiinlion, light and justice nt
tho Nortli is our first duty; and failing
there to bo prepared fur the work of suv-
which wool, I follow the succossiui inaug
uration of u Bhuk It "publican a ltnini
liatiiiti, is uiir second K'''llt 'I'1'', i he
in opal ttt iuii for tli'i-e dtilics must begin
"'Ives. To that result I shall con., V nte
every elTiiit wlii. h it mav be in mv iiiiwer
- , .ii , i i ' i
to make, Willi the confident l.iie ol being
hmiv nu t coiniuny susiatuud ij inu uu -
I jle'of Uoorgie."
Ml I .i-.li.. .. . . I i .. .1
The Great Breach of Promise
a Decided Changed of Front.
vated it by borrowing money of hi ni on
several occasions. He became quito a
frequent visitor at her house, and she as
arrant sorts, promised to marry her. Of this
are to her wounded Affection, but with
the rellection that her whole life has been
scrutinized and sifted and analyzed ev
Union jery innocent flirtation, every gracious
smile bestowed upon a former admirer,
every act of thoughtlessness and impru-
Our probably remember that
dome months ago, a Miss Cat-slang, of St.
Louis, sued Mr. Shaw, a wealthy citizen
of the same place, for having broken his
promise to make her his wife. Tho jury
gave her the munificent verdict ol one
hundred thousand dollare damages. She
was contented, but Mr. Shaw was not; so
he moved for ancther trial, and obtained
it. It has just been brought to a close,
and Miss Carstang gets just nothing at
all. It will bo her turn now to apply for
new trinl, though tho experience of this
last one will probably not inspire her
with any very ardent desire far its repeti
tion. Miss Carstang, it seems, kept a board
ing house in St. Louis, and altar casually
making Mr. Shaw's acquaintance, culti
promise her sister was tho principal wit
ness. upon this second trial tier wnoie
life has been subjected lo a merciless scru
tiny, tho result of which was a conviction
on the part of the jury thnt her rocord
was not sufficiently spotless to entitle her
to damages. She leaves tho court, thero
fore, not only without any ricenniary sol
deuce weighed in the nicest balance otlo
gal criticism; thnt she herself has been
subject to the mortification of sitting day
after day and hearing tho unfavorable
comments of tho opposing counsel upon
her character, nm! to all sorts of insinua
tions and inuendoes, if not the direct
charges that she was a female adventuress
that she had ensnared the defendant in her
toils with the purpose of despoiling him
of his wealth, and that a paiulul notorie
ty will henceforth attach toher name.
Tlio experience of the law which Miss
ftlK,''K "l,K "ot "e without its
moral, mid it will allord no encourago-
moid to others of her sex, whoso affec
tions may have been trilled with, to carry
their griefs into court, imless they feel
e.itifidclit that there is no act of their past
life upon 'which an injurious construction
can be put, tind that they have been pat
terns of propriety ami miracles of pru
dence; mi l unless also they can divest
themselves of all sensitiveness of feeling,
and are willing to sacrifice the delicacy of
tho sex for a doubtful pecuniary compen
sation of nn injury which loses all its hold
upon our sympathies when offset by dol
lars and cents.
It was quite time that such a lesson was
given, for these breach of promise suits
have become disgustingly common
throughout the country. Half a dozen
heavy verdicts seem to have stimulated
scores of w omen, more or less young, in
various quarters, to similar prosecutions.
It was becoming absolutely dangerous for
a man ol wealth to be civil to an unmar
ried lady. We trust they will now breathe
somewhat more freely. X. V. Times.
The Democratic Sentiment on
the President's Protest.
Since the day Gen. Jackson sent his
celebrated Protest against iho action of
the United Stales Senate, we have never
seen a document more universally ap
proved by iho Democratic press of the
country, than the Message of President
linchanan protesting against the gross
and mi warrantable assumption of power
by the Covode Committee. Every Dem
ocratic exchange has published it with
editorials highly commending it, endors
ing Hot only its doctrines, but its tone and
temper, and uinong the whole Democrat
ic press of tho Stale, but ono single Edi
tor has dared so fur to outrage tho Dem
ocratic suntiment of tho country, as to de
nounce either the Message or its auth'or.
Juitioiitil lh'tiiociot.
