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: 76;
: NUMBER 15.,
', t
: lives rim Quincy .
1 TUE 1)003111E1143 NEST.; z
ThsSgood citizen of our.sister State ladle
, are pretty ginerally known throughotit the
West by the singuler appellative of Ifooshier.
the follow-ing ryhintis, from a yotinglloositer
, t, r
'-',, sena, conveys a eery grapoicat picture in vino;
'.ehier lith, en the frontiers of Indiana, , rho pie.
titre will answer also for the wildev parti of
Suppose, in riding though the West,,
- A stranger found a 'Ilijoshier's nest;
In other words, a Suckers cabin,
- Just big enough to bold Queen blab in ;
t Ito 'situation low, but airy, t, '
' Was en the bordIrs of prairie;
,, And Flaring be might be benighted, , ,
He hailed the house and then alighted,
The flooshier met him et the dooh ' ,
-Their mdatations soon were o'er; - ,
- na tools the strangers, hem aside) '
Aud sa-a sturdy sapling Sod;
Then having stripped the saddle off.
- He fed kiln in a sugar trough. - t
' The stranger stooped to enter in,
, The entrance-eloping with a pin, '
; And manifested strong desire,
, To neat himself-by the log fire,
, Where hair a dozen Hooshereons,-:- '
With mush and milk, tincups and spoons,
White heads, pare feet and dirty faces. '
' Seemed mush inclined to keep their places;
' - But bladam anxious to display, - ,
ller rough and undisputed sway,
Her offspring to the ladder led.
- And cuffed the youngsters up to bede
, Invited sherd), to partake, - - ,
Of venison, milk and joany-cake,
'I'he stranger made a hearty meal,
- And glanees round the room 'would steal,
One side was lined with divers garments,
-- The other spread with skins of 'varmintsr
' Dried pumpkins over head were hung,
' Where venison hanisin plenty bung;
Two rifles placed above die doer,
Three dogs ley streched upon the floor;
, In short, the domicil was rife,
With specimens of Hooshier life.
The host, who centred his affections.
On game, and range, and quarter sections,
, Discoursed his weary guest for hours,
Till Somnue ever potend powers,
01 sublunary cares bereft'em.
No matter how the story ended
The application I intended, ,
b rrom the fallOtill Scottish poet,
Who seemed to feel as well ad know it,
. ' That 'burly chiefs and cliver hizzies,
Are bred in sic a way as this is.'
pondenl of the North American, (of
; Philadelphia; bee Ihrnished a eerie of
t aketches from the classic valley of Wy..
ming, including an intereluing account
1 of the Indian Massacre during the Rev.
. elution. We are indebted to him for
the &Hewing remarkable and romantic,
',: , thisught voracious narratIve. The facts
, are corrorborated by another who, in
the article which is annexed briefly tra
'' '4
',, i ces the finger of Providence in thie his
,, tory.---,Troy Whig. ' , , ...
At a little distance from the present
; Courf-house at Wilkesbarre, lived a
1 - tinnily by the neme of Slocum, upon
whom the visitations of the Indian'b
t eruelues were awfully severe. . The
men were one day away in the fields,
t, . and in au' instant the house wae our.
.' reunited by Indiana. There was in it
the who. a daughter abount line year.
4 of age, a son aged , thirteen, another
,)! deughter aged five, and a little boy aged
, ) two and a half. , A young men .and
'- a buy by the name of Kingsley . welt
,-4.,- present grinding'-ii krife , The firs'
il . thing the Indians did was'io shoot dowh
, 1 th, young man, and scalp bum with dip
' knife which he had lif his band.. The
xi ne year old sister took the litilsboy
,,. two yeare and a half old, and ran out ot
, . the back door to get to the fort, The
., I Indians Ichaed ber . just enough to efe
l ber frieht, and haviug a hearty laugh ab
, l''..-) ehe rah and clung to and lifted her chub
.1 by little brother. They then leek the
.1 Kingsley boy and young Slocum, aged
' ,) , thirteen, and little. Prencee -aged five,
'i end prepared to depart. -,,But finding
' : . "' young Slocum lame, at the earnebt en
' ,' treaties of the mother, they set him down
, and left him'. ,Their captives were then
young Kingsley and the little girl. The
i mother's heart swelled uoutterably, and
i ,, for years she could not describe the
. , scene without tear t She saw an In
. , dian throw her child over his shoulders,
'4, and as her hair fell over' her face, with
one band brushed it 'aeide while, the
tears fell from her distended eye, tied
, - stretching out tier other hand towards
' ' tier mother, she called for her aid. The
' Indian turned into the bushers and this
was the last seen of ii,tle Prance&
' As the boys grew' up and became
men, ihey Were very efficient to know
the fate of their little fairheaded sister.
ði They wrote lettere, they sent ii q iirere,
', they made journeys through ill the west
, and into Canada,. If peradventure they
li might learn any tbing reepecting her
1 ' . fate.' Three; ot idur longjounleye were
, made in , vain.- A silence deep as the
deepest foript throunb which they wan
e 1 - tiered, huni oyer bet kW, Bad that six.
1 ,
ty yfltre, tl, , 7
BEAUTIFUL SIM ILE.A.down east pa
per thus pathetically describes the fainting of a
latly ;
'Down fell thelovely maiden.
Just like a staughtered lamb:
Her hair hung round her patid cheeks,
'7 ' Like.sea-weed round a clam.'
111.0 .",,NA,
Nov "M'.
