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The Ohio Democrat and Dover advertiser. (Canal Dover, Ohio) 1839-1840, November 29, 1839, Image 4

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taFor CoHitmptioa, Dyspeptic-ami la
er Ui"H)lii it . 'J
Reader, are you rPdielfd -with Indigestion,
Coatiroueaa, Sour KraoojtioHii, -Lou T jlppe'.
ite. Water Rash Pain er Distress at the Sto
'wch. 8ickueaa atW Eating. languor, Pidiita-'
lion of Chn.lfort,""l.ownesa -tf bpirha,,aiH in
wjne mad, ureas!, tsacic, aim 4vraM, -Dizziness
cand Coiifoakin of Sight, Tear of some
fending Lvil. Restlessness, a troltkit-ftr Food,
vith oiher .YHrvoa t3ymptenM,'-tins; Wore
you tli Picture ofthe Djs,-x.ptio, tod Cunsmnp;
' live patient. Havin:; reaofotd to rmnndv them
procure immediately bnr.f"Dlt. HUNTS
VILLS;' never failing mid oflicadmis remedy
(or those dreadeil foes of human hapjiiiiess Dys
pepsia, Cienatmiptinfi siiii Liver Complaint, and
th whrda raine tf moliincrtohr HflVetlons oris-
"ing fmro diaexwof the tjkxnach', Liver, Bowels
- M wing.
4-.ll -at iU office , I Clititliitm street," N.
. ' x FOR
-Mii VOMPL jitrr,
tfVftS'cnhiymo'rrl P heilth depend on pre
,,vrvmg rlro functions of the Stomach, Itfer, In-
tesfino onrf -ijnirj(, in (I healthy and vigorous
" -state, ihrtttrvh -the niiHratinna nt which ihu nodv
'-Tcivea ill growth; -it nutiition, its suisport, it
i - n - j
- can no longer be astonishing that When tliesevis?
" cra are deraiied,and nannol perfurin their pro
er funrtoiiis, the whole system au tiers and be
' -cornea disordered. ''-Knowing this to be a sound
and dutnonstrated fact, in science and experi--ence,
Doctor Hunt's Systim ok Practice is in
- aaithful accordance with it. Ha'aims- to keep
lite Stomach, Langs and the Liver, in vigerous
' tnd heallbyatin,aathe three grout fountains
' of health and life. For this purpose his pills
are compounded of herbs, which strengthen and
- equal izt tho action of the heart, and give an im
pulse or strength to thesrterful system, 'at tho
ssine time quicken the action of 'the absorbent
and discharging vessels; and as all the seete.
'-tions are drawn from the blood, any-morbid ae-;
tion which may have taken phce is removed,
- all obstructions are overcome, the blood is pun
'' -fled, mid rhe hntly assumes a heulhl'ul state.
...These-fills 8IV tonetolhe stomach, increase
'tm apfi otit,a, and eminently expel all acid-or.
morbid matter through the esetrrtoiy ducts in.
to the parage of the bowels. In all casesof
- --nnsuinpuon, indigestion or irverrapsia, vinous i
v A&hitiefM, or 'Lrver Jmpi(rjiit3,- Heartburn, ,
- Sasmjewer' ArShlirj in rbe'SioBJunk, Tightness1
" ttiS''t3hert,'lniss--6f Appetite, SiekIdAv
cho.'Pain in fins' Head; fi-ack-Lkibs and Side,,
''"Flatulency, Tvphus and Scarlet fever, Putrid
H.l Tk..i "f..... A.... l.
'--Severf, Gout, Rheumatism, Lumbago,' Jjciittkn,'
- Spasmodic AiTections, and Tic oloureux, Oou--
-vulsionsrfClijWrw.,iMeilts,Siiiall I'ox, Hoop.
ing Coeirh. --Kickets, Teething, Worms, Fe
- niAla WMrurlinnti, Chlorosis or Green Sii:k
lies, and Rejections of Food, and Costiveneo,
'-Culic, whether flatulent or Bilious, follow the
Doer.. Take from three to ten pills, till they
orajr&te, two or three times daily. The use of
- the pills must be persevered in till a cure is efs
"XifCKXsrs nf Th arsMicn, or Nehvm;
8uch as DYSPEPSIA, either Clnonic or casual,
uader the wofst syinplonij ol restlessness
t' ixmnfy of Spirits and General Ehiai ialion:
tuifMJfpjcm,'isw!ietli6r of the Lungs or Liver;
'Uiliary and Spasmodic; Cu6tiveness ; VVcrms
of every variety; Rheumatism, whether A
-ciilaor chrouic; together with GOUT, Scro
fula, Painn w tho fkjad. Buck. Limbs, aud
Sifie, Twttns Fkver, sscariht FLVEK.l'uo
'''' j
v. ' I
'-InJ Sore Throat, FEVER and' AG
jSuasmndio Pulphatinn of the Ileuit and
taries, NervoUH, Irritiiiility, Nervous Weak
".ness, Hysterics 'ilie Douloureux Cramps, 'c.
