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The Ohio Democrat and Dover advertiser. [volume] (Canal Dover, Ohio) 1839-1840, November 22, 1839, Image 4

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' . TOOTILING SY ittli'. 3D11 LITY,:,,TPO YELLS,
-- , -" -,,,t'OR CHILDREN TEETHING. ' For Consunption. Dpprpoia, and Li
, Pus rauku et Kumar. . LT t'omplaint
. Reader. aro you libeled with ludigestion,
To 1114486, and It'laPco. Costiveness,- Sour Enielations, Dow of Appe
' The passage of the meth through 1110 Reni5 site. Water Rash Pato or Ditoress -at the bits-.
tprothscies trolablesiome sod dangenalsoymoomd. I reach, Sickness alter Liiillif, Languor. Pak ca.
.1 t is Wows -by mothers that ths ro is peat irrits 1 lion of tho !kart, Lowness of tpirits, pain in
z. mina in the mouth tool gums during this pros I the Head. Ilteast. Back. and LittillS, DiStilliemi
-resit. The gams swell, the secretion of the sills , and Cooffision ut Sight, a Feet of some loss
siva is increased. the child is seised with frequent pending Evil. nestfassitess, t Diviiikefor Food,
and itudden tits lir us), ta14. watching, Marlow, ill 1 with other Nervous Symptoms, 'bring Wore
vis sleep. and spasms of peculiar parts; the crslid . you the Picture of the Dyspeptic, and Consump
isorieks with satreme violence, and thrusts its I, live patient. Ilaving resolved to rernedv them
k fiagers intuits tuoush. If these precorsary symp- I procure immediately a boa or Dlt. IIIIN't"S
tams are hos speedily alleviated,spasmodio cons 1, PILLS, a never failing and efficacious remedy
.-volsions universelly supervene, and soon cause for those dreaded foes of human happiness Dye
- Film dissolution of the :Mimi. If mothers who popsta, Consumption and Liver Complaint, and
IIITS their little babes allticted with these Ow the whole traine of nielaucholy streams' aria
.Aressing slot:nom would apply Dr. Willia.11 ing from diseases of tho Stomach. Liver, Bowels
Evana's Soothing Sy rup, which bits pro:served - awl Lungs.
- -hundreds of infants when thought pest wove. Solt' at 11.e I. Ii.t c, I Chathans street, N.
Ty from being suddenly attacked with Mat fa- Ydrk.
.-till'illlhitly l'Oli111Siliii&
This inrallible remedy has preserved kilns . sr
-clreds when thought fast sccovery, from con--volition
As 60011 0 the Syrup is rubbed on
-the puns, the child will rer over. This repast. DR. 111111AIT9S ,
; alio is so innocent, so efficacious, and so plea- CELEBRATED l'ILB,
two, that no child will refuse to lot its gums be
rubbed with it. Viten infants are at the age of Fon
- four months, illoogii them is no appearance is CONSUMPTION, DISPEPSLI, di Ai..,,
4- tooth, nue bettk-of the syryp shot hi be te.ed on I I ER COMPLAINT, Sa
, . TOOTILING SYRUI'. tio EITY4:,4 IrPO YILLS 41 t most:whom Dyspepsia, both chronic and re,-
. . cent, ender the Worst symptoms, lowneath ol
' " '.FOR CHILDREN TEETHING. ' Fitr ConbunPlion DrPtPsia, and Ls , prem., um roisiells after eating, wieetbrasti .
, Pin rause BY Minstar. LT C'emplaint !1,,ss or appwite, gerend debility., nud emeriti
. . Reader, ftre you trilleted will' ludigestion, nen are mem temovell hy tie use or die ahoy'
. To 1114486, anti It'onten. Costiveness,- Sour Ennuarents, DISN of Appe- Pi.le. GuNSUMPTION, that itteidious de-
- The passage of the teeth through the RIMS file. Water Rash Pain Of Dntreas -et Ille bro. atroyer et' the human family, and its atteeditet
eprothicee troublesome sod dengennis srgaoled, mach, Sickness tiler Ealing, Languor, Pat, ea. tram of horrors, greenish and Weedy spittle,
.1 t is kuuwe by soothers that tin re is peat irrits 1 lion of the !kart. Lowness of tpirits. Paiti in clammy, night sweats, general emaciation, pros
:. anion in the mouth mei glens detieg this pres I the Head. Illeast. Back. and Limits, Dimitiese trawl,' ef etrength, hil Will he relieved by the
-rests. 'rho gloms swell, the secretion 'Willa sal, , and Confusion et Sight, a Ften. of some Ins- lime!), ntiministration al Dr. Hunt's Pills, mid,
viva ie inereased.the 010,1 is seized with frequent pending Evil, Restlessness, a Dislike-for Food, if Wore according to directions, cempletely re
end itelitien fits er ely tog. watching, startme in 1 with ether Nervous Sytoplome, 'bring before moved. la Liver Complaim, Jauediee, both'
vis sleep. and spasms er peculiar parts; the Vrt;iti . yee the Picture of the Dyspeptic, and Consump- biliary and spasmodic, their influence is truly
'leeriest' with setrione violence, and thrusts its 1 live patient. Having resolved to remedy them astonishing. le all cases of Ilypnchondrineiten
k lagers intuits mouth. If these precersary symp- I procure immediately a hoz or DR. IICN'P'S Low ti:inrits, Palpitations of the Walt, Nervous
toms are nosspeerlily alleviated,spasmodie con- ! PILLS, a never failing and efficacious remedy Irrittability. Nervous Weakness, Finer Albus,
.-velsions universelly supervene, and roue cause ' for those dreaded foes 'lineman happiness Dye. Seminal Weakness, Indigestion, Flatulency,
- riles dissolution of the :Mimi. If mothers who pepsta, Gonsuteption and Liver Complaint, and Ileaetburmündily WeaknessChlorosis or Green
have their little babee affiicted with these Owe the whole traine or melancholy airectlims aria- Sickness, Flatulent or Ilysteritall Faintings,
evessing ft:eel:nem would apply Dr. Willi:fie ing froni diseases of the Stomach, Liver, Bowels Histories. Head Ache, Sea Sickness, Nightmare
Evans's Sisothing Sy rue, which has preserved - and Lungs. Gout, Rheumatism, Asthma, Tie adoreitx,
-hundreds of infants when thought pest recove- Sold fit 'Le I. Cie, I Chatham street, N. Splamodic Affections, Nausea, Vomiting, Palos
- Ty from being soddenly Wicked with that fa- Wilt. in Tie Side, Limbs, Head, Stomach or Back,
..,.1111'11131iitly 1011elsions. Dimness or Confusion of Sight, Noises in the
This inrallible remedy has preserved Imps . Inside, alternate Fleshings of Heat and Chilli
to --dtedis when thought fast recovery, from con- nes& Troinoro, Watching', Agitation, Anxiety,
--velsiotist. As soon 0 illt. Syrup is rubbed on Bad Dreams, Spasms, all niay becompletely it,
-the gems, the child will re. over. This repel. DR. 111111AIT9S , moved by the use of the above Pills.
