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The Ohio Democrat and Dover advertiser. (Canal Dover, Ohio) 1839-1840, January 10, 1840, Image 1

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- ... At the time I entered (vim In! Pee.' 4.6,-14yed. ; On learning thie daring set
-; .
,. Atm dutiee, our ordinal! thattureemente .4 piracy, Comm.idure Reed proceeded
- . --without including those. on account of immedittely to the pot. and receiving
it ,
, , t e public debts, tho.poet office, and, no patisfaction, either in the eurrender
1 -
.," -- the trod fundtt- in charge, of the Ci' vern- of the murderers, or the reeloratiun of
t ' "- '' msni.had been largely . inereeeed by the plundered property, inflicted sere! e
-i, - ' approptia ions fur the removal a the In-,' and merited chastisement on the betbs
"$ .
;.,-, ' diens,. for repelling Indian ' hnetilities, rianey, ,,
(4.if and tor other lees urgent et penees which , It will be seen, by the report of the
rs', -k Strew' out of in overflowing Treasury. Svratary of the Navy reepecting the
1,.. ' Independent of the redemption of the disposition of our ships of war. that it
..!:::, , t .1tublie debt and trusts, de gress expen- bas been deemed neceesery to elation a
. . ' d tt es of sevettlen and eighteen mil- competent force on the coast of Africa,
t, .,'"..,i -.'.. .1 Lens in 1834 .and 1835had, by these to prevent a fraudulent use of our flag
- ' . . onnees. bridled to.twenty nine millions by foreigners. ; :, ..,--. ;. ,,,,.,,,,
tt,' '''''''', ' .fib 18301 IsIbe aparonriationsfor 183704 Recent experience lip &toren that the
''.i, V . , made. previously An the dth of March, provsions in nur existing lawn which
I ?', ' I caused 06 expenditure to rise to the ve. 'relate to the sale endow's of limerk
,' .,!w. . ' ri large amount of thirtrthree millions can vessels, while abroad, are extreme
' ,t,,..,. - '' We were enahled during the year:1838, ly defective. Advantage. has Writ te.
4: r : .notWithstandint the continuance. 'of our ken of these defects to give to vessele
ti: - , ' indigo entbarrasemente. somewhat to wholly belonging to Inteignere, and
I ' ' . , r piece thin amOnnt; and that for the go.' navigating the ocean, sn apparent A
tr;,' seat year, 1839, will not in all probe. mencan oweership. This character
' N'i Arility . exceed-six millionn, or six 'mil.. has been so well simulated as to afford
--ii 4!....,. - , &lions lees then it, wastes' year., With i them comparative - security in prosecu.
1 , ' ; ,!" iidetetinination io far as depends on me' ting the slave trade, a traffic- --emphati!
-. ,..- . A I
i , ., olo continue, this reductien, I have tante-. cally denounced in.our statutes. regy
- ; 7a1S- ,
- ) -z ,.itlestlat,)
i (Coockiciedd
tee act which wee weed tie the fire' miming refitting no less useful to trade
, mill navigation than to scien e.
&select bee been Rttended with the bap.
- pl-tbt cennequefices, in gaining. titles, The extint-ot post folds eovered by
,, .. and seeuring nenrosomenie to the ie.. mail service on the 1st fluty last, was
about 133 999 Miles, and the rate (Wen
: 41ustriourif and it has. also; to a very
nual transporation upon
gratifying eaten'', been exempt from the them 34496e
879 niiea. The number ofpost.officee ,
- frauda which were contributed liberally
on that day was 12,780,
riming the prevent yea to the receipts of and on the 30th ,
' the Treasury, .. .. '. , ,s ultome, 13,028, . , . . . . ,
, . Thé revenne of the Post Office De.
. '. The passage of .a greduation low,
pertinent for the year eliding with the
. with the guards before recommended,
30th finite last, was four millitme four
t w:ould also, lam pureuaded, add conaið
hundred and seventy-eft thOusand six
,If., ratably to the revenue (Or several years,
hundred and thirty eight dollarsexhib
end prove in other respect', just 'mod ben.
(Alicial. , , ittng an increase over the preceding
, ,
year of two hundred and forty-or e thou
.. ., Your early consideration ef the' Oub-.
, mind Ave thundred anti bixty eollare.
, 'Jed its, therefore,. once more .earnestiv
.. . 'The engagemetre and liabilitiee of the
requested. j
e Department for the same period are
The present eondition of the defen
four millions eix hundred and twenty.
'', tee of our principal seaport's . and oavy
four thousand one huhdred end seven.
'..,, , 'yards, , as represented by the accotrer
,,, paeying report alba Secretary of War, teen dollars.
, , ealle tor the earl mid eti t
. . y e oue at stilton
of Congress; and, as conneeting itself eel"' fin'
. intimately with this subject, I cannot
The excess or fiabilities over the rev,.
ths last two years has been
met out of the -eurplue which had pre
' eacommeld too btrongly to your consid Yionely accumulated. The cash on
, . oration the plan eubmittee by Mar ,offi. hand on ihe 30;it ultimo, was. about
', ear for the orgaeization of the milita of $206.701 95, and the current ilicome
the United Stele.. of' the Department varies very little
frum the rate of current expenditret
't In conformity: with the 'exOressed
Moet of the service suspended last year
. wiehee of Congress, an attempt veg.
hae heed restored, and most alive new
made in the spring to .terminate . the
routes established by the Ltd of 7th Ju
.. Fleride war bv negotiation. It is tO be
ly, 18:38, have been pain operation at
.. regretted that theae humane intentions
skannual cost of
... should have been frumeated, and that $136 963, Notwitha
standing the pecuniary difficultieb of the
the effort to' bring these unhappy difii
country, the revenue of the Dopartment
cultien to. a mitisfactory conclusion
appears to be increasing; and Weer it
should have failed.. But, after entering
Omit be. eeriously cheated by the rep
. inte solemn engagements with theCom
Mending Genetal, the Indians. without cent suspension of payment by eo ma-1
ny of the banks, it will be able not only
. any provocation, recommenced their
,,,,a. acts of treachery and mailer. The re.. to maintain the present mail service,
but. in a bhort time le extend it It iv
. newels or hostilities' in that 'Territory
;,- gratifying to witness their pohlia clouts.
