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' Subject U the Decision of the National Contention
DAVID TOD, of Trumbull
,'joaepb II. Larw.ll, of YVayna
. ... , bowty Ulter.of Clerwoul,
1st District Clayton Webh, of Hamilton,
td do Jamas M, Doriejr, of Dirk,
94 do B. D. Foreman, of Greene,
,'4tli do - John Taylor of Champaign,
5Ui d David Hlgglns of Lucas,
6ih do " Gilbert Beach of Wood.
7th do John D. While of Brown.
Sth do Thomaa Megrady of Ron,
9lli do Valentine Kefferof Pica way,
lOtb do ' James Parker of Licking,
lllh do Granyilla P. Cher ry, of Marlon,
l2ih do George.Oorwineof Scioto.
13tlt do Cautions C. Cuvey ofMorgan
14th do Iaaae M. Lannlng, of Guernsey,
15th do Waller Jamieson. of Harrison,
16th do . Sebastinn Prainard, of Tuscarawas,
17th do ' Jamea Forbeaar. of Carroll;
18lh do Neal McCoy;, of Wayne,
19ih do Milo Stole of Summit.
30th do Benjamin Adnnia of Lake,
Slat do Stephen N. Sargent, of Medina.
li concluded in this paper, with a picture of that "same
old coon," and hit internal principles laid bare to ihfl
world. It wat engrared by the Junior editor, and
' though ia not aa perfect at lorna, liye coons we know
' of, alii I a coon ii a coon the world over, and consider.
1 jng ihi it hi first attempt at drawing their profiles.
' it is not to bad.
ICVViLsoa Shakmi'H haa resigned his Office as Git.
' ernor and is making preparations to proceed to Meiico.
Thomis H. Bartley has arrived in Columbus, and ta
ken the oath of office to serve out the unexpired term of
Ex-Gov. Shannon.
' ''The Federal merchants are wading intn politics shin
ileen. 1 hey deal out, out from behind their counters,
Junius. Tracts, and other printed LIES, in greater quan
litiss ilian they retail their goods.
Th above we clip from the Democratic Banner of
Rqux Cp.unty, and take the occasion to say to our De
mot r a tic friends in Tuscarawas, that we have heard of
he or two Federal merchants in this eounty, who have
brought on jhase'ly.ng tracts and caricatures, this sprjng,
intending loJo their share in misrepresenting and rid i
culing the Pemq.cra.tio party. Now if these men will
hang up a sign over their doors ,that.they keep a Clat
Wmo 8torc and;, want none, but Cia,t VVhioCus
Tomirs, why wejshaU, net complain .If they do this
'no one has a right, ta meddle ,with.lhem. But if on
the contrary, they attempt to, sail under the neutral flag
' to get democratio custom), and at the same time are
living eut from behind, their counters lying political
tracts and prostituting their store rooms into politics)
engines to put down democrattheir hypocrisy and
knavery should be exposed, and we shall do it We
'have the names of twe already,, and we'wjshour
' democratic friends in the townships; to send us the
'name of every federal store Veeper who prostitutes bis
calling, and mixes up politics wilh his .merchandise, so
tliat we ean publish lhe.n in big letters to the world as
'a warning to every Democrat not to spend a cent with
them. These fellow are no: going to piny tlio same
'game they slid in 1840 wilh impunity. In that year
'nine-tenth of the stores in Tuscatawas Co. were Died
''political engines to torture Democracy, and dander
'Democrats, when the fact was notorious that the very
ineni the very party they were so abusing, .were buy
ing their goods, gjving them bread to eat and money to
fay their debt. If it had not been for the Democratic
custom, one half af them would have bursted up ioa
Weak, and their eastern creditors might have gone whis
tling for their pay.. Ana it is so to day. Let but the
Democracy refuse to trade with them, and before a
.month would elapse one half their stores would be shut
bp, and their keeper gone to Texas, or somewhere
Is. Yet these very men, who are io dependant on
democratic farmer and democratio mechanics for their
HVelibbod, these very merchants who have no mote
business .with politic than preacher have -are now
timing it up with their tariff Uxed goods, and turning
tfisir stores into whig electioneering shops, to oppress,
ahlnder and lie the Democracy down as they did ia '40.
