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dsr to afford equal facilities to tlit (aid
schools in tfosmpect nearly wprae.
tic able, there shall hereafter be assessed
collected, and" ,poid annually, ia (be
same mariner as 'the' stoto and county
.revenues are assessed, collected and paid
on tha grand lint of property toxable for
Stato purpose, a Slate tax of ono tenth
of one mill on tho dollar voluatiou, to
lb applied exclusively for the purpose
aforesaid,. and bo .attentlont .expenses,
under the direction of tho commissioner
of common acnooli. In purchasing tho
libraries for the common schools, or
(books of a sectarian or ilonominaliono
character shall be purchased for said
Sec SO. The amount of said tax, when
collected, shall be paid over by the
.county treasurers to the state treasurer,
t the time of making their annual set
t!emnt, and shall bo paid out by that
officer, for the purposes aforesaid, upon
the warrant of the state auJitor.
Sec 00. Jl shall be '.ho duty of the
.county auditor, when the said libfories
or apparatus shall bo received, to (lis
tribute the tarns to the clerks of the
township boards of education or other
Jocal school officers, in their respective
counties, having in charge the interest of
common schools; aad tho books and
apparatus, so furnisheJ, shall be doemed
.the property of said several bo&rJs or
Jocal school officers, to whom the same
may have been delivered, and shall not
be subject to execution, sale or aliena
tion, for any cause whatever.
Sec. 01. The local bonr.ls of e luca
.tion. or other school officers having
charge of common schools shall be hel l
accountable for the preservation of sal
libraries and apparatus; an I they shall
hare power to prescribe tho time of ta
king and periods of returning the books
belonging to the libraries, and also to
assess and collect the damages which
may be done to the books by person?
entitled to their use; and also to provide
ibrthesafe keeping of the school appa
Sec. 62. It shall be the duty of the lo
cal school boorJs, or other school ofli
cers having charge of rchools, to appoin
the librarians and determine the place
where the libraries shall be ilcposile I
selecting such central points as will
best accommodate the schools and fam
iliesof the districts or sub districts, a
hereinbefore provided; and every family
in each distrct or sub distrct- ahull ha en
tinea totne use oi one vol ums at a time
from the school library, although no
member of such family attend any of
the schools of the township; and the li
brary shall be open; under the inspect
ion of the librarian, at stated periods
throughout the yeai, to be prescribe I by
(he board of education or the proper
school officers, without regard to the
session of the schools.
state sc ii oo r.T i; no
Sec. 03. For the purpose of affording
the advantages of a free education to all
the youth of this state, the stale common
school fund shall hereafter consist of
aueh sum as will be produce I by the
........I 1 l . -r. ' !li
aiiMumicvjr mm assessment 01 two mills
upon the dollar valuation, on the grand
tst of the taxable property ot tho s.ate;
an 1 there is hereby levied and assessed
annually, in addition to the revenues re
quired for general purposes, the said two
mills upeu the dollar valuation, as afore,
aid; and the amount so levied and a s
sessed shall be collected in' the same
manner as other slate taxes, and when
o!lccte4, shall be annually distributed
to the several counties o f the state, in
proportion to the enumeration of schol
ar!; and be applied exclusivly to the
support of common schools.
Conclusion on 4th page.
Bliss and Allen.
The Ohio State Journal runs the fel
parallel between the Democratic and
Whig candidates for Lieut.-Governor in
'They aie both Knax county boys; born and
.educated in that county: and were bath of eoad
Whig farajiiiM. rjjth studied medicine, and Jfft
nwiineuw. una entered the oluce oTHen
41 B, Curtis. Ei.,of Mi. Vernon, abijt tha
same time, pursued, the study of law together
ana were both examined b the sarno commltee
aad admitted tj thfrBirby the Sdjtz.ni Ojurt
at the name term. The former was.for several
years the partner of his preceptor an I the lat
ter married to his niece. One is a Whig and.
the other a Demicrat "butbith very titter fel
lowsand now both candidates for the same
.distinguished office."
K Model Body.
. The portion of the In liana legislature
who were desirous of having some restric
tion placed upon the ? bank in f sys
tem of that State were most effectual I v ve-
,ioea oy me action otthe Soils and whig
wno, wnen a vote was presseJ, would
leave the floor, retire outside, end there
remain' yjl a call of the House waaorler
e.l when they would return an 1 take their
'places, only to do the same thing Benin
when the matter was pressed. A letter
to the Kichmon t (In I.) Jeffewnian says
that this trick was tried successfully no
Jess ihnnjifty-tix times and thus the rag
mongers were triumphant, y
The letter says that among many val-
uabre matters that were . defeated, was
the resolution for tho appointment of a
committee to investigate the matter of
,.- hi nve or six millions or missing re-
'deemed State bonds. If these honiU.
.' .when redeerhe I, had beon purchased, or
t oiueratei, or in soma way marked so
v'M to indicate their cancelation, there
Should be no difficulty. .' Bat it . is said
adeemed bonda are now in tha Audit-
Vs offiee as eapital for new baoks.
T fp A T TTP Af
kH' - JjlUO. 1
B McLain 6t Co. as will be seen
by their new advertisement, have enlarg
ed their facilities for business, which is
the vory best evidenco of their ability to
accommodate customers in their line,
which, by tho by embraces nearly all
branches of merchandize.
A quantity of HAY and Shingles just
received, see odvortiscmen'.
BST Kelly and Falwoll are just re
reiving a choice assortment of (jucens-
wire, of the latest styles in use.
Bu3- Sam'l G. Glover of Portsmouth
has his card in our papor. Glover makes
good hats, wo know it, because we hnve
worn no less than three of his manufac
ture until they got out of fashion.