' tendert, it neceseary that I ehould re
' commend to your favorable considers- Some oil& Miles have fifteen in rela
tion to coutracts for the trans
', tiOn the plen which will be submitted to. 'iodation
of the mails bv ',mimed Rnd wittembibbi
you by the Secretary of War, in ostler
companiee. it appears that the maxi
c . to enable that (1-oartment to conduct
-'. them.to a ewe era iostie. . mum of cornpeneetion provided by Con;
., grilse for the transportation of the maila
.4 Having had an oiniortmity or person
any invectulit .a portion of the troops upon railroads ie not sufficient to induce
. some of the companies to convey them
'.', during the het bummer, it given me
at such boure as are renewed for the ac-1
pleaeure tri bear leatimonv io the success
commndation of the publo It ye one
.-, 'otitis effort to improve their discipline, .
if-. ofthe wont itnportiut duties of . the
1,,11 keepnig them together in as large
.. IlanaeLl II Atarnaal ant in nr.stittima ...,1
.111L'L4 M. rreitiNER-.L.I1UBLISHERS:
a 0
tompanied hy murder, wee committer
in vessel of the United &sm. vshili
ongegeil on a lawful .commerce, nothing
oil known to have occurred to impede
:ir triole4 , the enterprise ofour
oft thet element where it. le so. wignallv
44,,I4yed. ; On learning this daring met
of piracy, Commidore Reed proceeded
immediately to the spot. and receiving
no satisfaction, either in the eurrender
of the murderers, or the rettoration of
111.91"pfi , Totivits., .
General (I iveroment to provide and
'bodies nature of Our vervicee
remit. rtecommonds thi,tars,re, that Mattilltin for the uric of the people of
States the boot practicable mail ea.
eommndi,n4 knd nermanent barracks thti
I. ,
. i,.., it , 0,, ,.-., p .;,tr I i
, ,t,...,,,, . , 1. .. r 10.. .7
., rLI 1
I .t 1
..; t:,2. - 7 st o. ', 22 tt. .2.112' . ' .,7. ,
v. zi i '1,44,4,1 A t,, A, ..n,,. ,1,1h. ,
.,,' - , .,-,0 -e(ltr ,!'),; ( 4 ,..1 . ' '44 , 1 i, , . b . ... ! s,i, 01 ,
, 4( ,., '.... 2 . - ;2. , t2':'.,,; ir . 1.1. 1 - 1 1 I..,:.. .. 2.. , , 2.;
12,24 1.,j I.2 .C.,. , I; .. .ASY.12 t.21. .:. t.i71' ! . ,:', 2,-) 2 ., : ,1,2,1 ,:,, f,
' - ' ' '
p -
I ,
-- . u ; . ' ; VW . ft-, .1.- ; , - ,, - limpanied hy murder, was committer General, The War tied Nayy Depart.
- , e 2. .t. -.ale itlatve - -
,, , on a !easel of the United Smote whit. ,nents already employed eteemboats ii
. FROM THE PR Est.IDEÑT OF - engorged in a lawful .commeres. nothing ' 'heir Nervice. and although. n is by at'
- ,. Is known to hove occurred to impede raeans desirable that the .Goverrimeni
. , . A' molest the enterptise four citizens should undertake the traueportation to
I, ,.1 ,..,, !.! (ConclUded.1 ,.... ..
on that &mount whets it is sa lagoons piesengers or fieight se a Ausineis,
At the time teetered (Win tot' Pee. 4te..leyed. ; On learning this daring set there von be no reaeonshie objection 10
Atm detain,. mar ordinal! dieburseraente of piracy, Comm-elute Reed proceeded -running bo to, 'ternpnrenly; -wheneverit
--without including those on account of immedittely to the pot. and receiving rimy be necenoary to put down attempts
- .
. t e public debts, die, poet office, and no eatisfaction, either in the eutrender at extortion. to be dioenntinued as eonn
the tang funde in charge or ths CI vern- of the murderers, or the reetoratiun of as reasonable CODIrtICIS can be- obtain.
'-,-. 'Msnie.had been taiga!), . increseed hy the plundered property, inflicted sever e ed - , ..
IPProPtio woo fur Ulu tegmool a the Ins' and merited chastisement on the barbs. The eugeestions of the Foatmsster
. ' diens,. for repelling Indian ' hostilities, rianey, ,, - , - -- ' General relative to the inadequeer of
, It will be seen, by the report of the ; the legal allowance to witness in eases
end tor other lees urgent itepenees which
't grew.' out ef tin overflowing Treasury. Sesratary of the Navy reepecting the of prosecutions for mail depredations,
Independent of the redemption of the disposition of OW Alps of war, that it merits your serious couNideration. The
, . , , .
puttee cot 'end trusts, de gress expeti- has been deemed neceesary to elation I safety of the mails required to be given
'. d tt en of sevettlen and eighteen mil- competent force on the Coast of Africa, to the 'public, demands not only that hie
- .. Lone in 1834 and 1835'had, bY these to prevent & fraudulent use of our flag expenses shell ba paid,' rbut he ehtiirde.
- onuses. bodied to twenty nine millions by foreigeere. ; :, .. -.., ,,. ;. ..,,..,
t -eel's a reasonable compensation. ''"'
-... s'..-- ill 18301 Athe eenroeriations for 1837,14. Recent experience lip Omen that the The Report from the War, Navy, 4-
, , made. previously to the 4th of March, prov,sions in our existing laws..which Post Office Departments will accompe
I caused the expenditure to tise to the Ye. 'relate to the bele and trans of Amen. ny this communication, and one from
ri large amount of thirty.ihree millions. , can vessels, while abroad, are extreme. th Treasurv Dapaitment will be pre
- ' We were enanted during the year '1838, ly defective. Advantage. has been te
Jiotatithettinding' the continuance. 'of our ken of these defects to give to 'mole seented to CLugress in a few days.
For laden& details la respect to the
r. . r Indian anibar.tasemente. somewhat to wholly belonging to foreigners, end
. Intluce this amount; and that for the pile. navigating the ocean, en apparent A- mattere in -charge of these departments.
1 would refer you to those important
. 'seat year, 1839, will not in all probs. mencan owoership. This character d
1 ocumetts, satisfied that yot; will find
ability . exceed-six millionth or pig 'mile has been so well simulated as to afford ' in thern mane valuable suggestions,
- '. &bons lees than it was last year.' Willi them comparative - security in prosecu. t
which with ound teen deserving the
' ,l''' edeteemination io far as depends on me; ting the slaye trade, a traffic- simphatis: attention ot the Legislature.
