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The Ohio Democrat and Dover advertiser. [volume] (Canal Dover, Ohio) 1839-1840, November 07, 1839, Image 4

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-These Pills are strongly recommended to the
-stoke of die Ladies a Sate and etEeleat MM.
-edy in removing those complaints peculiar to
their sex. from want of Exercise, or general
Dbbility of the System. Obstructions, Suppress
- miens, and Irregularity of the Menses ; at Me
- borne time strengthening, cleansing, and giving
tone to the Stomach and Bowels, and producing
a new and healthy action throughout the eye.
om generally, They create Appetite, correct
-Indigestion, remove Giddiness and Nervous
Meadaohe, and are eminently usefull in those
..Flatulent Complaints which distress Females so
11100h at the TUILS-Of LIFS They obviate Coss
-Aiveness, and counteract all Hysterical and Net.
svous Atfections. likewise afford soothii.g and
' permanent relief in Fluor Mints, or Whites. and
-in the most obstinate cases of Chlorosis,
Green Sickness,they invariably restore the pals
lid and delicacte female to health end vigour.
These rills have gained the sanction and ap
probation of the most eminent Physicians in the
Statea, aud many mothers can likewise
testify to their extraordinaiy efficacy. To mar
ried females. whose expectatiens attn. tender
est pledges of connubial happiness have been
deSanted, these Pills may be ..truly esteemed a
' bliastill boon. They soon renovate all lime.
Awed debility, and if taken, according to dim
;Anoka, abviataall morbid action. A medium thus
safe and efficacious, will be found in
,Dt. Goode's Celebrates Female Pills.
These Psile are of two kinds namely : No. 1,
- or Latathe Pille, and No. 2, Restorative Pills.
líTtiey are for all the following diseases : Sups
pression, Irregularity or Retention of the Men
. ses, Fluor Album, Chlorosis or Green Sickness,
.Coativeness. Gravel, Incontinence of Urine,
Nervous Affections Hysterics, Prolapsus Uteri,
or falling of the Wiomb, and Piles. These Pills
--are oleo particularly adapted to the male as well
es,as the &male sex, tor the cure -of the following
s-cliseases: Nervous Diseases Liver Complaint,
, -Dyopepsia,Bilious Diseases,and all easel (Wily.
I.pachondriacism, Low Spirits, Palpitation of the
- Heart, Nervoua Irritability, Nervous Weakness,
Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Heartburn, Gen
, eral Debility, Bodily Weakness. or Flatulency,
. Headaches, Nightmare, Rheumatism, Asthma,
s Tic Doulouteux, Cramp, Spasmodic Affections,
-and those who are Vietiala tO that inostZet.
ert:ciating discrder Gout; also, Pains in the
' 8;de, Chest, Limbs, Head, Stomach or Back,
-Dimness or Confusion of Sight, Alternate flesh
et( of Heat and Chilliness, Tremors. Vatchings
-Agitation Anxeity. bad Dreams and Spaallig
This Medieine is acknowledged to be-one of
t the most valuable ever discovered, as a purifier
m. of the Wood and fluids. It is superior to Sar
whether as a sudorific or alternative.
Directionsfor vse.-4'ills No. I roust be taken
, Pere 'three to six, or more, at bed time, suffi
, Mein to oPerate briskly, till the desired object is
etfected, ellikello.2 according to the directions
as ort the box.
In all cases, both kinds of the Pills are to be
-used at the same time, in the following manner.
Take three pills. or more of No. I, every night
- en going to bed, increasing the number, if they
do net open the bowels; also, take three of the
pills No. 2 half an hour before ertell meal, three
' limes daily.
-Sold at 100 Chatham street, N. Y.
And by one respectable person iu every town
in the truiou.. -
- ' ' WENT& '
C. Winton,. Clemend.
' -.J. A Beebe , Akron.
..-At Underhill, ' Massillem
,r..Dverifoit ' N. Philadelphia.
trip order to protect the public against the
- mposition of Counterfeit Medicine Venders,
have been entered according to Act of oin.
gross, and the tight-to prepare them secured ;
- therefore be sure in seeing that the label on each
box expreses such entry, as all other& are Coups
- "
intentai -
,.DR. BUNT'S ,
s' Consumption, Dyspepsia Liver Gotoplaint,
'Beartburn, Sourness or Aciiility in the Stomach,
,-Tightness ad the Cliest, Loss of Appetite, Sick
head Ache, rain in the Dead, Beck, Limbs and ,
Side, Flatulency, Typhus and Scarlet Fever,
, Putrid Sore Throat, Fet-ct anti Ague, or Inter..
jnitting Fevers, GWit, Rheumatism, Lumbago,
---- Sciatica, Spartiodie Adoctiotts, and Ti.,1)0(flou,
- setts, COTIVUldiONS olChildren, Near,les, tatull
-Pm 'looping Gongh, Rickets, Teething,
Worms, Female Obstructions, Morose or
Green Sickness, and Rejections tif Food, and
ostiveness, Colic, whether flatulent or Bilious,
ollew the .
