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The Ohio Democrat and Dover advertiser. (Canal Dover, Ohio) 1839-1840, February 07, 1840, Image 1

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1 r
1 i'' . .' ' THE STEED oeTlik: ve-1Lur.. , ,
Mt .-,' , DT J. E. Calmsen, Esq. - ',
1 i , 4.,. ,, From The French of Paul de Koch.
.bsrenezetyY aokeiee6aiii's elicire',.;...
1 I , ' !... ' ,BeFnaeratproArin aubleia
11,-, .. : : -' Bearing away the maid be loves, i ,
,., ,,, ,..1 Young ,Altar skims the dieser! o'er ' .
st,, ,,,.,. ,.....,,.. la tebollnrc afrhvte:inet id. 0.:vtohnit,
nd, '
- -t - Is laitliftil tgo tlito forPm he bears ,
1 i 1,2. 4, ',-7N-,,,,in piiiiiiirtAt blaktitiveland..a,41 -,,,i,..,
I, 1 ki, No waist-laves that arid plain,
, 1 '' , . , Boon must the gallant counier tire..
i-7 . !. - Atti 'Intel leir Irma droops end faints
V, A ' Atnid'ilis wildernese of firel
Boondii Attar from his reeling steeds
(.. , Away, like falcon on the wing,
I I, 4 Ile flies, and seeks the desert wild .
I i -,. , For. some lone, blessed water spring.
While wandering o'er The scorching sand,
0 , , - The Arab on through danger flies,
,' A strange and costly caravan
4 f , -,- Passes the spot where Irma lice,.
ii : ,i Who woos the maid so quickly won?
, A Moorish chiellain, young and gay4
The steed is the wild, alone
- , The light of love is lar away.
, In vain, in seek the living well,
' ' - O'er fierce sand had Aicar sped:
4 , - Now, faint and weary, lie returns .
i ' J To find his cherishd Irmafiedi
, ., The steed, alone, his lord awaits,
I''', . . Joy lights the courier's closing eyes;
1 . .11e neighs one welcome wildly glad,
I , . and then.beside tne Arab dies!
1', ' .
, - ,,, From the Balliniore Sun.
PT, :
Tv- -''
1 i ',
, : :,..,
11 ,:, t. ,
POETrtv. -
Death follows in the wake of Time, and sweeps
'Away the awed, and the bloomiug young:
Scarce opal; th3e e, before it droops and weeps,
Or smiles the lip, before the heart is stung,
Within the vesseldashing through the wave.
How many thoughts and hopes dearth were
How few then deetned they tottered der the
Where soon.their plaint and jolt' must e'er
be hubhed I
The ehrieking mother clasped the shiv'ring child
The paid maid her flowing ringlets tore:
The tortured youth yelled startlingly end wild,
And men bowed down that never prayed be
im I
No help was nigh hi that dread hour of gloom...
Nolife for them,nor hope beyond save heaven:
But 11E, whose eye beheld their dieadtill doom.
May still have rescued, pitied and thrgiven.
' J.
.:, : .
II , The Knickerbocker awards the highest praise
'; s.' la a ragout work by the ROI:. Di Spring, of N
, 11
: , , 0, York, upon the 'Obligations of the world to the f
, Bilatm"We have argued (gays the editor)with
i', -
", . ' Di dpring, in these pagee and elsewhere, that r
:, the Scriptures are infinitely superior to any n- I
;, :', ., titer known compositions. for all those qualities I.
- , which constitute the highest literal) excelletice.' ti
In its hieforical, diductie, argumentative, and
coinparativeleature, wu are shown, that the I
:,, . bible is without peer cr equal. The poetry of I
' : the sixted wsitings is here happily glanced at a
-as :
r "One of the most eminent ecities has said that, c
Itievotioual poetry cantiot please,' If it be so, ,
i then lets the Bible 'carried the dominion of poet- ti
., ry into regious that are inaccessthle to worldly '
.,', enthition.' It has 'crossed the enchauted eir- I
vie,' and hy the beauty, boldness, and eriginali- e
: : ' ty of its eimeeptions, has given to devotional 1
' ' poetry a glov a tenderness, a richness, in vain I
t 0 .
' sought fur in Shakepear or Milton, in Scott or
: 4 t: Byron. Where is the poetry that Ctill be am- '
:' ; pared with the simg of Moses at his victory over 1 r
' 1 , Pita:tub ; with the Psalms of David ; with the '
, ; songs of Solomon, and with the prophecies of ,
i, ' ' Isaiah? tliere is there an eleg.ao ode to be
" ' c melared with the snag of David upon the death '
a Saul and Jewel:au, or the Lamentations of 1
3 trostniahl Wtere in ancient or modern poet
' v is there a passage idre this? Itt thoughts
. :
front the visions of the night, when diem eleep
failed' on men, fear came upon tne uud tremb
ling, whiAt made all my hones to shake. Then
. ' a spirit passed before toy face; the hair of my
' ' flesh stood up. It stood stilt, but I could no;
' Miseerti thu fl otu theleof. An image was belbre
.0 ' ., nto eyes. There wao silence. Awl I heard a
.; voico saying, Shall mortal man bo more just
,,, ' th in God; shall a man be mere pure than his
'. Maker? Beheld lie putteth Ito trust in his ser
, vailtA, and his angitht he ehargeth with folly.
Haw much less them that d w.11 le houses of
clay, whese fuundation is in the dust. and who
stre crushed before the moth I Min who have
-' felt the power or poetry, when they hm.0 mark-.
ed the 'deep working pas ;ion of Dante,' and
observed the elevation of Milton, am he 'corn
: hined image with image, in lofty gradation,'
have thought that they discovered the indelted
:less of these writers to the puetry a the Old
, Testament. But how much more sublime is Ise
i th, than Milton I How notch more enkindlirg
titan Dante, is David I How much more piety
i., ample than Homee. is S'olomon or 30111 Like
o the rapid, &wine argumentations of Paul, the
poetic peas Nile Bible tnay be read, a thousand
t"' times, and yet have all the fieshness and glow
of the first perusal. llicre, in the cot:tease of
, limnan language, is there a peragraph witich,for
, . boldness and variety.of metaphor, delicacy and
Int:jetty of thought, strength and invention, ele
gainte toil refinement, equals the paseage in
, which 'God ansWers Job out of the IA hirtwindl
What merely human imagination, in the nature
progress of a single discouri ,'and apparently
,., without all elfert, ever tlins wet:t down to the
fouudation of the earth,-stood at the door unite
. orentevisited the place where tho dapspring
fro ti on high takes hold of the utmost pert of
; t le eirth'entered into lthe treasures or snow !
