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The Ohio Democrat and Dover advertiser. (Canal Dover, Ohio) 1839-1840, September 19, 1839, Image 2

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riot Democratic
!Ishii). held on Set.
of August, 1313. at
Millegan, the
bv calling rEi
a Chair - and
t al)
LEy, -Sectetaiy,
, inOlton,
,I.Leolved, That the following Gsnt,
,appointed a Committee of
:,-Itigilence tor Rush township, to limbs-I
'' ote distharie of Ili tutt as such
- ToininAtee,,until afterlthe next October
- electien, to wit t John Benin!. Christi)-
; Johneon, Amos Wright, Thomas
'Archatiald', Geotge Gilson, Hen.
Westbaver, ?alert Bayer ,John
, ',Bennet, Silas-rorter,jitnée Millkin,
s 11.11;lieneday, l'errence Ornith,
chael Bennett, , Abrahim ilantiere, J.,
' Petrick' Archabald, John
tLowrey, end W. M. -
, -, Resolved. That the proceediege of
, , - ',this meeting he signed the
- ;Slid published in
,...:-sua vbiu ,Ltemocrat ,
- 6 On motion, the meeting adjourned.
, -'
:tecoaTioLtý, , .
" cot MU. '
' - - . .Tram Oa Ohio Sideman. -. ,
, -Apia approaches tbotime for us to
, ,-speak our will. through the bath t-tmes
- again the destinies of our Stale are in
' k our bandefor weal er Iva,..1t becomes
, .. ,,.us then to examine for ourselves,
, , whether we acted wisely last, fill 'or
.,. . -,whether uwe would have bean :lainers
: 'And the-principles o( the Whigs pre
, -Tailed. , ' .' ', '
. - ThS two -most important question
,, .
clhat interest us now, are the, Banking
. -system and the Abolition question. Not
laving time to enter into the -abstrusS
. principles of banking,1 vi6.,view 'the
,,stuestion inits praetrcal -effects here ia
' . curt Iron region. The :merchants are
, , starting east for goods, but very little
, money can be collected. Ask a man
. - that works at a furnace for money, he
itsill tell you the maaagera will! not pay
, .,-,out.any money till alter the election,
--for (sey they) if-the 4vhigs bsat, we will
r. ,,be able to pay you moneyif the- dem,'
--- aerate; beat, the-banks mill-stop bust,
' , , 'Meg Is this plain onoughfor the edi
lots of whig . papers - to understand t
, '13ut, fellow-eiticsns, refit' asiured thei
-ere working their-own ruin. Not-a man
' li,''' 4 but says they will solliarther property to
'1,--, - be eold, seonerthan-vote -for those that
S -..would force them to do their bidding:.
'-Titie is not alr-m-a.prominent(herelofore
higy Iron master4iid a few-days ago,,
le -.., would,. nett', -. vote a whig ticket
"t',Aitk 'Tor he' ,ivassatitt6ed "the banks
"...Awn) nioncy for politico! effect:
)0tne to this! Whit 63d yeat
eentiente--,institutions madS
, holding oar' destinies---n
sk mg money either scarce
a pleasure ; and the pros-Notary
and individuals
cieue and am
the very
NI his fain...
ijor : thei
will out
.t. are
prineiples y;;tt tO prevail, Can'
you be a better judge or the interests of
your eountiy, than delegaiee chosen- by
the people to treleet tendideielt Rest
avowed, if you Foreue COurtie or COO,
vitiations yort Will eventually meet with'
lour reward ; but if you w assist in
destroying the success of the prineiples,
yen prorestythe fate of a Rives and a,
Talmadge! imvitably awaits you. ,
: Z
Arbeelarabut!s, Sept. 7tha 1839.
, ,
The origin of tionocmcy in- America, eays
the Rochester Republicen,is thus clearly defin
red,. upanguage as beautifid as the reminiscen
ces Mien' calls up are happy and interestiag.
Mr. Bancroft is one of the soundest demoorats
as tvell as one of the most enlightened, tible,
turd distinguished outhore.in this country.
latter of Bancroft' '
Boston, 'July 1; 1839.
Gxertents-;Ne4nvitation could, more e.
greeable than to join the Democracy of Ply
mouth county, its celebrating our nahonel in
.filependence. The old golony is the storehoute
, of bright exam" ondsound principles: the ea
bin of die May Fjowervass the brigth-place of
modern popular freedonn and the civic heroes
with whom the bark was freighted, consecrated
to democracY; Of themselves they instituted
government, and almost every branch ofit was
kept in strict and in almost immediate depee.
donee upon the popular judgement and win. In
'thoseeatly days the magistrates held their office
-by no' tenure of life; bavartionsa who pelairms
tut the dal of judges were. responsible-to the
people, and ild the people. themselves were the
high court of appeal, their judicial ,decrees were
in humanity and common sense. They never
allowed manslaughter to be expiated by a fine
of thirty dollaretAnor were the 'little barks of the
first tishermatrof New England, on their return
from Segadahoe and Aced's, condemned by an
eibitrary decision to be received as aliens. -The
pilgrims were thoroughly imbued withthe tree
spirit of demoeracy; and the more their little in
stittaions are examined, either in regard totheir
-character or their influenee,Alie more weabill
be instructed-in" the nature and confirmed in Ilse
love four political creed.
