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C II. MITCIIENER.Eorroft & Paornivriqt.
By In J. Peabody, Eq.
Our countryl'tis a glorious land
With bread arms stretched froln shore to shore.
The proud raciaic chafes her:strand,
She hears the dark Atlantic roar;
And nurtured on her ample breast.
How many a goodly prospectlies
In Nature's wildest grandeur drest,
Enamelled with her loveliest dyes.
Rich prairies, deck'd with flowers of gold,
Like sunlit oceans roll afar:
Broad lakes her azure heavens behold,
Reflecting clear each trembling star,
And mighty rivers, mountain born,
Go !sweeping onward. dark and deep,
Through toasts where the bo-unding fawn
Beneath their sheltering branches leap.
Theis wanderers from afar may come,
And breathe the air of liberty !
Mill may her flowers untrammelled spring,
Her harvests wave, her cities rise;
And yet till Time shall fold his wing,
Remain Earth's lovenest paradise I
110PE.--We cut the following beautiful and
graphic deseription of hope and its uses from
the Detroit Spirit of '76
Hope is the great mainspring of virtue. It
gives action to all animste esistence. it is the
bread which feeds ambitionthe incentive to
perseverance, the compeer to virtue. the shield
to christianity, and the only solace to death. If
It is blighted, the pilgrimage of life is like a
troubled sea we float clown its dark stream
like the loot mariner on tho hillowy deck. Aided
by ite beams, the immortal mind looke,beyond
time and anticipates the beauty of another and
Itappier existence. The beauty ofthe rainbow
vanishes in the storm, the meteor's flush hi but
a moment; the glittering gems of heaven will
one day go out; the sun himself be extinguish.
od, but the star Mope shines beauteous for
staasmitatiatosrr csgzza
(From the Baltimore Argus.)
Previous to the late election, our ears were
constantly saluted with the promises and pled.
ges of what the Whigs were going to do if
they elected Gen. Ilarrisoni Now forsooth, we
bear nnt a word about the 'flowing of milk and
honey," which would follow a change in the
Administration. Probably they 'proceed upon
tile principie, 'that promises are cheap and cost
nothing,' as !sir. Webster says; and justly con
eluding diet as they were made only to deceive
the people and 'bough 'em all round with ire.
emus appearances,' it now matters but little
whether the people are satisfied or not. But
they are not so easily put off. If the streets are
to flow with mifit and honey, they want to see
the stream, and seeing it, they vill want the
spoon to eat it with. Likely enough the people
have begun to think with Gen. Hsrnson, that
Ithe man who makes a pledge before election
will be sure to break it afterwards,' for surely
o n far as his party and their pledges are concern
this is confirmed by daily experience. Ev
ery Democrat should bear these pledges irhtund,
every man who wanted a 'change," and voted
with a view of bettering thinge, should remem
ber the promises, and tho Whigs should be con
stantly kept in mind in reference to the matter:
in a word, it should be "kept before the peo
ple,' so that they may observe the first step to.
wards their fullihnent, or their violation. What
have they proini4ed ? What have they NOT
promised Who can tell I Why, one thine
they have 'promised, to make money plenty er.
ery viler, without any regard to eiretunstan.
ces. They have promised that the expenses of
the National itovernment shall not exceed $10,
000,000 a year. They have promised to con,
duct the government free from any considera
not squander or plunder the monies of the No.
pie. These things nre known, and th are al
familiar ns the alphabet with the people. They
have knee reiterated from a thousand tongues,
end yet already in the flush of victory, they ere
disclosing principles they disclaimed throughout
the contest. They hnve such convenient mem
ories, they have forgotten every thing. But the
people will remember The people will de
mond a fulfilment of their promises. We must
have plenty of every thingevery man must be
made richevery man must have his interests
gratified, and if this should not be, why then
(From the N. Orierlits I melligencer.).
The Important result' which will be cense
And cradled 'mid her clustering hills,
quent upon the creation of a national Bank are
Sweet vales in dreamlike beauty hide,
varied and intereeting in the extreme, both in a
'Where love the air with music fills,
And calm content and peace abide: political and fiscal point of view.
For plenty hers her fulness pours, As we have already stated, the capital of such
In rich profusion o'er the land, zn institution. we presume will not be fixed at
And, sent to seize her generous stores.
less than Fitly millions. The amount of cap.
