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The Ohio Democrat and Dover advertiser. (Canal Dover, Ohio) 1839-1840, December 20, 1839, Image 1

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J.1.73r3- DOVER ADVE114111,SER.
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,,,tidoutite property; mud alio, etir or
POETRY dd united to show finth alt his praise. It tna: 1
le humble But it tsfloty, and therefore heaven. s conipetetice iu a free country, protee
led by a w ise ,,overtinietit, isurroundet
--- - --- L .. --- iy. Poverty may be there aud vermin, but it.
From the Pahl,noto riltri,a. inmates ere rich in faith, and joy in the 11(11) by kind an intellig,fit ileighbore, mid it
THE GRAVE OF D kl,LAM. Ghost; but they wilt (Mine to angels dummy, II'l() Int(181 (lf 8 114PPY I" '"Ils1)" 1.'11114
ly, fisted neither nabobs thew riehrsi
The reader will rec.dime, mit me pipers a,t- rind the spirit whom they relcaie from the im
nounce.1 the death of Mrtames It. Dallain,
i rissomitent of the flesh. shall be united, free inir, III 'fl4le" lll"lr 1,4wcr
who. with many others. was basoly butchered . it wis rhatiltgiving Day; end grea
by the lintiens. in Florida. in Mu last. I have and happy, to worship f.orever, as earth did not .
nod 'teen the bu-tle in posenn Willi
Polon egentleman front Florida, who knew Mr. pertnittlietn, a tinnily in Waren.
Ciao ty for this previous a eck. Deseet
Dallain, and speaks of him in tho highest terms. ri;;!!!"".!"!!!',"I'r!!'",!-,1.!...tfl.!!,,,.
Ala, 1 that so breve, on generous, and gilled R A TIIANSKOIVING DINNER.. ded tit n direct Inie ft onn 011e of the ear
toung matt, should have been doomed to bleed 1141 seidere of New England, no cens
beneath the reeking ern 'of the Indian. They sideretion could have indtved the wor4
were asleep, .whon the wages rushed upon it wee a bleak day in the month of , t,
, , i toy teacon to abate one jot of tbei
them and murdered nearly all the party, onlY : November. The north wind bowie', , , I
'pomp and pride aod cireinnstin , .9 ,,
de" j
three escaping according lc; the gentletnan above ! nouratilly through the leaflees treea I the Thank.,giving of ' the PoIitens,',
alluded to. A faithful tiog.attact.ed to Mr.Dal
the broken clouds (Idled rapidly across ,1,11 k -. --
.It sgiving, was teligionsiv olit4rve4
Ice, remeined by his dead body, and was found
heavensand the whole I
fourteen days after the murder, by a party of the face of the
1 by him. as it had been by Ire fallier'pe,i
troops who catne to bury the dead. The dog face of nature aseumed en aspect, cheer-I f , . , .
ore pans, ana tnis gratitude which hem
was scarcely able to stand, and gave a feeble less and uncomfortablewell calcula- I
pressed to his Creator for' ihe mercies
110,0 over the friend who had perished by Indi. to remind the Meralist Of-the'clos.. which he had received, was not a mete
au feithlessness; the Indiana having entered ins teè
iog scenes in the great drama of life
to a treaty With Gen. Macomb. flow long will formula of unmeaning worda, bUt Came
our government tamper with this matter, and as a traveller, with weary steps, wended
directly from tha heart. i
bow long shall the Indian tomahawk drink the. his solitary way throtyrli one of those I
. 1 On this day his children were coI4,;
blood of our bravest and most talented yowl.,
0 beautiful humlete which abourtd in Nsw
: lected a'l mound him; and all anticipa..
men? .
Englandand whiz!) constitute the no- i
This noble dog, Romeo, is now a great fay. led a joyous Thanksgiving. Several of
ornainents enibleins of freedom, l
suite wittt the garrison at Tamba Bay. An an4 ble , Ibis dielant relations, who were 1101 SO
1M0 so faithful as to perish to protect the dead peace and happinese, of which he is i Lib. I
I well provided with tho good things of
bodyerhins he loved from the claws altos vat- tly proud. i ibis life as the worthy Deacon, also ac
ture, should be remembered in marble and his Tojudge from hie costume, this tray,:
affection perpetuated elite pages of h'istory. cepted an invitation to be present. A
eller belonged la 'he humbleet ranks of mong those whe were shaltered by his
Mr. Gallant was a Baltunorian, and educated ,
hie-or had been singled out as a victitn
ferthe Bar. Ile was on the eve of returnitie hospitable roof on this occasion, the
by misfortune. Die coarse straw hat,
to his brother and sister in Baltimore. But alas! t., ,, ,..L1.,, ...1 1.,.L ,......,.. greatest favourite seemed to be Mary
... .. L P L
"" to,
. bowl over ihe friend who had perished by Indi --A, -- .