"male Obstructions, Heartburn, tleadache
Coush, th Couiuion or humid, and the' Dry
..iliii Whooping; ASTHMA, Gravel and
Tlie Blotnl has hitlierro-1een cniwidwdl '
S-TjiHiific4nd others, as the great 'rcjiiilntu'r -of i
me mnnnr Eysietn, anaiuvli is tlie uevulcdiiess
' f the adherents to that erroneous doctrine, that
" they content themselves vvitli'ttio unplo pea
' kemuon ef this fallacious opiniuii, without en-
iw't!)Ho the primary snuscea froin whence
1 Lfle,' nnafiii.and vigour emanate, aim ztct versa,
pain, sickness, disease and death. A'ut so with
--JAR.-HUNT whose extensive research -aiti
Yjirartical experience so eumrently qualify him
' for the prolfhston of which he has hem one of
-tlie most uselul members. Hecoutcnd!-and a
'-''TnoinenYs'Tdflection will convince any reasou-'--Mig
mind of the correctness of his views that
the stomali, liver and the associated ouaiis-nra
the primary ami greM regiiialore of health, and
UiBt4lie blood in very many instances ia totally
discoimectud with the first and succeeding eta
ges of disouso, and that uuless a medicine reach,
the root of the disease, tliu superficial linoy
"wesuHiilly prescribed, servtf'Uitas toils to cov
- r the ravage. of deep-rooted nPitaNHes. Un-
er lliese eosmctmna, at the expence of years
.10 olose application, the ileotwhas discovered
tible, -wid in inesaribing, it is with e firm con-
iviction oWts being a radical cure in the various
M;.M.lf.i,lu,un.,.j r .- , .
uMt wUinl cau-s.,. i. j..
r. . - hu, o uuci iiui preienu
tl agency,
.1.1 r ..
aiiuousn trcm nositir
1 tlie
to sh
,"". i , . . , ,
know led iio of huiidredu. hn
. . , ow!.th.at wl,en ecr)r 'I'W
bdy has failed,
n tn,.u,n ,n iiui:. -irr .- .
n Known to tailiin e(Tectin7 twn
results, that of raisimr from th
ss and thus amply rewardiim n,
lonir and auiioiia n.rf.
jong and aiixious siudy to attain
m u.e MtaUBli ART,
Vill perform what it prom-
fcior, seen utt. HUNTS
proved themselves to be
"fully tried iu all partssh
is so compounded, ton
Vn in the vessels h.
earuas ao ttiehgtso ,
Wvlinl5l'i gives
1 byiromot
Mole trame,
Mc beno-
jc be
tonsMutnitt, L);scm, both chrinoo and re
cent, under the worst aymptums, lowneu ol
spirits, pTOsions aftor etiu, waierbrsh
low of appeiile, general debility, and einncia
tion tie soon removed by ll use of Uta above
1tM. OONSUMmON, Uiat insidious de
stroyer of tha human family, ud itr attendant
tram uf borrow, greenish and bloody soitlle ,
clammy, night sweats, general emaciation pros
tration of atieiigtii, all -will 'be fwrmved by the
iimely administration af fir. Wuul's Pills, and,
tf taken according to directions, completely t
moved. -In Uer''Coaplaint, Jaundice, both
biliary and spasmodic." Iheir influence truW
tftonishing. ; In all cases of Hypochundriacism
Low Spirits, Palpitations of the Heart, Aervous
Irriltability, Nervous Weakness,' taor Albus,
Seminal IVeaknoss, (adiiestion. Flatulency.
lloasthuTflrfodtly ValraassChlorosis or Green
Sickness, Elatulent or1 Hysterical Faintinei.
II liter ics. Head ilehe, Sea SickmeM, Nightmare
Gout, Rheumatism, Asthma,' Tic Doloreox,
Spismodio Affections, Nausea, Vomiting, Paiai
in the Side, Limbs, Head, Stomach w Back,
Dimness cr Confusion of Sight, Noisea in the
Inside, alternate FittshMtcs of Heat and Chilli
ness, Trevors, Watchins, Agitation, Jnxiety,
KadUreasi!, Spasms, all may be completely re.
Unnved by the use of the above Pills.
these rinsirray be taken with the most per
feet safety. Their bemficial inBoenoa hat olton
limes revived from the bed of sickness, ihe pair
lid, dejected, 'and emaciated victiro-of dieease.
and sent him I'oWh again into the world, anjiale
Suld at 10O4Cliathtnn Street, TV.'- York.
To MoMen anil Nurtes.
The pajsage of the tcelli through the gams
produces ouMesome and dangerous symptoms.
It is kuoMn by mothers 'llmt'Uwre is great irrit
ation in lie mouth and gum1 during this pro
cess. Thi gums swell, the secretion oFfta-soft
iva is increised.the rhild is seized with fremien-
and nuddwailiu -of crying, watcliing, startim in
is sleep, and spasms ot pcouiiiu parts; the child
isnrieks with extreme violence, '-and thrusts its
fingers into its mouth. If these precursarv symp
toms-are nof speedily alleviated, spasmodic con
vulsions universally supervene, and soon oeose
the dissolution of Ihe infant. If-mirrltera who
have their liltlvbabes sftlicted with these dis
tressing symptoms would apply Dr. W-tlttam
Kvans's Suolliiug Syrup, "which him preserved
hundreds of inlaurs when thought past recove
ry, fi-'km being suddenly attacked with that fa-
ttrt-malnrty conviilsions.
