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Spirit of the times. (Ironton, Ohio) 1853-1858, September 13, 1853, Image 2

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THCxila;, ft t IS, 13
F. t,':i I'll AMI II I' .'Olll. Cmmc.
A Un'1ti Ixmhoith-,'. mi cb-rnnl iiui iitr Iti'im
in ..- A n ,(' -il , r;-i""--ii"' . I !ir i'uii!ii!iniiii ul'
uiu'ii'N III-- tic.l .(. j'i;Min - "":' ,(""
Tim I. .mil 'ill U" ' i' -";'
It'-uin" '(i miiJ ' '-"I ' ifiii n:i
J'U4 outwit bm n ri.vuu'tl .'.. i mi
ir4 bputrt.l 1" rt.l i'i.-iu Iitiiiiiiiiuc') I y Mi- trrt.ev
,'(. ij. .i.-i ,'..-.
T li.IMI.Ml-n I .i.MTi.-;ii'. V-v. ..-Vi-i-i .1
it fv n.r'if n:- ii. i tit -i-'tMr l'. . ft f i: l.i ''.
nf IV.Afri'i. Xl'w York, m-il ri:ii:il,-i".i.t. imi,;ii
Miinuwi'ml iii t-.tkc mUtr1.." utr.iH ni.il ni'.vi.ji
ul flit riiir ri!Uirrii l.y it. Hi pc.'!"'- V. tt: 1 iv
i-il ti i'Pvn!Mi . Mi- Oil ev r. !;sii)-
We Intendo 10 have mado tome le
marks upon the prospect of a Hail root!
Senatorial Candidates.
CltiKPn oT Lawrence County, ond ol
.1 i il l. .1 l..t. -! .1!. ...I.. .1... iuaiu.
UiC tyiiiiiK'g crteli valley mi phi ; tne cigiiin .senatorial umiiin, mi. inn
last 1 aper, hni wc wi-ro so lulu luget-lis now presented fur your consider,!-
ting the paper to pro.s tli ul wo omitied
it unit! now. Tli" sum i'V by Mr- Howe
. not only, but iIr ki'uihI kriowlcJc of
. . . .. . . r ! ..
lion. You linvo in iiih person ni i.ew.s
Anderson ono of your own number, thor
oughly imbued wiili the feelings, ond nc
nil who mi! Bcfjiii'iiitid with the gco-. queiii(ia with tlio necssities ol tlie mass;
ftj by of t i e country prove lliot, ond
lulil.ouJi wchmonot seen those places
ofivhii h one Dl'ni.rcineniporciiti speaks
i where 1 1 . road rotihi bo made "for mile
' ! ni Kiiiili.lii as on Hriow.vvt wo believe in
"V I .. . ... -I ( .1.-
' 1 inn (nun! prufuviuniij "'
fresh vigorous on I nclivo in tlio cause of
populai rights, ond fully impress I with
Most Awfttl Ph'pwrcck.
dostan. Tlio following uro tbo partic
ulars of tlio terrible catastrophe, hitherto
just alluded to by telegraph: Tlio
The Nessrce wos ai English vessel, 500
ions bur.lon, portly manned by nn Eu
ropean crew, and for some years ha
linen trading butivifiii Bombay on I tl.o
tlm lli'i-i'5.,ilV for limitation in the amount ports on tho cousl of Arabia. Kail v in
of land on individual may acquiro, ond April uho wa idinriomd to convey a
of reform in tbo policy of Inrntinj; pliblic number of pilgrim (who wot a retiirnint',
lands truly dcMrou.s to u.-o t.ll proper iHngtlioiif.l pilruni llirougli
Flora ihf HiBii-miinn.
The Forred Notes on (he Ohio
Male Mock Bauks.
Aupitoh or State's Okfice, 0, )
CoLi MiitH, Sepirmticr 1, StS. )
EiUToni, Ohio Statchman: Tbo iucin'
from nn unknown (iiuiter of frnuJulMi l
noti'H priniod on iliefiiHiniiin pinto of tliu
OliioSinio clock Biuika with tbo for-o.l
hinnttiio of thoir Prefiilents und Ciieli
ifis, hns been tins occufdou of ninth tin
noyuueo lo iliopubliu ond given fin" to
All II i Jry iinchariuiblo relleciioim upon thin
fixed belief ilmt unbroken silence
S;!Kr.t..Vh-f.vt ,:!r;ir.,,.VA i Tki ..g that for frnt-d, let us Inquire means for the .upprnon of the evil of Arabia, to vartourw of India,) on a i(! f ,(Me)iH, t0 ,
r-.r --r -rv. ---- wK..,,fr Muh road would be profitable intempornnre-opposed to monopolies of voyogo to Lombny. She was fined up ofl(4, mUon ofl,ew f,gcrio.,
T A T C R I. K f T !.. . Pitrti ,s it wuulJ foim connecting all kinds, ond in favor of the cvtviiMon ofi accordingly, ond. on taking her dcpari- Qn
ItXtxTiovTiruv-.i-.T-n.;,: .(ik lvl.wn fu iinpriJV(,racnt.s 0f equal riSlus ond equol laws, os your can-j rc, lud, bexi.los tbo crew, no rwc , of o.o Au.lior' oflico lo relieve itself
nut in i-:iiNi;t.