- an feithlessness; the Indiana having entered in..' le' II) "In le more is o e c us-,
d II l t -rib I
iog scenes in the great drama of Ve
to a treaty with Gen. Macomb. flow long will
our government tamper with this matter, and ao a traveller, with weary slept, wended
bow long shall the Indian tomahawk drink the his solitary way through one of those
I blood of our bravest and most talented young
b9autifut hamlets which-abound in N aw
men? :
ny inibitiFitilitto AIM uuttlec etruw net, greateet favourite seemed to be Mary Willis, who ell knew the peculiartiea
to hid brother and sister in Baltimore. But Mast
they willows him no more, he steebe in a gory . his patched doublet, and his canyaes . Wardsworth,a blue eyed damsel, whose !if his dog, told hie son James to go out III
grave, in the wilds of Florida. - Arousers, soiled by tar in many plaees lovely and expreasive face told reore land protect the etranger from violence, fal
Ile came upon the stage of Hee youth 1 While they proclainied his occupation' bout aweetnese and parity than I coul I i'lle eeeme a seller, too," said be, "and wl
Or modern merit, and a epotiees fame; . 1
end his poverty, seemed but puorly cal- i describe in a folio volume. She w on a day like this, we should not refuse Ye
Whose heart was schourd in moral, sacred , ,
, culated to protect him from the inclorn
truth. '''. the only daughter of a cousin of it :the ritev of hospitality to the humbleet be
-And virtue was his high:and holy aim. i encfor the weather. the form watt cast : !
worthy deacon's, and at an early a . ming who passes along the road. On Da
denoting groat active i
'enrols bright mor !Lin infancy's blest years, it'll noble mould' i was deprived of her parepte by deal 1 Thanksgiving day, no individual, rtch er
Ile botv'd beeide a holy mothers knee; I itY and strength. His manly features, ,
But Deacon Willis bad been to her or poor, sailor or landsman, should want IN
And vow'd himself to virtue, and in tears I bronzed by exposure to the tropical sun, ' parent; hie house had been her born ' for a plentiful meal. Aek him in rny son
Renounded the Nuke front which hit heart '
and partly concealed front view by hi
- 8 his wife. had treated her with a mother continued the nobleehearted farmer ;
wits free. s
'nit mother lov'd him for the faith he bore, luxuriant locks of coal black hue, show. kindnese.; and his children regarded he "and let the poor wayfarer take a sea; in
ed that he was still in the dawn of mane as a sister and a dear friend. at our board."
And her lest pray'r for him was fondly said i
fhe went down tothei grave on Delaware's I hood. And his eyea seemed lighted up Mrs. Willis' situation as mistres : The stranger entered the parlor, and le
shore. I with an intelligent spiritby a gleam of of the family, was no sinecure on tha 'room was made for him at the table.
And sleeps with all the sainted, silent dead. I
' expectation and hope, with his noble day. Her duties were various and im tut hie appearance and manner were .
. The youth grew up to manhood and the praise . natureaud that however severely fate portant; for it was the New Englan 4ange, and he seemed as if he was ill- el
Wall the gond and gine(' was his own;
had dealt with him,' his energiee were Holidey; and all her skill as a houae diitposed to requite his kind host fer the ci
. Noble ambition cmught hie ineutal gaze,
still unbrokenand that metier the.
e wife; all her excellence as a manage spitality he enjoyed. He did not e
ra. genius ito Ilia mind had made tier throne ,
hern blast and the fatigues
chill nort . i ti,
Ile erasn'd no phantom, and no wild career ei were pet to the tent On Thanksgivingt ren raise his dilapidated hat (rein his a
i'v'tet mark'd ibr kiln, in lire's ell chequ'd which it was evident he had recently f
Day. After the flintily returned front head; and to the kind inquiries which I
veil ,- ' undergone, he wee resolved to push nieeting, for they were of the old fash- Otero made ot him, he scatcely deigned el
Fro t iliteipatloit his whole heart was clear, onward until the ohject which lie had 0
toned sore who would almost as iloon, tny reply; but es if overcome with la
And flout each aut malevolent or mean. . .