Tins inrMlible reineay Ins preserved imn-
dreds when thought pant lecovery, from ton-
vuistous. as seen as me oyrup is rubbed on
the gums, the child will reiover. Thisprvpai
ation in o innocent, to efflennioua-and so plea
sant, that no child will refuse to iet its gums he
ruuueu n un ii. tt uen nianis are at tile age ol
lour months, tlinugn there is no appearance o
teeth, one bottle of the syrup shoi Id be used on
the gums to onewahe pores. Parents should ne
ver hu without the sytup in the nursery where
theri are young children, for if a child wnkes
in the night with pain in the liiinis, the Svruu
immediately gives ease, by opening the pores
and heals the gums; thereby preventing CodviiI
i ons. Fevers, &c.
lurbntered accord ins to Act of Congress. Be
particular tliut the -luhle nir the bt,x expresses
sucli, 1'lie genuiteeis vended by Aiients only.
iigent Dover.
;-5! cr cn oj Ptlei cured at 1 00 Chatham
ilrut. Mr. Daniel SiniininK of Shrewsbury,
Eden Town. New Jertey, was severely ufflic
led nitli Piles fir more than 20 years. Had
roeiturno to medicines of ntiiiosl every descrip
tion, also ihe l vice of several eminent Pyi
cians, but never found the slightest relief from
any Sonne wlmifoever untiihe calltd on Dr.
Evens, of 100 Chatham street, New York , and
procuied fome mediMne from him, from which
lie found iimuediate-jrelief. and subsequently a
perfect cure.
Extract of a letter ofjonus Snyder, Pout Mas
ter, Kcrnmlle, Pa., to Dr. William Evans.
Anione several cases, the following is found:
An elderly lady, who had been 25 years to af.
flicted w ite iiBrvims'liydochondria, trehilily, A c.
that for the last 3 yean see conslanlW received
I-... , ' . .
meuiLiii uiu iiuuia res;ei:iauie pnysicuin, out
the pressure and pain on her .heart and breast,
and especially wifii weakness in her head ana
on her mind, keeping her discouraged to uuder
Inkeauy thing. In .May she commenced usinir,
Dr. W. Evans' medicines according to the di
rections nccompauying Iheni. A reaction took
place; the pain and. pressure in tier body -was
rvmoved; her iniud h(me clear and strong; her
spirits perfectly good, and up to this limn it is
in all respects restored to health, which lb. '
lust ten years-has not enjoyed.
Seprember 7, 1838.
RT.dnof7iCT recent testof linvrrktUti virtu
of Dr. Urn. Evans1 thilicne. LYSPEIA,
zie,' 17(i Slantun street, was a'fllicled vi ith thv
abeve complaint fur 'teiry earn, which incspacla
ed h m at intervals1, for the period of six-years,
n attending Io his business, restored io perfect
ealth under the salutary treatment of Dr. Win.
'I As symptoms were. A senwi- of distension
and npjnussnn Slier eating, distressing i.aiu in
the pit of tlie stomal h, nausea, iuipared a p pe
ine, giuuintss, paipuntion ol tlie licart, grlt
,7.mJ . r'1T?,or P"'
- ! T T' m"Kt " r""" vomiting,
,.A '... . ,i... , , b'.
I r" ' aiuo, an eiircuie uegree or
1 ."" wmineM; any endeavour tu-pursu
Kits nusiness causnii! iiuiiiediata -eiiianiinn n a
. . wearmew
Mr. McKerwie is 'doily attending to his bsui
ness. and none nt the fihnvA nV-mnf.D
. . .v -,i..iiunij ,,g
-fMirreil a,iiu l,a ,,..,1 ilia n.A'.n;. t
; u ij wiiMU Hir. IieiSTtow
...,i i,.,.i,i, n .
--..-.-j, iiu iitaimr "ilia 11U ivmjTivQ T.Q IITV"
r.oA . j:.. l...u .. J ,
He is willinK lo live anv information to il l!
flicted respecting the inestimable benefit render-
ed tohini by die use ot Dr. Wm. Evans' med-
ti . .1 ,. . . . . ..
'V9 " "e procurerJ--6f all
" m ".va.n" a v"?a l in the United
l2!' nna lt""1Bnout the Wor d.
ny nr. F..,. i,. ,j . .t .
.rnM n,;. Mn : k.T1. ".r'"''
- ..uin uvula; imposeii upon oy
counlerfehs, has had the labels of all hismedi-
cines entered eecording to act of Congress. He
rrquests them therafore, to be prt cular in see-
intt that the labels contain ih rll,u;.,
"Enteral according to act nj Conercss bv H'
u.van, in uk year io., at vie Vlerk I (Met of
.. IL.,-: . .. .-V. f
Vis Svuthern District Court of NeYork."
M. C. Younglovr. -devolend.
3. A. Beebe. Akron.
A. UnderhiU. Wassillon,
. OvoHlolU N. Philadoloeia
.VS , " "u '-''WAKU continne
. vuiiiiuua
Uieir practice as Attorney's, and may at
l , times he eonsuhed at their orPce, New Pl.il.
W delph.a, IO trie east end of th two story frame
NtitffheTutSo ba iN
V May 30. 1830. .
These Pills are stiongly recommended to the
notioa of the Ladies as a safe and etfirient renv
eily iu removing thsee complaints peculiar
theirex, from want of Exercise, or general
Debility of the System, Obstructions, Suppres
sions, and Irregularity oi ihe Afense ; at h
same time ctfengtheuing, cleansing, and, givicg
tone to Ilia Stomach and Bowels, and produciux
new and healthy action throughout the sye
em -generally. They -create Appetite, correct
indigestion, remove Giddiness anal nervous
Headache, and are eminently uxehVH in those
Flatulent Complaint! winch distress Females so
much Hi the Tuku or Lirs. They ekviateCos
livencM, and counteract id Hysterical nd Ner
vous Affections, likewise allord seothitjr ar
-permanent relief in r luor Albus, or Whites, and
in the roost obstinate
etinate cases af CWorosis, or
.they invariably restore the pal-.