; end the hail' traced the path ofthe thunderbolt
....and pe,.etrating the retired chambers of tia,
tore, ilemended, !lath the rain a father? or who
bath begotteu the d,ops of thedow?' And how
bold its flights, how inexpressibly striking and
' beautiful its entithetitta, when from the warm
and sweet Pleiadee, it wanders to the sterner,
! Orton, and in no rapid course, hears the 'young
i lions crying untoGod for lack of meat'sees the
i , war horse pawing in the velley descries the
, eagle on the crag of the rock and in all that is
vast and minute, dread tht and beautiful. discev
ers and proclaims the glory of Him who is lox
cellent in couneel and Voilderfol in working?'
The style of Ilehrew poetry. ie every where for
' ' cible and figerative, 1.1eyoint exampte. The book
I ,
if Job stands not alone ist this ienrentioug, 'pi.
owl and energetic form and manner. It pre.
sails throughout the poetic part of tbeScripturorn
gad they stand confirmedly the moot eminent eg
implem to be found or the truly sublime and
- ,
INa .s
Say it as fast as you anoint! look out for your
tongue ,te .
"Amidst the mists, he throats his Katt againJ
thelom. and still insists be sees the gitobts."
Look on slanderers as direct enemies to civil
society; es persons without honor, honesty, or
humanity. Whoever entertains you with the
faults -of others, designs to MVO you in like
manner. -
The value of national education is duly ap.
preciated in Iceland, where no servant is peN
mmed to marry who cannot read or wnte. The
inhabitants in these northern regions are almost
in darknoss or confined to their habitations the
greater part of the winter by snow, and find
mu211 solace or Imminent in reading for their
own edification or for the entertainment el the
inmates who are otherwise employed.
Among the -o-fcreen-n-e-c-tic-ut- blue taws, was
the followinot'No one shall run on a Sabbath
day, or walltbin her garden, or anywhere eta.'
The newspapers are begiming to talk right
smart about the rights of women. It appears to
us that things have got a wretched passso
snarled and crooked upamong our male legit).
lators, that it is about time for the women to put
on the unmentionables of office, and straighten
theta outi
A deaf and dumb person being asked what
was his idea of forgiveness, tons out his pencd
and wrore,lit is the odor which bruised flow.
era yield when trampled on."
'The gallon late' in Mississippi operates thus:
Persons who drink less than a gallon of rum at
ono sitting, are imprisoned ten days and tined
The Star says that the incrcasitig number of
applicaticns flir divorce is truiy atarming. and
treatena to undermine the foundation of our so.
chit system.
When the Almighty would creete
Mankind, He called his chief Angels to
counsel around him.
''Create him not!' 'aid the angel of
Justice, ogle will be unjust toward hio
teherN and with those. that are weak
will he deal hatshly and cruelly."
'Create him pot I eaid the angel of
Pence, 4114will drench the
human blbrid; end thellrot born of hi;
race will become a fratricide."
"He will profanelly 'Holiness with
faleehood,' exclaimed the angel. of
Truth, "even though 'Phou ehouldst
stamp thine own imagethe beat of
fruit). upon his fothead.'
bile they were yet speaking,Merey
the youngestthe dearest child of tht
Eternal Ftit"ter, approsched him throne.,
and clasped His knees: "Create him
cried she; 'create him, Fathor,' en im
age of thyselfa eherished object of
'Phv goodness. Whenell Thy servants
have forsaken him, then will seek him
and will stand fondly by him, end wili
turn even his Nolte to good. Hie frol.
heart will I fill with cotnpassion, ciPti
will incline it in commisserate the weak
er. When he wanders from Peace and
Truthwhee be offends againet Justice
and Equity, then obeli even the cause.
rpiennes hit error lead him back
chastened end improved.'
Romentber thy origin, oh, Man! when
theu Rrt cruel and unjust. Of all the
Divine atiributee. Mercy alone chose to
cell thee into being, and bath through
life extended to thet only the love and
compassion of the maternal breast.
qt isn't the size of a present that gives
it ills vnitto.' as the gentleman said, when
his lady brought him four boys at a
Weight fed the weight or your
resentment, as the man said when hie
wife beat him with with a bloom stick.
OrdarTim come, first t!ervedi' as
the snare said to the rabbit..
Calculationqour friendship is very
dear to me,' av the merchant said, when
he bad to pay his endorsements for his
Locality-61'1ljg spot soma rather
Wet and exposed,' as the drunken man
eaid, when he fe'l into the gutter.
Eventuality 'I'm als the man's
head said to the guillotine.
Time-6My fate will 800n be re.vEste
ed to the world, as the calf said, when
ttiougot ot, kit; mien-tee, a.potit din.
do tune. -1. å .::
imitatiooI'll follow in your foot,
etepo,' ae tine theif said to another when
itu opelled him en theIreid MIL '
Mirthfuluesa-6 ahall die laughing,-
se the ticklish man Rid, whon the her'
await Axing the rope tound his neck to
hang Mtn. ',
individualityqhnt's a pera.imai' re,
rAirlr,''.as the priitoner maid,' when the
judge told him to hold. out his right
Form' You only wont a tale te he
one of us,' as tile monkey eatd to the
whiskered dandy.
OA Nliz:;litt.
Here Hes a miser, who beside
A thousand other wreatched
On New Year's Eve express y died,
For fear of making New-Year's gills.
V- , 7
A spendthrif nobIsman had a fortune
left him and was advised by a friend to
purchase an estate, notorious for its
neglected stain and sterility..
.Why,' said his lordship, 'there is
not a single passable road through the
'That is the very reason wish you
to buy it,' said the other, it will take
you the longer to run through it.
it being told to Philip of Macedon,
that several calumnies were spread a.
gaist him by the Athenian orators; 'It
On 'motion ef Mr. Sa wyer,
Resolved, That, Dr, A:Dencan, mem
her of Congress from the let District of
Ohio, is entitled to the warm redpect
of every Democrat in the Union.
