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The Ohio Democrat and Dover advertiser. (Canal Dover, Ohio) 1839-1840, September 19, 1839, Image 3

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Prom itte I , ' Colizen, '' 3.
rl - M.tRYLANtl 4 '
Thp. frgult of t lectiolia in wile.
' Elates makes the I t, ()aching pougres
tonal eleCtioo in lie State highly im
, portant. -, Upon it' issue depends the
- susccess 'of the national administration in
, ihe llouse el Representatives.
." 'The House 001113191$ of211 members.
Elections have been held in the follow.-
, ing Stalest, with the results as herein
1,1 , edified , s.
s ''SFATES. - DEM. W11141
v Maine, , 6 - 2
New Hampshire, 7 5 0
' : Yermont, 2 ' 3
, ' ' Massachusetts, 2 , '10
Connecticut, .2 '0 6 Z...
, New York- s' 19 '
- - Now Jersey, 0 1.
- .13ennitylvania, - 17 10
. :Delaware,. - 1 S 0
'0; 1 Vliginte ; ' , 3 8
North,earolins,' - 5
twill Carolina,' I
, beorgia, , " 9
Lotiietana, ,.', -
l'enn)esee,, 6, 7
Kentucky, , , 2 11
, Indian 5 '2
Ohio, )1 ' 2., --8-
Illinois, - . ,2': 1
- ,
Michigan, , - - 1 , 0
Arkanias, , I
Missiuri :" " ' 2
Alabaina,; 3 ,t
., ' ' ,1 , .113 110'
' "MANY y r ago," sai a quaker friend,
!who told us le followin anecdote, 'Imatiy
'el years ago, a b other of the lebrated Benin:tie 1
West, who hut been a ceoper in this city, It
t elan ofeterlinepence andintegrity,t, purchased
a farm so.ne OW out to the city, which hut
. , been suffered tp be ove un with briars and
bushes.Ile was for a s ort time considered by
his neighbor faintets as ry far from being lo
wise as Solomon, or e on themselves; but int
few years his wu thi best and most produt4
tive farm within filly miles around him; and kis
fame as a farmer read far and wide. One
day a mad ttme to him who was desirous lof
. ei rhoopuriody idnog i th it olkorethIld, oaasikdecilvi rh im ehootow;In d
make five or 111 acres as rick akthoe wants,
and come to ml and I w tell thee what ti do
next. But, said' e farm , I have not manure
enough to do tha Ire well, then, go and
prepare threes ac a, Sytt acres, -or one
, acre, in the sam way,put what tiles on
, i dertakes, do welk The rater, said out friend
perfectly corilrehendodihe advMe, atsd vvhat
as uuusualtraltised upon and benelittrid by it,
' ' leaving edits death one rf the best fartps in the
entintry.'i Go and do thou likewis Phila.
Herald. i ; - . .
' o k'or the Democrat. ',,,!
. We publish the following versos. Virfictlft, et
Valois. A f'.:',4'.
0 .-:' . mary thou art share!), Tait ':A '-- '': ''
Behold thine Eyes are bright 11. It; ',.,"
, '' I've Wreathed my spirit in thine ir , .' 4,-
For itla Dark as night. ' ' , t
' ', 1 , . , 1 .
. . I've hea4tity song behold its sweet', ,6',J, ,
- --- in breath orbirds in may ' - . , t
AO iniisTeCtöldetrround thy ftmt k.'
' so beautious are they.
--V .
'',11 ' . Whililhave hurried from the throng
-: - t't Left itpon thy chsir - , 4"';
',? , I. Wird the beauty of thy song -bil
. and i saw thou WM fair , -
,z, '
nit. why need 1. my hymp pont. roun I
the pillow ofthy Rest ,
Methinks the hird of thy heares found
A. far. far. Greener nest. ,
For I,ve no blonm .or molting youth
'ehotaat taken thit from me.
I wily bring my Earnest truth
My Glowing heart to thee,
Rivers or'sorro' tv's in my cup
Turn not thy' face away
0 smile and then 1It:Drink it up
Were it death right away.
Von Death itself' vrouTð peem td rest
'' Ra liter then rack my frame '
i i
i If. M. R. T. W011141 Inv i'm blest
,I.., In. changing but her NAMEo
2 : bov'er august 29. 1839. ,
'' ' f EVract ot a letter from a young- man
in Atkensee, to his mother in Nes
., . ilannehire.
r1p' Titifl is a great country! I'm mekin'
'f . my eternal forth here just se fast a I
ran. They've lately pointed me post
, mantel; in thin town, and I'm expentin to
be made squire, afore long., Pve had
, thtee cases already. One on'em watt
, where a feller gouged nut nnother chap)
i left eye, I took scriptur for it where it
i says 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for e
loth,' 10 I decided the ens() accordin,
, I can dn any thing a little matter that)
ony of 'em 'ceptin playin' cards, but I
r tin think they rather go ahead. of ,me
oi.r , pleyiti' le end pilker. cause they almost
at 111 we me y ssh i two! ny mu ys a rd oynoeu mlrli ko ou fokrn mo we
; end did'nt know how to ferried 'em en;
,'! yen can send em by mail now, es I don,i
",, ' ' eve any nostilgo to pet. If the water.
I mullons nre ripeocnd on tu er threepl
,, im them lu pair of nenkeen treweere I
1 bean room for in my trunk when I left
i lam. Son'd em all by mailthey
f wont cost me la single cent. I,ve POW
, . ,
1 : been here nearly nine months and my
bealth hes been the billions fever twic't
the consecutive few r-one't-, and the fe.
,4. r Ater and ager occeetenally, and the dumb
' ' ogee all the the. I'm beginnin' to
shelie, el 0 must stop writin. - Don't
Cermet the shirt and Aroweers. Give
shoke, PO must stop writin. Don i
, forget the shirt and, ,trowsere.., Give
t my los toBuniee Holmes and isk her
,, if Abe reolloete Elep Stentn's quatin.