, - My reader will fierriptois over 58 years
(rato,the time of tine- captivity, and eup,
moimmoelf far in the wddetnese in tne' '
rertheriet part of Iodine, ,,- A 'ift014.itei
Jectabliagent ,of the United Simla, ,
travellIng there, and 'Weary and belated,
with a Itred.boree, hoOlope at an Indian
wigaram for The alga , Ile, eau ePeak
the Inclianianguage.;- The family ere
rich for Isidiane, have: toms, arid shies,:
in ', abu'ndarice.' la the. coursa' of2thel
evening, he notices' that the hait Of the i
woman is light, and her skin under her:,
drese is also white.. :-Thie led to a Con-,!
, vereation..'. -Sbe told,. him, atie was, a:
while child, but had beet) Carried away ,
lwhen otiery small gtri,. e ---;1--,.:-i' , :,:'
! , She 'could 'only yernemlierthat bee
name' Ras Siocum,7 :that' elle lived irt: it l
' little house on..the banks of the Susque. '
! b ann 8,, thok b qty.,' .manyAbatei.,9Stteet '..,iii-"
.Iter-fottetrit family,1and the or-der of
' their ages! ' But the name ofthe town ,
'she enuld bot remember.',' On reaching ,
Ibis home, the agent mentioned the story-
to his mother.She urged him .to
write and print the account.- According.'
' ly be wrote it and sent it to Lancaster
l L
, in tnie State, requesting that it Might be
"published. By eome, to me,, unaccouns
', table blunder it lay in the office two
yeare .before tt was printed. Bat last.
eummer it was published. In a few
days it fell into the hands' of Mr. Slo
cum of Wilkeebarre, who' was the little
two and a half year old boy, e hen Fran.
ces was taken., In a few daye he was
off to seek his aieter, taking with him'
his oldest sister, (the one who aided
him to escape,) and writing to a broth
er who lives in Ohio, and who I believe
was born efter the captivity, to meet
him and go with him, ' , ,
The two brothers and sisters are now
(162S) en their way too seek intle Frans
ces, just sixty years after her captivity.
After travelling more than three hundred
'miles through the wildernese, they
reached the Indian country, the home
of the Miami Indian. Nine miles from
the nearest white, they find the little
wigwam. 'I shall know my sister, 'be
cauee she lost the nail of her first finger.
You, brother, hammtred it off in the
blacksmith shop when she was four!
years old."I'lley go into the cabin and '
find an Indian woman having the appear.
twee of seventysfive. ' She is painted
and jewelled off, and dressed like an
Indian in all rempecte., Nothing but her
hair and covered okin would indicate ,
her origin. They got an interpreter '
and begot to converve. She tette them
were she was born, her name with or-1
der of her father's femily.---bliow come
your , nail gone?' said the oldest sieter.
'My older brather pounded it off when
I was a little child in the shop!' le 0
word, they were satisfied that this 0 eel
Frances, their long loot sister! , They '
asked her what her christian name was?
She could not 'remember. Was it Fran
cab? She smiled and suid 'yes.' It,
was the first time she had heard it pro
rimmed for,60 yea' el Uwe, then the)
were pitotwo brothers and two site.
ten! l'hey were all satiefied that they ,
were hrothers and meters. But what "
9 contrite)! The brothers were walking
ihe cabin enable to speak; the oldest
dieter was weeping but the poor Indian
Aster ear motioeless and pasaioniess,
end indifferent as a peectutor. Then
Nes no throbbing, no fine chords In het ,
1tosom to be solicited. ,
. When Mr Sioeutn was giving me
hie hietoiyi I' said -to him-,-..but could
he not opeak English?' ,-'Not it 'word.'
Did ehe know her ege?' 'No.--Had
io idea of itI 'But wail trhe entirely
gnoranil 6.,Sie ehe did not.know when
S'unday C JUL' . Thie was indeed the
Tneuinnietiou of igncrunce in a des
, elidint ,of the Puritans, : , -, -;
Her whole history might be told in a
sord.: She lived will) . the Deleeuw.
vho carried her ar; till.. grown up', and
thee married a Deleware; Heeither
dted or ran away,and then married a Mi
eini Indian; a ,chef as I believe. 2 She
'tee two daughters; both of., whom are
married and who live in all, theglory of
an Indian cabin. deer-skin-clothes and
Cowsk in head-6 tees. , No one of the
family can ',peek a ,Word pf English.
They have, home in abundance; and
when the -Indian meter:: watited , to ac
company her new relativee ehe. whip
eed out, bridled her horse, . and ', then
a la . Turk,' mounted monde and 'was
off.. , At night ehe could 'throw a blan
ket' around her, doWn epee the floor,and
:at once be asleep. ,
The br t tms and slate's tried lo per
etrade - I lost 'eister to return,
and if sh . tesired it, bring her children.
l'hey tv 2rd tranoptant her again to the
banks o the Suequehannat and of their
j HO lir leral 1211.1 DIVIVI 13 II IVU IV Fug.
amide - t lost sibier to return,
and if sh . tesired it, bring ber children.
l'hey tv 21d transplant ber again to the
banks o the Suvquehannat and of their
wealth make her home floppy. But no.
She bad always lived jilt the Indians
they had &ways been kind to ber,
end she had promised her late husband
on his death bed that ehe would never
leave the . Indians.- ' And there they
left-berand hers, wild and darken(' belt
then., though sprung from a pious race.
Mt : Editor:Your correspondent
seivis' in the North American of this
countable blunder the le,tel (written
the Indian trader) was pormitted.to
annotIced for two- years it was- the'
very unaccountable blunder which cau' ,
,sint it 'to touch:the object it was designi,
;id ttriirtto. The whCli. tiain ci;7
cunislatice;'ardefiilled, ky.,,your coires
, pendent,' Was narrated to did ,,miter.titt,
this communication some months since
:by a Gear' relative of one of the- parties.