WILLIAM K23IU, .,f rir.if.i-! I.
.lAMCSMVrilS, ul i.n-.iy.
SM'KKr.ittv ci' fi'A 1 1:.
TIHI.VH lll.l! cl iJ.
J03H 0. JiESUN, nl Si in - n.
.li'Ddi-. np Si Til :v. I', i-iii it r.
THOMAS W. CiZTlET, l r.'iclil.m 1.
ATTini:v (n:i:a it..
CrOItGS W. McCOOK, ol J.-ll'. rou.
WAYHE CMSWOID, o ,'u .,iw.iy.
fen m:aii in.
I.CT'IS A" luSJO;:, nf t.Hwrc iK-i.-.
c,'.:s. v.r.o. irirjiE,
r.iri:fs--Tl:c.r Rclhlivc r(siti,is.
litis Ulno una .Miciiiitiiii on me norm,
hi.-I bv then) coniii'Ct with the New
i York mi I Xeiv I'n.'ilnnd improvemoiits,
nnl tlie Virginia and Kentucky iin
piovniiicnls mi the ."outb, it would be
conic ti v.-iy j.i'iii-r.il source of truvel.
l!ul its p-iitcioal odvantajso would be in
i!io outli'l to the ri'h agricultural ond
uiiiiriil n-smirccs of the entire Syimnos
cn-rk valley, wbii h U by fur the best
iiriciiliiiuil district for mai.y miles
i.lon.'i the river either above or Lclow.
Tlie produce of the farms under the
ri.tiii5 Mute of l ho roads, ond the difli-culiicM-'f
nettiiij; to market, is not worth
inm-li. il'unv more than half as much
The remorks of the cli.or of the H.- , n( hoi)c M ()n bulk of ,q OMo
ii.rf in l,is ikMte of S,-pt. lt, upon (). woulJ a(roril 0
I'oli.ical . levation," so b,r us tl.ei- considerable revenue to the road, while
ruct applicaiiDii to the Heii o - c pi.r-jol) lh(! ollu,r ,an,i tlu i11(..relse in the
ty if conctined. demand frn, Us no. I p(LC 0f j)r0(lltCl na consequent rise in
r. .-, mid oi-.ecid.le to proN,, ue pro- ,h(J Vaucf rei,l estate, would be a suf-c.-ed
lo coiiM.lor thai i lion of iV or- fi,.i(., nnl,,,.,.,,,,.,,, for every farmer in
IhspenMnjrf the policy of id o'i.Miig
run dilutes fr ollice on the prinriple f
ava:!al.ility, iiiMcad of qiuillliuuiinn,
di.iuie lorsunnior on ueitaii oi me ue- ,'"'' vy w uumu, '"-.., ,,,..,,1.1 ,..,) ,n tlrciir.
i.t.. n. .,. r.t... 1, .,.,i i""" "T""' " " 1
Ui I.II11.V. AMW kllllll I IU IIU 'i'i.iiw-'l , fl .
11 nn iiiiiiiuii .iii.i ...... ----I?
mocracy the people.
Oppoed lo him you hove one who
claims to be part nnil parcel of the party
that in 1343 bod no p.ineiples for the
public eye, but went
For Tip and '1 y thereforo,
Without n why or wlien f u.-."
That in placed in power 0 "no por-
ty administration," without uny "friends
to rewiiid or enemies to punish," that far
excelled all former precedent in proscrip
tion for opinions sckc, and in 185:2
wound up with the most stupendous dis
play of fraud ond corruption that ever
isi-raceil the annals of our government.
One that by virtue of fortuitous circum
stances has got tifioat upon the political
sea, and judging from his emanations, is
tlrcady becoming dizzy in lookingdovvn
upon the "unthinking ni'iss" bijlovv,
The Whig Convention that met last
be says-: "With the Democratic party
!ii policy may win. Whatever the
leaders nfihni p;iriy do is hailed as
cie.l by tlio rank and file, declared all
ri ht and vijorrnixly supported by the t"i
thinking Mas, who .new no rvl of
arlir.n Int. the S'nj-n cf Ii-jsc t-v'y wc
Jupri! to folic tc."
