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The Ohio Democrat and Dover advertiser. (Canal Dover, Ohio) 1839-1840, February 07, 1840, Image 2

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e - An I if deserted by frienac and over. 'loose, end,tranetereit 'to 'the veUlta of wheatgrowing country- nearest to theme -"e------"- - i
i whelmed by numbers, tve ere ' destined !bees . incorporated money : changers. to them. . , , ' 'FIRE DEMOCRAT '-',I'ItoU.BLE IN VIP WGWANI., e
- i. to fell, we whell be found, sword in hand, The folly, and absurdity of this doctrine It will be seen at once, that every' bet. ------- The Federal Junto at sWeshingtone , i
i , ' edefeadiog the teat ditch, ender, the brood is only &visited by ilto-inipudeure and rel au sin( to merket this winter, will CAN IL DOVER, OHIO. ,
I ,;: .,
banner of Cenetitutional feedon aud ee arrogance tits tuthdre.
6006 by relereivengciselatt
go to make the Tinsel lees to be sent ere irk end suspense to know w he in - to t
1 -. . FRIDAY, FEBUARY 7,1840. be Mr Yen Buren's succeesor in 1311 .,
equality of Nightie , At the present momenethere is en ere in the !ring.
- .Beeeles the Censtitutionel objections troordinary pressure and scarcity I'm. , e A, FARMER, -TIIE VOICE OrrliE COLNTRY. - This eeeme to be a tacit acknowledge- J
i eto a United States Bank, it is too pow- nee,. throughout this country, and it is a Fos Paitainster or Tea (.1. &vats, ment- that they will not be able to pro- 1
, I
'Trill! an institutinn to be tolerated.in it matter of some importance to ascertain 0 frio-LE GISLATURE. raaltErs mictx 131673,71-1T. cure a oucemor for him in HU. By cl
--free country. ells strongest advocates its cause. To those who have reset- Severe! bills of importance have been under, . e
way of inuendo, they ere Binding out ti
. --agree, that- it lots the pewor to break ved to ascribe it entirely to what' the! discussion in the .Senate alining the past week TOR VICK PR ESIDRNT, -
the 7Ameng which we may mention Mr. Famn's
, any, orall the honksen the community; ere pleased to call) war, waged by
ohniltliregulatirig Judicial. proceeffings,whereBanke RICHARD III JOHNSON. letters to all parts of the Union, filled v
Thar It can make ineney plenty or scarce demeoratic party upon the currency and with accounts of the intrigues that are 11
. . . Bankers aro parties. and te prevent the is-
i at it will, thus laming or depressing the credit system, it is treeless to address sue and circulation of post Netes-.the hill- ale TOR G3VMOR, . rife between theeleittle Magician'Ben '
4 -the value of every tnan's proptety; any argament; but to honest inquirers), lowing juries before:Justices or the Peacethe .1;1111TisON SHANNON' ton,-Calhoun, end Buchanan, thinking v
i - whenever it suite its political views, or whose only object is truth, a brief in- bill to authorize the Itolding ot the Special
tth'eurbilitin the several Counties otthis State, by THE ;PROSPECTS OF WAR. thereby to obtain a book whe'reon to e
' its sordid opeceating schemes And yeetigation of this subject may be tree; J ges of the Courts OrCOMMOO PIM. ...-II is pretty generally thought by those hang. their doubts- I
. who presides over this all powerful ma- W. it is amusing to read some ot these
The bill, as it now stands,aetherizes the hold- ,I. is .
, . eechinery? One man; and that man, one ,' In the outset we may remark, that no ing of eight special toren', notexceeding four wo0 ',lieu e tight to know, that unless rhodomentades, and there behold the
' tirely governed by the te ereste a the war hes Wier been weged by our party days each, in all counties of this State, except olome immediate acknowledgement is perplexed and destitute state to which u
Hamilton and Vuyaltega, which are already pro , 0
I i: - sitoolthelders, or by the -ambitious de- against either the currency or the eye
vided for Also, the bill to amend the act reg. made on -the part of Gr-eat Britain, for Federalism ie reduced, Not a visit ti
- Ages of his -.political associates. Who tem of credit. We have waged war a 1
ea -to, Tegulate him? Can the people gainst an emend. irredeemable papee 11 ating Judgments and Executions, by the pro
visions or Which, amirch greater mount of the her armed forces ',now occupving that can be made, a door opened or a Bea.
ver tip't, by any'of our leading men, but .
persona! property of thedebtor is exempt from portion:of territory 'belonging to the
s I ' ' reach him? They have no control over ceitency, and against the abusee of the they arecarefully chronicled as ominous :
seizure for debt, than by the existing laws.
i hint whatever. And, if a bank' were credit sybtem; and we i ttvn I to contine $tate of Woe, in vielation of all fore
. events, end meted as fit food for the -
T e treated, as some have suggested; to be use that war, until we drive them both In the HOUSE, the Report or the maioritY
or the .oemmittee in the 'Lloyd case has .been o
met treaties, the -great -question 'will priastitated and servile presses of Grim s
, ', . reeponsible for Its action to Congress, from the -borders of this free republic.
