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The Ohio Democrat and Dover advertiser. (Canal Dover, Ohio) 1839-1840, November 29, 1839, Image 2

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THIS TfirtRirOHUL I, EG 1 3 LA
rURB O 1(3 Wa. ,
Tbe fowa Territorial Legislature
-fuel at Burlington e the 4th inst, and
ou the 6ih Gov, bacaa vent hie mes--sate
to erttrf branches. It is drawn in
hi, tmii strong and nervous iMjutga
f irsly practical, aod omas directly to
rha sabjaeU it introduces and 'oVacua-
Ha speak in gie-wing terras of
the territory, that it 'has advanced,
inre tia organization, tn improvements
papulation and wealth, beyond a paral
- lefof all former history. With a gen
iarina' healthful climate, a soil unsur
pissed for fertility abounding with
pure water, navigable rivers and tuex-
haestibla mineral resources contain
in j a population that may safely, at this
lime, be -estimated at upwards of fifty
thsaaanil inhabitant, and vw Inert will
in aH probability be doabled - by the
time' the census of toe United States
it taken in, eighteen hundred and fort.
114 earnestly recommend "to the Le
rgil1ative Aseembl) the early passage of
a memo ul to Congress" ( respecthillv
asking ofa manorial to ton rest) res
Nfaetfttlly asking of that body the pas-
- sage ofan'-Act, at their ending ees
vaiiuo,-g ranting to the inhabitants of Iowa
,v Territory the right to form a consuiu
tioo 'end State Government, and 'to
provide For therr admission into the U
nion upon an equal footing with the ori
iol Stales."
The Governor suggests as the most
natural and suitable boundaries of the
tale of Iowa, the following viz. "he
ginning in the middle of the main chan
nel .of the Mtsesisippi river at a point
east of the middle of the main channel
-efthoDas Moines river, when it emp
" lies into the Mississippi river; thence
up the Mississippi river, following the
-middle of the 4ii am channel of the same
' to the mouth of the 8l. Peters river;
v thence up live St. Peters river following
-.the middle of the main channel of the
- same to jhe nvtuth ot lilue Earth river,
' thence up the Blue Earth river, follow
ing the middle of the main channel of
" the-eame to the moat --westerly source
of saidTivet; thence on a direct line to
'le source ot Cactus r vi,, a d east
branch of Calumet or Sioux river; thence
down said river, following the middle of
the mam channel thoreof to the mid
dle of theymain channel of the Missouri
river; thrco down the Missouri river
following the-middle of the main chaos
iiel thereef to a point west of the line
that may be established by -Goere
-under the act app vjve'd'June"t8ih, IS33
-entitled, "An Act to authorize the Pre.
- eidenl of the United States te cause
ilie southern bonodary line of the Ter
rit-'r of Iowa to be ascertained and
marked;" thence east with said line to
the nt Idle ol the main channel in the
Dee Moinea river; thence downward a
1 long the middle of the main channel o
the Des Moines river to the place -of be
ginning." TuiseayeGov. Lucas "wn.
' braces the head-waters ot all our-prm-
oipal rivers, exten I n from the Misatasip.
pi liver to tbe Missouri river, and will
leave the northern portion of the Ter
ritory ss now bounded in a suitable sit-
u tn 'for the luiure formation of two
additional states, each extending from
the'Mississippi to the Missouri river."
Only think of two additional elate
north of Iowa retching from the M is
iasippi to the Missouri! Well we can
hardly conceive the magnitude of the
imtn wfe'fernt ry west of the Missia
stpp, until e are ocr.asi na y awaken-;
rl by the announcement of a new Stile,
burn into the great sisterhood ol na
tions. Tbe oiftssnge does not dwell at any
- great length on ' the boundary difficul
ties, but seems firm and decided in the
determination to maintain (he jurisdic
tion of the Territory, snd say; "The
nnwa -rentable end unjust irocec
J ngs of the authorities of Mi ri and
' ttiair attempt to levy and collect taxes
"IYjbi the cmr.ena of the United Stale
residing within the organized hounds
Ties of this Territory, has caused an ex
otlement of feelitrg, that may ultimate
ly'lad to the effusion of blood."
