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The Ohio Democrat and Dover advertiser. (Canal Dover, Ohio) 1839-1840, January 03, 1840, Image 1

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There in wont whose Darrow fide "
4 The known and unknown 'World" divide;
.s, s.1; - Where must go..
Its waveless waters, dark !aid doep,
Mid suite silence, dowuward sweip
With moantessilow:
i ems where, at the dreary flood,
smiling infant prattling ati;od,
' Whose hour was come;
Votnught of it neared the tide, ,
auk,' se to cradled teat, and died
Like going home. ,
Followed with languid eye anon, -
A youth. diseased. amt pale, and wan;
, And there alone
Ifs gazed upon thttleaden stream...
And, reared to plundgeI linard a srhsni,
And he was gone. : 37;"
.. eV:
,An4 thOtt,egrm In.minitnuct'a strengilltta
Came hustling on; lull there St length
Ile iaw life's bound;
Ile shrunk and raised the bitter prayer
') To latehia shriek of lid despair
, The waters drowned.
Next stood upon that surgetes shore,
A being bowed with,many a atom
' Of toilsome years.
' Earth hound and sad he len the bank,
Back timid his dimming eye, and sank,
Ah I full areal -
How bitter must thy waters be,
1 0, death! How hard a thing, eh met
It is to die!
I mused when to that stream again,
Another chibl of mortal men,
Wi h smiles drew nigh.
"Vie the last pang,1.1 he calmly said
, "To me, 0 Death I thou haat no dread
Saviour, I come I
Spread but thine arms on yonder shore
I see I ye water., bear me o'er 1
There is my home I"
Fur fee Democrat
"Deer scenes of bliss by fancy given,
Te chest the enraptured gazing eye,
4 Bay why alas I ye promise heaven,
Anti give but disappointment's sigh."
. Such thoughts es these occurred to
thy mind eta Edmund, as be 'walked out
'; tha nest evening arer his return. Ha
-.;:-; , wended hie way toward': the summit of
the linle bid on which stood the neat
While Cottage, that 011C0 contained all
lie held dear on earth. "How often'
'. though! he,lieve I trot this path cs hen
, toy in:nd was lit up with pleasing anti..
cipations: but now, inetend of pleas,ng
: tadough and tu tglit hopes. strange fore
..., hodinpo aud hitter remoree, have taken
their place! in this sensitive but fear
too susceptible bosom. "Dearest Ade.
' line, Vlore thy, injured name: but why
should I love one so unworthy: no it will
not do, I must think of thee no wore."
- But Edmond tine a Young man ofgood
w and, learning, did not at this time
,a reflect a Moinent in what sort ot A world
he liveci-!..he did not ceet tie eyes over
' the daily- eircle of paesing eventsand
'1! 'vie the chinges in the great drama of
ka ;Time, bud the deception that dwells in
liumin breast. instead of this, ho
,- paned his senses to be deluded by de..
reptive appearances; the faltieboods he
tad learned came from the lips ()ribose.
e vdragity he thought ninst not be
a.. doubted, because they wore the garb ol
virile and the appearance of accom
. pliehments
Alai, I- bow often are we deceived by
"... the acsumption of that virtue to which
' wealth and affluence, can alone give a
polish; a hile thooe who are indeed wor
Inv and virtuous, ate treated with con
. tempt, anti spurned from society be
catty. they are the children of adversity.
But we meal return to our tale.
Edmuittl Carlton was a young min
of More than ordinary .Appearance, tho'
, are few.who admire. pereonal beau
ty, in' the male see; yet all who beheld
- Edmund, Could not avoid admiting
'' kis youthful form of manly beauty. His
dignified yet condescending ditopoeition,
, always cominanded respict, and often
: hive. Shortly after he came to the ell
!. leie of E--- be became acquainted
" esti: Adeline Hansworth, a young lady
':1", of surpassing besot), and accomplish
': mints, and also poieseed of a mind
. that diknot endeavor tcr-display the
. beauty .4her Person, or that of lib OW0
deep yet clear imagination. Which is in.
- dtp.sti aemethmg extraordinsry in the
, praetient:-Joy. Adeline wee brought .up
'-- by religioue parents, was so "only ,
child arid received all the instruction
, their.mesns would Allow; they sint bet.
to,a private boarding school whini quite
, young, 'but So fondly was. stie,,ettached
.10 her paients,,that it Was possible
' , for her to remailA there loup:;,e,t0 knew
7 her parents, were capable,44,Âssching
11';' ' beret hninð, which they, didtThey were
... careful to,implant io her mind the.. Ways
of wisdom and, virtue She'tisa ahnost
constantly- an,:irtm,ate :of bee: fetbero
home; she win not fond of vain...amuse
.. ,, vent., consequertly. MI6
tie with the vain.,
- , Edmund well know where real vinue
vas to be found; he kne,W was not
the ballrooM, :or amongst the gidd)
hrong of feshionables, who laugh sod
..'hat when therhave (Thing to say, iti
order to draw attention, but in sonie
'led spot where vice is not k nown
share little. is conteinplated but the'
tieauties of Were, and the great Author
of their being, Which of all meditation.
is the most seem to' nature's children.,
Edmund foiled in her a kindred spir
itin her bp (mind perfectionibe thought
her all that. heaven could demand-.-holy
eirtueus silt, Ilia visite to ber
father'e, became frequent,be even loved
to vie, the garilio, the walks, 'the pur
ling 4ream that murmured near the
'cottage-41.e evening diodes end more
nine dews; loll tended to thrill th,e bosorti
of Edmundl'with pleasing seneationi.
