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Sitljal to the Decision of the National Omienlum
DAVllJ TOI, of Trumbull. ...
. Jbseph n. Larwill.of Wayne
Dowty Mirer. btfcfermonl,
lit District Clayton Webb, of Hamilton,. .
Id -do' James U. Doney, of Darkt.
3d do . B. D. Foreman, of Ch-eene, ,
4ih do John Taylor or Champaign, .
ilh da David Hit-gins of Lucas, .
6th do Gilbert Beach of Wood.
7th do John D. White of Brown.
(lb do Thomas Megrady of Roet;.'
9th do Valentine Ketfer of Pica Way,
lOtb do James Parker of Licking. v
J lilt do Granville P. Cher ry,, of Marion,
J2lh do . George Corwlne of Scioto.
J 3th do Caulloui C. Covey of Morgan
14th do Isaoc M. Lanning, of buernsey, . '
1 5th do Waller Jamieaon of Harrison,
6lh do Bebaitlan Bralnarijl, of Tuscarawas,
! 7th do Jarries Forbes sr. of Carroll;
8th do Neal McCoy, of Wayne, . , ,
19th do Milo Stone of Summit, '
SOth do ' Benjamin Adams of Lake,. .,.
21 ( do Stephen N. Sargent, nf Medina.
Tile great crisis approaching and (ho ban attempts o
ilio Federalist! to make this a Federal District has in
duced us to offer The Ohio Dtmocrat from the 1st of
April till after the Presidential election (6 months) fur
the exceedingly low price of , . u.
Seventy -fit! Cents. f j
We wish our friends to use their influence to extena
'the circulation of our paper. . Let us meet these Feder
alists on the threshliboM in ever; nook and corner of
the two counties. A reasonable deduction will be made
' to clubs taking a number of copies.
Any person residing in Tuscarawas County, who
'may be acquainted witb a man by the name of F. M
Rowland, will please request him to call at our Office,
as we have matters to communicate which will be in
teresting to him.
., In England, in order that 30,000 descendants of a
Norman robber may roll in luxury, vice and immorality
the great mass of the people are ground down by op!
presMve taxation, and hundreds die yearly from starva
tion. How are thev taxedl First their orooerlv is tax
ed to pay the interest on a monstrous national debt; next
their labor is taxed by a National bank, and third, every
thing they eat and wear is taxed by a high tariff. These
. f' - .
re ine inree principal causes oi an tne oppression and
misery which we now hear of monthly front that coun
try. "fne are the three great levers by which mon
arch it ts and despots in al countries enrich themselves
tthe expense of the plundered million
( In this country for 40 years federalism tai been trying
to fatten upon ua these aame British monarchal mens.
ures of taxaiion, extortion and robbery. They want a
national debt here,, because England has a national debt,
inn enaoieame lewuvein riotous luxury, on in-
mmjm ui iiib Miu. Alio AOiioiaiivi - mi n iaiiwua
Bank here, because tney.have ope in England1 that an.
wars ib'eir fJurpose to cheat and swindle the laborers
and farmers out of tn'eir hard earnings. They want
a high tariff here, because. England, has a higTi tariff that
enables her nobles, .lords and aristocrats lo keep the
wan of the people i'n poverty and subjection by taxing
everytntng iney eat or wear, i nese are tne doctrines
of federal aristocrats in America, and ihey are the don
tnhes of British monarchists in Engle'na. Everyman
Englenrj. Every man
who advocates such monstrous measures, is advocating
the cause of monarchy. He ta laboringjlo fasten upon
t)ie free people of tills' Ii'afpy'land, the same tyrannical
laws -the same syslem system of .oppression by which
the millions of men women and children in England
7 7, t0 xT- nI 7 ' BUI ooe' 1,8 in operation." . , , , ,
know ill Does lie believe u! , If not let him pause and I Tni, i ,he ,rUe'lecret why some of the whig parii
conaidet that like causes produce like effects. Let him M are in favor 0f "retrenchmenf-cutiing down eaj
reason, that if a system of oppressive laws in one couri-' arie, ln(j ' fam allowances so low that the"man' who
tfy entail upon mankind beggary want and starvation", h t0 d, p6nd Up0n 0WD 8bor for , meap, of livin(,
Tvmnoi mat same system oi taws esiaDiitneo in nis
country mane oeggara oi mm or u potior ly aiso. nn
seeing their effeccis if he does not abandon these Bri
tisb Federal doctrines, he mutt be at heart a monarch,
1st, and an enemy to liberty.