Webave not moch faith in these bor
der "effusions of blood" we admit, yet
the latest accounts losk very belligerent
and serious rencounters may actually
oa. statesman.
icy of the ttrmh Lorn and
is to starve 1000 people that'
in atlluence. The federal
r John U, Adams, laid a
ndalion for such a state. of
!his conntry; but Gen, Jack
id by the American democ
p all their cunningly devi
Jf subjugation. A tariff for
tat not a cent for tribute to
liilish politica.-Saemon.
poking ohild we have
day, yesterday pre-.
a S-1UU bill on the
leffulalot" II
Vfing lb besu-
sr he came
nd cot too
eam of the
la whole
psins to
' o." vVshihoto. In -a letter to
Thom is ;JerTnflMi, I Washington caM
tba paper money eye I em 'foolish -and
wicked.1' In snather hritu he aays,
"I have never h mr ,snd I hop I never
-linll bear, any sertous mention 'of a
paper currency in tbe Slate. 7 do ve
rrtv believe that the greatest toes we
have in the, world eould not devise a
mere effectual plan for ruining Virgin
i.. --.'
Mr JerrnaeoN was, if possible, still
more hostile is piper money than Gen.
Washington; and he aovs in bie -wrn
ings,'."ihat th.s hostility wa strength-
ond by every year'a reflection and ex
perience." V H .'
Ma- Madison, mj the Mth number
of theedtralrst, one of hin acknowls
edgJ. protlactions, in a long article on
the subject of the currency, -lias this
"In addition to these persuasive eon
sideratious, it may be observed, that
the sameeasons which ehaw theie
cessary o! -denying id'tne otateaj
power of regulating eoin, prove witti
eq ml loree, that- they ought n9t to be
at liberty to substitute a paper medium
fn the place of(icoin."
.PATntnK Henry repremled paper
money as anafarioasplau of speculation.
Tht Hi i and her Christmat pres
tiit. li tie girl once got, en.-oog her
O hur CI.Bstnian" prevents, a liip but'it
was a beailiful one. all worked with
gold and rid eilk. The poor little thing
who always used to cry as soon as 'she
saw suchA an instrument, was -much
pleased win this dub ous kind of pres
ent, fur she thought, "Surely, eo pretty
a rod canni t hurt so much as others do.
So she mat e a plaything of it and car
ried tt aba it with her wherever she
went. ' Ui lu' kiiy the very next mor
ninp, she did somerhing to displease her
mother wh at once laid the young lady
across her knee, when ahe found to
her Borronj, that the embroidered rod
produced exactly the same effect that a
plain one 'tied to.
The subjects of many a monarch
make tho aame discovery as 'this little
R'tl. I
Theh'olKu ww'. 'Is thismy reward!'
cried a Nut (ready half hollowed but,
to the V i an lbnt was feeding on it. . l
gave thee bitn,and1hou destruyeat me.'
"fyou tonry'brrHi;lit nre into the
wtrrld, to lit rrte' die of hunger, 7 do not
see that my life was a very valuable
present, or Reserves any peculiar grat
ilde," was toe answer,
MANKIND. Or 'lh Beginning of
the I'ijtemm Uetttury. l hey nau neitn
er looked into heaven nor'earth, neither
into the sea nor. land, aa has been done
since; they had philosophy without ex
periment, mathematics without instru
ments, geometry wirhout ecalee,aetron
otny without demonstration; 'they made
war without povdtr, hot cannon, mor
tarsnay, the mou mane their nunrires
without squib or crackers; (hey went
to sea without compass, and sailed
without the needl; tbey viewed the
stars without tellescopes, and measured
altitude 'without barometere; learning
had no pruning presses, writing no pa
per, no mA; the lover was forced to
end his mistress a deal board for a
letter: and a billedoux might be the size
of an ordinary trencherjthey were cloth
ed without tnaiiul'aclurta.atid thiir robes
were the skins of the most formidable
mousing; riiy carried en their trade
without bo ks, and their co repindenre
thmii (iobIw; llieir merrharits kept no
accounts, tl eir shopkeepers no cash
bookt; they hud surgery without anat
omy, and physicians withou materia'
medics; they gave emetics without ip-
ecaduanhe, and -cured agues without
Posyaob im Pnussi. Thr king of
Prussia h s given orders that all period
icals on the eubject of Evangelical mis
sions among the heathens shall, for the
future, be exempted . from postage all
over the kingdom- In IS83, this mon
arch did the sami) for a book of hymns.