Adeline weir so pleatred to receive his
,stielts'ai he 'was th give them; she Soon
AtegliiirittleettliettendW -passion -riving
in her breast, although she did not even
breathe it to the air; but notwithstanding
her endeavors to conceal it; her looks
betrayed Ilk feelings i.f her heart, at
least Ilan in the presence of Edmund.
They often walked together and con
versed in private; weeks and menthe
passed in this manner, but still the be.
cret hod not yet by words been reveal
ed; no vows bad yet been interchanged;
until one evening they walked out into
the garden; it was a pleasant evening
towards the latter end of May, the time
when Nature is edurned in her meet
beautiful dress.
Charmed with the calmness and se
renity of the evening, and the secluded
beauties of the opm, they pealed them
oelvem in a feMOte corner of the garden.
"Adeline' said Edmufid as he gently
pressed her hand,,"it le needless for
me to tell you I love you, my affection
for you, you have doubtless known
long ere now,"can said he 'hope my
love is returned?' Her youth and ex
treme co)nese, presented a reply, "do
tell me Adeline,' he contillued, 'that
which will make me beppy or misera
ble ? 0 not mkerable, never, no nev
er I' At this moment they heard ap
proaching footeteps, and looking round,
Miss Eaton a youtig lady tient the
When she saw Edmund and Adeline,
ohe affected an tor of pleasantry, ber
jealous eye resting on the beautiful form
of Adeline. "I fear' said she, el have
interrupted you, I judge you have bad
quite a pleartant convereation Olio eve
ning.' 'It has been quite pleaaant to
me indeed,' said Edmund.
"I am glad you ndve came up thip
evening,' said Adeline, aa Miss Eaton
joined them: "let us walk intn the house,
Emily no doubt is weary walking up the
hill. -
They were all reeeived with pleas..
ani congratulations by Mr. and Mre.
Hansworth, who bade them be seated.
and a plummet tonverserion ensued;
pleasant at least, to all except Miss Ea
too, who essumed to be the moat pleas
ed of all, for deception had been praes
ticed by her. so long that she had the
art of deceiving male and female.
In a short time tea was SiThOtineed,
tater partoiking of which, Mies Eb Ost
prepared to return home. Edmund of
course meet accompany' her. Adeline
stepped into another apartment to get
Emily's-, bonnet. Edniund embracing
he favorable opportunity, followed. "I
must have an anser to my queRtion,
we were interru. t d in the garden by
Miss Eaton,' end taking hold of her
'land and hindering her departure from
...he room, "I must have au anower' he
ontinuedi Adeline blushed and look
ed downwards. at length the replied I
do love you Edmund,' and imniediately
withdtew her hand and left the room, a
deep b!ush overspreading her counte
nance. la a short time Mr Carlton and Mitre
Eaton took their leave, isnO returned to
the village.
IA light comes dancing to the eve,
When joy and hope ere in the heart;
A secret spell of magic nigh,
1 hat words nor per, can ile'er impart.'
After they had deprorted, Adeline
walked out alone, that ehe might have
an opportunity of meditating on the e
vents of the evening. Every, thing she
beheld had a double charm. the stetting
sun, the dietent grove, the flowers. and
even the prong of the lark, eeemed to
have more melody in it; every thing thin
was beautiful, concurred eith the 11)0..
Inge of her young and initheent heart.
it must be admitted by all, that there is
not eny one who can remist the desire
of even takinga pleaeure in eticertain
mg they are beloved., especially when
it Is recinrocating their own. Oh I
there's notbing that thrills the boitom of
the sensitive end young, like the first
breathings of true and unintereeted
love; there is a raptere in it almost low.'
enly ,it is a poomeat newer to be for
gotten.; ,"
r Adelina was delighted to think she
was beloved by Edmund Carlton,. the'
one dearest to Ler on eartb-:sbe
knew be was worthy ocher wannest all'
, fiction', there weir Petbing like guilt in
Ihe thoughton bbort her heart was
indeed buoyant Al ith hope and love;--
She oever once thought of an:Intervg
cling vbsteele; she bad not Jieeo Itong
preciiiie the danger of Its' billowed ;,
t.:,"But the COUrde of truelove, never aid
ruo emootM' ,
' The next evening eller 'Edmund-, lied
neon there; he 'received a letter front hi's
father requesting hie immediate' relurn
home; and wishing him to remain there
two or three' monihe.,,, He immediate.:
ty repaired to Mr. ' Herieworth's to in;
form Adeline of the event. , wae.