', ' Tell Z ck Steirne he ma kePp that
1' Irani oorrfawas an . No MOte
:.: ''''.., ''' til ,.)sen.t. Y r lovina IMO ,
: 8,Apples is quite scarce out
t. ,,,,:,;,.. , 0. , I would aak you to send on a
; , ,Irrol, by poet, only I'm afraid they'll
i ,
(... ,,ber up the mail, You CaO send a
acit any how, , .: , ' ,
)' ' . - ' ' ' ' - '
1 , ,,, '
Phil. Messenger tivehes off N
Xo:k.':in the foIlowing itylei
NNew. York la - the Nary bethed t
turn hotels err bunibur;-it
maitre& are tomb ugita Broadway e;
1 bumbugits Walt street is a humbu$
its men, womea end children ares-Kum.
:stags, arid tispecially and above all ire
sis literary pretenders humbugs. (11
there is a place in the world where the
weekly papertsies essentially - and int.
radically taintod, with humbug, Nes
York is the piace...- There the editors
live by itit is their 'neat, drink, and
physiek.- ' It is shownlo all their acts,
exemplifiles their daily,?alk and con.
versation, it is part and portion of their
vesty existence. They movilind have
their breathing in ii; without :it''.114.ey
would stiffen and choke.
, 1
, -
': 'Young gide spend precious days, and ,
even -years, in. learning to paint !IA,
tience on a monument," or a prospective
Scene in a vegetable garden, without
ever dreaming bow to wash a tea cup or
finding out the mystery of coneocting
good breed. Bow few Indies dtaw
landscapes when they have kind bus.
bands to entertain, and how few play
the harp or piano when they can sub.
ute the hillahy. "
ed frequent fastings. Let a bull dog
be fed in his infancy upon pap, Alaples
biscuit and boiled chicken, let him be
rapt in flannel at night,- sleep on a feath
et bed, and ride ouf in a coach for an
airiniand if his posterity do not be.
come short limbed, and valetudinarian,
it will be a wolider;,:s, Todd's Manual.
110110,4iiiithbun recently died in
Te!tos. t,: Ili' is the lining man who
prepared :the notes for the forgeries
which subjected his uncle to the Siate,s
pritionfAnd droveAlm into exile;
,,Tbe Chatilete in, Eng lend, in accovi '
retwIttrioei to ablitein froth
'4.(10 itie of ail ts6le articies, b.tve coin.
nienced drinking bitt'leit, ett,d molting
herb', tobacce-,,,
A atil;agi? Ilifiti!.1344;t4eit raised at
NcwillifOhtA ,Y1i111:112144,0k.ett:11.-Ifer
, 'v 1,
.." , '
HARD TIMEtI.7 tiniett
ir. N. York they nr...ttotthiosklittut at kinPesto.i
tho Theatres do not feet their elftkos. At..ettnise.,1
ed proceeds for one Mak. '11'.,tt 'Mowing ,
calculation of the probside.reeeirtittwhieit'lve
think will be very near the Warn ' ei,k,p3oo,
Bowery, $1600, Nationato 4iI3C)0,i0n41
VOW. making the round sum ta,52562dOlat5,
tbr one night. ,
, ,
At Now Orleans. Fleur was serinslit (not
lots at $6 a 6 50 for old wheat, and 7 ,
wheat. ", ,1
At N. York.--The market for Flour present.'
ed a heavy appearance, owing to the contrasted',
I;glit receipts cf Western .6 87 a 7; 01-110,6 61,
and Southern $G 37 a 6 62; the opinion is in fa.
vet. of a slight decline. 1
At Cincinnati.:The prevailing vetoed nand
ed are still $4 87 a 5 wheat
At Dover Fieur $4 50 a 5 Per bbl. wheat
85 per bushel.'
At Massillon.--Flour $5 per bbl. wheat 65.
Wheat, pili bushel, F5
Corn, " , 50
Rye, .- - " , 40
(rats, 20
Potatoen " . 32
Flax See'd, " ' 0,75
l'itnotIty Seed, . 1,50 ,
Clover Seed, ' ' ' 8,00
Butter, , per lb. 12
Lard, " . 12 ,
Tallow. , ' " - , , 14
Count7 Sugar, , 10 .
Flux. " . 9
Eggs, per oloz, '. -, ' 10
Flour, pet 1,1)1. $4,50,45,00
MA RRIED.--lo Cleveland on Tues
day the lOthinst. by the Bev. Mr Bev.
ry, Mr A G Dimock of Cadiz, Ohio,
to Ann P Ding ley, formerly of Rahway
N. Jersey. ,
On the Sth inst., by Geo. Bowen.
stein Esq4 Mr Jacob Gveting to Miss
Lucinda P ichard. all of Stark Co.
-- On the 2111 instant, by .the Rev. Mr
Harbrnok, Mr Augustus Carney, to
Miss Susan Trump. both of -Stark Co.
--- '.....
Notice iil hereby giveu to the com
missioned officers of the lot Rale Reg.
iment 4th B. 3d D. 0 M.. to meet at
the house of Jonathan Tucker on Sat
urday 5th day -of October next; and
then and there to elect, one Colonel for
sard reglinent. , ; - ,
. 134y Order of the Brig. Gen. '
1 , . B Pritchard.
, ' l' ., - - Brig. inancctor. '
'...7"."7--..""11.16ilu at til,--.:,,;1",ss;.--"d":;ir.
, ,4
GOOwTa I '
0- UST received flout the Eastern cities, i
, large mnd splendid assortment or PALI
ANT) WINTER GOODS, consisting o;
French, English, and Vittorio Prints; Muslit
le Line; Painted Muslim and Lawns I Linci
sod Cotten Drillings; Blue, Black and Mixed
Oloths Cassimeres, and lattinette or all col,.
irs and qualities; Bed Ticking, Bleached and
Unbeached Muslinsi Also, a fu.e lot of Hair
and Fur Gaps. ,
J. L SMITH & Co.
N. B.' Ail kinds of produce taken in ex
change for Goods. CASH paid for Wheat.
J. 1. S. & Co,
Canal Dover, Sept. 19, ISA Sit
DR. wra. EVAN'S'.
1:17Dr. Evans. 'Office for Medical consulta
tion and advice. 100 Chatham street,1 Y.
