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The Ohio Democrat and Dover advertiser. (Canal Dover, Ohio) 1839-1840, October 03, 1839, Image 2

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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- - -
Brothst Ðemnerafil !7he Dom.
cretin! conventIon- haverpresented to
their politieel friend's of tlits.counly,a
het Qiitadidetea, 4strong in moral and
pelitiiil - worth; ,geatlenien on , whose
firmness and integrity, we may rely to
- - - --DE 110 CR A '11-'3 . -
, - . ,..: , , . .
, : craw:I.-convention- have,rpresented to
,,A,f-' : . , : ;-,,, -.cu. -. :: : . their politieel frieride of flue .counly,At
---.-- ,., ,...,:,-, :i .,,A,,ruscingtwAs COUNTY tt t''' list of Caadid,stee, ostropg in moral and
,.':' f , .:' A crime to the eirsire of our country, politiCil 'worth; ,gestlenien 'on , whose
rely to
, .--.., ," : ;:.,' tt a fearful nature is aPproaching,which Illtroneee and IntegritYr we maS,
,,. -' ' - -will detnand all the firmness of the pa, !sustain our ptinciples in the coining-M.4
-. , ' , .. -triot.The proposition of an -" ludo. 615. That our comity -,contaios :many
, - peridebt or Constitutional Treasury,'" is such, who have seal!and ability,' to sups
' -now. the treitt question-on which -the :port the cause of Democracy, capita be
,, ,-.. ... ,,
. ' ' . . .Partiea in.ths Untied 'States divide. Its denied; and as belectiotie from them
-oppiiite.nts, the Whigs, are applying ev... moot be tusde in order to ensure 'me.
serf effort to defeat it -end sustain, the coos, and as the convention unanimout.
. - - .tractice elready repeatedly condemned ly aeterinincel to use all, honorable exert,
, . .. , ....hy.a.maiority of the.peopte or the uni., lions to promote ',the eleetion of the
, ' - .' sorf, of Conferring upon Dinite the privs candidates nominated; 80 it ill believed
, ' , , ,,..' flogs' of -being the (Weal agents el- the the whole democratie party, will iman.-
:, ',. "Uaion.',while , the Democracy contend imously, to a man, on the 2d Ttlesday
' 4f. -!their agency ie unneceseary, and often of October next, confirm that determi
,,,'''' --injuriousthat the Government can sa nation of the convention; and ' by their
9 , . -eabily an iny individual, ..reaeive tud prompt and united etertions at the polls,
r ,-,-, , . ,,, 1: flush, the state filet '"OLD TUSCA.
- -.pay out the- monies of tne kr overnment.
, .. ,
.., , -,, . ....s.Would you not, fellow-citizens, call :RA WAS" is no loneer a s'ave to mors
. That the constitutión of the
' - ' - Oat man mad or at least possessed ofItI6PlibtS .
, s, .
! ,: . - -,eotne enlister design, who would urge to , U. States ;nits plain end obvious .read
'' '', - ,, ,..:-,vou thot you individually were incapa- ing is our guide in 'all political princio
;, ,.,,'. . -
: .,, . - .tile of receiving money duotc :you, end idee, that so far as this county's voice
' - '''. ' ' of pitying otit ntoney, that you Inver is ith- I can reach, it e Ill proclaim the.impio.
,,. ,, , . .
,,;, , out having it ,fitat pane through tse 1 priety of legislating by congress upon
i - " -Amide of the Cashier of a Bank 1. Whitt fancied or implied power. that we will
t 7 our vote's declare thst ye no longer
. - would you think if you were told that 1 by
1 ' the taxes ' raised for , county purpowes I approve of placieg in the hands of bank..
' - -- ;,..must be deposited in a Bankand'that ing shylocks the control of our curren
, - county orders should be paid there ard en but that the conetitutional currency
' 'no where else 1 Would yeti not tie- shall be She measure of the value of our
-'clare it the height Of folly? Do you property and labor:, .
,tiot know that-the simplest way ortioing - . Already have these Ilictrierie 1 . pets of
1." .' . . kusinese, is'.always best1 and what is diristoerach. bowed to . the will of the
' -010111 simple and plain thou our usual people, and notwithstanding their loud
1 -anode of collecting taxes and - peying anathemas of the law of kW winter,and
.0 '
o - couatrprders1 Is money ever hoard- their threats to reeist it, they have quail
3 - ed eo as to produce-a surplua .- in oar ed - before the democracy of numbers.
A..- -Irreaoury 1 'levet --and why 1 jestbe- . Ism us at the pone evince our eleter
, 11 use the
vit Omni:, Cemmieniennre el- mination to. maintain :be supremacy of
., ways know how much most be provis. the law, and confine them to their ap
r'. . eled, and they regulate the-tax by that. wrists ,aphore iu business. They
ll, .' . amouat ; just so will 'Cengress under are perhaps . at this day a neccessery
It- ' the coustritutional Treasury be able to evil, and our. union and deterniination
,t' ' -replete the revenue by the necessary will convince them that their iesistence
,sexpenditures ol the country,so in the depends upon their whelping the evil of
State concerne, the money is remitted dieir ways and their kat-ping-N.4w well.
ii. , ta tha Treasurer fur safe keeping, and Citizens of Tuscarawas! :You who
i't ie hy him' veld out upon-the order of the. would istrive that our institutions should
),'-----...,1, " år. ,'ThieS even in its mvet whigg;sh be so.adnonistered that by their opera
1 ------ - -dwr- never used ' Banks for itellecal
'tions the greatest good oliould bo done
4gent!I ,tn11.1-----wAo, has evi.'r Wit) ' in- to the greetest numberoou who would
li ' ed ot . inconveniencei-----41,iti Par t1 maintain inviolate the eacred prIneiple
,svont taxes, if you ever get WA of:. r quality in the operetion of our laws
--- -county or -a-state order, have yea ever it:lee-quality of principle in the affairs ol
i .' ,,:-: 'found it difficult to pay your tee with it I
9 A who would eee equaljustiee, dont
',unless perhaps informer year when the t h,,
't 0 t pout and rich; you who would no.