There prowls no tyrant's hireling band.
ital, however, will be No importance in the
Great God I we thank thae ft"' tills- itsms consideration (Sits constitutionality. for Wit is
This bounteous birthland or the free: 1
I constitutional at all to create a National Bank,
..... Go.. I...a in...
i One with a capitel of three or five hundred mil. I
lions may be incorporated with as much propri
1 i ety as with that of three or five thousand; but,
assuming the amount of fitly millious ts the min
I imum,for which the Federal party will contend
and that is a tremenduous amount to be wiel
ded by irresponsible and self interested agentsj
it is not reasonable to grippes that the friends
or constitutional right, equality and liberty, al.
though they may be in the minority, will quietly
look on and ace this gigantic power built up &
fastened upon the government in defiance of all
constitutional barriers, without a struggle. No,
noif such be neW the hopes of Federalism,
they will be vain indeed. Democracy is not
yet extinguished, and, though its opponents
may aired to consider it as dead, they will find
it even "powerful in death." Even an attempt,
then, to create such a power may be ettended
with consequences we would gladly avert, and
1 we warn its friends beforehand. Whenever
such an attempt shall be made, it will be met at
r the threshold with an opposition so decisive in
its character, and firmin its purposes es pry
' lead on to the creation of an excitement which
, it would be as difficult to allay as it wonld be
to stay the impetuous fury of a tornado with a
oarricade otreathe re. If, tiien,the bare attempt
3 to incorporate a great monied power be sufficient
' to create aoprehension and alarm of so serious a
nature, what may reasonably he supposed to be
the results, should the Federal party, intoxicaled
with victory, and wild with overwhelming pow
3 er, madly r ush onward in their unhallowed per
3 po es, and rear this tyrannical monster over the
it liberties of the people.
. i
thins oro party character. Their President too ' and then to look to the merest chapter or acci
has promised that he will not suffer any offirmr I dents, for the gratification of his own ambition.
of the General Government under him, to in. I Can any observer mistake the designs of the
high contracting parties ? The daring spirit of
teem in elections, any further than to give his
Henry Clay wIll rule the councils of the next
vote. The clamors they made eller Ogle,' kitch
Administration. Ile will lord it over both liar
en and chamber excursions, have pledged them
rison and Webster. lie understands thoroughly
to make no appropriations for the President's
the character of both his allies. Ile knows
house; it must be fitted up with the commonest
i how to play upon the ruling passion of the
binge, to comport with the bRck woods man's
'Ion cabin.' ThAv se.. 1.1,,,m1 tn ,rnt..., .nd in 1 President Elect, the vanity which seeks its grat
of the General Government under him, to in. I can any observer mistake the designs of the I . ...
high contracting parties I The daring spirit of
teem in elections, any further than to give his in ono chess.
lienry Clay wIll rule the councils of the next (From the N. Y. Journal of Conitnerce.)
vote. The clamors they made afier Ogle,' kitch
Administration. Ile will lord it over both liar THE U. S. DANK STATEMENT.
en and chamber excursions, have pledged them In tile present posture of our currency it is of
rison and Webster. lie understands thoroughly
to make no appropriations for the President's
haracter of both his allies. Ile knows great importance that the real condition Nile
house; it must be fitted up with the commonest the c
Bank of the U. S. should Le correctly under.
i how to play upon the ruling passion of the
binge, to comport with the bRck woods man's
stood. The exposition or its affairs as published
'log cabin.' They are pledged to put.an end to 1 President Elect, the vanity which seeks its grat 1
ification in public eclatand he equally under , by Jaudon in London, throws a good deal of
the Florida war, at least to expend no consid 1 I
light on the subject, though not so much as the
arable amount of money in its prosecution. i stands the key to Mr Webster's heart. General 1
ublic would like to have, nor as tho exigency
Ilarrison has already recognised his pretensions P
They are pledged to devote the sales atilt) pub I
Ito the Presidency and in the very face of his seemed to demand. The fact that this statement
lic land' to internal improvementr. They are I repreqents the Bank aq possessing its capital en
pillaged to distribute the same money own pledges, has come forward at Versailles to
among the i I tire and a surplus of over three millions, while
people of the several State& And 1,1,,t th 1 ' select him, in a manner not to be mistaken, for
1 at the same time the stock is allowed to dell in
oug i 1
nOt least, they are pledged to be honest, and the line dills aucceseion. I niarltut at two thirds Wits par value, has caused
IFf0111 the Richtnond Va. Eng.)