A strict democracy is a government
where all the people iisM-mMo to make
Jaws for themselves. Our jrovernmeii!;
n representative clfinnciucy diilers In in
that in so far that it delegates the pow
er, for purposes of comeoienee, to a
limited number, whose duty it i. to act
in s'r'ct accordance with the asrertaiiicd
withes of those delegating them tli.it
power, for the limn bein-;. All w'tn are
at all conversant with the ceneial hislo
ry of our government, know thin from
its first crgariizaiiou, t!;,;re liave been
rival parties, and that the most impor
t.mt ifiiies be'-Wjcn these two parlies
have ten liil on the ono h-iitl to con
soli.iatiou of govenimeiit, mid tho con-
('miration of its powers in tho hands "f
the few, and on tiie o(I,.'r nan 1, to ihe
tiboiishmeiu of spi rial niivii'ties, and
the extension of individual riuhis anil
ihm entire region to take stock in the
road, to the utniOfl extent of his availa
ble nivalis, as the money so expended,
until. I he more than saved in the in
creased value nf his land. Again,
there tire abundant deposites of Iron ore
a- and stone coal, clong the entire route
that arc only waiting an outlet to mar
ket, to make it ono of the richest sec
tions of the country, having within it
self all the (.li-nienls of wenllh, com
bining Loth agricultural and manufaclur
in;: intcrcsis. We hope to sec such a
course oduptrd by .he friends of the mea
sure, as wiil bring it lo the favorable
eon.-ideration of capitalists, and secure
its spee.iy construction. We are very
r?orry to learn that an excitement has
been create 1 in Mar I to the terminus of
the propose I road, before it is known
whether there will be a road. This is
premature, and altogether calculated to
retard, if not entirely defeat the prnji-ct
And slill further, we understand that
the citizen-i of ihe upper poit'on of the
county ore making it a test question for
the nomination of candidates for the
Lu;ilature. This reminds us of the
two poultty boys thai cot into a dis
pute as to which f-hould have the '-roosters,"
and which the pullets from some
(:;;!. that they were about to set a ben
upon, which ran so hivdi they broke lh
refju'red by tbo teverol bonk.,, It won
iicccsury ihul the bank nolo plate- should
bo placed, from time to timi, in his pos
sess! u by the Hir;ruvi r, ami whilst ilum
in his posefision for lo;:itimtiie purpos
es, ho also printed from it iho notes
Arrival of the Steamer Atlantic.
New York Sept. 3.
G'nscrtAi, 1nti:m.kiknce.
Tho Briiish Pailiiimoiit wns pro
rogue I O'l lliD 20th by cnuiinissiun.
Tho Queen's speech says she lind
wh'uh huvu since received for,;el signu- gooa reason to hope lint on lionorublo
tire of tho ollieeii of the lunik and of Hrrniigciriuiit of ihe eastern question will
italo Register. bo acco r.piisbod.
those with whom ihu fraud I111 1 reully or-
on the night of the 17th of June. The '
CVL'IHIIU lliuviiliin Hill ClIMWHII piuuic.i ; , . , , , - , , 1
n . 0 '. . , 5 . 1 iuinated, has heretofore 111 luce I me to
15onili.iv, but soon afterward the weathor , . 1 r. . nit ......:
. ,-' ... . .. 1 abstain pertinaciously from all counn;i-
set in llitek, wnh rain, an I imivv, siiun Is 1 , ., ,, 1,,, t,,,,,.,
,, . , i mcnts or explanations whether by loiter
blowing 011 the Ian I, onud which the, . , ,. ,-, .1.;.
, ,, : or by newspaper, iho inotiiu lor tins
shipgother rulder unshipped, nn l , u An !m or,onl
consequence, been.,,., unmanageable, oi Cici ,, (lhn, ofMr Uuse
The passengers ascertaining tho peril- Lnuii)f be, ote printer,) bus already
ous position of the vessel, and that she j)(.(,n ,U(l(1Cf a, ot Crs wi'l not bo bin
was driving ashore, becumu frantic Hiid (,cri.(, Qf tU.ayill by this publication. I
altemptcd to escape by iho boats Tl.o (m aliCcif ,IPrufor, in feeling at lib-
attempt as may ue imagined, erlv t() noli,.tt wil10llt further delay.so.ne
fatal. A termendous rush instantly cap-1 of .,p nany crronumts mi0MmU t,ai
sized them, and at leaM 00 perished. bMj )j011llL.asl om ,10 coull.
Thedistruction (.f.he ill-fated vessel', on;, w o(rR.ialy
soon followel. Shoiily after midnight: 'FirflThal t10 forged notes on the
S.eSirucK.a..,.iiieu...Jlmmul0 uer,.,i,Si.,oli.o gtuW g(0t.k Qf ay ,
Theforegoin2 slatenient, it is hoped,
will serve to dioolvo tho mistery in whie li
the forgeries have appeared before the
public. It is hoped, iilso, that it will uf
ford uu ossurtinco ihul the silenco here
tofore maintained by the undersigned,
has had W origin neither in on indiU'cr
cneo to public centiiucnt, nor in an ina
bility to have repelled tit any moment
the ruriou inueridos which huvo been
diree'W'd Ol this (illiee.
Very respectfully,
V M. J). 410UGAN, Audi, or.
V) ramiil iu the American Desert.
Lord l'almerston Hinted, in the House
ofCominoi.s, that he wos confident thut
the Czar would evacnoto the principali
ties without unnecessary delay.
The advices iu regard to tho eastern
question contains rioiliiuu new, ond die
reported si 11 to of (he matter, presents
nothing that would indicate any nenici 1
approach to on adjustment.
The text of tho Austrian prole.-l
gainst the Symrnti aiTuir i published
and scut to all ihu foreign Ministers.
ltiakes tho ground that Copt. Ingrahdtn
broke the international la w, ai explain-'
I u 1 1... vr,,i 1 ,.,1...
r I..,- I Li" iioi"""' ' J""s
Colorado some two hundred miles a-! T'.o Chinese Imperialists, assisied by
hove its conlluetico with the Gilo, with ; h&, rHt " oltempt
,. 1 ,.,i- ,i, to reiako Mianuhai.
