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The Ohio Democrat and Dover advertiser. (Canal Dover, Ohio) 1839-1840, October 17, 1839, Image 3

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,,:.-Ito,....,..4,;...-4--7,--,4----t-x-, ,--'---:--'1', 4,.. . . . , ,..,,;;, ,-, .
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'' ''' - - '.-4,,,.. ,., t ,;..1'''','";.r.t '44,4A,v eT 40 ,,t ) 0 r
1 --,.,y,ir
tar boo been Death to binisdf, ju 1-
From ths Ohio ,taiestnatik:ens. I
rd. 1-.1 o-2.
, ' 01110 EI.E0 ria0A S. . .
' -SENATORS. ,-, ,
: - v , DEM. FED.
ð - '90natora elected last year, 12 5
r l'his year. ' ' .
,ii, Franklin Ind Pickaway, 1
tit Iligiland and Clinton, 1
ii ' Clark, Champaign & Logan, - 1
-4Guernsey and Monroe, 1
-I, Belmont, 1
- ,', Ilainition, 1
Perrv, Morgan, &c,
1 1 ...s
1 Muskingum, 1
Itosi. 1
.; Belmont,
,' Hamilton,
Perrv, Morgan, tte.,
'Jefferson, .3
It Columbtana, .
i Clermont,
i Cuyahoga, -
i' Portage
Lona, kood, Sze.,
, 1 (;eau0a and Ashtabula,
, 0
. i, ,
, i
i ,
. , , . ..-
entrstmrpoor..1.1.------ .--....anomelorN011P W
1, . Apia! II as Leen Death to himadt,jui-
Eróla ths Ohio Z;tiaiestnatiEztra. - -", I
,ng (into the , fact ',that tal'ecven...
' 01110 El,i0 110AI S''' . Allies!. friends cast their votes for hid,
- ' -SENATORS. ',-, '.. . l'bis own Township bo Ott Indepen
- .--' - :1 DEM. FED. e(it hobby; 'we have it from your owl
Wore elected last year 12 5. ,iwnsman Dr." . , ., 1,- ' ' -
, ,, I - 1
1.1'his year. '. ' - "Anti Gas' if 1 knoidlum ee 1 think 1
Pstinklift Ind' Piekaway, ' 1 lo, will not 'skulk' from' the tbreatinini
Iligtiland and Clinton, 1 Lgaze of the J etupeilduou ' oracle of ill('
Clark, Champaign & Logan, - 1 liaigittte atecton day;,,h .deapiaes hum-:'
Guernsey and Monroe, I bugs is well lie bumbu gem Hewitt sii. -
Delmont, 1 . cept of the !earned Doctor's kind offer,
Hamilton, 1 ' and subject his heed tethe careful seri)
Perrv, Morgan, &e., .1 . tiny of the editorialptirenological Mag.
Alus.kinguln, 1 netiser on one tendpion, viz. let the
Rose, , 1 able editor forward a ' Pest ,of his own
Jefferson, - -A . 1 ' ikull, to the Dêmeerst 0111te and -it
, ., 11,
Richland, 1 Ole delineationn tespond Ao the- true
Columbiana, ' . 1 , ' character of the MED 111 the ettia'sagatt(
Clermont, 1 i developementsiof theY organs of 'Atarf
Cuyahoga, - 1 1 velousness and Selfesteem, then will lAn
Portage . 1 ti Gas' bow to frreeistible convictions
Lucas, kood, tizo., ' 1 and to li;r3 critical handling Of the Mass
Gimp and Ashtabula, 1 sillon Phreuologial.sf' - l-,..; ,1- - , ':'
' , 4, ; ' -, .. :ANTI tiumnuGi,
Belmont, ' - ,, .
'' Montgomery,
1 Clark, ,
1 Champaign, ' , -
2 Morgan,
, Guernsey, '
Wayne, ,
, Logan,
'1 Muskingum,
) Highland,
'', Licking,
, Green,
' Butler,
, Perry,
Ross, Pike and Jackson,
4 Harrison, .
Columbiana, '
:' Medina, - ,
i Richland,
1 bandosky and Seneca,
' Clermont,
Miami, Dark and Mercer,
. Stark,
Shelby, Sze.
Washington, ,
, Portage,
Lucas, Wood, Sze.
Ituscarawas, .
( Lucas, Wood, Sze., 1
Usauga and Ashtabula, 1
r I 444 1 21 10
Franklin, I
, Pickaway, ,
Pelawarej -
rairfiold- and- Hocking, 2
Knox, , ,
I ,
tAkvi M U iN ICAliths.
' 't
L', For the Democrat.
v,, Messrs Editors--The Massillon
1 , Gazette of sleet week, figurea rather
) lam,dy in his effint to 'Magnetise "Anti
Gas," our townsman'to tongue like his
being ever in advance dins brain; but
aa he is a visionary being, and matters ,
. of fta0 are all moonshine with him, 1
,' will therefote indulge his guessing pro
; pensity. ,
, ' His remarks are intended to reach a
1 . certain. Doctor in Canal Dover, jndging
' 1 from his very emphatic expressing's, but
: the learved editor has ecarcely mind
'- enough for limn consumption, and
, prudence would dictate an economy of
: that precious article. '
i Thevery intelligent Doctor has in ,
' k. his benevolent feelings proscribed
,' -,'.-- Meril gruellfor the 'tunic'. of 'Anti Gas.' '
'' I-low far that Gentleman mil be indebt
ed to him for the originality of pre.
;'' ecription as well as thought, I am not
i prepared to say; but the Ductoreat whom
, lie dtreete bis murderous bhot, inight up- ,
) i on a very cursory examination of his ,
-' case, disuover to the harried editor, an '
',it. tmbecility of mind, which would fruit
, trate every remedial agent, and which
'-;,... could be relieved only by some super
' ' natural power in reducing the chaos
,, which now exists, to some system of.
, '"' order.
As he in his hallucinations of mind,
', views 'Anti gas' ea a professional man,
i:. it becomes me as his friend to recipro
, , cate courtesy; and in consideration of
g . iii8 tender of", Aleal gruel, I will pre
, scribe for hie benefit; and as I consider
ti., him a patient now under iny charge, I
't would crge him, if he regarde the dem.'
