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TRM$ in advance, $-3,00 at tlx end, :
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0 ifsHri "Where- Idnexty Dwells ther la C"taiiti7VW"cr
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Ai 'iitcy Atai
Tin wfciga aad oat Uk Preikteot
A inii whoet nam it Clay.
2 oi
Bat te didn't eomt it alw, m think,
Foiao tha people ray..
Oh poof Harry Clay,
On poot Barry Clay,
You neW can be President-
Fct to ite people aay, t'"
Yon'rt tried & twice before air Sat, i'IZ,
Andfoandk waa npso," : w' -The
White Honse ne'er wae made for yon,
We've often old yoa to; ,( , : a
.;,( Oh poor Hafry Clay,- ,,,. . .
' poor Harry Clay, ,
ir .. 'mi l - 1 1 .
. . ( t j . I ou never win us rirancni,
it ' . 0r yon have bad your day.
Pour yeare aho at Hartisburg,- ;:,-' ' " ': -
Yoa wily cunning; elf, :
They found yoa tinavailable, ; j. -i ';
And laid ypn on tie shell! , r. r ' ' -
-r x ;.:i Oh poor" Hatty riay, ; ; : '()'
r ' Oh poor Harry Clay; 4 i
t.f i ci The people did not lifre'yoTithen,'i
Why was it, ea yoa ray
But now for fear you'd leave the teach;
And brook no more1 delay, m c-j ,'b nr.-!
They thought It more expedient, u i v:i '
To let. yoo have yqnrVway. ,-.r i,r : 1
v . Oh Poor Harry Clay,,? ji ; i aw n
. v w Oh: poor ; Hatry CJayy r; :t J
: . ; ;., . You cannot now be Preaidentr ;, v
;:':'C;vU . i'f;s .for Polk .its-inyofi-wayf. ;! . ,
UIU JVM IS JV WH.I UVT " .ii .il 'm
Than wnen you run neiore, ,
For yoa were trnsueeessful then
And not aaccetsfalnoWf I'm sure.
4 i i ti?i.is d
Oh poor Harry Clay,
i if it i.C
Oh poof Harry Clay,
Th'f An miTr V f MMi'Jonf
' .Ia att "obsolete l-i-? '
Wfcerfe'et you run, you're left behind K a- . .
AUhongh ptfVe bad fair pWay,, t ..yt. '.r
But now your rokeM down and blindg A . 4 , -
Ahd eaBoot win the tfeyV--
Oh Pcwr aarry Clayi
Oh poor Harry Clay,
You're good ft brag and loo and whi ; !:v .-ot '
Aid, Vl foura'Vtoo, they aay,r;;. i rf;i;v, n..
But you moat loose, this time, Hal, ',. v! eni v.
For you can'Toik-er') play.;j7 ni j.ii :
Oh poor Sarry Claf.Vw.' tit ;
n t;jt.' Oft. poorHarry Clay, i,-.- ,t i.r
You cannot win tbi time old Hal,-
ly. For yoa can't fPoj,Mr play sdV-.
Youtrleil whwe JebiTyW"" "-";'11 h
But twaa more than fob tould dol'; e J v 1 '" '
Instead of heading hone JohV " '',A
John Tyler headed yotf,-i -s i w n
. . Oh poor Harry .Clay,; y v ! ,1 1 .
M. u . The, way that . Tyheajoa',.j
Wae laughable they say. '
' The pioneer who dwells in the Ticinity of Indian
Hunting- ground, forming a barrier, between iaarage and
civilized men, learns to hate the Indian because be,heara
IIn jprcn of always as an enemy. Having listened
from his eradle to tales of savage violence, and perused
with interest the narrative of aboriginal cunning and fe
locity, and wnsering alw, among ihevictims of some
midnight massacre, his rarest aad dearest relation, Ji
is not to wondered, at tha(. be ahould,feai apd . detest
the savage; .While.! far-whoop is soundfng in his.
ears, the riflle is kept in readiness, and the cabin door
aecured with-the return of ,reniug, t.j :
Among these, uns born and reared, one Thmas
Hlggina, ot Kemucliy,,. sand pre-cmieaWDuring tbe
war ot 1813, he enlisted at Aeage of nineteen in acum.;
pany of rangers, and came t4 Illinois. '" ef ibe niost
remarkable events ( that War occurred near Vandalja,
a wh!cfc'tiiaptied;;i "" 1.'.