very unpleabant news to Adelinee'' but
stilt ehe hew hi tiveuld aot, be, long abr
inenoe with geniis lustre: the air was freshened
by sweet western breezes Her spirits were
unusually light this evening. there was sow
thing like mingled with hope flitted across
her mind tor which she could not account. She
was suddenly interrupted by a rar at her chain.
ber door, she atom and opened it, wis,n loiter
ry and astonishment who entered but Edmund
Carlton. tDearest friend I am glad to see you.
she ,exclaimee, he extended his hand but she
did wit teems it,shessok into a chair and burst
into R flood Nears. Nothing was heard in the
room tor a few minutes save the sobs of Ade
line, .thoughts ofthe past resounded her mind,
hor initiation when they separsted con
'iranted.with her present one. filled'. her
beart,with that grief ihat cannot be re
preened. At length Edmund endeavored to col.
sent, consequently their ve.perlðion-wital eel. berihe told het she should not grieve
not eo painful Silt would have beec,hidi sue must dry upher tears, and spoke
ihere been no hoPes of his reLyrn.l.: coathingly to her; but. Adeline thought
, As they ceperetedc. reciprocal. prim- Abe could percieve iomeibing in his
iv's were Made '.to corieeptind wlth
each other, during. alt .the ettrkts
absence; but still after be' wa, gaat
dine felt guiltiness in her heart for
which she could not account; in , van
she would try to rally her spirite, but
the secret foreboding still was there.
In a few days after Edmund's de.
parlor lkir. Haneworth was taken 'sew
tremely ill; the physician boon inform.'
ed thernahat it was impossible for him to
recover. This was thoeking news to
hie- wife and daughter, so strongly were
they attached to him, it beemed almost
impovsiblo to give him tip; but the grim
Mousier soon done his work. Mr Hans
worth lingered but two weeks when he
was taken out of this world, but geve
evidence that he had gone to a better.,
Alter their grief was a little subdued
Adeline felt her mother doubly endear..
iv's were wade 'to correeptima with mimeo that was cold, he 'was friendly
each other, during.. all' ,the lime-nr4s l9besure, but it was not that heart
absence; but oil! after he' wa, gaat tondbing trympathrthat he.-,would have
dine fen nlenotios in het bend tor utanifested on such an occasion before
which she could not account; in , van he went away. On pereeiiing this Ad,
aline inimediately dried up her tears,'
elle would try to rally her spirite, but
the secret foreboding still was there. , -her pride was aroused, she conversed.
In a few days after Edmund's des with ease. Edmund percieved, but ats
tributed this quick change in her cons
parture Haneworth was taken sex.
tremely ill; tile physician 600a informs duct to an uneteadý mind; ha much had
ed thernahat it was impossible for him to ha heard concerning her bad behaviour 1
whilst he was abeent, that he, altho' be
recover. This was shocking news to
loved her, could not
his- wife and daughter, so strongly were avoid having hard
they attached to him, it beemed almost thoughts. He did not tarry long, and 1
when he departed Adeline bid him a cold
imposssible to give him itp; but the grim
adieu, but when he was gone her tears
Mousier soon done hie work. Mr Hans
worth lingered but two weeks when he flowed plentifully.
was taken out of this world, but we. Adehne was young and ardently int.
passioned by first impressioneher
evidence that he had gone to a better.,
lifetime animate& and unmixed, ehe
Alter their grief was Blithe subdued
Adeline felt her mother doubly endear.. knew it would be hard to relinquish her
ed to her; ehe thought they might still tfond attachment, but .ehe possessed a
noble and indepedant mind, therefore
be happy; she knew by their industry
and economy they might live comfort. she endeavored to try; but alas! it was
ably on the mall fortune they had left. bitter mockery, woman's love is not so
But the fates had otherwise decreed ; easily obliterated from their naturally
Adeline it seemed was misfortune's fond bosoms; they may call pride and
sellrespect to aid them in the struggle,
chilli. Not long after her father died,
her mother was taken with the same fe- but all will not do.
ver, and in a few dap followed her tConcealment like a worm in the bud,
Will feed on their damask cheeks."
hueband. This was almost too much
for the delicete young Adeline, she Mr. Carlton called frequently at Mr.
thunght heaven had toreaken her,- ehe Emote, be watched Adeline densely,
Wilef left an orphan atnongst strangere, but could never observe any. thing like
witheut one relation near, kind friends imprudence or capriciouenese in het
endeavored to aseurige her grief, but conduct, although he reeeived hints to
she fur a time refused to be cotes the contrary, from both Mrs Eaton and
forted; et length she called sound res. Emily, he did not,at all limes give them
son and holy reltron to, her aid, which credit., His afteetione daily grew war.
rds Adehnet he felt a secret
will illonninftte the dark wildernese, and tiler ewe
tutu:oil) the thorny path-oflife, for those eympathy and an ardent de6ire for her
who are in posevsion of them. Adeline welfare. He often slough, an opportu
in either trouble, trusted heaven,she nay to converee with her alone, but el
would onen bo eeen breathing a fervent Otte he wes deprived, Emily was els
fireyer to Him who is the orehen'e guide. wave near when he was preeent.