' oz.Take from three to ten pills, till they
, two or three times da.ly. ' : .
!.,2Piirtz 25 CENTS Per Box. ,
'100 Chatham stteet, New-York,
Wholesale and Retail.
lotions for Agencies. Medicines,
twill meet with ,pronipt eaten
ravors, would
Wool Growers
VARA adjoin.,
DR. rs. - EVANS'
PFPcEs ' ' . '
Evane Office for Medical vonsulta
tionsind advice, IUU Chathainstreet, N. -Y.
Daily attendance is given for personal consul.
Union.. Immediate answers are returned to
country letters, which must minutely describe
the case, and contains remittance for advice and
medicine, which can be linwarded to any part
efthe world, however distant. No difficulty
can oecurAs the medicinewill be securely pack
ed, and letters ofedvice earefully protected from
4 Nervous diseases, liver complaint, dyspeZnal,
direasesqiles, ulcers, reinale weakness,
and all census et hypoehondriatiisin, lowspirits,
palphation of the heart, nervous irntability, ner
vous weakness, fluor Mims, seminal weakness,
indigestion, loss of avente, heart bum, general
debility, bodily weakness. eblorosis or green
sickness, flatulency, hysterical limiting hysters
les. headaches, hiccup, sea sickness, night mare
rheumatism, asthma, tic douloureux, cramp,
spasmodic affectums, and those who are vies
tims to that moat excruciating disorder, Gout,
will find relief from their sull.erings, a course of
Dr. Evans' medicine.
Pains in the side, chest, limb, head. stomach
or back, dimness or conrusion of sight, alternate
flushes of heat mid chilliness, tremers, vvatch
ings, agitation, anxiety, bad dreams, spasms,
mercurial and all delicate diseases, are SWUM.
&Hy treated by Dr. Evans.
117Latter from the lion. Abraham MTh)
Ian, Sullivan County, East Tennessee, Mem
ber of Congress.
WASHINGTON, July 3d, 1838.
SirSince I have been in this city, have
used sJnie of your Dyspeptic medicine with in
finite benefit and satisfaction, and believe it to
be a most valuable remedy. Ono dilly cons
affluents, Dr. A. Garden, orCampbell county,
Tennesaue, wrote me to send him some. which
I did, and he had employed it very successtially
ita;lais practice, and says it is invaluable. Mr.
Johoson, your aptit at this place, thinks you
would probably like at.. agent in Tennessee. If
so, mould recommend Dr. A. Garden as a
proper person to officiate fir the sale oryour
celebrated medicine. Should you commission
him, be is willing to act for you. You can send
the medicine by water to the care of Hobert
King & Sons, Knoxville county, Tennessee,
or by land to Graham & Houston Tazewell,
East Tenn. I have no doubt but iryou had a
gents in several counties in East Tennessee, a
great deal of your medicine wonld be sold. I
am going to take some of it home with me for
nay own-use, and that at' my friends, and should
like In hear front you whether youwould like
1 an agent at Bluntville, Sullivan county East
Tenn. I can get some of the merchants to act
rot you, as I hve near there.
To Dr. Wm. Evans, IOU Chatinun et. N. Y.
A BRAIIAM J. CHIMER, residing tit 66
Mott street, New York, wastilllieted with Dys.
pepsin iu'its most aggravated form. The symp
toms wore violeht headache, groat debility, fe.
ver, costiveness, cough, hearthburn, pain in the
chest and stomach always eller eating, inipaired
appetite, sensation of sinking it the stomach,
tlirred tongue, nausea; with restlessness. These
had coutintied upwrads of twelvemonth, when
on &insulting Dr. Win. Evans, 100 Chatham
street, and submitting to his over, successful and
agreeably mode of taeatment, the patient was
completely restored to health in the short space
of one month, and grateful Ihr the incalculable
benefit derived, gladly came foi ward and vol,,
unteered tho above statement.
Dr. WA4 EVANS' Medical Office, 100
Chatham -street, blew York. '
handed to us hy Mr. Van Schaiek , of Albany, a
highly respectable member of the community,
and whose veracity cannot be doubted:
51r. Septesnius Kendall, of the tOWn of Wes 1
terloo, county of Albany, was for about 27
years troubled with a nervous and bilious affec
tion, which for 7 years rendered him unable to
attend to his business, and during the last three
years of his illness wits confined to the house.
I lis s)nytoins were dizziness, pain in thc head
and side, palpitation of the heart, went of alive.
tite Arc. Mier expending Luring his confine.
ment, nettrly three hundred dollars without ob
taining any permanent relief, he by accident
noticed .rin Advertisement of Dr. W. Evans,
Camomile and Aperient Pills, and was conse.
quently induced to make a trial of them. After.
using them about a fortnight, lie was able to
walk out. in four months he could attend to
.mstriess, and considered his disease entirely
It moved. The above inrormation was given to
the subscriber by kir. Kendall hinisetit there
can, therefiire he no deception.
