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, . , Oar Ova Affairs
.It is now between five and six mnnthf
since we Issued the first number of (he
"Spirit of the Time," and we are pre
nsrod to ay to our patrons that we nave
inite good, in fact bolter encourage-
(ment for success than we ho i anticipa
ted. Yet we have another thing to soy,
ard ''"f t i"i that our expenses hnvo clou
bled our anticipations also. The prices
of provisions, rents, slock for our office,
and indeed, all the necessaries of life
have borne a high price, and continue
to... In addition to tr is, our paper is
t issued at a very low price, osuie irom
I v increase in the price of all the means of
: support. Still, with all these disad
vantages, after tho first cost of purchase
I the "Times" is paying expense already
much sooner than we expected, but it is
necessary that it should do somcihinz
more to enable us to meet our liabili
ties for the original purchase, anil with
that view we ask all our democratic sub
scribcrs (it least, to try and see if they
'cannot each one, get us an additional
UUfCIIUI I , -.1.1. WW j.lVMl
(that we believe to be tho largest of any
paper circulated in this section) would
enable us to give them a still better pa
per, without any extra expense to then.
or ourselves.
i The whig have done much for us in
jthewayof patronage, sothnt wo do not
feel like urging them to do more, but
f. we ten let them our best wiMies lor a cor
' cct understanding f the true princi
, pies of government, and a hearty acqui'
Jiccnce therein. The profit upon the
ubscription of a paper of tho size of the
j'Times" at one dollar per ennum, are
Jike hens teeth very scarce, out the lar
Iger the circulation, tho higher the price
ve . would be jusiifiablo in charging fur
fedvcrtUing, which at the some time it
lender an hundred fold to the adverti
ser, when judiciously dune, is the very
flife of the newspaper,
r Indeed it is Taut becoming the criterion
to iu Igc of njmans business by the omount
and manner of advertising. And while
vpon this subject wo will add, that
though many complain of their papers
- because of the number of nilvcrtisements
'they contain, yet tli.-ro is not one man
jtwonty that cannot save to himsulf in
'the yeat more than five times the price
of his paper simply by reading the ad
vertisements, and noticing where he can
jbuy cheapest the things he needs, and
ell to the best advantage those he has
5 to dispose of.
As this is couit week, a general time
of health, and a season of univeissl
prosperity all reasons why we should
enlarge our views, extend our know-df-e
and intercourse, and try to turn
"Jn tha kaal Kiunl ilia amtla. flflt be-
f'nificent providence, we shall lock for
t t www. i.vmuin . 1 1 u 111 I . Vj' .
jh addition of a hundred to our list of
Th, Times-Kentucky Subscribers-
V Vehve heard a numbef 01 f"
(plaints' frbm our Kentucky subscribers,
..on , account of not Eeuinjr. their papers.
)iy Vyhat causes have) conspired mostly to
tUm Aiannnpv. we are una-
I Mn to ascertain. ' However we were in-
fformed by a gentleman upon whom we
can rely, that on Sunday last, a short
distance below Cattletsburgh, he caught
ibout tixty of our papeis, of tha issue
of May Slat, afloat in the Ohio river,
with strings .tied around them, just as
they left our office. Now it has been a
J. custom with us, and we belive with oth-
r offices alone the river, to put our pa-
Jgers on some of the regular steamboat
t afeecketi that weta running between in
I loivrie near b) ; to be left, by thort, when
I 'landing at the place of their destination
Lnd.bav'arideavored by way of remii
Jrq;ration to, induce 'the people through
J ho-; columns of our paper, ana; other
wise, to patronise ; boat inai were inus
"icnolathfg. Now we have not ia
uiTe ae ttf'the delivery of oor papers,
.me bpe ' th'iajts an Uoljated; Insta ifce
a ' 1 - la !J..'a aai HtAllil!
-ad; tnei reen oi e?'"FHi f.T'B7u"
rejtfet'tenr much that any. o.ie ahoqld
wetend Wtfo f lu if ftvor,' and instead
therebanllHit U j-ry. fWs oipect
-i'tliera. ili W91.
thlf pIa4.Btar:r.iirnBce,,.osaiij8 ;ue
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Lvi'til".i2 ftUat'AsW' SAAWssi
From tb pinion lmlcr. ' 1 '
Tiir struggle's o'er, srnl once again
Foul wrong das trarnpletl on tho right;
Yet, sadly ihey mnjudgu the fight
Who think that we huve fought in vain. '
Tia true, no well fought field we bost j ;
'Tis true, we wear no laural buugbt .