Shorter Catechism for Anxious
Tho W. :,.publii-ati TroaKiirrr of that
a ril!u t-liristian.
viio pliiirlrMt-l the poopl,. of Michi-.iii-nlml
1. tuna of " !? 1 I I K):!,?.")?
-'u. ;,,pUblican 'I'roaMiror of that
t; . t ,
Who mvimllo.t tho pooplo of Massaclin-
Who robbt'il Ibii pimple of Jlaino
ninonnt - 1:!0,(I(IU?
isptts 01lt f VPr :)0(),(I00?
Tin) blink IJepnbreiil Fttto Liipior
Agent of thnt Suite.
Who pot ketod over 8100,000 of tho
pooplo's money in Iowa?
Their llit'k Republican Stnto Stiperin
temlent of ('onniion Schools.
Who appropriated over $."), 000 of tho
people's money to buy whiskey lor a "big
r'eblack Republican legilatiire of Ohio.
Who profess, heloro tho election, to
tlio champions of rctrcuritiicut nnd re
form, and, lifter being elected to oTico,
Mjtimidur tho peoplo'H nioiicy whenever
opportunity offers?
Tlio Hack Republicans. Stark County
The Next Democratic State Convention
to be May 24.
The State Central Ciiiimiittpo had
ineetim; on vesterduv in this citv. and
1 designated tho J4th of May as tlio time
r assembling the next .Democratic
Stato Convention. 1 he call will be is
Kned immediately. The members present
; bring good reports from their various lo
it ins, as to tho condition of things pol
itically. What with the bad legislation
of the past session, tho emptiness of
htate I reii'-iirv. nn I the negro voIiiil;
and other deficiencies and delinquencies
of the Republican party, thero are minus
Vliiptoins amoiiij tlie people
., i
the Mate of a desire to pu n.l ot that or-
ganu'ition ns soon uh possiiiio. llenco
will get its (juietus next full and no mis
take. Ohio Stale una ii.
1 ,,,,, This was also subjected to like
' lest a before, u l after one linuilrtul
.... i i i-
i.troke. it s! 'He I no signs nl gixing wav.
SosiKTiiiNo I'kci'i.iah. It will ho re
membered that sometime during the win
ter, ipiite a number of tho rail. of tho
l'ittsburgh, l-'ort Wayne and Chicago
Railroad, were broken by a locomotive.
Tor experiment, Mr. Md'owen, who ha
charge of the rcpuir shop in this place,
took one of the broken rails, cut it around
bout one eighth of an inch deep, one
loot I rum iheciid, alter which it was sub
jected to the sledge and at the first stroke
it snapped oil', showing a perfectly round
body of iron, lie then had the balance
... .ii.i. I I
ol the rail lieiitea to a merry red, ana
cut around in
mmwxw WrtV and at n like
I di-taii'-e from :he
elld as- 111 llie lOrincr
. mi iron men hvlouui iui mio;-
I Brighton Tunn.
,i ... : r I.: 9
m y Yovn ti.o rni4 at
Xlttlo Clrtxxt!
S. II. 1IOF1M1AM A Co.,
Movc'v".,"'''1.. n 1''I tm,tnt for LESS
MOM.. 11,1,1, th.-Cl..th unrtTrlnimhiCT he h..h,
On Mo, k of (1, for U,co.iom Tm4 ! TrV
"'"Hive n. hua liocn csrrfu ly mKcteil, embracing u,
French nnd English, Mack nnd
Colored JJroad Cloth and
Doeskin, nnd tho Latest
nnd most elegant
styles of French,
English &, Domes
tic Cassimcrs, French
and Spanish Linncn, nnd a
rare variety of Silk, Cashmere and
Marseilles Vesting.
Our Cunl.iiii 11 n n tnieiit continues n,,,ie tli uperlat
nianaiti'im-nt of II. W Most who flora not m-an to bo
i xei-ll. a h any imeof lii pi ofcMliiti, and ncrer fall! lu
r--i rl-TRHtiiifiC'Inn.
ii(m. Fui'iiithing Ciood.
Heliavo . vary aig TKrluty In till tine, lii,lu,lI
urplulTf ' Arl" ' ""
it A T H A IV It V APS,
llah'ierUonila, Trunk TrRTFllliiit Rami, Vallfd's and a
I lonsHiirl ii n j o. e artlclta brlnnplnx lo a uooA aaaurtrd
Ciutlilnn st,,r,' our ,noito l,ul h ;
(iLK'K SAI.K8 AND S A 1,1. 1'ROI ITS "
We invite llim-fnri; on anil all to call at the
United Si airs Clotliins Store Opposite the
At Hie Sign of the LITTLE GIANT, before Buying- elu
where. J
c. .otiiiao 3Iaie to Order !