, On 'motion' of Mr. Kaufman, it wad
That the course pursued,
anti.tbe etertione made, in support of
'bellow of truth and principle, aa well
in BS outerthe Senate of the Lt. States,
by the 1120.17 William Allen, eines his
elsvationit'Iritited station, well
merit the decided approbation and.the.
sincere thank of every true democrat,
not only .of thitr State but of the whole
On motion,.
Resolved, That should there be any
membere of this Convention who do uot
stibecrIbe to the pnomplee contained in
thoso resolutions reifying to the subject
Abolition,they be hereby request dto
leave their names with the publishing
committee, to be published with the pro
ceedings of this convention.
The President announced the follow,
ing named perSons a State Central
Committee, to wi!:
C. B Harlan, Bela Latham, &Meg
ual Medary, fq G. Hibbs, Peter Ksuf
rnau, John Patterson, of Columbus,
John McElvaie. -
On Motion of Mr. Burwell,
Resolved, That the thanks of this con
ten'tion be tendered to Mr. Kent, for
hie kindness in tendering the uee of the
Theatre to the convontion,
On motion of Mr. Scott, -
Resolved, That the thanks of this
rsons-who drink less than a ialkin of rum at OHM be my care ' said the prince, '4' !convention he tendered to its officers for
my life and actions to prove them liars.' 1 the able and disinterested manner in
n sating, are imprisoned ten days and tined
50. .,. which they have discharged the impor.
proceethugs continued ) tent ditties which have been iritputted
The Star says that the incrsaning number of (Cotiention
plicatiens flir divorce is truty atarming. and . Senatorial Delogates. (limn them.' -
melts to undermine the foundation of our sro Nicholaa, choomaker, of Hamilton, On mntinn, ' ,
.1 system.
William C. M'Cauelin of Jefferson. Resolved, That the President and
THE CHILD OF MERCY. . Congressional Delegates. Secretaries of this convention be aud
1st Con. Lis. Presley Kember of Ham.. they are hereby constituted a commit
mem THE ERMAN OF HERDER. ilton, tee to superintend the publishing of the
When the Almighty would create 2d Elijah Vance of Butler, proceedings of this convention.
4inkind, He called his chief Angels to 3d Ed,Yard M. Phelps of Mercer, On motion of Mr. McNulty,
limed around him. Ith John Jonès of Clinton, Resolved, That the proceedings of
''Create him noir 'aid the angel of 5th Thomas L Hamer of Brown, this couvention,be signed by its plficere
!mice, l'be will be unjust toward his 5th Elieha Morgan of Gallia, and published in every Democratic pa
tehern. and with those . that are weak per in Ohio. .
7th John Glover of Scioto, '
ill he deal hatshly and cruelly." Sth , Samuel Medary of Franklin, On motion the ceevention adjourned
'Create him not P eaid the angel of 9th Samuel A. Baker of Morgan, : without day. , ...
. .....
eace, 4110,;will drench the !lob !ii.l) lOth, Archibald --Mý'Prew.-...of - Cliam- ------ --2.---., . ---
man' Mod,' arid thiArst born -of hi; , paign,- ' ADDRESS
to will become a fratricide..? , Ith . Andrew Patterson of Belmont, TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY
"He will profanelly 'Holiness with 2th Walter B. Morris oI Licking, OF THESTATc or Ogle.
teehood,' ' exclaimed ,the angel. of 3111 G. W. Stilliniae of Coehocton,
Assembled in Convention, as Our
ruth, "even though Thou Phoultist ens 4th Wm. Pattermon of Richland,
representatives, we feel called upon, in
amp thine own imagethe beat of Sth Henry II Payne of Guyahoga,
accordance with Democratic usage, to
Leh. upon his fothead.' Ilth Benj. Bissell's of Geauga,
address you m reference to the resent
While they were yet sneakinOletc, 7th Jac. G. IN'i !ari of Colutnbiana, . . P
midden and future prospects ot our
,e youngestthe dearest child of thr elth Peter &einem or Slink, eounity,. whose interests are so dt ar tu
ternal FatLier, allftrosched hie4 'brolly., Oth E. NI. Stallion ofiefrereou.
every truly Aineriran heart, It le pe
tit claoped His knees: "Create him l' Resolved, That
ethnharly proper that we eliould do too st
led she; 'create him, Fathor,' en kn.. Benjamin Jones of Wayne county,
is time. The present is no ordinary
Pt of thyselfa eherished object of Francis A. Gillian oham of Prebel,
b et We in the dirks of thio great Repub.
'hy goodness. When'all Thy servants John 1 1, Gerard ut Hamilton,
. tic. We are upon the.verge of a pithi
ly forsaken hito, then will I seek him James Ils Cameron of Butler,
ical contest Old will severely try the
ad wilt stand fondly by him, end will Christopher &,hronf of Paulding, value of our principles, and test the eke
trn even his Notts to gond. His fret' Xathan Kelley of Warren,
- eerily and firninees til every matt who
entt will I fill with cotnpassion, awl James Cole of Adams.
lais maintained them for the feet twelve
ill incline it to commisserate the weak William Skinner of Warthington,
years,. Let us take council together, ie
r. When he wanders from Peace and John A. Fniton- of Ross,
such bn emergency; and see whether we
'ruthwheti be offends againet Justice George W. Sharp of Delaware,
ire prepared 10 embark our all in this
nd Egnity, then shall even the comics Daniel Karshuer of ilocknig,
ontest; or, whether any of us have
genius ef has error lead him back Jehe B. Haniihon of Hancock, irown weary by the way, and ate wits
hastened end improved.' Samuel Smith of Guernsey,
Calvin Ackley of Licking, iing to silt render at discretion to a po-meal
foe, wherie tepeated defeate have
Romenther thy origin, oh, Man! when James Hoagland of tiontiee,
'riven him to desperation, and who it
lets Rrt cruel and' unjust. Of all the Ephrain Wood of Sandusky,
iuw making a final struggle, of the
)ivinta attribute's, Mercy alone chose to Joseph Lewis of Portage,
most viotent charmer, to break dowr
till thee into being, and bath through John Sherman of As.htabola, - '
the men and inete.ures of the Republe
To extended to thet only the love and William D. Ford of Carroll,
nit) Party. The Pieeideetial electior
ompassion of the maternal breast. Matthias Sheplar al Stall. of IMO is at hand. li will be cenduc
James Simerat of Hermon,
1111 R EN OLO (MAL YELLER. ed, on the part four advessariee, will
ISMS. are heteby nominated as suitable condi.- i degree of etiergy, ettill end perseve
.'It isn't the size of a present that gives (Wee tor Electors of President and Vice ,ance which finds no parallel on any for
1 ills value.' as the gentleman Paid, when Preeident of the United States, to be tier campaign. Already have ordert
teen iseued from lliib piace, to ' organ.