Daily attendance is given for personal COM&
tation. - Immediate answers are returned to
country lettere, which must minutely deecribe
the case, end contain a remittance for advice and
medicine, which can Ile forwarded to any part
ofthe world, however distant. No difficulty
can occur as the medicine will be securely pack.
ed. and lettere ofadvice carefully protected from
Nervous diseases, liver complaint, dyspepsia,
bilious dieeeses, piles, ulcers, fimale wvilinega.
and all cams of hypoehonddaeism, lowspirits,
.4 eg eta tion or diet. Many blitit them I ina"1:1Tatai tric01 a'n'uo"ist'lly i;y70c7ovnli!, 079";', 1;;;;;Fti:
selves up entirely in unpleasant weal). flineaorrtobaurrsuesmi 1:1 rnißtal hwi lei tayi:nneesre:
er, during the long wilder, or whenev. I vouPs weakness.
er they fiind a pressure of business with ' indigestion, loss of 'memo; heart burn, general
debility, bodily weakness. chlorosis or green
in or unpleasant weather without; and
if sicicpkoheziaflchatulehncy, hysterical faintings luster
yet they eat just as voraciously se :ighcre
they took exercise every day. . It is the rhouinatism,e8astiliemmauPttsird'ocuktanue;esui
quantity rather than the kinds of food, spasmodic affections, and those who are viPe..1
tims to that most excruciating disorder, Gout,
whiCh Is destroys sedentary :persons;
will find relief tr?i,a their sufferings, a course of
though it is true that 1116 more sim I . . . e mine.
P e Dr Evans' m d
the food the better. . ' . . . 1 Pains in the side chest limb head stom h
' When by any means,you have been or back, dimness oil. confu'sion njf . ac
sight, alternate
flushes of heat and chilliness, tremors, watch
injured by your food, or have overstep.
ings, agitation, anxiety, bad dreamt., spasms,
ped the proper limits as to eating, I have mercurial and all delicate diseases, are success
found in such cases that the most per. fully treated by Dr. Evans.
fect way to recover is to abstain en. , . -
tire!), from food for three or six meals. . 'CERTIFICATES.
By -this time the stomach will be free, 11:7Letter from the Hon. Abraham M'Clel
and the system restored. it is. a part Ian, Sullivan County, East Tennessee, Mem
ber ofCengress.
of the Mahomedan and Pagan system of
WARRINGTON July 3d, 1839.
religion that the body should be.reFru.it- I SirSince' I have been in this city, I have
used SJMO ofyour Dyspeptic medicine with in
finite benefit and satisfaction, and believe it to
be a most valuable remedy. One env con
effluents, Dr. A. Garden, of Campbell county,
'Tennessee, wrote me to send him Nome, which
did, and he had emplozed it very successfully
in his practice, and says it is invaluable. Mr.
Janson, your agent at this place, thinks you
would probably hke agent in Tennestiee. If
so, 1 would recommend Dr. A. Garden as a
proper person to officiate for the sale of your
celebrated tnedicine. Should you commission
him, Ile is willing to act for you. - You can send 1
the medicine by water to the care of Robert
King & Song, Knoxville county, Tennessee,
or by land to Graham & Houston Tazewell,
East Tenn. I have no doubt but ifyou had a
1 gents in several comities in Eapt Tennessee, a
Igreat deal of your medicine wonld be sold. I
am going to take some of it home with me for
my own use, and that of tny friends, anti slinuM
like to hear from you whether you would hke
an agent at Bluntville, Sullivan county East
Tenn. can' get some of the merchants toad
for you. as I live near there.
To Dr. Wm. -Evans, 100 Chatham st...N. Y.
ABRAHAM .Y. CREMER, residing nt 66
Mott street; New Yerk, W411 afflicted with Drs.
pepsia in its most aggravated Thrm. The aymp.
toms were violer.t headache, great debility, re
vet, costivenese, cough, hearthburn, pain in the
chest and stein:tell al veer; eller eating inipaired
eppetite senantion nr sinking et the stomach,
.for red tongue. nausea; with restleasneca. These
, routinned upwrads of twelvemonth. when
on entisulting Dr. Wm. Evans, 100 Chatham
Itiett;,and sulunitting to his over successful and
vgreenbly mode or taeatment, the patient VIP
,tetnpIetely restored to health in the aliort apace
if one month, and grateful for the incalculubb
'week derived, gladly canto fhtward and link
' tinware(' -t4C, above stntetnent.
Dr. -VirM. EVANS' Medical Office, 100
Chatham' street, illnw York.
''"7,11 n
ttSMeq tO lie by Mr. ValifrbeicknrAlbany,
:resintetable member of the eommunity.
Intl whittle veracity cannot be doubted: ,
Mr. SepteuThr Kendall, rif The town of Wes
torten, county of Albeity, , watt fur &HAP V7
retirs troubled twith norvotte end hilinitol tape
lion, which fur 7 years rend reil him unable n
attend to hie htleinene, and the lam titre'
veare of his illness wan nonfined to the house.
ilis symptoms were dizzinese, pain in tlic head
anti side, palpitation of the heart, went alums.
tite &c. Aller expending imring him metier,.
merit, tu3arly Three hundred dollars without ob
taining any permanent relief, he by accident
noticed an advertisement of Dt. W. ESS011e
Camomile and Aperient Pills, and was cense.
rend), indueed to mnke trial attune. A fler
using them ebout lortnight, be WM able to
walk out; in four months he could attend If
business, and ecnsidcred his di$ernie entirely
removed. The above information was elven to
the subseiTher by Mr. Kendall himself! there
can, therefore be nn deception.
Irr Another very severe of Inflammatory itheti
matism cured by Dr. Wm. Evans' Medicine.
Mr. John A. Carroll, or the comity of West
chester, town of North reettne",NtiVir Yerierised
been severely sfilicted with Inflammatory their.
matism for fourteen months with violent pains
in-his limbo, great heat. excessive thirst, dry
MPS of akin. limbs much MIAMI, WM not ttble
without assistance to turn in bed for six week&
Had tried various remedies to no effect. Was
advised by a friend of his to procure BOMO of
Dr. W. Evans' medicine of 100 Chathem street,
New York, which he immediately sent fort and
oiler taking tho first dose fond great relief,
and in continuing its use according to the dire.
lions for ten days, WW1 perfectly cured. Allow
me to refer any person to him for the truth of
the above statement.
Dr. Wm. Evans' Medical Offire 100 Cha
tham streck.New-York whore the Doctor may
be consulted, and his medicine-procured.'
azrA severe CUPC of Piles cured di ion Chatham
'tired. Mr. Daniel Spinning of Shrewsbury,
Eden Town. New Jersey, was severely 011ie
ted with Piles for more than 20 years. Had
recourse-to medicines or almost every descrip
tion, also the advice of several eminent Pysi..