.. Vointntesioners had not authority by law h 1 .
4 egsiktiou clothe a favored few, will
t -to awes eufficient -to meet the county lb '.
-expences 1 . e Privileges of amassing -wealth at tho
. , ! x pense of the niany;ouwho would tree(
- 11 then you,'as individuals, can man- ,n th ,.4 -
e 0oieteps of .11,ffideon, dime tr
- s age your own money whin you get it-Z h. -
i ' '' if your county and your state Deed no. i polls, and in eupporting the candi,
tes detected b the Democretio co
- the agency of Banks to collect the'
rev vaen'tion rove toY the wo Id t i 11
, p r hat . ou or
.). . -- 'nun and pay ofrorders on th ..: respec- b h. b
not an ought slavesthat you low
live Treasuries, where ilis rieeesaity nr ,
'Ant'l s' ine nerve to contend with the coneentre
'' - ", - the Uoited States hars;-f'
, !1;-.,ws,: . . ',lag ,er emPloYing fed forces of Mammonthat you wil
, ,17-,- , - -sato. lie I --can not, the tallent .1., k
t., .,,..1P,',.
fl h d i o d d
, 8 8 0 011 MUM 10 6 80 re uo
- v ,,,, ., .,-mk,tbility :to,felfotm these 8uties be hie agents to the political Ivo or th,
..,-,,, ,k.,,,,, -.49loottensively cominanclid by the Uniig pepie. ,.
. 7111milliates of America as bv a cherterri"-:,'.!!
. ' ' ' Tuscarawae county has repeatedl
,l'---,------- -- witePvieseion 1 by the e hole nation, as
' ''''''''' . 'Tb los ' id ' d -
- .; -, tiswve 11 intim uals, personal
, A- 1 9'46,000,000 ;Ste' no one,
. , . - ',nearly doubts:4 such- individuals-whothrr
.- ..,,V,':,' - etateeMl. nant90 governed, should attend been deprived of its just influence i'
, -, the councils of the mate, by -the in
trigues of our opponeuts to divide us
end at the last election tire eupinenes
---;--to, - ',latest, it, leillAie. own busineee. wit sf a few, loot to us a portion of our tic
- ,.;11',41,, es-. ' -4 I et. Arouse then and go manfully to th
:,.. ,,s.a., ..:A s. ars. . s refer to 11TAorearawart, respond
,'. ',,,'''' : 1'; ,,,,Y,utite Feb,2,493SFW41-1 you -not de-, voile, ono nod all, and in union ther
:.,-,.? ,., .- ,,t-,, .., -The toesalt.pri,r,"utee.1 wilt you oo show our strength nod achieve a vicior3
:., ---s,
'4 7', - ,' . :-' - 'oeministrie'icniraterl,Tenn. Iodine, Ga, ' A deep. scheme is laid and in oper
- .' ' .;sers, "mount to$4,
1 '':' S :7. . . . treemen of all the states ..
atiou to- divide our forcesto sow dis
,,,, ;-...,, -nominal sum 'inv. e.oet . ve ,
i I one et sp ken sen,son among ue. One Samuel Doe
,. '11.:
, , ,,, ,,.-, ,,,171 the ou i
m -l'elt the utter dismay el las who pretended when he , resided 1
,-.,,,. J .4 -,; , 'nothing willAte toiLtkil .13 our county, to be neutral in perlitice, hi
, .:.1 ,, ,,, . on,. , edminibtresion euq,,t.eourageinent
x ,.:: . m s on various pretences travereed co
' , .., - ', ' liattokiis, (wander the presentY ' '7. State to concoct piens for divisions
1 -.against
'..,, -.. :.' ' r istration bet, by :Sukartwaist all,p1 o
N. - the &mimetic rankle. His progrel
I ,-- ., : - -liters tit be otber defwdlters, blint,Ile,' through our county, though as steala
1 ,,,,, :: - -s.security., will be good for thete-respec.14-14,o, burglar's, was nevertheless ol
I., .,-,1 , ,. ,thve imounie.,.1-, . -r,,.,,t' '., ,'!!. '',', ', , ,I ihál ,1d, and his errand detected. Stu
shylock.a the control of our curtail
c); but that tbe constitutional currency ,
shall be the measure of the value of our
property and labor:,
- Already have these Iliartered pets of
diristoerach. bowed to the will of the
people, and notwithstanding their loud
anathemas of the law of lael winter,and
their threats to resist it, they have quail- ,
ed - before the democracy of numbers.
bet us at the polle evince our deter
mination to maintain :be supremacy of
the law, and confine them to their ap- i
propriate ,aphere iu business. They
are perliaps , at this day a neccessary
evil, and our. union and deterniination
will convince them that their iesistence
, depends upon their whelping the evil of
, their ways and their karning-toodo. well.