In view was accomplished. it,
'rite :mete of eleetierine had fired his Pout, lose their ThunksgivIng dinner, its be igue, or agitated by contendieg OniO ,
"It is now three years" veld he to it
Anil tem; he studied preheat-night the Bur. deprIved of their Toankegiving women, Ions, he threw himself into the neatest
And ell trt won the minded in het centrol,-- himself, as be plodded along the road, the table woe bet in the large front pate ihair, and covered his brow with Ins ti
A !WI I') pe;itilt iii a wild afart "since I very foolishly left Inv happy 'or, whieh wad wont to used only oil sounds. . z
Ile mishi have taundisetilit Ids waive halls,- boon), urged by a silly pique, and a love extrantoinery occuaiuns, and aeriOus :"Fhe wondering group witnessed his ''
4)r iti', z.te,,,,t chmni:se dere(' to dirnINÅ for a life a tidsenta,e I 6 - e the
, u I ti V P
preparations for the feetivsl commenced, 'conduct in eilencts Coine now, my ,
Amid the :nighty, we', tuive those walte,
h d 1 i
ar s i ps and perils of the ocean. Since
Eche the strains (eloquent-sublime. A 'd fi d f I t d y II w sood man," at length exelaiined Mrs. I
gm, . e, inn a o wa nu an v a ,..,
d then nay life has been a constant series e
told with tale! i IiNto and sense nmnblne f f I oak wood, burned cheerfelly in the large Willis in a kind motherly toms "I dare '
us thu tilin 8otlih pursued the brave, o mie or unes. I have met with etorms epee fire-place; and all the (mettles be- ey yea are itre II
d and hungry; take a ,
sins ant a In.g.ity ni.m.,
There, with if 1 1 i 1 i 1 on every tack. But thenk Providence, longing to the illitins wore put in re.. iseat at the Bible, and melte t (tweet'
, Far from Ins, friends to fall and tind a grave. although my canvaas is Redly reduced quisition to bear the abundance of the it home. We like eai:ore; and would 1
Ile lea the flittin for the tented field, and pretty well worn out-and my pock- d h. f ' 1 k 1 t 0 tl dl d d t il k '
goo t ings rem t le itc line o sr s a y o you a goo Rini or le sti e
Careted old tourte I bv the whitey threne;
ir ets are destitute of b II - t
There to biliold war's vicietis front reveal' , . a. a. '4 mY,-, h1111 i' parlor,and which tv hen deposited in their , of one who bee long been ebsent Don't l
And ti en to the war.shout and die song. u d d
nimpeire an nlý spirite are Re unbro- i
respective places, made the tables groats iy, Mery; you should it arn to ree t
ken aud buoyant B5 ever. I
Twat gilttimid his band of mighty men - holm rnS again. At the heed of the table, wae strain your fielinge
Ile onber'd sweetly as a thoughtless child', patents are 44011 living, anti prosperous placed a vitt!), Turkey, the choicest ol Jot then old RoPe, who, when the
Wbut,like dark serpents from a gloomy glee! and hippy I wait a loot to leave them a large mid pampered tiently; at the tailor first come in bight, was dieposied 1
'etioy eatue,'ited burst the afar-whelp loud And my brothers and eisters how hat - - I
anti wild. i further extremity, e ea depoeited a han .0 regard litin as an enemy, uppeared
py we were together mid coitein Ma- of a time ties rinse's' to mita a Wes- o lia.ve overcome his combative pre 1
. setleatne wittiglittering eteet end roolingeyem,
ri that bri h I I f I I I
g I itt e airy, w torn ov- s i i
;They same like MU'S wild, resistless ,, . , peatian'e ile. eperkle with joy, Oh densities, and, much to the tottprise of ,
(' waves; en tin a love toirpaesing that of entree, the centre was statisticd, parsked, roes- he children, seemed suddenly to have
And like a step of thunder in clear skies, insand in .whoec company I 'muted so ted, and ready ior the carvieg knife, one conceived the most lively attachment to t
Broke the meet war cry en the dying bravem. many rapturoue hours! Oh, I wits a of those celebrated animals, wham ea. .he "poor straggler." He wagged bib '
Brave Whim dreampt of home and all its vett fool to leave such blissful scenes. ved from the tenses of the Gauls, the tail with unwonted evergy, absolufelt
charms ' ', And I believe, afler all, that the little .
Of dearest friend's, and wolte'ned wild nit. eapital of Rome, and which in villgai danced around him, whined forth hit
fairy loved met I know she didshe
. roar; 'pittance, are ycleped geese-while herc joy in the most exptessive manner, anti
To ersit a map Indian in hill toms, all but told me tios But it is too late ' s t
sne were, ecatterad round the tattle, th eontitmed the pentomine by junip,ng in
Whose naked knife wad reeking with his nOW to retrace my stepa-1 CAD only Amarent disorder, but with dehherah o his lap and attempting to lick hu
gore. regret my folly. I dere tiny the bright eitre and precisiois were boiled fowls. facet
Ilis dying eyed gazed on him friends around, and jayoutt young thine has forgotten roested fowie jellies, knicknaelts, an( The stracger hardly attempted to re
From whose brave hearte the crimson
Ned Willis, anti was married to some
stieams did emir, ,) a es o vege a es o mor
, I t f t ht f e varietiet , oulse the affectionate animal; but gently'
Then looleri teem the dog; and, with 0 hound, worthier fellow than I am lens. einee. and excellence than I would willine sitting hie head, addretsed him will,
Fell back and bleitlife'd lingering dream For tier rosl cheeks, and laughing eyee, andertake to unumeratewhil
....0 on the he endearnig epithet of "Poor ob.