1' der cnrd by which' his ideas are con
) . neeted, to spend his genius on Stark
4 County; its borders are quite oufficient
,-,,, iday fur hie Gigantic mind. He may
eve-creed. 'himself, end death, inevitable
C,'!, ,
1,: 'teeth would be the consequence. and a
i.'--;- coroners inquest would bring in the
..4 - piteous and lamentable verdict "the able
la Doetor came to his death by a strain."
- He says 'Anti Gas' itt anything but a
'17 poliliciant" play What is the karned Drt
i4' Ile rides so many bobbi lb it is difficult
',;.' to ffind him on terra ins. , At one
time he ' figures as a ,,ingrado, pre
scribing bloodletting atia-sPukesat, a
eother timei riding , anklinimal called
:,Magnetism, again foppishly feeling a-,t,
, bout the ladies heady', fondling and whis
, eing after fulsome flattery, of which he
1.4,, ' is the greedy- recipient,and last of all a
, ''' ,. brilliant sterol the editorial Club, deal
iing out politics of a soft kind. '
JO The leaded Magnetieer says '"Atili
ilia le death 16 the Demoerat." If we
can dr W 'an inference, he in his edito
nal c ecr, with all.bis ,atrurte., to .be
PR myricA ta CON'SIDERATION'S. ',to a tul) of water aud was drowned. ,To
add to the mothers distress, .the,threo
.- It is the destiny ' of Mankind, , in' the
bittoti.bt the snake died in
present age of the world, either to drive I Iyht) were
or be driven. To which will the Miner; tW.? hours after, ' ' ,,,,
ken people submit t Ilia ac' know ledgiJ 1 .,,,''' - -
e swallowkr a. flertn."A rammer-4w
on all bands that an intenor paper cur- onnecticut,who has occupitiirthe same
toner- keeps us in subordination to farm, on lease, tor about thirty years
Great Britain, and that this denionstra4
,,,.. ,.. , as. ..,. ,, .11 ,..... A.al past, was ;complaining that be bad
toner.' keeps us in subordination to
Great Britain, and that this dentonatra.;
ble fact is the POMO of all our diffi
culties. The first impulse of every re.
publican mind is to exclaim 61Let us be
free!' and this can easily be realized by
the elevation four currency.
The first thing we want is a means
of securing a certain Amount of real
money in the country, as basis not ens
ly of credit, bat also of ordinary trade.
The best mode that could be devised by
the wisdom of man for the accomplish..
ment of this putpose, is the collection
and disbursement of the entire revenues
of the country in the coin of the res
public. This may not amount to more
than twenty or thirty millions a year,
but the effect upon our foreign eschew.,
ges would be such as to cause at least
a hundred and twenty millions of apes
cie to be constantly circulating among
us. In short we should have as much ,
of the constitutional cnrrency of the
conntry as we could possib!y require.
This is the great qusstion before the
country, and the people begin to
perceive how beneficial ite effects muat
necessarily be upon all the producing
classes. There is now acarcely a di
vision of opinion upon this matter, a.
mong thinking people, whatevever may
be their politics. The Whigs' are fal
ling into it every day, aud it is almost
a settled question.
What folly then it is for us to suffer
any difficulties to exist among ourselves
upon this question. All shades of dif
ference, all personal prejudices ought to
merge into the- wand consideration,
shall we &feat tke footman enemy I
Every democrat worthy of the name
will answer, 'Yes!' and we ought cer
tainly to bury all these pRitry thougn,
perhaps, honest differences of opinion,
and go 'unanimously fur tho persons
who may be nominated, according to
party regulations, and in accordi.net,
with party mechanism For the ItLlistation
of the State. After much caretrul
into the matter, we are confident tha:
these rules of party are good and sound;
the best that can be proposed for the
achievement of great and good ptinci
ples.--Through our pritnary mectinge
we have placed the whole matter itt
hands of the people, and upon their de.
clition we ought to spontaneously re.
ly. Lot us beat the "Whigs."..X. Era.
The following is the result of the E
lection in Tusearawas county. For
Representative, John Evt thard, for
stitinft; E. Jones, for Treasury, J.
Overholt, Whigs, end we hove Elected
the Recorder, 13, Seaton, for Commis
nor, S. Miller, for Assessor, L. Con
well, Pros. Attorney, J. D. Cumtninb.
Surveyor D. B. Deepen.
arrival of the ship Canada, Copt Hicks,
advices at New York form the Coles
Ina Empire are brought down to the
14th of May, at which time the troubles
of the foreignera were not ended, al
though some progress bad been made
in bringing their affairs to a conclusion.
It appears that after the delivery ot
the opium, the British superintendent
and the Aniarican and Dutch consuls
applied to the commiisioner for leave to
withdraw from China-for their country
men as well ea themselveswhich waP
It would seem that the foteign resi
dents had sighed the bOnd noticed in
our last sumtnary of China newv; so it
is inferred from expressions in an arti
ele from the Canton Register, imputting
bed faith to the commissioner, and char
ging him with non-fulti:ment of his pro
mises. The fiigate Columbia was still at
Maco when the Cauada sailed; the John
Adams had also arrived frotp Manilla.
Permission had been given to bhip
catgo on board vessels waiting, but the
shippers were not allowed to go into the
warehouses of the hong merchants and
examine the teas furnished; so that the
only dependence for quality was on the
honesty of the hong merchants.
Tne Chinese are said to be expecting
and preparing for hustile measures by
the English. They have erected anoth
er fort at the Boca Tigris; and shad a
strong chain ready to throw across the
narrowest lart Of the strait, as also a
numbs!. of boats laden with stones',
which, in calm of a hostile visit, they
would sink .,rt the etannel..,
The owners end. consignees of tin
pion) aurtendered to thithinese, wet.'
bout sending delegates tn. England;
apresent their grievance.
From tlie Canton Reg liter of 'May 14
By pritrate lettere from Bombay via.
ilengal parties in Canton base been in.
rurmed.ithat the': cholera is malty
heedful ravages.- Death often super
:genes in one hour After the attack; ane
cro sit the distress, the inhabitant,
ile suffering undet gt'eat scarcity oi
we, num tif the wells betng dry.
nattiinore Patriot.