The teller' -was 3'.1eddressed to the'pott,it
'master in: Lancaster, ...Ai inider not ,
, knowing of- any. more Adiely 'spot to
!which to direct tt; it was regarded as
heitt 'or at least having So billet inter. 3
, est that i,t was carelessly thrown as,ide.'
' After the tare tf te o yearsit it was'
thoughtlessly picked up by the. wife
peat Mester,' and 'after Jearlingit,
she determined.-te Send it to At, eitv.-
,trthe bancaster"7paperi; in which it,
was inserted 7, simultaneously with
eddress on temperance,,which, it weal,
thought desirable , to, disseminate as
widely as possible. EXtra topies were!
accordingly stricken edit ,ene or
these sent to a clergyman, whose broth
er was a reaident of the Wyoming Val-
ley, and who had heard of the circum
stereo(' that a family in that valley bad
104 a sister during the Indian' wars, for
whose recovery they had always - man.,
itested great anxisty.,",Iie accordingly
enclosed the paper to olio of the beeth
ers, and the letter was thus earned to
its proper , deatination, The tnother
hadexacted from them it promise that
they should never. ioterniit 'their inter.,
tons to recover their sister,but all their
efforts had been vain. The - ultimate
results which will flow from the tran
, section, none can tellbut surely, it is
' impossible to resist the the conviction
thst some superintending Ruler has
drawn together the links of such a
Phila. Aug. 29, 1539. '
From the Ilartford Times.
Soon'after the redul of the Western
elections was known thier cilY9 b
young lad. the son of a celebrated
"w hig" officesseeker, after listening al
the corner of the sweet to a long tirade
of abuse against the Adminietration.
from hiolfather and another federalmwhig
went home, and sitting himself ou tte
floor, set up a most dolorous crying.
Wout tile matter my dear little Toni,
buid his !no er. The lad made
no reply, but coutinued crying loudee
than before. .1Why, bless my feud'
said the anxious mother, tak ng Tom
my on her knee, sornethmg serious al.
this child Tommy, tell your mother
this minute where it aches the hardest.'
'it don't ache none, replied Tommy.
'What does ail you, then!
, Daddy says the Sub Treaniry is corn.
mg, and we bhant'i hase any thing to
eatthen bhan't liave no more bread
.ind tastesboo, boo, boo!'
'0 fordy, lordy!' it's the Sub Treas.
,ery what ales tny child !I t Them loci.
focorys will kill us ell, and distress
the rest to death, that's startio. Boo,
'Rio; hoo P The old lady bets in cry
At ihid juncture of e (Nes the Office
seeker enters, and inquired the cause or
their grief. ' '
qtrhy, rny dear husbrind,! said, the
)id lady, 'Tommy. ie teal fill the Sul
Froiesory will worse UN Itti to death,
poor little fellow!--Tomeny and his
mother set up mo.4 lamentable wail.
. - , ,
qiere,' paid the office abetter imp)
be seen the practical efforts of that odi
ous measure' When will men see the
horrible thing in its proper bearing ' Psi
vent most of nty time the. pne.t two
years in trying to bhow up thid clisire,s
ping thing in its true lightbut mei
wont mind any thing 1 eay; and my pro
perty id going to rum, just on; account
of this thing. Pm heartily discoura
aged (Commences eryicg in company
with his wife and child.)
The kitchen maid now enterp,
trembling inquires what hue happened.
'0? do see poor little 'Pommy,' said
the old lady, it'd tne Sub Treasury
what ails himsee bow he tumbles a
bout the floor,.boo, hoo, haul' , ,
'Its bit him!' said the maid, 'and bee
either got the bydroflegia or the daimon
itory symptoms, true as the world. Poor
Tommy!' (Maid chimes in with the
others, and cried most bitterly.)
Mingo, the ostler, attracted by the
groans and sobs, comes running from
the barn, and with 'eyes like bullets,'
inquires 'wilt made such a debble ob a
fore!' ,
lee tha Sub Treasury what's bit little
Tommv, replied the maid.
! Dat''s de same cretur wat trod off
my heel ladder night' in de dark, un
skare die chil mos to deft Wet ail you
too. mese, eh !' - -
'0 Mingo, it's the cursed SubTreas
N'te ury ' replied the office seeker. ,
'Yes! the Sub Treasury!' cried the
old lady. '
'leo the Sub Treasury,' aobbered the
41tiosh imightyt,te Schteb Treasury!
elaeilieted Mingo '
, 414en ihey (411 set tip 'a eryinAi Or, ,
- Poi all these manifold tranegresiesirs,
'we-presume, the Irani) jury-bf-Tornp..
kins ,'younty have brousfs bill
mint pgainsaaig-Treasury." The
.fset4aluly announeed' the Ithaca'
Chilicle of the 2d init., ' '',
' ''' ", -,, from the Nark'
' STRAY:LEAVES. No 4. ''' ,
!; DEA'r
,. What tad burr iaolemn thoUghts 'era
asoiiciated with'one word--Death
Heir she Mention cif it bringe a Momen'-
teri ehill over, the spirit; 'and reproves
our',pride, oar fotly ind our ambition.
I t bins before the mind scenes of the
meekt2,uclifetintereat,? and, melts-the
heart into tenderritte.'7DeritliTlie awful
thatever shape ii may come. ' ,
l , , - tear; Fr'
r The groan, the knell, the pall, the bier,
'And all we know. or dream or feu
Of agony, are thine." !.,,
has often been my lot to mark its
approaph, One case, I remember
It was, indeed, a,'Ishining, mat V, The
appreach 'or death to his victim was
marked with little of alarm.' No poi.
tilential atmoephere breathed .,-around
him i He came with stealthy and ruin.
ing aSpect. ,The cup of promised pleas
ure lye. in his hand. The doomed vie7
tim Od not apprehend his true character.