. the exciting subject or the week. As will be have to be settled -by an appeal to armee visiged Whiggery. How much better t
, and under their eupervision,....wheeloee But that war we boldly avert bee had ity , would they berve the party under whom
. .'aeneghin()ert twicnieel:
e ded br whatever party might be in pow.
1 or, and prostituted to the worst of "pure
1 . pnrc)casegnetnecYmbirlarrreateeidn
contrary, it has eaved it from a tempo
rary bankruptcv d d h
pose's -elo socheme has yet been de- the people to their true interests. If the
c yised by the wit of mom runlet:
which will ran- we profit by the advantages alreedy ty, gave
'-der each ta inatitetion a public blessing. gained, and the information elicited, it ReiN'a
, --without entrusting, so much power to will enable us to recover from our pre
' theee who manage leas to render it dan- sent depression, and to avoid the recur
. eegerees to the liberties of the people.-- rence of similar evils in future.
,J Vie want no such. ''Reguletor" as thie, .. Concluded nezt week. the books of the Messrs. Newtnns were altered
by Llovd.Theretipon, Mr. Jenkins offered a a struggle, even wben convioced of the
I. un dectaring that he w
as not entitled m fallacy
13tire,ur:bigolisi lawtialelPraidc'eurpeidu-i
table. Mr. Ford, on the part of the inineres
notieethat he should submit a counter '
The resoutions of Instruetion have-nisei tin. , and injustice of herclaints.
For a numbs.
been comp y
r of vea-re England hae
arativel a looker on while
her eieter nations have been grasping st.
ter Lmpire, and increasing , their mili
dergene an. anitnated discussion, in which. the ' tary and maratime forces with sucle re-principles
involved have been ably maintained
by the democratic members, and vehemently as
sailed by the fbilentlitits. Several bils of itn oiditet, as to soon rival the once 'rnie
trees of the Ocean.' She meet, Russia violent the present times, and endeave ell
or to-prove Harrison a hero, instead Net -
future. We think the proopects of Fed.- u
' eralism are appalling enough now; I
despised, and spurned by the popular ,.
mindthe finger of . contempt pointing
,at her wherever she-shows her beagard
formyet we see ber minions conetant
' ly feeding her lank JAWS with 'faint tl
I ,. obootesornsee, atbagtretLwpooluildticaiin geotnhdeitciooun.ntryotnotihtse , ings. the majority repott that in their opinion pertly! our government. seer le ,
tney batten, were limy to confine their I
I, nd will mid without
it likely that Engirt y
an the
: , 4 an oeene t e eYes u a seat iti ti writhing under the 'forebodings dare .
P.) e.in a lend of freemen. We Nant no reg penance have beenpassed, among which is nee doily augmenting herself, penetrating Hone, Now hope will -do very well ell
t . ellator.but the conetittition and the laws; From the Massillcn Gazette. ror preventing, by strong rend enaetments, the Cucassia and the 'Porter Provinces,with , r
intermarrian; or the Athena and White races. her eve fixed on the viineoe Enthire ior love to live on, but our. word for't 1.1
pitted, constreed and modified,. by. an FARMERS KEEP YOUR WHEAT. Te leo e . 'e Federalism requires a more powerful e
N 0 1 to repeal the 'plunder act,' so called, she seas let
.enliohtened publio pinion. Give us a Ttiere is evsry probahihly that wheat NA been further discussed, and much 'business ince, in oruer to prevent . i
. , intermit discords at home, trampling stimulant. If old Pareon Miller, in.
stead ofsaying the world would tome
:1 cheap and simple governtneot, equal will command one dollar a bushel next 1 ote. local uature transacted.
Ohio State Buhetin. upon the neck of Mexico, aud the South
elaws, protecting every man in Iiie rights, spring, at the opening of nevigation; to an end in 1843, had satd so of Fed
., American Republics; elle eees America
, -end eecuriog to labor the fruits of its in- nay, more, it can be airtime reduced to eral Whiggery, we should have set him li
LEGISLAI'DitE. smiling in the artna of prosperity, after
scluvry, and we aak no more. We we'll a certainty; that it will be over one dollar
From the State Bulletin. having twice thrOWn back and paral- down as a prophet. Repent ye, ye vag a
no law to maks "the rich richer, and . buhel at that time, here in Masse
it . t attends, for your time ie near at hand.
No business of importance or tleep interest is lysed her OWn iMn hands. She 8008 g
- the peer poorer." Let every man .-bh Ion.
, : :it present before the Legislature. Local matters
the architect of hig OWn fntenes. Blew I will say nothing of the prerrent pros eeenev most ol the attention of botli Houses.. r P
he rovinces on this continent one by
, BLOOD HOUNDS AOAIN--We under. a,
r with Such n country as we inhabit, and pect au bud crop next year. in conse l'he Bill fixing the time of holding Jtirlicial one, ripeningfer revolt, nurturing within stand that some 35 Blood hounds have "
protected by such amild and beneficent (pence of the fly having made its ap- I Cut" arrived at Dog Island, Florida, cotn- c
IMP pass d the House of Representatives, their bosoms the spirit of that dearest
nil is in the Senate. The testimony and dee- right to menSelf government.
government, the great !nese of our cite- pearacce in almost all the wheat grote.