The pilgrims described themselves as -men
who bad been trought bp 'to a plain cotmtry
tilb, and the-Innocent' trade bf husbandry.' It
was stneng the yeomanry that their great min
eiples first planted themselves; and the outlive.
tors or the soil will lie the very last by whom
thev will be resigned.
The pilgrims, moreover, bricU experience in
con4ervaliton. Thefirst conservative on record
counereted with ourreputslicowas Robert Brown
whó had once proressed she prinetterrof Rob
inson and Brandford, the same, in essenee,
with the principles oflettirson and Frnnklin.
And hie fate wee the usual , and merited fate of
those who are false to the truths on which pop.
sitar freedom is founded. After constituting
himselfaleader in the came of reform. he made
ternis 'whir die nristocracy, and oast Ilia hon
or, while ' ha bat alightly and transiently
benaliited his fortunes. Ile forsook the
lord,' said lion st Robinson, -Aso the lord tor,.
seek him.' 'DU Gód did nut 'forsake the pit.
grime; and is not history a warrent'for the
fa,th, ehathis providence- iewver watchfirl over
the twee of reform, of freedom, and of the
power Hie people. ,
regret that 1 am onable-from a previous en.
memento's meet you on the fourth.
, Veeytospectfully-vours.
- '""4,-r,-t.-.
- '
7,- ,.,:-Froin tie Ino Stateomtm. .
.: ' --A-wFut,'Exe,osioN I 11 --
- Some two'yenrs al nee,AUSI after the
Bank -surtnerpsions, we noticed the op
erntionsof My. Sorteeslec, oremein
nati, in connection with the Weet Uni-;..
on BanLandltis shaving bank -of the
city. We then warned-the-public against
the schemes of men whose object could ,
not he-the public good, and ought not,
to be basted, For this we were de.i,
nouneed in the -mos e,11-I dies manner,
and were threatened with prosecution, I
in connection with the editor or the',
Ohio Sun, who has-received hie full
'there also, of persecution and abuse'
1..,.aiag ing tha sile robberies of the
trim 'And now whorhave
i following from the Cin
vof Scpt.11111: , .
citement existed in
, caused 'by the real
11 wonting of Mr. Sur-'
eae Mechanics and 'Frs.
Zeincinnati The 'Bank
jning 'the day, 1y depot,-
krowdo We understand
.ng last, the pri
titution amoun
e whole amount
the'Bank clot'.
4 he notes in
4, ,000-415,000
ands of an A tent
f the purpose et East.
Ni.,,e Pregia(ol, Dr. W.
Nitebt, and the gen.
't declares that- the
'a -all its ibliga.,
, -which
etaot,womo of
.-lb,the 'book
.1'144 -(ii ',
3emt le at
fiz Co.
it much
,tioisha tuo
00104 up
;fig triçcula4
.., -..--, ..-..............---.... 1............- -'' take tire of themselvia,' or threw OA
' ,b, .t rte ir teedines, in Divi3 (nu DE illoc 1-;' ill ' -h h
I i , . . -
0,1 stet!, 6....-- 'this legit' el thil Federal '- . , . .,t burl. n on 01AttP ' Wil ere nal awart
,, . - : , .
party, ts ;tot a mkt() mote ridiculou5,'
'hen -iltoet . tif their currency and, credit - there us soy pod reason for' the feet:.
, CAN t L DOVER:1mm - -7. 'Ill! thLeImPutatiiin sg.Jast t hAll. should
noildne. fecti the last two' years. Vier ings of our neiohbors, We t.riist oar Dtil.
have purp000lv kept tb4 names May. ", ''
rtAzirG OUT YOUR BANNER., . - ,
ver' rrielide will redeem their reputation
Hatrieon,'end., Webster,' before the pelt.,
in the coming contest ; it is welt ender'.
pie, to combine their strength to end :.11ANK REFORMYINISII THE WORK. ,
.1 1:1.-I
the local electiona.But no seeneti - v , - 1064 that they have received a liberal
- aw
ug wim your banner, tot it proudly , - , -
MSS aelelt OM! BM WWII Irian Hoy tay ' T e fue-W in.the Seidtheourclas MGM
abore tit' nominations, and much will be
ail the misfortune to the want ft tingle Rouse, freemen rouse,come forth in von!' mia.hti
caodidate to- the foople; If a union of Sullts.'tis fot JuAise, Liberty, and Right! expected from them to, abstaining the
the interests the who' le! weakened ticket., Than we wink! say to our friend
Ilia 11111C1001. tilt MU IIIVIEP 1 WIVilitillOU . , .