; Mien iii so mitecent, so efficacious, and so plea- CELEBRATED l'ILL, ! These Pills nifty be taken with the most per,.
won, that no child will reruse to let its gents be feet Witty. Their benificial influence has mien-,
rubbed with it. Viten infants me at the ege or eon times revived from the bed of sickness, ilie pal,
-- four mouths, theogli llitlfe iti 110 illittetatitiCe ti CONSUMPTION, DISPEPSLI, it. lid. dejected, and emaciated victiin of nisease;1
4-- teeth, nee bettk-or the syryp shot lif be legal on I ER COMPLAJNT, Su:. anti sent him forth again into the world, a hale
,"-the gums to open the pores. Pirellis should eit- I and active man.
i ...Nur be without the gym) itt the nursery where Sold at 100 Chatham Strea, N. York.
'theta are young children. for ir a child wakes As thn en.inYlllent or Ile:11111 ðePenðs " Pre" t ."'."-.---------1- ...-- , . -'''''''
' theta are young children. fur it' a child wakes
- in'the tight mith pain tot the gum& the SVfilli
-immediately gives esse,hy opening the f'eres
-and 1113(1180e gunixtlieretiv preventing Coevel.
-and lien is tile-gums; thereby preventing Coil
unit. Fevers, &e.
t Unt a mtidt
itf Fostered according to Attt niTongress. Be ! can no longer be astonishing that when these vie. ; AND
h particular tictt tlie hide On the Itox pres.tes cern ore deranged,and eatinot perform their nro
Thu genuitie iS vended by Agents only. per functions, the whole system sullbrs and be. ! DOVER ADVERTISER.
-Agent Dover. conies disordered. Knowing this to be a sound Assured that, in adopting the tneasure, we ere
deinutisnated fact, in science and experi.. but nieuting tho obvious wants of the cottutunt
. .
Er A save 044Sil qf Pika cured ut 100 Chatham
UTA save 044Sil qf Pika cured ut 100 Chatham
x"alrect. Mr. amid spilmilig r shïe.8bury,
Eden Town. New Jersey, was severely eliVe.
led with Plies rur more than 20 years. 1 lad
scourge to medicines of almost every descrip
in, also the advice or several eminent Pysis
limns, hut never filand the slightest relier
Pony source whatsoever aunt let called on Di.
Evans, of 100 Chatham street, New York ,
procured 6011113 medicine linin him, rrum which
' ruand immediate Jelier and subeequently
perrect cure.
- Extrnet of u leter (Whom; Snyder, Post Alas,-
' ler, Kernaville, Pa, to Dr. William Evans.
-Amimg several eases, the following is found
An elsterly latly, who harl Leen 25)ears so all.
nicted wite nervous hydocliondria, deliility, Arc.
that fur the last 3 years Hee constatolv received
wedinal aid troindt respectable physician; but
the pressure and pain on lwr .heart and breast,
end especially VI weakness in her bead and
lin her mind. keeping her discouraged to uuder
take any thing. lit 3Ity she comment:0d using
-4)r. W. Evans' meditioca according to the di-ructions
accompanying them. A reuetion took
place; the pans and pressure in her body was
'remiried; her mind :meanie clear and strong; her
ripirite pirlisitlygood, and up to this time it is
in nil respects restored bi health, which ft)
-last tee year. has not enjoyed.
(Signed, )
Seprember 7, 1838.
MIE.on ammo
rr Another reeent t ent Ittelturivelled rirta I
te Dr. Wm. Erotsi Median& ÐY:fll'EllSi A,
' zie, 176 Slaiitue street, was afflicted with the
atom emeitlinitq ihr ten )earq, which
la? 1, at
., ,
s ed li m at itildrvals, ft r the period of six years,
.11 attending I o las lowtinees, -restored te perteet
'nealth under the eutulary heatment of Lr. tt no.
t Evans.
The SymptOWIS ler0.--.4 sense of dietensinn
'. snid oppression atier eating, distressing pain in
the pit of the atom tell, Ilium ti, inepared slope-
I- the, giddiness, palpitation of the heart, great
. Ashhinted emaciation, nepreesiato of spirits,
' slisturberl fast, sometimes a bilious vomiting,
- Roo I pant ia the roma sale, ati extreme dogree I I
: lotoodmor atel Helmets ; any taideavontr to pursue
b' NS hasinees:ciusing immediate exliaueten and
'' weariness.