wet e'er. and sweet ddispusition, tu eey nothing Sitchen table arranged apparently as B. floee" addieg eyou have uot forgotteh
Anil there welt Romeo by tbe tov'd nne deed, et' the property bho was to inherit wile') corps dereserve migh be seen a stalely' me "
&skins to tome Him front his dreamless ..he came of age, attracted many admie ' d b I ' . ' a h. I d t k 1 '
eleep; plum pudding, eupporte y eevera e- He then raie its lea , oe its
New licd the hand tnat hell so often fed' rereand made sad havoc among the normotis Thanksgiving pumpkin ;nee, hand from his forehead; .removed his
Now hanging down his hesd as it to weep. 'teem.; of ðie youths of the village. Well with mince pies, apple pies, equaah pies. hat, and brushed swot? the long en('
Atid thorn lie stned thro' many a weary day, White le nye ; I h i
rises, Isere .r4 no more to ind custard pies, with halite of various !netted locks which partly concealed
. l'o wa ell the eorpme wholes heart 'he oft he seid I have no right to complain. kinks not forgetting tints and apples, ti, los teatime. lite voice meeined to keel
had prov'd; I
I3ut 1 hopo she bate chosen a good hose bring dp the rear. As it beveraee ori louelit.d a chord in the boeonts of per
To ecere the ter Wand vulture from their prey, 5 . ,
And perish with theme he dearly lovld. band, I will see her once morewieh this happy muse.), water was thcon. one present, which had long ceased it
Awl when a hand or brothers came to eigh her a long life end a berm), oneand ty artiele provided water brought fretn Jibrate. The eyes of Deacon VIM.
And to toneign them to the erave to dweil; away to men again. 13"1 il. "he i" 11'11 a clear and sparklitss,.pring, which hub it'd his wife were turned upon luiti in
Poor Itomen,setegereil,iturii'd his weary eye, married --- He did not finial' the bled up a few rods from the house; foti steer expectatior. Nary Wardsworth
Aml t;lettly howi'd a last, a fond fareweil. sentt nen, but a change came over the Partner Willis contended that water itnrted; the rase on her cheek gave
The gilled Mill 1110 brave now sleeps elm cottutenence of the illsclad and weallei waft the beet drink, even On festive oc- piece to the Thy; and her deepsseeter
Menial! Nile treacherousludian's eniret beaten mariner, as he watt itidulging in e 1 h 1 d h 11 d I 1 ' ' h
asions-and Lust i ant) an Joy 8 ott in pure eve prove( more notes ste -
On he, cold ear Ville not the blast or war,
Nor the wild death song, nor the clash of R vision afro turean
p d he in voluntait- tie promoted, not by wine ot etrong drink ted than even parentel affection. She
stria). ly mckened bits tome. of any kind, but by social committee, gazed upon him with a loak in which
Bet memory oft him totme in 141 years As Edward Willie joerneyed onward by a free interchange of thoughts an joy and eurprise were blended; anti met
Shall trereeire, end strew Rowers upon his towarde his home-anticipeting by turn idea.. b oue feelings, born an
., y gener . his glance. which beamed with tender
bourne: .
happy end adveree forenee, he wits tier. nurtitred in a public bosom. 1 nests and repiete; expressing the fruition
There ton shan fall a gentle sieter's tears,
deed to lind that although it woe in the
And there a muelt lov'd brother muse and P It was nearly two o'clock, long after of earthly enjoyment. lier 'maidenly
s middle of the week, there Pilliil no eigne
neitirnm their accustomed houre of dinner, be-i
i reserve was conquered by her surprieo
Fereweillthnit'st gone loth), untimely tomb, of labor among the inhabitente. All fore the aesembled company where in: and jov at beholding before her, a dear
Bet virtittecasts e !into o'er the eod; WIN quieteven the oxen were brow- eked into the parlor to partake of th one wi:lom she bed long mottrned as lost
Hilt death lion lost o'er thee thepow'r of doom, Bing contentedly in the pablures-the good cheer which had been et) bountit "It is my conain Edward!" said slie
I...Or 1.11011 Anil rise into the Italie of God. schoolshouttes were closed, and the folly provided. And as the happy coint and she threw herself into his arms.
Bal. Dee. 6th, 18:19. MILFORD BARD. meeting houttes were openethe people pany etood around the table, waiting fol. The scene that followed may be inv.
. .., . ::.... ,:.....