'' ,', :' ii nehts in the Llovd case arc not yet rimed. .
.8he tnanded by Col. Fitz Patrick, (not Kirk
zone cannel fed to become proeporous ingtcountrye hero and all east au there i There will bo a glare up' when that business
P beholds her own rock girt -kingdom l'atrick, gentle reader') all in hue health
I fore thellouse. The hill crcating the They are said to be of a
'-'4 - ,and happy. Are present cauries enoogb to brieg (Tines be
15111.1mlicia Circuls. has receivedthe racked by dissension while the clash and spirits.
tee bestkind, and if put on the right ,
1 -e'During h
t..e existence of the United wheat up to the priceb above named 14th and ing of pikes and bayonets, resound , I.
, go hy, and will deubtless fail. Mr. Jointing through her thresholdsthreatening a tree, will catch any thing, from a See- .
"Stales Bank, it hal the custody of the without antictpaimg bad crops. . '
I knocked it on the head nu Wednesday. ti
public moneys, and owing to the credit First, then, the dent crop last .
Veer 'till creating the offiee of township longer will P -
The s eedv dieriolutioteho avert which, and age Caneibal, down to a -RAT.
, to attract the attention of her-rival she N B If the Typographical elociety, ll
-which wee thus given it, and to the fact, in Canada. I doubtless pass. Petitions begin to come in f r a .
lT, 0
that ita tto es were receivable in payment Wheat le now .SI,25 CO. per bushel new banking system; in iiI of which the dem- has made a descent upon or thritoy. of !hie State will procure a few of thaee
()erotic principles is strong4y urget17--etr.iet ate; All Oregon, and 0" t'. Maine she noble animals, we will volunteer to put r
ofpublic dues, it obtained an almost un, in both the Otunirlits, rind hats been at
c1;o,nitiiitilailintA,,,ity01-cp,ortgv, estr oc.r r i,peit I peilitc,ritrary for a
litnitecl credit with the bueinese men a itile priee there ever since last -ha( veet; hax laid C181111 to, and upon the some them on at least one svelte
i here are !tuitions for a
,, prin I
ci ;le can she claim the old thirteen
Abe community. On the removal of the -.200.000 dollars worth of tient and reeds, britetes, h.r.chelors etas or odd felleWs
-4 , public eepoetteen IS:33. the local banks fleet has alreedy been shipped erom !vellums, o;aireleps, and ffivorees, ad libituin.
' Coloniebt but whether oho will rucceed MASSILLON GAZE17E, c
,,,,:. undertook to- perfom the duties which Clevelatid to Cenada, eince the Iasi There is a lisalieg alainA divorcee, In these in her claim is quite anothe) :thing. In the last number of thie paper, we th
j ehsd previously deveked oil llint ineti harvest, ae much more frorn 1.3uffolo' and vii!il,i"c,1;11'sttli'L":"1),
ilso.riatirld, irfo(rwiengirsilltors .to die- Whet will be the immediate tneasurcs notice a communication, making an es, l
re pursued by our Government, we can basein stab at the character of Mr, Van
lution. Alto schemes appeared to work es much frem Rochesterpobehly as seill'er those who ask releif AIM the aYreitolonscrout..
Well for a while; but in the ,spring of much or more from. Detroitand adri- seientions to risk the clashing of human willi hardly conjecture, but, judgerig from the Buren. Had it came from a citizen of c
' 1337, a general suspension of specie what bas been bent there from smaller diviue law. The good dortrincilint WI toi n late correspondence , between it and the the Cultea Stated, we should be more at c
,,i ftre tree an& equal,' except tke ni.goirSP i3 mein Briefer Minister, we shell not be sure 1;
eberty to comment on It; but, being the
-le ' !etymon) terik place, with many millinns ports, Rtid 'We shall eee that at least one , ,
linen no sin oreasiono 'Di .h tit . prieed tO eee a deeleratton of war, be- effusion don atiLn ae we are told, it ;
ef public-fund:see eel vette) of the ba eke. 'milieu ef dollars worth uf otheat lins ending in tne' ir ini,i'niiier.:3,1anip,oin,toursts Ora
'WHOOP, IMO the brealtreg up a Congreee. How only meritethe silent rebuke of every
k elklhough they had received public mon- been bent to the Canadaa thus far, this which very 1 roperly, ere quictiy referred 'to the
II i ever much a collision to to be deprecae honest cinzen. Yet, we cannot refrain '
tt e eye, either in gold and silver, or its e veer. There is 'redoubt that it tvill take l t
beer, committee heretofore appointed upon Illk
,,.. midi c ."I here will probably be a report from led, we-prefer war to the knifeand from aeking, how it can be poseible that ,
ehs, quivelent, and were bound to pay it rt.- line million more to eupply the Cana. ,
e- net committee, andan mid ur the- inatterat ' the knife to the hilt. raVier than brook a a man who cells himself a Patriot, a , t
e., ver for public perpoees, on demand, the) des, until (met harvest. least we hope so. national insult. Whert 'things have are man too, who has fled from the opprebe t
'Lt, teterlyrefueed to tie 80o and closed 'heti Second . The British eastern pro- Them will proleffily he hnportant matters riv .cl to euch a cribi the bayonet it4 It f B ' h I d f I
te seen o ritie ru ere, an oure prow
. doorestipon the :government. as well tie vinces, Neva &olio, New-Brunswick brought forward soon, of which we shall keep L , .