....... ... !,.,,.m.A .nnl. I . lilt I ru 111 lllfl t n
U VIUW tu klMlliK.1 rwii.w i
former that would indicate nn easier and
more direct route to California, cuuio
upon an object on the plain, to the west-
Later From California,
New YoriK, Sept. 0. The sioamer
'Sta. of West," with San Francisco
w.trd of the Colortido, which urrosiu- jdatcs to the IO1I1 August, air.'ved here at
iheir atieiuion and tuuso.l no small do- noon lo-tlny, iu eight days from San Ju
greo of wonder an I cxcileiiiunt. It was an. .Sho brings 000 pussengcrs, nn.l fel,
first described at a distance, its rsgular 600,000 in gold, including that in tho
outline giving it the appearauco of a : limuls 01 passengers.
work of art.
It proved lobe on immense stone pyr-
The sloop of war Portsmouth arrived
b( San Francisco on the 21th August,
with at leastlOO of lbs unhappy creatures ; , . . , t( Uli. B ! loniposed of from eighteen inches ' from the Sandwich Islands. She reporis
clinging to ihu rigsing, gave way and . .. ! to nearly throe feet in thickness, ond the small pox raging there to a fcar'ul
fell overboarl. The occupants were ci
week at the While House, nominated j titer crushed to death or perished by A,litor's ofiicc:
Dr. R..M. P. .McDowell for the Legis- drowning, in the course 01 a tew t.ours Third That thev were iicvcfm the
Second That they were not lost at ; from five to eight feet in length. It lias extent. At Honolulu 527 new cases are
a level top ofmoro than fifty feet square reported in one week.
laturc, C. W. Simmons for Sheriff,
Joahua Hambleton, w.i re-nominaied
for Treasurer, Sam'l Burl; of Symnics j crew were plunged if. among tho breaker
receivM the nomination for Commission- fiteat sacrifico oflif foil nved. Outo
tho vessel broke entirely up, an I '!' Auditor's oliiec; and
whole of the remaining passengers utiil
er, Lewis Shcpard, for Coroner,
S. Neal esq., of this for Pros. Ally. Air. I with tho exception of 04 peiishcd.
xN'eal is an upright and on honest
Wo learn also that all tho above
candidates pledged themselves lo sup
port the Mai,, Liquor Law.
The party in this County seeme to
have abandoned its distinctive prici
pies end planted itself on this single
pi ink.
Fourih That ihey do not bear tho
genuine signature of the Register.
To have published these facts long
since would have given the Auditor's of
lico little trouble und saved it from much
unpleasant comment j but 10 time
,.111,1.1 mMi n niildirn.ioii would have
l no cuiasiropne worse, 1.1 uiui 11 u nsi or . , , f. .... . ,,,, ... .1
. ' , ,,, , ; conferred no benefil on iniliviiluals or the
4-'0 souls wh'J were alive previous, all
04 survivors were washed ashore on frag
ments of the wreck. What renders
record exists from which could bo gath-
though it is evident that
it was once
completed, but that ome great convu'
sion of nature has displace I its entire
top as it evidently now lies a huje an. I
broken mass upon one of its sides,
though nearly covered by the sail Is
A fir.) occurred 01 Sacramento City
causing n loss of fctlj.OGO.
Air. Peter Smith, formerly connected
I with tho Lopez expedition, killed Lieut.
.Scon in a duel, on ihu 3.1 ul;.
Tin) head of Joaquin, tho robber, was
Tho discoverers gives the follotvi rig about being exhibited in San Francisco.
description of this uncicnt pile in ol Tho Rogue river Indians had attached
letter to a California newspaper: ' a white selilciuc.il in the Northern por-
This pyramid differs in some respects lion of the Slate, and killed a large num-
1 .1 . ..r.i rr... . ......... '
ereo iiiu niiiues 01 1110 sniieieis, u. iuv.iiiii; . t ,i, r,.i ,i ,
.I.. n-t r,.ini.i -!i nr. rtl 1I1A limit! ami 10
'PI... u,,; ,,u' "" ' " .
1 must have served to ularm i from the tuypiiau pyramid, li is, or bcr of the settlers.
iinmuiiities. Aniung these was the ques- eg;-"', and destroyed all their grand antici-
tion whether the whole mass of ihe iieo- potions. The entire inconsistency of
pie should have a voice in choosing j such a course is plain, from two or three
t'leir Representatives, to whom were del
e.inted tlie I T!f I a tiv-, judicial, and ex
ecutive powers of government, This iu
me has from time to time t-iiciied so;i.c
of tlie most inteicttiiig an I
collates upon the rights nn-
r a ons in particular. First, there can
be no action in the Legislature upon the
subject, as they arc riot privileged by
tho Constitution to legislate upon local
instructive! questions, so thai the representative has
powers ol, no more to do with il tlian any oilier
tnr.u. 1 ho geneial act provides for .he
organization, ofrailroad companies, and
the i.idividii.'tl, and of the mass 0
complication oi"uiliviiiu-ils on record.
It is hardly neeetsary to t-ay that in iliis j the first thing to do is to organize a
strule (b-tiiociaey was for itself, that company, and sccur.- the subscription
the pioj le labored for the extent-ion 0! 1 for stock, When they are obtained the
Whig Nominations,
The whig convention for this Senato
rial district that met at Porter on the Gdi
inst., nominated as their candidate for
Senator, R. 41. Stimson, editor of the
The county convention that met on
1 he 8th nominated for Representative
Dr. AlcDowru. of Union, Tp., for com
place 111 initia tni. ueioutro.i. 110 spot; ... . !.,.