Gen. Harrison is, of course the President.
But there is a power behind the throws greater
than the throne itself. Mr. Clay is the Heir
Apparent. He is to be the leader of the neW
administration. Mr, Webster goes into the De.
pertinent of State, with the consent oral under
the auspices of Mr. Clay, The ladle jealousies
and heart-burning,' which have prevailed be.
tween these two ambitious aspirants, are to be
huriedand the genius of Webster, which has
always fell rebuked in the presence of Clay's su
perior energies, is to be directed for the advance
ment ofhis rival. Gen. Harrison retires at the
end of four years. Mr, Clay is to become the
candidate of the Federal peril. Mr Webster
gives wny, for the present, with the hope of
ogee ceding Mr. Clay. The one goes into the
Cabinet and will attempt to promote his own e.
lectiom by hilvocating the pretensions of Mr.
City. Mr C. !mains in the Senate, itt order to
superviie the Administration, to control both
Howes of Contress, and to shape the appoint
ments through the Senate. Even Mr. Rives.who
has so absurdly sacrifiled his bright prospects
to his uncontrollable passions, will be compel.
led to give way to Messrs. Clay and Webster,
" trhi patria.-- accrao;---- WitYKE LIPERTY nwp:LL.", THERE is my cotTwrit Y."
Nor is it scarcely pu.sibits to ill116.1,i1:0 Spir.
it iii which tile Government is to be witninistcr
NI. It will be dyed dee:, in Federati.m. Messrs
'Clay end WAster give,a tone to the whole
machine. The restraints which have been im
posed by the strict construction of the constitu.
tion, are to be superseded. Powers aro, to be
esetcised, whicie were never intended to be
confered by its framers. The Independent
Treasury is to be abolislied,only for the purpose
of throwing the fiscal agency into the hands of
the Pennoylvania Bank of the United States- -
which is hereafter to receive a National charter,
or to prepare tile way for the establishment of a
National Bank. with larger capital and of ion.,
ger duration. The mvstery which envelopes
MY Clay, for the present, will be dissipated in
due season. The time is coming, when he will
not repent. as Le raid the other dny in the Sen.
ate Chember, upon being asked what substitute
he would propose, for the Independent Treasu,
ry, that "Sufficient unto the day is the evil
thereof." lie will 80113110w his hand, and
boldly play the game. Mime visit to N. Y.
and Philadelphia, may have prepared the way
for his arrangements. They will be developed
in due time. The leaders of the Administration
again 'moire too potion, in consequence i mu
will also ntlempt to distribute tha proceeds of 1 name --virtoulm KIP, UT 1111,ril 1 0.1,3 ic
the Public Lando, and to raise the Tariff: The cifthe arfest cf Mr' McLeod charged forwerd on behalf of Alexander Mc.. n,
CHANGE which Mr Webster threatened, and 1 with having been concerned in it, and Lood, the late Deputy Sheriff of Ntag. 0
! whose release the Britiali government ara district in Upper Canada, a man ar- ti
the REFORMS which Mr Clay promised, are through Mr. Fox has demanded, we rested and imprisoned by the authorities v
calculated to sweep away all the testrictions feel disposed to niake a few remarks of Lockport, N. Y. on a charge of mur
which Gen. Jackson itfiSiSted tO produce. There i which we conceive germain to the mat- der and arson and distinctly recogeteed B
is too much reason to anticipate that the iron ter. This outrage, it will be recollected, by two American cilizene, as having t,
age of,the Federal Dynasties of the two Adam. took place on the night of the 29th Dee been actively engaged in the outreae
cember ISM The eteamboat Caroline npon the Caroline, and intrieta upon hie 1'
sea may benne npted to be brought back upon ti
wee lying at the wharf at Schloseer, N. cnconditional liberation! The British
us. York, in peace and quietnes. She watt ntinieter would make the whole matter g
From such a combination of factious elements an American boat, Wag owned, and man one of diplomatic discussion between 1
who can expect any good fruit! Grapesdo not aged by American citizens, and carried the two governments. in which case pro I
grow upon thoros, nor figs upon thistles. The an American flag. She had been em- bably be atoned for at the day of jtiag. r
! ployed during the day as a ferry-boat, ment and not only talks of the "nere sb, c
water appears to be poisoned at the fountain
, by ber proprietor, a citizen of Buffet, ly" of releasing M:Leod immediately i
heap. Who can rationally expect it to run and had carried men, who from motives a threat that is too deepicable for no. 1
pure in its channel t of curiosity or busineee, had chosen to licebut recommends the "taking such i
At all events, under every aspect of the man, vigil the adjacent island. Her crew eteps am may be requisite for preventing i
it becomes nem stand to our arms. Should were asleep after the toils of the dny, others of her Majesty's aubjecia from i
end leveret strangers too who tied being pereectited or molested in the U. i
Cen. Harrison, against all ratinnal probability, -
sought a refuge on board of her from the Steles in a similar manner in future " i
administer the Government upon better princi. inclemency of the weather, were repel. This ie the usual comma of the Brateli 1
plOP, than we have any reasons to expect, our ing peaceably on board, thanking Heav government. They first send a body ot
organizatien will do no mischief: Bill 60111(1 it en pri bably for the hospitality exten- British soldiers into our territory in 0 ,
tied to .them. About midnight Immo time of peace, murder out citizena,
realize all the ream which it is,impossible not to
filled with armed men left the British "the. burn, ond destroy their proper! v.