it ': beet eipiontatist. in the event of a war, lion from our leers, a refine! and a home -
upon private cit zens. President Vim and New;Foundltincl, containtrig Leif a nur reader del ad ised. Theto is' yet mneli es I
,";?.. we ere better prepered than at any for- from our CillZent4, can thus boldly stand t
business to be. done before the sessit,n shall
rt: :Berens with a boldness bnd vaencitt millina inhabitants, raise tio .breridstuffs
which characterizes hirwes ono of tilt of any consequence themselvera, they -
dose. mer period. Our entlitia returns bhow up and in the face of an enlightened c
.,.,., nearly eight riellions of men, find lito community, tell them, theirsioef Mag
..: tnost eminerit steteernan of the age, re always eere dependant on others fot t011 THZ OHIO 'Mint1AT.
r'elf. country le full ofprovisions. We look iterate is a traitor to his country.
.,, once recornmeneed to. Congress to eep- Mem. formerly they e ere supplied front TIE FA It EVE1.1
1' e ith anxiety for tho levee. Such language would make the blood t
e. mate the financial operations ot the gov- England and Cattade, but this year they Farewell said I softly,
-- ernment from all banking institutions, ClinnOt get a berrel of flour fiOln either. She answered farewell, in the veins of every Patriot boil witi. 7
ele GEN. IIARRU.ON The friends
- end tottateblish an Independent Trees- ()eine! to the f,ctircity in both countries. A Tear strutitig slowly, indignation, much less come front b 1
I wat Led itit ibll 1 of this imbecile old man, eince they Patriot hintb011: A PATRIOT! God 1
.S-' . ury, belongmg te ehe General Govern- Third. Tee scarcity of bread-etufle
Hope whispenrd, ee meet again,
t . trent, end under tile sole control of the io leorope. Etery berrel of flew that have discovered Out the people know forbid, that this country bbould ever i
W11 tiwn despitir
17' : people,' through their Repreeentatives ean be boeght for the least lefie undvr Bet eche sa d meet agaie 1 his imbecility, and incapacity to fill any harbor such l'atriolism! i
.,. Again, we are at a loss to imagine
l; 'it end ',Conte:lettered agents. A more plot. eiG in 'any ()four eastern, cities is imme
wise and salutary measure could not diatuly bterght up to situp to nonce ni Wlite, tell tee whole!
, high dike, aro endeavoring to thrust ,
'now it min be pcssible, that the editore
eet Ship siglitd, I responded, hint on community, claiming their oym. c h il
O I.3 ,r, zone, VI whom we 1 I
rave 8 1
' have ernanated from the Executive; and England. New Yolk, Philadelphia ,S,
i,f, All WilE1 I 0 emit end still,
k-, )et, for thisrecornmendation, lie hap- iIi!tiolore, 1-111) I ach nn ao eterage I0,. The moonbeams were steeping potties to effect his election. This re- wayo le terteined a high respect.) would ,
et '
' ' .. met with a violent, uticeasing, and reek- 009eitirele ri wecleand 'pave dt ne se for Dit tower and bill; allude tis of the begger who, not being let Buell language creep into their col ,
The Vespers were stealing umn). Editors ere sometimes compel
: ,,. , less hostility, scarcely pare Wed in tlit, 1 e last three mr.nths, to foreign coon- We to extort alme by his mendicit, i
Lilo ollantsthrocgh the air; , icti to publish ari-les net egrceablee 1
listory of the republic. 'time besides the smaller port ouch
!Unen hat princp!e can the bunk, le Boston, Richmond, Alexandria, Farewell till we nteet itgain,
Evlio, saidwhere et, ?need his sores to the gee of tee
I g to their own feelinge, for ellich tht
-t,' .. ,
t'clem.ano tne custody of the public mon Georgetor a Wilmiegien,4S'e. tire con multitude, hopiog thereby to solicit their public ntind ought to excuse there; but '
Yf ey? -Who aro the banks? Corpora iineally making large shipments. Farewell --years or absence e:. inprithiets Inch however, telly made for pitch language as to embodied in the ,
- g Passed dowly away; I, ein turn from hini in disgubt. 6o. will communication, there is et) etrue be' 1
i tiORP; created by the mates, comisting The extent of titer,e 011pr:tents. which
., , :hill the scenes of our partieg t he well the available Candichoe, as a ignorance. It then it wes (trimmer!
t ,
e', of a few individuals, who have throw!, have alreaty been made, ere mak me Were fiesh as to day. IneCreort he will tear open his own through ignorance, ;hey are excusable.