. .1 FAMILY PRAYER. whnm he met with neatly arrayed in I their hoit to ask the Divine Blessing agined, but cannot be described; nor
their Sunday clothee-and their counte- eon the meal which was p)aced before shall I attempt it. l'here was no lone
In hindinm family eiesener in !Int.land love,
there le no human influence like that ordomess nances were wreathed in eruilee of grat- them, a shade Ilittoft scree(' the good ger an) alloy In the enjoyment of that
itude end inv. On inniptv he learned , 417 browfor 1118 (Admit son, a noble happy Amity; and Deaeatt Willie' ale
tio prayer. Uniting them in common objecte, . - , - ' ' l ma 8
that it was. TeeNesolviNo DAL Ile bov was ebeent. Among the joyful beit, always noted for his piety, nevet
it unites their tiympitsthies and desires. Reis,
h 1 d 1 f el d I ..1 hi I
. Intl their hearts to heaven, it brinas them alto. al e I )e te tlrillatiaa all 8 - a amen . fame tv...ca burro Edward's offered ti a thanks ivins ra er with
united bill), p g . . po y
On the day when thie poor, forlorn wee not Peen. Ile had his home, years greater fervency and sincerity than or
gether tit the presence or G'od. The family al. , 1 ,
lookin II f
g trave er n ter years of watnier- before, to embrace R Beareering life-- that occasion. Mier dinner was over
tar is an asylum to which they repair from the ing, wen pursiong hie way lowerdv : anti the wanderer had not returned. Edward had a long tele to tell, to whicl
tarot end toils of lire.Reminding them of the i
nis native village, the fire burned , 'flier wes good reaeon to Alive that his auditors listened with breathleee as
rest received in heaven, it unites them in efforts h 1
brig t y on the heerth. stone of hie he wesno neer in the land of the lime; tention, of the perils and eafferings Is
or faith and obedience for its attainment. Earth parente. Deecon Willis was A New , end although they still strove to cheriek had experienced during the previou
ha, na holier spot titan a house thus eanetifiel 1E F
-1 NOLAND ARMICR; It Mart who, by ! hopes in each other's bosoine,.many three yeare. The mate! in stitch h
weaver. where the yoke. nr sinnnEpnt;,,...,.i . .
tio prayer.. Uniting them in common objects,
it unites their sympluthies and desires. Reis,
ittg their hearts to heaven, it brings them alto..
gather in the presence of God. The family al.
tar is an asylum to which they rapair from the
tares and toils of life.Iteminding them of the
rest received in heaven, it unites them in eons
or faith and obedience for its attainment. Earth
hal no holier spot titan a house thus sanctified
prayer, iyhere the voices or simptication and
iegt,r71, It 11,-1U ,f 01CUM oi supplication mut Icherishing the virtues of industry- rind. biller were the tedre of sfieettoo
thanksgiving consecrate every clay, where the
word ut. Gull is tiovelitctily readiairill.young eat o
1 froaa My, had become potJbed hud embalmed 111$ nivinoq.
he baa sailed foe South America, had rate siatuary marble, which it 13 next asked a I:411
boon suPpeclod Of earrying On it C0111134 .10 1111101111W to obtain sufficient BiZOICallOth V"E
4P,1, 04'1;6
' "My etior, dear boy!". exchtirned W.1 ,ited trade; and the crew were ell cull- , for pio huge a work. The half draped
Wiltis--.qh, I murh (leer We bhdll neV 1 lemned to the mines for life. Edwitrd, l kite e ts in ei outing poeture, and exhibs
..r see him Nmilling face again." v it It two of his companions, at the im.!ites great dignity and force. The
Mitry Wadsworth said nothing-1m iiinent tiek of hie lite, succeeded in ef.lcountenante au eerene majesty. ieationt :
i tear started into het eve; and an) rirtiug his escope, and had worked his ; the best model familiar to every Airreixte::
outwit rihNervei weidil liae eten at ibssage home in 8 vessel bound to icon es the( of tee own firth- r; end 'the' .
mee that Edward Willie was 'dearer to Providence. Misfortune pursued hitn; . whole wotk when finished will be found
ter than a cousin and a frieud; and that iiie vessel wait wrecked oni Block la" worthy of the good fame of the artist.
,he cherished his memory in the very
laird d iring a heavy. gale; and he, after !It would be going beyond a traveller's
depths of her holm. t desperate struggle with the waves, : license to caw' ciao:tem or even to give
Just then old Rose, the liouse.dog. succeeded in gaming the &Imre. Ile i ti more minute 'description, wbtle the ,
was heed to make some angry remon. lost.noitime in proceetting to Providence statue isnot!' incomplete. In looking . :
?enlace to a passing traveller, which at. in-a fishing creft, lieu he took bia land ' upon the immmenee mess of marble, ' .
traded atteetion, inasinnch ait it was by tacks' on board; and, wearied, hutury, , one is enzzled to know Low it can be ' 1'
no means an ordinary occurrence; for destitute of money and clothee, a poor' sagely floated across the Allatitic. E. l;
Rose was a well 'nurtured brute, and shipwrecked mailer, Edward at length ven a ehip of.the line can only take it
seldom accosted a well-dresed, geno ,
reached hislOme. .