entertain, then do we stand ready tr) meet the ,
snore, an wit mu Ale Imre approach
d h t'. d
- ..
invaders at the very breach. We must then fly and then boldly declare it an ,iiiiteward
od the devoted vessel. The watch on effeir, as they did the Battle of Naver
our nag, and maintain our principles. Men board saw them, but he could have had tno, profess a stillingnese In submit it
may err and deceive es; but minciples are no idea of the destruction intended. to 'discostoion' and tustat upon our free
The boat had been engaged in a harm. ing from ponishinent the Mover who ac
eternal. lese trade, and anticipating none, was compliehed it, when we catch them with
(From the N. Y. Herald.) totally unprepared for a murderous at. in our bordere. iliatory isi full of such
THE U. S. BANK. tack. In a moment after, British t ffi tuntowerti' events on the part of that
The United States thmk,iike any other knave cent, and British soldiers, spr ling upon l'aiibleart end hypocritical nation. It is
who will not pay his debts, exeept on coinpuls her deck, mid mocking nt the flog of their common practice to stimtnerily re
sion, has bonifitted by tho dopieciation id its our country, end despising its boast (it tress; whnt they conceive to be a wrolig.
protection, commenced with ineatiate and afterwards,ehoelte d lit the palpable
paper, and the continuance of non-resumption,
grediness tho work of death. The eke. infring,nent of the law of netions and
probably several millions, which may he liken,
cers aroused f,OTO their beds by the of humanity, of which thew le,tve been
ed to so notch black mail fiem the public 11. ts' Imre fire of pistol, the clangor el milty, to be willing to rethink their Olin.
eustomere mid all those connected with its tiler. saioraa, the oaths and imprecations et idet to diplomatic 6diectissionr Will
els and its destiny, have reaped similar advan. the assnilants, and the horrid cry ae 'discussion' bring to life. the murderer'
, tages and their quotas of black.mail. It is not they butchered the Americans, of "give deadl Will Idiseuesion' realer the bur
the du rebels no Amulet l'' They ning 'pastel to her owner', Will 6discus
to be supposed that these institutions would au
rushed on deck, and a fearful picture Pion' atone tor the outrage epee our ne
soolt forget !huh plundating pr0109Siqeg DS tu
resume, merely to restore the currency, and to presented itsed'. MI was canftlsinn, tional dignity,or heal the feetering wound
terror and bloodehed. Ono A tnerican upon our 'Winne! honori
' serve the public, white they lutvc to sustain pos a Mr. Burfee had reached tho WOOlf in It Impetus that Mr. McLeod was RT.