, ':, ,. oto continue,tlits reductien, I have direc.; cally denounce inour statutes, rept-- From a repod wide in December of lad year
-4 Scd the estimate, for ISIO to be eubjecre; ded with abhorrence by our citizens, and by the Secretary of State, to the Senate, shows
- ;led to the eevereet scrutiny, and to be 1 01 Which the effectual suppression is no- I int; the trial doclet of each of the circuit ccurto,
;limited to the absolute recetirements of where mnre eincerly ,dosired than in et in the
i and the number of miles each judge has to trav
i performance of his duties, a great ins
- , -.,the public service. .They will be round I the. Dulled Slate& These circuinsten. quality appears in the amount of labor assigned
it'll!. thee the expenditures 'of 1839' by. cos nada it proper to reCommend to touch judge. The number of terms to beheld
, ItTeir five 'millions of donate.... " ) I your early attention a careful revision of compelling the ninth circuit,
in each oftheticourts
the piece! at which they
.. 1. - Tket precautionery memoir.. which these laWa, so that, withotit inpending the distances beitween
raens celoftre dmt ot I beer cseu teeth Italia It oo ft erjerv e r ni tmi me opt,0 salt:
' NAL be recommended by the . Secretary : the freedom anifacilities of our naviga gr et t pi
of the Treasury, to protect faithfully the tion, or impairing-an importeot branch ble for the judge of that circuit to perform, in a
-., public credit under the fluctuations and dour industry connected with it, the manner corresponding with the public exigens
Ventingenciai to which . Ottr receipts end integrity and honer of our flag may, be cies, his term and circuit duties. A revision,
therefore, of the present arrangement of the ch..
'.- ' enternditures are exposed end empecial--' f Ily p reserved. Information. d
I care u r on' mitts seem to he called for and is recommended
-, . ly in a corunterCial crisis tike die pros ved froth our consul it Haim show. to our notice.
lieut. ate ,coMmended to your early at-ling the necessity of this was commini. i think it proper to tall your attention to the
. .. . ,
power twinned by Territorial Legislatures te
. , onto ,. , , , ': , .. , I cated to a Committee alba &ain't near ,
authorize the imps of bonds, by corporate coin.
. On a former oecasion your attention' the eke 'of the lost session, but too
anies on the guarantee of the Territory. cow
setts invited to, varmint consideration, tale, an it appeered, to be acted open. it Press passed a law in 1836, providinitb
in su;ipoy. IA a ', pte-emplien law in , he- I will be brought to your notice by the proper der ad of a Territorial Legisiature inciirpoarattinal
half of the seldom on the, fublic lends; pertinent, with ad,litintial coma-mica. banks. should have the force of Jaw until op
Sind olio Of a law 'graduating the pti..1 tions from other sources. ' proved by Congress, but awe of a very excel),
The latest accounts rrom the &tete. !tench'. character. i l
prev.ousy weed by tb
eels for such' hada as h4d long been, int Legislature of Florida were uffered to remai
the market unsold, in conseqeence ot i hng Expedition tepresent i
.I as' Proeutl in force, by virtue of which bends may be issc
ding oruccessfully in its objests, and pro.
their iidetior quality. The execution of ed to a very large amount by those inetructimil
teettet which wit, seed tie the firot miming results no less useful to trade upon the faith el the Territory. A resolution it
o, . I and navigation than to scien it. tending to be a ioint one pissed the Senate 1
,, gullet! hes been Rnended with the bop- the same session, expressir,g the sense of Cor
,. e extent-0U ost folds eovered b
non, Tit p . v
1,1-tet censequences, in gaining. - greys that the !awe in question tight not to b
io, , and seeming impruccicete le the in.. mail service on the Islet July last, was permitted to remain in force unless amended i
,,,,, - about 133 999 Wee, and the rate of en- many meterial reepects, bert it felled in tit
V 'doetrioure and it has. also; to a very
' gratifying eaten'', been exempt from the nual tralulPurution unon them 84.496.. Demise of Representativeo for want of time, NI
I desired amendments have not been m d
878 n,l'ine The number oiliest offices 1,1,lhe . , . a 1
40 - Rude which were contributed liberally e interests involved are of great Importance
on thin de was 12 '80 and on the 30th
tluring the prevent you to the receipts of Y t-4 o end the subject deserves your early and carat
Winne, 13,028 , . anemia.
' l 1
the Treasury. ., .. . .
, Thé revenns of the Post Office De. , The continued ngitation of the question reli
' The passage of st greduation low,
,, he live to the best mode ofkettying and disbursit
'1 pertinent for the year eliding with t or kiione r. . .
,, with the guards before recommended, y, till mummify affects the le
',,t w:ould also, lam pursuRited, add consici
30th oflune last, was four million,' four .' Pt' 'I"
. siness of the enemy. 't heettopension fspee
A' . ndred and seven, -one thriunand six
hu Y . payments in it337, rendered the Illse of deposi
tit ratably to the revenue for several years,
hundred and thirty eight dollarsexhib banks are preecribed by the act of 1836, a Noun
4 .,,, anti prove in other respect,. just iota ben.
r a increase over the merlin rather of embarrassment titan aid end of neco
. itIng a p g ,
f. eficiela . , - say placed the custody of inlat of the ' pt.bi
" ' f two hundred and fortv-or e thou.
i .. Your early consideration ef the sub. Year moneyllterward collect A i ci f th 1
, n urge , e pu
-five ' hundred nti ei i eollers
smnd a x y
'Jed ie, therefore.. once more .earnestly he officers. The new securities kir its motet
:V . The engagement snd liabiloies of the which this required, were a principal Catlin"
'Ý', . requested. :. .
Department for the some perod all my convening an extra session of Congress; b
r ' . The present eondition of the defen
four millions six hundred and twenty. in consequence of a disegreement between' II
tee of our principal seaport(' . anti oavy two Houses, neither then, nor at any ubseque
, rounr dthorend one hubdred end seven.