) female to health and vuroar 1
Creen Sickness,
lid and delicncte
. m... . . . CJ w
Tnesefi shavaffAndthnRnt,nn.nt.
nrobation of the most eminent PIiv.Mmm in..h
United State, and manv mother, can likewise
tostifirto their eitxnr.lmv (T.c iv m.r
ried fennrles. whose exneeiationa nf tho tndr-i
est pledges of connubial hapuinesa ave beeai
defeated, these Pills may he truly-esteemed a
blissful boon. Thev i,n .L, n fi,,.-,.
ional debility, and if taken, accrdin to direc
tion,; oV,n,Vll morbid mSmu A Jfdtumtlni.
safe and efficacious, will be found in
Dr. Gowde's Celebrates Female Pills.
Tkese Pills are of two kinds namely : No. 1,
or Laxative Pills, and No. 2, Restorative Pills.
They are for all the following diseases : Sun-
pressioiv; irregularity or Ketetrtion of the Men-
sea, ciuur nwnii, iiitunwis or ureen oicanass,
Co8tivenwv tiravel, Incontinence of Urine,
Nervous Aflectiorm, Hyiterics, Prolapsus Uteri,
or fulling of the Womb, and Piles. These Pills
am also particularly adapted to the male as well
a the female sex, for the cure of die following
diseuses: Nervous Diseases 4,irer' Complaint,
i)ymep9ia,Oiliou Disewres.nnd all cares ol'Hj
rrochondriBciMH'Law Spirit. PafpitaiKre x the
Ifeait, NeTvnulvri(ability. Nervous WakneEL
Indigestion, Loss oMppetitc, Ireu-thnnien-rnl
Debihrty, Buddy Weakness. -or Flatulency,
ireauncnH, irigimnare, nueuirmiiBm, si n ma,
Tic Douloureux,' Cramp,- Spssmo'd to Affections,
and those who ore rotKiis to that most ex
c.rcoiating disorder Gout; also. Partis rn the
ida. OftSSt. l.imha Ht-ad. Stnmn,-li n, Rn.lr
fbimnees tir C'on fusion ot Sight, Alternate flush
es cl Meat mid Untiineb, iremors, Watchings
Agitation Anxeity,'had Dreams and Spasms.
This Medi' ine is acknowledged to be one of
tho niopt valuable ever discovered, as a purifier
of the blood and fluids. It is superior la' Sar
snparilla, whether as a sudorific or alternative.
Dilutions for wse. Pills No. 1 must be taken
from three to six, or more; nt bed lime, suffi
cient to operate briskly, till the desired object-is
effected. Take NcCS-according to tlie directions
as on the box.
In all esses; both ttmds if the pills are to' be
used at the same time, in the following manner.
Take three pills or more of No. 1, every night
on going to bed, increasing the number, tf thry
do not open the bowe's; also, take three of the
pills No. 2 hair an hour before each meal, three
times daily.
?old at 100 ttiathnm street. N. Y.
And by one renpeutable peisoaiu every town
io the Union.
Jf. C. Younglow. Cleavland.
i. A. Beehe Akron.
A: Undeihill, Massillon. j
Dover. "
J. OverhoI Uf. PhilaJelphin,
tjf"ln order to protect tho public against tlie
m position of 6'ouuterlnit Modit-ino 'Vender,
hey have been entered according to cttifC'on
gress, and the right to prepare them secured;
thcTofore he surem feeing that the lahol on each
Im expieses such entry, us ull others are Coun
terfeits. A PVBLfC MASSING 1
Consumption, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint,'
Heatthurn, Sourness or Acidity in the Stomach,
Tightness nl the Chest, Loss of Apnetite. Sict
flead Ahe; Patnin the Head, Ifcick, Limbs and
Pidu, Flatulency, Typhus Wid Sfearlet Fever.
a . i r rail . " . .
i-uiriu ore inroat, revet and Ague, or Inter,
milting Fevers, KJont Rheumatism. Luniha-o
iSciatica, 'iuniodic'Afiet-tioiis, and Tic Doulou
reux, Convulsions of Children, Measles, Small
IVx. Hooping Cough, Rickets, Teollmi!.',.
tvorms, ruinate Tjnstrur.tioiiH, Chlorosis tir
Green Sickness, and Rejections of Food, and
KJiwtivcnesH, Coluvwltellicr llatulenlor 4Jilious.
ullo w file
Duffl. Telw'from three to ten plilis'till they
opera c , two or three times da.ly.
Prick 5 Cents rer llox'.
Sdld at 1 00 Chatham -stiant, New-York,
Whtdesale and-Retail.
Where rpplicationH for Agru're. Medicines,
wr Advertiiiiiig, will meet with prompt alien-
THE subscriber would respectfully place
before tho public the following Synopsis
01 a rpreniHu Hssunninroi
which he has just leceived rom the East.
w - - -
I. fruill the Rnst. Imvn niAt reeniverl rliMw.,
. , i -j
1 " "VJ wi wimive aim uvai
American, French and English Calicoes.