. it ive losses by the operation. There is some Rarely, in his flight, for like hi fellon a, rested on the 12th ult. thet after the ex
eet in view. The laws of Fennsylva. he was Mien); unarmed, when n bitilet aminntien of wittiesses he was finally
' oilier obj
pierced his brain, and with a keit and committed for trial i n the 1Stb, and
' Ma, and the :opinion of the Governor, ms be
' referred to as the coercive means of n'relunips a groon of agony, he fell and expired. placed in confinement in theinil at Lock
. lion. bet we know too well how a large how many weic thus inhumanly hutch port, aweiting the assize'', which will
ered, the records of eternity alone ean be held there ia Febritery ilex,. Mr. For
I bank, or combination orbsilks, can wield Gov. show. Snme were uble to drae them sylli, in reply to Mr. Fox, remarks yes),
enters and Legislatures to their will, as gam, Beim., wounded end mutilated, to e pr peril. that the case doeti no! present
biers do their cards, to believe that they could place of safety. One, a citizen of Buffo, nn occasion in which. ender the coo
t not infuse such a spirit as they choose into the to whose only crime wee that he had etitution and laws of the Mien it would
ellept that night On board the Cerolipe, be proper for the Federill gnvorment to ,
i Councils atilt) state. wart found dead upon the shore and it is intetpotte; that it wee committed within'
3 Such being the naked &death case, strip. eonjectured that several met their doorn the Stale of New York, and comes
in a still tnore ternffc way, by remaining clearly within the competency of its tri
r pod ofbombast and verbiage; there min be no
doubt but a portion of the monied interests of concealed on board the boat during the tweets. Thie is true independence. If
, out iargc Atlantrc cities are at thts moment or
i i masstIcre. The British boast that in McLeod be guilty, let him suffer the
this valorous attack upon bleeping end penalties of the lawe of that land whose
!ganizing means to operate iti some shape up unturned men. they elew mix or meet I peace he hes violated; if be be innocent,
r power 011 the ath of March nextand also u s
' ion the new Adinimatration , when Renews into So be it. They are welcome to the glo he will doubtlees be acqu'r.ted. The
ryand we hope our citizens will never blood of the moldered etill cries for ven
t on the next Congre.e, which may meet in Sep.
P forget it I The ecene did not end here: go nee, end ia it to be silenced by ti
"When the boat'a crew were all eece- piece of diplonititic eophistry on the part
teenier next. Coalitions and combinations are ped oi murderedor perchance conceal of a tieticherous monarch and her cm(-
devetopeing themselves among those financial ed in her, die was cut loose, towed intn 1y adv sers 1 F,.rbid it Heaven I Our
interests that heretofore were rivals, end bitterly the teream and set or, fire, and a signal worthy President maintains that there
opposed to each other. Whet shape they may light woo seen on the Britrsh bh0.0 In is no principle of inlernational law, or
gutde the bottle on their return' frorn indeed of reeeon or justice, which enti.
.. take, beers a few months have elapsed, it is as their expedition. The ecene now be- tlee ench nffenders to impunity before
difficult to tell, as to predict the onward drapery came one of nwful sbblimity. The Ca-1 the legal tribunele, when coming vol
. of a alckpochot after lie has plundered enough roline was in &MOP, and the resistleee i unteri'y with their independent and urn
s f
flood was beariog her On toward the doubted jurisdiction, and we honor him
22-- - -
tMer,IMP,...lba,,,,110,14COVW.MerN,MIPPRINEUICM11.0.. ,,,it..1,1,:AMatiefeM.VVVIONIWOOfinire
SOM3 persons to conclude Mat thel who knew DESCRIPTION OP A GOOD
amid tha flame'sand of death shrieks, l
themoat &wed the matter, know Ilia statement that "so !,1,,,,n ,thd p.,,,cing ,ji,,., the WIFE. .
to be fallacy-mt. noiee of the melting wstere. Still she She hadn't no ear for ',mode. E'am,
Mere tollows a review of the mots and lito,
Wide's, which 'eking the most favorable view rushed on, and still the SCC110 inereas I but she hed a capital eye jot Orrt. and
ed in grandeur until her burning timbers fur pour folio, that's much better. Ata
or, leaves 4 deficiency r many minions, atter were extinguished in the flood, and 8 one never been es much dirt to my hews
wiirph, the Journal sitys:) few blackened freornenta, thrown upon ea a fly couldn't brush off with bit Wing.