Mr. McKenzie is daily attending in his
Vega, anti 1119101 tlie nbove sviii:iii mg have re
(timed -since Ito used the medicine. He TIOW
a Strang and health, men. tic resorted te
, rinds ot remedies. tint key woe nil inetkennit.
" lie is willing to give eny tii the nt
' Meted respecima Om inestimable benefit reivier
,s d to him by tile use oi Dr. Evens' mod
The tit.inve Mei 'deice Pitt be procured or till
1)r. Win. Evints' adveriscd ageeis in tile United
' tkoes. end tbrittiglitint tite Vor;iI.
. ,..
ld io him by the use ot Dr. Viii. Evans' mod- The Blood has hitherto been considered i:.
c iciie,, Fnipiricks and mhos, as the peat rilmiatin tot
, The titvwe Win: brine pin he perteured of all LI e liumitt. system, nod such ib t1,0 lieettlethiebt
'1)r. Win. Evans' advertised agoote hi the united 41t the adherents to Mat eroneoto doctrmooliat
Males. and flint:iglu:tit the Wor;:l. they crititilit thenisetrus whit iLe piteTie rem
. rr Dr. EVEllig, ill oydr r to pro,etit the pat. session el. this tidbit:ions opinion, t itlinitt cie
'.. r''''''''filig lijedlcilicA heing iiiiposed up.di ily quit ing into the prinarry souscis froth n innict
- -cotriterreits, has hod !IA.' la') ds ot all I is in di I: tare, Usably:tut vigour entainite, sod rict urea,
eines eatered according to act 01.C. lie' loaiii, sickness, disezou end death. Not so with
rerinestS then: thertnitro. to lyr. ti,yrtieetykr ie see i DR. HUNT whose thtelisne roscarcli and
sing that tbe lahote contain the billowing nonce: l practical imperieticc so uninicittly qualify Ino
"Etaerei areordin4 to lia lij r..:.tozrer,e. by tp. If or the protession of winch he Iiib be.til one 01
F.:m is, in the yew,. 183j, bt Me Clerk's rillice 11, the most Ubeltð incinbers. lie cotitclals,-iiiill a
L'it Suwita -ir Dretrid Crotrt ol. Nete.,l'ort,.." ' moment's rellection will colivnice ally reason
r A G ENI'S. mg timid ot the correctness of his v lowsthat
la: t."1-ounglow. Cleveland. the stomach, liver and the ass:len:tett ergitits are
the primary anti great regulaters of health, nod
4 A. Beebe. iltkron. that the blood in very titan) instances is totally
-A. Underhill. leimeallon. disconnected with lite first and succeeding eta
. D.nor. hes of disease, and that illness a medicine reach---J
. N'Phihidell'ell es the root of the disease, the Millet flew' itell)
"k1414,,,,e0,..0 nes u-ually preselibed, servo Ilut as hods to eio,-
(ELy A 'iD LEON k li D utoltatuo er dm rasug.s rI' cicep-rooted 'naiad teA. Ull
oFetire its Attorney's, 'and may at 'der these COMittluils, la theexpence or years
.oneulied nt their oilice, New Phil- lio close apprication, the doctor ila4 dccov coed
-Rat end :II. the 1 wo Flory frame u medic ne wilo,e swim:lima to,weis are irreS1S4--itrcet,
nevi): nosh the H., ' utile, and in prescribing, it is with a firm con
'1;iiii . a was Demo:ant. , viction of its truing u radical cure la the various
. diseases :already eiturtiorateti, even if applied in
e....esssesseseesmess...eksse.....,,,,..... th,: Must. critical cases, tout he dots net lorotend
tasAk- : to ascribe to
:Mat, PAM.
rm the citi
I vicinity
r Cu.'
;,ry it 011
'me con
ed by
tt,, tlill utlillYttlu", '" "". '''' --E---- I--
serving the tent:tains of thit Nomach, Liver, iv'
i le,iitim and Lung.1, in a healthy and vigerillis '
I state, tireugh the operations ut which the hotly
- .
serving the ;m.o.:thins of the Nomach, Liver,
te,tines and Lung.1, in a healthy and vigertins
state, th-ough the operations ot which the hotly
receives its growth, its nun ild suoport, it
Mid MLA, OF 0,6,v
e..ce, Ðocron HUNT'S EY ST Lai OF rIACTICE is in
,,,,, seek it lie aims to keen
c"1 ""' '
t 011) ul accortlauce with it Ile aims to keep
the &meat:lir Lungs end the Liver, te vigerous
land healthy altian, HS the three great fomitains
of health end For this purpose his pills
la 0 coutimuuded of herbs, which btrengthen and
equalize the action or the heart, and give an int- tided expositions end minute details in regard to
pulse or strength to the arterial s!, stern, at the this enterprise, sonitivi liattirf our 'principles and
same time quicken the action or' the &ism hent purposes w ill lie properly demanded by the
end discharging vessels ; and as all the seere public, and as Kir as is fitting to die OCCaS1
bons are draw!' from the bloud, any rmirbid tre.i we pr., ceed hr oily io due.aru ti em
boli which may have taken place is removed, l 'I lie pri jinni! columns of cur paper will be
all obstructions are overeorne, the blood is purr- found, tlierelbre, to espouse the doctrines of a
tied. and the budy assumes a heathlid state. strict construction ()filar Federal Constitution,
These pills give tune to the stomach, increase will advocate the principles (Mlle present Adrui
thq appetite, and eminently exiici all acid ur nistratton. and will maintain the dectrirri s tbe
to the
morbid inatterthrough the exetretnty duels in
assuge bowels. in all cases of
c 1- r Dv tepsul Dili us
onsuniption, um , ,
Alfeetiiiiia, or laser Comp !aims, Ile:Where, object is the diffusion of light tuul knowledge,
Sourness or Acidity iti the z:totinrh, 'fightliess ; out colutnna will be open in full and free discus
at the Chest, Loss of Appetite, Sick Head A. slim en all matters that interest the Public.