JN3" A largo omount of Pine lumber
is now passing down tho Ohio for tho
lower markets. Prices rango about the
sumo in Inst year. We are glad to see
that Mr. Mead is now receiving at the
wharfs largo supply of boards ami shin
gles articles in good demand here. -
JJSf" Hon. S. P. Chase, sent us a ve
ry interesting communication from Col.
Benton, on the subject of the Pacific
Railroa l; parts of which we intend to
publish as soon as practicable. :
The Treasurer os the Mint at Phil o
lelphia publishes his monthly account
of tho coinago for the month of March,
Goi.d248,233 Doublo Eagle, $4,004,-
600 00. 108,400 Quarter baitlcs, $271,
015 00. 458,133 Gold Dollars. $458,-
133 00. i-u.vKii 5,460,000 Three-cent
pieces, 1 103,800 00, Corir.a 403,370
Cents, t,033 70, 10,509 Half-cents
(97 50. Total 0, 007,043 Pieces. $5,
801,730 26.
Tho gold bullion lcpoite I during the
month was, from California, $7.440,000r
from other sources, 70,000. The silver
bullion deposited was $32,000.
Women In China.
Woman is in a more degraded posi
tion in China than in auy other part of the
globe, and her humillintion is rendered
more conspicnons by the extent to which
civilization and education huve been
carried in the empire. In no rank is
sho regarded as the companion of man.
but solely to his caprice and his pasious.
Even amongst die females of the high
est ranks, few are found who can read
or writo there education is confined to
the art of embroidery, playing on a hor
rid there stringed: guitar, and singing;
hut the obedience to man ia early incul
rated, and the greater portion of iheir
time is rpent in smoking and playing at
cards. The women of the poorer classes
have no education, and ccn be conside
erid but little bettci than bcasta of bur
den. A man of that rank will walk de-
lidcrately by his wife's side, whilo she
totters unyoked to a plough, while her
husband gvides it! Tco.e of the lower
classes who are good-looking, according
Chinese idocs of beauty, are purchase by
the rich at about twelve or fourteen y iars
for concubines, and are instruction ac
cording to tli'iir mater's ideas.
The Chinese cannot all comprehend
to European mode of treating ladies
nilh'rescct and deference, an.l being
naturally superstitions, attributed to be
vilish arts practiced by the fair six th
iust appreciation we entertain of their
value, in short, they consider European
ladies have an influence somewhat simi'
In r in that scribed to the evil cyci by It
alion superstition. Chinese domestics
have a vory great oeject to residing in a
European family over which a lady pre
sides; und a tradition of theirs coincides
with their superstitions about our fe
males, "that china should never be con
quoted ifniil a women reigned in the far
West." Some say tha. this prophecy
was never heard of until they were con
quere I by the army of queen Victoiia.
He this as ii may, they all contend that ii
is to be found in some of their oldest
works. Travels i. China
Amos Clark's Estate.
The heirs at law of Anus Clark late of Law
rence Cjun.y, in the dlale of Ohio, deceased,
and ail other p-'jim iiUjrj.-it.-i, -wdl lake n
lice thai on tue oth day of May A. 1). Hi l, at
the hear of oiiii o'clock in Ihw-ullernjjn, or as
sjon thereafter as eiunsel can be heard the un
dersigned as Adm.uislrator of said Estate will
nuke application tl the Judge of Ihe probate
Court uf said co juty, at hisoilieein ironton to
rile in said oiHse, in his final selllemenl with
said Estate, certain claim i and evidences of
debt, consisting of account accraing in the lire
time of said Amis Clark, araiunting in all to a
b idl four hundred dollars, which are m isily in
small sumi, ani against thir.y seven diiferent
debuirs, mist of wuom reside in pans uiuiuwu
to the subscriber, and watch Ciaiini are of a
desperate Cnar.icter. C J.t.VLIUS CLAHK,
-.Adm nisiraior of Ainu Clar do eeaiod.
Ironton, Maron, 2ith, H3J.-
THE Assessors of the several townships in
Lawrence county, are requested to meet
ai ihe Auditor's offiee 9f said county on Friday
the 8ta day of April next, at Eight o clock A.
M. of said day, fjt the purpose of csruulUtion,
Ao.. at Which time and nlana n unnnlet enni
of the Tax Law, and blank forms for the use of
Assess ia win oe roaay .or delivery.
, It is expected that all Assessors will eons
with their election, bead, 4ro. duly certified
otherwise their places will be filled by ap
. JAMES C. TBRftT. A, L C,
Auditor's Ofloe, ,
Iroatoa, Maiek39tlu 1M f , .. , '
8ALE f Ke1 EsUle by order f
. CurU .
On the 30th day of April, A. D. 1863, at one
o'clock in the afternoon, at the door of the
Court House in the village of Irontou, will be
old to the highest bidder, the following Heal
Estute clt-ar of the dower incumbrance, us the
property of Brice Henry deceased, situate in the
county of Lawrence and stale ofOhio, to wit t
Being part of suction seventeen, of township
one, ol Miigu eighteen, beginning at a slake,
theiiee S. 4o K. 3,0J chain to a stake in the
edge of yellow bruucht thence ri. 8!i E. 6,60
cliuius to a stake in said branch i thence . W
ft. Id chains to a siaket thence S. 4,60 chains
to a stukci thence H. 211 W. 2,17 chains to s
lake: thence H. fttt K. 40 links ton miilber
ry stump and comer to J nines Henrys luudi
thence with his line . 73 E. 13,61) chains to a
stone; thence N. 13 . (1,50 chains t i a s.nkej
thence N. ,6(J chains to a stake I ruin which a
sugar 12 inches in ilimneler bcurs south 'J links;
llienee N. 24 Ilium. W. ifU.tU chains to a
stake, corner to Joshua Kelly s land; theme
with his lined. 3'3 3 JJ iniu. vV. 25 chains tu
I he bcgiiin,ng, containing sixty seven acres
more nr leu. ALSO pun ut' section seventeen
of township one, ul ruiigu eighteen, B.'giuu.hg
at o stone near the icuool house; theiiee a.
tl 3 45in.n. b. vi, iucha.ns l i a black wuui.il;
iheiice N. ii li. cnanu to a stake ltjm
which the centre of a rock bears S. HO 0 IV . i
links; thence N. 83 t. 10,60 chnius to tt
Spanish ouk til incuvsin diameter; thence N.