Citizens of Tuscarawao ! :You who
would etrive that our Institutions should
be soadministered that by their opera
'tions the greatest good should be done
to the greatest numberoou who .would
maintain inviolate the acted principle
or equalily in the operetion of our lime
id equality of principle in the affairs of
who would see equaljustice, donti
to t119 pout and rich; you who would not
Itv legivlation clothe a favored few, with
!tto Privileges of amassing ,wealth at the
xpense of the nianywow ho would tread
, in lite -toOtstepa of dufforson, cbme to
11.191;011s, and in eupporting the midi.
'aates enlected by the Democratic con..
vention, prove to the world that ou are
: not bank bought slavesthat you have
the nerve to contend with the concentra
ted forces of Mammonthat you will
',hake off his domination, and reduce
his agents to the political level of the
Tuseatames county Ites repeatedly
been deprived of its just influence in
the councils of the tate, by 'the in
trigues of our opponents to divide us
and at the last election tire eupineness
of a few, lost to us te portion of our tick
et. Arouse then and go manfully to the
voile, one and all, and in union there
thow our strength awl achieve a victory.
, A deer scheme is laid and in otter.
atiou to, divide our forcesto sow dis
sension among us. One Samuel Poug
las who pretended when he , resided in
our county, to be neutral in perlitice, has
on various pretences traversed our
, $tate to concoct plans for divisions in
the democratic ranks. His progress
through our county, though as stealthy
burglar's, was nevertheless ob
, ,1d, and his errand detected. Shall
.,-.;:',.t, . : .,, -11r. '..liecklesits- colleitarsiTertIVAnt beA"--1-.11 1 t traitor to nis fiiends and the public, ;
, - -' ' - lite-produced :some -slarrn4: hie ..d(h1:: c"...teceed; or will you teach him and his ,
2'. ''''-.. . ' eaiten l'oeviturtÝ 0, firlY-' &oilers. ' Hes, poplosets by your unanimous and full i
.., '' : ,".. ' cse-to,on etrtive defaulcation was di ,- cur, that the Democracy of Tuscaraw- 1
), ,' - ' 4titeds paid the euteijeu -1141"81 11)a -) mia's not to be cheated by such as him,
, .- , ,i, intuit. '-litrwas tolated'hybis redeces- es,
era taitirbeir rights sod principles. i
' ,1' . ': . uteri , , , , ' .. .' heterogen-i4sim the course of his sue.,
,,' l',. ,. !,' . 1 - .. .; . ! '. , ' o' ', Contiood Lott week. . . .I. ..
inasitabsy- at, Advocate, how he has
' of eurcestrosatl-ggled since he got oil
- -, ' 4 ' '.. -'44 LOOK OUT FOR. BREAKEILW,to, sired tothsicknoste. hi 1 b 1
, ,,, . , , , ., ,, , . ., , yi s par y y b an
:. - 's ,,- t This it the laconic caption of a hifferluat rip 'Dernocrseyt ottis.;:,Zn his opponents; and
',., ,, . -... ,,, re keel en- intelliseut rind.moth esteetned 44 e zreatost numbovou ',eve read his dis
- ,
- tre - '-' , tfko , rasidingitr thosortheropart rifthi state. ."'Brether Delmefit in no one instance
i 't 's , , ; o.t is decidedly of opinion that ono eft. darer from Ate eoolotHialber by
I - ' -or ' field,were it-not fel' -
' 4.- . ' re ' held, arch, daring end wily .....ose liver ,-. . 5, 61 CPI ablish a 8 in..
rteulting -to our pot le ille has been
-,-s-;-,-,z-. 41 wwirowtauktossavelt.,!1-ta full !Penr.lne tg re t P, '
:,- ."-...' ,'. ' ' ,,;;out dolvra dz. Democracy orAltia alas. -z-litait w4H1. g a -Aft ulture and the Hyoff,--a
bend of surlf loo, not under the
i, '!, ' -;. ..,' v. hat N14140144 4Ron -Shal I a wall-sarned
i i .t ' iciwy" lime be lacrificedl --Shall the triumphs
dr stockeiben a
here ro;cribe has lived a life
.-. ' . ''' f tho tut great coatis Is thus-trodden downt 2 Per e"u anti--traction, and now his
' ' . , e'i. Pe ) J;WhO new sleeps upon his pont What lent. ; .. , their late convention
''' '''.-' lewd; wheel-teal lwal1"tatl'ealiKad'ia'f'116' 1114.' ,I'lealing Ilegfr'41te has got off the
LT , , , m's holt caeseleschose Tiede xis wlistered equao of Anti-mese
17' ,- ' 4 I
' u, tit... hie elbildry and is antitouonm-. for blowing in their d t b '
i Ss era held soo sacred for wanton set ot-l' Nellifiers esr'sp
f 0 I eir eupport.
en of whatever
, , . ,, reshot pr aertedm to endorse that
L . , , . an whose felt is staked to sustain
i-- .,-- , j --"totattoti, ded trinm b of.
r 4 ,; A ,,3,,,td defend fli easTilit ,ower,can 'dumber nowt P . W.A.11 sour
t the polls sus.