elle, AIM di the Head, B ack, Limbs and Side, We shell be equally, gratillid if we may he
Flatulency, Typhus aud Scarlet reser, Punk! instrumental in rctilting the opinions of those
Sore Throat, Fever and Ague, or Intermitting who d.ffer from us, or, if vrong ourselves, that
revere, Com, Ithemnatism, Lumbago, Sciatica, sitir errors be corrected- Vi;e earnestly desbe to
Spasmodic Affections, and Tic Doloureux, Con- estahlish tiii IsbEri:NoLaT and 'BEE PRESS, in
volsonis of Children, Aleasles,Sinall Pox, 'loop- the sense of the terms. Not so indeptat
ing Cough. ILL Ittas, eething, firms, I e- dent, as it may Le above paironate and reckli ss
male Obstructions, Cidorosis or Green Sick-. of oblition, not lice as its conducters maw publish
tiess. and Rejections of Food, and Gristivetiess, what they please and withhold salmi 'lit y
Colie, whether flatulent or Bilious, follow the picasbut so mdepelme it Mai it inculcate
ECTI OAS. truthotild so free that it shall be nixes:Ade to
the effirts fall wim liorcsily seek the er,liligts
DOSEeTake front three to fen pills, till they
The r cued elliirts of the piddle onindiand the etelittital
operate, two or three tones (lady.
aed it, 1,11 cure ,s ci; good of our cialinion country.
the pills must purse
teetud. A p sera of the paper vs ill lie deyofsrf to the
iirprov!iloFt of Agrimilture, and the lovers of
Litertmme Mall base slimed before them many
INTER ES'FING AND APPLICA- "f Cif. amid interesting selections. Together
with the most interesting portions of Foreign
1.$ Lb '1'0 AFFIAIrl'ED a1,11 , tic news, we w di 400 a Weekly rt,
port a Lim illtirket Prices, and desire to make
DNEAsES oF THE SToRACH, OR NkRVES; our paper profitable, to the whole uniiiiiitutily
Such as b YSITI16i A, either Citionie or casual, through which it may circulate:
iti,der the worst sj wombs of restiessmss Terms of 1'1,14miin.I lie "Democrat and
Lowite,s of Spirits and Colieral Limn Luton Advertiser" will be billilishred sleekly at V),(11
cusswirre,as. sviietiier of the Lungs sir Lori; per ir not paid within f000ths.
LI E FIECT IONS. .INUALJICE, alier die flrFt number is published, I ró
and CusMelluns , Woo:. at di eloi orthe
or every vat ictv; litteutentipte, whether ri LULL &
cute or chronic; togiener with scio- Do er Sep. F47.
Such as Lo YSPEPSi it, either (Amalie ur cote
Imder the worst ot mounts tol reelluto,o0
Lowitetar of Spirits and 6tateral Luau La
ClitowirnoN. Miellier of the Immo tor Li
Iltliary and Spastiontlit ; Ctoemenuee ; , 0
or every Vitt RtIV; libetRiillipto, whether
, cane or chronic; togenter with ittiLa, so
title, Pants In the Head, ltack, Limbs,
bete, Tveitite Ft.VER, CLARI,r.T i' LVLIit
hid Sole Throat, l LITER, mid Atli
, Nita:Anodic Palpitation of the Item t and
Such Ns bY611:116itl, either (Almon: or casual,
tiLder the worst s toptutos restMssmss
Lowite,s of' Spirits and 6imeral Lime Litton
taitoLerrioN. weeteer of the Lungs or Lott;
lithary and Custlelito5s , omit,
or every vatattv; Rhetenittiptit, whether ri
elite or chronic; togettier wait Litityr,
!Ma, i'mus itt the Head, Imck, Limbs, and
bine, Ft.VEtt, CI, 10,t.T L Liit
trid Sole HATER, nod MAIL,
Npaimiothe Palpitation of the Dem and At.
NtirollS. Nervous tVeak
ittl,;s, blerics Tee Dooloureits Cramps, re
malts U1)Arut learthimit
Cough, me Common or hornet, and the Dry
or Me kViiimpalg; AS'1101A, Gravel and
Di pl.
111: N.L" PILLS
supernatural agency, although frun positiv
withill the knowledge of hundreds, Ile
is prepared to show, that when every ether
earthly remedy has railed,
have never been known to fail:it) etrectivowo
very gratifying results, that of raisitig from the
Mid of sickness and thus amply rewarding Dr.
Etna for his long and anxious study to audit)
this perfection tlia DEALING Mei
Â13' A Sledicine that will perform what it prom
set, is a public benefactor, such DR. II UN1 'S
Velebrated Pills have proved themselves to be,
v.i:,liaving been successfully tried iu all parts of
' ue 14utry. A Medicine on coml (whiled, that
Mint ber Ilea, a free circulation in the vessels on
1114ent,litthiface of the body, cleanses and ill enroll.
skivto rut Stomach. Livert and Lungs, gives a
-4tly tone to all the icon, and by promot
the insensible, removes all febrile or infiam
i action, and imparts.mitscular strength,
, and vigerous health t.o the whole Immo,
tuna" be esteemed a pudlic berm.
itotlihnust like diastic purges,
''' - - bniversal, and they may
lively with safety, but
' ' pommel essential in
I in them tempo'. try
, ''11,-meilicints, 5 f.