But we warn our Democratio friend lav be on thsir
girird1. We call upon you one and al! to watch these
whig stores.' Let every man appoint himself a com
tnitteo, and the. moment you find them entering into
politics, quit them, don't buy even plug of tobacco
from them, but give your patronage to those who have
prudence and 'common sense enough to follow their
rightful railing and nothing else. There are plenty of
tore (if not, this course will soon make enough) where
your wives and son and daughters can. trade to advan
tage without being sneered at, or blackguarded as they
were in Ititf, by the lounger and loafers .who resorted
to these whig electioneering ehops, and who spared
neither women nor children if their farthers or husbands
ware democrats; You have) t remedy to prevent the
recurrence of these scene, if you only apply it. We
.ask you in your heart, after you have been bit once,
will you again warm the viper into lile, that it may
ebite you a second time I . , . ... ,
In conclusion, we wish It understood, that our re
(tnsrkido no not apSly to every storekeeper who is a
.whig. We could point to a' number who are governed
by motives too lofty ever.tb'descend to the gutter with
rfhos we have described; me n who, knowing their busi
jies follow it, and when election lime comes vote their
sentiments, without meddling' trith their customers pol
jtics, or turning their store ib.o engines of -oppression
.and insult. . It is not this class' we complain of, but the
jiiiserable tuppenny unprincipled hacks, to be found
in almost every village, governed by no rule of action
excepting their eternal hostility to democratic principle,
and an aver readiness to prostitute their power lo the
corrupt purposes of their more cunning leaders ef fed
eralism. These ire the men. we rail on tha Democrats
to watch and expose, .They will - learn a lesson' they
shsttld have known hefhre, ere we are dohe with them
vor4 . i i m i ' i ni "
" BEHINDTHE. TIMES.; ' 3' L" '
The federal Advocate it publishing extracts from a
rneecb ofl'lays ligainsV free rad.' roitie 16'years ago.
Vviy'dpnl'it publish his lata letters and s(.as-.iea a
jJif . protective tariffs iTais Federal Editor l
aHlv Miind the time. It i time hit party Wire s'lr
rtn.t; fj with t long role, or IVJJ be nal in hfug
Q whit ppi t j 'if ii newill
But a short time ago, tha Federal papers weie croak
ing over the sin of eeilain Judge Elliott in New Or
lean who had prostrated hi sett on the bench to all
kinds of corruptions. Well he has been tried for his
f-auds and burled from the place he so disgraced. Be
fore his trial they called him a ' loco foco," and could
not find hard words enough to heap on the Democracy
in consequence. But the 'evidence ia published end
when ti e truth comes out we find ihis Judge lo be a fed
eralist, and the f audi he perpetuated were at the ii.st.ga-
lion of Federal companions, and fur their use. Read
the f llowing, which we cut from a mass of ihe evidence
published in the Cincinnati Enquirer. 1
Frauds in New Orleans. j
Nothing is too infamous for wh'zzery to resort to, if
it promises them party gain or influences. But w did
not Ibiiik they would go quite so far as to attempt die
connecting themselves wilh Judge Eliot s alledged
fraud" in naturalizing foreigner in New Ur leant, and
representing him to the eouutry a one of their political
opponents. "
It will be recollected thv fclliolt was impeached De
lore ihe Senate for issuing naturalization papers contra
ry to law. for mercenary gain to himself. On lour
charges he was convicted end deprived of his nfiice.
Judge Ellioit was a whig-twhig partisan and is
sued these papers by whig instruction to make whig
votes md to give e whig triumph and before ihe
Court of invealigation the whig member of the Clay
Club, Mr;. Gaiennie swore that all the pertonswho were
choanal in the articles of impeachment to have beeh ille
gally naturalised, were sent up by the Clay Club.
that "The emount of Gaiennie's teatimony was, that he
is a member of ihe C'av Club, and belongs to the com
mittee of naturalization : that he had caused a very large
number of foreigners to be naturalized before Judge
Elliott; that he had doneihis under instructions f om the
Clay Clun; and here Mr Gaiennie,. at the request of
Mr. anule, produced those instructions in writing.
Mr. Gaiennie also deposed that it was understood and
agreed, that the expenses or procuring those naturalize'
lion certificates should be defrayed by Ihe Clay Club:
that he was slill responsible to judge Elliott's clerk for
the cost of issuing many certificates, wbic he should be
obliged to pay, unless it was done by the Clay Club.
The disclosures of Mr. Gaiennie came like the burst
ing of a volcano upon the prosecutors." .
The Courier further says "ihatsuch a scene of treach
ery and turpitude as this impeachment exhibit", was
never before witnessed in a civilized country. One of
the managers of ihe impeachment, Mr. Benjamin, was
the author of thai flagrant and disgraceful freud, desig
nated as Ihe Cab Votes, by which the Whigs carried
ihe city ticket for members of the Legislature in 1b4.