Was sent to, the Senate hit week, and that body
immediately i went into secret session, .What its fate'
will be,' lib one can tell, but we shall soon know, as
it1 has "-to be' cdhfirmod within 30 days if at all. If
it fails in the'Sonate, it will 6e brought into the House
in the shape of a bilf Snllfiose who know say it will
pass thus st all evenis.
On our first page wis give a'lelter from Wm. Wilkins
the present Secretary of War, and to which we direct
tlie attention of alt ,whn wish' ihformatibn'aa to the
wealth, natural advantages, and importance of Texas,
The old Fedoralisls those wno took side's with the
Ciilith in the late War'-are vio'entandyfp Sftdswcir
at ihe idea of annexing Texas to litis country. .The
Dsmocratio papers generally are in favor of it. In the
floulh Clay's friend'a say he is in favor of annexation;
in the north they set up another tune, but if he carries
Water on both shoulders in regard to-the lariff, he can
not long doit with-Texat, It is said ihe Mexican min
ister has left Washington for New York in highdud
goon and will have no communication with our Govern
tnent until he hears from his own. ' Capt. Tyler should
give him his passports, and let him be off.
Tne 'federal Advocate spurted column of slang
at Dr. Ddrcais for making his great spVecli. But aa
"no rogue e'er fell the halter draw with good opinion
of ihe law," this hate of the Buzzard is not to be won.
derail' at- The truth is, fedeialism cannot meet the' ar
guments of Duncan by argument, and hence the black
guard alang Ihey spurt at him. But we guss he can stand
it all. Let every one who Wants to see the inside of
, VVUI IVUOl BIIBIII lUlll. Illl JJCVM. ( ,. -
The Domocratio papers are pulling Ilia 'bargain and
aa'e ofplay A Adjms upon whiggery so hot that We see
they, an shooting prslols at DemocraU in Congrett H til
HlKy are following nutthel; leader wlid'attndt brsnded
jf ith tlit mliWbfCilley';
From all pans of lite country we hear of llie sound
est and mos) able men leaving the Federal party. L. W,
Tazewell one of the ablest men in the ouum aner Ha
ving been made a committee man to wait on Clay lately
has cumeoil and declared himself for Dtmot-rncy. The
President of the gjeat whig convention ut Baltimore in
1840, has also cut loose disgusted ,wfitli fooleries-, .and
impositions of that party. Here in Ohio our exchanges
bring ut the resignations of honest farmers and median
ica from any further connexion with a partj so notorious
for its deceptions extravagance and corruption. The
last Crawford Republican, printed in Bacyius has the
following cooler for Clay Clubs. How can it be other
wise) No man that looks at the matter in a reatonable
nr moral light can ever support such a man. as Clay.
Hie iniquities are too great and glaring to be passed
over. But read: , ,
From the Bueyrua Republican.
''In our Inst we published the renunciation of Esq.
Kellogl and we now publish that of Thomas Allsopp, a
leading; sneaker in the' Clay Club, a member of the
Uucyruj Clay Club, and secretary of the Holmes town
ship Clay Club. The 'Sober second thought is at work'
and ere the election cornea Clay will have few fiiendi
lo tell his story." . . ,r ...... .. :
HoLK.es township, A"pril 1 2, lSi-J-
"Mn. Editor: .
"t-'iRi I a it) at this time a merhher nf the Clay Club
nf Bucyrus, and Secretary of the Clay Club of II ilmue
township, and have, as it is wel. kuown, since the
commencement of the present .campaign, done all in
my power to advence the interests u(..he whig party.
In this matter 1 am now convinced that l have erred
most egregiously, and that Justice to the piiblic and to
myseit. require oi me a pu,ona renunciation oi an wing
predictions aud principles. ...
"1 he. whig leaders imiucep me to .believe nut they
were the true Democracy, end that a National Bnn!t and
high protective tariff were necessary for the public good
and were sanctioned by the opinions of Washington and
But on 'thorough investigation of these matters. I
find that so far as men and measures are capable of pro
ving identity, they are the same distinguished in 1800
by the name ol federalists, and that I hey dishonestly
assumed ihe name of Democrats to deceive the. people;
and that Washington and Jefferson were opposed to a
national tiank on grounds ol Constitutionality as well
as expediency; and that a hinli nrotectivo laritT. at now
understood is a new Angled measure; tho spawn of
federal corruption hatched into ex stence since those pa.
triots tnd sages have retired from public life. A Nition-
at Bank is in my opinion Unconstiu'ional, inexpedient
and dangerous to the liberties of the People, aud a hiih
protective tariff intended and peculiarly calculated to
create an aristocracy of wealth in thia country, and to
reduce Ihe laboring classes to ihe deplorable condition of
the operatives in the manufacturing riis:(icts o Lpgland
"Ihe campaign ol 1H4U wa signalized for its drunk
enness, wickedness, debaucheries, falsehoods and fool'
eriet. The atrarige and appalling incidents which have
regularly succeeded each other since that time, irresis
tibly impress me with ihe belief that the fineer of of
fended Providence is distinctly visible in administering
reproof and admonishing us of the necessity of correct
ing past errors. With these views J take this occasion
lo solemnly declare my entire separation from the Wlii,
party, and my determination hereafter lo support tli
principles of the democratic parly .