Wornartin Indiana, toCently sent
three other children to look fur eggs
in a hen's nomt near the house. Theyran-eagerly'
and thruzt their:hands into
Dealt Whi'O's tamp copperheaded onake
lying jail,' attackel and 'bit thei w hole
three. The 4' hearing '2'theit
screams. ',ran to limit assistance, and
while absent ,t.he youngest child fell in
been able to lay up nothitig from his - cora nre deranged,and rantiot perforni their pro
CERTIFICATES. per functions, the whole system sutlitrs and be
thirty years labor. A neighboring store
' OZTLetter from the Hon Abhham Al'Clel
keeper otkred to explain to him the rea. Ian, Sullivan ('' ' . " '
minty, Last lennessee, Mem. conies dismdered. Knowing this to be a sound
; and demonstrated fact, in science and experi
son, and proceeded as follows :--66 Dur- ber of Congress.
ing the last thirty years that you have WASHINGTON, Illy 3d, 1838. I et:ce, Doc-ron I ewes Swum ov I'mwricif is in
fulthful accordauce with it. lie aints to keep
Sir Since I have been in this city, I have the Stomach, Lungs end the Liver, in vigerous
been on that farm, I have been trading
ufisneidtagreie,e0filt-yttonidir Dsayt;tpleapttie medicine with in- and healthy action, as the three great fountains
in this store ; and the distilled spirits I ;on, on Ind b I ieve it to
have sold you, with the enterest of the be a most valtiable rerneed e of my i of health and life. For this .purpose his pills
con4t are compounded of herbs, which strengthen and
money,. would have made you the own. stilucets, Dr. A. Garden, ofCattinhull county,
er of the farm you hav.Journal of las. Tennessee, wrote Me to Bend hint some,
I tlid, and he had eutployed it very successfully I equalize the action of the heart, and give an im
'Ali"' pulse or strength to the arterial system, at the
manity. '
in' his iiraetithi. and sat a it iii nit ninniiin NI r. 1
I stone titne quicken the action of the absorbent
...-1 .1;,...t..........., wismenh. nmi na all that COrft,0
Died on Senday evening the 13Ih
inst. in Dover, Mr. Alexander McColl:.
nell, Esq. in the 50th year anis age.
The Rev. Mr. BY1NGTON, will preach at
the Presbyterian meeting house, in this place at
half past 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and usual
time in the afternoon.
Wheat, per bushel,
Corn, IS
Oats, "
Potatoes, "
Flax Seed, "
Timothy Seed,
Clover Seed,
Butter, per lb.
allow. 14
Country Sugnr,
1,4!!!Ft, pol doz.
Flour, rr 661.
LIMT of Latter remnining in 11,41-Po,t-LIfile
at Canal Dover, of quarter ending Sept. 30111
Dr. John P Andrews
John Andrews
Miss Mary Atwood
Ahrahan Breminger
Win Barton
Benjamin Bear
George Bngher
Benjamin Brown
Mr Callenhaugh
Stephen Coe
Christian Deardorff
'Samuel Deardorff
Thomas El !limo
Joh Everhart!
John Fisher
Reuben Finton
Samuel Forney
llamas I'm man
Thomas Gasuch
iliarles Glaser
Win Green 2
',harks Grater
loseph Gedess
Iteitjamin Gasuch
Charlotte Darbogh
scot) Ross
tohn Hatfield Wm Sid liter
Itichael Harper Samuel Sala 2
Virg Rebecca HashroohJoseph Talbott
Ilazahe II Harbough Alfred Wiutrott 2
Samuel Ilarhouph Jacob Whaling
iamuel ilcrinington
LIST of Letters remaining in the Post 011
lice at Shatiosville, Ohio, quarter ending 3011,
Brewer Abigar
Ilatisse Leotot
Deal Ahreharn
Frinshr Christian
Fretorions Leonard
Frederick Frederick
Oct. 1. 1839.
THE following i
the Post Office at I
1839. :
Be Ikunp B S
BM' ns Mary
Caleb Jones & co -
Everhard John
Kline Jacob
Laughlin John
Maditi Joseph
Miley Ebenezer
Inn liairiwkl.ltouse
Thomas Kline
Mrs Martin Kitch
Len loin
Jacob Long
Christian Myer 2
John Miticharil
Joseph Monroe
;Erillia McFarland
Ito id Moorti
Corirao Aevcollwr
Alr Packer
Mrs Elizabeth Ridor
Thomas Stroinson
Joseph ;Smith
Mr Su'iliart, Preacher
Daniel Struger
John Stny
Jonathan Swiliart
James Sperow
Jacob Sprat& le
Henry Snyder
Jarnes Smith
Miss Massa Honer Sheekles
Harstine Abraham
Harmon Micheal
Hilmar Christ
Sitlenhently Joseph
Thompson Thomas
Vail J. Dr.
it a List Leiters remaining in
Bolivar, on the 20th of Sept.
Moreland David,
Minnie William
M' Kee Jetnes L
M'Murray Robert
Staley Barbard
Swank John
Warner George
Wing Otis
:7; t'rt
DLIT; la.,nvausP
ErDr. Evans' Office for Medical COliStiltd
rion and idvice, 100 Ckatharn 'street, IN. Y.
rittendance is given for personal consul.
taijonv Immediate answers are returned to
eotiutr5;:letters, which must minutely describe
tile case; and contain a remittance for advice aitd
medicine, which can be forwarded to any part
ofthe world, however distant. No ditneulty
ean (mem as the medicine will be securely pick.
ed, and letters ofadvica! carefully protetted from
from disettses'oftlic Stomach, Liver, Bowels
Niltvous diseases, liver complaint. dyspepsia, 4,g--
bilious diseases, piles, ulcers, female weakness, e,1 L,,g,,, ,4
and ill cams of hypochondriacism, lowspirits, sok$ et: the thEte, 1 ( heth.,,,, ,tio I, N,
palpitation of the heart, nervous irritability, ner- ,
VOUP licakness, fluor slims, 'Malin! weakness.' . ,
-Yol k;
indigestion, loss of trmente, heart luirogentiral -
debility, Wilily weakness. chlorosis or green ,
sickness, 'llattilency, hysterieal faintings, hystcr.