Mille hnrR ISCn.
8.11. HOFFMAN (JO.
HAVR Jnf r. ri 'ri il from tin. fc it,-rn ' Hie the
L.y nt iit.irk of Wo.-erii- ever hrouglit to Millera
hnri;. Thrir nloik tnnaisu, in purtof
V.hVll VlF'l.
JlAfKm At,
C'Ol) Kftr.
I'H'KF.flM,, tf.
They recriye Prwh P rh direct from the Lake Dally.
Any quantity of Coffee, Tea,
Sugar, Molasses, Tobacco &.c.
Th'-y ltav H unrivaled stock of pure
AVines & Liquors
Thfi1 nock of Wdnrs consinti of ('liRini.alirn. I'orL Mti.
.at, M.iiuKA, Fri-i.cii, Ca'aba, flour, K-upbcrry, Uin
fivr, hikI S u r y, HM in aiy qimithy.
ii-eri.il Hltt n lnn in i-il.l u tlicir Re?tAurant wh'O
;th km s ol Littablcs ure aervtiJ up lu tlttir ftason. Tltey
fiuliiiii and riitslinrsrh Airs
uni! I.onil;)ii r.irtt r, tn Imm-H wi kI.ii In bottle! for
family hl l'i lulihtion to llu- nbovo thy keep
Flour and Produce
of varlou- ku.ilx an-l a uomplftu stuck of FflmHy
(Hrot4kri4 ci Coarectionaiio.
T1i.-y will hr found t the oM Anmh-n Houne, Corner
or .1 ickrion mnl Ciy 'n,ct, iutiDidl it -lv w. g- of thv
l'uh.ic Iniil.li. K. C. & II. 1IKUZKR.
ttrthr of Mi i. t;Stf
I 8 iMmii.fr n tin tnllnring bullies (it all iU rariuiu
i briiiivlu-ri iii Kouuift over
Hi; exiicriam- mnl tnt- nb. n him to ren-ler (ieni-ral
aii'f.i' liun tn tli'ixi: tor wli -in be "loen work.ai.il In: huin-a
by iniUi.-to anil floe ip I .utl-in lo bimiticia to rtOytva
iincrjii imiv oi p urum.pe.
It's p-lc, ore Inar u It in pusailik' fo a man to live at.
M !;erliut-j(, lseo iiif.
mm. jm. ' w ww 4 m, L m ja.
flKKl) thnt is -n nut hurtwiUi the front
or SL'r I'-na
i i- ui inu
itig Coffee Pot
i liavi MJini i-kIm u iii Kentucky aintid
O'inil, rail noon fttui buv chean nml
IplHiit lartfely of the moat proiiUib q
1 1 "jf 1 1 hi, n t hi hut fin r.utie.
I am sole Anruitt.ln this ccunty, for
I'ook's Sii;;ar Evapcralur,
a o r k i . t; i' a K
hv far ihii h Ht iv-r (nvonl. -l. All
KvttKTal'irj trial lnil .(ui.-h in mot'on,
M-c nf i;iifun nta a:-ii will bv rlj;urui-
p U'citlti by the iiiventur,
i -iif lift A V. tin- Tinner.
I'ilK nn reiiiiu d will etl t p Ivatc tale ht lo. 0
in the 'own ! .Mim-I ion. Wuiri- Cmuty Ohio. It La
4tnat .d in the business part f the town. There U a
rwo ntouy isisirifi noirsi:
contH uiuf! ten Hnim". n Kitfhen nml n C-Uar und r the
lu.ili, MBit h hAhiillV IH MJilMr, lt, a Bakery
thfteln, ir-. o ' wi'll wtitr, nil in tnf( order. It In tho
prnpfity now Oi cui d by Hiril A bfrry, bAttrn, It fi
a very dt-Mrt.ilt' lin'Htinn I'r M ery. nnd It U well
snit.-d for a Oouft etioimi'y. Tnm wl 1 bt- made known,
application hemrtnnde to the untie nined, Mi'lerburrf-
ps l miiity.Oluo. UUtittKL WhKATON.