Rut 'tis not true (though failing now,)
lu losing this, that sll is lost.
Think not that martyrs die in vsmt
Think not that truth so soon will fail)
Wo only bow before the gule,
We only break to form again.
These are but flnshes which forerun,
As heralds of tho tempest's power,
And serve to light the clouds that tower,
And show the storm has not begun.
There grnwclh up a mighty will,
And time will only give it force,
Though nome what swerving in it course,
It tendeth to an object still;
And, toiling upward to the place,
Where shines the everlasting ntirn,
Not faring hate, nor heeding scorn.
The vanguard of a wavering race.
Though vengeance was the battle -cry,
And fell revenge first drew the sword;
More firm in act, more true in word,
We seek a nobler victory,
And all the failures in the past
But make the future mnro secure;
And bygone sufferings ensure
The triumph of our cause at last.
Secure in truth, we wait the day
As watchers wait the morning light;
For time will only strengthen right.
The false alone need dread delay.
Cclrcncbffl(nt and RffornV'-Move-
mcnis of ihe Adniiuistralson.
Tho experienced sailor upon the h'uh
seaa can often, in the dea.l calm of an
unclouded horizon detect the infallible
warnings of impending danger and is
thus enabled to "make nil snug and
iirlu" to meet and ride out the gathering
storm. It ii. nv bo that Micro is seme
such extraordinary prescience in thifn I
ministration il iimv be that General
ierce has been taught by experience
regard the present most reiunrka
ble an.j expensive propcriiy in tlio fi
nnncinl world as somewhat treacherous
and delusive, and that tho prevailing
pluiliorn ot the money market, the still
increasing inllation ol real it nil fancy
stock operations and the unbounded
public continence in Ihe resonrses of Cal
ifornia and Australin, may possibl) end
in some cuHi tcrnblo and sweeping fi
nancial tornado as that which signal
izod ihe pet bnnk administrntion of Mar
tin Van Buren. Dubious of some such
approarhing catastrophe, one would
conclude that lino the prudent Jack tar
ihe administralion wore making all snug
no I tiht to weather the anticipated
shock of tho element.
But whntever tho caurts or objects of
these movements the public cannot huve
failed to mark the nnparent earnestness
with which ueneral Tierce and his cabi
net have nioree.led to cut nwnv with
the pruninii-knil'e of "retrenchment and
reform." When General Jackson sup
planted Jhn Quincy Adams in the white
House he unmeicilully declared that in
the catalogue of his official duties the A-
incrican people had "inscribed in char
acters too legible to be misunderstood,
the paramount duties of "retrenchment
ami rclorm. I here is no doubt in the
world thnt Oil Hiakory believed it.
And good reason had ho to make tho dec
laration; for the expenses of tho govern
ment under Mr. Adams, had risen to
thirteen millions a yrar; and Tobias
Waikins poor old man was found guil
ty at Washington of a defalcation of
nearly four thousand dollars! Perhaps
General Pierce may have concludud
that the time has arrived for restoring
this olJ Jacksonian piaiik to iho demo
cratic platform; and to this simple
judgment it may be that we are indebt
ed for the initinl steps which have been
taken to increase the efficiency and to
cutt'oWn iliecxponses ol the sO'vel"?! de
portments of the government.
fforli'1- ihe work been commenced a
day too soon. What with tho annual
expenses of the government magnified
from thirteen to fifty millions per annum
and what with Galuhin, Mexican, Flor
ida, Chickasaw, Cherokee and other
claims, amounting up from two hundred
thousand to a half million at a single
haul, it is certainly high time for do
sing up some of the leaks of tho public
treasury. The retrenchments therefore
of Mr. Guthrie in the administration of
tho Treasury and the custom house; of
the several other members oi tne cnui
net, in reducing tho contingencies and
in enforcing an additional quantity of
work upon the clerks of their several
denartments: and the reforms of Dr,
fCampbell, as far as he has gone in the
management ol tne vasi macninery oi
the General Post Office, are all season
able and judicious. , -We
hope although " a new broom sweeps
clean," that the broom of this adminis
tration will not be worn out before the
work of sweeping away all the old abuse
upon the Treasury, of every tort is fully
accomplished and , the : government is
clear of rogues and windlers from stem
tO Stem, i-.-.yii ,:v!' V'.v'; Tr. i ;
Ptr m this business of '-retrenchment
and reform" js l s good thing; but in
view of an approaching financial revul
sion it is most wise to right up the ship
of State in season. .