When bhe become somewhausettled to At length it entered the mind of Ade
her mind, elle did not know what to (le; line that Emily was her enemy, her
she did not think it altogether prudent mind had always heretofore been free
to remain at the cottage; vhe was ad. from suspicion as frorn guilt, but nOW
vieed by several frieride, different waye: she knew there mat be some 'were!
4ome thought it best for her to ret7in the cause for all the cold treatment elle dal
young woman and boy, her father had, ly met with; her friends bad almost all
end continue to live at her own house. became estranged She aleo percieved
Others thriught she hed better remove since Mr, Cailion's reiurn, that Emi
le the village, and make her home with I wished tits company extremely, but
some friend; but she felt en aversion to rhe could perceive too, that their wish
it. so strongly was she attached to her ee were not iltactly mutual. Adeline
tome. At length rshe wee peretteded mould sometimes think she was enters
end insisted on, by nuritlerleive frietide, aintng wrong views of nee Eatob, she
,rarticularly by Mi.. Eaton'e family eh would cell every thing to mind. her
'eemed anxious ehe should reeide with friendly manlier tov erds her when her
ihem. She at length complied with oarente died, likewise the coldness
;nen request, end with reluctance die- Edmund first manifested on hirs re.
:harged the girl and boy to whom site urn; she knew or at least she thought
vae strongly attached, and rentovod to hey had not corresponded while he web
;he house of Mr. &COM ; theent. But still notwithstanding her
Edmund had now been gone el mnse endeavours to dispel these unpleasant
time be was to have beentabsent, eelinge, evety day brought somethieg
tut Adeline had not ýet beaid from hire; vith it to confirin her belief of Emily's
vhich ceused her great uneasinee., Anti. she was daily receiving insults
muld it be possible he had forviten aid ior what cause ebe knew not. Could
ier, or had some accident betel him! t be they did not ;vial her to remein
t,t, length elle waa Referred the latter here any longer she would then think
was not the case, ley being informed &getting the two eel vents hed,die
hat mr. Wilson, hie partner, had re- Antrged and returning back to her own
oteved a letter from him, and that he -ottage; she would again think it would
expedied to return ligation the time "le imprirdent. Mr. Eaton wait absent
specified. This wee strange neWR .10 a long jouroey, and her aceetaintanee
Adeline. her esispenes became extreme. wee so lunited, she had Ito kind friend
Iter tiouble tor some time after his de- to ask advice of but him: ehe would not
pasture, bad been NO great concerning stoop to ask council of Edmund Ceti
the Ines of her parents that rshe did pot ton, her situation was uneatable in the
realize the uneasiness, his silence would extreme.
otherwiee have caused. At length the At length tt entered the mind of the
time came' when Mr. Didion, wee ex. ill hearted Emile, to do something .that
pectedexpected not only by Adeline she thought would, forever cast a shade
but all hie aceirantances. Adeline felt tin Adeline's character, and make. her
the bitterness of uncertainty and suss appear as inaientificant as possible in
pens, which are always almost too ins the eyes of Edmund, :but heppily foe
to!erable to be bornet hope and fear Adeline it terminated in it different wby.
alternately,loirk their place in her bosom., She therefore invited all the 'flung las
She had bopes seri fears if he did return; dies and Gentlemen in the village to
whether hir, love for her remained steads. come and epend the evening, as it was
riot Adeline theught Wise wodd return the custom ante day to have evening
and maniteist the same leindnese to her and be parties; every gentleman had' his lady
the same dearest friend to her, he had 'formerly carefully pointed out, she at tbe eame
been, her feelings would he different elle might
enjoy Immo comfort, for ills felt now that-elie ere vi Edmund tor herself. The
time r cr g
had no friend to whom she could unbosom her 'evening at length arrived, Adeline did
thoughts, and pour oat her troubles:and aecrets. not know any thing ofthe party until the
Mr, Eaton's fambr were kind to her it was company were coilecting,she made en.
true, earticulariy Mr, Eaton himself; but still
Adeline felt a secret relocianee to ask symp, q mt.!. the!serante, w he t wag
ting her from discerning the words. Al
length she laid her book 'side end
knelt down and was breathing a fervent
prayer,. be; face bappened to be towarda
the door the dim tight of the candle
reflected on her sweet angelic counten
ance; In thil attitude she was breathing
her whole soul in God, wben Edmund
who bad stole away from the compftny
and walked up stair bad softly ap
pioached her chamber door; he could
discern throu4h the keyhole there was
light end looking through it, be had a
full view of Adeline's beautilul counten
ancthe could bear some ()flier expres
sions a4d.xei the Cry'stal"
down tier pale chieks.--,i,Cood heat,
ens" he exclaimadAscan deception, can
guilt '61. any kind dwelt in Oaf, lovely'
bosom; no it wool be, dearestAdeline
you have been wronged, but I swear by
all that's sacred I will prove thy inno.