b' . ', rZ'r c,-..-W sail arm- thio deniareev of Ohio, in the , Down , -east I 4- neet
. ,.,( idl d I t
y pan er us
' ' - me of the cause they de kind. to awakefroin 1, beat -Int auspendieg of if ,,,
. , , ,4,1 . , I k a
' 'ii' ' ' ' wharf ond indiffercarn.,Let them remember Irttoraufienothiainetititr sr iii you not,
. 3,s .., , re
' '4!.,-f: '1;;tthe value of a stata.a.voce. 'rhe Tate ofthe re. , ,4 ,.7-,;;-t a 4..,... 1 se sustaiu the man
--.---...1. ' ''''' i''' tit rt in the- legialatmentay hangapao I "1310 1 ef e
"I' . , .:,.. , ,tiu IfAin Pa y i n Iltitelt),
n.s -I de b mall privileges,
ft, 1, , ' '". -sdis thorw of a single-dye, -oo Trevelliag a. ! ha ek to ro , an 8 a , I 1.
, - ; -; ',' rgonts are abroad-Who federal phalanx are in ie. ficult-,
7 boob persuaded ade II" a he
,, , - , --s, A , 'Alva motion.. We most not calculate won too, ty- re 0,bandon; such a alfates no prin.
i "4,,1" ' N ',mei a eonquest over audit aft odversary, - Betas I .. .
iti - bef II lb b. k---f elan-.
5' -; , erase is to rise or fail upon the result.. unto i
. . ;1. nni on 0 w ig rett lo
4. :1 0 .) ,ithe TiVOT Oil which hens the tete stew pv.1 'tqoecutredeineg -Ike day 1141
' '''''0, V ":,, cAri fllorse flesh, and hank iani!ities, will be pat.,,a .91 ark.ofIssfely Mae
,,l'''...: - ''.- I .io Nip-oh-40n. A trometulnue rush will bo made,
4' ".;;.. Ton tie at Ma POL.,' .4-1v.very doubtful abandonik
like dlat ,aria, our constituion, oti,
-- 61' laical Ark" would, be abandonedoiE,
, , ',that will be put uno-ht hibute. 000-SeiterelJohn .
in -etterebidoer the 'nation. . It .
-.!:': , , ' ,Cooks ape upon .o circuit, ecattetiug firebrand. ,,, ,
'N...,,,,etbroad,and sev L. trust lit-ths- sitghtiness of trutho"'sittee.
c sedition'among Tublioan . . .... , . .
'Awake friend,. -masers ere Ahrti , Pot the ,w at ;resell; da -stgnel le -eagraseol
- males' VII? I tri--, ' ' - t 4111 54 - - ' - -I,- the cl',amond of light.up04 lb prini
' 11, 4tbase.oafs - e leo .."., sotmr r..- ,
, r:::t 41:0 A ' ' it..1s-1 Of DsmiDerscyt. guided tii. its is. Iii, .
1,te A . , : WO ibliliTIOVIiiL , 4, s, ,t-4,,, , 'I,
., , ,,,. ,,,Ö, ,..,, , ,, ,
. . .
- , ,- -,------- - Ir------
- .
. -
. , . - ,
, , .. .
. .
,- i
, -,--;):ilble;that-he site tens mly tent!. - '1" 10e Met 'thy let the earpenrer fro
,I.- nt.:- ete . -, .i A . . , A
Prqrra tie Ohio Statesman.:
110.1 ,DEMOCRATS OF. 011101!
BR EACII ! lj -
DEMeCRTS or OHIO, you will, in a
very few diya have a duty to perform
to your country, which no lteenian
ahould neglect.
:Fazgmeei or me,- (warn -tricky
federalist to deceive yon into a vote,
you may-forever regret, and which may
lead to the destruction of every princV,
ple you advocate, chariot' and hold dear:
VOTERS Or Amu), let O0 -feraling ol
apathy preventiou attending the polls,
and performinn that duty,4.which
volved on Alrovhich ...very freeman
should exercise ,with reason and Jus
tice. - e
VOTERS OE OHIO, :recollect- that
other States have recentlyperformed In
the great cause of human liberty.- Tne
-cause of democraly is ateadtly.cnwhrd
as the Ball rolls, it increases in ve
locity. It started in- ' :
Iasi year withl gain of near:
Ito.progress in - I
in 1839, ShOWS a tremendoua gain of
Since 1836, in gallant
a clear derdocratie gain of
The gait' in 1" ,1 -
'is upwards of
In little!
near ,
The glorious Green Mountain boys
have galued in 4
more than
and iu patriotic , ,
the demooratic gain is neat, if not quite
Making in ;
alone, a Den critic gainobe enormous
and unparalled amonnt of
Thus bove St000 FREEMEN IN
SEVEN ST4TES only, flocked to the
standard of Alt. VAN .1413,REkeince
hie principles have been tested, carrying
dismay end confusion into.the ranks of
bis enemies
DEmocnrrs and 1:11EEHbl?,1 of OHIO,
can you slumber at your -posts, with
these facts before your eyes I Can you
supinenese and division, suffer de.;
feat and disgrace in the midst of.the
vineral and onward progress of Dem;
octane vicioites all over the Uni
on Nol We Itnew you cannot.