your- parl, gentlemen, try one single, : AND AN INDEPENDENT TREASURÝ, ' abroad:one and air,, do not leave us io
handed, and you' will soon be awakened '.;' 5' ' . , 'AGAINST . . - Dover to labor alone ; yid have decided
. .
to the-real strength you Pmeele before. - , . , , IIENRY ,CLAY,. , -, ly a strong. trcket. and there is very
. ,
the people-40h) UtliOn 'y o u r politics . , , -, , , AND 4 ', . groat ,ocouragement for exertion ; let,
ars agreat -humbugand you ete'eely ', NATiONAL BAUM Air FUT' l ITILLIOAL uctifen as friends anJ brethern "Sac.
humbugging honest mento theit great ' , ', . ,.... es.... u,,,,, -,-----4-'" ;like upon the alter of the' public weal all
, .
detriment of character, and Wee din. c. , T4 T. minor considerations," and go one and
,.,. c or nepresentative
telhgence, Raba - ' -,4: , ' - ,,,,.'''-'" - ' - all the long pull, the strong pull, and the
46,,,,,,54-' SEBASTIAN BRAINARD. ,.11 foing,ithAT which we ere willing It
.: .,.
' Thera is one thing in the midst of all '- , . . : . pledge ourselves will crown our elfo-rts
their trouble ever wiiich the "Whigs" . .:', . .. Treasurer, -.'-',','. 2 ,. ,-... with success. The gentlempn standing.
should. lejoiee. - They should-be glad' .1-,.,.:. ...JACOB 'KUM '-', . : at the head of out ticket, is i man who
that during the present year, mr Graves . - ,, .. .. aught but the foul tongue of slander hos
ol.Rentelty. who murdered ,,Cilley, and , , ' ., . ,, , Simla; : never , been ahle to traduce; he is a
Mr Wibe ef Virginia,. -whe.told the -JACOB IIELWIG l ' ' - man ef a highly cultivated intellect,
bloodhound 'to shoot lower, - that hq . - strict tnoral integrity, and . possessing all
, , . ..
might execute lie --purpose more 'tiPc- Commissioner. ' . thosi excellent qualities, -which as a
tually, have ,both 'been -re-elected to' .SAMUEL, MILLER. friend and beighbor, is so well calcula
Congress by theparty which claim "till . . ., . led to endear him to all his acquaintan
the ...virtue and religion."(Standard "'' . , Recorder, -- ces,7-these together with an excellent
, . , ''' BOWERS SEATON, . -business 'capacity, and an early thor.
: RELGIOUS 131GO'F-RY. , ough training to regular business habits,
The New 'York Spirit of the' Times
states that the Rev. Mr, Fitch, en Epie.
copal Clergyman, lately refused to at
tend the funeral I'M,' C. F. M'Clure,
at Detroit, because he was en sclor.
Thalpaper sayeMn a laud which tv.
bounds in cliristiatt charity and human.-
ity an action so intolerant and inhuman
appears utterly debpicable. No lan
guage is too mild to be applied to such
a 6whited -sepulchre.' it seems that
the rbariseee are net-all dead yet
What makes the case still morereveN
ling, it possible is tbe fact thet -the de
ceased was a worthy men, and highly
eeteetned by all wholnew him (Metrop.
Those who know him be-t, hive el '
ways oppreciated the unaffected 'kind.'
ness of his heart. We-have bee'rd ma
ny instances of this, but none More in.
teresting than a .circumetiintel which'
happened during hie recent vieit to hie
illative county.' An old black map,'
'bent with age and 'feeble from infirmity,
was seen puehing her Away through the,
crowd lowards the Presiderd.,, Some
of the by-standers inquired her reason
for so doing. In ireply, ehe said 'that
some thirty years-iv, the end her
children...were Malice, and bet master
was about selling two ()filer children
and deprivittg ber of them. 'She was,
of course, in great -dialyses airout it .
Mr Van Buren heard .of ' it, purchased
the children and presented them.to their
mother, and she had travelled en foot a
distance of more than twenty miles at,
the advanced age of eighty years. to.
show him that she yet temembered his
kindiess..N. Eris, . .. , .,
'' 'DEMOCRATS OF 011f0. - '
In a few days 'the peat hattfrittrtir
Oats is to he &pitied-1'4'1.PM, 'and the
fedesslitarelf also 'that ' it will decide
that election in 1840 . Ilas each one
done so far what the country demands
of lire' for the sake of correct 'princi..
, pies, --'' Has each freeman laid hie hand
apon'his boort and Relied hinted( if his
conscience is satisfied thet alltas been
done -Within his power to aid and for..
...ward theso saimd princiPtes guarani,.