A little for( or rather a blook house, "having been"
erected iabout 'twenty1 mile oiri Vandalia, late the
Capital'of . lUihjtiana'Doai efitles"aoauVof'ib'
present yniage'oTCtreeny'ineV'to protect the fforitief iei
tlements fronY tWtmlians, Lfeui Joamay and' twelve
men were assigned as its garrison. ' Of the latter) Hig-
giaa wae.,'';;'''"7"".''."';;,::'
The'surrounalng cotrqtrf vas, ais that tjme'a conti
buous forest;' and the little hamlet of Greenville it iron
tier town. t! -
On-the S61h ot August,; 1814, strong indications o
aavages beinaj'fnftfiif telgitbofbeod were' apparent, and
afnight a party Of Indians Wete seen prowrtog aboutthe
fort. ) '''' ---a 7 v "J ft. !, '
Oa the morning 'of the Sit, before daylight, Lfeut.
Jountaf, with' the whole forw'tnder1 his coinuiantf'
sallied forth In pursuit of Ibtmi lhey had not proceeded
fu before '1arg pa'rtf ofifavSges, eeverrfy Or eighty In
number,''tose ftom their imbushand at the Brst fire the
Lieutenant and tare of ims med ifere tilled and another
wounded.'' Si'returned Wl tafey fo (M fafi, si one
(Thomas Higgins Bngerd befiihd ih ordfef lb have ne
mora poll at' the enemy;. 1 '"r
The'morcing was sultry.' Tti ey iad not y dawn
ed; a-heary dew had fallen luring the niglft,' and (he air
being. sllit and humid, the smolte front their cuns'hung
Kto a Slbud dverihe lwful scene " U!4
By arid iir this -eloud the tompanfoni of Higgins es
eapedto" the forC7. togging hers' haVlng-been shot in
the necli ftlt apoo-hi knees;' be rose however again.
Higglosy. fcoppbslng h'loi' rrj be moitalljf wounded, dis.
mounted; and was a"bdutr,o1eav 1iia "Pefterting
soon thereafterhfs'errorsmTtliat the wound was not
dangerous, he determined. make good his tetrVat, but
resolved bafosa doing-so 0afehg lh-death af some of
MatxmiDantoaW''' ' w V'r;
He sought therefbrej't ww.'ftoiw beMixFBIehhe
could shoot with.stto j;'AmoUl scarcely Suffici
ent toproieef hisfc,ai'Bei -It wafhnlt tine
in sight, and before he eouU mew , Hie smoke iaftfy
arose and discovered to him I number of Indians tp.
proachifig. 'One brthehi was in (be act'bf loadfug his
pub. Higgins, haying taken deliberate' aim; fired; and
the lorerooH savage fell,. ? Concealed still by rhemol(e,
Htggina, telpadetl, mounted his.horsend tnrned o fiyl
when a ,voic apparently (torn the grassj hailed him
wiih Tom you won't leave' trie 111 your" '"f '
, Higgins turned fmmedlately' around,' tinid seeing'!'
lellow soldier by the name of Bnrgest)y'ing t'"we
ground, wounded and gasping for brtalb, irepUed,i" JJo,
in n reave, QU,oome ang. ,.,, 4
1 can t come.' said Burgess; my leg is au smasneq
to pieces.' -f . . i-
Higgins dismounted, and t&krag'up his freindwtiose
ancle had been broken, Wai-abouttoi 1 ifl him on bit
hors e,; whetj the latter taking fright darted off in an iu i
stabt and left Higgins t nd his wounded friend .behind. ,
'This too bad,' said Higgins; 'but don't fear, yoa hop
off on three legs, and 1 11 stay behind, between you and ,
the; Indians, and keep them off. Get into the tallest -grassland
crawl as hear the ground as possible4 Bdrl
gess did i6 and escaped. ' '-i.-lv
7 The smoke soon cleared iwayy and lie! resolved if
possible to retreat. To follow the track of Burgess was
theimost expedient It wotild. however endanger bis
tnend, , . k . . -.