, A' their money. together, end ' egreed to and will cenenue to be matte, tire fut I netericd to the bower,
sores Arid expose then); but the good It ndmitted otherwitte, they, atoll will.
become motiefiendere,Sor a progt re- beyond anv thing of tile kind tlict hos But found her not there,
tatotleh 11'43 wre ld,' end scouted film
r " ''..ittee,Mute effectually, they obtain it Fourth. 'Frio unvual email bupply ol
I rimed from their borrowers. To do ever triton piece in thie country before.
charier,. allowing them certain evraor- wheat and flour on tile sea board, and in
dinary privileges, . net greeted to ottim the eaetern citime All or nearly ell the
'citizens. They abtained a flAitowi Price Cotter:Is that crepe to hend, hbve . 1 ciled old, where i,s she
And Echo sairl.--;Where 1 -
Farewell said 1 weeping
O'er the twill) where she lay;
l'arewell Hope's young blossom
flow short was you city. sense of the multitude id not eo eaeily .he metier deserve to he s'ittalied netted
stultified. 'Phey ill lower him into 1418 i
guise, veneratitig only his grey hairs, the pale of eociety, i
dy the witherief
et the tame time, ceding the scowl of contempt of every high minded urel pat
moral rebuke on the arrogant and au- rioter American. , ..
dames party who would thee tamper We are among thy loot to ruffle ant
,-'1i credit in community; their. prormeeary this rernmit ageirist fiuto; "auck vital'," SitO ties here said latighing wills aged credulity, and Rieke. hen a persou's feelings, but when such a gla
notea cireelates in place amenity; laws or "market bare," or some such remart:,
7.',1 Sleeping cold 'neath ibis bier, laughing mock for the world, ring outrage hae been committed or
re , ,are paseed to secure them againot cowl- ð-noting that there is no large etock, ol la she here? risked I only,
i -terfeiters, and their private property ie the article on heed in those great ple And Echo s iiri. --Here! morel worth, and titivate virtue, it would
e', e. ::: i ue treaeon to remain silent, and never,
-exempted from the payment of their ces of export, when it iii known teem
Farewell, you shalt tneet spin TR EASURY.One of the greatest 1 while we can actatch a pen shall euch
e'',.;-. -debt& If theyhave one hundred thou- official return that' at least 650.000
..-..., Whispered Hippo in my ear :
-,. sand dollersin moneyethey are permit- barrcle of flour more, have gone enst . leseonaelate, weep not, antipathies fire whigs have ageinst the attacks go unnoticed.
,t,, ted to lend three -hundred thousand in this year than wen( lam year from the reit dry up Oen lest', establislunent of the Independent Treas.
$;:- their uotes,and to receive six per cent great west, The answer i9 ready, it The virtuous meet again,
Though hy death tiveti: I
ury, is because it it) a 'new there. . To the mind filet itt imbued it ith cor
h'',-; upon it; thee realizing eighteen per ee I' has been vett out of the country. From In Ileaven1 said I smiling. Now, that ibis hobby may be forever - .
el. on their money. instead of tee. Thes) the last informer:on I have been able to And Echo saidIIEAVEN I rect princiirles, there hi no nobler int.
14 and other iminunities, one would sup obtain, there bee not been flour enough EDWIN. eet ist rest, and the federal jews shut up pulse, than the love of country. I!, alone
, ,pese might satisfy them, without an at. in the east to supply the wares of the pleasent Valley, Jan. lith, 1840. for once, we quute the following ex- of all the numerous feelings that stir up
rei tempt to seize upon the money of the inhabitants till next sping, even if there tract from the speech of ',Mr Spaulding, the emotions of the sold, remain); una
ee" , people,. to ewe it for purpobes of profit should not be another barrel sent out of GOOD ADVICE TO YOUNG MEN. i t
and speculation.. wl
'- eat greater right 1 the country. But it will go, it must go To the course of nty travele, I have seen ma, I de ivered in the Ohio Legislutute, as dulteratcd, unwerped and unpolluted.
have ebey to met the public fande, than , to eueply all the Webt Indiee, South t et of its anti nit '
ny a promising and floe young man gradually 'a -e cl d' 'rho most pleasing eensation which
- any-individual haal 'Yet they impudent. i America, Mexico, Sec What will tba 'led to dissipation, gambling, and ruin, merely 1 ''.I have thus Mr Speaker, endeave h 'll k T
I ri .6 tee -over' of, hie country. and
ly set up thie pretension; end because 1 eastern people du for flour between now in. rm.
by the want of means to make a solitary evens
leasantly. 1 erirnestl advice an t
, ored to show thut the "Indenendent
l'reartury is by no means 'a new theory I .
' ; swells his heart ' h
wit pride, is the num
the ednainietration refuses to gratify , and the opening of canal navigation, ir
- yortAt lwhoPeptits that abode of pYuriiv, and de!'
broached by Marti "but on
n Van Buren; , 1
. ber of Statesmen, Orators end Patriot
themeehey wage a relentlessavar against 1 they continue to ship it out of the coon., light, his paternal home, to supine a taste for .