The fraud was proved, and indeed was admitted and
ronfeseed by the whigs themselves- & yet Mr Benja.
min, instead of being subjected to a criminal prosecu
tion was permitted to take a seal as a mrmber of the
tlouse of Resresentatives, and is now striving to hrihg
Judge Elliott to punishment for acts, which if proved,
ere not half so criminal as those of which he himself is
knuwn to be gu Ity." " t
More Cats out of the Bag, Mr. 8. 8. Prentiss, the
"big-gun" of the Coon party' in an address the other
evening before the Slate House, said that the old "Lo
cofoco ,doctrine" that "the voice uf the People is Ihe
voice f God," was ti'blasphemout fallacy '," He ad
ded that the officers of the government were indepen
dent of the people, end not subject to their will or dic
tation. This is a rank Federal principle-" This is the
doctrine of the Clay Whig Coon party. Are the peo
pie ready to submit to such political heresy f-P, Timet
A very good Idea. A friend of ours, says Kendall's
"txpositor,' speaking in reference to a likeness of Hen
ry Clay, exhibited in this city, remarked, thai to ooa
plele his picture, ihe Artist should Aire put. pittolin
one hand, and a pack of cards in the other'' . ,
Duel at ffew Orleans. The Picayune of the 6th lnst.'(
says Va duel, which terminated fatally, look place
yeate rday morning, near the tobacco presses below the
city. The parties were John Debuys and Victor-' Cas
tein -the weapons double-barrelled, shot guns; ; At the
first fire Laity in received ihe contents of his advertaty't
piece in his breast, fell, and expired almost' irrimediatuly.
The Pemocratic National Convention for die Nomina
tion of Preiidsnt and Vice President, will meet in Balti
more on the 27ih of May. 1
The Mansfield Shield and Banner publishes the fol
lowing certificate, (from a citizen of Richland county,)
right under Mordecai Ba iley's nose.
. , A, . 'Mmnsfield, April 2nd, 1844.
I Robkht Bertlet, of Madison township, ' in Ih
county of Richland, and State of Ohio, do hereby cer
tify that 1 bold ir my possession a COFFIN HAND
BILL said to have been left at McGinnie' tavern for me
by MORDECAI BARTLEY eo his return from Con.
grass. I received the same in Milflin township, depos
ited there for ma, as lam informed ba left ona there for
d them
land I
believe be did.
Now i this not a hopeful candidate for, Whiggery.
He is equal to Dr.' Duncan's pic"ture4 of a coon, fliij
what must Ihe honest psopla of Chio, think of the whig
leaders who would foist thia did slanderer of Jackson,
intn the Governor' Chair to disgrace tha Stat and it
inhabitant. Democrat, Jackson men, lovers of your
country's fame, and it heroes, is it not a glaring eut
rage lo ask your votes for the Coffin hand bill federal,
ist I -Will yon not put Ihe mark of Cain upon him, and
the Federal leaden, for inst iling your patriotism wilh
eis name or his presence. If true to your country, if
you possess the same warm hearts lhat onoe throbbed
with strong emotions al the bare recital of lha glorious
achievements before New Orleans if you esn feel the
thrills ef joy that ran through your vein on learning lha
defeat of lha British army by the patriot Jackson,- yeu
mutt and will rise in your might, aud put down the
Mack hearted revilera of his fair fame. God furbid, that
this country should ever honor the traducers and slan
derers of him who perilled life and every thing for our
DTWe heard of a enon ihe other day who says Van
Buren, used op fourteen barrels of ink, writing private
letters, while he was President. Wonder if that's in
Ogle's speed'! If il is not, we sdvise the lesders In hsve
an extra edition struck, and whiletheir hsnds are in, just
set up Dr. Bennet's slory about Mr. Van Buren having
a geld sofa, & then put a note at the bottom of the page,
staling that ypu run the Government in debt eighteen
millions of dollars in 18 month , and instead of giving
the people "two dollar s day and roast beef," a you
promised, y ou thought it best lo give tham a 1 prote;tiee"
tariff," lo tax every farmer 7li dollars a ye for lha be
nefit of a few Eastern manufacturers. "Tell the' truth
and shame Ihe devil." ' " '
ItTThe Buzzard, ys In big letter, "ihe Whig are
coming.' ' Ye w see it slated that 600 whig pipe layers
hat got back safe 16 N.' York from Connecticut, where
they had been committing frauds upnr, ihe ballot box
butaOer all, that couM'nt electa Governor -ia a Slat
lhat gave Narriton pGOO majority. Put that in your pipe
nd smoke itt yn. ' ''H.