canes. Thou shalt yet be mine" be
;r---. ioing on, and was informed. I self and waited till Emily arose flom
This was ioe much of en insult for the I the table, he told her he wished to
- already harassed mind of Adeline, she! bave an interview oft few minutes with
thy of them ' . ; - - i'-' . going on, and was whir med. . I self and waited till Emily arose 11 om
liesw bright those scene. of pleasure paid, This was WO Mtich Of an insult for the i the table, he told her ha wished 10
When from us those we love ere riven; . - already harapsed mind of Adeline. she bave an interview oft few minutes with
was, overwhelmed Ivith 'grief, ahe. did her if she pleased.- She assented, end
The heart ',Quid wish sgain to taste . 1..,
nos! plea! urea as R gilt of heaven.',! , ,.. , r not wish to be in, Ale company; libel they immediately left the ivory -,,iltou
One evening Adeline wee raring ar her demi. knew she:could not enjoy herself there.. must Ito tin to Mite Hineworthit rocm'l
The heart ',Quid mew again to taste . it.
wae, overwhelmed with 'grief, she'clid , her if she pleased.- She assented, and
Those pleasures se R gilt of heaven.'' , : , not wish to be in ,the company; libel they immediately left the roots. -,ultou
' One evening Adeline wee sitting st Itiss demi knew oho:could not enjoy heteelf there, I must go up to Miss Hineworthe room"
her window refloating an the past, and viewing bit tits disrespect with which she was said be as they entered the balk "prey
the Sun as it sunk behind thel trees Nvill.olseast , , ,s ou
ntlied her Sealing. past dee.' what for Mr. Carlton"-1100 will know
their sable shades ever the alms,. white the t 01.1".eur w.
.reiiriog beam. of day tdernetthe 'Wag eats , crittion,4'. I:lb.!' tetirfd. 40 13.01 eb.atnber eillen pa go.1,91.91L91 -11 . kils., E,,in. !Ili...
i.,. 4.;,;;;;.
: , - - - , - ',,, t:. , , , , , ,
qv,4- ,
contentment reigns c
mine to hie little -
dons of their flaw te
before his .
is the snit,'
I gril self
: tAr
and there pie 'vent to a flood of tears; siopped, she did not know whether to
she was deteimined to quit the'bouse proeeed or eels however ihe hadi nut
imMediaiely., but it Wes, dark and vhe much time to consider she, deliberstely
was compelled to stay till morning. , walked up stairs. and they both entered
, She took her bibie. (the .book that Adeline's rilatit at the IMMO time,
her parents had often told her always' to Adeline was atoll busied in preparing
take as thimen of her cocncipand resd for her departure; 'Emily ppoke ' very
and meditated, her tears often preven, pleSEllnit and weeibout to,commence
ting her from discerning the words.' At pouring out kind words 'when alio was
length she laid her book oeide and interrupted by Edmund who itddrestel
knelt down and was breathing a fervent Adeline, paying be wiebed-to ask ber s
prayer,. be; face happened to be towards few questione..iDid you" field he "not
the doorthe dim' .light of the caedle receive any lettere fromme- eusing ,
reflected on her sWeet angelic counten- absence, by the bandit Of Niss,Eaton;1 -
mice; in this attitude ehe was hreathing did not' she repliedelcinid. you 'ever
her whole soul to God, when Edmund keep private company with a Mr.'
who had stole away from the compfiny (a young gentlemen of a lewd fhfifIC.--,.:
and walked up stair, bad softly ap- ter,lor etty others,' ehe answered in ihti.2'
pioached her chamber door; he could negative. Mtess. Eaton' said, be,ad,-.:
discern throu4h the keyhole there was dropping her 'how, eould, yew' toll such.
light and looking through it. be had a falnehoods on this innoeent orphanrì
full view of Adeline's beautilul counten She -was confoundedshe did net reply - ;"
ancele could bear some ()flier exprea- but instantly left, the !porn, and did not, ';, -
awns a4dsei the 'erfital.teivelpikikling ehniv. herself thakdsy to any'person
down tier chieks.--,4Mod beat, cept her mother-, who was' es guilty' is
ens" he exclaimadAscan depeption, can herself:
guilt 'Cif any kind dwelt in that', lovely' It is neediest; to pi descril;is their
bosomi no it wino' deerestAdeline interview Whekleft bine, it is easier'
you have been wronged, but I swear by imagine it, intfice ' it to Say Nolte were
ell that's sacred I will prove thy inn. acknewledged and:perdon granted ,
canoe. Thou shalt yet be mine" be before 'they left the reeni, the placri, day
gently exclatmed..and leavieg her chem. and lidera was Mud that wee to 'make ,
ber door, he walked down stairs. Adeline ilanaworth Ceriten, whtelt..