1 ' 11. noii.y iheiii thai suspicion must tltence
wtieie lliu 1 essci w .is v iui.i;ii iun nuui
Ilubshce Juujecia, Oj miles south of
foitb rest on them alone.
As early as April last, the undersign
ed became aware that a small amount ol
fo.gcd notes on two of the Ohio State
ew Invented Weighing Scales
Jlr. Caleb Bitmap, of this city, an in-' Stock bank.-.ha I b.ien pul in circulation,
genious mechanic, Ims invented anew an immcdite scurutiny was made into the
kind nfSealei. for wei; bins light or hea- condition of the bankacounis in charge
vy wckht. The principle employe I dif- ; of the Register and ihe result of tne in
fers from that of tho ordinary scales in vestigution precluded all possibility that
this respect (he weight is indicated by the forced notes had never been in ihe
fiiiid, wlrch is forced upward throu-h a hands of the Register or within the walls
transparent glass tube on which the dif- of the Auditors office. The mo.lo of de-
niissioner, Sam'i, lkitK of Symmes Tp.Jferent figuies for pounds, ounces, &c, ,ermiiiing llicse facts was us conclusive
fur Treasurer Joshua Hambleton, for ' uro marked, like those of 11 thermometer, as simple.
Sheriff C. W. Simmons, for coroner 1 The fluid is intro luce, I through u small j Oue ihu first day of May; 18o3, tlie
Lewis Shepord oil of ihin plncc, and fot 1 npetture ( which nuitiUus 1I10 forcu of the notes 011 hand were carefully eJiuniim tl
surveyor John Walton of Union. pressure) to e flat, shallow cavity be- and their asgregate amount usccritiined.
. . nun tli tho platform on which tho wciidil These two items were then added togedi
An article in the Register ovc? the, , , , , , . , r,' ! , T.. ,. .., , nnrllr rll
.!.. -r...- r..;- 1 11.. Vl,.;.. .1,. I 1"" ' I t
SlUllllUjru Ul U1II 1 1 1 c-,1 1 1-11. -iiiillin, iiiiiu I
need some mure notice, from us, did it
not refute itself. Of tho prominent nues 1
tion he says: j
" I was convinced there could bono
substitute, and there was no null ihi riii t
tiiO'J'jlit or talked ol in tlio cnnveritiori
cisiou is ohtainod by tlio employment of ,in, ( aieful statement from tho Engraver
viilc.ini.ed In din-rubber as a covering' inhibiting the amount of notes which
to the fluid. Hartford Times. 1 ,a, been sent to the Auditor up to the
of .May. Willi these data, iho fol-
was, more sleode' or pointed, an I while: Ihetavnbio property in San Francisco
those of Egypt are composed of steps or is estimated at $30,000,000, being an in-
layers, rocedin.' as they rise, the Aincri-; crease of 10,000,000 over last year.
ci 11 pyramid was, undoubtedly a more 1 Cold has been discovered in Santa
finished structure. The outer surface j Cruz.
of the blocks was evidently cut to an Political CNutement was running
angle, that gave the structure, when 'high. 4Ir. Randolph, a prominent J)ctn
ncwanl complete, a smooth or regular jorrot, bad laLcn iho sunup against Gov.
surface from lop to bottom. Digler.
From the present level of tho sands I Timotiiv Finnkv, of Kentucky, was
that surround il, there are fifty-two e'is- . nrruted ul New Richmond, on Saturday
unci layers ol s.tnne, Miat wnl average last, on charge of robbing Hiium W.
at least two feet; litis gives iis present Fi oiu:it, of New Palestine, of d 118.
hei ht one liundro I an I four fuel, go that Fi.op.p.n hud been 10 Cim im.aii wiih a
before tho top wa , displaced, it must (latboat load of wood, 0 11 J nf:er selling
have been, judging from an nn Jo of its :0ut, was 'owed up tho river by the sieam-
tiles, a 1 loif-t tv,eii:y feet higher ihan at jer xcviilr, Fn.cv was a passenger on
revetit. Jlow far il extends bousnih board iho ste.ioier. Tilt) money was
the surface of the sands, it is impossible fousd on his person, secreted un dcr the
to determine without eveat labor.
Such is the age of th in ii:tm'!!)-fl strut
; Is!
lowing result was obtained:
their rithts and piivilees, us ii'.rnaii
nalin-., arid rornmen ri-iisu woo! ! leach
us ihat it could not ho otherwise.
Again, that the people must (ri- oi
was equally certain, because .i.eir
clHims were founded upon (lie eternal
principles of truth, and they looked to
the nn tu ra 1 equolity of man for their
In those issues we see the. same spir
it that our neighbor manifests in the ex
tract quoted. Wc mny pursue the
Subject, and fraee the analo:-.