' teed-by our conetitutions, and sustained
by the administrations. of 66Jefferson
end -Madieon, and Jackson and Van
Buren." Freemen-of Obio, hordes of
monopolists are in your very'midbt,
using cearritrt and deception 'to de.
' teiVe you- and elect their willing tools
to ths,.Legailature to throweepen the
, flood-gates of swindling itiOibinplaeters,
end. paper. trittids of ,ery character.
They will meetIQP face tolled where
ther.believe they iieve strength, and
' where they,ire Weak, they will, divide
. and, oouquer.-' Lei every .4oelicit hie
' ',tali light of ,froeduo- be up traltderng.
lo ilatebman; ,,.r,,,,..; ,;.;' i, -:,-..k...
14- '-..,:--r ' ?.,-;,:. - 1,z,:, i.e., , , ,, 1
. A , -,-t :20,,;,,t :; ::.,..,,,,,,,.:..,,, ' ;. I
Being on -board the -steamboat ,the
other day, on returning from Washing
ton, a young lawyer who-ievap'.dly ris
ing to the tughest-hosor in his prefer,
Ilion, asked a by-etander by what au
thority our Legislatures allowed 1-priv
ileged Few tomint -dollars inelead of
awning Mend It ts one ot the meet im-
portant .questions we have ever heard
propoundedwill some -.one favor -us
with an answer?
Powder muot Pall. --1P arty of our
country's manufacturing interests must
suffer from "the sober second thought,''
or more properly 4the seeond sober
thought of the pe'ople,". it must be- the,
makers of, gunpowder. -So great had
become the demand-for powderose the
cession Of celebrating the triuruphi of
the 6Whigs, that the powder Orbiters
were induced to enlarge their Stocks,
and -produce a ,more considerable. a
mount, for The purpose of. keepirig the
guns going, until the election -for' Pres-,
ident shall have: passed by. put a
change.,has-come over the spirit of their
rejoicing and a damper us put lipon the
Whig victory powder. We siscerely
condole, not only with the powdir ma-.
kers, but Attila With the,poOder Verney,.
Their occupation is as-far gone as was
thatcrfOthelloo,Blifulo Rep. 5
rg with your banner, let it wily
T e fueia in the Seidtheatertrat PIGRI
Rouse, freemen rouse, come forth in vour
Su ike'tis fot Ju Ake, Liberty, and Right!
:, v, ilENRY ,CLAY,. ,
N4TIONAL BAUM OF FIFTY 1111.1.10Pliv.,
For Represeptotive,
For Aesessor,
For Surveyor,
11, V. BEESON..
For Pros. Attorney
All Persona in favor of organizing a
Legislative Association, are requested
to meet at the Printing Office, on
Tuesday evening next, at half past 7
'The motto of the Democratic party '
is and we trust ever will be 4,Trinciples
not men." , The party in this county has t
been purified in the furnace of persecu
lion. It is now founded upon a rock,
against which neither the winds nor,
the waves can -prevail... We have lop. t
ped off all the branches of false doc- 't
nine which a selfish expediency had en-'
grafted on the venerable Trir,a of De
mecracy ; and now, treed from the par
asites and disaffected, who -adhered to
- I
it solely for the purpose of elevating
themselves, it stands forth' tn its own I
strength and grandeur.
0 1
7,1The .tvitsgreat .,,political parties of
this countij owe their origin to:the very
'nature and structute of, the Federal
Constitution, under whatsoever names
they may be called, they must continue I
to exist while that instrument ehall en
dere. The abandonment of old homes, I
and the adoption of new Oneb, cannot
change the :principles -et the Federal
Whig party in the county of Tuscaraws
as or any wiiere else, the essential pries'
1 ciples'of our political opponents are the.
&IMO: They have resorted to, this ex
pedient from their cji.aracteristic belief
in gulling the people, and have always
in the end been disappointed. When
.you apply to-them the touchstone of I rin
ciple,- you find th3m to be always the
same, under every disguise
The fundamental principles of the
Democratic party, is a firm and abiding
' reline upon.the virtue and inteligence
of the Teopte. We hold it as a canon
of our political,laith, that' all people are
- capable efaelf-government; end require
no extraneous - influence to make them
tread the path which leads to the gieat.,
est good for the grestest number. On
the contrail, our opponents, whatever
name they may have assumed, have ev
er advocated an extension of the pows
ers of the Federal government, and by
a loose cOnstruction of the Federal
I, Constitution, have endeavored to cres
ate w, hatjhey have always admired, a
strong government. The success of a
tliblkirtbtrsed lratpoa,pequal rights and
equal privilegesa cause Oat cribraces
' within its bread and ample folds of jos
lice and equity, the protection ohxery
class of societyoppressing nonti-,s,
I granting exclusive privilegestind exclu
' sive benefit to nonebut protecting all
in the enjoyments of their natural and
, individual riglits.and oppose all. mos
I topolies that tend to create artificial
I aristocracy .on the one 'hand, auf,J,5ip,
I pose labor on the ot or.- This is, has
, been, and always will be, the character
--- 7.' ------ - -- American science, joined hand in hand I;
ocracy ; and now, freed fro?) the far. . .
with Nature to bnng forth some lasting e
aims and disaffected, ' who adhered to
. tribute tri the honest and industrious; ,
solely for the purpope of elevating . - .
and wnat are ine rosette of this great 1'
temselves, it stands forth' tn its own . . s
. combination I' Peace, Plenty and Con- ,
rength and grandeer.