The Sub-Treasury, to a limited extent
it admirable calculated, under 4 faith
ful adminiaira'tidniof tte law, to act as
a check -upon the, spirit of speculation
so universal prevailing in the financial
wrld.r- It waa the wen ty or thirty mill-
ionsof government money fJeposjted in
tne pet uanks winch led to - the inordi
nate pnpor inllaiinn and wide spread
bnnkruplcy of ISaT.'SS.-aO.UO and '41
To the next of twenty or thirty millions
oi govcruinon cash now in Hie sub-treasuries
there is at least that reservation
against an excessive paper expansion.
It is at this time, to ha sure, only as a
drop in the bucket, but il is something
and in tho event of a crash, it will save
the Treasnry from being numbered
among tho victims of another general
bankrupt law, if nothing mote.
It is sound policy on the part of this
administration to do all it can to chect
the reckless headlong game of specula
tion which is seizing upon all the busi
ness branches of tho community, and
'rowing them into the yawninsgulf of
Vy all street, il a linamcnl explosion
comes upon us during this administra
tion, from whatever coumi, the rd.nirm
trotion will bo hull responsible for the
consequences. Its policy is necessarily
that ol restriction, retrenchment and re
form. Mnolly, it is possible that Gen
Pierce may contempinto from tho for
eign proitrnmino of action which ho has
laid down, the possiblo coniinj-encice
of an exnensivo war; an I in this view
he may be husbanding his resources to
meet the crisis.
But whatever the cause, or whatever
the objects, of the movements made by
bon. rierco and his cabinet, to root out
the cxtinvagances and increase the prac
tical efficiency of the executive depart
nrcnts, they arc goo I in themselves, and
tho consequences, in and event will be
something to the advantage of all con
cerncd if they only stick to it. There is
nothing more ilesirablo at this crisis, at
Wohington. than "retrenchment and
reform." Weekly Herald.
Destiny of the Tnited States.
More than thirty years ago, an En
glii-h writer of distinction, Mr. M'Clor
cn, ventured to spenk of tho advnnta
ges and destinies of the United Slates,
in a supplement to that valuable work,
the bncyclopedia Jirittanica. We ex
true! the passage as follows merely a i
ding tiiat the italicised sentence toward
the close is really remarkable. Al
though hardly more than a quarter of a
century has elapse I since, the lanzua e
which was then figurative has now be
come literally true.
"The people in the United States
find themselves in a con lition to devote
their whole energies to tho cultivation
of their vost natural resources; undis
trncted by wars, unburdened by oppres
sive taxes, unfetteiel by old piejuliccs
ami corruptions, bitijoying the umtod
advantages of an infant and a mature
society, they are able to apply the high
ly refine I science and art of Errope,
to the improvement of the virgin soil
and utiOLCiipie I natural richness of
America. They stnrt unencumbered by
a thousand evils, political and moral,
which weigh down the eneigies of the
old world. The volume of our history
lies before them, they may adopt our
improvement, avoid our errors, tnko
warnina from our sufferings; and, with
the combined lights of our experience
and their own, build up a more pcrfoct
form of society! Even already they
have givou some momentous, and some
salutary truths to the world. It is their
rapid growth which hus developed the
astonishing results of the productive
po vers of population. We can now
calculate with considerable certainty,
that America, which yet presents to the
eye generally, the aspect of an untrod
den forest; will in the short space of one
century surpass Europe in the number
of its inhabitants! We even hazard lit
tle in predicting that before the tide
of civilization has rolled back to its
original scats, Assyria, Persia and Pal
estine, an intelligent population of two
or three hundred millions will have
overspread the new world, and extend
the empire of knowledge and ofthe arts
from Cape Horn to Alaska. Among
uid vast mass of civilized mon, there will
be but two languages spoken. The ef
fect of this single circumstance in accel
erating the progress of society, can
scarcely be calculate . What a field
will then be opened to the mr.n of sci
enC?, ln urtisl, the popular writer who
addresses hundreJ si'lion of educated
persons. What a stimulus given to
metrical energy and social improvement
when every new idea, and every useful
discovery will be eommunicated instan
taneously to reaf a mass of intellec
tual beings, ly the electric agency of the
post and press! Imagination is lost in
attempting to estimate the effect of such
accumulated means and powers. One
result, however, may be anticipated.