' it. Wby do theyemot claim the custo- try (and ship they will) Wily get it reading find writing. At every place where he the contrary, that it is the 'theory of the his country can produce.
may.reside long, either iti England or on the . V lin 'theory' of
-onstitutioni that it was I , .
dy dill the money collected from the front New Orleans and trie Cheetipeake 1 Ifthen, there is any thing that ten
I continent, let him study to make his apartments the immortal Congrees of '76; and I flOW
eople and ;Mid into the State Treasury has been their only reasons in former as attractive and conffirmable as !possibly; ror he I cause the heart of an American to throb
relieve the House from any further tax
Neerby not come to the treasuries of IMO& Flour is now as high in all the vvill find a tittle extraerdinary expense, so be- - - - I elm
Nontici, township tied school die-. ptinnipal ports in the Cheetspeake (with- mowed at the beginning, to be good economy upon thetr time by merely ebottent to , . gra'titude, it iii the number of ehi
at the end:. let hitn read tha best books in the my friend from Chasopeigc, who I ning mars America has struck into be
eeeceeeeneaod the fund); which in 25 cores) as at New York, what pro
etey. . , laneunge of the piece in which he lives, and a- know has a great respect for the Bib'e,' ing, end placed them high in her canopy
etnto these depoeitoriebt bably never occurred belene. 1 lour at .
ont; all let him never retire to rest wi'hout ih.tit ;. ele tee 'deo yl of the holy to radiate and illumine her own enliglit--Ammo
right to the one tie tho time is one dollar a banal higher in! writing a't least a page of thiginal commen'ts on ! - ... -.
1 ened firmentere. With what feelings.
-end upon what prince- New Orleans, than at New York. I what he ItO4 Peen, read, and heard in the day. I aerletutos
r,it the custody of our If, as it would appear from the Newl t, ' u hat emotions, must a republican visit
This habit will teach him to observe end diserim I "And I made trecteurers over toe ; . .
for a man ceases to read with a do-ultory -treasuries, Shelemiah the priest, and '
Veshington, and enter the Senate, and
teooth, that it will be Orleans and other Southern prices, that I inate;
mid wandel ing mind, which is utter waste of zadoe the Scribe end of the Levees there bebold the giant minds concentra
'..e' in the peeves. there can be no considerable quantitiee
ers-1 The same of deur there, then the east must be
from every indie supplied from the interior, this winter !Cm when he knows that an ereothit or all the is
I mrormation which be has gained must be writ. e a--
lien at itight.Clavton d le d 1
81b . aa next to them nee Ilanan
1 ek!!''lieg in Biog. . the eon of &CM. the son of Mattaniaht ted frcm every portion Nile Union, to
discuseJegialate and cement still tight.
er that fair ftbric our c.onstitution I
le contents of hie by Weggone from those parts of the Lean Liberty le totter Ilan let Slavery., for thty were minted FAITHFUL." I Wo have the brightest days of Ore.
, .,
. , .
or ine mammon zenain. men . wnoite
11,13117311,T E1224; liElt1111. cure a nee' eesor for him in HU. BS,
thundered in the Forum or the Vatican,
elocatence is as powerful tie wits ever
way of inuendo, they ere Binding out
(hid ever bedewed Pharsalia1e plaint.,
letters to all parts of the Union, filled whose patriotism gbwis as fierce as any
with accounts of the intrigues that are
or stnod unmoved. at Thermopylte, and
?FOR G3VMOR, . rife between theibittle Magician'ilen '
whose retiown will transcend unblight-virmsoN
SHANNON. , ton,-Calhoun, end Buchanan...thinking
ed down to the darkest peter-ids of future
THE PROSPECTS OF WAR. thereby to obtain a book whereon to
hang their doubts. time. - -
-;:it is pretty generally thought by those
It is amusing to read some ot these
who have a tight to know, that unless rhodomontades, and there behold the Tee Esserics Pe Diccpcv.Once
some immediate acknowledgement is perplexed and destitute state to which upon a time, the 'Decency Whig party
of Cuyahoga county, tient a repreeentaa
made on -the.part of Great Britain, for Federalism is reduced, Not a visit
live to Columbue,named 1V,m B. Lloyo
that can be made, a door opened or a Boas
her armed forces -now occupying This same Vm B. Llloyd,.has exhibet- -
ver tip't, by any 'of our leading men but ,
portion 'of territory belonging to the the a car fu h o I a o '
y re e lly c r me ed a MOODS eu at various littler., peculiar 'traits of
State ef Maiee, in vintation of all fors events, and meted as fit food for the of the party to which he beads the knees
character, all however, characteristic
met treaties, the -great squestion will prOstitated and servile presses of Grim
Ilis 'good risme' having followed- him
have to be settled -by an appeal to emu, visaged Whiggery. How much better
into the legislative ball, caused the Alta
, would they berve the party under whom
on the pert of our government. Nor le , , pointment of a committee to examiue
tee uatten, were they to confine their
it likely that England will yield without i into his internal affairs. They have
visiYon-to the resent times and endeavs
a struggle, even when convioced of the or to. HP done so, REA accordingly reported hins
fallacy and injustice of het-claims. prove moon a hero', Mstead ,cif unworthy to bold a seat in the Ohio Leg
writhing under .the forebodings of the
For a nutnber of yerwre England hae islature, and recommend him to be ex.