' tentrnent to very honeet and indus- ,
-The Jvatsgreat political parties of . .
- troves mond among 'fifteen-millions or i
ois countri-owe their origin to:the very
. c
inabitants. . ,' , , ,
sture and structuie of the Federal a
But do we ell appreciate and feel ,
'constitution, under whatsoever names
lee may be called, they must continue -ra. .
2 taut, for the' blessings we ate now I
enjoying; these too,. under th? most
o exist while that instrument shall en- -
He. The abandonreent of old flames, prudent, and wise goyernmeet on earth, ;
rid the adoption of new Oneb, cannot conducted by an able thief magistrate, 1
isinge the principles -of the Federal capable of leading as through !joy difs I
ficultosa I No I There is a party exis- i
Vhig party in the county of Tuscarawk
a, I ng that are now-, crying ruin through. 1
s or any where elee, the essential prim
out the land. They being the descen- ,
iples'of our political opponents are the.
dents of those who advocated monarchy ,i
ame.. They have resorted to,. this ex- 1
at the formation of our constiution, are ,
edient from their characteristic tieliel
., incensed at every appearance of pros- ,
a gullitig the people, and have always
parity, and though filing their own
a the end been disappointed. When
granaries, by the abundant harvests,
vu apply to-them the touchstone of I rat
still cry destruction and deeolation
;iple; you find (lima to be always the
through every valley,' trying to ppread
ame, under every disguise
diseeneion and gloom and dismay over
The fundamental principles of the
the whole country. Yet this is the par
)emocratic party, is a firm and abiding .,
ty striving for. poWer; exerting every
thane. upon the virtue and ipteligenee, -
nerve to alquire the reins of govern
if the feopte. We lold it as a canon mint. When we see a party resorting
it' our politica-1,16th, that' all people are to such baseness out of power,- what
:apable ofeelf-government; end require might we look for were they in powe r,
10 extraneous - influence to make them
Lread the path which leads to the gteat. As well might we look fa the rose., or
est good lot the gretatest number.' the' lily, amobg the snows of the North,
CM as to look for Peace. plenty, 'or a haP
the control'', our opponents, whatever py governmant under suet) seders.' .
name they may have assumed, have ey- ,-.
-,uur exports ot domestic produce,and
er advocated an extension of the pow. manufacturee,last year were over ninety
ers of the Federal government, and by millions or dollars.: This year they
a loose construction of the Federal will probably be doubled; sufficient v.
Constitution, have endeavored to cres idence to prove that ee are unParalleled
ate 'whet they have always admired, a
-, -- ,
strong government. The success et a livile scale or nationr.'Stilk we have -'
a ciree, a leprous spot on our country;
tabli:tribtmed ..rsipoa,pequal rights and a coritipt System' of Banking, that. has
equal privilegesa eatis''s tpet otibraces for a' number' of Years' exrCtided Its Olt
within its' broad and ample folds of jug. ages Witheut limit; until the People have
tice and equity, the protection oNery beceme alarmed; they have reen that
clefs of societyoppressing. nonti.?7, this evil must be eradFeated,' ,end the
granting exclusive privilegesend exclu- 'great question is to be decoded 'in
sive benefit to nonebut protecting all the elections of 1839 titirl 40, whether
in the enjoymente of their natural and the people' shall rule pus' Bankei or the
individual rights and oppose all. me. Banks rille the peripli.''''' .1 ',--,-,:,, '
nopolies that tend to create artificial f' The years-18-39 and 40, Will formlbe
aristocracy an the.one 'hand, an,,,d 'Iv' i most imidi-ttint era in the wholes history.
pose labor on the other:- This te, has I of our countryLet every lover of hie
been, and always will be, the character country, every Democrat, be on the
of true P2MOCLITS . . alert, and watch this 'momentuous pe
lt has been said by some doer neigh- riodit is for the welfare ot - pciaterity,
bore, in relaticia to elections, that our that. we should, look, not for the accom
Dover friends are Much in the hait of plishment of selfieb:motivesstand .by
firing. blank earindges ; that they are the gbvernment in all emergencies, at
much inclined to use their efforts only, ovary hazard, and wsibillt atill go oil
while the ndidates are Wore the COW. and prosper; even, whip eur enemies are
ventionand.that after they are brought all fergetten, we will,1?,e tbo ,woodor of
!before' the people, they leave them 10 the. world., i . ;:- 7: '' " ' -7 :: '
, -- ' - 1. 'i 0
4 t
- ''--- '-:'71"101T.-r ,1 :-..iik '2,
alto tire of themselvia; or threw tlii 's: -
ir - . - - , : Ye learn by the '; r Ilita papery., , .,ul.'