. i - v . o,i'. cl.uiiis to s bibek oak IK inches in
uiHmeter; theiiee H. 0' VV. a,80 chains to a
niupm l i inches in diameter; I hence N. t 3
. i chains lousuiku lr.m wiiich a chestnut
beuM S. 21 J V, 6 luiits; IIr-ucu uii the juin-i
cournu chu.iis lo a sluiie; thence N. til 1
E. lU.utf ciiuius Ut a siouu Irom which a spmiisli
uuk li luciie iu ilium.uer bears ri. VI - V. 6
links; lucuuu S. 41 li. Vi.al chains to a slukc
iu jt ilow bruueu Irjni wiuun a beecn VI inches
iu diameter bears a. !. U . ViU linus; thence
6. ii'i t. 6,6U chains lo asluke in su,a brunch;
llienee . w " t. to chains lo a slake; thencr:
S. 4,60 chuius Ui a sluke; thence si. 2'j 9 W,
2.4 j cIiuiiij tu a suike: Hil-iiou s. Ru -s K. Ju
links to a uiaiburry sunup unit cururr of Jaui.-s Uuine, for the sum of three hundred doilais,
Henry s lumlj meiiteo. W W. J cha.us lo a ! "lu ai"1 agreed to convey, lo the said HurIi
white ouk M uulies in diuiueter nenr the suid i Crawford, his heir.. cxe:uUirj, nnd mint. lustra
Henry s house; liiciico S. UJ W. l, ;i ehu.iw tors, the fdlowiuj; de.ser.bed real estate, silua
to a WHiiuil stump; iheiice N. e.- w. 6liiu,dm said couniy of Lawrence, and State of
chums w the poiiu ol a iur-e rock; thence N.
7 j v . 6 chums to a sluiie; them e tj. 7 J W
6 chains lo u sluKu lit ihe ede oi Dtorrn's creek;
il, .in-., down sunt ciLL-k ix. - v. i vi ,.hmiw
lo u slukv iu U.u m.tld.e uf said trcck; theiiee , of Jmes t'linipsltn, being twenty live feel
a. 17- W. 0,0 ciiuius uiiu ihe rucuiiuers of ' wide, -xteiiiliii back to the line of a lot pur
said creek to ilitnnu Vuigliiic k corner; iheucu chased by Win. I'. Ileidurn, of said William. J.
up a brunch wuu su.u l nikiiiiij s luw i. .'0 '
H . 7,.i cha.us iu u si.Kc ir..iu wiuun n large
rock ui the m ulh ol a iilUe r.ivme bears north
6 links; li.eucu N. chums lo tho begin-
u.ug, euiuumg siMy toes in .ru or less.
ALSO, purl ol scciioii scveiiu-eu, oi towudup
one, ot range eighteen, beginning in a large
wiiito oak iree ncur suid llemy s House; theiiee
a. ;io " , tj eiiiinu 10 u .ignt live on ihe
bank of atoim's ercea; theiiee ri. o W. '.Ml
euaiiis cro&s.ug said erecu to a L.yiiu; theiice
iN. 7'J W. ciiuius lo a Sluke; thence N.
7 3 li. 6 chums W a strnic; theiijt S. 7ds
E. 6 chains lo the puiui uf a large r.ick;
iheiice S. 83 li- 6,U cuiiins to a wiiluui
slump; ihcuco n. n- i.oi enauis to il.c
uegiiiiung, coniaiuing o.'j.i acres. ai,su a
purl ol seclion seveiueeu, oi lownsiup on;, ol
range eighteen, beginning nl a sloiie . K. cjr-
i.t'iol Jostpu oruiiiner. iu.ui; uie.iee sjuiIi
.' Sl. . .1
ji.oo poies wasLuRo.to... .i..-,,,,guui0iiiiu.
es niuiiiineiei w. " '"e'" 0
.N. til ' dUinin. v. aj,ti3 poiesioas.ake from
which nsagur 12 inches iu dtumeier bears S. j
links; thence X. 'ii ' l im.u. w . ISii.oo po.es
to a stake N. li. corner lo J inn K. ,-m.th's uuil
josliiia Kelly s Iuuj; iheiice li. .11, a pjies lo
2 gums -coiner to Joseph . U rammer s iun.l;
Ihr.uceS. al 41 m u. fc- 1I.1.SJ pdesto the
beginning, coluaiiiiiig hi'iy ucres uuro or less.
ALSO, pari ol fractional s.-eliou u.i. seveiileeu
ol lowiisn.pon.-. of rause eiglileeil, ttfdiiiu.ng
at a Lyuu 'i feet iu Uuun.-ier; llienee witu
Juines Henrys line N. o li. lo p.iies to a su
gar iree 11 iiicues in diameter; iheiice withsnid
line N. 35 0 K. 15 poles ill hii.v.3 u a wnue oak
2U inches in diaiu-icr; llienee N. K. ii
p des 1 J liiiK.s lo a sioiio Uoin whicii a buckeye .
0 inches in diameter bears soa.n elJ tl. U luus;
thence 6. bl J H. o poles lo a stone; theiiceo.
1 7 - K. 13 n !. Ill links lo a HU'cuL t-mil -J ule.il. !
v in diameler; thence S. 6 3 v'. 1 1 poles to
the middle of Stuims' creek; thence .N. oU
W.'iJ poles to Iho beginning, conia.uiiig 'i a
crs and 3 roods, be the same more or less.