April 6, 18 U i.Mf,
rIMlF m.hserlher, for ev. rl yeari a resident of Ala,
I til-icvtreil while tl re. a Htmpltj vcpet-tble remedy
a mn Ture for i.nmittj,tivn .-:pthiuu. iivoinlUtn
v A, (V(j, and Xftrsvht itthUitft, I'or the benefit
ol C'oiiKiiti pim-a und Keratvu &ujhntt hti U wUliuglti
mkp i)h nt it it- publlo.
To tlifwe who rttwire It, h w'l' iind tlw Prescription,
with fn 1 iUrecloiii ( (f'vharve) almi a myufllH
iiiffU'lne which tiny ill Hud a Ix-Hiitilnl cwtiblnatiou
of N ituie'H blinpld he lis. thof uetfiiiiiff ttt Hemedy,
cu obtain it by return mail, bv addirsKln
j. k. ci'tiiukrt,
ittT tNlC I'HVeiClAM. ,
N'i 43 nr.H' wiv, N 'w VuK.
UJ ('MNNKlt ii cl'-flnv' out hii ttock nf Boot and
Hlnie jiI ct and below ropt, at tho storeroom re
Oenily ocet purd by Eulf ri-1 tr- I'uuh.
11 w'io tUii't u Kuod quality of Kline
s'iHi!.l oiill ainl fli-cu e biirtfifiil. Call toon.
AlilltrnliurK, IS il). nsif.
Mitlia's Mule.
J-..hn WoUnr
user 1
.-stiiiiuul N.-ili.-riiuusi
" V viruiiY' i,i nn oritur of mlci of Real Kntat"
1 imni iii'i.'iiiiiiiii in ini c;ii iusi iroin ma
(Wi r ('..iuimi.ii 1-l. a.. 1 1 liuliuM cuuutt. Oliiw.
Htiii tu ill" tlnv-'cil 1 nVlo.-k. 1. M.
lis ioli'c,. t'r Will if, It ul Hull. 1811.
I linll expi'-i' In inuilif ileat ilio ituur u! tlie Court
ll'U-.i, in M i ilecslHii tj. in loiiil llnlm.-R county, inn
I'.iHi.w iiik itt'-oi'ilo'd imitU unit lnuemoiiia, tu-wilt
Jit-n:K l.i nuiiitii.i' i w ii, t -iuii. in the iourtli qiiHrior
.it'Tnwn.liip iiiiiiilipr niiin, uf vmiaa uutnlmr tiiue,
M i! lilsi'y iMsinui, ani'villo, till in, oontuiuiUH uau
llUllihvd um'l'd, bo lllii lilllliti tiinro nt- loss. AUo,
I ivi-iiiy ticrii ui laud ott'ot' tlio uatund uf lot uutn
btT iliiriwuruo nt tlio fourth quiki'tu nfTownliip
nuiiilier uiiio, rnmto nino. Millitur llistriot, aubjooi
tntaiu tu Zimoi'vilio, Ohio; attuattiil iu lui) ouuuty
ol iliiluiua mi LSlHIu ulOlllu,
iertua ut bu, oaslt,
.TOHN FKEN'OH. Sheriff.
Ariil t, iwi. iSiri3,;s.
stn-i itl ' Salt:
Williaut Kmguoi i
Kilwnrd Hull et. a!. t
Y VlUTl'K of ven.li v. ilofH'tnt lu Ihii ,
imiiu'd fc, iu i ho t' urt ul' i'oiuiu "U l'loiia ol
lViinoiiuiit. O'.i. , und In iU" Jiroo'od. arid de-
livon d, 1 will nlfir f. u mild uu lUd lurui of tdw.ud
lluli, llu I1I04 ilmnty, tlhln.
'''I IHitll. 11 ino
o'vltick, 1. theiollowing Jojwi'ibed food
andu!..,. u.-wit: two ;ko l wttljj . tour bead
K1,,4 u,iu, ihr. io iauk of liar, four aorta of
rtliutV.uetwi?' ,U..r:id.Iir.nd on'oo.Trnlr:?:1
; Turiuuf aulD.cwh, JOliX FRENCH,
SUona or 4aid n-iluid4 oouuty, Utno,
. Apr;i vi.lseu. uswJpnooiif
ir VOU WANT a GOOD fAKMMH'li BSl.t la

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