As he entered the' door.Misa Eaton wart accordingly dene.' Edinund remov "
met him. for she had been. waiting hie ed her that day to the him-4 iirt 'friend'
return with impatience. "You lotik I where she remained until.. they' i
dejected this evening Mr. Carlion";,married. Adeline Still lives and' ern.
said she, pray what is the matted you joys all the felicity this world can aitork!''-fil' ".
do not seem to enjoy yourself as wish Emily still lives also, reipecied by feel,
you should." ."I do not" said he, "and and loved by none. , , ,
the cause of my dejection you shall PIIILINA. ';
know hereafter" be continued, and will
king to the farthest part of the room, Front the Geneoile Farmer. ---
seated himself and did not obeerve any SCHOOL FOR AGRICULTURE' -,,
, ,
thing that was going on. Emily's eyes The very greet sureeem which .has v; ;4, ,
followed him, bbe watched him with a attended agricultural schools wberevii '
scrutinizing gaze she could see the wors they have been instituted; the improved j' :
kings of his bosom. The whole truth systems of farming they have been the,
rushed upon herhe had been up in means ofproducing; the knowledgetlier, , ,
Adeline's chamber, he still loved het have diffused on the science abtl priters $ ;
and believed her innocent and likewise lice of agrieultuie; and the inere6stl,
discovered her own perfidy. (I amount of product given from farms '
- IOU 11.. UN11 FUN UM!,
tivated by okill and according. to the -
The company soon broke up, every
one went to their rlispective abodes, improved methods taught at such schools ,
Edmund also repaired quickly to his should cause their adoption la
lodging. It was long before he could Part of the country; at least eloAnd
close his eyed to sleet): api soon its he banish alio loutish prejudices which have: site.
would fall into a slumber, he fancied lir 4o long eli,ited against" them. -;' in
eaw Adeline to the same poeitirm h. FrallICIN in Belgium, on Prussia,iu
had seen her in the evening. land, and in Ireland, they have been''.
Ae for Adeline oho did not close het tried with thw best effactectud Are
tinned with .increaaing suicese,:An . ;
eyes during-ill'inight; she was snidita
ling on what she would do in the mom. these countrye iv. farm is selectèd od:
mg. She determined however, lei the which the various operations efferm'ing
consequence be what it might, to tenni. nen be profitably shown, and performed': ', ,',
bark io the coilege; ,he looked No end where under the throwing) or 'tom
, .
. patent instructor., boys of, properager ..,..'' ,-,:''-',. , i I
nothing burmisery, and chatretie ormind
are taught the various processes itttees-;.1.,,-,.;',,'' -.. 1,
therefore she wtothed to live as retired
eery to the cultivation .of the- tiail., - A . t,' ,-;."-,? .'t
as pnesible. 660 my Aleareto parents"
1 she Nould often exclaim iiif you kneiti origin Timber ef hours Ilailyis-;;deiti;---:,-,,.-;;', - : I
led to out-dnor letter, whðe ;the rest of ,' ',1,'7' '''''' '' 11
1 to what miseryiinpSrelled mitiery,
'your poor child te exposesdp.fritOitiolbiatt
dthmestiamseshiaslrbeeudPeleedm!edithtbdeuMtieoget!rbiletnu: ''',:-.7:',,-.1:: ,6,1
heaven had permitted my
eficial to the individuals.,,,, ',-...,-., ,,,, ::,.:. , ',,,,,-, i 1
taken its fl ght to the place whole yams
hnve gone " Earle in the morning Ad Several eucb schools have been tom,- ,.i''.,,,..,,,r, I
elute commenced packing up her cloth.. menced on the continent ofEuropei.: Or '6,i., -- : ;; ,P
mon. and Motto that promise to be the '-', ' ,! ' I
ing in order to have them removed, a magnifirent Peale; bút the'most,coms '.. - '.:,!,-' ,'
mome or the family were up, and seen
dividual enterprise, or aPsociations, or. -,,1.' :'''
her, who Mid Emily. ' On bearing this most useful, have been eeleblished by ins- ''. ,''''-
she was stunnedshe cou'd not think
where ehe was genii! She 'did not tndividuals, each contributing his Part - .- "'.:',,: ,
of the expense, and sharing in tbe pre.:;::::.,., ' ,,
kilow how to introduce herself to Ade
line that morning- eller such an open fits of tbe undertaking. -Such schools', 6,4,--f.i.':
in connection with Agricultural Socies; ' 'I.- '1'6 71.
ties, fairs, and shows, are.eFercising a .- ':'';'' '
insult; she told her mother ehe shoo d
in up end persuede her not to go. Phe
troll, making men' acquainted with -dui t . ''. :.