Youtg, ardent,- ainbitioue,- he seemed
radii; to unite than dread hie opponent.
The bought was not indulged for a mo
, men that his proud career was soon
to terminate. Fame had gone before
himond lifted up ite trumpet .voice, in
preparing his way'. The path of world
ly &pry seemed to be umbstructed,and
perposed in his own.heart, that with
sweeping, bounding pinions he would
'gait) Earth's proudebt eminence. A
thousand voices cheered him oe his
way and inepired him with renewed
confidence of success. I marked him
then,while hie eye beamed with unearth
ly brightnesso and his young blood,
bounding rapidly through his veins, im
parted a hue to his cheeks which seem
ed to promiee health, bnd long life.
Alas! that such an eye should become
dim; that upon such a brow the cold
meal of' Death should be impreesed! He
fell an early victitn; and fully ripe for a
better world: he went up to juin the band
of kindred sp'rite, 'ere twice ten sum
mer suns had ohone upon him. Tee
idol of a thousand hearts perished--but
not too soon. 'Fite great end of life web
snliwerdwherefore should we longer
remain could not mourn such a
hail), and now when the recollection
able youthful form impresses itself up.
on ley mind; when I call to remem
4ratice his gentle virtues. his enlarged
4nd nuboated intellect, his great mor
d worth, his i;nobtrusive , piety, the
thought is very pleasant, that , he hoe
'eathed a goal or himor,of glory and im
mortality, it:finitely mina ing the high
ost, warmeet expectation of human am
Agaii sew the infant Ott his moth.
ers's lap. Its flaxen hair fell in rich
31ustere on a neck which vied with Pa
maithle in whiteness. Ls mild blue
le was full Of ' Thal
nether was a widow, and this her 'only
tie. Most anxiously did bbt
-watch he 'expanding blossom; mosi
marefell did the, ehield it' from 'the
sitel9s uokindly ." blast,' nighki)
'anew y; its hall-wed pillar was
oher's imam. What could! harm it
,herel Can foe invade such a sanctu
aryl ,Osn any poisoned arrow react!
mch a mark, with ouch a 'shield'. aboir
et petal .did invade. that eanctoary.:
and the leaf witherd and the floirer
;hereof faded away. She gave :it bacli
!co God, n the sounit.holia meetiog'
again, in the world of light and glory.
Sustained by the all sufficient grace
(if our Lord Jesus Christ, , and. hi the
Precious promiee of his holy word, the,
:nether meekly bows her head to the
providence of the Almighty. She' for
got not the dear departed mops.: , Theo
names are upon her lip.; their images
enshrined in her heart, as when, they
lived in her ; presence ia teauty and
and strength. , , :
Preciolathrice precinue are the in.
fluences ofthat religion which divests
death of stingthe grave of ite aric
tory. Precious, infinitely ' precious as
it unfolde a rich and untading inheri.,
lance or Life Eternal, to pilgrims in
this vale of tears.
Henceforth it shall be my busines to
prepare for this to lemn event, and when
it appears, will endeavor to hail it se
I'm gate to. endless joy
Daughter of Earth Awake! Mune
The dead unknown,. the chaos ache tomb!
AtelL and dispel, ye sceptrudoutits, that roll
Cimmerian darkness on the parting soul 1
The strife is o'erthe pangs nf nature dose,-
And lire's List rapture trampiea o'er her woes!,
on his death Deo mat ene wowo never .--. ---, .
leave the . Indianiv And there they! ,,,,,s0 Mingo, it's the cursed SubTreas FEMALE PIETY. I
left her and hers, wild and daðtend bee ury ' replied the office seeker. . The gem of all others which encir
then., though sprung from a pious race.' 'Yes! the Sub Treasury!' cried the cies the coronet ofa lady's character,ie
, , old lady. unatrebted piety. Nature may lavish
Mt EditortYour correspondentil 'It's the Sub Treasury,' aobbered the much on her personthe encharment
Twill' in the North American of this maid.' , of the countenance, the gracelhiness
morning, 'remarks that by some unac I sl'ho Sub Treasury!' yelled lommY. eller mien, or the strength of her in
. t,,, ,.. 'n o''''''',.-.11,1e.l. .,,n , 'oe
. - "
done at Olio OFFICE. '
, - -4 -
ef 6,44,:11FatC$1, A 4k ,rt
''' -
domrart,',L 1;,;,, 0.04, I.L.;32 4V; , ,
lellect..yet bar loveliness is uncrownkl
till frety throws around-- the whole the
yrreetness and pow. r of its- charms. She
then become.) unearthly in ber.dsviro
'and ,associations., , The , spell , which
bound .ber affection,to thing, below, is
lirðlion, and she mounts on: the silent
wings of tincy and hope, to the habi
tation of God, where it Will her de
light hold Communion with the' ispir,;
its that have been ransomed from the
'thraldom of earth,end wreathed with- a
!gtvlend,of glory.' ' ' ' , -
Iler beauty-cosy 'throw its '-itntigicel,
charm tiver Many; princes end coque,
rore may ibow with admiration at the
shine flier riches, the eons of science
and poetry may , embalm her memory
iu yet- piety. must. bo ,written m
the book Ohre,' that When mountains
tatia ivtayotnittv,01 Memento of earth
ly greatness is lost in the' gerierat.wreelc
ofnattire, it may' remain and Swell the',
list-of the mighty throng, which hid
been,clothed with tbe mantle' of righte-,
ousnessi and whose soices are attuned '1
to the'melody of. heaven. '
With such a treasure, every lolly
gratification on earth may be purchased;
friendship will be doubly weer; and the
character will be but a visit to earth,and
death the entrance ' upon a joyful and
perpetual home' - 7
Such is piety. Like a tender flower,
planted in the tertile soil of womall'o
heart, it' grows, expanding its foliage, 1
and imparting its tiagratice to all 11
round, till transplanted,it is Set to bloom ,
in perpetual vigor, and unfad!ng beauty, ,
the paradise of God Danville , Star,1
BEAUTIFUL surgascainrios.--'-rhe
Aborigine's of Hayti believed the soul Id
be immortal, and that after death it re
sided in Ca Ve8 and hollows'in the moun
tains and woods. The echoing voices
heard from those places,' they suppo
sed to proceed from the departed spit its
wandering thro' them. In point .of
etio beauty, this supposition was not in
ferior to one of those held by the an
cients, who on the death of a youth,
said that he had been carried away, by
Adrota the goddess of the worn. ,
NIGHT"Vitly le it," 'wild Iler
mione, 6that by night not only is oui
memory aroused, but elect our couragel'
"liermione." answered I, "airtight the
world to moue draws nester to the sol
itary breast, and nufolds iteelf before
us; as the beauties ()four earth is yelled
in darkness; ,but their's els of the mind
4111 tartlets; se are like thst wondrous
flower which blooms by night in the old
world, because it is then day in the new
world, which ib its hour
Scipio Nabeia, gOing to call on En"
tilos the poet, was told by the maid
servant that he was not et home. He
saw, however, from the girl's 'newish,
iha' &Mini was at horne, but had 'or.