Yotir -vigilance and.devotion to princi
ple will scorn such, an idea, and pros
trateall.such hopes of the country. :
Trom the Ohio Statesman. n'
Every talamity that occurred in the d
country from -1):331 to within s tea rt
months,the federalists attributed di- ti
real), to the action of -the Administra-. I,
lion. The moment n merchatit failed, 'r
Shylock ran away, or a thinllaster
concern exploded, therwere ready to.
heap theiriorrents of ahu e upon the u
adminietratioa for pausing the calarni.
At first, every mishap vas traced to 4,
the veto of the United States Bank. r
ihri nation's pickles became mOuldy 1
I-rem want of sufficient vinegar, .the
wee whig husband could see in the eh-- ,
umstance the direful effects of the 4
batik veto ; if the chilies bread and but- ,
ler fell upon the floor'and becatne be
smeared with dirt. Jackson's yet. was
cursed iu rampant term for bringing
do many calamities upon tne family. ,
Indeed, it was nia cause of all evil,
bole. public and domestfe, 'in the eati-.
mation of the federal dediagoottes.
Next came the "- remóval or't the des
poeites." That act in its turn, mottled
the pickles and knocked ihe Woad and
butter upon the ground.
Scarcely bad the patriotic fedoraliste
recovered from the effects of rhe remo
val of the '4,tieposites, We're the Sub
Treasury" the odious Sub-Treasury"
, again deranged all lbeir :domestic
) economy, and scatterei terror among
, their women and children. .
Upon this project they harped it loud
- and long," aud -attempted to convince
- the people, that if it were adopted,' no ,
merchant could tell his calicoes, no
, farmer raise potatoes, nor mechanic
make his ware. But in this they foil,.
ed, The people examited the Coned
tutionel Treasury Plan varefully, styd
found that, instead of ta -being siodi
owe," and calculated to "ruin the roan
try," it was juct the thing to secure
prosperity, and prevent the establish
to anatouracy abankere, more
lpanical than the lords ind barons who
are now cruish.ingtili: wetiorrtilid.theTlha-e
sit,a1C--aaeglePctioPns give so plain a proof of
Doithere We-decided changelin Ow;
tone' or thelederal,,,papers. k The coml....
heihardly ever.-experionred a gres-,-
Al pressure in the money market, then
exists at the present hint). The bankm.
notvithstanding tbey,sppeer to be in as
good 4, condition ao stsey former pa
riod, have411--closed -their doors against ,
merthents. -.The diteoutits are ab
solutely vothing , When tempered. with
their loriter narstrevegitne loans.' Yet '
we do not pow, hear the 4:we:virethe
want of monaijattributed tenths amt.',
sures of lbe adininistration. ,: Why this
sudden change'', Why thisnapiking of'
their ertillery 1 , Have the federal tem-:
agegues found that the peop!e cannot,
be duped by , their uoprincipnied
dere' Have they learned tbst site pee..
pie elamine.politicakquoetions for ibem,;
eelves,.4nd ihat -it is impossible tonden
ceive theml , -
17p wtth tonner, let it proudly tit-.
The foe is in the fieldthe sterna's moil
Rouse, freemen rouse, come forth ideour might!
Strike-16s for Justice, Liberty, and Right!
NAilONAL BANK OF Flik:TY Mums: .-
' For Representative,
'For 1
Tor Treasurer,
For tommissioner,
For Recorder, ,
For Assessor,
For Surveyni.
-For Prosecuting Attorney,
Democntts of " old Tuscarawps," awake I
awake I I your eneMy is now in the field. Ltt
lerninels in every township be placed -upon the
walghtower of Liberty I Democrats of Tusca
ra4ao, will you now siumbisr on your post
while your brethern in other states have turned
out to a man ? We say .again. 'awaits, arise.
and come forth, add id Batik Reform beyour
w atch-w ord , ,
DEMOCRATS. 'Prepare yourselves.--
The Federal Bank Whigs are doing
'heir atmost to defeat you; all their wiles'
and cunning, are conjured up to nver
',low and prostrate you on Tuesday
next. Tt,e Federal officer of the
minty, Priricipals,Deputies and extra
Deputies, are traversing tbe coun'y.
drumming up their aubtle dupes to a
man. that film may maks last effort
to overthrew democracy. But will you
he overthrown and trod upon by them 1
Nol Then go to the polls. - ,
FARM hK6-TO ! TH1C rOLLee--rUt
up your ploughs on Woodsy nal, la)
by 'your implemente of industry and
away to.the polls. You, , the holiest,
upright, independent, And, induottioup
'farmers of Tuscarawas county, it is for'
your interest and welfarethet we eall
upon you to go to the polls end vote the.
entire Democratic ticket.-,'. It &Tends
on yourvoleo, whetherBank influence,
Abell any longer contrell. Our -county af
(Elio; whether the priecorgrain shall be
reduced Rnd becomelte uneertein aP
the winds,by Bank specolittore. It de--
penda on you whether Bao'k agents shall
make their own Or allow you to
- have eland in selling the' products ef
' your own Jabot. It le Aheir principle
that 'the Farmer is ignorRitt, that he is
incapRble ofjudgement,Ahat he is dumb
to all the rules of buying nad solling,and
consequently ahould bow down, say
' nothing, and let them melte their own
pricee. , But Farmers of Tuscarawae,
' 'will you do it I Your very Poll cries
out NO I Then go early to the, polls'.