Which said prem.ses have beeu subdivided
into ten liis, respjuuviy uuinbcrcd and up
praised as follows:
So. of lot. Acres, Jf p.ir J. Appraised val ic.
No. 1, - - 6U.u
'i, . 7,11 - - - 'JUO.O'J
3, 7,10 - - . 116,01)
4, . . l'i.ul - Ouu.Ul)
6, - ll'.s'J . - - 211,00
' 6, . - U,ii ... ld-,00
7, - "J.-ll - H,UU
ti, . - 13,0i - , - 2dU,U0
9, - - 7U,lil - - - llUU.lO
" 10, iS.li - OtiJ.OO
Each of the above lots is accurately described
on & plat made by the couniy surveyor, and on
file in the Clerk s oillue, by which their res
pjcliv e localities may be readily ascertained,
and will be sold separately.
Terms or Sale One third or the purchase
money on the day of sale, one third in nine
n inths from the day of sale, with intcreil from
said day; an! the residue in eighteen m milis
from the day of sale, with interest Imu said
day, and Ihii deferred payments lo b.' sjcurod
by injrigage on the premises.
Administrator of Unce Henry deceased.
March 29lh, IS53.
Notice is hereby eiven that on the 5th day
May A. D. '.811 Kizziah Uowen, Columbus
Bawen, and Anth-iny Uowen, were duly ap -
pointed an I qualified as Administrators of the
estate ol Joel uowen ileceasei; ana nweo oi
said appointment was then given as the law re
quired; but proof of the same was neglected and
cannot now be made, as the law requires; there
fore, by leave, and order of the court of Frobate
for Lawrence county; Notice is new given to all
persons concerned.
Surviving Adunnislra.or of Joel Bowen, dec'J.
March 31, IB-1.
manufacturer ausl Scaler In
IPD'jmMDtf'ira, (DSHD.'.
Cash Paid , for Pars, audi Skint.
m:laix & co.
A RE JUST RECEIVING amisl tremendous
largo amount ol 10 O00S8. r They hove
completely filled .
tod nymx IBDtM3,
One where they originally kept, and one in the
EVERYTHING is their line of trade including
Tinware Hardware, Groceries, and
Yankee Notions.
They etattaae to naltrsell svsry Kerohsat
In tha Conntry, snd will prove to Customers
that they sell Oooda nb:aper than any one in
this region. " f
Their Bonnets and Dress Giods have excited
universal admiration, s com?, come one and
all, and see for your ie Wei. No trouble to shew
Goods. M. JONES, A(L
Ironton, April S, 1843. 1
BALES offirat rate HAY Tor
JU V U sale by 1. M'LAIN 6t CO.
A LOT T SHUfOLZS (be sale on comrais
stMkr , J. MoLalNfcCO.
v 51. . uopmh, ;
One door back of the Coul co's office,
Is still on hand with s full suiinly
of I'hilsilu'phin, and French calf
ikiii, Morocco, Spanish, and all
other kiiiuiof lcnrin r. which ho is rcnly to
iBfinufacturo into HOOTS ANU .SHOES on
rens imiblc terms, nml short notice. Iln has in
his employ several of theirrwt skillful clsis
of workmen, and is coiiflJent that ho ran exc
cule his work with r.s in ich rlttgsncc nn l dura
bility as can be dune at any other establishment
in the state of Ohio,
lir- is thankful for a past liberal and generous
patronage, which ha still hopes lo receive. -
Miirch Z7th, raw. r.
Lawrence Common 1'leaHt
Davis Dillon,
Jnmcs Crawford, ' 1
.eniine Crawfurd,
Administrator, wid
ow, and lif.ru at law,
of llin;h Ciawfurd de
ceased. Kilns Crnwf.ird,
Clinton Crawford,
Fruuklin Crawford,
t.inrissa inn irawiuiu, .
and Matilda Craufurd.J
vs. I Hill in
William J. Gome, S Chancery.
The iibuve nnmcd (iefeuilniil is hereby nut id
cd. Unit en the V'.'d day of .March, A. I'. 1861.
the n'jovc niimcd AilininiKlrniur, Widow, and
heirs at-luw ol llnuh Crnwf.ird, Into of Law
rente Coiiuiy, iu the Klole i,f Dliio, ileceaMed,
have tiled iiisuid I ui.r. u hill ol ehiiuei ry u
gainst tho mud William J. (Inm.:, the object
nml prayer of which bill is, to compel the said
William J. flame tiiecilicallv to perform a cer
t ui il agreement entered into between s.ud Wil
I mm J. finme, and suid llu-li Ciawford, then
hi lull life, on our ubo it Die hrsi uay i.i .:cio
ber, A. I). I8li. by which the suit! w illiaui J.
iiliiu, to. wit: '-1'jrt of Lot numlier thirteen,
(13) of oriuinal surveyed Ti.unship, nuinber
one, called I'ppcr, in snid county, being the up.
lu.r imrt of a lot purchased by said N.J. Uame,
lioiri', null irolil to inu imiio ihict, nun mi
which is creeled a fruine dwelling house, the
same being situated near the lower cud of the
villouo of iloiii'ing Hock. And the sum v . j
(iniue is further noli lied thin unless he appears
plead.1-, answers, crilimurs, to said i 1 11, within
sixty d.'iys oiler the next term ni snia v.niiri, me
' snl" complainants, ni ihe nexiienn niu-r iuei
I iiirfiiiMn i.f cniil Kivtv iln a. u'lll nniilv to said
court to take the in.nkrof ihe bill, us confessed,
and to decree thereon accordingly.
Solicitors furceniplninauts.
Ironton, March Bid, 1333.