VII:TAnother very nom of Inflammatory Rhou
nudism cored by Dr. Wm. &tine Medicine.
Mr. John A. Carroll, of the county of West
chester, town ()Moral Castle, New York, had
been severely afflicted with inflammatory rheu
matism for fourteen months with violent pains !
in his limbs, groat heat, excessive thirst, dry
ness of skin, limbs much swollen, was not able
without assistance to turn in bed for six weeks.
Dad tried various remedies to no effect. Was
advised by a friend of his to procure some of
Dr. W. Evans' niedicitie of 100 Chu them street,:
New York, which he immediately sent for; and
after taking the first dose foiled great relief,
and in continuing its use according to the direc,
liens for ten days, was perfectly cured. Allow
me to-refer any person pr him for the truth of
the above statement.
Dr. Wm. Evans' Modica! (Wine 100 Cha
tham street, New York where the Doctor may
be consulted, ri9dUis medicitie procured.
oceived from the Eastern cities, a
old splendid assortment of FALL
WINTER .GOODS, consisting ol
and Victurio Prints; Muslin
ed Muslim; and Lawns ; Linen
ings; Blue, Black and Mixed
res, and Ilattineits of all col.
Bed Ticking, Bteached and
s: Mao, a Ike tot of ijaii
cceived from the Eastern cities, a
old splendid assortment of FALL
'WINTER. 400DS, consisting or
and Victurio Prints; Muslin
ed Muslim; and Lawns ; Linen
ings; Blue, Black and Mixed
res, and Stattineits of all col
Bed 'Picking, Bteached and
s: Mao, a fiLe tot of ijair
1. 6511T11 & Cch
'Is of reduce laken in ea
.'"'"u id for Wheat.
S. & Co.
'W. 8if.
'1 .'' '.- THE OUR) STATESMAN, 2 '' ,
.2'. '-''' -'iSESIONII.E1P8R:-r!!-I.,
, , , .
According to Custom, we again pre-.,
eent to the people of Obio.ciur prospec
tus tar a paper during the session of the
LegiSlaturet. Many persona '..who do
Hot find tt convestient to subscribe for a
paperprinted at this place rot a whole
year,do so during the bitting of the Leg.
'stature, being desirons of seeing what
iti done by those inwhotie keeping they
have entrusted the tailors of the State.
To eccommodate this just desire in the
people to be thoroughly acquainted with
every thitig perimmeg to their happi
iibthi and welfare, we have in Allis pros..
peetes extended facilities end favors
boyotit what has been cuatomary. -We
hall issue duriog the acssion a weekly
paper (free of aclyertisenientst)at fiilly
cents a vents. weekirtliine rieltar:7
tri-weekly tit two donate, .4ta'a daily
at three donate. by tilts erratigement
we will bo able to accommodate every
portion of the Slate by all tbe mails.
and we hope onr friende will mot -be re
maw in availing themselves of them,
tneans of information. It is allonym..
tent that every freeman should be fully
acquainted with every question touch..
Jog the welfare of the State aud mime.
The approaching semen of the
Obio Legislature will be a most impor
tant one, No previous one bas ever
bad the same number of delicate and
exciting questions to meet and act upon
questions which cermet be avoided,
nor disposed of in a moment. Among
these are our Internal Improvements,
and the expenditures under them. The
coedition of our Banks, and the benk
Mg eystein under the second suspen
sion. The apportionment of the Slate
into Senatorial and Representative
districts, and a more just and equita
ble taxation by a re-valuation of prop..
rat)? will be discussed. AM these pies.
none have been confided, bv the over
whelming voice of intelligent freemen to
the care, and keepiug of the democeetit
party. and it is important that that par.
ty should meet them in sober earnest
nees, and in that epirit of candor and
Ipatriotism which they will bring togeth.
er, for the public good.
We shall also give finch sketches of
the doings. of Congrecs as we conceive
of itnmediate interest to the State, by
the earliest aid of correspondents.
By the aid of a daily and tui-weekly
paper, we shall be able to throw out the
earliest eastern news, foteign and dos
niestic, which we Lope will not be over
looked by those -desiring ,such, infer
matioe, and with the aid of a pow( r
press, on a new and improved model,we.
expect to add greetly to the facility of
prepering our papere for the mails. with.
out the loss even of an hour. . We aek
col such support ae corresponclit with
our exertions to make our paper uteful
to the put lic. .
Terms of the session Paper. . .
07Pert,onp receiving this paper win
consider themselves agentsand for
five subscrihere (me gratis will be sent.,
Weekly Ohiri Statesnian, $0 50.
Semi-weekly, . ' . 1 00,
'fr i- weekly, ' 2 1)0.
Daily, t 3 00.
All paymants mustily in advance or
reference to a member of the Legislas
titre. S. & NI. H. .NIEDARY.