nit-then cmothere. . vr a ars Oat ewer(' . ,p1 IN
- - - - ' I IS LI r , uyot the fraw, ' -toker has ' gia .,
hat the imputatibn islost ; bet. shoiliq , ,oe oeut0000d 0,tbri tous hard lit..-, -; ' no:ði
,here be tiny pod reason fur the feel; 4or in the penitentiary, This aboitld ha :,i 41
,. ., . ?
nge of our neighbors, we trust oar DO- 4 warning to the- hundre,, of fraudoient:,,,,:- .. .
Blinkers, yet running atli.. ,ge,: Intmda- . .
rer' &lends will redeem their reputation
- : , ;tog the country svith their fictitious sud -: - . :.
in the coming contest ; it is well ,under
unconstitutional 4). apse corrency...-' .- .,' ,. , .:,-,.. 1
' , Lets, them. take heed,. end . retrace.; - .'..1; ,
steed that they have received' a liberal
sha-M'of nCminatione, and rinch will be their steps, fore'Murder . will out" and ,, , : ...!,,-
. .. ,..
were the niajority of these monopolies . - ,,',. I;
expected from tiattni' in;austaining the
rooted out and exposed tothe core, (as.;.. .3:.. ,,,r
ticket., Then we woeld say to ourfriendli was the case, with Dyot's;Bank,) Wei ,..;' . , eel
abroad:one and or,: do not leave us in. wcaild be found in a ceridition ae rotten. or,.1 : i: I
Dover to labor alone ; wel have decided- as coriupt, and as opPiessive'on '.the r,,,,-.. l..J
ly a strongtrcket. and there is' very poor man,. as ever were the schemes ef , ,:'.1:Y.-.
greati.eicouragement for exertion; .let,. alio great swindler; end had justice ' her, , '''.,:. ;:!, ,
milieu as friends anJ brethern " sac.
,. due, there-would be more penitentiaries, - ;; td
rifice upon the alter of the public weal all
minor considerations," and go one and .1
than there are at present.It -,is a hard : ',, , i.,.,
an. trying scene, to setribis'ol4 'man,,,,,H:...,.,::: 1 1
all the long pull, the strong pull, and the whose locks have,- 10(-ri ,whitened by .; '. : ,.,i
pun altogether,' which wo .e!G willing:63 the snows of seveqf winters, turn away :. .., '
pledge ourselves will crown our efforts from his isimilyit9,-ad hitt dojo maws, - ..;, 4-1
with success. The gentleme standing. within the precif s of a rison; no one . . -
il a man wiwito wipe away t car, as it strickles ei.; , ,....;
at the head of 'out ticket,
down h. ,ur-rowed- cheek;' et .
aught but the foul tongue of slander hes:way
never, been ahlo tO traduce; he io a this,mnat . besk -The ; poor' itarbleri. Ihe
man oef a highly cultivated intellect, widow. antile , orphan, demand Af if
strict tnoral integrity, and . possessing all justice, atd "Let justice be done thbugh - : , .
those excellent qualities, -which as a the:ilea t"rks should fall.!'-,"-',, -.C- ', ' ,: ..!
friend and oeighbor, is ea well ealcula- ' ,
led to endear him to all his acquaintan- The &heeling Timoe (whig) says . - :
ces,,,these together with an excellent the WIIILts have 'been knocked , eiery
business 'capacity, end an early thor.lway y as late western, elections-- p
ough training to regular business habits,. so wadi Completely knocked over '
makes us confident in saying that if elec, ; ot rs their.heele inlo the ir,drci; . BO -
ted he will be an honor to the county be , I Y gn.. "' t -,:.' ''...2-.' . -,, l , '. - : r. '
represents. The other gentlemen have 1 111111
:all passed the ordeal of public opinion . - FOREIGN NEWS '' ' ' '
the teat of a Me" TOE INEW8 131,4HE GREAT, WESTERN.
t ' '
opposition; they i
people, and Aare Patriot Mc 13th ult. The subject, ,
. bee tile! bewrt lee, rianended gehucaerviunet ti sentdi ozoiwndigt h t h e
1 Mreinake the toltovring sumo from the Bal..
'need no encomitnim from as. , All the owever, Oil NOith, YOU will b post anxious
là' vvinh' oEl en glanpupde.a ratuliitreels ititinreb.maPoPt VoarYallithl e,atard
news we haVe from every portion of the r intelligence, widilie die prospect ofthe bar
ould the weather Continue vorable during -
tounty is truly cheering and warmth, in".
itl t,e first two weekslitt the p sent months m ,.
bp re er de ei ci ftinegg titbit:, 9 L.D .1.rn.SCA, It:A.: WA, 4.