Mans, hut never found the slightest relief from
any 10nren whatsoeve: unlit callt,d On Dr.
Evans, of 100 Chatham street, New York , and
procure,' some medicine from him, from which
he found immediate relief. and subsequently a
perfact CUrth , ,
gown 111 ',ovum counties in 'Ann Ac....v., a
80 steam
, boats were tont on the WOO. 'great deal of your medicine wonld be sold. I
am going to take some of it home with me for
!.0.111411,ifterl , I my own use, and that of tny friends, anti should
r I sofa" er tajoess Sitvder, I -t
erg Karnavtile, Fa , to Dr. : --
Among several climes, the ;-.4.1.-;.;; :; 1:. '
lin elderly lady, who had been I so ;, inform 611. o;d fetid
hoed wits lititVINtiff hydocliondris, -y 131)blii; i.; that lie caul,
hat Mr the last 3 years see coasts.... b' faceive, iie b!1
zedinal aid from a respectable physiriaq
(itq4 door Enst of J. l S1
lie pressure and pain on her heart and bresit, ,'rane
ond especially with weakness I her bead and 4tor, vflitle he may at all tittif
se her mind, keeping het discouraged to uudir. -onnd 10 tit totid to all 'cot k intrusl
take any thing. In Slav ,elie commenced using
Dr, W. Evans' miidicines according intim di.
tiny.- He: flatters itimael it wi
lone et giurehle,. neat and fatthior
coition. accompanying them.. A timeline tooti
placw the paikand pressure in het body map ne in the country.
removed; her mind hecame cleat and stmng; her intends at ell limo to keep in hi
spirits perfectly good', and up to pia time it is ta it can be -do
prov good competent workmen, al
in all upsets restored to health, which for the mean, to ieceive the Fashions tool
last ten years has not enjoyed. ' .1 ' , c,, , -N.
- : (Signed') ', - ' i - prOirlUilti lor. . , -- Nt .,,, . ,
, :' . - . - - JONAS' SNYDER.
all kinds ot
, ' ,r"'" ' - - eountrI3produce. . . ., ,
' 8'1'1'1"; 7s 183a - , ' .' ' . e'nnulti'ntryn:tb()emwmilljidtaahlee inilearftryier.de In lilt
rrAnother recent-test V Ms vprirelled rhbie , N.. ..the or tiro epprentiree Wan.
ctr Dr. Wm. Evans' Median&DYSPEPSIA,
TEN YEARS Sl'ANDING.--Mr: S. bleKorm ted immeillately to learn thn Tailoring
zie, 176 !Stanton street. was afflicted with the business.' -13o!,'a between the ege of 15
above cemplaint fer,ten year which incapacla. end 16, w'ould be proferred. Tiny must
ted h m lit itilefiliall, for the period of six years.
inettending to his business, restored to perfect 0, f d
In Wry, honesty, .and sobrie.
be of gooJ character, as recommendau
health under the salutary treatment of Dr. Wm. "..9 CI .
Evans. , . ,
Tits erneoms weft A tense of distension (CrYang alibi cobsenrr,elluigfc..41i5,1-839 . 'tr. :- :
bnd oppression alter eating, distressing pain in
the pit rof the stomach, nausea, impared appe
tite, giddintais, palpitation of the heart, great .' . '
debility and emaciation, depression of spirit', CUYIIOGA PAPER MILL, ,
disturbed rest, sometimes a bilious vomiting ,
end pain in the right side, an estrum degree of
hiriguor and &Mine's; any endeavour to puniu I
e '., , kStom t Wetmore. ,
orriortELD & STAlut, successors to
his business causing immediate exhauston and - .
weariness. rir ti TS mill ie located upon the Cup
Mr. McKenzie is dailfattending to his bsui hogs river St the great Falls 01
11318, and none ol the above symptoms have re
curred since he used the medicine.. He is now
a etrong and healthy man. Ile resorted to my- I tage
that atreem which Rave IMMO tO the Q.
. . ofCuyhoaa fay!, L . .
riads of remedies, but they were all ineffectual.
He ib willing to give any information to the af
flicted respecting the inestimable benefit render
ed to him by the use ot Dr. Wm. Evans' med
Th.e above Medicine can be procured doll
Dr. Wm- Evans' advertised agents in the United
States, and throughout the World.
u:r Dr. Evana, in order to prevent the pat.
tons of his Medicines being imposed upon by
counterfeits, has had the labels fall his meth.
eines entered according to act or Congress. He
requests them thereroro, to be particular in dee..
ing that the labels contain the following notice :
'Entered accordino, to act of Congress,by W.
Evans in the year 1839, in the Clerk's Office qf
the So;dhern District Court of NeiNYork."
AT. C. Younglow. Cleveland.
J. A. Beebe. Akron.
A. Underhill. Massillon.
J. Overholt. Di. Philadelpoia
These Pills are strongly recommended to the
notice of the Ladies ale safe and efficient rem- I
edy in vemoving those complaints peculiar to I
their sex. from want of Exercise, or general
Debility of the System, Obstructions, Suppress
ions, and Irregularity of the Menem ; at the
mme time etrengthening, cleansing, and giving
tone to the Stoma; and Bowels, and producing
a eew and healthy action throughout the eye.
em gen erally. They create Appetite, correct
Indigestion, remove Ciddiness end Nervous
Headache, and ere. eminently usefull in those
Flatnient Complaints winch distress Femalee PO
much at the TURN or LIM 'They Write Coss
tiveness and counteract all Hysterical and NPr
yetis krectiona likewim afford soothit.g arid
perManent reliefin Fleet Albuit, 'is White and
In the most obstinate came ef Chlorosis, or
Green Sicknees,they invatiebly restore the pal
lid and delienete female to health end vigour.,
' Theme Pille have gained the sanction and ap
4robetiort of the mnst eminent Physiciane in the
United Statee, and many mothers can likewise
testify to their extraordinary efficacy. To mars
ried females, whose expectation. of the tender
est pledges of connnbial happiness have been
lefeated, these Pills miy be truly esteemed P
tilissfill boon, :Utley eosin renovate all rime
ienal debility, end if taken, according to direc
tions. obviate all morbid 'teflon. A medium thus
-safe Arid effieneione, will he found in,
Dr. Goorle's Celehrates Female Pith'.