; '..:, , .4ards,, as ....represented by the amine period, has there been any legisietivon on- ll
' , paeying report alba Secretary of War, I
'.' , :.: cellos tor the early and eerious attention
itself enue for ths last two years has been cursiernuer public money Mr private purpipes as
I .', ' of Dongrese; and. as ConnatIling
1 , intimstely with this subject, 1 cannot
'' oration the plan eubmitted bv that .offi -
car for the nrgenization of the milits of
ee ars.
The excess of liabilities over the rev.
met out of the -tourplue which had pre
tionely accumulated The cash on
hand on ihe 30;ii ultimo, was about notwitnstandiag
subje!u. Tile effort made at the last iession
obtain the authority of Congrees toomnieh ll
meuts with signet litiVantnge Wag also nen
the anxiety doubtless telt by
$206.701 95. and the current iliCOMe to affor.d every praticable security. The reel
, a mem ure ir tended under otheriGover
missile', from dive, la a areon'ion in tha;lbod
r ' , escominivid too'etronlIV to Your emu"
. 4.16 Department varies very little -If"' le still to leave the custody Of the publ
I ' : the United Settee. money without them safeguards which ha'
o . . .
' ,
' i t. Crum the 'rate of current expenditres.
t In conformity emu toe expressed- been lor several yearn earnestly desired by 11
" Most of the service suspended lest year E cl h d
xecutive; an ae t e reme y le only in '
't wiehes of Congress, an attempt wee
ha been restored, and most of the new found in the action of the Legislature, it imp
yl ' made in the spring to .terminate . the
routes established by the ha of 7th Jti- dOS on me the duty of again isubmitting to y,
I,'" . Onride war bv negotiation. It is tit be the propriety or passing a inw, providing i
. . . ly, 18:38, have been pain operation at
i regretted that theee humane intentions the wife keeping of the publia n'0110111, and e
eleannual coot of $136 963, Notwilb.
should have been frustested, and that peciall) toroth that its use for private plirpos
standing the pecuniary difficultiee of the 'iy any officeoe intrusted with it, may be d
. the effort to' bring these unhappy diffi.
country, the revenue of the Dopertment e load- to bee felony, punishable with permit
chines to. a mitieftictory conclusion ioned to the magnitude of the offence.
should have failed.. But, after entering appears to be increeeing; snd unlesoo it Pr',trer8t
un e eireumaances, added to known defer
'. into solemn engagements with the.Com- buil bit- 661'81Y b'ked bY the 1" in the existing IRWS and Untilitlið deraneemt
cent suspension of payment by eo ma- in the general .operetions of trade, have, r'dosi
'mending Genetal. the Indians. without
. y ny of the banks, it will 'be able not only tile apt three years, much ii4creased the dilfic
' ' env Nov cation, recommenced their
.0 to maintain the present melt service, ties attendant on the cotlection, keeping, a
as acts of treachery and merilen The ree
o disbursement o the revenue, and called Ili
,,, hut. in a ehort time tu oxtend it it le d.
newel of hostilities' in . that 'Territory Inn mg exertions from those having th,
comet .
, j, . , . gratifying to witness their poblic duets.
, tandem it necesears . that I .ehould re- in charge. Happily these have been succe
Some (lit& Wiled have widen in rola- ful beyond expectation. rata sums have b
b , commend to your favorable considers- .
non to coutracts for the transport etion collected and dioltursed.by the several dept
lion the plom which will be submitted to.
of the mails bv reilroed end eleamblial ments with unexpected cheapness and ea
,: you by the Secretary of War, in order transfers have been reedily molds to every ti
. companiee. it appears that the maxi,-
. . to enable that ot-uartment to conduct of the Union. however distant: and defalcati,
'-, Mitm of compensetion provided by Con- h,,,, been far leAs than might. have been ,
them.to a suttee ell i.00tie.
" resit for the transportation of the Made ticipated, from tlie absence of adequate k
Having had an oonortonity of person- g
upon railroads iii not sufficient to induce reetraints. Since the officers of the Trees
ally in.pectingli portion of the troops and Post Office Depertments were charged it
' some of the companies to convey them ,
..lify during ihe hist bummer, it given me toe custody of most of the public moneys TON
at such bort as are requtred for the ac- ed by them, there have been collected sixty,
'' - pleatoure tn beer testimony io the success
. . . .. .nmdnnelatinn ar ii,- nnhl in I i . . !tt,-- -r-i-it--,- --.i ---. V-- A.- ----
. sommnaou4 anti permanent narrow; i
tablishtnents. To arrive at that end it peas has 'mon fully informed7r-an. -th.r.;usg.17;11
, 168 éonottsintett at the sinvorai poste de.,
, .
is rndivpenvable that the Post thrice the modes of keeping the 'public money that
PIStnitild ltv the Secrete's', fir War. mot
. Department hall be enehted to control have boen hitherto in use. and was distinguieh
withetanding the.high pieta albeit' dis., ed by an aggravated disregard ofduty that broke
mobile rind excellent notice. the evil, the hours at whieh the mati4 shalt be through the restraints revery eystem and can.
. - .
et in the performance of his dirtias, a great ins.
quality appietra in the amount of labor assigned
to each judge. The number of terms te be held 7,
in each of thelicourts compelling the ninth circuit,
the distances between the places at which they '"
sit, and from thence to seat of Government, are
represeoted to be such as to render it impossi. or
ble for the judge of that circuit to perform, in a
manner corresponding with the public siderite. Pl
cies, his term and circuit duties. A revision, 1i4
therefore, of the present arrangement of the cir. m
cutts seem to he called for and is recommended fil
to your notice.
think it proper to call your attention to the st
power manned by Territorial Legislatures to h,
authorize the hums of bonds by corporate com.
panies on the guarantee of the Territory. Con. cl
gross passed a law in 1836, providing that no p
ad of a Territorial Legisiature incorporating I,
banks. should have the force of Jaw until ap
proved by Congress, but seta of a very excel). P
tionable character previously psssed by the p
Legislature of Florida were utTered to remain 0
in force, by virtue of which bends may be ism.
ed to a very large amount by those inetructinee, '
upon the faith of the Territory. A resolution in. A
tending to be a ioint one pessed the Senate at c
the same session, expressing the sense of Con. ,
greys that the !awe in question might not to be
permitted to remain in force unless amended in F
Man, meterial reepects, but it felled in the
Holies of Representativem for want of time, dnd
the desired amendments have not been made. I
The interests involved are of great importance.