A distinguished Pastor" ho ,publinhed
in 1637, s remarkably valuable work
on the Sanctificati n ofthe Sabbath, has
just recived the king's invitation to
publish Ihti thoaHatid copies of a pop
ular work on spirituous liquors, tn be
distiihuieij gratis throughout the Pius
sian Monarchy.
RUSSIA. According to the official
accosnts of the births and deaths in the
Russian Empire, it appears that in the
course of last year a great many per
sons ied who had attained a remark
ably high age.
The number of births was' 2,339,992
!, 663,733
Excess of births,
were, of
Among the deaths there
i. From lOOto 105 years.
From llOto 115 years,
'From 115 to 120 years,
From 120 ts 130 years,
From to 145 year,
From 150 to 156 years,
Of 160 years,
- Of 166 years,
I he provinces on both
wia wvhi nuirj tug
sas. Caucasia, and Transrsnm.
not includsd. Aecordinir to
rt of the Finance Department.
lation of Bussia is, 60,000,000.
Front the Ntu) Er
Among the aubjecls !tf immrtaoee.
which domand the early attention ol
Congrecs, ad whieh we aupposelha
Preeidtnt-will allude loin hislessags;
ia the claim nf the British tiovernment
to the "right of seaich." Our readers
may remember Hist this subject anel
with the attention, and was acted upon
tnmn mon hs since bv Parliament. Hid
hat that body came to the doterminatisrf
not lo oerinit a vess- . ol anv nation to r
evade or violate the law, and moreover
te enforce its previsions with great se
verity, ihia "right ot search,' we a
kaow was the prirmvcau&e of the last
war between this country and Great
Britain and it appeara astonishing to
us that she should again court by her
official acts, a repetition of -this bloody
scenes' i nen we were younger ana
weaker than we are now the "wooden
waJU" of Ureal Britain could not pro-v
tect her from lira prowess of our marine
tnd what can she expect' at present,
hen a mighty nation lying contiguous
to us is even aom waiting the day of her
political redemption!
Vhat may be the ohjegt of Great Cri
tiaa, in her new endeavours to agitate
the elements of oataaaat hostility, we
cannot divine. It may be tbat the pre
carious state of lior colonial posessions
at the North, and her innate and sav-
age desire to perpetuate among her sub
jects, the iron reign ol the "bayonet ana
dirk," may havo driven her into the de
tut ion that a'blow at America would be
serviceable. Whother this be the case
or not, we can s fely assert obo thing.
that the children ofthe heroes and mar
tyrs of '76, never will permit the purity
ot their national garment to be stained,
by pursuing a course ol cringing or
compromise. An attempt to enforce in
the mildest and most peaceable manner
any of tneiprovixions of this despotic en
actment, would immediately rekindle
those sacred fires, which burned so
clearly and brightly on the altars of our
forefathers. A rational declaration of
w r, and te spontaneous rise of tbe np
pressed Canadas, would follow the first
at empt to search a vessel sailing under
the broad pennon of the United States.
Congress would do well to settle this
question at as early a date as possible.
The authorities of Great Britian, as
well as the Federal Cohort on "this
side nf the A'laritic, thuii!il ecu, lLat we
arc firmly resolved (o check the first
step of oppression te traaiple onpur
A IV eat Uompliment. A writer in
the Baltimore Monument, describing
Mr. Dunn's celebrated Chines tulleo
(ion, eloquently and truly observes that
"tie tins enclosed a wnoie people, as it
were in glass cases classified them,
their habits, their occupations, their
follies, therr amusements, their lades,
their tools, their manners, "their dwel
lings; their costume, their implements
of husbandry and war, (heir ships, tbeii
boais, their vanities, their mourning,
and their pleasure, their arts and ao-
tiqutie, tneir luxuries Hnd their super
stitions. In. fact, he has taken a spe
cimen of every ttiing natural or produ
ced, neceff ary or unnecessary, of the
Chinese empire, and placed it In his col
lection, forming a panoramic pageani
of Oriental life and art which places the
whole nation within tire . reach of tin
remotem inquiring inhabitant of our
In a Nut Shell. Whiggery, paldnt
whicery, is an union of federalism, a-
holitioninn, tdryism, ni iinasonry, fyc.