VT ,TrtIV,C1
les, liodachesvhiecup, sea sickness, night uiare . -', DR . It Li ift 1 .z.,3
rhenmatism, asthma , tic douloureux, cramp, .
spasmodic affections, and those who are vit..
tims so that most excruciating disorder, Duut, . - FOR
Will find relief from their sufferings, a course of CONSUMPTION, DISPEPSIA, AND II,
Dr. Evans' medicine. . .
Pains in the side, chest, limb, head. stomach 1 ,
a awa ..,, .., ,,1 I 6'.." ''s"....- I , ,
or hack, dimness or cotilbsion fit sight, alternate i ,
flushes of heat and chilliness, tremors, watch-1 Ad the eninvment of health depends on pro
logs, agitation, anxiety, bad Mews, prisms, ' serving the functions or the 8amuck ,Lerer, in
,m13111.1rial ar:d al,I "14'1" til5e1"81 Ore Bt1"0811 testifies anti Lungs, in a healthy and vigorous
fully treatecrby W. EVIII1P state, tlyough the operations of wiliih the body
' receives its growth, its nun ition, its sei)port, it
I can no longer be astonishing that WhCri these vis
. .
rri my., e elm, c 1 cora are deranged,and cannot pertorni their pro
Te""e"w3t 1" Rend 8"let "i" pu'ise or strength to the arterial syst-etn, at the 1
I did, and tie had euiployed it very successfully ! same tittle quicken the action of the absorbent ,'
iir.his practice, and, ea)s it is 191:019able. ith and discharging vessels ; and as all the secre
Johnson, your agent at thi8 place, thinks you
would probably like at, agent in 'Eennessee.
tions are drawn from the blood, any morbid ac
' tion which niny have taken plue is removed,
so, I would recommend Dr. A. Garden as a all obstructions are overcome, the blood la im
proper person to officiate for the sale of your ett, awl the body assumes a healliful state..
celebrated medicine. Should you commission These pills give tone to the stomach, increase
hint, he is willing to act for you. You can semi ! th9 appetite, anti eminently expel all acid or
the medicine by water to the care of Robert : morbid niatter through the execretoty duels in
King & Sons, Knoxville county, Tennessee, ' to the passage of the bowels. In all cases of
or by land to Graham & Houston Tazewell, , Consumption, Indigestion or Dyspepsia, Bilious
East Tenn. I have no doubt but Wpm had a- Affections, or Liver Gomplaints, Heartburn,
gents in several counties in East 'Tennessee, a Sourness or Acidity in the btoinalh, Tightness
great deal of your medlcine wonlii be sold. I at the Chest, Loss of Appetite, Sick head A
am going to take sonie of it home with me che, Pain tu the Heed, ack, Limbs and Side,
my own use, and that duly friends, and should 1 Flatulency, Typhus and Suarlet Fever, Pun id
like to hear froni you whether you would like Sore Throat, Fever and Ague, or Intermitting
amagentat Bluntville, Sullivan county East Fevers, Gina, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sciatica,
7'entt. I can get some of the merchants to act
for yeti, ns I live near there.
To Dr. Win. Evans, 100 Chatham lit. N. Y.
ABRAHAM J. CREMER, residing at 66
Mott ftreet, New Yot k, WdS ufilicted with Dys
pepsitt most aggravated form. The symp--
louts were violeid headache, groat debility, fe
ver, costiveness, cough, heat thburn, pain in the
chest aud stomach always alter eating, impaired
appetiol, !ctisation of sinking the stomach,
10111SC;i; with restlessness. These
hatitutinned ttptvtatts of tweiveniontlt, when
tto consulting, Dr. Wm. Evans, 100 Chatham
outanating to his over smcesgful and
agreeably mode of taeatment, the patient wa8
completely restored to health in tile short space
ni one month, and ,gratelUi for the incalcniabie
ak;::,t derived, gladiy 611 ward and vol..
nnove statement.
Dr. V M. EVA N.'s' A) wheal Oflico, 13r,
Chatham atrept, Mow Vork.
lettolea to its he ?dr. Ian , of Alhaoy, a
highly re,tpttetAle member of 110, cooneolly,
mil whose voneity t!ntiliot (1(111Ffrit;
'6epteshies Kendall, of the town of
;wino, enemy of A lbary, was 11,r about '27
rears trmil;10,1 widi it nervous and hilitats
toil, milich for 7 yells rendered hint unable Co
memo tu Itmiliess, anti derma the last rivet!
vears otitis illness was confined to the house
;Its H:iliptoms were dizziness, pain in the head
aid side, palpitation of the heart, went ()hype.
.ite tte. After expending curing his confine.
ment, nearly three hundred dallars witliout ob,
Ittinieg any permanent relief, lie by accident
antietti an advertisement of 1)t. W. Evans,
:Nintendo and Aperient Pills, and was consm
pettily induced to make a trtal of them. After
asitiA them about a fortnight, he was nide tt.
walk out; iti months he could attend to
Imainess, and eotisidered his disense entirely
mmoved. The 01)01H information vvas given to
ihe sabsetiber hy Kendall hiniselli then)
an, therelute he no deception.
U'Another Very sewn of Inflammatory Thew
nudism cured ty Dr. 15u. Leans' Illed.rive.
Mr. John A. Carroll, of the coordy of West
chester, town of North Castle, New York, lind
been severely afflicted with inflammatory rheu
matism for fourteen monilis with violent pains
in his !hobs, great beat, excessive thirst, dry
'less of shin, limbs much swollen, was not aliic
without assistance to torn in bed Ihr six week,
Ilad tried vairous remedies to tin fsGet 14 Hs
advised by H friend of his to procure some rit
Dr. W. Evans' medicine of 100 Chatheni ono t
New Yor1, whielt lie immediately sent for; and
eller taking the first dose found great relief,
and in continuing its use according tn the direcs
lions for ten days, wits perthetly cured. Allow
me to refer any person to him for the truth of
the above statement.