feared her father's anger when he obouid potent influence on the cultivation of the ,-, ; .:,-, '
return, if he would find out how ehe had
bead treatec. unproved methods of farming the tbei-t.. ', .4-i
, cost kinds of stock of all kind', end the
Mrs.- Eaton weut up stairs and found
best methods of breeding them so as'
Adehne busied in.arranging her things
to prevent deterioration. . We hope to .,
for a removal, while the tears' tan down
tA3r et,,,eke like rain. ; , '.; see agricultural schools common in our , '
country. niers can be no good realm
"Wby what is the matter child ;
given, why Men intended for farmers '
where are you going?" , "I am going
should cot be instructed fully in their
home", was all she could articulate. ,
What I not back to that lonely tteet.. proftieotion when young; or why items,.
eery. the aid.ef the , elate should not be - - - -1 ,
lige" ejaculated Mo. Eaton.- I would
ittforded to their estabhahment iodine '
not for worlds" nor would Mr. Eator
permit you if he wan at homel sit do dowment. When, however, the pubs .
tic mind ie sufficiently entighteced on ' ;
nut think Mr. Eaton would hrive -any
objections, if be knew bow I am tree theme topics, agriciðiur al schools will ha )
krt." ' establiebed where needed without wal. .
ting for the tedintis and uncertain co.
66You must not be offended beeause ,
you weie not invited tit the 'party Iasi operation end aid of legislatures, se , , -
evening;" eaid MN.: Eaton. Emily fairs are now held, 'without such assiss. ' , .
fora.; and we hope on the subjects of , ",
knew you would not mond or phe would tance. What the people will, they pore-, '
have given vou an' invilatioe" Adeline
Agricultural School aod Societies, they .. :
dtd not make her any anewer to this
boa phrame. for ehee,aa aware of it8 W 01.'docide and act, promptly:and. et.-; ' ' .
raltiehood, Brent' fast wastehortli an.. factually. ,-i-'' , . - '. ,, - - . - -
nouneed, but Adeline- woulfi trOt eat, , ,
her resolutioir watt fitted. Mrs. Eiten THE SABBATH MORNING.- -- . ':
went down to breekfant sad wati 'met by , 'Probst), it may tura eut strong..., , es' ''6 ;, '
Erndy who anitiorrely r ontpitred. where '., Perhaps turn out a ilerni011; :, ': ,, ,, - X ., . I
reit, refreshing eatin to the feelings .1
she wee going: her- Mother . told all, This is the Sabbath. morning'. and it bringe a... ' ç,. -.,:
which grieved lier.yery tnuch to 'think
piearrtollus,snind. It attunes theleativ.unt tohf' -;::.:;.-'',4;:':
mortally good man to religious reflection , 04. ' '
ber Plan had suceiseded so badly...41er Hai!
were ;sea:lett' at the table. and Amer. and to theimart of him kreV once trod the path r . , :
sing about Adeline very butilily,- when of ermr it imparts. a Om of heavenly Mrs', ---'s
Edmund Calton entered -the rooms The man whom an all.wiee Pre..ance,,ir;..-.-'"; ' -1'. -
eHd i ea gc lot au tnet de neanndc er u wfile es ce ande, pheea t sad.; ) phe; amr -. ed fromi sickness, er snatched from .',',...,'. - . ' .7
.ntoTimntomewhose Protective et- '
ntal aecents,-:expre.
pelf and waited till Emily Grose fient life. The husband nowt.'
the table, he told her h; wished to from the came of bissinoem -
1 or
bave an interview oft few minutes with auLvel,?ri.:h11,..bel"'d
oi Hid ..som,
hat it ohm ',Lain mina Qls
i , 7 ' -,. .., , ..
I i ' s - . ,,' .,.
i . ,..,,;.. ; Ammo
1,1 ' ,. '"..' .:', HIL
'1, '' '; ' ,, "i , - ,
:,. , , r . t'immn!
1 '''. ' 4.
- t
t , ; -V.'', . T ;.',,11"!11
1 ' , 'v .e: '
tit.! - ' ;I, mit
1 1 , .,, ., 4 , Th.
1,, : t 4.--, ha v
I ., ; : . ,,,::. Ill,id
1 '-.1,-,;, ..',...:'1 11-
, ,i: ,, t ak, ',, 6 "
' -' ' 1-0 t- t-ht t
, , , , ,, 0 ,
, ,,.. ,, ,, I,. ,.
1 , -. ,- - t''' 'Vet
, . I; ' 4)''; -1;., -
,,:o., ,,. A y
1 ;:,,i , : i',. '', int;
,, ,,i,,,: ,,,,f,,,,,,,, , ; 7.
i ''., ,,,, ,'' 1,,;,-," He 1
, P t ,e , 1, And
I,'n ' -,7; ' '',..,.'.