is lady brought him four boys at 8 souhpipoorted by the Detnocratic Votere el
al the next Prettidentiel election'
t -ze every county, lownehip and settee
milt. -
and the veld electors are hereby inetrue ,listrict in the Slab ; end to put in seqd
Weight I feel the weight of your led in cabl the electoral vote of Ohio for nlion all the political machinery,whici
esenttnent, as the man said when hie such candidates for Preeident ited Vice cite in any manner influence public o
rife beat him with with a broom etick. Preeident se may be selected in .the moron. We must arm ourselvee to
OrderTir4 come, firet servedi' as National Cons,entioo.
Resolved, 1 hat it be recommended this fleet; and in doing Po, . no tiaie i
he snare said to the rabbit... more euthible ler a recurrence to pont
to the democratic young men of thiÑ ,,i- those vela leading prinelpiett, ie.
Calculationqour friendmhip ie very State, to hold a Convention on the 3d have always cheracterised tier party
tear to me,' al tile merchant Paid, when
le bad to pay his endoreemente for his Wednesday in August meet, at Mount Ind which hove met pitch enrelentin
. hostility front our political opponenot.
teighbore. Resolved, Thal the State Central
Vernon. ,
The discussions which have take
Locality-61'1ljg spot storms rather Committee be authorized to fill boy vas place during a period of twelve year
'Vet and exposed,' as the drunken man cancies that may occur in the Electoral psi, have made n'inost every man i
said, when he fe'l into the gutter. Ticket, by death, resignation, or other- community familiar with the origin 4
wise. mattes in this government. The
Eventuality 'I'm off,' aa the man's On motion of Mr. Vance, . elating up, as they do in all free gover
head said to the guillotine. Resolved, That the wisdom, palrios mente, it) a etruggle bete een men. wit
Time,My fate will soon be restreab- ll''nl, and eervicee of the distinguished however honest or patriotic they ma
ed to the world, as the cell said, when soldier and enlightened Statesman, have been, were actuated by principle
the butcher was goit2g to kill it, 1 Gen. Andrew Jackson, entitles bin) as widely differnt as light arid darknes
to the wartn and tabling gratitude of nig
t eneration'All the world looke up The principhle which have divided me
country. tinder our government were not ne,
los. e,' as the thief said when be stood On motion of Mr. Kaufman, They are as old as government kite
in the pillory. ' Resolved, That all associations form:. d h
an ave appeared in all countriee at
Benevolence'I leave you the bulk ed under the name of "Native Ameri- in all ages, niodified in their action I
of my personal property, as the fat old cans," for the purpose of annihðating the loco pe cultatities of the peel
gentlenion said to his lean nephew. , the exieting !awe of etnigration und nat..
upon whom their influence Wtst exert(
' uralization are federelism in its broad- .
. rho hietorv of our race, ie, but lit
Constructiveness-4PR 'do it for you est settee, and are iepugnant to the rim else, than a history of the struggl
with pleasure,' as the carpenter said ,
when the hangman asked bim ko make a it of Detnocracy, in opposition io the which have occurred between these n
pesite principles; etiuggles between i
gallo wet , beet inteteste of the people, eubeersive
. of the rights of men, and hostile to eve. few and the many; in which it hoe be
, IdealityTit banonel On the, smiles ty thing that is dear to ua as Detunclata maintained on out side. that the nu
01)1.1uvos' as the hungry poet said wheal and liecman. - ' .. , 2 ' .
,.. , , 0 MAR In
f li. d were incapable of self g(
f 1
Assembled in Convention, as Our '
representatives, we feel called upon, in 1J
accordance with Democratic usage, to
address you m reference to the present
conditon and future prospects ot our t
eounity,.whose interests are so dr ar tu
every truly Anieriran heart, It is pe
cultarly proper that we eliould do SO tat
this time. Tbe present is no ordinary
client in the atreirs of the) great Repub.
lie. We are upon the.verge of a polit
ical contest Old will severely try the '
value four principles, and test the sin- I
eerily and fitnineee every - matt who
las maintained Mein for the laet twelve
years,. Let us take council together,
-uch Sri etnergeney; and see whether we
tre prepared to embark our all in this 1
.ontest; or, whether any of US have i
irown weary by the way, and ate wils
iing to stormier at discretion to a pn
slice' toe, where) tepeated defeate have
'riven him to desperation, and who is
iow making a final struggle, of the
most vioient chareter, to break down
the men and measures of the Itepubli
ian Party. The Pieeideetial election
ISIO is at hand. It will be conduc
ed, on the part of our advessariee, with
s degree of etiergy, ekill end perseve
WhiCh finds no parallel on any for
net campaign. Already have orders
seen iseued from thus piece, to ' organ.-
'zia every county, townehip and school
listrict in die Slab ; end to put in requk
AliOri all the pohtical inachinery,whien
cats in any manner influence public o
pinion. Nu must arm ourselves tor
this fleet; and in doing tin, no time is
more euituble ler a recurrence to tionie
those greet leeditig principles, which
have always characterised tint party,
ind which hove met pitch unrelenting
hostility front our political opponente.
The doscussions which have takee
place during a period of twelve years
post, have made aIinost every man ni
community familiar with the origin of
potties in this government. They
elating up, as they do in all free govern
mente, it) a etruggle bete een men. who
' however honeet or patriotic they may
I have been, were actuated by principles
I as widely differnt as light acid darknese.
The priticiplos which have divided men
ender our government were not new.