These Palm are of two kinde timely : No. I,
qr Laxative Pills, end No. 2, Rettiorative Pills
They are for all the fellr,wing &peeve : Sup
pression , Irregularity or Retention of the Men
see, Fluor Album, Chlorosis or Greon Sickness,
Costiveness. Greve!. Incontinence of Urine,
Nemec' Affeetions. Hysteriee, Protapstis Uteri,
er falling of the Womb, end These Pills
ire else, particularly adapted to the male PS well
is the female sex, for the curP of the following
4-senses: Nervous DiFeliSeg Liver Compleint
Diseesee.end all ewe or tie.
chondriaeism, 11.0v Spiritt. Palpitation of tht
Heart, Nervous Irritability. Nervotts Weakness.
Indeestion, Lnon of A epelite, Heattboirn, Gen
eve Debility, Bodily Weelteese. or Flaititeitee.
HocOR hes, Nightmare, II heematism. Asthma
Doulouteux, Cramp. Semmodic
.nd those who ere vietims to that mo-4 ex.
It:eliding dist.rder Gout ; also, ,P,eins in the
Side, Chest, Limbs WW1. StOMPlell or Beck.
Dimneso or renerisien of Sight, A Ite. nate flush
es of Heat and Chilline-e, Tremont. Watching,
Agontion Anxeity, Drew'''. end Serums
This SIedieine is Reknowledeed to be nne
the most 'minable ever diseovered, no a pilaw
,ir the blood reel fluide. It se ouperinr to ells
asenvilla. whether Oft a ominrific Pt RitertintIVP.
Veertieesfor rtes.Pills No. 1 Mgt be taker
from three in els, or MOra. at bed lime. (Ha.
(dent to operete briskly, WI the desired object ip
elreeted. Take No.2 according to the directions
as on the box.
In RII capes, both kinds or the pill are to be
used Rt ihettaMe tiM0, in the following manner.
Tabs three pills or more offslo I, every 'nigh.
on going to bed, increasing the number, if they
41n net open the bowels ; also, take three a the
pilliNce,2,kalfan hour before each meal, three
times daily.I''ossr.A., ,
sold et 100 chathangtreet, N. 1
And by one respectable peisou rNvery town
I in the Union. IN
, AGENT,". ,-
. m. yonnglow. ,q1pavund' ,
Dover. ,
L Overholt rhiladelphia.
11:7In order to rntnet rib lie against tile
imposition of Connterfeit Medicine Vendersi
ihey have been entered according to Act ofCim
gress, and the right to prepare them secured
therefore be SUM in seeing tbat the label on each
box express, such entry, as all others are Coun
terfeits. , - - , 4
477. 4-41-,i';; V:. 1L:;',1:-..li, ,
diied.!!i.t'..y inform o;d ir world elo
; d-oe ril, rhirt iio carried tr
lio In!mipe..1 b!1 variorP.
irenclies, one door F.:net of J. 1. Smith',
4101. ho rtley at all times bi
-ound to attond to all k intrusted ti
kiln:: He: flatter" himself it will br
lone et glurahle,. neat and faiihioriable
es it can be done in the country, as lir
intends at all limo to keep in his em
pray good. competent workman, and
means to receive the Fashions laemply
provided for.. s A - -,
' To accommodate bloc friends. in tht
couritry, be will take nearly all kinds et
country produce. . ,
- 11009 or tiro spprentires wan.
led ,immeiliately to learn the Tailoring
business. -Boys between the ege 8(15
end 16, weuld be proferred. Thy must
be of good character, as recommenda.i
lions of industry, honesty, .and sobrie.
try, wilt be, regaircd.
Canal Dover, Aug. 15,1839. tt. -
has an old and established reputation,
and specimens of its work may be ssen
in almost every portion of Ohio. The
proprieors have now on hand a large
quantity, of different sizes of printing
gaper, from Mammoth to Atedium, and
all whet kinds used, which will be sold
low for cash to suit purchasers,aA if
desired, entracte will be tilled for any
quantity needed at rates which cannot
fain to meet the expectation of the pub
lic. : 1
July:30, 1539.nti.
Trustees ot this institution would re..
spectfully inform its patrons and the public
generally, that the school will be opened for the
reception of pupils on'the ist day of August next,
under the superintendenee or Rev. Inn M.
Goshom. indtis lady. Mre. Goshorn hns been
engaged in the instruction of young ladies about
12 yearsfive of which she had charge of the
Female Departmont of the Norwalk Seminary.
The utmost confidence may he reposed in their
qualificntion to conduct the rthooll in such a
manner tie to give their mils the advantages of
a complete English and Classioal edication.
E RMS OF TUITION, per gliarter of 12
weeks. . ,
., ,
Primerv tiepartment, . - C,1 00
First elms in English studies,ineluding
Reading, Writing,. English Grammer
Modern, Ancient and Univeronil G....
ogrephy, 'with-414mm of Globes; & ,., i
Composition, , ., , ,,,. 4 M.'
Second Chum in English, lnclutling lla. ,
tura Moral, and Intellecninl Philo. ' :
eophy, Astronomv, Ninny, alsoies , ,
matics, Natural Theology, Rbritc.rie, - ,
Logic, &co 'tic.. 1 5 00
rnamental Department,Drawing Mint
Oing, &e..
Classical Department. Latin rind Greek
. IANI:ages. together with the ,- - '
French, . ' 5 no extra
Pupils rpm a dietance will be vsisted by the
frusteen in obtaining nth! le places to hoard;
A philosophical appnrates will be procured as
goon as possible, tor the use ot the school. ,
Editors friendly tn the anise of education.wili
please give this notice a few insertions. , .
13order of the Hoard of 1 rustees . - ' '
, TII0. S. BONFIELD', Seo'v ,,...
June 17, 1839. '
- 4.