. ,.-,,aK appkemice wanted".' k :
- A smsrt active lad of annul 15 or IB years of ar will
isxan as an ppreuuee to m rrintinf Dustn at tin
mmm-ti I I l if 1 I
The Federal Advocate, io throwing up bis hat in
favor of the law repuls ing the fees uf Printers in
Chancety Notice. He thinks it kills that section of
the Retrenchment Bi'l, whiuh ear the County Prin
ting shall be given lo tha lowest bidder- We think he
will find himself mistaken in this It has nothing d
with it, further than sajing how high printers shall
go, leaving the retrenching part as the Bill passed.
Whiggery would no doubt be gM to get rid uf the
Retrenchment Bill.
CTW Iien you hear a eoon whig railing agwinil free
trade, just remind him that the Richmond Whig the
leading Whig paper in Virginia, save "Clay is mors
of fret trade man than Van Buren.'' Il is hard for
eoone lo keep the hang of their leader, now-a-daya.
But iis all the fault of not having honest principles to
navigate with.
The following letter, addressed to the editor ol the
Missouri Eagle, from a gentleman, II. Burns formerly
of Platte City, and who went out two years since, came
by sea, via. Mazatan and Newbury port, Ms.
. Fills or th Yallemette, 1
Oregon Territoty, October 24, 1843. ,
Esteemed Friend: In the outset of my journey here,
I had great labor and difficulty, but got along without
accident, orlurther loss than throwing away all I had
except my mules. But I arrived here safe and in good
health, on Ihe 28th of September of the last year. We
encamped on the first night of our arrival on the bank of
the Clackmus. When I startecWbr this country, I did
not intend to stay, but then I knew nothiDg of Oregon.
But I now tell you, friend McLane, that nothing could
induce me to leave this country and return, for we have
health and every thing else that can render a people
happy. When I first looked upon the falls here, 1 said
to myself, this is the place for me. There was then but
four bouses. A company of settlers were building a
sawmill on one sideof the Rock Islands in the river.
They have since built a large flouring mill. Dr. Mc
Laughlin has, also, since built a saw mill, and a very
large flouring mill, and in place of four houses, we have
now fitly, and before the first oi May next, there will be
103. This may seem strange, but it is true. Lots that I
was offered for $5 cannot now be bought tor one thou
sand dollars! ' The country improves in like mannar,
for every man in the colony works bard. There is no
new country in the world that is in such a state of pros
perity as Oregon. The main reason is; we have no fire
water here. I haye been here one summer, and have
had an opportunity of seeing the harvest, which was the
best I ever saw. I do wish I could send you a sample
of the large pretty white wheat of this country. But in
fact, every thing put in (he grouhd grows in like man
ner. There is no country like this for a farmer, nor no
place where a man can live so easy.
Wehad'a meeting on the "fourth''.rjf July to organ
ize and form a code of laws, which was deme, and the
Iowa laws adopted. All civil officers, members of tha
Legislature nine in nilmber, were elected. So, if Uncle
Sam don't watch over us' we will do it ourselves. Ma -
' .. r.:Aa u.. j Mt n..t th.Kir. 'trustees or linshen lownthip luscarawa uounty,
nyofour friends here, and people, send their thanks king for ,he (ooalion nd- ,.,abfi.hment of a Town
through me to you, for your untiring zeal in behalf of thip road from ,he nor,n East , corner of Jot 18 ownd
:Oreeon. Send oh vour. liltle "Eagle" to Washington, bv Henrv Mosher. in said township, to run from
and peek away at the enemies of Oregon.
i A word for the last company. Young Rogers, the
printer, son oi Jfeter uogers, tsq., an i iwoomers, goij
j here on the 4th in-Hyde and Dougherty, shortly af
ter. If'ttte'dompany would start as they should, they
could all get here by the 1st of September.
I hope you
I will tell (hem how to come. Each man should bring a
MnJ ..Mn. nMl.lnn in il V.i, nrnvicinlia onH nf
, . . ,
; this, fottr limes the amount they use at home in four
months. They should dispose of bum all their old
J s,ufT, which is fit lor nothing on this journey but to break
( .the wagons and kill the animals. Good oxen, to the
wagons, it mey use tne norses tney Dring, in mis way,
they wont get here . Not one out of fifty has got here of
horses used tor draught. There is no danger from In
dians, at all. The last Qcmpany saw none in the moun
tains. I would mention that John M. Cushing, of New
traryport, has a store here, and sends a ship here every
fall. I send thia letter by one who sails for home to
morrow. ;. My "regards to all. Tell our friends not to
abandon us. We are" few, but we are Americans.