Dr., Wm. Evans' Medical Office 100 Chas,
ilium street, New York where the Doctor niO
be consulted, and his niedieine procured. ''
Oct. 1.1839. IrtESPECTFULLY inform the public that
, . they have purchased the Faddle & Hat.
ness miking establishment belonging to John
aln'relatsnuoari aattildd inn)inetnildir elotticarry on the business
OU Ste bereby notified to Parade
in tilb.town of Dover, Ort Saturday saddles in the newesa
t thrsehinoinenanntdidzhooteres'at
the 19th nt October next, at 10 o'clock, material& . ;. ,
A. M., fully uniformed and equiped ac- A L S 0 , ' '
All kinds of carriage, Dearborn ,wagon and
cording to law, for the purpose of train
111.ciat harness', with every other article in our
ing and Inspection, a ' punctual attem rine of business which is required in the coon
dance is required, as the law requires t y. , ., .
one or more additional Regimental rims. They flatter themselves that the it'ilihtion of
their work will be satisfactory ,to those who
tera. The commandant of said coin.
will sell on modem
pany is reqnired to notify the officers of ' m"Y etiMMY them' TheY
to notify the mem" try 1 '
I ate terms and take all kinds ()reproved court.
companies, and they pro( nee in payment.
hers of companies ofauch muster; 1 IslowPhiladelpitia, July 301h, 1839 it. .'
' ' F. D. MittlEAL, 1---- ,
11.:Ukts,C73 rILLI3e
Ppr Costiumition, Dppepsia, did Li
, e0 Complaint. s-- -
Reader, aro lou rilinited with lidigestion','
Costiveness, Sour Eructstions, LOOP of 'Alpe.
Ms, Water Rash Pain or Distress at the Sto
mach, Sickness oiler Eating, Languor, Paipita
tion of the Heart, Lowness of epirits, fain in
the Bead, Breast, Baeli,,and timbs, Dizziness
and Confusion of Sight, a fear of some Im
pending Evil. Restlessness, a Dislike for Food,
-vith other Nervous Syniptonis, bring before
you tile PiCtOPO ()Nile Dyspeptic, and Consump
tive patient. Having resolved to remedy them
procure immediately a box of Dit. nuNrs
PILLS, a never failing and efficacious remedy
for those dreaded lims iniman happiness Dys
pepsia, tiiiIistimption and Liver Complaint, and
the whole traiiie Melancholy sffictIons twig.
ing from disessetrofthe Stomach, Liver, Bowels
and Lungs.
Sokt, at: the Eve, I 1,cffit.ni Mei I, N,
Spasmodic Affections, and 'Fie Doloureux, Con.
vulsions or Children, Nleasles,Stnall Pox, Mop
ing Gough. it-tickets, Teething, Wortns, Fe
male Obstructions, Chlorosis or Greeti Sick
ness, and Rejections of rood, and Costiveness,
Colic, whether flatulent or Bilious, follow the
ÐOSEl'ake from three to ten pills, till they
operate, two or throe times daily. The use of
the pills must be persevered in till a cure is eS
Si leh n8 DYSrEPSIA, either Chinni or Gnus
under the worst symptoms tit restlessness ;
Lowness or 6pitits and General Emaciation:
ctivseorrtos, wlisatisr tit tile Lungs or Liver;
1,1 Ett. it tI'ECT IONS. .1A UNDICE, both
t-pasnioilic; Costiveness ; Worms
of. evory varww. ttlieuttiatisin, whether A.
eilio or chronic; toriulior with GOU'r, 'dem
l'abts ni the Head, Gank, Liitilis;. and
Hido, 'New's ScATILET ETV ER,Pos
triri 'Haunt, FLA Ell, and AGUE,
nOpi!utiuli or the Gem t and Ar
tclics, Nerverts Nervous Weak.
ness, Ilysteritts The leelonreux Cramps Fes
male Obstructions, Heartburn, Ileadaehe
Cough, tliti COMili011 Of honed, and the Dry
or the Whoopitig; ASTHMA, Gravel, and
The Blood has hitherto been considered by
Empiricks and others, as the great regulator of
lite hunter. system, nod such is the devotedness
of the adherents to that erroneous doctrine, that
they content themselves with the rimple pies
session of this thilacious opinion, without en
quit ing into the primary sousces from WhOnCit
LA, lealth,and vigour emanate,and vice versa,
pain, sickness, disease and death. Not so with
on. nuNT whose extensive rosearch and
practical experience so eminently qualify hint
for the profession of which he has been one of
the most useful members. Ile contendse-and a
moment's reflection will convince any reason
mg mind of the correctness of his viev:sthat
the stomach, liver and the associated organs are
the pritnary and great regulators or health, and
that the blood in very man) instances is totally
discounected with the first and succeeding lea
flet; of disease, and that unless a medicine reach',
es the root of the rtisease, the supetficial atiop
nes usually prescribed, serve but as fells to,00v.
or the ravages of dettp-rooted maladies. '
der these convictions, at the expence of years
of' blose application, the doetor has discovered ,
medicine whose searching peweis are irresist
nide, and in prescribing, it is with s firm con
victim) ol its being a radical cure in the various 1
diseases already emittlerated, even, irapplied in
the MOM iticul cases, but lie does not pretend
aserbe to -
fisunernatural agency; althopgh from positiv
prOO'fti Within din knowledge of hundreds, lie
is prepared to show, that when every othvi
1 earthly remedy bits failed,
, st.
have never",been tnown torailra cfreetira'dulate
very gratiry restlitF, Ilia of ralaine fre
sic'kne-ss stui thus amply rewitrinrisri ', .1,51
Hunt for his long and anxious siudv...1,410711gurterr .ust
this perfeetien in the ilEAL11141-rly ;war :nm' t.ra,
7 &air owoolv to
; A 1Tot Pelee that will perfbrOld to DeleetUA7
sea, is a poltlic benefactor, stmghts and tbeY 4t;',14-
Celebrate4 hive prortd. c'bieL ,p. 4' 6i4il
by having beenseccessfplivil Ind
I tpntititr
tile enuntry. A Jktr....w7rvoicountrY
,o1 !,,,g orts , ,L4 a e - o N. it ,3--, -
July 30, 163.9 , , It, offsitorc,
:4 Fia of 'by
cid, woder the w.rat pyniptottIN lalrile.61 to! -
spirits, opuressions aflor eating, watethrost, ,
loss of appetite, general debility , and emacias s,.