"4,-,,4 id to .impair the
1 11 t 0 41' e in 0 Cr
hio Denweral
ty , the sui.iscribers will oiler to the approhation
nod etiliPort of their fellow citizens a weekly
and support of their follow citizens a weekly
Newspaper tu be published in the town or Canal
Dover, bearing the name of the "011ie
Democrat and Dove'. Advertiser", Although
the Inuits fa PreePeetee de lett admit ol.exte
Denny Party in that political reform which lias
heen so repeatedly indicated by the general eon'.
re,,e. As conductors of a public Journal nose
These Pills are stiorigly reconimmuled to thr
dice ot the Ladies as a Safe Enid efficient rem
edy ill removing mese complaints peculiar tti
Med. sex. awn want of Exercise, or geornal
Debility of the System, Otstructious,'Soppres
sions, and Irregularity of the Menses ; the
saner time strengtheiling, cleansing, and reit log
tone to the Shan ch riud 11.w Is, ito I prod icit g
new au I healthy throughout the s.is
eni generally. 'they create Appetite, correct
Indigestion. remove Giddiness and Nervoih
Honda lie, Mid eminently uselitil in those
Flatulent Complaiiits which distiesaeurales so
much at the Tens or 1. rE They obviate Cot-,
tiveiress, oral oreiffe.iret oil Ilysrei teal and Nor
' vials Affection.' lilievise afford sootliii.g and
permanent relief in Fluor Altars, or Whites, mid
in the most ob,finate cases of Gliforesis, or
Green 8 ckness,they in wieldy rotore the pal
lid sod delicacto female to health 88(1 vigour.
Those Pills have ga ned the sanction and ap
I probation or the most eminent Physicians in the
I United States, and many mothers cau likewise
testify to their extraordinary elliiiacy. To roar
i tied females, whose expectations of the tender
: 0,1 pledges of connubial happinos have been
!dele. mill, these Pills may be truly e,teenied a
blissful boon. They solo renoate all lime.
ional debility, and ir taken, according to direc
t oils, thviate all morbid action. A medium thus
safe arid efficacious will be found in
Dr. Goode's 'Celebrates Fernale Pills.
These P Ils ore Gr tWO kinds namely : No. I,
or Laxative Pills, and No. 2, Res:orative Pills.
They are for ell tho fernwing diseases : Sop
pression, Irregularity or Retention of the Men
ses, Fluor Chlorosis or Green Sicknass,
Costiveno.s. Gov I, Incontinence of' thine,
Nervous Affections, Hysterics, Prolapses Uteri,
or filling of the Womb and Piles. These Ville
nre also pa cute' I v adapted to the male n8 Wt'll
as the female sex kir the eine of the following
diseases: Nervous Pt eases Liver Complaint,
Dyspersia,Bilious Disemor.and all cot's of' ily
podiondriacisin, Low St irit, Paltitation the
Malt Nervous N'ervois Weakness, I
Indhotstion, Loss orAnpotite, floartlairo, Gen
erdDebility, Bodily Weakness. or Flatulency,
lieldaches, Nightmare, Rheumatism. Asthma,
Tic Doeloineux, Cramp, Spasmodic Atreetions,
and those who ere victims to that most (.1.
ereeiating disorder Gout; also, Pains in
Side, Chest, Limbs Head, Stomach or Hoek,
Dimness or Confusion of Si;lit, Alto nate
es of Heat and Chilliness, Tremors, Waldhings
Agitati A bad Dreams and Spasms.
This ; inn is acknoradedged to be one of
the most valuable di,covcrod, as a purifier
of the blood and fluids. It is superior to Sacs
anpnrilla. whether as a sudorific or alternative.
Directionsfor vse.--Pills No. I twist be taken
from thren to six, or more, ot bed time, slap.
cient to operate briskly, till Itie deidred object is
effected. Ikke No.2 according to the directions
se on the box.
' In all cases, both hinds of the pills are to be
. .. , ,-, ,
, , ,
1 - ' ' . . : ,
, .
, , .,
.. .
, ,
, , , .
, ,
. , ,
. ,,
.. . .- . Nt.- -4
us NI nt the W;111P iti the mr.nnc;;.
t iri a go if; or urre orNo l e,").
Mil going to bed; tlienoniber, ir
it, rot (Teo it,e boo &A.; atso, tale three or the
rolls No. 2 littl feu hour licfore each meal. three
t men duilv.
Sold nt 100 Chatham etteet, N. Y. b
And by one respectable retzion iu dut) town
in tha Uotou.
(Y Young low. May lima. 11.
J. A. lieeho Akron.
A: Underhill, Massillon.
J. Overholt N. Philadelphia.
.scri9 order to protect the public against the
m position ur Cot:me:Tea Medicine enders,
hey have been entered according to Act orUon.
gress, and the right to prepare Clem secured ;
thourore be sure in retung that the label on each
box expreses such entry, 1113 all others are Coun
terfeits. ,
Consumption:1 Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint,
Ilearthurii, Sourness or Acidity in the Stomach,
Tightness at the Chest, Loss of Appetite, Sick
lisad Ache, Dam in the Head, Hack, Limbs and
Side, Flatulency, Typhus aiid Scarlet Fever,
l'idrid S'oro Throat, Fawn' and Aguo, or Inter.
milting Fevers, Goid, Itheinnatism, Lunibago,
&lanes, Spaniodie Affections, and Tic Doulou
roux, Convulsions ofChildren, Measles, Small
Pox. lionping Cough, iebots, Teuthing,
Worms, Female Obstructions, Chlorosis or
Green Sickness, and Rejections of Food, and
Costivenosa, Colic, whether flatulent or Bilieus,
folio w tke
DosE.--italto from three to ten pills, till theY
operate, twOor three times da.ly.
sold at 100 Chatham stiect, NetvYortr,
holiside and Retail.