To l'IIINTERS.---A Patartvt:
- ' ''''. 1 , A '',' a .I T E PoIS ...st - 4 ?i ';---4-. 4tit 4-
establishment, theeted inergr, 1 '
the most thriving tOWnis enit,nounte -,1 ' , , , ,
Ohio, sell tottlIcient for 'she Iel-, ultiv!t" A Gentouts in Boston, hos il',',- t . .,., , ,.11, : 1 i
newspaper of se imperklelltte et!lled the till.,,il, that whoa ribbed Upon I' 1 ! ,,.1,-it:: vb &
10 a practical printer, fior IN I live.:...1) lictording to directi9fis will produ , . 'ir; ,,' I
naper, in its politics, tittit$-'" ' ' . lit013'4-T, Lead ig httir. 1;at bay lOtt ;,' ,ei , 1 .,
4,,,,portingthA Admilliptrationi64162-Cil.r. bate ,..it ia.called the'oir of spongl, ,,,, lo . i 'it ,,; 1,1
lnd State Governments. anðinet . -,-,- 1A-be-- - t, . , ,, I ry,., ' ' ' ,.$ liee''i r
. e T Ciwbvii Mu J. salo a, tali Ytlik7 ; .: ,1 ;'or ,,',, ,1,( ' '
littla,peiion.who woo Ite companOtt, 'ill,.",',;;, '-1, i ,
half dozen' huge men,' '1 protert t-,1, A., I! , , 'i',,,,. ;'
nOt tetr,yoti t before. ,:,4rery hitil',,'Ll4g.,-,1,,,4i47".,' ,,,,,i,'- ,,-:
plied the little geutleman,, II tirl,,N..r ;;Y17 ' ' Årt')', ,
oilponce among 14 pennieft3 nq'"I i-o ,-ti I ,,,1 ( r: 11'4
h I 1 i kl : : e4:' '
pe. rcp', !rn4, hut worth the w0.011,,,I: -','. ,,,1,,. 1 i; ',,:; i '
..,,A yourg girl will not hortitai4z., r ' q d.,44:y: ,i i
you het ago., :,But. you don't - f'1 1 TA-.,07-,Al e. ''
'un doite that thing.:'-,:::;,,'''L'. , i'!"-' r '-, t, '4 :
,., , . :: .',: ', ' t-q4 '! f - ,
:,,. no ricay one in , describin :' 5r lt,:'-';, -'' ''
moth negresa ,thek,allio,iring ,fe - VI ,,,,., , ' ' ' '
httn.--aoya'lwalike hot. ou I 11 k".'11.,',,', -
414itin.rting tlin Admititstratiortitw4144-ik.,
lnd State Governments. !iodine. . -'- 1-4
practices of the Demi:wrath...J. -hp DEntd.,
'Paving '110N NOM1NA.
now shoot SOO
a little exertion minht emo 1;.:, , 14,,,,I...c,
To rt practleal rii'll-,V L -1. .2 L:
ous t to'Oe Sehea PgM.
haliits, the e... tt
ilekt mocratta And, who to
filo lir mt in the
A ihmily; w(Itt e question and.givethli
Applirafion totion.,..with-the, oincere
oar tteolars, (ihing the t:uth ar I acting
the editor of ti 41, ariej; cr,-" It ie tny
bu,di1 I" !tf,truthsit a lover of
ugust 20, 8.)-
1 . 11,' true soldier,ia the
, wooL ralo,, to support the
- ' ' 'Aso ...Demcartraircr,sa-t
. ' CLIO ill reason thus a ',.:,ti .
4: i , ,,. '-'
J. d be regarded so pub..
dr e morn' of the vi
m, 7.- ,,,,,,, . y. P ,
. .' base the; choosing of ouch
of Tniç As a nisn4 I inay think tny
ing, thp better, qualified in discharge
., Aunt 'of a rparticular, office, and
;it at and Other-eautiesi better onti..
4he smoluntent of ogles (if, any
on of) than some other candidate for
,Wame. office.:,: , My El&ci.,2,- there
,re,,,teceives my support. I - arn
J As Denbo- Akron.. .,- I
A TT.. 1--ktil , UulPF ; 11101 PV pie, A Or
At Underhill, - ,,, Massillon. - 1, , 0......11,;;,--111-a-11 :in-,,ereir 'unj t., b,
. Dover. , -,-.. 7".",, - J 0 ,. ,;,,, ! ;:
L Overhott .',,,, N..: rhiladelphia.., tok wok me,. ar ot of .
11:7In order tn rotoct the mublio. against doe fold be befter 1.4c that c:;,cr c, , io 1
iposition of Conitterfeit Medipiee Venders,, b,ii The 0!"...,0, -AS a democrat, iler'
ey have been entered according to Act ofCiln- ,Ithat a majority should:rule, it, i oy
ess, and the right to prepare them secured i 7y,. ', to. yield., :, Who).aver. is goy...-. 'cl
crefore be SUM in seeing that the label on inch
ox express' such entry, as all others are Coun- '1'
Treason end sense, of oright,. wiU
treks. , - . . . T t but' on the ' other- bandi those
, (who 'are mastered by passion or preju'
' - , . ACARD,,, ,,. dios at
wm set themeetves 'up . In pposi.,'
FOR. D. 'RICHARDS having deter 4 tioe to the will, of the. Majorityc, .S09
to locate pmmanently, in New (ice
flpkis ; respectfully solicits the ' ration parent,' mar :and: someticeecdo,. gain
th ' b. t ' Uut are theyAleniocrats 1
ea 0 Jee 4 , . .
nila liuhlt Malt VAtlitirA tnrlieni seatatenpt,
7 4'41
Now Philarie p an p '.3 tut mou u,
. A , I , , ...sir
' Sattoring at ?lab.
July 30, 1839.
, . A CARD, ,,.,,,, d-i.,:i0, To
;.:111-el .1-h-ewm- ;alerts' up la -e'pPe.ai.; a, tourtint noP4' "It, , ire, I 1.
OR. D. RICHARDS having deter
to locate permanently, in New (.0
a licit le the etitt of the tiejOrityl-,
0 e pereentr man -and: somaticess,do, gets Plaint liMildqatLI.,'"ni, ,f '
delttitia ; respectfully solicits ihe potion th .rob.aet ' Uut, are they Alatieerata 1 in-tile' "4 --- ' ' l' ' ' ' , -77'
those who may require tnecUcal assisternt Strop' eN't ,Iirell. if 1 doa,t go -a SOMe,
fire the'same as heretofore occuplefIrrich i; ill" 'Cap tulY "8 '1" '"'":.
el t i :,:. I, -,.. hi. 41 woid'or '..,',61Nrot y' o'u bat 1 ;said 1 ' ,I to 3o'p
COX and LEWIS. ' r 1 3 t k. ' t
As he lodge', in his office ii '',1e. tl ko . , ' '
action,',pAthepe both, they r.y..-the t wont,' paid ;ea, .4 , ,,,' et,idy i , '
, ,,
ail hours, elteephviten aheenif: T 1::, 1, 1- " . '
mei mum, exuupt alwierink ; ;:f 1 ,
big proliveion. s,,, D. RICf';:-g, ,
, , P"---
",e1, !of MitiO:ntsr, .