' Let your enemies know that, yott are
i rot yet reduced to a level with the Rum.
sian serfsthat you 'till are free, and
' although your have brawny 'srms end
' blistered bench', they too are free and
3 Can rhea DS toreng a vote in the ballot
3 box. es ever slipped limn the silk &c.v.
ed Aristocrat. ,
The second tuesday in October is ',near
at hand; Democracy is waiting' for you
Democrats. She has renovated the
West, from the threldom of Whiggery,
and hes now come home to Ohio. Bot
four more days and she will call on ell
the Democratic Mechanics of Tusca
rawas. , She will meet you openhadded
at the ballot box; and there oho expecte
you to do your duty.
hatehet. the lit,teksmith his. sloop :
hammer,.the brirklayai' his tiosnl. its ,
.haeinniterbis last,the tailor 4i needls.
the better his leaf, then one and sit go.
to the follsvate the peoples ticket
ind on fedi have dime a deed, worth)
of yourselves, an honor to your State,-
and glorious to your party. it behoves.
you all, as ou loveyour.country, your
homes and your families, to check the:
career of the Bonk swindler, the liklo
nopolieer and) ths:Aristocrat. They
are the ones wbo'would first relines the
priceof your labor,. next oppress " you;
and lastly divide you into a distinct
clasi frmn themselves, preparatory to
being dubbed their slaves. There are
such men in this country, and even in
this county.' They' are-among fhe Whig
mike. Yon sill find them at the polls,
trying to bribe and corrupt you; placing
false tickets in your hands. ' But heed
them not, discatd them as you wonld
tbe viper. Exsmine your ticket before
putting it in the ballot box. and all will
be right Lis the only way to crush them
07A mistake occurred in printing some
few dour tickets. The name. of Mr
Roberta was inserted in she place of
Mr Lewis Conwell, as a -candidate for
Assessor., Mr Roberts having resinged
the Central Committee nominated Mr
Conwell, to fill the vacancy. ',That
there might. be no misunderstsudiCfli
we have reprinted the name at the hot
tom of those tickets in which the error
, , .
Mr Con well is a Farmer,a true Dem,.
ocrat and it man every way calculated
t9 fulfill the office he is a candidate for.,
In another column will be forted ,the
proceedings of a 'meeting held at west
chester, for the purpose of nominating
an Independent candidate for Represen.
'alive. The inajority of Townships sp.
.ear tole greatly surprised at such pro-,
.ceedings. ,The nem aesigned is, to
,have a itirtn that warp for the erection '
ota 'now Colintys The regularly nom
inated candidate, Mr. Brainerd, is a
rinan that will do every thing in hieupow.
er, for the best interests of the County,
and the Democratic party. If the ma
jolity. wish a new county, he is the nian
that will urge their claims to the utmost
extent; 'he will leave nothiog undone on
his pail.'
Ilre sincerely hope that The Demo
crats in the southern townships, will not
depart. from one of the fundamental
principles dour party, and the constitu
tion; that is "that the majority shall al
ways rule.'" Should we be defeatede(of
which there is not the least likelyhood,)
it may be attributed to the measures pur
eued by a portion of 'our Tarty in the
townships alluded to, acfing in direct
violation of all the principles of the
conventionthe convention being the
fairest index of the voice. of the major
ity,Oculst be maintaine4 at all baiards,
ae long ye we espouse the iloctrines ot
Thomas Jefferson. Think of it Demo
crate as you go to the polls.
The PROSPECTS are go.pd
From every' part of the county wo heat
cheering news. The people have res
ally been awakened, lay the recent vic
tories gained river Whiggery and
right arm, .(Bank Monopolies) through,
out the Union. We feel confident that
'Old Tuscarawas,' is determined to rer..
deem herself at the coming election.
Her people have selected a ticket, set.
dom surpassed, for talent, integrity and
upright principles. She is determineil
once more to put her shoulder to thi
wheel, and endeavor. to get out of the
quagmire in which the whigs have beep
sinking her tor some time.. All that is
wanting, is unity of feeling and harmo
ny. Let one tremenduous effort be
made, all pull together,-and the vietor
is ours on Tuesday ,nerit.
At a towing of the cilium' of the southern ,
'woollies of Toscarawas. county.' held at the
mes' of Wm. Riley, in Westchester, ott Wed
itsday the 251h13eptembes, 1839, for the port.
lose of adopting Measures -to carry into etilt,:t
the erection fit new county, wherupon Rob.. ,
ed Daugherty was called to -the Chair, and -
Samuel Wright appointed mewl t the ohs ,
Pict of the meeting being briefly stated by I. Al.
Minh, ,
Resolved. thin a committee of five ha an
pointed to Wiped to the haulm the name of
suitable person as a canditiste: to represent this
county in the state Legislature.
Whereupon B.. P. Ferguson, Pr J H Rude..
Jeremiah Henan, William Boyd,' Esq. and
Brown were appointed that eommittee, who
after retiring a few mitunes, reported to the
house, the name of Col. James M'Cue, where.
upon, by a unanimous vote, Col James McCue
WaS aPPoinled es the independont caudidate for
the state legislature.
On motion of p Ferguson, the following
resolutions were adopted,
Whereas, she rights of the citizens of the;
southern townships of Tuscamwas county, Lary.
heen:repeatedly trampled upon... , -
Resolved. that we -will beat it i ai hand -
, always at it, untilwe accoo plish our purpose '
of ofitaining a tiewtounty ,
Resolved, that we discard all party pnittice anti
unite tn supportingCol James fticCuA as our
repeasentaltve to tint state legislature tied bats
lot 'boz. !