It was o'nik-n. e 1 en the cii-; linn-1 li, nt t! e
mm" "lilt rii!)!.'!e" the -'lawiesi ml','
.i tin.y were term-."!, v.-r;e- "i'ii'ir.int" n:i:l
,m : J; 1 tiki nvj-" tl.nt they v:n'.;M l-e loiitrollerl
by tit-s:!:ii;iis' lii-i-o.u'-s tlirniij.li the ire-lie
inetit ot 1I1 prated iiiieii'i' iukI p.i.s';-.-n -i l!-.:tt
the c mpaifion to Ititifir i'-.:r ti e neee.tr!es of
life did net mkiu li.nu ;', stutty tiie teieiiee
Of government, tnul eensi qnentlj l!,e Ib-rurs
ef the na'.ion vere itn,a.i- in t!.. l.tui.t;: of 'he
'tiritliiri'.iini; mnny,' ond D:t;r ."-v.-riniin nt rmi!
pnard.n.''.hip?lin:'lil hi; eutri.t'e'J to the "weal
thy, nd belter h-irn."
It was Cyittcrided, and jes'.ly too, rn hclm'f
nf tl.ft pcfde thai the e(iio.iia:ic-ii of power
in Iht hands el' 'he few wis', in, v!'i.'.i y voik
very K?e:tt injus'.ii-e tied iaj.sry n lie-
ninny, us Uise hnvimr pen er ivj'tid i,!tiee- lit-
stockholders will tako into considera
tion the advantrges of tlie various ter
mini proposed, and adopt such as they
tiiink will afford tlie largest profit upon
tho expenditure. To undcrtako to
dietale to capitalists whero they may or
may not expend their money, is to de.
feat the object upon which the measure
rests solely for its success, viz: the
requisite means to build with. We hope
to see sucli a spirit of moderation in
this matter, as will facilitate ihu work
instead of rotardin" it.
oflronton Division S. ofT.J-
Sept. 10, 1853.
Whereas: It has pleased Almihcrty Receipts ofSundry banks for
as a law similar to, or a substitute for the 1 1,0 1 10 remove by tlenth brother Chris-1 rcdstered notes delivered to
Maine Law, bur il was (he Maine Law." '""n from our midst, whof;0 failbful alhe-l ,,,.n, hy u litor tj887 300
Now the difficulty was wc understood; r,m'7 ,0, "r il1s,i,miy'' rendered him Xo.0, still'in the lian.N of the u
,, , , , ., , , ! worihv of our regard and esteem; Be it -'o.es sun in int. nanus 01 me -iu
him as he talked, when he wished to be ,,ercfote ditor on li Mty $203,482 1,090,772
umlerstoo I dill, rent.y. Rosolvcd: That in the death ofbrother' Amount of note- furnished to Auditor as
in speaking of his denial of statements. Christian we deeply leel and lament his! per statement of Engraver $1,000,000
nesnjs. ;'uss. Excess in favor of Auditor
"When I did so I had no idea that ihci nesoive-i: 1 nai iviuist we mingle our
Times alluded to my humble self." snr ows with thut of his berefi friends.
,r,.lnn 11' n rnli.r him WOUIll 0 I SO eilCOil 10 ItlCtll 0U I' CO n
A similar examination wos made on
the l'Jih August 1853, exhibiting a simi
lo help Ins lorgetlutness, we reier him
tu uu. eu ii e i sn iii-hi wuu t v en i u- ti t mc , i, n, ..... . ... u 1 n .... i n , . t i i . r
, , , llia' we snail meet ogam. ,ill0l. (0iisisie I, in both instances, of c
" ' we tear tlio usual ,10tes on nine banks seldom cxeee I-
saoui.l prove inose assertions vy ins uungu ut itiuuiuing uiiriy nays.
...,.1, VI,!... u'n. ilnus Knr,ir..' WoeiMcr please copy. I o
cr - ,
l,.i nfllnln lime rv i V I i t U t 1 let t II ft t? n u f 1 T l , .. . . . .
. .r ..M ... juiyonmi.,01 the Uruuinal Court of. Havill? lhi.s Riven a formal correction
.... .. ... ..... ... .,. ...incinuati, was recently lined $30 and ,0 ccrli missiate.nents, more pnrtiru-
uu,,ul"u ...,.,.;,., lornn adUt nllJ bnlc by larivcffectint: the Auditor's department
perance men are all Hgree.i as lo the j knocking a man down in the street, und 1 1 . , ri .,.r ! ..i! ihnt !
...... I?'"" " O -
dolin; sympiiihies, irustiii': in the hone arresult. The excess in favor of iho An
I iii w i
ing two sheets (38) on any one bank,
and in some cases a smaller amount.
The Democratic Convention that
meets to-day, has important work to do;
to organize the party, and to select can-1
didates to be supported at tho next elec
tion. This is the first convention of the
kind ever called by die Democracy of
Nominating meetings sre deservedly
unpopular for the manner in which they
a re too often conducted. It too frequent-
ly hnpeiis that delegates go pledged to
particular persons; that in common they
jjet their passions aroused and unjustly
give offence lo others, who have on o-
tUe people, outl extend si'Wii'l pnviiec to the
few. That the pofVHsion ofpiepr rly w-a.-i noi
nr con id be o lest of cap.-ieily, us s"tun nf ihe
niest sinpitl iriinds it p; ,ti ot.iier snhjeet.', had
shown a wonderful facility l-'r the uvij iisiii.n
of wealth. Tludil.e Bciiaironi-'tit of ,ni. riy
cicaied a tliict for in. ire, the teimo tliat tae
ciercise of pone'r etiL-eadtrcil a ileiire lnr its
retention and Cipiuiwui, arid ly to j con
tinuunc; freqiiemly wurlad corriijri,jn in the
hear of itspcs,e;jr. Thut the science of true
(fovernmeat wos s'tDple and easy to be under
stood, ond that the n.as3 of the peop! frcin the
influences that corrupt the human heart were
mne honest, tnid from their di-milcreslcJncs
in the special isjuej, and their common in xi
"est it, the public wel.ttro, Ihey were morecom
peient In judge of lue gerierul necessities; a
theory that all prseuc liJ f ltowu to he corner.
course to pursue. J his needs no argu
ment as every neighborhood in this por
tion of the state furnishes iis own proof.