Notice in Attachment.
Vl.L prrsos itilcroslvcl will tnfct? notice, that
l!fi(!flhacli, Kpoonh'nrnl VV Co. on the 2'MA
Mllli "I I 4S A, lULI lllll tt II 111 VI nr
iA. .f I,'..! A 11 tMW ulii.il .ti.l Al'fit nf Al-
ta-rl.ineiit If in the Clerk's office of the Court of
,.,. VWllHi 0f Lawrence County, in ihe
' State of Ohio, again
aeainst Lewis Iloserilierg, for the
sum of fourteen hundred dollars, which Writ
ha I been served and returned,
Jr.mtoii, Varch 4, 1803. Clerk.
CASH given for Land Warrants. Enquire at
Iron liniilt.
IIAVI MJ made himself thoroughly
Lm noil Mnillli.rl u-illi nil I In, . .1. .lit iln.
firTprjveinenis in Ihe art, together
with the experience of five years practice in
various parts of the L'nioii, warrants him in say
ing uiui uii oit:!uuoii3 eiuiiisieo to nis enre win
uu jieiioiuieu in me ui.isi. eaieiiii iiuu elellllllc
manner and warranted to prove satisfactory in
every insiiince.
Heference to those whim he tins h.-.d the
honor of serving in this vicinity, will speak
mire favorably of his work than any advertise
ment possibly can.
Specimens of workmanship can be seen at
his office in the east enl of tho Union Block
over Silverman' Clothing Store.
Persons residing in town or in the conntry
will be waited on at their residences if desired.
Charges moderate.
J. f). Willnrd. Iru iion. ItoVt N-oil. Ml. Vernon.
Iltruiu Cuiiipcll, do j T- iMartin. HuriiU'i Uurk.
J. A. Iticiu-y. do j lliv. A. I.ar.lwcll. do
CONSTANTLY keep on l and, and
fur sale, at wholesale and retail, a
general assortment of Hardware.Cut
leiy, Saildlery, Ace, which they arc
selling, and intend to sell, at as low
prices us anv place in the Wcsl. 1
their assortment will be found Mill, X Cut. ft
Hand Saws. Files, Mattocks, I'icks, Chains,
Scott's. William s, Mann's, & Holmes, Axes,
Cast, Knclish lllister, Aimrican Blister, Sheer,
& German Steel, Iron, Nails, Spiki s, Shovels &
Spades, Horse & Ox Nails, lilackMnith'a Tools,
Bellows, Vises, Sledges, Ac, also
for coal or wood, of the most approved patterns.
Fire Fronts, Fancy Parlor Stoves, Chain Pumps
Seives, Sash & tilnss, with almost every arti
cle usually kcut in a Hardware Store. Also
of; they still continue to manufacture Tin, Cop-
per & Sheet Iron Wurc, Steam Pipes, &c, all
1 of which they will s;l low for cash, und hold
; themselves in readiness to fill orders at the
shortest notice. Please give us a call
Ironton, Jan. 11, 1353.
1KB subscribers would inform the citizens of
Ironton, of Lawrence and the adjoining
eONFECTiONAHY iu the low n of Ironton,
where they will be able lo supply ot all times
merchants and others with crack tK-i, naciuand
cake of any description, and every variety of
confectionary in any quantity to suit purchasers
All orders will be tilled on inosl reasonable
terms, and on the shortest notice.
Attention tf merchants is respectfully invited.
tl.JiL. CULE.
Front Street, Ironton, January, 185J.
1' ANDRETHS Garden Seeds, FRESH, St the
i best iu market for sale by . , ,
-' II. St h. Cole.
ORANGES snd Lemons of the best quality
for sale by.
C1IGARS a choice variety of cigars, ehewiftg
tobacoo A-o at ' ' '
' H. ffh COLES.
rilHE Undersigned will pay CASH fat
1 HIDES delivered in Ironton.
Iroatoa, Jnmiory 12th. 1863. 2tf.
TS HEREBY eiven that there will be a peii-
JL lion presented la the Commissioners of
Lawrence couniy unto, si ineir- next session
in March, for the location of a County Koad
un the line between Samuel Gilinore's land and
the Widow Brurafield i, thence North through
John C. Daily a farm, thence through Turner
Clary's farm, thence the nearest and best route
to the farm of Strtain Brumlield, thence the
best way through said farm, thence the best
and nearest route ihroUKB the farm of Jacob
Saaders so as to intersect the County Road neat
Jacob 8adn Orocery,
1). 11. CLAltK.
Wheat pr bush. . 70
Corn " 48
Oats " ' 33
Fill ITS.' '
Orecn apples, bbl. 1,76 2,26
Dried do pr bush, 1,60
Do IVaNics, ' ,00
. IIhius 10
Hides 10
Shoulders H
fork 6,00 6,60
' Lard 9
Coiivo , inj
N. O. Sugar 6
Loaf (I i 10
N. O. Molssies pr gsl 31
Chci'sc per lb . 01
Hcu tin 0
i 4U
lb. 20 s 3H
f.O a 16
76 a 10
l'owder, ir keg
Tea Y. llysou
Dn liiniir.ul
3,60 a 0,6il
do '.6 a 66
66 116
Do Cluii 1'owder d
Knit Kim. pr Ii.inIi
l'lo ii . pr bbl
UiicLwIieat pr cwl
Corn .Meul, pr bush
I'olutues , do
Vlax seed, d.i
37s 40
21 a 3
25 a '.
lie 10
. 60
Kent la in
pr lb
pr d iz
II a 10,
1,16 o 1,60
C niekeilt
While beuus nr bush.
l.arj oil prgai.