Your friend,
; ' From the Ohio Statesman,
;- j . ING.
' Our democratic friends in Ohio deserve the thanks o
the whole Union for the gallant manner they have open.
ed the campaign of '44. Victory in all directions seems
to perch upon their standard, with a very few exceptions
We have never yet failed to cart) the State in October
with such an opening ot the Spring elections. Demo
crats, as you love your principles, press on. A victory
is worth nothing if not got by industry and exertion
We can do it in Ohio than let every one say we will
Cot. Medahy: We have the unspeakable satisfaction
of announcing that the democracy have, for the first
time, obtained a signal triumph in the hot-bej rf whig
gery in Guernsey county a triumph that administers a
rebuke never to be forgotten to the coon-skin, log cabin
whiggery, alias, gullism, hereabouts. At our Corpora
tion election in Cambridge, that occured yesterday, for
Mayor, Recorder and Councilmen, we elected our whole
democratic ticket, in opposition to the regular whig tick
et made by the "Clay Club." Whilst we rejoice at the
triumph of democracy over federalism, we are peculiar
ly glad that the "Clay Club" dictation of a lew aristo
crats nas Deenacorumiy reject.
Prom the Dayton Empire.
' The returns from Randolph township are a fol
low K
Dem. r Whig.
Bartmas, ' 123 Beck,-
Fetters, 177 Murry t
Riley, . 91 Waggoner,
. ' CLERK ... .,!
Shearer,' .124 Powel,
Thompson, ' " ' ; 180 Albaugh,'' i !
Mossi 61 Stone, -
Mackney, 94 Albangh;
M -V.
In 1840, Randolph township gave upwards of eighty
coon majority, In 1849, the coon majority was decrea
sed. In 1843, the democracy carried the township with
17 majority, and in 1844, toe democratic ticket ie elected
by a majority on Trustees varying from 40 to 80, and
about the same a vera ge as 'o the other officers. .. .
Is it strange that (he coon should curl up at such re
suits! " ...
; Cireleville and Zaneaville have both been fully re
deemed by tne Democrats. . ,-i.(,itr. -1
MABRi en.
On Saturday Evenkig April Si ' 1844 by (Thomas
moorc bso. Mr. UEoaa r idler to Mis. UatbaJliki
NOTICE is heroiry gtvo Hut a Hi will l pre
Muted to tle Corainissiflnere af Tuwarawa Co.
Ohio, at their nrxt wion, prarielg for an al-er'ion un
the countv road leading from New Cnroersrnwn in
Hagersvillr, eomrrencing at the tnwa of Rockingham in
Silent township, due Went to the Coumy line. Thence
Snuth alung the county line to a black -l ak ' sap'ing
( Biased ne.tr the corner of George S. Brock's land,
thence fnu'h Eaal to intersect said rr e again at a black"
oak tree Itlazed nn Wi'liam Shepherd's lane in 6a
tern township, - which emWraces said alterstinn pre- ed
for. date this April 28 1844. A PETITIONER
, rpHE subscriber has s lot nf land containing one hun-
JL dred arre, situiterf in Rush township, Tuscara-
was county Ohio, which he will sell at a low pri:e,
upon convenient terms of payment if application be
made at his office in No w Philadelphia, soon. This
tract of land ie about four miles South East of Trenton.
April 25th 1840. - tf-
TS hereby eiven thet ihe partnership of RITTER
1 8LINGLUFF d STEHLING S vae Hi.ao'red by
mutual nnnsent oi the lllh March 1844 A whereas s de
vision wss made of Notes and arc Mints due there nv
all who know ihemtelves indebted are hereby notified
that I have left such Notes and arcnunt. which have
been allotted lo me; wilh Augustus Wilhetmi Justice nf
the Peace, whois authorized tosettlaandoollert the same.
Dover 22 April 1841 15 4w
Have opened a new HAT 8TORE in tha town 01
on High street, one door West of Mr. Espicr's Hotel,
whore they nterd kenp ng on hand a general assort
ment of Dress, anal fancy Hats, of the best quality
which cviil be repaired at any time if required, gratis,
Also a general assortment of Wool, and common Fur
hats all nf which will be sold at reduced price for cash
lamb' Wool or furs.