'i now concludo with just saying, that as lama for
eigner I would caution all foreigners to ponder and be
ware how they support the parly who by tiying to de
prive us of the right of suffrage indicate that they con
sdier us as nothing out serls lor s. proud aristocracy.
'Yours, St., ' -r
... x
The Washington Spectator, speaking of ihe presenj
tariff which taxes all the rest of the Union to pamper
I and enrich the manufacturing aristocracy of the 'New
Rnpl.inrt StatAH. tavi! . .
'It Became a law lite every protective tariff, from
that of 1824 to the very last of 1842 br the votes oi
manufacturers on the floor of Congress. If the rule
the House of Representatives, which forbids a membet
from voting on a matter in which he ia personally in
terested, had been observed, not a single protective lar
iffbill would ever have been a law in the United States.
Publio considerations have never pasted one of these
miquitous laws'. All have been Massed by men who
wore personally interested speculating, by Ihe legit-
lation of the country, to mako their private fo lunes."'
And the spectator adds this (Important fhcl: "If al
interested in manufactures in Congress were prohibited
from Voting on the tariff bili now before it, ' it would
pass by ' i majority of at least 30 in the House, and 6 in
the Senate. As it is, manufacturers made the act of
m2 for tjseic benefit, and manufacturers may keep ill
cannot iffl,r1 to serve the public. Give wl.igs the is-
nejK legislation and
Ihey Will do it all without char-
ulnar npnt la tUm troaaiirv f h a will naw ltiam..lu..
by patsine hi'eh tariff bills, which fleece ihe Deoole one
way, ahd ' creating Bank charters which rob them in
another, and put tlie plunder in their own pbckels.
Cin. nj. , .- . . ,
The" Detroit Free Press says "The results of Ihe town
elections, .which took place throughout this Slate p
the first Monday of ApriL ingtant, prove most decided
ly that Clayiim has no (bot-hold in the Peninsuls Slate.
As far as heard from, the iVkigshne not tarred a sih.
git county, or elected majority of the Board of Super.
visors tu a single county, that chose Domocratio Repre-
sentslives to the Legislature last Tall,' when the Whigs
elected but FIVE members out of FIFTY-THREE or
ONE IN TENI The counties which now allow thpse
indications of wliipfo'tpectfl in Michigan, elected forty
Representatives of the Legislature, and gave upwards
of FIVE THOUSAND Democratic majority for Go-J
vernor, last fall." Cin. Ent
STThls Is a great country, and no mistake. It's ares
is now about two millions of square miles. . If Texas
is annexed with Sn area nf about 300,000 square miles.
and Oregon with a'h area' of . 600,000 square miles
our potato patch will then be a,bout three millions, of
square miles surface. Well, this is not a muoh larger
foothold than Great Britain has g'nf already on this eqn
tinenf she has got above our northorn b oundary 3B00
000 square miles If we (oak to tbe world at large, John
Bull haa got the biggest slice of territory of any nation;
the whole British Empye measures some eight millions
square milesl its population two hundred milliomsI
Let every foreign" born citizen read the expose of llie
Native American federalists which we give in this paper.
Their leading principle is to prevent foreigners from
ever having a vote and from aver , holding places of
trust or profiti -A party that will advocate aucb Kingly
dpctrincs should be hurled from power in every 8tate in
the Union! . They are only fit subjects Tor a kingly go
vsrnment. l .iiv'. --
Hon. James Math.w. and James IIert will please
' aCcepi'our 'ilialiki for public documents,
The following is from the Chio Statesman of ihe 20,h
instant: . . I
Black slaves or White ones--Thnt lit tie
Can any, WHITE working ninn support HENRY
CLAY? If he can after reading ihe lMliiiig, lie must
ie fit fir ihe task of entering upon the duty Sir. Cliv
ins pointed out for, him. This is the Maw and o dor'
candidate .of the bankers aud monopolists. TlieHiug-.
i is now "liberty pr death '"slavery or frctdim:"
We have received Ihe following certificate, bv East
ern papers this morning', signed by five members of
Congress: whii h establishes beyond question, the veri
ly of the rjuotalinrr -from Ihe National in'ellizftnr-er, and
hows ifial, tn 1819, Mr, City remarked to tliefollowmg
Wi are under obligations In the gentlemen who have
iven their certificate, and shall preserve the original
with care, for public inspection.