If the doctor wants any more positive ev
idence upon those points we will furn
ish it to him. But wo hope he will
sharpen his memory before making any
more such wild stotcmens, for we have
full charity to believe ho would not wil
lingly misrepresent.
ESf RETcnx:D. Our friend Mr. J.
IJ Williams is ugain at his post, con
ducting tho gentlemen ami ladies' wti
ting classes, at Duffs College. Mr. W,
has no equal as a penman in this purl
of the country Pitts. Dispatch.
beating him without any previous warn-!
During (he trial of Ju Igo Flirin depti- j
ty marsl,a! Grey in consequence of a
dispute committed an assault enl bat
tery in court for which lie was fined 10
extent to which the forgery of the notes
of the Ohio Slate Slock Banks hail at
tained, is probably much less than 't
was intended soon to carry it. Develop
ments which have been brought within
mv immcdiotc knowledge during the
ImS" Messrs Gillen & Brother of the
qual regard to the gratification of their! Cabinet Ware Rooms are i
met rfiiAii'mrr
rufliiy, hn inrsp. iiflvjnc pont.r wj'uu u.ucv. kkm - , . . , . . . ., ",w ' " j " "v"M,o
burden el goiemnient upon the xliouldcs of j I'"""""1"1 . " '" "npi nlarge addition to their stock of furr.i
compilation for the general good, and to lurc, WOod & willow ware, and ore pre-
see un the best men for public business,
the "friends" of each aspirant separate
into cliques, and then get into a reimlar
trading business, und thus put forth
third nto men, whilo others will have
some particular hobby or project to pro'
rnote, and make adherence to that how
ever absurd the lest of qualifications. It
is by such unworthy means that conven
volitions became so unpopular.
We believo that the utmost good feel
ing exists among democrats in every part
of the county, and wj sincerely hope that
they will carry that samo feeling into the
convention at Marion. But should
faction or favoritism find a place there,
defeat is euro to follow.
pared to supply their customer. fiom
the best assortment that hns ever been
offered for sale in the place.
The Public Schools of Hunting R ck, i nder
lite I'siiim School System commence on .tfna
day Ihe 12th, under the siiporinlendanco of.l
M. MoLain A. M. formerly of the Ironton
JEST S. Silverman & Brother have
just received a large assortment, of eve
ry variety of ready made clothing. Ad
vertisement next week.
ESP II. Wive & Brother have also
a very lirge assortment of ready made
clothing. See advertisement in another
nn 1 .ftmencvl .n . ,!. ;.,: . progress oi recent investigation, lusuiy
in ihe dungeon. i the opinion that no more than Slo.OOO
i ! of the genuine impressions of tbo Ohio
VXff- wo aroun 'er renewed obliga- St.-tc Stock Bank notes have ever roach
lions to M.T. Clark ofthe firm of Clark u,l th0 hands of the formers, and that two
& Russeli for late Cincinnati papers. t h i re 1 3 of that amount bavo never gone
into circulation and aro still without the
necessary filling up. Other develop
ments bearing on the same object, afford
sufficient reason for belching that the
forgeries, as far as they have gone, ore
not limited to the notes of seven banks
as was rocently supposed, but extend to
at least eleven, if not to the entire thir
It is not proper in tho present coinniu
nication, to enter into a detailed state
nienl of the circumstance which led to
tho oi rest of the wretched man now in
1) is suflicient to state that his
lurc, that the perpon licnlar joi.ns be
tween the blocks are wor-i tv.v.;y to the
widih of from five to ten inches ut tii i
bottom of each joint, on I iho entire of
ining of Lis coal.
Pittsburgh Markets.
Sept. ti, 18od, (
Pto Metal. Wo hove had eomo few
the pyramid so much worn by iho rttorms ' sales of Pig Aleial, which we report as
.1. . . . l i . t r ... ... 1
tne vicissitutles an I corro lin ts ol con
turies as lo make ii easy of ascent par
rcularly upon one of its side's. Wo say
one of its sides, because a singular fiict
or.eeto I with this fern .rk.ihle g-.ruciura
is that it inclines nourly ten tlerees to
oil) si do of tlu vsriieal perpen licnlar.
There is not the slightest prrbability
follows; 03 Tons Krvsjio.vE II li h.
i lSomos. 0 Tons Rocki.axd, All
ghouy, (second hand) ai 45. 0 inos. 50
Tons Oi.xcv at 42 (or 42 50) 0 mos.
Negotiations for oilier lots ore in pro
gress, but we hear of none other being
closed. Bu. three or four oihor lots of
from 200 to 400 Tons eat h, remain in
that a was thus erode I, but the cau-e market: Mo ol' , he mills icmain out of
ol its inclination ia not easily accou.V.e I j blast, though the now Roil ,il 0r lien-rr-
'lull, Marshall & Co. will go into full,
By whom, ot w'aal a :e of the world, ; work during the present week.
ami lor ivinit pu-p-)e, itns pyraan l was I
Old Folks Headed.