Under these eirjuinstancos. the efrort on the the ehere, were all Ihnt remained of the Haatiii gals may boast of their spinet:At;
part film bank titi resume specie payments and Caroline." Amidst the horrid grandeur and their gytars, and their sys-tatian
On tha partordie ether Philadelphia banks to of this Beene, a ehout of triumph from airs, And their ears or musiebut give
assist in doing sole preposterous. The Bank the other eliore snnounced the return of me the gal. I say that has an eye for
cannot continue to'pay specie nor to pay at all, the toidolght murderer& They lied with dirt, for she's the gal for my my .111000
and it is ashame tbat the currency and buaineos them two boys as prisoners! ev." , FAM SLICK
.. 0
Nit country shoeld he again agitated and put This, reailer, is 8 true picture of the
(From the G lobo. )
in jeopardy fur Ps eake. The proper cense is "burning of the Caroline.," an outrage
liquidation. Justlee to its stockholders and the upon our national honor, end an insult
publia demand Pit it should make no more sacs Every appearance indicatee th-,t the Cqvt,tr
to our national leg, to say nothing of
meet ditto U. Stated, outlet the new redaral
1:i4ces to keep trp appearances, the heinous violation nf individual rights
dynasty, will be modulleil in all, tiiipet:ts ii;ier
(From the Spirit of the Times end the assassination et our peaceful &
. that of England, whale the manual) is a nipre
) Innocent citizens, which, to 1180 thc !an
THE CASE OF McLEOD, AND gunge ore rePOltaiOn Or a meeting of the Pup petequally 811(1V0 11111 rilionsibility orð,,ivg
THE BURNING OF THE STEAM citizens of Buffalo on the occasion, has wrong, end befow the Mitigation of (Wag right.
BOAT CAROLINE. "neither been atoned for, avenged no. In a hereditary monarchy, where the 4e4tinie,
We mentioned yesterday the admias forgotten! Nay, further, the miscre- of the people are comatitti d to the mere aceidet t
sion by Mr. Fox. the British Minister, ante clothed in British authority who of birth. thin shifting of all responsibility from
in one of hie letters to the Secretary of were most conspicuous in this infamous the shudders ofthe pageant who avows the
State, that the burning of the Caroline affair, instead of being suitebly punished throne, to the ministers who at:minister his pow.
' was the "act of persona in her Majee- for their inhuman. and dastardly coneuel er, is perhaps the safest mode Or guarding n.
ty's service, obeying the orders of their have been absolutely rewarded and pro gainst the prohaiddity ofhaving a faol or a mad.
superior authorities," and as the whole moted, by their government for tbe zeal, man fur a soveteign The substitution of tha
ministry vs a shield to the king, is therefore a
of that outrage will probably come up end alacrity they exhibited! Even now
mewnre oftvise precaution in It Iteredilery MM.
, again before the public, in consequence; the same olvirtuons" government steps
arch), where the people cannot rid theniselvvs
I of the arrest of Mr, McLeod charged Eorward on behalf of Alexander Mc
of a revel eign except bY submitting to a revolti
(tun, accoinpaniti by all the horrors of a civil
But in a free Government. Where the Chief
Magistinte is the choice ante people, he ote;lit
to be directly amenable to them for his ',Heel.
pies and conduct. The people are not to Ionic
to his minieterist they hold Min directly rind per
reeponeible for his OWn Adminis4i oho!.
They ere not to be told thrit the President of II.A
United States, hke the Kieg of Eng'anti, emu do
no vvrong. or that his ministers are to hare Om
credit of success,. or the disgraee atailure I le
le a stibettince. rot a shadow; the peepie have
voluntarily chnsan hi to administer rertitin
pewers confided to Iiiin by the Constittitism, for
which lie, and be elone, is responsibre; nor are
they to be put MT by the pnitry evasion. that the
ministers aids setection, voluteterily chosen by
himself, cannot be directed and controlled ly
his will. lie is expected to place blinvelf i
the van, to assume and exercise the powers
committed to him by the will athe peoply. e,sð
not tn skulk from all responsibility behind hie
ministers, es Wile were a legititnete king end
etaeld do no wrong. '
Genernl Irtirriorm, however, it would seem,
hag adopted the English plan a Coverninser.
Ire began hy deeMing a declaration a his
ciples, and, aneoidint to all appeerance, will
end in shrink iirg from all responsibility for hie
actions. lie is to govern t,t second herd; or
lather, like her Majesty or England, not ht ell.
lie will carry the standard, as Mr. Webster
says, but he will not, although so consumine
a Generel agglIMO the command of the army.