T 1301,11.VA IR
f a 1 LIE subscriber would respectfully place
- , Before the publi c the following Synopsis
of a splendid assortmut of
which he has Just received romthe East.
I, from the East, have just received direct.
Sta'ple and Fancy Goods, of choice and neat
American, French and English Calicoes,
Assorted Ribbons. and yatikee Corn Ilocs4
Colored Catobricks, Tin end Wood Pails,
Tickings, Thread lace and Pittsburgh Nails,
Embroidered hose. 'plain and striped Satiliwit,
Latches, Binges, plain and fancy Grelatiette,
Ladies' gloves, tin huts & worlesi Inserting,
Edgit2,1", Footing & cord' watered Bolting,
Red Padding, Cloijis, black green, gro aynd
Bed Cords, coil Rope, and HallatirlW3 too,
Orleans Sugar, Mohair Silk and Satin Stocks,
Ladies' Bonnets, Iron Squares & Coton Socks
Italian Lustering, cord Florence & Gro de nap,
Victoria stnpo, Canvoss, Ginghani, & Burlap,
Apron check, Handsaw Files, and halter chains
Rice, Molasses and Glass by box or panes,
, oils, Tobacco, Ginger, Snuff and Tea,
Hammers, Waiters, and Cords of Ileum & Sea,
Iron Steel, Brands., NV ine and Cedar AVare,
Oriental Braid, tine, all kinds of ware er tear.
Reader, perchance, I've 'named your fancy or
your care,
If so, " The- mite high Heaven bestowed, with
thee I'll share,"
Should Plaster Fish, or Salt, your urgent wants
, Call at: number One, for I have them all on
Clonal Dover, Tuscurawas Count; Oltio.
Mice lecond door notth of the tommereial
Inn, Front meet.
Dover. JulyWncl. i839.
11 SMITH ti Co., Dover, will feceiNe
eyo .cloth to Dreso and Wool to Card, for
the New -Philade ;Olin Carding Machine
CFulling Mill, and returned to Mein on short
notice and in good order
Now Phil14106a, June 8. J838tf.
TIE snhecrihers will pay the highest mar
- Dt.ket price for Wheat, at all times, deliver.
ed at their Storehouse in Dover.
Dever August, 8, 18114C
8007'111AG 'SYRUP. -
Arge,PARAD fit bitalib,Ll ,
. ' Int WILLIAM EVANd15 , Dab ' MTN T'SPILL 8 -'
,, SuOTIIIAG 'SYRUP. ' 4 ,
1 1.01? CHILDREN TEETHING, " , l'or Consumption, Dyspepsia, and Lt ,
i P
- ",,IttrARAD SI billigial ... ' ' , ; - cr Compleant. . - ,
, -- : flestler,are you filleted with indigestird ,
J V . "
I Ts Mothers ono some.. 'Lsetivenees, Sour Eructations, Losts.of Appe.,
The passage of the Alseth through -the gums lite, Water Rash Pain .crr Disuses at the Ste
produces. troublesome and dangerous symptoms.. mach, Sickness eller Eating, Languor, Papua.'
I I is kilown by mothere dial there is pest irrit ,tion of the Heart, Lowness of Spirits, Pain in
ation .in Ahe mouth and gume diniug.this pro the Ilea& .Breost, Back. and Linabsoprziness.
cuss. The gums ewell, the secretion of the saki apd Confueion of Sight, a Fear of some 1m
iva is increased.the child is eeized with frequent pending Evil. Restlessness, a Dislike tor Food,
and sudden fits of crying. watching, etarting in with .other Nervous Symptoms, bring before'
ts sleep, and spasms of peculiar parts; the child you the Picture ofithe.Dyspeptic, and Consionp
isnrieks with extreme violence, and thrusts its tivepatient. Dewing sesolved to remedy them
fingers Welts mouth. if these precursory symp procure immediately ta box of DS. 111.1NrS
tome are,not speedily alleviated,spasmodie cone plus, a never tailing end efficacious remedy
vitisions.universally supervene, and soon cause 'Tor thoee dreaded foes of human happiness Dye.
the dissolution of the infant. Itmothere who peps's, Donsumption and Liver Complaint, and
have their little babes 'inflated with these die. tite whole Intim et melancholy offections'aris.
tressing eyinptoms would apply Dr. William ing ftom diseases orate Stomach, Liver, Bowels
EMUS'S Soothing Syrup, which has .preeerved and Lungs. .
hundreds of infants when thought past recove- I Sold at. II.0 tff t e, 1 Chatham street, N.
ry, front being suddenipettacked with that fe-. 'York. .
tal malady COUVIII3i01111
. This infallible remedy has preserved Imn, ,...........
dreds whemthought past recovery, from con- ' ,.
vulsious. As soon acthe Syrup is rubbed on
the gums, the child will recover. This prepar- Dirt
ation is so innoceut, so efficacious, and so plea ' CELEBRATED PILLS
saw. that no child willlefuse to let its gums be 1 . r
rubbed with it. When intliiiiii are at the age of son .