Af"orle1 Ribbons, and yaukee Corn Hoes ;
.',0l;etl Cambricks, Tin and Wood Pails,
Jicmrrgs, inreaa lace and rntsUurgli Kails,
n j . ... Pa .. '
17. '" P .
7" . V'' lancy i.recianetw,
c" uvct, mi rans, a worn u inserting,
Ed.-ine. Foot tnar & col'd vw.tem.1 n.hin. 0
Red &AA,na. ri,h. K.tT ...
PI . , e.vif, ojhu
. , b ,8' .
' Co"i co' Kop, nd Handsaws ton.
Orleans Sugar, Moliair Silk and Salin Srocin,
Ladies' Bonnets. Iron Sauares i Colon Sdri
'la''lln Luaterinu. col'd Florence & Gro de nan,
" "'i', v,uuiure, oinviiarii, or. r.ortap,
tn.nn.l,..b 11..,...... P.I JL.I. I -1 '
.....v.. u,ubn, .nituMn , itcb, biiu iiuuer cnains
Kiae, Xlolaraea end Glass by box or panes.
n i v.- .1 . . ... r
Oils. Tobacco. Gineer. Snuff and Ten.
Hammers, Waiters, and Cordsof Hetnp & Sea,
Iron Steel, Brandy, Wine and Cedar "Ware.
Oriental Braid, m fine, all kinds uf tears tear.
Reader, perchance, I've named your fancy or
your care,
If SO. " Tll mitl hiirh tfeimon 1i
w O Hvaivirvui Vfllll
I " share,"
Should Plaster. F.sh, or Salt, your urgent wants
t Cal' number One, for I have them .11 on
ttXDr. Evans' OtHce ibr Bledical cousulu
tian itpA advioe, 100 Chatham street, IN. Y.
Daily attendance tf given for personal consul
tation. tsamediMe answers are returned to
country letters, which jnuat ai'tnutely describe
the case, and coiilatayarornitlance for advice and
medicine, Which can 1ni fiirwardod to any part
of the world, however distant. No jtfficulty
can occur s the medicine will be securely pack
ed, and letteteofudvice earefully protected from
Nervous diseases, liver complaint, dyspepsia,
1tliouf 'diseasea, piles, ulcers, temale weakness,
rid all causus ofiypochondriaeism, lowspirits,
palpitation oftira heart, nervous irritability, ner
vous weaknaea, fluor albus, seminal weakness,
vindieestieo. loas-of a-inntite. heartburn, ireceral
i'tiebtTity, bodily weakness, chlorosis or green
J7 waaimess. cuiero. or green
k wlncy. hyMcncal fainting. Iiysler.
hiccup, sea ucknasi, night mare
fhaiunahain imathmi ,a .itAiilAiinstiii' Mvaasnn 1
"-' ". , m ., ""p, ,
rtieutnotHm, asthaa , tic douloureux, cramp, '
PMmodio aneetiom., aHd those who are wes
'" J.0 V'aV mo8t ecruciatmg disorder, Gmt
W1" nndwlief Irum their sufferings, a course of
Drl Vvan :me:,5'n-. .' . . I
' f"'," m.,,,e lllet est, linio, head, stomadi
1'T ' fT . or con.usioi, .., sign., auernate
.fluhe .f 8nd clhlhtieas, Uooiow, watch-..
15" VT?1. .T, ""ww. spawn.,
o-, t "'ji -i r
ITLettcr from the Hon, Abraham M'Clel
m, Sullivan County, East Tennessee, Mem,
ber ot vongress.
Washihotok. Julv 3d. 1838.
Sir- Since I have been in this city, 1 have
used some of your Dyspeptic med-rotno with iu
firiito benefit and satisfaction, anil-believe it to
be a most tutruable remedy. Orra-of my cons
MUiucnts. r. A. Garden. ofCamnbeH conntv.
Tennessse, wrote nie'to aend him some, - which
I did, ami he had employed it very successfully
n his pr(ce,nd says it t ttivaluable. Mr,
Johnso, yow -aerit t Wris place, thinks you
wuu proriably like-r. agent ta Tennessee. If
hen, I would recommend Ur, A. Garden as a
proper person to ofheiare for ttte safe of vour
oefebrated 'medicine. "Should yoa comtrrissjon
him, he is willing to'ftct fur you. You can send
The medicine by watorto the - o.ire of Robert
King & Sons, Knoxville county. Tennessee.
or by laud to Graham & Houston Tazewell,
EastTenn. I have no doubt but if you hada
gentsin several' counties in East Tennessee, a
great deal ol your medicine vyonid be sow. 1
am suing to take some of it 'home-wUhim for
hrry own use, and lhatf my fticnds.-ejid should
liKe to near troaryou wttefher you would tike
sn agent at BluntviHe, "Sullivan eounty East
Term. I can get some of Ihe merchants to act
for you, as I I tve near there.
To Dr. Wm. Eviuis, 100 ClwUiain A.S.Y.