. Len ea., , ,., , .
tlemanly personage,. in avude and an. "And you aro welcome home, myl.. -. . :4 , ---- . ,
gry manner, but he entertained the pre. 609.'" exclaimed hie father; "end I hips '.';',.A' DisTreonva,A . writer lo tit" ,.'
judice agninst the victims of miefortune Plill will never.8g$1111"'". ' - iltrat NVoiellita Joornatof the American ,i- 4
or intemperance, who wear the garb of Edward looked at Mary, oho blushs Temperante Union makes the follow.
poverty, which is cherished by noble ed hke a penny. . . tog &peel Oarges againvt alcohol Ho
animals, who boast the attributes of reit. "1 siee howl the wind sits." said the asserts that it occasions, . . .
ion. In truth, Bose, although a faith. worthy Deacon; "Come...hither, Mary I. Three-fourthe of tbe crime in tne
!ill dog, was a real ariatocrat iri hie prin. Wardaworth."
IState of New York.
fiples. The traveller, from his appear- Maty, with trembling steps, approach. 2. Seven.eightbs of the pauperism.
ince, moved in the humblest rank of ed her guardian. I a . Three-fourths of the taxation. .
"Mary," said.the Deacon; "We must 4: Oae third of the deathe at adult '
Ire; and Rose evidently intended to
4ive hitn a reception corresponding with
ltlis shabby appeerence, and was advan
look to you.for security that Edward melee.
ill never play truant again." i 0. Nearly haled the diaeriees. ,
tines towards him in a Purl), manner,
rd wit a truculent look, when Deacon Ile put her trembling hand in that of l 6. From twenty to thirty thoueand
his son.
l ' b II drunkards.
Willis, who well knew the peculiartiert Edward has never been to sea since. 7. Loss of twelie years, on the aye
!glue dog, told hie son James to go out Ile is now a happy and a prosperous erage, from each drunkerd'e life.
anti protect the etranger hum violence,
i , A farmer; and blessed with an affectionate B. Tha deetruction of milliona of
; i'fie eeeme a seller, too," said be, "and wIret three lovely children, he every i propettyouinually, in one way or t titer.
, on a day like this, we should not refuse Y
'this ritev of hospitality to the hunibleet ear welcomes the approach of Novem-1
1 But there is a great amount of eat!'
, being who passes along the road. On
l ber, and reads in the Mercantile Jour.. produced by alchuhel which id not ust;e
IThankegiving day, no individual, rich ally referred to this eource. A very
nal, with keen gratification, the Uev
. or poor, sailor or landsman, should want mooed Proclamation for 'Mammon.' great part of the lietleettness, indiffere
. ence, inattention to family affairs, loss .
' for a plentiful meal. Aek him in roy son of time, want of enterprise and energy, :
"and let the poor wayfarer take a seat
continued the noble.hearted farmer; CHINESE YOUTH.The follow..
aud general delinquency. which are Do
ing account is given by a correspondent ',
ticed among the pooreiclaaReth add
of the Christien Watchman, of a Chi.. .
at our board."
: The stranger entered the parlor, and , i which are spoken of only atteatural fail
. .. ,
tuts or moral defects, are doublees the
'room was made for him at the table, nese youth now in Baltimore. lite
letter ie dated Oct. 29. . -
result of &hutting; and this too in Many
s. . L.: Ilin IIIIMA ig Lilian Aimee. from the
lila name la Julian Alma, from the "11""'"Fo "" 1"1" ""1"Y
city .01, cactou in chine. His caeca in which a characier for' intern,.
peratice never acquire.
er hoe been an extensive tea merchant,
North Amer.
currying on the trade with different PO.
tions. hien wee left fittlierleva at the -
raise his dilapidated bat (rein his
,d; and to the kind inquiries which none. Juaatt was leo noneriette at ine ,
"Pet. TRY eta I' Wad the aneWeir n'tt
age of nine yearn. Alma four years
dei tied to lake the enemy'rs battery at Bridee-, , "'.
the brave General Miller. when ordelett ' , ',
re made of hiut, he scarcely some he wets induced by the friende of
the deceneed father, to vistit Valperaitro
F reply; but es if overcome withg la
118., he threw himself into the nearest
le, or agitated by contendieg emu.. in Smelt America. He mistimed there water. Ile did try, tied though theist
about three yeers, and then came to wise a hailstorm of meeketry end the
thunder of venison --about his eafe. he la ''' '
lir, and covered his brow will' hid tklid ellYt h) tte invitation of our eau
mons. Ile was- place& at-the ieetitutton '10,-1-01,"'"I slue Ihe Viclory,....,Ilerreew.-----o-so'
ot-he w ndering group witnessed hie with which I am et-thhei'A"t - fur The '-an "61'44 1."t "erY )11" g' I"" It) 1m- 1 ''' r ' :
rids. .