They are as old as government ileelf;
and have appeared in all countriee and
in all ages, modified in their action by
ernnient end must therefore velem' to
en Motion or Mr. Vawyer,'
tesolsed, That' Dr. A:Dencan, mem the will ofa despot, or the away of a their letheryy mod pleduced sn animated .
dieting climes aroused the peop;e irons
of Congress from the Ise District of lordly aristocracy; and un the other contest. It is reuestkable, however, :
io, is entitled to the warm respect hand, that government was instituted for that neither Jackson, Coq, , Crawford
Ivory ,Demeerat in the Union. the good of the whole people, whom) will or Adams, were run as federal midis : ,
)te niotion'ef Mr. Kaufman, it wae properly expressed, ehould be the otily dame, Each of them was supported as
nimotesly 't ., , ..
rule of obedience. a ,republican modulate. The old liners -
tesOlied, That the course pursued, Theme principles were struck out by beetued to be broken 'matted the le-tends . , " -
,, ;,
1,,the etertiens made, in support of the collision of emitiment which met - in and adherents tribe old democratic dote
bailee of truth and principle, aa well the Convention,of . 1787s to form out trines were found fighting under the haw :.- . -
is out-orthe Senate of the .1.1.. Slates, present Federal i Conetitution. The bets of all these candidetes. .No cute. :
the 14001rilliam, Anon, eine" hie tram distrust of the people; the same received a trinjoeity of all the votes-give.- t - : , - :
ration 441fiafveieleired station, well rant of confidence. hi their judgment tee; and by a uniou o.f Mr Vey aud hie s ..
rit the decided approbation andahe and eaeatilIs which lied, been who an friendi in the House. of Representatesed - ., .,
:ere thanks of every true democrat,' site old work eratetheat openly steowe. e veilienr Aktintrand .14.effriendis,,. the , , .
only 'of thief:State but of the whole and as- openly met and controverted.. letter wan' elected to the- Preeidential; -, , - ,
ion. Repeated efforts were made to einablich ckair, .To what purpose wae soon'. die- --- .
)11 motion.. - . a strong govern:neon to be above and covered. One of the first acts of hire .
teeolved, That should there be any independent of public opinion. The adminietration, was, to recommorid 10
inhere of this Convention who do pot teame party maintained, that $thel State Congrees the adopuon of measures titit .
acrthe to the principlee contained in governments ehould be stripped of all wariented by the Conotitetion, end to
se reeolutions relating to the subject their important powers and authroy boldly admonish them, that they ought .
kbolitioe,they be hereby request dto and sunk to:the cendition of petty cor- not to be palbied by the will of their .,
ve their names with the publishing porations; and the Britieh Government constituent. The peeple. indignant at , '
nmittee, to be published with the pro- was declared by some ofthese men, to the manner in which he heti ebtained- ..,, .
-dings of thid convention. be the mobt perfect model that the world power, -and ineulted by the brrogata 4
rile President announced the follow, bad ever 'seen. They were voted down tone atid odious federal doctrines which .
named persona a State Central by the stern democrats e f that day, and dletinguished his official conimunicte -
mmittee, to wi!: our meaent glorious charter was the re.. tiona to Congress, rose tn their maps.
1 Ii Harlan, Bela Latham, Sem. salt of their deliberations'. ty end hurled hien from his elation, to - -,
hledary, A; G. Hibbs, Peter Kea. The Father of hie Country, the ime make room for that distinguised patriot
u, John Patterson, of Columbus, mortal Waehington, was celled to the and steteeman,the Hero of New Ore ,
in hIcElvaie. - - Chief Magistracy and gave his power- teens.' The election of this illustrioud -
ja Motion el Mr. Burwell, ful aid to put the new governnient in mon woo a great- viciory, achieved by -
tebolved, That the thanks of this con. motion. During the eight a earls of his the democratic prineiple assertieg the '
Ilion be tendered le Mr. Kent, for Presidency, dowse panciples - were bi- rights DI the many, over the ioir . ue,
kindness it') tendering the use of the lenity at work; but the influence of hie insolence and usurpaition of the fetenal
eatre to the convention, character prevented any great Comte. putt, atiaerting the tightti of ,the few.
Dn motion of Mr. Scott, - lion in the public mind. Immediately Tile history of President Jackson's ,
Rebolved, That the :hank' of this after the election of his bucceatior, John administration, is looLfieeh) in the re
avention be tentlered to its officers for Adams, the warfare began; and its firet collection of all, to regime Oen a brief '
- .
I able and elisieterested manner in period wee signalized by his exputsino 6616 of it on Inicieceasioo. Tee .
,ich they have discharged the impel'. from the chair of estate, and the eleva- most important event of nest period, and
a duties which have been unposed lion of that eminent political reformer one which is intimately connected tilt
on them.- - end 'Apostle of Democracy,' Thomars our present relationte, itt hie war, He it .
On mntien, Jeffertson. Ile stood forth in that dey has been caged, with the United Sietes
Resolved, That the President and as the grtutt champion of the righte ol Batik Thee eubject is bull before the
cretaries of this convention be aud the states. HO waged open : war upon country; and it is lo the destruction of
oy are hereby constituted a commit. those who bought to matte the' govern'. that lustinmon, 'hitt the federal party ,
1 to superintend the pubhshing of the tneut, by legislation and construction, ascribe all the pecuniary embarrass. -. .
treedinge of this convention. what they had in vain attempted to monis under which we are now labor.
On motion of Mr. McNulty, make it Ity constitutional provibions. He ing. They are still en the mourning for
Reeolvell, That the proceedings of
,s couventioe,be signed by its plficere euceessfully battled for the principle their great a-eguletur," and steeply
d published in evety Democratic that air the power not granted iii the maintein, that' we ehall never be prop. .
Pu- Conatftution, remained with the Suttee, proms or happy, used the aolvtlator9
r in Obio. . pied with the periptel and that the gran- Shall huee been tamed limn ie..; 'ete, eit '
On motion the ceevention adjourned led powers meet be strictly . construed sad sum' e irresponsible 'INlotitiv, lijog-.tt,
thou( day. , . However this doctripe may , have beet. ti 4ht; rreciiiitil aim itteeneeallaAtegre ,,,,e .
departed from, at different periods ot -rotation, Weill he enirue.teo with an ha.