....It-Weise& thailhe proccectings of this meet
ing be signed by the Prescient and Eecretarý, -,. if .i
and pribbeited in the Tuscorawas Advocete end T a
. ,
-obi Dentocnkt - ' 1
, ti, ,,,. R DAUGHERTY, ! - -
, -
3' . . -- 1 '.. : ', President.
Samuel Wiled,
The Grain Market.Although
preent prices of grain, are somew hat
detrimental to the farmers interests:
still we adviae them not to be alarrped.
Our opinion is that wheat will comniind
a fairer price in a week or two after the
election, than it does bt present.. We.
may be mistaken; but as far as we cap
see into millstone, it is evident-that the
Banks are at their old games; expan
ding and contracting,' to suit their own
wily purposes; entirely regardless of
the farmer and the mechanic, whether
they obtain a subsistence or -not, by
their labor.' Should such things be 1
Should the tiller of the soil, much lon
ger eaccumb to such rascality 11 Them
is yet.a remedy for this growing evil.
That is the ballot box. Remember it
Beware date hue and cry of Yankee!
Yankee 11 Yankee! 1 raised against
Sebastian Brainerd, It is a mean, con
temptible mode of electioneering. I
was deceived once by the Whigp, but
I will answer for my German friends,
that neither they, nor myself, will be
gulled out of our voleF; we will go the
whole - Democratic ticket. Whigs,
bawl and yell Yankee, as long as you
plaits(); you can't coax us, you shan't
drive us from our democratic path. We
will go en mane, and support Sebastian
Brainerd; Yankee or no Yankee, for he
is a democrat, and the candidate of the
democratic convention. Whiggies you
can't scare us, you can't frighten uspor
you can't defeat us. - ,
, A Gorman. ,
Tbi ii the fait struggle of abinplas-
ter federaliim. ',If it doeti not tow suc
ceed, it-te DOWN' FOREVER. 'Give'
ue a good democratic majOrity THIS
FALL, and United States Back whip
gery shinplaster federalism !- MO
otber scheme invented by efficeeeeking
demagogues. to gratify their selfish de.,
sires. vitt' be completelY niter up. John
L. Green's plan tor 'MORTGAGING
the farms of the yoernanrv. to Bankers.
will be cffectually VETOED 1Ohto o
&Oilman. P
Huriareds of gcrod whir, and a few
who pretented to be democrats,. base
been defaulters. Tke administration
has tried hard to proeure,the moil of
sucklaws es-would put it beyond tbe
power of any maw to steal the-public
money. The Whig ,leadere:in.and out
of Congreso,' have Uniformly. oppesed
ouch laws. And .e by 1 Probably be-,
cause they - were willing the money
should be stolen if their friends could
be stealers; They' raise a tremendeua
outcry if a democrat proves to be a
villain but when a whig rube -away
with millions they are as whist as mice.
The Democrats act upon a totally dif
ferent principle. They .desire the pun
ishment of every , villain; whether be le
whig er democrat.--phio &amnion.
It is importent that we should have a
legislature composed Of our friends;it is
important that those' districts that have
senators to elect,' send men (levoted;"to
the cause; and it is important that the
adminiatration of Mr Van Buren should
be sustained in all. its ueeful and prvp
er measures against the Fame eitato
erotic federal faction, which labored to
annoy and thwart the salutary acts IX
the Jetrersonian Administration in 1E01.
A II these objects ran be effected on tho
part Mist, by Hermony, union and
Concert,.among ihe repuLlicens of the
state. Nothing 'Ise io Avanting. IV
have the power. Let vs preset ve vs.
Imo& en. The PEOPLZ are with im -
Let vs. stand together, then. and wtt
will prove invincible Dem. S'park..
Constitutional Currency State,
41itill EMIT bills Of CREW or Mike nti$,
i tender in payment of debts."--Art.,1,,,
See. 10, Constitution.
Weiudge from reading the Federal
mere that they are not aware that
there is such a document in existence
tbe Conatitution; we would therefore
direet the. attention of their editors tfts
r. the fact. end in all kindness adviso
them to appropriate sixpence is the por--
chase of one.V. Er
The Democrats of Kentucky have eal
r led .a State Convention, for the purbose
r of nominating Ciudidates for Governor
and Lieut. Governor. Akio to put in
1 nomination' Eltitors for President ard
Vice PreMdent.(X. Spark.
Pork and Cotton Spectilations.The
Indianapolis Journal says the State
Bank of Illinois lost Fifty Thousand
dollars, lately in a Pork speculation.
The Planters Bank of hotelier), have
lost Six hundred thriusand Dollars, on ,
their cotton peculation last year.
The Southern Banks and Central too
will learn at last, to confine then selves
to their legitimat.e bu'snesa of cliscoun.
ting mercantile paper.(N. Y. Com
SPECIE going East.The St Loil's
Berubliran, of the I3th ult,says:We
learn, in pursuance or the contract by
which the Bank of Missouri became
the depository of the revenue of the U.
S., collected in this and some of the Rd
joining states, she has stripped, and is
now slipping, four hundred and filly
thousand dollars in opecisoo N. York.