end the subject deserves your early and careful t
The continued egitation of the question rela
nye to the best mode ofkesiying and disbursing 1
the public money, still injuriously atTects the bu.
sine's of the countly. 't heistespension fspecie
peyments in Its37, rendered the Una of deposit
banks are preecribed by the act of 1836, a source
rather otembarrassment titan aid, end of neces.
say placed the custody of inlet of the pnblic '
moneyliterward collected in chn go st the puh. I
lie officers. '1 he new securities Mr its satiny, ,
which this required, were a principal C811110 of
my convening an extra session of Congress; but
in consequence of a disngreement between' the
two Houses, neither then, nor at any subsequent
period, there been any legislation on the
subje-t. The effort made at the last derision to
, obtain the authority of Congress toemnieh the
use of public money Mr priyate purposes as a
crime, 1 mem me a tended under otheriGovern
merits with signet advantage, Wag also ensue.
' from dive. si of opinion in that body,
uotwitnstandiag the anxiety doubtless lett by it
to afford every praticable security. The result
, Jails is still to leave the custody Of the publii
monev without thooe safeguards which havi
been ior several yearn earnestly desired by Mt
t Executive; and ad the remedy ie only in bv
found in the action of the Legislature, it imp
dOS on me the duty of again submitting to yon
1 the propriety or passing a inw, providing for
the wife keeping of the publict F1,01101a, and es
' peciall) to Ask that its use for private piirposeo
nny officals intrusted with it, may be de.
1 tired- to be a felony, leinishable with penalties
pronortioned to the magnitude of the offence.
These eircumsences, edited to known defects
in the existing laws and unusual deraneement
in the general ciperetions of trade, have, during
apt three years, much increased the ditficul
, ties attendant on the cotlection, keeping, and
disbursement o the revenue, and called forth
corresponding exertions from those having them
in charge. Happily these hilve been succees
- ful beyond expectation. Yard sums have been
1 collected and disbursed by the several depart.
1 mento with unexpected cheapness and ease;
transfers have been reedily mede to every part
of the Union. however distant: and defalcations
have been far less than mighi. have been an.
ticipated, from the absence of adequate legal
e reotraints. Since the officers of the Treamury
n and Post Office Depertments were charged with
the custody of most of the public moneys recoil,
ed by them, there have been collected sixtvsix
a millions of dollars, and, exetuding the case of
, the late collector at New York. the aggregate
amdunt of losses sustained in the collecton can.
not, it is befieved, exceed sixty thousand dollar&
" The defalcation of the late collector at that city,
0" I of the extent and circumstances of which Con
,,CANAL!,liostga, TUSCAIUWAS COU1ITY, :(01i10) : jAN Ultra 10, 1Sp
, the boors at which mati4 Mall be thro-ugh die restraints of every eyatim,and cani,eiempted firm blame On account di trade and exchange., The beats Kt
, Ina eal a
therefore be moduli" refe ed to as a test of
carried hver tatiroado, um it nom does pot, , rt
'eau Tins is the aervice from the defi- They lave. that centre to hid) cuttency flowi.end
tat nthipr rnsaliht ShmatA &magnolia tile comparative sesta either. Additional in-
this second delinquency.
r CUM '1111)g 11,11 lin. Per V iVe I 1110 Ural.
over all .oiher roads. t.:hould serious the comparative safety ofeither. Add
ciency of company officers, were very will elan be furnished by the report of to their great credit, not only contin- where it is tequired in payments for
inconveinencee arise from the inarlequit
apparent.- and I- recommend -thst the nail reasury, in reply to a call ued to meet their engagements, but merchandise, hold the pnwer of con
i rahrmsation
ty of the' compensation now provided by
staff officers,- he permanently separared tp n .it c.itEcer by the House of Repro. have even repudiated the ground of trollin those in I ' .
g . egions whence it
frorn the line i . . lets, Or from unressonab'e demands .bv
.. entitling at the last session, requiring demiea suspension now PO t d -
re r e to, It is only comes, while ;the latter , posesees no
an ot thY railroa
y. , . d Lompanies, the stub,. I information on the subject or desalts by pubito
The,nsvy has hesn ustitlitt, and hon. ,,! officers or agents under each Administrafo
i by such a course that the ionfiden of testraining them; . eo that the
, general importance Itu from 1789 to1837. 'fhi d - 111 ' d d 'II f VI ce "a"
orahly,erriployed'in protecting the rights ject .11 cir "" ocnment wdl bis sub. an goo ws o I a community can be seine of individual property, and the
to require the prompt Attention ol Con-1
and ornoortv of our citizens.. whe - t d t f d a
reser - . Tit..ii , oyou in,.s.,ew ays., The g,eneral result preserved, and, in the sequel. th b ' . r - d' ' . '
e est prosperity o try e, through the' 'hole
., . ,, . , , . . ,
r -
4 to : :4 . t .;NO.
lo: "o'oC.' I 1
.t , tlt i ,st) .itt
t 1P1J-r'ii '!
i I e' , ! !I
.,t ;;1, ,, ; .:'
, ,, ,
I , ' ,' , - I (indtipmodont of tho post Ince, which is hop .
mimesis Ude institutions thelmielvel mterioi Utile countri,oto mado to de...1.4,
the onndition of ottere mimed to re- la 'rebitiOn to. sloambnat linos, ; the ' separately and will be dated by hoolf,) so ,ter
9nire its presence, ' Witli-the' eiotption most ;efficient remedy' to obvious, and t es they bear upon thin subject, g II pramotads,,-, - . , 4-, t ...- .,-. 11 pond on the good ot bad menson,,,- A
crone la.ettkucel lOtere ea (Mine, ee- het! t?ben euggested by the Pastma3ter , ludoes which bee been Led are .likely to ''': t Pert thtiVittl 10'1110 beaki. ere Oaily f the banking itIn''t'' ' .,000'.26
. r . ..