Una amalgamation wa 'tunned ler po
itical effect and for poli'ical objects.
has ladled four years, and its train nl
evils han bern bng and sad. Its eplrii
is of the most rrrrihet due, and iIm pro
gretiS has been exciring in the extreme,
ts motto has been agitation, agitation,
agitation, 'is explosion was a matte
of course; but ihexnnequeoccs havt
been more ex'enme and fir t a wa
anticipated, is rise and fall afibrds i
plain lesson to all uneasy politicians
all reckless aspirants, and bII political
turncoatp. Old federalists are ut-ed tc
defect, and can stand the shock; hui
thos who bartered their principles for
office, are in a sad fix in a quandary;
they ere posed! What a difference le
ween modern whiggery and old fash
ioned democratic republicanism!
The federal papers are gennerally nut
in lavor of an increase of the Tariff to
prevent the importation of foreign goods
xney -had mucli belter advocate casl,
duties, the specie clause in the indepen
dent Treasury Bill, and less Banking.
Let the democratic party firmly plant
memaeives npon these just and equita
ble principles; in opposition to all the
lederal schemes of whiggery, and tbe
importation of foreign merchandize will
be properly cheeked our currency
properly regulated and improved, and
morality and sound and profitable trade
permanently established. We want no
British corn laws in this country, nor
any laws based upon such inhuman
principles. Slatetman.
FOLLY. Scratching amuiqusto bite, or dis
pitting with a Fsilernliit.
What an hlta. bank wiih a cnpital'of firs
millions refuting to pay a poor wash-woman
its own note off 5.
I "I don't Mo to sen money undbr.pa,' par)
as lbs boy aid when he tnolt bit father's pock
et book front under hn pi'low.
Tor The Pumoerst. ' .
, I'll DUtss the wifli dvotrd eiro,
My fair, uy fragrant flower; - ,
J"hoa ibill't bloom most bsauieous hers,
Ta-sccut fond memory a hoar.
""tTiosjyrt in mblem of yon star,
Hope's holy star of ereiw
That spreads its goldsr. rays afsr,
-And poind the sys t Heaven.
OKI eould I pry thins inmost soul, .
- Or mnke-thy crimson petals apeak;
YVoudVlhoua tale of grief unroll,
And bid thy boTsting heart te bisak.
Would'st tholi speak of iritis blighted?
By deception's artful smites;'
Of Fredonia'a sons 'benighted,
In Misfortune's' barren I'sles."
Ah nol Each secret thought of thins,
Is blended with that migtrty one;
Wbo olacnd thee here in Nature's shrine,
To rival yoo bright burning sun.
Bloom on, bloom on; and kindly sprsa'd,
Thy fragrance o'er memory's urn;
. 'Revie the hopes thnt tuna were dead,
And bid regret thus cease to burn.
For The Democrat.
Messrs Editors. Yoar correspon
dent "A Lover, feo.'of last week, well
might anticipate that a communication,
whose design eould be no other than to
abuse his neighbor, should cause you
to 'Stare.' He appears, just at this
lime,-to have an unconscious regard for
'Tho religious world,' 'Especially' that
part In this section of the vineyard.'
His abhorrence to 'Bigotry and preju
dice,' is portrayed in characters not lo
be misune'erstood. Indeed, one would
be led to believe,' in reading hia com
munication, that all those gross and
ruder pas6ions of the human heart, 'Ex
ist to an alarming degree,' 'In thra sec
tion.' It is a pily that euch purs eyes,
should be insulted with such scenes.
We would advise, a removal from among
them, or to reinstate the sublime prin
ciples ofthe Inquisition, lor their cor
rection. And 'where' ia asked by this
pious Scribe, 'do these evil propensities
originate?' 'Whence does this bitter
ness and Christian persecution eman
atel' Don't 'Stare,' gentle reader, he
tells you with.the gravity of a Monk,
"From the pulpit,' yea, "From tht sa
cred desk." No wonder amidst scenes
so 'Unchristian, uncourteous, and un
genllemanly,' he should be made to cry
out, 'O Shame! shame!!' and might
have added with propriety, from his
high sense o(''Goud feeling.' how long
will this people be perverse and obsti
nate 1 How long will these "Professed
delrg; t a from High Heaven,' contin
ue 'To fan this lshmael flame,' and not
hearken to the words of "A lover of
Chanty and good feeling in the human
family. My feelings- Messrs Editors,
commence to commisaerate, and no doubt
yonr correspondent will be awarded
with - if he make him-
self known to the Citizens ofDover.for
his kindness in publishing abroad their
true character, and that of their clergy.