D. II. CLAltK,
Commission Merchant,
ss bl a m at at .7 m i ma
HAVINTr just rcccivi d n now nnd well se
lected stock of (iractritt unit I'rutitimn
l beg leave to lender my suicerc acknowledg
ments fi-rlho veryliliiial pairuusee wliirh this
cslablisl.nieiil has been favored with during the
pa.u yeur, And respectf.illy solicit a comma
mice ol ihe same. Trusting by siiicl attention
to business, and nil earnest desire tos.nl tin
wants ol my customers, lo render salisfuclioii
to nil who may fav.,r me with a call.
Feb. 2-nd, 1S5.1. 1). U. CLA1IK.
C10M.MO.N", fair, and strictly prunir Sugar, in
bbU and half bb.s for sale by D. 11. C.
v Ilw. superfine family FLOl'It, warranted
0J 1J the purchaver for sale, by I). 11. C.
Bats, strictly riritne New Orleans and Su-
jKf gar House Muiuttsi in bbls and half I bis
in store and for sale by . U. 11. u,
K Sacks ll.'o Coffee of excellent ijualily foi
f) for sale by D. 11. C.
1 1 Cases of superior Virginia Tobat
iJ sale by U. li.
Tolmceo for
T E A 3 .Young Hyson, Ira
pcrinl, (iunpow.lur, an. I lilack
leus lor sulu by D. 11. O.
" Ti Hoses Soap and CamUtt for talc by
J.O il c.
O AAA Lbs. SALTED PORK, for salt.
OUUU by ! H. CLAltK.
Boi.s. Green Apples
Ljlk'SIUX lu.d Apple S, '
! " " 1'eochcs,
A " Shelltd Corn,
lor sal.- by D. H. C.
IIujiiki.s Onion sets.
A Harrels Crout,
50 lbs. Honey in the comb,
60 Halci Ha.ed lUy,
Just received anJ for sale by D. II. CLARK.
S T ihisi-stMblishmenl for Wheat, Oats, &
A Corn. Corn .Meal. Butter & Eggs, Pork,
Lii.ckens and Honey, Feathers, Rags, Ginseng
and Buckwheat, and iu fuel oil kinds of conn
try produce. U. H. inv
THE partnership heretofore existing between
Irwin tit Kelly, is this day dissolved by
m.itnnl consent.
The business will hemsfter be carried on by
I. W. Kellv and E'.tsha J. Falwe.l, umler ihe
name of Kelly ot Falwell, at Iho old stand
All nersnni indebted lo the late firm of Ir
win (S.- KpIIv. will nlessecall and settle with
Kelly Ai Falwell, who ore duly authorin.-d to
settle all accounts.
Feb. 19, 1S53.
OT-DOfP fiT? TTT 17. Q17. A SftlT!!
m-et. 9
HAVE just received snd are opening their
first Spring Importation of
ja-v-awTAT .actsaB
Consisting of Funcy anil Staple Ooodt the ni
sesl goods, aud the m ost favorably purchased ol
any slock ever offered at their sure conse
quently they will be enabled to serve their eas
terners and all who mnyy call to examine their
stock on the most reasonable term:-i. The Mock
is not large but well selecte.l, and just suited to
Ihe trade of the month uf March, and all who
want fresh goods ut the latest spr.n? styles, and
who want them now, of course will call and set
tor themselves. No charge for showing goods.
March 3, IS53.
OF the latest Spring Styles, Silk, Rraid, he.,
ic, tr iiimed snd titilrimracd also a fine
lot of Bonnet Ribbons and Bonnet Linings, just
received by
Fashionable Hats.
F the Spring Styles, justopened nt
. &ULLbY rAL.Wtl.L O.
Dress Goods
ladies latest pattorns just received
Clover Seed
NEW and Frcjli Seed for spring use, now o
pencd at
; r Groceries, i
A SELECT assortment for family use. Sugar
Coffee, ale. . .
ueens ware,
A Choice collesUoa of plain and ornament
PL edQueaiuwara, of the aust fashioasbie
s4'ieai Mr
., Front siiflvt, orbmouth.
P.J.OAKHfl, ' . A.W.tlt'RKWKv
vhclesals saecsas
Produce Dealers,
Bucktye Block, Frdnt Street,
i)AA FIIIDS Prime N. () ,
i) )) 6 llovcs Havana No. 1 i
. 10 barrels crushed snd powdered very fioei
60 do Loaf, assorted No's,
AllofKnod ((tmlity, and for sale very low, at
No. , Uucktye mock, by
in nr.' I 0KC1 f Cl'SKISK.
A A iH on han.ionu lorsftio allow prices
I m lib ' if ! ss.w assi'vn a7
OaKIS i filSKHK,
HAVING mailt' arrangements with manu
facturers in Virginia, lo be rejnlr.rly sup.
plitd, we ore now enabled to oiler ( rem induce
iiiciiis iu this lint;. ' Uur slock at jnesi.iu con
sists in pirl ol the fjllowing :
III boxes Sutherland s tincj
I'D do Anderson's line p iu ui!;;
6 do J. M. Ibifcs, a vtry line article)
'i do Mucrus pouudn, very goijd
1C0 do various brands uf 6s, s uud U,
food, better mid besl.
10 do The Ambrosia, super extra. An
ti Nervous, very line;
SO do Anderson and other fine brands uf
fine cut chewing tobacco.
All of which will be sold at low prices, at the
cheap tkpot, No. 1, Uuekeyw IHock, by
' mar'.'l Uakcs y Ulskirl.
i ii n l.slf lli::;Tfi. n-iU Unorlrr.. or
1UU i.Mi'i-:itii.. t-.txpovvtu-.n,
Mll Xii MVSOX. and I.I.A' K Tl'.r
Sune of which is very line we think a belli r
article-1 tm n has ever been oft'ered for sale in this
in.ukei; all of which we will s II very low.