, . ....,,k,,I,.......,.., wow
. . ,---,--,..,, ,
"1.-IttaheinegrdeliebsYt bayiliocikir ineorluedeienegte. 'asinine ectut ieeredi.7 it li st.etel ems eidi r efrxottern:haelv.Inetit:rietedtiotwo,torw' ht hi caht a.,e, ant ti.ttliht .it,Ne scihiea.ionri !,itfie,, st;;Iteunedradn.e. ,ei, ;51,06.'.e' , .. :i ,
,n the resolution, their depreciated paper re
deed for peblic dues; that the next lareest ;hey are ti.e pittere.:' Formerly- our Jot not -Stop here. It.. doe hitt terrnnals . I
have been by disbursing officers, and the (east eign tp.n"nerf we.9 Pilne'PIIIS ftiundea l'haatieti'llia . 'I'v '' 1e"1: ..:Yhilt .." it ' .- 1
by colleetors tied reeeivers. If the losses on Comonodittin; inelue rekches icroee the oceati;"and end& its ,
bity bonds are included, they lone will he ding the plecinue met
on an exchartge ol
els,' and leaving in Lendon, the ce litre-of the' 'ire' drt 'Ye
threefold those by note tollectori and reeeisers. ,Its' .
Ottr whole experience, therefore, furnishes the transactions -'' little . for ettin ' debt. lent. ' The' pante le,Ws 44 'trade,- 0 hi.ch
strongest evidence that the desired legislation Such te not n!ow ' The ease... A tded by' give to the Lanka in our Principal ,citiers :,,,,,, .f
ofConeress is alone wanting to insure, in those the Nettie effurded -'..!)":. the. banke, power'over the's:bpi!' ,b, nuking, 11,1.1eris- .,, ,.! ,
operations. the !newel degree of Homily met mere credit hair' beeirtne too iemmonly 1 of the Utitted, Sti'ites. euhject. ' the, .fno - .
fecility. Koch, also, appears to have be-en the tbe betas of tr'cde ' ...NwArbe the
experienee of other nation& From the results loOtli s Lin .r, iii th'cir litre to ilia ::. thconi,y ', power
thenoe tip; ' nôt cuniint n whir' largely , in Oient britain.- .ir io Pet. deilied 'thet ' - - ,
of inquiries made by the Secretory ofthe Trete! , I
miry in regard to the practice among them,1 am b. ' ste'rit among 'others; !ihri.sucpension'tifthe S'YtIloil.,,tiftriks ...- i
8 unu 'tong I itt By
enabled to state, that in twenty-two out of be" eeerped the buainev;,' while they :in IS37, wait followed in ciu, ick nucces- i.. ' .
twenty,aeven foreign Governtnents,from which impair the stability i'of the -- Mercantrie 'Sion throughout the Union., wee .Produ. ; :. ,. ,
undoubted information has bcen obtained., the
public moneye are kept in charge of public offi- Cotnmunity.: they baVe 'hecniste burrow:Iced by en application'ef that powortarld F ., , .
ere instea4 of ' lrneiet they estiWish it is pan! alleged,Jt; extenuation' 'of the -; ,..
cem This concurrence of opinion in favour
of that 'potent is perhays as great as exists on their agencies abroark they defil'Iarge-" pricer)! chindition' of in large.e portion ,, -'.. . I
any q Ration of internal sdminiatra ion.
In the modes of business and official restreiMS ly in stocks ' and mirk-140w; they en--, of our ban148, that,. their.. ernbarrese;.,.. -
on disburoing offipere,ne legal change was pro- courage the itiotte.of Stile 1;ectettles un meets li'See
The report last referred to wilt be found to con.
duced by the suspension-. of meitee payments. - it rein front:the s,ame,cattee., di . . ..
til the fur. lin' meritee is'.'.gthited 'ivtftil! From'this influe,ricetheycantiot nOw'., ,,!, ,,,
them; and,' iifiltt.reed 'Willi '''' the ..legii;! snit (alit isiap. e;.fs.ir it haw Its.',, origin Id ,, ( ,
tain, also much userul information in relation mate tree of their nein' cepttal end the ' the credit currenet.e"s iri'T thit,';ii.O.'", coulee-7 l;r
to this sul'iject. . exerciee of their lattful Privilegeri, -they trie-t it .1s etrens:thened by the" curre81 ,, . :-,
,,e1 have heretofore Resigned to Congress my raipe, by lege loane;'additiental Menne , of trade and exchatige, which '' centres-, ',-,, . , ,
reasons for believing that the establishment of
an Independent National atreasury, as contem- for every variety of epeculation. ' 'rho it) London, and ie'roodered alin'est irre,. , -
mestere at en at, li i .
plated by the Constitutioli, is necessary to the
Isafe action of the Federal Government. The frnm
euppension of specie payments in 18'37' by the this country, ere now tittered al
!banks heving the Custody of the public mone 1 ,
d I d t ri 'It ts deviation tete ibla hy the large ' debts : centracted ; '.
the former course of-tomes. int there by our Merchante,,. our lenka and :: :::."' ,
ike by onr States. ' It is thus, that an intrt:duc .,,,,, -:
showed Ile alarming a degree our dependent).
on those institutions for the performance of du
; ell banks and individuals, to an extent , tiro) of a new bank into the moat 'dittant t", ,
., ,
ties required by taw,thati then recommended the 1
of whiell there II perhaps no previous- of 'our villager...places the business ',ttf ,.'. - . -
lexample iu the annaleof our country. that village within the' itifluencd,, or Ilia ', .,
commeedation has been subjected, as 1 desired
entire dissolution of that connexions Thts re. I So long ee a willingness of the foreign money power in England:: It is, thus , ,, ,
it should be, to severe scrutiny and animated dis , lender, and a 'eutEcient export of our : thut every new .debt'which we ' intirece .,: , 1
produetions to meet. any necessary par i in that country,',. bit tou;ly"- Seim our !!', ' ;
mission; arid tallow myself to believe that,not- '
withstanding the nature diyersities of opinion I -la ,
i i I payment leave the flow a credit I own ,eurienCy, mid .exteptill'',O,ve'r ',:tbe ', ,-.4, '';' 1,'
which may be anticipated on all subjects meek. undieturbed; all appears,to be ,prospari,1 porsuits,of fix 'dozens ...Ira tmeinful it ,o. i -,
ing such important considerations, it has bSCUT alla. but as Bonn as it irevisecked by any fluence.', NV e, capitol tocape from , this . f,
ed in its favor as genera a concurrence of pub- ,
lie sentiment as could be expected on one of lin;tation abroad,' or by an inability tol by leaking new 'Wake', greit ' esi impfl, : ,
make payment in our PPoductione, the pate or Naiiatial.. ,The came 'chain,' , ,, ..