It is a little singular, that this impor
tant mat'er has been kept in the dark,
until this time. We fear there i some
thing not right about this "Lover,' that
has not been altogether actuated by
Charily , and good feelings,' tower d
his fellow mac, in. this late publication
We wish not lo judge; but we must ven
tore tu advise htm to try how the rulr
"To mind your own business,' works.
We read in a public journal not lon.
licce, that a Gentleman not only gBined
i good character, but made a handsome
fortune by ibis rule. We would also
recommend to his attention, the tending
f the Fable of the Ass and the Hog.
'A word to the wise is tuffi-T.ent.
roa a mr or thabkssivikq hsd rRAirn.
Theearlh'liaj brought forth l.er fruits inabno
dance during the year which is now drawing
to u cloje; (he abundant crops nf the liutb.-iiui-inati
have boen gathered ; peace, pleiily, and
unppiueng abound throughout the slate, and we
linvn been, as a people, highly favored bj him
Irein whom coiueth nil goml. It m therefore not
ouly propor, bus a duly which wo oe to HIM
to whom we are indehted lor our existence, tnd
the many Iriwidiiiga which ws enjoy, tu return
our moat sincere thanks dnd grateful ackunwl
edgemunts fur tbe iiiiinoroiis favurs which He
has, in bis great goodnts, bestowed upon us-
Thcrirtbre, in coiifiirinitv to a venerslerl cus
tom which baj,lu.ig prevailed in all christian
countries, and in pursuance of a resolution ol
the General Asamhly ol tbe state or Ohio, pas
ied March 18lb IcIS'J. ;
I, WILSON SHANNON, Governor of the
state of Ohio, do hereby set spurt and appoint
Saturday, the 14th day of December next, us a
day ol public thanksgiving and prayer tn almigh
ty God, fur tbe many blessings which we have
enjoyed, and etiU continue to enjoy; And 1 do
especially recommend that the day be kept aa
onoofsofoinn religious observance that chris
tian benevolence sod charity be cultivated that
brotherly bv and kindness towards sll men be
cherished snd thai our Heavenly Father be im
ptoroa 10 continue Mis tuvnrs to us all time to
come, and to watch over and gusrd, in a spe
cial manner, lbs liberties of ih is people, and
our free and prosperous institutions.
n under my hsnd, and the Great Seal of the
tstata of Ohio at Columbus, the first day
sf November, in the year of our Lord, one
thousand eignt hundred and thirty-nme.
By Ilia Governor,
OaTea B. Hiauy,
Sec. of Stats,
TIME. The Chancllor AiiBssau wrote a
work on jurisprudence, in five volumes, in tho
qiMrlor of an hour each day his wife kept him
waitingor dinner.
Wood,,?oaland airtnds of cnun
try produce, received at this office foi
subscriptionfnrl other deble, ;
.AH persons having "Prospectuses f
ikn Ohio llmnrrt. Will nleSSO Seniti
them in..
ft) THJc LiiUioLAIl UKti.
'. The " coming . eaaaion of the 'Ohio
Legislature, will be 'Big wStJj the af
fairs" of men? The Democracy are
looking with anxiety for'. some decisive,
step to be0ken it -relation to the
Banks. All wish that the questionmoy
be Betileda manner lhat will redound'
to the honor of the Stats. And thai M
will, there rests not a doubt in our
mind; unless there become Traitors '(
the Republican cohqr.
The present sysfjjo! Banking has
been tested thoroughly, and found to be
of no benifit to the community at large ;
but on tho contrary exerfifig' tQinfiu-,
ence infcreating an unaour '"jney
eventually edding in .the jj ffutra-
gaous frauds -being committed on the
industrioul many, byVhe designing few.