'tate. Never deopair. even in the moet ', -''it't
edtiet in ,olenee. ecome uow, my purpoee of giving bins a knowledge et
lillicult end trying circumstances.. 6111 '
try eir.' will do wondereon other ways , i
od mate" at length exelaiined Mrs. be Englieb language. I took ocea
tom., "1 dere .
illis in a kind motherly sinn alinorst every day to converse with
'I'll try,'. if ,
r you are ithed and hungry; khe t, olio, privately, on the Chi-moan retie- ''811 . "titillig a b"itell
it at the table, and make oureell esolutely tried sill carry the young 0,.!
home. We hke eniore; and would ion. and to explain to Ions its subtitle
et-reliant onward to wealth -the men of .,
truths, ae fee as h-is limited know ledgr
of our language si trot etiable bins to te -1'84' ambititm uPwerd le ferne-the ,
one who loss long been ehoent Don't
idly do you a good IWO tor the siike 'nen of virtue and pie.). to the acme. ,
deretend them
elesliment of purpoorse dear 10 hie heart. .,
t, Mery; you should 'tar!' tO re. At first, he did not Wibil to embrace
-Let a mail eit down ar the foot Of e ,
itin your faelingeP Chrstianity. preferring the altriatreue
areat moutOain,' say Dr Johnson, 'to
eontemplate ite greatnese, and he will
er mottles of his sewn ceuotry. 11.
was disposied
het then old Roee, who, when the
ilor first come in eight,
regard him as ao enemy, bistro, tiowrver, came to ri e cosicluelei,
atty. 'I can 'lever go over it; the ettempt ,,,
uppeared teat tritt chriatian religio i wee esiperio ,
have overcome his combative pro- 1) atiY tithe' I aeked lom if I e knew is feldee Yet on a eecondary thought.
he concluders the took ran be performed I
lisitios, and, much to the toriprise ot not by One mighty loop, hut by SUMS.
seemed suddenly to have tiny thing ahem Jerme C;lifibt I 110 hit.. 4
e children, ewered in the affirmative; and eteted
the simple process of
of gamhiete, eliguge,, putting one, foot before the (Ohm'
0:at our Saviour eetne Hite the wood, MVO etepo, and by ,
inceived the most lively attachment to ,
e "poor otraggler." He waagmt bib jeinect a company
Again-Ile chief art' says Locke.'ie 'i
A ith them 111 a quarrel, and thus Iwo
il with unwonted evergy, absoluiel tilo ve. Thu, he woe told iu south to attempt but little at a time. The' .1
inced around him, whined forth his wildent excursinns of the mind are i::
Ameries I cm rected the error, and
y in the most exptessive manner, arm made by ebort flights frequetitly re
poiated to the cro-si of Chnot. Ae soon
intinued the pardomine by junip.ng in-
ee he learned how much Jesue had ed. rated; the most Idly fabrics are fern'. ,
, hie lap and attempting to lick his
fered for us he became convinced that ed by the accumulation of eimple prop.
cel oor religion would, if posessod, secure oeitioue. D ops of water constitue an
The straceer hardly attempted to re
he eternal . salvation of his 'soul, he wen; sends make a mountain, and the
dee the affectionate animal; but gent's' said Mat he "Inal,1 t ave it,' tied wee ro-ks are not worn away by a sudden
itting hie head, addressed tern wilt,
willing tn it.e any memo wit mit might force, but by continue' dropping,
,e) endearing epithet of "roor oh.
:se thought proper. Be gve delighilu'
;oee" addiug oyou have not forgotten PERSIAN FABLE.--A drop cl wa
evidence of having !reseed from (teeth
le." ter fell out of a cloud into the sea, and
into life. 0, bialys he, 'I shall ever
Ile then raked hits head, took Ida ' finding iteelflost in ouch an immeneov
hank the Lord that I came to Americ,,
sod from his forehead; .removed IM He of finie mate r Iroke out into the follow
or here I have found my Saviour'
at, and brushed swop the long am' ' tog reflection : "Aloe ! what an 'neon.
ea heou Milted with Chrkt by hoptiem
latted locks which partly concealed sick ruble crenture ton I in this prodlge
'rid united eith the nue Baptist church
18 fermate. llis voice eeenied tri key( iouto ocean of water.; my existence ie
in this place. lie is very desirous to
ieehed a chord in the boeome of per- of no concern to the universe t I am re.
hecurne a iniesionary to hie native coun
Mg present, which had long ceased tt ;1,y, hod sayo that 1,t3 II, wining to buffer dueod to a kind of tiot6itts, suiS tim icing
ibrate. 'rile eyes of Deacon Willi,. then the hotel ofthe works of God.' It ,
any thing, even death, if necessary for
nd his wife were turned upon km in so happened that an oyster, which lay
the sake ofJesus.
92er expectatioc Nary Wardeworth iti the neighborhood raffia drop, chart.