"The undvittned certify that the following isatruo
and correct' statement and quotation, as appears in a
speech ol Mr. Kich ol Vermont as reported in the Na
tional Intelligencer of July 1, 1820.
Mr. R- is there reported to have sajp. ,
"i have tbera, by th'e successful influence. of my ex.
ample, ..taught my sons lo cultivate ihe eatih. .While
my daughters have bi n'n intlrucied in the manufacture
of clothing for themselves and brothers, extending even
to tboso I have the honor lo near, and in Ihe uselul la
Bors of (he kitchen." Mr. R here says in a note:
'YV'hao this subject wat under consideration at the
att te.sion.lhe honorable speaker fMr Clay! remarked
ed to the M owing enact:
"If gentlemen will not allow us to have BLACK
SLAVES, they must let us have WHITE ONES, run
we cannot cut our firewood and black etrr sAoes and
Library of Bouse of Representatives,
Apruju, IM4. '
(Signed.) SAM. SIMONS of Conn., '
JOHN P. HALE, of N. Hampshire.
THOS.J HENLEY, of Indiana.
, . SHIP BLOWN UP. ' .
Colt's suDniarine armor experiment on the Potomac
was successful. The crowd of witnesses was immense.
A ship of 500 tons was blown up, with .all, her canvas
crowded. The helm haying been previous'y lashed and
the vessel tfeserted, she was, wafted by a gentle breeze
to Ihe scene of aclion, as she, approached it, two inef
fective explosions took place upon the larboard and star
board quarters the third did its work, tearing her from
bow to midships, so that she instantly gave a lurch to
portend went down by the head. The operator was
stationed some distance (iff, behind a barn, pulling (in
more senses than one) the wires. After, the destruction
of the vessel, the spectators were amused by two, mi.
nor explosions at a distance from the main, scone of ac
tion, which caused very beautiful jets d'eau.Cin. Enq.
CTThe New Orleans Courier says, in relation In the
Elliott naturalized voles- "We repeat, what we said
yesterday, "that the facts can be established beyond con.
iroverty that fourlerjn, hundred nut of the eighteen liun
d c3 naturalizaiion papers issued by Judge Elliott, were
jssued at ihe request or .members and agents ofthe Clay
Club not only will fact be esliibllsft'ed, but it shal
b,1 publi-hed" in conspicuous characters lo ihe world."-
Cini Enq, -i . ' ,
ttTTo weep fur fear is childish: to weep fgr anger
is womanish; to weep for grief is human; to weep.,coin-
paslion is divine; .but lo wesp for tin -it Christian.
Rtrt. Hastings concluded Ilia, Lectures on .this all . en
grossing science on Friday night last, Ihe results of be
course to a person uiucauainted with the svstem would
be absolutely astonishing ....To give some fainl idea of
the subject it is only necessary tu ttale thai in one hour
tits whole class were enabled tn associate and. commit
in tne.nory the names and htngusge of fifty fUnocrs from
Mrs, Lincoln's Botany. In less than thirty minutes ihe
whole class associated and commitled lo memoir the
name, orbit, distance, (from Ihe .sun,) diameter and.
density of everv nlanel in the Solar svstem. including
the 4 asteroids, . But the bids.' astonishing instance of
what this flew science is capable undoing was tbe fol
following: One hundred arbitrary fizurea were writlen
dawn .and read over, only once to the juveii'e portion
nf the dm, viz: 2410I2I235I262412I&JI36I iSl02IB9
5(1000003121 j526425000031 15212521 152125000033330
0?,31 26268000000006656
A young lad named Parmlee.,, after hearini llierh rokd
once, not havjni seen (h paper or the ouanbers, imme .
dtstQly wrote them as above on a black Uoardr Jnriied
hit back to,. the board, and repeated them forieara and
back. ..Another Boy, son of the widow nlorrosv, did
the tame, (tnd jt waastaled by Mr. .Hattuigs thai Ihe
whole class could d.o so, had tfierebeen time. The paper
containing Ihe numbers was; handed lathe aua.ence and
upon calling for any number, several ,bf llie children
answered, immediately, and this was dtne without ma
king a singu mistake, rortges arhilfary numbers have
bee.i consideiedthe moil difficult objects- Its impress up
on thntnemory, but this system renders it perfectly ee
sy. Notwithttsnding the large nnmber of-Mr. Histings'
class in this village he appears to have given univerjal
salislaclion. ... , , K .. . ,
The apBlicatioft ofthU iysfetfi 1 to study Is absolutely
as'opishjng the whole clats, ob the lat lecture, obtained
in less than 30 minutes every necessary fact connected
wih (he SoUr tyjtern,.tae jhe following for example.