America must then become tho centre of
knowledge, civilization and power!'
A Smart Woman.
In Lexington, last week, an Irish wo
man, named McGrath, was encaged in
baking bread, when, from a defect in
tho fire an out building connected with
the pigsty took fire, and not being able
to lift the pig, with an axe she knocked
away a portion of the sty, took away the
pig, and tiod il at some distance from the
house. On returning she discovered the
roof of the house in flames, and there
being no person near excepting her three
children, ne fiist movement was to car
ry them away from danger.. Then, re
turning she removed every article of fur
niturei excepting one bedstead, which
having lost the key,' she- could not take
apart." She thon removed exery door
and window safely from their places al
most before any assistance arrived, and
was only prevented by force from enter
ing the flames and saving her bread from
the brick'OVen In little more .than an
hour from"' the breaking out of the fire,
she walked orer-the smoking mini and
took but ber'breadf which waa found) to
be nicety Uk.Bn)T UiU Aunra,
a 1,
. .T -.".. . -.v.-",'.'vi . IVL ...m --.,.;, i l..t ..f.t. ... '
Spanish Intrigues and Mexican
Important news may bo cxncctoJ ore
long from Mexico. Matters' gradually
approaching a criis: it is improbable
mm mo year can elapse without a isdi
cal change in the condition and pros
pects of the country. Nor have the bind
ing actors in the recent movements left
us much room for speculation on tho na
turo of that changa. So transparent,
indeed, hnvo their plnns been, that muny
months ogo wo were enabled to apprise
tho government and poople ofthe United
States of the revolution Spuin wus set
ting on font. Hud Uragn been a man
of such weight and lalenuhnt a reasona
ble .hope of his reaching and retaining
the supreme power could huve been en
tertained, we still think, as wo thought
three months ago that Santa Anna would
never be recalled. The friend of Queon
I - - va viivun
Christina was not fitted for a task of
such difficulty, and was prnbubly as un
willing to undertake as Spain v.ns to
impose upon him tho onerous functions
of Spanish Viceroy of Mexico. Hence
the necessity fornpeal to tho old die, a or
and exile. Wo need not here enumerate
the links in tho chain of circumstantial
evidence on which we based our convic
tion that Spain, or at least the Queen
Moihei, was privy to Santa Anna's re
turn. The welcome reception which
awaited him niHavana.ihe quasi-official
announcement of his designs in the Di
ario dcta Marina; and the news of hi"
npplicatian to the Spinioh government
for pecuniary oi I, were, until a few days
ago, tho last link in that chain. We
supply another this niorninsr, in the
shape of an artiole from the Diario de la
Marina, on the policy of the Dictator.
No one con fail to detect in this perform
ance, which may probably be credited
to the authorities ut Havana substantial
evidence of the peculiar concern taken
by Spain in the prospects of tho new gov
ernment. It expresses more than friendly
regard: paternal arfection anil interested
care mo visible in every line. If ;nnta
Ann i had been sent to Vera Cruz with
a commi.-sion from Madrid in his pock
et the anxiety of the Diario could not
have been more lively.
It will be notice I tint no hint is
thrown out at a rest 'ration of Mexico to
the Spnni.-h crown. Nu such scheme is
probably in contemplation. Much as
Spain would love to regain he lost em
pire on tiie continent, Cuba costs he'f
too much money and care as it is for
any wise counsellor to advocate thevol
notary assumption ofthe a Ulitinnal bur
then of Mexico. Harassed already by
the fear of Amcricin filibusters, and
compelled to exhausting a I in on all
her resources in maintaining an army of
32,000 men in a single islan I, spam
could not venture to toko the responsi
bility of another empire, inhabitel by a
still more disuffceted race, and situated
in a still more dangerous proximity to
the formidable Yankees. Such a step
would in the first place afior.l this coun
try an a Imirablo pretext for a descent
upon Cuba in retaliation for Spanish
of the Mouroo doctrine. It
would seriously complicate the empar-
rassraonts ofthe home ministry, and add
a heavy item to the difficulties that have
driven General Roncali from office It
would, moreover, arouse ike suspicions
ofthe foreign governments of Europe
which would connect tho policy of Ca
nedowith tho usurp uion of Mexico, and
regard Vera Cruz as destined to be the
future depot ofthe slave trade.