,', cr "to) , 11;
' ,
, "- -
;.1;0"of like a aand-olida. 3o iark,
wouid'ialia abou Eve 'gag );44.4,:,.? ,
lighther all vp of a dark nigii 'VIP '
. .1h8enee of mind.-A yoling ;4,0u!,,,o ,'
street, came home from a 144:431'u
eveniar, and laft ber kossaaOtis".:0:'
of her lather's htniae, walitin clu,e,
ilia clatil.a t,rd . initial' (11 dieNd'
praca in tha &Ail' t:',,,) i;;J '''.1:e 0 7
et ole f',: .,113 L:1 tha oatl ,tv- t.
tuo Li; ,.....vin 4..,,s. ... , it ',.,
, "Do :you know tic A ' t'i.
moo to another in our bea ,
wlo, ,; 'What does
Pft:Ivhy be wee me tw
uild so be u.s ti:71 Lis ûui,-;1.b
wbat be dtges.' -47"'''
ATteðdyi: 1 reckon 1 m'
tourtin' now41 , I 1
104 Ogirell. ifjdoii,t go 11 some:-
grInext anndrra.o F ,.'or rani!),
itt tit Ott "."'"7":".'"
l';.a;' i'.4..'10.1111,
Sis--1:4,,4 on a v -
ilnii from my retire t
, .
nantown. 1)01.6illy aVo
pportunliv efad,";nfy, 4
eeommendation of : - ' 4 . . - '
PED PILLS, if, ilic ' .
4!4- i ,
ny already giver, in ti,, 1 a , ,
four years ego I was ntis, i,r4.1 , . - ,
DYSPEPSIA, and for sevtial ).;s
suffered from that complaint in itarantst -
stagea. , Notwthitanding I tried every '
thing that came before the public, I ob. - - - -
tained no relief; till I aceideutly .sa iv- , .4
your advertisement. , Free' the fulmars '
ous and raPpeetable testimonials which l ' - ''''
accompanied it. I bad Pome faint hopes --$; . ,
that your medicire might not prove el- r''4, '
together useless in my Otql Caa04 : I ' - 1
, tw
tried it, and it is scarcely , nectlssary to ' , , -.. a
add, waa shortly cored.- Indeed, the - ' ' ne
soccess was greater than I could !nisei- , -. . ,t,
bly have anticipated from eien the , ' , ,,,,,
warmelit recommentlation. As a Emall .. , v. . y i
return for the benefit you have bestowed' -- '.. -, , n'
I Pend you Mil acknowledg,ment of my ' ' , ,,, , 0'
thenks and the deep-eense of obligation ; '- '
which I feel myPelfloward yet', liav . ' . 2 1,1 ;.
ing itnplicit Confidence in the efficaey , - - ' ,. I
of your' CANIQMILE PILLs,, and ' ,. ' , : -
reeling it rine to toy-fellow silfrerers.,',1 ...,,,,.-, . . ,
would warmly entreat all who may ha , , - ,- ;:' ...-
dragging on their existence ender the - I - ' . -1, ; ,
influence of that scourge of the humatt ' - ',,: ' - '.,'
temill Dygpepsta, to lay aside their ,,,,, .': ' 4 .-', '
early prejudices against filth remedies, - . - ,- ,4. ,
and to iipplý to you,that they may re. .' .... -' . , , '
eeive a speedy end permanent cetera.- - ' ' - ' 7 ,
tion. - ,,, , , ., . ;. ..y. , . ' 2 ' . '
, I still teside in Germa,ntown, though ',,i, , - ,, , ..-,,, :
I frequently visit. the city, and will wils ' ,' , .
ingly give any further information,,that - - - ' ,' 4 :
may, be desired. ' - ' .," .', , . ,' - .-- : S... . ' ' .
. ' Ever grateful yours, .- ,, - : ' ', i . ''
' , ,T, B. WILLIAMS.-'' , -,
. Philadelphia Dee. 2?, ISA :.4 ,,--,',,. , 1 ,
To Dr,, Win. Evanst-Dear,,Sirt I ant': - ,, , , , ', . ' -
truly happy,to write you Ibis, in token', . - ' '
of thatike, for the relief they have given . - ,1-' - ! -
me; I mean the CAMOMILE PILLS. , --',, . - f -
About two years ago I was much trou- , , , -', '
bled with DYSPEPSIA. My symp- ., ,' ' ' 1
tome were very alarming;I' Wag some , , :
tunes subject to fainting, ' great ,- weak - - : - ti
nese, no ter.' at night, not able to eat ,-'-"" ,, - I
any thing; if I did, It. ;teas ' sure Id be : ',,,. -
thrown up. I could net keep any neut.- , .,., 2', 4,, ,,
iithment in my body. I at fast gave 1111 ' - '4;
all hope, and told my physicians that 1 ?
could have no use for them; :"I ntuot ' li ,
die," said I; "so there iP no use in . pee , ". 1 -
lug any more doctor's bills." '41nout,-st ,,, - ..A'' ' ,
tuontk-ago a cousin of mine curie to . ; ,1:
see me; after talking awhile aboot My ,,,,,o,,-..,4!!,,, ,
sickness, Itold him I had taken almost , . .;',1
evety medicine that was spoken of a, ..',I ,
good' .for my complaint., ' Hs, itrii,l, , :: It
.'llavo you tried Dr. Evapia CA Ik10,t -- . ,
MILE PILLS?" I maid 4'Nel",..Well r 4 , .
lie then gave me a pickage he' Ilvis
:,nuirlit the day before foll,,14,,e,redf,1
-aid he would get anoth,1".'ened...Nost,7,3' ' .