UlKU if It'.HKIMK,
lasrCl No 1, lluekeye Uloik..
rAll, llnllinfr. Candle Wick, Twine, tft.-
Being A;ents fur Cornel y IVrry s lueb ry,
.tchavent ull tiini s a lar.'e mid well sek-ccd
stock lor salt- ul manufacturers prices.
Uahem Cf liCSKIRK,
m.ir21 No 1, Uuckt-ye Ulock.
1 ( KKO.-i assorted Nus. Shot;
yJ M kegs Powder, Dup..nl'a best;
liwu iL-s 0r iwau. I'orsaie uy
rnnrSl No 1, lluekeye l: lock.
Oaldea Syrup.
1 A Dtaar.us New York Syrup, a very fine or
1 tide, to which we would particularly c?.. I
i.e attention or ihe puuu. fir saie reusouame
nm?l No. 1, lluekeye Block
) A M Pr'ncipes ull grsdes,
) 10 M line iiegalic.;
iu M uanoiics oo
. 6 M very line llsvants;
63 M Hail bnauish.
In the ariicleof Cigars, we are prepared to
accommodate on 1 please all. Call and sae us
IV o. i, liuckeytf Ulock.
A Cases Gates' Blue Head Mitclms, for sale
4- ty Oakks Sf UiiKisK,
war2l No. 1, lluekeye lllock
Baiil purs article, for sale low by
Oakki tf Ui sr.ias,
mar'2l Ko- Uucktye liloca.
J 0) 60 1,f Dxs 110 o do
cor sine at No. 1, Buckeye Block, by
- maril Oake tf Besaiaa.
DOZEN, all grades, for ft la low by
Uakks ty UI IKIRK,
No. I: Buckeye Biock
BOXF.S s.immcr CandUs;
50 do 1'u.lH Soap;
10 do Fancy Soap;
10 do Slur Caudles;
10 hf bxs do do
'i0 qr bxs do do
All of the best quality, for sale low by
Oaken fj U-saias,
rnsrtl No. 1, Buckeye Block.
OAA Barrels Plantation.
Ollll 200 bf bbls do;
100 bbls S. 11. do;
On hand and to arrive, fors.'.le at lowest rates
martl No. I, Buckeye block. Front st.
" ff Baos prime Coffee on hand and to
sjVVf arrive, tor sale low uy .
mur -it Uakks V Bi -kirk.
ICt ii) Tierces on hand and for .sale by
mar'2l Oakcs V BesKina.
A W Hhds strictly choice very fine i'Jgar,
dSi C b3ught expressly for packing for fami-
lie s, for sale in quantities to suit, by
maril Oake tf Besaisa,
Barrels No. 3
50 do do 3
0 do do 1
50 kits Mackcrl Ko.
For sale by
March 21, 1863.
No. 1, Buckeye Block.
, . . AND . . . .
Front Street, PortsmoutU Ohio.
4 VAIL thcnuelves of this opportunity of in
2. forming the public that they have again re
ceived the largest and most oornplete assortment
of BaoU aal Shoes ever offered in thiv market;
which were purchased from the Manufacturers
and selected with that care and caution whjth
; praetiole knowledge of the business and a firm
conviction ot tne intrinsic vaiuu ot a no. i aru
cle, advised us to exert. Profiting by this expe
rience, we nave usee our brat endeavors to pro.
euro malt goods aa would beat promote the in
terests of ourselves snd Customers.
ALSOA. superior lot of hata to which your
attention is moat earnestly invited; which con
sists in a gooa assortment oi riuiouoi
Silk, Bern, Otter, Brush, Koiiuth,
. Magyar and Cass Eats,
Of the latest stripes and the net tasty designs.
ail or which were laid in unoet sucn eireusastaa
ces aa will enable ps to give aatiafaetory oat'
faiss to all who may favoi ns with Uwir ealL
rsenasoaUi, Mareh . ; f'.(' ; ;;. 1
It. E. SELL KllS
Which Hand VntomUd bv ns ile4M kiMmf
fur the Curt of Liter CtnnplmnU iitti (ktr Hit;
taut trittngjrtm deranged tUt.f r the JUittr.
This McdiHno hts been In p'uMic use about
fifteen years, and has acquired a r.Tulatio for
rurinx the Liver, Cimtaiut which has Berer
teen vfjiialled by ssy rtrscey liwtofoto offered
to the public.
Assu Aiiii nilinnsor Putative Pill, they are'
unsurpassed, siui aru thcorijlnal, only true aaU'
Kvnuinu Liver 1'ills. .
TitR subscriber would fell shelved to bs
even siish.'CI ! of the Intention tnobtsla frirtlis'
Liver 1'ill my unfair admlge irfiheltuUeaOf, -of
scrkin for il any ahsre f coafidence to
whi'-U it has nnl s just and full clsisa. "'
W'rxn be mulertook to prcaars attd-vtad thia
medicine, (aide frrnasVbv reirulsr prsctise, to
which be always defers,) no pill wss tawsra ttf
public havinR rny fair pretensioas toiw
r.'lu-rirt HiM..aa ,.r lh liv-MV
For this disev.r it hsd long been succrasfull
cinpliiycd in privuiu rsctie;, aad wss riven hi
Ui'.- public with such direction: and precautions
us might rendu il of extensive bt-nellti and thi
result of its lUiplnymenl has fully sustained its
riputjtinu, und iiier-o.si-d b s confluence in its
just ( laiini to be reinrded as the only pill die
tt rving io be called "Tin: Livsa Fill." ,e J
Hiii-o "ihe Liver Pill" has been submitted to
public attention, Ihe w hole c ouulry has been si-ui.-si
l-nacrst with pills of varied names and al
in-.'st tMiivtrnl pri leiisi.hs. The iutvlligent
iitiVl.c will draw in own inferences irom tiit
1 uie uus and cxiraordiuary f (Ions pursued to make
! there eperations proliiif-j we conlidenlialy i
! peet "the Liver Pill' to survive them all. Coa.