, . - l gland, the crop ge "Illy wdli it is conceded
i 'good order and proved abundant.,; , ... - "
.0t3t COUNTRY AND ITS PROSPECTS '. n all hands, be an average one.li; ,, ', , ',
' I In France most of the 4ops had been eared
History , perhaps never. recorded as,
t 11 lea- 1.efildo we think the same reMark rill apply to :
v lie accounts from the Baltic are favorable, , s'
prosp tireue,times,. as . ahundan.
. nth Continent generally. ,,From the great wheat .
thairictenf the north rir Engl ' d, and from ,!
eon, and as happy a government as the ,
prersent. Over the wide spread lands of
Sontlend, Ws Anil not bear u 'I the retem of , '
tho United State'', wherever the hand of thkUverpool ; , . ,, ' . , ' : . :
industry has ,been exerted,' snore than N THE PENN ,POOTAdE ACT. . ip ,
1, I
an ample reward has been the 'result.' raoTt.111:64117117,,ing iS.- ,bunt'.. ,a,r.Y.13r.th 1.6 1.717 v .
'Industry has been exerted,' more than N; THE l'ENNYLIMAST,UE AUT. .
. . , The,' following is li ounwhary of this 'nor. t
an ample reward has been the result.
hereener determinek
, The COnlintIOUO public knprovements, teeSteci:1111! iv'eri'letiert. en.fneat4,:pivi'veninteiitgl'hita, top'-rhoe. . ,,,
the extent Or Illantiffiettlrel and the Ag- 1 portioriate Werner, for'groater WUght. Pinta
I menta franking abblished, - - I
Se.c. . The Lords oT the Treasöry are au.1 '
!dome ,to stisponflowholly or in pal an ar.
ricultural productions, have' neier been
excelled. I he numeroni inventions of'
liamentery ofteotelheariarleprguilvaittieoene:foofr sthensittlingY7Pr re. . '
Art, blended with every branch of
I ceiving letters by the post free of poritage and
American science, joined bend in hand , to took, tiny
e tore ex.... 4
ercise oreilleial franking. '1
.. , . (
tinitTahnatt, itst sqlheanilevaeproytheecrunottlyas,:oletnteerwr Nis. !:
with Natute to bring forth slime lasting
pu sae: dee
c.rie.:2".but not to as to deprive neyrPpapers of
tarnibduwt eh at tO a rtelt e 1 :leo rneeesgt 1.tion do r inthdiusrid tiler euaat;
tiontyptritavgilee.ge they now possess of laming free ' .
combination I' Pence, Plenty and Con
Wile duty on Flour is now redueed to fis t'
p.eirnbioblyr. and-nrobably wjli shortly be,46 and .
tentment to very boneet and indus
. a cl'i. 5uration whatever can be eliirt as lo what the ,, ''.
rare will beRlbe oend117111.14.11. -but tip "6 '
Woes ,nund among iftese.--erilli,ou
month forward. The .
deeline in the cYorn markets is inconsidera- - '
inabilants. . , ' , ,. .., ,
ble, Int they are very d II .
But do we :all appreciate and feel
grateful, for the blessings we ate now
ardndr Ou ntiritileniellinuhaare
ly lauhroondnekd ant, pirreesine fin tde.. ,,, , , .
ph over the Chancellor of the
"I obtained 'Mum
' enjoying; these too, under the,
Exchequer, by having driven the latter from his
purpose oe renewing the charter of the Bank of !
prudent, and wise governmeot On earth,
trade Suppressien BM. The Royal as- '-'
conducted by an able thief magistrate,
capable of leading Attii through tiny dif-. is resit; anvde
ficultise I No I There is a party exis- ent has been given to the slave trade supra. '.
ling that are now-, crying ruin through. sion bill. ,
Air. flume asked the
out the land. They being the deecen- Ty of S. for tho 1.0rei n 171oble lord the Secrete.
dente of those who advocated monarchy oatement ,which hogd recee
pnatirvtninepnpteolinhe edi I; enr ttli:en
public journals was true n4mely , that the five -
at the formation of our constiution, are -poweis hod agreed on a basis for the sett! '
incensed at every appearance of pros- or the affairs at the EARL . 'meld
I Lord Palmerston. Siete. that the house might
parity, nod though filing their own het doe be assured that there would be F
no i ill.
granaries, by the abundant harvests, turbance of the peace of the East, unless No '
w subject of difference arObe, or I; h I
,n .i.c.., Lime
stilt cry destruction and desolation nuebe no prospect what v
FRANCE. The tereaetryateptrvesent.
through every valley, trying to Ppread b t een France and I
filtsxico hall been vilified.
disseneion and gloom and disMay over PAIN. Is still in a deplorable condT
. the whole country. Yet this is the par nnd there is no prosi t I' d l'imi' ''''
te o a epee y change., ,..