1 comrnenced taking the piq, af, ,,,,,ali ' . , ,- ,
4 4 , - - -
happy to state that in,,twei)bear 'hot !"0',.;!, 4 r '
hearty end wellie and ibleitet . for 14 ii , ' ,", "ire 1
letter.which I could no).;e'and CartiLit Ìq, ' ' f
, : f' i' ' ,
I was sick, becauite MI to oppose ths -'''t e i ' t i
'roue., I have writi4;;iiring . into ditt4 Ai14, it o i ',
tilde to you. I, I r melees, the' en: , , ,-, , 4,4.i . ',,'
thie, and let ithlt- fait eXprasaion t.. , ' , ,t, ')
Neil; but I
,vPikon.enti Ye iione.twnindilisnlitr.,blii,1:1.41:wrth'tisalttr:11.11rweo, 01.:'iinti;oaiamt:Isili:nwinnaoet:itrriloeilLynivieouffs:ii: -4';'. ,1- : ' .-: ' i : ' liti . ir:. 74.;jr,
&live ,expressed it &tour tin, s, , .r...', , ,, i',i '1
,,springii.--WewiM do whate(. ... ' T1! ' j i'
rillow 'ind take better -care foi - 'I ' ' ' ; 1 ': t '
ire. ,C,,,'t 11- e "p..0),t:;t Iv ,.1 ..; , , . e, ? ' r
moth negress tbak,slitejugg Al a -tkr',,,,-, -
bunrsayerlwa like hor ottl I ij ll:''
itorNeall'a lirk,wood have upe Ai - I' i,,-,
weighs (we guess) nine hundrd4tit ik,,,,t1., , A''
and , when she ens down, her '4,lte". 13 '
shout like a sand' slide. Jo tai,lj:,
Would:take aboul Eve 'gas 41,44.);,, i,
lighther all vp of a dark trigh le til .'
, . Ihscace of mind.A young lout,,,4'. ,',-
street, came home from a ri,r1(443,-eli
:,i .i:li Vrei,,I.1 ,- , ,
r' 4 'App't '',V ,,-,' ,-,f,t!'i
1 fer ,;t;A i 1 e. 4'
Ii4' to i ,? i, : 4 ',
t4, I f'-- ,
,i,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
il;,1,3-; , -
1 - ,
. v,'
rri ,
C't 111 " 1 ar
t å er, Ker
stern cities, I dome
ent or 'PALI tot &de
consisting to, locoed w
tints; Muslit hat row
awns I Line' nedical
it and Mixed ',le presto
!tts of all col- ond espo
Bleached and se her n
o lot of Hair take any
, W.
& Co. motions
taken in ex- placte 11
'or Wheat. removed
S. & COh sPkits P
Lt. in all root
last ten y
oatISP! &Prot
I AVON itrAt
et" Dr. I
iEW-YORK. Tzie.-717V-61
ical COOPUlia uhoyecq
reet;14. Y. ted h m ,
tonal COON& inuttend
returned to houlth u,
ately deocribe
ror advice and Tits
nd opin
od to any part
No difficulty the pit t,
eecurely pack. me, gid
tected from
end pain
oND COLDS, huiguoi,
nt, dyspepsia, his busi
tle weakness. wertrineo
m, lowspirits, Mr. Al
ritability, nor- nessiam
nel weaknese, corned si
burn, general a etrong
Deis or green riads of 1
ttinge luster- Ile ib wi
as, night mare fficted re
mu!, cramp, ed to Lin
who are vie ieine
torder, Gout, Th.e
m, a course of Dr. Wm
Statee, I
head. stomach Ex DI
light, alternate tOns of h
tutors, watch- counterfo
awn, spasm', einesent
a, are success- requests
ing that
3. Evans, i
ahem 8"14
!lessee, Mem
AT. C,
3d 1839.
r o J. A.
1 city, I have Ao
icinc with in
believe it to J
e of my 0011
mbell county, ""'"---
Nome, which in
y successfully
minable. Mr. , ei
), thinks you ,Thest
Tenneseee. If notice o
Garden as a edy in
le sale of your their e
to commission Debility
You can send ions, t
are of Hobert,
f, Tennessee
ton Tazewell, a mow
ifyou had a- em gen
Tenneesee, a ludigest
lid be sold. I Heade
30 with me for Flatnier
ids, anti sitotoM much at
ou would hke deeno.!
t county East toms
erchants toed tiermen
' In the
N, of Tenn. Green
it .N. Y. lid end
' Thee
Maidong nt 66 4rohetic
:led wall Dye. United
t. The 'viva. testify tt
lat debility, re tied fen
orn, pain in the cot pled
ming, inipaired teenier
t the stomach, tolissful
Nuoneca. Tliese item! dt
1month. when stone. o
100 Chatham -safe Jet
success rod and 11
le patient wao Theq
the eltort Rowe or LOU
Ile incalculahl. They al
ward and vok pressen
mem, Flu
d Office, 100 Costive
FICA TE Was trot Mom
kof Albany, P PM the
m eomunottity. 4,seaseo
milted: 1)Pallell
1 town of Web a cloth,
fool. ahcoso Heart,
I hilinitol taree Inott,..no
him unable n ere De
r the last dire, Horde
Ito the house. Tie Do
tin in thr head .nd Ito
went tof appe -rueittti
x hie eonfine. 1
re without ob- Dimnet
e by accident .too of
W. Evans. IX,Inik
ld weft emote. Title
them. Aller the moo
e was able to the I
multi attend if parnrili
isease entirely Dire(
n was Elven to from t
himselli there (tient to
' eiTected
as on II
In el
Rotatory "thew used nt
s' Medicine. --Woo
inty of West- on pie
YorkHood o et
nmatory thee. pinshNt
h violent pains times d
Ivo thirst, dry
WM not able And
for six weeke. in the
elfeet. WBB v,
rocure BOMO of '
:,"hathem street, y.
ly sent fort anti At
great relief,
ng to the dire. L
mred. Allow 07'1
'or the truth of ;hey h.al
tm post
Mee 100 Che
m Doctor may gthreersegto
rocured; box exi
ter felts,
of Shrewsbury, ILO
severely 011ie.
years. Had
every descrip- delritit
eminent Pysi,. those
test relief from 6ce tho
t calk(' on Dr. COX
lew York , and AII
at, from which oil hot
subsequently tt big prc
- - , J.
. ,
i. a
l' ..1(
, (
, r,
, ' -
. .
. A
. I
1 1 .
A:) ) .
I 41
IS '' , .
3 ' ,,
It ,,
,,,. .
has ar
and sp
7 in aim
1 propri4
I quantil
, gaper.
, all othl
low IV
) desitel
fain to
'r lie.
1 July
e receptic
- under
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