Ile apelike and writes the Chtneee
terted; the rase on her cheek 01111, ed to gape end ewallow it up in tho
live to the Thy; and her drepeseeter and Spenieti tunguages with facility.-- .
a Ito midst of this its bumble soliloquy. The
lle has in Genton a brother,
nd pure love proved more quick sigh- drop, tsays the fable, lay a great while
slit teaeherphe Chrieee, and other relative&
5d than even parentel affection. hardening in the shell, till by degrees
of torlueuce. Ile is 19 years of age,
azed upon him with a look in which it wee ripened into a pearl, which fel
quick to learn, his a etrong tattid, and 1
oy and eurprore were blended; tore mei WA lE10 the bands of a diver, after a
is vcry exemplary in his conduct. '
le glance. which beamed with tender- long series of adventures, is at present '
t,hould his life be spared, we may con
leas and raioure; expressing the fruition that famous pearl which ie fixed on the
fidently hope that he will be a greet
&earthly enjoyment. Iler tenidenlv top of the Persian diadem.-- Addison.
bleesing to lire millions of his couutiye
eserve was conquered bv her surpritio .
men, who, amidst a thouoaad euper- ,
Ind jov at beholding before her, a dear Delicate littenfinno.-11; the thenth Celt . ,.;, )
isthmus, are presetting onward to their
me wi:tom she bed long mottrned as lost wry. to ent otT the same plate, and '- ,'
'It is my cousin Edward!" said she leerful doom.
drink out ofthe same cup, was consid '
mil she threw herself into his arms. STATUE Or WASHINGToN A .cor- ered a nook of gollantry, and the beat ' " ,
The scene that followed may be ine. respondent of the N. Yolk Oltser vei possible understanding between lady
5gined, but cannot be described; nor writing from Carata in hal
gives' the and a gentleman;
shall I attempt it. There was no lone following imereetin f Y1
g in imitation:
........ -
' Ç'''It'
ger any alloy in the enjoyment of that But the object most Mere ti g d Sick lie
and, aducheoThis is a disease with MeV j
happy family; and Deaeon Willie, al. , to which we sere final isntrnod'u some erple are terrilily afflicted andoeatea for
beit, alwriya noted for his piety, never 1 was the statue of Vs'ashYington by ,coeur on this' subject may he useful. , Dr.,Belltorp'l."'
offered up a thankogiving prayer with own artist Greenough, detained for th '
0 ' New York, in a letter to Dr. Alecareo', '
greater fervency and sincerity than on rotunda of th C I 1
e &pito . t le Just now cf Bogen, says, 'not a mailkOlir
that occasion. After dinner was over, ready for the hand of its d goer, but che has ever occurred withi ;-
, had a long tele to toll, to which some time must atilt bets ne91.
Edward Pe I I" ItettIng exce t with th d k ' ''
p e rip era a I.-
his auditors listened with breathleee at. it to Florenc d .
e an giving the lust touch'
, not a case hee Alled ,,,,,,,r
tention, of the perils and sofferings he ee; and two yeare ma 1 b f
y e apse e Ore it I
tire renuncpe 1-- ii-ttoo..' i
had experienced during the previous lakes its dest d
three years. The vestrel in bleb he iti is ef a coarver êtrai ti
he 'had sailed for South America, 1110 place. rite inateri.. .----,,1-
had rate statuary Inarbleonvi I .
an the first 'WhattND$47
itch it i ., , ,
3 next asked IX 4111,.dit.,i'
boon suspected of earrvitig en a corms. to Impolisiblo to obtain in eufrici I "
en B1E3 caaaah vry---,
1 , . ,,s To,-
1 . r . 7 -- - -- - -
The re
who. wit
by the Its
seen R gel
Dallain, I
Alas 1 tit
, loung ni;
beneath 1
were as!
them an
, three esti
.. alluded t
kin, revn
1 . , fourteen
..- troops w
Vail scar
'" t''' 14:uIvfaii;11;1
.1 , ,
to a tree
Iour gost
, bow Ion
blood o
! . melt?
, .. crib) wit
, ', jinni so i
.. , body on
'' -- lure, oh(
' ' Mr. I
, ,,,
. for the 1
to hit br
t, they w i
N . VMS, il
; fleet
li,-, Of
. ,I. : . In Lill
1 .
, Ile
f he
:,,,,) .vilt , , , At
i ' . Tits
. 1 01
I , ,.
Ile 1
I Vi
! t
I Fro
i ,. A
s.,1 A
; i, lie
., . ,
- . 4 )
, f ' Anti
:, '4- But,
t ,1
S. ,.", The
, r
i . . Ile
I . ,'; t',
1 ., II
1 , 1 Ile
'. ,
, , 'Pill
- IA .
. TI,
. , ,
. II
,. Bra
" C
II ii
, ,
...., ,
,, .
, c," No
1 0'
1 An
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1 . 0(
, o.
. ,.
; :
' Lai,
. thel
s tio
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46. ' 11
is A
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