New Philadelphia, April 10, 1844. 13 ly
TS hereby eiven that the following account of Ad-
X miniitrators and Guardian hava been filed in the
Clerk's office nf Tuscarawas Court of Common P;eas,
and will ' be presented for passage at the next June
term or said Court:
Partial account of Richard Powlon Administrator of
the estate of Thomas Church, debased.
Final account of Charles Korns, Guardian of Huldah
Final account of John Stocdy Adm'r. of the estate of
Uathanne Yandt deceased.
Final account of Isaac Hosteller Administrator of the
estate'of Jacob Ballm m deceased.
Accounts of Jacob J, Miller, Guardian of Wet-ley, Mar
garet Ann, Emely, and Helen M Miller heirs of Con
' rad Miller deceased.
Partial account of Thomas King Adm'r. of (he estate of
James U. Morrow deceased.
Partial account nf William Hamilton Adm'r. of the es'
tate of Christian Flickineer deceased.
Partial account of Samuel and John Fandt Adtn'rs, of
the estate of John Yandl deceased.
11JOT1CB is hereby given lhat after thirty days from
! r""n this date a petition. wi be presented to the
I thence a Norihery direction, th nearest and beat
" "au,"8 .""" """" -
Dated, March 11th, 1844,
STATE OF OHIO. Tuscarawas County,
Joseph Maish Demandant, ) Court of Common Pleas
Andrew Maish
June Term, 1844.
The defendants will take
t Align sua Maish
f"jd Msn
notice that the demandant
hss this day filed hi pe-
tilion in the office of the
j Daniel Maish
William Sargent ) 1 Clerk of ihe Court of Com-
Calvin Maish S minors Virion Pleas of Tua;arwas
Joliann Maiah ) ) county setting forth (bat
he is seised in fee simple, as tenant in common with
ihe defends t as an heir at law of Julian Sargent for -
... t i - m l j I r I' -J . L.
meriy jliunn iviaian ueseiwu, u uuo uiiuitiuou leTvuiii
K .' ,"::r,Z Cm"?.
i partition thf reof so lhat he msy have his part aforesaid
- - I iii.n-iD.uiii. I" -.--.k, ........ W.MI..
in severalty and apart from the defendants,
' and thai at
next June Term of said Court said petition will be for
hearing; and said defendant aro notified to appear and
object if thsy see aaua.
by B. M. ATHERTON, his Atl'y.
April 24, 1844 . 6.
THE STATE OF OHIO. Tuscarawas Cscktt, ss.
Philip Biuii, - ) . ;-
vs. ' la Ciarcut. ', -Joshua
Dryden t ala. .: .'-'"
JOSHUA Dryden and Ann Maria hi wire of lb olty of Bal
timore, In th State of Maryland, a William R. Emerson
and John M Emerson, whose places of residence art anknown.
will take notice that on the 6th day or March 1844, Philip
fjiutt tied In tli office of the Clerk of the Court of Oomsaon
Pleaa f said county, tils bill In Chancery setting forth. Baton
other things, that on or about the 17th day of June 1834, said
Drvden sold by contract In writing to one Joseph Smith, now
deceased. Lot numbered TUtiv-roea In tlie third quaiter of
the save nth township, and secern! rang united nates Military
Lands In said county containing one hundred acres, and con
tracted to make to aald Smith, his heirs or assigns a good Mile
In lee simple to said land npon payment of the purchase me
rer: That aald Joseph Sasllh transferred all Ilia intereat In said
contract lo John Emerson also now deceased, who during his
life assigned his Inters! in said contract to William R, Em
arson hie son, who, on the 22d day of Decemhbar 1838, sold
saiil land to said Philip Stull tli complainant. That aald Smith
did not make complete payment lo said Dryden, but there re
mains due on theorlginal contract a sum, for which said land
It yet liable, and which aald Stull offers to pay when the a
mount shall be ascertained. Said bill further seta up that said
Stull purchased said land of said Willis) R. Emerson at Its full
value without reference to any liability on the original contract
wilh said Dryden, and without any knowledge of aald balance
remaining unpaid; and that b has paid the said Emerson the
whole of hla purchase money, Baid Bill also seta p that the
id Drvden and wife nave executed a deed or said land to aald
Smith, but that the same baa never bean delivered because of
the non payment of the balance of said original pnrehtes mo
ney. The prayer of said bill is that the said Dryden and wife,
m y be decreed io deed said premise directly to complainant,
and that the heirs of said Smith and John. Emerson, sad Ih
said William R. Fmsrson nay ba foreclosed of all their respec
tive Intcrejts in the said land, and that complainant may hava
a decree against William E. Emsraon for such sum as ha shall
be obliged to pay to perfect the title to aald land, and for costs.