;He determined, therefore, to venture boldly forward,,
knd if discovered, to secure his own safety by the rapi
dity oThis Sight, On leaving a small thicket, in which
he jia' sought refuge, be discovered a tail, portlyr savage 1
neajr by,i hnd two otherao. , dlrece between Jblm audi
the Jbjt, j&f. paused fj , tnomemti and, ihought ijf l)e
ouid separate and fight them singly, bis case waa not
MperateV V1-- -iW'.'1
;Ha,hM1'1nereferefor l lfttl n' oTViter.Vard
by.jbui fooadbift ot nil lifnbBf foiling MmJ St-having
been suuck will a ba IK ip Jhfl first encounter-, ot which)
till (low, hsaAswrey consylous.'f.'j tl4 t,
The largest Indian .pressed, plosejy, upon; hn and
Higgins uraed rondd tb Vr three' times in 'order to
fire. 'The Indian 'bal'tecfind daneef about In order t3
prevent bfs' taking im.o ffiggin 9aW ft.taahshTe,W
flre'atrandomi ind rceiruigwo otbws' apposcRi'r)g;
knew, he urost be overpowered or a moment .unless he i
could dispose of, the lorward Indian., HejrtolVj;i, there;
fori to half and recei'vi jrfs'hVe. the Indian raided
bis Hfleantf 'Higgins; watchlhgflEi eye'mrtSifcW
deuly, hi fihgeflf pressed' line trigger; ancFrectiwd' lh
ball, in his thigh, which other wjse.i Quid have pieroed
"'Yu fu? rr-t r:j?te iwot n-S! nvsrm-
Higgins fell, but, rose immedlalely, and rufiV) The(
foferoosf Indian, certain of We pre, now loaded again,
aid! with hWothertwo; preSsedooV' Tbey overtook film,'
Higgins fell again, 'as he rose the whole three fired, and
he received'all tbefrbkUs.r, le now ell ind roseagain;
andfhe IWfeiW, Ihrowrrjg away,' (heir gusdvanced.
upon hin fit 4i spears and knives,.. As be pteeea.ed hU
gun at one or tbe other, eaett fell back if i
, M last; 'the largest Indian, supposing Hi$gins gun
to be em'ptv from bis having thus been reserved advancl
ed bpldly to. the charge. ;Higgipt fiftd, and the Indian
Cell. f 'j fr'H -iit ir,
"Jfc had now 'font bullets hi his body, an empty gun In
hishan4 jtwo Invltans dnharm( 'staj yet, efortr h'laf
ana k whole tribe a. few yards distant: Any other man
but Higgles would have despaired. 'vNapoleon would
have; acknowledged himself Jefeated'WelHngtDn, with
all has obstinacy "would hjive considered Ihe 'case as
doubtful, and Charles of Sweden have considered it ne
of peril, -:Not so with Higg4ns. Hie hid nonbtinn of
surrend'er)'r)g'ye.i'e had Tain l'Jnost darigerousOf
the tttreer and having little to ff a 'from the juthers, he
began to load hjs rifle, f hey raised; a savirgn whoop,,.
and tushea to the cnteounterf lut kept af a' rpectahle
distance when Ijfiggins'' rifle 'Vaa loaded, bqVwben the"
knew ft wai empty they fr$ bettejrsbjdiersj,".
M bloodyeonfjici aow ensued, iTbf Indian stabbed
BlnV ifl Several' places. (TEeir spear, however, ere
but thin poles, hastily prepared for;ihe occasion, and
bent ybeiwver 'they rtruqlf a ri'or a muscle. The
rounds they made were not, therefore, deep, though
numerous, as bis slats sufficiently testified. At lastj
one rfjthem threw his tomahawk. It struck him anon
the cheek; passed through , (he i ear, which it severed, laM
bare jiis skull to the back f'wc bead, and stretched him
rtrxra the arairieV -The ladims aaMu ruched onr-but
rHiggns,;: recovering his self-possession, kep tjiem 6ft
with bis feet and hands.. Grasping at length one of
their Spears the Indians,' in attempting to pu4 it from!
bim, Yafted Higgins up, . who, taking his nnie, smote
Ihevearest ravage and dashed' out fifs brains.-1 In do
ing so, however his'.riffe broke, the barrel only remain-'
Ingin hlshands)i.. t i j
'''The other Indianwho'had hitherto' fought Wi th cau:
tlon, pamt now manful! inip thV natUe his ebaraclerl
as a warrior was in jeopardy k; To have fled from a raao
thus wounded and unarmed, or to have suffered his vio
tim'tq escape, vrou'ld ha Ve tarnished bis fame forever.
'Uttering,, therefore, a terrifie yejl he rnshedxn, and
attempted to stab- trie' exhausted ranger;' BdC the latter
warded off bis blow with one hand, and brandished his
rifle fith'tbeotherr, '' '!';','
The Indiata Jras yet tinharmei and under Mristini
I circ umstaiicesby fir trie most' pbWA-fui Higgins' cour
r i - . - .. JmA.L.h.iI.U T.fc.