Ile will do for a locum teliene, but not for 'ET.
cipal. will speak through the mouths, avd
act by the hands authors. His measures have
already been anticipmed by Messrs,. Clay anti
Webster, and before he has assumed the
reins, his chariot lies been driven from under
, him. He is to be King Log, and to have two
, vicious Storks fur hie ministere. lie will. neither
I advise. direct. nor control; he will only flourish
'the standar-4' lie will do nothing. and be res
. ponsible for nothing ; and whether, hke tatMen
, Victorin, he wilt be permitted to choose his dos
mestic handmaids, ' reinainds a matter of pro.
I lound speculation.
What eariciure is this, of our straiglitfon,
wsrd manly, open, bold , and tied system of
government, where every pubite imictioaary,
from the ingheet to the lowest, acts his own
part, and is reeponsible for his actiors. It op
perste' as an entire change in that system, and
not only approaches to, but is identified with
diet oftngland, having a Chief Magistrate ern.
tinily irresponsible to the people; who dodges
behind his ininistere, hides himself from this
eyes of those he governs, and neither dares to.
speak what he thinks, or aet wbat his judgment
dictates. It is a monarchy in all bin it8 name
an irresponsible goveniment in every thing
but its form. It is a sly. insidious plan, to une
dermine and destroy the great essentiai princi
ples of this governmentthat of direct respon.
sibility of the ruler ta the peopleto render.
sur elections a farce, and our freedoin but a
Among tho many baneful consequences which
have resulted from that intimate union Niter.
este between the borrowers of the U. States and
the knders of England, of which we have Imo,.
ly had such striking and alarming examples, this
new modification of our Government is not tho
least. If we mistake not, we shall see it fully
developed in the course sr the ensuing four
years. A new influence and a new power will
be engrafted on our Governmenta foreign mo
ney power, every-where adverse in its intercom
arid its principles , to the well being, rum, the
very existence of our free and liberal institutions.
The concentrated money power of the United
States has been harnessed to the: concentrated
manes, power of England, and both will be are
reyed. against the principles of Democracy.
The needy borrowers of the 1.1. States from
the bank of Pennsylvania to the speculator
railroads, canals, and new lands, will become
the tools and instruments of the money-lendeta
abroad. They will play into their hands, fellow
their lead, and do their bidding, like fettered
bondmen. wholive. and breethes and having
1 their being, alone in the forbearance of their
mane, power of England, and bo.th will be ar.
cataract. As the Cres curled about for the utterance ef such a bold; just and States has been harnessed .to tho concentrated
wed. agdainat the principles of Democract
her her engine began to work by the manly sentiment. Were we to do, as
oyf peoninr 0971 vearsn ioa rtot h et eti. e.
heal alb burning vessel, and the pitchy the ,Iritish would do under such circum
flames threw a red glare on the wild stances, we would hastily hang Mr. theebannek. h pSetacut 10;711
scenery cround her. It showed the McLeod, and then "discuss" the pro-. railroads, canals, and new lands, Will becomes
wintry forest, and glowed upon the wa- priety of the act when too late to eater the toots and instruments of the moncy-lendera
tera--it reveated the pellet island, and any good in the premises. We hope abroad. They will play into thoir hands, Pillow
bthoenird miceand , wa lido Ic!tree I liner: rd blindedititnhge, I i k od II:ter. ed
the barracks of the British soldiers, & however, that justice will be done an;
showed too, the gaahly corpse and clot- from the CoinMon-Senoo view our gov 1 their being, alone in the forbearance of5:11:enigr
rtriotiem, the love of glory and the desire of
ted gore of the murdered Durfee. On- ernment has taker, and the honest foreign creditors. For the generous impuise or
Dion,. we shall e!change a serviie, sordid mis
ward the burning vessel was borne, and etraight-forward course, it ball so far i
We he" " rea i eurable lealing of abject dependence on the mon
nearer arid nearer the mighty precipice pursued in this matter,
t ey rower of a foreign nation. Instead of fedi..
From one side she was viewed with ex- son to anticipate any thing else.
ultationfrom the other with deep I killing the measures of our national policy by.,
the standard or national rights end honor tho
threats of vengeance; end as she neared Good and bad habits.-11 is good to
tbe foaming gulfthe Fall of Niagara; take a newspaper and bad to keep a inquiry will be, whether they will be satis'facto
ry to the money-lenders of Englandwhether
they tell of dark forme that were leen dog. ti.ey wilt raise the price or oar snacks allrea4P,
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