Bald defendants will tale notice that anfts they appear,
and plead answer or demur to aald bill, within elxty days fro m
th rising of said eoqrt at the next term, said complainant at
the next term thereafter will move lha coart to tak aald Bill
is against tbsm, as confessed, and decree thereon accordingly.
. . - , reuijir vi.ij. oy ,
'-' '" O. W. CHAPMAN, his lol.
April IS, 1844. 14 6w
THE STATE OF OHIO, Tpsoarawa Co., s
Sarah Ann Stewart, J
as. Pititior foa Divoaci.
dttnren 8lewari. N .- " ' ' ''
mHE id Goorge Stewart will lad notice that on
JL Ihe 23rd day nf January 1844, Siren Ann 8twar
filed in the ntticanriheuierK ol the unurt oi voaimno
Pleaa of aid Countv. her petition in Chancery sellina
forth tha marrisie of said Bniitinner ind tha Wi Georce
Slowsrt, and praying a divorce and a dissolution ol
said marriage bacaiwa ol Ihe wtllul absence ol the sard
(Mori from tha petitioner lor mere man three yea'.
Said petition frill b for heariri al the noxt term nf said
by GILO. W CHAPMAN, hat ol.
JOHirjI; ROBIfCSjCW, ?.;
Attorney stn4 CransUr a Kstw,
CANAL DOVER, Onia - . v
Will aiiead te any prefesrioml kaiineas animated ki fete
ia Uie counties ef Tusrarawaa. Holiues, ead Osstrosteft
aaraaiaoaa. " ,,'
Hon. W. 1. Saps, llolmea ownty, Ho. Jassas Mnthesrs,
s Gee. Juatph Bums. Coahoctoa county. Mth, Oiaka a ee.
New York. TTOnne sain a that occupied by Eaoj. Warn '
two doors North of Keller 4 Hildi's store oa Factory street,
William Sharp,
Eva Sharn
rpHE said Eve Sharp is hereby noliSed that on lit
JL U7th day oT Maith, A- U- 1844, said Willlism
Sharp filed in lb Clerk's offi e of the Court of Colo
nic a Pleas, in the county nf Tueearawae and flat of
Ohio, a petition again! her praying therein for e!i
voroe and for cause, alleging, "grns neglect of duty '
fec. Said petition will he fur henring at the next term
of said court. BELDEN CRAIG A RELOF.N,
April 4. 1644. 2w : '. Sols, for pet' r. .
NOTICE is hereby given that a pa t tir o will be pra
aei.ted to the trustees of Burks township, on tha
20th day of May A D 1841, praying for the location of
a township road commencing at the House or rhili
Zimmsr and Nicholas Eichenlaub's wheelrinht shop, In
said town'tun; from thence to the house of Philip Roili;
and from thence along the township line to inter seel titn
road running Irom evens' creek tu Dover past Wilhaiu
Gurslind'e; as near as their interest and convenient')
uacsssaiily require the location of said road. i
Apiil 15, 1844. 14 41$
NOTICE is hereby given that after thirty day fro'rfi
this date a petition will be presented lo tha True,
tees of the township of York, in Ihe County of Tus
carswas praying for tha location of a township road,
commencing at ihe end of Jacob Beaver'a Isn at tha
line in said township lo run from thence the neareH and
nest route tu the bridge on Lot No. 10 owned b) Judge)
Blake; from thence the neareat and best route to tha
big road from New Philadelphia In Evanshorg. ,
April 11, 1844. . $ 13,30 d
TVOTICE la hereby (iven that a petition will ba presented
IS lo the Commissioner of Tuscarawas County Ohio, at
'lielr June session praying for the location of a county road,
commencing al s school l-oussoa Ihe farm ef Jacob Llvsrgooi
in Perry township, trance the nearest and beat route to Absa
lom Johnston's sawmill, llience the nearest and beat mate ta
Intersect the Fort Washington road, where III Una btlwasst
GeoTi Akin and Win. Elliot's land crossas said road- -.
March 10th, 1844 1141
STATE OF OHIO, Tuscarawas County, ta -
Samuel Deardnff ) '
vs. In Chanciry.
Conrad Brehmcr, st tit. )
By virtue of a decree of tha
Court of Common Pleas of said County, silting u a
court of Chancery, March term 1844.1 shall, ifier fhr
sale on the Nth day ofMay next, at ona o'clock P. M.
al the door nf ihe Court House in New Philadelphia.