ago llQmrrr was uucxtiBUBivu nu iiigauuuuic. ii
savage at; fast begafHo retreai from the gl.ire of his un
tamed eye'to the spot" wfifere he left Vis rlffeHiggms
knewl if (he Indian recovered tha,t, his' oWn"case was,
desperate: throwing therefore hisrifla barrel aside and
dra wing pit hudti'ng' knifb tie rushed upon hie foe. A
desperate strife; deep gsbes were inflicted on both sides'
Higgls, jfa.t(Jd antf exhausted oy'ine toss'ofhkiod
was no longer m match for the savage. ThalaUer suc
ceeded in throwing his adversary from him,1 and went
immediately in search- 'o( bi rfle,j Higginj at the
aote tireis rose apd. sought for thc.gun. of tHe oiBer In,
dian.j Both, therefore, bleeding and out of breath, were
kiD-seirehfof1 arm nVrene the contest
f jTbsiiIbk Boyiiasseoriway, andS largfntimber of,
Indiana were invief frothing ft would seeing 'could
now fcave the gallan ranger. There wae, tewever, an
eye t pity; and ah" art ftf save;- and thai irm was
woman's! ' -r. ,
- HTbt'Vide ftarrisba bai witnessed 'tfiewble Combat
fteHttnied'of bar ilk fneq ind roi womanikibd'tha'i
woman wa of hetsetr a boston Mr,'pursIey;'When'
shflLMw Higgm contending single handed with a'wh'ole
tribe pf" savages, alii biged-the rangVif 'htfem'pt his
t QniUrv Parsley', 'ierejor iaatchid"'! tide; "from
As. n ?s ;ifx3 i m
her fitHband'a hand, atld declaring that so (Soe a lellww
a Tom Higgins thouid aof be tost for want of help,' ;
mTonted a bons and sallied forth to hi rescoe, - The
meirf unwilling to baoutdote by a woman, followed at
full tHop reached tbe spot where Higgins fainted
and before the Indiana esme opt "a fid while the savage
with whom be had been engaged was loolring tot bl
rifle, bit friends lifted tbe wounded ranger hp, and
C (browing him tcroM n'bbrs before one of the party,
cached the toft fir tafetf. ' -'': :
f fJiggins was' insensible for several day; and his life
was preserved by Continual care. His friends extract
ed: two of the ball from bis thigh two however, yet
feipafnedone ol which gave him a great deal of pain.
Hearing afterwards that a physician had settled within
a day's ride of him, be determined to go and see him
Tbe physician (whose name is spared) asked bun $50
for the operation. This Higgins flatly refused, saying
H wat more than half a year's pension. 1 On reaching
hjme, he found the exercise of riding bad made the ball
dtsremable, be requestgtt hi wife; therefore to band
him his razor. With her assistance he deliberately laid
operatbe (nigh, "until the edge of the racor touched the
bullet; - then inserting his two thumbs into tbe gash, he
"he flirted it odt," as he used to say, "without costing
hiii a cent' ' The other bail yet remained; it gave him
however, but little pain,' and he carried H with him to
hls)grave! . ! :'"--;
fiiggirisdied in FayVtte county, Illinois; a few years
since. He was the most perfect specimen of a frontier
man in bis dayand we once Joor:keeper of the house
ol Kcpresentativeaoi jnmnie.. . rt..,,: , .y,-t-ri, ...
j. Cr Th Maamee Elver Times ha the following,
which looks about as much like romance a truth,' yet
themain facta brd no doubt truel n tCi vA'ui'l s; to
I ..ha-S-.i -.-vf RYSBUR.Q.J..!:." Vi 1o
'This paper of the date of the 20th of April last, eon.
' 'aioed a abort account of the finding of the clothes ut a
man who was supposed to have been jntfrdered, ' The
, clothes were found in tbs Maoinee River by some fish
erraert i mile or two above th bridge and' neat tbe
sdttth sidcoftttfnW, '.; ! "t
11 From recent disclosures which have been roads, (th
source or whicn e arc requested trci iu mention ai pre
sent fear rthat ft would interfere with inquiries which
.will still be made in regard to the matter,) it is rendered
pretty certain that tw Murders were committed m the
f" ;. . ... . . - ...
woops souin-easi or r errysDurjf. r ,? , .1 ..
IK would seem that ihvuiremstanee attending these
horrid transaction are substantially a lolkiwss , Jn
some instances, however, where th diselosurea have
beed partial, wt are obliged to fill p(j the fnteryal, not
adding any thing material, but only such thing's as must
have occurred, and which n Accessary , i 'correct
nnaerstandingot tne story. r t ,. , ,4 . .
7 'Tie two persons who were' murdered were men trav
eljngf '.west witb a horse and buggyV their names and
destination, however, are wbollv unknown. These
traveller were found by two men who were ihe rourder.
ersj somewhere on the road, probabry between ,CJe'
land and Lotttfr Sandusky." ' f' ','. . . ,., . ',' v
, The murderers' it seems became satisfied that these
travellers were possessed of valuable property of some
kind or other, (but what, hnof. known,) and tbey deter
mined to muraerjnem ana possesses tnemfeiyes w h.