Planets. ' distance from lbs Sun Diameter In Eng- Denalty.
English mlles.i lisli milts.
Mercury 37,000.000 j . 38.00- ecjual to Lead,
Venue - 66,000.000 80n0 Bthat of wster
Earth 95,000,000 ' 7,912 5 that of water
Mars. 167,0110 000 44.00 3 that nf water
Vesu ',225.000,000. Soil 2 that of water
Juno 254,000,000 . loOO-i 2 do
Cerea 260,000,000 1700 2 do
Pallas 263,000.000 - 2,000 - S do
Jupiter 500,000.000 89.000 that of water
Saturn. 900.000,000 80,000 equal lo cork,
Oranug. 1,800,000 000. .., 35.009 that of water.
Tbe whole ef lbs above was comml'led )n Of than half an
hour, which proves that the subject is worthy less earefnl ton
sldtraiioa, ,.. tVrt, . . ,X. ..,
We were pjeteni on the evening referred io, aid can
cheerfully attest to the above, and we believe thjil with
s very few exceptions, general satisfaction wal given.
Mr. H. left fyr Coeboclonwhere we doubt not, he will
meet with due encouragement, as he. possesses energy
and talents, wluch" was evinced in his steady and, per
severing manner of instruction in this useful and inter
eiting sciBfirV ' - ' - (,
. The Federal ,BuzzMd saya Amos.Kendall ig gfander-
ing Henry Clay, by publishing tracts. Why don't you
expose the slander then! . Nol that can't be dope. We
shall publish Kendall's articles, and let the people se'
by tho facts whether il is possible to slander such a man
ss(him who says "we must have ''white slaves if wt
csiinot have hlar-k ones." ' ' " '"' "' "''u'
tPTTha Sat election look place in Vi ginia last
Thursday. lederlisrn out furih every musclrf.to entry
the .States with what tuccets wa shall know yra day cr
tVt'Oy ' "
1 CuEJi tEli 'ill A JM E V.& R,
tHE subscriheis would re.pwlful'v inform-the publ-''.
that tlii-y have e-mmenred the above usiiee in all
us ttraiiche, under the firm of Albht & r-'LnTHKJR
All kind of wnik fucli as, mm and women's sad
dles, carriage, dearborn, s'age, and holt harness, allofj
which will b mane ol ine Best mate rials .and in ma
must substantial manner. They wi'l sell cheap lor cask
and take bark, hides, grain and other trade at libeial
prices in exchange for work. v. ,.
0Shnp removed to Mr. Knote's New building op
posite the Mill store. .
nu vi r rm r.i in. ni.nLtii,
April 15, 1844. .... .
THE Subscriber i ffersC ANDY as cheap at it can
be bought at Cleveland. Also
small assortment of (irocenes tor Oa-h; Muc h as
Coffee. Raisins, FisA and Nuts of all hinds. ifC. at the
April 10, 1844.
Liilic. Lfliic.
"TM1E subsertber would inform the Public that he hat
JL now on hind a quantity of the above arlic.e.
which hewill sell low fur Cash, and warrant it good
To those who may purchase from me anil for whom
I may do the work, will receive a reasononia neauc
New Philad'a. April 1G, 1844. ' 143m
G. W. CAN FIELD has opened a Book Bindery in
the basement slory of the Lutheran Church. Job hook
binding, l'enodicals, Pnmphleta and Music books neat
ly and substantially executed. .
New rniladetphia, Nay z, itm lb am
FTMIE Buard of School Examiner for Tuscarawas
JL county, will hold its quarterly meetings on ihe 1st
Monday in April July, .October and January ofeach
jear, and special meetings on the 3 d Monday nf each
month. - a. UELUtsn, viern
of said Board.
March 21, 18R
Have opened a new HAT STORE in the town oi
on High street, one door West of Mr. Espich's Hotel,
whore they, intend keeping on hand a guneral assort
ment of bress, and Fancy Hats, of the best quality
which rviil be repaired at any lime if required, gratis.
Also a general .assortment of Wool, and common Fur
i . 1 1 f . l-'.i :ii kt. .11 -. j I r.. 1.
Iiais an oi wuicn win uo auu 11 reuueeu yfKom lur vwu
lamb's Wool or furs. . ; ' '
New Philadelphia, April 10,,841. . . 13 ly
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Will attend to any professional Insiness entrusted M bis care
in the counties of Tuscarawas, Holmes, knit Ceshdcton.
fton. W. ft. Sapp, Holmes county, Hon. Janet Mathews,
It Gen. Joseph Burns, Coshocto county. Smith, Drskt ) c.