tion am soon removed by toe use of die above
Pets. CONSUMtT1ON, that insidious des ,
stro)er of die human family, and its attendant
train of horrors, greenish and bloody spittle,
clammy, night sweats, general emaciation, pros- '
tuition of strength, all loin' be relieved by tbe '
dimly adniiiiistration at Dr. Iluet's Pills, and,
tt taken according to directions, complelels
moved. In Liver Complaitit, Jaundiei; both
biliary and spasmodic, their influence is truly ,
astonishing.' In all cases of y pooliondriacioni
Low Spirits, Palpitations of the Heart, Nervous
Irrittability, Nervous Weakness, limn' Albus,
Seminal Weaknese,' Indigestion, Flatulency, ,,'
ileasthurn,Bodily Weaknessehlorosie or Green '
Sickness, Flatulent or Iysicrical Faintings,
Histories. Head Ache, Sea Sickness, Nightmare
Gout, 'Rheumatism, Asthma, Tic Deluresix,
Spssinodic Affections, Nausea, Vomiting, Pains
in the Side, Limbs God, Stomach or Back,
Dimness or Confusion of Sight, Noises hi the
Inside, alternate Flushim;s of Dent and Chilli.
liens. 'Prewar, W'atchings, Agitation, Anxiety, ,
Bad Dreams, Spasms, all my be completely re
moved by the use of the above Pills,
These Pills may be taken with the most pers
feet safety. 'fbeir benificial influence has olieni.
times revived Irons the bod of sickness, ihe pato ,
lid. dejected, and emaciated victim of diseHere,
and sent him forth again into did world, a hale,
and active man.
Sold at 100 Chatham Street, ICYork.
Ohio Delithereit
,i, ,,,, ,., ,
. AND' '
, ,
Assured that, in adopting the meastira, wa are ,
hut meeting the obvious wants of die cortimuni
ty, the suiewibers will offer to the approbation ,
and support of their fellow Wizens a weekly ,
newspaper to be published in the town of Canal
drover, Ohio, bearing the tame of the "Ohio
Democrat and Dover Advertiser", Although
the limits fa Proepeetue do not admit of este.
nded expositions and miuute detail in regard til
this enterprise, setnewind of cur principles and
purposes will be properly demanded, by the ,
public, and as far lid fitting to the occasion,
we proceed briefly to declare them. ,
The political columns of our paper will be ,'
found, therefore, to espouse tho doctrines of a
strict construction Me Federal Censuteitien,
will advucate the principles of the present Adam.- ,
nistration, and will maintain tite dceirtiAof the,. '
Demo. Party in that political refine wirialt bait
been so repeatedly inditiated by the gtqleral Puff- ,
rage. As condurtors of a public Jeurnal nose ;
object is the ditinsion night end peowledge;. y
our columns Will be open to full aud flee (Nees.; ,'
oion on all matters that interest the Public...
We shell be equally, gratified if we may be
instrumental in refutiog the opiniens of those
who differ from us, or, if wrong ourselves, tiler
ercrs be corrected. e earnestly desire to.:
esis!itieli au INDEPENDENT and Fuse ill ,
the liberal sense of the terms. Not so indeptu- ,,
&et, as it tnay be above patronage and reckless ''''-
of opinion, not free as its conducters may publish
what they please and withhold what dies
pleasbut so independent that it shall inculcate
truth,and so free that it shall be attesralde to '
the efforts oral! who hereof), seek the etilthgte ,
ened elforts of the public mind,endtheconenen'";
good of our common conntryr
A portion .of the paper vt ill be devoted to I r ,
provenieet of Agricultuio, antl tl,e lovers Pfl
Literature Mall have spread beline them malty '
of the niost interestitig selectione. - Together ),
with the most interesting portions of l'oreign '
stal Deenestic news, we will give a weehly re
port of the Market Prioes, and desire to ninhe ,-''
ear piper profitable, to the whole community -
it mu ',11 which it I1137 ciouletet '- -7
Terms of PubleattonoThe "Deniarat and ,
Advertiser" will be punlishod weekly at $2,10 -
per ennum, if not paid within six Months,
the fitst number is Published, and $2,t4d)
at the end orate year.
Dover Sep. 27.
Vou are hereby ordered to meet in i, , k . . ,,,
ille town of Dover, on Saturday ' ,'' (.,.. .,..., ',-4
the 19th day of October next, fully uniformed t ,- --'1.4,, 1
and equipped according to law, for the purpose ,:! F.,' . !,;..:1
of training and inspection. The Company will ' . . t....,;,1,
form in front of the Commercial Inn,- at halt ': . . , 1
past 9 o'clock, A. M. of said day.-- By mdse.:7' -into k ' ,
of the Capt. , - ,, . ' ..,'";?- 'aid . ',
- DAVID W.'0CRE11, ,' ',,,,,, , .
' let Sergeant. ; '';,''' - ,.,,(
- ' 411ow , ,
CORONER'S SALE. - 1, ,,.. ',''' 41," , ' ''
, el Y virtue of a writ offija et' la'''. r-da c'f Its,'-' ,. f,'
IIIV fa to me directed from theifileo
ot Common Please of Tuscarawa,aite cur:tend !had ,)
favor of Elisho Janes, ss.. Thom ikhing spleTtf ; -
John G. Beet, 'shall expose fii, . e
:- et could inut,,å, ''
tic Vendue, at the heuso of itaiklinthatii, Tée,34 ' I. , ,
in Wayne township, on Snail frate nilatag. ,-',,,::'
tette. little' ',,..44,..,
day of October inst., betwr saiu:ripaVies 0 cit , ',. -
scribed by law the followiti .. 1' stimo.york. , . .,-,..
rfliree hundred' bushels or". e.40. twee.., -' . ' ;i: ;.,,-
Corn in the ground.- fo ; 113 00.-wing,x4,1'.- - , i '- --
Oats, three head of horseased Lir wgevelan , :' - , ' , ,
twelve head of hogs,1 ,wh. rdkkron.,:nr., t ,
Yoke of Oxen. one rn t '' Ig14.-rdaniUnt ',.- ' ::. ,
S, : too:, a..t 3.,::11,,,ia 1,11,14atia-p:ctiesectagyapuANi DOn ti:Dt.e00.00,,Ivy :11....orthestle ,:s1;libriSji,1 hhAetio.,:. . ,2,....,....;.?, erri,,,,r
--els a ver And ic '66.1 rietfu1.:11:. 411 s. t
' . .1b "' 3k 4-1114111"" thKI: enuri. t.)------t' -,''' ' ''t
, 1 BM: 1 .1: , .
led tt
i 6 ar -11 ien -,s4S ail titilled i Al I it: I 11 e re tit, s ,,,.