' ADDRESS Air history, it has ever formed a' cardi- olute control over ell the busineste
prospeniy, as would
0 THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY real point in the Denineretin creed; ant trade, conimerce and yrepetty of this
OF TnESTATs lir Onto. til now, as it was then, the great course:. wrensit)lecoftroifendi toauaechy.a May a kind Prey
Assembled in Convention, as yeaur valve !principle ofState rightb ,atid pep dunce, in hie mercy, deliver this free
presentatives, we feel called upon, in ular liberty.
cordance with Democratic usage, to During ihe eight year of Mr Jeffer- hallow in the train thid oi roto deepotism.
dress you m reference to the present .011'b term, a perpetual conflict existed, The first. Bank of the United States
inditon and lieure prospects of our aetween these antiouoniet piinciples, to Nes chartered in 1791. it was a time .
lenity,. whose interests are so that tu which we have refe. red. He anti his ufgreat pecuniary difficulty. The te
the war of the Relate
ery trul) American heart. It is pe- pi,litical aesiociatee eucceeded in repeal- public;avas borne down by an immense
tharly proper that we eliould do ISO tat 1,2 the dim,. 811011 arid mention Pewit, debt, incurred by ,
is time. Tbe present iis too ordinary whereby the freedom of speech und ol Mien. The coutary was poor and the
We in the affair of Into great Repub. lee preys were retereO to the people; peoplejaboring under pecuniary ern
e We are moors the.verge of a pulite trot the foreigner who fled to our biomes barrassniente. It was believed by met
al contest Ole will severely try the 'ram elle tyrenny and oppression of the ny, that such an institution Woo fleece'.
due of our principles. and tebt the bile old world, was permitted to remain un- eery to the operations of government;
ore), and firninees el every matt who Icr the Window of our free inetitutione, would afford relief to a suffering corn. le
te maintained 'hell' (Or tilt) last twelve ' ;theta peesecution or molestation. mutiny and enable us to sustain eve
!are. Let us take council together, in l'hey established the principle, that the credit, both at home and ebteed. Under ,
ich tin emergency; and bee whether we reprettentetivewas bound by the will of this state of Mils ihe charter was pane
-a prepared to embark our all in this hio constituents; and that the voice of ted for a period of twenty yearte It
mtest; or, whether any of us have the people was not only the source of was opposed by Mr. Jefferson end hie
rown weary by the way, and ate wile tit political power, but the rule of action friende el that day, ea an unconstitu
ng to sue render at discretion to a po ''''r all politicel function,ries. In bhort, tional, inexpedient and unwise meas. .
neat Me, where tepeated defeate have they grive the bible of State a"Repube ure; and it formed one of the great laud.
riven him to desperation, and who iv lican tack' and brought it back into a marks, which dibtinguished the two
uw leaking a final struggle, of the eiooth sea, In all ðoeir efforts for the parties. In ISII, the charter expired ..
met viotent charcter, to break down reiblic weal. thev were violently oppo- end Congrebs tainted a renewal. In
ie men and measures of the Republi ied by the Federaliets who had been 1516, a state ol things exidied lb hich
an Party. The Piesideetial election driven from power. Goaded to mad strongly resembled the period of 1791.
I' ISIO is at hand. It will be conduc- oess by the sentence or condemnation The government and people wr re deep..
id, on the part four advessaried, with .v tech had been pronounced upon them ly in debt.--Many of the local bank
degree of eilergy, bkill end perseve- ay the pe pie. they lefi no means un- had failed and others bad euspended
ance which finds no parallel en any for., wed, which they blipposed would bring specie payments There seemed to be
ler campaign. Already have orders odium upon the achnieistration and its; no niesbure of relief left but the creation
een iseued been thus piece, to ' organ.. friends'. But thee eignelly failed, and of a Bank; and under the hilluence of
ma every county, townehip and school hqs fiiend and succebbor Mr. Madison this pressure, the friends of the bask
'strict in the Stat.; end to put in sequie was elected by the people, for his fidelity presented their application and obtained
Ilion all the political InaChnierytwhich to the cause which had been advocated another charter for twenty yeere. Some
an in any manner influence public o- e ith so much ability by Mr Jefferson. of the Democretic party yielded to the
mien. We ilitiSt arm ourselvee for During his administration, we were exigency; end the President himself, un- -
his fleet; and in doing tin, . no time is 'evolved in a war with Great Britain. der its itifluenee, waived his objections '
cure buireble ler a recurrence to ermie Perhaps no condition of human society and bigned the bill. The histuty of the .
ii: those greet leedieg principles, which ii; bo well calculated to try inen's prin. time, proves, thet both thebe chorine
lave alwayb cheractereed um party, ciples and patriotiem, es a etate of war. were procured. during a pante iii Ma .
Ind which hove met Pitch unrelenting Whatever, may be thought of the pro- mo,netary affaire of the couutry; and ,
twilit), froin our political opponenne priety of engaging in a war, at a partice that fact furnibhes a satisfactory explan.
The dibcuseions which have taken ular period, or or the degree or Justice alien of the panics, which have been -
dace during a period of twelve vears or injustoc which proneeed the Republic created among us since General Jack..
epee have 'node Winos! every man ni to drew the &word. 6101, whenever the bon's veto upon the bill rechal tering
nommunity familiar with the origin of first gun hoe been. fired, when blond has the late Batik of tbe Mailed Statee. All
eirties in this government. They aaeu mei It, Red the toe is in the fieldoin experience bhows, that men erepot,r,bo
!prong up, ati they do in all free govern man can he a patriet whip does riot en- scrupulous in regard to 'principle, or so
lints, it) a teruggle bete een men. who g,tge in the miles hove mid soul,at d firm in their adherence to its mandate.,
towever hOneot or patriotic they may mavote all his energies to cerry hie under intense suffering, Ate they ere in
lave been, were actuated by principles couetry merely and Irturnohantly titre-01" the meridian Of prosperity; end it is up..; . ',,, t:- r'
as widely differnt as light Bed darkness). the contrest. Melly of the federaliets on such occasione,"1141 the' enentiee of .,,' --1,-'' ' '
The principles which have divided men did en, end ere therefore entitled to human liberty steal upowthem and -ex's'i.e.lt-'7.-e
tinder our government were not new. commendation fer their eervices. But tort frein their distresises, I hects,,.k.i-9...::: 7.