four months, though there is no appearance o tCONSUMPTION, DISPEPSIA, AND LI.
teeth, one bottle of the syrup allot Id be used on VElt COMPLAINT, &c.
the gums to open the pores. Parents should ne
ver be without the syrup in the nursery where
titers are young children, for if a child makes Ardis enjoyment of halt!' depends on pre
in the night with pain in the gums, the Syrup serving the functions of the tanto,ch, Liver, In
immediately gives ease, by opening the pores testines-and Lungs, in a healthy and vigerous
and heals the gunts;thereby preventing COBVtilo inate.1 through the 'operations of which the ,body
i ons. Fevers, Zit e. receives its growth, its nett hien, its support, it
can no longer be astonishing that when these vis.
IFTEntered acconling,to Ast .cot Congress. Me
particular that the liable 00 the box expressee Cent.pe detanged,and cannot perform their pros
teetn, one Dottie of tne synip ono tu ne men on VEll COMPLAINT, &a. 1
the gums to open the pores. Parents ehould na. .
ver be without the syrup in the nursery where
there are young children, for if a child makes Ardis enjoyment of health depends on pre
in the night with pain in the gums, the Syrup serving the functions of the tanto-sh, Liver, In
immediately gives ease, by opening the pores testines-and Lungs, In a healthy and vigerous
and heals the gunis;thereby preventing COBVtilo init18, through the ,operations of which die body
i ons. Fevers, Zit c. . receives its growth, its nutiition, its support, it
can no longer be astonishing that when these vie.
IFTEntered acconlingto Aet of Congress. Me
particular Mat the liable 00 the box expresses Cara are deranged,and cannot perform their pro..
such. The genuine is vended by Agente only. ;per 1.1.1110101111. the whole system sufrersand be
Ages Dom. I comes disordered. Knowing this to be a sound
......--- and demonstrated fact, in ennetice and expe
. 11.
woe, Demon HUNT'S SYTIEN OV PALL-nog is in
STA sererecase elf Piles cured at100 Chatham
faithful accordance with it. lie aims to keep
street. Mr. Daniel Spinning of Shrewsbury,
the Stomach, Lungs and the Liver, in Nigerous
Eden Town. New Jersey, was severely elk.
and healthy action, as tile three great fountains
ted with Piles for more titan 20 years. Bad
of health aud life. for this purpose hie pills
recourse:to medicines of almost every descrip
are compounded af herbs, which strengthen and
tion, also theadvice of several eminent Pysi..
nd the slightest relief from etralize die action of the heart, and give an int
clans, but never fou
any genre whatsoeve: unti he called on Dr. pulse or strength to the arterial system, at the
Evans, of 100 Chatham street, New York , and tame time quicken the action of Ike absorbent
procured some medicine from him, from which and discharging 'vessels ; -and as all the secre.
he found immediate :;relief.and subsequentty a tions are drawn from the blood, any.morbid ac
tient whichmay have hiker' place is removed,
perfect cure.
all obstructions are overcome, theblood is pun-.
4ed and the body assumes a heatliful state.
IftExtract of a letter fir:Inas Snyder, 'Post Mae,.
. tha stnneðitn . and eminently expel all acid or
Dein pills give tonetothe stomach, increase
ter, Kernsville, Pa., to Dr. William Evans.
Among several cases, the following is found - 11.-.."
morbid matter through the execretoty ducts In
An elderly lady, who had been 25 years so ag. he passage of the bowels. In all cases of
80. cto I . . .
dieted who nervous hydochondria, debility, sumption Indigeetion or Dyspepsia Bilious
that for the last 3 years see constantly Jeceived A719 times o'r 1.47er Ciompla.ints, De'artburn
medical aid from a respectable physician; but
the pressure and pain on her ,,heart and breast, !Souerenese elf Aeidit in the Stomaah, Ti.litn ai
and especially with weakness,in herhead and at the Chest, LoseYaf Appetite, Sick Head eAs.
n th H ad It k L b d Sd
;hie, Bain i e e , ac , im s an i e,
on her mind, keeping her discouraged toauder- i'. talencv, Typhus and Scarlet fever, Putrid
take any thing. In May -she comnieneed using
Dr W. Evans' medicines according to the di,. '
Soave Thritat, fever and Ague, or Intermitting
rections accompanying them. A reaetion lowok is sim.,, jo
revers Gnut, Rheumatism, Lunrbago, Sciatica,
' d. Air T D
ections, and ic oloureux, Con.
place; the paiu arid pressure in her body
removed: her mind became clear and atrong; ter 1
a5 vukions of Children,Iileasies,Small Pox, Hoop
spirits perfectly good, and up to this time it is I Cough. Riokets, Teething, Worms Fe.
Inl Obs
in all respects restored to health, which for the I tructions, Chlorosis or Green 'Sick.