deied her to deny him. A few- days
after, Ennuis C811)6 to call on Scipio,
who hearing his voice at .the door
led out to him 'from within that he was
riot at home. How can that be?' said
Emus, ',When 1 hear you speaking,"
'You mirst be a moat unreasonable man'
replied Scipio, 6when 1 called on you 1
took )our servant's word, and will you
refuse to take not tny servant's; but my
, Lovir Music.We wets aurroun.
,led by a large flo k of sheep which
wereleaving their fold to go le their
pasture; one of our party. took his flute
let of his pocket, and saying, am go
,ng to turn Corydon, let us see whether
itie sheep will recognise their pastor,'"
began to play, The sheep and goats,
which were following each other toward
mmiltain with their heads- hanging
.own, 'raised them at the first sounds of
Ole flute; and all, with a general and
orsty nioventent, turned to. the side
from whence the agreeable noise pro..
ceedee. Gradually they flocked around
the Musician, and hstened with motion
less aiention. Ile ceased playingt the
sheep did not atir,,. Tne shepherd with
his aka obliged Ihose ;nearest bins to
move on. They Obeyedo but
did the flu'er begin to pity againNum
hie innocent auditors returned to hiN,
The shePerd, 'nut of p,itience, NIA
them with clods of earth, but no'''''-""'":
them would move.' The
hit; innocent auditors returned to hiN.4
b ST . vEr
litimPuu -'1-4-ctur's Mut; . 1'
The vheperd, out of p,oience, pehiti tlooluettind taking mune cola to '.,-,, f,.. ,., ,J,:,
' ' beta on them wo'l WOrtiO Owe-
them with clods of earth, but no'"--1"."'"' ' La Ate putlire em ,,,t, a - ' ,
ti' (t'Ae astonished Do6si thre-074". c r., ,F :, a
them would move. The 11,4.-
1 Jou , , . -,, .,srryrarcrit ntrge (I.,' ,.-t ,1
perated, whistled, swore, tied
with additional akin; the 14(epert.,
pelryar- V
Alit marli little gir.t .,
VilaYing twdhwYk'arn,tnt, ritraidy esiiendk.' ,,;,-;,''''
lh; foundetipai, e.,,s,
dirnits. .tisiicinre would be v - "
fleecy- amateurs with stnties'A ' e'e
were hit by them began to meta SinTuvit wrr....-wer,,,,,iirort ehoutn,,7 ,1 , ,
vountry ..-- ,, ,,..,,,, ,t, d.. roar Iktuoy ,,. .., 4 ,
It OT have you itet7it rt ,-.:4, ,, , . ,, , ',
others still refused to stir. Atlar4 "d1
pheue to cease his mvgical Noun
eheperd was obliged to entreat out - 1,' die bill t'""""1 nett ,,. , . ,, --' -,,,,.... --
,,,,sty... 'Intst,..?',,,oria4n. ,.0-, -;,1,1 a disease with whirl-- .
:atz.hhiinc:h I l'hitte lotml vol 4, ,Ity, afflicted '-aa- lind 7 ..!.:, i f ,
sheep then moved off; but conti-t . ..e"' maid. ,' Dr. ri, ' r
to btop at a distance as often 8 ''''', al a ,excellentirlah F"L'
1,86011,3y., ; a, nor to Dr.' Akeo, --
friend tesumed Ifs iostruinent.',44117i4.!1;1..