The last shipment was merit yesterday,
and itbas all gene forwardi,within a
A Unrtnen. month'. ,
ib hoped that the Judges or Elections, who '
return the Poll Boolo, will do it by Wednesday A commitnicatnn itit,,areAdeocite signed
110096 6. - MOVER,'tyill be anti, )n our niritighl ,
, . ,
- 41,71;
. ,
,-- ,Aru
'tt a N
-will d
, - , -tfiot.-
) pende
- ftery e
- - .tracti
. - .c:o1
4 - .
I .,'-,1.0 ,. ,--
1 - - j:!..1 . 4"
1 '' ,' I ,d,"'
, ., , ,1 ,,, , ,
' .' ''' t' ''' '
i ,' i. )',,i. - ,
, , ?,,, , '
I :,,."t s,.: ,t '
I ,7' ''''. ' . ,
;' 4." '''
' ' ..i,-' ''' 1 .
: , -.,
,t k '
' ', ,- -
,... : -:, j, 7
'' l',, ,
' : 1 ;
'''' 1 .:,., ," -
. ,
1 '
.. ,
k '
'' l',4,.' "',1
1 '-' - 10- 'j'; '
' 1,,.: I
i''' ''''.: "1
1 4 '1'1 ,1'
'' ,t, :' .1..
t 1$' .1
,. .,? : 1,,,
7. ' 34'4' il'.
. . k..:,, .''', i 11' ''' ..
i ,,,,,i -
' ' 4 "1!
-- n . ' l
4 l'. '
, .
, .
t ;' 41 ,
.4' '', ..1.--'-'''' s -1, .
,', ;,'.I------------- coon
4 1,, d.,
''''.1 I i
1 1' 'to at
- expel
i , - - -if
11:' ,. age y
if yo
's .
- the el
. entift
We .r.
''(,' ''.,-......,- the t
1 lAr
1'' , ?, "rt,:,. ::-.44..T
',. ,,,, ,t ,,, ..,,,c,1
,- .-1,-",k . - .4:te.1
,,,r' .,.,.,, , ;iimis
",r, ,--- - tReP
'' '1' . " IThe
. ;'
's . 1 f'116,01
''' . -mead
--- ".1-, : , mot
, ,.. oleree
i - 41141 Ih--- ' -4
. .,,-,,, . A s- are.
, ,,, 11:, xeilei 1
,.., ,.., - . k -!.,,,,.,,,r1
( - - ' .e-amt
k. -
1 ; 4, ,-. ....writ,
, f. ,' -.Demi
11, , 1-.';:-'"- ,' -el 111
, ; ' 4 2. wootti
Is), Sfili ' . mon? I
,..., , ,. ' Wale
i'.fi ''.- , ' :1. hel
I. , '' , .Amen
ks1 ,- , iliv
,---''',', It - , ''.'..111
-- 4' jtaiit
;,' ;- '
-1-'? ,' -, ' 4ilfeld
' :' 4," ;'. .,i, iotre
-',' t ''." --: . , ;010r.
,', ! . 1 'It-.. .;
' b :,., '-. ,, 1,
,..,,f ' :.. ' , '.'; k, ; ,
, ' 4 : 1 41
, - ' , '.': 1 1 , N.
: ' F ,,' k,i Tt
I:' :t ; -.it
' i - , ,
s ' ' - t
------.41 wi
',- 1 ' t 't 4;vut ej
0, , :,, i ,'Tzt
, x ido
- .;,, . '; f th
' , 4 ''',. ()JA-W
siztx 72..,0 ,bertt
11 11 is 1 1
1 ,
1 '; '1-. ' : - -1.7:::, ,' ,:";.
..,' '': . ;,; it'e -,,'-' , 1 1 ,
A German. inonth ' ' 1 '
led ., -,.. 9.1
It lo hoped that the Judges or Elections, who ' . "Ï.: -sr '-' . t
Ct. return the Poll Books, will do it by Wednesday A commitniceton , it,totee'Adrocite signed e
110096 ,..t ' 6. - i .TOVF,11,' !Yin be anti, ..:,,1 )n our nes , ..,
t $,
, I, - ,. LI - 4 171; i''.,.a 1 4.: e4es'; f., ',, ;; -
A )
' ' el " ' - .,1 4 , t
A o- - !
- , ,, r-,.. , , , ,,,, ,
, . . , , s.--- , - t,,3- , -7, ',' -' '-' 't-
, ... .
, . . .
,,,..,--,- . ,.,, T ,
. ",4p'' 'aro now crusb
. 4 - - . ' ' , - , ' ' 1,oiialc,,,,c-PgFePcetioPoise I
, . ,,, - Jr- : ' .
. , .
, .
, , ,
., ,.
.--, 'IA., ,
-----14 ,
of the ciiitene tbe sotithein jgt
foams's. county. held at the t.
Kiley, in Westrhester, on Wed- t
8eptembet, 1839, for the pore , Jt,
rig Measures -to carry into
new county, wherupon
was called to 'the Chair, and
t appointed tecretary I the ob.
ring being briefly stated by M. '
it a committee of five be an.
rid to the honor the name of
as a canditiste to represent this , ,
ate Legislature. '
B. F. Ferguson, Pr 3 H Kurtz. ,
id, William Bovd,'Esq. and tit,
eppointed that committee, tvbo I
few minutes, reported to the )
, 1'. ',,,

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