It is jrobably lor these reasons that
Spain let slip a very fuir opportunity of
regaining Mexico, tier en. Is, in tho
opinion of her rulers, woul I bo aselfctu-
ally gained by tho restoration to the
Mexican throne of a man who, having
the energy to wield the sceptre nd the
pride to scorn a secondary rank, might
still consent to be an instrument of
Spanish intrigue and a supporter of
Spanish power. Santa Anna reinstated
as Dictator, and subsequently Emperor
of Mexico, would suit their purpose ad
mirably. His antipathy to the United
States would naturally pre lisposo him
to espouse tho cause of oput'i in case of ,
anv aitemnt unon Uuba. tins Darlic li-l
ty would be increased py tho obligations'
conferred UDon him in the simpo otj
moral countenance an.i pecuniary eiu
from Mi Iri 1. Onco seated on the throne
policy as well as gratitu le would prompt
him to pursue a course in harmony with
the views of tlio Spanish government.
Ho would thus reinstate Spanish insti
tutions in Mexico, would crush the ami
Spanish fueling already so prevalent in 'sides, and concludes by giving the edit
many Provinces, an! in case of trouble' ' 'he following touch of biography
would co-operate with tlio Habanofo au-;
tlinrmnt in nnnsin" ns. '
That such were the hopes and such he was iho busiest man in Union count)
the doings of tho Spanish government, Ho built a house, planted an orchard,
the article from the Uiafio affords onoth- j dug up a car len, made slump speeches,
er proof. There is that in its tone which visited tho schools, prss'ded at cold-wa-shows
plainly that the writer felt he had. or parties, whittled sharp sticks to polk
a right lo counsel. The encouragemont . t "ie or the court house rats, castiga
it holJs out to Santa Annn is too warm to 1 divers loafer, loudly admonished
to bo disinterested. It is somothing! Humble of Mt. Gilead, Siayman of Del
new for Spain to sympathize with rcvo-,' aware, and sundry others, wrote editori
lutiouiirios. Her officers . must havo l. e'- "P type.joinel the shakers, (the
been tolerably sure ofthe use Santa An-j "Se sort,) surveyed land, read Black
na would make of his pbwor to siimulato "one, and nursed little Tom all the
him to strengthen it in such , bold lan-jtime! Was'nthe busy? '
gua;e. ....
s Tho Dictator, on the other hand, pur
sues his nalb in a . way which, proves
that the lessons, of the last four years j
have not been lost upon him.' Louisj
iiapviuuu muni lejuito iu in, j vioing uowii imu jmiuva, mcjr noicu-
an imitator on this continent. Up to. el a location among a moss of wretched
the present moment ihe. same policy has hovels, reeking with all tnings foul, aii
produced like results in Fnnco and in! mate and inanimate, and have corn
Mexico. There yet remains one step to , niencei the erection . of ,'commodidus
be talea .by the copyist; but wo have no' landings. At the laying of the corner
reason to uuuuimui wo man -?
wait long even for - tha imperial aenou-merit-
of the lav.' So far, too, Santa
Anna has, in every, point, justified our
conviction 08 his coalition or unJerstan- ,
fltnx waa inniiu " r u iijtiaiiwaiiwii ouu m miiwuk .......... r ; a
1 1 ih Dictator is at Variance with that ps- 0.000 wal contributed to- the funds l infringement oj private Property . oi.
I litf and many trt wWBi.WirSl, fttSkfctohr, :o! ; '' ;J ;:-' ' I porn for ;"o itna of IpQlherv ' 'r
of its . accuracy. Whether, having
once firmly sen ted himself on the throne
and having nothing further to expect
frtrri'9poin, he will, wiih chnractensiic
dishonesty, violate his promises and fair
ly launch his bark umler an independ
ent (lag, or whether ho will carry up.
rightnes so far as to remain under Snan
ish tutelage, are matters which ihe fu
ture must determine.
une tiling is certain. Hloxico is now
trying tho last experiment. Her lost
anchor has been heaved ovoiboord, end
all eyes are now earnestly gazing at tho
result, ui independent republics, and
coalition, nnd federations, and anarchy,
she Iias had, Hoaven know, enough
long since. Prom one cause or another,
cvory strujgle to extricate herself she
plunges deeper in the iniro. Her poo
ple see plainly that n return to forms
of govcrnmoiit that have been tried al
ready is worse than useless. If Santa
Anna fail to establish a stable empire.
Mexico will be driven to seek for safety
in an abdication of her nationality.