Whore rpplications for Agencies. Medicines,
or Advcrtibing, will meet with prompt imam,
WOoL 01:irantla
FEELING thankful fur pasi ravers, would
Winn' the Farmers loot Wool Crowell;
erl'usearawiN enmity and thu comic!. adjoin.
nig, that...they are now ready to
CARD IA oot,
on short rolieet Having a first rate. Double
Cording Machina and diet best or Machinery for
Diessing Cloth, together with on experienced
and skillful milkman, they Icel. confident in
saying that their customers may rest vssured of
holt their work done in the best manner,
The prices for Carding is 6 14 MIlla per
pound, and the prices for Cloth Dressing shall
be reasonable.
Al kinds of produce recieved in payment for
work,--aft work miett he paid ihr before taken
from the shop. Al kinds of Wood Turning
done on short notice.
New Maudephut. May 3, 1ST).
all 171 EliVItkib's
LT Dr. Evalls Office for Medical consulta
tion and advice. IUD Chatham sireet, N. Y.--
Daily attendance is given 1hr personal consul
lantiodiato answers returned to
eollutry letters, which must minutely describe
the case, arid contain a remittance Iiir advice and
medicine, wilieh can lie Ihrwarded to any part
untie world, however diidant. NI; difficulty
can oecur as the medicine will be securely packs
eci, anti letters ofadvice carefuliy proteited iron,
Nervous diseases, liver complaint, dyspepsia,
bilious diseases, ulcers. female weakness,
and all causus or hypochondriacism, lowspirils,
palpitation or the heatt, nervous irritability, tier
votio weakness, fluor tabus, seminal weakness,
',digestion, loss ornapetne, heart burn, gereral
hodiiy weakness. cltiorosis or green
sickness, tla nit ocv, hysierical hyster- '
les, headaches, hiecup, sea sickness, night mare
riteuniatimi, asthma , tic donlotireux, cramp,
spasmodic alrections, mid those who are vit.
tuns tliat tnost excruciating disorder, Gent,
,vill relief Isom their stilrerings, a course ol
Dr. Evans' medicine.
Pains in the 'side, chest, limb, heat stoinach
or lends, dimness, or einititsion sight, alma-nate
flushes ot' heat and chilliness, tremors, watch
ings, agitation. otisiety, had Motors, spasms,
mercurial ni,d all delicate diseases, are spectes
fully treated by Dr. Evans.
LU'Letter from the lion. Attralitun
hot, Suilivan County, East Tennessee, Mein
ber or Congi ess.
SirSince 1 have been in this city, 1 have
1.,Apd oryour Dyspeptic medicine with in
finite benefit and satistitction, and believe it to
be a most valuable retnedy. Oue of my cons
waits, Dr. A. Garden, of Campbell comey,
Tennessee. wrote me to sentl him SUMO,
1 did, ond he had employed it very successiltily
in his practice, and says it is Invaluable. 111r.
Johnson, your agent at this place, thinks you
would probably like ar. rigClit it) Tennessee. 1r
so, 1 would recommend Dr. A. Garden as a
proper person to orticaue for the sale or your
relebraten medicine. Should you commission
bin', hit in willing to act ror you. You can semi
the medicine by water to the care or Robert
King A, Sons, Knoxville county, Tennessee,
or by land to Graham et, llotiston
East Tent). I have no doubt hut iryou had a
gents in several counties in East Tennessee:a
great deal or your medicine would he sold. I
am going to take some or it home with me for
my own use, and that or my friends, and
like te hear from you whether you would like
an agent at Bluntville, Sullivan county East
'Tenn. 1 can get some or the merchants to net
r you, as 1 live near there.
To Dr. SVin. Evans, 100 Chatham st. N. Y.
ABRAHAM J. CIIEllE11, resiihng nt
Mott street, New Yo.lt, MIS afflicted with Dys
pepsin hilts most aggravated form. The symp
toms wore violer.t headache, pent dellittly, re.
ver, emtiveness, cough, henitlihurn, pais: in the
chest and stomach nlways Pilling, impaired
nppetite, sensation of sinhing nt the stem:tell,
furred tongue. nnusunt with restlessness, These
bad continued upwrads of twelvemonth, when
on consulting Th. Wm. Evans, 100 Chatham
street, nnd submitting to his over suceessrul nnil
ngreeably mode of tnentment, the patient was
completely restored to health in the short spiteu
alone mouth, mid qrntetill filr the incnicullible
bonellt derivcil, gladly came foo ward nnd
miaow 1m mamma ftwo
NIENMonom ....,
ti'llt4041 tillovo stateillf!!it.
'611111r1.111T111:::etMit'A20,81',:.4111,e.djcal Office,- 101.
lit:ilig:71111ti.1111111:44,11:s'utp6';', et.11(111:t:inYtilt
Mr. SepteRii0 tientlall, of the town of Wes
torloo, comity of Alban, was .14 1000t 27
yearstrotit,ted with a4tervous eel bilirlos
tion, which for 7 years rendered hint unable to
attend to his business, and during the last three
years of his illtle89 was confined to the house.
otptonis were dizziness, pain in the head I
oak )e, palpitation of the heart, Ivent of spite.
titeNiLe,,, 'Alter expending turiug his confine.
ment,ikeatly three hundred dollars without ob.
tainisig any permanent relief, be by accident
nnticed tin odvertisement of Du. W. Evans,
Camomile and Aperient rills, and was contro
lnewly ',induced to make a trial of themP Alter
using thetrOtbout a fortnight, be wag able to
walk tout; in fitur months be coilld attend to
Jasineser And considered his ditYase entaly
removed. 't he above information was given.to
the subscriber by Mr Kendall himself; tle
con, therefore he no il7iception.
c irr Another ray severe tð Infla mmatoiy Metz.