InnedsZ and Rejections of Food, and Costiveness,
last ten years has not enjoyed. -Colic, whether flatulent or Bilious, follow the
(Signed,) DIRECTIONS. ,
Serember 7, 1838. JONAS SNYDER. .Desx.Take from three to ten pills, till they
117Indther recent test qf -theunrivelted virtue
of Dr. Wm. Evans' illetticine.--DYSPEPSIA,
zie, 176 Stanton street, was afflicted with the
above complaint for ten years, which inespacle.
ed h m at-intervals, for Alieperiod of six years,
n attending to his business, restored to perfeet
ealthunder die salutary tteatmentof Dr. Wm.
'1 he symptoms ktvere4--A sense.of distension
and oppression afier eating, distressing pain in
the pit of the stomach, nausea, impared appe.
tite, giddiness, palpitation of the heart, great
debility and emaoration, depressiomof spirit',
disturbed rest, sometimes a bilious counting,
land pdm in. thwright title, an extreme degree of
languor and faintness; any tindencour to pursue
his business causingimmediate exhauston and
Mr. McKenzie is daily attending to his haul..
ness, and none ot the above symptoms.have re.
curred since he used the medicine. He is now
a strong and healthy mom He resorted to my
riads ot remedies, but they mensal 1 ineffectual.
Ile is willing to give-any information to the al.
Meted respecting the inestimahle benefitlentler
ed Whim by the use ot Dr. Wm. Email' med
icine. The atawe Medicine can'be procured of all 1
Dr. Wm. Evans' advertised agents in the United
Mates,. and throughout the World.
IT Dr. Evans, in order to prevent the pat
rons of his Medicines being imposed upon by
counterfeits, has had the labels fall his inedi.
eines entered according to act orCongress.
requestathemtherefore, to be pdrticular in see.
ing that the labels contain the following notice:
"Entered oecordin'y to tut qt Congreochy IV.
Evans, in the year 1839, in thetlierk's (Vice of
the Southern District'Couttof AitoYork.
M. C. Younglow. 'Cleveland.
J. A. Beebe. 'Akron.
A. 'Underhill. Massillon.
OITLD respectfully inform the 'chi
tzens elf Canal Dover and vicinity,
that he has commenced the above bu
siness immediately over MICHAEL FIS8EL'S
Waggon Shop, where be intends to carry it on
in all its various oranches. He also has con
nected with the abovethe Paper Hanging
which he promises shall not be surpassed by
any. His work shall be done in a stile trod
manner, that will show for its sell.
Heels will attend to work in theeountry.
Canal Dover, Ang. 15, 1839. 3Ino.
rfillIE subscriber wishing to enlarge his
groceries finds it:necessary to call up
on those who are indebted to him either by
Book, note, or otherwise, in Meriting beauty
meet his ends. He regrets to be under this
necessity,but circumstances urge him to it.
Those who cannot possibly pay tbe full amount
will confer a favor by settling part. yet, mon.
ey he must have, and that on or befom the 26th
of this mends. Bo take notice.
113 110 still tcositinues to Sell rate
much lower than can be bad at anv other place
is town at his Store, nest door to -Mrs Albert's
Hotel. J. U,'
Joty 30, 1639nS
Cu lic, whether flatulent or Bilious, follow the
Dosit.Take from three to ten pills, till they
operate, two or three tinies daily. The use of
the pills must be persevered in -till a cure is tfs
Such as DYSPEPSIA, either CM onic sr casual,
under the wotst symptoms of restlessness ;
Lowness or Spirits and General Emaciation:
CONSUMPTION. whether er the Lungs or Liver;
Biliary and Spasmodic; Costiveness ; Worms,
or,every variety; Rheumatism, whether 4.
-cuteor chronic; together with GOUT,.Scro-
rola, Pains m the Head, Back, Litnbat and
4rid Sore Throat, FEVER and AGUE,
Spasmodic Palpitation of the Beall and Ar
teries, Nervous, Irritability, Nervous We 31t- ,
ness. Hysterics The Don lourees Cramps re.,
male Obstructions, Heartburn, Heatiachi,
Cough, the Common or humid, and the Dry
,or the VVIoving; ASTHMA, Gravel and
TIP Blend 'has hitherto been considered by ,
Empiricks andothers, AS be peat -regulator ot
the henna. system, mod such is the devotedness
of the adherents to that erroneous doctrine, that
they content themselves with the simple pas-,
session ef this fallacious opinion, without en. ,
mining into the primary mimes from whetter
Life, Healtlyind vigour emanate, anti vieeversa,:
pain, sickness, disease and death. Not so will,
DR. nun -whose extensive roseareh and
practical 'experience so eminently qualify him
for the profession of which lie has been one ol
the most useful members. Ile contendse-und
moment's refleetinm tOliVillee tiny reason
ing mind of the correctness of his viewsthat
the-stomach, liver and the associated organs are
the primary and great regnlators cif health, and
that the blood in very many instances is malty
disconnected with the first and succeeding sta.
ges of disease, and ilint unless amedicine reach.