New York. fTf-Office same at that occupied by Esq. Warner
twodoors North of Kelier Hlldl'sstmon Factory street,
13 hereby given that the following accounts of Ad
ministrators and. (iuirdians. have been Jiled in the
Clerk's office nf .Tuscarawas Court of Common Pleas,
and will be presented for pusa'ge at the next June
lerm ut saia touu: . .i
Partial account of Richard Powlson Administrator of
, the estate of Thomas Church, defeated. ,J '
Fiaal account of Charles Kuins, Guardian of Huldah
l.anaess, - . ,-. ..
Final account f John Stooily Adm'r. of the estate of
Catharine Yandi deceased. . 1
Final account of. Isaac liotietler Administrator of the
estate' of Jacob Ballm m deceased. -
AcfcdbhtiKor Jacob J. AWIer, Guardian of Wesley, Mar
garet Ann, Emely, and Helen M Miller heirs of Cun
. rad Miller deceased. '
Partial arcvmni of Thomas King Adm'r. of the estate of
Jjimts B. Morrow deceased.
Tarlial account nf William Hamilton Adm'r. of the es
late of Christian Flick inger deceased-
Partial account of Samuel and John Fandt Adm'rs, of
liisk uiatta nf Inlin Vei nrl t. A OsaalBaarl . ' ' 1 L
- C. II. MITCHENER, t-tsr.
April 25, 1 844. 4 w. 15.
STATE OF OHIO, Tuscarawas County,
Joseph Maish Demandanf, ) Court of Common Pleas
vs. ' June lerm, ion.
Andrew Maish. . 1 he acienoants winiaKe
Auguiins Ma'ith
David Maish
has this ' day filed his pe
tition in the ' office of the
irantel Milan
William Sersent J
1 Clerk of the Court ofCom
mt'norsf moo Pleas of. Tua:arawas
) county selling forth that
Cklivin Maisli
Jufiknn Maish J
he s Seised in fee simple, as tenant m common with
the defends -1 as an heir at law of Julian' Sargent for
raerlv Julian Maish deceased, of -"mie "undivided seventh
niitof the Weil half nf Lot No. 159 in- fhe ttiwn of
NewTPlii!adelpliia In said fcnuntp, and that her demands
partition thereof so that he may have his part aforesaid
intevsira tv.'and apart from the defendants, and that at
next June Term of said Court said Petition will be fur
hearing; and said defendants aro notified lo appear and
ohieot if Ihey see eaute. -
' . i Jirncrri nmicu,
by B. M. ATHERTON, his Au'y.
A'pril24, 1844 n ,,. 6w.
mutual consent on the lllh Ma(cb,1844 A Whereas a de-
viiinn t. mailt nf Nnlna and arcmnlt due there now
all who know tbemielyes indebted are hereby notified..
that I have left such Notes and accounts,, wntcn nntei
fiAnn allotted to ma: wilh Aucusltis Wilhelmi Justice n
the Peace, who is authorized to settle and nollei t the same
-. I Vf Al 1 ae.iv-
Dover 22 April 1844. 15 4w r
A, DWELLING House and LOT pleassmly situa
ted in the town of Jbm Philadelphia. Tuscarawas
county, Ohio, for sale, on favorable terms.' For wrtio.
ulars. apply 1o B. SeTow; at the Recorder's office,, or
the Subscriber at Uhriuhsville, Tuscarawas Cobtily,
Ohio. . " 'V " 1
, ' 1 II. A. KEUrltLU.
Uhrichs.ile, March 23, 1844. . . 13tf
rfHE aubtcriher has a lot oftland comainina- one hun -
X Jred acfrtt, siluMerl in Rush township, Toecara.1 Corn- do- -wa't
county Ohio,' which he will tell at a low priie, : , J ;
Upon convenient terma or payment ir tppiicition-ue
made st hilt, office io New Philadelphia',' soon. Thie'
t'raot nf land is about four miles South Eatt of Trenlon.
April 25th 1840. . ,. . .. -v tr-
-- - -- - - ' 1 8. BELDEN. '
FtWY w1fa Lydia
Pox, has left 'rqy bed and ' hoard,'
J-'-St without anv canst or m-ovoraon.;
The public are caa-
tloncd not to tmst or harbor said l.ydla en my : aeeeiint, as I
am determined not nay any debts of her contracting, no to
hold myself answeroWe for any o( hr er.it, 1 a
I'Hii., -ii . ' , HIRAM Br 'FOX.