That there will be no new banks
chartered by the Democratic Legisla
ture, is certain; and those who have
lost all respectajfrom'lhf eommurliry'fbr
their iniquitious course, oan expect do
me'rey; but be wound up with all pos
sible despatch, and their leaders left to
go down to private life with all lha
gnominy they deserve.
It is rumored that some ol the Dem
ocratic Legis'latdre, are going to sup
port the project of a great State Bank,
with a capital equal to tbat of all the
banking capital 'now in the State. This
we can scarcely believe; but if they do,
any of them barter away their principles
in such manner.let them be MARKED,
and left at home next fall.
Congress meets on Monday next;and
it is expected there will be a busy ses
sion. The Members will nearly an re
at their posts at the opening of the
House. There v ill in all probability
be a little contusion in the organization
ofthe House, owing l to the contested
election of N. Jersey. Five Demo
crats and ono Whig, were elected by
the popular vote.and yet tp whigs have
procured the Governor's certificate for
aix tVhigs, In ennsoquerce of this.the
message wilt hardly be delivered on
Mr. Pioken, of South Carolins,ill
be tbo Democratic candidste for Speak
er. .T-he Wnigs are to throw Mr.
Uellt off the track, and take up a Mr.
Uawson, on the principle tbet a new
broom sweeps clean.
The Hon J. C. Cnlhoun, it is said,
will take an early stand on the Curren-.
cy question.
Patkiot Mqvkmbsts We observe
by tha Columbus papers, ft at the Hon.
IV. Duncan, and. Senator Allen, pas
sed through that place, or the 19ih inst
on their way lo Waahiiijion.
We'onderatend the lion. John Ever
hard, Whig, and Reprerentative from
Tuscarawiis County, has taken his de
parture for Columbus.
The price of Wheat, like the Yankee
editor's opinion of the Ohio Kiver, be
cot so low that it's not worth noitcing
Only 59 rwts per bushel.
To Correspondents.-i-Tiie' commu
nication of 'Mentor' we respectluliy
decline; not for any dofects, cr want ol
judgement; but (or want of a more in
teresting subject. His subject is a dry
one, one thai would be of 110 interest u
the majority of our readers. If Jlen
tor wishes to do any service to the
world, he can, hy writing an essay on
any popular subject.or even a romance;
but "Phrophecies of Daniel.' have been
elucidated well enough already. 'Let
wen enongn alone.
If T' has any handicraft trade
whereby he can gain a living, we ad
vise him to slick at ill otherwise he
illaoon be a candidate for the Lunat
ic Assylum.
From the Ohio Statesman.
Every mail cotinuea io confirm tho
exhilerating news from Massachusetts,
the great federal fortification of tbo U
nion. The Mongrel national conven
tion of Whiygery;lhat iiee:sin Har
risburgn'n Wednesday lofnexf week,
wilf have a cheering mospect before
them! New York barely saved, and
M tchigan actually won, is the sum of
theit letent victories! And in one year
ts cS we beneuo oth ot iWaAia
II be brought back to the iuiocraiio
Of all the efisas'asl the opponinn haV
nit wnn; iiothiug sets so heavily on
nem as tne loss ioi oij ivasi-arhuseiis
jui iraaieiiri in 01 "de ove
bodies of f(eea.eifr and all thtfi
mp's to force their silly edicts bv-lha
power of law, wU but recoii on their
own heads. f Mie world cannnf bo
uociii.-u uj ma power oi reason-ana M
example it is irretrievably losu ftia ial 1 -l-
certiin. The sdyocaies of ieJotranct H
M9 apeclfully inloiiii his oldlnenKf
the above business in all Ms VarfoV .
i .i u . -i- t
urancucB, uuo uuur uai oi j-- Tniias &
Store, where heinay rarf k f i
found to attend lo alf weik I'v'"' 1
him. He flatters hitngelr
done as durable, neat and las
as it con be doue in iba copn't
mienus ai un units 10 necp in bis f
1 - -II . I " . M l h.
ploy good compelent worliman, 8
means 10 receive idu i-asuioos is
providod for.
Jo accommoaaie nisinecae ir
couiilry, he will take nearly all kit
country produce e
N. 1). One or two appreriPMi.
ted immediately to learn the Tai$
business. Boys between the agrj
and 16, would be preferred1.' Thejfi, "
be of good character, as recommf:
lions ui inausiry, nonesty, ono sot
try, will be required. "
Canal Dover, Aug. 15, 1839. tf.