such magnitude. ..
vile Of the system are dieilotted.- 'rho vvhic:h bind those new', melting to Ike, -.,','' , 1
Recentevents htert else continued to 'level. e -
op new objections to emir a connexion. Set. I paper etirrency which might eery' for centre of init. ey item itisaper credit, ' : ,:. '',
dom is any bauk, eerier the existing system and Idotnestic purposies, is nettle-es to pey muel equallý (eller every emitter. Mei. ......
practice, able to meet OD demand, all its habil'.
ties for depoones and notes in circulation. It :1
the debt due in Europe.,,s-. Gold' and Innen we create. n., It 1, only .14'the ix , ,,,,,,
maintains specie payments, and transacts a pros -, r
fitable liminess, onfy by the confidence of the sliver are therefore drYvn, in 'exchange lettl to which this eyelet") tato beerrptiah .,.. - :,...,
for 'nett noted, 'rpm 'the' batikii To ed of late, that we have' hien: 'made' ful- .: ': 1
rblic in its solvency; and whenever this iscle-
ol its irteritephle tendeniy to -'-,','f : 4
keep:up their oupply ot coin,' ihese in- ly aware
stroyed, ths demands of its depositors arid note n ere obliged to call upon. their subject our own tanks' and currency.,to .,,,,
stiletto s - , - . .. - , ....,
' holders -pressed more rapidly than it can make own debtort who, pay theM priecipally a vest controltirig, power .tu ',i forego , ,-. t,..: 1
, in theit own notes.which are as unavail- land; and it odd, a new- argument to . -:' ;1.:
, collections from its debtor, --- force it to stop . ki h
, paymern. This loss of confidence with its cons l
au e to t om as they are to. th'e mer- those which illustrate their' pi'ecariSee - ,-'. li
I. sequences occurred in 1837, Lnd afforded the a- clients to meet the foreign demand. situation.' Endangered , tri the : fr It ' - . . 1
The calla of the banks, therefore, in place by their own mientheagementoind . . 1,
. pology of the banks for their suspensiim. The 11
0 public then acquiesced in the vairday of these- uch emorgencres, of necessity, exceed again by Inv cnniluct-of 'everriratim- - :-.; I
3 etiae, and, while the State Legishituri did not that demand, and produce a correepon- lion which connects them 'Witlitlii eeti; ''',',.'" I
exact front them their . forfeited charters, COW. dilionngocurtailment of their aceommoda. Ire of tradaln bur es n c. titery,' 1143y- .1, ,, !
and of the currency, at the very are yet eubjecti 11,'. beyond hthhi8;14" ins , ''',,t.;',..-
e t grass, in accordance.with the recommendation
it of the Executive, allowed them time to pay to d, .
moment when the state of trRde ren erect of whateher metrahlie piitip.. a- ,,,,;;;
ro it most inconvenient .to be borne. (meetly, Or caprice niey: ipelsite' thoiit - ,,,.',,,.:.'.
ver the public money they held, although coin- The ',Howl, of Imo
e ; . . ,
pressure ou the who control the credit.. Air England in ',,;"
r, pelled to issue Treaoury Dotes to supply.the de- community is in proportion to the pre- resort to. I mean not to cotnmtnt upon
, , .';
e ficiency that cleated.. bnina libeiality of credit tied coneequeni hese measures preeept..of ,paeil,,prucn ,," -e., ,.,
i it now appears that there are ether motives pension of tile currency; forced sale lees to diecourage the 1 uitiecotion :11 . :7;7
', than a want of public confidence under which if property are made at the trios when. fair Commercial dea trig ' befe'don th . -;:,.,
l'i the banks seek to justify thenetelves in &Nitrate die wane of purehieing are meet redu- two couteriee, based op recipracal ben-, -. ,.,- ,- ,,
'file; but it having now been iiii;dianan- .,..,,, ,,t;'-' -
tomeet their obligations. Scarcely were the ced, sad the world estimate') to inde
l country and Government releived, in a degree, eldueld ere MY al ledI arreoll'il, bY III. 'real Out the Pnw, er of 1Pnienog thePit
g from the difficu'ities 'occasioned by the 'general open violation of their olligetione hi and similar inpries, le,' by the retied.; ', ',: :,.7
4, sumpension of 1837,when a partial one occurring' the banks, a tertian! to pay specie fo, tern law of a credit ruirePey end irad-' , .,,,,,::. ,
le within thirty months oflhe format, produced theit notes, and en imposition lift011 the it trade, ispanle of extendieg their-con. 4.,,. ,nn,' :
'e new ind serious embarrassments, though it had comniunity of a fluctuating and depre- sequences thrutigh all the remifieatioe? , . :'
it, ne palliation m such circumstances as went al- elated. currency.- .. ; ' of our banking eyortem,. 'and by'' thet ,''' :.
hese connequences are inherent in means indirectly Obtaining. particular. .. , ,..,
i. leged in justification ci.f that which had mrevi. T ,
ihe present eyetem ' l'hey -are rite jiti, ly when our batiks are tiled art' deposit's, -:-..
yi ously taken place. There was nothing in the r .
ir'itr condition of the country to to.ndenger a well finrueoimietteltbeyi ettaiseboyhtyheNhaettituki:labletonrg tileti:to artee of the public mutiny-1, a defigetore, ',.:, '.
political influenee in the Unitertt i . 4 .-
..... ; eft, . t ,.. ,
,, managed banking institution; commerce was Gover00.00....
no foregn war, eveiy branch fif , . .1, , , They ere the remii!te ot 1 heve derrn-d it my day to bring the .,:'
nt deraneedby
manulacturing industry !Nab crowned with rid. ne e reeteditne 'ewe 0 flrade trirt credit etitiject to your 4101iCa and abk ' fat li . ''T.,...,:'',
1. rewards, end the more than mat abundance of
to le the recent events ' which hey.. rve- Your serioue consideretion.. '' ,.'!'' n' . : 1 -.'"'..
vtrikingly illuetrated the cettain offeror' los an argument r, (tinted be) ond ''the -', .:
,, our harvests,after suppiying our doniestic wants r
nr 'nese laws, we have seen the tank exposition of these facts, to show ' the. '''''' ',.
o- had led our granaries and atore-honsee filled of the largest capital' in the Union, -ett-t impropriety ottionig out bankieg Moth, -
e. with a brides for exportation. It is in the'
0 midst of this, that au irredeemable anti depreci- .
teblished under. a National quitter. and tutioris se depositaries' of the- public '
lately strengthened, se we ero author- monev Can we venture not only to ',-,,,,' :,,,
ill tted paper currency is entilled upon the people 'lively informed,' by exchanging that encounter the rivk of their q, individual ,, , N. '.- -
il by a targe portinn of the bank& They are not for a:State charter, with new and un- and mutual miantunagement," but at 'the ,i -,,.'
vi , ,. , ,
!riven to it by the exhibition of a loss of public temal le ivilegertin a condition :00, Re same. time,'to place our foreign and do. .-':'-.