They are as old as government instill.; tatt a party, lay evinced the most ran- never be obtained by fair ri d: bp i.','... ., ,,,,7-,' '-:
and have appeared in all eouetrieb and corous and shameful oppoehon to the ble means. It remains, : t ,,,,,i-b., ,it':',,1:' - ,
in all ages, modified in their action by war throughout its duration; and clooed whether the freemen ef.the ,,:-,,''''' ,-. ,i.,:., e : i
the local pe ettliarities of the peeple, their career by ihe treattonable Resettle again, for the third tutus . -- u'atar' - '' , '-,':,,,
upon whom their influence Wtst exerted.' binge of the Hartford Convention. liberties to a grebping et- 'leder -- -:
The hietorv of OUr race, is, but 1111101 At) honurable peace 'succeeded; and cracy, to'obtain relief i :oil fer ,-.,
else, than a history of the etruggles that pat ty grounded their arms and dirt. created fur the ()wee, , , , , r
which have occurred between these rip , banded their forces. The period of Mt Ing down their lofty e' 7 - : , .
posit principles; btpuggles between the Monroe's administration was one of humbling their pr--1 ' ,, e, ,:,,;;,,,, - , ,
' ... '' '
few and the many; in which it has been profound quiet and repose. But tbe e- We cannot anti,- , eerl':.,e.-.;e- -I -,,
maintained on couseide, that the mess lection orhis successor bronght out can ourselvel; we
1 of mankind were incapable of self goy- didates for the Presidency, whose con, tWe intend . ' -
. ,.-
,- ,
., l',,
tactliect:itrienisegtt.teisibrlytynlibidwp7oedauclehdesPne4aPteitilitittleald .
t 1.
. - l-,k
- .4
dùial arl. bri eAct pe ind.ueahim: ibEePc'elarnclwjbeic:oreceftk, di:61u:: delani am' : it ell.wiial b8s11.1eYeld:ueep' rep:aid:1:i "ebeidlit de) aerirdos: ' : '
been-Jed to be broken up.and the friends . , ,., .., ,,.
and adherents alb. old democratic dose -' t.:' 11
. .,
trioes were found fighting under the bait. :.. . , .
ners of all these candidetes.. No cue:. : : '-f.'t 4
received a moinfity of all thyailleyotaeuirdeitivt;; t.- ... i..., :..,,,',. ",,,i.
:frile;iinteditibnYAttinittea mlulutrolut:eunde!. of. fil;111:eflpriciesnednotts.:i,tvlelea ,. . , .. ...... i. : ,:.
latter win- elected to the. Pretiidential,- .- ' ' - ?,,
ckair, .To what purpoull wao soon'. die- ..- . , i 7
I ,
covered. One of the first acts of hie( . .
adminietration, was, to recommorid to
- -- 1
Congreos the adoption of measures tiOt ' .0
- ,..i
boldly admonish them, that they ("tight ,),
not to be paleied by the will of their - il
constituent& The peeple. indignant at ' .
the manner in which he had - obtained ..,, : l'
power, -and ineulted by the orrogaill 4 i '
tone end odious federal doctrines which k
dietinguished his official communicad - .o.,,
tions to Congress, rose tn their maps-- '--1,i
ty rind burled him from -his elation, to - . .,
make room for that distinguised patriot a,
- I(
and ststeernan,the Bern of New Orleent-'
'the election of thie illustrious ',1i
. i..!,a
virti ah, la' la,e rh, et di nt ' ':wi nmi u, la , enioa d,ct a I rbi baegi Ytt e.t I get 1 it al i tip' I ti - er, , ayi I tie: ,ei et i iopni I hit ,oll ovrihnl, eeereuelfegdyi , . .r r tea, t I licsephtahodaleti ee) ubisrcax, ferenui I di let :riot ie. I dtenheiti i re:el 1 me,v,i . ao, eudtwegeefetestrdi adrpn.dx :be, ipt. ut. abenaihnot li etbrydel i .1i ec.boe: 1 dhndno: . - , .
insolence and uourpattion of the fedeial - "-1
parte atieerting the right.) of ,the few. t:
Tile history of President Jackson's , t
:- 6
; 4
collection of all, to regime even a brief
sketch of it on Inis,,occasion. l'ile ,
most important event of Ow period, and i ,
' one which is intimately cutinected with ,,
our present relations., ie bin war, es it .
has been called, with the United Slates--
Batik. This subject is littll before the
country; arid it is to the destruction of
that Institution, 'hitt the federal party : .
' -.4
ascribe all the pacuniary embarras,... .. ..,
merits under which we are now labor- - -'-' ..t
ing. They are still in the mourning for , I..
their great 'reguletor," ono atototy ,,
maintain, thaf eve ehall never be proa i
Omit have beet" tamed limn ti,a 'titt,-d; ' ,
ond own' e irrespenothle .'Itiontiv. Kieg,"--
IN. 414 rreiYMBI Of sit luenollsobAtso, ...; . ..
4olute conoot over ell the bustrinte,-
.1.8t1'n;t..(:oft,'s'rlell,y1ftenettstenernbl,ardsn'odiaoliirte'uenciwinechleleeic.ahegas;.'illartnialloriyitrnpea:ranottleur4BehnIntghleicacidrIle8ratibnueltbil'e8ine'.eodil'nt.alesuirsarna'i:osernorYaninocicithidbiti'ornneYielyallire.eauntit.dcliottdry7198YiudPholiiii19:ar:kinill:11.ostd8'll:Ye'le'elrlb''rirloh';1111k.Yier'lliiidin't''eaYldkielsi'lpi'81Penar.ti:fit'üreru'lereimIll'de-:1. ,
The first. Bank of the United States .. .
ti 1 t di. . eya rt I lel, Eil ibcpaibueogl 1 inet i lye: pi .vinvoti, oladiriren ly'abatnmi nyeedel icei nimetnsheas:00. ..... . . .
debt, incurred by the war of the Ilevo
blpueatori orpar; se. ;InbiTtie ollii rtesi n.cgo uul
eery to the operations of government;
would afford relief to a buffering corn- If ': ' '
munity and enable um to sustain -our
credit, both at home and shroud. Under
, a .
into state of thiogs the charter woo gran. -,-..,..
ted for a period of twenty years. It
was opposed by Mr. Jefferson and hie '
. friends ol that day, Bel an unconstitu-
, tional, inexpedient and unwise meas. .
. ,
. ure; and it formed one of the great laud. .
i marks, which distinguished the two
, parties.