lent wild this ouuiancc, we shall continue U
pursue that course, and hold that. language rc
spccliii'.' them, which wo can justify t-) our owe
sense ul dyly snd to the good sense of the p.iblicj
hnvmg iiu wish lo iuijijic upjii Hie igiioranl,
or lax the credulous for our peiu-uulnry bvue
fit. . '
Mr. R. E. SsiUrs, Dr.sa Kia. We have Sold
a lare uuioutitel your popular fjinilyuiodjcinn
Tin- iiirreasid dcRiaud lor them, teslilie'S to their
ytneral use. They seem to give general satis
laclion. Vours, ,
' '
Fo: s:v-r.il years pasl I havesjld tho various
prip.irittii.m oi Dr. K. li. Sellers both nt whole
sale and Kit nil, and the have with scarcely au
cxctpuoii, e ven sulislaclioii to the uurcltasera,
j J udv '.ng Ir. in the rcporsof those who have uscjl
Hum and what 1 have seen of Ikeir cliect, l
cois der them etcvilent medieiiKS. - . . ;
Voa.s, J. F. Sll.VVV, Druggul, Ironton, J.
Mr. Shaw, sir, ::,::
1 feel it a duly that 1 owe to P
fellow sufferers, tu s'ute lliat 1 have cxpeheliw
ed gri-al relief Iroiri the use of Dr. Sellers Lit
er 1'iit. I have suilered severely with lbs li
t r coviplaiiit fr several years, so much so llist
bulb niyst lf snd I'riemfs have thought that I
could not survive but a sliori lime. ' siucli raja
ty hoa been t-ipended in the endeavor to pro
cur! relief fr. u the regnlar pliysiciarl.1, but all
in vain rs a lust resort on the recommendatiea
ol my brother, 1 procured luiue of. Sellers Liver
Pula at yoursuire, and round great relief fruss
ihcir use, uud in Hie coiumued;use nf them sine
1 have elu. l entircl r.-covred my health.
I am the husband of Hannah Ccwpslon-rl
(Link .Solkri Pills a superior medicine, and be
lieve thai they were the m:ns of savHig ssy
wifes life.
Ironton, March 13ft J.
For sale, wholesale and retail by
And JOaLFtl F. 6UAW,
Ironton, March 1S53.
m. Mvnpiiv. r. Mt-'itrnr.
m. &p. muephy; ;
. mam ma ms mm. mm
Third Street, Irontoa. c
Haviag received a lare additional stock they
are now pr.-pared to sell Groceries chespcr
thnu was ever sold ia IRONTON.
January 3U, Uii. t
sale low, by
SCOA. ia Store aal tst
M. t P. M.
l.J and for it by M. t T. it
X BOXES an excellent article of SOAP
,)! aud CANDLE.', also Fancy Soap, sad
star Caudles, by
M. dc l. M.
MOLASSHS, a rst rale article in atnre aal
for sale by M. ot P. M.
IEA, a prcat variety, of all kinds and qauli
ties for sale low by Al. di P. M.
TOBACCO the best brsnds of Tobavee aad
C'iears, eonstsntly kept oa hand by
M. P. K.
17 LOUR, a superfine Article, warranted te
the purchaser always on hand by
A MS, Shoulders, dried Fish and Mackerel
For sale at jILKi ti i
DRIED APPLES, Peaches snd White Seaai
in store snd for sale at ML KPUY iJ.
"TAILS of all sizes, also stoneware on hi id
1 and for sale low by MU1U1HY.
ICE Cheese, Lard, Loaf sucsr, Craekvrs,
JLv anJ spices of all kinds fur sale by
isle by
M. di P. M.
OKN MEAL, Bran shorU, and all kinds of
produce mjst gsncrslly on hanu, aoin oy
Mi P. ML'RPHY, psy the hi;nesl Cssk
. price for all kinds of eountry prodaee.
Steamboats & Eailroad
a-Tim '. '''. !-'.
Cheap HeadyMatle tlelkitf Utr,
xmrrj v9 union block, ' 3
, inoxTONttuua.v . i s
AT their old stand, are ever rvady to'ae
commodate you, with anythina- ynu . may
wain in the XSA9Y KADI CL0THIXO lioa.
,j KOa, 8H1HT5, BOSOMS, and COLLASIt, :-
' BILK,' TVH, and WOOL, . PK W
: Strrtl HATH, Trvcry varisry.
PLUSH, CLOT1I, ami OlLCLOTli, an4 a
v -'(.. s-r f CAtfS. "i'i . --ui.i;;i..,
' mat CRAVATS, W suit ytunwey. .
. - uloves. aW woolIrn 'todiw. ' ?
,. CAftPKT SACKS, TklIN?. Jsoi.'iki,';1
ALSO a variety of Brtei-e'etH OassstisvsA.
, SatUstts, aad Twaaa. tatts, Hifcj. Tes,
and other V eating a, and toauy otiMsr aruahss
too numero'i to enumerate ail W -'wale
, will be sold as eJoeaf aa eaabe homgh (e
this part ofthe Coualr;, , - - v :
Or made tp ' te otierVtW ItiiTe
eo latent If at work V JL 1 Si Q ft
the heat tkiU kni WKtj. -c ' ' '
'sstt a) V Ustio ro:k, sad 'yw
areVspaxehaaewiteortlWIisstatsliBii fiua ,
;v,fv;;a;fc. '"i4u
Jsaacry lTta, nee.
c ml-: i r ! . : 'i: t .f.'.v'l 4 -j
Vit !9 itAt L!r) i4 ,(-s.;na ,,j 1 'tetrarajiajm 'rt W -
ttn .rstst

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