Numberless symptoms of the prevalence
of this couvictioiis among the Moxicans
liavo already been noticod. Anewproof
oi tne wiiiu-sprcod leoling in lavorofnn
noxatiom to this country is seen in the
letter from General Arista, the late Pres
ident ofthe republic, to tho Secretary at
War. When a mnn who has filled so
important a position in the government
of his country as Gen. Arista openly
declurcs his opinion that Mexico had
better be incorporate I with the United
States, we may fairly presume that ihe
sentiment is shared by no inconsidera
ble party among his conntrymen Even
among those whoso national pride would
prevent their expressing it as a wish il ap.
pears in the shapo of a fear. Under this
form the Universal announced its con-
I viction that annexation was almost in-
evituble: and many of the leading citi
zens of Mexico have given utterance to
similar apprehensions. Time alone con
vor fy or refuto ihcm. For whatever
destiny is nlloted to us lot us be well pre
pare J. Weekly Herald
The President.
Somebody tells iho following:
Gen. Pierce recognized the Union as
his organ, and is democratic enough to
evince his regard even by n midnight
visit '0 the composition room, unheard
an I unattended. Ii was the night after
the receipt of the intelligence of the
donth of Wm. R. King, thnt the Presi
dents proclamation relative thereto, and
the respective or dors issued by the prop
er citizens of tho Army and Navy, Wvre
sent to the Union office, for publication.
At midnight, after the ' ditors had all left
the establishment, a plain looking man
with specs on his nose, walkel into the
composition room where a printer by
ti t uncommon numo of Jones was busi
ly engaged in "making up."
"Is it too late to correct a little error?
said the stranger.
Jones "No sir, if it's in this form.
Whut does it relate to?"
Stranacr "Tho death of Mr. Kins.
Jones "The official orders sir? 1
have them just here."
ttrnnger 'Well, just read my order
over, and 1 will toll you what 1 wish to
. 'My order, cogitated Jones. 'I won
der which is his. Which order did you
say sir?
Stranger "My order.
Jones cast his eye up and down the
long columns, then ot his tormentor,
but saw no clue to the troublesome 'or
der.' Ho repeated his question: Which
order did you say you wished to cor
Stranger (in a tone of peculiar and
impressive emphasis) "My order.
Jones, still unenlightened, turned
upon tho interrogator with "Well il
yon will bo good enough to tell me your
name, 1 II try to accommodate you.
Stranger (senientiously) "Franklin
Poor Jones was "struck" just then,
but he managed to make the required
alteration in an incredibly short space
ol time, an 1 loll exceedingly relieved
wnen tie loun i nimseii aione ajrain.
just ask Jones if tho Union is Pierce's
organ or not
A B iBiness Ibui.
Tho editor ofthe Scioto flazette, for
merly of Union county, mokes a favora
ble notice of the enlargement and im
provement of tho Marysville Tribune,
over which our friend Hamilton pre-
"8 ws ousy.
buccess to Cornelius. Last summer
Dwellings for the Working clatsei.
. A society has been formed in London
.of the purposo of erecting a better class
of dwellings for poor laboring people.
aim? a uuiner was uBiipitoii. ui uy m
hnndrol and filty nobleman and gentle
men." . John Bull never does anything
of iho kind without a dinPet. 'At thi
one, however) besides the Usual busiri'vsi
The Bight Jury.
A man out West indicted for stealing
bacon, wrnt to a lawyer and told him
ins enso. i lie l.-.wycr dtrange wfly
wished him to settle; but the man said
no he had a right to be tried by a jury
anil a lawyer to delerid linn. Tho cise
came on, and the witness swore up to the
hub against tlio man. It was a clear
caso to all, even to the attorney who lied
argued for the bacon stenler, The jury
went out, and soon returned with a ver
dict of "not guilty." The man thrust
his thumbs in his vest pockets, and went
out ofthe court house whistling Yankee
Doodle. Tho next day, his lawyer met
him and asked him how under heavens
he got that case?
"Now, Squire," aid tho client, "111
toll you how the thing was done, but ye
needn't say anything about it; Eleven
of that jury h'td some ofthe bacon!"
Does any body think there was ever
another jury thnt helped cal the Bacon?
The Cholera.
A letter was rcccntlv rtfa.I before the
Pans Academy of Medicine, from M.