IN confidence, Or of a sudden pressure froin their it was saidouri aim soundneas and mehtic policy entirely under 'the ion'. , ';',--
- ,1-
- deposttors or noteholders, but they excuse them' great prosperitynot merely unable to trot of Il foreign moneýed interest,' -.,' .,,l''
'11 olives by alleging that the carrion ol business, resist these effects, but the first to yield To do se. is to impair the independence :'' :.,,'
br ,
e And exsitange with foreign countries, which to them of our Government,' as the present &elf I,
. -i
ep draws the preciols metals from their vaults, Nor la it to be overlooked that there it iyetem ' has already impaired the ,, -.:,-
e weuld require, in order to meet it, a larger cur- exstelle R chain of .netestrary depene independence of Ottr banks. I ie to, , ,:.',.
'e' liniment of their loans to a cOmparativelY entail lence emoog these institutions which submit all its impnriant operations, : -, , -'',
ibirges hern, to a great extent. to fol. whether ef peace or war, to be controle - --n,,' -'
le portion of the comMnity, than it will be con
int venient for them to bear, or perhaps safe tor the ow the courise of others. botwitheten- led or thwarted it first ' by: ' our owu . ,r
ling its to.juetice to their ewn iiiimedi- hanks, atid then' by 8 power ' abroad
ng banks to exact. The plea has cooped to be one ,, .
-II- ite creditors, or minty to the particular greater than ' themeelves; 1 'cannot ..,,, .
nd ef, necessity. Convenience and policy are now
onintimity in whieh they aro pluced. bricg myeeif tit depict -the.',,bumiliition -. :
rill deemed sufficient to warrant these institutiolis , '
i loot det,endance of a batik, a hich es ii, to which this GovernMent and people , ' -'- ,
!In in disregarding their Solemn obligations.. Suck
os- .topttettnn to the eitent of Ito debte. tot might be serener or tater rerlticed,-if the '. . '-
conduct is not not merely an injury to individ.
ten mrctileti n end devoettess is not merely lieans for defending thi3ir rights are to ' 4.'2
sr, ual creditors,but it is a wrong to the whole aom 0 , . ,
n others in its own vicinity, bill on all be merle dependant upon these Who may - ': '
se; munity, fiom whose liberality they hold MOM
'holm which connect it with the centre baba the most Pewerful Of motives' to '. ç I
art satiable privileges-Who;ie rights they violate, el
1 rede. Distant hanks may fail, with impair them. ' '' ' - ." ''''' .'
ma . t.
in. whose business they derange, end the value of .
out variously affecting theee in our prin. Nor le it only in. referen'ea to the ern . r''
gal whose property they render unstable and inee- cipal conimercial eine-6'; hut ilte failure feet of this state of thingli on the lode. ... )'
3.7 cure. It must be evident that this new ground of die latter is telt at II,e extrerintiea pendence of our Government or of our 'f
'lln for bank suspension's in refereece to which their
ei action is not only disconnected with, but whol- York, in 1637,
of the Union.- .11'he euspcneion at New hanks, that the subject' preoeuti ilea - ;
watt every where,' with for conaideration;ll is to be viewed al- , '
of ly independent DC that or the public, gives a ver) few exeeptione, followed, as anon No in its relations to'the :tonere! trade .,...'''
:ate character to their suspensions more alarming 8,1 it wee known. that recentlY at Phile or ourcountry. The time is not Ion 1: '
ane than any which they exhibited before,andgreat- .9
adelphia immediltely affected the banks. past when a deficiency of foreign crops '''''''
ity, ly increases the itepropeety of relying cn the , ....;,
of the Smith and West in a stratlit4,man was thougy tn afford a. profitable' Mare,;-0- i
on- banks in the transactions of the Government. ner. . This depetido,n(ce , of ' air "Aloha 'let fot the eurplus'pf our indtistrr ba------
all . t , ,s
A large and highly reepectable por- bar,king system ow the inattlutions in a now we await withfceerish antietpi--,-',1,---. ,---
jet,. lion of our banking institutioris ere, it few tale cities, is not found in the laws neves of the English . Parveat,'-','71, ,,'-';-7''''''',-, I
eke affords me. unfeigned pleasure to state of their organisation, but in those ..Of much from motives ' oil;:r- , lÿ''':''7-, H'''' . '
:an. -eiempted ftom till blame on accountof trade end exchange., The beats at eympathy,hut fearful, l ' ' ,,,,,-.-,,,.,.., .,:,,.
Rtd,thts second delinquascy. They lave, that ceptre to which cuttency flowe.and led failure should e-, f ,-; .----,,
I in- ec
,..,s,i, - '
tog to their great credit, not only contin- where it 1, tequired in payments for credit there'. ' Do,;-- ,.- . ,..
, , .. - , water, , - -
call ued to meet their engagements, but merchandise, hold the pnwer of con- umes to the palm
' -fl or r , ,, ..
Pre- bRve even repudiated tho grounds of trolling 'twee ,in tegions whence it benefleent, wise, t, e i ,,f ,
suepeneion now 'exerted to. It is only cumee, while ;the latter loeseiteett no greate0 iniiety f 1 t t, ,
tion by such a course ,that the 'confidence meamt of testraining them; - so that the on trort3i6if trod 4,
4, .!
sub! and good will of the community can be velue of individual property, and , the prisipIiiiity z'ço,0
Gault preeerved, and, in the sequel., the best promperity or tiodó, tbroligh the' whole '--r,., ',Ai ft t',:',, t. ' ,,,'
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