'lame a ICIf:11Vtdo ti Alfivit:La;y:.(' ,
0-' , It ' 14,s foils to -,'
1...ung poutt,,er , ,,, . ",
vtlion,nroungn4n)iith men; , - . .
I- , Ý,:eeitle metbound wtth -,,,..-1
I - - - hà. g -le of tir'''''''7-- - l
II hilim-11117:utif"Sa ita,
mounty, colt all this.zorwor
dð the Mr-Vie lel 9 e Lebseepa, ,
Prrr4 ritt-11.9-i:477.!ttsco bkii twvo, A
804 fi)ourog;fit , ',ouTut,414
irtek ithe :ivianable :'-
n.neete Ir NIT botnt 177
Wits the shvar. r, ,11.61 flaws , ,
expect', ter being veil' oulY , r ,
A ,
eXPet 10f Deing voiy ;30
6"14( icr-4111711ritill to sek for sorno firtt7t15.' ,
a' tunri 's .
e i,e11.'yon have nothing to ota,,,,,e:ihor
)8, h bra going to retch .somet1141,
, Wore girl "etooired d:No keepolite
..A ,
, ..
I ed of sickness slut thus amply rewil'ilif,"3,.., ., ' 13 Ter, . am , .1,-r--- .- x , - , .,
linnt for his hink and anxious minty ,n..1'-T.I.tiliß,t.:ru'ettitod taking'. gem. 60a 110,tacture,-, tato -
this perfeetiun in the HEALING A :19'lltT'g ftTitry ,r i , b en that'll wi'i-64, 3 0 ail'''. itro.'''',
4 ,00p y to,,,war in i ,401 put lye em ere , ' ate' '
, ' &sir own.bait int ,,,''''IA- hid Docioi' throleir el.
7:.:Y.111:10154ol'I'sratin)udtitaiy16:71n.b.":rfrot:711eti--w-i;;3 116!Lir113-;'''''',, ': -' .
C:leftec,:r;74;a. yits111:go,nitswitiedi:t.t:.1p7yocioatorni':i:stint;t:::::-:0,7e.wirottuel:ditblzerfr,;;;,.,::iti,:::!. ''.;.,,,,t. I:,
1 tItound.that ,e oidientei :41'44 'exPond, ' -,, ,' ,,,.''',1,' .t.' !
alurnEa.wrr.twer; .4froit shoutJ !,'tv; '''' ' - '
' - r ----: -..... '......, eðs:,7-.4 the rum- miðy ', ,,: r ,
free ,
tiwiiorourn'a fr; . ,
n.,gr-rialintryAwitAntt or lb bin n , ,
and. hoovo tyzowtihelerkci,v,,,, 113:115-
4, a ft Alsonsa uolth aria
tho surihre of titetorourn99
it topetnees n free ee-, .worl".19'y
or have you seen 7 4.
iteitiLA fill tails Or the bill Th. 17r,
- -
healthy tone to o amay inoðy, '&11 ,N,evilich have newt Ivor!
( 4, &filleted and A
irmAn;illte r Iv
ens tile Stomacitin hi.ng
I nit,ftife-( ore'ign. ''.'''r- a Image. with whirl:-
ting,the imennible,tAer:fil::f ytr"".S;::;"!,. 4 I nave mem .: , r,,,,
m80' "twin, tra: 1.1--D;;;IY:tvilit:. ,,, kj.--ti" szetollouttrish r,
energy, and sigeron1 ,c
must consequt nt,',fv, ere '-'-14cmi.c,0"1-7:',41L.7e4irmmit"ail Iliág.j'-'77:731ENJ ':' "ter te Dr Al"'"
S 'not a e:',e of t
Meter. They,l; humne 06.4' Ar4estrurge liNed: a rime with :cored vo ,
still their avoitti herd w teddy pny the ftilri A. adon, A Artnfr. ,,F
tan nal war- a 4 41:t mOttling "
Dere Di err minimum Viet 11,11 littitotiri aw a mottvuornfa, wt.., wwwv, avot, I," of
4 td,rinker:,u,! '
ill their et-livith herd wose4b1Y.PI'Y "1' tUrt A. to adore ''
F. D. NlittlEAL,
Lient, Colonel. . ATIIERTON & PITK w nin
iwilnellerer4h" tbeY are,,,,,,d4"'"Ythiaettottnmogt Vipwrort Ler . r--.' ' - 1 r
CL4 i
Sept. '2,0, 1929, -,,,,;. - ' CtItOrlItnS at tab. . '
cases or, 1 "au okso tv.1...ultok erd&k. x--6,-", - t , ,
imprepipt montbso . IA
JOB PRINTING of ell 'descriptions , 'NE W P HI la A D E 14 P 111 A or..1,fortettè,,.,,,,vontrt,,i,i It tirr'''''l '" '' ,4,- I t ,i,
done et thiri;OFFICE. . 1 July 30, 1839 . . , , . . ,,,,.,..,..,, ,) It ia,; -lht,LigAs.afes,bort:
1 .
' '-t t t.t..-kruotek..,t1.1;103.4.-4,4-;1-.,-.,t-v-4...'e4;...-r,..,;-Z-1...oloo...". ---,
, ',.) ti.