ABRAHAM J. CREMER, resiihng at G6
Molt street, New Yoik, was alilicted with Dys
pepsia in'itsmost aggravated form, 'ihe symp
toms were- vioki.t lietidache, great debility, fe
ver, costivetmss.-ctsugli,1 hearthbuvn.rpain-iu the
chest and stomach always after eating, impaired
appetite, sensation ol sinking nt the stomach,
furred tongue, nausea; with restlessness, lieee
had cuutiniied upwrads oTlwclvemonth, when
eti consulting "Dr. Wm. Evnns, 100 Chatham
street, and submitting to his over snccessfal and
agreeably mode of laeattnent, the 'Oarient was
completely restored to Isenlth rrrlhe short space
ot one moiitli, -and gratelul lortho incalculable
bench t derived, gladly came lorward and vol
iinteercil the abirve statement.
Dr. WM. EVANS' Medical Office. 1 GO
ClmtlKun street, Mewiork.
handed to u by Mr. Van Schsick. of Albany
Tutghly respectable member cf the community.
iiu vt nose veracnv cannot hp uoimten:
Mr. 'Septcniius Rendull, of thetowli of Wes
tcrloo, county of Albany, was for abeut"27
years Irouqled with a nervous and bilious iitl'ec
lion, wliitii for 7 y eats rendered Isiin unuhle to
attend to his business, and during the lust three
years of his illnfts was confined to' the liuiiae'
His S)iiiitonw wore diMtncss, pain in the head
and side, palpitation oi tho heart, went of appe
tite Vc, After exiKHding cur-Mg his confine
n,ei.t,Trearh"SireeTiuiidre(f doflara -without ib
taining any permanent relief, hu by accidettt
m.t, cod an advef.iscinvMt of Ot. W. Evans,
Laniomile and Aperient Pills, and was conse
quei. tly induced totnake a trial af them. After
usuia, -thefli aliuut a lortiiight, lie was able to
walK out; in tour months he- cwiH attend to
.isiucss, and considered his disease entirely
removed. The above iuformation was civun to
the subscriber hy Mr. Kendall himself; tlieie
can, therclora ho no decentiun.
IDno(ier ren satre of Inflammatory Knelt
mutism cvred bu Dr. Wm. Etans' Mufic'mt.
.Mr. John A. Carroll, of the county of West-
cnesier, town 01 rvortn t;nstie, wew Xork, hart
ucen severely alllictol with inllamniutory riicu-
malism fori fourteen inonlhs witli violent cuius
:.. i.:. l:...i... . i . .. ., . r, .
in ins iinius, greui neui, excessive inirsi, ury
nnsaoi SKin, iinios mudi swollen, wasnolalile
without assistenceto turn in bed for six week,
Had tried .vanous remedies to no effect. Was
advised hy a friend of his to proc ure some ol
Wr. W. Evans' medicine of 100 Chutheui street,
INew York, which he immediately sent for: and
j after takiiiL' tho first dose fbuud ireat relief.
I .. . "... ci - --,
and in continuing its use according to the direc
tions ror ten uays, was perlectly cured. Allow
me to refer any person to him for the truthj of
uiw auuve smienieill.
Dr. Wm. Evans' Medical Oflipe 100 Va.
tham street, New York where the Doctor a'
n cuusuucoj uuu iih rncoicine procured.
. . A...l I I I. ! - - . J
J. BROWN ! tu
FELING tliankfiil for Dast favors, would
inform, the Farmers and Wool Growers
ot 1 uscarawas comity and the counties adjoin
log, uiui uMiy me now reuay io
on short notice. Havmc a first rale Double
Carding Machine and the best of Machinery for
Dressing Cloth, together with an erne Hence
and skillful workman, they teel confident
saying that their customers may rest assured
oaving meir worn none in nie best manner,
The prices for Carditis G 1-4 cm.
iKWind, and the prices for Ctath Drcssin shall
be reasonable.
AI kinds of produce recieved in payment
work,a work must be paid for before taken
from the simp. All kinds of Wood Turning
dona on short notice,
Msw Fbitarfcphia, May 3, 1839.
Ohio ' Democrat
Asanrei hat, in odopting io wetsurrvrm v
but meeting Tho obvious v inli of tha uonmmw
ty, the subscribers will of r to ilia ijiproliaiiou
and support of their fell w citizens weekly
fin waimtHtT In jinlilirftet ill the IttWfl of Camn
Dover, Ohio, bearinf tli notna ofthe 'Ohio
Lienmorat and Hover Atvertiser - aniwA"
the limits of Prospectasjdo not admit of exte
nded expositions and minke details in regard to
this enterprise, lomewharbf our principles and
purposes will be properv demanded by the
public, and ai far as is ftnirg to the occasion,
we oroceed br'reflv to decls-e thorn.
The political columns 4C our paper will be
found, therefore, to espoe the doctrines -of a
strict comtrjiction ofthe federal Constitution,
win advocate the principle ollitcpreseni ami
nislrntran. and will mnintiin the doctrines oftVe
Damn. P.. ;n ,i.. ..,r.ti..i
been iOTepeatedly indicatTd by the general toff.
se. Ai c
object is tl
conductors ot apublio journal wnsjae
tho riifTiMinn nfliirlitind knowledge.
our column! will be open to fulland free dhwus-
our coiumni
Uobob all matters that interest die Public"
We ehsll be equally, gratified ifwe may be
instrumental in refutini the ouinions of those
who differ ftom us, or. if roni ourselves, that
cmr errors he oorrected. We earnestly desire V
establish an Iiidcpmokrt and Frk lVr., in
liberal sense of the terms. Not io indeoen-
uBin.aa u may oeaoove oaironoze anu recx ess
ueni, as u may neaoove patronage and reckless
of opinion, not free as its conductera may publish
i,hrM i,.t ii.ovl
pieas-but so independent tlia.auoll inculcate
truth.sud so freeihav.it shall "be atceasable to
thn efforts of all who horestly seek the enHligt
trood of our common conntrv. ,
A p irtion of the paper will be devoted to the
itnprovuii,ent of Agriculture, and the lovers of
a.u.0 .... u-, .proaa oe.ure u.e... ...a.