The Bulletin will be issued twice a we
jl I ring the session ol Hie General Asseiar
me rare 01 91. uu in auvance 1 lull a ,
'..I... ..I- .1 ..i'.i.. .
liiu ivjimiui 111a iiuvucuingo ui lliu ivy,
scs will be given Inlulligunt and I'aitlilr
porters wil be employed lur this purpose
every eflbrt ol tbu Kditor will be uded lo'k
the earnest pltisiblo intolligciico to tliosi.
Hike an interest in tho proceedings ol lhjl . .
Ulnture. f
lli.vin;' had hitherto, considerahlo ex pup
elei in the publication ul u paper, uud 111 rcpi
pjjl tho doings ofthe Cultural Assembly, (be if
' 11.1 f niiiii:iviii- ,.. iiu fiiiKifitiu iiu niitin 01 inji
temporalis in tho promtuuss, coriecluosH,j
fidelity of this important brmicb (it l.cgi
iulbrniiition; Those who were the piitri
mirtiri-t iiiilluliii, and subsequently, ol lbi
lunibus Seiitiunl, while wo were tbo ha
c .? never bad cnuiso to complain; but all proS
ucnn i,e wen ,icM-rangTrutfT zw 11
350. This majoftiy can be neutralized .
by scattering votes, which wo do uot
believe will prove sufficient to prev t
his election by the people, end we havo
li ile.ifany defab, but at he is elect .
From the NashvVl U-i aa.
Our democratic frnmdain Missippi, ;
talculated on bealieg tho whigs badly
in tha election oinbe 4lh and 5th . nJ
through the Missistfippian 01 tbe tu -they
say "so far as heard from iA de.
mocracy havt succeeded hryeud our -most
sanguine ezpectatienP'
In H.nds, Hsnkin, iScott' and Copiah
counties, where Gov. McNutt was bea
ts" at his taa election l yja majo ity of .
1968 votes, he is now beaten only 129
votes McNutt has also beaten his op
poi ents in Marshal1, De 8otor Tippah,
Lafayette. Ilawamba, Winston, Oklib
beeha, Monroe, Y coo, . His re
election is now placed beyond all doubt.
Should the Lsgielsture be democratic,
alas for the-political prospects of S. S.
Premiss! Walker will be sleeted Sen-,
ator to a certainty.
Since the above was in ivpe, wn Icain
C .l J - r
iiuiu a (CTiuvniun oirect irinn 1 : in ,
that Jodjja Campbell (ilem ) has been
elected to the Senate, and Col. lolm
VI. Sharpe ((dem.) snd Burrm
(whig) have been fleeted to the Hi. use
of Kepreceutalivcs'
And yet anniher
Philip O. Hughes den has been
elected to reprewent the Sriiaturial dm
'rict, composed of Jtflrrenn and Frank
lin co intiee formerly whig.
And another
Maj. Isaiah Watson m.) ia elec
ted in Cailiotne.
These added to the gain, noticed e
bo'.e, how a gam in soven counties nf
seven memhnrs. A'l nf the cnimtie
yet heard from, save Scott and Copihh,
have been the strongest whig counties
in the state.
A Itaa Durham.- (dam,;
Leake Walk ins, (den.)
Octibbeha Elliott, (dem.)
Judge (lilleland, (detn.j elected Sen
ator for the district composed of Atta
la, Leake and Neshoha.
The Memphis Enquirer says, the de
mocrats have a'so carried Tishcmingo.
Tunica and Pontiloc cnuMie. The
feds claim to have carried Yalqbuiha '
and Panola. t
A gentleman of known veracity,
whose testimony' and whose opinion
are always reliable, writea to his friond
io this city as follows:
Jackson, (Miss.)
Dear Sib: Our elections are over.
We have not yet all the returns but
we have enough to know for a certainty
that we have a majority of at least s-ir-
teen democratic members in the Gen
eral Assembly-good snd true. Mr.
Walker will be elected United State
Senater.by majorily of from 15 to 20
vote. MuNutt and the Congress- "
men ere beyond sll danger, Our, tri
umph it complete, rye"
liy on "v, ' . p ;l
tfir at- '
'4 ll 1 1 1

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