- i
i The government and people wc re deep t
: IhYa di n I .tittei I be Id. -,
! BfilOiene!ee alb)71 eM: I'll rt ee I I e 71 eh fetr be Uel
1 of a Bank; and under the itilluence of
a this preseure, the friends of the bask
y presented their application and obtained ,
led. deoa lent. irolgitliehet nse Dcri ylcilðhmauatoert dnct erttrneht ef: :wit îtraweal iesti nyddieynlylytii seehladi orneld.si eat 1:01 i oi uotminni eo; ,.
' .
y and signed the bill. The hive'', of the .
- time, proves, that both these charters
r. were procured. during a panic tit be
,.. mo,netary affairs of the couutry; and . ,
:- that fact furniehes a satisfactory (Anion- ,
'e ation of the panics, which have been ' ,,, ,
c created among us since General Jack. ' ,
e son's veto upon the bill rechaitenng
I. the late Batik of the (Jolted Statee. All 1
n experience ehows, that men trepot,teo
- ecrupolous in regard to principie, or so .
d firm in their adherence to its mandate., . '
lb under intenee suffering, ee they ere in , :,-..':
01', the meridian 'Of prosperity; and it is un-' ,', ':: -,,,.f'
ts on Bitch oceasionio,71141 the enentiee- of .,," '1,"' 7 '''''',,r:'r:-
to human liberty meal upoirtkpm - and te,e'4.1.1,--',-,;;r. ' i
ut tort front their distresees, 1 hat 'cl.ek'ioe...:.-''.,16-: "'- "' 'a
n. never be obtained by fair ti d"tho4 g',.';-a :'..",' "-' '''. ' '
he ble means. It remains, ' t v . - ..4:',,:':. -0,-- ' ''-
ed whether the freemen of thi- - ''''"- - ,i0:--er' 0
-4 . - , fl
li i ' :,'
t I , 4., t. . .,13!
1 1 :, '1,, c. .1i, ,
'PI, - - -' 1. '
. r ,. .1
.-t ,- Al
, ,,t ,, ,-.4"Nt....2
' '' ''') ....' '
1 , ..k" .
,;7 ,1". - ' - Al
, ,
1g sand,
' BoundeAttar fret
....,.. .. ' Awayi like fale
I ' 4" Ile dies, and deek
' '
í,r.::, For seine lone,
, ,
4'1 ' While wandering
, , ,., The Arab on tt.
A strange and cos
, Passes the spot
i ,ii ' Who woos the m
Ili ,.
.1 A Moorish chic
The steed ur the 1
The light of lo
In vain, to seek ill
' , ' - O'er fierce sant
4 , - Now, faint and Vil
,!,. .: , ' 'J To find his cite
, , The steed, alone,
IJoy lights the i
i ". . . : .11 ea nude ig !teen o...nbee swi di
. , , .
, , ,,-, - From the i
4, - Death follows in the tN
. ,,:, 'Away the aged, and
1 s111.- , Scarce opal; thir e)e, be
Or smiles the lip, bi
1 i 10 1 Within the vessel,dasl
1 . How many thoughtt
. l!',- i.. crushed ?
1 , , t , - How few then deetni
1 ; ifv- . grave,
'' 4' Where soon.their p
.f. be hushed 1
oi .
' ' l' The eltrieking mother i
,. -The paid maid her
. 4 .:: The tortured youth ye
i . ;,' And men bowed do
tote 1
4; . No help was nigh in t
t:f ,11' ',, Nolifit for them,nor
, p 6 ', But 11E,whose eye be
1 ..., ...-., May still have reset
it ;, i: .:::
1 1 .., , 7
1 i The Kniekerbockei
, ; 1, ta- a reeeet work by 11
'tt, p York, upon the 'Oblii
'' ! ' B bt "We have ar,
,,, ,., ,,, i e.
A1" ,, , ,.
'', Dr dpring, in these pi
1 .
:' the Scriptures are la
. ., .
" 7 titer Known composit,
- '' -- . which constitute the h
1 , ,.. In ite historical, didu
' comparativeleature,
, AI
,,:, . bible is without peer
-' I ,,,' '. the si.cred waitings is
, - "One of the most en
, itievottooal poetry can
l i . . then lies the Bible 'car
i , ry hit regious that a
.', ambition.' It has it
0 ,
vie,' and by the beam
'', , , : ' ty of as cottcoptioos,
., ' try a glow a tend
1.' I '7, : sileglit fur is.4 1Shakso
',,,, , . i ,,, ' Byron. Where is II
., , , ..
l; '; pared with the song o
1" ' 1 Malik with the 11
Ai. : mo.g's lif 'Solomon, ar
j' , ' ' Isaiah? Where is II
i' "' c tinpared with the so
i l a Saul and .10muhal
(! . 3 aitiniahl Waere i
' ' IfrYs;tin6 Itiliteerveisltours'4o6..ral
j,! , filled' on men, fear r
4, ling, whidt made all
, ' t d b r
a emu puss e .ri
', ' ' flesh stood up. It
NI-1st:ern tin.' ti mu thel,
( ,E Po ' .., int, oyes. There Wzi
: 4) .; voico saying, Shall
'' , i' , ' th in God; shall a ni.
: v ó Make? Beheld lie
0: vaiit4, and his angols
' r . Haw much less thin
clay, whose feundat
, --1' 1 . sire crushed berore tl
tl g -' felt the power of poe
11,;; ed the 'deep workii
4 , . observed the elevath
. hilted image with il
'ilil have thought that Ilii
boss of these writer
-, -,- Testament. But lite
ith, than Milton 1 11
titan Dante, is Davi.
i ,'
n I i .i.. ' ( ''t.:: : ..-..- .. ertt.iiiiiiits,inqiii,1).11egile:111.,tienititeillr.t.lisi::1:10'1,:til ytilit,lal:r11;:dniliuoilta:r1,dlisfilniu:s8titivitille:::ovirtiliv:Itiulelllirldgeina.snii.:1(aelv21.ni,,ttie,oy:nftli.
1 What merely humal
I without aii Fortin,
- , i , and the half --trace
, ....and pe,etrating
, '
, .
hold its flights, hot
, ,k - end sweet Pleiadei
. sli Orton, and in its ra
1 lions crying untoth
i 1 , war horse pawing i
, eagle en the crag ol
". vast and minute, dr
ers and proclaims t
' eellent in counsel 5
The style or flehrr
' ' cible and figerative,
4 ? .
- t
, ' s-! . 1 i
, ,
' . .
, )
. . . :
, ,',
,7 i
' i ,
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