of tl:3 most interesting selections. Together
with tho most interesting portions of Foreign
and "Domestic news, we will give a weekly re-
port of tl.e Market Prices, and desire to make
our paper profitable, to the whole community
through' which it may circulate:
Terms of Publcation. The ''Democrat and
'Advertiser" will'be published weekly at $2,00
per annum, it not paw wilinn six jnonuis,
after 'the first number is Published, and $!!,59
at the end vf the year.
hill at ou ivn&n&K.
Dover Sep. 27.
TATT O R N E Y A T . h A W A
Canal Dover. Tuscarawas County. Ohio.
Office-second doer north of the Commercial
Inn, Frorlt street,
Dover. July 22nd. 1839.
r'fl flTOULD respectfully inform the citi
I Vw zeni nna' Cover and vicinity,
wness immediately over MICHAEL FI3PEI8
ma, f,v ,,aa uuiiiiitciiuc,, mtj anove OU-
waggon bhop, where he intends to carry it on
in all its various oranches. He also -has con
nected with the above the Paper Hanging
which he promises shall not be surpassed by
any. His work shall be dons in a stile and
manner, that will show for its self.
He also will attend to work in the count rv
lsnal Dover, Aug. ID, 133!), 3iuo.
"HMlE subscriber wishing to enlurge his
M. groceries li uda itiieuessary to cull up
on those who are indebted to him -either by
Book, nole, -or otherwise, in order that he uioy
meet his ends. He 'regrets to be under this
necessity, but ciicuinsiances urge him to it.
Those who cannot possibly pay the full amount
will confer a fiivor by settlini: nart. vet. mon.
a'ey hewn.". Iavu, and that on or before Ure20lh
t tins month. So take notice,
N. B. He still .continues to Sell -at a rite
much lower 'than can be hud at any other place
m uiwuai uwoioie, noil aoor to itlrs Albert
Motel. J, U. V.
oYj wi, lty. r
D IJON Hon:..
Kc. ALUtUT, would rusiectlully in
lurm me ciukmisoi iuscuruwi Coun
ty, U ll tlj trovillimi 'I'uolic lieiienillt
tliatsltecuu accumodaiu those mho .11,11) lav 01
uer wi 111 -u.eir cusiorn, 111 us good a at) lb us cai
be hud in this tart ot tl country.
tier Uur and J ublu will besunuiied with ll.i
host ti u uiurkut can alluid. Her slubles aie lun,
kiid v.ili lurnished, and will be well attendee
Newririladelphia, May 3," 183?.
l H E Board ol limrwueia lor the Count)
oi iuscuTuwas.will meet for the examina
ion ot Hliose pronosma to leach Cimiin,.,,
Sohuo.s, iu said countv. on r-aturdav iLu MM rii
day of November next, and on every succeeding
Friday Vluring ihe month of November and
ueceuiuer nevt.
V aVOONER, on behalf the Board
inoveniocr ih, ibju.
I. SMITH fr Co., Dover, will receive
Cloth to Dress and Wool to Curd, fur
the New l'hiladelohia Caidiinr Mucliine
ir.ruiung nun, unu returned lo Iht-ui on short
tl?.. I I- (-, . 1 . . O
notice and in good older
J. BROWN & Co.
New Plulade1hia,June8. IfcBo. if.
nri HE snbscribers will dbv
lie highest mar-
H ket price for Wheat, at u
times, deliver.
d auneir tstoreltuuse
J.i. tfUTH&Co.
Duver August, 8, 1839.-tf.
I Ea
TffUST received frou the Eastern cities, a!
U large and splendid as.niUnt or FALL
V An uiiiuti.u --ririraj
OODB conjistins
d French, English, and ictoriolPrinls ; Muslin
a"lA,v f f lii ijiv vwi'uaoiiiiH u
in de Lane, Painted Muslin and (Lawns j Linen
of d Cotten Drillings; blue, Hack and Mixed
. Vilotlis ; assiomnis, sou
Ur.tJnclt Aif sail M.
M. ors and qualities; Bed Tickini, iHeathedMd
uatsi.viievi anvil
Unbieached Muslins.- Also, a fii.e lot. of Hair'
and Fur Caps. I
for I SlITII & Co.
li. II. nd kiiiu ui uroouw niseii in ex
iliange for Coodi.CASH paid br W heat.
iAI. O. (V Co.
Canaf Dover, Sept. VJ, 1831
. t
' According to ctmtoin, r (tao pro-
-ant to the people of Ohio our )rrut)pe-
tua (or a paper (luting Ihu aemnon uf tlis
Legiblatuw. pny jrtMi whu d
not finl it convemoHt u ubtM;riH fur a
paper primed el thin place lot hul
year.o during im fthtj Leg-
mlafure, being deiTos) W mretrig whet
is done by these in whue keepttig thef
have entrusted the aflatra f ttw Slute.