, 14hp' ' - 8 t '4 'not a or''''a caN' '
Swaim or Sows. Hsves"murge "!'te'd, a Pin" w.tth. csirred wi - '
, .6 drinkers of ,
obit forget that thW, ita 'a
a,,,ushat on or 04;4 er r"--- - - ''''' i r ' ' '"
pubt,0 happiain, statirptii. vatiebtitylir,gay tiniertfulihrt. As
1.,,tt,i ' -1 ii,
tione conduce to, rrit;,0 take no e j, &AIL le ,, .., ,
means to the rilllt 4,,Pit seer ..-k ',' v '''''.' ' ,
ed I till, - '
more than theer; roinoo asOOC.,' t a ,
ale and nationst,.;,,4 sa of V' ,...
e to aðo!o,:,
- -
will, kiet''''.'"' -to. . ,.- i . i
tnem wow(' move. 1 ne n',4. il
with additional akin; the 14(epen,,,
r IrAllr
perated, whistled, swore, ano pa'. . ,
fleecy- amateurs with stonee,,,A, ' e"'
were hit by them began to Matit
others etill refused to etir. At ;10 ,
eheperd was obliged to entreat out - '
pheue to cease his mvical Noun
sheep then moved PIT; but con6 .
ehing .
lo Mop at a distance as Reit 8 ("ill
. , ,, . A A9.Lna
1 t
lion. or privttte bappieess than this pstopt est
cae of the political constitution Can be, so tbet
though the value of civil and religious liberty is -
great, and has a large influence o'n national well.
being, still it alone does not, eonstitue happine'ssi
and therefore it witting to me that those writers
who devote their energies to the task of Wetly
vouring to ellen and improve the soclal anon
,tions,de itwomparahly more to pmtnote the bent.,
efit of communities then those who have only in
view whut is more strictly designated, Ithe,pub.
lio wCal.'-Curtis on Health; T ' ,
IThingi' that' I like.b Under this head, an -
fastens paper'gives a number of clever satin.-
sal thrusts at divert of die follies and &trident '
of klio tiny. - Among them is the following ,
, like to see member of the Legislature take
his seat with both hands tied, his mouth matt., t
11 tied, hit eyes blinded, his ears closed to all as
g6ent, possessing no will of his 'own to In. ,
votire thaluatice'or exp!liency of any melts
sure whioh he is celled upon to decide' t,-tirti.'illtrt
ther words a pledged Mant4 sin,vrs be is pos. -
seised of a meek and. spaniel like.- disposition,
and instead of apiring to beiome ruler ore pets.
ple, his ambitiou is fully satisfied with being the
tool of a party.' -, -
THE WAY TO BE HAPPY. -0, Ciat your
coat according to your cloth, is an old mason
and a wise one end irpeople Will only equate
their ideas according to their eircumstances,how
much happier might we all be i lf we Wotild
come down' a peg or two in 'our notions, in . -
eordance with our waning fortunes, happinese- -
would always be o ithi I OUC lead. It ie not whit
i we have or what we have ,not, vvhat adds to or ,
!oubstractirrom our felicity. , Itis the longing' fer
merit then we have, the euvying of those who
possess; that more, and the wisisto appear in the
world of more conseltience than we really are,
which destroys our peace of mitid aud eVentuk
atly kids to ruin. , , ,
E G R ETA EST MAIst14-iTlie grew's& matt
is he who chooses the right with invincible re.
solution; who resists the sorest temptations ft om
within and without; who bears the heaviest burr
dens cheerfulty: who is the calineet in storms,
tind most fearless under menaces and frowns
whose reliaece on truth, on virtue, on Gud is
most unfaultering Clowning., , -
....len wail.); ebigicioned
begii.a to get hard, it does it taster titan any thing
in nature, it sts. I n,ay wi I tie ilia hoili, g
of an egg, it is very clear at first, but as anon as
it gets cloudy, one minute more and you inay - '-
cut it with a knife. ,
. ,
TO Tile Members of the Democratic party an
the Slate of Ohio,. , ,
Fellow Laborers : ,
The great and glorious victory we hove just
achieved meet not be suffered to lull us into list
lesonesa and inactivity. We have Unle li tO re- .
joice over in the !mot, but we have more to prco.
vide for in the future. The tate elections have
givbn us strong and convincing proof of the fact
that Ohio is a DEMOCRATIC 'STATE. The
high position which this grant of the west now ,
holds among lier Republican sisters must be a
source of thrilling gratification to every one
whose heart and hand have been engaged in ,
building up thb wall' of her political strength
and the glory of her names When darknen
and doubt lowered upon our glorious cause in
portions of the Unionwhen sunshine politi ''''''
clans shrunk from the 'Mile of the oturm,s...
when states. under the influence ofoudden pan: , ' is
lc where wheeling by platoons hem the sups : -
port of the noble stand taken by our democratic , ,,'
President, -when even the Empire state falters s' " ; .,
ed and forsook (for a short season) the support S '''
or her favorite son,the freemen of Ohio came ,, . ' '
up to the rescue; rolled back the ball of revolu ' , r' ;
flop, and asserted the triumph of Democracy. ;,,;, ,
The enthusiasttits-the devotion to principle -ola'''' .,,i, .. -
her sons, has lit up the blaze of victory till, , ' -,,' , ,
burns on amost every mountain and hill trii ON '''' t'-'' '
the land. - We have before us another, atmt,...;,,, ': '-' m
doubt a bitter struggle with the spirit of Y4 At,: " ,,41'.
alio); and as we wou?d sustain the' trium ..,:.---- ;
our principles protect and advance thrhe80 ' Ad, e
political fame of our state, we must LiOntlift r ,
armor and pmpare tor the contest,y,ine ieueh.
great object te be accomplished 1 eificin1:7: r i,,, . ,..,
tion of our strengths , To do !IC -
must have a rallying point,toes ynktfIlime5 tun; . l' : ',,.-: ..1 el'
of harmony and anion arnungV" ' d wtd, a 4
d on .