Ernest Cloquet, an eminent physician of
rersin which says:
"We are menaced with the cholera
next spring. It follows this time an un
usual route; it broke out at Bo.ssorah. in
1851; it lias already remounted the backs
of ligris lo Kagdad: from Bagdad, trov-
crsing tho Kurdistan, it went to Azr-
bauljan province. After having ravag
ed that country, especially Tauris, the
capital, it then went south and south
east follow! i j tlio borlers of the
Caspian sea, and it is said to have ap
peered at Cushin, which is only twenty
two leagues irom luheran. Jt is not
probable the cholera will visit Europe
ihts time.
f ruins.
The county Auditors of Allegheny
county Pa. report, that the commission
ers of the county have fraudulently issu
ed, and consequently swindled tin coun
ty out of $20,451, ot county funds, in
the shape of scrip.
Th i Recorder of Philadelphia is also
investigating some stupendous frauds
that have been practised upon that city
oy the common council. We do not
reccollect having seen at any other time
anything near the number of frauds that
are now being and recently have been
brought lo light. We hope iheir expo
sures may load to reform in the depart
ment where they have been practised.
Silver is fast cominz from its restins
place Into ths mint, tub rnitauciphia
ledger says there is every indication that
the channels ol the retail tiade will soon
be abundantly supplied with silver
change. The inquiry so often made;
without eliciting an answer, "what has
become of oil the silver?" is now about
to bo solved, The banks of this city we
understand, hold over three hundred
thousand dollars of silver. One bank in
tho interior, we are advised, holds about
seven hundred thousand dollars in silver;
and all tho banks all over tho country
hold a greater or less amount.
Fourth of March.
Do our readers generally know the
reason why the 4th of March was chosen
as the day for tho inauguration of the
President of ihe United States? It was
selected because tho 4th of March in ev
ery year, commencing from the first in
auguration, ennnot come on Sunday for
at least three hundred years.
This fact shows tho great regard which
the frnmcrs of our government had for
the Sabbath. They arranged the matter
so wisely that the performance of the
ceremonies of inauguration, will not fall
on a Sunday for three hundred years.
The Boston papers mention a praise
worthy example that has been set by the
Massachusetts Legislature, for the bene
fit of legislative bo lies elsewhere.' The
Governor of the State, such member of
the Council, and all ol the Senators,
have subscribed ont day's pay each, and.
one half of the Representatives have done
tho same, in aid of tho Monununt to
Washington. Tho clerks and public
officers have also subscribed liberally to
wards the same object.
Enormous Fees.
According to the the report of comp
troller Fi.aco, of New York city the a
mount of fees paid to the Corporation At
torney and counsel for the year 1852
(besides certain perquisites not inclu
ded) amounted to the enormous sum of
seventy-one thousand two hundred and
ninety-six dollars and three cents, ihe
sum exceeds the aggregate saleriesof the
Governors of thirty btitea, including
California, the salary ofthe Governor of
which is ten thousand dollars.
An Old Chart
An old picture dealer in Paris has
lately srdd to the Spanish Government,
for the sum of 4000 franca, the c Inn
which the pilot of Columbus, Juan de la
dossa. used in' his voyage to thenw
world. It was formerly, in one of tho
public libraries of Spain.-and whenthc
galleries and churches of the country
were ravaged by Marshall Soult, it Tell
into his hands, with the "Conception,"
by MuriHo, aod various other spoils.
. Judge Com wm, ofthe Supremo, court
has recently 'decided tna; f porsoir' can
not enter upon the lands of aaotcr for
the purpose- of constructing . a private
road,'s.proyideJ by. the statute .'of last
Inienso menial activity, steadily Ui-
reeled to some leadi-ig pursuit, is tha '
sourco of all distinction. ;. , , y
' The preparations' orderod by tha U. -,;
S. Government for surveying ihe differ
ent ruilroad routes to the Pacific are ,
progressing with due vctivity. . . ;,
j A country editor drops the. disintoree!.
ted observation: 'Blessed are they who
do not ndvcrt'ie, for they will be rarely
iroubled with customers." V"
Tim bed chamber of Napoleari at St.
Helena is now a stable, and the room
in which he breathed h s last, is uses!
for threshing and winnowing wheat.
There nre now iri California about
22,000 Chinaman. The capital invest
ed and owned by the Chinese iu Uto
State is one million of dollars. . .. .
An alligator is not a deceitful crea
ture, and yet he presents an opon court
lenanco when in the very net of taking
you tn.