To accommodate ihie juet desire 1n th
people to be thoroughly acquainted willt
every trirttg prwtiiwg t their hup pi- .
flesa and welfare, we have i (hiapr er
pectrrs eitetioeu lactinres atw awr ,
beyond what has been cuHtomary, W
ah'all isaue during theeeesioip tlf
paper (Tree of adverlisemntfwat hiliy -
wnta a erai-week1y at cue dollar
tri-wwkly at two dollars, and a cwly
at three dtrllars. tiy thw amftgemeat '
ws wt)4 be able to accowrmrdate every ,
portion eftive State by a tlw . maitts, ,,j
and we ofe onr ffientla will ot twraj- .
mist in availing , thernsehytB of tlveM w
means of infonnetion, It is all ,tpoT -
ttrnt that every freeman ehouW be fHf
acquainted with everyquestion touch-
- , .if. .r w QT h. afi.
"elfar8 ' Sla, "5
ine approacmnz eession m ukj
Ohio Legislature will M tt04t twpOT
lantone, Wo previotte enohae ever
had the same number of delicate an!
exciting questions to meet and act upon
atieotiooa vt hich canoot be avoided,
nor disposeeJ ofwa moment Among
thege n JqqI lajprovetrMClta,
. . mj
condition of our Banki, fld (he bank'
ing aystem under the eecond auspen-
sion. Tbearoitrooment of the Stale)
into Senatorial and Representative)
diutrictB, and a snore just and suita
ble laitatiofl by 4 w-veluation f prop
rt will be -ditrcuesed. Ail tbeee tjuen.
tiona nave veen connoea, y xttt over
whelming voice of kilelligent freemen ta
the care o keeping of the democratic
partf. end it is important tb( that pel
ty should meet tbem in sober eatnert-.
ness, and in that spirit of candor an4
patrioitsm which they will bring togeth-
ty lor the public good.
Ve ahatl also eie entA sketches of
the" doings of Cvnraesaei we conceive
of immediate interest to ihe State, bf
tne earliest aid of correspondent.
tiy the aid ol a daily end tt-weoklT
paper, we shall be ajle to Uwo w out th
earliest eastern news, foreign and do
mestic, wbich we hope will not be over
looked by Ihoae desiiuig such tutor.
mation, and with the aid of a pnwer-
spress, on a new and improved modeller
expect to aod greatly to the facility f
preparing our paper tor the mail, with
out the loss even of at) hour. We ark
only such support as carrecponda with
our exertions to make our paner uaolui
to &e put lie.
ltrm of the teuton l uper.
(tyPersonp receiviiiii tine puper will
consider themselves agents and for
five subscribers one gratia will be stnt,
eklytUhiOf$uieMoan, ft) 5(1.
benn-weekly, ' 1 0U,
Tn.ekly, ' 2 00.
Daily, 3 00.
All payments must be in advance or
refereace to a member of the Legist
ture. S. & M. H. MEDARY.
Columbus, 13G9.
specialty inform his old Iriends and
the public in general, that he carries tin
. ' . i i : .. . : :
me auvio uusiimss in an I'o varivud
branches, one door Cast of J. 1. Smith'
Store, where he may n1 aH times oe
fonntl to attend te ail work intrusted tu
him. He flatters himself it wtll Ih
lone as durable, neat and fashionable,
as it can be done ia ttve couuirjr, us Ins
inteuds at all tunes to keep in hm cm- -ploy
good competent workman, and hie
means lo receive the Ftetiieus isaropl f
provided for.
To accoTrnnoflate his frier.ds in the
country, he will lake nearly all kind of
country produce.
N. 1J. One or two apprentices wan
ted immediately to learn the Tailoting
business. lioya between the ae of 15
and 16, would be preferred. They must
be of good charucter, as recommenda
lions of industry, honesty, and sobrte
try, will be required.
Canal Dover, Aug. 15, 1839. tf.
The Bulletin will be issued twice a week da
ring the session of the General Assembly, at
the rate of $1.00 in advance A full and am
ple report of lite proceedings of the two llm
ses will fregtven Intelligent and faithful Re
porters wiU be employed Ibr this puriese, anil
every effort of tho Editor will be used to furnish
the ewiest possible intelligence to those whs
take an interest in the proceedings of Uie Leg
islature. Having had hitherto, considerable experience
in the publication of a paper, and in reportiiuj
the doings of the General Assembly,' die Editor '
wiU endeavor to be outdone by none of his co
temporaries in tho pronilness, correctness, anv!
fiidelity of this important branch of Ltislutiva
information; Those who were the patrons of
our first Bulletin, and subsequently, ofthe Co-
I I t 13 .! f I. . I .1 - ...
7 '.;v,,i.e we. were ne r.ouor,
f".".""" ? C(,n,'pl,".,,i b,,t a" I'f04
to bo well pleased: and such as may acsin favor
of t0 bo i,ietbii "A ,cl' ""y g'" fvoc
-.a a w .
....., ., '.
assured that nothing in this particular, shall bo
wanting on our part to fulfil their just eipcn
lations and wishes. May the Editor bddcsI to
- .1. II I ' J 1 mi.
' "'noness onus mends ana
"mJu' ,r"-u . ule,f uPP.n"a P"'
ronaga, and will Postmasters and others, into
wiiose nanas una may lull, obligingly extend K
to such individuals as will ba willing: to sub
scriber To such we will feet greatly indebt.
ed, and for any trouble they may thereby incur
we will amply and .atisfactorily reward them.
t' i
- '

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