The tract of land in Dover township, now in the possea
sion nf said Conrad Brehmer, and on which stands tha
saw mill known as Brehmer' Saw Mill, containing a
bout Sixty-iix acres of land, as particularly described in
the Bill in tha above entitled euse. -
8peoial Msster id Chancery.
April 11, 1844. 13.
Noah Clouse ) By order of the Court of Common
vs Pleas of Tuscarawas county Ohio,
Geo. Deardorff J I shall;ofler for sale, at'tbe court house
in New Philadelphia in said county, on the 25lh day
of May 1844, Lot No. 246 in said town of New Phila
delphia. . B. M. ATHERTON,
Master-Com'r in Chancery.
i George Humerichouse " By order of the Court of
I ' v. ' Common Pleaa of Tnscara-
John Meese. J was countv Ohio, I shall ol.
fer for sale, at the Court house in New Philadelphia
in Baid county, on the 25th day of Ma v 1844, Lots No.
35, 36 & 62, in Lockport B. M. ATHERTON,
! Master Com'r in Chancery,
' ,
J I ?y ot the Court of Common
. I I J I
-aj Parish II i
Pleas of Tuscarawas countv Ohio.
Wm. Parish. II shall offer ior sale, at lie Court
bouse in JNew rhiladeipma in said county, on the 25th.
day of May 1844, Lot No. 19 of Section 3 in township
6 ol Range 2, in said county containing 100 acres. . ,
. Master Com'r in Chancery
Eiecator It others.
VN parsuanctofa decreetal order from t.e Coart of Common
Picas within the eounty of Tuscarawas and Stat of Ohio,
to m directed In this Causa.' I (hail offer for sal at paMhi
auction, at the door of the Ceurt-nousa, In said eoanly, -
On the nth day ef May, 1844,
between the hour of 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 ('clock P, H. of
said day Ih following described real estate, situate la saM
eoanly, to wit; Lot No. 5, la Ih 4th quarter of the 8th
township and 1st rang of the tract appropriated for satisfying
warrant for military services estimated ta contain on hun
dred acre,
Term. Cash. SEYMOUR BELDEtf. Master CoVr.
April 10,1844 13. 4w.
A DWELLING House snd LOT pUasantly situa
ted in the town of New Philadelphia. Tusearawae
county, Ohio, fur aale, on favorable terms.' For partic
ulars, apply to R. Seatom, at the Recorder's office, or
the Subscribe! at Uhriuhsville, Tuscarawas County,
Uhrichsvile, March 28, 1844. 13tf
Lesley McCollougk,
Thomas Boyd and
Jxniea Boyd.
Petitior rda PAaTmon.
rilH IMSK Knrt ailM I.M mm H... mm.,,ml.m I n . . K
X that a petition waa filed against them on the 16th :
day pf April A D 1844, in the Coutt of Commen PI,
of the county of Tuscarawas and Slate of Ohio, by
M f-ll L 1 . J! I .L -
Liesiey moiyniiougn, ang is now penning, wnerein tna
said Lealey MctJollnujjh demand partition or Ih follow- .
ing real estate, aiiuaie in tha county of Tuscara was and
Sut of Ohm, and being the North east corner of lha
West hair of lha North east quarter of aacuon No, ZU .
nf township number 14, and rar.ge number 7, in tha
Steuhenville land district bounded a follows, viw , , ,
Beiinnma on lha norib boundary line of said soelion
on the centra line between the East and Weil half of
aid north at quarter) thence running enuth one da .
rea asl, along laid centre line, one hundred and thirty '
H narnhH IA nnal . thanf nnrlh 'n Hum au Ml nM.
cher, thence north 65 perches to the section line. Tbenea)
esst along ihe seclmn line 41) perehe In lha plaea ef b
ginning, conlsinit.g 56 acre. , Alio, lha eaal half of the ;
north east quarter ol aaclioa 21, towa,ibip 14, Knge7.
containing 80 crknd lhat at the next terrrlof aid '
court application will be mads by tha said Lesley Mr- '
Cullough for an order that partition may be made of '
said premise. . , . .
itE.oi.r.1 tici,jjLA.uujri .
y; : hw AttyVr.',
Dated Aptil 16th 1644. , J4w t
SEW PHIT.Ai April, 17.
Wha pw bwhal " - IS
Cora . . , do - m.:
Oat , do 50
Whaab ptcbwkel ' J.
Cora "a ... da
Oate -." to
v '
ii ' i
; U
Carr, 811 of Port Waehlrgton,
! 4j'iil 16, 181. . - m w
Dried Apple do 44

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