Will COMO ilie grill P eine la,t1 or -31, '
Bathe election of a Galli his Lai . ,, . ' .04'
tion of the next Congress. r...,-,. .,-)mt, ,: . ,, . ,, -4: -, :
wo require the aronr;104:1;,:ineakitint:::Litin;c7ctioce, ,i, i,., ,, ,,, ,,,,a;.... ,.,
iticl'alL tole - , ' -f Lk ''' ..,-
et et good Men and 1
ccaonrdjiadl,litewt.171,7e. ,,ebus, u I.., the,, ,..,,,,,i7 ,
1.40) Vie ,...OUTDS, A-4"I !
party po...,,, ,,,,,,s,.,it , ..irci:1nable .,,, - ,..4' f
Jeers thrst ins...-ler being vial bug I es. N , re; ,': ': '
"nr.i'14141eiitrA to ask for mole eras 'Zi;a t '. , ::,
r, '4 i a u to nd,,k vo,b oo nothing to istate,Citiet 1,.,,, -,',,Af,.....4
Ben, ,he heit, goieg.o.e. , Á , po.,1, , ,..
:..1 it'd wing omso. as ,, . . ,.. ., , ,
1.1Elinrf.11' 1 11 A r:;r1-i. ,:::.- -lift-tar. eticwh Psdsamadtt?' ii"fetteNcilunt7trfF'ree 14:t'i.:71::' . 'I.
th uelt n
...,........1...,1 octOC
I.- iair 0 ie PUtliri eMbnetS!! dthlerallrw!4Wt'Plelifee:111.-14..tr2167 ,,,Ii;
, å ,7 - - ,
.. .
. ,.
. t io,....
,Z.L.... . , ,
, . . .
i l' ' .it.o.' ''''' ' ' ' ' '"f4' ''' ' :1
i, ., .
! , , 4.: t , L:: : , po Ei
,,,. --
. -.
. , , , .
:,,-, , ' ,, ,,,,, :: , livns tits (
'-',2:1'-' ' : ,- 1 THE 1)008H
-e- . Thgood eitinene 01
'. '' , vie, Are pretty ginerall:
,',. ; West by'.the singular
-,,,:t '!. , . ,, The following tyllmfis,
t- ,-' "-' s,.$ ;tow-conveys a earl' i
' ' ' skier lab en the frontis
; , 4 'titre will answei also 1
t 1 ' ' ; knots: ,- : . :
. ,
I, .. , .. : Suppose, in tidit4
1., , ', - .. A stranger found i
... In other words, a I
l - Just big enough to
f ( '1 Its 'situation low,
1 --, 0 : '' , Was en the bordt
,, ,, ,,,, And flaring he mi
k .., ' , He hailed the hou
,, .1. . ' . ''. The llooshier mei
, . ,): , -Their adotatione i
4"-, - ; -,' ;,-, Me teak the stranl
'4 :, Ito' :4 , ,,;. Aud it-e 'sturdy st,
0;'', , - Then having strip
'i 'i'; - He fed hint in ail
)',, . ' ' The etranger st091
''' '' . . The entrance olcis
,,,,s,,,,,,,-, , And manifested et
Ili,' ,,,,' , To seat himself 113
. ' Where hair a doz,
: ' With 'mush and 11
41:!,- White heads, pars
' : ' Seemed much Mc
' .' ' - - . But Madam attain
14,14" ller rough and un
. , Her offspring to ti
: ; . - And cuffed they
, Invited sherd), to
' " . ., - Of venison, milk
1. ', - ' 'I'he stranger mad
e :, . - And glanoes roun
''',..;',-'.''s ,, ,. One aide was line
, , , ... The other spread
,. , -.-
Dried pumpkins s
. , ,
' st '', ' Where venison hi
Two rifles placed
' '''- . Three dogs tey so
, ,, . . In short, the dom
.:,.' With specimens o
' -- - . - The host, who ce
' On gain, and ran
Diecoursed his wi
Tilt Somnue ever
01 sublunary care
No matter how
', The application I
4 ''''' trh7msetelmieertoll
if , 0 . That 'burly chid
4 Are bred in sic a
''' ''"', . BEAUTIFUL SIM
, ,'' per thus pathetically t
: , i,
I a 11. ' lid! ;
, ,
. LI !,, . 'Down fell thelo
: i Just like a distil
. I:'
o Her hair hung roi
t' :, th, ', ' Like'sea-weed
, , ,
. .'r ' A LOS1
r ' ponden-J of the 1)
, ; Philadelphia; has
, .., aketches from the i
ming, including a
1 of the Indian Mao
. elution. We are
t , the &Hewing roma
, , thuught voracious
. , ' are corrorborated
.. '
C; ' 4 the article which it
,'.,' ,' I cos the finger of P
v ,,
, ,,, .., tory. Troy WhiA
) . , At a little distal
,. ; Courf-house at VI
, ) :amity by the nar
I '' whum the vieituts
'' CA' cruelties were av
I ,:t1 men were one dal
I',,-.1,,, . and in air instant
I ,, ' monied by Indian
1. the niLthe6 a daug
d f ''.:'
11 ' 4
, . of age, a son ag
deughter aged five,
,, ) two and a half. ,
i ';', a buy by . the nan
, ,-,e,- present grinding'.
4.1 thing the Indian., d
1 thp young man, an
1 knite which he had
, . ,' si no year old siste
,.. two yeere and a ha
. the hack door to
1 .' I Indians thaed be
1. ber fright,. and hal
, l''.") atm rah and clung I
, I . by little brother. ,
1 , , )1 , Kt 1 I il nt (tee! ne y, bannyd al int idi t
1' 'i and prepared to
i ' : . ". young Slocum Ian
, ,..! treaties of the inoth
4 , and left him'. ,Tht
young Kingsley ar
1 minims'. heart ow
,o ' :', for years she cou
:.'),. c , scene without teal
' , , dian throw her chil
4, and aa her hair fel
one hand brushed
4 fears fell from het
) ,,, - atretching out Lei
1 - iter mother, she ca
' Indian turned into
was the last seen i
' An the boys I
men, ihey were vl
4 the fate of their litt
ði They wrote lettere
', they made journey
., and into Canada,.