Ifhe could only see how small a va
cancy his death would leave, the proud
man would think less of the placo he
occupies in Ins Iife-tune. t. Logouvc.
A Catholic college is to be established
at Galveston in Texas, of sufficient di
mensions and en iowuu-nts to make it an
institution ofthe highest order.
Mr. Robert Hasson has had a legacy
of 2,000 left him, which is now in the
hands of the Ordinary of Jackson Par
ish, La. His relatives and friends are
unable to find out his present residence.
Tha w.-,r debts of the European na
tions amount to $100,000,000,000, The
interest of this alone would give work to
two millions of children, pay each of
them 800 a year for the labor.'
A dashin; and fashionable widow up
town says she thinks of sueing soma
gentleman for breach of promise, iu or
der to let the world know that she is in
the market.
'Did your fall hurt you?' said one bod
carrier to another who had fallen from
the top of a two-story house.
'Not in tha laste honey, 'twas stop
pin' so quick that hurled me."
A pretty woman is like a great truth
or much rathca great happiness, and
has no more right to bundle herself up
under a green veil, or any other similar
abomination, than the sun has lo put
on spectacles. ' . ... ,
The Panama Herald gives s curious
account of the discovery at old Pana
ma of an earthenware vessel contain
ing a largo quantity of tinman Coins,
oftno reigns of Diocletian, "Maiiniinus
and ConMance.
Kit Carson has addressed a letter to
the editor of the St. Louis Intelligencer,
h reference la . the. rniii -.ihrnuh. Nj
Mexico, which he declares to be far
preferable to the route through Utah
There are three things a woman can
not do to pass a bonirft shop without
looking in to see a baby without kis
sing it and to admire a piece of laca
without inquiring how much it waa per
'You've destroyed my peace of mind
Betsey," said a despairing lover to a
truant lass.
'It can't do you much hsrm, John, for
'twas an amazing small piece you had
any way."
Under the head of 'moral Scotland,'
a Scottish essav states thnt iu the 40
cities nnd towns in Scotland, every 14t
ofthe population support a drsm abep,
while it requires U71 to Keep a DaKet,
1,007 to support a butcher, and 2,281
lo sustain a bookseller.'
It is proposed to establish in some of
our eastern cities an institution in which
the science of Spinology Weavology,
and Cookology may be taught to young
ladies, and where, after obtaining these
accomplishments, they may receive a
regular diplonn, whith the honorary de
gree of 'F. W." Fit far Wives.
Hon. Robert G. Shaw who lie 1 la
Boston lately, left an immense proper.
ty, estimated at bctwoen two and three
millions of dollars. His contributions
to objects of charity durin; his lifetim,
are staled in the Boston Transcript to
havo amountel to the Urge sum of four
bun Ire 1 thousand dollars. Hia age
was 78. '
A Hanover county ( Va.) correspon l
ent of the Richmond Dispatch aays,
there ore in that county iwo girl who
are engaged in felling trees and.'golting
out shingles, They get out six thou
sanl per week by their own bon is, at
4,50 per thousand. They supply the
whoie,demand in that region of country
and many ore sold in the Richmond
market.. They have by dint of industry
purchased an ; excellent - piano. Thay
are most exco'lent perforators. Their
task is six thousand per woek. ' Thty
shorten their task by working at uight
in the fishing season, thereby gaining
Saturday, which ihey , devote to pleaan ,
ore. ; , .. , . , ,
From Bcnkos ArRES.&e. Salty,
Mass, June 2 1. Advices from Monte
veJo, -April 5ih Va that great discontent
exists there.. . Placards were posted oa
walls bearing the words. "Doslh to the
present Government Live the CeloraJW
Advises from Buenos Ay res state that '
such had been the cflect ;of tecanVdi
turbauces, that the business of English,
French, and.German houses, would -sell
pujstanding. claims, .for forty , per can
discount., It Was, thought that the city ;,
would soon surrender. "
v-' Chaa4 Hinli."1 iS;" 1
'' Thos.B . Stevenson has aoldj fcaa ta .
tire interest id lit MayevilloiEaVfia t
Richard 11. Collins, who isjotha, aed
proprietory , n -Jjt
f a man does Qoiqike. ne-.cMialav
lanco as he advance ihroogkt tia,"t .
will soon find himself ieft amue.J Aasait
should keep his friendship i f
MbaitaUUi.Y. .'araul' UT
i y r.';." "
. i
ivoa.'oni ir n ,

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