.;.... - - ''
The act for making temporary previ. ,,'
pion for the government of Lower Can..: ,
ada received the royal aseent on the j;,'
17th of August. . ' -
' The 1st section provides that the ,'
Special Council shill consist of not less
than twenty members, and no business
to be done-unless eleven be present. .
Sec. 2, repeals the provision of the
act of 1 an(' 2 of Victoria, ch,6 prevem.
ting the making of permanent laws All
permanot laws to be laid for th irty .
dasi before Parlianient previous to be.
ing confirmed..., . . . : . . '
See.. 3, repolc to the provision of ,
the late act prohibiting raxation. . No
no!, tax tor.be .levied except forpublie
works and eliects of municiple govern- '
ment, and such taxes not to be appro. ;
, ,.
printed by gov,ernment. .. , . . .
Sec.4, repeals the provision of the late
aot prohibiiing the alteration of the acts
of Pitrliameni,but no law to be passed of.
fecting the temporst or spiritual rights
of ecclesiastics or the law of tenure. ,,'
Sec. 5. All laws to have,0 publics.
lion in. the Gazette before going int
effect, ' , .. , , , .., , ,
-,,,...3she venerable archdeacon Stratcha
bas''been...consecrated Bishop of th
Protestant tpiecepat Church of Uppe
, Canada. Ibis '-olate will, probably re
turnio.imorita b e Greet Weoterno
in Octobit, - ' - ..' ' , , .,-:, ' , . ' .:,
'''" ttishop '1140PoialstAkot tbe 'Roman :.. ,
Caiholie Church, . io in iginod. . Ile ''l ;
arrivOd .at Liverivel frs, ,CIdebeeon ,, 1
1 the 11:1t.,..of Aegutit.Z.A. ' .1 r . l' . '
In the Renee or co1,- ''''11 In. th, : ,
20th August. ..4714-,,.. ,.' ; 1 .) '' ', '.....
, ,,.
Mr. L 111 Earle near Me LnOVId!,,lt ,,
now has five cucumbere gro -NA 1-
garden, one of which bee ., att, t
length-01'5 feel I Mehl and k,t,,, , ,
four upwards 01'4 feet. -- , ,t, ,, , ,- ,
, , , z, .-- ,,,C - - - 4
'' ' ' 1 -, -16'11. ' --
''. 1104: r gpl .,
ð 10 : n d....
ald be , , I'l
Mitsui ' ., ) tt 1
ands- 2 t
it mud . ,
' - ' , -. , -' t
Ilreee , , 1, , I 4
"and , t..y
pollee ' - t . 'I'
9s (19,,-..' .3: -,,
1 alai ; ',. A -
vilest 4 l'
a the ( il
ice of . , ,1?
0 hot, -' : ;:!
iarleal ,'
1 hard '.; ' '
, : ,,
man, ! : 1
d by i ' ' -i
away . ..,
rhaps .; iip.:
r m,,r7 , 1
es el. I.'
et ' .4
I of
liough ,
.r- ' , -.
,--, ,,, .
I says . -
one, ,
Ivor. '
. Bo
he 13k,
tubject, ,
he her -
that on I
de, and
i during
Kith' m
I eased
rorable , '
144 t;
it wheat ,,
i from '
mum of , '
imeuc. t
it, to be , ' '). :
a pro. - , ,
are au. .
iny pap. ,
ng or re- ti
'go, and ' '''
tura ca.-. y '
letter' is !
0 DOWN- '
lepers of
jog free
ma to 64 ta.''''' I
a its and '
t Wo est, -,
what the . ' .'
1. The '
nsidera- --
is near.
nett has ....,'
nr of the '
from his
Bank of ,! .,- 3
t . -
Loyal as- - '
suppres- . t
Secrete. s
ether the
d in the , 't
the five r.
Ise might i
e no dia. 4,tt
lea Nome 1 '
ich those
anco and
mdition; 4'.
lenge.. ,
' Pulvi" '
sr Can '
on the .".,.
hat the '
sot leas
lent. .
a of the
wo All
r th irle
i to be
ision of
In. No
govern- '
i appro.
'the late '
the acts
mood af
11 rights
ing int
) of th
If Uppe
ably re
, ,
Roman , ,
id- Ile 'i '',
vine on '
1 s . 1.
rpl ihn. .r , ,
$ 1:, ' . '41
4d,11 116(411
, ,
' Cv s
i- A ,,,,,
) - ."
i A '
' I
: ,
the people, they leave them le ' the worlds,,,' - - I four upwards of Veer,
4 , 1 , -

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