L'oycr, siarcn tYitm. ,..,',-Ul5: I
THE STATE OP OHIO TcscasjawaS Cersirv, bb.
Philip Blull,
7 U tvtuiccat. .
Jnsbna Tlrrden el als.
JU3IIUA Dryden and Ann ttarfa triavrrfeoftbecttyof E' -.
timore, lu Hi Matter Ha ryJtn, I; WtllUutt I. Kmnoa
and John M Emerson, whote places or rannence arnnBKiwn
ts stl take notice that oa,tbe, 5th day of March 1844, riiilU
Stull filed in Mis office ef the Clerk of the Court of Gemma
Pleas of stud county, his bill in Chancery MtilNg forth, among?
otler thing, tliat bu l?r. about the 17th 4nj of June 1834,
Dryden sold y coiuracl in writini lu one jeeepii Bonn, now
deceaM-il, Lot nu'mbcrrd'TnisiT rocK'in ilia third quarter of
the seventh township, and serend range Uaited 'tales II Hilary '
Lnnd In snid county coiiiainins one hurried acres, and eon
traded lo make to said Smiilf, lijs heirs ir assigns a iood Htlo.
in lee simple to said ln wn payweni oi rat parcnase mo'
ney: That sold Joseph Fa'lth (rassfersctl all his imerett'tn said1
contract lo John Einerton also now deceased, who durlni Ida
life, assigned his interest In said contract lo William R. Em'
erron bis son. who. on the 22d day of Decenibhar 1838, totil
said land to said Philip Slull lli'ecoinplnlnant. That said Buillli
. . . ii j ..... .i .
did pot make complete payment id fhiu uryucii, run iuer re
mains due on the origins Wont rart a sum, tor wliirlieald land
is yet liable, and wlilclr saidSlull offers lo pay when tbtaJ
mount shall he ssccrtalncd. Bnidlilll furflief .seU up that eaitt'
Blull purclwsednul land of said William R. Emersoa at Its fult.
value without rererenc to any hawity on tneorisimn ronirart
with said Dry dsn, and without any knowledge of said balancer
remaining unpaid; and that he has paid the said Emersoa llie
whole of his purchase money, Paid Dill also sets up that thv
said Dryden and wife have executed a deed of said land to sahf
Smith, but that Ihe same has never been delivered- because ef
the non payment of Mil balance of said original purchase mo
ney. The prayer Of'enid bill Is that the said Dryden and wife.
may be decreed to deed said premises directly to complainant;
and that the heirs of said Bbtith and John Emerson, snd lire
said William R. Finerson moV be foreclosed of all their respec
tlva inli rejls in the said,. Irfnd, and that compiahiani Jiiay liavel
a decree against William R.Xmerabn for such sum as he shall '
be obliged to pay to perfect tlia tjtletp said land, and for costs.
Said defendants will take notice that unless tuey appear
and plead answer or demur to said bill; within lxly days front
the rising of said court at the next lermvsehl complainant' s
Ihe next term thereafter will move the court to take said Dill
as against them, as confessed, and decree therVon accordingly.
ruiuir 01 uf.i.i njr
G. W. CHAPMAN. Ms tot.
. April 15, 1844. . . 146w . . .. , .
Lesley McCollough, )
Thomas Boyd and
. I il.,: H
Jahies Hoyd. j. n .
TIIUMAS Boyd and James Boyd will tike Notirst
that a petition - Was Hied against them on the 16th.
day rl April A D l644, io ill Couit of Common Pleat,
of the county of Tuscarawas and State of Ohio, by
Lesley McCnllough, end is now pending, wherein the
raid LeaUiyJUcCdllough demands paitition of llie 4ol lost i..
ingreal ertato, situate in the C'lunlv.of Tuscarawas and'
Stale of Ohio, 'ahd being the North east corner of the)
West, half nf the North Cast Huarletof section No. 21,
of teWnsliip number 14, 'ana range hurnber 7, in the)
Steubonvilla land .tlistrict bounded as follows, vhn -
Beginning on llie uorth boundary line or said section'
on the centre line between the EJast and West half 'of
said north east quarter; thence running south onede
gree east, along said centre I ine, -one hundred and thirty
five perches to a pott; thence north 30 deg. west 81 pet
ches; thence north 65 perches lo the section Jine. Tbenco
east along ihe section line 40 torches tn the place of be
ginning, contsinir.g 25 acres. Also, the east half of the
north east quarter of section 21, township 14, Range 7.'
containing 80 acres, and thsi at the next termini' sanl
court application will be made by the said Lesley Me-
Ciiyougli, for an order that partition may be made of
said premises. 1
' ' ' ' ' his Atty's.