.s. 2 AN
," (10110 at thie 0 F (.; 10 t -, , 1 . , 1 , , , , , ' - ''' '. A 0 , , , , ,, " , ,, . . .;,,,,, , ,,. , , . . , ,. . ..,.., , ,,,, . ,. 0 ,ir , . . 3,, , ,. . , . , . . . ' , ,,,,,,,,,, 1.-.7 ,,.! , . ,
, .
. . ,. m
t ,.
. .
. .
N, 0 - -
- . ..
, ,
). '
, . ,77,.,
,,.., - Fröin
4, I 4 .. .
I- ,
-I t - 9tnstor
'41' ' r. flithil en It lei
t i ,t, 1
" , .. os. Iliglilan
41 ; i fiC ' Clerk, 1
',vs.. ' ---. -4,,
. . - . , uuernsi
f,, .,,,,, Belmon
.,1,,,; ' -;,,.',,' Ilatnilic
11, Perrv,
(,, , Alue'kin
, 4 . Rose,
, 1,, rl ,: Jeffery.
.:' i IRichlan
t I p Columb
I i Clermo
II. PUourYtaabgto
, ' Lucas
, ' , (jo '
., Geo.(
.Y. , r',,' -
,-,7 , ' i I s.4.14
';,, t ; .
.'-, , :, '..r, Frank!.
: : sIPickav
s' , - .g.Peimy,
,, ', ;:, Vairfie
.,,,' .. Knox,'
. , ,
,,,.1 Belmoi
f I :, .,,.: Montg
,,,r," 1 ,:!,t. Clark,
1 Champ
' '2 Morgai
, . Guerne
e , Logan,
, it.41amilt
) Hoghlal
, '', LockiN
. , Green'
i' r , Butler,
i Washir
t , Perry
..1.- , 9
' Warrer
' '. ; Clinton
' p Ross, I
iii ' Huron,
. !;,, 11.116'arimrise:
. . Jeffers(
. i 1; Columl
.4. Coshoc
'1 : Mediu('
, ..) Richlar
s, , ) bandos
' Clermo
, Miami,
. Stark,
i 1
' Shelby,
nlo , Carroll
'''' '1r Lorain,
ot'Ì Cuyabc
o ,
, , Washir
L, Portago
' 1 4 Ashtab
11'10. Lucas,
7 ir , .,, Tubcar
, k
' .1
, L,
, Mos
. ! ) lam,ly
Gas," .
T "
being i
as lie il
,,, -, . of ftt,t
1 ' (, will tit(
, pensay
' ' His
f "
1 certain
,," ' 'L from hi
., j ,
? .,, . the lea
I , i, :, . tpehr"uontduepgorti;
1," !..- Meal g
' Iluw ft
cd to I
I ecripti(
, :, be dire
1 ) , 00 8 ve
case, d
' , ;it tnibeeill
' ) ' trate e;
1 ,
,Ti i could L
,,;' ; 1. natural
1 't '', Loch
- 1 '- order.
fi,1As I
i '' tvt jet) ewes
' cate c
g ill8 ten
-i : ,, ' crib
,, it boon a I
i' would
, 1
: ,., der ent
i -' ) . (woad,
, '.
, 1'4 Count)
I .1, play fo
4 c, eves.re
. 1: '., 'lead' ,
i,,.k; coronc
O:',I ',"i. piteous
; t To nom,
'' k:10 l'-' Ile i
' ',-
t'T pclitici
it Ile tido
';''' -to fiond
Itime ho
'; , boat th
' ,',. ',tog RI
;11.', ' is the
1, '' ,. brillint,
iilig 0111
' The
UOI ill
can dri
nal al
, , . ,
Jtollteq ' ,,,- 7., '','il 1
, ;,i',.; : - - , ,t
' ., , ;., i ' 7 '' - - I
ir7 !, ,.1 ,
L c. , .....11,
is , , s'T
id . '.,', :
' ,,,,,--
'. ',L,( : .4.
Id , , -, ,,, oC
its . fr-f: ' 'L
1. vr,:.:44-,'''''."-"t
is J
n6ii '
7 , ! :
41'," '' i
ii I 1
4 C41
1 , , ,
v:11-1 ' . t-:''' :-Ip' ' '',::-.:':11 '.,.-', :
r,' .,' ' , , ,
' - ' ,,,. ,
11 ' ., ,
' .; .
P 1 ,
e , ,,
, , ' ' 1 '
' ,'' , . ;',.',.!:". , , ,
ci ,', ' -' N,'. n's,- - ..' ''
0 - - ' '' ' ';
- ' 2
, i
.,''r"' '' -g; i ,
, - ' ,t,' t!' "4s, ,
,;' i , V
Y ''. i . i -- ,' - ,I .
d . t ' -',,,4:,'11
Be ,,-'! IP; ',.,;,""at'
ill' .. t ,; A .-.'
kit .'' ' - .-. . ' -- '
A porta
or the 11.
With the
and Olmt.
port of LI
our riper
pm amine
atior the I
at the end
the 19th
and equip
of trainin,
form in
past 9 o'
of the Cs
I j
ot Comu
favor of
John G.
lie Yen&
in Wayr
, day of (
, scribed I
, Corn in
, Oats, thr
I twelve I
r Yoke of
, Stones.
Oct 3,
9 -...st
n coma, ,
ted tt
le "1.'11'1
,i reek i,,
shock' '
it ;
u ate J
111;1179A: soltlfictu i,:l...:12: t.:, ":4 ,.7. , ,it ii
,,,,,P-14 foils to . . ,,,.; , 1
tug ,,s4;.9;41ii mon; , ,-, , . ' 11
1, sbound with ' ;.'
Every; ttAaL s...- , ,., , , ,
ail this cts t , :', ..) ,,,, ..,' k
Lebanc,6 ,,,,,-' 6 l' - . 1
,::.Jetects, sk, ,, ',' t ' .,4
OUTIlt,,14 ibs,44.4,. ,v,,,o .
r busy litçfbnable , !,,,' ' 4'i , s
some Gm lei.' Ftc,' '',. ' 4 ; .-
- - s- -,4.- le -..,, ::: ..,:, ,
' 1 ,--

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