?autism cured by Dr. Wm. Ltunst
Mr. John APCurroll, of the coujiktÅr West
chester, town Mord) Castle, - 701brk, had
been severely afflicted with Oily' !try drew.
tuatisin for iburteen months I ,401PI Pains
in his limbs, great heat, excesta thirst, dry.
'less of skin, linibilmuch swolletö, was not able
without assistance to turn in bed lbr sik weeks.
Dad tried ;various remedies to no effect. Was
advlsed by a friend of his to procure 140010 of
Dr. W. Evans' medicine of 100 Chu them street,
New York, which ho immediately sent for; and
alter taking tho first dose found great relief,
and in continuing its usb according to the direcs
lions for ten days, vas perfectly cured. Allow
nie to refer any person to hint for the truth of
the'above statement.
Dr. Wm. EVIllite Medical Office 100 Cha
tham street, Now York where the Doctor may
be consulted, and his medicine procured.
JUST received from the Eastern cities, a
large rind splendid assortment of FALL
AND WINTER GOODS, consisiing of
French, English, and Vicrorio Prints; Muslin
de Lane, hunted Miudins and Lawns ; Linen
and Cotten Drillings; Blue, Black and Mixed
Cloths ; Cassinieres, an& Sattinetts of all col
ors and quatities; lied Ticking, 1icached and
Unbieached Musins: Atrio, a tir.e tot of Hair
and Fur Caps.
J. SMIT1T & Co.
N. B. Al hinds of produce !alien in cx
change for Goorls.CAS11 paid for Wheat.
J. 1. S. & Co.
Canal Dovert Sept. 19, 1839. SW.
biklei ,tt ETU:
ClitorRevs at
NE vi 11111LADEL l'IllAi
Arm arrival.
G in
GiiI,A AM Cm, nrs rOW
Cu Ill.! a 10, paipplý Of 604.,del
co',Sistilig Of almost every volt
ety, which they will lie happy to show their
limn& and customers. Feeling ossuletl thut
!hey give as good bargalits.as elm be had iit
this Imo of the couhtry. rhuir stock conipti
ses Of the following articles, viz ;
Cloths Cassameres
UnSS Illettli erenus
Flannels Prints
Mos...rills Condoles
Drown NI tisslins
Bleached Al tissi ins
Tirhings (NIL Yi 11-11
Cativo to, l'whling
Worsted Colton A,
Lambs Wool Stock.
SilLrS) &C.
Plain it Coney eilkt
" Geo I) Swirs
Colored Florenees
hinge Cravat Mika
Light, Dot k & Fatte3
Dro..s lid Fla
" Shawls
Melina Shawls
Prussian do
Gloves, Crapes
1301411os, Swisses
Edgings, isitiertnil,:s
Carpeting, Bangtip
Puler Simla
Plain, Straw & 7'us
can litimiet,
A voir Cheeks
Pimiento do
Furnetune Calico
Rose Blankets
Vadding, Batting
llonins, Needle Pins
Gilt & Liming But
tons Sim! Shirts & Col
Vitus, Shoes & socks
Also. u general 14S
Or Grove
ries, v iz Tea ,
fee, Sugar slid filo
lasses, &e. &e.
IRON, Niti IP, Sal, Dish, Tar. Pores, -Liquors,
(Sze. &c.-11:trilware, ttneenswaie.
An invitation is extended to those to
buy, to call and examine.
With rolillý thanks for past fiwors, 1 winilit
inform my kiends mid eusioniers, that have
associaiod Mn. 11. BIGELOW with me in
businessand would tespeetibily request those
who are indebted to me, either by note or book
account, to call mud settle immediately.
W. 6 RA liA
Dover, Sept. 5, 1839. no5-tt
Hogs C:risties.
The highest price paid for good clean
Factory at. Dover.
MOT & Sl'OlitE I
Situated in the House adjoining Ewe'
of the Market Xew
Pitiladelphia, Oltio.j
re, vSe In' eE fiCrTket.Twi, i l9ntiftol7inlisi at h lei!:
he carries on the above Bu.sitiese in al!
ot tie various Wencher', and ne he keepol
none oilier then Ide own manufacture, 1
he ran confideniiy recommend hie work
to all who may favor him with their ens-1
Particular attention will be given to
the manufao ure of Gentlemen'd
LIS 0141 W011i bo done by ono or lbo
.3.4 13,sonnec i9lie chunky.. ALO .-
..LAI& Work wt. Metnnite- ,
A unnetui 1100TS & 4"'
, - , 0 , , .04
itiOrAS (of Die ovi make) cooetappy t. I
a haad. t,1
orbs Public kre respectfully invited le ,:, ,.i.
,ive iiirt. a cail- benne putcliating tisa a,,,- ,,
vbete. . - , . . ..f - '''' tN1
New Philade!phia, Aug. 16-J83 i-;
.... nit-i, ,
FASMON.1131,11 TA11,01lING ps,:- ,
ti OSEPti W. Ninylitatal,1woulf Jo., .44.,:. J.', v
fti, spectfully inform his old it tends'and c,, ; t
Ilia public in general, that he carries on ,, ,
the above busineas in ;all its Various
branches, one door Etta' of Je''...lintro 0.,, n
Store, where he may '41
fonnd to attend to ally.41fh. le' , 4:'"
hini Ile flatters , Itiroselk . ' be
done as durable, tient and lail .eablo, .,..: .
as it can be doue in the cokrit, ria lie 4'.,:.i,:':
intends at all times to keep in tn1 em .-, ,:!
ploy good competent workinan,,ati4 his 4',;,.,,
means to receive the Fashions isamply ,
p.rovided for. ,
To accommodate hislrier.da. hi, the ',.'i,.1.
coubtry, he will take nearly all life& of
, ...
country produce. . . :. ' 4,
N. IL One er two appreqieee wan. v
id immediately to learn the Talloting ,, e,
business. Boys between the age of Id ,A4,, , .,
and 16, would be 'preferred': They niuSt - : ,
be of good character, as recomtnendtpo : r, i
tions of industry, honesty, and sobriem
try, will be required. w, . .