Accordingly one il,em went before to look oot a good
place for tbe commission of- iW deed, M the othet tra
velled alung with llieir victims. ''' f w-'"'
,Whett wuHn abom a hitlf a mile ol Ibe iast mmpilw
gats whU-h 's four mile east of Perrysburg, 'me mor
dertrs presented loaded pistols ki the beads nf tbefr rfc
tfm!r' and fbrcsd tbem nto the woods sooiW of the turrr
nifteiaad then murdered rhrtn. One of ihe bodies a
stripped of all its cloth" lngVxcept the shirt and era var,
and partially buried J'his' bodyhas been foundand
fhCbones have beencarerully collected and carried into
lh' settlement and-puried., .; t,. s , : ,.r ' ,.,"
- The other body fjasnot been found. ,. It was left on
tbe ground wholly anstripped and unbuned. andas was
said something Uke half a fniie'frqrh;Uiej body. rlt
is hoped that the efforts which will be made, will be sue-
cessfni itf finding this body also.. , n., - ; ' ,.
"The murders were committed from the first to the 8tb
April last, and the clothes found in the river onihe 17th
Eof tbafmoMh Undoubtedly belonged to the murdered
parson bUrlelThe' mtWderers thn went back to the
lacwhre they fell the horse and buggy belonginff to
the travellers, and drove through Ferrysbnrg, deposited
the clothes in the rTver where they were ''subsequently
found, "crossed the bridge to the north side of the river,
went down th tiVer, below Toledo, took the baggy in
pieces attd- suntt it and' tBe-flarnert fh the fivtr, and
wok the horse out babk of Manhattan and killed it. ,
... This is a short, nd-.imperfect account of a transao
lion, tbe atrocity of which is almost unparalleled in tbe
annals of -crime,; and Woblly unprecedented in this part
oi ibe country, but the truth of which nevertheless, may
be strictly- - relied upon, - and the object, of this notice is
principally tacnable ihe relatives of i tbe deceased to-recognise
their friend, if possible, by ihe clothes, and pos
sibly by the teeth of the skeleton which Was found,
minute descsiption of which was taken1 by a physician
whs was present and who will give all the information
in bis power at any time. Tne'rourderers'were proba
bfy 'entire figers" in (bis part of the conUiry drld to
the murdered ment except tbe slight acquaintance form.'
ed Just previously to the murders being committed.
,The commencement of the tragedy was probably
about the dusk ol this evening, but when it was finUheJ
and here tfie ttuVderers went immediately after it, is
not'known;fJV:'' "' - ; ; ' ' . ".,V;;'
" All that is further generally known jbodl' t murder
ers Jsj tfmtlbey'are both committed lb the penitentiary
of a neighboring State for a erie of year for burglary
or for some similar crime, and H is earnestly hoped (hat
the efforts whictf are beiftg ilikde to ' ferret them will be
brought to suffer the punishment dde to tbe enormous
crime which they have ebmmitied. . i- dt'f
! O
An Afed Clertymajt the Urica Baptist Register
says, that tbe Rev, Benjamin Hovey preached in the
L Baptist ehapelia that city, on the afternoon of lb hut
sabbath in Sep mber-. Mr.-H". Baratthibtt to ih i
LmarkaW iefiTot' mhiintifvtfi w.A ,: v
" Cr-wfll yoif tain something? &a. taetetallejr. nj
bis friend, when uadinrneaf n tavern. ... fl don't eare
Lift dowa the tvpiy elnMV
teal. :'-t'A''3 f'-"-" w ii""".f w
From the Ohio Statesman.
ll: tin-
iB AND THE t -
J Bto tin'.
Unit oi
Already hss the spirit and and enterprise of onr
oaf hardy people opened dp n fietf channel of commu
nication to the Eastern War'ull . Without the- action Of
Congress without the protection of law our noble
pioneers have cut passage to the Pea ifk, "and are
building up towns,-citUens, chbrthel, cbool booses,
mills, and opening beautiful farms this too while tbe
whig croakers were shedding crocodile tear over th
bairen a fid starving danger of the "far Wert." '
But JAMES K. POLK, tbe fi ieSd of the. mighty
West, , is elected PreaidenWlet the whole Union rejoice
nnder bis auspices, the Unionthe unequal. West wlP
rise up with new energies, as when Mr. Jefferson part
chased Louisiana. With Oregon on WetK and the
great Pacific, and Texas, or the South West, w ihatl
soon be a peop' tbat all the earth will eavy, Te peo
ple of Ohio have W ft basely deceived; and have cast
their votes unnaturally with hew England federalism,
but they will go rigkt to wok now and soon bring our
glorious Empire State of the West into the democratic
fold) ,.i iii! t-.v ii ,'', ''. '
j ,! From tbe Independence (Mo.) Expositor,
. . By (be return ol our fellow citizen Wuamm Qilwk'
who arrived from the mouth of the.. Columbia liver on
the fi2d linstaot, we have cheering new .from th Ore
gop Territory, the mountain and ironvJNew. Mexico'
Mri Jfjilpitt passed the winter amongst the American
setilements pf the Wallamette and jhe. adjacent tea
cop t, which he describe as enjoying tbe. most buoyant
Dfuriritv when he left them in Amil last. , .