The Cleveland PlahvleaUt says:
Some weeks since we chronicled the
elopement of a young couple from New
I rt...t , r .. !. . r.
.uu, ,,iiu, uner geiung as lar as
erected, wiil probably forever remain a
bidden mystery,
The party, in their unsuccessful at
tempt to cross the tleserl at this point,
:.. .1 ... ..: . I
it. ttieir wuiitiur'ii'i.t, itiseuvetcii uiiieri.i. . , , , ,
. ,i . ii . i""" tllt were caugui ny tiieif pursuing
evidence of a nature that would seem to i , , , .
piiieitis, uiui :ai;e.) nomo ugino.
Wc a,e informed by Officer Tomp
kins that the loving pair a socond timo
run off, and thesecoi.d time were more
successful. They not only passed Cleve
land, but got us far as Buffalo, where
an accoinmsdaiiriir clergyman made the
make il certain that, that pouion of the
country upon tho Colorado, now tho
most barren, was once the garden and
granary of the continent, anil the aboJc
of millions of our race.
Clark hns been to lay in a fresh stock o
JSS" A communication signed reform
er will appear next week.
Yellow Fever in the south.
New OtleniM, Sept. 3. The number of in
lermcntsfur yesterday were 133. of which 110
were nf fever. Business is entirely suspended,
in accordance with the mayor's proclamation.
Richard II..j;an, a well known citizen, died
on Thursday.
The deal lis at Mobile yesterday were forty
three, of which thirty-seven were of yellow fe
ver, showing i. lnre increase.
A letter from Natchez says there is not over custody.
tour hiin.lrrd people in that city, nj.d ihe guilt is not a matter of Suspicion, but ha.,
deaths from yellow ft.vt.r were ranging from been reduced to ccrtointy by develop
thirteen to fif.een daily. . . , ... ff,
Sent.4.The inienncms to-day were 119, merits which will come before the pub
of whieli 91 were dea'hs from yellow fever "c 'n ,,uo ,im0,
Il is estimated thai there ore only six to seven I His position as bank note printer in
thoissayd unnccliiiialed persons now in the cily. ; the office ofthe Engraver who was cm
The interrnetiis nt Mobile yesterday were 27, : ployed to prepare and furnish tbo bills
orwhicli22ere ilea lis from yellow fever. - nt,i o, , . ,
ti. itn.,1.. ii,..,. i . of the Ohio Slate Stock bauks, gave
The isoltle House closes to-m .rrow. . .
Jackson Miss., September 6.-Geo'ge Point- h,m ever do8,reJ fac,,uy for commuting
d enter, Ex.Governor of Mississippi, die 1 at this the fraud. To enable him to print the
place lot night. notes In such quantities astbey night bo
The New Diplomatic Costume.
The f 'Rowing paragraph in a letter
of the Paris correspondent of tbo Lon
don Times, giving and account of a re
rent Imperial levee, should send a thrill
of pride through every American breasl.
'Among tho Diplomatic Corps was,
ofcourceAIr. Sanford, the Chnrgd Af
lairs of the United States, who, in com
pliance with the recent instructions of
American Secretary of State, appeared
in tho American dress of an American
citizen. Lhis unassuming custom;
which presented a striking contrast with
the glitter of embroidery and tho blaze
of stars and crosses around, caused much
sensation, and is a topic of conversation
iu all the political circles. Mr. San
fo'd bad previously intimated lo the
grand chain lerlnin's department that he
should sq appear. This is, I believe,
the first ocecasion that the instructions
of the American government have been
carried but, aslliey were this day faith
fully to tho letter, by Mr. Sauford."
No ono will bo disappointed at lite
sensation created by Air. Sonford's ap
pearance attired like au American gen
tleman; the only w nder is thut. diplo
matic vanity had never before discoverod
audi ready mean of eelf-indulgenc.
twain one.
Extension of Patent RF,rusED.-It is
stated that the patent office has refused
an extension of Colt's patent fire-arms
on the ground thai he has already mado
1,000.000 from their sale. The patent
has yet four years to run.
It is sintod by the Nashua Gazette
that the administrator of the estute of
the late Hon. Robert Rantoul, Jr., of
Massachusets, has received $350,000, or
certificates equivalent to that sum, as
his share in the Illinois Central Rail
road, the bill granting public lands
for the construction of which road was
strenuously advocated by Mr. R. while
in Congress.
New York Items.
N. York, Sept 6. The Directors ofthe Crys
I'll lti.laee ndvvrtise (he Exhibition complete
In nil its parts, and it will close in December,
A cojre.ipoi.ueol writioe from Havunna, un
der date of '2Bth tilt., states that official letters
from the Puplie officers at Washington to Judge .
Clayton, and Mr, Sob.nson the U. S. consul, ,
have been detained in the Havanna Post Of
fice, and subsequently given to the owners
The seals had been broken and the letters ex--
amined. . ;
Pittsburgh, September 6. The Sumpreme ,
oourt this mornina decided in favor ofthe 1
municipal corporation subscription to rail
vaysLbwisLowiio dissenting.

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