future. We think the prospects of Fed.. . ,
been comparatively a looker on, while . pelted. -
eralism are appalling enough now;
her eister nations have been grasping tif So we go, or at least so goes the
despieed, and spurned by the popular
ter Empire, and increasing their mili 'Decency' party. Eternally wrapping
mindthe finger of contempt pointing
tary and maratime forces with such- ra- themselves ill decency's garb, and yet
at her wherever she-shows her hairaard
pidiv, as to soon rival the once 'mis- ' . . for their Legislators, choose the basest
formyet we see ber minions constant
trees of the Ocean.' She meet, Russia, ol mificreants. At Washington, they
, ly feeding her lank JAWS with 'faint
daily augmenting herself, penotiating Hope. Now hope will clo very well have Graves and Wise, at Harrisburg,
Circassia and the rartar Provinces,with Stevens and Penrose, at Columbus,
for love to 'live on, but our. word for't
her eye fixed on the 'Chinese Empire. Wm 13 Lloyd, and down below s Old
Federalism requires a more powerful
She sees Fiance, in order to prevent Nick hiniselt, .
stimulant. If old Pareon Miller, in.. 1.
intermit discords at home, trampling ----- - --- -
stead of saying the world would tome AN INCIDENT. '
upon the neck of Mexice, aud the South
to an end in 1813, had said so of Fed
American Republics; elle eees America Wending our way to the post office,
eral Whiggery, we should have set him
smiling in the arms of prosperity, after the other day we espied . at a distance
down as a prophet. Repent ve ye sag
having twice thrown back aud petal- , . 1 . . a steuneh disciple of 'Hard fisted' whig
bonds, tor your time to near at IIDOCI
lysed her own imn .hands. She seee a gery, boldly advancing towerds usoviin
her provinces on this continent one by
, BLOOD HOUNDS ADAIN--We under. a face on BS long as a hoot jock. As
one, ripeningfer revolt, nurturing within stand that some 35 Blood hounds have he came up we tip't oqr Beaver and ac.
their bosoms the spirit of that dearest arrived at Dog Island, Florida, cotn- costed him: ,
right to menSelf government. She tnanded by Col. Fitz Patrick, (not Kirk Well friend, what's the latest newe I
beholds) her own rock girt kingdom Patrick, gentle reader') all in fine health "News 1 Dreet ye te'k erne of
racked by dissensions, while the clash and spirits. They are said to be of new! You've ruined the country, set
ing of pikes and bayonets, tesound , k
toe besticind, and if put on the right at naught tile Broad Seal of my native
through her thresholdsthreatening a trail, will catch any thing, from a Sae- State, are ahout passing the Sub Trims
speedy dieeolution,.to avert which, and age Caneibal, down to a RA1'. , tiry, and broke up all the batiks. Tome
to attract the attention of her rivale, bile N B. If the Typographical ,society, hail been, when I could get any amount
has made a descent upon our thritoy of !hie State will procure a few of therm of money I wanted. Now 1 c00 hot
All Oregon, end WI a Maine she noble animals, we will volunteer to put row a d d cent. Xeme el! i Dive
has laid ClOilli to, and upon the enme i
toem on at least one srail. - ask me for n-e-w-s l' and suiting .11104,
principle can she claiin the old thirteen action to the word, he made a pess et
Colonies; but whether ehe will succeed MASSILLON li A ZErr E, our humble body with his foot; but we
in her claim is quite anothes . -thing. In the last number of thie paper, we avoided the coneussion and sent on to
What will be the unmediste tneasurcs notice a communication, making an es, the poet office. ,
puraued by our Government, we can sasain stab at the character of Mr, Van
The lollowing toasts were givuli at the Dutra
hardly conjecture, but, judgieg from the Buren. Had it came ftom a citizen of
ratio celebration on the 8th of January at
late correspondence , between it and the the Uuites Stalest. we should be more at
I "I I) 011'0 ta7
, co um us, i . . e merely insert them to
British Minister, we shell not be . sur- liberty to comment on it; but, being the
I show the interest felt among our fair Buckeye
prised to est, a decleration of war, be- effusion don atiLn as we are told, it . 1
Daughters, in the (be and principles advocnt.
fine the breakipg up of Vongrese. How only meritethe silent rebuke of every
ed by the Grew Derneerstio try of Ohio.
ever tnuch a collision ie to be deprocas honest cinzen. Yet, we cannot refrain n
led, we -prefer war to the knifeand ft0111 asking, how it can be postrible that rigY ani'l flat. oceTilreevDSTa'c)rantb 1)1flie?11i:171min fY
the knife to the hill. raVier than brook a a man who calls himself& Patriot, a i the inue' stPeedityParrive wherigtlitir ctelebreti
national insult. When things have ars MBD too, who has fled from the oppress may I,
not .-e corihned to sex.
rived to such a crisis. the bayonet is the sum of British lettere, and found protec- By a Lady. The Democrats the world ovor
hest siiplonittrist. in the event of a war, tion from our leers, a refuge, and a home Their integrity of principe will prove a bill.
we fire better relived than at any for- from our CiliZellt,, can thus boldly stand tvtirk snore fortilida:ile to federelism thstil did the
cotton bales to the British at New Orleans.
mer period. Our militia returns show up and in the face of an enhgleened . .
nearly eight rinitions of men, find ths community, tell them, their.chief Mag.. CONGRESS.