L( The emigrant pafty of tM, (which he accompanied)
arrived at their destination in Novetnbei; last, after ha-
vtn braved and tveretme nnparalleled danger and
difficulties from savages, from -thirst, and hanger-, clas
sing perched, ireeless. plakx, fierce angry riwrs, arid
forcing thei Wsgona through a inrnttMrnktf-
(aifli' declared;, impassable; by the most experienced
guide andvoyageurs. Pui-hjng'onwardi unappalled by
any obstacle, these brave pioneer have completed
wagon road from one, ocean to the other, from the At
lantic to the Pacific, ihfOugh the heart ot onr national
terrorv. :..This accession ba swelled the American
popolailnn-of Oregon to, up wa id of two thodsahd
They have 16rmfd for themselves a Government, elect
ed Executive and Legislative officers, established court
of jo tlce and a record of land1 titles. Farms freckle the
magnificent plains, towns are springing up at convent
ent points upon the rivers, a dozen excellent mills sap-
ply lumber and flour for home use and export, the fish
erit are not neglected, and tbe land are surveyed. ' A
col leg, numerous school and several churches are
scattering education amongst ih. yrtfng1. Money has
hieii enUO New York far 4 printing prtss ahd iltan I
ifn ':. Cattle and stocK of all kitlds are accumulating 1
and rapidly increasing under inlld climate and unfail
ing pastures, .f rovions ol an kinds are abunoant.ol
ma most excellent quality ana moderate priren, . ' t
En'jny'ni.a genial temperature throughout -the year,
blessed with domestic plenty, encompassed by magni
ficent scenery, men's mind are elated with the brilliant
prurpfcl with which the horizon around them beams.
Fertile lands of vast rttent, (he" ma jest's; forestr tbitt
shrewd the mountaiB teamed witb tumbling streams,
great da vtghble" river warm tog with myriads of fisb,
and ;above all, that mighty ocean Jn front pj.jhem,
whose farthest wsves bathe the Asiatic shores and it
tens thousand islands a.11 these remind them momenta
lily that their little seulementi the seed from which
shall'groW a mighty people, gre'afaf borne, whose ships
shallidescend to the half torpid millions of the Oriental
world and stir'into activity the Inffnite'material of com
merce which stagnates in thoesleep1 regiobs. If any
sadness clouds their prospects', It is vexation at the frigid
and anrelentlng neglect 6 the national Government, of
patriotic settlement so remote,' isolated and expoded,
and, 'yet o slender id the number of iut defender.
these settlers are Ameflttn in neart an blood, with
both rm bpeu lo receive wch of their Jfellow ciiizens
opon; the' shore df the' Pacific.' ' '' . ' . "
"Mr, Gilpin passed ihe trading fort.of Bridger and-Vas-
qnez on the 19th of August. This fort is one hundred
mile west of Green river and exactly half way jrom
Independence to the Wallamette. The American trap
pers Scattered amongst the mountains, had there. collect
ed to ! meet (he emigrants,' of last' spring-, an advanced
party of thirty pf whom, with their W;af ousand collie,
passed on' tha"l7ih,two days later than the emi
gfation of the pree ceding year Two larger eompanie
behind, under Gen. Gilliam aqd Col. Ford, passed sub
seqvditly and all, iw good. time to reach the mleraent
before the setting Jn of, the wlfatff ;j .,.' t u-t
SawSwich Islaud, By three vessel which' arrived
in the ColumbiX In May last from'Honolula, cCouni
were received of great rejoicing to th Island, one
quent on the acknowledgement of their indepsndence by
(he United States and-the European power. Mr. Re
cord, young lawyer from N. York cityv wHtsr iiconj-J
..l-!-J ? -i it join' -Lli"' ,f
,auicu tuc tuc wicyuu cuugiauu a oi to-u, ana passei)
onward onward to the islands, has been appointed Au
torney General of the Sandwich Islands, by King Tarn
meamah; Tbe other confidential officer Of tbe King
are alsojmedcan, a ell' at tbe most enterprising
planter and merchant of thafflourUhing- littl klnf
dona. !'.'?! c ,,,,' .?..- -" ti
New Mxico. Wf bad had broken out . between
the new Mexican and the tribe ot Indiana wh live
around Taos. , Early l September ii Of theEwtaw
Chiefs nccXJtWti ty nwhandred rrior visited
Santa ft to obtain frouj Gorwoor Martines reatltotlon
ot.depredttlon eommuted W spring jc their people
by a (rapping party of Spaniard nnder Poneiane in
th neighborhood of the Salt Moanfara. The sit' Chiefs
being in kndib&cb wMtB the Governor Id hit palace' vk
nraesed them selves diswiisfied iritit tW preset-it offered
l mnn, ad the ledeT attempted to pull the Goverhor
from bi eV by ffieaWwherdirporr, MdHinerelzing
tfU.Mibre killed twa of them nod the other lour were
f . ' . t I L Jl V V - J I - .