J. Overholt.
15es"tri; r"o'oTorrtluiedis-e"a's-e-, 'the- -1117;:e76-c.ia-1;;;OY.-
nes usually prescribed, serve but as foils to cov.
er the ravages of deep-rooted maladies.
STOKELY AND lLEONARD -continue der these convictions, at the expeuce of years
their practice as Attorney's, and may at jo close application, the doctor has discovered
all times be consulted at their ollice, New Phil- v medicine whose searching powers nre irresis
delphia, in the .eael end dale two story frame tible, and in prescribing, it is with A firm con
building on high street, nearly emosite the its viction ot its being a radical cure in the various
fice of the Tuscarawas Democrat. diseases already enumerated, even ifapplied in
May 30,1839. the most critical cases, but lie does not pretend
to ascribe to
AMON. mite
a:supernatural mgency, although frcan pnsitiv
proofs within! the knowledge of hundreds, be
is prepared to show, that when every other
earthly remedy has failed,
have never been known to fail in effecting two
very gratifying results that of raising from the
bed of sickness and tints amply rewarding Dr.
Hunt for his long and anxious study to attain
this perfection in the HEALING ART.
A Medicine that will perform what it pmrn
sea is a pnblie benelactor, such DK. HUN1"8
Cel'obrated Pills have proved themselves to be,
by liaving been successfully tried iu all parts of
the country. A Medicine so comrounded, that
it pi educes a free circulation in the vessels on
the surface of the body, cleanses and suength.
ens the thomach. Liver, and Lungs, gives a
healthy tone to all the Vicera, and by promot
ting the imensible,removes all febrile or intim.,
matory action, and imparts muscular strength,
energy, and vigorous health to the whole frame,
must consequtntly be esteemed a pudlic ben.
factor. They do not exhaust like theistic purges,
still their action is more universal, and they may
be ofien repeated, not merely with safety,. but
vvith much benefit. This becomes minutia! ni
cases of long standing, for in them tempora v
impressions renderea by violent medicines, sht
dom if ever ds) good, abd tend to impa ir
econstititieth limeys's, both claronic andilyu
- -- :
' ' ' -' 'P -,!
itritr under the'frworat symptoms, lowneso of
spirits, oppressions allot eating. wadibutane
ems of appetite., geueral debility , and emacia- :
sue soon.renie ved hy the use or the above"
te GONSUM MON., that insidious dee.
stroyer of the human family, slid its atteedant
tfatil of horrors. greenlet) and bloody spittle,.
(Jemmy, night meats, general eneaciation, pros.e,,
nation of strength, all will be relieved by die
ihnely administration at Dr. Hunt's Pills, and,
tf takea according-to directions, completely re.e
moved. in Liver Complaint, Jaundice, both
biliary end spasmodic, their influence is truly
astonishing. in all casei of Hypechendriacism
Lnw Sprits, Palpitations of the Heitit, Nervous
Irrittability, Nervous Weakness, Finn, Albus,
Seminal Weakness, Indtgestion, Flatulency,
Heastburn,Bodily WeeknestiChleresis or Green
Sickness, Flatulent br Hysterical Paintings,
Histories. Head Ache, Sea Sickness, Nightmare '
Gout, Rheumatism, Asthma, Tic Dolorenx,.:
Spasmodic Affections, Nausea, Vomiting, Pains ,
in the Side, Limbs, Head, Stomach or Back,
Dimness or Confusion of Sight, Noises in the
Inside, alternate Flushings of Heat and Chilli.
ness,Tremers, Watchings, Agitation, Anxiety,
Bad Dreams, Spasms, all may be completely roe
moved by the use ef the above Pills., ,
These Pills may be laken with 'the most pins
fect safety. Their benificial influence hav chips ,
times revived from the bed of sickness, ihe pale
lid. dejected, and emaciated victim of disease,
and sent him forth again into the world, a hale
and active man.
Sold at 100 Chatham Street, N.:York.
Ohio Democrat
' 'AND '
Assured that, in adopting the measure, we are
kut meeting the obvious wants of the communt
ty, the subscribers will offer to the approhation
and support of their fellow citizens a weekly
newspaper to be published in the town of Canal
Dover, Ohio, bearing the name of the "Ohio
Democrat and Dover Advertiser", Although
the !intim ea Prospectus do not admit of extes
nded expositions and minute details in regard to
this enterprise, eomewhat of our principles and
purposes will be properly demanded by the
public, and as far ad is fitting to the coat ,
we proceed briefly to declare them.