Canal Pover, Aug. 15, 1839. if. ..,
, z,
The Be letin will bo issued twice a week du
ring the seision of the General Assembly, at .
the rate of SLOU in advanceA full and am. .
ple report of the proceidings of tho two Hons..
I ses will tie givenIntelligent and faithful Re ,
porters wili be employed for this purpose, and .
every effort ot the Editor will be used to furnish ,.
the earhest plitesible intolligenee to those who
tuke an interest in tho pruceedings ot the Leg
islature. . .
I laving had hitherto, considetablo experience .
in the publication ot a paper, and m reporting ' ,..'.
the doitigs of the General Assembly, the Editor i
: wilt endeavor to be outdone by none otitis co-
temporaties in the promuiess, correctness, and '
iiidelity of this important branch of. Legislative
inferniation: nose who were the patrons or .,,
our first Bulletin, and subsequently, of this Co
Intones Sentinel, while we were the Editor, ,t -
never had cause to complain; but all professed . ..
' to be well pleased: and such as may again favor
us with their names and patronage. may rest
assured that nothing in this particular, shall be '
i wanting on our part to Iiiltil their just equi ..
I lotions and wishes. Alay the Editor appeal to '
the liberality and kindness (Wins friends and ii,
1 tho public Mr a share of their support and pat
'image, and will Postmasters and others, into
whose hands this may tall, obligingly extend it
ro such individuals as will be willing to sub
scribe? To such we will fret greatly indebt
ied, and for any trouble they may Illeieby littlir
WO will untidy and satisfavionly reward diem.
Colin-011m 1SM.
1.3.iTlal ZIT liriEZVAira 4
mow, subscriber would respectiully pined
betbre the public the following tling,sis
111 It UNSUrillild
whirl, lie bits Just teceived rem the East..
from tho Last, have just received diritet,
btaple riot Fancy Goods, ol choice mid ',eat
Atueriemi, need' and English Calieeep,
A-soi ted itiVeri utid yankee Coin Imes ;
Colored Caintdielis, in and oud Pato.,
Thread lace and Pittsburgh ?aids,
V.,111roidered boo. plain and striped Clittito 11,,
Latches, Hinges, plain and limey Greitinietie,,,,'
Ladies' gloves, nit Putts, & work'd how wig.
footing & cord watered Belting,
Aud l',,,Iditig, lloths, black green, gru
ged Cords. coil Rope, and Handsaw,' too.
rims Sugar, Ptioliair S:ilk and Satin
Ladies' Butinets, I ton Squares & Clifton 1401101
N1111111 Lusteritic, cord ellireileei: Gro du
Victoria stnpe, Gingham & Ioritip,
Apron check, Ilandsaw files, and baiter Clittilid
1011, :thiltiFSCS and Glass by box or pabes,
this, 1 olitteeo, Ginger, Sonli and 'hot.
Ilanitners, Mid Of rea,
IMO CO, Itratitly, lint awl etlar v are,
Oriental I1raid, title, all ksiorls aware
Reader, urn:lance, luta y .e
3'citr car.,
Ifs, be in.to ils..0 en bestowed, all
thee I'll 41at-e,"
Should Plaster, or &It, your urgent wants
Cull at. nuinuer One, for 1 nye !tootle all on
lintl. ISAAC TLI.1.1..H.
. l'IAA S NA: Er
A T 0 N Y A T A tA, &
s01,1C1'11)11. IN (MANCE!: Y.
Cloud Dover, Tusearawas Ohio.
dereed door north of the Cuionterciel
fun, Frilot birLet
Dov Pr. July.'22ild. IS39.
3w.t received et the Toscarawas Co.
Cribb Slum. a rich assortment of Mus
lin de Laines, Painted Lawns, &c. &e.
Alao the latest sty41 o' Printssome
of them very Rich together with domes.
(lc GoodsAn invimilon is given to
the Citizens of Dover end vicin,ty to
call find examinelliern, they will besold
very low for Cash.
Fawn y st.Dover
1?,S I ClIAIRSII C111116SIT!
have on hand a iviatility, orgood cliablr,
1.4 various liishion9, qualities. and Iirive"s,
which will sell cheerier that& can be lifts
olsewliere in TUSCii'llitanW
All kinds of work ha the Chair 'line, '471 be
mad to order hy a ewat worknoni, tialAron.
, Clinfiederositad for rude at J. J. litifrese
Gruscury Store,
G. W. WA 'N.
l November 7, ISO.
ilE Board of Examiners for the C011114.-
11. ofruscarawas, will meet for the exarintk.
'ion or those proposing to teach Co Mott
Sdhools in said county, on Saturday the NINTH'
, day of November next, and on every succeeding
Friday during the months of November and
December nest.
IV SPOONER, on Lithalf the Boardi
No.vember 7, 1839. ' .0';
1-.7 :. i,,, '
r it I
fNr. '
Akti ' .)." 4'
t æ t
'", r .
7, ts:
r s
: 1:
, of '
, I:11
, eý ev
''', :',1,
. i
;'- V 4;
. , 1

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