ipacnea dj m guar woo inwrn
I in. 'The- ntmdrt
wrrlor 10 fe'liMling to their villoet Mssacied tSelve
keiicns, th1 brisk ii between' th two iiiions
was anticipated, I.
,n.Tt mi .-k-!ift
Wkab!'dnrMmlkiedtifleati -j
tb complete triumph' of th dliftotrailli party IB thta
Union., Th elecfion Of JAMES Jt. PULK. settln
the' principle df th'hf Government fo the neat quarter of , - '
a ewtojyir Thecooairy ii safe from the tide ofjrderal .
masre,whlch were running to a dull bead.; Th.
hydra of a bank, ind all tbe monopolies resting upon i;. ' .
fercwppo'ft, nrvifrfckea dowo., Tbe unjust disiributipn . . - -
cbeme, CorrOpt as Unequal, got up to fjll.the poctfCt ot. :1,
therich,'blownky high.; The till mor nti-repub-r M ,
l!ca, and antl-etate right ductrine of assAmption of thffs.-, ' .
fStatedebU, is killed forever-, nd tbe tarffJ tnstead of '. ,
ins for the rich, overgrown and oppressive monopolist'
alone, will be or agriculture . commerce and mechanic ,
art, a well as for the manufacturer.,. Equal and exact M
justice to al) men will be the doctrine of ibe democracy 4 y j
and not beoefit for on at the expense ol .other,. i&-iri y
tead, of the few, the Many will be thought of. No temjf
tation, no brtoe of exclusive legislation, wii rx neit oat .
to the wealthy monopolist to.co'rrunt the elective fran-"
chise, and insotently.dag Ihe. working man to the pofls ,. .
uiraet me inreau Ol siarvaiion. r i oe ricg ana me poor;
the high and.lbc low, will receive the same benign pro
tection, under the constitution and law.
Jkf pudum tuna ss, what tktitt Qkb dot The three
great central ate-New YoIPepwylvania and Yir- '
gmiB waT uuueu urcu ucuiut'im ourngua on ruiK ,
Thi will permanency and ecutity to Uflf ttrtasdre of
hi administration ' Shall OMobeh' black sFie'ep in " .
ure iuiui j.in yuc mail dui ue wiu oe un resuunc oi
every democrat in the state: m Ohio, thi Hfreat empire of
the west a ttate whose' fnterests ire more' identified
with 1 1 demoi-ratic rtmmttratfon'.ipT the government '
than, perhaps aW of the ceOtfal state, the secbrftf of
Oregon will open op a home for her oni.'and well the
mighty march of empire to the patiflc the acquisition ' "'
of Texas will open up a still greater outlet for her trade
foto the Gulf of Mexico! and add riches to ear conr'
merce. andprmeciidnto the ionth west ; OiSr cbdrse fa '"
onward-upward. A new era Ira's burst Opon oano'
in tije tpiendor irt the grCaf wealth of the few, luttained''
and enebftaged if the powerfot arm of law, but itf fhi
progres and ubility of bur republican fos'tttrtioMi in '
their purity and their might'.'' 1( H triumph the pec '
pie and Ji the pebple-ih Bvicg, moving and labor-1 'V'
wg masses and thedcafi Ohib stand backl' She can-' 1 ''
not-Uhe'wiU'notr" ' ru'' " ' "' , '"
vcuiv.bau, tci u uku ai uuee io wurx, au over inv
Mate, afld COnlnWl Ihe tterrivrA thai lhr r tti 'lhm"
wrohf part. ' Tliotianda will units with us wh6 havd "
ottti deceived, misled, and even ruined by their federal J "
leader. Nothing is wanting bat fight and troth, and ' "
now i Ihe time to perform thaf work. A heated poffa'-'yn b
eal contest i the worst possible ttm to do fc; but when 1 '' "
the mind is cool and calm, and when argument, instead ;wf'"
of passion preVaibt, f the tme for action. ' ' .' ": i"f, '
state, let ti at once go to work, and every one do hia '
part, and bring Ohio the great empire pf the ?et in.,''
to the support of an administration toon ttftfotflnJelice' 1 " . '.
its labor. This is due to-out democratic brethren of v''' '
othfTstates due ourselves du the great principle of '"
republican government. Oam Statesman. , '. ' .