Paled April 16th 1844. .,. ..... 14Cw
THE STATE OF OHIO, Tuscarawas Co,, ss
Sarah Ann Stewart,
' vs. '
"George Slewari. ) ....... i
fruit, sofd Goorgb Stewart will take-notice that on'
X ihe 23'rddday nf January 1844, Sarah AnirStevrar'
filed in Ihe oifieeof the Clerk of the Court of Cotnmoo;
iUm . . -j n.nan, .,,: ;n rhsncoiv uninv
f()riH the marriage of said peiiljoner and the said George
8twart and prayibg a divorce and a dissolution uf
marriage because-of ihe wilful absence of the said
noree Irom the- petitioner lor mere man three reara.'
Said petition will be for hearing at the next term nf said
:r .1 by GEO. WGHA'PMAN.hsreol.
ApriUS, 1844. 14 6 w
' ' N01ICE '' " v: . ....
Ts hereby given to all concorned thai there will be a p-
tition presented to the Commissioners of Tusciriwaa
County, at their June session, praying for tin altararion.
on Ihe County road leading from the residence of Geo.
Stttovapf in Wualiinofinii Intvnshin In Onaitnnlnilliin aaiifi
nlierlinri to commence near Anthony Aher' farm, on'
ihe Coshocton rottd; and thence the nearest and bed'
way lo intersect' the'old road, near the school ' home in
District No. 2. in Washington township.. .-'
April 2418H4. "16. 4tr;..t-' "
; T . .. ,An pvuiir.- Tn. rn Ohio
T5yvirtneiol a decree ol the Court'
Jesse Burr,et al.
I JJol Common neas'bt said county
airtinffln fhnnprv marlA .Tune trt-m '
1842 I shall offer for sale at the door of the Court h'oue
on Monday ibe lOtb Of June, St I o'clock' P. M. Lot
Number 39 in the town of Port Washington, jn said
county. , ,
. ; ' geo. w. chapman.
'May 2, 1844-b. Special Master Com'r.
Ndah Clouse ) By order ofthe Court of Common
vs ' Pleas of Tuscarawas couhtjr Ohio, '
Geo. Deardorff ) I shall.offer for sale, at fhe court house
in New Philadelphia in said county, on the SSnh day '
of May 1844, Lot No. 246 ifmid town of New Phila
delphia. " ' B. M, ATHERTON,
- - Master-Coyn'f in Chancery.
y;v. - CHANCERY SALE ' ', 1
George Humerichouse Yv By order ofthe Court, of
vs. yComtfion Pleas of Tusfcarti-
Jbhn Meese.-" .'-j was county Ohio, I shall ol
fer for sale, at the Court bouse in New Philadelphia
it)saidcdunty,-ohthe25th dayof Mav 1844, Lots No.
35, 36 & 62, in Lockport. B. M. ATHERTON,
, Matter Cm'r in Chantery.
.t- ' CHANCERY. SALE. 11 '
James Pearson, Y By order of the Court of Common
-vs. - - V Pleas of Tuscarawas county Ohio. ;
Wm. Parish. J I shall offer for eale, -at the Court '
house in New Philadelphia in said county, on the 25th '
day of May 1844, Lot No. 12 of Secti6n 3 in township
6 of Ranrt 2, ft said county cdtitaraing 100 acre.
Master Com'r in Chancery
r: : r ..t. ;. ' : .
'A smart eoiive' lad f about 15 or 16 ytart of age will '
be, taken as an apprenuoe to the Printing butineaka. this)
aX . -
'NE'rV'PHi'LA'. April, 17.
' DOVES Anrll.
. Wheat, per bushel , . . 75
WWat per bushel " 1
Corn " do . i
Osts '.
3 ti.
Drlett Applet'.
Clover teed
Flaxseed . .
Applet ''"'
dtf '
do ' "
do '
aye- '..: ad:-
8tt '
Clovtrtlred do,"
Flaxseed' dej
A.. I.. '-' Jill J
1 1-
Poirflott''do','4w:'.1 23-'
Floqr , pec barrftl 4.00 '
W4i ' fctVtl'- tslSO '
Butter ' st lb,-.....
Tallow ' -,'i i'H,V
Lnrd- ;"r V-4,..
Bacon roiirid ',' ' ,400
ritrnv per bbf.
Fork '
f, 8
Tallow .
AM I ' . J.""' , , '
Bacon (round .
Fair'. ' Pete11-1.'.
; 4
Ems' per dot.
'It-alt, ' bbl.
Wunl ' .
, j Tuw Linen
'1 15Li
Tow Littsa

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