country le full of provisions. We look ietrate is a traitor to. his country. Very little business of importune' e has been
eith anxiety for tho ibeue. Such language would make the blood transacted by tidier Moe as yet; - The SuIN
in the seine of every Patriot boil wiii. Treasury bill. as proposed by Mr. Night ol. N
GEN. 11;1111thr-SON The friends
- indignation, touch less come front b York, filially passed the Senate on Thursday
of this imbecile old man, eince they Planet hiMb011: A PA'rRIOT I God last. bv a votc ol' '24 to IS. The bill will curtails
tan fame, eed' Roman glory, limier!
town to us. by poets, pitilemphers and :
iistorians, in the persons of &len, arid
Demosthenes. Cicero. and Cato; yet
lion they in these times, give
ay to the names of Calhoun, Bellow..
Buchanen ,Allen, Walker snd Wright
of the American Senate.. Alen , whose
elociuence is as powerful me wits ever
thundered in the Forum or the Vatican,
whose patriotism gbwis as fierce as any'
ihst ever bedewed Pharsalia'e plains,
or stmod unmoved at Thermopylle, and
whose retiown will transcend unblight
ed down to tbe darkest made of future
time. -
upon a time, the 'Decenc)' Whig periv
of Cuyahoga county. sent a repreeenta..
live to Columbus,named W,m B. Lloye.
This same Vm B. exhibets -
ed at various tittles, peculiar 'traits of ,
character, all however, characteristic
of the party to which he bends the knee. ;
Hie 'good name' having followed him ,
into the legislative ball, caused the aps
pointment of a committee to examine
into his internal affairs. They have
done so, arid accordingly reported hins ,l
unworthy to bold a seat in the Ohio Leg
islature, and recommend him to be ex.
So we go, ot at least so goes the
'Decency' party. Eternally wrapping
themselves iu decency's garb, and yet
for their Legislators, choose the basest 's
ol mocreants. At Washington, they
have Graves and Wise, at Harrisburg, .
Stevens and Penrose, at Columbus, ,
Wm 13 Lloyd, and down below p Old
Nick hiniselt,
Treasury bill, as proposed by Alr. Night of N
York, finally passed the Senate on Thursday
last, hy a vote of '24 to IS. The bill will curtails ,
ly pass in the House id Representatives, there
being a majority of eight or tom in its favor. Ity
our eat accounts from Washington, the Senate
t as enzaged in discussing Ft to eppoint a
board of Comniisqioners o Pi v ite clam: be
object of the bill is to a board for the -
adjudication of private claims. It is thought,in ,
casa this !nil passes, that it will be the means or
faeihtating the business of House in au t mi..
nent degree. ,
the Howe or Represent; fives, on iiitLy
last. a violent personal conitroversy took pun a
between Messrs. Bynum of Norih Carolina,anð
Peck of Now Yolk. It appears that 3Ir 13: num
was engaged it: makilig a speeeti snip. ,
ject of Alr 'Iltomption's Abolition re4olty.ions,
and, in the course of ids remirks, Nieto it ilie
Muse to I erten' declarations mane by Air Peek.
at ti e tune the tile was idnitits to he taken tot
laving Air Colu'e resolution on ðie ,Iple. 'Now
come tip, 3 ou Southern 'laves, mid ellow yours
wus the language attrihuted to Ali-Perk,
by Mr 113 mini.
Mr Peek here intern, tett the gentleman front
North CerMina, and slated flint it' he intended
conviy the idea thitt be (Peck) was an Abol
itionist, it Wit8 net iroe
Mr Bynum reptied that all the gentleman's
spceohes end votes were given in favor of Abi.
linen; tliat he believed him to be elle: nnð tbut
he would venture to say there were not telt
Jnetnbers in the House who were not of the
same opinion.
Air Peck again interrupted Mr Bynutn. end
said it WTIS not true that he was an Abolitionist.
Mr Bynum then said, that the gentleman was
tiblackauald and it scomidrel.
Alr l'honipson here rese,and called upon the
House to sustain its dignity by preventing the
gentleman from North Carolina proceeding. uns
til the House had taken some order on the subs
ject. ,
Mr B3 num then elated to the House. dial uns
der excitement he used language which WM
linrshs nod unstilted to the Howe ; but that lio
was driven to it by the outrage, us crid wantetx
' insult elliired hitn by the gentleman front Now
Air Thompson was not matisfied with the ex.
planation, and insisted on Alr Bynum withs
dravving the language lie had used.
Messiowilditisen, Petriltin and others. at this
l stem) or the nffitir, rose and stated, that in their
, Air Bynum had made every ecknowls
edizeinent that could be required of him under
ex'sting circumstances; and moved that Mr Peck
' be required to withdraw the insulting language
which had called it forth.
Mr. Peek said that if the House would deters
t mine that his langunge was treasive he wouhl
and leave t' wet before Isa
!low the difficulty will eventally settted,
) are not ehle to say; but so far as the Mouse
, is concerned, we have.ainee learned that the af
Es4 WaS Oilier!, and M Byenin wits permittes!
to troceed with his speeelt.ellagerttoWn' Detlet
czat, . -
- owt
.4 ,
l 7
, ,

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