Daring the revolutionary war, when drafU were mad , ; i..,
from the militia to recruit the continental anny i cer .V-,k
tain f'a-ifain gaVe liberty to the ittet who vera drafted! '
from hi eompiny to make their objeetiona, If they bad) -,y
any, gainst going into the service. AccordiUglr niit.y,
ot them, who bad an impediment in hi speech, dame , ,, v
op to. the captain and made hi bow.
"What i your objeotionr asked theaptaln...,.' vJ .rlf0 M
'I ta-a-ant go," answer tbe man, 'Waas t ntfniq. ; s
ter." 1 '
SltJuerT' says the captain, 'you dont go there to tallc,
buttdnghu'" A - ":'m"' . ';;,::.'
'Ayvbut they Jl p p-put me on guard, and a Wan ma ' f
go ha-ha-half a mile before I can aay wb-lf-wflo goes ' '
therel". . .
' fJhl that i twobelMion for they will place aomi'
othef sentry with' you, and he can challenge if yoa can1 1 -
"WeH, b-b-but I may be taken-add rWtftrbtl'glr ; tfie,' . '
g-g-gut before I can cry fbr4tf-qa-quarticrl,,j ,'..',.'" l""J
Thi last idea prevailiffl, and the captain, oat' of bd
manity, laugnirg neart try, dismissed mm
, A few days siheei says the CincinuatfConimerclkli ' '
an Englishman for the first time visited orw ot the matt ' -h4;
kets, pencil and paper in band, to taeeertain-tht (trice of , ' i
tdiflerent articles, for his note ed America.' Ap-- "
proacning n butchers stall, he ioqoired ihe price of a) "'-"
very fine quarter of mutton.-1 s-mi. t 'o .
7"Isked yoa cMl question," Mid the EngllUkv' '-f
ma-.-, :ii !' ; A? n ,..:, :. t-.o?-,. & 's .:, t:v.
-t"! faveybo d civil answer," said th bnt,;l ''
very fine article, yod will observe,' tnd we mdtt havd aj r---
living profit,'"' 1v "" ' x""'-'"- ""v ".".
WeU,aid ifieiifraiiger',1 dould aavd fhdu'ghl1
it. 1 was not aw't fe that each thirlg'tfottW BaVe Ueert i-v
louna ra me woria. in xotkicit ucn a piece or meai r
would' Have commanded five dol'llttetf "'' "' "'1 's-'-' M
Thd'traveller tobk down bla nbte; taeTiutchrvpened-, "f
hiejfe' wide,' and art sloped: ''"' '"' " '-i ;:... , ;,-i
r Cur ft tn CnujsrTb Journal ot Qenllb rivtlf ,
! th fotlolpg impt cart for. win most darigeroa di , K. R
a. 1 1 . i, ,i 1mj t ., i-. - , .
stantly spply cold voter, )ce water if possible!, uddenlr "
and freely to th neck ami cbest with n ponget th '' -
breathing will almost Ketantly b relieved; so soon a'
potslble let ll;e uAref .drink armhcli'a iteau, then, '" lii T
wipe It dry', covet it dp Warm, and soon n quiet lum '
WariUft11ivtihtM'trewaitM k. T 1 "
L or in,- run-I i- im :-."."-:
. Cot Owens, of independence, arrived at Satti Ft lit1 -"
advant; ofbisWogonsoa the' lOih of September, and---'
wa nVceivethifltn great eclat by tbe citfxeo; Th w
gon of Messrs. Beni ft Savert WtnTat' Wafnat Creels '
on th 3d ofOttobtn ttr-.'-Cotmefiw" with hi wagonrf ' '
boand, toChihUiiBu at AB Creelroa mt Stlraad Mr -Speyemat
the Osage Camp dM'thr Arkansas, 35 mile. I
in an mar. An mess cxpeuuions'were traveTTiftyviiV
orousiy aoead, and bad met witt so tetloef obttackt w
tr t '
i n t
It- i 'A

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