,:.' f.t:,.. 1.12-40(;:,Anð
, 'Y'l ,,,?'' ,r. Cam
' ,",7. . ') ,., ,
k , ,, 1:-,11a a
t 4 T011
;I i
.4 ., t: , .::
1 4-, .. 1 tivil
-, ': ,l' -A hi
i ,' ,
. 'Eart
', . Bac&
, '
i' -1 .. '''
II t 2 . -. :Imo:
l:': : 1 0,d
í; , .ii
, , 1 , Ann'
,'' Ç;' 1 . '
i li'' ' . ' ,341
1 ,$$ , ... 4, , ...To
k ,
'1 'It f
1 t Spre
. ' ,
t ED:
t ,
, i "Del
1 i ,
t . gay
1 1 ,s ,11,. , Ai
"4 f, 1, ,1 , 'Stich
v, P ,0a. :-:- thy mini
41 '' ..,'. :, the nest
til ....:;;; ,, 'Funded
!. .,, ,-,'!"I'; lethialitellICII'
1 t I lie held
I i 1 ,-. utthillyoeuiifirgh:pn!1(
A ),,f , cipation
f' . , ti)ough a
f . Itedlopt
: , t ,,
,,, , ,,,,, - too ante
1 ',f line, I I(
.,' I, ' , . should I
A ' not do, I
But E
1- I, i , w I and
, I iodeet a
, '-,2 I , , .he lived
il I 1 - t. the dail)
k'It. via ðit
11 ' a''' , Time, ti,
,1 , , ,
1 1. i,,.. , Ile dam
1 ' .:. , eutroted
, ,
t eptive ,
. tad lour
i, ,, e lk ante v,
' . doubted,
, ,, vitile a
. pliehmet
') t 11'' ðklaa I
I " the eqau
I .. weaIth a
' !:': ' 11)11ityll;bn;t11
, , tempt, a
cane. th
,i, . But we'
' , of more
' Ciro ar
ti 1 ti ty, in' tt
1 --.-; Edmund
' ' '' Ivo yout
, - '.'-' l''' di nifiet
1 ''. I ellways
1 ' , ' love, . f.
. 1 ..', !alit) of
tit yi, sib A(
"L of eurpe
l'i- ) 5',1 . l'inents, 1
,', ' that did
', , , beauty ,,
, .., de.ap ylt
' . ' - dood et
1,1 .., ., ' ' pi:mittit
i -.' by rel,
1,! . ' g
, t
1 - child at
6, ,.,,' ' to,a pð
' ... , young,
!' . to her p
' , for her
' ' her ear,
( i 4- ' bet it h
. .
'', -, : carefult
, 4
' of wied
IC cenetan
- bouee; I
, ,, .' ail Is
, ,',, , - . ,
u P
:' '',$,,;'; 4-1'1'4
.- ' . , : ,, ,,,
. ---...- .
- , .. Zig1001.-' . , -
. - . . -
. .
. v II
' 011SVID ... ' OYER. , D ,
I t A - ' 4,, 1. , :4 !-4;...c ' W ., , .' tat.", '"1-;2'''-:.- ç165. . ) ' .. ' - ' '
. . ,
" 1' ' , . , .
- , . . ,
, . ,
, . . , '... ..., A . , ,
VERTISERN'i'-w -....2''''r'''''' ð '..- - ' ' 't ' -',1 '' --- 7. ' ' .- .
, -' ' - ... ' ,
- ,
tt t , ,
- ;
. , , 4 , ,
- ,
' ' s.:,:2,-,: I ':-:
. ;,:t ' ' ,t; :
' '... i ' '
' : ' ; ' ' :::t''
,.' : - I ;!-,
I 1
: . t ,
',:, : : :: li,,,,
1 :''..'1
'I ,:'',
: , ,. t
. ',0,e.
, ' ,1,-
l' ''''')
.., ,. li. ,50;',
:, - ?',4
, - ,,,..::
' , , ..;', f...
) '
.. ,..1....
,,, ,1'
. Jt'i,
' ' '.- '.'
, 4
. '''i ',
' :..4;
, . , 'titi
. A ,,i,
. , ,
. , W-4 t .i.
'i, 4 -; , ,
, ,tq
.', - ' ' 4.' ',''''
, X . . . ! tt!:
.. ' e ' i !.' N
i ik , , ", '
de. ." I :4
r .. 1 , , ,
- -
1 '
1 J;,
. .: ': r
- , I.
..,,,, I-,
. i ;
.:::,,,- '.,11
17::,..:. -: :
, , 1 ,
:,. . .
. ,
. f
i, , , ,
. ,
, ., . , ,
-..!, ,,,-. , . I ,
., ',.t. , i , ' ,
,:: ,,,,,, : , 1 ,,,,,,,
A, , k
-,,, ,,,,, 1. i
. . ' I, , ,,
ell';v . r 1
itord;:.''-,:,' ", :I !
! few; ,,o",, ' 7 1,
' i. , I f
frt. , ,, ' I i
' .
--.' ''.. , ;
RE 1 ,, ,,
t.. ,s. ,e e- '4'''.:4 :,1 , ,
leve ,,,,
roved '. '
3 rho, ,, - 1
.... ..
tons of their illitir Le
before his "sigior ' . to
is the emir' ' " , I . .
". ;
Ilea I gril ,' self .
, , , '. ,.s.,
:.,----74-,, ,.
.."te'"';') ..,
- -

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