, -.1i might learn any
i ' ,. fate: Three, ink;
, made in , Viii0.- A
, . deeprð, fOrtpt dill
1 ' dared, huni 0Yer I
ty years. , ,,
t.4.,,, AA ',., jig'. Lnrstee .,r I, '
' ' NOV ' 11 ''
or ;
' ' t' :',,,
116 i1111,11.1 URI h
:an be, so diat ,
igloos liberty is - ,
1 national well.
itos happiness;
t those writers
'task of andetta
bo soilat area. ,,
remote the ben. ,
bo have only in
Ithe pub. -
1r this boa, an -
11 chive
s and Onions '
following , .
Legislaturo take r
is mouth mut.
:toned to all ar. - .t
his 'own to In. ,
ley of any meita
Gvni be is pos. ,
kat disposition, ,
rukr era pa. j
I with being the
1 IX1 yu tp ciyu:ur or . ' , ' 4.,'1''
Id marina , -,'
ances,how , e
we Would ' ' ' i
uns, fil sc. . ' ' .1
hoppinem- - 'A
ia not whit ' ' -' 't
. .
adds to or , - '
longing tar ' ',,
those Who i 1
pear in the 1
really are,
td eVentto
.estsat matt ,1 ,
incible ra,
gloms from
taviset bur,- . l
. in stornoss -
td frowns ; ,,, . , ;
on Gud le ,...,, v.
..-.,, .
- , .....,
etniscionre . l, it
' V
1 any thing - ' .'
le !milli g ,
as soon Mt il' 6
Id :on insy - ''''''''" '-
,' ,
tic party an
' I
, . , .., i
s have just i
us into iiit l
nuell lb re- .
1010 to pro4. '.
ctiona have
f of die fact
t7T,. The .,,
I west now , :t'.
t must be a ,,,
every one t
engaged in , '4
!al strength 1 ;
n darkness s
tie cause in t. ,,,, 1
bine politi ,'
e pturm,a
udden pan: , ' ''',1i
m the aup- ' , :-.,',.
, democratic ,, . ...' ;
statc falter. , -- - . -, t ,'
the support . $ '''. '''',
' Ohio came ' . ' , '4
, of revolu ' 7.''' ; - t
Democracy. , i!":".1
rincipie ..0t, -
1i,,,,-- . 4- .
dory ti , ,. , , .. , . ,
ri hill ttil St.! ' ' r ' '' ' ' '
ler, atmt.,,,,...- '',.. '-'
it of f2 A ,., , . IT
Ilium' 'Iv' ...-- ''' P'
,e thfhese,-"
ficifitift. , ,
ticine reach.
1 licial mat.y:, Jr: .,, ,
1,1 foll4InLyr ',: - 4, '1
Allman; ";". ''...- : , '4, t
und wtds ,4 i a
Csil'''''''''''. -11 ' .' k
r 't ' -019' ' ,
Itt. ' ''., ,7 . ''''' ''' '
C, ' il;::'..., , .5. ', ,
,j1,-t4Ce , - ,i,,,;,71 t
) ,''.k till'oL.5.41.14 ','',.,
art:feeble ,1 T ..'",4 . ,
tire1614,1.' Fei:',!, -',, , -,:: -'
1 Istilt...Ciblit is: -0,,' ..;,. 4 , ,
1, Ise inle7r--zho ,.-1-1..
,, - . ,
--- -- .
- - . ,
, . . ,;
v, , . 0 . . , - (-- -' . , . ,
. , .
kl .44- - ------7, (fðið , . ' .
' .
. .
' , .
. ,
. .
. -
. . . .
, k , ,
. t , ,
' i. , - , ..: ,, ,,, -,,07, ,,.. , - . ..,. , 1- ',a ' ' - t . , . - - ' ' - - ' ' ' - ' .
, , 4 , ,
4,,, -, 2...,....,.,,,,, . , ,
. , A
,, .. ,. . Jr, kii. ,, , --1
,, clip 0 ttl,
I P. , , .
...01 -!,',, ,. ; .
, , - , , ! . 1 , ' ç , - . . , -NI , ';
. ,,. ,
- i
,.. ' , - ,- ,'.. -1--," - -... ;,-,-.- i.- , ,. t'.'.- , - - .: ,..,,, ,. ,-, . .. . , . ,
, I
' i ,
. .
A f ,, .
t -- '- - -- -- ---4!":0:'t-!,'-', ' - - t.'-.' --1.-' : ',f -!, SNIII-311191 - DOVER ..al i YERTIrsER. . ,I.
, ,,
. , . . ,
. ...mo-amn owlet.
'''......'. , .. -. ' ' .-1 . 4 I
W. , t
- , V ' t
,, -,, - . voLtimE I. :- , , - -c , ' '...., ' , - ,- ,; ..- , -- 1, 1 .., ,, ; : : ,
1', , , -- ' - - - " 1 , .., kv CANAL DOVER, TUSCAR A Wid COUNTY,t OBIO) NOVEMBER, 11, 1839 . . ' ..,-i,--- ''.., : . , , - , . , -,, , NUMBER 15.,
, . ,..
1 ;,,f, t ' - , , 1)t) Eli ift 17 I Mv reader will noltipeNs. over 58 'Imre! countable blunder the le,ter (written by I ;G '6, ab am.ightyt:ðe Schto Treasury! !tailed. yot ber loveliness is uncrowned I tioa or private happliawa halt this pste4 bill '',.
a ':. ' 1 . .. .
mice I sl'ho Sub Treasury!' yelled lommb I Hier mien. or the strength oF her in- ,
, 4
' l : w w 3 tioll w44; Aron, 41-1',- I '''
, ,
! 1
: Mt-4

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