The political columns of our paper will be
found, therefore, to evpouse the doctrines of a
strict construction ofthe Federal Constitution,
will advocate the principles of the present Adini
niatration, and will maintain the doctrines of the
Demo. Part? in that political reform which has'
been so repeatedly indicated by the general self
rage. As conductors of a public Lurnal w nose
object is the diffusion of light and knowledge,
our columns will be open to full and free discus
sion on all matters that interest the Publics
, We shall be equally, gratified Wive may be
inetrumental in refuting the opinions Of those
who differ from us, or, if wrong ourvelves, that
our errors be corrected. We earnestly desire to
establish an INDEPENDENT 4Dd FREE PRYPS, in
tbe liberal sense of the terms. Not so leder ',-
dent, as it may be above patronage and reek lees ,
ofopinion, not free exits conducters may publibli
what they please and withhold what they
pleasbut so independent that it shall inculcate
truth,and ad free that it 'shall be in,cessable to
the efforts. of all who horestly seek the
ened efforts of the public mind,and the common
good of our common conntry.
A portesii of the paper will be devon d to the.
int premiss' t of Agriculture, and the !mem of
Literature shall have spread belbre thein many
of the most interesting selectione. Together
with the most interestiug portions of Foreign
1 and Domostic news, we will give a weekly re...-
I port of the Market Prices, and desire to woke
lour paper Rrofitable, to the whole conat,i,L,ty
through which it may circulate:
1 Terms of Publeation.The "Democrat and
Advertiser" will be published weekly at $2,00 '
per annum, if not paid within six Months,
after the first number is, Published, mid C4,;.,0
at the end of the year.
1 Dover Sep. 27; ,
spectfully intorm his old friends arid
the public in general, that he carries on
the aboye busitiet,s 411 its various
branches, one door East of J. I. Smith's
Store, where be may at all times be
foond to attend to all work intrusted to
hint. tie flatters himself it will be
done as durable, neat and fashionable,
As it can be done in the country, bs 1,0
intends at all iiines to keep Iry lily cm.
ploy good competent worliman, and his
means to receive the Fashions iecniply
provided for.
To eccortimodate frier.ds in tips
country, he will take tiearly ell kinde of
comaty produce. , -
, N. p. One tßr two apprentices wan4
ted immediately to learn the 'redwing ,
business. Voya beiwcen the age 0'25
and 16, would be preferred. They must
be of good character, tis recommends.,
lions of industry, honesty, and sobritt
try, will be required.
I Canal Dover, Aug. 15, 1839. if.
ESPECTFULLY inform the ptIr.; that
he has purchased the Saddle & fla rs
mos mi king establishment belonging to John
Treenoriand intends to carry on the business
as usual and meoufacture n en and wortert's
middles in the newest fashion and of the bust
All kinds of carriage, Dearborn wagon anJ
Boat harness', with every other article in OUr
line of business which is required in the- coml.
flatters himseif that the execution of
his work will be satisfactory to those Ito
may employ him. He will sell on modera
ate terms, and take all kinds of approved cow'.
try produce in payment. , .
New Philadelphia, July 30th. fE
, , ,
JO PRINTING of all daoriptioas
dont at thistOFFICL --'
.4 ' , ,-
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ko . .. ' 1
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it 04.
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',LI... ...-
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',. ,,! -ilk
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at tto i ,
r,, 'At. -0-
their 1
- stone,
- mune 1
tone to
8 1308
am g,
, llesdo
- perms
-in the
; lid sno
Tied ti
est ph
, oafs
- or Ls
ses, F
or fel
-are slo
0,te the
- Heart
eral I
and t
es of
t the th
of tho
, frcOrn
as oa
- -used
- en gc
do as
- tripe
,.-hey I
- gross
- there
bort c
, 'Slew
' I'll tr
will meet with pronto atten
ravors, would
N,Wool Growers
Nprit Rib adjoin.,
cation of the lit
Weakness, ic
:burn, Gen w
Flatulency, se
nt, Asthma, pi
: Affections, ca
at inostZex. hi
tins in the 111
or Back, K
arnate flush- oi
Fetching E
Spume. gi
o be-one of gi
as a purifier al
rior to Sar
ust be taken at
time, 7
tred object is Ft
le directions
Ils are to be
ing manner.
, every night
titer, if they N
three of the p
meal, three tr
eet, N. L
every town a
iladelpliia. tb)
3 against the u
le Venders,
Act of eon. (
rn secured ;
abol on each
ra are Coup
71 a
r Goinplaint
the Stomach, 1
ppetite, Sick ,
k, Limbs eitd
mule' Fever,
me, Ur litter.
in, Lumbago,
I TH,Dotflou,
Chlorosis or
ef Food, and
ut or Bilious,
pills, till they
lox. ,
39. Medicines,
prompt atten
, me to-re
the abol
Dr. l
them tor
be coos
N eAlf
it I try produce in payment. . ,- -
li Diew Philadelphia, July 30th. 1.19 tE . ,,, ,.; :
'" JOB PRINTING of all delariptions '
u dont at thistOFFIOL --'
t$,sretrS .
. t----, , .46.
iir4.,,,,5 ,Ii
1,..t-,::-: si- - -,;
r---,7-7.----D 1...V.
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